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Be it woman-hate, womyn moments, women appreciation, incel rants, or even replacement discussion, in this thread we discuss the fairer and somewhat more retarded sex.
>inb4 2D pic related
Thought I'd start on a positive note.
girls are great, probably. I never had a chance to talk to them a lot though. And I think I will never approach another one while she stares at her smartphone.
But damn, some girls are damn fine, I just know.
thinking about what biological sex someone is is wierd. i never do it so i dont really have anything to say about women
i dont hate women but i wouldnt want to live with one. sex isnt worth all the arguments. women can be very insistent on you doing tasks for them right now and i like to live very slowly. i dont get the battle of the sexes shit though. everyone is pretty terrible imo. i wouldnt want to live with a strange man anymore than i would a woman.
I recall in high school that a disproportionate amount of the students who sat alone at lunch were female, so I feel like there is a discrepancy between my real-life experience and how I go online and see exclusively male loners. That being said, in real life, I don't think I've ever come across a man or woman who would browse a board like this except myself. 
I don't believe that 8/r9k/ ever had much of a special focus on women because it was not an incel identity politics board. I feel somewhat more uncomfortable around women but dislike men and women about equally. 
It's clear that there is a far greater rift between the masses and outcasts than between men and women, though men probably comprise all or nearly all outcasts.
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>disproportionate amount of the students who sat alone at lunch were female
There is a big difference between what you see on the surface and how things really are. 
You can bet that they correpsond to dozens of people on social media and that accordingly they have their share of orbiters.
Loner women are the absolute exception.
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How much do you guys hate females?

I don't inherently hate them or think they're set in stone to be malicious or whores but I do generally dislike them and always expect the mediocre or worst of them.  I don't think I need to go into detail of what feminism did to them but personally witnessing the double standards made me dislike them from a young age.  In school half of my fights were against other girls who thought they were untouchable and the girls were usually defended, one time physically, despite them starting shit with me because "it's wrong to hit a lady".

Browsing Crystal Cafe and Lolcow Farm reignited that rage and powerlessness I felt as a teenager but they are exponentially more pathetic than us once you look past how deranged and bitter they are towards men and that being so hateful in the first place is sign of their weak self-esteem and strength. One good thing I'll say is that they shed some insight into how females in the same cultural sphere as us experience society, where I'll admit, made me realize how I can and have been a shitty person in some ways.
The Jolly Heretic did a video talking about female youth suicides in the UK and considering the state of that shitty island and its pedophilic education bureaucracy it's not farfetched that modernism-induced suicide is starting to catch up with the ladies.  It's been effecting women too, not to the level of men, but everyone is unhappy no matter who they blame it on.
>You can bet that they correspond to dozens of people on social media
There are less loners of the post-9/11 generations compared to us born before it as they have a smartphone and walled garden internet straight out of the womb.

I hope this post injects some life into this limp board.
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>How much do you guys hate females?
I don't inherently hate women either. I do, however, hate attitudes that are common in women. Mainly, obscenity and entitlement.
However, I can't really blame them for being obsence (to a degree), because this is more often than not a consequence of drooling idiots who can only think with their cocks that encourage said behaviour. Entitlement is the worst in my opinion. There are very few things that I hate more than the mindset that "I deserve a compensation because something happened (or could happen) to someone who is slightly related to me, even if it is only by gender or race". However, it seems that it's even worse when it doesn't happen to them. The whole George Floyd/Black people debacle showed me so. I personally think it's just pathetic how they devalue themselves just to look good, but it's even worse when you really think about it, because they want you to do it too.

I'm lucky to live in relatively good country. Most of the crap that I see is thankfully through a screen.
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>Mainly, obscenity and entitlement
You forgot slyness, truth-twisting, vanity, manipulation, promiscuity, sheer stupidity, and how they get away with it because man will tolerate and believe it for pussy which he craves to the day he dies. To reiterate that post, if one isn't seemingly any of those things I'll give a chance to befriend (not that I go out of my way to talk to anyone) and not put her down for things that have foremost made me loathe and disdain females with what I've seen anecdotally, seen statistically and academically, and experienced personally. Feminism has brought nothing but misery to both sexes and the doctrine of it has made the "fairer sex" borderline sociopathic. Social acceptance of abortions, cheating, divorces that inherently favor them because of ancient legislation from a time when women didn't work, the whiteknighting and defense leagues, the damnation of getting accused of rape when it didn't happen, the lack of accountability, the desanctity and deconstruction of virginity, cognitive dissonance pertaining to their strength and independence. On a greater scale it is just getting pissed at normalfags but this has been progressing for decades and is encouraged by federal institutions and social media so I don't consider it part of the 21st century rotting. If they could've fallen for this so quickly and jump on the bandwagon, like thinking smoking was liberating when the campaign was orchestrated by a Rothschild to increase stocks for tobacco companies and the birth of the modern whore, the flapper, then what does that say about their responsibility, morality, and critical thinking compared to their counterparts.

