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It's been a bit slow these past few days but if there's one thing robots are good at talking (complaining) about its normalniggers. Post your stories about times where you've been particularly baffled at the endless retardation of normalniggers. 
Thankfully I haven't had to deal with normalfaggots in a while due to corona and whatnot.
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>to escape the merchant slavery system you just have to become a (((merchant))) yourself.
Oy vey

Admitted, I thought about it too, because even if you manage to go neet you are dependent on an prone to be humiliated by the government.
If I where to go that way myself I would make sure to make enough money so I can buy a huge house that can serve as a refuge for robots so they don't have to go through that garbage themselves, but it's not even certain someone would be left at that point let alone they'd be willing to trust a stranger with their life.
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Rather that than be a wageslave. Honestly if I was able to earn a salary doing that on my own I would be glad and wouldn´t want too much more. Its not money in itself I chase, but rather the freedom to fuck off from normalnigger society or at least engage it completely on my terms.
>trading stocks is jewish
Only if you're working for a (((hedge fund))) or (((investment firm,))) otherwise you're independent, and the overwhelming majority of your profits go to you. Unfortunately, a small portion of administrative fees will always end up in the pocket of some kike somewhere, but it's a far sight better than wageslaving for a pozzed-to-shit corporation that will only ever give you scraps and expect you to be thankful for it. Daytrading is no different than freelance programming, freelance writing, or art commissions, they're all ways of making money independently from the comfort and sanctuary of your home and ultimately gain the freedom to avoid the chaotic shitstorm that is this kike and normalnigger infested world, without having to give up video games, internet, and indoor plumbing to go play Grizzly Adams innawoods. For the record, I don't really mean to knock the 'innawoods' lifestyle for those who are interested in it, but I have come to terms with the fact that I'm probably not cut out for that life personally.
Replies: >>2670
Yeah I actually agree with this. I wish more anons saw it like that. I am the other anon who said would be studying to be a good daytrader, I'd gladly help any robot with this if they wanted to. We could have a dedicated trading thread for example to discuss strategies and the like. If anyone got an easy to automate strategy we would be golden tbh. Say goodbye to wagecucking, we would be free men.
Replies: >>2671
>dedicated trading thread
Make the thread amigo! You're the expert, I'll follow you.

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So what have you been cooking, anon? Did it taste good? Post recipes! I myself made potato soup, although the one in picrel isn't it
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I usually like to follow recipes because I'm a bit new to cooking, but that's just me.
Replies: >>2491
Not him but recipes are always good for when you're newer to cooking but at some point straying from recipes lets you lean into your own tastes leading to better food. It's also a lot more rewarding and fun when you don't use recipes.
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Made this kfc knockoff the other day, it was ok
Replies: >>2664
>Anon is black
Replies: >>2667
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How do I get rid of this feeling where I have lots of things to do (drawing, programming, ect..) but not wanting to do them? I feel bored even though I DEFINITELY have many things to do.
Replies: >>2657
>>2656 (OP) 
You do them. You don't enjoy them now because it's work, and if you're anything like me you are you've become addicted to novelty from the internet. Work stops being novel quickly when you're learning fundamentals. Once you become good enough to competently experiment it will become novel again.
Work is work, there's no getting around it.
Replies: >>2658
Thanks for the advice, anon. I'll do that

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All things 2D. Post 2D. Discuss 2D. Watch 2D. Shit on 3DPD.  Maybe even talk about a certain 2D character or show you love.
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>>2365 (OP) 
I can't enjoy anime anymore. I stopped watching it a few years ago and watching it again it feels alien to me. But strangely enough i really enjoy reading manga of whatever genre.

In manga i really liked "Akira" it's a lot better than the movie and will always recommend it.  "Gantz" was also really good and insanely popular arround 10 years ago but it faded into obscurity because it had a shitty ending that everyone hated, it also has a lot of naked women, cool robots and a really shit anime adaptation.
imagine the smelle
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How do you think it smells?
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This thread needs more Kurisus

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Post interesting jewtube/bitchute channels or entertainment you think robots might enjoy watching or listening to.
>Vagrant Holiday 
Guy goes on vacations around europe without paying for hotels, bums it in bushes and abandoned buildings. Does some urban exploring as well.
>Luke Smith
/tech/ and philosophy guy. Kind of a cuckchan normalfag but relative to most jewtubers he's tolerable.
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I have an allergy with normalfaggotry, no need to get uppity over it. Also you will never learn anything worthwhile by watching trendy youtube celebrity.
I pay attention to a loose association of people who make videos about hyperbolic geometry. E.g.  ZenoTheRogue, CodeParade, Henry Segerman.
I have started to watch this channel called Kyle the rooster.
Its just a man (who has a gf but she barely gets mentioned) tending to some birds. 3 tom turkeys and 2 hens, some ducks, and a bunch of geese and chickens. I find it nice to watch, maybe its a living vicariously thing, minus the gf part of course
Replies: >>2546
I have started to watch this channel called Kyle the rooster.
Its just a man (who has a gf but she barely gets mentioned) tending to some birds. 3 tom turkeys and 2 hens, some ducks, and a bunch of geese and chickens. I find it nice to watch, maybe its a living vicariously thing
Replies: >>2546
double post lelmao

