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Once the bunker at anon.café ceased to exist some years ago, I could no longer connect with other robots.
Please tell me what happened after anon.café/r9k/.

Where did you guys go ? Why is this board dying ? What happened to the bots ?

I feel so alone ... even in the internet, I feel I have no place to go to.
8ch/r9k/ was my refuge. I'll try to post here regularly, and I encourage others to do the same.
Maybe we can run a cytube anime channel to tighten the community, what's you thoughts on this ?

I want old internet back, and i want it NOOOOOWWWW
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>>3997 (OP) 
A lot has happened between then and now. Most people just got tired of changing sites every two months, and decided to move to a more stable website. For some it was wiz, for others it was 4r9k. In my case, I never felt comfortable in either of them; hence why I'm clearly still here. However, there's clearly something more. Like some other people have pointed out recently, people change and so did most robots. 8chan was 4 years ago, and the situation of most people has changed since. The majority of robots hold different responsabilities (and opinions) now. For instance, someone who was 23 at the time is now 27; and as you get older the world starts to ask more from you. I think that the main reason as to why this place eventually started to die is because it failed to understand that. The board has no means to get new users and a few people that still post and lurk are changing and are scared of not fitting the criteria that they met a few years back. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a normalnigger nor do I want this place to be filled with them. However, I do feel like the natural growth of its users has been slowly killing the board. My favourite aspect of the old board was seeing it evolve along with the userbase. It made feel like we were getting older together. as gay as that may sound.
If other people disagree with me, they're free to call me a nigger and write a post in response because that's what imageboards are for; and another reason as to why we are so fucked is due to the lack of proper discussion and desire to debate an idea.

Also, I support the idea of the cytube. However, I can't always guarantee my attendance. I'll try to post more too.
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yeah, after the bunker was nuked, i went to wiz and the incel forum for a while. i didn't know of this place until recently.
however, i couldn't handle being in those sites anymore. there is just too much depression in those mediums and i can't handle it anymore.

used to be edgy in my youth too, but age rounds the corners. which is a good thing actually.
eventually, as time goes by, the internet seems stranger to me. 
or was i the stranger all along ?

>schizo rambling : ON

i feel like humans were meant to evolve in a tribe or a village setting. few people that were obliged to bond with each another, due to the small population size.
this ensured that nobody was left out of the cozy feeling of belonging.
although modernism did bring some huge benefits obviously, sometimes I wonder if the people of the past had something we no longer have.

or maybe modern people don't differ from past generation and they do feel a sense of belonging ... and I am the stranger all along ?
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>>3997 (OP) 
I admit I don't visit this place enough.
>i feel like humans were meant to evolve in a tribe or a village setting...
I always got the impression that it was more an adapt-or-die situation in the past. Right now we have the advantage that we don't necessarily need to acomodote our opinions to the masses, and we are free to interact with people all around the globe. Of course, this sound good in theory. In practice, it just ended up creating a bunch of cults and fucking up the balance of the world.
Thanks to the internet, most people can live a life were they don't ever need to interact with people that they disagree with; and even if they do, they can just take an imaginary moral high ground. Although I'm aware that this is something that has been happening since the dawn of mankind, it makes me feel a bit sad to know that everything is controlled by circlejerks.

>maybe modern people don't differ from past generation and they do feel a sense of belonging
I think that they do to a degree. Most people don't really believe in anything and will adapt accordingly with the time. They just adapt and live. Personally, I don't think I could have ever been comfortable to that level regardless of what time I would have lived in. That's the way it is, has always been, and will continue to be until I die. Until then, I'll keep searching for a place to be comfortable and find some resemblance of normalcy and friendliness from like-minded people.
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