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I noticed some robots were talking about their futures recently in the FTDDTOT, particularly as it relates to careers, and so I figured a thread might be in order to talk about: wageslavery experiences, strategies to deal with normalfag coworkers, career recommendations, application advice, tips for escaping (or maintaining) NEETdom, suggestions for switching fields, or anything related to wageslavery at all.

To get it started I suppose: I've been lackadaisically applying for a variety of entry-level office jobs for a couple months now, but I don't have any hard preferences really. I also was considering a law enforcement related career, but I've got to look into that more. I was wondering if robots had any career suggestions, positive career experiences, or just any thoughts/knowledge about different fields of work that might be good for a robot.
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If any of you need to fill gaps in work history or pretend to have more experience than you do check out https://www.careerexcuse.com/
Basically they own a bunch of shell companies that you can use as a reference and they'll have someone pickup the phone and pretend to be your old manager.
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Sounds extremely sketchy! Thank you, anon
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It is but you'll quickly find that the vast majority of employers, not just entry level ones, either don't actually call to check your references, or at most call and have maybe a 5 minute conversation asking generic questions that anyone can easily lie about if fed the proper instructions.
Maybe try for an it job? Ive heard they're alright and you dont have to do much in terms of tech work. Some wonam asks you to open a pef or reset het computer n stuff
We should try to deduce a profitable daytrading strategy so we can program a bot to use it for us. All you need is to trade always in the same way so that in the long run is profitable.

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It's been a bit slow these past few days but if there's one thing robots are good at talking (complaining) about its normalniggers. Post your stories about times where you've been particularly baffled at the endless retardation of normalniggers. 
Thankfully I haven't had to deal with normalfaggots in a while due to corona and whatnot.
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>To prove that even good looking men can't get laid, it's normalnigger tier
That webm proves nothing about how difficult it is to "get laid". There is no reason to entertain some retard asking random bitches on the internet to "date" him regardless of how conventionally attractive he may or may not be. Just as there's no reason to be nice to some roastie you might encounter in an online game. If some roastie randomly started talking in voice chat and asking silly boys if they liked her she'd get absolutely fucking verbally demolished. If you cant take the bants then don't go online and do stupid shit.
>Truth but also they're lonely. 
Loneliness is a choice.
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I find hilarious how supposedly well educated, mature normalniggers in the media throw around incel as an insult. It just shows that the masses never mature beyond their high schools years, it's just calling them virgins in an insulting way. Fucking normalniggers should all be slaves of the autist master race.
Replies: >>1542
Can't be an incel if you're a volcel. Normalnigger insults aren't very adaptable.
Replies: >>1543
I'm sure that they would think volcel is an insult too (after all if you disregard 3DPD you must be a faggot or mentally ill).
>Incels are normalfags. Just unsuccessful ones.
Most are, some are just pure autismos.
>Hearing them out is fine but you need to put your foot down and make yourself clear as to why you are forgoing romantic relationships
I tell my dad that, he listens,just not my siblings especially my sister, which is funny because have of them are virgins and the other half haven't fucked in months/years. It's just politics. 
> If you can't do that maybe you don't believe in your reasons deeply enough to belong here. Or perhaps you lack that confidence in your ability to communicate your point.
Maybe I'm just a failed normalnigger, yes I can't really communicate my points, and when I do they say "I need to go outside to the real world and not be on cuckchan".
>Also, stop posting wojak cuckchan shit.
I don't have anything else to mock bitches with. 
>Loneliness is a choice.
Not really, it depends on the person and what happens to them in life.

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There seem to be some drawfags around here so why not have one of these. Post your autistic doodles here.

Very rarely do I draw but I refrain from posting the art since it feels as if the only reason for me doing that is attention or positive feedback but I guess I'll break my rule if it's to share with robots.
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Nice numbers, but I don't buy that abyss gonna get you talk when I've been looking at horrible and retarded garbage almost daily on imageboards for years and still don't fap to stuff like homos or furshit. Maybe it's a self-control issue like most things turn out to be?
(65.8KB, 471x580)
(139.4KB, 934x568)
(145.6KB, 948x630)
I can't believe this is the 1488 post, but at least I'll post some hitlers.
(64.1KB, 700x638)
(290.2KB, 1360x850)
(24KB, 250x365)
(230.9KB, 1178x1177)
(32.5KB, 509x509)
Have some more
Starve then bitch

(133KB, 630x768)
Any plans boys?
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Thanks, robot. Same to you.
Thanks anon.
Welcome to the club
Belated but wishing you all the best.
Happy new year robots, extremely belated but I still wanted to wish you the best for this year. May you all achieve comfy NEETdom/financial independence  this year.

