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What have you been playing recently? Did you enjoy it? Anything that stuck to you, be it the story, the gameplay or something else? Whatever you feel like discussing do it here.

Myself, I've been playing a lot of shit in the last few days. Decided to pick up some older vidya I had bought when I was in my BUYAN phase some years ago.
>Gundam: Target in Sight
Launch title for the PS Triple. I've read faggots on the Internet ripped a fat one on this one. Bought it for 3 bucks because I saw a huge fukken robot on the cover so I couldn't care less about it being shit or not.
The gameplay is kind of simple. After you've picked either faction you're off to do a campaign worth of missions shooting other robots and shit. Controls are clunky at first hand, and it took me a while to discover the second jump, but once you get the gist of it the Condams feel great to use.
There's a gimmick in this game and it's that different parts of the body can receive multiple kinds of damage. And so, either you or the CPU can have its robot maimed, dismembered or decapitated. Most of the time it's hard to pick a robot apart with the gun so the hand-to-hand combat seems the most apropiate if you want to make a giant torso walking on its two legs out of the enemy. This would lead to some degree of strategy on the player whether to take on an enemy whole or having him prancing around without the ability to hurt you, though I swear I've seen other Goddamns shoot me with both of their arms removed.
This gimmick, however, comes with its own brand of bullshit. Since you can get maimed too, damage will rack on your mech. What's more, it's damage that won't go away: you need the robot to rest an entire mission in the garage for the reparations to take full effect. Hence, you need to buy a new set of robots so that the older one is repaired. Would pretty simple, didn't the robots take 2 entire missions to be sent to you. This means that sometimes you'd need to sit on your battle scarred mechs until you finally receive your new mechs and have them sit a mission so they get repaired. The game also expects you to upgrade your bots when you're not using them, though good luck with that since they first need to be repaired in order for any enhancement to take effect.
The only thing that's truly egregious in this game is the framerate. Right off the bat a silky smooth 25fps is to be expected on every mission. Add in five Mobile Suits into the field and ten small tanks and the game now runs at 5fps. Granted games form this generation are expected to be optimized like dog feces but I got kind of used to it, kind of like a battered wife.
Out of all games on this post, this one's the one I'm the most inclined to see through the end. It felt kind of engaging for once, and since I don't know my Armored Cores I'm not knowledgeable enough to be picky, even if this game becomes bullshit at times and expects you to throw away your save and start anew if you want to get a fair shot at some missions.
Only bought this one because of the price tag. JPGs aren't generally very cheap on the second hand market, so I gave this one a go.
Fresh off the title screen, the entire cast is made out of homosexuals wearing some of the most retarded outfits I have ever seen in a videogame. Granted I'm not a JRPG man, so perhaps this is more of a cultural shock than anything, though they felt way more retarded than I anticipated. Someone more knowledgeable would point out to the character designer cocksucking Nomura or something, but I don't know myself.
Since I want to give this one a thorough chance, I'm trying to warp my head around the battle system. If I've understood correctly:
<wait until attack gauge is filled to attack monster
<input attack at the exact moment the game tells you (kind of like in Legend of Dragoon)
<if you manage to stay on rhythm, you get a 2x damage multiplier you get to use at any point on the battle
That's somewhat simple. There's more to it though:
<there are some balls with letters written on them on the top of the screen
<these balls tell you what element is dominating on the field
<if one element is strong on the field, the party member that uses said element or a similar one (Water-Ice, Mountain-Earth, etc) will be buffed
<there's some pole on the map you can throw runes at to tune the battle to a certain element
There are a million other things to keep track of, too:
<there are three different playstyles you can switch to in the middle a battle
<your moveset levels up in-battle on top of leveling up in-game 
<got to remember those multiple fighting stances for your party members too
<better check out how friendly your party members are towards you in a battle
<how about the enemies' level of animosity towards my party? that's another meter on screen
<everything else on the UI
It doesn't sound that complicated since I'm glossing over most details here. I genuinely don't know about most JRPGs but this one had me sit through 20 minutes of raw information in an oversaturated tutorial I barely made heads or tails of. Is this the usual with these kind of games on the PS2? The battle UI itself looks like a photoshop parody.
Still, I've told myself to stomach this one through and through. There's a chick with some fantastic midriff on your starting party so not everything's terrible, right?
>War of the Monsters
Decided to finish my arcade playthrough. What I did not expect is that this arcade mode was going to take me 3 more hours to finish.
It isn't much of an arcade experience when the bosses take a million hits to die and go through a million periods, the bloody bastards. Fuck that asshole throwing me Xbox logos and specially fuck that stupid fucking plant you can't attack without harming yourself.
Surprisingly enough the game loop isn't much to write home about. Sure enough the engine is a marvel for an early PS2 game and the game runs decently fast, but the arena styled gameplay can get old very quickly, specially when both you and the CPU are chasing health upgrades all across the map. There's of course some thought put into the game, seeing there are some decent combo strings and more special attacks than the strict necessity to program in, and yet it still feels like a half-assed experience. Perhaps it's the limitations of the arena format itself but I wasn't having the grandest of times here.
Worst of all, I couldn't unlock anything decent after my hard fought playthrough. I got 89 thousand points, and the gay ass dragon needs 200 thousand points to unlock as so with the ayy lmao. I'm clearly not bringing anyone to play versus with so unlocking stages felt pointless, and I'm not going to spend God knows how many hours into collecting more in-game cash for that. I'm done with it.
>Simpsons: Hit & Run
GTA that's itself a game for children, for children. There are some hard missions here with their fits of rage, specially on those missions that require you to drive a certain car, but overall it felt like I was going out on errands the entire time.
I've found a way to cheese most fetch missions. Given that the timer stops once you have to reach out to some guy to talk, I can park the car somewhere nearer the next checkpoint, go back to talk to the dude, then hop in the car with the usual timer set and half the distance traveled. The programmers clearly didn't give enough of a shit to fix it, so why not exploit it while I'm at it.
Had another fun bit with Lisa's Cletus mission where I got Cletus to derail from the main path into a dead end. The objective was to damage Cletus' van as you're chasing it so it would drop roadkill for me to collect. Given that I had pushed him in between two buildings, the AI's pathfinding would try to parallel park out of it, to which I could keep ramming on him until I had the necessary amount of roadkill. Only took me half the timer to a mission I was struggling to complete.
It's a timekiller of sorts I'll give it that. However, it doesn't go much further than that, so I would only recommend if mortally bored.
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>What have you been playing recently? 
I played Kenshi recently. Modded with: UWE, DarkUI and Yet Another Kenshi Nude Mod (not on nexus, but accessible with steamCMD and will require editing for UWE subspecies if you care), nude one fits the game in 99% cases.
>Did you enjoy it?
Hell yes! It is a very fun sandbox game.
Gameplay is loosely Sims+Warband. You recruit people, equip them and you also can build a base almost anywhere.
You start as unwashed complete shitpants (see screenshot 1) and become someone in the harsh postapocalyptic world of slavery, cannibalism and hunger.
In my case I built a base on a very rich soil, I brew grog for a living and prosperity of my people, hence the name of my faction - "Grog Brothers". (screenshot 2 and 3). Depending on where you've built your base you will be visited by some local influence (screenshot 4).
I also have a battle harem of sort (screenshot 5) of variable breast sizes, which might've caused problems with local paladindry in the past, though we figured it out eventually.
For now I just explore, while base operates itself.
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Also, as you can see in this screenshot, there are different types of shops. Cotton is also can be grown.
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I'm trying to finish the first God of War for the PS2. I think I'm close to the end, last 25% I think.
The game has has gorgeous vistas and great soundtrack, but, the combat, and gameplay, feels amateurish, enemies are walking sponges, puzzles every second, it breaks the flow of the game, I know there is magic system, its a I win button, I don't like to use, its not fun compared to the blades.
I think I will just move on to another game.
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I leik Kenshi. I have a shitload of hours in it. I wish it wasn't as jank sometimes but thats part of the charm. I'm hoping two will turn out just as good and not take 10 years to come out.
Replies: >>181359
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I decided to play the Sly Cooper games a couple weeks ago, and I've been having fun with the first game via PCSX2.  There are some minor issues like performance drops or crackling audio when I'm looking at a giant area, but these are very small and don't distract for more than a few seconds.  The game itself is really emblematic of its time, and there's something about gen 6 3D platformers like this that really soothes me - maybe it's just because I played a lot of them as a kid.

The graphics have aged incredibly well, aside from a bit of jank with the character models which I imagined looked much better on a CRT TV.  The cartoony art style makes environments easy to read (usually) and gives the game a lot of personality that "spiritual successor" platformers have failed to recapture.  As much as the characters probably inspired all kinds of hideous furry art, they're represented well in the game and I never get tired of listening to Sly's banter with his friends or with Carmelita Fox.  The music is really good, too, and I like how there's a sneaking theme and a combat theme for every level that blend together seamlessly.

I'm only in the third area, the voodoo swamp, but I've gotten clue bottles and upgrade pages from most levels so far.  I haven't finished any of them within the time trials (I think that's what the red outline icon means, anyway) which I plan to do later.  I was a bit surprised to discover that Sly dies in a single hit from everything unless you have a good luck charm, but it does fit his identity as a thief and it makes me a lot more mindful of how I navigate each area.  There was obviously a lot of care put into the levels to make a successful run look smooth and clean, which is really satisfying to control on subsequent attempts.  The game almost looks like a playable movie at some points (in a good way), which was quite an accomplishment given the hardware.

>The game has has gorgeous vistas and great soundtrack, but, the combat, and gameplay, feels amateurish, enemies are walking sponges, puzzles every second, it breaks the flow of the game, I know there is magic system, its a I win button, I don't like to use, its not fun compared to the blades.
Stop abusing that poor comma key, jeez.

I never played the God of War games myself but your impression seems accurate.  They were never meant to have particularly deep combat, and they did help popularize QTEs in the place of gameplay.
Replies: >>182695
Can't stop playing Quake Champions. Tried Overwatch, Valorant, but they didn't really do it for me. I've just gotta go fast.
>>181273 (OP) 
Dark and Darker. Its the only game ive enjoyed in a long time.
It's a slog and the 2nd and 3rd game aren't much better.
This franchise succeeded due to Sony Americas marketing and not much else.
Replies: >>181359
I never got kenshi. I just played it until I got a base built, then watched as a bandit raid just walked under my walls and took everything I had stored. 
I wonder if I didn't play it right or if it's just not my kind of game. 
I tried replaying it a couple years back and it was fun until I softlocked myself by pulling levers out of order.  Not the best game I've ever played, but I can easily see why people like it.
Replies: >>201551
Started Control more out of boredom than anything. I am very impressed with the destruction physics so far, there is tons of scenery that goes flying when you use your psychic attacks and it feels very good when you hit an enemy with a thrown object and the tumbling debree it dragged with it.
The controls heh are a bit clumsy in my opinion and they seem pretty cautious in the frequency of introducing new enemy types, nothing outright negative but I hope it picks up a bit. If the game manages to continue the good punch and visuals the current weapons and powers have I know I will have a good time throwing the entire offices furniture at the mobs.
On a side note: This is one of the very few games where I have to play on medium graphical settings. Some of this may be due to playing through proton. It's hard to tell due to me upscaling from the original rendering resolution but I get the impression they are using some filters that I would rather be able to disable for the performance. You can disable the film grain however
I might capture some footage later.
Replies: >>181704
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>Brave Fencer Musashi
Neat little 3D game. Cute graphics, some unique gameplay elements, all right voice acting, all around a nice little package. I got kinda lost at some point, I wish it was a bit more clear what you're supposed to do. All around a nice little package. Pretty standard for PS1 I'd say.
Similar to Brave Fencer Musashi in a way but 2.5D instead. The story is slightly less linear and there are a number of optional quests you can take and complete. It has the same issue of being obtuse at some points. OST is not stellar, some tracks in particular are pretty bad.
Replies: >>181398 >>181459
I remember seeing Tomba on one of those discs that people used to get in the mail that had a bunch of demos on them, wanted to play it so bad when I was a kid but my brother was a cunt about it. In regards to the music how bad exactly is "pretty bad"? "Man that's grating" bad or "holy fuck mute it" bad?
I can tolerate a lot of shit but if the music is so annoying I have to turn it off it'll ruin the experience for me.
I don't remember the music being bad.
Replies: >>181456
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Here's an example, I dare you to tell me this is good.
[Hide] (2.8MB, 640x360, 01:33)
[Hide] (1.9MB, 640x360, 01:03)
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[Hide] (2.3MB, 640x360, 01:16)
>some tracks in particular are pretty bad
Yes, Tomba's not a game that has a particularly strong OST. I don't remember the OST being this grating, but truth be told that's because I set my volume really low so I could only make out the melodies.
It has to be those god awful MIDI samples they used for the music, the compositions themselves aren't half bad. Always thought that Tomba 2 had the worst soundtrack from the two but now I've got my doubts.
The game itself is okay. It was clearly made so you'd need to buy one of those stinking PS magazines if you wanted to 100% it. Shame on me that I could never complete my game since I forgot to talk to the dude on Trick Village whose son you need to fetch a meal to, so that save's only missing that particular mission.
If you plan to play it through other than lowering the volume I'd recommend you to complete that Red + Blue = ??? quest as soon as possible. I had to savescum all my way through the game myself to prevent the effect from wearing off.
Replies: >>181461
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How do you clear the red + blue quest? I thought it had to do with that forest with the laughing and crying mushrooms but I couldn't find anything. Speaking of that forest, what's with those two jellyfish floating assholes? How do you kill them? I lead them to the spikes off to the right and threw them into them but fuckers didn't croak.
Replies: >>181466
The Red + Blue quest needs some sort of powder you obtain while riding the slider.
The slider is that door at the end of the Dwarf plaza that's guarded by some asshole that needs to see you crying in order to enter.
On those jellyfish, I don't remember how you had to kill them. I believe completing their quest by the end of the game, and was a quest related to the Village of Civilization.
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Started playing SD Gundam Battle Alliance
Kinda meh so far
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Spoiler File
(609.7KB, 960x544) Reverse
>>181273 (OP) 
>What have you been playing recently?
The PSP GoW games, already talked about Chains of Olympus in the review thread but i'm playing Ghost of Sparta right now. Feels more polished gameplay wise for example you can parry from the beginning and you can no longer spam L1+SQUARE on airborne enemies.
>Did you enjoy it?
I'm only halfway through according to how long to beat but yes, the only thing i dislike is that a lot of sections are taken directly from Uncharted games and while the game had a couple of puzzles they were even easier than the ones in Chain of Olympus. Game was made in 2010 so i can see the influence of long walking sections with nothing happening that Uncharted games have too. Full review on the review thread and maybe i'll write an article including the two PSP games for the magazine.
I could never finish the first game because of a bug, might play the PS2 games next year, i hated 3 and had to force myself to finish it.
Replies: >>181474
>scanline filter
Replies: >>181475
Yeah i was fucking around with Adrenaline settings and left it like that, looks much better on the tiny screen.
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>install anomaly 
>go with all default because these sort of mods tend to be retarded 
>start with random shit I don't care about because a pair of binoculars is somehow impossible to obtain even if you can sneak a .45 cal machine gun in with your prison wallet 
>promptly ignore the devs's OC waifu in the loner's camp 
>try to do the generic kill boars tutorial 
>sneak around the area and find fuckall 
>open the PDA, walk to the exact spot the marker is at, right next to some rocks
>game freezes as 4 boars spawn behind the rocks for the true dark souls experience 
>get hit once because of the lag, forced to use my only bandage as true stalker don't have platelets and will bleed to death from any scratch 
>[heavy breathing] due to low health, I don't trust the game to have any sort of free healing 
>instinctively know the intended path is to just die and metagame, alt f4 instead 
Why are stalker overhauls always complete fucking garbage?
Replies: >>181544
Just a guess but probably because they're only made by russian autists.
Replies: >>181555
I'm pretty sure they're western, they even have a discord.
Cortex Command Community Continuation. Basically the original Cortex Command Community Project was hijacked by troons halfway through who ousted one of the lead devs who made his own thing. It's pretty fun, especially some of the exclusive techs and sounds.

