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Since cafe/k/ has gone to shit I will be moving my business here for the time being.
Non-/k/-related discussion goes here.
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Should I be concerned with the wave of bank failures going on? We're at four now.
Replies: >>446
Yeah probably, it's going to be worse than 2008. Hope you have everything you need to survive I sure as hell don't have everything I wanted ready by now but it's probably too late to really do shit about it.
Replies: >>450 >>759
What more were you hoping for? I ask because chances are, there's someone out there who has it and is willing to cooperate for mutual benefit.
The number one thing I see most people missing (esp in America) is community. I often find myself thinking "so what happens when the people in my neighborhood collectively have 300 rifles and 80,000rnds of 5.56 but no one planted vegetables.."
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I fell behind stockpiling food for the past two years because of financial issues and as ot stands I have maybe two months' worth if I really stretch it out, and due to time constraints I have had basically zero ability to git gud at gardening. I also wanted to get some chickens but all of the chicks have been bought up and no one in the area is selling them anymore. I have many more things that I needed to take care of actually. But hey I've got a house and property and am well armed I guess so it's better than nothing. Might be able to find someone to rent a room to in exchange for help with some of this shit.
Replies: >>452 >>456 >>522
>Financial issues stockpiling food
Standard protocol for emergency rations is: bulk beans, rice, and lentils. Stuff them in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers. You can't live on this stuff alone, but it will definitely help with calorie count. Literally anyone can afford this. If you truly have a $0 balance, but have a job take out an (unsecured!!) loan. If the banking system collapses you won't have to pay it back anyway.
>zero ability to git gud at gardening.
It's not too late to start. This requires more money and effort than point#1 but you can buy non-GMO seeds from your local feed store and start from there. Literally use a search engine and maybe a gardening forum for advice. It's not that hard but it does require time. Depending on the severity of financial collapse however, you might be jobless or have your hours cut or become WFH. Just a thought.
>I also wanted to get some chickens but all of the chicks have been bought up and no one in the area is selling them anymore.
Feed stores might be done, but breeders and ofc farmers will continue to produce. Get in touch with those people any way you can. Connect and network until someone knows someone. It WILL happen pretty quickly.
>Might be able to find someone to rent a room to in exchange for help with some of this shit.
Very charitable of you, and absolutely a good move under the right circumstances, but of course VET THEM! The ideal is someone you've known for a long time. Failing that, someone who is well known in the community for being a standup guy. Otherwise you'll end up shot with your own gun and robbed.
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Don't get me wrong I'm not giving up on any if this shit I'm just butthurt I couldn't manage to get a lot of it done before things got truly retarded.
I know full well how bad an idea it is to not do this. I have a few people in mind and I've been shooting with all of them which I only do with people I thoroughly trust. If none of them take the offer then I'll figure something out, it'll just take some time.
Replies: >>454
>Don't get me wrong I'm not giving up on any if this shit I'm just butthurt I couldn't manage to get a lot of it done before things got truly retarded.
Join the club, friend. We're all here with you. Hell, I'm sure even millionaire boomers with underground bunkers are wishing for more time.
Strelok, I wrote the incomplete tree/fruit nut guide couldn't finish because COVID happened and I saw the writing to prepare.... and can give you some pointers if you can tell me your  soil climate, and rough temperatures (USDA zones) and crop. Be forewarned you might be located down to a specific area of state if it's a really unique climate.
>Not too late
I don't think it will be this recession (I think the next, but I may be optimistic), but there's enough people that went and John Galted that the only method to keep the system afloat is massive immigration and maybe AI.
Here's the kicker, it's a like a pyramid scheme. Sooner or later there won't be enough immigrants.

It certain feels odd right now. I get the feeling that a lot of Americans just up and went "Fuck it I'm out" like the younger Chinese/Koreans. Nobody gives a fuck anymore for almost anything. Instead of a violent rebellion against tyrants, I think we're gonna end up collapsing because there aren't enough people to keep the wheels turning.
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How do people tolerate political "discourse" at all? I've never seen a rational level headed argument irl or online that didn't almost immediately turn into blatant abuse of fallacies and long winded aimless rants that scream mental illness or short one off responses that are basically just two retarded faggots yelling LALALALALALALALALALALA at each other.
Replies: >>461 >>466
because it's a lot easier to call anon a raging niggerfaggot than it is to look up facts supporting your arguments
Replies: >>462
No shit, I'm asking why people bother with it at all when it's readily apparent almost no one actually wants to.
Replies: >>467
Just noticed this, I'm in the mid-east coast range but not in the mountains, not much unique to it and growing stuff in the soil in this region is relatively easy even without fertilizer, I'm mostly just bad at the setup. Especially when it comes to tomatoes I've killed them every time.
Replies: >>464
Need to be in high organic matter soil and low pH with half-sun. Check to see if it is too wet since that would cause (fungal) damping off. Verticillium Wilt might be an issue if it's too cold and wet if you're really unlucky. In said case hit the eject button and plant something else (Or illegally fumigate your shit with methyl bromide stolen from the gov).
Replies: >>469 >>471
Because what you are witnessing isn't political debate. It's closer to people arguing over whether the sky is blue or not on technicalities and whataboutisms. When sane people can agree on the meaning of words like woman and can agree on the "facts" of history albeit with nuance, then you can stick commies, traditionalists, libertarians, anarchists, and glowniggers in the same room without fear of reprisal.

In other news tech companies still get away with rules you couldn't run a lemonade stand with and if 8kunt had sued cuckflare proper maybe our current reality wouldn't be turning into hell on earth.
Replies: >>469
The more you know about something the less likely you are to blab about it until you happen to be an expert. The issue is that when anons do act with humility and admit to not knowing, the intellectual's response is to throw out the rest of anon's arguments on a technicality. It's like people who screech for source only to then proceed to argue about the validity of the source instead of working with what is presented or finding something else.
Replies: >>469
>low pH with half-sun
Well I definitely fucked up the half-sun part if that means what I think it means. I'll have to pay attention to the pH, I assumed "hurr carrots n shit just grow so tomaters will too rite?". Good thing is I have a perfect spot in my yard for limiting direct sun exposure at least.
I think the organic matter in the soil is fine though, I've seen other vegetable gardens in people's yards in this area that had tomatoes growing just fine. Though at the same time they're not close neighbors by any means, the nearest one is a quarter mile away, is it possible I'm in a random shitty spot to grow tomatoes in the organic matter department?
That clears it up a little thanks.
Replies: >>474
>Need to be in high organic matter soil and low pH with half-sun.
It depends on the type of tomato. Generally tomatoes like low pH but they also like calcium/magnesium which are gonna raise it. Similarly the problems with the tomato crop are that they were originally a mountain nightshade berry, so they like tons of sun, but they hate heat. If you can give them more sun but less heat, that is better than less sun for growth. The setup for that can become increasingly complex depending on how much crop yield your aiming for.

