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If you have a film you think would be perfect for the show, please feel free to reply in this thread with a title, poster, cover, or anything that I can use to get more information on the film. IMDB or TMDB links would be appreciated.

Just note two caveats:
1. Westerns (as in the film genre, not western film industry) will likely be ignored, unless "Western" is only the setting.
This became a private rule of mine after many bad westerns that were screened just turned out to be incredibly boring. 
2. Being added to my list does not guarantee a screening.
I mainly source my movies from physical sources (thrift stores, pawn shops, garage sales, etc.), so the likelihood of getting your film immediately is low, if I can even find it. If you find a magnet for it however, that may change your odds for the better.

These are just advisements, and not set in stone.
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>>4 (OP) 
The enchanted mountain.
Da 5 Bloods, made in 2020 by Spike Lee. Five black Vietnam vets go back to where they stashed a bunch of gold when they are old. Get ready for horrible CGI firefights, a father reunited with a son that he can't stand, anti-aging makeup and CGI so bad as to be non-existent, a ghost, and more.
Heavy Metal 2000, the awful sequel to the great movie from the 80s
>cookie cutter plot that's completely predictable except for maybe one minor twist at the end
>filled with sex but little of it is actually good/erotic
>filled with nu-metal and emo metal out the ass, even when it makes no sense
>the villain's name is Tyler
it also had a game that i'm trying to play through and i'm not impressed with it either
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The FP (2011). Two gangs fight for control over Frazier Park through games of Dance Dance Revolution... I mean Beat Beat Revelation. It's as retarded as it sounds.
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I'm staying at a rented cottage and they have this abomination here.  Do you want me to rip it BMN?
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Rip it then destroy the disc
>armond white likes it
do it
I think I may have one. if we've already seen it then just disregard this post. it seems terrible based on the trailer

Bigfoot VS the Illuminati.

Lizardmen aliens, under the leadership of a resurrected Aleister Crowley, a weed smoking pervert whose soul was brought into a lizardman alien's body to lead their forces to victory in taking over the Earth. Only a small band of human rebels fights on, with survival for the entire species hanging on a thread. Enter Bigfoot, who joins the rebels because he knew one of them in the past or something. 

This movie has space battles, Egyptian book of the dead magic, toilet humor, earthy humor and more. It's a bad movie, but it is one of the bad movies I've had the most fun watching. Here is a GDrive link to the movie itself, it can also be picked up on wcostream dot com in the Movie section. 

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This looks awful, it's perfect. On the docket for next week.
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so I've got two potential movies. just by reading the description alone they seem absolutely terrible. if you run into them in the wild and they're cheap they might be worth it

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This looks especially bad.  Some mid-tier CGI "artist" created a horror anthology which looks hilarious:    https://vimeo.com/181551153

Note that if you go to tubitv dot com for movies, youtube-dl can get anything off of there apparently.  

Since you seem to be cool with mega links based on the chat last night, I created a new mega shared folder where I'll put some things I downloaded from tubitv for you. 

https <colon slash slash> mega <dot> nz <slash> folder <slash> 1dt1gICB#KD1LdM7S7nCLixo_CplpmQ
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Okay, this looks like the ultimate shit cringefest.


This is a super indie, almost college film, so I don't know if it'll be as satisfying as stuff made by a professional filmmaker.

But holy shit there are a ton of viable bad movies on tubi.  Throwing it on the same mega folder linked in previous post.
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wtf lol
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c.webm (u)
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the sequels are just as insane
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>After losing his parents, a priest travels to China, where he inherits a mysterious ability that allows him to turn into a dinosaur. At first horrified by this new power, a hooker convinces him to use it to fight crime. And ninjas.
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i'm ded
Yeah, but, where does the Illuminati come in?
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where doesn't the Illuminati come in you mean?  but in that series the stock ayy lmao models are the Illuminati 

Anyway BadMovieNight as i mentioned, since you seem to be down with mega links as mentioned above I put a bunch from this thread in my mega share I downloaded from tubitv 

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Found another one that we can watch, uploading to this same share as the other ones from this thread.

This looks amusingly bad, but it originally caught my eye since Crispin Glover is in it, and he's always good for a good time.
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