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“…Many of today's problems are a result of yesterday's solutions.” - Otamin

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BRACKETS LINK: https://challonge.com/MYSTERY_BOX
SIGN UP FOR THE TOURNEY HERE: https://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/EJDpLCI3AT#/signup/kyd03y2f608
If you do not want to register, post the name that you are signing up with here. You will be added to the brackets.

Hisoutensoku is an expansion to Touhou 10.5 SWR and is a multiplayer fighting game made by Tasofro with ZUN's approval. It's easy to learn, hard to master battle system makes for fun and fast paced matches with counterhits often launching girls across the screen. Very fast when played right. As a P2P game, game hosts must forward ports in order to play it or use specific workarounds.

Full installation: https://mega.nz/#!ashhnZza!cWdD2mqnQSfpzow5h_LDABQzHOnAiHDL62ceAOF6z9k
Mirror: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7ulje2arv05zjbg/Touhou_Hisoutensoku_%252B_Full_Unlock_%252B_SokuRoll_%252B_SWRSToys_%252B_Tensokukan.zip/file

Extract into the folder of your choice. After launching th123e.exe, wait one or two seconds and then launch SokuRollLoader.exe to enable netplay. To host, hosting player forwards a port (detailed instructions are available on the internet) and provides IP with a port in an IP:Port format, launches the game with sokuroll and uses the Vs Network menu to start the server. Client connects to provided IP and port and plays game.
Should a port be unable to be forwarded, workarounds exist - Autopunch being the best ( https://github.com/delthas/autopunch/blob/master/README.md , launch after sokuroll, both players must run this to work, so host has to mention that it's used) and ZeroTier being the unlikely backup plan. 

This is a central thread for posting information about the game and hosting games. Players are encouraged to get in as much practice as they can before the event. As always, feel free to ask questions about the game.

The winner of this tournament gets what's inside THE MYSTERY BOX. Only they get to see what's in it, though they may choose to reveal the contents. Bring your best.
Replies: >>2263
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-The tournament organizer will not participate in the tournament, but will host for others to help practice for the upcoming event throughout the week.
-If final player count is below 24 players, the event will be a Best of 3, Double Elimination contest. Otherwise, it will be a Best of 3, Single Elimination contest.
-Use autopunch as a host when forwarding ports is impossible. Do not forget to mention it was used to avoid confusion - both players need it to connect. Link here - https://github.com/delthas/autopunch
-Streamer is autistic, please put up with him.
-Take it easy.


From previous tournaments, there are some things that we've learned regarding the setup. Therefore, all participants are asked to get a couple things ready for when something inevitably goes wrong.


As spectating is unreliable at best, it's best to automatically save replays (enable in options). After the match, one of the players must upload the replays (found in Hisoutensoku\replay) and then give strmfag the link. This will let everyone see your matches on strm.


If you can't host, get autopunch (https://github.com/delthas/autopunch); both players need this. It will likely not function on a work network or an old router, so keep that in mind. ZeroTier is also an option but can be very laggy; both players need it. If the participants fail to have a game until the winner is needed for the next round, it will be decided by concede or coinflip.


If a player is absent during the first round, his match is skipped until the rest of the matches within the round are done. If he's not there by then, he's counted as a bye and his opponent advances in the bracket. Same applies to later rounds. Don't hold everyone up.
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnW-6c_H6KU - A comprehensive video tutorial that covers almost everything related to basics.
Wiki: https://hisouten.koumakan.jp/ - Everything from meta choice of character decks to frame data. Lurk here for any info not explained here.


Every character can attack with three buttons: 
A - Physical attacks
B - Weak bullet attacks
C - Strong bullet attacks

In addition,
D - Flight
A+B - Switch cards (Combination is mapped to a separate key)
B+C - Activate a card (Combination is mapped to a separate key)

On the top of the screen, there's a weather indicator and a timer directly below it. The indicator changes on wallslam, groundslam, knockdown or spellcard use. Weather activates when the timer hits 99.99 and lasts until it hits 0. Most of them don't do very much, but some can be annoying or completely gamechanging. More details here: https://hisouten.koumakan.jp/wiki/Weather

Meter in this game is replaced by a character deck. When a match starts, each player gets 5 card slots near the bottom of the screen. After one slot fills up by accumulating meter, a card is acquired - it can be used afterwards by pressing a card activation input when it's active. It's possible to cycle between cards using card swapping input. Some cards require multiple cards to use. More details here: https://hisouten.koumakan.jp/wiki/Deck_Mechanics


For the following, a Tekken notation is used - 5 would mean without a direction, 6 means holding forward towards the opponent, 4 means holding backwards away from opponent, 8 jump and 2 crouch. Like this, 5A would mean pressing A without holding a direction. See video related for how it works.

All characters can dash by pressing 6D or 66. While dashing, bullets are negated and character is invincible to them. This is called grazing. While in the air, j.66 can be used for an airdash and j.6D can be used for flight. Flight can be done in any direction while airdashing is locked to a single vector, so please be careful. Highjumping (pressing down-jump instead of jump; 27, 28, 29) grazes bullets too while in it's starting animation.

