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Use this thread to report any issues you find while using the site. We currently have 2 known issues: 

1. Real-time post updates are not working. I still need to work out how to get websockets to go through the proxy properly. you will see the error switch back to timed refresh after a few seconds, so auto update is still semi-working.
2. Geoip flags are all inheriting the proxy server's location. I've already solved this issue with post IDs so I have a rough idea of what I need to do to fix this, but it is not high priority.

I also fully expect shenanigans immediately after launch, so if anything happens I will be working to fix it as fast as I can. Your help here is appreciated.
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>>2 (OP)  
Sup, tom here

1. Not sure how to make it work with cloudflare/proxy, but if you edit this line:
language: js
let supportsWebSockets = 'WebSocket' in window || 'MozWebSocket' in window;You can change it to = false; and it will go straight to polling mode.

Geo information is expected to come from header x-country-code and x-country-name with an nginx plugin: 
Also, board country blocking uses x-country headers, so you will need to edit this part
With cloudflare its a bit different. Their support page on geoip headers is here: https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200168236-Configuring-Cloudflare-IP-Geolocation#12345682 Looks good, they identify unknown countries as XX and Tor users as T1. However only send the country code, not the name. So you would need to add a map of country code -> name in the code so you can get the name with something like countryNames[req.headers['cf-ipcountry']], or you could leave country names blank but then it won't show them when you hover over the flag on the frontend.

I'll put config options for these and push it to the repo tomorrow, busy tonight. And if you get the websocket with cloudflare working, please post an issue or make a pr if its code related.
Replies: >>45 >>73 >>77 >>83 >>92
thanks tom! I'll look into the polling setting. 

For the geoip headers, I will need to manually set the proxy server to pass those headers along. I had to do the same thing to get IDs working.
>>2 (OP) 
Your /rules/ board isn't up, brah, so no one can review your rules.
Replies: >>61
I should add a bigger link
But so far the site works great with the exception of the websocket. Also the captcha bug seems to be still present that requires you to reload the captcha at least one time for it to work.
Also I need some place to test my sage css.
>Sup, tom here
Make a setting so all file uploads are anonymized by default instead of opt-in. Also flove you.
Replies: >>74 >>116
oh god I've fallen to the classic goyscord spoiler blunder
I can't believe this
Replies: >>76
When I finish this post I better see spoilers instead of italics. Why the fuck are we still using Tom's spywarecord formatting?
Hello! How far along is progression on implementing running JSchan as a hidden service?
Replies: >>112 >>116
Is there any way to change how a board processes markup like pairs of ** and || ?  If there isn't currently, would you be able to add that feature?  I can't tell you how much it makes my skin crawl to have double apostrophes give me bold text, asterisks give me italics, and pipes give me spoilers.

I genuinely consider this a bug, which is why I'm mentioning it here instead of making a Git feature request.
Replies: >>116
Embedding backgrounds as data urls in custom CSS doesn't seem to work.
Replies: >>116
(25.5KB, 202x224)
(213.9KB, 1905x655)
(343.5KB, 1898x827)
(21.4KB, 198x221)
Not sure if this is a bug but here goes, on /v/ the catalog is most of ther times wrong about the number of replies like pic related.
Replies: >>100
That's not a bug. It was someone spamming the shit out of this place which later got deleted.
>>2 (OP) 
Why aren't we listed on the webring?
Replies: >>103
Because I need a config for it and that hasn't been a priority. Actually, do I need to go  around asking sites to add zzzchan or is there a list being maintained?
Last edited by sturgeon
Replies: >>105
You need to get a single site on the webring to add you.
Really hope onion support comes soon. Cloudflare does not play well with tor
Replies: >>115
>upload video
>have to do a captcha
>"what the fuck is this the letter U or 0"
>load the entire video, take about 5 mins
>lol fuck you wrong captcha, do it again
Tom's the genius.
Replies: >>116
At least it seems to work with Javascript enabled. If the browser check itself was active, would it give you "too much traffic from this network" or something like this?
Replies: >>123
not showing filename != anonymised files. server would need to strip exif data and recalculate the checksums. bit more work involved.

