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chaos is the answer

>What's a 2hu
Shrinesl00t armpit licking sim series
>Where do I start?
Get EoSD with the vsynch patch If you're new to primary games. SA if you're some kind of mushihime master or something.
Or just play the fangames, only /jp/ is gonna judge you for that.

>Only for pure secondary niggers:
soku: https://mega.nz/#!ashhnZza!cWdD2mqnQSfpzow5h_LDABQzHOnAiHDL62ceAOF6z9k
>Try to learn soku:
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Finally, a NEW PLACE where you can SHITPOST ABOUT TOUHOU and SOKU
HOT TIPS: https://pastebin.com/raw/LCJqxytx

reply for host you know the drill
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4th for chiruno
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post your /japan/ face
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It's probably been months since I've played with you guys.  Is there a host open now?
Replies: >>54
it can be arranged
reopened, grab it fast
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>>2 (OP) 
How do I git gud at shmups? I keep overestimating my ability to navigate bullet gaps and dying.
Replies: >>103
Play normal with max lives and bombs just to see how far you can get. Don't look directly at your hitbox if you can avoid it, the further ahead you can look the more you'll be able to read giving you more time to dodge.
gib host immediately
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Replies: >>150
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Is this the AoCF thread?
Replies: >>156
I want to like post-character development Jo'on more but she has an easy infinite so I cannot SOKU HERE
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GGs. I still can't handle defense and still attack recklessly. Need to play more to fix these habits, way more. Games still up.
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ggs but I'm gettin real tired of all my inputs being eaten by blockstun. I'm glad you are using j8a as per my advice. I'm not glad you're killing me with it. Pic related is your punishment. god these captchas actually are tricky
Replies: >>194 >>196
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>inputs being eaten by blockstun
I caused that feel.
>I'm glad you are using j8a as per my advice. I'm not glad you're killing me with it.
Local /japan/ man surprised after giving useful advice to his opponent and getting defeated
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You need to have an IQ of at least 100+ to post here.
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Well I've figured it out now but the instructions were a bit vague. What we really need is an oekaki clock captcha.
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going to come back and maybe play soku after dinner so just saying it ahead of time so that it's likelier someone will be around to leave a host
k back now pls give me a fucking host
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Replies: >>221
first time i'm playing soku again in a long while
Replies: >>223
Thank you for reminding me of why I love this game, Komachi.
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any host?
Replies: >>239
drunk as all hell and ready to kick some ass
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Replies: >>242 >>244
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Thanks for the games. I just can't stop winning.
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Your youmu is peak youmu even when drunk.

also apparently i'm too retarded to solve these captchas
reply for host fags
A really loud train just passed by, it sounded like an air raid sire. Yukarifag bls.
I'm up for games
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>>255 come on
Replies: >>257
All inputs dropping connection shit, play later i guess.
fine I guess it's time to attend the game night geegees

games still up
haha crow
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GGs. You've won ONE (1) game. Start blocking on wakeup, even if you have that crouching poke that's really fast, I can still outprioritize you. Learn Marisa's patterns, there is a method to her madness. Learn Aya's patterns, too.
Replies: >>269
That's not an ahegao, Marisa.
Replies: >>270
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marisa does not deserve to know such things
Replies: >>271
She knows what it is but is lying about what it is to make herself seem pure.
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this thieving witch can not be trusted.

host up
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wew   l a d
e  e   a    a
wew  d a  l

I really don't want to bully you but you make it far too easy. Please remember that you are vulnerable when high jumping and wakeup. gg. maybe.
Replies: >>275 >>276
I should also mention that there are some 4/vm/ fags that might be worth playing. I've found it's better to play someone who is just a bit tougher than me and work my way up, rather than just getting raped relentlessly and getting no useful feedback. Discord is garbage though, they are mostly shitters or grizzled vets who have played since soku was released. Good for ass beatings, but useless for learning the game.
Replies: >>276
thanks for the advice
remember though, I haven't played against you and the others for months now
Replies: >>277
Ah. I thought that was the yukarifag. Well, either way. Just keep playing and you'll get better.
Replies: >>358
any host? I'm up for some games.
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I sure hope you won't "advertise" this place on 4cuck like you did with previous site, retard. Thanks!
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being reasonable about autistic fighting games isn't my strong suit

also reply for host
Replies: >>358
but i just now got back from hell please host 
Replies: >>359 >>470
guess I'm going back to hell
Replies: >>394 >>470
no hosds for the wicked
Replies: >>395
here we're just in different timezones
Replies: >>406
host down
Replies: >>411
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Replies: >>412
Eirin isn't playable
I wonder if /librejp/ would want to play soku with us sometime.
Replies: >>420
Replies: >>421
but i'm too shy
[Hide] (589.1KB, 1924x2939) soku up
C O M E  O N
Replies: >>423
Connection failed.
Replies: >>424
try it now
Replies: >>425 >>426
alright just gimme a few minutes
Replies: >>426
fuck, got my spot stolen
The broomride carried in the end, even after getting reshuffled.
Replies: >>431
lagspikes all over the place
setting it to delay 6
wew that uppercut
GGs, have to go now. Use Aya's moves better she's a speed demon if you input everything correctly. Also stop falling for my memes with wakeup backwards j.2a. Good night.
Liar. I've been working there for two months; I haven't seen you once.

Reply for games.
Replies: >>472
Replies: >>473
Replies: >>474 >>475
Good gam
I have to get back to work, back to work until there's no more of that to do.
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GGs. You got most of the rust off but stop falling for dial A into 6A. You are not safe to tech there, unless you get the fug out of the way of the dash kick.
Replies: >>476
[Hide] (228.4KB, 512x512)
Getting rid of my rust? But that's my secret! Everyone will go easy on me if they think I'm incompetent and rusty.
Dial-A into 6A? I thought 6A was safe on block anywho-- why not take the risk of teching there?
Replies: >>477
66A, my bad. It's AUB.
Replies: >>478
Oh right that thing.
Sure I'll not get bonked by it anymore if you want.
host up geddin
Replies: >>497 >>501
Replies: >>500
you don't have to shout
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GGs. I feel like I'm doing better by playing worse. Get some sleep.
[Hide] (8.3MB, 640x360, 02:57)
GGs Youmu. I'm really starting to feel the need to catch up. Perhaps it'll be time to hit IRC/discord soon to actually git gud.

Replies: >>512
What about now?
Replies: >>521
no hosts never ever always busy
Replies: >>548
And now?
Replies: >>558
I'm unconscious but here
really wish I had managed to win after that tie
use block on wakeup or at least try to see when I'll go for wakeup catch things like 66a, 66c and everything spacing related
use fast, but also use precise
where is the opponent
somebody get in
Replies: >>582 >>583
[Hide] (203.2KB, 850x1204)
GGs reimufag. You've made some offense and defense gains. Remember oki doesn't get you a block string for free. Make sure to cover it with bullets and do some mix ups. If you just use melee I can easily DP you. I only feel a little bad about that blue sword in typhoon, but everyone needs to learn to read the opponent's hand in typhoon.
Replies: >>583
[Hide] (159.1KB, 657x778)
I feel like I played well untill I didn't. Had some bad aneurysms while presurring in the corner. I'm not able to track my spirit during block strings that well at the moment but It's funny when we just stare at each other for ~1 sec not doing anything.

>Remember oki doesn't get you a block string for free.
I've never thought about this before but its really obvious now.

Also can you really enjoy soku if your favourite weather isn't typhoon? I personally enjoy the rape.

fuk the capcha is filtering me
>>2 (OP) 
I dont know anything about toowhos but I have jerked off to the porn. That makes me like an average fan of the series right?
Replies: >>619 >>620
>1cc'ing doujin
Replies: >>638
What is the most difficult 2hu doujin to 1 cum clear?
Replies: >>639
The sfw Reisen immigration doujin.
I finally caught a break
What a weird ko that was.
jumps behidn u
pff... nothign personell.... hag
ggs ggs  you've gotten a noice follow-up to your domination dash keep looking for gaps in my neutral to take full advantage of it
GGs, I am very upset that I accidentally used that tornado all the way apart from you by accident on our second-to-last game
give me that sweet sleep deprived soku I crave so much soku
[Hide] (29.7KB, 344x393)
GGs (You)mu. I'm not seeing any trace of that glorious pressure you were putting on the last time we played, so stop, take a break and take some time to fully concentrate. It's detrimental to put half hearted effort into this and just getting beat the fuck up just because. Chances are, I'll be here for 4-8 hours, so don't overexert yourself.

Reply for host I don't want to put a hosd up for 12 hours again just to get no bites fuuuuug
Replies: >>685
[Hide] (322.8KB, 640x360, 00:09)
It's called psychological warfare
here is my reply
Replies: >>691
[Hide] (182.4KB, 1185x830)
come and be amazed
Replies: >>693 >>694
>Game has not started yet
It's time to steal your game from you
Replies: >>695
ggs i hope you enjoy and have learn new interesting stupid things marisa can do
Replies: >>695
[Hide] (78.1KB, 1000x1100)
GGs. The spinning broom 214 alt is kinda trash because it's so slow and absurdly punishable. Green Spread, on the other hand is absolutely glorious if you can stand not having the default 236 - use it on oki to melee, use it on space control etc etc

git gud

Replies: >>696
>git gud
no, u
GGs, sorry I didn't play so well after the one time I won
Replies: >>698
[Hide] (218.5KB, 448x537)
Good games, it's fine since you're learning. Aya's tricks are really great, but playing against Marisa the 5C Hedgehog restricts what she can and can't do. Every character has separate moves that are more or less effective when facing certain characters because of what's likely (or not) to get countered - facing different characters when you're not used to them can be scary. Find out what part of your moveset works best against Marisa.

