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Go visit some random neocities sites and bring something interesting back to share with anons.
Here are some cool images and gifs I got from
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>Device for preventing prisoners from escaping
>Last updated five years ago

Cool in concept: intentionally creating small artwork. Lame in execution: downscaling artwork not originally intended to be small, then upscaling it with HTML and deblurring it with CSS to display it larger than it is in actuality. 10kB doesn't seem to be celebrating "small filesizes and reasonable design", as stated on its about page, it seems to be celebrating its designer's horrendously quirky writing.
Is that a repost or did you really find a katawa shoujo artist's site?
L*iñchan has a webring:

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What's /r9k/ drinking tonight?
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Agreed. Better than mixing dope and alcohol, feels good to sleep on too. Though it can't be done too often or else you'll burn out the NMDA receptors and you'll cease to robotrip, forever. 
Week per plat rule to robots curious about robotripping, it'll keep you healthy.
I am not alcohol's biggest fan, but it doesn't have that many drawbacks compared to the real drugs.
I never found too appealing the possibility of having a bad trip and killing myself shortly after.
Replies: >>3828
True. I've only done it once this year and only did it often when I was younger, but it is an amazing experience to have every once in a while. It has gotten duller as I age, but it is still worthwhile. It is the ultimate robot drug: cheap, easily available in many countries, powerful, and solitary in usage.
>[alcohol] doesn't have that many drawbacks compared to the real drugs
I doubt it. Of course, if you're consuming it moderately, you might not face that many drawbacks, but if you have ever watched an addict experience delirium tremens, as I've seen in my own father, or heard of someone in your family die from alcohol addiction, you know that it's a seriously dangerous drug. Of course, nowadays, what with fentanyl lacing, street drugs are much worse, but I still would say that DXM is safer than alcohol. I have yet to hear of someone committing suicide after a bad DXM trip, and I would speculate that it has less addiction-forming potential than alcohol.
Replies: >>3829
>if you're consuming it moderately
That's what I meant, but everything can become dangerous if you are addicted to it. Alcohol and cigarretes are going to really fuck your body up if you don't take them seriously. They are different in the way that if something goes wrong you know what to expect. I can tell you that delirius tremens is no laughing matter, but I'm not going to be a faggot about it because I brought this on myself. Drugs are a mixed bag because you can also get arrested, get messed up or die for no apparent reason
I haven't tried the 'safer' stuff, nor I am interested in trying them, so I won't ellaborate on that point. However, I do know street drugs are a whole other beast. They are extremelly addictive, and in most cases it's just suicide with extra steps. I know too many people in my family who died from that.
I'm doing a low 4th plateau DXM trip. I suggest 14-16 mg/kg with a night light on and no electronics (or only music) when peaking. I haven't done DXM in over five months. It's strange because all sorts of thoughts and feelings gradually come back to me only to disappear when I'm sober.
The previous trip was dull but had a heavenly afterglow. I feel like this one will hit harder and be faster due to more robotablets and no Delsym. I intend on covering my eyes eventually for the visuals.
There is something about DXM that makes it profound. I haven't done other psychedelics or dissociatives, but certainly, compared to things like THC, DXM is amazing. I crave the internal experiences.

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Links to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook by euthanasia organization Exit International.
Edition March 2020.


Other helpful sites:

