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Share them wallpapers.
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The annual independent SEL stream, American side. Tune in to https://cytu.be/r/thelainstream/ on September 21st 11:59 PM (2021-7-22 3:59 AM UTC) to watch Serial Experiments Lain with anons from all around the webring and beyond, English subtitles included. No sign-up required, just hop in!
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Apologies anons, I made several versions of the invitation and didn't proofread well enough the one I made for this site. To right the wrong, I'll be doing another stream on the unspoilered date.
>>627 (OP) 
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Bumping to confirm the redo stream is still on in one week from now, the midnight of the 21st (East Coast timezone).
One last bump, see you all tonight.
Thank you for an excellent stream, everyone.

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What's your favorite jojo character, jojo opening and jojo part?
It has to be Joseph Joestar, END OF THE WORLD and part 1 for me.
Though making my way through part 4, is getting up there.
Are you looking forward to part 6, anon?
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>>658 (OP) 
Honestly mine would have to be Diavolo from part 5 purely because of his the way he controls his empire without anyone knowing who he really is. That and there is the whole MPD/DID thing which I find fascinating.  
Also might want to read BAOH and Fist of The North Star. The former is one of Araki's earlier works and is up there with Guyver in terms of quality and the latter served as a stylistic and thematic inspiration for Part 1.
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What about Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan?
Replies: >>672 >>675
>>658 (OP) 
>favorite character 
I don't know, but if i had to choose one it may be part 4's Josuke.
>favorite opening
Great Days.
>favorite part 
Part 4, i like the more relaxed setting and the characters, also really like the delinquent genre and shounenshit with SoL elements so there's that.
I think part 5 is the best one when it cones to action though. 
Not the guy you are replying to, but is not exactly what one would expect from other jojo parts, it's more like a bunch of short horror stories with rohan either as the protagonist or as the narrator, it's good but don't expect to see many stand battles and stuff like that.
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Rohan At The Louvre was my favourite spin-off. The artwork was gorgeous and the mystery element of an esoteric painting in a hidden vault has its own appeal to me.

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of promoting and distributing filthy cuckime, in accordance to the anti cuckime laws, I hereby declare you all under arrest. 
surrender yourself immediately and no further harm shall be done, try to resist and you will be VANQUISHED
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I'm cooking penguin tonight it seems.
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Just try it, you dumb birds.
>>641 (OP) 
>Cuckdit meme
>>>/out/ nigger
>>641 (OP) 
Hapas are superior to whites.

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I recently heard some anons say that Berserk is the best manga ever created. So I'm going to be reading it.
I haven't read that much manga in the past. Mainly because I'm a lazy faggot that prefers to watch something instead of reading it. However there are times where a manga can't be replicated in an anime and vice versa. The mangas that I've read so far are proof of that (Goodnight PunPun and some of Junji Ito's stuff). Besides Berserk I also have Chainsaw Man and Futari Solo Camp (Don't know what this one is about but the female protagonist is hot as fuck) on my list.
What have you been reading?
Anything you recommend?
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I'd kill for a return to Web 1.0, everything looked so cool back then. Even when it was lame it was like walking into a teen boy's bedroom, so not bad.
see >>361
>no seeders
Replies: >>654
There are always at least 8
Replies: >>655
I've had that torrent for like a month now, couldn't even download the metadata.

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Do anons like Death Note?
I've been watching the 2006 live action films. It reminded me how much I like the anime and manga.
Do you feel the same or do you think is overrated?
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Kara No Kyoukai is significantly better.
Replies: >>624
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It was good until L died.
>the ending was satisfying
I disagree, but I'll do agree that watching Kira got what he finally deserved was satisfying.
Kira should've been busted by L, instead of that faggot that I've already forgot the name of. I also hate how they didn't explain the Shikigami realm at fucking all.
DN is great, a modern sherlock holmes. The endless milking is pathetic and the authors's other works are terrible. I don't like the colored version that much. I remember skipping school just to finish it. I couldn't concentrate at school at all because I was constantly going over the plot in my head. 4k anime later, it's still one of the best. Discussed to death though. Nothing original is left.

You can't quote a single line from your shitty fate rip-off. If you don't want to talk DN and just want to make generalizing statements how X is better than Y go ahead. Fanbase warmongering gets you attention I guess.
Replies: >>626
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I was not trying to warmonger. It has been a while since I last read Death Note and I can well understand its appeal. I get your point about it being similar to Sherlock Holmes though though what fascinated me was more the philosophical and moral questions surrounding re what should be done with that kind of power. Having said this, it just did not resonate with me on a personal level in the same way that other series have. Personally, I would recommend: Case Files of Lord El Melloi, Joker Game, 39 Days, Another, Monster, Gankutsuou and Gantz. 

