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Ok, so we all know skinwalkers in the woods, ghosts in abandoned hotels/houses/apartment complex and alien probing you're mum's anus greentext stories, most of which are fictional. How about you tell some shit that you actually experienced in your daily life which was bazooper creepy?
>father always pisses with the bathroom door open
>sometimes I talk to him from around the corner sitting on his bed
>need to go, other bathroom is occupied
>see light on in bathroom, go sit on the bed
>say something to him
>he says something back, actual words, loud enough to clearly be him, localized to the bathroom
>wait a long while
>ask if he's almost done
>no response
>keep waiting
>still no response
>peek around the corner
>nobody's in there
>where did he go?
>never left the room, there's no other exit unless he exited through the window but I would have heard or halfway seen it
>find him in the living room
>weren't you just in the bathroom?
<then who was shitter
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my rationalized guess: you were used to that situation
>you say thing
>your father replies
you saw the light on, which was only on because someone forgot to turn it off, and when you called for him your brain kinda hallucinated a response automatically even if there wasn't one. a pavlov's dog kinda thing?
>>321 (OP) 
I have plenty but one of the spookiest shit is back when I saw something akin to a werewolf or a shapeshifter when I was a kid. Sounds like bullshit but bear with me

>be at the countryside far from town 
>house runs out of water for some reason I don't remember
>have to clean the dishes at an outdoor sink after dinner 
>said sink was quite a few meters away from the house so enough light to barely see while making the surroundings pitch black 
>reached the sink, finish washing everything and ready to go 
>suddenly hear a growl coming from the woods a few steps away from me 
>see what it seems to be a dog but it's so dark I can't even tell what breed it is or if it's even a dog at all, it looked more like a sort of shadow in the form of a dog 
>slowly start to back away in confusion as the "dog" shifted into the shadow of man 
>it kept growling at me but now with a human voice as if he was trying to imitate a dog 
>all the while standing still and shifting between a man and a dog, at one point it seemed like it was both things at once but it kept shifting over and over 
>I kept walking backwards without getting my eyes off of it and I ran to the house once I got far enough from the woods
>look back

of course, logically no one believed me, not even to this day and I never expect people to do so. When I asked around that place had a few bizarre stories but nothing about werewolfs or shit like that 
still, i'm sure it was real but I don't remember being that scared, mostly because my brain was too bussy trying to process what was happening, it's still hard to describe. If I were to describe it, looking at the shifting was like seeing something that distorts and overlaps over itself while still being 2 different things at the same time, really confusing
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a bear?
Replies: >>329
lol no, there's no large animals in this part of the world outside of some big snakes
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>>321 (OP) 
This is the only paranormal experience I've had outside of creepy sleep paralysis and shadow men.

This happened on the night of the 31st of December going into the new year of 2017. Now, I don't know if you remember but near the end of 2016, there was a lot of discussion over whether we live in a computer simulation. I've never been a full believer but the logic of "if it is possible, then odds are that we are in one" made sense to me as the time as I was not religious. This is important to note as on the night of December 31st 2016 I felt something that I can only compare as a computer reboot. I'll go into details as to what exactly I experienced:

I got home from my New Year's party early at around 10PM (didn't stay long because I didn't really feel like it that year.) I did some 8chan browsing for a bit and then went to bed. Now, I don't know when I woke up, but it was still as dark as it was when I went to bed. Initially, I woke up and was completely lucid, not feeling tired at all and fully aware of my surroundings, however I could not move an inch (I don't remember if I was able to blink or not). Nothing happened for a while, I just thought it was strange I couldn't move, but I've had sleep paralysis in the past so at the moment I just assumed that's what was happening. After a few minutes, I heard a "shut down" sound, not shut down from your computer but more like the sound of a machine powering off with a swoosh, then nothing for maybe 10-15 seconds then I started having a ringing in my hears that increased in intensity over 20 seconds, sounded like the sound you hear when you have tinnitus, but extremely loud. At the same time as the ringing started, progressively my vision started getting brighter and brighter (not the lighting in the room, but more like if you had a low intensity flashlight pointed into your eyes that would ramp up in brightness) until I wasn't able to see anything but white with rectangular shapes moving in a circular pattern in the brightness, if that makes sense. At this point, my heart was racing, and the only thought I remember going through my head was "holy shit, those theories about us living in a computer simulations were real, and they're shutting off the simulation going into 2017. Everyone else on Earth must be going through this right now." Then, the brightness stopped at once, however now it was like I had completely lost my sight, I couldn't see my room anymore. The only thing I could see at this point was those rectangles moving in the circular pattern and I was able to notice they had a blue tint. Eventually this went away too, leaving me with simply seeing nothing. I remember wanting to get out of my bed and move around at this point, but again I had no control over my body. The last thing I remember is remaining in this state which is what I imagine being blind is like. I assume sleep took me after a while.

I woke up the next morning, and the first thing I did was get up and go talk about the experience with my dad (we lived together). However, he hadn't been home from the party until 4 in the morning and barely slept.

I talked about it with a few people shortly after it happened, and no one had felt this. Usually people would ask me if I drank on that night, which I did, and they'd say that's what caused it, however I didn't drink a lot, I was able to drive home just fine.

To this day, I haven't heard about anyone experiencing something like this. The closest would be alien abductions, and while I'm not very knowledgeable on the subject and while it is similar to what people report, as far as I could tell everything happened within my room and I wasn't taken anywhere.

