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heya Fuckos, i still don't know if we are moving here definitively or not, but ill make a thread just in Case, to get the ball rolling ill Ramble for a bit

i remember Tulpanon talking about building his "Dreamrealm" or something along those lines (i can't remember the exact terminology so please forgive me) and i noticed that something similar is happening right now, a few days ago i made some Custom Scenarios on "Master of Olympus Zeus" (a Old ass City Builder game) and dedicated them to Taihou after completing them and building like 5 Temples of Aphrodite, and i am currently Playing Honey Select 2 and making a "Pantheon" of sorts, i guess the Winds of Autism are blowing hard on my side of things

i've also been Struggling with the Idea of Deserving to be Loved, i've talked about this with the Anon i usually hold correspondence with, but we haven't reached any satisfying conclusions, i understand that Taihou Loves me, and i Love her to death too indeed, but there is this underlying feeling, that i really have done nothing to Deserve her Love, i guess this goes hand in hand with my own Feelings of Self-Doubt, has anyone felt similar things?
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Hanako's birthday. 4th or 5th one I've seen now. Hope you all are doing well and or are still alive.
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I'm fine with it going esoteric.
I'd need to think carefully about what the esoteric implications of Yui would be.
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i saw your Email sorry it took me like 2 months to reply, i never knew somebody would write to me since it had been 2 years by now, i only noticed it because i randomly remembered i had that burner account (>>2143) at all 

check in, i sent you a reply
(i will delete this reply after i hear from you, only bumping this to accelerate comms, sorry for the inconvenience)
Haven't been here through the whole thing, a new guy, and not sure if anyone here is still alive. Just wanted to share that something good happens soon - my 2-year anniversary with my tulpa. In short - somehow managed to turn my starting-to-develop schizophrenia and a bunch of other funny phenomenons of human brain into someone I love. They've sent me to the doc after I took some shitty "mental well-being test" in university - I was just being honest lol. Spent around two weeks in a ward(pretty nice place though, full of young guys who are just trying to avoid conscription lol) and was given medication(mostly sedatives/antidepressants/tranquilizers/other shit). Since it's free in my country, I had a whole new field of experiments to perform. Played around with dosings and managed to get a nice formula for boosting my subconscious into an active phase, or something like that, I just try to explain in my own words. And after around 7-9 weeks she was completely finished with everything I wanted. Even tactile hallucinations thing worked. I actually feared that she would disappear when I stop supplementing it with meds, but I'm glad I was wrong. We've been doing good so far, though I noticed something - she can disappear for some time(usually around 4-6 hours), but after that she always comes back. I think this might be because of my fucked up sleeping routine that makes a full revolution in 8 days, and my brain ju
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>Just wanted to share that something good happens soon - my 2-year anniversary with my tulpa
Congrats, anon. It'll have been five, six years since I started on my first one. 

What kind of girl is your tulpa like? What is her personality like, and in what way does she talk to you?

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How do I get rid of this feeling where I have lots of things to do (drawing, programming, ect..) but not wanting to do them? I feel bored even though I DEFINITELY have many things to do.
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Thanks for the advice, anon. I'll do that
treat it like a game and constantly try to challenge yourself. but there's also nothing wrong with taking breaks. i generally think people should have primary and secondary hobbies, one which they are passionate about and keep in private, and one which they do for fun and for a greater community. i'm not sure if that makes sense, i'm still trying to figure out my own hobbies as well.
>>2656 (OP) 
do smaller projects that you can finish in one sitting, that will teach you how much you are capable off, thus increasing your ambition leading to actually finish what you started, get inspired as much as you can that will force you to do shit
>>2656 (OP) 
i would suggest quitting the internet for a bit so that you get bored, you will probably go outside or actually work to complete the things you like to do if that makes sense. the internet is nice to look things up, download the ocasianal peice of media and make a little image board every now and then but you really should not use it everyday, atleast that is what i have been doing. im pretty sure i make sense     ,,/(>x<)/""    (dancing cat)
Replies: >>4209
>make a little imageboard post