i will spend some time this weekend on it.

not customisable per board, no. site admin can edit the markdown file and change what uses ** vs || to apply sitewide

blocked by CSP most likely

refresh the captcha so you are confident its right before posting. until somebody can rewrite the form handling middleware to validate captchas instead of waiting on the whole file uploads first :^)
Replies: >>117 >>119
>site admin can edit the markdown file and change what uses ** vs || to apply sitewide

Will this update the faq page or do I need to announce it?
Replies: >>126
>refresh the captcha so you are confident its right 
>captcha so hard not even human can do it right
Tom's truly a genius.
Replies: >>126
It works in TBB, but tor in other browsers does not work well with cloudjew.
Replies: >>209
no, for that you need to edit views/custompages/faq.pug and run gulp custompages. if i ever implement it to be customisable by config file, ill make it update the faq page too

Replies: >>129
(20.2KB, 313x288)
Replies: >>128
(20.3KB, 490x299)
So I swap the regexs in jschan/helpers/posting/markdown.js around, edit faq.pug , and then pm2 reload all; gulp html will apply these changes?
Replies: >>130 >>184
yes, but you only gulp custompages, not html. custompages gulp task will just rebuild faq+rules. no need to wipe the rest of the pages
Please report back here when you've implemented these changes.
Tor Browser Browser?
Replies: >>211
tor browser bundle
>>2 (OP) Hey admin, you should
I think I figured out why real time post updates don't work. The site uses a second server as a relay to protect its IP address, and WebSocket is supposed to work with direct connections only. If you tweaked the relay server to act as a sort of signal repeater for WebSocket it might work as intended.
>Also, I will be switching the site to vanwatech around noon central time 8/18 as a trial run. If it works out we will stay with it. I will be changing the markup behavior at the same time to match 8chan.


this line has 8chan spoilers
this line has discord spoilers
Replies: >>451 >>459
Replies: >>458 >>459
Hey Tom I'd really appreciate it if you didn't steal my fucking cursor from me whenever I hover over spoilered text you anglo fuck.
nigger, I demand decent markup instead of this discuck trash
Yes I will be making the change in 30 minutes.
Replies: >>460
ok the regexes are swapped around but nothing has changed. Looking into it now
Replies: >>462
ok it worked and wont fuck up previous posts, neat

Replies: >>463
Bold is fucked, not sure why.
Replies: >>464
Replies: >>466
new network
Replies: >>473
The favicon is back to the one from fatchan.
Also the favicon for thread with new post is a blank one which works but is kinda meh..
Frequent host not available errors and now the captcha to delete shit isn't loading for me.
Replies: >>479
yes, I'm trying to get grid captchas working, but have managed to break captchas entirely. report anything you want deleted and I'll handle it for now.

If the site goes down again I broke something else and will scramble to fix it.
Replies: >>480
No problem, carry on with your work. Nothing serious to delete.
ok, shit is pretty broken right now, I'm working to fix it. I need to get better with git
Replies: >>483
I guess that happened to everyone at some point. Go slowly, triple check everything, always watch out for untracked changes and files. When in doubt, install a gui.
Replies: >>484
>When in doubt, install a gui.
Ignoring your nigger impulses, I don't even think that would be a good idea.  Git GUIs are bloated and much less useful than simply typing commands into a terminal.
We fatchan now.
I guess I should also mention the lack of captcha instructions here.
Replies: >>490
8chan spoiler
discord spoiler

Replies: >>512
(598.8KB, 640x368, 00:08)
Can the behaviour of clicking on the post number be changed so it's added to where the cursor is, instead of the end of the input box?
Replies: >>530
(7KB, 361x67)
1) The tooltip for thread ID highlighting says "double tap highlight."  This should read "Double click to highlight" because hopefully nobody on this website is a fucking phoneposter.  Tom makes good software, but God damn I wish he wasn't so addicted to normalfag dick.
2) When highlighting and un-highlighting multiple posts by an ID, they can become desynchronized.  Example:
>highlight 4 posts in a thread by double-clicking on ID
>mouse over one of the post numbers at the bottom of a post body
>the post those number you moused over expands attached to the mouse
>it was one of the highlighted posts
>it is now un-highlighted
>this 1 post now has the opposite state of the other posts in the thread
Double clicking on the ID of any of the 4 posts will just flip the switch (so, in this case you either have 3 highlighted and 1 not, or 1 highlighted and 3 not).  It should instead apply a state to the appropriate posts so that any situation like this can be resolved by double clicking once or twice.

