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Vidya thread for vidya autism and news.

Apparently a dev of stalker Володимир Анатолійович Єжов (Volodymyr Anatoliyovych Yezhov), whose face is present as Loki in Call of Pripyat died died Bakhmut last year. Must have missed it in the shitshow that meatgrinder that was.
>pic related
Now get outdoors of here stalker
I remember that, what a shame. I think a few other Stalker devs were killed as well.
I'd like for CoC to be good but from the trailers it seems like they've turned it into another generic Unreal game. Will have to see how in-depth it is when it comes out.
If the guy who made A-Life dies, Stalker 2 has 0.00% chance of being good
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Finally I can stop ranting about Warthunder on /tg/
>Bretagne (french BB) still has its secondaries shot 10 degrees to the left of where you are aiming
For fuck sake gajin fix your fucking shit.
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Man, i hate the snail.
(you) will play it and (you) will hate it.
Have they fixed American ship armor 'accidentally' being spall liners (and thus defeated by anything hitting them) yet?
Replies: >>1561
>on consoles
>unreal engine 
It's already at 0%.

Why are you playing ships it's the worst gamemode in wt?
Replies: >>1573
Yes, I believe this issue is fixed and for a lomg time now floating burgers had the reverse issue, of spall liner offering too much protection.
There was a recent update which changed how the shell damage is calculated, previously, the shrapnel created by shell had most of its damage centered on one of the fragments, while others deal like 10 times less damage. Well, they changed it and now all fragments deal similiar damage. This instantly increased the damage caused by shots by three times and greatly increased chances of enemy shots penning and leading to ammo explosions. This made HE viable, even great, which greatly helped japanese, who are probably the most powerfull faction right now with introduction of first 16 incher in the game.
The damage was reduced a little bit but everything still feels like glass. Ammo explosions are common and ships with multiple fast firing guns like USS Atlanta or really most of US lineup are doing very well. I have seen Des Moines eat BBs.
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Because I want to play a game about warships which I can run on my toaster and World of Warships is even more garbage.
If you have better suggestions, I'm all ears.

>for a long time now
The 'bug' hasn't existed for a long time, just since they added spall liners to some tanks.
After the added spall liners to tanks, due to backlash they 'modified' the spall liners to disintegrate once hit. Because the lazy bastards at the Snail had just used the American Ship spall liners for the tanks, this meant that American Naval armor just disappeared once any partially-penetrating hit was made to it. Meaning even CLs could reliably mulch US BBs with no real issues because most US BB armor plates thin to less than 150mm over non-vital areas, and a penetration in those areas would delete the entire plate- including the Main Armor Belt.
This 'bug' still existed when I last played during the grind event for the Indian aircraft.
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Does the nipponese Type 43 Army fighter plane still disintegrate at speeds greater than 350 km/h?
Replies: >>1590
I will be honest, I dont know, I only play brits, frogs and italians.
>If you have better suggestions, I'm all ears
Must they be multiplayer? If not, then:
>War on the Sea
>Cold Waters (subs only)
>Wolfpack (Well actually this one is CO-OP)
>Battlestations Pacific
Next battle pass for warthunder will have
>USS Flagstaff
>chinese P-51
>swedish Tiger 2
Or so the rumors say. There is nothing in there that I want .
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Mind you Flagstaff is fine and it is the only unique one but Tiger (swedes bought one for testing, hilarity ensued) is just a recolor and P-51 is not only a recolor, its the SAME FUCKING VEHICLE as the premium one in nipponese tech tree, just just before it was captured, which is on whole another level of lazyiness
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Here is your controller, dude.
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>there was the kid who was a total bro and never reset the Nintendo 
>then there was the faggot kid who always hit the reset button 
>then there was the kid who destroyed the tv
Is that a gun-type PC?
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I host a swat4 serb sometimes. would anyone here be interested in games once in a while? i use SEF version 7 but sometimes SEF FR.
I generally play on stock maps because the custom maps are unstable, but some of them are good. I dont mind playing with a low player count. i prefer it.
So, Warthunder is beginning the next cycle of endless events; the reward this time is a Chinese Tank Destroyer with the IS-7 gun.
Anyone actually biting or is this a hard pass?
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I have no interest at all with chinese tanks. I also dont see a point in getting a tank with worse gun then what is currently avaiable in the tech tree. Honestly these events fucking suck, only that first one had an interesting reward. 

This battlepass sucks too, the rewards are just reskins (except for flagstaff which I guess is okay but I will not pay for privilege of grinding and I have no desire to play burgers) . Even bond shop is kinda shit with 
>chink stuart
>russian kayak with two ass mounted 14,5mm guns. Annoying configuration
>german wellington, very mediocre bomber
>brit thunderbolt mk.1 - yes, mk.1, its worse then any other thunderbolt in the game
>italian destroyer,  tigre. Below average at best
>t-14, burger heavy but still with shermans turret and cannon. 