By pressing 5A repeatedly while being close to an opponent, it's possible to make a default combo that ends with a knockdown if it's not blocked (only exception is Meiling). It's called a Dial-A. It's possible to cancel any of it's hits except for the last one into B (light) or C (heavy) bullets. Out of those B/C bullets, it is possible to high-jump (27/28/29) to cancel their recovery - this allows chaining more moves. Likewise, it's possible to airdash out of air bullets (B or C) to make more offense. Cancelling recovery of bullet moves by highjumping speeds up your character significantly, but positioning becomes more tricky.

B bullets can chain into C bullets and both chain into skills - almost all characters have 236B/C (quarter-circle forward), 623B/C (dragon punch input), 22B/C (down twice), 214B/C (quarter-circle backward). Some of them have 421B/C (reverse dragon punch). Every one of those can chain into spellcards, though there are some exceptions (like Marisa 214 on block). Knowing what specials you have and when to use them for mixing up when trying to read opponent (in Marisa's case, using 5c into 214c or just 5c) can mean a lot for damage output.

Border Escapes (BE's) are a way to spare yourself a lot of damage if opponent knows what they're doing. When blocking, it's possible to break an orb of one's own block gauge (five orbs on the lower side of the screen) to instantly dash/jump out of blocking. An input for that is holding a direction while blocking and pressing the dash button twice in a row. 1 and 2 perform a highjump to the back or upwards, 4 performs a backdash and 6 for a dash forward. It's possible to Border Break in the air, but only backwards and forwards (4 and 6). This exists because blockstun in this game can be enormous and it's technically possible to lock an opponent into blocking.

Melee drains block bar on wrongblock, but doesn't drain it on rightblock. Blocking bullets and blocking mid-air drains it regardless. Because of this, being on the offensive while making sure that one does not overextend and leave himself open for free hits is in almost all cases superior to turtling - it's easier to throw punches than to block or dodge them, the same principle applies here.

It is possible to cancel the recovery time of most aerial moves by landing - this is called land canceling. By dashing downwards and using an attack like this, it becomes possible to launch attacks faster, but one becomes more predictable as a result.

Lastly, always practice against real players. You will learn a lot of things when trying to defeat someone that is better than you. Most characters have very similar timings on their melee and bullets, so even playing against one character a lot can make life easier when facing others.
[Hide] (257.9KB, 900x1071)

Alice Margatroid
Fumo worshipper. Weak to getting rushed down. Can lock games down after getting the knockdown and spamming dolls if opponent does nothing about it. Struggles to mix things up due to Alice's moveset being mostly keepaway oriented. Great skillcards, decent spellcards. For those that really love their fumo collection as well as non-neurotypical individuals that derive particular pleasure from watching others suffer.

Aya Shameimaru
SANIC of Soku. Fastest character overall, but bullets are gimmicky and hard to hit with at middle or long range, so she has to rush down to make pressure. Above average spell cards, but low damage compared to others. Player needs to go fast enough to make use of Aya's speed. For giant speds and their evolution, unmatched speed demons.

Generic joke character on par with Neko Arc. Weak all around, but her 5C shotgun is top tier, default 22B is excellent anti-air and her alternate skills are very good. Most of her basic moves are bad and she has trouble getting into close range. Great at locking down opponents. Floats mid-air after jumping as a personal gimmick. (9)

Iku Nagae
Disco expert with drills. Spam j.2A until it lands, which results in a full combo. Slow, but has a great kit all-around. Has a lot of gimmicky alternate skillcards. Weak to counter rushdown, strong all-around. For D I S C O  N I G H T only.

Komachi Onozuka
Soku's attack helicopter. Slow enough that one needs to overcompensate for her crippling inability to go fast with cancels. Can do air-unblockable attacks, crossups, space control and long range melee. Her 66 airdash always pulls her towards the ground, which lets her land cancel melee moves easily. Slow bullets, average skillcards and spellcards.

Marisa Kirisame
50-50 Kirisame. Powerful spellcards, great bullets, good reversals and well enough spellcard selection. Famous for being able to confirm a fullscreen laser into a spellcard for almost 3k damage. None of her pressure is tight enough into itself that she can lock someone down 100% without reading opponent's mind. So in effect, she cannot lock someone else down if they know what's happen. For mind readers, mashers and failed Aya players.

Hong Meiling
Close range brawler character. Her melee needs bullets to function, but all those bullets are close ranged. Excellent skillcards, decent spellcards. Get in up close and personal and spread Corona-chan one hit at a time. For those welded inside their apartment inside a chinese quarantine zone or those that want to spread the Wu Flu without any special reason.