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I understand many Anons around here have shit family members, annoying neighbors, and other prevailing maladies of the like that makes one's living beyond unbearable, vent about it and share experiences, at any rate excuse my selfishness since the only reason im making this thread is so i can vent about it, and this subject is specific enough that it could warrant its own thread

ill get the ball rolling
>My room is located in what used to be a Garage
>Its Split in two by a drywall because reasons (most likely my "Mother"'s retardation)
>The retards who placed the drywall wall didn't build it all the way up, this means there's nothing between the beams, making the Drywall redundant because noise travels through the holes between the beams
>For almost a year im left alone there, have to deal with the arbitrary intrusion of my "mother" from time to time, but it is mostly silent and cozy, more than i could ask for
>My "mother" gets the great idea of turning half of my room in a office
>She has plenty of space elsewhere, my step-dad is loaded and has plenty of properties and spots, but she chooses to place it in my room anyways
>Have to move all my shit into the other half
>I barely have space to move
>I have to literally move the chair in order to open the wardrobe and similar other logistical disasters
>The office was meant to be a place for me to work, long story short i was supposed to work with a business associate of my step-dad, wich ended up being a load of bullshit and a underhanded deal to have a company subsidiary under my name while he manages it and i work for him at a warehouse
>Their bullshit collapses because Corona-chan (Thanks for saving me from wageslavery Corona-chan!) but now the office is converted on a Literal warehouse
>The other half of my room is now filled to the brim with boxes, day in day out niggers will go to deliver or drop boxes, >Remember how i said the beams have holes inbetween them? exactly, everything they do sounds as if they are in the same room even if they are not, i can't count how many trains of thought, reading sessions, or just straight up being unable to sleep because of loud insensitive retards with no care for silence and no situational awareness
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Showing in-group status by abusing and belittling anything and or anyone culturally accepted as being lower than them, thus solidifying and showing to others their in-group virtue and loyalty. Imageboards do this with faggots, normalfags do this with anyone considered to be the new "faggot" group. I think of normalfags as neurotic narcissists who can't handle ever being considered in any way, either indirectly or directly, associated with those others think are filthy and low, and agreeable people who would follow and accept anything through innocent gullibility and genuinely being unable to understand taking things into one's own hands. 

People like to compare humanity to rats but I think a better simile would be wolves. 
I think women genuinely fear anyone who has a lower social status than them.
Normalfags are just sadistic. They do it for fun.
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Replies: >>2526
Replies: >>2527
Ask again later.

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Apparently FDS Reddit has started a website recently femaledatingstrategy (dot) com ...
maybe we should join up so we can see what these delusional roasties are up to... Just a though
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Replies: >>2469 + 2 earlier
>>2459 (OP) 
Why would we go butt in there when we wouldn't want them to do the same thing to us? I imagine that if you saw a post on this roastie subreddit with the roles reversed you'd be pretty disgusted by it. Imagine some post going "hey gallllls lets go do a little trollinng on like, those incel websites or what everrrrr and like just see what they're doingggg" and tell me what the difference would be. This reeks of having zero principles or consistency. Maybe you've interacted with enough femgroids that their inconsistent standards have rubbed off on you.
Also why would anyone want to interact with 3dpd at any point for any reason? Your little trolling projects had better not be some excuse to interact with the "fairer" sex.
Replies: >>2470
>why would we go butt in there when we wouldn't want them to do the same thing to us?
But we do?  
If women came and fought us on what we believed, and did so not relying on spam or reporting people to some sort of athority or just using their sheer number to ddos, wouldn't  this be a good thing?

>why would anyone want to interact with 3dpd
Its not a matter of want but need.  Women will always rule the majority and hanging out here only leaves us independent in our heads.
Replies: >>2479
>trying to kill initiative this hard
dead site, dead users
Replies: >>2475
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They're trolling themselves. By still dating men, they're losing their female power. They should all be lesbians instead.
>If women came and fought us on what we believed
jesus, women can't be reasoned with you retard they are like children except more arrogant and self destructive. Imagine wanting to TALK to women here as if they will learn something

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I noticed some robots were talking about their futures recently in the FTDDTOT, particularly as it relates to careers, and so I figured a thread might be in order to talk about: wageslavery experiences, strategies to deal with normalfag coworkers, career recommendations, application advice, tips for escaping (or maintaining) NEETdom, suggestions for switching fields, or anything related to wageslavery at all.

