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So some fag reported us to the proxy hosts, and I was politely told to fuck off within 24 hours about ~8 hours ago. All of the existing proxies are on the chopping block and there's really no appeal I can make.

But I'm not quitting

I already have a proxy on a host in a certain part of eastern europe that has far worse customers than zzzchan, they will not give a shit no matter what we do here. It's also a much better server, and should hold up fine on it's own for a long time without the need for an array. Smaller satellite proxies may come into play later but for now I won't be dealing with load balancing issues. I had hoped to float by with the array on normal hosts for a bit longer since it would have been cheaper but at this point paying a tiny bit more isn't the issue.

Eta on the new proxy is within the next 2 hours, might be later but i have until tomorrow afternoon. Its not hard to set up. If the site breaks in that time frame I'm in the middle of switching over. The onion will be deactivated while redirecting and will come back after the switch

On the plus side, zzzchan is now even harder to kill thanks to this
The app server remained obfuscated through all this and can still be hosted wherever I like. With the proxy soon to be on a no-fucks-given host there is effectively nobody to report the site to. We
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The onion keeps going down randomly and it's getting annoying.
Replies: >>1995
Never mind it's not related to the site, all hidden services have been going down because of an attack on tor.
>For a few hours today all v3 onion addresses on the Tor network were down. This appears to be a new kind of attack which affects the entire network and involves overloading the consensus authority nodes.

>You will currently not be able to access any v3 onion addresses, what is happening is unknown, but it is potentially a huge attack on the entire network. Earlier today I made a post outlining consequences I would be putting into place to deter markets from funding DDoS attacks against each other, as the potential to scale and completely kill every node on the network is a very real potential outcome. Now everything is down and I have no idea if this has sped up the process of this occurring or if it is even an attack at all, all I know is, this is big.

>Reddit post by u/hugbunt3r This attack began after Dread forum owner, HugBunter made a post stating the consequences for market owners who continue to attack rival markets.

I was under the impression Tor was not centralized in such a way?
Replies: >>2000
>The Tor network is not fully decentralized. When you first connect to the Tor network there is hard coded IPs that your Tor process uses to bootstrap your connection into the Tor network. These IPs allow your Tor process to load up the network’s consensus. This consensus tells the Tor process things like what relays are within the network, which are good relays, bad relays, which are guards, exit nodes, how much traffic a relay can handle, that kind of idea. Your Tor process gets all that information and validates it by signatures of these hard coded IPs. These hard coded IPs are called authority nodes. There is currently 10 of them on the Tor network. And they are why the Tor network cleared out V3 onions for a period of time.

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Prolikewoah's HTTPS certificate has expired again.
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Replies: >>1693
>>1673 (OP) 
How long does a certificate even last for? It doesn't seem like it was that long ago it went out before.
Replies: >>1694
The certificate was valid from 10/9/2020 to 1/7/2021. I think I remember that PLW was down on 10/9/2020 and 10/10/2020, but I dunno.
Replies: >>1697
Thankfully, the down time was very short this time.
So it's on a three month purchase? Makes me wonder if that's a typical duration or not.
That's the BOs decision, he can open the board anytime.

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And why didn't anyone make it again? Where can I talk about my spec-evo related needs?
Replies: >>1583 >>1632
>>1582 (OP) 
I know this is low level thread, but I don't have anything else to say, right now.
>>1582 (OP) 
Why didn't anyone answer me? Why....?
(28.8KB, 507x747)
Replies: >>1636
Yeah, but that isn't the answer to my question.
Replies: >>1641
apply for it then faggot
though if you're gonna, make it an /out/ instead because the larger the topic it covers, the more users you'll get

Am I blind or is there not one?
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Replies: >>1545
` test

Replies: >>1547
possible language: css, relevance: 312
:root {
    --icon-color: invert(17%) sepia(89%) saturate(7057%) hue-rotate(2deg) brightness(93%) contrast(120%);
    --darken: #ffffff10;
    --board-title: #c5c8c6;
    --hr: #282a2e;
    --dice-color: darkorange;
    --title-color: #d70000;
    --greentext-color: green;
    --pinktext-color: #E0727F;
    --alt-label-color: darkblue;
    --alt-font-color: white;
    --background-top: #0294a5;
    --background-rest: #0294a5;
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Putting blacked in the webring was a mistake.
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Replies: >>1512 + 1 earlier
The stupid fuck smug tard puts them up the webring. Fucking scums. We need to somehow extract vg out of that shit hole and let it rot on its own. Fucking retard dick sucking niggers.
Replies: >>1460
<DolphinKun> Uh, you there? You need to do something about 8blacked being in the webring
<DolphinKun> Your site and zzz let them in
Stay mad pedophile
Replies: >>1465
>your site and zzz let them in
What is the meaning of this? Did the admin here actually add them?
Replies: >>1512
>>1448 (OP) 
As far as I've heard they've basically forced themself here.