Host still up for half an hour. If no one connects, will close.
Replies: >>700
Good games, Tenko. Knowing how to Border Escape and when is very much needed in this game when faced with a lot of pressure. The input for that is - while in blockstun (character forced to block), release back (4) and hold X (X = direction), then tap dash (D) twice. It might sound really hard to do, but when you'll adapt, it will only be a problem when hit with attacks that only cause a small amount of blockstun. After knowing how to do that, you'll be able to make judgment calls on when to use it - and if you do, it will save you a lot of health and open opportunities for comebacks.

Also, (you) probably need to learn how to use melee pressure in this game. While bullets are obvious, Tenko's melee is good too. Use 4A for a poke and use dial-a to catch grazing. Don't highjump if it's obvious, too. I hope the games have been useful.

Host down for now it's 4:30 AM probably more tomorrow.
Replies: >>701 >>702
[Hide] (2.4MB, 1600x2400)
forgot picrelated
so what you're saying is I need to button mash harder
Replies: >>703
[Hide] (49.4KB, 428x600)
He's saying you need to stop playing the game the way he wants you to.
Host me up
Replies: >>706
beware the delay
Replies: >>707 >>710
Cirno hunting sounds like a good idea for a game night doesn't it
>Observe games
>Games slowly devolve into a Cirno standoff
Replies: >>709 >>710
[Hide] (91.4KB, 716x1011)
We had that standoff because it was the last match for the night.

I haven't played with you due to time schedules but you seem to be on the right track reimu. You seem to have picked up some good habits from radical's bullying, but you need to learn to either really tighten up your offense so your opponent doesn't have leeway to spam shit or you need to up your defense/grazing game. Granted, playing against patchy is tricky, but key aspects are that you don't want to be in the range where she can spam 5C or 6C with impunity and at the same time punish her very slow melee that requires bullet cover to work. What i've seen other players do to really fuck me up is to bait out my 5C fireball allrounder to really fuck me up, since i have to cancel it into a highjump and eat shit if you're really close.

I really like that alt card you pull off where you spin in the air upside down, it has some good potential for some sick combos.
Replies: >>712
GGs. Incredible games. 
The bubbles from patchy are very unfair because I always want to pop them all but it hurts so much. Why must I endure this. 
Also marisas bouncy bomb is her only good card and I will never not use it.

Fealt like I was playing a rhythem game. Matching the 2as
Replies: >>711
[Hide] (214.2KB, 566x800)
The bubbles are bait exactly for the reason of blowing (You) up. And because they look cute. I'm glad they're that distracting and annoying to deal with, but i honestly feel i'm not lining them up properly whenever i pull out that deck, maybe i should practice them more.
Replies: >>712
[Hide] (171.7KB, 1128x1587)
I am in the infamous euro neet timezone at the moment because nigs steal my internet during the day.
There were times I'd try to put on more pressure to bait but a minute later I was being passive again. I think I lack a good game plan at the moment against patchy and ended up defaulting to trying to 5c and getting hit. I remember thinking to myself that patchy has slow melee that I can try to punishi but I counldn't figure it out at the time.

The alt spinny card is for a deck I made for fighting ariel zoners, I haven't actually used it before since I haven't fought one so it's nice to see it work out. Its reasonably safe and a good extra melee in the air to help air pressure. Also it combos nicely into the 2 cost orb card.

I fealt during the games that I could just wait for the bubbles and they were never much of a threat. If I was impatient they could be a problem but thats an if. Maybe there's some setups using them that you could figure out with the time they give.

Also forgot the pic before.
If hypothetically my controller broke, what hypothetically would the best hypothetical button layout on my hypothetical keyboard be?
default? or is there some autistic meta to doing this, especially for someone thats hypothetically used to hypothetically using a hypothetical gamepad.

pls answr hypothetc questn
Replies: >>715 >>718
[Hide] (35.7KB, 388x344)
Just use the standard superior Japanese control scheme
A: punch
J: move left
Numpad 0: fire weapon
LMB: turn right
Down Arrow: eject
R Alt: binoculars
S: start menu (duh!)
Tab: taunt
Shift + Print Screen: NOS/enable WEP
ON/OFF Button: Bomb
Replies: >>716 >>717
[Hide] (993.7KB, 250x250)
>ON/OFF Button: Bomb
They really are more advanced than us.
Depends on the character really. I use the best layout for the best character usually although often I find myself not needing the keyboard for movement and just controlling with my mind using pic related. For attacks, If your new and need mnemonics just remember.
INSERT your fist up your opponents ass ze!
END your opponents happiness with zoning.
DELETE opponents health bar with this one wierd trick.

Having to stich images is niggerlicious.
Replies: >>719 >>720
[Hide] (1.2MB, 2161x808)
Post the fuggin image
Replies: >>720
But the best 2hu's name is too long for that to work unless i was to use her casual nickname and but i dont want to disrespect her.
plz this is very series problem.
Replies: >>721
[Hide] (309.7KB, 640x611)
>But the best 2hu's name is too long for that to work 
what, no? ringo fits perfectly?
[Hide] (605KB, 1536x2048) FUN up
Replies: >>739
[Hide] (209.6KB, 800x600)
Maybe the real enemy was the inputs we dropped along the way. gg
[Hide] (188.4KB, 945x1299)
GGs. Can't into soku today. Managed a few REALLY good games, but couldn't properly concentrate until the end. Will probably do better next time. I hope you hate Blazing Star as much as I do.
internet dieded
I require opponent, can host
Replies: >>746
Replies: >>747 >>748
Good morning.
I'm not notrad you know, i'm also about to go asleep. Half my moves are not registering, including blocks, and i have no idea why.
Replies: >>750 >>751
fug :DD
ah no worries, but also you were the one who told me not to play okuu right?
Replies: >>752
[Hide] (907.9KB, 1860x2123)
Well gg, I need to sleep too.
Nay, i don't mind okuu. What i don't mind is getting fucked in the corner because it just decided to stop blocking for no reason.
Replies: >>753
[Hide] (251.3KB, 850x1158)
>What i don't mind is getting fucked in the corner
it's a good thing we're all here then
Replies: >>754
fug gg
Replies: >>756 >>757
GGs, sorry about the connection
Replies: >>757
[Hide] (98.6KB, 990x700)
connection shmunection
just don't mention it around the lunarian marisa player
host down for unexpected maintenence
Replies: >>758
[Hide] (86.8KB, 850x638)
hello fellow lunatics
requesting a hosd that mains okuu because i have the hardest time fighting against her and am sadomasochistic but in a friendly way
Replies: >>787
[Hide] (24.8KB, 430x320)
requesting trips
Replies: >>780
[Hide] (227.9KB, 1100x1380)
I had a dream about Alice last night.
Inexplicably, we were in a hotel, she was naked and atop me. For some reason, my penis kept slipping off of her. She was berating me loudly, telling me I was retarded and that a Down's Syndrome baby must have taught me to have sex.
Then I accidentally inserted my penis in her ass. She yelled out, slapped me, then jumped off my body, and screamed that I was the worst at having sex.
I jolted awake at that point.
Replies: >>788
Not a main, but I bet I can fuck you up
Replies: >>788
It's a mini pasta isn't it?

host please
Replies: >>789
Replies: >>792
[Hide] (204.3KB, 790x891)
yuyuko needs a diet. gg
Replies: >>793
GGs anon. That's all for me today.
Replies: >>833
[Hide] (1.8MB, 3543x4429)
reposting some GOOD SHIT
Replies: >>831
[Hide] (165.2KB, 800x800)
it's definitely SHIT alright
GGs. It's 10 AM and I still won half the games. I need to do better pressure and YOU need to mix things up after your 66A66A's so they don't become a "get hit for free" move.
Replies: >>834
[Hide] (24.8KB, 185x278)
gg marisa. I hope you enjoyed all my dropping inputs. And me learning to mind read those bullet counter 623C somehow. plus on land is for gays
Replies: >>835
66a66a is minus against marisa. There is nothing that can be done. Well spellcard maybe, but I was doing that.
Replies: >>835
[Hide] (114.8KB, 575x357)
I must learn the art of supreme j.66 bullshitter and learn how to 236 properly
It's hard unless it's time to concentrate and when it's time to do pressure, only wet fish imitation (press D to fly) comes out and it's hard to undo this fuckery
You can do 623 or 214, that's two whole mashings that catch attackers out of 66A66A. You can delay them on top of that. It's risky, but it works. Figure it out.

next tourney postponed to near-christmas
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1447x2039)
hosds up
Replies: >>839 >>840 >>843
Con has spared me from a terrible fate
Replies: >>840
[Hide] (38KB, 352x312)
>PC BSoD's right as the typhoon clock is ticking down to zero
up again