Japanese girl slightly related:
Replies: >>474
As >>471, said Half sun minimum. 
There are some tomatoes that can deal with heat and full sun but are generally considered to be improved GMO crops. Try not to be a econigger of the Greta Thumberg type  and go reee GMO bad, some of the be processes are fine, but taking a gene that doesn't exist in the genus (like a wheat gene) or creating new genes is probably bad.
Seedless genes also bad because then your force to clonally propagate.

May I suggest Blueberry, black cherry, pawpaw and chestnut?
Replies: >>479
Israel appears to be on the brink of imploding right now over Net and Yahoo's proposed judicial reforms to consolidate his power. He'll probably bend the knee but reading about how much the country has gone full-on OY VEY SHUT IT DOWN is quite interesting.
Replies: >>478 >>479
The "whose jewing who?" Meme seems appropriate right now.
Replies: >>479
>There are some tomatoes that can deal with heat and full sun but are generally considered to be improved GMO crops
I'll keep an eye out for those, the climate here certainly gets hot as fuck.
>Try not to be a econigger of the Greta Thumberg type  and go reee GMO
Getting an autistic FAS Swedish girl to screech made me assume a lot of things involving the ecosystem are way overblown. I only give a shit about niggers and stupid drunken hicks throwing plastic and aluminum everywhere because it shits up the otherwise scenic roads around me. That's another rant entirely, but holy fuck put me on litter patrol and let me holocaust some litterbugs. Stupid motherfuckers can't just throw that shit in their floorboards or wait until they get home.
>May I suggest Blueberry, black cherry, pawpaw and chestnut?
Suggest away I'm fine with trying to grow anything just to gain some experience.
When there aren't enough goyim around to jew then the jew will jew itself, Israel is destined for failure no matter what.
NHL is phasing out pride nights because too many players are refusing to wear the gay uniform apparently. NHL wants to release their names on a list but also understands that they will have discrimination lawsuits out the ass if they do.
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>try to dress up some of the angriest men in sportsball in fag colors
>act surprised when they tell you to fuck off
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dup indicted
Replies: >>489
It's all just a distraction because the leftists broke the last straw with tranny shooter and now they need an excuse to blame normal people in order to walk back their rhetoric calling for the murder of Christians. I think they fucked up bad enough with J6 that the MAGA mee-ma's aren't gonna come out and be the scapegoat this time though. Then again even if their hearts are right boomers are fucking retarded so they might decide to pull a Shiroyama like a bunch of cucks.
Replies: >>491
That and distracting from the restrict act or whatever the fuck it's called that's basically just an even worse modern version of the patriot act.
Dup has now been formally arrested. How do you think the whole trial will play out?
Replies: >>507 >>509
It's new york and the attorney is soros backed. You do the math. I knew they were going to charge him but I didn't realize they were fucking stupid enough to arraign him.
Replies: >>508
>stupid enough
lol why would you call this stupid when his supporters have done pretty much nothing but chest thump the whole time? If there's basically zero threat from your enemy you'd be stupid not to fuck him into the ground.
Replies: >>512
Dup will do his usual theatrics, the crooked as fuck NY court system will slap him with something bad enough to keep him from running, but small enough to keep him out of jail (billionaires don't go to jail) and then drumby grumblies with throw some gay tantrum and vote for Desantis
Replies: >>510
Literally nothing except High Treason and Death can disqualify someone who at the age of 35 qualified to be president from running for office. Literally nothing.
You can in fact be elected for high office while in prison.
Literally all this has done for Trump is boost his electability; or, as some have put it, his opposition just ran the largest fundraiser for him that was remotely possible.
Replies: >>511
Oh holy shit you're right, all this time I was thinking felons couldn't run for president but apparently that isn't the case at all.
I'm voting for Kaczynski.
Only half of them are ideological, the other half are grifters and career politicians. Trump achieved a record number of first-time donors (read: first-time voters mext year) and his jumped 20 points in the polls following the indictment. They are indicting him under felonies for the same style misdemeanor charges Hillary pled guilty to in coury three months ago and was slapped on the wrist for. The only person this shit show benefits is Bragg and it's going to blow up in his face.

>Hurr voting durr
I am implying those are boots on your side in the impending civil war. This indictment shit has heavily swung independents towards the conservative party because they see this as a banana republic trial.
Replies: >>513 >>514
[Hide] (591.2KB, 625x494)
the dup circus has been going for for almost eight years at this point. that is a full eight years of shenangians revolving around a single person, a person that loves nothing more than attention and providing fodder to keep the appearance of "us vs. them" going indefinitely. the only way to win this game is to not play. no matter who "wins" the "election" this year, the burger people lose. retardation is not a partisan issue, it is a universal issue. both the left and right are equally retarded in their own special way, nothing is going to get fixed, the country is hard-set for a revolution, and nothing matters until that happens.
All I'm saying is there has been over half a decade of blowhards crying muh blood n trees n shit and basically zero action from any of them. Nobody fears a barking chihuahua so of course they'll laugh and punt the shitty little rat aside and do as they please.
Replies: >>515
All I am saying is if someone honestly thinks the situation of 2015 is the same as 2018 is the same as today are mentally stunted, and I would request them to stay out politics or seek help for their normalcy biad unable to see very clear bifurcational differences.
Replies: >>516
Just call me a stupid dumb dumb and filter my id you clearly have nothing more substantial to say and it clearly bothers you that I don't think much of drupcucks or have any faith in them ever doing anything.
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>I have had basically zero ability to git gud at gardening.
Compost your lawn leafs along with any food scraps you'd normally just throw out for free nutrient rich soil. Any old unused plastic bin or plastic trash can with some holes drilled at the bottom for drainage plus a lid should do the job just fine and be sure to pick up any earth worms you see drowning come your next rain storm, save their ass and them put them to work in breaking down your compost bin. Of course there are more fancy options for making a composting bin if your willing to put in the effort too, pics related.

