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chaos is the answer

>What's a 2hu
Shrinesl00t armpit licking sim series
>Where do I start?
Get EoSD with the vsynch patch If you're new to primary games. SA if you're some kind of mushihime master or something.
Or just play the fangames, only /jp/ is gonna judge you for that.

>Only for pure secondary niggers:
soku: https://mega.nz/#!ashhnZza!cWdD2mqnQSfpzow5h_LDABQzHOnAiHDL62ceAOF6z9k
>Try to learn soku:
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(132.1KB, 850x601)
Finally, a NEW PLACE where you can SHITPOST ABOUT TOUHOU and SOKU
HOT TIPS: https://pastebin.com/raw/LCJqxytx

reply for host you know the drill
(802.6KB, 625x1075)
4th for chiruno
(252.1KB, 1190x1200)
(1.2MB, 1000x1100)
post your /japan/ face
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(432.1KB, 1400x1200)
(44.2KB, 1080x1080)
(1.1MB, 868x1228)
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(13.7KB, 210x240)
It's probably been months since I've played with you guys.  Is there a host open now?
Replies: >>54
it can be arranged
reopened, grab it fast
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(258.9KB, 1680x1050)
>>2 (OP) 
How do I git gud at shmups? I keep overestimating my ability to navigate bullet gaps and dying.
Replies: >>103
Play normal with max lives and bombs just to see how far you can get. Don't look directly at your hitbox if you can avoid it, the further ahead you can look the more you'll be able to read giving you more time to dodge.
gib host immediately
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Replies: >>150
(4MB, 2150x3035)
Is this the AoCF thread?
Replies: >>156
I want to like post-character development Jo'on more but she has an easy infinite so I cannot SOKU HERE
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(1.5MB, 1447x2039)
GGs. I still can't handle defense and still attack recklessly. Need to play more to fix these habits, way more. Games still up.
(301.1KB, 852x1050)
ggs but I'm gettin real tired of all my inputs being eaten by blockstun. I'm glad you are using j8a as per my advice. I'm not glad you're killing me with it. Pic related is your punishment. god these captchas actually are tricky
Replies: >>194 >>196
(143.8KB, 404x507)
>inputs being eaten by blockstun
I caused that feel.
>I'm glad you are using j8a as per my advice. I'm not glad you're killing me with it.
Local /japan/ man surprised after giving useful advice to his opponent and getting defeated
(34.5KB, 500x500)
You need to have an IQ of at least 100+ to post here.
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(69KB, 187x176)
Well I've figured it out now but the instructions were a bit vague. What we really need is an oekaki clock captcha.
(120.9KB, 850x639)
going to come back and maybe play soku after dinner so just saying it ahead of time so that it's likelier someone will be around to leave a host
k back now pls give me a fucking host
Replies: >>220
Replies: >>221
first time i'm playing soku again in a long while
Replies: >>223
Thank you for reminding me of why I love this game, Komachi.
(319.5KB, 840x905)
any host?
Replies: >>239
drunk as all hell and ready to kick some ass
Replies: >>240
Replies: >>242 >>244
(2.5MB, 1800x2400)
Thanks for the games. I just can't stop winning.
(31.8KB, 395x416)
Your youmu is peak youmu even when drunk.

also apparently i'm too retarded to solve these captchas
reply for host fags
A really loud train just passed by, it sounded like an air raid sire. Yukarifag bls.
I'm up for games
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(1.2MB, 1551x2541)
>>255 come on
Replies: >>257
All inputs dropping connection shit, play later i guess.
fine I guess it's time to attend the game night geegees

games still up
haha crow
(170.6KB, 649x999)
GGs. You've won ONE (1) game. Start blocking on wakeup, even if you have that crouching poke that's really fast, I can still outprioritize you. Learn Marisa's patterns, there is a method to her madness. Learn Aya's patterns, too.
Replies: >>269
That's not an ahegao, Marisa.
Replies: >>270
(106.6KB, 706x1000)
marisa does not deserve to know such things
Replies: >>271
She knows what it is but is lying about what it is to make herself seem pure.
Replies: >>272
(176KB, 566x800)
this thieving witch can not be trusted.