https://suicide.wiki/w/Main_Page (Wiki)
https://sanctionedsuicide.com/forums/suicide-discussion.2/ (Forum)
https://lostallhope.com/ (Info)
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>I've read through it, and I didn't find any of it particularly useful
>Rube Goldberg machines involving specific gases, medicines, and bags
This is precisely the reason I have been ignoring this thread despite being very interested in suicide, its so barebones it hurts, and the fact it mentions this piece of shit of a book made me stop reading it right there. I have never noticed there was a link to suicide wiki and sanctioned suicide until now.
>It's like the writers DO NOT want you to commit suicide
>These suicide "support" institutions are ridiculous, masquerading as an end of life choice for senescent wastes
>I can not take any pro-suicide stance seriously if they do not support suicide for anyone regardless of age, state of mind, or disability
>Getting "saved" from the act of suicide means getting put on a merry-go-round of drug cocktails served up by Dr. Goldstein for the next five years while being forced to subject yourself to retarded normalnigger "therapists"(that only benefit other normalniggers)
This is simply the best post on suicide that I have ever read in all my years of browsing IBs.
>Your only three methods of choice should be a firearm, hanging, and drowning, this is supported by statistics
>The most important factor is being found, even a poorly aimed gun or botched hanging will be 99% fatal if no one will find you for hours. It's the same thing with drowning, absolutely no one must see otherwise you might get stopped and you'll become a vegetable from oxygen deprivation.
>Be thorough with planning for your best chances
These are some excellent tips. I have been feeling desperate in the recent weeks, I was starting to seriously consider slashing the jugular or the carotid artery, but your post is making me reconsider it, thank you anon. What do you think of the sodium azide and sodium nitrite methods, which are preferred by suicide wiki and its creators, Sanctioned Suicide? Both methods use chemicals that are considerably easier to get than something like cyanide, for example, however they do advise you to take antiemetics to prevent vomiting. They seem to be decent methods in the success rate department but I have read a few failure reports. Sanctioned Suicide is also the only mainstream normoid organization / community that I know that supports suicide for depressed young adults, I have read their forums for about a month earlier this year, before getting tired of their normalniggery and some of their stupid posts, but they're not really bad people.
>Do not overdose, cut yourself, or jump from heights like a retard
I second your advice. A popular tip in suicide communities is jumping from a building only if its at least from the seventh floor and upwards, there's even a saying
Message too long. View the full text
>I was starting to seriously consider slashing the jugular or the carotid artery, but your post is making me reconsider it, thank you anon
There's nothing wrong with also cutting up, but you shouldn't rely on it at all. A belt and a sturdy door handle and, as anon says, time, is all you really need. If you can be relatively sure that your weight will sit on the side of your neck, which you can test yourself, then a constrictor knot with a cloth belt and a half sturdy doorknob is all you need and relatively comfortable.
With regards to time, it's important to know that if you're keyed in to normalfag systems (work etc.) then they'll find you pretty fucking quickly. In my personal experience, if you're depressed enough to kys then there's a good chance you're going to putz around aimlessly for a very long time, so ideally you want to be in a situation where nobody is going to be asking where you are for over a week. The moment one person doesn't see you they'll call every other person who sees you ever.
Do you know if the Night Night method works? I've been considering suicide, and if I'm going to kill myself, I want it at least to be painless.
Replies: >>3800
If anyone told you yes it would mean that either he tried and it didn't work, or he hasn't tried and he's at best judging it by how well it works mechanically.
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The Peaceful Pill Handbook is a book by Exit International setting out information on assisted suicide and voluntary euthanasia. Written by the Australian doctor Philip Nitschke and lawyer Fiona Stewart. It's 142MB PDF file.

Download link: https://anonfiles.com/b4s8n8Yex0/PPeH_April_2022_pdf
Mirror: https://cdn3.bunkr.is/PPeH_April_2022-FcRmORJl.pdf

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Already had one of these before but we need some more broad topics to get some conversation going. So what have you robots been up to recently? Art, games, anime, vague autistic shit no one's heard about? If you find it interesting, talk about it.
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>meme magic
This reminds me... On the week before queen Elizabeth II died, the song (Music for the) Funeral of Queen Mary would play in my head.
>getting picked up on a government Autismjobs project. I'm currently working at a job I love because of this.
On the note of socialist autismo government programs. 
Honestly for me it has been quite demoralizing, seeing how pozzed everything is and cooperating in any way with those same institutions that are turning this country into a brazil 2.0 hellhole makes me feel like a piece of shit.
I wish I could just go back into my cave and not be bothered by anyone, but having learnt some sort of trade will come in handy sometime in a future real SHTF scenario. There is no going back feighning ignorance at this point. At the latest when those old farts (b***mers) are all retired and there's noone paying those bux anymore because the next generation is 90% import gibsmedat there'll be no choice.