Patchouli Knowledge
Walking EoSD stage 4. Make a lot of bullets and bait opponents into a deceptively big melee range. Has a lot of seemingly redundant spells that have their own niche. Reversals mostly locked behind spellcards and skillcard alts. Break blocks with spellcards and press the Royal Flare button when their orbs are low for massive damage and hate mail. Decent at keepaway. For vomiting bullets with precision and having enough niche tools for most situations.

Reimu Hakurei
Soku's Ryu. Keep enemy in block by pressing B at the right time. Kill mashing attempts with C and aerial melee. Stop jump-ins with dragon punch. Even has an insta-win spellcard that needs 7 melee hits to activate. Has both meta and meme cards. A certified Jill of all trades character. For those that do not know what to pick.

Reisen Udongein Inaba
The epitome of meaning behind the expression "because physical wounds heal". Has slow, but very dense bullets that are great for space control and locking down, skills that misdirect opponent and let her play more mindgames and a wide variety of spellcards - gas opponents, permanent stat boost, straight damage, make opponent discard a card. Can dash through enemies. Needs to be autistic with combos to deal damage and she doesn't have reversals. For high-speed rusemasters willing to put up with Reisen's bullets.

Remilia Scarlet
The gimmick lord. Has her own unique dash modes - ground dashes arc and can be canceled into melee midway, air dashes teleport. With strong base moveset, punishing skills and damaging spellcards, Remi players have a strong neutral game that easily can punish opponent's gambles. Most of her kit can't be used at range though, so much like Aya, she has to move in. For autists that really hate the mashing community and/or those that like to wield girls with elegance.

Sakuya Izayoi
The walking Jojo reference. Infamous for being a broken hurtbox character with a 6A that dodges attacks when it feels like it. Has knives that give blockstun for days, knives and more knives. Ridiculous melee and powerful projectiles are counterbalanced by below average skills and so-so spellcards. Much like Alice, her pressure can grow predictable, but it is extremely effective when it works. For those that hate fun, and by extension, meidos.

Sanae Kochiya
The good girl is a bait expert. Has many moves which bait opponent towards attacking, then stop their pressure dead. Powerful skills on a cooldown let her control space and play keepaway as she wishes. Her melee and bullets are oriented towards punishing overaggressive opponents. Weaknesses include pressure being mostly 50-50 as mashing out of it can prove more effective than dealing with it in certain situations. For those that like watching people kill themselves and jews.

Suika Ibuki
The drunk grappler. Very strong melee, very strong, but sometimes awkward bullets. Skills are average and sometimes hard to use, but with alternate skillcards become FUN to use. Has two 5-card grab cards that deal obscene amounts of damage should they land and a size increase spellcard straight out of Dobson's fantasies. Struggles with breaking blocks unless she really goes for it, as her C bullets are so slow. Has a unique backwards dash. For those that like to take it easy without overextending until the meter is full, then press the "take a nap" button when it's time to do so.
[Hide] (3.7MB, 1447x2034)
Suwako Moriya
WARNING. WITH FROG, NO FUN IS ALLOWED. THERE IS NO MERCY. Can fly without restrictions (but still airdashes twice at most), dash underground, spontaneously attack from under the ground during air attacks and more. All of her moveset is gimmicks that user and opponent need to think how to use and counter. All skills are gimmicks, all spells are gimmicks. Generally loses when opponent understands how to counter those gimmicks and when she does not adapt. For horrible shitposters brave enough to understand how not to croak with this one.

Tenshi Hinanawi
Rock drills for days. Loli with a sword has average (and a bit slow) melee, but with B rock drills and C lasers, the bullet game is great. Hard to use skills with plenty of alt choices, powerful spellcards. Tenko's ability to break blocks without spellcard assistance is unmatched, but she struggles with punishing Border Escapes. Use State of Enlightenment and watch low-health opponent scurry to get the fuck out. For sadists and those that want to BE a little girl.

Utsuho Reiuji
Honorary birb of Chernobyl. Obscene damage on her melee, giant spell hitboxes, great anti-air, spacing. Hard to use skills and spells. Slow, but powerful and punishing pressure game. Opponent NEEDS to respect the birb or get fucked up sooner or later. Reliant on long-lasting projectiles to compensate for lack of speed. Can make a nuclear sun straight out of SA and has an alternate grab that hits for 2K-3K damage. For nuclear physicists, Davy Crocket wielders and those that seek ULTIMATE POWER.

Youmu Konpaku
Myon. As a swordswoman, Youmu wants to get in really close and whack with a sword until she wins. Powerful close-range pressure and high ground dash speed, great melee all around, but bullets are mostly stuck at close range. Can defend and control space at once with her ghost half being able to blow up into bullets on demand gimmick. Great skills for pressure, but needs help from alternate skill cards. Needs to rush down in order to function. Great reversals, decent spells. For Sänger Zonvolt and katana weebs alike.