I support this times a thousand.  The absolute most irritating thing about Lynxchan was this behaviour.
>bro, just type your replies in post order
I often edit and revise my replies as I type them, and that can mean making references to other posts.  Sometimes new posts appear as I'm typing and I want to reply to them, or sometimes I write sentence pieces in several different parts of the reply box at once because an idea occurs to me while I'm writing something else.
Replies: >>532 >>535
Thanks for bughunting. Post them both as issues on the repo and ill fix them.

Fixed on master branch as of today, so whenever zzzadmin updates it will be fixed.
Replies: >>535
Wrong quote, but anyways i fixed the things you mentioned. Pushed to the repo, so yell at zzzadmin to update :^)
Replies: >>538
Will do.  Thanks.
Oh, and I just noticed that the prompt when you successfully report a post is broken.  There's the [X] button as normal at the top right, but the [OK] button at the bottom middle doesn't have a button outline, so it's just the letters OK.
Replies: >>543
(21.5KB, 437x477)
I just noticed this double-quote bug when I updated the thread.  It disappeared when I refreshed the page.
Replies: >>543
OK, noted thanks

Yeah, some browsers remember page state when you nav back/fwd pages for speed, and it can cause this. I can fix, but its a low prio unless it happens some other way.
Replies: >>556
Why is the site icon still the fatchan guy?
When hidden service is up and running I think the idea of boards that are only visible on the .onion instance is interesting. Or perhaps accessible on the clearnet site as well but only indexed on the .onion site.
Replies: >>560
Seconding this. It would be a fantastic way of keeping more-controversial boards accessible, without allowing normalfags to see them and report the site.
All these posts have had WEBMs attached to them, but appeared without any.
What gives?
Replies: >>578
Did you get an error when posting? site admin can check the logs, too
Is it a specific codec/format that fails?
If you can reproduce the issue and give instructions, please report it on the jschan repo https://gitgud.io/fatchan/jschan/-/issues
Replies: >>579 >>593
(69.6KB, 1040x592, 00:02)
I think it's just WEBMs. .png posted just fine.
Replies: >>580
nevermind, I guess it works now.
Replies: >>581
I had an mp4, webm, png, jpeg and a gif attached to the "nevermind" post.
Replies: >>584 >>585
(510.1KB, 1280x720, 00:02)
find the variable anon, i believe in you
Replies: >>590
I have no clue what's happening.
I think it has to do with certain .mp4 files ruining the whole thing.
Replies: >>587
like the mp4 of my raw recording: https://a.pomf.cat/xlakao.mp4
Replies: >>588 >>590
sorry for testing so much, just nuke my recent posts after this is sorted.
Trying to post a troublesome .mp4 through Chromium now.
Replies: >>589
aaaaand same file through waterfox
I think I know why its happening.

>>2 (OP) 
Admin, please check your nginx config does not limit uploads size with max_body_size. Set the maximum file size in the jschan configs and let nodejs handle oversize file errors. Nginx and browsers dont play nice with the "entity too large" response, just google "nginx 413 xhr error".
I wont go into detail why the post still goes through, but in short its a technicality with how resubmitting, clearing oversized files and showing ban pages work. Which also explains why the error of "posts must contain text or files" came up on a new page instead of in a modal popup.
Replies: >>593
testing max file size response
(60.1KB, 1596x338)
yes, my suspicion is correct.
I'm not seeing any errors im pm2 logs

