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Welcome to /pol/, the RADdest place on the internet for political discussions, educational projects, and Minecraft event planning. This thread will remain open for all your meta needs. Should it grow too large it may get a spinny wheel or spinoff threads to contain any extra spillage.

Due to government mandated "guidelines" there is a rule:
1. Keep it tangentially political. If this board turns out to be a carbon copy of /b/ the big fish will probably delete it. Global homo rules still apply yada yada. Explanations for precedent setting moderator actions will be given in the logs. That's pretty much everything as far as I know.

Fight the info war easy!
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b4c5d0a676b71c190277793a65a460267199c0e785f40ab6d913f054e3c4c0f5.png (u)
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>post #2
Im glad they put tengu in charge, no way will this board ever become like /b/
Replies: >>18
I have genital warts
d0b1c7db0ea15ac098fbaabcbd948139.png (u)
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Let's celebrate by posting furfaggotry
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Check em
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the_lust_penis_in_a_single_file.gif (u)
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>generic dog buttsex
You are like a little baby, watch this
sneedxecution.png (u)
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Death to all city slickers, Allah wills it
Ricardo_defends_the_2A.jpg (u)
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Don't mind me, just exercising my constitutional rights
everydayuntilyoulikeit.jpg (u)
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hitler_plz.jpg (u)
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>implying mods exist
This can be the official kidfucking board.
hh.png (u)
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What a cutie
i concur
22.jpg (u)
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makifeet.jpg (u)
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cool board
Futo_doing_the_right_thing.jpg (u)
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I feel like Futo would have been a more ideal political mascot for the board.
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7daa6c782840f006917e820e273a4e29.png (u)
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7df366dd9950f6071ad0a5b30a98146c173015815513bec158cf4e7fa208bdbf.jpg (u)
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Since the board has been officially announced I've been "encouraged" to start taking janny actions. To preserve as many posts as possible most funposting will be moved here. Blatant faggotry may be del against my orders. I'm going to see if we can implement a better deletion log to increase transparency.
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ddc6b49b627b9d511d0429b411a6baa552a5be995017e6801f42930e52c20453.jpeg (u)
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Before this board takes off I would first like to point out a few things to look out for. Currently since tvch/dup/ was the only vaguely political board on the webring, a lot of them will flock here and try to bring their autistic schizo/reddit/boomerposting with them. I've already spotted one of them here >>34 , and let me tell you how I know he's a migrant:
>newlining after every sentence
>already attempting D&C through namecalling (look out for anything that seems like they're pitting one group against each other)
>furfaggotry because he thinks this is a shitpost board like /dup/
are three blatant red flags. Other things to look out for that will inevitably show up:
>green frog pictures/soyjaks/amerimutts
>nu-pol terminology (chans, based, btfo, etc.)
>obvious one-liner bait threads that don't provide any actual discussion
basically just look at https://tvch.moe/dup/catalog.html and you can already see a lot of bullshit that has no place on an actual political board. you've already created the biggest headache of your life by making this board, i'm just trying to help you out by giving you some pointers. don't let this go to shit please.
Replies: >>40 >>41 >>113 >>149
is this going to stay unindexed or what?
Replies: >>43 >>44
what is that crosseyed dog saying
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furjuden.png (u)
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tengoo has already gradually built up a hate of snouts due to dolphin so maybe he'll figure out something soon
i don't agree with him on everything and he's bad at soku but i have faith he can handle running this board
I thought that when what's his fish made the announcement he listed it. It's up there now.
523d608c8abb113d21cdae1586d21a04ddc5e69f811ab4c2d825f2728288de9a.gif (u)
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I hope so.
Replies: >>45
And as of my post it looks like it is indexed and I must have missed it.
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1c166588736805547e09e1f2b4f2390c9f8446b4faeec5b4b012bf34511a33ce.png (u)
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I don't see it
Replies: >>49 >>81
It's on the board list for the webring.
Replies: >>81
Azumanga.webm (u)
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#just_wehrmact_things.png (u)
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109_countries_negev.png (u)
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It has been a long time since I've browsed or used a board that was strictly political. The last time I did so was with /fascist/ and /liberty/ back when they were both still here. Regardless, how have you been, /pol/ack?
Replies: >>60 >>71
blackpilling myself into a stupor
crying for space elevator
zzzchan_pol.png (u)
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pilot_try_not_to_hurt_much.png (u)
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>they made a pol board
>can't even hide threads anymore 
>site literally dying

