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What's /r9k/ drinking tonight?
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waha, pure waha
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Im Drinking some Ice-Cold Horxata right now, its a Spanish thing although from what i heard, it is also sold in Latin America and in some places of Southern USA, its not Alcoholic (I don't think Many Bogatyrs drink Alcohol at all), just Tiger nut mixed with Water and Sugar, tasty as shit, and its become a Lithurgy for me to Drink it during Weekend Nights
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It's okay to drink tea, right?
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I'm drinking tea right now. Tea is nice anon
>>42 (OP) 
Water with crushed ice. What about you?
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Clamato and vodka.

Tastes like asshole.
The only thing I drink besides water is diet soda. It probably gives me cancer but it's one of those few guilty pleasures that gets me through the day.
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bourbon and sweet tea
>it is also sold in Latin America and in some places of Southern USA
Both of these things are true.
>not Alcoholic
There's a rumchata that is pretty good but it's liqueur so that's gay
>tasty as shit
Love the stuff, it's absolutely delicious, and I'll go to a place specifically if I know they have good horxata
Replace soda with carbonated water. It's healthy
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Replace carbonated water with water. It's healthy
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Replace water with chicken broth. It's healthy.
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Replace carbonated water with co2.
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Replace water with liquor. It's a preservative.
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I don't understand what the joke is faggots. Anon says he drinks diet soda which is bad for you due to crap like phosphoric acid, artificial sweeteners or potassium benzoate. So I tell him to replace that crap with plain carbonated water instead. It has literally 0 health side effects and is as refreshing as diet soda. Some say that carbonated water might even help improve your digestive health and relieve constipation. 

It's even the default water in a couple of European countries, mainly Germany.
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Replace liquor with semen, fapping steals your nutrients so you should steal them back!
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>Some say that carbonated water might even help improve your digestive health and relieve constipation. 
So does water.
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>Some say that carbonated water might even help improve your digestive health and relieve constipation. 
Chicken broth does that and even better.
I was more serious than not when recommending it.
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Not as well as carbonated water
Alright, let's have anon drink a cup of chicken broth every time he feels like getting something to quench his thirst.
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>Alright, let's have anon drink a cup of chicken broth every time he feels like getting something to quench his thirst.
Yeah why not?
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What sort of chicken broth do you mean? Does the plain powder you can buy in the store suffice or do you make it yourself, if so do you have a good recipe?
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Today, I had to drink tea again.

>Does the plain powder you can buy in the store suffice 
Absolutely not, forget about it, it's "water from instant noodles"-tier.
>a good recipe
Just boil (then simmer) a plucked, gutted and washed chicken carcass in water with, optionally, some vegetables, like onions and carrots.
No real need to drink more than a few cups per pot, just use the rest of it all to make a soup.
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Currently drinking O'Doul's Non-Alcoholic Beer, since i have an allergy to the substance.
Probably will start the next morning off with Monster Ultra Sunrise before fucking off to work like I do each day.
That's very nice, what kind of tea did you drink?
>drinking your own cum
For what purpose?
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I don't drink alcohol but I enjoy fruit juice from time to time
I learned something interesting a while ago about soft drinks. Mainly that they use salt and sour to make their drinks refreshing. Of course now a days its an excessive amount thanks to jew flavor science.
Invidious shut down but paste this in whatever fork you please
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I differentiate between Indian black tea and Chinese green tea. Make them extra strong, with no sugar. May feel bitter, but, after the bitterness passes, all the details and nuances of the taste of tea grass flow in.
Cheap wine my father forgot he has, not much though because i don't like getting drunk, just enough to help me sleep.
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>just enough to help me sleep
Careful with that, if you do this frequently it'll wind up making your sleeping habits even worse in the long run, and the sleep it does give you won't be the truly restful kind either.
>>42 (OP) 
Hoegaarden. A single one. Because anything more gives me a headache the next day.
I've been having New Amsterdam peach vodka. Mix sprite with the 1st glass or two and then straight up
Store bought egg nog. Tis the season. I don't like how it doesn't have a quenching feeling like milk or water does, but it tastes alright. I wish it was a bit less sweet though
Whats the pleasure of diet soda? Like  youre not even the only one who feels that way, what am I missing?
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I don't like the syrup thickness of non-diet. Diet soda just tastes good, not much more to it.
To me diet soda seems less "heavy" if that makes any sense, like if I drank a regular coke it would sit in my stomach like a rock, while with diet coke it's more like drinking seltzer water in the sense that I get the carbonation and it kinda clear my sinuses out, but I don't feel like I have a lead weight working its way through my gut for hours afterward. Also sometimes the diet stuff tastes better than the regular stuff, like diet pepsi tastes way better than regular pepsi which is a garbage drink and I don't know how it ever came to rival coke in the first place.
Sprite mixed with some raspberry flavored vodka. I don't really drink soda that often anymore but some had to be used in dinner prep tonight and I ended up with a nearly full open can of it, and so I figured I'd drink it. I've been told that it's the sort of juvenile thing kids in high school drink when underage, but I still think it's nice on the rare occasion.
Man green tea tastes absolutely fucking disgusting. I regret buying a box of it because of my autistic health kick.
I drink green tea and chamomile.
It's been a while since I've gotten drunk but I did get quite tipsy with vodka a while ago and it was quite fun, until the buzz wore off and I had to take painkillers to get rid of the headache.
>>42 (OP) 