yeah let me double check that, though it should be the exact same as the last proxy.
Replies: >>594
(2.2MB, 704x480, 00:38)
(2.8MB, 704x480, 00:41)
(3.8MB, 704x480, 01:01)
(3.8MB, 704x480, 00:44)
(6.5MB, 640x360, 02:01)
ok here's 5 webms at 20mb total
Replies: >>595
ok, odd that these new proxies didn't just work like the last one. please test test it now and tell me if you still get errors.
(20.1MB, 1920x1088, 02:08)
oops, ignore that last post, i aborted by mistake.
trying that video again
Replies: >>599
well that file didnt work before so i assume its fixed. nice
how big was the original webm that broke?
Replies: >>600
The one I deleted was just the same file 4 times but I refreshed the page half way through upload because it was taking ages over TOR. I think refreshing while uploading will also cause the bug (if user has scripts enabled).
The nginx config change will fix it for 99% of the time, and I will spend some time this weekend fixing the bug properly.
Replies: >>601
(1.2MB, 1280x720, 00:13)
Alright, let's see if it's fixed on my end.
Replies: >>602
(624KB, 640x368, 00:14)
yep, that did it
(5.9KB, 603x66)
The favicon seems to keep changing.  New tabs will give me the fat guy, whether spawned from a fat guy tab or a Z tab, but sometimes fat guy tabs will change to Z and I'm not sure why.  I have definitely refreshed the Fighting Games tab multiple times and seen it go from Z to fat guy, but then I'll glance up a day later and see that it turned into a Z.
Replies: >>623 >>624 >>705
Jesus christ I have the exact same situation with the first two threads in the exact same position. All my other /v/ threads are the fat guy, though, aside from a /b/ thread, this thread, and the newsposts I checked to test, if that's any help for sturgeon.
Replies: >>624
(262.3KB, 483x427)
Yep, same thing for me, I have multiple tabs open some have the z some have the fat man, if you refresh the z it turns into fat man, I don't know how to revert back to z though, seems completely random.
Replies: >>625
(30.3KB, 850x572)
Addendum: I had the fat man in this thread's tab and after I posted it turned into the fat man.
Replies: >>632

I swear if bold is still fucked. This regex should be working:

, boldRegex = /""(.+?)""/gm
Replies: >>633

Here's the working italic regex for comparison:
 italicRegex = /''(.+?)''/gm

I'm gonna try triple ' , fuck it
Replies: >>634
triple apostrophe test
>>2 (OP) 
ZZZchan has a really cool logo. Why don't you use it in the front page and the Favicon?
Replies: >>643
Scroll up a tad, anon.  Sturgeon has apparently removed the fat guy image from the website's database and it still haunts us, clinging to our browser tabs like a spurned lover.
(432.7KB, 1000x1166)
>blacked.moe shut down
Replies: >>666 >>668
Speaking of if this goes down should we be checking anon.cafe's /shelter/ or where? Let's assume non torfaggots.
> ...
>✓Run as a tor hidden service http://qga4iyo7rp3kjhwvbkdo6vxeuo4r2suq4fygkwbsw7hve7cykwgrdpyd.onion/
Replies: >>669 >>670
Replies: >>670
Updates are done on tuesdays. SOON.
Replies: >>693
how's it going you fishy cunt?
Replies: >>694
I have tor working for the socks5 proxy used for the webring, so that's something.
I apologize for being so slow but I'm being uber cautious about updates after the last few rounds were such shitshows.
Replies: >>700
do it faster so I can use zchan in public without normalshit being able to peak the url and come here to fuck shit up.
Replies: >>701
>peak the url
(55KB, 377x145)
(28.6KB, 313x104)
(48.3KB, 344x141)
I think I finally found what's causing the issue with the favicon changing from fat guy to Z.
>open new zzzchan tab
>favicon should be fat guy
>navigate away from tab
>new post appears in tab
>favicon changes to fat guy with exclamation point
>navigate back to tab OR wait a few seconds
>favicon changes to Z
I used the test posts just above this one to test it, but I noticed it happening in a fast-moving thread on /v/ just a minute ago.  I don't know what the cause of this would be (maybe some weirdness from the proxy server like what was breaking auto-updates before?) but I'm pretty sure this is what causes the favicon to change from a fat guy to a Z.