Am I a bad person if I have never played Browncoats/Imperatus, or intend to? Coalition is just too reliable and has too many options, and if I want a flimsy experience I'll play Dummy, Ronin, or the Loyalists mod.
Replies: >>181790
Red Dead Redemption 2. First time I've ever actually SEEN the game and I can't say I'm impressed at all as it just feels almost exactly like GTAV, but in the old west. There are a lot of design decisions that just feel shitty and were obviously made to pander to as many people as possible.
Portal 2 is just as fun as ever. Portal 1 feels very dated and is eerie in a good way. I don't like how they immediately exposed GLaDOS as buggy and how they shove the "cake is a lie" into your face rather than letting the player find it in secret areas.
Mario Kart DS
Finished Valkyria Chronicles recently. I played 2 on the PSP a long time ago and didn't enjoy the highschool setting and just dropped it. The original has a superior story that shows you can take a young cast and don't have to turn it in a typical highschool shitfest to move the plot. Everything being based on a smaller maps with squads facing off was pretty enjoyable. The only time I felt overwhelmed was towards the end with some of the infinitely spawning enemies.
The game was also very exploitable in a fun way, even if that meant the game became easy to a cakewalk. The AI would sometimes do the opposite of what it should do, like suicide run a position and take needless damage rather then end a turn. Most of the time the AI decided that getting hit even once would just end the unit's turn when taking even a little damage would have put it in a different position. Then there are the orders, which can turn a shocktrooper into a tank/boss killer.
>they seem pretty cautious in the frequency of introducing new enemy types
That is the same issue I had with both Control and Alan Wake. Coincidentally Control has a DLC dedicated to the events in Alan Wake. Both games feel like you reach a routine in fighting the same enemies and new enemies/equipment/abilities don't shake up the gameplay enough.
>Cortex Command
Didn´t know that there were still people working on it
Nah, every faction has their own experience as you said
I remember being a fan of some of the modded factions like Alteisen Arsenal Labs for their multi-function mechs and their free money cheat and transport, the Tiberium mod and one mod that had actual air combat/support
Replies: >>181850
I wanted to see if it would be possible to set up a gamenight. The only problem? Current netcode (for cccpv4 and c4) is /terrible/ host sends individual live video feeds and all clients do is send inputs. They are trying to fix it for cccpv5. What I was thinking of instead was to use something like Parsec, but then THAT runs into security problems.
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Shill me something to play until pic related drops.
Replies: >>201418
Whatever game you like and wished more people played.
Replies: >>182142
[Hide] (204.9KB, 800x1137) Reverse
[Hide] (156.6KB, 800x1138) Reverse
>wished more people played.
I just don't think the Crash games made by Traveller's Tales get the same attention and love as the originals made by Naughty Dog, which is a damn shame because they did, in my opinion, as good of a job as Naughty Dog. It's not like Spyro where after Insomniac sold the series, it got fucked into oblivion. Traveller's Tales did right by the series and made two very good games.
If you like 3D platformers, I think these are must plays that don't get the same attention as the original 3 games. You can probably emulate them.
Oh, and the music on these two games is fucking excellent. Traveller's Tales hired excellent composers.
Hope you have fun!
Replies: >>182143 >>182145
[Hide] (5.4KB, 338x338) Reverse
those two are incredibly janky and the former completely unifinished but Twinsanity is my favorite Crash game by far.
[Hide] (724.8KB, 2000x1950) Reverse
Sure why not? I got an actual PS2 to play them on, will start with Twinsanity.

Someone should make a thread about "Games you wished more people played" but give it certain quality so it doesn't get deleted because low effort thread.

I wished first person dungeon crawlers got more love.
Do whatever you want, you can play Twinsanity first, but Twinsanity takes place a few years after the events of Wrath of Cortex and came out after Wrath of Cortex. So it's the second game both in order of release and in canonical order. But play it first if you want.
There's a new exploit for the PS2 slim if you have one of those. It lets you download PS2 ISO files and patch them and then burn them to a DVD. They work just like regular games. It makes PS2 piracy so simple if you have a slim model. I wish I could remember the name of it.
>Arx Fatalis
I have been told more than once I need to play that game. Saving that list, thanks.
Replies: >>182148 >>182152
I play them from USB, yeah i got mine hacked. I can't get DVDs to burn nowhere nearby, the only bad thing from playing from USB is longer loading times and cutscenes have some stuttering.

>Wrath of Cortex came out first
Will play that one first then.
>I have been told more than once I need to play that game.
Well what are you waiting for? Go play it now.
[Hide] (18.3KB, 717x100) Reverse
I have seen the thread shit the bed as much as anyone but I don't think it needed to come down to this.
Just gotta lower those expectations bro.
I just wanted to play Death Stranding.
Replies: >>182257
Nah, mark leaves the derail up and deletes anti nintendo shit exclusively.
Well fucking deserved. Fuck shills.
Spoiler File
(44.7KB, 150x195) Reverse
>first person dungeon crawler
>no might&magic and wizardry series
>no grimoire

What were the deleted posts about?
Replies: >>182262 >>182264
>I just wanted to play Death Stranding.
Replies: >>182383
Anons were arguing about Epic Games and its safety and legitimacy as a service, which devolved into angry anon throwing a shitfit and resorting to calling the straight-face anon a Chink shill, glownigger, underageb&, and then going straight for the "u mad" every time the straight-anon replied. I don't think that straight-anon is actually a shill, but I certainly believe that he was purposefully trying to bait angry anon into sperging out, and I'd say he succeeded there.
Replies: >>182294 >>182383
>What were the deleted posts about?
Might & magic, wizardry, and grimoire mostly
Replies: >>182276
[Hide] (328KB, 600x620) Reverse
Currently playan 大逆転裁判 -成歩堂龍ノ介の冒險 on my hacked 3DS with the fan translation patch applied.
While it's probably somewhat heretical to play this before the other Ace Attorney games I have to say the game's presentation is an easy 10/10 as far as VNs go, the 3D effect adds a lot of subtlety and definition that otherwise wouldn't be there.
The OST also slaps and showcases the superiority of the 3DS' DAC over lesser normalnigger audio hardware, I'll definitely be playing the rest of the Ace Attorney series after completing this.

Is the compilation of the first three games on 3DS bad?
Heard Anons recommend the DS versions of those over the years, anything to watch out for?
Replies: >>182278
[Hide] (49.5KB, 314x268) Reverse
Are you sure they were talking about M&M, Wizardry and Grimoire?
>I'll definitely be playing the rest of the Ace Attorney series after completing this
You know that is only the first part of a duology right? Play the second part before you move onto the other games.
The old and oddly specific sources he posted were from questionable sources. He wasn't a shill but a very blunt defendant of EGS for some odd reason.
Replies: >>182383
>Gets posts deleted because off topic
>Starts derailing the thread again
Nigger faggot, stop.
Replies: >>182383
>words worth
Really? I thought that was only monster rape shenanigans.
Replies: >>182306
Baroque has a great atmosphere but is fucking terrible.
It has some funny scenes but is mostly awful to play.
Replies: >>182381
[Hide] (54.3KB, 1280x800) Reverse
Spoiler File
(30.1KB, 1280x800) Reverse
>but is mostly awful to play
Yeah it is mostly just spinning around in circles to grind. I did finish it but it's not something I would play again.
I don't understand how this one-sided clearly biased meta posting is still up but the other posts they are referencing are not.
I finished the main game the other day, and just now I collected the final page of the Thievius Raccoonus, which unlocks time trials for each level.  The final chapter, The Cold Heart of Hate, was mostly fun, although the game does have some dynamic difficulty which I found completely killed the tension in one level: you're climbing around and across this giant structure that's sinking into lava, and if you die too many times then the game will actually give you good luck charms (which absorb a hit) for free, and slow down the speed at which the structure sinks into lava.  And if you fall to a lower section, which happened to me several times, then the structure will actually rise back out of the lava.  I know the game was designed for children and all, but it really took the wind out of my sails.

That said, I think the levels are really cool bite-sized chunks of gameplay so going through them quickly for the time trials will prove to be a neat challenge.  The only thing that has really aggravated me so far is that the RACCOON BALL Roll is the fastest way to move in the game, but you tend to bounce up and lose all speed if you hit any wayward piece of level geometry or a tiny stone in your path.

What's really cool is that beating a level's time trial unlocks developer commentary for that level.  I've only gotten one so far, for the first level in the game, and the commentary wasn't really anything I didn't already know - but it's so fun to hear the developers who actually put in the work to make the game describe their process for thinking about lighting, adjusting level designs, etc.  Apparently the guy who did the lighting for the first level had three separate monitors at different exposure settings to ensure the game was readable and not too dark, even if you had a washed out or too-dark TV.  He redid the lighting more than 30 times, by his estimate, which includes changing the colour of shadows and other factors to ensure the level wasn't unreadable or too dark, but still ensuring it took place at night.

There's something very genuine and earnest about the game, to the point I want to finally get around to upgrading my hardware and CPU so I can play it better via PCSX2.  I've gotten some absolutely atrocious stuttering so far, which has killed my immersion and the game's general smoothness in a few levels.
Replies: >>182697
>There's something very genuine and earnest about the game, to the point I want to finally get around to upgrading my hardware and CPU so I can play it better via PCSX2
It would probably be cheaper just to get a PS2.
Replies: >>182698
I do have a PS3 which is backwards compatible, so I could probably jailbreak/mod it to play PS2 games, but my PC is much more convenient.  And I already have the hardware, I just haven't put it into my PC yet.
[Hide] (22.9KB, 255x255) Reverse
>playing morrowind for the second time after like 10 years
>heading to an island to do a fighter's guild quest
>get sidetracked and wander into random dwarven ruin
>some nigger dwarf ghost spamming ice spells at me inside
>get his attention with a ranged soul trap then kill him in like 3 seconds
>look at the soul I just stole
>Dahrk Mezalf soul
>worth 80k
Did I just beat the game by accident?
Replies: >>182773 >>182782
No but you did capture the soul of a quest target that has an enchanted ring you need to bring back to someone. Morrowind lets you complete some quests before you even accept them.
No there is nobody in the game who has enough money to buy that anyway.
Replies: >>182793
That's why you sell things worth ~5k to Creeper ahead of time, buy them back for 75k while selling the 80k item, and resell the 75k worth of items again. It's easy (albeit tedious) to have millions of Septims in your coinpouch in Morrowind.
Replies: >>182805
[Hide] (225.3KB, 1239x1016) Reverse
[Hide] (329.3KB, 1239x1016) Reverse
[Hide] (142.6KB, 1239x1016) Reverse
[Hide] (949.9KB, 1239x1016) Reverse
[Hide] (383.5KB, 1239x1016) Reverse
Parasite Eve 2, last time I tried to finish this game I got stuck in that puzzle room with Egyptian glyph, a long time ago, will try to finish the game this time, the only problem that I'm having is  aiming, its odd, I need to get accustomed with it.
Replies: >>182824 >>182829
I don't really like using Creeper, he feels like cheating.
Replies: >>182810
Bartering is a waste of time anyways. You can easily become unstoppable by using only a bit of gold.
[Hide] (255.2KB, 800x657) Reverse
What a coincidence, I'm playing through that right now too.
For aiming, press square to lock on or change what you're locked on to if you are already locked on and if you don't lock on, you can aim left and right freely in-case you want to spray and pray but I always go with lock on because it's more reliable until you meet those annoying bugs that blind you so you can't. You'll get used to it though.
Remember to check your map, red areas have enemies and they'll respawn after a lot of the cutscenes.
Also, make sure to pick up the Black Card that's in that tower because it's useful later on (image related).
[Hide] (17.5KB, 365x109) Reverse
What the fuck is this?
Replies: >>182833 >>182934
It's a problem that has never been fixed with PS1/2 emulators where upscaling object renders somehow makes all the overlay sprites shit in their underwear, I assume from weird resolution magic.
Replies: >>182837
Duckstation doesn't seem to have that problem, maybe use that instead.
Can anyone recommend me a sandbox or rpg game?
Replies: >>182846
How deep are you in the RPG or JRPG rabbit hole? If you like Saga games go play The Last Remnant.
Replies: >>182958
Pretty sure you can avoid scaling issues like that in RetroArch with the core options or scaling options.
[Hide] (93.5KB, 900x600) Reverse
Weird, I'm actually playing that right now. I beat it 5 or 6 years ago and picked it up again right before Christmas. I'm gonna try and complete as many guild tasks and get as close to 100%ing the game as possible. I'm going to try and avoid RNG hell if possible.
Replies: >>183014 >>183028
>that program is real
Replies: >>183041
[Hide] (258.2KB, 1280x720) Reverse
[Hide] (175.5KB, 1280x720) Reverse
[Hide] (179.2KB, 1280x720) Reverse
>That tool
I would have called you a faggot if it was your first playthrough but it being NG+ it's acceptable, game is definitely meant to be played blind in your first playthrough despite the memes the game gives you all the information you need to know to beat it.
Replies: >>183041
Oh, it's not NG+, sadly. Lost all my old save data a few years back. But I am here to power level and it's great.
Replies: >>183044
I meant to say that it was not your first time so having a guide to 100% the game is acceptable.
Akiens vs Predator
The hunt begins
Whoever wins, we lose
[Hide] (53.3KB, 899x724) Reverse
[Hide] (29KB, 899x724) Reverse
I beat goof troop in a single setting with my friend. It was fun, but the final boss was a pain in the ass. We were down on our last continue 'till i figured out a plan for the boss not to leave the high ground.
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1239x1016) Reverse
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1239x1016) Reverse
[Hide] (2.1MB, 1239x1016) Reverse
[Hide] (2MB, 1239x1016) Reverse
Finished PE2, its not a bad game, it lacks refinement, music is uninspiring, the plot is retarded, but certain mechanics are cumbersome, makes the game inconvenient to replay, the storage units have separate item pools, you have to haul items between them, and add the small inventory on top of it, feels like bureaucracy, I don't think I will replay this game.
Replies: >>183419 >>183424
[Hide] (174.7KB, 619x597) Reverse
I stopped playing it as soon as I realized it was an action game instead of an RPG like the first game.
Replies: >>184395
those graphix though look really gud compared to the first game
Ctrl Alt Ego and Civilization Rising Turd. I ruined Ctrl Alt Ego for myself by buying the shotgun, now I don't have to think past enemies/use abilities I can just blow them away. Though it was getting tedious without. For RS I was fighting institutionalized racism, misogyny and classism as the mulatto leader of future America. It literally mentions all three terms in her exposition on the loading screens now and it's written like fan fiction. Which is the worst bit, ARC used to be led by a magnificent bastard now it's led by mulatto sue. I just wanted to plant thumpers and coup some cities.
[Hide] (155.6KB, 1280x720) Reverse
Megaman Battle Network: Operate Shooting Star
Played the original game on GBA but halfway through my save got corrupted. There's a review of it on sleepy station so there's no need that i talk about it, game is definitely worth playing being relatively short. I needed something to play until the new FE game drops so i choose a short game otherwise i would had to drop it midway through.
[Hide] (218.4KB, 1113x1201) Reverse
working on a project
[Hide] (14.6MB, 532x600, 05:03)
Are you painstakingly recording every line in the plane scene for easy access when you need it?
Replies: >>183912 >>183914
[Hide] (329.4KB, 1280x720) Reverse
>stupid cunt can't even pay attention to the kino
[Hide] (59.5KB, 395x401) Reverse
>pavel scream 1.wav
>pavel scream 2.wav
>pavel scream 3.wav
>pavel scream 4.wav
>pavel scream 5.wav
>pilots yelling.wav
I dunno why but it made me laugh
[Hide] (212.9KB, 00:01)
Replies: >>183915
[Hide] (479KB, 1600x1200) Reverse
Please provide a download link when you're done.
What a legend
Currently playing Hot Wheels Unleashed, i bought it during a sale some time ago and i gotta say, it is quite a good game, very fun to play and it allows you to create skins for the cars and make tracks. Sadly, being a racing game it has a few microtransactions
Replies: >>184005
I bought that game recently as well and was surprised to find it was a decently challenging racing game. I was expecting something easy for kids but it can be brutal.
Replies: >>184315
I've been craving horror recently, so this week I got Nightmare of Decay. It's a pretty basic horror FPS about a man who gets stuck in a horrible nightmare where he's stuck in a Unity asset flip ripping off Resident Evil 1 nightmare where you die in reality if you die in the dream. 
But seriously, it does heavily rip off Resident Evil. The mansion the player is stuck in is very similar to the Spencer Mansion, although not a one-to-one replica. You still fight zombies, but there are other monsters, like armed and deranged cultists speaking Latin, and boss enemies like the Meat Golem. The puzzles are almost the exact same as Resident Evil, and hell, there's even a rip-off of Amnesia's acid puzzle, with a similar flesh-wall you have to dissolve in order to progress. 
Despite all of this, though, I've had some fun with this game. It's still a shameless rip-off, and your money would be better suited actually playing RE or REmake. 