To get it started I suppose: I've been lackadaisically applying for a variety of entry-level office jobs for a couple months now, but I don't have any hard preferences really. I also was considering a law enforcement related career, but I've got to look into that more. I was wondering if robots had any career suggestions, positive career experiences, or just any thoughts/knowledge about different fields of work that might be good for a robot.
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But that is even too retarded for them. Jesus, my contempt at normalniggers has grown even more today.
Yeah I think that might be a part of the mindset. Though the point I've heard emphasized seems to be more along the lines of a naive platitude (e.g. I as applicant bring XYZ skills and an employer would be lucky to have me!). Basically an ass-backwards overconfidence thing I guess. On the whole drifting between jobs thing, I've never really understood that either; it's always seemed like the people who peddle that mindset have to be pretty financially secure to have an attitude like that. Willy-nilly tossing away a job for another one like some bleeding-heart free-spirit type just because said job was dissatisfying or bothersome has always seemed like a luxury. Work is work, no way around it. It has to be done. You might come to tolerate or even like some aspects but the Diseny(TM) dreamjob is a crock of it.
Nah, I mean to say that I've heard acquaintances and family members say something along those lines--not potential employers. They haven't had the gall to stroke me off like that yet.
To be fair, even if it's stupid I think that a part of the time it is also a confidence boost sort of phrase like the kind a parent might tell their child (e.g. "Go in there and give 'em a firm handshake son!"), but I attribute it more to the simple, severe lack of awareness of the norm
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Replies: >>2391
>Imagining that yes, indeed, some people do not have the stunning array of experiences that they have overwhelms the hamster-brain.
That's a typical normalfag trait. Having significant trouble in something that they find easy is unheard for them, so they can't offer a response other than the usual NPC bs. Often coupled with bootstrap nonsense like "you're acting entitled" or my favorite, "you're not qualified enough so stop complaining" as if most jobs actually require more than a single brain cell to perform. Say it with me fellas:
[Hide] (89.6KB, 599x489)
I thought I could lay my head low at work and get through it with no drama but that goal has failed and I realize how much I dislike interacting with people due to social awkwardness and will never get good at it.  People think I'm retarded, my trainer is a nigger who gets angry too fast and every time he asks me to fight I can't control my adrenaline (am caring less now about it and I feel my balls waking up again so if he asks me again I'll fight him however), sassy black woman who gossips exists, one co-worker used me as a fetch boy and I couldn't say anything because I wasn't doing anything (slow period) and the new guy, another guy has taken a disliking to me for no reason I can see and someone else I never spoke to glared at me, and someone stole something from me I was borrowing from someone else.
Replies: >>2462
neet forever, suck it nerd

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There seem to be some drawfags around here so why not have one of these. Post your autistic doodles here.

Very rarely do I draw but I refrain from posting the art since it feels as if the only reason for me doing that is attention or positive feedback but I guess I'll break my rule if it's to share with robots.
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This is some good shit brother
Have you ever thought about fleshing out that world at some point, perhaps as a comic or even just a book with occasional illustrations? Your art is already very good, with a little more guided practice you may as well sell the stuff.
And I'd love to see more if you have more.
Replies: >>2430
[Hide] (153.1KB, 663x755)
>Have you ever thought about fleshing out that world at some point, perhaps as a comic or even just a book with occasional illustrations?
I'm not sure. I've never thought about doing that and though I'm not opposed to the idea I'm not necessarily interested either. Letting normalniggers see something that I created would also likely be an issue. A game released here is always an option.

As for the technical feasibility, I don't think I can write a book but a comic seems like it could be possible. I ​would definitely need to get better at art though. 
Most of what I've done has been photorealistic art (i.e trying to reproduce a reference image.) which I quit a little bit into high school after doing it for a few years. I've only very recently started drawing things from my mind so I'm still pretty green. Thankfully it seems that things I learned with photorealistic art applied and so I've been able to make things at least look decent.>

>And I'd love to see more if you have more.
This is all I have for now that isn't too rough. I'll post some more stuff whenever I draw some other shit. For now, I'll post this stylized bust I did not too long ago.
Replies: >>2455
wow someone here can draw somewhat. where are the lewd anons?
Replies: >>2456
I would need to practice anatomy and drawing people for that. Right now my abilities are limited to shading, animal/monster subjects, and conservatively posed human subjects. 

Other than that I might post another monster sometime this week if I feel inspired to sketch one out. I've got a bunch of miscellaneous ones lying around but nothing really presentable.

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All things considered I'm doin pretty good. Complete quarantine was such a nice breather from everything that I almost forgot how shit normalniggers were. Shame it was only so long. I miss the empty streets.

So, what about you guys? I hope you all are well or at the very least doin better.
Early period quarantine was a blessing. I was living alone through most of it and got to do everything from home, it was peace and quiet that I haven't experienced in years. It's a shame that things are "reopening" now, at least in my country. The zombies are out on the streets again and work/college expect you to do the same. I can't wait till I'm financially stable enough to move out to the suburbs or another country altogether where quarantine is no different than any other time.
Admittedly I do miss the little social interaction I used to occasionally have with that one friend or family member that keeps me grounded, but otherwise I'm okay.
Indeed it's great. I find hilarious how normalniggers went insane with it. I even see workplaces in which they could easily work from home BUT the normalniggers in charge still force the wagies to go and work in the office, even though we are at a supposed new peak of new cases. God I hope the vaccines fucks up lots of people, so I can laugh at them when the vaccine ends up decimating them and their jewish ways.

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