[Hide] (60.2KB, 784x514)
[Hide] (105.4KB, 676x600)
I am mad my 6[A] loses to yours but the ass is just too much. In fact I couldn't find a single melee that is fat enough to beat it. Getting space in neutral is hard and I'm getting destroyed by either 10 or 10000 iq neutral game, I'm not smart enough to tell.
lets go
Replies: >>848
[Hide] (53.5KB, 828x472)
gg, but also you seemed visibly exhausted
next time please either concentrate or take a much-needed nap, you can win games and you can outpressure me, I know that
but please try

more games somewhere in the future
>take a much-needed nap
No. It's either eat, wagie, sleep, or eat, wagie, soku, sleep. There is no nap. Not that it seems to matter much anyway. There's no time for this shit.
Replies: >>850
[Hide] (1.1MB, 983x713)
Then simply don't play while you can't play for shit and go to work/sleep/whatever else lad. Please do not become a complete wagie (rather than someone with that status) stuck in a cycle. I like you, anon, so please get better.
Replies: >>851
[Hide] (1.2MB, 256x189)
>I like you, anon
[Hide] (30.8KB, 135x218)
I suppose it's time to put down the blade
Replies: >>857
don't doot it
Replies: >>860
[Hide] (530.8KB, 500x312)
Spinny grandma needs to take a coffee break
[Hide] (64.6KB, 256x256)
How to make willy cry in three simple steps:
>1. Close gap with normal ground dash. Block immediately after every bullet in midrange.
>2. Successfully block the umbrellaspin in midrange because you're not a 9.
>3. Follow gaphag's wakeup and stand on top of her.
Congratulations, you won!
Replies: >>861 >>866 >>876
But the umbrellaspin keeps tempting me into destroying it with projectiles midflight, and it keeps feeling good when I do so.
Replies: >>862
but umbrellaspin grazes projectiles
Or are you talking about the windmill of peace?
Replies: >>864
goddamnit taffer
Replies: >>866
That can't be true, I keep hitting it with Cs.
Replies: >>866
[Hide] (17.5KB, 404x399)
Please do not block umbrellaspin at close range it is totally not safe.
Fug u
[Hide] (26.7KB, 600x373)
>2. Successfully block the umbrellaspin in midrange because you're not a 9.
This hurts more than I thought it would.
Ah, souka.
Replies: >>1275
Replies: >>1276
[Hide] (264.5KB, 1943x771)
(You) have directly summoned me. Shine.
Replies: >>1284
I would like a soku too
Replies: >>1284
[Hide] (56.8KB, 300x300, 00:00)
>try to join irc to look for noob games and not bother the lads here looking for real games
>ip is banned by dronebl
>have to apply for unban for each "incident" shown for ip
>two identical incidents within hours of each other
>unbanned for one within the same day
>second incident still pending after nearly a week
Has anyone been dronebl banned before? How long does it take to get unbanned? I assume getting wrongly banned isn't terribly uncommon. There really should not be much to deliberate on since the ip has been banned for over a year at this point as well.
Replies: >>1285 >>1291
ggs, use less gambles and use more basic movement
>>1280 still up get in
It's the first time I've heard about dronebl since I've mostly stuck to these threads, but don't just assume that we're compfags "looking for real games" only. It's just that most of us are probbly busy, getting fucked by timezones or unwilling/unable to host often. If you can host the game in the thread for others, please do, regardless of the current skill level.

If you can't, consider using autopunch. Just mention that you use it when hosting. It werks.
Replies: >>1291
I made a lot of dumb moves tonight
[Hide] (6.2MB, 2204x2204)
GGs. I have to go now, sorry. Thanks for the games. Learn Aya's blockstrings and get faster at doing them. There's specific setups that let you limit on successful hits - try to learn them too, if you can. Will host later.
[Hide] (272.3KB, 522x557)
>this complete failure of a webm that wants to be a gif
Mp seems daunting so I thought I'd go look at the place that isn't discord that might have a population of people of differing skills and/or willingness to beat down a noob to get games from rather than bother the few people here. I'll try to host at some point soon then.
Noted. Thank you, lad.
[Hide] (253.7KB, 700x1260)
I can host game if anyone wants to play. Just reply.
Soku or PoFV.
Replies: >>1332
pls gib soku!
Replies: >>1337 >>1339
Alright, imma host then.
Replies: >>1338
GGs friend
Sorry about it being so short, but i got stuff to do. Thank you lots for the games, you've improved a lot since we last played. GGs.
any hosd around?
Replies: >>1350
Replies: >>1351 >>1352
[Hide] (170KB, 800x800)
GGs. Too tired to continue. Should host earlier, way earlier than that. Thanks for the games, your pressure is slowly improving.
[Hide] (16.3KB, 540x404)
I only feel pain. The pain of j5a. There is no escape.


Replies: >>1353 >>1365
If it's any consolation, it'll get easier to deal with it eventually. (you) will recognize the situations in which I can just poke at your surroundings more and more with time.
That said, to deal better damage and limit opponent (arguably more important than damage sometimes), (you) still gotta get used to Reimu's combos. Ganbareeee
[Hide] (192.9KB, 1332x742)
Replies: >>1370
[Hide] (417.1KB, 980x1400)
Also, stay away gap hag. Don't wan't any of your high/low profiling bussiness.
I can host game, just reply.
Replies: >>1373
Replies: >>1376
aaaa i forgot to check i'm sorry
Still there?
Replies: >>1377
yes, still there
Replies: >>1379
D O M I N A T I O N  D A S H
very gud
these were good games, I especially enjoyed how I used up all my cards in before the last round against your cirno
GGs, that was a lot of fun. I made a ton of mistakes and i think you learned a thing or two about how to handle certain projectiles.
I demand someone host so I can get my ass kicked. host will be up in a minute
Replies: >>1397
host up
Replies: >>1401
closed for now
Replies: >>1404
gib me a host or else
Replies: >>1418
I may be 3 hours late, but i can be your host if you reply.
Replies: >>1419
here is my reply but leave your host ip in 20 minutes from this post
Replies: >>1420 >>1423
[Hide] (354.6KB, 480x359)
Replies: >>1421
I meant my own post not yours
Replies: >>1422
[Hide] (7.6KB, 206x244)
I uh, forgot.
Replies: >>1424
but if you were teh one who forgot then who was host???
GGs mister skinwalker
Replies: >>1426 >>1430
I can host now but i don't think my connection is at the best of times.
Replies: >>1427
try it for a bit
Replies: >>1428
Replies: >>1431 >>1442
[Hide] (178.2KB, 400x375)
ye you too
had to prepare tea for a guest sorry for the late reply
Replies: >>1432
[Hide] (55KB, 456x611)
Replies: >>1433
your connection was fine i just have to go for now
Replies: >>1434
My gameplay wasn't fine is what i meant. See ya later i guess.
Replies: >>1436
Replies: >>1437
ggs anon
Replies: >>1438
[Hide] (720.1KB, 1280x1057)
Good games, Remi. Please use better pressure, defense, remember that 22B/C exist and try not to die. I've shown you who's the boss of this gym.
Does anyone need host?
Replies: >>1441
Replies: >>1442
Host is active, ip is over here: >>1428
That spellcard glitch was cool
hosd bls gum bag ;-;
Replies: >>1445
fuckit here have more games
[Hide] (100.4KB, 850x451)
whenever suika's front card is flashing 5 cards, (you) should be in a state of fear and panic best described as "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" so I can't bait into it
Replies: >>1448
I couldn't feel the fear through all the rage
requesting an okuuhost again, hopefully this time i will be around to actually play them
Replies: >>1462
[Hide] (48.9KB, 566x400)
Host me up.

Are there even any okuu mains here? I don't think I've seen one.
join now
Replies: >>1465 >>1470
[Hide] (6.1MB, 4624x6031)
GGs. I was having spaghetti fingers at the end there. Did some mysterious moves that didn't work out so well.

Its wierd playing okuu since I feel I'm winning then I look at the health bars and they say otherwise.
more like john now
Just died to Eirin
Replies: >>1507
do you need help
u wil never lock a 2hu in a room and force her to fart on u
y liv?
Replies: >>1528
why not? some sort of "you can't do things twice" rule?
[Hide] (1.3MB, 2078x2078)
If you could have sex with only 1 2hu character, who would it be?
If you could have sex with all 2hu characters at the same time except who you answered in the first question, would you rather have sex with all except the 1, or the 1.

