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Be it woman-hate, womyn moments, women appreciation, incel rants, or even replacement discussion, in this thread we discuss the fairer and somewhat more retarded sex.
>inb4 2D pic related
Thought I'd start on a positive note.
girls are great, probably. I never had a chance to talk to them a lot though. And I think I will never approach another one while she stares at her smartphone.
But damn, some girls are damn fine, I just know.
thinking about what biological sex someone is is wierd. i never do it so i dont really have anything to say about women
i dont hate women but i wouldnt want to live with one. sex isnt worth all the arguments. women can be very insistent on you doing tasks for them right now and i like to live very slowly. i dont get the battle of the sexes shit though. everyone is pretty terrible imo. i wouldnt want to live with a strange man anymore than i would a woman.
I recall in high school that a disproportionate amount of the students who sat alone at lunch were female, so I feel like there is a discrepancy between my real-life experience and how I go online and see exclusively male loners. That being said, in real life, I don't think I've ever come across a man or woman who would browse a board like this except myself. 
I don't believe that 8/r9k/ ever had much of a special focus on women because it was not an incel identity politics board. I feel somewhat more uncomfortable around women but dislike men and women about equally. 
It's clear that there is a far greater rift between the masses and outcasts than between men and women, though men probably comprise all or nearly all outcasts.
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>disproportionate amount of the students who sat alone at lunch were female
There is a big difference between what you see on the surface and how things really are. 
You can bet that they correpsond to dozens of people on social media and that accordingly they have their share of orbiters.
Loner women are the absolute exception.
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