host up
(53.2KB, 538x332)
wew   l a d
e  e   a    a
wew  d a  l

I really don't want to bully you but you make it far too easy. Please remember that you are vulnerable when high jumping and wakeup. gg. maybe.
Replies: >>275 >>276
I should also mention that there are some 4/vm/ fags that might be worth playing. I've found it's better to play someone who is just a bit tougher than me and work my way up, rather than just getting raped relentlessly and getting no useful feedback. Discord is garbage though, they are mostly shitters or grizzled vets who have played since soku was released. Good for ass beatings, but useless for learning the game.
Replies: >>276
thanks for the advice
remember though, I haven't played against you and the others for months now
Replies: >>277
Ah. I thought that was the yukarifag. Well, either way. Just keep playing and you'll get better.
Replies: >>358
any host? I'm up for some games.
(349.1KB, 840x525)
I sure hope you won't "advertise" this place on 4cuck like you did with previous site, retard. Thanks!
Replies: >>308
(35.3KB, 277x243)
being reasonable about autistic fighting games isn't my strong suit

also reply for host
Replies: >>358
but i just now got back from hell please host 
Replies: >>359 >>470
guess I'm going back to hell
Replies: >>394 >>470
no hosds for the wicked
Replies: >>395
here we're just in different timezones
Replies: >>406
host down
Replies: >>411
(386.3KB, 661x600)
Replies: >>412
Eirin isn't playable
I wonder if /librejp/ would want to play soku with us sometime.
Replies: >>420
Replies: >>421
but i'm too shy
(589.1KB, 1924x2939) soku up
C O M E  O N
Replies: >>423
Connection failed.
Replies: >>424
try it now
Replies: >>425 >>426
alright just gimme a few minutes
Replies: >>426
fuck, got my spot stolen
The broomride carried in the end, even after getting reshuffled.
Replies: >>431
lagspikes all over the place
setting it to delay 6
wew that uppercut
GGs, have to go now. Use Aya's moves better she's a speed demon if you input everything correctly. Also stop falling for my memes with wakeup backwards j.2a. Good night.
Liar. I've been working there for two months; I haven't seen you once.

Reply for games.
Replies: >>472
Replies: >>473
Replies: >>474 >>475
Good gam
I have to get back to work, back to work until there's no more of that to do.
(254KB, 850x1214)
GGs. You got most of the rust off but stop falling for dial A into 6A. You are not safe to tech there, unless you get the fug out of the way of the dash kick.
Replies: >>476
(228.4KB, 512x512)
Getting rid of my rust? But that's my secret! Everyone will go easy on me if they think I'm incompetent and rusty.
Dial-A into 6A? I thought 6A was safe on block anywho-- why not take the risk of teching there?
Replies: >>477
66A, my bad. It's AUB.
Replies: >>478
Oh right that thing.
Sure I'll not get bonked by it anymore if you want.
host up geddin
Replies: >>497 >>501
Replies: >>500
you don't have to shout
(53.2KB, 538x332)
GGs. I feel like I'm doing better by playing worse. Get some sleep.
(8.3MB, 640x360, 02:57)
GGs Youmu. I'm really starting to feel the need to catch up. Perhaps it'll be time to hit IRC/discord soon to actually git gud.