I'd much prefer I'd have been born into some 2nd world slav country. Life could be so much simpler.
I picked up reading again after being a full blown internet addict for the last several years and barely getting anything done or being able to remember anything since my brain was so burned out from information overload and (You)s.
Right now I'm reading a collection of re-narrations of ancient greek myths. It has been helping me in getting away from this constant self absorbtion with my own feeble mind.
Replies: >>3798
I've been lurking various IBs since my mid teens, starting with 4chan of course. I don't think it has done me any good, quite the contrary it has aggravated and alienated me even further. Especially this kind of hive mind thinking that is very prevalent over on 4chan especially. Someday I just couldn't differentiate between online and real and started looking down on every "normalfag" ever since.
Guess I'm too retarded to fit into most communities or whatever. Maybe I should just stop rambling.
Replies: >>3798
I have been browsing imageboards for nearly ten years now, and looking back, I think it was my natural place to be at the time. Naturally, things have changed since then. I'd say most things have gotten worse in terms of 4chan and websites in general. At least as far as I can recall, most people didn't really believe what they used to say. Of course, there was a generalised hatred towards tumblr people and the like which I still maintain, but things definitely got out of control since then. The internet is not real life and was never meant to be. Ever since it started to be treated as such, it has gotten worse. I don't think that Imageboards are the greatest form of entertainment and can be really harmful to the mind in the long run. They can be almost as addicting as any other social media.
>Someday I just couldn't differentiate between online and real and started looking down on every "normalfag" ever since.
If I am being honest, I rarely thought that people were on same level as me. I have fucked up things with good people a fair share times. Although I know it's not ideal, now I like to give people the benefit of the doubt even if they may not deserve it. 

I've been reading some classic books from the early/mid 1900s and 1800s. I prefer to read them in their original lang
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All things 2D. Post 2D. Discuss 2D. Watch 2D. Shit on 3DPD.  Maybe even talk about a certain 2D character or show you love.
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Thank you for elaborating.
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[Hide] (507.5KB, 1000x1474)
[Hide] (2.2MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (2MB, 1920x1080)
Kobato is the perfect girl in my book. Clumsy, goofy, needs help constantly but she is the kindest and cutest thing ever.
[Hide] (429.5KB, 752x783)
Replies: >>3792
[Hide] (3.9MB, 2006x2006)
This is a very cute friend, thank you for posting her.

[Hide] (2.6MB, 1333x2048)
I noticed some robots were talking about their futures recently in the FTDDTOT, particularly as it relates to careers, and so I figured a thread might be in order to talk about: wageslavery experiences, strategies to deal with normalfag coworkers, career recommendations, application advice, tips for escaping (or maintaining) NEETdom, suggestions for switching fields, or anything related to wageslavery at all.

To get it started I suppose: I've been lackadaisically applying for a variety of entry-level office jobs for a couple months now, but I don't have any hard preferences really. I also was considering a law enforcement related career, but I've got to look into that more. I was wondering if robots had any career suggestions, positive career experiences, or just any thoughts/knowledge about different fields of work that might be good for a robot.
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I thought I could lay my head low at work and get through it with no drama but that goal has failed and I realize how much I dislike interacting with people due to social awkwardness and will never get good at it.  People think I'm retarded, my trainer is a nigger who gets angry too fast and every time he asks me to fight I can't control my adrenaline (am caring less now about it and I feel my balls waking up again so if he asks me again I'll fight him however), sassy black woman who gossips exists, one co-worker used me as a fetch boy and I couldn't say anything because I wasn't doing anything (slow period) and the new guy, another guy has taken a disliking to me for no reason I can see and someone else I never spoke to glared at me, and someone stole something from me I was borrowing from someone else.
Replies: >>2462
neet forever, suck it nerd
Just stop work and collect welfare
At least for me they called me personally and told me why it was they wouldn't give me an offer. I got several rejections on the same ground that my social retardation wouldn't suit well with their company. Luckily I live in welfare land that has all kinds of retard programs and got a government subsidized offer for now
[Hide] (209.2KB, 748x1023)
Have any robots made a career out of instructional design (which is basically making learning materials)? I'm a failed software developer in need of a fresh start. Here's my natal chart in case someone is interested in astrology and wants to do a reading or compare their charts to mine or something.