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This video is basically, The Top Five Posts on Moral Decay. That's a subreddit (or guild) on Ruqqus focusing on the moral decay of our society. Its a debbie downer topic, but I hope you find it entertaining in a "I never knew that" kind of way. #Ruqqus

This post is basically, Shit. That's a retard (or nigger) on zzzchan focusing on the quality decay of our imageboard. It's a normalnigger topic, but I hope you find it entertaining in a "wow what an idiot" kind of way. #GamerGate

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What's /r9k/ drinking tonight?
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Store bought egg nog. Tis the season. I don't like how it doesn't have a quenching feeling like milk or water does, but it tastes alright. I wish it was a bit less sweet though
Whats the pleasure of diet soda? Like  youre not even the only one who feels that way, what am I missing?
Replies: >>1280 >>1284
I don't like the syrup thickness of non-diet. Diet soda just tastes good, not much more to it.
To me diet soda seems less "heavy" if that makes any sense, like if I drank a regular coke it would sit in my stomach like a rock, while with diet coke it's more like drinking seltzer water in the sense that I get the carbonation and it kinda clear my sinuses out, but I don't feel like I have a lead weight working its way through my gut for hours afterward. Also sometimes the diet stuff tastes better than the regular stuff, like diet pepsi tastes way better than regular pepsi which is a garbage drink and I don't know how it ever came to rival coke in the first place.
Sprite mixed with some raspberry flavored vodka. I don't really drink soda that often anymore but some had to be used in dinner prep tonight and I ended up with a nearly full open can of it, and so I figured I'd drink it. I've been told that it's the sort of juvenile thing kids in high school drink when underage, but I still think it's nice on the rare occasion.

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What have you guys been watching, reading, or playing recently? Feel free to share pieces of media that you think are particularly noteworthy or just a good way to pass time. 
I decided to try playing my 5 year abandoned MM save recently but I completely fucking forgot where I left off and what I was supposed to do.
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Karpyshyn, Drew

Islington, James

retardedly, that is what was actually hidden

Much better idea than wasting your time asking the trannies in gayhole's swamp.
Replies: >>1197
I don't think /vhs/ is a gayhole board, I think he's talking about the >>>/vhs/ board here.
Replies: >>1202
Work on your reading comprehension, I was telling him that asking on /vhs/ is better than bothering with tvch.
>gayhole's swamp
Stop playing dumb.

(6.2MB, 2048x1365)
Post any /r9k/ related archives, whether from web archival sites or images. Web archive is generally preferred over archive.is since it doesn't use cloudflare. But it can be a little buggy from time to time.
>Old zchan.pro catalog (most threads in this web archive should load)
>Fatchan /r9k/'s board index
>Some fatchan archived threads
>Anon.cafe /r9k/'s Metaphysics and Religion thread
Replies: >>1286
(269.2KB, 975x1143)
Old zchan's archive thread specifically
(199.8KB, 1280x1771)
What a weirdo. Not even trying to sell me anything.
>>15 (OP) 
This software https://files.catbox.moe/yzrvle.7z from here: https://alogs.theguntretort.com/robowaifu/res/3108.html#q4211 can backup boards and then you can upload all the content to the new one. Also good for harvesting some archives and put in old postings, maybe with some extra remark to show that these are just reposts. If someone ever made an alternative to Omnichan which allows every existing image board to be added, then this software might also be useful.
Replies: >>1288
I've just been using ChannelChanger to backup boards.