Told you but you would not listen. Only shitty sites have a pol board. 

also normalfaggots deserve Communism
Replies: >>99
stay mad commie faggot
Huh, you're right, really can't hide the threads anymore. /pol/ has been long overdue though, it's been bleeding ages.
Replies: >>116
smug_coyote.jpg (u)
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>the DEAD SITE DEAD SITE DEAD SITE fag is an actual commie
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12455.png (u)
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>finally /pol/
>it's just /b/ with vague political flavor in an imageboard filled with goons and leftytrannies
>"Fight the info war"
Replies: >>118
>afraid of tourists from the webring
>while part of the webring
I'm not sure what your plan was, but it doesn't seem to be going well.
>A /pol/ that isn't blacked.gov's deadass
Fucking finally.
1394960060640.jpg (u)
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The ((( (((news))) ))) dislikes to be censored so of course reality would 'glitch' and make it impossible to properly hide a thread on your favorite website upon a political section being shoehorned into it. Use ublock and it'll hide a different thread per new post of course. People smart enough to censor better than that can think for themselves and are immune to politics but unfortunately most are not smart enough to avoid being controlled by it, nor am I, hence why I avoid such places. 

>yet here I am thus further proving that the mind control works
>did the admin have to link pol is the question?
>for what purpose? 

>can't move reply box/window either anymore 

Just because of this post I am going to go buy another USSR entirely metal canteen. The foot soldier ones are only like 20 usd but I prefer the griddle kit of the paratroopers. Also their anthem is better than everyone else's. Deal with it. Ethics about fairness and equality notwithstanding.
Replies: >>124
Apologize to Lord Sturgeon, bitch. Let no one claim he is just as bad as the zchan admin was.
Replies: >>119 >>120
I agree, this wouldn't have happened if Sturgeon had given the board to Eden instead. Now that's a swell guy.
Replies: >>122
HI Eden
e6a6b2b4c3c2eff3d1952dbcd989404ef798f3e55bdf9f8ab04dc7c332170ff5.png (u)
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Smuglo.li /tg/ here. It may be a shadow of its former self, and may last for a mere moment, but glad to see a /pol/ sprout. 
May this one fly under the radar as long as possible.
Replies: >>125
I've already petitioned for that spry young man to replace the current BO, I hope sturgeon listens.
the_fuck_am_I_reading.jpg (u)
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>The ((( ((( (((news))) ))) ))) dislikes to be censored
>so of course reality would 'glitch' and make it impossible to properly hide a thread on your favorite website
Why has no one learned their lesson to never respond to Faggatha.
3e577007a3881f13f04ec0f60934792ea05b349f245695c45b85852c4710e5ac.png (u)
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dbf1d8c8f1525602193da6d781b7046e85b88800ff235d98fd522d5948d0d309.png (u)
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s-s-s.... s...s-smuh... smuh-muh.....ssssmuuuhh...uuuhuuuuuh..............
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15d2a07aed6d10c62575da6e98515d02da72a23e4627d455a638e1b31f9a1a93.png (u)
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s-smuUUUUUuuh..ugh.... smuUGHH-UUUUUUGHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh..............
Replies: >>181
c03d5b55b61db3c05a91603017514ab76b26b5ab537fee3d480a081d53dee213.png (u)
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S-SMUghhhh..... l-lo-lo-LO-looooOOOOOO......oohOhohoHOoo.................ooogh.........ghhhhhhHHHH...
Replies: >>181
ea598f985b8dcacc7124d6e789fdb55967269989ad747872c5b50684304fa373.png (u)
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Replies: >>181
c6c92937ed2702c573377f6ca021259bdf993911c427748b6fb3b89acb5ba9eb.png (u)
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de4d4130a4aac1fc9bb8ac2971698b693757ebb5a6edc610226af991ecf0a47c.png (u)
[Hide] (234.7KB, 538x540)
864a6aba47cda6e92323837e16a4260ae1bb94115f63842def31e8a7076c15bb.jpg (u)
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81ae96f02fcd9a824b38ed765e529dbba0c699b963e2044a9b6633e1487c12e1.gif (u)
