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Hello guys I'm trying to learn magick, can you provide me with some good material for beginner?
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For some reason I cannot post the books myself, so here's what I recommend for you to find yourself:

Israel Regardie - The One Year Manual
Jan Fries - Kali Kaula
Franz Bardon - Practice of Magical Evocation

If you want to look around 8fringe (check the questions thread), look for a compilation of posts by a user named "khan" and an anonymous guide to gods called "Your divine family". The former is perfect for beginners, the latter a somewhat more intermediate but still worth a read.

Also some advice:

1. Try to avoid evoking/invoking low-level entities or demons until you've learned about yourself to your fullest metaphysical extent. If you want to invoke/evoke, stick to gods- real, good gods. Avoid imaginary, evil, or fictional ones.

2. If for some reason you start seeing synchronicities on black cubes and other cult-of-saturn shit, mentally replace those with golden spheres instead. Evil exists, but learning that you have zero need to fear it is valuable. 

3. Every source of human magickal knowledge has a dogma of some kind. It's too easy to become attached to dogma because you've found something to be connected to. The sooner you figure out how to let go of your dogma, the less you'll be weighed down by it.

4. NPCs and Fedoras are convinced that mystical things are nothing but delusion. Schizos and paranoids are convinced that delusions are nothing but mystical things. Both run on the same mental spectrum of ignorance, and are typically the result of someone not being able to accept a cosmic truth or fact.

The sorcerer is different because the sorcerer knows the importance of looking at something as-is.

5. Sturgeon's law is real. There are a lot of books with either low-level tripe repackaged as something new, utter trash faux-science, or at worst, literal-cult-indoctrination-traps. Not all of it as bad as sometimes a schizo-tier rambling could lead to an insight about something else you read, but those are few and far in-between, and the knowledge gained typically is only tangentially-related to the material.

6. Relax. Take it easy, going in this with a mindset of rest will pay dividends on progress. learn to observe your thoughts by randomly talking what comes to mind, and then focusing on those random words.

7. Have faith. You'll make it.
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>Franz Bardon - Practice of Magical Evocation
why not Initiation Into Hermetics instead? it's the same author but you have to read his previous work before jumping into evocation
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Because I'm just going on what I have, personally and didn't know about that book.

Thank you for putting that there.
let me guess OP you want to learn magick to grow taller?
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Here is an archive of a dump of literature related to what you're looking for.

sob yes
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Please don't laugh.

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