Yukari Yakumo
Train otaku. Somewhat slow, but this is compensated by far reaching melee, extremely useful bullets (blocked B carries people into a corner and C bullets are extremely dense) and skills for space control and mash alike. Zones really well, can SPIN2WIN on reaction and can run a train on someone. Great neutral game, but somewhat slow and can't lock down opponents very well. For murderous train fanatics, fluffy tail Aficionados and those that really do not want to get raped in a corner.

Yuyuko Saigyouji
DDoS the game with bullets. Bullets, bullets, bullets. Melee is slow, bulky, sudden and effective, but where this character shines is making the screen bullet AIDS worse than Patchy. Bullets are slow, but there are many of them and they last very long. Great bullets for spam, great skills for those "gotcha" moments and spam. A lot of choice for spellcards, with reversals being mostly limited to them. SS-ranked character on the cuckord scale. For primaries that wish to make others dodge more bullets, stage 5 bosses and dreamcast owners.

I will start hosting for practice in THREE HOURS.
I do not think I will end up joining but I am looking forward to that practice.
I suggest that you invite /monster/, as there are many monster girls in this game.
Replies: >>1867
Invited - https://smuglo.li/monster/res/73386.html
We shall see if they janny us. Hosds soon
Replies: >>1868
I don't know if they'll understand, but try inviting /librejp/ to see if anything happens out of it.
Replies: >>1869
https://sportschan.org/librejp/res/48062.html way ahead of ya
[Hide] (422.4KB, 1000x1137)
Naisu. Unfortunately I will be on parent's shit wifi so I will probably only join for shits and giggles. Will probably be able to give practice hosts from the 23rd onward. Good luck to the contestants, and remember to make her suffer.
[Hide] (479.9KB, 1536x2048)
[Hide] (697.5KB, 709x1578)
haha bebisns :DD:
Replies: >>1873 >>1882 >>1883
fug, I lost my chance for practice qiuck
Replies: >>1874
I can host if you want. Beware that my connection is shite though and since it's practice i'll have no mercy.
Replies: >>1875 >>1879
do it
Replies: >>1878
[Hide] (3MB, 2893x4092)
3 hour timer just got canceled COME
Replies: >>1879
one second controller borke
Replies: >>1880 >>1903
ok up now

I'd rather you host instead
Replies: >>1880
Just did, check >>1878
Replies: >>1881
gonna keep my host up in case someone else wants to connect
there seem to be three players in the thread right now, the other one should connect to you shortly
please enjoy the game kudasai
Goud gaem spooky ghost
hosd ub :DDD
Replies: >>1885
[Hide] (307.2KB, 1200x675)
GG benin. I will host later today.
o fug i forgot to catalogue my reblays :DDD
i fugging crashed soku opening replays
Replies: >>1885 >>1886
host kill
[Hide] (7.1MB, 928x704, 00:18)
I don't have them either. I think our collective profile name and character names were too long for windows. I still have our last match, just none of the crow vs president matches.
Replies: >>1888
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1578x2061)
It appears my internet cut out. Here's hosts that were promised -
fugging gaphag stealing my files
Replies: >>1889
[Hide] (1MB, 1003x759)
nice trips hitler
haha crowe
GGs laggy
fug bombu no work.
GGs, i'll be back in an hour or so with a non-empty stomach.
Replies: >>1903
GGs minimum man
my dpad diagonals still refuse to work properly (thank you based logitech F310)
please suggest a replacement gamepad

also games still up
Replies: >>1895 >>1896
[Hide] (296.6KB, 711x845)
just use a keyboard dummy
try qwe-asd for punch and 5123 for move on the numpad if you want a probably no-dead-zone setup.
Replies: >>1900
Replies: >>1898
[Hide] (26.9KB, 768x234)
/nen/ didn't fly so good, the other threads seem to be ok
>Using air-to-ground domination dash to chase
GGs, i might be back later tonight
>just use a keyboard dummy
suicide is not an option
neither is an xbox controller (probably more expensive)

hosd still up I can still use DEFEAT on most things that don't abuse muh deadzones
Replies: >>1901 >>1902
GGs. Even with half my bag of tricks sealed I did bretty well today. Gonna take a break and hosd some more a bit later. In the meantime, please consider hosting - with autopunch or without.
[Hide] (73.3KB, 527x395)
Was the con any different from usual? I'm using a different set up at the moment and it feels wierd. Also I can't break guards for shit. Theres some set ups that get me in range for 2b 2c that I've done in practice mode but haven't implemented in proper games.
Okay i'm back. Rehosting on >>1878
Replies: >>1906
Does luna cast detect autopunch hosts? I've hosted but It donesn't show.

But here it is test if you dare
Replies: >>1905 >>1907 >>1911
hhs patchouliman
[Hide] (18.9KB, 249x135)
Actually sorry i have to go. I got things to do in the morning.
I really wanted to play more with you w, but i really can't afford the time at the moment, maybe if i hosted a bit earlier we'd have more matches. Sorry again.
Replies: >>1909
connection failed
Replies: >>1908
I got a game with him going using autopunch on my end.
Is good
dood joined
please be nice to presidonte
what da fug where go?
Also no idea what number to set delay to 

back up
Replies: >>1912
Strange, it's not letting me reconnect this time.
Must be some sort of weird router fuggery.
Replies: >>1913
I can't connect to him either
It worked for a good few matches so it's good enough for use in the tourney.
good gam reimoo
Replies: >>1915
Press soku button. Press autopunch button. Press host button. Whats left?