Save the seeds you gain from each harvest, even if your plant isn't as big or produces as much fruit as you'd want or is as healthy as you'd want the next generation of that plant will inherit altered genetic code and slowly evolve to the soil, climate it inhabits, or native fungi or bacteria it needs to learn to co-exist with. Cross pollination helps to so be sure to have a few flowers that attracts bee's and butterflies too.
The fact that the first generation made it means newer generations will only improve.

Just start growing some basic bitch retard proof plants like green beans, peas, zucchini, plum tomatoes, kale, and thyme to name a few. Learn which plants like being put directly in the ground and prefer being potted. Learn which plants need pruning and how to prune them. Learn how much or how little sun they need to be healthy.  Figure out what you want to grow and then learn what companion plants best coexist with it, pic also related.
Plant your seeds early, water them regularly, make sure they've got proper drainage and they'll fully mature and take care of your needs too.

I don't exactly have a green thumb either anon, I've fucked up plenty of garden experiments myself but that's what learning is about, fucking up until you've figured it out. Nowadays I'm pretty gud but again that took time, research, and experimenting.

You don't need the latest 'current thing™' or a bunch of shitty pesticides or herbicides that will just give you cancer and make your produce taste like cardboard, just do the bare minium and nature will handle the rest.
Russian warships have allegdly joined the Chinese navy in their eternal dickwaving mission around Taiwan as part of a recent agreement.
>wanted to finally get a fun this year
>realize I have been fairly stupid with my money the last couple months
>now have to wait a couple more months 

I have plenty of savings, but it's really just the principle of the matter.  All I want is a lever action rifle chambered in .357.
Replies: >>576
If you have plenty in savings and fully intend on buying a rifle then why hold back? It's not like you'd be splurging on a boatload of stupid shit, plus unless you're getting paid jack shit at work a decent lever action + large box of ammo isn't going to set you back that far even with how retarded ammo prices have gotten.
Obviously if it's money you'll absolutely need for necessities in the near future then wait but otherwise it's just sitting in your bank/safe/under your cum and sweat stained mattress/wherever you keep it losing value by the day.
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[Hide] (503.9KB, 730x720, 00:10)
asking this here because every other /pol/ is a schizo shithole
what exactly is it that made the powers that be fall out of favor with orange man? why did they choose king joe to
the election over him? everyone was saying how donny boy was israel's greatest ally, how everything he was doing ultimately benefitted the elite, why did they choose a literal corpse over him?
Replies: >>680 >>681
>what exactly is it that made the powers that be fall out of favor with orange man
He's not family. It's just that simple.
Just look at the families and how people are connected.
[Hide] (94.1KB, 1467x472)
They're all sucking Chinese cock because that Chinese money is so, so delicious. Orange Man got people talking about the dangerous, radical idea that maybe they should work for the American people, or at least consider the American people's welfare, instead of guzzling Chairman Xi's cum by the gallon and jerking each other off over how clever they are and how justified they are in protecting "our democracy" from "extremists."  So Orange Man had to go. They were in such a panic and hated him so much that they were willing to do grotesquely, insultingly crude shit like pic related during the 2020 elections, in front of the whole world, right in everyone's face, while we all watched it happen. And the people who actually carried it out feel so justified and so untouchable that they made video of themselves doing it and put it all over the Internet. Ruby Freeman still isn't in jail. She hasn't been arrested. They won't even investigate. This is Dale "Bigchoppadoe" Freeman. He made video of himself altering and destroying ballots and put it all over the Internet, because fuck you white motherfuckers, that's why.  He hasn't been arrested either, and there's been no investigation.  Because of course there isn't.

Meanwhile the leader of the nation's political opposition has been legally harassed by the government's security organs nonstop ever since he announced he was running for the Presidency in 2015. They are happy to use phony oppo research dossiers bought and paid for by the ruling party's politicians, that they know to be 100% fake, as a pretext to persecute the man, his entire extended family, and all of his employees, acquaintances, and large donors. Now he's in jail, with the prosecutors promising that he's going to be sentenced to six hundred years in prison for thoughtcrime.  If another government did this kind of thing, in Botswana or Guatemala or Pakistan, you'd point and laugh and say, "Welp, it's a banana republic, it must be Tuesday. I'm glad I don't live there." Now it's come here. This is the new normal.

All the lardass Boomer civnats at places like ARFCOM are still blathering about how they're gonna vote harder next year. Denial ain't just a river in Egypt. We're not voting our way out of this. The civil war is here, and only one side is fighting. It's going to get a lot worse before it gets better, if it ever gets better. Harden your heart.
Replies: >>683 >>689
>Hawaii getting toasted
>Ecuadorian presidential cadidate gets offed by (boogeyman goes here)
what else is happening?
Reminder that conservative parties have never successfully halted judeo-bolsheviks and it has always fallen to further right political elements to solve the subversive problem through violence.
Replies: >>687
someone give me the news, tired of reading that putler is literally going to kill himself every week.
[Hide] (85.6KB, 1200x717)
You aren't wrong.  The most they can accomplish is to do what the monarchists in the German civil service between the wars did:  judicious and discretionary use of the law and the system as weapons to slow the spread of the cancer, which gave time for groups with more resolute leadership to coalesce.  

