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Already had one of these before but we need some more broad topics to get some conversation going. So what have you robots been up to recently? Art, games, anime, vague autistic shit no one's heard about? If you find it interesting, talk about it.
>>181 (OP) 
ive been playing genshin impact for like 10 hours now. still waiting for the fun part
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I turn the game on every now and then but that's about it. The art direction is solid but at the end of the day, it's a gacha game so there isn't much gameplay depth to keep me interested enough to play for long periods of time. 
This game actually has much less gameplay depth than most other gacha games (bar the auto farmers) since it's a 3rd person hack and slash with only 2 abilities per character and no dedicated dodge mechanic. I imagine most of the depth comes from how fast and intricately you can swap around party members. The problem is that the game's so fuck easy you don't need to do any of that to win and such there's no incentive to delve into that aspect of the game.
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>>181 (OP) 
I've been thinking about the nature of the mind recently.I am convinced that the part of us we Ike to call "subconscious" does a ton of heavy lifting. No surprises, so far. What is clear to me, too, is that while I have piss poor planning abilities, my subconscious - or rather superconscious mind, acting above and beyond my  sense of awareness, appears to be constantly scheming and planning, nudging me to take certain actions seemingly at random. These actions add up, and after a while, greater changes happen in my life due to them. 

These actions, for example, have led me to get diagnosed with the 'tism, then to get kicked out of my former, total garbage job and getting picked up on a government Autismjobs project. I'm currently working at a job I love because of this.
This example is one of the greater ones, but this has been happening for a while.

So far, so good, right? But this entire year I've felt that there have been an unusual amount of coincidences in my favor. It goes so far that most wishes I harbor deep inside get fulfilled, in ways I don't expect, a few days later. That the superconscious mind can change my actions doesn't surprise me, however, the implications of it gently altering reality around me are massive. Apart from the possibility of confirmation bias, this makes me wonder whether others experience similar effects. Could this be a glimpse of meme magic?
The only part that could be called the subconscious that I'm able to identify just conforms to patterns and is easily influenced by whatever I focus on. More literally, whatever I focus on or catches my attention is where I try to find patterns and solve. I don't like feelings of magical coincidences since it feels more like it's my own fault I'm not able to achieve something without if falling on my lap, and it ruins a lot of joy I feel from life.
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An interesting point of view. I don't struggle much with feelings that my fuck-ups are my own fault, even if my superconscious was sabotaging me, because I've observed that by having come to terms with my many shortcomings, my inner voice, which I consider to be the mouth of this subtle part of my mind, has turned much less hostile, friendly even.

Of course, I insist that those coincidences need not be magical in nature. Likely being of far greater intelligence than my regular mind can fathom, this upper mind can access and parse vast amounts of information. I'm sure it could manipulate my actions infinitesimally, to get a macroscopic result by butterfly effect.

I hope that one day, you can too rest easier, despite any bad choices you may have made. Take care, brother. The world has gone totally mad.
it feels like botw but more animeish
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Though I do enjoy Genshin on occasion, botw does a much better job around the board. A lot of the issue as with Genshin could be solved by making the gameplay more difficult and adding a dodge mechanic but then the mindless drones who play these games at work would flip their shit at it being "too hard".
>government Autismjobs project
What is this? There's actually a good part of getting diagnosed?
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>getting picked up on a government Autismjobs project. I'm currently working at a job I love because of this.
>a job I love
I don't even believe such a thing even exists for someone like me. I truly envy your situation, anon.