[Hide] (4.5MB, 500x746)
b8054644d73ab57b930df39a8629a5e2e3b54204a841ad9ae8f465ff46763af6.jpg (u)
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BUT I'LL BE THE REAL WINNER YOU'LL SEE ZZZCHAN IS FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Replies: >>181
33ba91eed7150ae63bb358f61da3157d724d1dfa0b077a8222374acfb052dd3a.png (u)
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1438771636134.jpg (u)
[Hide] (35.3KB, 625x616)
Replies: >>140 >>192
Spoiler File (u)
(57.2KB, 192x240, 00:02)
That's the point
lmao dont worry zzztranny, /dup/ btfoers don't want to migrate here in spite of your multiple advertising threads on our fucking board
8chan_Merry_Christmas.png (u)
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hey, look who is back!
really.png (u)
[Hide] (10.4KB, 400x450)
>inb4 10gu shoahs the board
You do remember it was other way around, right? The two /v/ nukes was entirely the fault of /cow/'s actions  and multiple BOs were involved for such a thing to happen.
They just like convenient lynchpins.
Replies: >>157 >>159 >>205
barbie.jpg (u)
[Hide] (14.3KB, 270x270)
>You do remember it was other way around, right?
Relax m8
I'm just takin a piss
20211016_194140.jpg (u)
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Hey melonanon here. Glad to see somewhere to discuss but I was and still am a little wary, hopes this board lasts thoughsorry to namefag just wanted to say hi
Replies: >>162
ni/gg/er at it again with the revisionism
Replies: >>172
Ayo Mr. Blackthumb, Dont you got more plants to kill?
Replies: >>163 >>181
y so mean :( I've got some more soil because I'm planning on replanting them asap because I've spread out the vines and they are long so it must be cramped for the roots. I tried updating the thread but I kept getting b&.
Replies: >>165 >>168 >>181
banned for what?
Replies: >>166
Replies: >>167
odd, have you tried appealing?
Replies: >>168
Eh I'd rather not I was talking about what I said in >>163 but I can come back either better news later on when the melons actually are replanted. Like to keep things short n' sweet you know?
Replies: >>169
>Like to keep things short n' sweet you know
yeah, you mean like the lives of the plants you tend to?
Replies: >>170
Why do you people bully me so?
Replies: >>171
Careful britbong, you'll lose your shitposting license.
So will we ban cuckchannel lingo here?
If you smugniggers put the same effort into actually moderating your board as you did into these shitposts, we never would have had Infinity Next due to your lazy asses needing to crash into slumber after banning someone for nogspeak for the 1350th time.
more like brownthumb !!!!!LOL!!!!!!
I swear my keyboard drops inputs like mad
2f798bbe6fd5ce6b0c268f5497bc234de3cdeb12093b53f70fd198a064a9d012.jpg (u)
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>It's actually real
So how long until "Esther" comes back?
Replies: >>195 >>202 >>206
Fuck I forgot that this is /pol/
I mean ((( (((Esther))) )))
Replies: >>197
are ((( (((echoes))) ))) fucked?
Replies: >>198
are they now? ((( (((kikes))) )))
"Esther" was the current BO, retard.
Replies: >>203
retarded_anime_fish.jpg (u)
[Hide] (286.5KB, 2048x1536)
It was tengu that nuked /v/ due to /cow/ action, it was justified.
Seeing as Esther just suddenly stopped and didnt do anything towards this site does make you wonder doesnt it?
Replies: >>210
This came like 2-3 months after z died
He even had a girlfriend apparently and had her show him CP. Don’t know whether to be more disgusted by the fact he’s a pedo or a normalfag.
Fuck off /cow/ nobody likes you.
Replies: >>214
I like them :-)
Replies: >>216
rent free
Of course the slav mutt likes /cow/.
Replies: >>223
How is it with more left leaning nationalist idealogies like national syndicalism, national bolshevism and Falangism?
Well czechs are just mutt germano-slavs
50.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (304.4KB, 432x432, 00:22)
Guess we're not banning cuckchannel lingo, then.
Fuck you Tengu. If you're going to let cuckchanners fag up the board, it'll just be 4um /pol/ with a lower PPH.
Replies: >>225 >>229
1630409153011.jpg (u)
[Hide] (112.9KB, 700x700)
so the same as every pol there's ever been?
Replies: >>226
Wow great argument fagtron you totally just owned the elitist gatekeeping purist gamergating alt-right neonazi chuds with that sick-ass one-liner.
