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Anime/manga about 2 girls together having a best day. Post them.
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>>1396 (OP) 

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Floch was right 
(SPOILERS for the ending of Attack of Titan. Don’t enter thread if you haven’t read the end of the manga)
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100 years later Paradis is carpet bombed
>>1220 (OP) 
Looking at it through a WN analysis, It leads to the conclusion that the race  which is most hated for it's past successes should wipe out all other races or else it will eventually be wiped out.

Assuming the AoT world's history is like our own, it is most probable that all the different peoples of the world spent most of their existence trying to conquer as much territory and resources as possible for their own prosperity.

Meaning that all engaged in practices such as slavery and colonialism, since they were simply what a people needed to do in order to thrive. As it is in out world, what people have done was the most optimal thing they could do to survive, and even though it seems brutal to us today, all the civilizations who didn't commit such atrocities were likely to be wiped out by those who had no such reservations.

The Eldians were exactly like White people in our world, they are a people who were once the most powerful force on the planet, not because they were any more cruel than the other people in the setting, but because they were simply the most successful at winning at the same game everybody else was playing.

Like our world's White people, they had decided later on to relinquish the power they had attained over the other peoples of the world, they set all the slaves free, removed their presence from all the territories they acquired, hoping to live in peace with the rest of humanity.

They should have read Machiavelli, for what happened to the Eldians is exactly what happened to White people in our world, the other peoples of their world hated them for having been beaten by the Whites, who not only showed mercy by refraining from wiping them out, but were now doing the largely unprecedented by relinquishing their power for no reason other than the new moral philosophies that originated from within their empire.

Over time it was like White people in our world, they went  from being merely egalitarian to hating their own kind and deciding to wipe themselves out.

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So the protagonist is the best find of a great hero, and is a part of his party alongside the rest of the cast.

Opens up like the end of a typical battle anime adventure, but he protagonist discovers a dark secret about the hero: He's been working behind the scenes to make sure he has villains to fight against so that he could never stop heroing and his adventures would never end.

You see, before the start of his first adventure he had nothing going for him, no place in the world, becoming a hero meant living a far better life than the one he had before.

It was on this first adventure that he met the protag and his love interest, it was then when he became someone important and lived with purpose. It was then when he had the novelty of adventure to cut the banality of living in peace.

So when the first adventure ended in victory, and he saw an opportunity for another journey, he intentionally allowed a second villain to rampage just so he could have an evil to vanquish.

Even during this second outing, he was secretly setting things up for the trilogy. Since then most of the enemies they fight are the result of the hero's machinations.

The villains themselves are the real deal, they are actually carrying out their plans and causing a great deal of harm, innocents die before the hero and his allies stop them.

To be fair they do what they can to stop the disasters they cause, but now that the protag knows his best bud is the true culprit behind this and many other threats, all because he's addicted to adventuring and being the hero.
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>>1376 (OP) 
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Next idea.
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An actual anime, not the shit Netflix put out.
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No, I mean the game.
best anime idea: season 2 of Kill Me Baby, Ichigo Mashimaro and Mitsuboshi Colors

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Do you listen to anime music?
I usually listen do Space Dandy ost and some OPs I like but not much other than that.
ndori dori dori dori nyan nya jan
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I don't like lyrics in my music, so I listen to covers of animu songs by some fags.
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ENG: news has been reported that Hiroko Ara, who performed Mika's Kantele music in GuP Der Film (2016), has passed away. rest in peace
Sakkijarven polkka · 浜口史郎
『ガールズ & パンツァー 劇場版』オリジナルサウンドトラック
Released on: 2015-11-18
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Rurouni Kenshin - Sobakasu (Freckles) - FULL English Cover
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Found this while listening to the Shiki soundtrack Which is surprisingly unique for vampire anime
What's intresting was that this was removed for being too happy, which messes with the theme of the show. 
I don't blame them though, it really doesnt fit with the world of Shiki, could work in whatever anime you anons can think of.

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Have you celebrated Satoko's birthday yet, /a/nons?
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>>1097 (OP) 
no i have not
happy birthday anime girl.
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Still the best 1983
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Anyone knows whats that korean manhwa where pretty boys are beaten up?

So surreal.when theyre all busy dancing

Then again i m not sure what they mean by ugly anyway

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Zzziggers need something to unite them and what could be better the this resourceful /k/ute fluffy tank dork who can lift heavy artillery shells as though it where paper...? That was a rhetorical question, don't try and answer that because there isn't an alternative.

It's your moral duty to let the Mods and Jannies know this is what the Zzzigger collective wants. Let's not waste time anons.
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Very well anon.

>Yes. and give her an AR-15.
Canonically she's more of an artillery gun type of girl.
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I can feel my wind
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I can feel my smile

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Liru is a miracle of the universe!  ✨️ 🙏 

Let's have a Magipoka thread!

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Name a better opening
Protip:You can't
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Any opening sang by my waifu.
Replies: >>703
Who's you waifu?
toradora op is fire.
hunter x hunter (original) op is fire
saint seiya
nadia: secret of blue water
Juuni Senshi Bakuretsu Eto Ranger
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>>677 (OP) 
Pocket Monsters OP01 - "Aim to Be a Pokémon Master"「めざせポケモンマスター」
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That still rocks

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Arale is the cutest loli.
Toriyama draws the best lolis.
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>>843 (OP) 

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