Since that was a bit of a disappointment, I'm going to try and actually play Deadly Premonition. It's been a /v/lassic for years, so I figure it's high time to dive into the madness and see if it's as good as anon says.
Yeah, some of the time challenges can be really hard, specially the ones that use that volcano thing, i have a lot of troble dealing with that one
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1239x1016) Reverse
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1239x1016) Reverse
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1239x1016) Reverse
[Hide] (2MB, 1239x1016) Reverse
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1239x1016) Reverse
I've finished the first Armored Core, its okay for a PS1 title, but I was playing with a remap controls and infinite ammo, the default controls were bad, kudos to anyone who managed to beat the game with the default controls,  and the small ammo pool is just retarded.
The camera is the worst part of the game, it fights you at every turn, there is no way to rotate between targets during autoaim you have focus on single enemy.
I was impressed by the size of the maps, but the level design was trash, there is no reason to make gigantic levels for a 10 second spastic combat.
AC feels like a very long prototype.
Replies: >>184359 >>184362
I also just beat it and had none of these issues.   I used the laser rifle as a crutch here and there and in destroy floating mines.  I'm on project phantasma now. It was the first game of the type they made so yeah, its going to need refinement.  I thought it holds up really well.
>he can't press shoulder buttons to save his life
Git gud lol.
>needs infinite ammo
lmao even. You should just stop here, pansies like you can't handle nor appreciate good games.
Why? The gameplay's great.
[Hide] (33KB, 500x332) Reverse
>year of our Lord BRAVO
>there's STILL high-effort Baneposting going on
Make a soundboard goddamnit.
I loaded up Eternal Ring, played up until everyone got murdered, then decided to play every first person From game more or less in release order. I just found the map and activated the fountain, and now I'm gonna go buy the gold cross for Judas. Should I play the remake instead? I don't like how control remapping is so limited.
Replies: >>184524
I forgot to mention that the game being played was the original King's Field. Bully pls.
Replies: >>184532
Yeah you got me for a while thinking about if Eternal Ring got a remake.
>Should i play the remake?
As far as i know the remakes of King's Field games for the PSP are turn based instead.
Replies: >>184536
No, the PSP ones are original. From released a game maker tool called Sword of Moonlight for the PC in 2000, and it came with a remake of KF1 that you could load up and edit.
[Hide] (22.6KB, 60x40, 00:01)
It's a voicepack for Worms, rough around the edges but it's done
now. Extract it to User/Speech.
Replies: >>184541
[Hide] (9MB, 640x360, 02:10)
Very nice, can you also give all the original clips separated with the orginal names as >>183908?
[Hide] (71.6KB, 580x583) Reverse
Going through a life crisis so i started downloading a bunch of games from my childhood that i remember fondly but never managed to finish, starting with the purple dragon.

Only cleared the first hub but i'm having fun with it, i miss not having to get new abilities and managed to clear two stages to 100%.
Replies: >>184554 >>184587
>managed to clear two stages to 100%.
Only two? It's super easy to 100% each stage as you play it.
Replies: >>184568
Missed some crystals, don't know if the ones that enemies drop count or not.
Replies: >>184569
[Hide] (233.1KB, 1264x864) Reverse
>gems enemies drop
They count.
Replies: >>184571
Fuck, so that's why i didn't complete the other stages, thanks.
Replies: >>184587
>>181273 (OP) 
Ark Survival Evolved. I just want to beat all the bosses solo. I started like 5 years ago but i stopped after like 200 hours of playtime and only came back every couple of months to get bored within 10 minutes. Now im actually going to do it.
I forget if it's stated in the game itself (probably not), but the manual mentions that Gnasty used a potion to give life to some of the stolen treasure, turning them into fellow gnorcs and other monsters. So yes, there's a lore reason the ones they drop count toward the total.
Replies: >>184599
One of the dragon's mentions it but i took it as lore shit so i didn't make the association.
[Hide] (45.9KB, 265x370) Reverse
After a terrible period of boredom and no vidya I got back into CK2.

Started as Tuscany, and then Byzantium decided to absolutely cuck me from forming the empire because they got Sicily through a holy war vs some mudslimes, and the Pope did the same and cucked me from forming the French empire by grabbing some land of southern France.
Queue endless excommunications because he wants my bordering lands.

Now I'm playing as a kid with a braindead regent which caused the Kingdom of France to break free due to vassal limits, but they're still very weak, and Byzantium's got a rebellion which opens them up for me to fuck them from behind.

I think I'm basically destined to end up "winning" at this point.

Does the DLC make the game even easier, or offer some more challenge? I wish the game was harder and that I wouldn't need to cuck myself for more challenge
>the combat, and gameplay, feels amateurish
>enemies are walking sponges
>there is magic system, its a I win button
honestly sounds like you cheated yourself by playing on easy or normal. one of the few games that was actually balanced across all its difficulties, especially the harder ones, and you shit the bed while blaming the game. Pathetic.
[Hide] (428.6KB, 500x620) Reverse
Starting to play through Noita, always interested me and now that I can run it on Linux (amazing how it just werks when you follow the damn jc141 instructions) I am having fun with it. Maybe I'm just insane but there's a lot of slowdown even on the lowest settings even though my GPU isn't breaking a sweat. Sometimes I do wand combos that work well in my head but then you leave the checkpoint and realize it's a shit combo that can't kill.
Replies: >>189313
[Hide] (233.5KB, 1000x980) Reverse
Koikatsu, but I can't seem to figure out how dating works.
>inb4 the irony
All the lines about school being out during sunset does make one feel awfully nostalgic though.
Replies: >>189445
[Hide] (2.3MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (2.3MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Monster Girls and the Mysterious Adventure 2 is a comfy rogue like game were you go around a dungeon making friends with monstergirls.
The real enemy is not the foes you are fighting in the dungeon, but the dungeon itself, since it will throw you curve ball after curve ball and you will try to take all your equipment away with traps, curses or sealing your equipment, when you think is safe to go around farming for items it will destroy you.
Its a fun game, would recommend.
Replies: >>189312
Starsector again modded to hell.
So is it like that tentacle palace era game?
Ya got a link?
Replies: >>189399
Last time I played it I kept finding a tiny wand that was OP like a machine gun firing little green balls.
Ended up just restarting the game if I didn't find it first level and sort of got disillusioned with that type of roguelike as a whole
Replies: >>189323 >>189326
You could get some mods to spice up the wand variety in early game if you're not feeling it. Goki's things provides a lot of customization options to tune the game's difficulty to your liking.
Replies: >>189323 >>189326
Replies: >>189326
[Hide] (54.6KB, 750x976) Reverse
i'd be enjoying it a lot more if it weren't for the slowdowns that happen whenever something mildly intense is going on. by the time I get to the third level or so the whole game slows to a crawl. every fix that people say to try I've tried (low-res mode, reduce game framerate, reduce resolution, vsync, windowed, etc) and none of it is working. playing it through wine and a cracked copy probably doesn't help either.
Replies: >>189334
Perhaps it could be Wine's fault, but Noita is very much CPU bottlenecked due to sandbox PHYSICS. Freeze is, funnily enough, also extremely taxing for some reason, I think Goki thing's has some fix for that, so you should give it a try.
Replies: >>189381
My CPU never goes above 20% while it's running and my GPU never even spins up the fans. Apparently it worked fine on a previous build but after one update everyone started complaining about slowdowns.
Replies: >>189453
[Hide] (10.4MB, 640x360, 02:22)
[Hide] (2.3MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (2.9MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (2.8MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
I don't know what game that is.
Well, it seems that it doesn't need steam running to play the game, so here you go, it should work.
Replies: >>189401 >>189442
But do you fuck them?
Replies: >>189412
[Hide] (2.3MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (2.1MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (2.1MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Yes no.
Replies: >>189447
>>189399 (checked)
What's the password?
Replies: >>189530
I decided to try this out but I'm not sure that I'm getting it.
It's just a sandbox game where you stuff a bunch of waifus you download in the hotel and do lewd scenes with them, and they've got basic "Animal Crossing" personality presets?
Replies: >>189447
Screw that can you hold hands and cuddle?
You're thinking of honey select.
Koikatsu is the school setting one with live2d aesthetics, animu presets and a much better character creation system.
Replies: >>189448
Maybe I just don't get the main appeal.
Is it designing characters?
Replies: >>189453 >>189540
[Hide] (72KB, 2552x1281) Reverse
[Hide] (100.5KB, 2530x1275) Reverse
>never beat Oregon Trail as a child
>decide to beat Oregon Trail as an adult
>retard NPCs keeps getting snakebites and dysentery
>actually beat the game in one try
>see this end screen
>the people in my party were my kids and wife
>sacrified three of my kids and bury them in shallow, unmarked graves on the side of the trail in order to move to Oregon
>the NPCs who kept getting snakebites were my retard children who can't stop playing with snakes and drinking shit water
Replies: >>200128
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1455x1473) Reverse
I've been playing AC3JP and as much as I like the GitS inspired setting and branching storyline the plane handling and flight UI feels like a pure downgrade from AC2. Trying to roll and pitch at the same time is particularly bad for some reason.

Things aren't magically more multi-threaded just because you have free cores anon.
It was supposed to be something of a AA2 remake but they forgot the gameplay so it's basically just make/download your favorite animu characters and hold hands simulator.
Replies: >>189540 >>189607
[Hide] (54.5KB, 500x446) Reverse
Finished Nora and the Time Studio over the course of two days in 10 hours. Got the "normal" ending. 
I wanted to do an immediate second playthrough but very little is transferred in NG+(your money and compendium). Overall it was a very comfy experience even with the looming time limit. Makes me want to give those atelier games a try.
Replies: >>200144
[Hide] (74.8KB, 807x608) Reverse
>choose two random perks in Noita
>one of them is angry spirit, who will cast a random spell in your inventory every time you do
>this would be fine if those spells didn't hurt you as well
>shred half my health when he uses plasma cutter right behind me
>then every time I cast he starts throwing TNT boxes
>like a fucking lot of TNT boxes
>throws one, enemy shoots it not even five feet from my face
fuck that little niglet
Replies: >>189517
[Hide] (202.3KB, 700x376) Reverse
[Hide] (235.4KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
2 games from my wishlist came out just this week and I just found out today another one came out 2 fucking months ago.
My palms are sweaty
moms spaghetti
>one of them is angry spirit, who will cast a random spell in your inventory every time you do
That's not correct, the ghost copies whatever spell is thrown at it, including rocks and explosives. Just like it can spam TNT boxes, you can shoot a healing bolt at it and then use a machine gun wand to spam it for free.
Replies: >>189528
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1884x1031) Reverse
interesting, I will keep that in mind
Well, It does have some moments, but yeah.
You can hold hands?