Here's your (faggot), You.
Replies: >>227 >>235 >>258
What the fuck is a 'chud'?
Replies: >>228 >>230
0d283e5e40eb073046a7a05d1db335d2aa3006cf0698725111534de778d3e1e1.jpg.png (u)
[Hide] (14.2KB, 633x174)
It's a weird leftist insult. I'm 99% sure they got it from Clerks 2, i.e. Kevin Smith's biggest mistake.
901d4ec7681a1364f4fa963aff536e7f22657a6c0884d81d05d14cd0623966a7.png (u)
[Hide] (93.7KB, 600x860)
>complains about cuckchan lingo
Replies: >>272
fa78d9620bf2239202879cadd16dc672122f60c086754073446bf575fe1b78f7.jpg (u)
[Hide] (95.6KB, 508x512)
all me baby
Wobbly, is that you?And why haven't you killed yourself yet?
Replies: >>272
cuckime.jpg (u)
[Hide] (953.4KB, 2600x2902)
It has come to the attention of yours truly that the RULECUCKED and SEMITIC ((( (((administration))) ))) of this godforsaken board that purports to go "easy" engages in OPEN CENSORSHIP of any criticism of the Japanese brainwashing being pushed to turn the western youth into a bunch of emasculated cucks. >cuckime is the tool of the jew to enslave the goy masses.
Replies: >>265
back from dinner
who are you quoting
781b8c83b13682c11c0afb0bc204b30229eb04d8fd6a218bcf162d7b01216cb4.gif (u)
[Hide] (209.8KB, 500x500)
>calling the board /pol/
All the names you could have chose and you chose the qboomer retard leftypol glownigger magnet.
>Minecraft event planning.
Yeah your retarded, shit like that never helped anyone. Just fucks our shit up.
Replies: >>267
pissu just opened up their minecraft server again I'm just too busy to grief it at the moment
1442184266760.jpg (u)
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1160x1552)
Due to at least one person trying to destroy the board before it gets off the ground rulecuckery will increase during this temporary lockdown. Don't worry, it's just 15 days to flatten the curve ;)
I would date this rabbit, but I think she'd shoot me for being a degenerate, so I should probably play the "aloof" card instead.
>not recognizing it's an edit of "wow great argument fagtron," one of the most iconic shitposts of all time
Ban all cuckchan lingo or don't even bother.
Replies: >>278
dac6ce71300f13ee653bc56b4f3521dc.jpg (u)
[Hide] (450.2KB, 1506x965)
Ouch! That's plusungood speak. Speech on this board is comfortably regulated.
Verified Snopes Fact ✔️
Replies: >>282 >>299
nice gaslighting
Replies: >>280
Stop falling for shit bait.
/dup/ btfo
Youre_a_nigger.webm (u)
[Hide] (291.6KB, 1280x720, 00:07)
If you're not going to ban sneedspeak, why the fuck should we even bother with this board? If I want to speak with cuckchannelers, I'll go to cuckchannel.
Newsflash, I don't want to be around 4umers, and we all have abandoned that shithole for a reason. Have standards, gatekeep, and ban all of the COPE SEETHE SNEED RENT FREE spammers, or just don't even bother having this board.
>just become what you despise lmao
Great thinking, glad it never fucking works when you do that kind of shit and only instigates more.
Replies: >>285
Thank you for volunteering to BO this board tengoo, it's a crap job with no pay so I don't know what you were thinking, but I appreciate my /pol/ board coming back and also you're one of the only BO's I'd trust to actually do this horrible job since you've proven you're on the side of free speech on many occasions.
2K_responds_to_being_asked_if_theyre_gamers.webm (u)
[Hide] (62.1KB, 640x360, 00:02)
2K_responds_to_being_asked_if_theyre_gamers.webm (u)
[Hide] (62.1KB, 640x360, 00:02)
2K_responds_to_being_asked_if_theyre_gamers.webm (u)
[Hide] (62.1KB, 640x360, 00:02)
2K_responds_to_being_asked_if_theyre_gamers.webm (u)
[Hide] (62.1KB, 640x360, 00:02)
2K_responds_to_being_asked_if_theyre_gamers.webm (u)
[Hide] (62.1KB, 640x360, 00:02)
<>just become what you despise lmao
That is the opposite of what I'm saying you disingenuous cocksucking double nigger.
Replies: >>286
And it leads to the same results you absolute fucking tool.
Replies: >>294
Replies: >>294
3554afbef346e99227139b05be4b61085ab8bb55134f022f2eed3011d4cfd7e6.jpg (u)
[Hide] (8.7KB, 255x143)
<walking up the stairs will make you go down a floor, goy
You're not even trying to hide your intents anymore, cuckchanner.
Case in point.
terryterrannugget.png (u)
[Hide] (1.9MB, 2000x1437)
Its likely /cow/ being pretentious niggers as expected.