Replies: >>1531
Yukari. I would force her to gap me into fucking every other 2hu simultaneously so I my answer for both questions is the same.
get in
or don't
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1432x1670)
gg. I will punish every loose block string with DP and you're going to like it. Your main weakness is not knowing what I'm going to do next, so I would suggest studying your opponent more.  or just play more. Also just do more mixups to keep me afraid of DP'ing you.
Replies: >>1534
[Hide] (671.2KB, 1624x1018)
Don't worry about me.  Getting my ass kicked is my specialty.
[Hide] (112.9KB, 680x573)
Replies: >>1542
Give me games that wipe out all the anger and anxiety I feel from a disappointment I am unable to explain to anybody.
GGs, I hate how I have to try so less harder when playing as Suwako
Replies: >>1547
[Hide] (25.2KB, 167x183)
use domination dash more often after the third hit of dial-A, it'll catch niggers off guard.
reply for host
Replies: >>1549
replying for host
Replies: >>1550
apologies for the delay
[Hide] (681.6KB, 1500x1500)
GG gapper.
[Hide] (161.4KB, 1100x1000)
GG (You).
[Hide] (264KB, 419x843)
I need some advice, I'll be playing unusually.
wrong button
i sware
ggs (he)
please help I do not know how to play offense
my entire thing is defending 'til a marisafag makes a big mistake and lets me get momentum
Replies: >>1565
[Hide] (444.6KB, 620x876)
ggs not sure what was unusual but it seemed fine. I'm fucking exhausted  now.
Replies: >>1566
maybe next time we should do a yuk mirror. Had some fun with umbrella the other night doing that
[Hide] (374KB, 800x800)
go do fugging bed :DD
requesting okuuhost for the third time
hopefully the third time is the charm
Replies: >>1572
I can't into okuu but i can host, do simple games suffice?
Replies: >>1573
yeah okay
Replies: >>1574
I din't know okuu was this easy, i just never tried her because nukebird isn't my thing.
Did the connection just failed? Rehostan.
Replies: >>1580
Replies: >>1582
okay, one more game then
okay, THAT was a gg
GGs. Very good ending.
I was once scared of suwakos, but ever since i fought a really strong one, i've been noticing more holes in her movement.
Still quite scary though.
Replies: >>1583
The ending made it feel like Vampire Kiss is a very tiny Raging Demon.
Replies: >>1584
Too punishable by aereals, but damn is it good at catching scrubs like me who block too much.
[Hide] (62KB, 450x450)
which 2hu wud u fug
Replies: >>1589 >>1591
all of them except you
anyone want host?
Replies: >>1615
I want host.
Replies: >>1616
you will get host
succ beats blow
I don't know why but it's taking way too long to load or it crashed.
is hard to time the blow but it is possible to beat the succ
Replies: >>1620
ok but if you got a burn on your peepee and you had a choice between patchy blowing on it and remy succcing it to make it feel better which would you choose
Replies: >>1621
Neither, patchy would burn me to a full crisp and remi would just say no.
Replies: >>1622
but what if the burn was accidentally their faults
Replies: >>1624
last game
I think if there was an accident, it would still be my fault.
Replies: >>1627
GGs, I don't have a good idea of how to deal with Patchouli as Suwako.
Replies: >>1626
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1480x1000)
aaa suwako is still scary when i'm not memeing around.
I think you're built up to really lose at range but if you ever manage to close up regardless of your height you'll be able to do lots of damage to patchy, specially if she does 5c when you're ontop of her you can just instantly counter with j.8a even if she's aereal and suwako's bnb's are really strong too.
I saw another suwako also abuse certain underground moves for movement, i was unable to hit them whenever they were underground regardless of what i tried, either melee or bullet.
what if hong caused it by accidentally pouring tea on your crotch
Replies: >>1628
She wouldn't do that. Would she?
Replies: >>1629
I'm genuinely not sure.  From one of the official mangas, she seems to be really good at pouring tea.  Yet at the same time, it's hard for me to believe she has no clumsy side to her.
Replies: >>1631
[Hide] (313.1KB, 460x900)
Perhaps it would depend on the mood and how much she's being pushed to work overtime.
But then begs the question, why wouldn't sakuya be the one pouring the tea?
Replies: >>1632
Because Hong Meiling specifically pours her own tea and you're visiting her in her shack.
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1680x1510)
Is pic related still accurate, or does it need an update?
Replies: >>1655 >>1656 >>1657
main random now
Still accurate.
Aya's definitely should be changed, Suwako's maybe.  I'm the Aya main of this place and Soku is still genuinely one of my favorite fighting games.
Replies: >>1658 >>1659
[Hide] (34.8KB, 274x398)
>I'm the Aya main of this place and Soku is still genuinely one of my favorite fighting games.
[Hide] (338.9KB, 648x906)
I frankly disagree as remembering one of the Aya mains prior to you from many aeons ago, may he rest in peace, pretty much lost his mind after truly mastering the absolute bullshit that is this game and her counterintuitive movement and combos.
Perhaps it should be changed if you get gud and do not succumb to the curse of advanced sokuniggery.
Replies: >>1660
Who even was that?  I didn't know there ever even was an Aya main other than me in these threads.
Replies: >>1662
[Hide] (197.8KB, 850x567)
unidentified madman come
Replies: >>1663
[Hide] (770.2KB, 1024x1448)
GGs. We're clearly both getting tired. Be more careful with those DPs. Study my pressure and options more carefully. Also fuck your connection
Replies: >>1664
GGs I'm a dash-down addict and a 623 addict
I keep forgetting how to 5a*(rn 1-3)5c and doing the basic 5aaa6c string and getting fucked for it
need more training
Replies: >>1666
[Hide] (867.1KB, 1188x1172)
also I keep getting caught by 2C because conditioned to ignore the floating ball of not getting blockstringed into 2500 damage since pressure is so good in this game

good night jaypee
[Hide] (1.9MB, 432x320, 00:59)
>dash-down addict
Try doing what I do. Get really pissy about the game and refuse to engage until your opponent does it for you. You'll lose, but you'll you can take joy into making it as painful for your opponent as possible. You can also use this as an opportunity to throw in as many shitty pokes and meme set ups as you want. Great practice.
Replies: >>1667
>refuse to engage until your opponent does it for you
but I already do that when I go unconscious in the middle of the match
anyone host?
Replies: >>1669 >>1670
Sorry for being so rusty, ggs.
Replies: >>1671
its okay, ggs anon.
oh also, stop flying with komachi to land j2a, you can try to use  canceled airdash (j66 and j44) to use it much quickly and more effectively than trying to use it while flying around.
Replies: >>1672
Replies: >>1673
I'm not really available to host right now.
Maybe later.
I'm not that anon but i can host.
Replies: >>1681
Replies: >>1683 >>1684
that was hours ago but i'm still here, so sorry if i replied late.
Replies: >>1684
and yes here is host:
Replies: >>1685 >>1706
I'll join in a few mins if that anon gone.
Please do not mislead with names it is very rude.
having inputs drop so much is rather upsetting.
Replies: >>1691
Sorry i have to call it in for the night, we had some very fun matches and some, weird and annoying matches where things just went wrong. I overal rate it as as fun/10.
Please change your name you are not new.
Replies: >>1692
ggs, sorry about the lag.

>Please change your name you are not new.
Alright, I'll change it.
Replies: >>1694
if you were the host i can play you for a bit
Replies: >>1698 >>1706
fug :DD
Replies: >>1700 >>1702
Hello i am previous host and yes possibly. However first i'd like to take a half hour nap to take it really easy.
I will be rehosting shortly, please wait warmly.
play yukari you fag
[Hide] (180.6KB, 450x614)
fug 2, the fuggening :DDD
now featuring gaphag
Replies: >>1708
where did u go
Okay i am rehosting now. IP at >>1684
fug 3 cancelled due to frogs
rehosding :DDD
Replies: >>1712 >>1714 >>1724
[Hide] (243.8KB, 509x510)
ggs earth air and water-kun
remember to totally not use any grazing moves while I'm doing my blockstrings because it totally won't work, no sir.
Replies: >>1715
Still up for games?
Replies: >>1714
i try that sometimes but it doesn't work
GGs to all and to all a GG
Replies: >>1718
Please do not jump the sun is very hot these days.
[Hide] (364.4KB, 706x1000)
wow, thread is alive?
more games here
Replies: >>1727
holy shid
we can't leave character select
reshoding forever
[Hide] (57.2KB, 413x282)
it's broken.
reshosding as many times as it takes however
Are you both sure you aren't being throttled? I had issues with that years ago.
Replies: >>1728
Actually no I am not
Anyone needs a host?
gud games yuyuko
please give me secrets, do you often have to play with input dropping? if so, is it something that can be gotten used to, or is there a trick?
Replies: >>1731 >>1733
ggs anon, again sorry for the connection.

