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>you can go outside
<that's fair I guess...
>you don't even have to be neet
<gettin' retarded here....
>rule 1
So you're a self hating faggot?
>you can't bully but can troll
Are you retarded?
>no helping with suicide
Redditor much? Stopped reading.

t. a 10+ year long neet with no social life
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>We have been too lazy to reclaim the 8kunt board, that's why cuckchan posters have been shilling there discords on it.
> I am confused  bro what are you talking about?

Yeah. I tried I've been delaying reclaiming /hikki/ for a long time, especially because I lost my mod account. Until I met the BO of this current board and we've been on good terms and thinking about starting a new board for a while now. 
>  I didn't screw over anyone  i didn't wanna run it anymore 
Because you wanted to reintegrate "which is totally normal and I fully support your decision" and the discord drama was too much it kinda made you overlook the board. 
>it should have stayed dead
Why? it was a place for most of us to talk away from the toxicity of other places. 
>plus the board was toxic and depressing and wasn't very good for my mental health
You never thought of it this way when you first started it. You simply started viewing it as such once you wanted to join society again which again is totally fine but abandoning a place that you were highly enthusiastic about  just because you couldn't relate to the users anymore is bad bro.

Though with all that being said. I'm still happy to see you 
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>Im still confused as to why you left the discord servers up on /hikki/

By the time they were posted there i was already gone i haven't been  in  control of that place since August 2019 when 8chan was shutdown i originally had plans to bring it back but i changed my mind after it pretty much stayed dead and didn't comeback for a long time. I apologize for confusing you and making it seem like i fucked you and everyone else over when in reality i didn't mean to and i am sorry about that. If i was still in control i would delete all the spam and clean it up.
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>wait what! did you become a hikikomori again?

Yeah and i don't mind being NEET for a little bit longer i was trying to look for a job at the start of 2020 but Codvid put me back in my room and i am okay with that for now.
email me and we will get it sorted
lets move this to the meta thread I was going to lock this thread originally before Hikki posted anyway

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>be me
>offer to take my dad to the store
>offer to mow the back yard
>accomplish both of these and pick up some booze-clues
>somehow caused a fight between my parents by doing this

Anyone else feel like when they do something helpful it's somehow always counter productive?

I just wanted an excuse to buy some drinks.
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rin_table.png (u)
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>>72 (OP) 
yes, I sometimes get asked to do some shit by my parents, I try to help best as I can and it always ends up in me failing. I am so tired of failing everything in my life
>be me
>mother asks me for help choosing new computer
>ask her for how much she wants to spend
>also ask for what she needs to do
>write it all down, it's basic stuff like microsoft office and video calls and things
>research system reqs for software etc.
>figure it would be best to get something that can connect via cable (spotty wifi at home)
>something easy to repair and replace parts for
>put together some data sheets on a few models, mostly thinkpads
>all of them under budget, organized on easy to read sheets I printed
>I even lamenated them and sorted them by price (least to greatest)
>Present my findings, offer to help shop on ebay for a quality unit
<get yelled at for wasting time
<get told they were all too ugly, and that she found something on her own
<she throws a pillow at me and yells more when I try to tell her it can't do everything she needs
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1551438744445.jpg (u)
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>be me
>Dad asks me to help him find a second job because he hates being at home and dealing with my mother
>tells me about some Fed Ex job a huge distance away for $20+ USD
>tells me about a temp agency he wants me to sign him up for
>ask him for a resume
>be kind of a dick about it
>boomer as dad doesnt have a cell phone, refuses to use one, refuses to learn how to use a computer or any electronic
>gets pissed off when i tell him he needs a resume
<"I've been working the same job for 20 years. I dont want to do the same thing. I've gone to temp agencies before and gotten signed up for jobs"
<been over 30 years since that happened
>mfw the temp agency wants a resume
>mfw my dad gets into an arguement with my mom
>feels when made dad cry because the future is now and the world has moved on without him

You cant even get hired at little caesers pizza if you walk in and ask for a job. It's the same everywhere "you gotta apply online"
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kill her

workin.mp3 (u)
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Who wants to be my friend, You have to listen to this song on loop. I'm looking to leave the neonet with a netizen but shockingly they don't exist anymore, apparently. I assume most people have seen the neonet... umm.... wow yeah uuu boy. it's something I mean, oh boy yeah. I'm certainly not interested in it, there might be a netizen out there so if you want to be online and live and die together because life is very short yet I can only imagine the kind of asshole who'd want to subject themselves to....  I mean boy wow wowowowow gosh, jinkies! Things aren't looking so good for the net. mmmm, no not very. So if you're trying to hide away that'd be great, I just do stuff but it's hard when there's nothing else and as I say, you can go to these internet places but.... mmmmm you know dot dot dot..... mmmm hmhmhmmmmm mmm. Yeah. I don't know about that.
In other words the internet is real life and going to public internet places is a lot like going outside in real life, it's filled with the same people and interactions, you think the internet place you want to engage in is different than the anime meetup club on meetup.com you fucking stupid moron. Well surely I can stay inside on the internet and with my physical body as well, and die at some point. Well I don't know, we'll see yeah. Ultimately the choice is not up for debate but I can try and have been mmm. Maybe you do skills that'd be great to do things. If you actually have a brain I don't know, but even without a brain what
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I feel better now, someone can delete it, bye bye.
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welcome home friend

pururin.webm (u)
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I've never played it, seems a lot darker than the show was though. Maybe I'll check it out just for the sense of seeing everything from the IP
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a5b11ed515c309230574109c7539a1fd07561f6bc15b1d9cf20e813be0ae491d.gif (u)
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Its good. you should play it anon.
Can you post ffmpeg command you used to make the webm? For some reason sound in webm I encode only starts after second or two.
Can't post right now but I also use vp9
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not >>7 but this should help you
vp9_crf.png (u)
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fuck forgot to attach file

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