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[Hide] (130.3KB, 368x676)
[Hide] (122.3KB, 842x609)
[Hide] (108.3KB, 1200x600)
[Hide] (18.8MB, 960x444, 04:20)
First one is Chainlink.
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Replies: >>3727 + 1 earlier
It's not really a currency in the traditional sense. 
To keep it short, it replaces the middle man in real life transactions or bureaucracy with smart contracts. It's based on reputation, smart contract nodes need to use the Chainlink token as collateral, if they give shit data then that node needs to pay up reparations. Simple concept, but hard to do properly because of the 'Oracle Problem'. 
Point is that they are very interested in this tech, and it's gonna be implemented anyway because they push it hard, they want their 'Great Reset' at all cost. Just wanted to give frens a chance at making some money while they turn most of the world population into actual cattle.
Replies: >>3487
Okay, now tell me how you're going to rope normalniggers into using this.
Replies: >>3488 >>3489
Very powerful organizations are going to push this for their "smart" cities. The normalecattle will go along with living in their shithole dystopia because of corona fearmongering. At least that's the plan. When their retarded social experiment fails like it always does there will be genocide and war like the last century im sure though.
Normalcattle will be forced to use it because there will be no alternative, no escape, lol.
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>>3479 (OP) 
This post aged nearly as well as my penis.

[Hide] (637.9KB, 960x721)
I understand many Anons around here have shit family members, annoying neighbors, and other prevailing maladies of the like that makes one's living beyond unbearable, vent about it and share experiences, at any rate excuse my selfishness since the only reason im making this thread is so i can vent about it, and this subject is specific enough that it could warrant its own thread

ill get the ball rolling
>My room is located in what used to be a Garage
>Its Split in two by a drywall because reasons (most likely my "Mother"'s retardation)
>The retards who placed the drywall wall didn't build it all the way up, this means there's nothing between the beams, making the Drywall redundant because noise travels through the holes between the beams
>For almost a year im left alone there, have to deal with the arbitrary intrusion of my "mother" from time to time, but it is mostly silent and cozy, more than i could ask for
>My "mother" gets the great idea of turning half of my room in a office
>She has plenty of space elsewhere, my step-dad is loaded and has plenty of properties and spots, but she chooses to place it in my room anyways
>Have to move all my shit into the other half
>I barely have space to move
>I have to literally move the chair in order to open the wardrobe and similar other logistical disasters
>The office was meant to be a place for me to work, long story short i was supposed to work with a business associate of my step-dad, wich ended up being a load of bullshit and a underhanded deal to have a company subsidiary under my name while he manages it and i work for him at a warehouse
>Their bullshit collapses because Corona-chan (Thanks for saving me from wageslavery Corona-chan!) but now the office is converted on a Literal warehouse
>The other half of my room is now filled to the brim with boxes, day in day out niggers will go to deliver or drop boxes, >Remember how i said the beams have holes inbetween them? exactly, everything they do sounds as if they are in the same room even if they are not, i can't count how many trains of thought, reading sessions, or just straight up being unable to sleep because of loud insensitive retards with no care for silence and no situational awareness
Message too long. View the full text
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Replies: >>3704 + 2 earlier
>My country's political stance could be called boomerism
Sounds like my country. Pensions and other elderly benefits are such nice tools for buying legitimacy in the form of votes, eh? Too bad that they - among other things of course - cripple the country. Though given that my grandparents were/are about as bad as >>1647s, I can see why some just chooses to neglect or even break up contact with their elderly ones saying "they got pensions anyway, they can take care of themselves" or even shoving them into elderly care instead of taking care of them personally.
I wonder where this trait of hating being watched comes from. I have it too and I'm sure its a common sentiment. I cant do anything while being watched, even if its people watching me to learn how to do something
>"Anon come help me do mundane computer thing"
I cant do it without getting all fussy or confrontational. I have no idea what caused this to develop. Having a family computer in the living room cant be it i feel, its too counter intuitive. How can being forced to doing things in public create an aversion to being watched?
Replies: >>3546
>I wonder where this trait of hating being watched comes from.
From being stalked in the wild, deep down.  As for modern emotional reasons it's just a stripping of autonomy from you, where you can't have any free time for yourself.
>>1559 (OP) 
lol, you must be very a utistic. What you describe is your mother trying to make your living situation as uncom fortable as possible, in the hopes that it makes you move out. It would also be unsurprising if your stepfather told her to do it. This is the way nor mies com municate things to each other, they don't do it directly, because that would make you an ahole, which is the opposite of how au tistics com municate.

An example of this would be if you're visiting someone and they have satisfied their need to socialize, they will start dropping hints they want you to leave, rather than being upfront about it, because they''ll think they're being an ahole for doing it. This kind of com munication doesn't work well with au tistic people.
Fucking hell, I would have dropped ricin into the water supply years ago or orchestrated a carbon monoxide leak. Fuck all of that to the highest degree. People NEED privacy and some measure of control over their own lives and environment. I dunno if you get any at all away from your hall-house, but I hope you do.