>You can't quote a single line from your shitty fate rip-off
As the novel series predates the Fate/ series, your point is somewhat erroneous. Myself I like the 'case notes/anthology' structure of the series, how the series continued to surprise in each film, the intimate nature of the storytelling as well as the quality of the animation. 

My favourite film in the series is Paradox Spiral which is based on an apartment complex that from my recollection was designed in such a way that was designed (through some kind of Reality Marble or equivalent) to deliberately unsettle its residents and drive them to insanity. Said residents being in reality just puppets forced to repeatedly live out their last days in an endless cycle of life and death to fuel the magics of a ruthless magician. As a fan of supernatural mystery, I found this conce
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Replies: >>634
>I have nothing to contribute yet I must open my mouth
You know what I do when I don't know something about a subject? I don't open my mouth. 
Wow. You made a surface level observation yet you attributed it to the entire franchise. Make your own thread about your shitty fate rip-off. Again. Either go read Death Note and contribute some novel insight or fuck off.

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Does zzz/a/ like 20th century anime adaptations of classic gaijin children's novels?
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Is Heidi any good? Looks comfy.
Replies: >>319 >>320
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It's so comfy it makes me depressed thinking how nice western Europe used to be before the burgers, mudkikes and orcs took over.
now, I may be looking at it through rose tinted lenses because it aired  in the early morning back when I was a wee lad going to preschool and I have fond memories of that period, but I think it's fucking great on par with golden standard stuff like dbz.
Yoichi Kotabe should make more adaptions like that. I see him, and not Miyamoto, as the disney of the east.
They're all terrible. Low budget, audio quality, censored and generally inferior to their source products made by a bunch of hacks that couldn't do anything original. Obviously if you're a 5 year old kid you don't really care. But very boring otherwise.

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Where can I download (torrent) all Dragon ball series with German dub?
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Replies: >>616
>>520 (OP) 
Dragon Ball is for faggots
Replies: >>617 >>618 >>621
Hunter X Hunter is much better.
Replies: >>618 >>621
dragonball is based
hunter hunter is for faggots
Replies: >>621
Spoiler File
(353.4KB, 1600x1067)
Real man's anime coming through.
Replies: >>622
hard to disagree
sailor mercury is best

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I'm bored. Recommend me good animes. I'm looking for over-the-top weird comedy or/and something dark and gruesome.
Replies: >>620
GTO, Jin Roh
Replies: >>574
Already watched Jin Roh. It was okay. I will check out GTO.
>>572 (OP) 
Go watch Ninja Scroll, Wicked City, Violence Jack and Demon Beast Invasion. You'll thank me later OP.

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SINCE THERE'S NO REAL /m/ ON THE WEBRING plw/mecha/ is dead as fuck, BRING IT ON!

This year is looking bright for mecha.
>Getter Robo Arc
>Muv-Luv Alternative
>Eva 3.0 + 1.0

What is your favorite MS in Gundam? and why is it the Zudah?
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You forgot to mention Gun x Sword that show is pretty good, the mech design are neat, the character are intressting to follow and the OST is amazing.
When I first watched it I thought it will follow an episodic format, but it turns out that every character that the cast meets are important to the story they looked unimportant for me, and I love the fact that the OP changes each character reveal
Replies: >>338
>00 Set in our times, it's a series that takes inspiration from the middle-eastern war
I liked the first season, it's a pretty good depiction of international politics. 
Until the part when the whole Gundam squad had an all-out battle in space.
Christina's death made me stopped watching it.
Not even Tieria in drag can convince me to continue watching it.
The premise of second season was silly anyway: why would a whole world unite just because they share a common crippled enemy? One of the unions could have destroyed Celestial Being entirely by continuing the offensive right after Exia gets wrecked. Once that's done, the 3 unions can just blow each other's asses again in space.

Any mecha anime with a main cast of cute girls?
Replies: >>590
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Been meaning to watch Overman King Gainer, but should I go through Xabungle first? I think I've heard it's a spiritual successor of sorts to the latter, so I'm wondering if it might be better suited to watch afterward.

Great taste anon.
I thought that Bael jobbing was kind of the point. The idea that it was a trump card was just the childish fantasy of a broken man who couldn't understand others.
Not that I'll defend that show any further, especially the second season. The pacing was the only thing more retarded than the characters.
[Hide] (747.1KB, 700x422)
Cross Ange should fit that description.

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