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Behold the new front page mascot and cute tank dork of the Zzzigger alliance that always should have been.
Is especially popular among the /b/ and /k/ crowd. So it's settled then.
....No I was serious, it's not fair that halfchan has Sachiko and 8Moe has the Jewcy Mark Mann.
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>Says the fag IP hopping
Nah I just use private tabs in Librewolf because cookies spook me, I'm not intentionally doing that. It really is that easy. Non the less you have my word that half the posts on this thread are from other anons genuinely engaged in the conversation.
Replies: >>4488
Replies: >>4491
Replies: >>4491
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Sigh, if only I had taken a screenshot of my (You)'s and non(You)'s. then you anons would believe me.


Also yes
Reluctant self bump

spoiler test
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spoiler text
((( detected )))
(##2d9+3) Rolled 2 dice with 9 sides and modifier +3 = 12
inline monospace
int main() { return 0; }
( ・ω・) Let's try that again.
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The long awaited server migration is finally ready, I will outline the details here.

What's happening?
I am moving zzzchan to a new application server. This new server is better, cheaper, and has a 100% working jschan installation ready to go.

What has to be done?
I will have to take the site down for a bit in order to rsync files and a mongo backup into the new server. These will slot right in once the transfer is done. From there all I need to do is edit the site's DNS. I don't expect this process to take more than hour if everything goes well. The .onion service will be dormant through the whole process and switched over after the clearnet site is confirmed working on the new server. 

When is this happening?
Current date is this tuesday evening but I've been sick since saturday. Watch the global announcements for any delays.

What if something goes wrong?
The current, soon to be old appserver will be at the ready to switch back to. Again global announcements will be used to announce if I have to switch back. I only see potential issues with updating DNS but thats only because its the only untested part of the process

What's changing with the switch?
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>>4355 (OP) 
>application server
It should be fixed in 0.11.0
Now I only have to wait 5 years until sturgeon updates his site again...
Captcha got worse after the update.
Before it was reasonably effortlessly solvable on the first try unless you got a very offset row or a very distorted chess.
Now for each chess figure you might as well guess if it's filled or not, especially for queens and bishops.
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>>4355 (OP) 
When will you use this DDOS protection script instead of cuckflare? https://github.com/C0nw0nk/Nginx-Lua-Anti-DDoS
Hey admin, I'm thinking of migrating to jschan and want to know what your thoughts on it are. (I can't test it out on my tiny server because of a dependency not supporting the hardware)
Especially things like administration and moderation tool. What is good, and what is missing?

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they banned the pedo board that was said to be the problem
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>I got rid of the pedos for real u guys srsly u guise
Did you get rid of the dogfuckers, racemixing fetishists, and diaper lovers?

Hi Eden.
Show us your butthole with a timestamp
>>3553 (OP) 
>they banned the pedo board that was said to be the problem

Which one?
You're a fucking nigger lover.
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Don't mind me, just pissing on the grave of the nigger lover once again
BTW, I think he may be just a tad bit sore after all this time, still LMAO

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Add an I2P address pls.

I2P doesn't have some of the vulnerabilities of Tor (see Dread DDoS) and has better, more reliable performance for hidden services. Oh and it supports torrenting. In fact it's integrated to default I2P client, so unlike on Tor, fun is allowed. Finally, unlike Tor, it does not rely on centralized directory authorities. The network is truly decentralized. It makes for a different set of pros and cons. If nothing else, it's good for hedging your bets with Tor, but generally, I2P is just better for hidden service use. That's what it was designed for. Meanwhile Tor is first and foremost a proxy system to clearnet.
For website hosting, you can use i2pd which is a more performant C++ implementation without the bells and whistles.

Some chans that already have I2P support:
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Replies: >>4423
>>4421 (OP) 
Looks cool, I can have a look at this but there's more work I want to do on the current setup before tackling i2p. Know any good tutorials/documentation?
Replies: >>4433 >>4438
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Quick note for pic related: You should use the HTTP proxy instead of the SOCKS proxy since the HTTP proxy masks your browser user agent to be MYOB/6.66 (AN/ON) while the SOCKS proxy doesn't mask your browser user agent.