Replies: >>512
What about now?
Replies: >>521
no hosts never ever always busy
Replies: >>548
And now?
Replies: >>558
I'm unconscious but here
really wish I had managed to win after that tie
use block on wakeup or at least try to see when I'll go for wakeup catch things like 66a, 66c and everything spacing related
use fast, but also use precise
where is the opponent
somebody get in
Replies: >>582 >>583
(203.2KB, 850x1204)
GGs reimufag. You've made some offense and defense gains. Remember oki doesn't get you a block string for free. Make sure to cover it with bullets and do some mix ups. If you just use melee I can easily DP you. I only feel a little bad about that blue sword in typhoon, but everyone needs to learn to read the opponent's hand in typhoon.
Replies: >>583
(159.1KB, 657x778)
I feel like I played well untill I didn't. Had some bad aneurysms while presurring in the corner. I'm not able to track my spirit during block strings that well at the moment but It's funny when we just stare at each other for ~1 sec not doing anything.

>Remember oki doesn't get you a block string for free.
I've never thought about this before but its really obvious now.

Also can you really enjoy soku if your favourite weather isn't typhoon? I personally enjoy the rape.

fuk the capcha is filtering me
>>2 (OP) 
I dont know anything about toowhos but I have jerked off to the porn. That makes me like an average fan of the series right?
Replies: >>619 >>620
>1cc'ing doujin
Replies: >>638
What is the most difficult 2hu doujin to 1 cum clear?
Replies: >>639
The sfw Reisen immigration doujin.
I finally caught a break
What a weird ko that was.
jumps behidn u
pff... nothign personell.... hag
ggs ggs  you've gotten a noice follow-up to your domination dash keep looking for gaps in my neutral to take full advantage of it
GGs, I am very upset that I accidentally used that tornado all the way apart from you by accident on our second-to-last game
give me that sweet sleep deprived soku I crave so much soku
(29.7KB, 344x393)
GGs (You)mu. I'm not seeing any trace of that glorious pressure you were putting on the last time we played, so stop, take a break and take some time to fully concentrate. It's detrimental to put half hearted effort into this and just getting beat the fuck up just because. Chances are, I'll be here for 4-8 hours, so don't overexert yourself.

Reply for host I don't want to put a hosd up for 12 hours again just to get no bites fuuuuug
Replies: >>685
(322.8KB, 640x360, 00:09)
It's called psychological warfare
here is my reply
Replies: >>691
(182.4KB, 1185x830)
come and be amazed
Replies: >>693 >>694
>Game has not started yet
It's time to steal your game from you
Replies: >>695
ggs i hope you enjoy and have learn new interesting stupid things marisa can do
Replies: >>695
(78.1KB, 1000x1100)
GGs. The spinning broom 214 alt is kinda trash because it's so slow and absurdly punishable. Green Spread, on the other hand is absolutely glorious if you can stand not having the default 236 - use it on oki to melee, use it on space control etc etc

git gud

Replies: >>696
>git gud
no, u
GGs, sorry I didn't play so well after the one time I won
Replies: >>698
(218.5KB, 448x537)
Good games, it's fine since you're learning. Aya's tricks are really great, but playing against Marisa the 5C Hedgehog restricts what she can and can't do. Every character has separate moves that are more or less effective when facing certain characters because of what's likely (or not) to get countered - facing different characters when you're not used to them can be scary. Find out what part of your moveset works best against Marisa.

Host still up for half an hour. If no one connects, will close.
Replies: >>700
Good games, Tenko. Knowing how to Border Escape and when is very much needed in this game when faced with a lot of pressure. The input for that is - while in blockstun (character forced to block), release back (4) and hold X (X = direction), then tap dash (D) twice. It might sound really hard to do, but when you'll adapt, it will only be a problem when hit with attacks that only cause a small amount of blockstun. After knowing how to do that, you'll be able to make judgment calls on when to use it - and if you do, it will save you a lot of health and open opportunities for comebacks.

Also, (you) probably need to learn how to use melee pressure in this game. While bullets are obvious, Tenko's melee is good too. Use 4A for a poke and use dial-a to catch grazing. Don't highjump if it's obvious, too. I hope the games have been useful.