Note, however, that in the US the jew-dicial system has been under ((( their ))) complete control for ninety years, if not longer.  And they make their priorities very, very obvious.  They no longer bother to hide what they're trying to do.
>Harden your heart
I'm beyond bloodthirsty at this point, I have no love for anyone outside of my ingroup whatsoever.
Going through some old accounts/bookmarks and found this 8chan zeemaps page for /k/ meetups. I wonder how many of them are still here.
Replies: >>733
>Alias B.T.
Was that actually him or was this made after the shooting?
Replies: >>734
Has to be added afterwards, sucks that only the admin can see dates and he's probably long gone by now.
[Hide] (437.5KB, 1000x1000)
It's bloody cold. Too cold for my vehicle.
Fucking hell, I really didn't need this webring drama.
Replies: >>758 >>760
Sadly some "anons" really like to stir shit.
this prediction aged terribly
To think, because of the extended warning, there'll be 2-3 months of this at minimum. There was a part of me that really believed some of this shit was permanently in the past.
Replies: >>761
>In the past
I don't think it will ever stop, remember 8cuck came from 4cuck, etc. Most likely it will get worse since it seems every day more and more shit becomes verboten because it "hurts" muh feelings of someone backed by ((( them ))).
Replies: >>762
In the context of the larger part of the Internet, yes. But in this situation seems more of a group of retards ruining everything just because they find it funny.
So is this whole "standoff" with Biden versus Abbot and some red states over the border razor wire a real insurrection or is this just to get the election canceled for 2024?
Replies: >>783 >>784
The election isn't going to be cancelled, and this isn't an insurrection. It's recucklican politicians pretending they care because they're realizing that people are starting to wake up to the fact they're a bunch of lying backstabbers so they're sabre rattling and making noise about some shit they could've taken care of during the multiple instances of them having enough seats in congress to push for stricter immigration and border control before spics made up 30 some percent of the population.
They do the same shit when it comes to gun laws, they'll quietly "compromise" with democrats on a bunch of shit and the moment enough people wise up to what's going on they'll puff their chests out and screech about restoring gun rights while actually doing nothing. Remember that the most egregious gun control laws were all passed under recucklican controlled congresses.
Replies: >>786
Wake me up when the Feds show up to cut the razorwire and get arrested by Texas Rangers.  Until then it's all theater.

This is not to say that it won't be used as a pretext for something the Uniparty already wants to do.  Everything anyone does is already examined minutely by teams of lawyers, psychologizts, and advertising experts.  And when nothing happens that they can use, they dig up something someone said on Myspace twenty years ago so they can organize a public point-and-shriek.  Or they'll stage something.  Or make something up entirely out of whole cloth.  They do it all the time.
Replies: >>786
Truth. Only deadweight boomers believe any of this bullshit is organic and sincere.
Is this the largest of the communities left from 8chan's /k/?
Does anyone know where the Hungarian who was into rifle grenades went?
What about StalinFrog from twitter? I know he used to post on 8/k/ but he is gone from twitter these days.
Replies: >>790
[Hide] (280.1KB, 2000x1333)
>Does anyone know where the Hungarian who was into rifle grenades went?
I am here due to a lack of alternatives.
Replies: >>791 >>792
We're gonna need some proofs that you are who you say you are, you know what to do.
Replies: >>792 >>794
Ahh, okay. I'm glad you're here.
What other /k/ related sites do you use? I find this forum:
to be alright but fairly slow. I've never found a good replacement for 8/k/.
Rifle grenade in the pooper?
Replies: >>794 >>797
>weight around 300-400g, calibre is around 30-40mm
>the body of the grenade is a cylinder made of explosive, either cast (like Nipolit) or pastic (such as C4), with a matrix of steel balls embedded into it
>there is also a ring with a male thread attached to the top
>and an other ring with a female thread attached to the bottom
>you can screw a timed fuse with a pin to the top ring, this turns it into a hand grenade
>or you can screw a tail assembly with an impact fuse to the bottom, thus creating a rifle grenade
>by default it comes with both kinds of fuse, but you can remove the tail assembly to create a smaller package, or replace the time fuse with a plastic cap to save it for latter use
>the threads of the top and the bottom ring are matching, so you can screw together as many grenade bodies as you want
>and it would be possible to make all kinds of other fuses and whatnot to turn it into a booby trap, an S-mine, or even a small bomb for drones
I am simply not comfortable outside of imageboards after all these years, and I have to agree that 8/k/ was somehow special, because it had the right number of anons who were quite interested in all the various topics. So for the time being I use this place, and hope for the best.
Replies: >>795 >>798
[Hide] (75.7KB, 540x573)
One thing I forgot:
>tail assembly has a bullet trap made of sintered iron
That stuff has properties quite similar to brass, but it's just some low grade iron, so it would be cheaper than older bullet traps.
Replies: >>797
Next time you to post >>792's rectum, please spoiler that shit.
Replies: >>798
[Hide] (24.7KB, 576x293)
>matrix of steel balls embedded into it
After one more day of thinking, maybe a removable frag sleeve would be better. It makes the grenade even more versatile and yet cheaper to produce.
Alas, you have to face the horrors of internal mechanisms if you want to engage with these subjects.
>VA congress trying to ban semi-autos
>Youngkin the only thing in their way
Fuck man I'm gonna have to move after he gets replaced when his term is over.
Replies: >>800
[Hide] (323.4KB, 832x1280)
state legislatures do posturing like this all the time on both left and right. they propose retarded bills that they know will never get signed into law but the media goes into a frenzy over it.
Replies: >>801
Except they also lish extreme shitnso they can sneak in slightly less bad shit into the books until over time you're California before you know it.
That's what happened in VA back in 2020 and they'll do it again until there's an actual semi-auto ban and guncucks are genuinely left with "abandon the guns or fight back" as options, but by then the next generation will have been totally brainwashed against weapons.
2A fags have never played the generational game and have only ever played catch up to gungrabber antics and now we're seeing what used to be one of the best states to own firearms in steadily slip down the ranks because of it.
I'm not niggerpilled because I think things will eventually come to a head and some kind of retribution or at least underground marketplace will come about (especially in Appalachia), but it'd be foolish to disregard the way things are going after the 2020 protest only resulted in gungrabbers shoving their unlubed cocks up the citizens' asses. The politicians and the people who own them clearly aren't afraid enough and the lack of meaningful reaction probably only emboldened them.
Replies: >>802 >>809
>lish extreme shitnso
god dammit
[Hide] (4.5MB, 1920x1341)
Welcome to the /k/anteen! This thread is a catch-all for general discussion that doesn't really belong anywhere else or might be off-topic.
Replies: >>1223 >>987
Dead board?
Replies: >>806
Not exactly, but is still around, so most streloks still stick to that place, and we'll see how things develop.
>>335 (OP) 
Replies: >>825
I will completely maintain that the USA is a miracle when it comes to the founding fathers, and the constitution. In the name of public safety, in other countries generally only the state, its agents, and criminals own the tools necessary to carry out violence as they are determined to legislate out private ownership.
Replies: >>841
Spoiler File
(2.9MB, 640x350, 00:28)
Vicious and chaotic artillery action reported throughout Taiwan and West Taiwan, widespread use of what appear to be cluster munitions, possible use of phosphorus munitions and chemical agents.
Replies: >>815
chink genocide best day of my life
Well, it would be still a waste to let the /k/anteen brand disappear. I guess we can use this thread once the other one is autosaging. Assuming that we ever get there, of course.
Replies: >>838
you in a hurry somewhere, strelok?
[Hide] (62.8KB, 1024x717)
>have, unironically, over 300 confirmed kills
>including three dozen snipers
>leaders make her take a break after being hit in the face with mortar shrapnel, do some international propaganda excursions to help the war effort
[quoting various articles]
<When meeting with reporters in Washington, D.C., she was dumbfounded by the kind of questions put to her. "One reporter even criticized the length of the skirt of my uniform, saying that in America women wear shorter skirts and besides my uniform made me look fat." They also asked if Russian women could wear makeup on the front line.
<other newspapers observed that she “wore no lip rouge, or makeup of any kind,” and that “there isn’t much style to her olive-green uniform.”
<“I wear my uniform with honor,” [Pavlichenko] told Time magazine. “It has the Order of Lenin on it. It has been covered with blood in battle. It is plain to see that with American women what is important is whether they wear silk underwear under their uniforms. What the uniform stands for, they have yet to learn.”
What the fuck is systematically wrong with burgers?
Replies: >>842 >>932 >>1129
[Hide] (483.4KB, 1920x1080)
The constitution is a mere piece of paper, any 'rights' it gives you can be revoked at will. So it's important the workers in the US unite to preserve their access to arms.
Do not be fooled by the American myth of liberalism (that is, 'freedom and liberty', whether conservative, progressive or libertarian). The freedom of the working class is nothing without the power to provide it.
1) women on the battlefield is retarded and she would've gotten those same questions in the UK or fuckin Argentina back in those days
2) I would question any and all numbers provided by the Soviet Union they lied more than any modern western government and that is saying something
3) even if she had Simo Häyhä tier numbers she is very much the exception that proves the rule when it comes to women in combat
Replies: >>1129
[Hide] (678.2KB, 1147x1322)
Bill S.3589 is unconstitutional, soon the time will come to water the tree of liberty.
Replies: >>850 >>851
>muh blood muh trees muh ded tyrannosaurs n sick stuff or whatever
uh huh just like with every other egregious violation of muh cunt of two shins over the past several decades amirite? You gonna call me a fed if I tell you to put your money where your mouth is and shoot some tyrannosauruses? Chest thumping faggot.
Replies: >>853 >>1129
>One cosponsor
A famous German sandwich yet containing precious few ingredients.
Replies: >>854
Strammer Min?
I find it really hard to bring myself to give a shit about posting on any imageboards anymore honestly. Even when I'm extremely bored like now all I can muster is this low effort bitchpost, and I'll close my browser afterwards and stare at a wall.
Replies: >>857 >>860 >>1123
Seems like every user of non-mainstream websites has become fully nihilistic recently.
>I find it really hard to bring myself to give a shit about posting on any imageboards anymore honestly.
Then don't. Simple as. Have fun with your funs, clean them, fix them. Go innawoods, touch grass, dig a hole, plant/plan a garden (perfect time of year to start), read a book, search for cryptids, urbanex, play some paintball, get into electronics/embedded systems, learn programming, get to know your local ham radio network/community, indulge your autism.
When you have shit to discuss/share, we can reconvene. When there's happenings, we can reconvene. Until then, fuck off I mean that in the most constructive way possible

