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Anime related of course.
Recently I came upon this dub of Ghost Stories. It's pretty great. Are there any more anime dubs similar to this? The only other one that comes to mind is Bible Black.
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wouldn't worry about it, it's a cocktease shit harem, what you're seeing there is the bonus fanservice episode where all characters decide to break character and do that. the rest is really boring.
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Oh, ok.
Still around? 4 chan isnt complete garbage yet, i took the webm through one of the gif board archives and found the source 

The part youre looking for starts at 2:40.

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I just watched Akira for the first time. It was amazing. The backgrounds, the animation, the characters. Everything about it was great.
I haven't seen many anime movies. Mainly Dragon Ball stuff. I watched Tokyo Godfathers and Batman Ninja last Christmas. I've been meaning to watch Paprika for a while, but other than that I haven't seen much. Is there anything you recommend? What movies have you watched recently?
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>>216 (OP) 
Royal Space Force, pretty amazing movie the visuals were top-tier shit but the story wasn't that great, if you are going to watch you'll mainly enjoy the visuals of it.
These are common recommendations, but I liked Jin-Roh and Perfect Blue. The first one has great animation and the second one is the best example why Satoshi Kon is one of the greats.

Maybe this is a recent phenomenon since all counterexamples I can think of are old, but I feel like a lot of anime movies try to be a series at movie length rather than a movie. Can anyone explain why or prove it wrong?
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>>216 (OP) 
Akira is enjoyable but I was left disappointed because an anon lied to me and told me it was all about cyberpunk biker gangs, which only makes up a small part of the movie. 

Last films I watched were Millennium Ac
Replies: >>455
Actress (which was very well written) and the Konosuba movie (stupid but fun). Sorry accidentally hit post button before I finished

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>girl's butt is censored
>boy's butt isn't

Why does this happen in anime?
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>>413 (OP) 
Depends on the anime I guess.

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helllo how should you plan your one shot comics/debut so it can garner attention and crowd 

my plan is to have like 20-30 pages like most one shot but idk 

how should i plan the content to be as exciting before running full series(because im reenacting JUMP's accepting through one shot and similarly before series and also cuz i have no idea if a series is good anyway)

cant wait for your input!
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>>394 (OP) 
Just make something fun and nice looking. Maybe add something that makes it stand out from the rest. End it in a cliffhanger to make the audience want more?

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Nooooooooooooo they killed it early whyyyyy?
I'm so fucking sad, it helped me to stay sane in these shitty times and now it's gone.


It's really short anons, if you are bored and look for something stupid and funny give it a try.
>stupid and funny
wow look at those tits
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What are some good anime videogames?
Anything you've been playing?
I've been playing DW Gundam Reborn and Jojo All Stars. 
Are the Fist of the North Star games any good?
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>>301 (OP) 
>fotns games any good
Besides the arc systems fighter, and I supposed the sega ages/blackbelt game, no, they all suck.
Replies: >>388
>>301 (OP) 
The best anime vidya out is always the Dragon Ball Budokai games, the  fighting is fun and easy to pick and play, and I love how they recreated every iconic scene in first game, the kakarot game tried it but it didn't look that good.
and how's Super Robot Wars is it pretty good ?
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Finished playing that PS2 Dororo game ("Blood Will Tell" in the west) recently. Has a few issues and doesn't strictly follow the manga in being more of a remix, but pretty solid and enjoyable. There's even an undub patch for those that want the Japanese voices, though unless it also includes some hardsubs for post-chapter narration, there's times western players won't know what's being said.

Doubt there's really any need to say it, but just make sure you're not actually paying for it, because it is NOT worth anywhere near the sort of prices it sees these days. They were already pretty shit through the mid 2010s, but the recent new anime adaptation straight up destroyed the aftermarket for it.
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This one is pretty fun.

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Keep inquiries, suggestions and autism here.
As I said I'm open to suggestions regarding the rules with the exception of the no vtubers rule which is still final and lolis which will always be allowed.
Idle posting in this thread is fine but try not to treat it as your own personal blogposting page.
Obvious shit stirring and vtuber autism will be meet with deletion.
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How about at 4pm PST on sundays?
Replies: >>257
Good enough, it's still a bit too late for me but I'll try my best.
Sorry if I caused you trouble.
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Board owner, I request that you change the layout of the board. It's drap and disgusting.
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to what?

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Post lolis
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Spoiler File (u)
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Spoiler File (u)
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Spoiler File (u)
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Spoiler File (u)
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>>292 (OP) 
I only have sabbath members and othermg lolis.
Replies: >>333
>>292 (OP) 
I'm pretty sure that spoilered image is a boy.
What a strange duwang that cat? ghost? girl? is. Very cute snake though.
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I don't actually know.
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On 1-day-/a/ all 3 anons seemed to be looking forword to the new season of Non Non Biyori. The first episode dropped just yesterday. How did you like it?
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I hear bleach is an effective method of penis regrowth :^)
Replies: >>212
There are many ex-trannies that left before the dick cutting. As far as I can remember he saw the jesus or some shit.
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Let's build a greenhouse /a/
Replies: >>258
What will we grow?
Replies: >>259

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What have you been watching?
I've been re-watching Fist of the North Star and DBZ.
I grew up with Hokuto no Ken and is still one of my favorites. DBZ is pretty fun too.
I'm also planning on watching 79' MSG and Sailor Moon.
What are some good anime that aired on these two decades? I know there's a lot of good stuff but I've barely scratched the surface.
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Sometimes the writing is a bit repetitive but it's funny as fuck.
Replies: >>162
DBZ is ok, but it's not as good as Dragon Ball. What DBZ suffers from are entire episodes being dedicated to fillers and there's are too many episodes for each fight and the lack of focus on marital arts rather than laser beams and spirit energy n shit. Most of the characters from DB used to be admirable and favorites of mine, but then for some reason Toriyama decided to turn them into useless wimps who contribute nothing other than sucking off Goku and vegeta's dick just to say how strong they are compared to them.
Replies: >>171
No, not everything is gold, in fact there is a lot of bullshit and stuff that is just straight up bad but thats what you get when a studio could just throw something on a shelf and have it sell. 

>When you want to meet Lina but know she would ruin everything you love.
Replies: >>233
>but then for some reason Toriyama decided to turn them into useless wimps who contribute nothing other than sucking off Goku and vegeta's dick just to say how strong they are compared to them.
That might of been because Shounen Jump rushed some of his ideas and time to work on the story, due to the tight schedule they set for mangas authors, so it's possible that he didn't have enough time to make DBZ as story and character rich as the OG.
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>roastie/nigger derivative of tfw

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