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I know that scp already has military aspects, but most of the content is goofy or just soldiers dying too often on everything.
I have a better idea. The idea is that instead this organization actually wins a defeats these paranormal hazards either killing them or just winning a straight up war against them and forcing them into a peace (if the hazard is sapient and such)
I didn't go much deeper but I want to write down  my ideas so far. If you anons have any ideas then you can write them down too.
Inb4 Yes, I know about wayward society. 
Some other stuff I thought of:
>the organization acts like a PMC to fertain governments or other organizations that just contain (would they be needed?) As elimation force. 
<The organization is build off older national organizations that used to do it's job and work seperate from the UN (or in world equivalent of it)
>there are highly specialized branches that have veen made to fight against a specific type of threat. Often using former advances from other hazards or just use sapient hazards that are aligned with the organization against the enemy hazard/threat
There is a TTRPG called Delta Green that follows this exact premise. It's one of the inspirations for the SCP wiki.
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