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Dragon Ball both the original and Z and Pokemon were a big part of my childhood. Watching Dragon Ball reruns and some of the movies was all did at one point, and playing Pokemon Red while watching the anime was really fun. Bulma and Misty were my first faps too. I've have been rewatching the first season of Pokemon and it's pretty comfy. It holds up pretty well. I also used to watch a lot of Heidi and Digimon. I need to re-watch Heidi though since I haven't watched it since I was a kid.
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>>409 (OP) 
pretty much the same, as well as yu-gi-oh!, lupin the third, captain tsubasa, cardcaptor sakura, kodocha, hamtaro, the rose of versailles, beyblade and whatever other shit they'd have on tv at the time
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>>409 (OP) 
Transformers armada, with it's attrocious slovak dub, I think so.e pokeymans, but that's it. U mostly watched Shrek or some classic cartoons from my country.
Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo was my fucking jam back in the day.
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I never watched the anime but i grew up with the gbc game. It's a pretty comfy RPG and i recommend it.
i need to rewatch it. I remember liking it a lot.
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I don't think yu gi oh holds that well today, I used to love it as a kid but I rewatched it recently and it was less interesting than I remembered. 
>but i grew up with the gbc game. It's a pretty comfy RPG and i recommend it.
patrician taste, the gba games were also top

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Do you like Studio Ghibli films, anon?
I've been meaning to watch them. So far I've seen Spirited Away, Totoro and Grave of the Fireflies. My favorite so far is Grave of the Fireflies. How about you anon? Which one is your favorite? Do you think Earwig and the Witch will be any good?
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see pic
I don't think Ghibli films are meant for adult men, even teenagers, as the imagery is quite dark, and there are a few fights. It's for children.

The best way to describe it is that Ghibli films are the children of Pixar films and Disney films. They're fun, they're adventurous, there are happy endings. They're ideal for kids but then there's something for adults called real life, and that's something very sophisticated. The quality of this so called real life is very high and a mere capitalistic Ghibli movie is, so to speak, a splatter of shit. If you go to Japan, if you buy a ticket to the movie theater, there's a huge queue of children. It's unbelievable, and their parents are so happy to see them there. But if you don't have kids, it's fine.
But of course, you can't compare any two films. One is a cultural masterwork and one is a stupid cartoon. But the Japanese audiences aren't very cynical. They think they're being cynical, but they're not. For us, that is exactly what a real critic would say. So, there are definitely limits in our language. So while I think that the critics of the Ghibli are wrong in their overall praise, I understand that life isn't a race, and Ghibli films are created by adults, but they're just money making machines, no love there.
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Mr Hashimoto, who worked at Studio Ghibli for 20 years and said he was deeply saddened by its closure, thinks it is a pity that such a thing has happened.

He said that unlike films like "The Godfather", which were created with only adults in mind, Mr Hayao Miyazaki and his team of animators never forgot the young.

Mr Hashimoto added that at the end of the day, they were just puppeteers - there were so many hands that led to the final product.

Mr Hayao Miyazaki died last year, aged 76, leaving behind a body of work that was lauded in Japan and internationally.

On its Facebook page, Studio Ghibli said that it will "transition to other projects."

But where?

If it has not found a new producer to back it, Studio Ghibli is in danger of going out of business.
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>Mr Hayao Miyazaki died last year, aged 76

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>MC gets super powers and so on, it's generic isekai
>gets a catgirl slave by killing bandits, she's horny, they kiss 
<gets cockblocked 
>goes out, finds bandits' friends while wearing stolen bandit armor and weapons
<MC acts like a retard, ignores the "I'm going to rape your girl" implication
<gets cockblocked again and now the girl has been kidnapped 
>luckily she's with another girl who is going to help her escape by kissing her and distracting the guards
<kissing another girl makes the slave hornier than the MC ever could, ruining the plan, now they're both getting groped and about to be raped 
>MC crashes in and saves the day, now they're both literally fighting over who gets his dick first 
<MC does nothing despite acting like horny 24/7 
>MC gets a third girl, jerks off onto an evil god and turns her into the 4th 
>now the four are fighting for the D
<he chooses to remove the power from the goddess to make her as weak as the others(?)
<wastes time and gets cockblocked
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I understand the cock blocking and the MC not actually fucking anyone in most stories, the part where all the girls get fucked in all holes by a slime before he has even touched them is what confuses me. 
If you want more lewd just have the MC do it and get cockblocked, if you don't want to cross the line why have some nigger do it instead?
How is this different from western genre fiction? Here, you are confronted with an endless variety of cultural projections onto a wide variety of other cultural projections: The Europeans come from cultures where men are expected to marry women; these are powerful cultural norms which reach far beyond the cultures of Europe and the western world. These expectations may make for more sophisticated fiction. You can make a long list of some of western literary masterpieces such as Alexandre Dumas, Emile Zola, Romain Rolland, Countess Maria Sibylle Szilárd and Jorge Luis Borges. While we’re still examining these literary works, the notion of ethnic identity is totally absent. The protagonist of a Greek tragedy is always a Greek man and the protagonist of a French novel is always a French man. Even when the protagonist does not identify as one ethnicity, he is usually an educated middle-class citizen of a Western society.
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>How is this different from western genre fiction? 
The author doesn't pretend the women aren't shit while cucking the MC. Pic related.
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>The author doesn't pretend the women aren't shit while cucking the MC
What the fuck are you talking about?
My response to that would be that while trash, they are still human beings. Just because the author doesn't necessarily like that fact doesn't mean it's the same for everyone. So I read on to see what "she" had to say.

She says:

Some people absolutely hate their vaginas. They can't stand the sight of their own body parts. They look at their vaginas with disgust. They have often thought of amputating it. But on the other hand, some women find their vaginas disgusting as well. And their reasons for hating their vaginas are not as different from what men hate their penises for. They are the same reasons.

Now let me go ahead and be clear. I do not agree with her. She does not understand the concept of the connotation that every human penis has. As a male, I do not believe that the mere concept of a penis (or any genitals for that matter) is disgusting. It may look disgusting, but it's not. Human genitals, in fact, are beautiful. In fact, they have been created by God and for a very special purpose. We each have one. Many people, when they first discover this, develop a fascination with the parts, many of which are highly sensitive. Some develop a fetish for them, for reasons ranging from a certain flavor of manhood to sexual healing. And many feel that they are the most masculine of the body parts because they were the first part of the human body to start to develop in our creator's image.
Most people have
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does anyone knows charity zine or contests that is manga anime related? thank u
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>>418 how come neocities have zines that makes no sense
Replies: >>420
because most are ran by trannies and leftists, what do you expect
Replies: >>421
>>420 i still dont get it. you cant be trannies and also be leftist at the same time.
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new age lefties have nothing to do with actual leftism.

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>girl's butt is censored
>boy's butt isn't

Why does this happen in anime?
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>>413 (OP) 
Depends on the anime I guess.

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helllo how should you plan your one shot comics/debut so it can garner attention and crowd 

my plan is to have like 20-30 pages like most one shot but idk 

how should i plan the content to be as exciting before running full series(because im reenacting JUMP's accepting through one shot and similarly before series and also cuz i have no idea if a series is good anyway)

cant wait for your input!
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>>394 (OP) 
Just make something fun and nice looking. Maybe add something that makes it stand out from the rest. End it in a cliffhanger to make the audience want more?

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Nooooooooooooo they killed it early whyyyyy?
I'm so fucking sad, it helped me to stay sane in these shitty times and now it's gone.


It's really short anons, if you are bored and look for something stupid and funny give it a try.
>stupid and funny
wow look at those tits
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