Has anyone on here experienced something like this, or heard about something like this before?
Replies: >>357

Going through the second image in >>210
"a humming noise will start out quiet, and get louder and louder, and a bright white light fills the room, and then it slowly turns blood red as the hum reaches its peak pitch, like a skull splitting tinnitus"
"says he usually blacks out after that, but not always"

Well damn. Looks like I might have gotten a visit from ayys.
Replies: >>359
Best to follow the advice in that repost. Pick your favorite god and find something iron to keep on you.
Replies: >>363
A bear snake.
The Holy Father in Heaven is my protector. I've only had this happen once thought, unless I forgot about it if it happened again.
When I was a little kid, I walked into my room and all of a sudden what looked like a skeleton pirate thing popped up from behind the bed and then immediately disappeared as it fully stood up while cackling with an echo.  It stunned me with fear at the time but was important character development for me in that it might've made me less easy to scare as I grew up.
Replies: >>369
Did this skeleton shout "rattle me bones"? If so, I do believe you were frightened by a plastic toy.
>>321 (OP) 
There's a small room - well, more of a niche - in the basement of my parents' place that invariably would make my skin crawl whenever I passed by it. Again, the room itself is nothing impressive - it's barely 16 square feet across, and the only thing inside it was the water pump of the house, as well as various stuff that more or less got dumped there. Old toys, gardening stuff, etc.

At any rate, for the longest time I thought that it was the sound of the pump itself that scared me. Bear in mind it's a fairly old model going back to ... hells if I know. Might as well have been there when the house was first built, and that was back in the 50s. Anyway, I rationalized my fear as somehow stemming from the pump itself. Some sort of infrasound perhaps.

Cue my grandmother (who also lived in the house) passing away, and my parents decided to do a bit of house-cleaning grandma invariably would have objected to. Hey, turns out grandma has been keeping the leg prosthesis of my grandfather boxed away in that room. Nevermind he's died some 30 years before her.

It's obviously not the same as having a literal skeleton in the closet, and I don't know if my grandmother intentionally kept that thing as a memento, or if she simply forgot about it. And while it's not the proverbial skeleton in the closet, I'm no longer sure it was the water pump that gave of the nasty vibe.
Replies: >>399
That's some real creepy shit. I think the "feeling" you get and the confirmation of your guts were right about it is one of the spookiest things.
>>321 (OP) 
>Be me, like 5 or something
>lives in coastal texas
>seen some shit
>shit like a ayy lmao(vid related)
>lived in a apt complex called hunters cove, there's a gap between two apts
>See that fucker zoom past, looking gray as shit
>Some time later, less retarded, and at that point realized wtf was that
>Tell grandma
>Grandma said that step-gramps was scared shitless to go there
>Learn because he was attacked by the very same ayy lmao
>While he was shit drunk, and was throwing away the trash
>Came home screaming like a baby
I'm not good at greentext, but I hope you had a laugh aswell
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I got one more story my mom told me, if any anon wanna hear.
Replies: >>420
Sure, go ahead.
Replies: >>432
>>321 (OP) 
I experienced lost time few years ago
>drive to get groceries in the early evening, between and 6PM an 7PM
>winter, so it's dark already
>I have radio on
>There is some mild traffic on the main road I am on
>All of the sudden I realize that I am driving 5mph on some small residential street
>Radio is off
>The time is now 8:30PM
>Too late to make it to the store before closing
>Side street was not far from the last intersection I remember being at
I did not feel sleepy or nauseous at all. I did not see any strange lights or similar things, so ayyys ruining my grocery night is probably what happened. I mentioned this to a doctor, got checked, but I had no health problems that could cause this.
Replies: >>425
I recall having a similar experience while driving home on a local highway at night. Not in the sense of lost time, but more in the sense that I drove straight past the exit I was supposed to take before I actually realized where I was and how much time had passed.

Leaving ayys aside, my best guess is that driving in low-traffic situations can be so extremely monotonous that your higher brain functions basically shut down. So your actual consciousness dozes off while your subconsciousness ensures you keep your feet on the pedal and don't cross the line.
>shitty greentext time
>Mom when she was younger
>Every so often shadow people could seen 
>They would walk across the window
>One night one shadow stood in front of my mom all night
>Went to sleep knowing that shadowman is still there
He just wants you to buy his game, anon.
None that I can think of, but a few nights ago I awoke at 3:00 AM to the sounds of my door being knocked. My door as in the door to my room. I live alone and I keep that particular door locked out of habit. I didn't hear any more knocking once I was fully awake but I never opened it until hours later. 

This was most likely a somewhat lucid dream consisting of door knocks that woke me up abruptly, and I confused it for real life. Still kind of creepy.
Replies: >>862
I have a window by my bed, Every month or two, I wake up to a perfectly bright day outside.
>The clock says 2 or 3
>I think that's PM and not AM, and I shoot out of bed, panicked
>Realize my alarms haven't gone off
>By the time I move to the window, the light outside vanishes, and it's night again.
So far this has happened to me three times, and I don't know what could be causing it. When it happened a few nights ago, I managed to get a good look at the window, and it was more like a spotlight than true daylight. My window doesn't point at a highway and there's some distance to the next neighbor.
Nothing else too strange happening so far. I heard a bizarre humming sound when my area had a total power outage recently (late at night, so no one cared) but I wasn't able to get a look at what was making it and all bets are off when the power goes down.
This one is far-fetched even by the standards of /x/, but here goes:

When I still was in elementary school (4th grade, to be exact), our class went on a school trip to a nearby youth hostel. Now, the school trip in itself really was nothing special, and the strange event I want to bring up only occurred on the very last afternoon we spent at the hostels, when everyone was more or less sitting on packed bags and ready to take the bus back home come the next morning.