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It's been a bit slow these past few days but if there's one thing robots are good at talking (complaining) about its normalniggers. Post your stories about times where you've been particularly baffled at the endless retardation of normalniggers. 
Thankfully I haven't had to deal with normalfaggots in a while due to corona and whatnot.
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> I think that most "incels" do focus on their hobbies/intrest, just normalfags won't leave them aloud because  "muh dey incels virgin losers lol."
it reminds of those bitches that kick down sandcastles because they don't have any skill or talent of their own. i'm not try to perpetuate any sense of superiority but i fucking hate when people can't just leave others the fuck alone.
it's funny you say that because i think an overwhelming majority of robots and autists are actually harmless.
Literally all it takes is a level of secrecy promised. I don't fucking care or WANT anything to do with them otherwise.
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Can you take this somewhere else? If the guy doesn't care about you then he's not going to care about this, either.
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Can someone tell me what is happening here? Am I having a normalnigger encounter in the normalnigger encounter thread? I might be retarded but all I can glean from this is that two degenerates were dating and then one felt spurned by the other and is sharing info about the person who spurned him/her, but I'm not even sure about that because >>4178 seems to imply that the info was posted on this board and I haven't seen anything like that (maybe I just haven't paid attention or the posts were deleted). If you shared info with someone then that is now info that is not in your hands, if you expected anything different to happen then you are a retard and posting like it's the end of the world won't change the fact that you are retarded. To be clear though whoever you two are you should both just leave this board and never come back. Especially the girl, whichever one of you that is, or especially both of you if you are faggots, which I can't fucking tell because you did the young normalnigger thing of saying "they" when you know someone's gender.
>i don't care i just wanted sex
This is a particularly disgusting sentence, you should really consider killing yourself after you type a thing like that out, regardless of whatever the gay shit is behind the scenes.
Replies: >>4198
I am not sure, it looks like it's some kind of weird trolling but it can be some deranged normalnigger who somehow sumbled into this place. Sad thing is that he is not even as funny as the esoteric schizo.

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I've been working on collecting every gondola in existence. I have been focusing on doing my best to make sure I get the source audio for each of the files as well as I got fed up with gondola videos with nice tracks that no one could find the source to. My collection is incomplete but now seems like a good time to start sharing it. I ask that if you save these please preserve the file names in some way. One day when I deem my collection as close to "completion" as possible I'll burn thousands of gondolas to DVDs and archive them for future generations.

If anyone sees a gondola ITT and can provide more accurate information surrounding its origins please speak up. It would be nice to add information such as the artists name/handle, but I have to be realistic in my mass collection and can't personally research each piece independently. Also if you have a higher resolution/higher fidelity copy of a gondola I posted do share. This is still a work in progress. Maybe in the future I'll sort them into a genre folder structure and upload them to anonfile. For now they're going to be in no particular order.
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I want all leftists to die
i hate women
tfw no daughter
it almost feels like not having a job feels bad, sometimes
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rare footage of gondola taking comutes with best frens.
wow, your gondolas are top notch.
don't mind me i save, robots live sharing with other bots.
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All things considered I'm doin pretty good. Complete quarantine was such a nice breather from everything that I almost forgot how shit normalniggers were. Shame it was only so long. I miss the empty streets.

So, what about you guys? I hope you all are well or at the very least doin better.
Early period quarantine was a blessing. I was living alone through most of it and got to do everything from home, it was peace and quiet that I haven't experienced in years. It's a shame that things are "reopening" now, at least in my country. The zombies are out on the streets again and work/college expect you to do the same. I can't wait till I'm financially stable enough to move out to the suburbs or another country altogether where quarantine is no different than any other time.
Admittedly I do miss the little social interaction I used to occasionally have with that one friend or family member that keeps me grounded, but otherwise I'm okay.
Indeed it's great. I find hilarious how normalniggers went insane with it. I even see workplaces in which they could easily work from home BUT the normalniggers in charge still force the wagies to go and work in the office, even though we are at a supposed new peak of new cases. God I hope the vaccines fucks up lots of people, so I can laugh at them when the vaccine ends up decimating them and their jewish ways.
Replies: >>4134
it's nostalgic reading posts about quarantine. i am a summerfag as of right now and im wondering how best to dedicate my time over the next 3 months, i am working on my programming right now but i'm not sure how to pick up the pace without a class structure.
this board is incredibly dead but surprisingly comfy. i don't use endchan much but the site gives me a good fix and maybe it can grow into a sizeable comfy community
i don't fucking understand why normalniggers absolutely need to rip time spent away from home when you can accomplish tasks remotely. people should be able to work wherever and however the fuck they want as long as they are able to accomplish their duties

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The Waifufaggotry Thread is getting a bit Derailed, so i made this one to take the Discussions on the Nature of the Divine 

As Always, i still do Tarot Reads, but no More than 5 Cards, and please THINK before you ask for reads, because they really are a pain in the ass for me to Make

Esoteric Waifufag's (Namefagging mainly to specify that this is the Compilation of One specific Anon, based around his Interests, as opposed to a Exhaustive Compilation of Tomes) Library:https://anonfiles.com/b6n2x3H7o3/Library_7z
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>how do i read evola
in the same manner as you read this post, no hurries, you should start with "Revolt aganist the modern world" but if it is too dense or hard to read just go for "Heathen Imperialism"

