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well /hikki/, what is the best and worst incarnation of nhk? the light novel will always be better then both the anime and manga to me and the anime is worse then the manga.
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>>147 (OP) 
Both manga and anime are awful garbage but the anime is better, presumably because the original creator had less input
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after his recent sequel id rather have someone else work on adaptations.
they were all of them different and lack of something. it should have a bit longer to my test
"In this world conspiracies exist." Tatsuhiko Takimoto
Personally I enjoyed the light novel the most, and the manga second. Once I'd read the light novel the anime seemed ten times worse considering how much they cut.
I know there's a "rebuild of NHK" but from what I've heard it kinda sucks and I won't pay money for it, maybe if someone uploads em all somewhere I'll read it but I have zero plans to especially if I gotta pay for the shit.

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I vaguely remember browsing it years ago, would any of you ever want to see it come back? Even if it isn't the original owner so long as there's a definite place to go to communicate with other hikis
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ALL the neet sites are shit. Probably because they allow non-humans/demons(non-whites) and women.
The few that were somewhat postable have closed down(like neet.moe).

But this place is good to vent.
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all neet/hikky boards are shit too.
my first one was ruchan.net/hik/. then 2ch.ru/rf became refuge for bullied hikkies from /b/. then a lot of guys copied japanese hikky (turned out that board was very bad as well) rules and made some chans as well as making a refuge/hikky board on every chan. then r9k, jp, wizardchan. some obscure/invite only chans in between. some tor chans in between. 

now we are here AND I MISS MY FUCKING NEET.MOE chan shit, despite its incel clique it was the best i had.
also missing brutal blackpill dude. a little too incel, but it was also good
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whats wrong with incels?
Once people realise how to get NEET bucks and then wait for society to finally fall apart. Boomers are domestic terrorists. Maybe zoomers will think it's niche like how kids who grew up after '90s wanted to pretend the Internet wasn't like 20 years old already.

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/hkgenneral/ - thread for general discussion here.

>in before this become the final new thread that is not a staff announcement.
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what's the question of the day for this general?
my life is still the same since the last time I was on this site. the only thing that's changed is that I've become MUCH more stressed and angry.
Not much to look forward to either in the future. I'm going to become homeless without a doubt, so my life is going to regress even more. I'm going to have spiders and snakes and all kinds of other trash all around me because of where I'm going to be homeless.
I would hope that god would save me, but he doesn't seem to be around anymore.
>>799 (OP) 
The chick on the left has already ridden over 9000 dicks (and probably enjoys black dick more than anyone else). The one on the right fucks her dog every day.

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Well based on the pinned text 
>caused by the lifestyle
I suppose i havent been very outgoing, as the kind of.. no, as people havent been reaching out to me, and i also expects a certain kind of people to reach out to me, or being a particular kind only then you are allowed to reach me,

And i also has a certain amount ptsd caused by my mounting unsuccessful life that now culminates into a particularly specific set of questions that clouds almost every single activity i need to do...

Well, what am i to discuss? I definitely in no position to give advice, and no amount of drugs or exposure seems to work either nor does anyone continues on giving me solutions to get over it.

It seems set on that i have to have the scores and idea i need
Lest i will not be ever settled down on myself.

If anything, the world needs really smart people that can solve just about anything, and i guess this means i am not at all needed in any means possible.
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>>798 (OP) 
Hopefully someday things will start to turn around, and there'll be programs with very patient people to help out people like us. And hopefully the governments of the world will be forced to keep a certain percentage of factory jobs, because I think jobs with no skills required and no social aspect would be helpful for neets.

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what has your family's reaction been to you being a hikikomori? I've noticed my family almost stopped caring about my lifestyle entirely after I entered my late 20s.
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Well, after several unfortunate attempts and health issues, I find myself among the ranks of you weeaboos.

I had to return to living with family
I haven't worked for over half a year because of health issues
I rarely go out unless it's to buy food
i have lost interest in pursuing women (i don't have any issues attracting and engaging with women but this current political climate is insufferable and all the women I have met recently are consumed with woke bullshit)
I spend my days online and doing digital art, shit posting but mainly looking at porn like a fucking degenerate

i need to return to the gym and get myself together. this hermit lifestyle is utter bullshit

my family understands the hinderances but they're also telling me i need to get my shit together and it's true
All my friends have either moved away or live in other countries (real friends, not anons) so I don't have any friends anymore in a sense. I have no one to call or hang out with at the moment (it's been like this for 2 years now).

I rarely get out of bed.