Now the youth hostel itself was neatly nestled against some densely wooded hills, with nothing more than a grassy playground with soccer goals, monkey bars, and the likes between it and the trees. And considering it would be my last chance, the little smartass that was me decided I'd be going to explore these woods for a little bit. So it simply marched off. And a first, the thicket wasn't all that impressive - it was just your usual, middle-European deciduous forest in early autumn. Full of trees, yellowing leaves, and dead branches on the ground.

The actual anomaly was the burned smell I suddenly noticed at some point deeper in the woods. I genuinely had (and have) no idea what caused it - there was no smoke anywhere, and while my country does get the occasional forest fire, the temperatures on that were far too mild to cause one. Being a stupid kid, I promptly deduced that I was nearing some kind of hobo's fireplace or whatnot, and ran my scared ass back to the hostel. Didn't talk about it with anyone, and was well on my way back home the day after.

My parents picked me up once I was back in my hometown. While inside the car, my mother had asked me if I had heard the news, and when I replied I had not, she explained something terrible had happened in America: Some terrorists apparently had crashed planes into the World Trade centers. Or to put it differently: I came back at 9/12/2001 and the day when I suddenly was overcome by this strong burning smell was 9/11. I'm still pretty convinced this really was a mere coincidence, not to the least between the time difference between New York and my country is about six hours (New York UTC-5, my country UTC+1). So if the first plane crashed into the North Tower at 8:46 local time, it should have been around 14:46 in my timezone, and I remember it was in the late afternoon (around 4pm) when I went exploring, but the strange coincidence of dates still spooked me pretty good once I realized how they added up.
[Hide] (39.9KB, 512x386)
A lot of paranormal things happened at my old house out in the sticks. I always chalked it up to my childhood imagination until my mother corroborated a lot of the events. It was mostly average occurrences. Electronic toys acting up on their own and making weird noises, sometimes even without batteries up in the attic. Noises we thought were animals on the roof or in the walls. Items going missing and showing up in my closet, which seemed to be some kind of hot spot. It had an entrance going into the attic. I would sometimes have nightmares and sleep paralysis episodes where this dried, burnt figure with orange glowing eyes would stand at the foot of my bed and retreat into the closet whenever I moved. I say figure because the eyes were freakishly large and it had vaguely human proportions. No other features were on its face. It would turn into a shadow and bounce around the room furiously before going back in. I don't know how I fell asleep. I think its because as a child I was basically gaslit into thinking nightmares and imagination were just this vivid for everyone. The few times I looked at the clock after waking it was 3am. 
Another thing that was fucked was the tapping. I had two very large windows in my room, and there was a time where I'd hear tapping on one of them in the evening when I was alone. It wasn't the rapping of a birds beak on glass. More like a finger. I'd peer out the blinds and recoil when it started again. I almost chased the noise outside once when it first started because I thought it was my father. He had recently left my mom on bad terms. I thought he wanted to sneak me out. Fortunately I checked the driveway first and saw no car. My mother only heard it once and promptly hit the window believing it to be an animal. This memory would eventually creep her out, but only for reasons she filled me in on as a teen. Turns out she was seeing this guy in town and he was kind of shady, showing up at random times at our house or her work. There was one time we were curled up on the couch in the living room watching the Jirachi movie on VCR when we heard a cell phone go off outside. My mother immediately called the cops and I never knew why until she explained the context to me years later. 
That window would eventually be removed. Not because it was spooky, but because it broke during a fight I had with my cousin. My mom took it out and promised a replacement soon, but a single mother living 40 minutes away from the nearest hardware store can't often find time or money between work and school. I went a couple of weeks with nothing but a sheet tacked over it before my grandfather found out and threw a fit. Those nights I had to go lights out after dark or else I would get lots of bugs, and I mean lots. If you've ever seen a porchlight out here in Florida, you'd know how many hundreds of insects can accumulate there. I fell asleep once with my ceiling light on and woke up to something biting me and bugs covering the walls and ceiling. I'm talking every variety imaginable. Some huge. I developed a fear for insects touching me after that. 
There was another time the neighbors horse broke the fence and decided to stick its head in my window like it was a stall door. I guess the wind blew down the sheet and this thing expected some oats. I woke up to something large snorting in the darkness and screamed. This spooked the horse and it thrashed before ducking out. My mother quickly ran in and shone the flashlight around until we saw the painted mare still wandering around in the yard looking very contempt. This incident is how my grandfather found out actually. Fun times all around.
Replies: >>633
Does the old house have a history attached to it? The burned figure seems fairly specific as far as ghosts sightings or whatever it is are concerned .
A girl I used to work with about 15 years years ago told me her brother encountered a werewolf, or something similar.
They lived in Bury near Manchester in England and I don't know the area unfortunately.
Apparently this large pitch black thing that resembled a dog chased her brother and some of his mates through a wooded area, they reached the end of the path they were being chased along and climbed a chain fence at the end of it, her brother being the last one over. When they got down the other side and looked back at it, it was stood upright at the fence like a man I think she said it was well over 6' tall.
When their mam came to do the laundry, she found 3 big cuts down the front of the brothers shirt like from an animals claws.

