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What happened to Wizchan?
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Im hoping they got sued for the stalking tbh, but it probably was bc some discord faggotry
I have no idea. But I'd be interested in knowing. I had heard that the administration there was comprised of literal faggots, that could be part of the problem.
>>2609 (OP) 
Died from cancer and faggotry
Here's a better question, what ever became of lizchan?
The old .xyz domain doesn't work since like months ago, and I haven't heard anything from lizmin.
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It's back up. Kinda wishing it stayed down.
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>pic related
Holy shit I thought it was bad but I didn't know it was that fucking bad. It's not often that a post genuinely disgusts me through words alone.
Here's to hoping that the next time wizchan gets nuked it stays down for good. They are a bastardization of what being a wizard used to mean.
Lizchan BO advertised the board on 4cucks so I could care less about where the board os now.
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It's standart everywhere now that white males are the targeted demographic by the state as well. Remember all the post-9/11 power and cash grabbing the state did under the pretext of fighting islamic terrorism? Well, now they're focused on evil US citizens. Kind of ironic if you remember the pretext to invade all the MENA countries was "they're killing their own people!"
>that image
It's shit like that post that makes me think this can't possibly be real life, that this must be some kind of twisted, insane fever-dream that I can't seem to wake up from.
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try this: lizchan.top
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I am usually able to brush it off as just "oh that must be a troll from CC or kiwifarms", but when they don't get banned and keep posting it doesn't matter if they're sincere or not.
I think the icing on the cake was letting an actual tranny post. It was at that point I realised it was completely fucked. Kind of a side note, but why does lizchan have so many moderators? There's 5 or so for a site that gets a post a day and part of me thinks the rumour that theyre just a honeypot by the wizchan mods top trap those that don't like wizchan
Wizchan is like a contest to see who can make himself into the biggest loser online. Because of this, it primarily attracts incels who screech at users who actually do things besides hating women in front of a computer screen all day. I wish it would have died off and stayed dead.
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Wizchan sucks, and everyone who stays there has crabs in a bucket mentality. Magicchan (RIP) was the only good Wizardchan successor.
You're right; this is a good post.

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