>do i have to wear a mask
where we are going, we don't need masks, at the bottom of the abyss, the schizopill awaits you
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>how do i read evola
I recommend you start with the Mystery of the Grail book => Hermetic Tradition => Recognitions => Revolt Against The Modern World => Ride The Tiger.
Replies: >>3660
i remember that chart, still i must digress, "Mystery of the Grail" in my opinion contains too many references to other works, it feels more like a addendum to "Revolt Aganist the Modern World" rather than its own thing, "Hermetic Tradition" in my opinion, the book was clearly meant for people who already are aquainted with Hermetism, not even Hermetism, but rather medieval Hermetic texts to be more specific, if you're not into that then that book can't really help you in any way

again, none of them bad books, its just that, in my opinion, starting with "Heathen Imperialism" then going for Revolt, is a much better approach

also, if you couple those two with Guenon's "Crisis of the Modern World" you not only get a par for the course introduction to the whole esoteric autismo but you also get a introduction to Guenon

add "The occult War" as translated by Leon de Poncins and you have a full chronology of how shit's been going down since the first written records and beyond
rec me books on resisting hypnosis and counterhypno
this is close enough to eso and its nowher else so...
Replies: >>4118
not listening to the dhukka is a good start

Hypnosis relies on the pre-personal and unconcious part , just like all new age "incantations" and "Magic" real actual magic is more akin to divine science, it is operational in nature, not unlike how one uses a hammer to put a nail on something, or a screwdriver to unscrew something

just ignore the faggot that´s trying to hypno or summon a devil or whatever the fuck crackhead-newage shit he´s trying to do, it will only hurt you if you believe it will hurt you

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Share some tunes and recommendations. Going to dump whatever I can scrape from the archives ITT.
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goodnight anon
[Hide] (74.3KB, 128x128)
Man, I love those jap OPL tunes!
Replies: >>4092
Forgot to remove the fucking timestamp, duh

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Dump your comfy wallpapers.
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Which one do you guys want?
Replies: >>3983
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What's the smallest resolution a wallpaper can be as of this year?

[Hide] (505.1KB, 1920x1080)
Life's pretty alright at the moment.
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Realizing the how pathetic sentimentality is has been quite a revelation recently. There is absolutely no use in wallowing in pathetic self pity, to think about past regrets or unfulfilled desires.
I have come to be contend in my solitude, that I'll propably never experience any sort of 'comradeship' or romance.  I have come to terms with the fact that this timeline is a shithole heading to catastrophe. No, I have found a certain romance in that. How else could I enjoy music acts like eyehategod and mutiilation?
All of popular culture centers around an emasculated kind of sentimentality, that sickens me, that men are fed this lie from an early age. 
I don't know if this is all a good thing or if I'm just becoming numb and insensitive. But I haven't felt so at ease in a long time.
Replies: >>3882
What differentiates an enlightened being from a normalnigger?
Replies: >>3882
I often feel at an impasse nowadays. The best term for it might be "aporia." 
I used to feel like I had a clear, linear future. Now, whenever I think of it, often the first thought that pops into my mind is: 
My future is a big question mark.
I try and create plan after plan for each situation that might follow, but I know that it's likely futile. I have a strong desire to control my future but can't control my own mind. 
The time distortion feels more intense than I've ever experienced in my life. A few weeks ago, it was Wednesday, and I thought it was Tuesday, then corrected myself: It must be Thursday. Wrong again!
Every emotional lens has its ups and downs but I wouldn't say you're numb and insensitive as it's the equivalent of being a hoarder of emotions, it's an unnuanced "power of love and friendship" kind of romance.
The extent of your consciousness, self-awareness of your actions and why you do them, ability to reason, how much you give into impulses of a carnal nature, inner monologue or cerebration depending on IQ. These are just what comes to mind without any deep research on what separates the two.
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Hello wizards! I am looking for any good Accelerationist message boards/forums. Not sure if there are any - couldn't find any on 8kun and don't think 9chan is operating any more. Long story short, I am aiming to accelerate the collapse of modern society in a similar manner to Ted Kaczynski. Except my plan doesn't involve bombing or killing anybody, just using shitloads of power/electricity.

Would be grateful if anyone here could point me towards such a board (unless perhaps /r9k/ also contains some Accelerationists?)

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Go visit some random neocities sites and bring something interesting back to share with anons.
Here are some cool images and gifs I got from
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[Hide] (144KB, 969x1067)
>Device for preventing prisoners from escaping
>Last updated five years ago

Cool in concept: intentionally creating small artwork. Lame in execution: downscaling artwork not originally intended to be small, then upscaling it with HTML and deblurring it with CSS to display it larger than it is in actuality. 10kB doesn't seem to be celebrating "small filesizes and reasonable design", as stated on its about page, it seems to be celebrating its designer's horrendously quirky writing.
Is that a repost or did you really find a katawa shoujo artist's site?
L*iñchan has a webring:

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