>it's my own fault I'm not able to achieve something
I often feel this way as well. In fact, I may have possibly taken this feeling to it's extreme.
>hate to rely on others; feel that if I can't accomplish something entirely on my own, that the accomplishment is worthless
>have the tendencies of a perfectionist: on the rare occasion that I do manage an accomplishment, I never celebrate it and instead dwell on what could have been done better or more efficiently
>as a result of this behavior, I scarcely accomplish anything because it has become nearly impossible to achieve my own standards
I have been making an effort to ease up on myself recently and allow myself to make more mistakes in the hope that I can actually make some form of progress in life.
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>>181 (OP) 
Made a level 3 skiller on oldschool runescape my goal is to work my way up to a f2p bond just for an even extra challenge.
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On of the perks of living in a rich European socialist state.
Replies: >>225 >>658
Fucking hell I hate burgerland. At least we have easier access to a way out of this hell.
Replies: >>226
America has its ups and downs and considering all of them I'd say we equal out to or do better than most european countries. Not that they all aren't shit. Just varying levels of it.
Ive done this
Grinded magic to high alch, while in between doing good money runs. The yt guides are pretty useful. Although I'm no expert rs player, i jist wanted a bond to see what membership was about, maybe even get a self sustaining bond farm going
>chink impact
Game's anti-cheat is rootkit malware.
Replies: >>229
I heard they got shit for it and the anti virus now turns off after gameplay unlike Valorant's. Was that bullshit?
Replies: >>230 >>232
It's still a rootkit installed on your system from a branch of the chinese government regardless of whether they claim it is or isn't running when you close the game.
It's got kernel level access, which means you can't tell if it's actually off or just pretending unless you actually analyze what the hardware itself is doing since it's higher priority than any software (bar firmware).
Getting back into drawing a bit. It's a bit of fun but I'm not planning on taking it too seriously.
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I have brief bursts of drawing activity too. I also have a laptop with a touchscreen that I got for college and can use it as a drawpad, but it's got windows 10 installed and I haven't touched the thing ever since I stopped taking classes. I can probably figure out a way around that but I'm tempted to just say fuck it and draw autistic shit and post it here.
Replies: >>491
Why not. Autistic robot drawings are always nice. I might post some too, if I draw anything I'm happy with.
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Been working on making a 2d grand strategy game. So far it's been mostly absolute bare basics type stuff. Main game loop, how to render basic shapes, make camera pan around and zoom, that kind of thing. Next up is loading resources (map provinces and such) and triangulating them so that they can be rendered, and getting UI basics in place.

So far it's been going much better than I expected (and I wish I'd started on this much earlier, but still, it's going well). There are still some things that will be difficult, but I think I will have the "foundation" stuff necessary to just present and interact with the game done by the end of the year, and hopefully be able to shift focus more towards working on content and mechanics.
>rich European socialist state.
Not hard to figure out which one
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(25.6KB, 150x150)
my hobby is pic related.
Can any robots recommend any decent art streams to watch? I want to get into actually drawing stuff instead of just making shitty edits of other people's things.
>>181 (OP) 
I don't know if you could call it a hobby or not, but I like to go out and feed critters.
Making a game sounds fun but I have none of the faculties to do so. So for now it remains a hypothetical unlikely to come to fruition.
Replies: >>707 >>708
I enjoy the fantasy of making games as well. Been watching videos on godot recently. But I'm probably much too lazy to ever follow through on any of it.
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If you have the Autismo you should try Solo-Wargaming/Tabletop RPG, shure it requires more Bookeeping and Imagination than a Videogame, but if you enjoy it and get the Hang of it then the only Limit is literally your mind and how moddable your Ruleset is, at any rate just Homebrew untill its Unplayable
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Said I might post something so here it is. 
Half-assed this a few months back with what I had. The half assery combined with some years-long rust lead to quite a few mistakes, most notably the lack of sharpness and noticeable sketch lines. Might post some more art escapades another time.
Replies: >>896
That looks like an instagram filter over a model picture. I'm guessing you traced it if it isn't. Something just isn't right about it.

t. Gunpla autist

I wish I could find a modeling community not full of normalfags obsessed with star wars and marvel.
Replies: >>899 >>2681
Tracing the silhouette is common practice in photorealism.
Replies: >>903 >>2681
To explain further this is an attempt to draw what is in a picture as closely as possible, using said picture as reference. Tracing the silhouette and major shapes is what most people do when doing photorealism and the manual work comes from the shading needed to sell the "photorealism". In this specific case I used a photo I took of my gunpla as reference. 
It's real halfassed work so it didn't end up very good. I could probably do better.
Replies: >>2681
You don't have autism, you more likely  have  a schizotypal disorder. 

Also, they have autism targetted jobs literally where you live, or are you just calling it autism as a euphemism for a word like destitute or felon or dregs? Indigent. That's the word I was looking for.
Maybe if you're in middle school or a roasty who doesn't actually care about art. Anyone serious about art (who isn't working as a high volume concept artist) stops tracing pretty quickly if they ever did.

>modeling community not full of normalfags obsessed with star wars and marvel.
Take your pick of trains, tanks or boats. It should be no surprise that fantasy models attract people who obsess over pop culture.

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