Also how is AC2 even playable with no Deadzone?
I had to use the Dpad and basically barrel roll every time I wanted to dodge missles
Are you implying AA2 had gameplay?
[Hide] (523.3KB, 720x720, 00:06)
>get to Temple of the Art
[Hide] (794.7KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
>>181273 (OP) 
Muse Dash. I came to hate it when they added vtubers about 2 years ago and had a meltdown and removed it from my steam library. Over the years maybe once or twice ive undeleted it to see maybe if i still care. And i did care so it got deleted again. Now however i dont seem to really care.
[Hide] (1MB, 750x1000) Reverse
What does /v/ consider the best anime of all time? 
What do you think is the best anime game? (Either with an anime artstyle or based on an anime property/properties)
Replies: >>189793
[Hide] (165.1KB, 482x482) Reverse
Boku no Pico
Boku no Pico All Star Battle
[Hide] (256.5KB, 1600x800) Reverse
I just finished Axiom Verge 2. It was very fun, I'd highly recommend.
Gameplay is great, feels tight, lots of mechanics with a reasonable amount of depth.
Art is excellent, both the visuals and the soundtrack are top tier.
Replies: >>192027
Played through the first level of Nier Automata today. I think I've realized something: I can't use a controller anymore. Something about juggling the triggers and left/right buttons is now a lot harder for me than it was a few years ago. Maybe it's just because I never use a controller that often, maybe it's because the side buttons on this particular controller are really tiny, but I was having a very hard time juggling between lock-on, range attack, and special range attack. fug.
Replies: >>190869 >>190899
Can't you play the game with a keyboard?
Replies: >>190870 >>190872
tried that for about five minutes and hated the default control scheme, and it wouldn't let me change it during the intro sequence.
[Hide] (110.9KB, 576x816) Reverse
>playing a third-person action game with a keyboard
Replies: >>190874
Worked fine for PSO2
It may be worth it to get a weirder and more comfy controller. There's certain controllers I can't stand and a few I fucking love still. I do enjoy fight games on my keyboard though, maybe I oughta get a hit box
[Hide] (130.6KB, 330x686) Reverse
Started playing Jazz Jackrabbit. Fuck blast processing, this game is faster than Sonic and on a 486 to boot. It's actually a problem, every single one of my deaths so far have come from running into an enemy charging in from the right side of the screen without having the time to react and shoot it. It also makes platforming a bit of a bitch because there are too many tiny ledges for Jazz to get stuck on.
Replies: >>190988 >>191013
put an orange peel in your mouth and shut up
Replies: >>190990
somebody post the bugspray
[Hide] (35.3KB, 624x316) Reverse
动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen Square Massacre 反右派鬥爭 The Anti-Rightist Struggle 大躍進政策 The Great Leap Forward 文化大革命 The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 人權 Human Rights 民運 Democratization 自由 Freedom 獨立 Independence 多黨制 Multi-party system 台灣 臺灣 Taiwan Formosa 中華民國 Republic of China 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 Tibet 達賴喇嘛 Dalai Lama 法輪功 Falun Dafa 新疆維吾爾自治區 The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 諾貝爾和平獎 Nobel Peace Prize 劉暁波 Liu Xiaobo 民主 言論 思想 反共 反革命 抗議 運動 騷亂 暴亂 騷擾 擾亂 抗暴 平反 維權 示威游行 李洪志 法輪大法 大法弟子 強制斷種 強制堕胎 民族淨化 人體實驗 肅清 胡耀邦 趙紫陽 魏京生 王丹 還政於民 和平演變 激流中國 北京之春 大紀元時報 九評論共産黨 獨裁 專制 壓制 統一 監視 鎮壓 迫害 侵略 掠奪 破壞 拷問 屠殺 活摘器官 誘拐 買賣人口 遊進 走私 毒品 賣淫 春畫 賭博 六合彩 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 劉曉波动态网自由门
Jazz Jackrabbit 2 kind of fixes that problem by making the screen way bigger.
>tfw no JJ2 gamenight
Replies: >>191014
If how the Fatal Racing gaynight went is any indication that would probably suck. 90s LAN netcode, VPN jitter and cross-continent latencies don't mix, though Jazz2 might be better given it has real TCP/IP support. Does it have a sourceport?
Replies: >>191016 >>191017
Too many AI cars caused more lag than netcode and ping. I don't see how it's relevant though since JJ2 isn't a DOS game so DOSBox tunneling isn't even an option.
Replies: >>191017 >>191018
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Replies: >>191019
>Too many AI cars caused more lag than netcode and ping.
t. euro
>I don't see how it's relevant though since JJ2 isn't a DOS game so DOSBox tunneling isn't even an option.
You're still trying to run programs typically designed for latency numbers you can count with your hands on a network with 100+ms latency for most purposes, and significant jitter beyond that. It's two completely different scenarios for netcode design and the first was massively more common than the second for most 90s gamedevs, which is why id had to come up with QuakeWorld when dialup users kept bitching about how unpleasant it was to play Quake multiplayer outside of a LAN party.
[Hide] (139.1KB, 335x339) Reverse
>Internet Play
>1-4 players
>forward this arbitrary port
Dead on arrival.
Replies: >>191021
With Jazz2+ that gets bumped up to 32 players I'm pretty sure, plus probably only the hostfag has to port forward like in other normal client-server games.
Replies: >>191024
The Jazz2 article about port forwarding implies otherwise with the multiple ports for masterserver and content downloads, but then the JJ2+ documentation mentions a port parameter for /join so I don't know what the fuck is going on. It would be great if it worked but it looks like someone needs to run a test game to confirm that.
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Replies: >>191536
[Hide] (3.1MB, 2600x1480) Reverse
i beat noita
>get to final ebil spider
>lots of lava everywhere
>hit him with a quintuple-shot meteor
>instant kill
something tells me i got the worst possible ending though, i picked up the gold statue before completing the work and then everything turned into gold and I died with the Midas ending. felt the same way after getting the Immortality ending in Stalker SoC. overall very fun and very frustrating, even if it chugs on my machine for no reason.
Replies: >>191537 >>191851
There's fucking photos of the guy, what a retard.
Replies: >>191587
Congrats, you have been working on it for a fucking long time by your friday night thread posting.
Replies: >>191538
and reading the wiki now there is a shitton of extra content to explore, since "you must go down" is more of a guideline than an actual rule. they seem to want you to tunnel through everything which seems very counterintuitive but i'll try it next time anyways.
[Hide] (23.6KB, 671x92) Reverse
I mean IRL Oscar Wilde was the biggest faggot of his generation, if you're porting him into current year it's not that much of a stretch to make him an effete negroid too.
Replies: >>191814
Gave the Wo Long demo a try. Looks like shit for how hard it pushes your hardware. Apparently the tutorial boss is one of the hardest in game but it wasn't really that engaging. Deflect -> spirit attack -> mash normal attack until end of combo, repeat besides maybe needing to chain deflects during a red attack combo. The frame cap of 60 is cancerous - god fucking knows how console retards play on "quality" mode with 30 FPS. Just feels like a simplified, asset swapped Nioh without any of the charm.
Damn that's wild
>everything turned into gold and I died
if you just continued walking out or whatever then you go into newgame+
you got the actual normal ending.
[Hide] (4.7MB, 540x360, 03:44)
I'm currently playing .hack//outbreak. I really liked the last 2 games, despite the many flaws they had. I do find it annoying that the gameplay hasn't improved at all since the first game. Which consists of you spamming 1 attack that the enemy is weak to while also going through a large amount of consumables to keep up. However in spite of that I find the game quite charming.
Replies: >>192024
Don't those games play like an MMO ARPG without the multiplayer component? Do they play like those Phantasy Star Online games?
Replies: >>192035
How's the first one? For reference, i have never played a single Metroid game.
[Hide] (5.7MB, 640x360, 00:59)
I've never played Phantasy Star Online, but .hack does indeed play like an MMO ARPG. They actually did make an mmo at one point called .hack//fragment, which added a number of quality of life features like hotkeys you can assign items and skills to.
>>181273 (OP) 
>What have you been playing recently?
>Did you enjoy it?
Greatly, pretty sure of the Soulsborne games I've played to date this is going to wind up my favorite one and displace OG Demon's Souls. 
>Anything that stuck to you, be it the story, the gameplay or something else? Whatever you feel like discussing do it here. 
I like the trick weapons. There's not the same sheer number of weapons in the game compared to previous games but I enjoy shifting between a simple straight sword to a giant two handed broadsword mid combo for that extra stagger. So far I like to rock the Ludwig holy blade as my primary and alternate between the Tonitris or Boom Hammer as a secondary arm and a cannon on my left hand. 

I've also put a lot of time into the Chalice dungeons. They aren't the best dungeons I've run through and I'm just sticking to the story ones so I'm not dealing with the full RNG of them. But after unlocking the Ailing Loran dungeons which are the third type of chalice dungeon to be unlocked and the real payoff to grinding these out is the sheer amount of experience points I can throw into my character now. Gonna get big for the end game and push through the final areas. 

All in all I can definitely play better and I'd like to experiment with other builds in subsequent playthroughs. But the strength build I'm running is getting me through the game just fine and with what I've learned I think next time around I'll lean more into an arcane build next time for a more caster-type character.
[Hide] (220.8KB, 808x631) Reverse
[Hide] (567.6KB, 560x360, 00:20)
[Hide] (816.9KB, 1042x1673) Reverse
>What have you been playing recently?
I've just finished Silent Hill on the PS1. 
>Did you enjoy it? 
It's extremely fun and spooky, although I did feel that like a lot of survival horror games, it stops being scary once you kill off the enemies, and more tedious. Thankfully, the game does add new enemies when you kill the previous ones so there's still some tension there.
>Anything that stuck to you, be it the story, the gameplay or something else?
The sound, definitely. Akira Yamaoka is really good at conjuring up this feeling of terror using music. Hearing his tracks gives you these feelings of pure terror where you just have to run the fuck away no matter what while little ghost-goblins, fleshdogs and monkeymen fuck those sons of bitches btw, I swear I got bodied a dozen times by them all try to kill you. From what I understand, this is the only SH game that has the horror industrial noise theme; SH2 has depressive guitars and electronics, SH3 has upbeat and energetic rock, and I dunno what SH4 has.
My favorite levels were the School and the Hospital, while the worst was definitely the Sewer. God, I hated the fucking sewers. 
The story is also a bit weird for two reasons: 1, there were a lot of things I felt weren't fully explained or left out, which is fine if it's to make you think and reflect on the story, and 2). The game in certain spots seems to drive towards the dream ending, especially the dialogue in the Antique Shop. Granted, that's a red herring since Harry canonically goes through the events of the game, but that bit does seem heavily inspired by Jacob's Ladder.
Overall, SH1 was a great game and if you haven't played it you definitely should, dammit.
Replies: >>200214
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>never beat Oregon Trail as a child
>decide to beat Oregon Trail as an adult
There’s a sequel now, Dwarf Fortress.
Speaking of old stuff, Stars!
I was pissed that NG+ resets your decorations and house too, what a dick move.
Are you going to play 2 now?
Replies: >>200217
I've played through 2 and 3, but I didn't make any reviews on them.
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Been PLAYAN R&C 2.
I like it enough but fuck are the enemies bullet sponges and the environments aren't as unique as 1.
Replies: >>200238
2 was the best but yeah it got impossible at one point, i was pathetic enough to grind on that yetti planet to buy the max suit just so i could finish the game
Replies: >>200240
I'm on that yeti planet right now. Maybe I should grind.
>2 was the best
No way. While the combat is better, 1 is far more memorable and fun to play.
I'm playing a few games in rotation.
>Assault Android Cactus
No idea why I'm on my fifth replay of this but it's still as fun as ever.
>Symphony of War: Nephelim saga
I'm still pretty early(Chapter 14 or something, right after the ambush by Casamir that "kills" your MC and sends Diana on the run). I'm liking it, but I'm starting to dislike gunners, artillery and any of the firearms because the only way to counter them so far is to just be on offense, meaning everything is a game of inching around enemy movement ranges and then attacking them on your turn which makes things incredibly slow. Maybe you get more units to counter it later but the fact that you're limited to basic units, plus whatever luck you roll at the traders and that I don't really have a dedicated class level up factory squadron means I'm shit out of luck on Calvary for example. Maybe I should just play more.
It's a metroidvania with a really pretty artstyle. At first I wasn't feeling it but the more movement options and weapon skills I'm unlocking, the much more I'm liking it. Platforming seems to be on a relatively high difficulty level too once you get the double jump+down kick combo and I'm really into that too. I think it's best aspect is that it's incredibly pretty, somewhat similar to Aeterna Noctis' artstyle(without the obvious nods to stained glass art) but without the massive amounts of eyerape via bloom.
The game takes a while but I'm starting to really enjoy it, and it's one of the few indie metroidvanias where you can just pick a heading and go and not find yourself cock blocked by obvious keys or story triggers and maps are sufficiently big and varied enough that I'm enjoying the act of exploration.
>XCOM Enemy Within
I installed a mod by the name of Long War Rebalance. It's less a rebalance and more an overhaul of mechanics and there's a fair bit of them I'm really liking. To begin with they've limited overwatch and steady aim to only be available to the aliens any specific unit actually has in range at the end of a turn. Meaning any new aliens coming into view won't get overwatched. Furthermore overwatch now acts as pure reaction fire, it deals far less damage than it does in the vanilla/LW campaign but it can bypass most cover benefits and damage reduction, and it works wonders as a defensive tool where if you hit an enemy through overwatch, they get "staggered" which reduces the damage of their next shot(or this shot if it triggered reaction fire) depending on how strong that reaction shot was. It's basically been turned into a great way for dealing with heavily entrenched units while providing defensive cover for your more aggressive units through stagger.
Another change is to the pod system, enemies now "communicate" to each other and activating a pod will most likely alert others. Not in the LW way where the map size is too small for the pod sizes but in a slightly more advanced way. They'll try to flank and go into stealth so that later in the mission when you're engaged elsewhere they'll show up AND attack you, sometimes you can uncover them off guard and they won't get a scamper or be out of ammo so they waste some turns before jumping into the fight. There are also some changes to the fatigue system so that finishing missions in fewer turns is preferred. Finally overall damage across the board(besides crit damage which seems massive at times) seems to be reduced which heavily favors you playing more aggressively(which after just finishing Showgunners is a real treat because that game really favors you being aggressive too). 
I overall really like the mod's focus on aggressiveness and giving you a lot of tools and skills to favor that aggressiveness. If I had two complaints, it would be that the squadron system isn't as indepth as Squadron Unleashed 2(you just send interceptors in teams of 2 and pick how aggressive they are, this might be what long war does in the first place but it's been a while since I've played. The only addition is that some countries you're on good terms in will chip in with their airforces too which is a neat touch) and I'm unsure if installing that mod will cause issues later or not, and that it brings back the multiple abduction mission choice that forces you into one and immediately fails you the other. Long War was really good about just spawning multiple abductions at any given time and daring you to deal with it if you have the resources, I don't like the auto fail design of the vanilla game. Also on a side note difficulty feels a lot lower at first but it's starting to ramp up.
I honestly like this a lot. I'm on my first terror mission and I'm pretty curious to see what they've done with it.
Replies: >>200287 >>200290
Oh, I was also playing Doom Eternal. I liked it a fair amount but right now I'm torn between just finishing the vanilla campaign or dropping it or dropping it until I figure out what to do because I want to mod in certain things, except the modding tool and the mods themselves are all on an invite only discord and I don't have a throwaway account or phone number to burn on that shit.
>everything is a game of inching around enemy movement ranges and then attacking them on your turn
That's how these games have worked for about 30 years, yes.
>limited to basic units, plus whatever luck you roll at the traders and that I don't really have a dedicated class level up factory squadron means I'm shit out of luck on Calvary for example
It doesn't really take that much to level up to t3 (cav etc). Eventually you'll be more limited by resources than XP and then really late game your only source of new resources will be buying and demoting mercs. Just feed weaker squads easy kills/XP whenever you can like one usually does in these kinds of games.
Symphony of War does have some pacing issues, particularly around the middle, but overall I really liked it.
Replies: >>200487
I admit to being a newcomer but up to the gunners being introduced I could always have confidence that I can plop my light infantry in a way that they're always in ambush territory and will put up an insane fight even against heavy infantry. I could always count on breaking enemy cavalry charges by making sure they have a hard target restricting their movement that they can't charge into, or that no matter how strong an archer unit is any infantry can fuck it into oblivion or mitigate its damage by staying in woods or forts. With gunners I just don't really have that sort of defensive confidence yet.
I've started playing Pathologic HD edition, after being unable to get it to run on WINE for a long time. I don't have many things to say about it at the moment, other than that the atmosphere is fantastic, the conversations are philosophical yet mysterious, and I have no idea what the fuck is going on.
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>See the date of this post
>It took me almost six months to beat a single game.
Fuck, might need to avoid JARPIGS for a while. Has anyone played Metroid Prime? Looks cool.
i think its one of the best games ever made
check this out
Replies: >>201454
Metroid Prime is fucking great. Unless you're trying to 100% it in which case hope you didn't forget to scan any of the multiple creatures that only appear once or get replaced by different enemies later faggot.
>jarpig poster
You are a spammer-troll from 4cuck's retro gaming board. A spammer-trolll akin to the ant-animu posters. 

source: https://desuarchive.org/vr/search/text/jarpig

and that's with it's nu-archive or which does not actuaully properly record anymore. 2k minimum you posted that shit.
Replies: >>201454
inb4 cross poster, I remember form years ago before hiro did too many range bans for my to even care about the retro gaming board anymore
retarded jewtooth keyboard
I've finally begun to play Colony Ship and while I can say a lot of effort went into it, Chapter One is abysmally easy if you know what you're doing. Here are some tips and things I've noticed about the party and how the game plays relating to them. I might post more about it in the future:

There is no reason not to tag SMGs as a PC. In fact, do not tag any other weapon. Melee is almost completely useless except for taking up the secondary weapon slot to be used as reaction attack weapons if you're not high STR, and the rest of the Chapter One companions will cover the rest of the ranged weapons. Always tag Persuasion and Streetwise too. No Chapter One companion starts with face skills, despite Jed being described as a very persuasive grifter. Impersonation is barely used, but it's easy to level if you put a skill point into it at character creation, and a skill token in the Armory can make up for your combat deficiencies, choose Riot Control or go full face like the game intends you to and choose Crisis Intervention. Always either tag or put one of your spare skill points at the start into Armor. Evasion won't save you. Use the 1000 credits you receive to buy a new SMG, armor, helmet, bionic eye, and a rage stim.