I've never really had anything spooky happen to me, aside from seeing a big fuck off great dane looking dog staring at me through the trees in a local forest. I told it to fuck off back to its owner.
There was the dead body field in the same forest though. It was an open area with tall grass, no trees and overlooked a housing estate. It fucking smelled horrible there and after going there once our group of friends avoided it from then on. We called it dead body field because it smelled like something had died up there, but we never actually found anything.
Replies: >>642
Doesn't the UK have a long tradition of supernatural black dogs? Black Shuck, and so forth?
Replies: >>644
We do, both dogs and cats, though I think the cats are more recent.
The Beast of Bodmin Moor was supposed to be a large black cat and last year there were also sightings of a "big cat" in and around Cheshire.
Replies: >>645
Weren't "black cats" just explained away as actual large cats that escaped from zoos and private owners?
Meanwhile, dogs might as well be a psychopomp considering for how long they have accompanied humanity.
Replies: >>648
>Weren't "black cats" just explained away as actual large cats that escaped from zoos and private owners?
They were, one of the recent sightings in Cheshire claimed that while the creature kind of looked feline, it didn't move like one.
I've seen wildlife trusts over the years say that they're indigenous wildcats, though at the rate they're actually seen by the public they may as well be fucking Bigfoot.
[Hide] (663.5KB, 720x880)
i don't know what you'd call this, probably me being a dumb kid and seeing shit and actually believing I saw shit. i think it was a morning before school and my mom was making breakfast, and for some reason i was in her bed because it was cold or something, no idea. anyways, i was tucked in with blankets and just kind of dozing off, when i saw something which i can only describe as a robot about my dad's height (pic related, even though this was before Gaylo 4) run through the wall, the bed, and then through me. and then it was over. I didn't feel different, just sort of thought to myself "that was weird" and that's it. I'm sure I knew at the time as well as now that it was just my semi-lucid brain seeing things, but it was still a bit strange
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1920x1080, 00:07)
>taking a walk with my dad near a river in Germoney half an hour after sunset
>river is right next to a town and we're not alone, there's a few people jogging or walking their dog, can hear crickets
>notice an aircraft flying at oddly low altitudes, dad notices it too
>it has more navigation lights than the usual Cessnas or Ambulance helis so I initially think of it as an A320 on a landing approach to an airport that doesn't exist
>as it gets closer its unsually bright red blinking navlights(?) reveal it to be a twin-rotor transport helicopter, most likely a Chinook as there is a NATO base a few dozen kilometers west of the town
>problem is Chinooks are very noisy while this thing is flying >1km distance from me at 200-300m altitude in complete silence
>lose sight after it flies over the hill in front of the town centre
>ask around later and no one saw any low flying aircraft that night
Not especially spooky but I don't get the point of sending a prototype stealth helicopter over a populated area.

Another one:
>circa 2005
>browsing a small webshop specializing in model train autism
>order some stuff, browse a bit more
>30 minutes later doorbell rung by local DHL package man
>it's what I ordered half an hour ago
>when Amazon at the time took around 1 week to deliver shit under ideal conditions in rural backwater countryside
>ask package man when this delivery was ordered
>he tells me the order came in around a day ago
>well I paid and there's nothing wrong with the package so whatever
>play with trains
[Hide] (44.1KB, 495x495)
>be sleepan
>dreaming of some shit I don't remember I think I was falling or some shit
>the moment I hit the ground in the dream I hear some fucking noise IRL
>jolt awake
>wtf was that
>was that the dream or
>try to look in the dark
>can't see shit
>hold still for a few seconds listening for more and deciding what to do
>all right I gotta check this shit out
>get out of bed
>turn lights on
>it turns out some box fell from a shelf, hit my desk and then another box on its way down making a racket and it all coincided perfectly with me falling in the dream
what hapen
audible hallucinations are very common in the hypnopompic state.
Replies: >>865 >>1066 >>1281
Are visual hallucinations common too? I recall occasions when I was about to enter a state of deep sleep or have just woken up, in which I would often see or hear things or people that turned out to not be there. One time, I could've sworn my dad, who I hadn't spoken to in almost a decade, had broken into my house and started shouting at me. When I was fully awake, I realized that didn't really happen. I chalked it up being a nightmare, but it was so vivid and realistic that I'm not entirely convinced.
Just today, I was walking back home around 7pm when I was hit by a pretty nasty downpour. To be fair, it had been raining more or less non-stop all day, but while most of it was nothing a good jacket couldn't handle, it suddenly started pouring to the point my jeans were soaking wet in two minutes flat. To add insult to injury, this being mid-autumn meant the sun was pretty much gone by that point, and the dense clouds above only worsened things.

I'm half-walking, half-running down the street when I notice a person on the sidewalk some feet ahead to me. It's seriously dark at this point, so the only thing I can make out is that the figure is facing a nearby house, with its back turned to me. I just assume it's another guy surprised by the rain, but as soon as I blinked,the figure was gone.
My first thought was that I had seen nothing more than my own shadow. Except that doesn't make sense because there wasn't any light source to cast such a shadow, said shadow would not have simply popped out of existence, and the figure I saw very certainly was three-dimensional. In the sense that it wasn't just a projection cast across the pavement but a solid object with a clear-cut outline.
The house I grew up had pretty active poltergeist activity, although we were the only people who had lived there since it was built. Supposedly most of the area was built on Indian burial grounds. There was constant noises throughout the night, feeling like you were being watched etc. My brother had even crazier things happen like straight up shadow figures and apparitions. Here are the three memories that I remember most vividly:
>Be me, night owl
>go to kitchen for drink at like 3am
>as you turn the corner into kitchen you are facing garage door
>garage door knob has been broken so it doesn't latch shut, aka you can push the door open without turning the handle
>as soon as I turn the corner the garage door is being pulled open, as if someone pulled the door from the other side as far as it would go and then released it so it slammed shut
>pitch black nothingness on the other side as the door slams closed
>stand there paralyzed with fear knowing that only me and my brother are home
>wait for what felt like an eternity for him to come out the other side
>get the fight or flight fear coursing through my veins and run the fuck out of there full speed

When I worked up the courage to check a little while later my brother was passed out in his bed and no windows or anything were open.

