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All things considered I'm doin pretty good. Complete quarantine was such a nice breather from everything that I almost forgot how shit normalniggers were. Shame it was only so long. I miss the empty streets.

So, what about you guys? I hope you all are well or at the very least doin better.
Early period quarantine was a blessing. I was living alone through most of it and got to do everything from home, it was peace and quiet that I haven't experienced in years. It's a shame that things are "reopening" now, at least in my country. The zombies are out on the streets again and work/college expect you to do the same. I can't wait till I'm financially stable enough to move out to the suburbs or another country altogether where quarantine is no different than any other time.
Admittedly I do miss the little social interaction I used to occasionally have with that one friend or family member that keeps me grounded, but otherwise I'm okay.
Indeed it's great. I find hilarious how normalniggers went insane with it. I even see workplaces in which they could easily work from home BUT the normalniggers in charge still force the wagies to go and work in the office, even though we are at a supposed new peak of new cases. God I hope the vaccines fucks up lots of people, so I can laugh at them when the vaccine ends up decimating them and their jewish ways.
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it's nostalgic reading posts about quarantine. i am a summerfag as of right now and im wondering how best to dedicate my time over the next 3 months, i am working on my programming right now but i'm not sure how to pick up the pace without a class structure.
this board is incredibly dead but surprisingly comfy. i don't use endchan much but the site gives me a good fix and maybe it can grow into a sizeable comfy community
i don't fucking understand why normalniggers absolutely need to rip time spent away from home when you can accomplish tasks remotely. people should be able to work wherever and however the fuck they want as long as they are able to accomplish their duties
It's all thanks to the ol' christcuck guilt over abortion that I've even had to deal with this shitshow of a reality. Ample opportunity and success never dispelled this hollow feeling. I am not sure if I can blame anything. Maybe I was just born fucked up. I wish I could scream until I dissolved into a puddle of gore.
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