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Ok, so we all know skinwalkers in the woods, ghosts in abandoned hotels/houses/apartment complex and alien probing you're mum's anus greentext stories, most of which are fictional. How about you tell some shit that you actually experienced in your daily life which was bazooper creepy?
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>father always pisses with the bathroom door open
>sometimes I talk to him from around the corner sitting on his bed
>need to go, other bathroom is occupied
>see light on in bathroom, go sit on the bed
>say something to him
>he says something back, actual words, loud enough to clearly be him, localized to the bathroom
>wait a long while
>ask if he's almost done
>no response
>keep waiting
>still no response
>peek around the corner
>nobody's in there
>where did he go?
>never left the room, there's no other exit unless he exited through the window but I would have heard or halfway seen it
>find him in the living room
>weren't you just in the bathroom?
<then who was shitter
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my rationalized guess: you were used to that situation
>you say thing
>your father replies
you saw the light on, which was only on because someone forgot to turn it off, and when you called for him your brain kinda hallucinated a response automatically even if there wasn't one. a pavlov's dog kinda thing?
>>321 (OP) 
I have plenty but one of the spookiest shit is back when I saw something akin to a werewolf or a shapeshifter when I was a kid. Sounds like bullshit but bear with me

>be at the countryside far from town 
>house runs out of water for some reason I don't remember
>have to clean the dishes at an outdoor sink after dinner 
>said sink was quite a few meters away from the house so enough light to barely see while making the surroundings pitch black 
>reached the sink, finish washing everything and ready to go 
>suddenly hear a growl coming from the woods a few steps away from me 
>see what it seems to be a dog but it's so dark I can't even tell what breed it is or if it's even a dog at all, it looked more like a sort of shadow in the form of a dog 
>slowly start to back away in confusion as the "dog" shifted into the shadow of man 
>it kept growling at me but now with a human voice as if he was trying to imitate a dog 
>all the while standing still and shifting between a man and a dog, at one point it seemed like it was both things at once but it kept shifting over and over 
>I kept walking backwards without getting my eyes off of it and I ran to the house once I got far enough from the woods
>look back

of course, logically no one believed me, not even to this day and I never expect people to do so. When I asked around that place had a few bizarre stories but nothing about werewolfs or shit like that 
still, i'm sure it was real but I don't remember being that scared, mostly because my brain was too bussy trying to process what was happening, it's still hard to describe. If I were to describe it, looking at the shifting was like seeing something that distorts and overlaps over itself while still being 2 different things at the same time, really confusing
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a bear?
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lol no, there's no large animals in this part of the world outside of some big snakes
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>>321 (OP) 
This is the only paranormal experience I've had outside of creepy sleep paralysis and shadow men.

This happened on the night of the 31st of December going into the new year of 2017. Now, I don't know if you remember but near the end of 2016, there was a lot of discussion over whether we live in a computer simulation. I've never been a full believer but the logic of "if it is possible, then odds are that we are in one" made sense to me as the time as I was not religious. This is important to note as on the night of December 31st 2016 I felt something that I can only compare as a computer reboot. I'll go into details as to what exactly I experienced:

I got home from my New Year's party early at around 10PM (didn't stay long because I didn't really feel like it that year.) I did some 8chan browsing for a bit and then went to bed. Now, I don't know when I woke up, but it was still as dark as it was when I went to bed. Initially, I woke up and was completely lucid, not feeling tired at all and fully aware of my surroundings, however I could not move an inch (I don't remember if I was able to blink or not). Nothing happened for a while, I just thought it was strange I couldn't move, but I've had sleep paralysis in the past so at the moment I just assumed that's what was happening. After a few minutes, I heard a "shut down" sound, not shut down from your computer but more like the sound of a machine powering off with a swoosh, then nothing for maybe 10-15 seconds then I started having a ringing in my hears that increased in intensity over 20 seconds, sounded like the sound you hear when you have tinnitus, but extremely loud. At the same time as the ringing started, progressively my vision started getting brighter and brighter (not the lighting in the room, but more like if you had a low intensity flashlight pointed into your eyes that would ramp up in brightness) until I wasn't able to see anything but white with rectangular shapes moving in a circular pattern in the brightness, if that makes sense. At this point, my heart was racing, and the only thought I remember going through my head was "holy shit, those theories about us living in a computer simulations were real, and they're shutting off the simulation going into 2017. Everyone else on Earth must be going through this right now." Then, the brightness stopped at once, however now it was like I had completely lost my sight, I couldn't see my room anymore. The only thing I could see at this point was those rectangles moving in the circular pattern and I was able to notice they had a blue tint. Eventually this went away too, leaving me with simply seeing nothing. I remember wanting to get out of my bed and move around at this point, but again I had no control over my body. The last thing I remember is remaining in this state which is what I imagine being blind is like. I assume sleep took me after a while.

I woke up the next morning, and the first thing I did was get up and go talk about the experience with my dad (we lived together). However, he hadn't been home from the party until 4 in the morning and barely slept.

I talked about it with a few people shortly after it happened, and no one had felt this. Usually people would ask me if I drank on that night, which I did, and they'd say that's what caused it, however I didn't drink a lot, I was able to drive home just fine.

To this day, I haven't heard about anyone experiencing something like this. The closest would be alien abductions, and while I'm not very knowledgeable on the subject and while it is similar to what people report, as far as I could tell everything happened within my room and I wasn't taken anywhere.

Has anyone on here experienced something like this, or heard about something like this before?
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Going through the second image in >>210
"a humming noise will start out quiet, and get louder and louder, and a bright white light fills the room, and then it slowly turns blood red as the hum reaches its peak pitch, like a skull splitting tinnitus"
"says he usually blacks out after that, but not always"

Well damn. Looks like I might have gotten a visit from ayys.
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Best to follow the advice in that repost. Pick your favorite god and find something iron to keep on you.
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A bear snake.
The Holy Father in Heaven is my protector. I've only had this happen once thought, unless I forgot about it if it happened again.

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