Currently this tab is a Z for me.  I will make this post, then navigate away, and see what happens then.
Replies: >>706 >>711
(27.9KB, 265x148)
It turned into a fat guy with an exclamation point, then back to a Z.
Replies: >>711
Cool, thanks for outlining all this. I'm still at a loss for the actual cause since none of the fat man icons actually exist on any of the servers since 3+ weeks ago. this is either one hell of a caching fuckup or there's something else going on.

The fat man haunts us, a shining light even in death
Replies: >>751
(13.5KB, 684x85)
(12.6KB, 671x87)
I don't know if you did anything to change the favicons, but when I load new tabs on both /meta/ and /v/, there's no favicon at all.  I have a couple tabs that are each a few days old, and I will see what happens when I refresh the pages.

. . .

After refreshing both tabs, they have both lost their favicons.
Replies: >>724
(28.1KB, 616x35)
Favicons work properly for me. Seems like it's random for every user.
(4.4KB, 712x36)
(2.9KB, 468x33)
I get the fatchan favicon on regular pages. I get the z/zzzchan favicon on image urls.
Culprit: https://zzzchan.xyz/file/android-chrome-144x144.png
Fix it, and make a .onion pls
Replies: >>741
Leave the fatman alone you murderer. He's innocent.
Replies: >>744
trashchan seems to have found the solution maybe they could help
tor test
Replies: >>760 >>761
(17.4KB, 500x391)
accidentally made everyone appear to be localhost, test
Replies: >>762
cool, fixed. now from tor again
Replies: >>763
hooray tor works, now to see about that filesize issue
Replies: >>765
(3.7MB, 1280x864, 01:22)
(5.1MB, 03:44)
(697.9KB, 555x666)
(38.6KB, 600x600)
(551.4KB, 800x1500)
Replies: >>766
Javascript seems to not be working or something
Replies: >>784
So do onion posters get ID's?
Replies: >>775
Oh I see they all get the same ID then. That might cause some confusion unless it's labeled appropriately as something like 000000 across all threads.
Replies: >>780 >>782
Yeah I need to change a few things to set all tor posts to the same id. Once i have that figured out I'll set it to 000000
Replies: >>782 >>787 >>795
(37.1KB, 392x469)
>not changing it to something original now that you got the chance
Replies: >>783 >>787 >>795
>proposes nothing
Replies: >>786 >>795
OK actually I'm pretty sure it's my browser (SeaMonkey). Replying and viewing replies works normally in Brave.
Replies: >>785
Still using seamonkey is pushing your luck these days. At the very least upgrading to palemoon is a good idea.
5133P312 sleeper, as in sleeper agent
Replies: >>787 >>788
(339KB, 1270x723)
Why not 1488?
Replies: >>788
Needs to be 6 characters long, but I'm open to suggestions otherwise.
Replies: >>789 >>793 >>795
Easy just use NIGGER
Replies: >>794
>onion is finally here
Thank you, I will celebrate this event by eating a whole raw onion every day starting from now. For you, fucking faggot fish.
Replies: >>792
(22.9KB, 600x600)
>I will celebrate this event by eating a whole raw onion every day starting from now.
(96.1KB, 762x1024)

18 stands for Adolf Hitler.
Replies: >>794
Spoiler File
(753KB, 1000x1000)
Replies: >>796
kys my man
Replies: >>797
Look who it is again, ID 5a9884. I'm fed up with your shit faggot. The other day when you called me a newfag, yeah, haven't forgotten about that yet. Fuck you I've been on here for months and probably get on here more than you anyways. Don't you know that you make yourself look like a newfag when you call others newfag? Just because you learned how to hack your name and change it to "5a9884" does not give you the right to disrespect anyone at any time.
>>2 (OP) 
The strip filename function is fucked yo. Something it works, sometimes it doesn't. Nothing happens when it comes to Japanese characters for example.
Replies: >>799
open an issue in jschan repo, link at bottom of page

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