Host down for now it's 4:30 AM probably more tomorrow.
Replies: >>701 >>702
(2.4MB, 1600x2400)
forgot picrelated
so what you're saying is I need to button mash harder
Replies: >>703
(49.4KB, 428x600)
He's saying you need to stop playing the game the way he wants you to.
Host me up
Replies: >>706
beware the delay
Replies: >>707 >>710
Cirno hunting sounds like a good idea for a game night doesn't it
>Observe games
>Games slowly devolve into a Cirno standoff
Replies: >>709 >>710
(91.4KB, 716x1011)
We had that standoff because it was the last match for the night.

I haven't played with you due to time schedules but you seem to be on the right track reimu. You seem to have picked up some good habits from radical's bullying, but you need to learn to either really tighten up your offense so your opponent doesn't have leeway to spam shit or you need to up your defense/grazing game. Granted, playing against patchy is tricky, but key aspects are that you don't want to be in the range where she can spam 5C or 6C with impunity and at the same time punish her very slow melee that requires bullet cover to work. What i've seen other players do to really fuck me up is to bait out my 5C fireball allrounder to really fuck me up, since i have to cancel it into a highjump and eat shit if you're really close.

I really like that alt card you pull off where you spin in the air upside down, it has some good potential for some sick combos.
Replies: >>712
GGs. Incredible games. 
The bubbles from patchy are very unfair because I always want to pop them all but it hurts so much. Why must I endure this. 
Also marisas bouncy bomb is her only good card and I will never not use it.

Fealt like I was playing a rhythem game. Matching the 2as
Replies: >>711
(214.2KB, 566x800)
The bubbles are bait exactly for the reason of blowing (You) up. And because they look cute. I'm glad they're that distracting and annoying to deal with, but i honestly feel i'm not lining them up properly whenever i pull out that deck, maybe i should practice them more.
Replies: >>712
(171.7KB, 1128x1587)
I am in the infamous euro neet timezone at the moment because nigs steal my internet during the day.
There were times I'd try to put on more pressure to bait but a minute later I was being passive again. I think I lack a good game plan at the moment against patchy and ended up defaulting to trying to 5c and getting hit. I remember thinking to myself that patchy has slow melee that I can try to punishi but I counldn't figure it out at the time.

The alt spinny card is for a deck I made for fighting ariel zoners, I haven't actually used it before since I haven't fought one so it's nice to see it work out. Its reasonably safe and a good extra melee in the air to help air pressure. Also it combos nicely into the 2 cost orb card.

I fealt during the games that I could just wait for the bubbles and they were never much of a threat. If I was impatient they could be a problem but thats an if. Maybe there's some setups using them that you could figure out with the time they give.

Also forgot the pic before.
If hypothetically my controller broke, what hypothetically would the best hypothetical button layout on my hypothetical keyboard be?
default? or is there some autistic meta to doing this, especially for someone thats hypothetically used to hypothetically using a hypothetical gamepad.

pls answr hypothetc questn
Replies: >>715 >>718
(35.7KB, 388x344)
Just use the standard superior Japanese control scheme
A: punch
J: move left
Numpad 0: fire weapon
LMB: turn right
Down Arrow: eject
R Alt: binoculars
S: start menu (duh!)
Tab: taunt
Shift + Print Screen: NOS/enable WEP
ON/OFF Button: Bomb
Replies: >>716 >>717
(993.7KB, 250x250)
>ON/OFF Button: Bomb
They really are more advanced than us.
Depends on the character really. I use the best layout for the best character usually although often I find myself not needing the keyboard for movement and just controlling with my mind using pic related. For attacks, If your new and need mnemonics just remember.
INSERT your fist up your opponents ass ze!
END your opponents happiness with zoning.
DELETE opponents health bar with this one wierd trick.