>Be me a few months later
>putting leftover food down the garbage disposal around 3 am again
>dump food, flip switch and turn on sink
>as soon as the garbage disposal starts loudly spinning I feel what can only be described as an angry person running up and crowding behind me
>feel a jolt of energy shoot through my body, all of the hairs on the back of my neck are standing up like an electric charge
>suddenly get the overwhelming feeling of terror and run the fuck out of their again

>Few years later
>Dad moved in with his gf and brother moved out of state
>I am living in the house until it is sold and taking care of my brothers cat
>would always hear shit moving around while in bed at night, figure it was cat knocking shit around or w/e
>brother moves to a new apartment and brings his dog and takes the cat since they didn't allow dogs or something
>chilling with dog bro now alone in the house
>first night, hearing the same noises
>it sounds like a tupperware bowl is being knocked across the floor, but constantly, as if a cat was playing with it
>time is 3 am
>dog is right next to me staring down the dark hallway with a look of concern

There is no greater feeling of absolute fear and dread then being alone in a house and hearing something like that in the darkness.
Replies: >>1065
>Supposedly most of the area was built on Indian burial grounds
Why is America like this? You wouldn't do it to a graveyard
Replies: >>1068
I think I heard my waifu scream as I woke up recently. I bet we were having sex.
Replies: >>1070
indians lie about it all the time though
She was, you weren't.
t. fuckd her
Replies: >>1071
Replies: >>1072
[Hide] (17KB, 255x189)
Which of you sellout faker faggots exposed us?
What the fuck.
How the fuck is that real?
I wish toad would shut up whenever I get a hypoglycemic episode, his voice is grating compared to the TV announcers I would hear in the rain as a kid.
[Hide] (93.5KB, 635x457)
>thinking someone wouldn't eventually surf shitboards for content and find things out
Replies: >>1406
[Hide] (221.1KB, 479x558)
>tfw these are the only archive left of old 4chan now that yuki.la is kill
thanks for reminding me
[Hide] (68.5KB, 702x672)
Story time is ogre
[Hide] (1006.2KB, 650x920)
Foreword: these aren't interesting.

Me and a friend broke into an abandoned insane asylum attached to a veteran's hospital 3 years ago, one of the hallways lead to it contrasting the maintained and deteriorating halves, that was rumored to have conducted experiments on soldiers and was generally agreed upon to be haunted. The first time I entered the premises I heard a shrill sorrowful scream, which my friend didn't hear from short distance from the entrance, from the opposite end of the campus and because a police car was stationed in front of the asylum we would return another night. The asylum is well-known and rumored about because of it being a popular Generation X hangout where people threw parties when they were in their youths. There was only one way in it, a window up stained marble stairs above the ground level, that was too old and small to bother locking up. There was an elevator shaft thick with dust and the flashlight we had wasn't strong enough to penetrate it. Curiously in the display cases showed events and dates for after the hospital closed and my friend is someone who's facts should be taken with grains of salt. Exploring more of the 'pital exiting the bathroom and looking into some procedure rooms we hard a sinister exhale in which we looked at each other and decided to not risk a great story or soul imprisonment. The bottom floor didn't have anything of note, just old boxes and emptied office cabinets. Outside the police car returned and we waited it out for 10 minutes before it and we left.

A few days later we went to a cemetery that was definitely haunted where my friend encountered some cryptid demon animal that yipped and yowled like a fox or small dog and a statue that moved. The Uber driver was an Aryan Afghan man who talked to us about djinns on the drive there. The most interesting thing I saw was a hole in the brick wall with bricks outside of the cemetery meaning something busted out from it. We didn't encounter anything spooky, we spit on jewish graves and I drew a penis and swastikas on the entrance to them with spray paint. My friend then suddenly had to shit their pants and the only thing stopping them was clutching onto the cross and the feeling subsided when we left but I think that retard was just nervous about the naughty thing we did. Next to the cemetery is an abandoned small amusement park where friend saw a scarecrow staring at her but again I took it with a grain of salt.