Evans is a bad gunslinger as his backstory states. He's meant to be a rifleman. Let him use a Howler until you get an Ol' Betsy, then move the Howler to his secondary weapon slot or replace it with a pistol to use as a reaction weapon. Tag Rifles and Critical Strike for him. He is useless for anything but combat.

Jed is your designated shotgunner and tank. He does have points in SMGs, but the position of tank is best for Shotguns because of the presence of high capacity, high damage shotguns. You can get the best shotgun in the chapter easily in Hydroponics. Strap him with the heaviest armor you find. Tag Shotguns and Armor then feat-tag Bionics. 

Faythe is an almost useless character for combat. She has neither Evasion nor Armor, and Stealth is not a combat skill. Tag her with Steal, Computers, Pistols, and Electronics/Armor or Sneak/Evasion, depending on how much you want to use the stealth system that only really works for a single encounter in Chapter One and needs two feats, and either the Thief or Assassin feats from her recruitment encounter but Thief is preferable for all other instances, and Sneak tagged to be able to complete silently. However, Sneak is also used to initiate single time stealth segments by entering rooms silently, but there is only one worthwhile use for this in this chapter, stealing from the Regulators' barracks. Give her Evans' pistol, then the Bulldog I, then the Bulldog II, giving the previous pistol to Evans each time but excluding her useless initial pistol. There's a door in the upper left corner in one of the sections of the Pit with a Lockpick 2 check, a Steal skill trainer is there. You need Steal 3 to complete her quest and unlock her. Your PC can get a free level of Steal from her when you accept the quest, despite how pointless that is. After completing her mission, it's 200 for one time Steal XP for a character. She is solve-all for most of Chapter 1's technical skill problems, and her history with divers (which the PC somehow doesn't know the meaning of, despite being born and growing up in the Pit and being friends and neighbors with divers) lets her give a peaceful solution to a mission in Hydroponics.

There is a robot you can recruit, and eventually upgrade, below Operations in Mission Control. Look for the broken robot model and use Faythe to take parts from them. I have no other comments about him because I have not found his CPU, but he seems to be a potential replacement for Evans as a pure combat character.

When it comes to equipping armor, priority should be Jed>Player>Evans>Faythe. Do not put any bionics in yourself that the companions want, and bionics should be installed to maximize stats. There is no confirmation menu on either bionics screen, which is just a normal screen for companions rather than the flavor corporate install screen for some reason. Some skill checks require you to enter a menu instead of opening a menu or giving floating text like some object observations, and you sometimes have to fail these checks to be able to let a companion do them. Pathfinder's CRPGs and Wasteland 3 handled it better. Skill checks should open menus for long text and give floating text for short text. Also regarding checks, open the party menu each time you get a party member and auto-assign party members. Turn on post-combat auto-reloading and auto-healing. You'll never run low on ammo or medkits if you do everything. In regards to combat, only shotguns and melee can work in close quarters, one of the squares of the four faces of a target, no diagonals. 

Finally, the game will tell you when you shouldn't be a sociopath. Either a companion will chime in (i.e. Faythe when she hears about Morgan from Carlos) or a menu will ask if you really want to do it (i.e. the likely future companion bleeding to death in front of the shotgun door in Mission Control) or the NPC is obviously important (i.e. Mercy, who isn't integrated into Chapter One or the story of the Pit at all, and the game looks at you like a retard for not knowing who she is, read the description of "Mercy's Fort" in the map menu to learn about her). You can kill everyone and everything otherwise without any in-chapter repercussions. In fact, killing people will open more diplomatic options because the only reputation used for dialogue in Chapter One is Combat. You can boost this by working in the Courthouse after the extremely easy acquisition of all three of the companions, doable in a hour. However, the fourth fight, the one with the alleged Black Hand members, is a massive difficulty spike because it's meant to be performed after the initial quests of Chapter Two.
Replies: >>201598
Sounds great, it will be my first Metroid game so i'll probably enjoy it even more, as everything will be a fresh experience.
You need to take a break from the internet, i'm not saying it as an insult it's just not healthy anon.
Replies: >>201658
I'm ashamed to say the 100%ing of prime made me drop it because I'm massively an autist about that. How the hell was I to know I had to scan the boss and its tentacles?
Note about primehack though, the game, at least prime 1 because that is what I played, is really easy with mouse and keyboard.
Replies: >>201464
Prime isn't an FPS (it's OoT with guns) so I'm not surprised being able to bypass the lock-on system makes it easy. Prime 1 combat isn't super difficult to begin with other than a handful of set pieces.
Replies: >>201524
Not even just enemies, some environmental stuff is prone to being missed as well. Especially in Prime 2.
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I just started dicking around in Dragon Quest Monsters : Joker. Never played the series before and chose it on a whim. I like it so far, just got that dog thing. I was having a lot of trouble until I got some more weapons for my party, really makes a difference. They really pushed the DS for the full 3d it looks like, there is a fair amount of popin and the fixed camera can be a pain in the ass sometimes but its fun enough. 
Also the game has some sort of profanity checker for names which is incredibly gay, I discovered this when I was attempting to name one of my new mons Weed420x and it spat it back out at me. I wonder if that was included because of the online portion.
>oot was first person
Replies: >>201546 >>201580
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Playing as a WW2 fighter pilot
I do this every June 6
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Replies: >>201580
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Been playing some Digital Devil Saga. I don't want it to replace the systems that are already in place or anything, but it's pretty nice to be able to do more or less whatever you want with character builds. On the other hand, with a tiny bit of SMT meta knowledge, it kind of feels like I'm breaking the game open or something. I don't think that the devs intended for you to put every level into maxing Serph's intelligence stat and getting a double element boost as early as possible.
I wouldn't fuck around with building a real base until way later into a playthrough. You can buy real estate in most towns if you have the cash, and you can do most things you want to do in a purchased building.
Replies: >>201553
>do more or less whatever you want with character builds without the Cathedral of Shadows' bullshit
An addendum to this, one-handed SMGs do work in close combat, and two-handed weapons and pistols can be used in close combat if you use snap shots. This makes one handed SMGs superior to two handed SMGs because the game seems to present the player with the percentage of every shot hitting at once, giving an artificially lower perceived chance to hit, and combat is decided mostly by who shoots the most with the weapon they're the best with.
[Hide] (245.7KB, 794x1553) Reverse
>lol get off the web XD pig in jar comfy and  totally not an insult bro
Also, 1/6th of the recorded posts were pruned by the way.
Replies: >>201697
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>someone used a term therefore he must be the guy I see all the time when I crosspost on cuckchan
Replies: >>201744
>term of peace
<i shall put off playing this
also, nobody uses it
Replies: >>201745
Who are you quoting you double digit-iq sub-equator monkey?
Replies: >>201991
What the fuck is going on.
Replies: >>201872
It's either a GPT bot or a literal subhuman. Pay it no mind either way.
>who are you quoting meme
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Playing Blasphemous while Team17 makes the sequel.
Replies: >>214685
[Hide] (81.6KB, 850x563) Reverse
Playing Normie Fighter Sax; World Tour mode is relaxing
Replies: >>202237
[Hide] (213.6KB, 522x600) Reverse
Replies: >>202413
The only thing more normie today is playing Diablo 4 and streaming your stream on Twitch while obeying the new guidelines explicitly.
Replies: >>202431
It's normalfag, cuckchanner.
Replies: >>202506
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>>181273 (OP) 
I've been in the mood for 2D shooters recently, so I've been playing the Steam ports for Gunbird 1 and 2. Both games have gorgeous sprite-art and a wonderful soundtrack. The developer Psikyo is known for creating some of the most difficult shoot em ups the genre has to offer, and for a lot of experienced players this is the main appeal. When the games where ported to consoles originally some concessions where made to accommodate newer players (and poor players such as myself) . It's a shame that Psikyo undermines these lower difficulties by giving them stupid names such as baby, monkey and child. They come off as insulting and I almost certain that they pushed a lot of newer players away from trying the lower difficulties. I get that these games where designed with arcades in mind, but when you put them on consoles you're exposing them to a much younger and inexperienced player-base. This presents a great opportunity to get some new blood into the genre, but they won't stick around if you frustrate them by insulting them or having them get obliterated on one of the harder difficulties. Which is a damn shame because these games are a lot of fun. The controls are fluent and it feels great to shoot stuff thanks to the fantastic sound design. Another annoyance I have is that the games are very stingy when it comes to extra lives and only giving you a few continues with no mean of getting more. This on top of the fact that in later stages continuing boots you back to the beginning of that stage, making them completely redundant. I also feel that dying is too punishing in this game. Like all classic arcade shooters you die in one hit and lose all your power-ups and extra bomb you may have collected. The games really require precision in order to complete a successful run, but lacks any tools to assist the player in achieving that goal. Neither game features a practice mode for stages or bosses. This is somewhat offset by the fact that there is the option to increase the amount of continues and lives, but that isn't very useful if you are struggling with certain patterns or sections. 
The story is cute and mostly a gag. I like it fine. It sucks that  in the first game there's a huge unbalance in the character roster. Yuang-Nang is objectively the best character with high damage output and a charge melee attack that gets rid of enemy projectile. Her bomb is probably the best in the game wiping the entire screen and doing a lot of damage. Valnus and Marion are ok, with Valnus being just an inferior Yuang-Nang and Marion having a pitiful damage output and a long charge time. Ash and Tetsu are worthless because their bombs have a wind-up animation for some reason and they don't even clear the field. The second game does a much better job with balancing it's roster. All of the characters are good, but feel more samey now that everyone has a melee and charge attack. It also balances these aspects better by tying the a meter that powers up as you shoot stuff, and the more you charge you it the stronger the attack becomes. So you're not just spamming the charge moves whenever possible like in the first game.  
Gunbird 1 and 2 are fun games that I would like to recommend to everyone, but sadly I can't really do that. They're too beginner unfriendly to recommend to anyone who isn't already knee-deep into shooters. I think I prefer the first the game to the second even if the second has lot of improvements to the characters move-set.
[Hide] (119.7KB, 680x880) Reverse
>psikyo undermines these lower difficulties by giving them stupid names
>they come off as insulting 
I fail to see the issue. It knows what it wants to be (a shoot-'em-up with arcade difficulty) and it's honest about it. At least you'd be aware the game will lock you out of endings and extra stages if you play under babby mode.
Personally I prefer when difficult games have to stick to a singular difficulty. For once, it vindicates the suffering the faggots at higher difficulties have experienced, and devs would have to settle in between making a hard game and providing a more rewarding experience to appeal to a broader audience.
>it sucks that in the first game there's a huge imbalance in the character roster
I was going to make a case for unbalanced fighting game being fun, but I don't know how balance applies to shmups other than faggots sticking to one character and avoiding all others.
>those characters
Wasn't there a miko in those games, or am I confusing Psikyo games?
>Ash and Tetsu are worthless
I always picked Ash, because I really liked his charge attack. He also moves the fastest. Nonetheless the last stage always filtered me, so eventually I gave up trying for a 1CC. Still had a lot of fun.
Sounds normie.
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Digimon World 3, nostalgia did not save this one, cannot imagine playing this game without fast forward, even with fast forward the combat is slow, the game is a pokemon gen1/gen 2 clone, but, it fails because its tries to be a JRPG with permanent party members, you can't capture wild digimons, or turn your digimons into the ones you see in the world, each digimon you have has a permanent evolution tree, that is identical to every other digimon in your party, it doesn't not make sense to grind any other digimon because they essentially the same. Guilmon and Agumon, both evolve to angemon, angewomon and BWarGreymon, fusion is a waste of time because you can use them for the duration of the combat, and combat boils down to strongest attack and largest HP pool wins, using a single digimon is the only viable option to play this game.
I will say that the game is beautiful, the 3D models are good enough, but the pre rendered environments and the sprite work are amazing to look at.

I think D1 and D2 might be better games compared to D3, I know D1 is a monster raising simulator, and D2 is a roguelike, I have to play them, maybe another month.
Replies: >>203225
I remember it was pretty boring since it is meant to be played multiplayer with a custom campaign.
You are going to have fun, specially in the expansion packs and modules.
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Wasn't there an attempt to make sprite art using vector graphics? That way, sprite art can be scaled to HD and beyond.
Take it slow. It really wants you to play all the optional content specially in the first two chapters. Also the expansions are even better.
[Hide] (288.1KB, 1018x840) Reverse
Terror from the deep can be fun if you get past the bullshit.
[Hide] (471.3KB, 877x672) Reverse
[Hide] (784.9KB, 877x672) Reverse
[Hide] (235.4KB, 877x672) Reverse
[Hide] (247.7KB, 877x672) Reverse
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I finished the first Croc, been decades since I touched the demo of this game, it looks alright, its a cute game, some locations looked really nice in the emulator, most of the soundtrack  consist of elevator/grocery music but there are some good ones in the final world, the worst part of this game are the movement, level design and hit detection. 
The movement feels like tank game, its strange not in a good way, the level design is a generic linear path with minimal amount of effort, its just boring, and the hit detection feels arbitrary sometimes the tail whip hits the enemy, sometimes it doesn't.
Not sure if I want to play the sequel, I usually don't 3d platforms games, I remember playing spyro and glover as a kid, I don't think crash and pandemonium counts as a 3D platform games, so, if I want to play more games of the same genre which one should I play, Rayman, Mario ?
Replies: >>206278 >>206303
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[Hide] (116.9KB, 787x800) Reverse
[Hide] (88.3KB, 567x800) Reverse
>if I want to play more games of the same genre which one should I play
These games are fucking ace when it comes to 3D platformers, not only in regards to movement but also on well designed objectives that don't feel like a slog to complete.
I can't put my finger on it but there's something about the inertia on the characters and learning to sprint through a level like a madman that sets these games apart from others.
R&C is particularly interesting in that it's somehow found a way to entice the player to replay the entire game in a non-trivial way i.e. multiple endings and conditions on collect-a-thons.
Replies: >>206303
This post is missing Jak & Daxter

>Not sure if I want to play the sequel
It's more of the same with a slight bit of polish, wouldn't recommend

>if I want to play more games of the same genre which one should I play
I'd say Rayam 2 is a given as it's the most accessible game of the genre (not that it's easy but if you fail it's skill issue not the game bullshitting you), the Sequel is also very good though a bit more gimmicky.
Spyro is well worth a replay, though 2&3 are more minigame collections with some platforming, anything past that is mediocre
The earlier 3D marios definitely stand really high in the genre, but SM64 is not an easy game to get into though it is really good once you get into it
Jak & Daxter is really solid overall, though anything past that is a different genre
R&C is more TPS with platforming than anything else, latter games make that even more clear.
Ape Escape and sequels have quirks but definitely worth a play, 3 would probably be the peak of the franchise

Anything by Rare is a double edged sword, they go hard with the collectathon shit and while they're fun to play I feel that someone coming in without having played as a kid won't get the enjoyment out of it, Conker is slightly different and i feel you'll know you wanna play after a few minutes in.