>please give me secrets, do you often have to play with input dropping? if so, is it something that can be gotten used to, or is there a trick?
I'm not sure, I rarely dropped any input most of the time.
I think you just need to tap b/c fast enough after the initial input, maybe.
Replies: >>1732
[Hide] (15.6KB, 107x110)
I'm not great at being fast.
Fug, the connection isn't a problem so no worries. I'm just a slow.
you need to be a Japanese first
ayo where the video games
Replies: >>1747
i want the video games too
Replies: >>1748 >>1754
acquire them here
Replies: >>1749
wow that was quick even quicker than me, the ayadindu
I think something has suddenly clicked for me about how Remilia plays.
Replies: >>1756
that one looked like it hurt a little
[Hide] (171.2KB, 367x431)
Very good. With a connection like this okuu is the only one I want to play, and it is actually fun.
Replies: >>1755
yeah the connection was really good today
Be sure to play some mirrors with the  resident remifag whenever he's around next. When is the last anyone has seen him anyway?
Replies: >>1757
Is there one?  I think I was sometimes called this place's remifag back when I would play her a lot before maining Aya.
Replies: >>1758
Used to be. Disappeared after the last tourney when everyone split to kissu. I'm sure he'll be back, I've seen him around, but not on here. Perhaps he'll surprise us in the upcoming tourney.
Spoiler File
(545.4KB, 800x1000)
Replies: >>2310
[Hide] (140.8KB, 992x1403)
There have been no games for
give host immediately
alright ye bastard
Replies: >>1782
good, frustrating games
Replies: >>1783
[Hide] (2.8MB, 1800x2880)
ggs. pls block. you need to respect the big bird, the big bird will not respect you.
respond for diversions
Replies: >>1810
GGs. Get more experience with Okuu before attempting to blindly push on with the pressure. She's best suited for baiting into her massive range. Can't do 236/214 half the time now - the input delay on the gamepad combined with rollback is horrendous.
Replies: >>1811
GGs. Yeah the connection was fucking awful today. Kept doing charge attacks when I tapped a button.
>check controller
>diagonals refuse to work unless you spend half a second hitting them just right
any host?
Replies: >>2309
I am late but yes.
wuld u?
Replies: >>2311
Replies: >>2312
[Hide] (800.7KB, 2480x3508)
closing host due to nap, reply if you want host or something.
[Hide] (60.5KB, 720x480)
How's progress been on that Shanghai.EXE continuation project recently?
Replies: >>2651
Replies: >>2656
For the third time?
[Hide] (141.9KB, 850x1090)
sure is dead in here
everyone left on the board is failing to learn japanese
Does it make you feel like you fit in, Youmu?
Replies: >>2672
I'm on a vacation from videogames
a very extended vacation
No, I am just a mongrel half ghost.
been playing monster hunter instead of posting sorry
[Hide] (281.3KB, 2163x3000)
host alive
Replies: >>2677
GG. Between two weeks off and your j2a I feel very rusty. Thanks for playing.
Replies: >>2679
thanks for hosting
[Hide] (354.6KB, 1000x1000)
Spoiler File
(8.6MB, 1280x720, 01:30)
remi sucks benis
[Hide] (1004.6KB, 636x900)
Come back Marisa, I still love you.
Replies: >>2731 >>2732
can't host right now
[Hide] (108.2KB, 697x523)
Replies: >>2733
Replies: >>2734
[Hide] (135KB, 697x523)
Sorry anon but I was actually a reimu all along. Didn't mean to mislead.
Replies: >>2735
Just get in anyway.
Replies: >>2736
Con failed.
Replies: >>2739 >>2746
Try again now.
ggs Reimoo
[Hide] (573KB, 954x959)
Good luck finding the missing marisa.
[Hide] (605.2KB, 1668x1000)
reply for sogu
Replies: >>2756 >>2786 >>2789
[Hide] (249.4KB, 450x600)
Replies: >>2757 >>2758
Replies: >>2759
[Hide] (220.1KB, 800x650)
Nice, you're getting the hang of my aerial corner strings. Remember to delay the BE just right when I do 6C and you can completely fuck me up. Overall good pressure and combos. Try to avoid blocking so much, work on those 2 BE's they're handy and you can use them way more often during my midscreen strings. GG.
[Hide] (19.6KB, 500x500)
GGs. I feel my pressure is a bit too lose. I don't think you disrespected it much except wake up 623. I got some youkai buster land cancels in pressure which I had been practicing. Please be patient withmy 0 IQ defence sometimes. Just forget that I'm supposed to escape.
Replies: >>2760
>Just forget that I'm supposed to escape.
No, you will be bullied into success.
Replies: >>2777 >>2778
[Hide] (201.1KB, 1302x2048)
GG sakuyafag. I apologize for the one rage quit, when that attack whiffed, though it was a fair win for you anyway. I noticed you are somewhat vulnerable from attacks approaching from the ground, directly underneath. Maybe keep that in mind when working on your defense.
Replies: >>2779
>I noticed you are somewhat vulnerable from attacks approaching from the ground, directly underneath
if you mean high jump j5a while i'm spamming knives then yes, i still can't deal with it for the life of me. maybe i shouldn't be spamming said knives at that range in the first place but you can cover a huge area with a dash anyways so i don't know
Replies: >>2780
Maybe try to cover it with a 623 if you see it coming. Punishable, obviously, but it feels like your biggest weak spot currently. The threat needs to be there, at least.
offer remains open
Replies: >>2789
Replies: >>2794
Meldy got it first. Host will be back some time after dinner.
Replies: >>2795
didja finish ur din din
Replies: >>2796
yes, host up.
Replies: >>2799
GGs, thanks for playing me in melty too today
[Hide] (684.3KB, 1524x1056)
I've been leveling up this card to lvl 1 for ages to find out the wiki is wrong. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA oh and c version also grazes from lvl 0 as well so there is actually no difference between lvl 0 and 1. My path to soku enlightenment has been held back.
Replies: >>2811 >>2812
[Hide] (379KB, 678x502)
Also plz ignore the aurora it wasn't sprinkle. I'm not retarded I sware.
[Hide] (934.7KB, 1158x1637)
>My path to soku enlightenment has been held back.
Indeed. From now on you will 623 spam without hesitation. It is the king of inputs, for all occasions. The only question left for you: "Will I choose to B, or C?"
[Hide] (111.3KB, 900x900)
*blocks ur reversal*
Replies: >>2814 >>2815 >>2819
beware my connection has become increasingly fucky as of late
[Hide] (182.7KB, 480x750)
Can't right now.
Replies: >>2816
[Hide] (68.4KB, 474x671)
guht gam komacho
I warned you about my fucky connection but I'm still sorry about it
Replies: >>2818
[Hide] (379.2KB, 573x1000)
mmm sause
Replies: >>2820
[Hide] (1MB, 1450x1450)
Good work, good work.
Replies: >>2821
[Hide] (24.4KB, 344x135)
Thank you, thank you.
Do I get a reward for my work? A donation perhaps, or maybe somthing...else?
Replies: >>2822
[Hide] (3.5MB, 640x386, 04:43)
I don't have anything to give.
Replies: >>2823 >>2825
Not even your hand in marriage?
Replies: >>2824
[Hide] (14.1MB, 640x480, 03:20)
Lol no way fag
[Hide] (27.2KB, 344x135)
Don't worry. I only need a bit of your time. Now look deep into this penny and lets its motion captivate you.
[Hide] (195.8KB, 777x1232)
Host up
Replies: >>2829
[Hide] (165.4KB, 1300x900)
Whats ze matter, scared of loosing?
Host ded.
Replies: >>2830
No, just don't have autopunch.
had to reconfigure network settings, should be working now?
Replies: >>2833 >>2834
still doesn't work
and host >>2830 is still up
Replies: >>2834
hi, I am both of these posters.

Then who was baka
Replies: >>2835
this means join now
Replies: >>2836
hosd down
[Hide] (97.1KB, 255x255)
it's back, please just join this time
Replies: >>2849 >>2850 >>2851
Not that anon but I can play a few games with you
shit sound is dead, rejoin
Connection failed, give me a few minutes
Replies: >>2852
should be back up now
Replies: >>2853
Sry connection is still failling
Replies: >>2854 >>2855
Looks like rollbacks got disabled. Fixed. How about now?
[Hide] (209.6KB, 648x1000)
GG. Haven't seen you around here before, thanks for playing.
Replies: >>2856
[Hide] (100.2KB, 600x360)
GG, I've played here with some of the people in this thread in the past but I think its the first time we played against each other. I used to be a regular for a bit but ended up being away for a while only to come back for a bit. Not to mention I kinda lost track of where you guys had the soku thread.
 I'll probably be playing a bit more than before though.
Still glad I'm not as rusted as I thought I'd be.
Replies: >>2874
GG. Fuck me that card switch whiff was brutal. My fingers can't input shit.
Replies: >>2875 >>2876
Also apologies for the relentless shitposting, I can't focus tonight apparently.
Replies: >>2876
ggs, thanks for the host
man, fucking up during timestop always feels embarassing
Reply for host or post IP for game
Replies: >>2882
gib host
Replies: >>2883
Replies: >>2884
fug, have to go
Replies: >>2885
Waiting for reply for a game
Shame was hoping to play more against you, GG.
host up
Replies: >>2890 >>2894 >>2897
Connection failed
Replies: >>2891 >>2894
playing in game right now
[Hide] (1.2MB, 2192x3600)
You two are brutal to eachother.
I hosd for u :DDD I can only go for an hour. bls undersdand
Replies: >>2895 >>2899
Unfortunately I can only for 20 min. bls also understand.
Replies: >>2898
gg. praise 5b
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1209x1788)
ggs epic games
i might have forgotten how to play yukari
[Hide] (925.6KB, 3363x2507)
ggs remiliafugger; I was hoping you'd find us eventually
have good night praise 5b
GG, I was able to figure out some move to use against you (yukari). I'll need to practice more j5A.
[Hide] (443KB, 681x1773)
spoiler text
anyone need a host?
Replies: >>2903
I could play some more games
Replies: >>2904
host up
Replies: >>2909
[Hide] (426.1KB, 850x1211)
GGs. I finally feel like I'm getting my edge back. Those were some good matches.
Replies: >>2908 >>2909
i felt like a sitting duck on defense now, don't know if it's because your pressure got too good or i suck at blocking. probably both
Replies: >>2910
[Hide] (35.8KB, 784x514)
was spectating, here comes nitpicking
use your active skillcards when they're gonna work as a damage confirm so it's less of a pain to activate them, if 623 slash is up and you can make it hit 100%, do it faggot
214 is an excellent chase that works after 66A66A and you can make them guess again if only one hit will connect or two
try to have only spellcards up after you get them, it is much easier to activate them as a damage confirm if you don't have to switch
use slash of the present properly, you might have to delay it for it to land in certain places but the upside of it is that you can sometimes use it in neutral if you catch the other guy in a slow move windup
(you) have good madlad airdodges, but holy shit don't gamble so much on defense and use BEs properly
start the 623 addicts anonymous recovery course
use less memes
use more defense
and 214 more when you have opportunities to do so I guess I do not know this character very well
Replies: >>2911 >>2912
My pressure improved, but your defense became too loose in those later matches. Not sure what it was exactly. Maybe a lack of patience in the corner and under oki. The other thing is orb management. If you're low on orbs you are vulnerable you need to play accordingly. Stick to the ground and recover or use 66/44 to air dash and fake out. I feel like a lot of the time you're spamming sakuya's bullets without thinking much about it. They are good a little to good but don't think you can get away with that.
>66A6A is only spellcard cancelable
scratch that then, you can skillcard out of 66A though, advice still applies but is less effective
>start the 623 addicts anonymous recovery course
Replies: >>2913
[Hide] (7.3KB, 480x360)
Replies: >>2914
the only 623 recovery I need is spellcard or intentionally hitting a bullet to cancel it in the air go fuck yourself
Replies: >>2915
[Hide] (25.9KB, 500x277)
Replies: >>2916
lole sword goes spin
Replies: >>2918
videogames are overrated
Replies: >>2932
[Hide] (206.3KB, 1748x1000)
Reply for host or post IP for gamu
Replies: >>2937
you're mum is overrated
okay I'm just going to host and see what happens
Replies: >>2940
[Hide] (162.6KB, 645x479)
>see what happens
ggs. not sure what I'm seeing here.
Replies: >>2941
I, NIGGER, will continue tormenting you with boring sets.
Replies: >>2942
Are you the ghost of game's thrown past? Here to punish me for my sins?
Replies: >>2943
[Hide] (47.6KB, 485x485)
>game's thrown past
No, I know you have been torturing yourself plenty for throwing games you dumb tryhard.
I am the ghost of discuck's usage present! For your use of chinese spyware I will haunt your hosts.
Until, that is, you understand the folly of your ways!
Replies: >>2944
Funny, I stopped playing discord users because there were too many niggers. Guess I can't escape. Reap what you sow.
What are generally the best times for hosting games here?
Replies: >>2947 >>2948 >>2949
I think leaf hours, but I don't play soku so as soon as a different opinion is stated go with that one.
[Hide] (39.1KB, 465x293)
Replies: >>2950
Central USA/west coast timers often seem to werk.
GG. Was fun.
Replies: >>2953
GG, thanks for the games. Still feel like I dont know how to properly use remi when blocking and when to counter attack.
Replies: >>2954
[Hide] (4.7MB, 4093x2894)
It's been a while since the previous remi disappeared so I'm trying to think of advice for you. I believe that 3A 2A is tight against most characters. Not sure if you were using it, It really is quite deceptive. I'd also recommend avoiding 22B/C unless you have a reversal card. It can be very punishable. Lastly, 236 is insanely good at cutting through bullets, so I would say use it more.