"This too shall pass."
[Hide] (9.1MB, 640x360, 02:23)
Are you scared? No? OK let me find something else to scare you.
Replies: >>868
ablation cascade speedrun any%
Replies: >>869
Spacefags on suicide watch.
I heard /k/ got deleted. My condolences.
When did it happen? I hadn't finished backing it up on yet.
Replies: >>883 >>884
This >>810 shows it happening a few hours before it but he nuked it on the day of the Super Bowl (and prior to it he had said that he'd nuked it earlier than the shutdown).
Birdnigger deleted it early like he said he would. On a side note there was also a flagless strelok throwing one hell of a shitfit at some of my posts right before it got deleted and I wanted to have fun egging him on but too bad ;_;
New York got so bad that Remington has announced they'll be moving the HQ to Georgia.
Replies: >>903 >>1123
Is there a specific new law that prompted them to move, or did they finally realize the obvious?
Replies: >>904
The recent btfo'ing of dup has a lot of businesses worried about their own standing because literally everyone in New York lies about land assessments.
Replies: >>1123
>/k/anteen is dead.
Replies: >>924 >>1123
It does not seem to be significantly less active than the rest of the board.
>female snipers
A myth by the Soviet government pursuant of Soviet Heroic Realism. The Women's Divisions of Death performed laughably badly and inflated numbers. Gitler was a similar myth from the Soviet government.
Replies: >>984 >>1123
Good morning ladies, it appears that we are biologically compatible. Would you be interested in being mothers of my children?
Replies: >>1000
You are the big gay.
I like this video of a belt-filling machine.
What happened to the cafe /k/? Did BO decide to beat the glowies to the punch or something?
Replies: >>1054
Pretty much.
Wendigoon has released another milquetoast breakdown of a well known government fuckup, this time Ruby Ridge. He spends a large portion of the video decrying Weaver just as he did Koresh and Ted, but it's even more of a blatant editorializing than his words on Koresh and Ted. He equates Weaver to members of the Aryan Brotherhood by showing a lack of understanding of how someone can prefer their own race but not hate others and decries the Weavers for believing in and practicing insular Christianity. He shows a flagrant lack of professionalism by continuing to include corrections from himself after saying something false (i.e. whether Lon knew he shot Vicki). It's obvious that he wants to remove himself from the more fringe crowd he gathered during the conspiracy iceberg videos. When he's not making asides instead of second takes, giving basic information, or editorializing, he's begging people not to hate the government and the existence of government. One major fact which he glossed over was the attempted trial of Lon. Since we no longer have a Randy Weaver memorial thread, I'll repost what was posted there here. 