Even ship decoration is dissapointing, its an emblam of swedish fleet, not something cool like an entire drakkar.
Replies: >>1747 >>1759
Pretty much my opinion as well.

>t-14, burger heavy but still with shermans turret and cannon. 
Burger T-series tanks don't have a hyphen; the hyphen marks it as a Vodkamobile.
Also, if only it had a Sherman turret. Instead, it has an absolutely ridiculous turret with a face so thin that literal reserve guns can pen it at 500m.
It also has the most glaring shot trap of any tank in its hull MG, its armor is also a complete joke. It can be penned from literally every direction by over 2/3rds of its peers, and somehow for some reason people still insist its one of the most OP vehicles in the game.
It's a fat fucking hamburger, an obese Sherman, a Locust that decided to grow up to be a balloon.

Admittedly, I actually like the thing from a historical standpoint. It's just absolutely not a good tank verse anyone that can aim, so yeah, not worth grinding a BP for.
Replies: >>1759
>t-14 heavy tank with paper thin armor on 4.7
>worse in every way except the shell type then the M4A5 medium tank on 3.7
Gayjew always finds a way to amaze me.
Replies: >>1775
To be devils advocate, it has sloped armor on all sides and weird geometry, meaning shells will bouns off it due to fucked up volumetric shell models. 
Same reason as to why t-34 and panther are so tough.
Replies: >>1777
The thing with the T14 is you just have to center of mass it in 3/4ths of the turret; it's only ~101.6mm thick cast armor, and it's early cast armor at that so it's only worth 0.96x.
And, yes, I'm aware that a there are a lot of tanks with thinner turret armor on the sides/rear. The Tiger H1's turret is only 82mm thick on the sides a full BR higher.
The difference is you can angle most of those turrets and bounce shots, you cannot do that with the T14.
With the exception of the front and a perfect 45 degrees off either side (of its front) a center-of-mass shot on the turret will go through for every on-tier (or above) gun that isn't an SPAA, secondary, US 75mm (or it's derivatives) outside of 250m, or the Russian ZiS-5. Frontally, you just hit it on either side of the mantlet, it's about 10mm less effective thickness vs most guns. If you're on that perfect 45 degree angle, you just have to shoot its turret a little bit lower than center-of-mass (admittedly a much harder shot to make at range).
This being the reason why the T14 is not a good tank. If you know where to shoot it, it's vulnerable to its peers from any angle; and that vulnerable part is impossible to hide seeing as its sitting on top of the hull and is easy to hit at most ranges.
For most tanks that have glaring weakpoints (MG ports and Mail Slots, for example) you actually have to aim for that point; with the T14, your automatic impulse (center-of-mass) will usually work as long as you're aiming for the turret. The only reason why it's 'survivable' at all is it sees 6 hour rookies who just try to center-of-mass the hull insteadof the turret, because that was what they were used to up until that point; everyone who has experience with it just pops it in the turret and moves on.
Replies: >>1778
Of course, if the T14 had a moderately usable gun (it could have fit the 76mm, IRL, they designed it for that), it would have been a fine tank in-game. Even at BR 5.3; could have put it at the same BR as the Panther D and called it a day.
The problem with the T14 is it doesn't actually have anything it can rely on; it's relying entirely on the incompetence or lack of experience of the other player.

Sorry for the doublepost, forgot my point.
>next grind event is for a Yak-3 with a skin
>35 000 points of grinding every two days for two weeks
>for a low tier tech tree vehicle with a skin
what the fuck were they thinking
Replies: >>1792
Copy paste is the only sustainable way to do these monthly events however I did not expect them to start doing it so soon.
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This rifle looks like a toy, also, why are the casing pushed like that?
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Only way to have an ambidextrous ejection port that doesn't require any kind of switching is to make them come out the front. But yes, injection molded plastic that's not required to handle as much pressure as the metal parts tends to look like that.
Replies: >>1857
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Ejecting downward is also an option, as Kel-Tec demonstrated with the RDB.
[Hide] (474.5KB, 1920x1080)
That is cool as fuck.
Replies: >>1891
I dislike this game. I dont want to grind to get to see models. I just want to dissasemble guns that I want and watch them from several different sides as drawing aid.
Replies: >>1914
Just pay up, goy.
Is there such a thing as an ARMA clone set in the 16th century?
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I did it, I got an entire tech tree.
Replies: >>2089
Congratulations! I see you didn't even have to sell your soul to the snail to get it.
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An interesting design.
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