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Receipt is obvious:

GTFO all gypsies, trash ans scum like Romania, Bulgaria, and all Eastern Europe in general from EU.

They ate a lot of money (billions euros, literally) - your money, that you could get. Your money goes there - to these shit holes. To this scum and trash. Just visit these countries to understand what I am talking about. How they look, their mentality, their stupidity, their shitty culture etc etc.

70% of all prostitutes in EU are from Bulgaria (you can google it very easy). Don't forget, prime minister of UK said -- We are ready to accept refugees on one condition - if they are not from Bulgaria. Good example for my words. Now UK is not in EU. And now you understand why.

GTFO to all Khazarian/Bulgarian (all these "Thraci", "Daci", "Shmaci") and other Khazarian tribes. No other way to save EU.
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> How to fix all issues in EU
Just leave the EU.
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Fix your own country, rooster!
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hey, Khazarians. Leave EU
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just Christians, what's wrong
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wikipedia_on_number_of_russian_prostitutes.PNG (u)
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>>844 (OP) 
In WW2 Hitler literally shoved the gypsies our way and into Romania. This is just them going back and expecting gibsmedats. Stop giving welfare and it gets solved or let us beat them back into gated communities like we used to.
As for prostitution:
>Bulgaria - 14 prostitutes per 10 000 population
>Romania - 80 prostitutes per 10 000 population
>Russia - 208 prostitutes per 10 000 population
You ain't looking good here.
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sorry. 80% prostitutes in Germany are khazarians ("bulgarians").

Literally a nation of sluts.
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>>Russia - 208 prostitutes per 10 000 population

what's strange khazarian? Khazarian khaganate after collapse polluted russia as well. khazarians genes and khazarian culture in:

- ukraine for 100% - the core of khazarian ethnos 
- bulgaria for 100% - the core of khazarian ethnos 
- belarus mostly
- poland a lot of
- hungary partially (?)
- russia mostly in elites
- other eastern european countries - partially
- germany - known as "Ashkenazi" 
- ...

khazarian DNA, to fuck it
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khazars_and_bulgars_regions.jpg (u)
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haganates.png (u)
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Those aren't numbers though. Those are hearsay news articles with descriptions such as *every other*.
Bulgarians were at war with the Kahazarian haganate long before you knew what it was, so spare me your feeble attempts at trying to define what I am. The early Bulgar territories fell apart due to constant attacks from the khazars and caused the early migration of bulgars into Volga Bulgaria, Bulgaria and 3 more regions. We've been at war with em before you even existed and for all intents and purposes there are more khazars on your territory than ours you communist kike, we waged war on them.
Now you may think I can't read russian but I can and those articles literally say prostitutes in russia are 4.5 million, which is 50% more than the google article and paints you even worse. The article even goes to mention professional vs hobby prostitution.
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your maps are shit tbh, no such thing as a "Khazar Khanat". KHAGANATE. KHAGAN. Not "khan". Yet another Khazarian lie.

>on your territory than ours you communist kike

yours. Which one? Do you know what is TOR? Haha, fuck, Khazarian, you are literally dumb as your Khagan Baruh
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sv_new_yugoslavia_eng-1.png (u)
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You couldn't tell the difference between a bulgarian, a romanian and a gypsie and you have no idea what the Khazars were. No amount of torposting will fix that.
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Dirty dumb crossposting scum.
Replies: >>882
kill yourself gourmetnewell
your history is lie written by Russia/USSR because they needed to enter Balkans, so they treated you as "brothers-slavs" . With some small nuance - slavs with Turks roots. "Turks" LOL. Khazarians ARE bunch of TURKS tribes. As you know modern Bulgarians have nothing common with B├╝rgarlar in Tatarstan - DNA/phenotype, faces, culture, religion, linguistics . Literally nothing. First, to begin to understand your REAL HISTORY try to get the next facts:

