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Welcome to /bmn/.

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Welcome to the board dedicated to Bad Movie Night, a weekly stream dedicated to showcasing its namesake. Streams are traditionally held every Saturday. 
Below, you will find the rules for this board. This thread will also serve as notice board, should anything worth noting (good or bad) come up.

Board Rules
0: Follow the Global Rules of ZZZChan | https://zzzchan.xyz/rules.html
1. Any feedback in regards to the stream or the board should go into the meta / feedback thread. Any other meta threads will be removed.
2. Images that are Not Safe For Work are allowed, but must be spoilered. This is a courtesy for anons who watch the stream and want to shitpost at work. If the movie has tits, nothing I can do. :^)
3. Threads for bad film discussions are one per film. If the thread reaches the post limit, a new one can then be created.
4. If you make a post discussing a movie that's generally seen as good, you forfeit your right to call the Bully Hunters. >>>/vhs/ would be better suited for it.
5. Spamming in the movie night threads for unrelated purposes is not allowed.      6. Respect and dig giant robots.

Stream information
The link for the stream will be in the OP of each night's thread(s). For those who need the schedule, please see the attached image, which details the show and pre-show start times. Feel free to use each week's thread for general shitposting/reactions to the movies and other shit on stream.
There is light commentary from the host running the stream, and they may interrupt the stream or fuck something up. This is not a professional show, so laugh with and against the host whenever you deem appropriate. 

I hope you enjoy the show. Cheers everyone.
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