>born into super conservative "family values" latin american culture
You poor bastard. You're also not alone, so don't feel too alienated or isolated. There's people out there going through similar things and it sucks every time, you're 100% justified in acknowledging how shitty that all is. You're right in that it's not normal or healthy, and it shouldn't be happening. I'll flip off your family in spirit for you since I dunno what else to do.

Related, I have a pal over in Turkey who has a similar problem; there's a culture of machismo over there and men are expected to solve their own problems and just deal with it. The guy is physically frail and dependent due to medical problems, so he can't go anywhere despite the fact that they abuse him in a variety of ways. They also control where/when he's allowed to go and any spending he does, even if it's for something like meds he needs to be in less pain. If he tries to leave the house he pretty much has an anxiety attack at some point, then his parents beat him when they find him or he gets back. He can't go any
Message too long. View the full text

[Hide] (351.8KB, 750x931)
>What is this about?
Every month a book is chosen, robots will discuss, post their opinions, experiences and overall thoughts about said book.
Feel free to sugest whatever book you may like for the next month.
Everytime the monthly book is announced the month will be written in the name field for easy finding. The pdf of the book should be in that very post.

Beware there will be spoilers in this thread
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[Hide] (33.3KB, 300x665)
I finally get around writing a post for this book, there have been a few obstructions and distractions in my life but the main reason I am so late is because I am a lazy nigger, inexcusable >>3649.

I had a harder time getting hooked onto this book than onto the last one, in fact, I did not get fully invested until the last chapter or so. The characters are disturbing and hard to identify with, because they are all over the place, especially the main character, but as I understand it this book was written in part as a psychological examination of the real arsonist, who was presumably mentally ill.  Besides that, there are a lot of Zen concepts woven into the text, which  at times only add to the confusion. Mishima sure knows his stuff when it comes to his country's past and religion, yet he is not a Zen master himself and so he examines these concepts from "the outside" or "from below". I have read  that these Zen text are designed to be a mere confirmation of the experiences and superior knowledge for the initiated, but for the uninitiated they are empty of meaning at best and confusing at worst ,leading the reader astray , no matter how carefully and hard the latter studies them. 
If I am not mistaken this seems to be general theme with Mishima, a theme that he has in common by Nietzsche, by whom he was heavily influenced, that is, the rejection of metaphysics and yet the presence of the dimension of transcende
Message too long. View the full text
Replies: >>3657
This is one of the best books I have ever read in my life, and it perfectly captures the fleeting feeling of having witnessed a fragment of beauty, and in the recent and very modern realization of its ephemerality and the intrinsic nothingness that lays behind all sense impression. Or rather, if "The Sailor who Fell from grace with the Sea" was the mindless prattling of an egotistical boy, this is the matured realization of a man who has witnessed enough of himself to be capable of speaking of the things he felt he needed to say. Mizoguchi's description of the grey waters resonates with me, his obsession with the dark and turbulent and how he describes it as the source of ugliness and of his power, is a nearly perfect description of compulsive, ugly beauty. He witnessed the ugliness and the fragility of the world as it was taught to him and was caught up in that sensation, both in the sense of what lays underneath it and by what is draped over reality. Well, I can repeat myself, but it the book really does make sense to me, and I understand why he decided to do the things he did and what he felt about the golden temple. The end of chapter eight, which I feel is the climax of the story, that which set the tone for the rest of the story to follow and from which the story is made complete from.

This is a book I will have to get back to after some time, when I make deeper connections to what parts of the story is supposed to connect to what. 