But in consideration, you really should axe any cuckchannel lingo.
svt40.jpg (u)
[Hide] (816.1KB, 4160x2340)
ayoshiiet.png (u)
[Hide] (1009.5KB, 1024x694)
dasfick.jpg (u)
[Hide] (121.8KB, 1122x1071)
>ban all of the COPE SEETHE SNEED RENT FREE spammers
Additionally banning the word "schizo" or "take your meds"-tier bullshit would be a good idea aswell. Its at a point where the word "schizo" has become the new "nahtzeee" just as "incel" has become the new "virgin".
>t. browses /fascist/ on their new home.
totally not my rifle
Lastly, would you mind adding 3rd file as a possible spoiler, pls?
>intial troll wave comes and goes
>retard "info"dumps come and go
>/pol/ is dead withint 300 posts
It's not like there ever was another possible outcome, discussion is out of fashion.
9426c1d9c4c3238e5a887586772a7ab3850db60261aaaf78f5d0c34b194ad53d.png (u)
[Hide] (265.9KB, 472x463)
So this is what kids call a raid these days huh?
But what KIND of increased rulecuckery is it?
Replies: >>314
Replies: >>315
I hold the growing suspicion that it is actually none instead.
How are you all doing, fellow Whites?
Replies: >>317
2d681b758abdbf29ba3823bd3751a9d06d00fdc3cc25c122f7b5a05b2ef0011e.png (u)
[Hide] (778.6KB, 859x513)
Fuck off spaniard mutt.
Replies: >>318 >>320
doesn't kuruminha have like a billion bleached daydreams though
Replies: >>322
546632121379.png (u)
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1600x900)
>Fuck off spaniard mutt.
Please, no bully.
Replies: >>321
8308822154f42582dd84f4119ded233d0ce3c3ff8bb2409076395c968ed684a6.jpg (u)
[Hide] (186KB, 1504x1064)
Replies: >>325
Just like every other ethnic women.
354453435435.jpg (u)
[Hide] (126.9KB, 1366x768)
Silly, anon. I'm not in muttmerica.
Replies: >>326
74e0f6abc5f3a07d27453ecdf643c40e51ff8e740d8638166139f8e9fca51b0b.gif (u)
[Hide] (4.9MB, 768x432)
It was a metaphor for leaving the imageboard.
natural_and_organic.png (u)
[Hide] (22.4KB, 793x158)
if suddenly the board gets spammed with cp, it was gahoole
Replies: >>368 >>380 >>397
4f80dd1159da6dc1e4c4ff408b9b894bb44c93d71141b40f63aa094735d46e80.jpg (u)
[Hide] (72.4KB, 670x877)
I knew it, let's all congregate in OUR OWN secret discord and plan a counter raid, those pesky tvcuckers won't know what hit them
There's barely any posts here what are they going to raid?
Why does this smell like a falseflag in the making?
niggerchu.png (u)
[Hide] (81.2KB, 301x304)
Niggerchu would like to congratulate Tengu on successful acquisition of the board. The usual suspects are already fuming, and that makes Niggerchu very happy.
Niggerchu wishes this board longevity and prosperity, as Niggerchu very much enjoyed original 8chan /pol/ board