After that there's a slew of not super notable but still decent games within the 6th gen era and the new era of 3D platformers, but you can always get back to that if you want more after those previously mentioned.
I need to vent a bit. I just started playing Xenonauts and I am so dissapointed. It does not feel like a fan game at all, it feels like a cheap nostalgia cash grab delivering the absolute minimum they could get away with.
The game has been completely gutted for strategic choices compared to x-com ufo defence. All the research which didnt provide a gameplay benefit in xcom have simply been removed instead of giving them a gameplay benefit, it feels so lazy and like a huge missed opportunity, and you are constantly reminded about it because there is almost nothing to research. You never have more than 2 or 3 things to pick from and usually 1 of them is the only real option. If you build just one extra lab and fill it your scientists will have nothing to do half the time because you have researched everything and have to wait for certain aliens to appear for new research to become available. This is made worse by the removal of initial research options. You cannot start researching improved armor and weapons right away. The body armor page says its because we dont know what will stop alien weapons yet, but this contradicts the page for the first aircraft you start with which says we know titanium is effective against the alien weapons so thats what we build the planes out of, so why cant I give my soldiers titanium armor!?. The weapon types are now just straight linear upgrades with aircraft weapons and base batteries automatically upgraded instantly for free when you finish researching the next level. Which removes another exiting choice about when to build your base batteries and which kind to build. You still have to do the tedious job of constructing infantry weapons manually though and it takes time and money. Its so fucking stupid my giant base batteries and aircraft weapons just upgrades instantly for free but I have to wait days to get a pistol. The immersion in the game world is completely ruined by stupid inconsitent shit. the organization you control doesnt feel secret at all, it is provided unlimited basic weapons by the worlds militaries, who seem to support it openly as the mysterious council has been completely replaced with just some military commanders. The aliens constantly do massive damage to the military like sinking battleships. So why the fuck isnt the military building hundreds of planes to fight the UFOs if this is an open war we are having and every country knows it? The whole ingame wiki is also poorly written, full of typos and bad grammar, and unfunny jokes that ruins any chance of immersion. The articles say very little in way too many words making for a terrible reading experience. The story is also just way too detailed ruining any opportunity for roleplaying. What if I want a french only organization?  Too bad, the leader of your soldiers is a Russian that calls you comrade every time you open the soldiers screen,
Also you cant equip your soldiers with captured enemy weapons, captured enemy weapons dont even appear in your storage they are automatically sold before your helicopter even returns from the battlefield. Which is again a strategic option lost, I loved focusing research on better armor and making up for it by equipping my solders with captured weapons. I wish they had expanded on that feature, why didnt they make armored humanoid aliens so I also had the option of focusing of weapons development whily using captured armor? It doesnt feel like the creators of this game had fun with the original at all. It feels like they just made a list of surface level features of a game they knew would sell because of nostalgia and copied those. It feels like a mean spirited parody not a tribute. Every article has such a negative tone to them. They are written in character as a scientist who looks down on the engineers and feels the need to shit on them in every article he writes, it is so annoying.
The one exception to my bad impression of the game, is the new air combat minigame. That is pretty fun. I wish they had just made that a stand alone game, I would have enjoyed controlling the worlds airforces and fighting off a UFO army with that mini combat game. Too bad you only control a handfull of planes and you have to sit through a bad parody of one of your favorite games to get to it.
>>206333 (checked)
>The game has been completely gutted for strategic choices compared to x-com ufo defence.
Bullshit. It works exactly the same.

>so why cant I give my soldiers titanium armor!?
It's heavy as all fuck. And you -can- once you research POWERED armors you nut.

>The immersion in the game world is completely ruined by stupid inconsitent shit.
No it's not. 

I was going to make some more effort but man, you're one inconsistent rambling moron.

Stop talking out of your ass.

And I say that as someone who's not particulary fond on xenonauts.
Replies: >>206341 >>206346
Xenonauts 1 or 2 ?
Replies: >>206341
You literally dont have the choice between going lazers or skipping lazers and going straight for plasma weapons. Between buiding weaker defence batteries early or waiting for stronger options to be researched, between using captured weapons with worse accuracy or spending resources building your own, between progressing the story through research or grinding the usefull research. Ill admit I have only played 12 hours now and havent reached power armor, but why wouldnt that be made from alien alloys at that point? We are already building armor out of those at this point. Your literally have to sit and wait for a pistol to be produced while your aircraft weapons just popped into existence! How is that not immersion breaking? You are the one talking out your ass ignoring all my arguments.

Replies: >>206345
Xenonauts its a diet version of UFO Defense, it takes away every cool and interesting feature and limits how much you can do, the end game is just invasion mission after invasion mission while you wait for the final research to end and fight the final boss.
<Want to use alien weapons ?
>can only use them once if you grab from the dead aliens
<Want a flying power armor ?
>Nope, enjoy your shitty jetpack
<Psionic soldiers ?
>Psionic-what ?
I imagine this game was made by an autistic UFO modder who hated every non realistic feature of the original game, he wanted a realistic alien invasion simulator so he created Xenonauts, apparently Xenonauts 2 its just 3D version of the first Xenonauts
Replies: >>206346 >>206371
>It's heavy as all fuck.
>In its unalloyed condition, titanium is as strong as some steels, but less dense.
>Though more expensive than traditional steel or aluminium alternatives, titanium products can be significantly lighter without compromising strength. Titanium horseshoes are preferred to steel by farriers because they are lighter and more durable.
The main downside to titanium is cost, which is no object because you have the entire ZOG military-industrial complex behind you. Just make up some near-future  bullshit about "titanium armor-weave" and whoop-de-fucking do, there's your tier 0.5 armor to tide you over until you get alien alloys.
Stop talking out of your ass, retard.

My guess would be it's some mall ninja faggot who got butthurt that you get to be a psybernetic death god after you complete enough research to earn it instead of having to be "tacticool" (read: slow and incompetent like him) for the entire game, because rookies that literally can't hit the broad side of a barn at 100 feet is "the real xcom". It's the same idea behind "shitfarmer gaming" in the /tg/ world: doubling down on the struggle but leaving out the payoff.
Replies: >>206371 >>206452
wtf, no psionic soldiers... I didn't know that.

They also didnt make a shooting-while-crouched animation. The soldiers stand up, shoot, and then crouch again when you tell them to shoot while crouched, without this costing extra TUs btw even though standing up and crouching costs TUs in all other situations.

Seriously if they added the airbattle minigame to openxcom it would be better than this in every way
I played through the first two Monkey Island games this weekend. The first one was played as the special edition because it had voice acting and the classic version didn't, as far as I am aware. The second one, thankfully, had voice acting in the classic mode, so I played it like that. Voice acting is important for adventure games in my opinion, especially when they're quirky and full of jokes like most LucasArts titles, so enduring the godawful special edition graphics was an acceptable price to pay.

Speaking of quirky, I like how goofy Monkey Island's humor is. Guybrush is a big dorky doofus with lots of charm and wit, and it's always funny to hear him crack wise on every little thing. The referential jokes, even in this age of meta joke hell, were pretty funny. I think it's because it wasn't just "hey guise remember this??" but more LucasArts taking the piss out of themselves with stuff like the Loom™ salesman and the references to Monkey Island's price.

The first game is fun, and I liked exploring Mêlée Island™ and Monkey Island™ and interacting with its cast. I didn't like grinding the insults for swordfighting, though. That was miserable and just padded the game for far too long. Other than that, excellent game, one of the greats of adventure gaming.

The second game was ambitious, and I really like the surreal nature it had, especially with stuff like the Bones scene after Guybrush breaks the paddle, and the final tunnels underneath Dinky Island. The island hopping is really tedious though, even when you follow a walkthrough. It's more unnecessary padding. I didn't like Elaine's sudden personality shift and how she went from sweetheart to tsuntsun. Overall, imperfect and unique but definitely fun.
Replies: >>206454 >>206462
Its alloyed condition is much heavier than iron or steel plates, Alien plasma weapons are also perfectly capable of penetrating it without a second thought, as your basic T1 airplanes and all your non-alloy early vehicles already use full titanium alloys for protection, which does fuckall against even drone light plasma cannons.
Replies: >>206463
Play Sam and Max and Day of the Tentacle if you haven't already.
Replies: >>206526
Go play Curse of Monkey Island then.
After that
Escape is not bad but noticeably worse than the other
Tales is okay, not the same thing though
Return is supposedly good but the artstyle and poz really make me not wanna bother.
Replies: >>206526
You are so full of shit. The early planes can tank like 5+ hits from a scout. A plane taking 5 hits from a cannon without going down is a plane with pretty fucking effective armor. And we can make armor from steel no problem so why wouldnt the best scientists in the world be able to make some from something a metal lighter than steel?
Replies: >>206464
>why wouldnt the best scientists in the world be able to make some from something a metal lighter than steel?
The best scientist would know titanium fires are horrible to deal with and plasma weaponry would be prone to starting them.
Replies: >>206465 >>206466
Hmm I didn't know about titanium fires. But if they burn so quickly that youd rather go armorless and die from a  hit than have to drop your armor after taking a hit from fear of burning to death, youd think it would be a problem for the planes too. From a quick search it looks like titanium fires in planes are almost explosions that last only a few seconds and destroys all other metals nearby. So if they actually happened they should be a problem for the planes too.
Thinking it over I think this is a pretty good interpretation actually. We could consider the planes HP to be the titanium plates burning off one by one in a controlled fashion, and that it makes no sense to make titanium armor for soldiers because they would just burn to death a little more slowly than from the plasma bolt.
Replies: >>206467
I have zero faith that the author of the games lore thought about this though
I've started Curse of Monkey Island and I wanna finish that and Escape before I start on S&M (Telltale series included) and Maniac Mansion and Day of the Tentacle. 
What are some other non-LucasArts games that are worth playing? I've heard Deponia is supposed to be good, and the Sierra games are supposed to be good despite the legend of their difficulty.
King's Quest 6 is good, but you need the manual for some puzzles as a form of copy protection. Also it has two ending routes, so you can still complete the game if you mess up some puzzles with a less good ending.
There's the Legend of Kyrandia games from Westwood (they weren't just an RTS company).
Also there's the two Edna and Harvey games. Reasonably fair point and click games about an insane girl who gets people around her killed with her antics. The only poz I can see are some old-school German-style gore censoring in the second game (which the game actuallly pokes fun of). Art style is pure 00's webcomic grade though.
Sierra games of that vintage aren't difficult so much as designed to require the hintbook to complete. This is endemic to pre-LucasArts adventure games (Hitchhiker's is especially infamous) and the origin of the "moon logic" complaints you hear so often. So download the hintbook and don't be afraid to use it if you're completely stuck.
Deponia is great, you can check these ones, Machinarium, The Dig, Primordia, Blackwell, Botanicula.
Runaway, A Road Adventure is decent can't say about the sequels
Toonstruck is worth a look
Broken Sword is a lot more serious but still has some funny moments in it on top of being rather solid point & click.
I have played a lot more since writing that rant and the game is not as bad as it seemed in the first 12 hours. The research tree is not as stripped down as it looks at first and your scientists wont be idle for long. It still feels pretty half assed in many places, for example there doesnt seem to be any difference depending on how long it has been since you shot down the UFO. It has been a while since I played openxcom, but I am pretty sure I remember the aliens would be more spread out on the map if you took long to arrive and would attack you right out of the transport. While if you attacked the UFO as soon as it crashed the aliens would be around their ship. It feels like there is no punishment for waiting till daylight so you should do it every time.
Update: I finished Curse of Monkey Island and am now going through Escape. After that is S&M Hit the Road. 
Out of the recommendations all of you guys listed, I like the looks of Legend of Kyrandia, King's Quest, Edna and Harvey, Machinarium, and Broken Sword. I'm also looking into Gabriel Knight, Puzzle Agent, and Garage Dream Adventure.
[Hide] (1.2MB, 640x640, 00:10)
>get entertainment center hooked up again
>decide to play Simcity Creator on da wii since i had a lot of fun with it when i was younger
<motion controls to move the camera, it's either moving too slow or not at all since you tiled the wiimote off-screen
<roads don't snap to grid so they can overwrite zones, meaning if you fuck up you have to demolish the offending roads, rezone, then try to painstakingly align the road to the grid while moving the wiimote as little as possible
<zoning a large enough area will create roads in the zone, but not connect them to neighboring streets
<you also can't manually connect them to neighboring roads/streets because ??????????
<spent 20 minutes trying to zone one fucking area and going apeshit that the roads weren't lining up
idk why i thought this game was good when i was young, i'll just stay with simcity 4 with a MOUSE AND KEYBOARD that I can control.
[Hide] (37.3KB, 500x415) Reverse
>Page 8
Wew, bunch of gaymers.

