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“Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But, the Teenbros don't have that problem.” - Otamin

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We know that the Rothschilds and other major players in the NWO are all over the world, but mainly in the countries we also live in. So let us stalk them like parasocial fans do their celebrity crushes.
We conspire together to make public knowledge of exactly where they live, where they work, what route they take, what their daily schedules are, and always become ever more invasive airing out of their private lives. very detail about them and their lives, all in the public square.
Lets not give them a single inch of privacy, and let's extend it outwards to anyone in their families, friends, employees, and anyone else they associate with in any way. The goal is to make them completely isolated and immobilized just through a weaponized papparazzi. 
Names will come out in this process, names we aren't supposed to know of, names of people and places that were never meant to be known outside of secret circles.
By the time it's over, we will have made all the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world so well known, it's like any members of the public will be as familiar with them as they are with themselves.
We will deny them anything to themselves, they will always be watched, and whatever is seen will be shown to the entire world, their whole lives, their most intimate details, all on public display 24/7, the same for anyone who enters their lives so much as to deliver them a pizza.
Drive them mad, not a word they breathe will fail to reach the ears of everybody, we will know their bathroom habits, the positions they sleep in, what they had for their breakfast each morning, fucking everything about them.
Let's see how happy they will be when they no longer have a moment to themselves. We will be worse than papparazzi, we will do it for free, and doing arm to the subject of surveillance is the entire point of it all.
Stalking them, trading information with each other, publicizing absolutely everything on the internet, they will never get away, for we are anonymous, and we are legion, we can be anyone, and we will be everywhere.
The only solution is for them to completely hermit themselves, and if they do that they may as well be dead to us, even then we will seek them out to find their internet search history so it could be made common knowledge.
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