Replies: >>702
Unintelligible3.jpg (u)
(7.4KB, 200x200)
God save your children from work saturday.
miserymap.jpg (u)
[Hide] (199.5KB, 1920x931)
So.. where are the current events threads? What about the mass airflight cancelations experienced today?
Replies: >>437
Replies: >>438
The OP for that thread is such suck and low energy, no wonder I couldn't find it.
Replies: >>439
Then make your own, it'll probably be better.
>endless bitching for /pol/
>get it
>its ded
Replies: >>443 >>489
1a6c0b05d4348d76ab38e6c4a714673cd17b6a9004adc049cdac4233c2746b39.png (u)
[Hide] (224.5KB, 464x450)
>endless bitching
Considering it was literally only one person throwing a woman tantrum, and no one else actually was asking for this, I'd say this result was quite predictable, in fact, I'd be shocked if it was active.

Also my two cents, all these dead boards are dead because their BOs are useless and put in 0 effort to attract any kind of userbase. Back on 8chan we had thousands of anons so no real effort was needed to catch thunder in a bottle, but that was that, thunder in a bottle. Nowadays everyone can go on a ring site, ask for a board and, with a bit of luck, they get it accepted,  then they proceed to go "Me board owner, me looky post history, me delete wrongthink" and call it a day. All these niggers don't get that 8chan is over and its age with it, if you're gonna own a board, you have to try and make it interesting yourself first, you rely on anons to come out of the woodwork and do it for you. The BO himself has to be the shining example of what the anons on the board should be like, not just the guy with the keys to the ban button. But retards don't understand that.
Replies: >>479 >>487
spoonfeeding.png (u)
[Hide] (82.1KB, 435x450)
Board ownership was always some faggot reddit shit anyway. The purpose of creating additional boards on larger sites is literally to funnel users/content away from other places (containment). If you want to establish a community then you should be hosting your own site. If you don't at best you're leaving your board to the whims of random chance which you can only stand around effeminately and watch as the site goes down or whatever outside of your control, and in practice you'll often be drawn into the same faggot metadrama as your parent site and it's actual owner.
>all these dead boards are dead because their BOs are useless and put in 0 effort to attract any kind of userbase.
Anyone willing to put in two hours effort once a month could host their own site. It's been demonstrated many times that anons will follow BO/communities to wherever if any effort is put into an actual migration and they actually want to stay in contact with the other users in the same sort of context. /pol/'s context is perpetual fotm news that could go on any board with any users, it just gets put by itself because there's a lot of it new all the time every week and people don't care to see it overwhelm boards they're actually using.
1631059904798.jpg (u)
[Hide] (59KB, 640x632)
Still more active than every other board on this sad website other than, of course, /b/ and /v/. I count this as a victory. Plus I'm still in the process of shilling this board all across the webring and beyond, so expect traffic to flow again
nhgijp.png (u)
[Hide] (349.1KB, 505x799)
>The BO himself has to be the shining example of what the anons on the board should be like
This doesn't work I tried it, at least not for very long. Being an anonymous hero in the 21st century only gets you so far. Fact is peak energy was reached in 2015. The global homo agenda has been beating everyone down since then. A lot of imageboards have been suffering from mass stagnation, not just on the weebring. There are only a couple ways to grow that I can see: 

1.De-pussify the lurkers and convince them to posd again.
Not everything you do will get you doxed chill out niggas. I don't even use a VPN because alphabet soup doesn't really give a shit until you actually do something. Just don't overshare and strip exif from pics you took from your phone that's all you have to do.
2. Target Gen Z and "radicalize" them.
Problem with that is that it's nigh impossible to peel them off their phones, but from what I've seen they are receptive to our crazy new ideas. Hard to believe that many of them are over 18 already. I'd be fine with a few more teenbros moving in ;^) We might even get more players for the game nights.

I don't believe shilling on 4um is a good idea, the hundreds that went back year after year made their choice. They enjoy being under a moderator's boot there, as evidenced by the new spinoffs that are just as rulecucked as the original.
Replies: >>494 >>523
1634933050592.jpg (u)
[Hide] (55.4KB, 567x547)
I can only speak for myself but I imagine I'm not the only one who wanted a real politics board instead of an anime shitposting teenager board where almost all of the threads are low hanging fruit midwit garbage like "hurr durr I hate niggers and jews post your merchants and hitlers guys" as if you couldn't have shat that into /b/ already and most likely gotten a better thread out of it.
Replies: >>491
How's the bitching going, fellow zzzchan regulars?
Replies: >>491
still better than /fascist/, /liberty/ or other ridiculously overspecialized boards we had before, so it's a step in the right direction
Replies: >>523
6b84defd-9f92-4029-a39e-510d18455f48.jpg (u)
[Hide] (52.4KB, 468x468)
Kind of unrelated to /pol/ specifically, but I'm going to be attaching some flyers to billboards around town with the premise of inviting people who enjoy playing/discussing 'rare' or 'hard' video games to a tox chatroom/IRC relay. I'm weighing my options right now on how to design the flyer and whether I should use IRC instead of tox since the barrier of entry is a lot higher. I won't have instructions on the flyer so in theory, only the tech-literates and those truly devoted will be able to join. Should also keep undesirables like shitskins or dirty ruskies out since it's all local. It's unlikely the feds will be involved but 