Message too long. View the full text
[Hide] (282.2KB, 576x488)
Just from the connection of Kashiwagi with the prostitute, and how the prostitute itself lived in her own world and understood the world only through her own logic, unaccepting of anything else and any other interpretation, Mizoguchi is Uiko, the girl who died in a rebellious fit of passion along with her lover. Kashiwagi doesn't attempt to escape his ugliness, he wishes to accept it, but is terribly insecure about it nonetheless. The prostitute doesn't mind sensation of flies resting on her flesh, she's already rotten, she doesn't mind evil and instead tolerates it. Perhaps she feels like a saint when she does so, as if it is a good deed, like how the girls feel when they coddle and care to Kashiwagi and his clubfeet. Mizoguchi was charmed by Kashiwagi and as if sparked by his intepretation of the world, decided to form his own, and he did so and he did it it with the purity spiraling, zealous passion that converts to religions all share. The way he described the feeling of Uiko betraying her lover, as if she once again belonged to the community, reveals the ugly nature of the community of which he belongs to. And it's not like what she did wasn't in itself ugly, it was, but it nonetheless showed the spark of "metaphysical resistance", the attempt of the Sosei to break away from the temple, to break away from the community and return back to ugliness but in doing so revealing once again the source of beauty.  

>The cat re
Message too long. View the full text
Replies: >>3663
[Hide] (179KB, 291x300)
It is about time for the next book.
This time it is only a short story rather than a full fledged novel, so maybe a few so far uninvested robots will give it a read. Either way I am looking forward to reading more of Mishimas work, even if this club should die or if it decides on reading something else. 
Also since this one is so short and the cinematic adaption is so special (directed and starred by Mishima himself), I think it is justified to add the movie to this iteration and the subsequent discussion. You can view it on https://yewtu.be/watch?v=bO-w-cn-pJM.

[Hide] (56KB, 459x646)
The Waifufaggotry Thread is getting a bit Derailed, so i made this one to take the Discussions on the Nature of the Divine 

As Always, i still do Tarot Reads, but no More than 5 Cards, and please THINK before you ask for reads, because they really are a pain in the ass for me to Make

Esoteric Waifufag's (Namefagging mainly to specify that this is the Compilation of One specific Anon, based around his Interests, as opposed to a Exhaustive Compilation of Tomes) Library:https://anonfiles.com/b6n2x3H7o3/Library_7z
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[Hide] (1.2MB, 2438x3858)
>t.hasn't read Evola yet
>t.still at the "Theurgy means something" phase

>How can you hope to have a foundation to comprehend anything beyond life if you do not even understand that life yourself
because the things that are beyond life have nothing in common, and they precede, the physical world of the Demiurg, that's what fags don't get, and because of that they get lost in the means to the end, instead of focusing on the end itself, thus you have things like Theosophy, or the pantheon thread of /Monster/ who think that doing XYZ magical incantation or XYZ ritual is going to give you any sort of progress, as opposed to simply, existing and aquiring ontological change through wisdom

every path begins and ends in ontology, if you don't change internally with it, you are just aquiring data, not unlike the researchers, who, despite having invented the atomic bomb, and being capable of leveling the whole world, aren't capable of living any differently from the way they did before such finding

i can't put this shit into words, so sorry if i come off as a schizo (i am one tho) or the post is hard to follow, because these ideas are not something you just "know" its something you live with, at some point a part of you that you don't even know you have "gets it" and you start doing things and seeing things 
Message too long. View the full text
Replies: >>3551
how do i read evola
do i have to wear a mask
Replies: >>3552 >>3652
[Hide] (197.4KB, 700x479)
>how do i read evola
in the same manner as you read this post, no hurries, you should start with "Revolt aganist the modern world" but if it is too dense or hard to read just go for "Heathen Imperialism"

>do i have to wear a mask
where we are going, we don't need masks, at the bottom of the abyss, the schizopill awaits you
[Hide] (2.6MB, 5000x3827)
>how do i read evola
I recommend you start with the Mystery of the Grail book => Hermetic Tradition => Recognitions => Revolt Against The Modern World => Ride The Tiger.
Replies: >>3660
i remember that chart, still i must digress, "Mystery of the Grail" in my opinion contains too many references to other works, it feels more like a addendum to "Revolt Aganist the Modern World" rather than its own thing, "Hermetic Tradition" in my opinion, the book was clearly meant for people who already are aquainted with Hermetism, not even Hermetism, but rather medieval Hermetic texts to be more specific, if you're not into that then that book can't really help you in any way

again, none of them bad books, its just that, in my opinion, starting with "Heathen Imperialism" then going for Revolt, is a much better approach

also, if you couple those two with Guenon's "Crisis of the Modern World" you not only get a par for the course introduction to the whole esoteric autismo but you also get a introduction to Guenon

add "The occult War" as translated by Leon de Poncins and you have a full chronology of how shit's been going down since the first written records and beyond

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