As for defense, I think you know remi fairly well, but you don't really know the match ups, so you end up getting over confident about when you can attack. It's pretty common to think your opponent to see your opponent be vulnerable in cool-down, try to attack, only to find that you are still at disadvantage because you just got out of bluckstun/wakeup, etc. What you really need is to avoid these disadvantageous situations in the first place through good use of BE's and pressure.

Now that I think about it, it's like this: you're over-committing to counter attacks while under pressure, but when it's your turn to pressure, you under commit. It should be the reverse of that. Be very careful while getting block-stringed/oki'd, and be more aggressive when you're doing the block string. You should be trying to get me in the corner, and I never really felt that scared that you would be able to. Practice some block strings in the corner with lots of j2a's and mix ups. Currently, I'm just BE'ing without thinking too much, so j2a is the solution to that. Don't fear the corner, use it as a weapon.
Replies: >>2955
[Hide] (378.3KB, 858x711)
Thanks for the advice
>over-committing to counter attacks while under pressure
I tend to tunnel vision to try and counter attacks when I'm in the defense and when I start thinking about BE'ing its always too late.
>pressure, you under commit
I have a difficult time trying to pressure since I feel in most cases that my opponent can easily escape out of it or that I mess up the input for it.
>Don't fear the corner, use it as a weapon.
Unfortunately that's something that I fear after playing too much with a marisafag here a while back.
Replies: >>2957
[Hide] (84.2KB, 350x300)
Mister corner doesn't take it easy at all.
Replies: >>2959
[Hide] (28.7KB, 430x650)
Server is up if anyone is interested
Mister corner can fuck right off.
[Hide] (722.3KB, 1000x624)
fug my connection went to shite
Replies: >>2961
GG patchouli, was fun playing against you and I managed to try out some small combo's on you.
Replies: >>2966
[Hide] (53.3KB, 700x700)
GGs. The first meiling match desynched but i'd say you would have won it regardless.
Remilia is very tricky to play but even trickier for the opponent to figure out what you're doing. Your (neutral) offense and (corner) defense both need help, but it isn't BEs for defense but rather reading what the opponent is going to do next to get out, often blocking more is not a bad idea as orbs getting low is just a reason to BE right when they're running dry of things to shell you with and you can see their full combo string in detail to figure out where it falters in some ways. For neutral try to practice a bit on your D6j.2A, as you can basically use it to dash foward for a free hit on the enemy that's an instant crossup into a ground combo if you line it up perfectly.
On the subject of 3A2A, it is not tight if the opponent low blocks, unless their counter 2A/5A is a few frames short, but it is very tight if its wrongblocked no matter what so pay attention to what your opponent is doing before commiting that. 2A is a great move regardless if you manage to get it off in the proper range, it opens so many things for remi to do even on block or whiff.

The last remilia that I played against used Trickster Devil to devilish efficiency in neutral, as it's basically a free hit if the opponent doesn't have lighting-fast reflexes and if he tries to bait it out, you can just do normal melee attacks instead and acts as a good "gotcha" counter to those who are used to block Devil Walk. Oh and don't forget remi's 623B/C is one of the few actual melee-invuln DPs and if you get good at reading the opponent you can instantly get big damage with it, but do mind the short range and high punish as it's not really an anti-aereal move unlike other invuln DPs and remi's short range is a liability when using it that way.

Don't mind the wall of text it's just complementary, you did okay but you can do better next time.
Replies: >>2967 >>2980
[Hide] (261.5KB, 491x365)
>recommending trickster devil
don't forget to set the delay to 8 if you're hosting. it didn't have to be like this
Replies: >>2969 >>2980
It may be the warcrime of moves on some matchups, but it's still counterable if you have high priority/active melee attacks or any active bullet onscreen since remi can't devil walk through them anymore cause it doesn't graze.
Replies: >>2970
[Hide] (751.1KB, 948x533)
>just have active bullets
said the magician
[Hide] (130.6KB, 510x255)
Thanks for the advice.
Good idea, I'll have try it out with you next time we play~
Replies: >>3094 >>3095
gg, host still up
[Hide] (840.4KB, 1000x1280)
I have returned.
Replies: >>3098
get ya hosts here
Replies: >>3119
[Hide] (194.5KB, 367x431)
and that's why terrible ideas are some times great ideas. but private square is bullshit
Replies: >>3120
ggs, thanks for hosting
turns out private square is pretty cool outside of just oki bullshit
Replies: >>3121
Be warned, if I hadn't fucked up and did a j2a instead of flying you would most likely be dead
Replies: >>3122
most of the startup has invincibility as well, i don't think you could have hit me in time
Replies: >>3123
Huh, that's bullshit. Very fitting for sakuya. Pls play a character with a hitbox next time.
Replies: >>3124
>Pls play a character with a hitbox next time.
sorry but i'd much rather keep 2A'ing right under people's specials and pretending i know how the hell i dodged them
[Hide] (42.3KB, 344x135)
I play this game
Replies: >>3173
also here is my host
Replies: >>3186
brb rebinding keys
Replies: >>3175 >>3177
[Hide] (42.9KB, 615x399)
hope you weren't using default
royal flare in typhoon go brrrrrrrt
[Hide] (890.3KB, 1300x1200)
Windgod kick > Royal flare
Replies: >>3178
le epin counterhit bubbles > reimu
me want game
Replies: >>3180
host for me and i will give game
Replies: >>3181
Replies: >>3182
didja have fun?
Replies: >>3184
i'm bad
Replies: >>3186
[Hide] (2MB, 1140x1648)
[Hide] (114.7KB, 1280x720)
welcome to soku bully zone

Host awakened
Please increase the delay with the numpad + or - on your keyboard. I can also host if you want more stability, but i think is lost cause probably due to interference at these hours.
Some lag not sure from where.
Hosting for a bit.
Replies: >>3196 >>3199
[Hide] (131.2KB, 851x597)
>all these hosts
they actually got in
I'll be back in about ten minutes
[Hide] (672.5KB, 01:53)
I can only rate these games as 
Embed was playing in the background the entire time.
Thank you for hostan and GGs.
[Hide] (178.1KB, 768x768)
ggs. I like soku. I can't think what to say.