Last Summer we looked into an abandoned elementary school adjacent to the cemetery. We found a cool coffin and mummified cat. Friend said the time before they heard some cackling. I don't know the history of the school or why it was abandoned but it wasn't a normal one, I'm not sure if it was some church charter or for kids who got emotionally or mentally screwed or a small private school or just a daycare but there were no classroom, just a lot of storage, peeled lead paint, a gymnasium, and giant pile of bikes. I guess it closed in the 90s and has been waiting to be renovated or demolished by some recent owner.
You're right, this place isn't so hidden nor worth hiding. I don't really mind these channels anymore either since it's the only place I can find these stories in one spot these days.
[Hide] (2.7MB, 01:04)
I was messing around with a TTS generator some months ago, and got schizo speak back when I kept changing settings and running the preview too fast.
All I had typed in was "Hello, I am a robot" and got this back
[Hide] (123.9KB, 1280x720)
>copy my blood glucose diary for reasons, comparing it with the saved data on my meter
>everything matches up until 1st September
>the hand-written records and those on my meter completely diverge at any point before that date
>I got sick in mid-August which caused my blood glucose level to temporarily spike to 400-something
>this value shows up at the correct date and time in my meter but is completely absent on paper
>go further back, check if I somehow fucked up the formatting/order or skipped recording a day but the data on my meter never matches up with the written records outside of occasional single points which can attributed to random chance
>there's no signs of tampering with the diary itself from what I can tell, the records start to diverge mid-page with no indication of the paper being fucked with or a change in handwriting
>handwriting and ink color are consistent with the pen I've been using to write the diary the past few years
Did anything spooky happen between August 31 and September 1st?
What do the CIAyys gain from tampering with recorded blood glucose measurements, assuming I didn't jump timelines again?
Replies: >>1470
have you tried not being a diabetic fat fuck?
Replies: >>2061
[Hide] (3.6MB, 720x1280, 00:18)
>go to cdromance to pirate sum vidya
>see an english patched nipponese game
>request download
>file already exists
>indeed it does
>nestled between two other games I distinctly rember pirating a few days ago
>but I have no memory of downloading the game in the middle, even though I should as the franchise is familiar and the game itself is easy to recognize by its cover art
>the An-226 is still designated as An-225 in every piece of media I can find
Am I growing senile?
[Hide] (131.3KB, 333x500)
This shit will always feel off,
>Be around 5
>Always was a kid that had trouble going to sleep but slept well and throughout the night
>Really homely too, like my bed and hated going outside where it was cold
>Still liked to go outside to play with friends and such
>One day I simply wake in the middle of the night
>Feel like something is calling me outside
>Open curtains to see what
>Nothing, just suburbia
>Stayed there staring for like 40 minutes for some reason beyond my comprehension
>Go back to bed and fall asleep
>Next day I wake up and parents are acting kind of odd
>Giving me concerned looks
>I ignore it until Dad just blurts out that I gave them a big scare last night
>Ask them why
>Dad tells me I was sleepwalking
>I think it's cool because I saw it on TV
>Dad tells me I opened the front door and started yelling for both of them
>Then started running on the street while yelling the same leaving the front door open
>They finally woke up and caught to me when I was almost out of our neighboorhood
>I'm frightened at this point 
>I tell them about last night
>They're concerned but just brush it off as an overstimulated 5 year old mind and too much TV
>Start frequently sleepwalking until I'm around 10 from then on
>Nothing big, but would sometimes scare the shit out of my parents
>Insomnia from then on to this day, never sleepwalked again
Even now whenever I go to the varanda of my old room to go for a smoke at night, I still feel something calling me out to the street, not as strong, but still there, it scares the shit out of me.
I have a few spooky things that have happened to me, but I dont really tell anyone about them anymore since they make me seem like a schizo

>be 3 or 4
>too young to go to primary school so my aunt takes care of me during the day
>usually a fun time, we go out and do things like going to the mall or going to see my uncle at the car dealership he works at
>one day we go for a walk on a trail that goes through the middle of the town
>I'm a weak little bastard so we cant go too far
>trail is mostly empty since its a weekday
>we walk a bit and then leave, once we get back near the parking lot my aunt runs into someone she knows
>start having boring adult chatter
>stare off into the meager amount of woods while they chat
>they're not as pretty as the ones behind my house in the country but i like all the pretty colours
>suddenly see something brown come out of the trees a fair bit away
>no idea what the fuck it is
>stare really hard at it and realize its something walking
>theres two things actually, they're pretty tall have brown fur
>think its neat to see an animal in such a busy town
>realize that these things are walking on two legs
>as I focus harder on them realize that its gotten sorta foggy
>the one is carrying a large stick with a bright light hanging from it
>as they go down the trail the fog gets thicker until they and their light vanish
>stand there staring in awe until my aunt finishes talking
>tell her i saw something walking down the trail
>she brushes it off as me just seeing people
>we go home and i never talk about it again

I've also had other spooky shit happen as I got older, like my stuffed animals moving when i leave the room to go talk to my parents, odd dreams and spooky sounds when i was alone in the basement. After my parents got a divorce my mom and I moved into a farmhouse where a few really spooky things happened but nothing too big, just doors opening and closing and phantom footsteps.  Back in college a few years ago when i was drunk with a couple friends we got haunted by something but my biggest recent story is this;

>stay up late watching youtube shorts
>know its gay but that shit sucks you in really quickly
>listen to NDT and some other science fags talk about the sheer size of the universe
>heard this shit for years about death, the size of the universe and entropy
>but something clicks in my head this time, I'm filled with sheer panic and fear
>try to calm down and sleep it off
>feel nauseous and end up vomitting, cant stop shaking
>for the next week I'm in this hellish experience of being too scared to do anything
>can't be alone or else I'll start thinking too much and get sick
>almost have panic attacks every time I open my eyes and see the world around me, the things inside it

For some quick context, I've been an edgy atheist since I was like 8, before then I had some beliefs but for a small time in my life i vehemently denied them for some reason. I understand the science behind most things and how they work and it had never bothered me before.