Anyways, the idea is that local operations like this are probably the best way to recruit newfags, but the barrier of entry needs to be high so that the lowest common denominator doesn't flood in like they did in 2007.
>worst 2hu
Other than that, I have to recommend against posting pictures you've taken as a whole. There's a line between "not fearing glowniggers" and "opening your anus up for anyone wanting to start shit."
<reddit-style Yes
Come on, really?
Replies: >>526 >>553
>letting leddit dictate what you can post
Replies: >>553 >>554
03e341dbdf00968bed450ef97d9de4d812d87cd672053cd21871ba7dde7b029d.png (u)
[Hide] (160.6KB, 363x497)
What the fuck is a reddit style yes?
Some things can be a pretty easy way to tell if someone is a newfag or not.
Replies: >>554
<if you don't ape reddit, you ARE reddit
I can't find the image that best explains it, but I refer to:
>A or B?
<*gets a gorillion upvotes* EDIT: Thanks for the gold kind stranger!
THAT shit.
australia.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (239.8KB, 656x368, 00:05)
So how are aussie posters doing?
Replies: >>559
9b187bd7a44b29c6ee5eda15173b64ccc62c4968b4876c63539c5a971fb8d159.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (713.8KB, 1280x720, 00:12)
Replies: >>561
f5c0196583d2d39d06dc49603914c12bf261c49a776fefb5f9ddc4ed1607bfd9.gif (u)
[Hide] (59.9KB, 422x582)
>vaccines are just a way to tell the good from the bad goys.
841a16345efed4f05cbe5232fcef9a730d51b98560b19b36f2a09bc1cc1db405.png (u)
[Hide] (315.9KB, 474x266)
10 hours kurwawave version - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KO8sis3dmqs
650345543.gif (u)
[Hide] (3.8KB, 650x220)
>>1 (OP) 
damn why do I find that reisen pic so arousing
it may be the boots + tights combo
__reisen_udongein_inaba_touhou_drawn_by_coba_bushclover__06a4eefd4751977f23fea3f1e45a4ccf.jpg (u)
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1920x1406)
It's been 15 days but unfortunately the lockdown will have to be extended for another 2 weeks. Don't worry, I'm certain it's just temporary and it will all blow over soon enough.

Mask mandate is now in effect.
Replies: >>651 >>652 >>667
d69179c93101cce67d1c64a7ba712af61e887985049be32a498663a5e65697c7.jpg (u)
[Hide] (47.2KB, 1280x720)
I'm not wearing a mask faggot, what are you going to do now? Ban me?
what the fuck are you even talking about, what is this lockdown, are you reported? you haven't done anything
Look just tell us if you ever plan on banning cuckchanners or not so I can wash my hands of this, if you elect to let this place devolve into COPE COPE SEETHE SEETHE SNEED RENT FREE KEYED KINO LOCKED BASED CRINGE spam.
Replies: >>670 >>876
>on a torboard
truly polacks are a different breed
Replies: >>879
more like pedochu
__reisen_udongein_inaba_touhou_and_1_more_drawn_by_north_abyssor__ad47331bd3590bd8b5e8078424d9122e.jpg (u)
[Hide] (102.1KB, 1000x750)
What's a good way to destroy a shithawk? Oh, and the lockdown will be extended for another 30 days. Don't worry, we're going to flatten the curve soon. Just 4 more weeks.
Replies: >>876 >>898
Replies: >>879
FCtvDiBVgAIh9S1.jpg (u)
[Hide] (72.5KB, 576x768)
>implying ded board needs a lockdown
Replies: >>899
I mistook the red one for donkey kong for a moment.
Replies: >>901
Perfectly understandable, also nice digits.
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