I like soku.
[Hide] (844.9KB, 1066x1491)
Good games, I've got to leave for now. I should be back on later tonight.
Replies: >>3198
Back yet buddy?
Replies: >>3199
Yes, host is back up.
Replies: >>3201
Host is up for anyone looking for a match
Replies: >>3207 >>3243
Aw come on give me another match, I want to try another character then.
[Hide] (281.2KB, 1200x900)
I have to sleep for the night. Good games Cirno
Replies: >>3203
Oh well GGs. Thanks for the games, guess tomorrow i'll stop by for more.
Replies: >>3204
you guys can't just play games while I'm not here.
Get in.
Replies: >>3208
Replies: >>3208
[Hide] (8KB, 86x95)
GGs, it was fun playing against you. I should practice using more Trickster Devil, it too satisfying once it connect.
Get here earlier next time
[Hide] (37KB, 216x218)
Replies: >>3211
Replies: >>3211
zawa zawa
zawa zawa
[Hide] (27.2KB, 344x135)
Reply for host
Replies: >>3217
I can be your opponent for a few games
Replies: >>3218
Replies: >>3222 >>3233
GGs, I'll be back later for more games if your still around.
Replies: >>3223
GGs. I'll probably be around in 3-4 hous.
[Hide] (1.2MB, 352x288)
GGs I'll be around in about 2 days - 2 months
going to the corner store brb 10 years
[Hide] (15.2KB, 343x135)
More soku
Replies: >>3236 >>3237
GGs need to take a break for a bit. I really need to work on my corner pressure.
Replies: >>3237
[Hide] (39.3KB, 350x350)
ggs. My instincts keep telling me to fly away from remi as far as I can.

Unfortunately I'm not smart enough to help you there. Less 5aaaa is all I can say.
Replies: >>3240
have the two remis fought yet?
Replies: >>3239 >>3240
[Hide] (380.1KB, 772x741)
[Hide] (718.6KB, 1174x878)
Not yet but I have a feeling that I'll lose. I've come to expect that most people here are better than me until proven otherwise.
>fly away from remi as far as I can
Good reflex since remi is not that good in long range. I have to pay more attention to your long range to be able to counter it or move in closer.
Replies: >>3241
If your enemy is cropping up long range spam and cancels early with highjumps, you can punish quickly them by using 22B if they're at the other corner or 236C if they're low enough to allow for hitting them out of the sky.
Also remi's dashes are quite fast, despite how it may look on your screen. They're not as reactable for the opponent, specially air dashes, but do mind the specific spacing needed for some of them. You can easily link them into a j.6A or a j.2A when you're close enough to the opponent and since j.2A carries momentum and is active for a significant amount of frames it is really good to use it during dashes. Do mind that you lose grazing when attempting to pull air attacks during ground dashes
Replies: >>3242
>quickly them
help how do i english
Server is up if anyone is still here >>3200
Replies: >>3246
[Hide] (1.7MB, 2500x3541)
gg remifag. I hope the bully wasn't too much today
Replies: >>3247
GGs. Its less bad than what I'm used to. Still managed to try new things and hope that my pressure is slowly improving.
[Hide] (661.9KB, 800x4000)
Replies: >>3254 >>3255
[Hide] (144.7KB, 659x605)
GGs, was fun trying out new stuff on you.
[Hide] (88KB, 400x400)
GGs. Trickster devil is a bully move. Also the one time I was about to get the sliding kick to level 4 snow took it away from me. I just want to kick youkai butt why does the game work against me?
Remember that you have aireal option for movement such as 6D or 66. Also Remi's forward ground dash 66 is good for pressure if you cancel it into a j5a or j2a.
Replies: >>3256 >>3266
I was told to avoid using 6D in air if possible since it has high recovery and I tend to forget about using 66 on ground most of the time. Kinda got used to just using 27 and 29 to move around.
>forward ground dash 66 is good for pressure if you cancel it
I haven't really practice cancel moves since I tend to be impulsive in the middle of the fight. Guess that one more thing to practice along with 623 input training.
The game works against you because Remilia is the final boss and needs handicaps to lose.
Replies: >>3267
[Hide] (329.2KB, 850x1131)
Nah, anon is fated to not get that move to level 4.
Gib host?
Replies: >>3289 >>3291
Replies: >>3290
try increasing the delay with the + on the numpad
Replies: >>3291
ggs. I also doubt that would help much as it was random large spikes. At most it would make said spikes easier to deal with.
Replies: >>3292
Its worth a shot over dealing with said lag spike. Most game I host I leave the delay at 3-4 and increase when needed. Still ggs.
[Hide] (275.7KB, 1381x2048)
reply for autopunch host
Replies: >>3330
I raise you one non-autopunch host
Replies: >>3338
[Hide] (544KB, 779x1100)
GGs reimufugger. Keep it up, you got me to panic a few times there. Speaking of panic, it seems that I kill you almost as often as you kill yourself. Remember to take it easy with committal attacks.
Replies: >>3338
[Hide] (99.4KB, 500x500)
Still can't quite get crushes. I've started using the 2 orb card but wasn't able to set up right. I only used my 5 card once or twice even though its an instant win button, even in neutral.
I seem to have picked up the habbit of impulsively disrespecting slash of life and death. Like why am I holding 6D after myon command normal? Think I could BE a little more but I'm an orb jew and don't want to run out.

I was having a nice 623 session a host or so ago. The hang time on 623c gives me just enough time to reflect on myself for the dissapointment I am.
>take it easy
Thank you these are the words I need to hear.
Replies: >>3344
>not "tank it easy"
One job
Hello i am looking for a non-radical marisa, a certain alice is looking for you.
Replies: >>3392
[Hide] (241.1KB, 1000x1137)
Replies: >>3397
[Hide] (555KB, 1000x1000)
I don't want to play soku, I want my 'Marisa_is_my_wife' Marisa to come back.
Replies: >>3609
Do you fags need another port forwarding guide or is the game just dead? Host up.
Replies: >>3425
Just dead, now ready up for matches.
Replies: >>3426
[Hide] (185.5KB, 1263x2048)
The games were good remifugger. Work on them corner escapes and defenses and such.
Replies: >>3427
[Hide] (71.8KB, 564x800)
GGs, I'll try to work on them though I feel like your the only player that is active in the thread that I can practice on. Practicing with AI feels moot when compared to a good player.
Replies: >>3428
[Hide] (760.1KB, 887x665)
You can always host for real /jp/s at http://netplay.lunarcast.net/
If you're especially brave there's even a discord server.
Replies: >>3429 >>3430
I'll have a look but it seems to be just as dead as here but ill give it a shot.
I'm more willing to join IRC channels over that spyware.
<Roaming Service(s) Parvati failed to synchronize!
Replies: >>3432
[Hide] (12.1KB, 320x320)
[Hide] (26.6KB, 678x451)
I'm not sure why it says that, but if you are successful, you will usually see something like pic related
Replies: >>3434 >>3435
[Hide] (152.1KB, 803x619)
ok it werked
[Hide] (3.3KB, 379x62)
>it's just my ip address
the shouldn't be my IP, it should be yours. (the one you erased in the picture.) I don't see another IP when I refresh the page, so I don't think anyone can see your host.

Use the host checker if you haven't already. not sure if you've hosted before, but it's a handy tool
Replies: >>3437
I wasn't hosting, it just kept giving me the parvati sync error before
here's hosting now, it should show
Replies: >>3440
I see it now, good.
>no rollbacks
This might cause you some issues when people try to connect. I'm not sure how you installed soku, but make sure you open the right exe. A "R 1.3" should be added to the window title if you installed soku using the link in the OP.
Replies: >>3443
[Hide] (865.9KB, 1022x1817)
did I just forget to sokuroll
fukk this analog stick and fukk this deck
Replies: >>3444
[Hide] (107.4KB, 400x350)
ggs. Sorry to invite myself to your lunacast host if you were wanting to play some more exotic niggers.
Binge watching soku streams over the past week has payed off. I'm mad the one time I was going to corner loop you river mist saved you from glorious 3.4k damage.

>did I just forget to sokuroll
what da fuk mann
I couldn't even tell.
Replies: >>3445
>Sorry to invite myself to your lunacast host if you were wanting to play some more exotic niggers
I was only going to test if it werked at all, the games were spontaneous decision without expecting exotic niggers so there are negative things to be sorry for
good to know I still can delet shitters even with fucked up movement
geegees I guess get more setups and drill
Replies: >>3446 >>3448
>negative things to be sorry for
how do you use english on this expression
things to be sorry for: not a positive number
not above 1
not zero
below 0
-1 or less?
this expression is confusing
Replies: >>3448
If things to be sorry for is positive then the person should be sorry for something.
If it is zero then they don't need to be sorry.
If it is negative then there at least one thing the person needs to be the opposite of sorry for.

I suppose ambiguity comes from "negative things" which you would either interpret as, a thing with a negative quality, a negative amount of things, or, you would pass the negative to the sorry and think you need to be the opposite of sorry. I assumed anon meant the opposite of sorry since it makes the most sense.

