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This is my first time making a thread like this so please bare with me:
A general thread dedicated to The discussion of plant cultivation for whatever purpose, in my case for food, and yes I am the Melon guy and seeing as I'm starting this thread I'll give you guys a little update. Nig is basically dead, he fell over 2 days after I took away the supports, the cutting of Ger is doing relatively well, but I didn't want to make you guys all gloomy I have a seed germinating. (see pics related) Out of all my Previous attempts this one came out the best, you guys made it better.

Links for your own planting endeavors:,Cut%20the%20bottle%20in%20half.
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>>131 (OP) 
Nice to see this thread is up. I just came to /k/ to see if anyone started one. Hopefully the BO doesn't mind a somewhat off topic thread.

Other than that I'd like to add a little advice to anyone getting started: 
If you're living the US I'd recommend checking for your  local agricultural extension. They will often times have tonnes of amazing documentation and research pertaining to you're local area. check the link to find one close to you.

One final thing, tomorrow I'll be posting some current pics of my ongoing cultivation efforts. I plan on taking measurements tomorrow for new raised beds. Will explain in further detail tomorrow as I need some sleep.
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Godspeed anon, godspeed.
It's not off-topic. Cultivation is related to prepping and survivalism, both on-topic discussions for /k/.
>>131 (OP) 
That's a sad looking seedling.
Too much soil moisture, not enough airflow.
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that's what I told him earlier. 

Gonna head out to do measurements should be back with in a few hours
Plz no bulli Ger fell over and he's drying up our because of it
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Alright I have returned.
So my plans for next year are to plant the following:
>Garlic/ Onions (both in the ground already; see pics related)
>Sweet Potatoes
>Various herbs
>A Chestnut tree
>Multiple Hazelnut trees
>2 Apple trees 
>Peppers (Bell, Poblano, Habanero, and Jalapeno)
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>Garlic/ Onions
>Sweet Potatoes
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>first pic 01
>second pic 04
Are there any missing images anon?
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I found this muddy patch of land a fair ways away from local civilization. Its a bit hard to dig in, and it likes to stick to the shovel. I assume that means it's pretty moist ground, does that make it good for planting?
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send pictures, from your description it sounds very clay rich which is generally not great for planting. The amount of organic matter also is very important as well
Hi guys I'm back with really fucking sad news, NIG AND GER ARE FUCKING DEAD but I've got some seeds and I'm ready to start again hope fully I don't go full nigger and fuck it up this time. 
This is a copy paste from the thread on /b/
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Don't know if this is offtopic but my neighbor has a mango tree and a shit-ton of mangos that fall under my property. What could I do with them? I can't use all of them and nobody in neighborhood wants them. I was thinking of turning it into wine but I don't know how it is going to taste like. I hate to see it go to waste.
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always a good choice, shouldn't taste to bad.
In addition to that you could also can them, as it always nice to have some.
Just a heads up to anyone getting into brewing.
Pectin concentration is one of the components that cause yeast to produce methanol.
You'll need to fractionalize it if you ever plan to concentrating.
>>131 (OP) 
I would strongly recommend you Anons invest in an independent irrigation system if you haven't already. If possible, dig a well, and if not set out some rainwater barrels. Anything is better than city water that can be shut off by fedniggers.
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