>The sniper, Lon Horiuchi, was charged by Boundary County for killing Vicki (though only on state-level manslaughter charges rather than murder), but, since he was actively working as a Fed when the crime was committed, the USG scooped it up and immediately dropped it by the hand of Judge Edward Lodge (the same Judge who presided over the cases against Weaver and Harris) on the grounds of "sovereign immunity". However, a committee made by the Ninth Circuit went as far as to overturn the dismissal, but the new Boundary County Prosecutor Brett Benson (who had won against the previous Prosecutor and one who had initially made the charges, Denise Woodbury, in the previous election) dropped the case immediately because he felt that too much time had passed, there was not enough certain evidence, and the county should heal by washing its hands of the affair.

He doesn't note the change in prosecutor and states that the county eventually gave up because they couldn't charge the government rather than because there was no one who still wanted to charge the government. Toward the end of the video, he furthers the accepted story of the OKC Bombing despite his own claims of being critical of the government and previously covering stories such as the "Boys on the Tracks". This may have been for optics purposes, for he only covers "safe" conspiracy theories such as the assassinations of MLK and Kennedy rather than those of GLR and Malcom X and the Unabomber rather than the OKC Bomber.

However, an interesting aspect of this video is that he mentions having seen the lives of others be held at the point of the ATF's measuring tapes. If you check his original and now defunct podcast, he mentions having previously been a Boogaloo Boy, calling himself as such on his first account and claiming to be the original then fedposting on his original Wendig00n channel, a channel which he doesn't mention in his Reddit post. However, he has also given conflicting reports about whether he became a militant for politics and where his channel name comes from. In his original podcast, he states that he did it for home defense and because he liked the aesthetics but was scared off when the group became more political and potentially honeypot-ish. On Reddit, he stated that he joined explicitly for the sake of revolution and that he left when his political opponents started joining and even claims he was so influential that he started the trend of Hawaiian shirts being worn by libertarian dissidents. On YouTube, he has stated that he chose to have "goon" in his name not for political affiliations; he instead said it was because it was part of backwood Southern culture. On Twitter, he states that he's not rightwing.

Ruling out the possibility of him being a midwit who became popular based on charisma and outrageousness like Tariq Nasheed, I think Wendigoon was scooped up by the government, probably for a potential gun charge or fedposting, and turned into an asset like Tariq Nasheed to control anti-government discourse online.
Replies: >>1066 >>1067 >>1123
>youtube eceleb faggot says dumb misinformed shit
Is there a good documentary on Ruby Ridge (and Waco) that is not as shit as what you're describing?
Replies: >>1072
Waco Rules of Engagement isbpretty good iirc. I know it's been deleted off of youtube multiple times so if it pisses them off then it's probably at least more truthful than most of the "documentaries" on that shithole in general.
Replies: >>1085
How do Asian prostitutes advertise themselves in public  if talking about sex is taboo let alone cursing in public especally if your a woman? Do chinese speak in code and hide low or do they accept that they are the bottom of the barrel and just don't care anymore
Replies: >>1101 >>1125
Thanks for the recomendation (although ironically there's a couple Jewtube uploads but it's okay, I'll look it up on the Internet Archive).
Anything like this for Ruby Ridge?
Replies: >>1100
I have no idea, sorry. I've never had much luck with that one in general, it's pretty heavily overshadowed by Waco and since the whole reason the fedniggers were there was even more inexcusable than Waco I'm sure anything without a retarded pro-fed slant to it will be hard to find.
Replies: >>1103
Same way as in America, they work in shady businesses like strip clubs or "beauty salons" and massage parlors, or just straight up hang out outside of hotels. They're probably filthier than burger whores too depending on which part of Asia you're talking about. Please don't catch some weird smelly gonorrhea variant from some poostitute.
Replies: >>1102
Asians are more pude then Americans though, sex is a very taboo topic for them
Replies: >>1107
No worries, I'll stick to that Waco documentary considering that some of the same glowniggers from Ruby Ridge appear in there too.
Maybe there could be a less pro-fed documentary but I'd have to dig up some of those "alternative" video sites and I don't really feel like it.
Thank you regardless, Strelok.
This site works so much better then the faggot cafe, I can post on phone and there is no gay captcha, the site does not break randomly, the uploads actually work
There are loads of brothels and whores all over Asia that say otherwise but whatever.
Replies: >>1123
Americans need guns to protect their gun collections from gun armed criminals.
Replies: >>1111 >>1123
Well it's not like we're currently using them against the government like we're supposed to so gotta shoot someone that deserves it.
Replies: >>1114
>    would like to know your location send you on a federally funded all-inclusive getaway for getting quads.
[Hide] (130KB, 2000x694)
Thinking of making a tacticool levergat thread.

Remington? Aren't they still recovering from the damage Freedom Group did to their reputation on quality control? That's why I haven't bought a modern 870 anyway though I am admittedly out of the loop, for all I know they're good again or at least not nearly as shit, but I'd still prefer to buy a SAKO one day as far as bolty boy's go.
Anyway good for Remington, I hope the few firearm manufacturers left there follow Remington's example and leave too so NY can soak up even less tax revenue from local businesses.

Side note: I was under the impression that Kimber was based in NY for some reason and was therefore not interested in buying any of their products for that reason, not out of any animosity towards Kimber none that I can think of anyway but rather because NY would get a cut of the profits which is money that would be wasted do to how corrupt and incompetent their leadership is.

Not surprising, people who own buildings there opt to let their property literally crumble into pieces and become a huge safety hazard for everyone around because the alternative/fixing their shit would require so much legalize red tape approval to do legally that it's not financially viable and would be a huge waste of time.

Louis Rossmann (some angry Italian Jew or whatever who fixes shitty Macbooks for a living because Apple's official repair services are a joke) does a fantastic job of documenting how NYC is slowly dying even faster than California's cities are. The dude now lives in Texas, Houston I think? Quite entertaining if you wanna listen to a dude rant for 30 minutes about his personal experiences of being a businesses owner in NYC for some 20 or so years of his life.