It took me 15 mins to think of this what the fuk I'm so stupid.
Replies: >>3448
[Hide] (90.3KB, 850x971)
anon what fugging language do you speak where things are negatively enumerable.
Replies: >>3449 >>3450
[Hide] (297KB, 850x1158)
my thesis was for that anon over there to feel proud of playing game at all in an age of being satisfied with doing nothing

my positivity, activity and objectivity are sin(x) functions; that is to say, they alternate between yes and not yes
Replies: >>3465
[Hide] (91KB, 700x900)
Glorious mathematics. I happen to be an expert.
Replies: >>3452
mathematics are a myth and earth is flat
disprove time cube and get 10 thousand dorrar!!!
[Hide] (219.6KB, 678x401)
wtf the sokuniggers know math???
Replies: >>3454
It's a VERY powerful faction.
Chaos is a ladder.
[Hide] (1.4MB, 620x620)
>positivity, activity and objectivity are sin(x) functions
The limit as x approaches infinity is undefined.
The limit as x approaches negative infinity is also undefined.
At the end of time where all lines converge, what happens to your positivity?
Replies: >>3467 >>3479
[Hide] (184.9KB, 269x338)
Before that, the sun explodes, earth melts and we roll 5d100 for the collective afterlife because god knows we're not getting off this rock!
Replies: >>3479
Host is up if interested
Replies: >>3471
ggs, thanks for hosting
Replies: >>3472
ggs, thanks for joining
[Hide] (33.6KB, 1363x577)
>what happens to anons positivity?
It speeds up? Pic related. It kind of looks like a laser later on.

>we roll
fug you I roll my own fate

(##5d100) Rolled 5 dice with 100 sides = 231
one ⑨ - count to ⑨ forever
two ⑨s - get to eat cirno's yellow snow also have to eat her brown snow
three ⑨s - resurrected as an ice fairy sun is still exploding so I am constantly reborn and vaporised every instant for a billion years
anything else - I die
ok this is ebin

host here -
Replies: >>3482
[Hide] (175.7KB, 526x361)
ggs, have to go for a bit but ill be back later if your still here. Didn't expect that I'd win a game against you. Was fun playing.
[Hide] (236.1KB, 1143x851)
GGs Remilia. I hope your Marisa-oriented PTSD was nostalgic enough. Go faster, react quicker and try not to risk skillcard moves without winning neutral if you're not sure that they'll hit.

Replies: >>3485
good gam
stop falling for my jump-ins
stop falling for my oki bombs (that autohit if they detonate and I jump over you in a confusing enough way that you press block the wrong way)
stop falling for my blatant fucking bait (6[a] into blocked into meme beam for counterhit damage)
Replies: >>3486
ggs, I doubt I can be more quicker to input without doing more miss-inputs. Thanks for hosting.
Noted although it felt like at some moments my blocks weren't being registered by the game even if I had the key press for it.
Replies: >>3487
the game has a certain delay in it associated with rollback; if you're not used to it you'll suffer misinputs because of precision error
default setting is easy to get used to, so do your best
Replies: >>3488
[Hide] (112.4KB, 850x850)
Can host for (you) or send ip.
Welp that explain my failed attempts at inputting 623 in the past.
Replies: >>3489
[Hide] (166.4KB, 850x1063)
I'll rehost in an hour or so if you're willing to wait or if no one connects
Replies: >>3490
Sure, post your ip when your ready.
ok virtual internet cockfight settled

here's your host again, that PTSD isn't gonna fix itself -
Replies: >>3493
you fools this board is in decline
Replies: >>3494 >>3495
ggs, I feel like I'm becoming more sloppy the more I play against you.
Replies: >>3496
No it's just reclining.
[Hide] (30.8KB, 455x500)
good games remifag
start border escape 8-ing
stop falling for really, really shitty bait
stop falling for marisa 214 into 214 (level 1 exclusive, only leveling it just for that)

you probably just need to think it over
what are you dying to almost every time? (it's frametraps and reckless assaults)
what do you want to improve on tech-wise? (it's basic, non-skillcard pressure; blockstrings etc)
what do you want to use in your deck? (it's probably some better alts n shieet)
what kind of 623's do you want to spam against raging jump-in addicts? (right now it's B)
ask yourself some questions on how do I improve and watch some replays, then recall your failures and fix whatever's bad in your muscle memory
(you) can get better then
Replies: >>3497 >>3498 >>3502
and also practice
a lot of it
use lunarcast and cuckchan /vm/ thread if you have to, at least they're not discord
Replies: >>3502
[Hide] (264.8KB, 558x2154)
>All of this advice
>When he can just do what I do:
First, you sleep.
Then, you go missing for months at a time.
And after that, everyone who knew how you played doesn't know what to do anymore and neither do you so it's twice as fun.
Replies: >>3499 >>3502
[Hide] (26.1KB, 740x370)
tried that, two or three times even
Replies: >>3500
[Hide] (50.5KB, 600x800)
>It wasn't fun
You must've skipped a step.
Replies: >>3504
[Hide] (77.7KB, 1280x720)
Good games Youmu, sometimes I wish your spellcards had slightly more recovery time.
>start border escape 8-ing
I've never really managed to pull off 8D, figured it would be proper timing of a high jump to do it.
>stop falling for really, really shitty bait
I cant spot bait and generally act impulsively.
>stop falling for marisa 214 into 214
I'm trying.
Are there people that use the lunarcast?
I've done that unintentionally, but the PTSD still remains.
[Hide] (232.2KB, 900x1300)
GGs fugger. Stop getting baited. Eye can read your mind deck.
[Hide] (215KB, 1400x1059)
I even know which one hosd up

I want to invade cuckchan with all of you and shit talk all of them really badly next week, any of you faggots up for that
[Hide] (55.7KB, 128x252)
>Going to cuckchan
What'll you pay me?
Replies: >>3508
single (you)
Replies: >>3509
o fug a (yöu) :DD
i dage id :DDD
[Hide] (61.7KB, 685x907)
I've got to head out for now. Good games Marisa.
Replies: >>3512
You too. I hope it wasn't too overbearing - you seemed exhausted towards the end.
also hosd STILL up
Replies: >>3520 >>3521
[Hide] (2.5MB, 1850x1233)
Sounds good. What is the plan.
I'm way out of shape and don't have the time to unfuck enough to bully them but would be up to shitpost.
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1500x2121)
Okay, good games. It's 10 AM and my instinct says that it's a bad idea to host any further today let's do what it says. I know what you're about to do because I read your inputs and because you refuse to change strats for very long periods of time. Use turtle less use zone and pressure more - and as for how, there are gaps in Marisa's approaches. Lead with bullets and compensate with Border Escapes.







Replies: >>3523
[Hide] (356.3KB, 1080x1920)
Some rounds seem ok then once I'm comfortable next round is intense orb rape. Keep choosing slow options and getting hit just before they come out and forgetting to j44 against air BE.

Gonna have to practice that tengu alt.
>bringing cuckchanners here
Host up
Replies: >>3531
[Hide] (5.3MB, 2880x1620)
GG, and rember block low.
Replies: >>3532
GGs, was mostly trying to practice doing a jump BE only to realize I'm doing it wrong. Got used to doing 6DD and 4DD and just found out that its different for the jumps.
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Yes, good. I intentionally corner bullied you to force you to block low, but instead you got much better escaping. Either way I can't complain. j6dd and j4dd are powerful tools, they don't use orbs, so you should use them ofter to conserve attack power. I believe you can attack and defend faster out of them too. though I don't know much about remi's case.
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>j6dd and j4dd are powerful tools, they don't use orbs
Unfortunately 4D and 6D does use an orb for remi and I'm pretty sure that j4dd and j6dd does so too. Not to mention I'm limited to 2 used for both each time I'm airborne.
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also it's BE2 not BE8 that's a good pressure exit
/japan/ fighting /eris/ now
lend us your energy sokuniggers!
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>this channel has banned connections from tor
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lost 0-2, it's /eris/ so can't really complain

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Great games (You)mu. I can't help but keep doing risky shit for no reason because I want memes. Help me stop. God help me

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HA. You may have defeated me this time, but this isn't the last time you'll hear from me, FLAT YOUMU! AAAAAAHAHAHA GG
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GGs, thanks for the training. I finally managed to a BE2.
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I'm at a loss for orbs. It was really funny when that happened.

GGs. Have to take a break now. Did you enjoy my attempts at pretending to be retarded with Remilia? Don't let my attempts fool you - her blockstrings and combos are pretty much set in stone because of how gimmicky her moves are. Learn them and progress - pilfer material from the other Remi player in this thread if you have to.
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Help me stop. God help me.
I suggest you mix up with 5a/66a/214/623 after 3a more often. You do 3a into bullet so often that it actually makes 623 spam worth it. Aside from that yeah idk block gooder lmao.
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>Help me stop. God help me.
that was supposed to be a quote
>I suggest you mix up with 5a/66a/214/623 after 3a more often. You do 3a into bullet so often that it actually makes 623 spam worth it. 
I know. It's a risk/reward thing. If I succeed with 3a into 6c, you eat an orb and cannot BE for half a second, giving me time to think over the next move. If I fail, you get a 623C in (with a spellcard if any) into knockdown. 
If I succeed with 3a into reset melee, it's a simple reset and I keep pushing you - and I can't do two in a row because that's generally too risky. If I fail, you get a 2a poke in and then chances are I'll end up in a corner unless a successful BE happens or I abare outta there (unlikely). So after 3a gets blocked I have to mix it up and then (you) have to either act defensive or try to fuck over my attempts.

Alternatively, could 3a into 214 suicide if you do 623C too many times. It even worked a couple of times.
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>Did you enjoy my attempts at pretending to be retarded with Remilia?
It was fun, though I'd recommend adding the Custom Parasol in your deck to avoid being stuck playing only in indoor stages.
>pilfer material from the other Remi player in this thread if you have to.
I'd love to but I have yet to have a match against the other remi. And I've already borrowed the idea of using Trickster Devil for fun.
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