I'm gonna keep hosting. Should work eventually

Good games
Replies: >>1916
connection failed
Replies: >>1917
Fucked with the firewall. Might make a difference.
[Hide] (319.5KB, 772x741)
did I hear there are videogames?
Replies: >>1919 >>1924
pick your character already stupid birb
Replies: >>1920
music too loud gomen
Replies: >>1924
GGs, can't figure out how to learn Suika yet
I'll still continue to main Aya either way
GG. bls don't mash. You get away with it a lot because your connection is so janky, but lag is not really a strategy. Or maybe you think it is. God help us all.

Host still open for games
Replies: >>1930
is a controller required to play all moves without immense suffering?
Replies: >>1926 >>1927 >>1928
Keyboard is mostly fine. I've had a more difficult time playing with a stick or controller, though that could just be familiarity.
Replies: >>1927
[Hide] (464.5KB, 380x380)
Also there will be suffering either way.
I can do all inputs on keyboard without any difficulty. Though good hotkeys go a long way. Default ones are pure suffreing with flight on D.
[Hide] (824.2KB, 220x220)
GG exterminator. I see you've picked up a few good tricks. Well done.
[Hide] (12.6KB, 147x255)
GGs. I died a lot at the end. I hope I get to die more in the future.
[Hide] (278.7KB, 400x400)
hosts eventually!
[Hide] (435.9KB, 2288x1430)
Hosds now!
Replies: >>1933
Finally, I actually did well.
also ggs earthman
Replies: >>1935
thanks kiddo
I think I'm slowly starting to figure out how to meleepressure my opponent across the screen for consistent shieldbreaking
It's been so fucking long since i used my controller that my square button is fucking up. send help

wtf is this captcha
Replies: >>1937
captcha is fun and good
good games trustworthy angel man
gg, think that fixed my square
[Hide] (52.2KB, 230x230)
time for break
remember not to look in the sky tonight
Replies: >>1940
what happens if we look
Replies: >>1941
The lunatics will come for you.
Replies: >>1942
which ones
[Hide] (538.1KB, 1280x960) let's go
Replies: >>1944
GGs, I'll probably be back in a little while
Replies: >>1945
oke, tried to play with a stick part of the controller, gonna take a while to get used to it

Replies: >>1947
I felt proud of that second-to-last game
Replies: >>1947
GGs, need a break. Can't get used to the stick, it's so strange. Not having full range of movement feels weird.

Ye, it was gr8. Don't gamble too much, learn how to pressure more safely using dash fuckery when you can.
Replies: >>1952 >>1956
sorry I got a call
Replies: >>1953
that's okay
my internet is taking a massive shit right now so this will give me time to try and fix it
Replies: >>1954
nice connection desu ne
Replies: >>1955
i think i'll hold off on playing games until this is fixed
Replies: >>1956 >>1960

gib opponend
[Hide] (4.1MB, 4093x2894)
gg. why can't I confirm subterranean sun fffffffuuuuuuuuu
Replies: >>1961
[Hide] (430.6KB, 320x320)
I think you confirmed it one time and I flew into it another.  Not like you need it for me since I just mash myself half to death in the corner anyways.
come on and slam
Replies: >>1964
[Hide] (4.7KB, 127x96)
GGs. Sorry for weak performance, movement tech is hard. Hosts still up
[Hide] (287.1KB, 400x400)
ggs laserman
bls gonsider join dourney :DDD
Replies: >>1966
no :DDD
GG. God I hate the game eating my fucking inputs.
[Hide] (201.9KB, 850x465)
please wait till I buy a shitty 5$ controller with a proper D-pad so we don't have to deal with these embarassing trip-over-myself footsies
and that's it for today thanks for playan
I think I set this up right
Replies: >>1975 >>1978
You did set it correctly. I need to go do something i'll be back in a few minutes or so.
You appear fairly new. Consider grazing a bit more, my character is weak to rushdowns so don't be shy on the attack.
Replies: >>1977 >>1981
Yeah I'm new, I'll try being more aggressive. I think right now I'm at the stage where I need to get used to playing against actual players instead of bots
Hosts back up
[Hide] (132.2KB, 500x475) hosts up again
Replies: >>1987
Does it keep desynching or something?
GGs I'm gonna take a break for a bit to eat supper
Replies: >>1982
[Hide] (761.6KB, 1000x1400)
I don't really know how to handle meiling but a few things to note is that her neutral melee is incredibly fast and she can just dash in and do a lot of damage or make the opponent be locked down for a long time if they don't know how to counter it. Her bullets might seem costly, clunky, slow or short ranged but they are great cover for closing in on your opponent or for baiting the them into having to graze through so you can hit them out of it with cancel into melee. Plus her default neutral C beats out every bullet that isn't super dense and is reasonably fast.
I'm still conflicted about her spellcards, they are not that strong for the card cost but they are certainly useful in certain situations and combos, but not as much as they feel they should be. 66C into Roc Fist is never going to get old though, regardless of how little damage it does.

