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Was at a football game, and some norminigger females joined a conversation about Red 40. I was basically explaining to my friend how it fucks me up when I consume the stuff, and they started acting all weird. Then I said it makes me say stuff I regret, then they were like "you're weird". I literally turned around, left, and didn't come back.

I will NEVER let stupid fucking FOIDS talk to me like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Red 40 souldnt have any impact on your behavior. Those girls probably could have been nicer but that is an odd thing to say. Had you been Chad, they surely would have laughed though. Fuck foids all the same.
Cunts will be always cunts, cunts to losers like you and I, other cunts, their own family because they're eternal cunts and they get away with it besides other cunts calling them out only if they were cunts to them. I don't want to say non normalnigger topics in front of normalniggers and especially vaginaniggers when talking to family and friend, even if they assure me that the normalniggers don't care what we're talking about and "I'm just too paranoid" even when the normalniggers and vaginaniggers are clearly listening in and are talking shit about me to their whores/bydlo/actual nigger friends.
 I'm hijacking this thread topic about why do guys who are social outcasts/losers/really ugly or short/really nerdy/autists/gays  types not just actually incels(the actual definition of virgin men that can't get laid)  who haven't got pussy in some time or generally don't get pussy defend women and don't hate them, some of them said that they even respect them, even when cunts hate them for not being manly thuggish men or will never give them their pussies, I'm afraid of losing guys I have been talking to and being reported for vaginanigger hate or just ridicule. I don't get why I can't hate them when they hate me just for the way I look and because I'm not a wannabe thug. Also everyone else seems to get pussy but me, obese fucks, shorter guys seem to get it, literal retards, ugly ass dude but because they're retard violet bydlos, old men, nerdy men, even homeless, even gays have a better chance of getting pussy, and most of them don't do shit to self improve but some how all get more friends, go places, get pussy. Most vaginanigger cunts don't do shit, I hate the hypocrisy of fat and ugly vaginaniggers complain that they're not getting as much male attention as pretty skinny vaginaniggers(but ofcourse pretty vaginaniggers complain about low status males looking at them) but they don't put in the work of losing weight, I've been trying  for years to get swole yet these fat cunts don't care or don't do anything about being fit and skinny cunts will just not eat anything or can eat about anything and not exercise while I do work out but look like a skelly that can't fit into anypair of clothes. I only workout because I want to be swole, because I hate women and normalniggers for treating me like shit, and I want to own fat cunts on their bullshit. I wish I could workout with other robots just working on our bodies and make friends.
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