(686.4KB, 498x278)
(219.8KB, 498x280)
We need a tenor gif button
Animated thumbnails are what we need, other imageboards have them.
Replies: >>1462 >>1466
I second this.
I don't get it, I could've sworn one of the jschan updates said it added animated thumbnails yet they aren't there, am  Imissing something?
(136.7KB, 400x450)
There is a configuration option in the main.js file. I think Sturgeon didn't have the lines on the main.js file. I hope he enables animated gif thumbnails the next time he updates JSchan.
possible language: php, relevance: 9
//extension for thumbnails that do not contain transparency (png will be used)
	thumbExtension: '.jpg',
	//.gif images > thumbnail size will have animated .gif thumbnails, overriding thumbExtension
	animatedGifThumbnails: false,
	/* Recommended if animatedGifThumbnails is true. Uses ffmpeg for faster animated gif thumbnailing. Requires ffmpeg
		>=4.3.x	to handle transparent gifs properly. You can install from debian testing repo, or compile from source. */
	ffmpegGifThumbnails: true,
Why is this archaic format even still in existence?
>animated thumbnails
Holy fuck actually kill yourselves.

If you asked Tom to implement this he actually might too since he's spends his time developing (((discord))) bots like the retarded anglo he is instead of filling feature requests for better moderation tools. Sturgeon is right to disable animated gifs. (((DISCORD))) NIGGERS FUCK OFF

(177.9KB, 310x346)
What the fuck happened? I though we were gone for good, holy shit. In case this happens again where should I go to stay up to date on the state of the site?
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Replies: >>1440 + 1 earlier
Stats are updated at the end of the hour
Replies: >>1436
Neat, never pay attention to that.
>>1423 (OP) 
I'm not seeing any issues on any of my providers' dashboards, and the outage seems to align with the timing of the google outage earlier today. To me this implies the outage was a lower level infrastructure problem that disconnected some part of the site's setup. This cis corroborated by all the logs just jumping from the start of the downtime to the end with no errors

tl;dr some lower level infra probably went down and all I can see on my end is traffic bottoming out for the outage period.


I'm still working on that writeup of the setup/security measures. I hate writing so forgive me for taking so damn long.
Last edited by sturgeon
Replies: >>1441 >>1445
forgot link
>this cis
what's xir gender xir?

(676.8KB, 1274x1191)
Do you want to webring with Antares? Am aware of a few anons in /v/'s meta thread disapproving of the webring/julay drama. 

We mainly offer /misc/ which is an 'any topic' board without a predefined culture. The current topics on there are nature, literature, copyright law, current events, and web services. We're also have anons looking for more discussions on science and mathematics.

The board is generally the same anons that ran (and play on) the Xonotic servers in the AFPS threads starting 2016.

Endpoint: http://antares.oss/webring.json
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Yeah, the free and open source quake thing.
don't see it in the webring though the webring there appears fully functional
Replies: >>901
(81.1KB, 1175x481)
Fuck happened here?
Replies: >>728
Their certificate is expired.
Not sure why that happens. 
webring.json should be accessible.

(29.6KB, 803x640)
Seeing as how this is the second time I've managed to break things when updating the site, I feel it's best to set up some external ways to announce when things are going wrong.

Currently, i'm looking to have :
1. A twitter account, though I'd rather use anything else. please let me know if you know a better alternative.
2. Some sort of online calendar for announcing updates.

 jschan is technically beta software so things may just break at times despite my best efforts. The tentative plan going forward is to update on Tuesday morning every other week or so. If the site breaks within that window, I'm scrambling to fix it.

I'd like to apologize for not being as transparent as possible, and thank all of you for putting up with my fuckups as this is my first time as a sysadmin. Feel free to address any concerns you have below.
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Replies: >>611 + 3 earlier
They must truly have a special place in Dolphin's heart.
Cool, the proxies only accept ipv6 anyways. I'd be surprised if anyone managed to ddos this place.
>>563 (OP) 
>1. A twitter account, though I'd rather use anything else. please let me know if you know a better alternative.
You can try the fediverse. It's decentralized FOSS social media and supports RSS. The major downside is having to find an instance that doesn't fediblock "the nazis" or some arbitrary topic.
pl.smuglo.li runs a pleroma instance for example, but you can choose a few others like friendi.ca.

>One-to-one private messaging on supported protocols.

>Optionally "expire" old content after a certain period of time.

>Download your personal data. It all belongs to you.
Replies: >>617 >>738
I've been referred to free speech extremists, I'll make an account there.
>the major downside is having to find an instance that doesn't fediblock
oh come on anon, we all know people who get cancelled on fedi always end up with more of a reach than when they started. just look at alex gleason.

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