I don't have fights with my family, we get along.

they are the only people I have substantial human contact with
>>22 (OP) 
After the first few years she stopped caring. Although she still views me as a parasite and takes her frustration out on me and gets very short with me a lot.
All I can hope for is that God kills me soon.
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>>22 (OP) 
Wish I could've had a family like in an american family show (like 7th heaven or whatever).
Seems like most "parents" are passive, which is wrong. You should ALWAYS be active in everything.
But I've grown past the need for guidance.
Now I just try to stay on the right path and hope that something clicks to make me immune to sinful things.
I'm going to try to completely avoid all temptations, but it'll be hard, since I don't have much(healthy things) to occupy my time with.

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Food has gotten exponentially more expensive lately and I've been in need of more things to make that don't break the bank. If you have any recommendations and recipes I would appreciate it.
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first ingredients
you'll need 
2 cups of soy sauce
1 cup of any east asian wine(ive used sake but I use Mirin mostly)
a tablespoon of honey
a tablespoon of ground ginger
a few shakes of garlic powder
3 cloves of garlic
corn starch
boneless skinless chicken thighs
first mix the sauce its very easy use every ingredient in it besides the corn starch garlic cloves and chicken thighs
then fry your chicken and crushed garlic cloves until they are fully cooked then add the sauce
wait for the sauce to heat up before adding the corn starch 
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Have you tried this yourself? Two sausages and a glass of milk are better than nothing or a carb-heavy diet depending on how much you can handle hunger.
Bananas - $0.70 a pound. Oatmeal appears expensive at first, but you get many bowls from a bag or tube of it. Rice of course - drown in soy sauce or butter and sugar if you can't afford to top with meat that day or don't have fresh vegetables.
Has anyone tried pork flossing on to their rice? Its nice if you can't afford rice.
Replies: >>791
I meant meat, if you cant afford meat on your rice you'll use pork flossing, brb kms

How do i get mood again.
Replies: >>748 >>760
>>745 (OP) 
Music maybe. Anime. I d on 't know.
>>745 (OP) 

Not sure what would work for you, but personally working out helped me a lot on self-image and mood, and i'm not even going to the gym, i'm doing everything at home.

And I suppose watching/playing old nostalgic stuff from the 2000s (sometimes a little bit before), a time where society was much saner therefore with products of higher quality and that completely lack any degeneracy of today (mainly getting them through the use of torrents or else) while giving the feeling of being in a sort of time capsule when everything was better then.

I also found a taste for obscure/niche stuff, and data-hoarding (reminder that in december, google is going to remove all youtube videos from channels inactive for more than 2 years), helps somewhat getting myself occupied.

Also it's probably hardly possible for you (same for me) but try to cut pr0n as much as you can, and avoid industrial sugar (that I succeed at however)/sweets, I also found some 15 minutes every few days outside (in countryside) helped a lot. And not using social medias or watching TV at all.

Hope you update us with how your life goes on, Anon.
I have severe problems with anger. The smallest things, like how someone talks to me, can set me off and make me upset all day and punch things.
The only things that slightly cools me down is when I take a shower or a short sleep.
It's also good to have different kinds of playlists on yt to help switch moods(the only mood a person should be in is a calm/slightly cheerful one).

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A continuation of the old thread on the old board. How far did you get before abandoning everything? 
I was never able to finish my first year of high school before dropping out until I was forced in my early 20s to going to night school to get a diploma before cutting off everything completely.
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>>178 (OP) 
Is this me?
your dad would be glad to talk to you imo, give him a call
Did all the things people said I should do "enjoy life" like changing cities, getting a career, a GF, doing drugs, renting your own place, college
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[Hide] (230KB, 784x1145)
Barely finished college, dropped out of uni. Cant even bring myself to get my documents back. Got a couple of shitty jobs tho, years ago. Was fired for getting gallbladder stones removed. Haven't left the house in 6 weeks or maybe more. 
Interacting with people is a nightmare, even if I like them and enjoy their company. Recent chapter of chainsaw man summarized it very well.
>>178 (OP) 
I got into a cheap college, but had to drop out because my mother had some financial problems.
I also had a few jobs in my early 20's, but it was just shelve packing jobs and 2 cashier jobs.
I now have no money, friends, health, or anything else. I'm worse off than I was 15+ years ago.
The only thing I have to look forward to is God's return.

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How to control watercolor like https://characterdesignreferences.com/artist-of-the-week-7/makoto-kobayashi
And the realism of it
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This has nothing to do with being hikki
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watercolor is a great hobby for hikkis. Its a very cheep hobby and its how a lot of retro manga got colored.
Replies: >>765
watercolor pencils are actually pretty cheap, watercolour frens keep making le drawings.
Replies: >>766
Replies: >>767

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Tell me popular 6 digit career these days
Replies: >>641 >>698
>>640 (OP) 
drug dealer. idk, you expect us to know anything about jobs???
>space marine nigger asking hikkis about jobs
lel absolute retard
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>>640 (OP) 

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