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Are there any modern hunting rifles that have a non-detachable magazine and can only feed from loading one round in at a time and are at all common? Asking to get an idea of how universal detachable box magazines are on such guns now.
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Unless he intends to feed it.

>>145 here. Was thinking of buying this . Thoughts?
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We don't support that kind of thing here, officer.
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Now I know why /k/ is such a shithole.
Trowel a better choice than folding shovel for a bugout bag? The weight and space of my folding shovel is kind of a hindrance.

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ITT we post resources, infographics, etc for preparing for the incoming poop sex event.

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>>146 (OP) 

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Welcome to zzzchan/k/! I will be using this sticky to outline my plans for this board and list the rules.

My intentions for /k/ overall:
It's not a secret that I've been interested in having /k/ on zzzchan since it's inception. However I had zero interest in any attempt to split the board. I am only creating the board here now due to the total implosion over on cafe and the apparent lack of a BO to take the CIA nigger's place. It is also my understanding that cafe's admin has a backup and will be looking at restoring it in the near future. Regarding this, I still have no desire to split /k/. If someone agreeable steps up to be BO over on cafe after the restoration of the catalog and anons want to stay there, I will defer to cafe and decommission this board. 

How is moderation going to be handled?
Given the shitshow that was the /tech/ launch, I will serve as BO for the time being. I have had one applicant for the board, 50cal, and I will have him serve as a moderator for a time before deciding to give him the board fully. 50cal Bailed And was likely the glownigger An important point about zzzchan and moderation's access to raw IPs: Only I can see raw IPs. All other moderators including globals can only see hashed IPs.

The Rules:
1. Global rules apply
2. Literature requests should go in the proper thread
3. Threads with basic questions not conductive to discussion should go
in the QTDDTOT
4. No avatarfagging/shilling
5. No fedposting
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Further watching:
Yes you should make it anon because I'm much too lazy to do it myself.
Pretty sure the board owner of anoncafe (and probably the admin team in general) are glowniggers, which is why most people post here
>noooo i can't live without muh precious cuckime
Why are you even here then? The only thing even you're even allowed to post freely on cuckchannel /k/ anymore is /ak/ threads because of /a/ tranny mods and jannies who care about nothing else and delete shit arbitrarily.

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