Focus a bit more on learning how to graze. In particular, how to continue grazing into the opponent. Not a lot of characters can cancel a bullet move from the ground into an antiair air melee attack and high jump cancels prevents them from blocking, as true DPs are few and far inbetween, so you should learn to wait until the enemy bullet dissipates before letting go of graze and melee. Doing 66/44 in the air helps with this as it also lets you block on empty jumpins if you do it too early with little issue. Movement is OP and so is defense, so abuse it.
Oh and also. Block on wakeup.
Replies: >>1983 >>1985
I didn't see him BE at all either. Make sure he learns how to use em next time you play.
Replies: >>1984
Sorry. I'm not used to be able to lock down opponents with my bullets as most of patchy's arsenal depends on the opponent refusing to dash through her bullets to guard crush. Unless spellcards or really meaty setups are involved, that is.
I also don't think he's at the point where BEs could help, although they're fairly important to know how to do specially when facing Tenshi or Yuyuko. Fundamentals are a lot more important.
Thanks for the advice I appreciate it. I'm still experimenting for now but I definitely need to figure out some combos for each of my spellcards. I think I whiffed most of them when we were playing.
[Hide] (545.9KB, 4096x2537)
GGs, Youkai Remover. Are you getting the hang of mindgames? If I can roughly guess what you think your options are, I won't hesitate to use that against you. Footsies got too tangled up towards the end, but it worked out alright. 

My peak weakness is that I can't do 623 on command without a card activation. You can abuse that in certain situations. Host down on a break.
Replies: >>1987
[Hide] (420.8KB, 1024x768)
fug me GGs.
I seem to play bad when I'm about to win. I came close a bunch of times but then ate shit 4 times in a row and die.
Also I need to punish grazing better.

I'm generally aware of them, but, when I get an advantage like you wiff a move I just charge in brain dead and get hit. Also autopilot 6a into 5c even after getting puished 100 times doesn't help.
Hosting again
Replies: >>1989 >>1998
press flight and a direction while on the floor do roll btw otherwise you get stuck in the corner
Remember to actually sign up for the tournament you dinguses
Replies: >>1991
fug u leatherhead just have fun
Replies: >>1992
but dontchu wanna know WHAT'S IN THE BOX
Replies: >>1993
probs some candies or something
whatever sign me up, any name works
Replies: >>1995
[Hide] (5.3KB, 203x25)
Wish granted.
Alright lads I'm back lets rumble
Replies: >>2001 >>2007
Challonge still won't show me a sign up button. Sign me up as (You).
Replies: >>2008
[Hide] (18.6KB, 200x200)
GGs. Breddy good.
If you mash too much out of block I can leave small gaps in my pressure such that you stop blocking but there isn't time for your attack to come out. Others will be able to really bully you if you do it too much. Also you should only finish a dial A against block if you think your opponent will jump or mash attack. You can use bullets to extend pressure and highjump cancel them etc.

Also plus and minus buttons change the delay. Higher delay decreases choppyness.
Replies: >>1999
GGs you beat me pretty hard.
I did start noticing during that the dial was killing my pressure so I tried using bullets after but I guess I shouldn't be doing the full dial at all yeah. Its kind of odd that it wouldn't work though considering it has a high/low variant.
Replies: >>2000
>high/low variant
Maybe I'm misinterpreting you, but did you think that hitting low while the opponent blocks high would land you a hit? In soku, wrongblocking only destroys orbs (the blue hexagon life bar at the bottom of the screen.) Bullets do the same. You have to deplete all the orbs, and even then you only land a temporary stun called a guard crush. You can't rely on high low mixups to get a hit.
Replies: >>2002
where are my games
>did you think that hitting low while the opponent blocks high would land you a hit?
I knew that but i still figured the idea was to mix them up, I just thought that making them wrongblock a bunch in the same blockstring was the best way to break their guard.
Reply for game.
Replies: >>2004
give me game
Replies: >>2005
Replies: >>2009
[Hide] (365KB, 600x800)
GG. You've come a long way since the first time we played. I hope you enjoyed your 2-for-the-price-of-1 typhoon bluesword special, it's a rare but delicious delicacy. I think you mainly need to work on corner pressure and corner defense. Work on covering both the air and ground with your pressure so the opponent has to guess which way to escape. Likewise, don't forget to dash out when I pressure you in the corner. Practice more BE 2's (The hj. 8 variety), they are extremely handy, not just in the corner, but neutral as well.
[Hide] (615KB, 1200x1000)
GGs. Humans good. (You)kai bad.