Played Dino Crisis for 2 hours, didn't grab me as much as Resident Evil but it has it's merits, i'm dropping it and playing something else.
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[Hide] (615.5KB, 1749x1344) Reverse
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[Hide] (1.5MB, 1786x1344) Reverse
[Hide] (1MB, 1786x1344) Reverse
Digimon World 2, its a jrpg, mystery dungeon/dungeon crawler monster-raising game, it has many flaws, but, after you speed up the grind and cheat the problems out of the game, its fun and addictive, I'm surprised Bandai did not release sequels to DW2 after the release of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.
The biggest flaw in my opinion is not the grind because you can skip with cheats, its the fucking flat line of a story that stops you from progressing the game at your own pace.
>you are the city guard
>you must patrol the domes and stop wild digimons
>but before you do that, talk to npcs every 3 dungeons to open a new dungeon
The story is waste of time, I just want to explore the dungeon and fuse monsters together, not talk about rivals, or the exiled mysterious faction, I wish I could skip the character interaction, and story missions.
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im playing muse dash instead of studying because my life is shit
[Hide] (3.4MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Dordogne has so much soul it's not even funny. Absolutely beautiful and soothes the soul
[Hide] (447.2KB, 540x632) Reverse
[Hide] (580.6KB, 675x1043) Reverse
[Hide] (1MB, 1642x2047) Reverse
[Hide] (2.8MB, 1470x1672) Reverse
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Got Bomb Rush Cyberfunk today. I've gotten to what I assume is level 3. Apart from one time where the screen just went white while I was fighting dudes it hasn't fucked up at all. The music is fine. So far you get a White dude with a robot head, a White girl, and a nigger to choose from as playable characters. White dude has a base transport of a skateboard, woman has rollerblades, nigger a BMX bike. The skateboard is fine but I prefer the rollerblades, I'll wait until I unlock the BMX for anyone's use, which I'm assuming will be after I beat level 3. The world is all connected, but not without load screens between areas. The graffiti is done by pointing the left joystick in certain directions in certain preset patterns which give you different tags. Bigger graffiti has more directions that you have to utilize. I'm not being very clear, you'll go to do some graffiti and a number of dots will appear around a center dot, if they have color in them then that direction is an unlocked option, once you choose one and hit it then the other dots will either have color or not depending if you've unlocked that "path", if you will. Imagine an asterisk, *, so the end point of all five branches has a selectable color, you go to the top one, now only the two on the left have color, you pick the bottom left, now the remaining three have color, or maybe only one has color, you keep hitting that until all points have been tapped then return to center to finish it. I'm doing a bad job of explaining it but it's rather simple when you actually deal with it. You have infinite frozen time to do a graffiti. When you grind you can gain speed by leaning into corners or by boosting. You regain boost by picking up little boost packs or doing tricks. You do tricks by pressing one of 3 buttons, they can be done on flat ground, in the air, and while grinding. You can maintain a combo of tricks when on flat ground by doing a "manual" no manual on skates but there's a slide thing you do which gives the same effect.  When you fight you can hit with any of the three buttons for tricks, and you get to do a kind of "kill shot" with graffiti where you are given a simple 4 point pattern to do that with, once again infinite frozen time. You take enemy turf by gaining cred or something I already forgot the term but basically just paint up enough shit and you get the cred. Once you have enough you talk to the opposing crew members and match their challenges, so far each level has had 3 crew members with their own challenges. While the challenges are different per crew member the 3 challenges in level 2 were just ramped up versions of the same ones from level 1. After you do all that you'll get a little boss fight which hasn't been remarkable so far. You beat the boss then a mediator crew shows up to judge your crew vs the one you're trying to take turf from, 2 minutes to get the most points doing tricks and combos. The boost I mentioned that you get by leaning into corners will +1 a total combo multiplier, let's say you hit 3 of those boosts, you'll be at a 4x multiplier. After you easily win the point competition you go into a dream world and do some platforming which has been okay so far. You won the turf congratulations. Before I got halfway through level 3 currently a bit past half I found a vertical platform section kinda hidden away that was alright, I'm hoping I'll find more difficult stuff that if like that later on. So far it's been fucking easy. Those enemies I've mentioned, if they hurt you just don't get hit for a little bit and you'll heal on your own, bosses included. Story so far is you start the game, immediately break out of jail with the nigger who helped you escape, then you jump off a building and a guy throws a 12" record and cuts your head off. Nigger gives you a robot head and now the robot head you wants to find the original human head from the record thrower guy. There's some other drama going on but I'm not far enough to really know what it is. I got a hint of minority report kinda shit in the last cutscene, but not sure if that's what they're gonna do. 12" record guy is the king shit of graffiti fuckville so you've got to take all the turf to get him to give your head back, but there's also police which are the ones you fight and they're the ones providing the boss fights thus far. There's a "code" where crews don't actually hurt each other and have to respect outcomes of matches and have to respect your cred. Truly the police are your only violent enemy, the only ones that can harm you. The level design is pretty cool so far, nothing crazy or amazing, but I've enjoyed exploring around and trying to get to hard to reach tag spots. You can unlock few outfits, a little more dances, a fair amount of boards/skates/bikes, and plenty of graffiti. No custom graffiti. Can also collect songs to play on demand instead of waiting for the track to come up. I wish Gum was in this game. No Internet, single player. I've seen at least two memes, forgot one but one dude said "I don't think that word means what you think it means". I had to put the controller down to stop, it's one of those games where it's easy to want to do just one more thing then an hour later decide on another one more thing after you've done a dozen things in the meantime. So I'd say I'm enjoying it. Is it perfect? No. Is it JGR? No. But I'm enjoying it nonetheless. So far I give it a pirate/10. Worth that at least.
Replies: >>214512 >>214665
Did Jet from Lethal League make it in? Because the thought of the Jet Set Radio inspired character not making it into the Jet Set Radio inspired game from the same developers really fucks with my autism.
I'd post a reference pic but I don't want to bring out the dwebp for this one.
Replies: >>214513 >>218857
So far I haven't interacted with anyone named Jet.
[Hide] (16.5MB, 852x480, 00:41)
I've been playing blood. I beat Cryptic Passage yesterday and that made me understand what kotaku means by games being offensive. The maps are really well made and all but the gameplay sucks. Corners have 0-1 cultists waiting for you. Traps vary from one(1) hellhound to 5 normal spiders. There's power ups right in plain sight all the time. Everything drops health on top of frequent healing pick ups. There's only one blood monster room and it gives you an invisibility and guns akimbo right before you enter. The hardest part was finding the hidden fucking switches that are mandatory. I had never felt offended by a game before.
I played post mortem before which might have been a mistake as that was extremely fun and gave me big expectations for cryptic. Post Mortem feels like more blood after you're done with blood. It's bullshit but it's fair bullshit all the way through. 
Now I'm going through Death Wish. Right from the get go it's completely different. It's like a modern blood if a modern blood wasn't shit. Feels like the people who made it understand how the game works, unlike in CP, and they make it fancy on top of that.
Replies: >>214868
>capital-W White
>too much of a mongoloid to hit the return key every 3 sentences

It's out now and I'm having a blast. It's definitely an upgrade from the previous. What weapon are you maining?
[Hide] (168.6KB, 543x594) Reverse
>playing Worms Armageddon with one of the devs
Replies: >>214794
[Hide] (448.2KB, 960x540) Reverse
I'm getting filtered by Balteus' 2nd form
I've been playing Quake, Max Payne 2, and KOTOR.
>Quake Episode 1
I haven't fought Chthon yet, but does the game ever stop being !DOOM? Was the game intended to be played on Hard? Normal may as well be Easy. It has been pretty fun so far, but I think I'm too used to DOOM's low mobility combat.
>Max Payne 2 Chapter 1
While a visual upgrade over the first game and retaining its excellent gameplay, the story of Max Payne 2 has been lackluster so far. Many of Mona's lines are delivered like a robot, and I could figure out the big twist within a few minutes. Vladimir and Mona are working together to set up Max and coup Woden. Max's partner is in on it. Mona turns on Vladimir and joins Max, who kills his partner in illegal self-defense. I'm impressed by the number of TV shows, but they give away absolutely everything. There's also a weird disconnect between the comics and gameplay since Max doesn't look like Max when you're playing the game. My guess is that this was done for union reasons. The face and voice of Max weren't the same person in the first place. I hope Part 2 and Part 3 are better.
I had to restart after a bug with Juhani on Tatooine made my lightsaber disappear sometime before I noticed it, but it's as good as it has always been. I've never progressed past the beginning of Tatooine since I've always been interrupted. I wish Mission was a better combatant who didn't overlap with my character and that the introduction of lightsabers didn't spike combat difficulty high enough to make non-Jedi companions unviable until they can be given better equipment. Carth is a better Boone. Lower Taris is a slog, and, despite how long I've played this game, I've never figured out how to grind money on Taris. I know it's possible to get infinite money on any other planet through the companion consumable exploit, but Taris is the only planet that requires legitimate gains as far as I know. I want to beat Starkiller, but I also don't want to raise my level above four because I was level ten when I left Taris last time, preventing me from gaining many Force Powers.
[Hide] (3.4MB, 1273x1825) Reverse
im planning on playing through all the call of duty games campaigns up to black ops 2. So far im on call of duty 1 and i like what i see even though ive only been in the menu and messed around with the options
Replies: >>214868
[Hide] (155.1KB, 1200x1200) Reverse
I gave the Duke Nukem Forever restoration a try and it's surprisingly fun. It's as rough and incomplete as you would expect from version 0.2 but the shooting feels really nice. 
I hope they keep the project going until it's done. Many similar projects died due to drama and Randy is always a threat.
Replies: >>214863
Can you upload the 0.2 version somewhere?
I know there are typical discord furries working on the restoration project and I want to keep track of when it goes to shit. Wanna snag that last version where it's about the game and not some retarded fursona easter egg.
Replies: >>214871
I love how deadly enemies are in Blood and how effective your weapons are. It's really fun game.

Be sure to lower your volume because of those MG42 in that game...
I'm just using the modb version.
Replies: >>214873
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Just beat Trepang2 (squared) today. A short, but fun game. The gameplay's the main focus and does it very well. It plays like a modern F.E.A.R (though not completely copy/pasted). You're a super soldier able to go invisible, use bullet time (working similar to F.E.A.R, but you're able to recharge/keep it going by killing enemies), slide in all directions, grab enemies as hostages (either by sneaking behind them, or stunning them first by shooting them, or with a melee/drop kick) and either use them as meatshields or throwing them into enemies as grenades. You can eventually dual wield most weapons.

Movement is mostly solid. Stamina runs out pretty quick, but the game encourages you to slide more than sprint during fights. Gun selection isn't bad. Though all generic, you have a pistol, SMG, rifle, shotgun (as powerful as F.E.A.R's shotgun), sniper, grenade launcher, minigun, and an explosive bolt launcher. In addition, you can modify them after finding parts during main and side missions (not all of them are useful), and you'll find mod stations during missions. You'll also get hand genades, flame grenades, mines, and tomahawks. You can only carry 2 weapons at a time (you keep the dual wielding for said sets), but with the amount of enemies you'll be fighting, you'll have plenty to work with. While reloading's still good, the game encourages you to swap to your other set or with dropped weapons as you fight. You can even earn a modifier where swapping's your only option when a clip runs out. Melee ranges from punching with your gun, kicking from sprinting, jumping, or jumping from sprint. It feels less janky than F.E.A.R's, but it has it's moments where you should hit, but may not for some reason. Sadly, there aren't any melee weapons. Stealth is hit or miss. You can get the jump on groups, but you really can't ghost all the fights. Invisibility doesn't last as long, and is recommended either when in cover or at low health to get away (only last a few seconds, and instantly depletes when you start shooting).

Enemy AI isn't as robust as F.E.A.R's, but does a good job trying. They'll vocally react to various situations, move to better positions, suppress fire at your last seen location, hold fire if you're facing them with a hostage (and even berate the hostage for being caught), try to flank you, and will throw a lot of grenades to stop you (you can shoot them mid-air, but can't catch them and throw back). Enemies range from regular grunts with light armor, to bulldozer levels of armor requiring a powerful gun or lot of bullets (or alternative ways of killing them). Sadly, most if not all of the mini bosses (called high value targets) are just slightly different enemy types that can be easily dispatched. Some are even vulnerable to being grabbed and thrown with an active grenade attached to kill them.

Story-wise, it's nothing original. You're saved by an agency to take down an evil medical/science corporation doing fucked up experiments, while also fighting the aftermath of said experiments/endeavors. At the end you are betrayed by the ones that saved you. It's revealed that they were the ones that orchestrated the events of the game to take out rogue subjects trying to stop the agency (though the organizations they created and you went up against are still fucked up), with you as the latest subject ensuring they're taken out. You manage to break free before getting killed, kill your successor, and nuke the agency (getting a secret ending for sequel purposes should you get all the memory drones during the main mission). It's not original or really, but what they do have is interesting. The game is more gameplay focused than story focused (given the various difficulties and combat simulation challenges).

Despite the unoriginal story, how it's presented and the buildup to events is well done. You get glimpses of what's going on via level design and intel collected, and it helps set the tone for what you're about find. The game does have spooky elements, but instead of one persistent spooky element, the levels with horror are unique to their location. The experience only works for the first playthrough (as with most horror games), but they did a good job in making you hesitate and on edge as you progress despite being a super soldier. 

The voice acting is surprisingly good as well. Enemies genuinely sound either excited or terrified depending on the situation. The pre-set lines during mission progression do a good job at showing how angry or scared they are (though not all lines hit the mark). It even get's a bit unnerving at points hearing how the NPCs die or suffer (such as being burned alive or during the second to last mission, hearing the deceived volunteers scream in agonizing pain over the radio as their heads are quickly cut open to "donate" their brains for multiple consciousness transfer attempts during the boss fight). 

