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I just watched Akira for the first time. It was amazing. The backgrounds, the animation, the characters. Everything about it was great.
I haven't seen many anime movies. Mainly Dragon Ball stuff. I watched Tokyo Godfathers and Batman Ninja last Christmas. I've been meaning to watch Paprika for a while, but other than that I haven't seen much. Is there anything you recommend? What movies have you watched recently?
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>>216 (OP) 
Royal Space Force, pretty amazing movie the visuals were top-tier shit but the story wasn't that great, if you are going to watch you'll mainly enjoy the visuals of it.
These are common recommendations, but I liked Jin-Roh and Perfect Blue. The first one has great animation and the second one is the best example why Satoshi Kon is one of the greats.

Maybe this is a recent phenomenon since all counterexamples I can think of are old, but I feel like a lot of anime movies try to be a series at movie length rather than a movie. Can anyone explain why or prove it wrong?
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>>216 (OP) 
Akira is enjoyable but I was left disappointed because an anon lied to me and told me it was all about cyberpunk biker gangs, which only makes up a small part of the movie. 

Last films I watched were Millennium Ac
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Actress (which was very well written) and the Konosuba movie (stupid but fun). Sorry accidentally hit post button before I finished

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>girl's butt is censored
>boy's butt isn't

Why does this happen in anime?
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>>413 (OP) 
Depends on the anime I guess.

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helllo how should you plan your one shot comics/debut so it can garner attention and crowd 

my plan is to have like 20-30 pages like most one shot but idk 

how should i plan the content to be as exciting before running full series(because im reenacting JUMP's accepting through one shot and similarly before series and also cuz i have no idea if a series is good anyway)

cant wait for your input!
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>>394 (OP) 
Just make something fun and nice looking. Maybe add something that makes it stand out from the rest. End it in a cliffhanger to make the audience want more?

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Nooooooooooooo they killed it early whyyyyy?
I'm so fucking sad, it helped me to stay sane in these shitty times and now it's gone.


It's really short anons, if you are bored and look for something stupid and funny give it a try.
>stupid and funny
wow look at those tits
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What are some good anime videogames?
Anything you've been playing?
I've been playing DW Gundam Reborn and Jojo All Stars. 
Are the Fist of the North Star games any good?
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>>301 (OP) 
>fotns games any good
Besides the arc systems fighter, and I supposed the sega ages/blackbelt game, no, they all suck.
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>>301 (OP) 
The best anime vidya out is always the Dragon Ball Budokai games, the  fighting is fun and easy to pick and play, and I love how they recreated every iconic scene in first game, the kakarot game tried it but it didn't look that good.
and how's Super Robot Wars is it pretty good ?
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Finished playing that PS2 Dororo game ("Blood Will Tell" in the west) recently. Has a few issues and doesn't strictly follow the manga in being more of a remix, but pretty solid and enjoyable. There's even an undub patch for those that want the Japanese voices, though unless it also includes some hardsubs for post-chapter narration, there's times western players won't know what's being said.

Doubt there's really any need to say it, but just make sure you're not actually paying for it, because it is NOT worth anywhere near the sort of prices it sees these days. They were already pretty shit through the mid 2010s, but the recent new anime adaptation straight up destroyed the aftermarket for it.
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This one is pretty fun.

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Spoiler File
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Post lolis
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>>292 (OP) 
I only have sabbath members and othermg lolis.
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>>292 (OP) 
I'm pretty sure that spoilered image is a boy.
What a strange duwang that cat? ghost? girl? is. Very cute snake though.
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I don't actually know.
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On 1-day-/a/ all 3 anons seemed to be looking forword to the new season of Non Non Biyori. The first episode dropped just yesterday. How did you like it?
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I hear bleach is an effective method of penis regrowth :^)
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There are many ex-trannies that left before the dick cutting. As far as I can remember he saw the jesus or some shit.
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Let's build a greenhouse /a/
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What will we grow?
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What's the most memorable and great anime you watched this year, for me these ones are pretty good.
>Dragon Quest remake
This is mostly nostalgia talking but I love this shit, I know it's nothing special it's just your standard shonen anime but the fight scenes are enjoyable and watching this show that I used to watch alot as a kid remade in a faithful way is pretty awsome.
>Akudama Drive
Now this show is pretty unique, if you love the cyberpunk visuals and that kind of stuff you should watch, it's filled with great action, great visuals, great cast of characters that are enjoyable to watch and an enjoyable story.
I remember watching more shit that came out, but I forgot about them well I did say memorable for a reason.
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>Munou na Nana
I'm a sucker for autistic protagonists and evil cute girls so this really hit the spot despite the asspulling that happened later. S2 never ever.
>Akudama Drive
/animu/ hated this because MC wasn't a waifu. Still fun as fuck. Between this, loli Odin and Nana Fall 2020 was the season of redpills.
>Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun
This one is memorable just for turning QUALITY into an art form. Every scene has the bare minimum animation to get the point across and somehow the final product doesn't look like shit. It helps that the series is light on action so voice acting and plot can carry it. Hanako-kun's VA is the perfect blend of smug and creepy
>No Guns Life
Goofy cyberpunk action, somehow managed to avoid taking itself too seriously for most of the run. Also I want to massage Mary's asscheeks.
>Senryoku no Sigfrida
Like Strike Witches but better in every way because it has a plot, characters, and reasonably high quality animation.
>Ishuzoku Reviewers
Almost forgot this was a 2020 anime. Deserves an honorable mention just for the volume of asshurt it caused. If you liked this check out World of Moral Reversal by the same artist.
And the true #1AOTY
It's telling of the absolute state of the industry that a 25 minute plush commercial for little girls is the best thing out there. Characters get development, the antagonists are sympathetic, it breaks from formula just enough to avoid getting stale and there's the rumblings of an actual plot hiding in the background. Highly recommended.
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>animu/ hated this because MC wasn't a waifu
You mean because they weren't lewd?
And I think you must have a higher dopamine receptor count than me if you think it was fun "as fuck"
>>113 (OP) 
I didn't sadly watch anything last year.
But god the seasonal anime was fucking trash, even the stuff that I would enjoy were trash I hate how butchered the artstyle of monstergirl doctorALSO WHY THE FUCK DID THEY CHANGE THE DESIGN OF THE CUTE LIZARDGIRL INTO A FUCK SCALIE, I WILL KILL THE FAG WHO THOUGHT OF THAT!but I liked the time when some /monster/fags btfo'd that one smugtr/a/nny talking about how much "good" was (((ishuzoku revievers)))
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I've been watching Dorohedoro. So far I like it. Plus the female protag is hot
Is a fucking shame the show uses CGI instead of 2D animation. There are 2D segments every once in a while but it's not the norm.

Don't know if Scissor Seven counts but I liked it as well.
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I read the mange not to long ago and it was fantastic. It was the description of the mange that interested me and I'm glad I did. I watched the series too and it was alright as well.

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Discuss and tell your experience with animes featuring giant robots in disguise. 
I did watch sadly only armada, but technically I've also seen the beast wars II with it's ok fan dub. God the slovak and czech dub of armada is atrocious. But I've heard that victory and zone is good.
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>>124 (OP) 
I've only seen G1 and the 86' movie. I need to get to those soon. They look really fun.
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RID was anime and nobody watched it but me.
The figures were extra anime too. Armada/everythingthatcameafter just felt like kids toys after that.

>ive heard that victory and zone is good
What makes a good transformers show?
Replies: >>199
>What makes a good transformers show?
The characters, action, story and naybe the animation.

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