Having to stich images is niggerlicious.
Replies: >>719 >>720
(1.2MB, 2161x808)
Post the fuggin image
Replies: >>720
But the best 2hu's name is too long for that to work unless i was to use her casual nickname and but i dont want to disrespect her.
plz this is very series problem.
Replies: >>721
(309.7KB, 640x611)
>But the best 2hu's name is too long for that to work 
what, no? ringo fits perfectly?
(605KB, 1536x2048) FUN up
Replies: >>739
(209.6KB, 800x600)
Maybe the real enemy was the inputs we dropped along the way. gg
(188.4KB, 945x1299)
GGs. Can't into soku today. Managed a few REALLY good games, but couldn't properly concentrate until the end. Will probably do better next time. I hope you hate Blazing Star as much as I do.
internet dieded
I require opponent, can host
Replies: >>746
Replies: >>747 >>748
Good morning.
I'm not notrad you know, i'm also about to go asleep. Half my moves are not registering, including blocks, and i have no idea why.
Replies: >>750 >>751
fug :DD
ah no worries, but also you were the one who told me not to play okuu right?
Replies: >>752
(907.9KB, 1860x2123)
Well gg, I need to sleep too.
Nay, i don't mind okuu. What i don't mind is getting fucked in the corner because it just decided to stop blocking for no reason.
Replies: >>753
(251.3KB, 850x1158)
>What i don't mind is getting fucked in the corner
it's a good thing we're all here then
Replies: >>754
fug gg
Replies: >>756 >>757
GGs, sorry about the connection
Replies: >>757
(98.6KB, 990x700)
connection shmunection
just don't mention it around the lunarian marisa player
host down for unexpected maintenence
Replies: >>758
(86.8KB, 850x638)
hello fellow lunatics
requesting a hosd that mains okuu because i have the hardest time fighting against her and am sadomasochistic but in a friendly way
Replies: >>787
(24.8KB, 430x320)
requesting trips
Replies: >>780
(227.9KB, 1100x1380)
I had a dream about Alice last night.
Inexplicably, we were in a hotel, she was naked and atop me. For some reason, my penis kept slipping off of her. She was berating me loudly, telling me I was retarded and that a Down's Syndrome baby must have taught me to have sex.
Then I accidentally inserted my penis in her ass. She yelled out, slapped me, then jumped off my body, and screamed that I was the worst at having sex.
I jolted awake at that point.
Replies: >>788
Not a main, but I bet I can fuck you up
Replies: >>788
It's a mini pasta isn't it?

host please
Replies: >>789
Replies: >>792
(204.3KB, 790x891)
yuyuko needs a diet. gg
Replies: >>793
GGs anon. That's all for me today.
Replies: >>833
(1.8MB, 3543x4429)
reposting some GOOD SHIT
Replies: >>831
(165.2KB, 800x800)
it's definitely SHIT alright
GGs. It's 10 AM and I still won half the games. I need to do better pressure and YOU need to mix things up after your 66A66A's so they don't become a "get hit for free" move.
Replies: >>834
(24.8KB, 185x278)
gg marisa. I hope you enjoyed all my dropping inputs. And me learning to mind read those bullet counter 623C somehow. plus on land is for gays
Replies: >>835
66a66a is minus against marisa. There is nothing that can be done. Well spellcard maybe, but I was doing that.
Replies: >>835
(114.8KB, 575x357)
I must learn the art of supreme j.66 bullshitter and learn how to 236 properly
It's hard unless it's time to concentrate and when it's time to do pressure, only wet fish imitation (press D to fly) comes out and it's hard to undo this fuckery
You can do 623 or 214, that's two whole mashings that catch attackers out of 66A66A. You can delay them on top of that. It's risky, but it works. Figure it out.

next tourney postponed to near-christmas
(1.5MB, 1447x2039)
hosds up
Replies: >>839 >>840 >>843
Con has spared me from a terrible fate
Replies: >>840
(38KB, 352x312)
>PC BSoD's right as the typhoon clock is ticking down to zero
up again