Feal like I was doing well throughout the games. 
Became a bit impatient on defence. Finally started using reversal spells and there breddy good. Also reimu a214 is so busted. I can just sit on it and take it easy and you can't do anything since it doesn't dissapear on knockdown.

Thanks also for all the typhoon fun. I was torn between running away or charging into certain death to end my suffering.
Added. MORE games here
GGs Komachi looks pretty fun to play actually.
Replies: >>2010
GGs. Your defense seems to need the most work, and you should use border escape more often as it get very predictable when you were knocked down.
GGs. I know I've gotten noticeably worse, but it's an illusion. Everything's alright. 

Host still up
Replies: >>2017
[Hide] (488KB, 904x1280)
Man those last games were pretty crazy, despite everything dropping constantly. How do you like my hakouroken? I always thought it was funny it wasn't included in youmu's starter deck. Potential for mix ups is huge, though I could never get the hang of it. Even now I still mash it and end up wasting a spell.
Replies: >>2014
Those kinds of cards are kind of gimmicky. I don't like them because you either go all in on the gimmick (three drops, frozen patch, etc) or just concentrate on deck consistency to lessen soku's super randomizer gauge tendencies. And if you use it too much, opponent's gonna read your card list and actively block these uses, much like hangeki.
Replies: >>2015
[Hide] (359KB, 856x675)
>oh no gimmicks in my weather-sim-card-game-anime-fighter
says the man who can only wake up dp with his skill card become a shitter like me and start spamming dp until you can get it on reaction you fag
Replies: >>2016
[Hide] (8.7KB, 147x176)
I've only started using this thing because of NEET-ish tendencies of not wanting to get the fuck out of the house to buy a new controller
to do a 623 with it I have to 5 6 5 2 3 6 5 with it, the rest of the footsies are similarly fukked
consolation prize is still winning most games you were throwing with the bird because of heavy handed 3A/6A's, at least
host down, thanks for playing
Replies: >>2022
Replies: >>2023
holy fuck the bubbles
Very GGs. I feel like you improved a lot despite losing a ton. That last match i don't know what the fuck i was thinking but probably is because i'm hungry.
Replies: >>2026
GGs I am getting my ass kicked but I'm still having a lot of fun. The bubbles earlier were pretty silly, it took me a while to figure out what the hell was going on.
Replies: >>2028
Yeah here's a few tips.
Royal Flare: Simply do not jump. Refuse to jump as either you block it for very minimal chip damage or you contineously graze through it on the ground fowards to completely avoid it and hard punish. It is impossible to dodge if you are in the air. Beware that patchy can use it on certain combos but i suck at that so i just go for the air punish.

Bubble shield: Basically invulnerability, evade patchy and maybe trow ranged heavy bullets when it is safe since she can't graze with the bubble on. It does have a small health limit and a short timer so you can theoretically out-DPS it on Typhoon if you're good enough. Still not worth it.

Bubble spray: It can't be blocked but it can be grazed, it does not prevent you from doing anything but if you get filled with bubbles you can be fullcombo'd Not showcased in matches because i'm bad and because it's a silly gimmick and never managed to get it to work online before. come train
Replies: >>2038 >>2039
GGs it took me a little while to get used to the matchup, Marisa's lasers are pretty wild.
[Hide] (76.7KB, 749x1000)
GGs. Pressure in this game pretty much means rolling a train on somebody until they escape. Border Escapes are a massive help when trying to get out of very tough situations, so please make use of them. Meiling also has really great C bullets, so once you have the spacing to use them, they're a great help with "get in" part of "get in and start slamming". Hakuroukens are good for Meiling too, surprised they're in your deck. Practice more and you'll get better.

Games on break rehost soon
Replies: >>2050
Replies: >>2041 >>2042 >>2043
also let me know if it doen's work
Replies: >>2042
werks and i can spectate too.
GGs. I hope it's not getting too boring playing the same character. Try to watch for windows to use your specials in - Reimu has her own bag-of-tricks loadout with 623 and 421. Wind God Kick is a great spellcard too - its a one button melee reversal, if I remember right. Try to flood the midscreen with bullets, rush in and mix up highs/lows/bullets for pressure. Reimu also has good alts aside from Youkai Buster - her 623 alts in particular are good if you can't seem to land default 623 even with card activation.
Replies: >>2044 >>2047
[Hide] (2.3MB, 1254x1771)
forgot pic
[Hide] (100.3KB, 1080x1080)
I can't get air pressure to work at all. Do you react BE to all j8As? When I just do j5A it gets BEd too. I was being too obvious a bunch of the time but even when mixing up I couldn't get it to work. 
I do hove the option of j44 j6A to punish but it's really commital.

