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Post usefull info about anime, like watchorder and stuff like that.
I'm trying to get into Ashita no Joe but there's alot of movies and TV shows, so should I start with movies or the TV shows and are there any filer episode that I can avoid.
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>>614 (OP) 
Watch the first tv show up untill episode 54, then watch the second one, everything after episode 54 is filler and deviates greatly from the manga, i haven't bothered to watch these episodes so i don't know if they are any good.
I haven't watched the movies either, but as far as I know they are just compilation movies.
Where you can download manga and anime? I only know nyaa.si and https://archive.org/details/manga_library
>>614 (OP) 
Lurk more faggot
Here's some useful info:

Don't watch the anime, just read the manga, and if you like it enough watch the anime version instead of re-reading it some day.

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What are some good anime videogames?
Anything you've been playing?
I've been playing DW Gundam Reborn and Jojo All Stars. 
Are the Fist of the North Star games any good?
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>>301 (OP) 
>fotns games any good
Besides the arc systems fighter, and I supposed the sega ages/blackbelt game, no, they all suck.
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>>301 (OP) 
The best anime vidya out is always the Dragon Ball Budokai games, the  fighting is fun and easy to pick and play, and I love how they recreated every iconic scene in first game, the kakarot game tried it but it didn't look that good.
and how's Super Robot Wars is it pretty good ?
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Finished playing that PS2 Dororo game ("Blood Will Tell" in the west) recently. Has a few issues and doesn't strictly follow the manga in being more of a remix, but pretty solid and enjoyable. There's even an undub patch for those that want the Japanese voices, though unless it also includes some hardsubs for post-chapter narration, there's times western players won't know what's being said.

Doubt there's really any need to say it, but just make sure you're not actually paying for it, because it is NOT worth anywhere near the sort of prices it sees these days. They were already pretty shit through the mid 2010s, but the recent new anime adaptation straight up destroyed the aftermarket for it.
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This one is pretty fun.
I liked some of the MACROSS games.

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Does this really happen in Japanese schools?
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>>741 (OP) 
Maybe in an art class for studying anatomy?
Public indecency, including being naked outdoors and sex in the public is punishable by Japanese law. Showing off your genitals in say, a public park will land you in prison for no more than 6 months.

Before making a thread, try making better questions that doesn't sound like it came out of the mouth of a 12-year old that just recently became a weeaboo just because he watched N*ruto.
>>741 (OP) 
>he thinks that hentai is real

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Discuss and tell your experience with animes featuring giant robots in disguise. 
I did watch sadly only armada, but technically I've also seen the beast wars II with it's ok fan dub. God the slovak and czech dub of armada is atrocious. But I've heard that victory and zone is good.
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>>124 (OP) 
I've only seen G1 and the 86' movie. I need to get to those soon. They look really fun.
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RID was anime and nobody watched it but me.
The figures were extra anime too. Armada/everythingthatcameafter just felt like kids toys after that.

>ive heard that victory and zone is good
What makes a good transformers show?
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>What makes a good transformers show?
The characters, action, story and naybe the animation.
All 80s western cartoons were, but they were fun commercials.

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What's your favorite jojo character, jojo opening and jojo part?
It has to be Joseph Joestar, END OF THE WORLD and part 1 for me.
Though making my way through part 4, is getting up there.
Are you looking forward to part 6, anon?
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>>658 (OP) 
Honestly mine would have to be Diavolo from part 5 purely because of his the way he controls his empire without anyone knowing who he really is. That and there is the whole MPD/DID thing which I find fascinating.  
Also might want to read BAOH and Fist of The North Star. The former is one of Araki's earlier works and is up there with Guyver in terms of quality and the latter served as a stylistic and thematic inspiration for Part 1.
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What about Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan?
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>>658 (OP) 
>favorite character 
I don't know, but if i had to choose one it may be part 4's Josuke.
>favorite opening
Great Days.
>favorite part 
Part 4, i like the more relaxed setting and the characters, also really like the delinquent genre and shounenshit with SoL elements so there's that.
I think part 5 is the best one when it cones to action though. 
Not the guy you are replying to, but is not exactly what one would expect from other jojo parts, it's more like a bunch of short horror stories with rohan either as the protagonist or as the narrator, it's good but don't expect to see many stand battles and stuff like that.
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Rohan At The Louvre was my favourite spin-off. The artwork was gorgeous and the mystery element of an esoteric painting in a hidden vault has its own appeal to me.
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Diavolo looks like a fag. He and the lackluster ending made Part 5 my least favorite part.
I like his shadow better.

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I'm reading K-On!
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>>816 (OP) 
I am reading Kemokko Dobutsuen

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Post lolis
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>>292 (OP) 
I'm pretty sure that spoilered image is a boy.
What a strange duwang that cat? ghost? girl? is. Very cute snake though.
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I don't actually know.
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I haven't read the manga but the "animated" adaptation released this month. Man, I haven't laught out loud at a anime for a while. Surprising considering Shitflix is involved. The timing is great and the comedy is so good. If you don't know what it is about is basically a Yakuza is a househusband. The humor it's pretty similar to some bits in Nichijou. It's a shame it might be the most poorly animated anime out there. I know modern anime doesn't shine in this field but jesus christ it's like I'm watching the manga with a voice over. However It didn't ruin my experience with it and I definitely recommend giving it a pirate.
I prefer my comedy in video form because I think it works better that way but I'll have to check out the manga and see how it compares and if it's better.
>house husband
propaganda cuck shit so that women will literally dont have to do nothing.
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But it made me haha because of the juxtaposition of a yakuza in everyday situations of a househusband.
I'm surprised Shiho really takes to him though.

He is a chaste type of guy, and really doesn't have much choice because Shiho's parents are super rich and won't let her leave the house, but I guess for some reason they have hit it off!

Let's see.

Kikuoka, the antiques dealer?

I don't think I want to take him to the Osaka park anymore though!


Still funny, and maybe a little scary.

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I watched this with my mom, he's a funny anime to watch with family

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The 10000 years hiatus is coming to an end!
Are you excited for Phos' triumphant return?

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I am forgotten
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Factually incorrect

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