It has also hurt and caused them anguish, needing to get a job and become another cog in the machine, and destroying their femininity and natural roles into becoming inferior men; their sex is now reduced to biology and to getting fucked with no skills or just "skills" for a white-collar bullshit job. And those that choose a career wonder why their lives are meaningless when it's normalized to blow through partners and get a college degree and skip having a family. Why they wonder why the men in their lives are weak and malicious or a cynical antithesis to that weakness when it came from the ideology (religion) they believe in that shamed them to be men so they instead became soylent ghouls, shut-ins, aimless slackers, fake alpha males, yes men, deranged porn addicts, trannies, etc. and they believe without a hitch or hint of irony that this is natural male behavior as is and there's just been a constant struggle against the patriarchy finding new tactics to undermine them.

And I bring up those female imageboards because that's the only female community I know of that I could remotely relate to but not only is it normalfaggotry but radical feminism that advocates the teachings of ((( feminist icons ))) and postures itself as the victim for too much shit to list without looking petty (I saw many posts about abusing children particularly boys or getting treated poorly as a result of their actions then ironically wondering why they were treated so). There's hundreds of them and 95% of them are no different from any other bitch with an internet connection. It made me further distance myself from their sex if these so-called weirdos are this basic and thoughtless, and what is considered abnormal and odd by females among other females.

Maybe I never got over this because I found no reciprocation and this topic had been discussed to resuscitation on 8chan and 4chan, and no one seems to be on the same level as me regarding this as it's either "all women should be enslaved and rape" or "women are as capable as men and you're a piece of shit". I'm not fishing for a certain response or intentionally just waiting for my turn to speak, I'm just venting.
Replies: >>3977
>You forgot slyness, truth-twisting, vanity, manipulation, promiscuity, sheer stupidity, and how they get away with it
I hate those things too, but I just accepted that that’s just how things are; and because they are common among almost everyone nowadays.

>it's either "all women should be enslaved and rape" or "women are as capable as men and you're a piece of shit"
I have a mild opinion on the subject. I choose to be cautious because women are women. I don't really care that much because there's not a satisfying answer, and there's nothing that I can do about it.
I believe that current women are more a result of nature than society. Women are never going to be the same as men because they simply didn’t evolve to be like that. They are biologically different. I think that saying that they are the same thing is plainly retarded, but also saying that they are like 70 IQ monkeys is going too far. Of course, this is just a very superficial statement. When you start bringing the negatives and positives, this crap gets too complex. Normalniggers choose to ignore it, and try to cover the sun with their thumbs. I find it very frustating that we are never going to get a fair comparison by the science people because everybody would get angry.

>female imageboards
A regular woman, without any severe mental illness, would never choose to be anonymous unless it’s for a very specific reason. These women are (slightly) different from normal females, but also close to some imageboard users that we know.
The so called female community it’s usually just (mostly) regular women venting their hate towards society or brainwashing others to do the same thing (always blaming men/others and never admiting their own flaws).
It’s really close to 4r9k trannies if you really break it down. However, this is a circlejerk for derranged women.

I apologize if it doesn’t make any sense. I just try to put some sense to my unhinged thoughts to put them somewhere. Like throwing a bottle to the sea.
29yo robot here.
I used to hate female with an intense rage, however that rage faded away with time. I don't care anymore.
Yes, females were always priviledged whether it's in modern or ancient times.

Feminism is here to stay unfortunately, males are becoming more and more obsolete (thanks to technology) and soon, many presidents will be females who'll establish a communist system so that the collectivity (aka all the males) raises their offspring (kinda like the "Assemblywomen" comedy written by Aristophanes).

But well, what can I do as an autistic bot ? nothing.
I can only care about myself.
Replies: >>4000
>I can only care about myself.
That's the only correct answer, I believe. There's no point in caring about things outside your control.
During the last few years, I have met a lot of different women. Some were terrible, while others not so much. Although I can count them with the fingers of one hand, I've met some good women. In the end, it all rounds up to a meh for me.
I don't think that they are ever going to control the world, unless youknowwho wanted it. Islam and the like still exist, and they might gain some traction in the west in the future. Also, communism is never going to be established because it goes against human nature.
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