Was the test successful?

I mean for most home invasion situations just racking/pumping/cocking your firearm and announcing to said intruder would usually be enough to make them turn tail and run away. Most burglars aren't looking for a firefight after all.

Those are mostly in all the touristy parts of Laos and Thailand, every countries capital is gonna have easy to find brothels (usually).

Well with anon.kafe being dead we might be able to bring this place back to life and move at a snails pace instead.

Meh don't blame ya, do something more fulfilling in the real world and treat this place as more of a pointless blog faggotry and shitposting site rather than a board to have serious discussions, no point in preaching to the choir after all.
Getting old sucks, the 'good ol days' of pre gaymer g8 4chins and 8cripple were simpler times for sure, now everything is fucking dickcord chatrooms which sucks for muh hecking delusions of being le anonymous or whatever. Granted you can now just use der cord in a browser now but then you have to use some Chrome based browser so pick your poison for that I guess.
This is the fault of parents not teaching their kids on how to use image boards and or internet literacy in general.

>calls xhimself an oooogy booogy boogerloo boi!!!!
>defends the federal governments actions (EVER)

Also I've never actually listened to Tariq Nasheed aside from the few audio bits about buckbreaking or whatever. Same with Jordan Peterson, all I know is he wants grown men to make their beds and wash their penises or whatever which isn't bad advice per say but he really should emphasize kinds of products to use because there's a lot of body washes with shit ingredients, some of which could literally make you infertile even. I dunno why do people need some old fart of a fucking leafman to tell them to practice basic fucking hygiene again? I mean shit can I get a Nobel prize if I tell enough people to brush their teethe?
How do you think normal prostitutes do it? They advertise benign actions like offering company or dates, work in legally grey establishments like soaplands and escort services, and avoid harsher penalties by advertising non-penetrative sex. Those who do openly advertise sex tend to do so in areas that either have police corruption or are almost lawless.
You don't include the h when using xim or xer. That's part of the joke. Young men flocked to people like Jordan Peterson for the same reason they now flock to Sam Hyde. He's an internet father figure who projects authority on the subjects he speaks on and is easily accessible, unlike traditional celebrities, but also hard to find the weaknesses of, like traditional celebrities.
< It is plain to see that with American women what is important is whether they wear silk underwear under their uniforms. What the uniform stands for, they have yet to learn.”
Well, by now they certainly… have learned something. The rest of us learned that determination to eat their cake and have it too was a lesson ingrained much deeper.
> What the fuck is systematically wrong with burgers?
Picture some early teens asking questions. If you don’t see anything out of character, it fits. I mean, they were commonly seen as dangerously immature well over a century ago. And these were the journalists, so at this time most probably were below average.

> 1) women on the battlefield is retarded 
Generally yes, but does it somehow follow that her very presence must therefore induce instant brain damage?
> and she would've gotten those same questions in the UK or fuckin Argentina back in those days 
Some, surely.
UK quite likely was this moronic. In that it was poisoned by march of Whiggery for much longer, with observably uglier results back then. The people as different as Chesterton and Kipling who barely could stand each other, but agreed it was thoroughly fscked up, even before WWI.
I doubt the people in Argentina were inane enough to be loudly surprised that uniforms after WW1 are not dyed fashionably, however. At least, back in those days. Possibly even now!

> 2) I would question any and all numbers provided by the Soviet Union they lied more than any modern western government and that is saying something
Oh dearrr… How to put it delicately for children… No. I cannot. The only resort is to quote Moldbug, he is good at phrasing such things delicately:
«Covid is like Chernobyl if
 Chernobyl killed a hundred thousand times as many people,
 was successfully covered up, was given to the reactor director to clean up, resulted in every Soviet citizen even in Kamchatka having to wear a radiation mask for the next two years, hagiographic children’s books being written about the noble reactor director, and the USSR switching all its power generation to RBMK graphite-moderated reactors.»
IMHO this neatly illustrates the difference between “for most part, obviously buggered” and “Buggered Beyond Belief”.

