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The primary objective of any anarchistic minded individual is the elimination of the state. While there are multiple manners by which to move toward, and ultimately achieve, such a goal, the suffocation of the state by means of denying it its filthy stolen fiat seems to be one of the most practical and potentially most effective courses of action for the individual. Though the state now appears nakedly willing to simply fabricate whatever fiat it requires or desires, the reduction of costs to the individual when not paying the state at every turn is still beneficial to the anarchistic individual. Therefore the utilization of the grey and black markets appear imperative for individuals, and ultimately for larger groups of like minded individuals. Such participation in said markets is what is known as agorism.
>how do i into agorism 
Don't give the state no fuckin money dipshit.
>but how???
When your neighbor, friend, or family member need help that they're willing to pay for simply ask to be paid in shiny rocks, digital currency, or if absolutely necessary, cold hard fiat. Regularly seek smaller local markets and sniff out if there are any that don't chew boot leather for lunch, pay them for goods you need tax free with the above mentioned currencies shiny rocks, crypto, fiat. You may also inquire if they are in need of work that you can perform in yo
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Crypto Agorism unites agorists and cryptocurrency users to build fair and free markets outside of the state, which provide necessities like food, jobs, housing, healthcare, sim cards, mail & more without censorship or surveillance.
Libertarians, especially in poorer countries, should make taking bribes like pulling teeth. It would be best for libertarians to withhold the money that greases the State's cogs. You will find that bureaucrats who take bribes often fit into the same mold:
Socialists believe that Capitalism is slavery and profit is theft because they get hungry. A socialist, therefore, sees himself as a serf, a rebel trying to escape his enslavement. He sees bribery as a necessity: after all, Capitalism is slavery and he is nobly fighting his enslavement. It is good that People make giving bribes a painful process, because, otherwise, it would not be worth it to any rational human being to take bribes, given the effort. A socialist, however, is not a rational human being. The bribe no longer serves the purpose of paying the bills, but instead as a psychological justification of his bizarro world. He needs to take bribes, because he takes bribes, because he is a serf, a slave. He is not obligated to work, only to make the appearance of genuinely working to please his slave masters. He is both taking bribes and the victim at the same time. I wish I could believe the same lie that a Socialist tells himself and have that same self-pity, because it works. Though a business might be his friend, he is smart in refusing to see it that way. The socialists are termites eating the wood, and when the house collapse, they blame the wood. They suggest that next time, we build t
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Replies: >>70
>agorism is also how to get scammed by your local street vendor 101
Shut the fuck up city slicker. Are you truly that incompetent? What else must the state hold your hand for?

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I've never considered myself explicitly Libertarian, I am a strange sort of hybrid that is probably absurdly contradictory and hypocritical in more ways than I realize. I think that unless the state can exert absolute 100% control over something it should be privatized or the state shouldn't be involved with it in any way. It's about finding a balance between not letting the government fuck you over and not letting corps fuck you over either.
Another idea is that people should have the choice on what taxes they want to pay and where the money goes. Your tax form has a long series of checkboxes where you want to pay your taxes, such as waterworks, sewer, emergency services, roads, etc., and if you pay your taxes voluntarily for that service then you can use that service, because a lot of people pay taxes for services they never use or can't use. Social security and medicare can be included in this as well, teach people to invest their own money their way instead of relying on the gubmint to do it for them, while also depriving boomers of their golden parachute.
Replies: >>44
>>42 (OP) 
>not letting the government fuck you over and not letting corps fuck you over either.
What if the only way corps can fuck you over is through government?

Look at all the advertisements around you. The fact that private companies need to literally beg you to give them money is proof they have no power. The government doesn't ask, they steal your money at virtual gunpoint, and then waste it on stupid shit like bombing children in the middle east without asking you. The government is 100% the problem.
The State is far worse than even criminal gangs and cartels in my view. The criminal still have to wake up, steal some weapon, find an unsuspecting victim, point the gun and ask for the money, hoping the robbed does not attract too much attention, they then risk the products of their "labor" when sharing with their friends or even spending, all the while being wanted by the police. The politicians and high state officials just steal 50%+ of all you produce every year, either directly or indirectly, without even having to leave their comfy offices. There are no voluntary taxes, you either pay them, go to jail or the bill is included on everything you buy via VAT, in some nations the government can even withdrawal money directly from your bank account to "accomplish your citizenship duties" .

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What's everyone's opinion on libertarian-(esque) projects such as Liberland, various seasteading projects such as Atlas Island, and free private cities like Liberstad? Do any of you guys plan on moving to these places when they are finished?
Just more scams to make insiders rich, just like crypto.
Besides, why seastead when there's still plenty of cheap, available, undeveloped land not far from where you are currently shitposting from?
Replies: >>47
>why seastead when there's still plenty of cheap, available, undeveloped land not far from where you are currently shitposting from?
I just feel like they're less likely to get Waco'd since they will be on international waters which Nation States can't own. Not saying that they still won't interfere (the Thai Navy went after a seasteading couple back in 2019), but I feel it would be less likely since there is way more ocean than there is land.
Well it's mostly scams like the first anon says. 
Success of defying government power never comes in the form of some rich guy passion project, it can be pretty ugly. For example, the amish don't pay taxes and don't have to do a lot things americans have to but they are pacifists and don't use modern tech. Multiple mexican villages removed both the cartels and the government from their homeland, but they pay in blood by having the young serve in a private militia. South america in general has this thing going on with cartels being so powerful that the state can't tax regulate or even intervene in some regions, people even report that they rather pay some local gangster than the politicians, but having some cartel act as the government is not ideal. All you have to do is ignore the state and it disappears, due to resources limitations they can barely arrest /murder 2-4% of the population of a given nation and could not even make 10% economically crippled(turns out if don't pay taxes you'll have more money). They can't also waco everybody both due to logistics and resources, the american feds are incredibly well funded even for a first world nation, we don't see wacos everyday despite all the reports of "ghost people"(no documents), even globohomo admits there are millions in the us alone(like the family of that treacherous woman that wrote Educated).
I really believe religious group with more than 200k followers would be able to set up an ancap colony no problem. Conclusion:
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