>after a week of constant crying, vomiting and screaming my mom brings me a letter from an old lady she helps with
she does care for the elderly and stuff like that for a living 
>this woman I've never met wrote me a small note on a printout about what mormons believe after death
>it doesnt really help with my fear and panic but i really appreciate her caring enough to try to help some deadbeat kid she doesn't even know
>decide I should try the one thing I hadnt tried all week because of this act of kindness
>start listening to bible verses and guided meditation while I try and usually fail to fall asleep
>it helps me get to sleep the first night, I'm still super scared and sick but at least I'm not sleep deprived
>suffer through another day and try the bible verses and guided meditation again the next night
>in one the guy says some stuff about guardian angels watching over everyone
>suddenly feel a wave of heat and calm wash over me
>the guy in the video says the words "God loves you"
>for some reason I break out sobbing
>this continues for an hour until the video ends and a little bit after

I have no idea what the fuck happened, for a few days after i had trouble falling asleep because i felt like something was watching me from the hallway, but I felt better and I haven't felt that immense panic or fear since then, even when watching the same shit if I accidentally scroll by it.
Spoiler File
(65.7KB, 1024x768)
2 years ago an event changed my entire perspective on the supernatural and entities. This story starts with a guy who was introduced to me by a member of an online community I host. We were on a voice call together along with some friends while he was streaming himself outside walking around in a park in New Jersey. We're talking for hours and around sunset we both hear a strange sound.

He begins to walk closer to the sound and it becomes clearer as he walks towards it, the sound sounded like this "huhhuhhuh huhhuhhuh huhhuhhuh huhhuhhuh huhhuhhuh" it sounded like Homer Simpson's laugh pitch shifted, almost as if an animal was mimicking the sound. When I could hear the sound clearly an image popped into my mind spontaneously of something which looked like concept art of the Demon Cleric from Dark Souls 3 but it was more like a goatman. A sudden rush of cold spread throughout my whole body along with adrenaline, I told the guy to run and instantly he booked it to his car. The whole time he was running you could hear the sound follow him to the car and he sped back home. I asked him some questions when he arrived and he told me that he saw three black blobs near a lake and he didn't remember much after that.

Later he told me that he's been to that park a couple times and told me the history of it. Long ago children drowned in that lake and since then people in that community hung crosses on the limbs of the trees there. He took one of the crosses there off the trees years before, I can't help but think this entity tried to lure this guy to his death as vengeance. After we were done speaking I had the urge to tell everyone I knew about this story and had trouble sleeping that night due to the adrenaline I had left in my system. Eventually that night I was able to sleep and I had a dream where I was floating above central Asia. The three entities introduced themselves to me by their names "not saying them here" and took me across the world. 

This trip stopped when these entities took me to London and bestowed a prophecy upon me. The prophecy entailed that within my lifetime the polar shift will occur and when it does it'll freeze most of the Northern Hemisphere and it'll happen suddenly. I woke up from the dream and the guy who I experienced this phenomena with had a mental breakdown and deleted all of his messages he sent in the server one by one while also ranting before leaving. A couple friends I told this story to had nightmares including a girl who I was dating, she told her friend about the story and the friend was sent to the hospital due to a suicide attempt. On that day random things started to go missing at my home and a rough knocking started on the wall where I slept.  

Not knowing what to do I consulted another friend who's a "seer" type of person and he was able to visualize what was at my home, he described these entities as "vengeful dog spirits" which would strike people like daggers. He advised me to not speak of this incident otherwise this entity could become more powerful. I took his advice and didn't tell anyone new about this incident until years later and those who I told weren't affected by it so I think by now this story no longer has power which can harm people's lives. Almost everyday at night until recently I'd have nightmares since this event and the dreams would always be the same, they all involved three characters "typically women" who were tricksters or background characters.