(198.8KB, 413x374)
Already had one of these before but we need some more broad topics to get some conversation going. So what have you robots been up to recently? Art, games, anime, vague autistic shit no one's heard about? If you find it interesting, talk about it.
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(212.3KB, 997x725)
Said I might post something so here it is. 
Half-assed this a few months back with what I had. The half assery combined with some years-long rust lead to quite a few mistakes, most notably the lack of sharpness and noticeable sketch lines. Might post some more art escapades another time.
Replies: >>896
That looks like an instagram filter over a model picture. I'm guessing you traced it if it isn't. Something just isn't right about it.

t. Gunpla autist

I wish I could find a modeling community not full of normalfags obsessed with star wars and marvel.
Replies: >>899
Tracing the silhouette is common practice in photorealism.
Replies: >>903
To explain further this is an attempt to draw what is in a picture as closely as possible, using said picture as reference. Tracing the silhouette and major shapes is what most people do when doing photorealism and the manual work comes from the shading needed to sell the "photorealism". In this specific case I used a photo I took of my gunpla as reference. 
It's real halfassed work so it didn't end up very good. I could probably do better.
You don't have autism, you more likely  have  a schizotypal disorder. 

Also, they have autism targetted jobs literally where you live, or are you just calling it autism as a euphemism for a word like destitute or felon or dregs? Indigent. That's the word I was looking for.

(1007.8KB, 1280x720, 01:06)
Floating edition. Apparently spoilers are being changed to asterisks on the 18th.
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I don't see a problem with admitting to reading NTR; I see a problem with reading NTR and liking NTR but I don't see a problem in saying it. It might be attention seeking to say it, depending on the context, but in this case I think his entire post reflects the same vague image of trying to express an emotional problem in hopes something would come of it. Nothing would, of course. 
>nothing but get you attention
That's what he wants, why else would anyone say that? If he was really resolute on killing himself he'd not try to express it to someone else, he'd do it. Again, he's trying to find a solution through looking at others which is feminine but probably more aptly, immature on this specific topic.
Replies: >>1056
>That's what he wants, why else would anyone say that?
Saying things that lack any substance for the sole purpose of getting attention is patently roasite behavior, and somehow you don't see a problem with this?
Replies: >>1057 >>1058
I have a problem with doing things that won't yield a solution, not really in saying things in general. I don't think anyone is capable of knowing what other people expect so sometimes saying irrelevant things is inevitable. I don't think what he said lacks substance, I think it lacks purpose (and subsequently meaning).
Not him, but all things considered, this guy doesn't belong here and has already said shit that's way more out of line for this place than NTR but he's currently being tolerated for the sake of discussion.
>sorry if I spewed drivel again
Well, at least it gave me and the other bots something to work with. I see little reason to sift through everyone's responses for direct quotes but it's worth noting commonalities in how the other robots all pick up on the same stuff. Whether it's the one calling you out for acting feminine--floundering ineffectually--or the one describing your thoughts as aimless meandering prodded on by something akin to suppressed emotion, they all trend towards that same thread of superfluous excess to no end. Instead I'll pick through your words that embody this way of thinking so you can see how you are presenting yourself:
>I don't enjoy at all telling my mother about any of that stuff, I don't like the way people act when they know you might kill yourself
Then why are you doing it here and previously irl?
>I know my self-improvement should be for myself, I had a pretty good schedule of doing things around the house at some point, I woke up at 5 AM each morning, cleaned the house in an OCD like manner each day, learned to cook my morning's meal. 
The way you describe your self-improvement seems shallow and passive. It seems like you did it for no particular reason or just because someone on the internet recommended it. It doesn't sound like you internalized it after personal evaluation and after struggling with the ideas and reasons. It doesn't sound like you did any of the mental reasoning for it.
>I think I'm going through the process of being exposed to the social interaction I never knew I could have and seeking a fix constantly. 
>My relationship with her started to develop a bit more about two years ago, but only when I started to have sleepovers at their house did I start to feel like this
I think you're actually right here. After not experiencing certain things you are now being hit with a train of novel feelings. So at least a good start to getting your act together.
>that's why I know I'm a loser
>I wouldn't say I worry too much about social status, I don't really care what most people in my family think about me
Then why did you describe yourself as a loser? You say you aren't really trapped inside--determined--by the social world around you, yet you say this. So which is it? Pick.
>she and her sister played a big part in making me a degenerate
Possibly, but remember it takes two to tango. 
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