Just a carbonated soda
6 diet snapples, and my bladder hurts but i dont wanna get up
>>42 (OP) 
vodka tonic with lemon juice
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Cheapass local brew from the grocery
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fukn drunk I swear
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Water. I gave up green tea around three weeks ago. Before that, I would consume black tea, and long before that, coffee.
Over the years, I've gradually weaned myself off of all caffeine.
I only need this kind of excess every couple of weeks to remind myself how ridicilously pointless it is to ruin your long time well being for a few minutes of ecstasy. I guess you could apply this to any kind of intoxication. It's especially true for any kind of sexual excess.
Why do normalniggers act like these are the greatest things in the world? I just don't get it.
Fuck alcohol. I'd rather drink cough syrup. DXM doesn't make me feel like shit on the comedown. Real robots robotrip.
Replies: >>3825 >>3826 >>3828
Johnny Red and water with a some coffee for the last six hours
Agreed. Better than mixing dope and alcohol, feels good to sleep on too. Though it can't be done too often or else you'll burn out the NMDA receptors and you'll cease to robotrip, forever. 
Week per plat rule to robots curious about robotripping, it'll keep you healthy.
I am not alcohol's biggest fan, but it doesn't have that many drawbacks compared to the real drugs.
I never found too appealing the possibility of having a bad trip and killing myself shortly after.
Replies: >>3828
True. I've only done it once this year and only did it often when I was younger, but it is an amazing experience to have every once in a while. It has gotten duller as I age, but it is still worthwhile. It is the ultimate robot drug: cheap, easily available in many countries, powerful, and solitary in usage.
>[alcohol] doesn't have that many drawbacks compared to the real drugs
I doubt it. Of course, if you're consuming it moderately, you might not face that many drawbacks, but if you have ever watched an addict experience delirium tremens, as I've seen in my own father, or heard of someone in your family die from alcohol addiction, you know that it's a seriously dangerous drug. Of course, nowadays, what with fentanyl lacing, street drugs are much worse, but I still would say that DXM is safer than alcohol. I have yet to hear of someone committing suicide after a bad DXM trip, and I would speculate that it has less addiction-forming potential than alcohol.
Replies: >>3829
>if you're consuming it moderately
That's what I meant, but everything can become dangerous if you are addicted to it. Alcohol and cigarretes are going to really fuck your body up if you don't take them seriously. They are different in the way that if something goes wrong you know what to expect. I can tell you that delirius tremens is no laughing matter, but I'm not going to be a faggot about it because I brought this on myself. Drugs are a mixed bag because you can also get arrested, get messed up or die for no apparent reason
I haven't tried the 'safer' stuff, nor I am interested in trying them, so I won't ellaborate on that point. However, I do know street drugs are a whole other beast. They are extremelly addictive, and in most cases it's just suicide with extra steps. I know too many people in my family who died from that.
I'm doing a low 4th plateau DXM trip. I suggest 14-16 mg/kg with a night light on and no electronics (or only music) when peaking. I haven't done DXM in over five months. It's strange because all sorts of thoughts and feelings gradually come back to me only to disappear when I'm sober.
The previous trip was dull but had a heavenly afterglow. I feel like this one will hit harder and be faster due to more robotablets and no Delsym. I intend on covering my eyes eventually for the visuals.
There is something about DXM that makes it profound. I haven't done other psychedelics or dissociatives, but certainly, compared to things like THC, DXM is amazing. I crave the internal experiences.
Replies: >>4355 >>4356
how'd it go?
I've been thinking about trying ketamine or XMT since they are omparably mild drugs and aren't illegal to possess as far as I'm concerned.
how did you get your hands on XMT? I'm in germoney btw.
I would prefer not to fuck up my liver gulping down liters of cough syrup. So is it possible to get medicine grade stuff as pills?
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