- "bulgars" were KHAZARIAN TRIBE in the KHAZARIAN KHAGANATE for 300 years
- "bulgars" rulers had a title "Khagane"
- Bulgarian cities were destroyed to ground zero by Slavs/Russian Knyazes for the same reasons as Khazarian cities
- Bulgarian DNA is super close to Khazarian/Jews
- Bulgarian faces cannot be distinguish from faces of typical Jews in Ukraine and Israel
- so called "bulgarians" lived literally in Khazarian Khaganate and were Khazarians (we call them "jews" today)
- Bulgarians changed their religion many times (orthodox, catholics, pagans), highly likely they were in Judaism in the Khaganate, because everyone was a Jew in the Khaganate, no way.
- Morality of Bulgarians and other eastern Europe tribes is very similar to Khazarians in general - sluts.

Start with it.
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yeah but what about all the niggers trust me they're no good
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(73.7KB, 1176x934)
>This entire post
Replies: >>909
>your history is a lie
Literally all other slavs are jellymad of us for being directly involved with writing the cyrilic alphabet. Our cultural significance is absolute in the slavic world so everyone wants to shittalk us and make up shit like what you wrote to get ahead.
>your women are sluts
as listed above, demonstrably not true
Never ever. One of the oldest orthodox churches on the planet. Catholics exist here, but are not the standard. Get your head out of your catholic ass.
lol, dumbest modern take I have seen, but keep trying
And your post alone proves the proper way to fix all European countries.
1. Ban Usury
2. Remove Usurers
3. State run bank only
4. Only tax degeneracy (drugs, prostitutes, porn, hard liquor, pesticides/herbicides, GMO pesticide/herbicide crops, imported goods and labor that drives down domestic wages) and money/asset horders (what is considered the top 10-25% today)
5. Eliminate all other taxes and fees
6. Base money supply on population
7. Newly circulated money is dispersed through direct government employment and public works contracts
8. Encourage your people to have children
9. Make a world in which children desire to grow strong and smart while loving their people
Replies: >>910 >>911 >>912
Isn't that pretty much exactly what Hitler did?
Yeah, the way to fix things is to concentrate absolute power into the hands of a small group of powermad despots. That's definitely how anything good has ever been accomplished on this earth. I'm sure they'll be satisfied with ONLY stealing from people you don't like, and when they print money "based on the population" they surely won't distort anything to ensure their power grows.
Embrace the ideals of the founders. Only the torch of freedom can burn away the darkness of our times.
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1450116211484.gif (u)
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>Only tax degeneracy (drugs, prostitutes, porn)
>not banning prostitution, drugs, porn
Replies: >>913 >>914 >>915
Sharia law is the only way :^)
Replies: >>914
Most degeneracy is impossible to eliminate, and it's expulsion leads to other more serious problems.
For instance, not every man is capable of building a family, but it's dangerous to exclude them from sex. How do you humanely treat them?

Sharia allows 1 day marriages.
Sharia allows fags to cut off their dicks and live like women.
Sharia is as retarded as every other sand tradition.

See: Every great advancement in quality of life or exploration.
The alternative is that usurers pay figureheads to distract the masses while the usurers do everything you describe while looting the past, present, and future.
Replies: >>916 >>917
Repression just makes things worse.

>Sharia allows 1 day marriages.

oh, lol. Why you, anons, discuss about Fikh without to know it? Mutah is allowed only in some countries of Al Shia Islam. It was allowed by Umar ibn al Khattab al Adavi al Kurashi because otherwise poor ppl (plebs) would commit adultery. Again, only in al Shia.
Replies: >>918
yet another correction, it's totally incorrect to talk about abstract Sharia, you must refer the relevant maddhab.
Replies: >>918
>being elbow deep in a sandnigger religion
>in a country where Vlad fought to exterminate the sandniggers
Go fuck your cousin you dirty imposter.
Replies: >>921
>Go fuck your cousin you dirty imposter.


he is Romanian, not British
Replies: >>922
Sorry. "Go fuck your sister-mother" is more fitting.
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