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Post usefull info about anime, like watchorder and stuff like that.
I'm trying to get into Ashita no Joe but there's alot of movies and TV shows, so should I start with movies or the TV shows and are there any filer episode that I can avoid.
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>>614 (OP) 
Watch the first tv show up untill episode 54, then watch the second one, everything after episode 54 is filler and deviates greatly from the manga, i haven't bothered to watch these episodes so i don't know if they are any good.
I haven't watched the movies either, but as far as I know they are just compilation movies.
Where you can download manga and anime? I only know nyaa.si and https://archive.org/details/manga_library
>>614 (OP) 
Lurk more faggot
Here's some useful info:

Don't watch the anime, just read the manga, and if you like it enough watch the anime version instead of re-reading it some day.

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Is it worth watching? I heard mixed things about it plus I was spoiled the ending a time ago.
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I heard its popularity overseas eclipsed its popularity at home by a pretty wide margin. That is to say, most Japanese anime fans would probably look to other shows as an example of a highly influential 90s anime.
>>648 (OP) 
Very boring and full of "diverse" characters (ie. trannies, niggers, faggots). Only episode 20 and the three last ones are good.
Catch you later, Space Cowboy.
>>648 (OP) 
It's absolutely worth it. But all the people saying the dub is good are just nostalgia blind.
Not really, there's a couple good episodes near the end and that's it. It's the most overrated anime behind Evangelion.

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Arale is the cutest loli.
Toriyama draws the best lolis.

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I'm watching Haré+Guu and some Kirby: Right Back at Ya! Bretty comfy.
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I'm watching that too
I've been watching Hunter X hunter even though I'm not a big fan of shoushit. I was expecting it to be a massive borefest that normalfags and nostalgiafags both overhyped, but in the end I'm personally enjoying it so far than I did watching One Piece or Fairy Tail. I've gotten up to Episode 41 and things are looking more promising than the Hunter Exam and Heaven Arena arcs.
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Lycoris Recoil OP "ALIVE" by ClariS
Overlord Season 4 OP『HOLLOW HUNGER』by OxT
Yofukashi no Uta / Call of the Night OP 'Daten 堕天' by Creepy Nuts -
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Pretty Cure: Rainbow Follicles
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Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is the grittiest....

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What are some good anime videogames?
Anything you've been playing?
I've been playing DW Gundam Reborn and Jojo All Stars. 
Are the Fist of the North Star games any good?
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>>301 (OP) 
>fotns games any good
Besides the arc systems fighter, and I supposed the sega ages/blackbelt game, no, they all suck.
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>>301 (OP) 
The best anime vidya out is always the Dragon Ball Budokai games, the  fighting is fun and easy to pick and play, and I love how they recreated every iconic scene in first game, the kakarot game tried it but it didn't look that good.
and how's Super Robot Wars is it pretty good ?
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Finished playing that PS2 Dororo game ("Blood Will Tell" in the west) recently. Has a few issues and doesn't strictly follow the manga in being more of a remix, but pretty solid and enjoyable. There's even an undub patch for those that want the Japanese voices, though unless it also includes some hardsubs for post-chapter narration, there's times western players won't know what's being said.

Doubt there's really any need to say it, but just make sure you're not actually paying for it, because it is NOT worth anywhere near the sort of prices it sees these days. They were already pretty shit through the mid 2010s, but the recent new anime adaptation straight up destroyed the aftermarket for it.
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This one is pretty fun.
I liked some of the MACROSS games.

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Does this really happen in Japanese schools?
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>>741 (OP) 
Maybe in an art class for studying anatomy?
Public indecency, including being naked outdoors and sex in the public is punishable by Japanese law. Showing off your genitals in say, a public park will land you in prison for no more than 6 months.