Here is a short tutorial on how to create an i2pd HTTP tunnel: https://i2pd.readthedocs.io/en/latest/tutorials/http/

You don't need to open the httpd port for I2P traffic on your firewall. There isn't any nginx example for this, but I have a simple static site example for OpenBSD httpd:
language: json
server "zmjdpytveh2mp6krdnlniupxnv2cgacmffhznbxvgypl63tjchfa.b32.i2p" {
        listen on * port 8080
        root "/htdocs/examplesite"
        no log

server "example.i2p" {
        listen on * port 8080
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Replies: >>4434 >>4439
Spoiler File
(2.5MB, 2880x2064)
Also both pics are years old and outdated, I just post it because of nep
install i2pd-qt. Is a lot easier to setup and it comes with qt interface for i2p configuration.
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Turns out you can leave out the "example.i2p" block from your webserver config since those kinds of addresses are simply base64 aliases to the B32 address.

The OpenBSD config would look like this now:
language: json
server "zmjdpytveh2mp6krdnlniupxnv2cgacmffhznbxvgypl63tjchfa.b32.i2p" {
        listen on * port 8080
        root "/htdocs/examplesite"
        no log

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Please make an even worse captcha, thanks.
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The problem where you get the same captcha over and over seems to be caused by caching. Since the captcha image is loaded from a generic url (/captcha) it loads the result that was cached previously. You can fix it by using "/captcha?unique_number" instead of "/captcha" as the URL (where unique_number can be anything as long as it's different, for example current time).
The captcha is an excellent tool for teaching methodical problem solving which is valuable in programming. I will pass the test, one day.

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hi update jschan please
fank u
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maranax infirmux
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fuck off tom

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How difficult would it be to set up a streaming platform to run alongside this site? 8ch has one but a lot of people don't like that site for various reasons. They use OSP and it seems to work most of the time, and seems to be fairly easy to set up. Between BMN and the increasing number of streamers on /v/ there seems to be a good amount of people that would use it. Is the current server strong enough to handle the load?
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the site i stream with has not updated to this new system, do you have any alternatives that I could use instead?
Replies: >>4072
The instance I'm currently using has disabled registrations, so you can search for an instance here instead (adjust filters):
Check the peertube version of each instance before registering, you can view it on the about page or similar. Any version >=4.2 is golden.
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Mr. Fish, I have disposable income and I am willing to offer you payment in BTC if you were to rent another VPS and host OSP on it so us streamfags can break away from cakejew's clutches and be totally independent. Peertube instances are a crapshoot, their web player is garbage, and streaming to them is less than stable. Streaming to 8ch.moe is much more stable by comparison and simply just works, but since nobody here trusts the site (for valid reasons) I am wary at best of using it for anything.
According to OBS, it's minimum requirements are a dual-core CPU, 4GB of RAM, and a 3500mbps upstream bitrate. Having double those specs (quad-core CPU, 8GB RAM, 5TB monthly transfer, and speeds of 40gbps in/5gpbs out) runs about $60 monthly with my VPS provider and should be roughly the same across the board.
Again, I am willing to give you free money to host a streaming service. Please reply to this if you are interested and where I could contact you for further discussion.
Replies: >>4200 >>4201
Waste of time, Nigmin hates free money I wanted arrange the purchase of the site and negotiate a price and was even willing to pay a couple thousands and retard just locked my thread lol, stupid fucking retard.
[Hide] (781.1KB, 1100x618, 00:09)
>muh cakejew boogeyman
You deserve to post on a dead board where even the few loyal users remaining are resorting to crossposting on 8moe

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Why doesn't it have a lokinet instance? It's faster, more secure and decentralized.
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The problem with improved TOR facilities is that it carries the inherent risk of TORfags feeling more comfortable with the site and posting more.
Replies: >>4159 >>4167
This is true.  If it make TORpedos happy, I'm against it.
Replies: >>4167
Go back.
Explain why it's better. In detail please.
>buy my token goy
remember when lokinet wasn't the joke on that chart?

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The bug reporting thread is getting slow to load.  Discuss issues with the new version here.
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Replies: >>4048
Ignore my question about the spoiler; I hadn't looked at the /v/ banner thread.  My other inquiries still stand, however.
Status update: not getting fixed, don't kid yourself.
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>>3974 (OP) 
I am unsure what the fuck I'm doing wrong but I cannot solve the captcha anymore. I'm trying to report CP spam and this stupid thing is preventing me from doing so.
Using the grid system within the API, I tried to answer 0 1 3 6 7 8 15 but the server keeps telling me it's somehow wrong???
Replies: >>4049 >>4062
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get filtered, faggot
The answer was 1 2 4 7 8 9 16

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