(60.2KB, 784x514)
(105.4KB, 676x600)
I am mad my 6[A] loses to yours but the ass is just too much. In fact I couldn't find a single melee that is fat enough to beat it. Getting space in neutral is hard and I'm getting destroyed by either 10 or 10000 iq neutral game, I'm not smart enough to tell.
lets go
Replies: >>848
(53.5KB, 828x472)
gg, but also you seemed visibly exhausted
next time please either concentrate or take a much-needed nap, you can win games and you can outpressure me, I know that
but please try

more games somewhere in the future
>take a much-needed nap
No. It's either eat, wagie, sleep, or eat, wagie, soku, sleep. There is no nap. Not that it seems to matter much anyway. There's no time for this shit.
Replies: >>850
(1.1MB, 983x713)
Then simply don't play while you can't play for shit and go to work/sleep/whatever else lad. Please do not become a complete wagie (rather than someone with that status) stuck in a cycle. I like you, anon, so please get better.
Replies: >>851
(1.2MB, 256x189)
>I like you, anon
(30.8KB, 135x218)
I suppose it's time to put down the blade
Replies: >>857
don't doot it
Replies: >>860
(530.8KB, 500x312)
Spinny grandma needs to take a coffee break
(64.6KB, 256x256)
How to make willy cry in three simple steps:
>1. Close gap with normal ground dash. Block immediately after every bullet in midrange.
>2. Successfully block the umbrellaspin in midrange because you're not a 9.
>3. Follow gaphag's wakeup and stand on top of her.
Congratulations, you won!
Replies: >>861 >>866 >>876
But the umbrellaspin keeps tempting me into destroying it with projectiles midflight, and it keeps feeling good when I do so.
Replies: >>862
but umbrellaspin grazes projectiles
Or are you talking about the windmill of peace?
Replies: >>864
goddamnit taffer
Replies: >>866
That can't be true, I keep hitting it with Cs.
Replies: >>866
(17.5KB, 404x399)
Please do not block umbrellaspin at close range it is totally not safe.
Fug u
(26.7KB, 600x373)
>2. Successfully block the umbrellaspin in midrange because you're not a 9.
This hurts more than I thought it would.
Ah, souka.
Replies: >>1275
Replies: >>1276
(264.5KB, 1943x771)
(You) have directly summoned me. Shine.
Replies: >>1284
I would like a soku too
Replies: >>1284
(56.8KB, 300x300, 00:00)
>try to join irc to look for noob games and not bother the lads here looking for real games
>ip is banned by dronebl
>have to apply for unban for each "incident" shown for ip
>two identical incidents within hours of each other
>unbanned for one within the same day
>second incident still pending after nearly a week
Has anyone been dronebl banned before? How long does it take to get unbanned? I assume getting wrongly banned isn't terribly uncommon. There really should not be much to deliberate on since the ip has been banned for over a year at this point as well.
Replies: >>1285 >>1291
ggs, use less gambles and use more basic movement
>>1280 still up get in
It's the first time I've heard about dronebl since I've mostly stuck to these threads, but don't just assume that we're compfags "looking for real games" only. It's just that most of us are probbly busy, getting fucked by timezones or unwilling/unable to host often. If you can host the game in the thread for others, please do, regardless of the current skill level.

If you can't, consider using autopunch. Just mention that you use it when hosting. It werks.
Replies: >>1291
I made a lot of dumb moves tonight
(6.2MB, 2204x2204)
GGs. I have to go now, sorry. Thanks for the games. Learn Aya's blockstrings and get faster at doing them. There's specific setups that let you limit on successful hits - try to learn them too, if you can. Will host later.
(272.3KB, 522x557)
>this complete failure of a webm that wants to be a gif
Mp seems daunting so I thought I'd go look at the place that isn't discord that might have a population of people of differing skills and/or willingness to beat down a noob to get games from rather than bother the few people here. I'll try to host at some point soon then.
Noted. Thank you, lad.

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