Before making a thread, try making better questions that doesn't sound like it came out of the mouth of a 12-year old that just recently became a weeaboo just because he watched N*ruto.
>>741 (OP) 
>he thinks that hentai is real

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When I think of surreal anime and shit like that, I think Sentou Yousei Yukikaze or Serial Experiments Lain, I kinda understand the plot of Yukikaze but for Lain I'm at episode 7 and I still don't undestand get it :^). 
So why I'm watching something that's a bit hard to understand for me well I like the unique that vibe and feeling they give you, the visual the sounds they always try something unique and they give you this surreal feeling, and especially love Lain because the worlds seems familiar but it isn't everything about is awkward, it's feeled with long scenes with just ambient sounds or characters just staring at each other the same goes for Yukikaze. 
I'm not sure how I can explain it but I like these type of anime.
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i could... https://reinchant.net/
i am interested in FLCL but every time i look into it i get a weird horrible feeling, maybe reminds me of my ex
Replies: >>508 >>833
bh I don't want a perfectly made story where nothing upsets me. It's a show where everything has a funny angle and has that air of mystery (well it kinda has that since it's a melodrama, what can I say). It's kinda like Parasyte in a way, you want to know what's gonna happen next, but you can't tell for sure. So yeah I'm curious about the storyline and who it's about. I can tell you this, I'm gonna start watching Hana Yori Dango soon! Hopefully it won't be as disappointing!
Ask the guys at lainchan about it...
nowadays its rchan.fun

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Why there aren't much alternative or even just historical and even less war themed anime or mangos. There are few. I mean nearly everything feels the same in modern animus. Nearly every season there is an isekai trash, yuri anime and some other unintresting trash. 
Why they cannot be a more darker war themed story with a more gritty artstyle? Or maybe an adaptation of a western story like southern victory and stuff like that?
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It's good that you enjoy them, but in my countrynwe only get german, nordic, turkish or Indian telenovellas. None of them are good.
Replies: >>543
Your country doesn't have internet?
>none of them are good
I doubt it.
Replies: >>549
>This sounds like a reddit tier excuse
But isn't consumption one of the redditor virtues?
Replies: >>549
No it has.
As you think. If reading or watching is that.
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>>480 (OP) 
Watch Girls Und Panzer

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which one is more profittable job in the anime industry (also less saturated) 
between illustration, animator, writer/scriptwriter thing or programmer?

i was educated in animation and was always feeling that the production is abit too very hard but i could be wronk
Replies: >>828
Do animes need a writer? Don't they just follow the manga? Which would make the mangaka the writer.
Programmer for what?
Replies: >>756
in the east ( japan, korea and other nations where companies usually outsource to) animators make shit pay working insane hours . you say you were trained in animation -- did you ever research what conditions were like in the industry? i suggest you start now. recently japanese studios have taken to twitter to look for talents from abroad; this is, from what i understand, a trend brought on by a shortage of talent in the industry. skilled animators have always been in short supply in the anime industry and it's a supply which might dwindle due to current practices (involving the training of inbetweeners and the feasibility of living off the wages you get from animation for long enough to ascend from rookie to decent).

no, it's not very profitable unless you're godlike, no it sure as hell isn't easy work, but i suppose if your portfolio is good enough they'll let you work for them.
It's a different format, you'll always have to arrange it for that. But ideally it stays close to the manga, yes.
The pay will stay shit eternally because there are many people who want to work to make animes even if the work condition is terrible.
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>>749 (OP) 
The voice actor/actress

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I haven't read the manga but the "animated" adaptation released this month. Man, I haven't laught out loud at a anime for a while. Surprising considering Shitflix is involved. The timing is great and the comedy is so good. If you don't know what it is about is basically a Yakuza is a househusband. The humor it's pretty similar to some bits in Nichijou. It's a shame it might be the most poorly animated anime out there. I know modern anime doesn't shine in this field but jesus christ it's like I'm watching the manga with a voice over. However It didn't ruin my experience with it and I definitely recommend giving it a pirate.
I prefer my comedy in video form because I think it works better that way but I'll have to check out the manga and see how it compares and if it's better.
Replies: >>827
>house husband
propaganda cuck shit so that women will literally dont have to do nothing.
Replies: >>510
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But it made me haha because of the juxtaposition of a yakuza in everyday situations of a househusband.
I'm surprised Shiho really takes to him though.

He is a chaste type of guy, and really doesn't have much choice because Shiho's parents are super rich and won't let her leave the house, but I guess for some reason they have hit it off!

Let's see.

Kikuoka, the antiques dealer?

I don't think I want to take him to the Osaka park anymore though!


Still funny, and maybe a little scary.

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I watched this with my mom, he's a funny anime to watch with family
>>503 (OP) 
Code Geas calls this picture drama. Good thing the seiyuu and sound fx is good because this is powerpoint level animation...

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