A rarity in the modern era, the game also includes cheats you unlock by beating the missions on various difficulties. They range from adding limitations for harder challenges, providing unlimited ammo/stamina/slo-mo/invisible meter, to having ridiculous modes for NPCs like big head, more ragdoll physics, and other wacky scenarios. You can unlock different camos for your character, but you'll only see the arms, legs and shoes. All in all, a good first game from the dev team.
Replies: >>215232 >>217104
Forgot to mention: The music and sound design is very well done. Most of soundtrack is hard rock, but is fitting for the fights, and thankfully doesn't try to go full doom eternal. You'll also hear good background music/ambience in more peaceful moments, and either subtle horror music to unnerving ambience with no music during horror segments.
[Hide] (911.1KB, 171x141) Reverse
starting to play through seraphic blue because the music anons would play during streams was kickass
>"deep" walls of text about destiny n angels n heaven n fate n shiet
>15 minutes of nogaym
>5 minutes of gaym
>might come back later
why do RPGs have a ramp up time of hours before it gets fun and interesting
Replies: >>217097
Started up Day of the Tentacle. Already this seems more playable than Sam and Max. For one thing, it still has the verb toolbox and command bar, so you can easily tell what's interactable instead of having to pixel hunt for literally everything. For another thing, the puzzles' internal logic and hinting seems to be much better so far. To give an out-of-context example from early in the game, one character gets stuck in the Bad Future where evil tentacles rule the world. She gets sent to gay human jail as soon as she becomes playable. A few minutes of dialogue poking gives you a chance to leave gay human jail, but you're still stuck in the tentacle police station. Try to leave the station and when she gets caught (and sent back to gay human jail) she says "If only I had a tentacle costume or something, but I don't know how to sew." By this point you've already played enough of Hoagie's path (set in Colonial Times) that you already know someone who can sew: Betsy Ross. From that one sentence, you learn that (a) you need to get a tentacle costume to progress and (b) to get a tentacle costume you can trick Betsy into sewing one for you. A similar puzzle in Sam and Max took more than an hour of pixel bitching and trial-and-error before I gave up and found a walkthrough to tell me the magic spell to make the parts I already had fit together.
Replies: >>217076
>before I gave up and found a walkthrough
You could have just asked for help here.
Replies: >>217085
Yeah, here are anons options
>1. Ask here and wait days if not weeks for a response
>2. Do a google search for a walkthrough and find out what to do in one minute or less
Seems like a no brainer to me!
Replies: >>217087 >>217092
I know those games like the back of my hand and am usually pretty quick to respond.
Replies: >>217092
I didn't know that. By that point I had already needed to resort to a walkthrough for what I could only assume was a hard manual/tipline check (the cash at the beginning of the game, I assumed "we have everything invested in this rathole" was a pun as any sane person would) and was tired of the game's bullshit. Everything would have been fine of you could clearly tell what's interactable instead of having to pixel-bitch the entire screen with at least three different verbs seeing if the icon will change.
Replies: >>217094
Yeah the money is easy to miss, though I don't think there are any more pixel hunting type things later. If you get stuck in DotT and need a hint I can steer you in the right direction if you don't want to go straight for the solution.
Replies: >>217099
Stop playing shitty RPGs
It wasn't just the money. The same thing happened in the carnival, the mystery spot and of course the scavenger hunt at the end of the game, either because the dialogue implied something wasn't important or it was indistinguishable from the background. In one case (the mystery spot) the doohickey itself would have been obvious but the screen refused to scroll so I could see it. It really pissed me off and made me realize there wasn't a lot of substance to the puzzle graph, makes me wonder if LucasArts realized this after the graph was finalized and that's why there's so many minigames.
Replies: >>217100
>forgot to ask my actual question
Is the bundled version of Maniac Mansion in DotT good or should I be looking for another port? Is the decensor hack of the NES port worth playing or does having to use a D-pad to move the cursor kill it?
Replies: >>217101
There is another version with improved graphics, though the original is still fine. Dunno about the NES version since I never played it.
[Hide] (355.8KB, 669x225) Reverse
[Hide] (330.1KB, 698x246) Reverse
[Hide] (2.2MB, 600x431) Reverse
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1484x1005) Reverse
I gave fallout 4 a go but uninstalled it after spending like hours installing some mods and still didn't find it enjoyable but I did play some other games I had.
>LoH:Trails in the Sky
Got this one mainly out of curiosity from myself , and already I felt like I missed out of  something really fun. I'm still trying to get the hang of Quartz, Arts, and Movement.
>System Shock 2
It plays around my autism building and is great at scaring the shit out of me when I least expect it especially the mid-wives coming up from behind me.
Replies: >>217141 >>217258
How short we talking?
Replies: >>217468
[Hide] (82.1KB, 177x260) Reverse
A word of advice for the LoH series:
Stop playing them after Ao no Kiseki if you get that far. It's the start of part of an era where falcom stopped making good games and started making total shit instead to sell to waifufags instead of people who play actual videogames.
Replies: >>217219
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1116x1062) Reverse
Is there any psycho who's put Mei in the cannon?
Replies: >>217216 >>217260
Sorry, I don't play furry games.
Replies: >>217236
>It's the start of part of an era where Japan stopped making good games and started making total shit instead to sell to waifufags instead of people who play actual videogames.
Fixed that for you!
I know you played furcadia fag just admit it
Cakechan ban all your alternate IPs or something?
>playing trails in english
Enjoy your fanfiction.
Replies: >>217263
I put them all in the cannon to see all the dialogue. Or did you mean the first chapter freebie? Because I put the snob cat in first because he's a cunt.
I can't read japanese :(
Ridge Racer Type 4 is an artistic masterpiece and objective proofs that late 90s automobile vidya was superior.
[Hide] (6.1MB, 640x360) Reverse
It's just really fun, too.
Why do you exhume the forgotten legend?
What prompts you to chill your vitality.

filling your veins with artificial blood,
in your search for that which does not exist?

Do you find beauty in each reiteration,
each time you have followed this path?

You will find nothing but the scars that mar us all.
Nothing but the remains of a long-dead river, drawing your gaze.

We, the echoes of the past, feel it no more.
Have you found reason for it once again?

When all that remains is a name, abandoned by time,
who will notice? Who will find it?

Will the words lose their very meaning?
Will you end the legend, one and for all?

The forgotten legend, masterless and lost!
Like less than 5 hours short in campaign alone, then there's a "gauntlet" mode with various maps where you face off waves of increasingly tougher mooks.

Indeed, but I wish there were more teams and manufacturers to play with, but it would also need a rework on that whole car unlocking mechanic because as it was it'd be infernal to 100% the game with with so many possible combinations, if it wasn't already.
It's sad that they didn't bring back the story mode in later entries, still you should try the later games Ridge Racer 7 and the Ridge Racer for the PSP.
Replies: >>217602
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1600x900) Reverse
I got influenced on and pirated "Stasis: Bone Totem". Spent most of the weekend playing it and I'm about halfway through.
Pretty dang good and relatively easy in terms of P&C games. You can make it as difficult on yourself as you want and disable pings highlighting interactable objects, but I prefer using them to keep myself from pixel hunting or finding an obtusely hidden door. The game is pretty dark, so after about 3 tries I would give up, press the ping button and voila: the door was right there, numbnuts.
There is a gigantic negative aspect to this game and it's AI generated content. Pictures, backgrounds, character portraits, debris, and I highly suspect some of the enviromental descriptions might be AI generated as well. They're really nice at the beginning of the game, but the more it goes on, the more those descriptions drag on and seem a bit nonsensical. I understand using a thesaurus or being THAT well read, but this doesn't feel human, my eyes just glaze over.
If you're able to overlook that glaring issue, then yeah, this is a pretty dope game so far. Some of the dialogue feels like anime sometimes with character repeating themselves like Solid Snake, but each line can be skipped individually.
Replies: >>217575 >>217710
I watched Mandalore's videos the other day and decided to play the games soon.  The cheap and lazy AI content in the second one is pretty insane considering how good the first one looks; their artists obviously know how to do good work.
Replies: >>217577 >>217604
If anything, this will be a prime example of AI use in game development, besides code routines, but I don't nothing about that.
Was it bethesda who used AI to generate random NPC speech?
Was this butchered in the western release?
I only played the Nip version and the DRT campaign there feels more human any game shat out by post-2007 Naughty Pozz and Cuckmann et al. 
Incidentally the campaign is also the only part of the game presented in 日本語, everything else is in 英語。
>The cheap and lazy AI content in the second one is pretty insane
You only care because you were told to care. All products are full of "cost saving measures", they are necessary for the implementation and development of the project to continue to completion. I'm sure this is one of the very few times you've noticed.
[Hide] (246.5KB, 550x460) Reverse
>you will eat shit and you will like it!
>you've seen it a million times
>it's not really visible
>and if it is, then you're an asshole doo doo head for noticing
why do you even come here if you're gonna peddle such cheap bullshit?
Staring down one's nose at anonymous strangers and generally griping and bitching like an impossible to appease woman makes some retards feel better about themselves.
My statement was that you only care now because you were told to care. But hey, sure, shoot the messenger. I hope you can scream loud enough that the public-private partnerships conspire to prevent the awful, slop-making, worthless and evil technology from being used by anyone (except the state, Google and Amazon of course). Then we will truly be free of flawed products.
who told me to care?
go back to praising goy-slop ya boot-licking homo
[Hide] (82.2KB, 550x460) Reverse
[Hide] (11.3KB, 447x378) Reverse
At last I truly see
Replies: >>217708
>you only care because you were told
I instantly noticed it the second it appeared. It's extremely obvious and you would know it if you bothered checking.
>All products are full of "cost saving measures", they are necessary for the implementation and development of the project to continue
no they aren't
if anon's complaints on a 5 PPH imageboard are powerful enough to make the gov outlaw things he should complain about other things like QTEs and ugly negroidic characters too
[Hide] (7.6MB, 1280x720, 00:26)
I noticed the AI character portraits in Bone Totem as soon as I saw them.  They have the same uncanny look that I've seen in AI-generated movie trailers where every shot is just a slow pan zoom on the face of someone who's nodding slightly and has a misshapen head.  I initially wasn't sure why this would even be used so much, but as soon I played the first one and saw it supported seven or eight European languages but didn't have an options menu, I realized it was eurojank.
>ey, dominic, how are we gonna get voic actin for all dese characters?
<vladivalislav, my man, we shall use text to spaech
>dominic, you are truely a geniuse - but wthat about the options menuu?
<what optionz meunu?

I'm sure that the developers are capable people with absolutely zero idea how to get voice acting done correctly and zero industry contacts, hence the setting full of robots using obvious text-to-speech (which is odd, but tolerable) and at least one or two human characters using text-to-speech.  I imagine I'll see more of this in future indie games, but I'm not sure that it's better than having the devs do it themselves or hiring some Fiverr VA or YouTuber.  It loses the charm that you get from hearing the static filter coming through some dude's $5 microphone.

You can feel free to stop being a nigger anytime, though.
Replies: >>217706
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1080x720, 00:54)
[Hide] (228.1KB, 550x460) Reverse
more like
Replies: >>217709
post that on /fascist/ and see how quickly you get b&
I saw the AI images and they looked fine, I don't understand why people have problems with AI generated content.
it depends on context, if they want something that sounds close to, say, L4D2 characters, it will probably sound more authentic to use AI than to hire voice actors that sound similar but are clearly not the same (listen to the TF2 soldier's new voice lines in saxton hale mode, it's awful). if you're using AI for something like art or programming not because you need to but because you're a lazy, unskilled bastard then yes, AI is bad since it's a crutch. AI should be your spare tire, not your steering wheel.
uncanny valley shit
[Hide] (9MB, 1280x720, 00:05)
[Hide] (8.6MB, 720x480, 00:11)
[Hide] (195.1KB, 1680x1050) Reverse
[Hide] (36.5KB, 1680x1050) Reverse
I played Prey (2006). Foken good game! Okay shooter, but has quite a bunch of interesting features. Very enjoyable overall. Ye should try it if you haven't.
[Hide] (2.1MB, 3015x3018) Reverse
>prey will continue
>ywn play as an indian killing xenos every again
Replies: >>217745
Asshurt artists mad they can't get paid anymore for gay furry diaper fetish shit.

>They don't even acknowledge 2006 Prey anymore
What a fucking kick in the dick
The portrait faces look bad because they were made with the balenciaga thing or something similar and they move in an uncanny way. Other pictures would be fine if not for the AI fingers.
[Hide] (247.6KB, 605x755) Reverse
What thread got the Clinton special this time?
[Hide] (109.4KB, 1280x720) Reverse
[Hide] (155.2KB, 1280x720) Reverse
Prey 2006 was a pretty good game. I thought all the weapons were cool and the indian spirit powers were interesting.  I'm actually a little surprised /v/ enjoys it since you play as someone who isn't white. 
What did the future prey installments have to do with the original prey game?
Replies: >>217771 >>217798
>I'm actually a little surprised /v/ enjoys it since you play as someone who isn't white. 
What is Turok?
Replies: >>217773 >>217777
[Hide] (254.6KB, 1280x960) Reverse
Maybe I'm only paying attention to the autistic anons but every time a game has someone who isn't white as the main character, they freak out. Although granted, with certain games, if the main character isn't white, that's because they're trying to get across a certain agenda. 
staying on topic, this game had a really cool art style.
Replies: >>217778 >>217795
Also San Andreas, Shantae, and most nip games. 
It's not about the race of the protag, it's about the games being shit. It just so happens that the reason why your game is shit is often the same reason why you made your character non-white in current year.
[Hide] (516.9KB, 2000x2188) Reverse
>every time a game has someone who isn't white as the main character, they freak out. 
That's only because the game is almost always shit. You're obviously a newfag because /v/ was fine with italians, indians, aliens, and niggers(although they would still hate niggers) as long as the characters and gameplay was good. Look at Shantae for example.
Replies: >>217785 >>217786
shit opinion, wasted quints
[Hide] (68KB, 299x153) Reverse
>not white
[Hide] (423.2KB, 596x822) Reverse
I suppose you make a valid point. Everyone calls shantae a nigger but they almost never talk about the gameplay. Speaking of that are you the shantae anon? 
Based quads.
Replies: >>217788 >>217795
>shantae anon? 
To my knowledge shantae anon only posted on /b/ but I haven't seen him post since the BO stopped looking at the ban thread.
>Maybe I'm only paying attention to the autistic anons
This is almost always the case in any form of conversation.

>Everyone calls shantae a nigger but they almost never talk about the gameplay.
What is there to say?  Pirate's Curse is the best point in the series and the rest are pretty mediocre platformers.
[Hide] (49.2KB, 425x300) Reverse
that's because it was one of the last fun games before the dark times
back then it didn't matter who your main character was, games were too fun for you to care about it
[Hide] (28.6KB, 640x480) Reverse
>hey, Star Control 2 is supposed to be pretty good
>download UQM
>tiny ass 640x480 screen
>let's go to settings to fix that
<PANIC: Incorrect number of Choice Options
yes, very cool
Replies: >>217894 >>217913
[Hide] (518.9KB, 762x647) Reverse
Replies: >>217959
[Hide] (38.5KB, 486x214) Reverse
Disappointing *conclusions*. It makes *frumple*
Replies: >>217959
[Hide] (50.5KB, 800x600) Reverse
It was because the distro maintainer was being retarded and didn't update the content package at the same time as the program package. Retarded but easy to fix, now I can sail the SS pimpmobile wherever I please and mass murder redshirts in pursuit of fame and bitches. **naming the ship something like "pimpmobile" is great because the tutorial infodump you get with the Starbase captain has lines like "What facilities do you have to upgrade the pimpmobile?"

I'm torn on the Orz, on the one hand they hate fags but on the other they probably have GRIDS from eating the Androsynth.
Replies: >>217963
>wherever I please
Keep in mind the game has a time limit.
Replies: >>217995
[Hide] (32.6KB, 1024x768) Reverse
I know. I've picked a bunch of "tips and tricks" about this game from osmosis and previous attempts (the time limit, don't talk to the Orz about the Androsynth if you want to live, the QuasiSpace network you need if you want to get anywhere in a reasonable time, there's some space jews you can sell crew to or outjew so massively they literally howl with rage when they fill your 15 double-capacity fuel tanks in exchange for some random crap, the slap-happy jappy, the most mineral-rich place in the universe is pic related) but not an actual walkthrough.
>installing XCOM 2 FitGirl repack
what the fuck
[Hide] (12.1KB, 498x359) Reverse
[Hide] (1.9MB, 255x191) Reverse
Replies: >>218019
[Hide] (2.4MB, 2600x1480) Reverse
[Hide] (130.5KB, 2600x1480) Reverse
[Hide] (1.6MB, 640x360, 00:35)
[Hide] (423.8KB, 195x192) Reverse
I would like to take this moment to say that (1) sturgeon is a nigger and (2) I'm still having fun playing UQM.
FF IV: Complete Edition while I wait to finish pirating Elden Ring. it has also come to my attention that Sekiro got an official boss rush mode. so, even though I thought the levels were shit, I might pirate that, too, and get a 100% save to exclusively fight the bosses.
[Hide] (99.6KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (280.6KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Started playing Crystal Project
Pretty fun so far
Replies: >>218689
I've been meaning to play this game for a long time now. What makes it fun?
Replies: >>218698
[Hide] (225.8KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (140.9KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (187.1KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (297.1KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Min-Maxing stat autism (which the game is very open about) also the amount of exploring you can do in its 3D environment is pretty fun too
There is no Jet.
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