Sadly, yes. By now they simply cannot.
Of which we all could see a good illustration. Trump could not possibly run an actual counter-revolutionary coup (even as nostalgic and milquetoast as he would like to). While a lot of people fed up, but they are neither able nor willing to do more than wear fancy hats. Indeed a loud clash of «negligible force against the insubstantial object» only demonstrated how ephemeral they both are.
Replies: >>1139
[Hide] (861.6KB, 1133x1080)
>Thinking of making a tacticool levergat thread.
Make a levergat thread both for regular and tacticool ones. Also include scattergats with levers, because those make me feel funny in a good way.
>Thinking of making a tacticool levergat thread.
Isnt that a bit conflicting? Like, the limited ammo cappacity of such designs in itself does not make them tacticool. Unless its chambered in like 40mm or something, then one shot is all you need
You're a pompous condescending fag and everything you said is wrong. I touched the grass and it told me so.
>We can't connect to the server
Replies: >>1215
[Hide] (1.8KB, 230x210)
>Thinking of making a tacticool levergat thread.
Wouldn't mind if you did anon.
It will remain alive forever in our hearts.
Replies: >>1217
I'm just sad thinking about it. :(
I could have done more. Had I known our time was limited, I would have cared more.
A nigger named Barbecue has taken over Haiti. Is there enough information about the situation in the country to make a thread about it?
Should all of the /k/anteen threads currently on the board be merged?
Replies: >>1220
[Hide] (3.5MB, 1500x2084)
I see no harm in that, just make sure the OP has bunnygirls.
[Hide] (64.9KB, 256x256)
I just watched Kentucky Ballistics' video about his .50 cal blowing up in his face. Just little into, and also throughout his detailed recalling of the events I instinctively teared up a bunch of times and had to wipe the tears from my eyes and blow my nose. Why did this happen? I mean my uncontrollable reaction, not the gun blowing up. I don't even watch this guy a lot nor care about him.
Replies: >>1224
Sometimes the weirdest things hit the hardest. Especially if you are already broken.
I don't know why anyone's afraid of gun grabs when pretty much all of law enforcement embraced the DIE. There's a few thousand piggies and fedniggers, even when they were physically fit and competent (or at least more fit and competent than now) all ot would take to out a stop to them is a tiny number of fun lovers to actually nut up and show them what happens to tyrants. Now not even the military can be relied on for policing in any serious capacity. Fuck the government lol
Replies: >>1262
They can continue boiling the frog with disarming white men until you need ID to buy a butter knife like in britcuck'n'suckland. If nobody did anything when they banned full auto weapons shotguns with short barrels why would it be different when they ban guns with long barrels, or guns with barrels wide enough for anything bigger than 9mm? In some places in gaymerica they've even made body armor illegal. They can send 20 heavily armored obese negresses with miniguns mounted to shopping carts and grenades launchers to your house to kill you or imprison you for decades and nobody in your neighborhood or town will do anything about it. Then the same 20 obese shitskins (or 15 if you managed to kill a few with your 3D printed gun and booby traps, it doesn't matter they can import a billion more from africa or south america paid for by your taxes) can raid your neighbor's house the next day and once again nobody in the town will do anything. All the white men are too busy watching porn all day everyday including myself, it's impossible to stop watching the never-ending supply of increasing erotic porn all day and soon I'll be prompting text-to-video AI to make all the porn I've always wanted that doesn't exist, like POV of photorealistic lolis shitting in my mouth with so much detail I can almost taste the corn in their shit.
Replies: >>1263 >>1277
So eager to accept defeat, you were going to eat corny shit no matter what regardless of your niggerpill projecting pzhos.
Replies: >>1264
>no argument
>just "haha u eat poop"
Replies: >>1265
>say I can smell the corn in turds
>wtf don't say I play with poopy
>take my mentally ill jewish redundant lol sads fantasies srsly
lolno all you have is crybaby bullshit and I'm only going to mock you for it pzhos.
Replies: >>1266
I don't play with poopy IRL I just masturbate to porn of it every day like hundreds of millions of other white men. What could possibly motivate us to stop jerking off all day and take our nations back when it feels so good? The jews enslaved us with porn and there's literally nothing we can do about it.
>not content to shit up /v/ with his nonsense pzhos turns his mutilated genitals in our direction
Wonder if this BO is more proactive than tengunigger.
Replies: >>1278
[Hide] (428KB, 1080x1920)
>20 heavily armored obese negresses with miniguns mounted to shopping carts and grenades launchers to your house to kill you

When will AI be able to create an image from that prompt?
Give it a few hours and we will find out. Posts like that guy's are a good litmus test for moderation.
Replies: >>1279 >>1285
>exodus from 4chan 10 years ago because of censorship
>demands more censorship here
This is one of the many reasons white "men" deserve the genocide God is giving them.
Replies: >>1280
gr8 b8 m8!
Try days, I don't think this guy checks in much.
Replies: >>1347
Hash: SHA384

Shitposting has been removed to the designated shitting thread. If you shit outside the thread, don't be surprised when you told to take the poo to the loo.
Someone remind me to make a /k/ related bunnygirl for the new /k/anteen thread with this one bumplocks.

Last edited by shturm
Replies: >>1349
[Hide] (4MB, 2446x2666)
>Someone remind me to make a /k/ related bunnygirl
Are you going to make some OC, or something with AI?
[Hide] (126.3KB, 1170x968)
This has been making rounds on the internet.
Replies: >>1602
The jew doesn't know how to use a scope?
Nice detail with the nigger hand, always there the golem.
Replies: >>1605
Won't be long until that hand is wrapped around his throat instead, thengolem always turns on its master even in their own fairy tales. You'd think they'd stop making them, but I guess they're not known for learning from their mistakes either.
[Hide] (498.3KB, 1093x820)
[Hide] (770.4KB, 1101x597)
If you wanted to know how the auto sear on an M-14 works Forgotten Weapons now has you covered. The exclusiveness of some of my knowledge from expensive books may have been reduced but I can still boast about molesting a real M-14 once even though I didn't get to shoot her.
[Hide] (3.8MB, 848x480, 00:33)
What the fuck is happening in Georgia?
Replies: >>2012
[Hide] (1.3MB, 720x914, 00:17)
They passed a new law.
[Hide] (27.9MB, 640x360, 42:26)
Not really surprised that it is toned down.
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1125x1500)
[Hide] (1.9MB, 848x480, 00:20)
[Hide] (3.2MB, 720x1280, 00:37)
New Caledonia.
Replies: >>2167
[Hide] (4.5MB, 720x1280, 00:52)
Is New Caledonia full of niggers?
Replies: >>2027
No not exactly. It's more like sea Abbos. It's Melanesia and all that.
[Hide] (874.8KB, 480x848, 00:12)
[Hide] (75.1KB, 590x688)

'luv me king
'luv ingerland
Simple as.
Replies: >>2076
That is unsettling in ways I find hard to put into words.
Replies: >>2061 >>2078
[Hide] (651.6KB, 600x707)
I love it, that's fucking metal as fuck. I wish someone made a painting of me like that.
[Hide] (728.1KB, 729x594)
Is he burning or just evil?
I am Charlenia, Blade of Ingurland, and I have never been defeated.
[Hide] (39.6KB, 300x480)
Have you See. Ghostbusters 2?
[Hide] (567.2KB, 1000x525)
Replies: >>2130 >>2140
what are those? weather balloons?
Replies: >>2131
Spoiler File
(740.6KB, 1000x525)
Light pillars, they say, from lights on Japanese fishing boats used attract squid, they say.
This is definitely not an attempt to awaken the The Great Dreamer.
The abyss is definitely not involved in any staring contests.
[Hide] (47.6KB, 444x680)
[Hide] (1MB, 368x640, 00:13)
Nigger that glows in the dark was caught in Congo or so they say.
Replies: >>2139
They caught Nicholas Cage? Is he filming Lord of War 2?
A-are these Seraphim?
Replies: >>2148
[Hide] (258.8KB, 606x841)
[Hide] (203KB, 2048x1536)
They say it's isaribi - "fishing fire" in Japanese - however it seems the fire rises.
Replies: >>2150
Not even machine TL can be this wrong.
[Hide] (5.7MB, 720x960, 01:01)
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