The picture provided is the lake where this occurred. If you have any questions message me on Element @focusaccount:matrix.org
It's nothing really crazy, but it's the only thing that I can't explain at all.
Back when I was maybe 12, my dad had recently gotten remarried and we had all moved to a new house in a developing neighborhood. While it was definitely suburban, it neighbored a really undeveloped area owned by the old local super rich people. What you really need to know is that our backyard was right along a clearing made for power lines, and that there was a walkable, ie non super grassy, strip that led down a hill that we were on to a creek, and then back up a hill onto the rich people property 
>dad having some party for some reason 
>stepbrother and I are both bored to tears, it's just a bunch of old farts drinking and talking
>we go to the backyard and just walk around and talk about whatever it is 12 year olds talk about
>this isn't a super important facet of the story, but I very vividly remember having a solo cup in my hand, it's one of the most concrete parts of the memory that is always part of it
>eventually after walking around we look over to the rich people property
>something walks out of the grass onto the walkable strip on the side
>this is a ways away, it's not like we're right on top of it or anything like that
>but we can still see something walk out of the grass
>it's bright orange
>I mean, it looked like I had on thermal vision goggles and was looking at a person
>aside from orange, it's bipedal and I can see swinging arms
>if I had to guess height, I'd say no taller than six or maybe six and a half feet. Take that with a grain of salt, this was years ago and a large distance off, so I could be totally wrong
>we both stare at it for minutes on end
>eventually I point and ask him if he sees it
>it points back at us
>I freak out
>say that we should go inside
>he doesn't want to
>he waves
>it waves back
>I don't want to look like a pussy, so I stay outside
>he does a bunch of arm movements
>it copies the arm movements as well as it can
>this goes on for a little bit
>eventually we get called inside
>we walk in
>it stays put
>go inside
>dad always mocks me when I say weird stuff, so don't tell anyone
>go to sleep that night
>think I hear tapping on my window
>I'm on the second story
>there's no way
>get super scared
>hide under blankets and don't look
That's the most unnatural thing I've ever seen. I never liked going that direction after that, and I'd only go play in those woods if someone else was coming with. We never saw it again, and I don't think that we ever actually spoke about it. I don't know why he didn't, but I didn't want it to be real, but now it's one of the most vivid memories that I have from the early days at that house.
This is going to sound pretty retarded, but I'm pretty sure I remembered the line in the song "Invisible Touch" by Genesis being
>She has a secret ability
instead of
>She has a built in ability
Am I just remembering it wrong or does anyone else remember it this way? I don't really know what the implications of this would be, but I kinda thought it was weird
Replies: >>1902
I always recalled it being "built in".
I don't think you've been Madela'd, anon.
[Hide] (11.1KB, 250x201)
>be college dropout 7 years ago
>fulltime neet with parents
>it's november, fall in full swing, day was a mix of light rain and short glimpses of sun
>outside is somewhat misty and humid the kind that gets in your bones
>it's 4 am
>just turned off my pc
>about to go to beddy
>my mom parked the car on the other side of our apartment because all the other parking spots were full in the usual area something which literally never happened before
>it's parked in the lot in front of my window and she told me to check on it because there have been car thefts recently
>go get water
>come back
>check on car while closing the shutters of my window because fucking streetlights light my whole room up
>I'm about just about to close em, just about to fucking close em when I barely notice something high up in the sky right in front of me
>my eyes jump to where I think saw it
>nothing just the black/greyness of the misty, starless, night sky
>did I hallucinate?
>stay still focusing intensely on the same spot for a few more moments
>a white dot of light blinks briefly
>what the hell
>keep looking
>light blinks again
>notice it's blinking at regular intervals like a 5 second pause and a quarter of a second blink
>try to figure out what the fuck I'm looking at while I keep staring
>ok, I'm retarded, I know there's a fucking mountain on that side that's gotta be one of the navigation lights for planes
>with that rationalization in mind I close the shutters
>go to bed
>wait a minute
>how come there's only one
>how come I never noticed it before I've lived here for 5 years now
>how far and how tall was that mountain even
>get out of bed again
>open the shutter and look for it again
>there it is still blinking
>I can't really make out the actual mountain or anything really because of the city light pollution and the mist from the humidity but that's gotta be it right
>shit's still blinking
>unsure what to do tempted to just forget and go to sleep since it's past 4
>genius idea
>get a highlighter from my sister's pencil case
>mark where I'm standing on the floor and then the spot where the light is blinking on the glass
>I'll check it out tomorrow with the sunlight
>go to bed
>fast forward to the next day
>get out of bed
>first thing I do is check the shit out
>stand on the spot
>look at marked area on glass
>it's way, way, waaay far above the mountain the mountain didn't even look half as tall as to where I saw it
>even then it was way too far for me to make out the navigation lights so clearly
>what in the actual fuck
>look up "blinking light in the sky" on a search engine
>find shit about it being "pulsars" or bogus videos on youtube showing what's probably drones with leds
>forget about it
>few days pass
>going to bed late again
>I suddenly recall the whole light thing
>it's a clear night I should be able to see it clearly
>go check
>fuckall, nothing
Replies: >>1993
I just noticed my story >>1992 is kinda similar to yours, except mine didn't move and was white instead of yellow
[Hide] (13.8KB, 500x258)
Fucking hell, I keep seeing these lights in the sky.
>go on road trip with dad
>everything goes well up there
>by the time we're going home it's dusk and I can start seeing the lights everywhere
>we listen to a couple of podcasts, of course one of them is about UFO disclosure
>a couple of these lights are in the sky already.
>some of these change colors, other just float around.
>while going down an exit ramp, I see two orange lights hovering right above the road.
>they fly down close to the ground and then go back up into the woods.
>one city later, I see a red-white light in the sky that slowly descends then wobbles up and down, back and forth. 
>I show it to dad and he sees it too, says "What the hell is that?"

Other than this, there wasn't much else that happened. Either way, this is very spooky, because now I know I'm not just seeing things.
[Hide] (20KB, 400x290)
Not everyone with diabetes is fat, get out of your dark phase and stop trying to be edgy. It's literal genetics. I eat like 5k a day and drink like a fish and are not diabetic whilst type one hits children and shit you faggot. 
>these people caring about the orange lights
I could tell you what I think but you'd not care any more than a pig would upon seeing some shiny white orbs in the dirt. In fact I admire pigs in that regard; you should learn from them. It's irrelevant. Everyone has seen them and any wise individual would ignore their path just as they ignored yours. You're not mature enough to follow them anyway, noises, lights, you are not worthy of understanding such things or you would be willing to risk your life to find out what they are. I did so  possibly, but are too agnostic to admit what happened. The result is my face getting a numb tingling sensation whenever someone I used to know is near by me that I haven't seen in years. I don't notice them until after my face is half numb. My parents told me that when I was a child I saw lights floating in my actual house, or apartment rather, unless it was a mobile home... it really doesn't matter because I have no memory of it. The mother claims I had a new lump behind my ear after talking about these scary lights I don't remember. It's on the opposite side of the tingling side. If aliens were real they're not there to help you so it's best to ignore them assuming that any of this sort of thing is even real. My parents seem to equate aliens to angles but also my own mother has this story of hating them for not intervening in some house fire. She didn't understand. Do you understand? It's not relevant. When I saw the orange lights as an adult that often so many do see I simply made a joke to a long lost friend of mine: "help! take us away from here! We're not like these normal people!" And that was that.  A joke to me as much as my past is. I actually have no desire to meet people from my past. I wish they were dead, but my feelings don't hardly matter to even me. It's not relevant. I'm not relevant. You are not relevant either. The lights are not relevant to someone that is not relevant. Understand? Me neither. But I don't  hardly care. My friend I did care about and now no longer do. He was an odd duck just as I am. RIP
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>>2061 (me)
>secret Santa
>drew own name
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