Also typhoon a shit. My only good move in it is 5c and youkai buster but youkai buster doesn't connect properly point blank. I'm also shit so it all goes wrong.
Replies: >>2046
[Hide] (5.2MB, 2862x2024)
>I can't get air pressure to work at all. Do you react BE to all j8As? When I just do j5A it gets BEd too.
Air pressure is EXTREMELY fucky in this game for a few reasons. To explain it, here's a quick flowchart of how one can attack in the air (assuming it's airtight):

j.5a -> j.6/2/8a (positioning-dependent 80% of the time - do one thing or it whiffs) -> j.5b (into c)/c -> j.skillcards

Do you see it? Melee moves HAVE to end after j.6/2/8a because opponent WILL want to cancel into B or C bullets to avoid having to deal with recovery. That's why typically, Border Escaping after j.6/2/8a is a good option, opponent wants to bullet there to keep up the pace. But for air pressure, there's an option of purposely wasting airdash/flight uses to reset RIGHT AFTER j.6/2/8a (j.5a -> j.6/2/8a -> 66D (enemy BE's forward/back?) -> j.5a into damage) or even doing things like j.5a -> j.5c -> 66D -> j.5a. Of course, it sacrifices pressure potential because you get far less chances to guard break in the air, but it dies less to straight up getting countercombo'd out of BE.

>Also typhoon a shit. My only good move in it is 5c and youkai buster but youkai buster doesn't connect properly point blank. I'm also shit so it all goes wrong.
Pack weather swords if you can't into weather control yet. Reimu's deck should have free space for them. I also recommend coins.

Oh yeah, and for Wind God Kick, it's a 3 cost card and check this out:

>Invincible 1-10F.
>Graze 11-25F.

Time this right and it's pretty much Reimu's own meme beam.
Replies: >>2047
[Hide] (185.8KB, 1280x718)
I could Play soku 5 hours stright and never get bored. I was a little ambivelent about joining the earlier host today since I joined so many yesterday and didn't want to take them all up.

I have one 623 skill card to remind me to use it. Though I just can't find the place to use it. Upper body invul on a kick also seems bizzare but I haven't properly tested it to see how it works as a revresal. Marissa's works against my f.5a, 6a, and 5a. Just need to figure where it works and be prepared for intense laser face tanking otherwise. I want to get good at using 421. b version seems like a corner jump/mash and maybe also air corner melee since it does 1 orb on air block. c version has some interesting mid screen pressure extension use and also a few graze rames.

>moves other than youkai buster
I have a few alt decks but I designed them with certain character styles in mind. There a bit over specialised as a result so I'll probably change this just so I'm not using one deck against each character.

>wind god kick
I've been hesitent to use wind god kick for a while since Reimu doesn't have a low CN and 5c does <1 spirit. I should start using it since it has good damage potential and cheap cost. Also had a couple 2 card reversals but was too stingy to use them.

>Airpressure shit
Thank you I will now absorb all this into my brain.

>meme beme
Every time I get meme beamed I take a second to watch my hp just to enjoy the sweet depression. The thought of making someone else feel that is enough reason to use wind god kick.

Host up again:
Replies: >>2048 >>2049

I would join yours but autopunch isn't working for me on linux unfortunately. Feel free to hop over if someone hasn't already joined yours.
Replies: >>2056
the good ol' host switcharoo
host down
Replies: >>2054
>Hakuroukens are gimmick
>Hakuroukens are good
you bastard
Replies: >>2051
[Hide] (34.3KB, 512x512)
Replies: >>2052
[Hide] (17.7KB, 250x90)
you will pay for this. in blood. and lag
Shit I was going to post my ip but my port forward settings are fucked now. You better host you coward.
Replies: >>2053
[Hide] (18.6KB, 247x86)
Come. Entertain me, scrub.
Replies: >>2055
[Hide] (237.5KB, 1500x2800)
GGs I think I did a better this time. Also this whole thime I thought wine was breaking the network delay and fps in my window but apparently it was it was just really small in the bottom corners.
GGs thank you basedt internet fug
hosts down see you next time
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1664x2244)
You're getting some better confirms and calling me out on stupid approaches like j2a from a mile away.  You don't cancel melees to bullets very quickly. You can do it the moment a melee hits. Theres not much point delaying it. If youre used to staggering them to hit AI mashing that doesn't work since a human will graze a lot of loose bullets. And it leavesyou open. You're eating a lot of damage from mashing between my bullets and my melee. If you block a bullet and I motion cancel it I will have quite high frame advantege. You will only get a hit on me if I make a mistake.

For corner escaping theres a lot more options than just trying to attack. Firstly border escaping. If you recognise I do a 6a then the only other melee I can do is a skill which are both risky options. Doing a BE2 will get you out and give you a chance to escape, though I can still follow if I'm ready for it.  You can also do a BE on reaction. 
When I'm doing loose pressure with lots of resets you also have the option to jump/highjump.

The hakuroukenes are cool and you used them well, but they almost seem like a crutch when you're using them for pressure. You can get similar cancels to extend pressure but highjump cancelling bullets, though not as good as a hakurouken.
Replies: >>2058
[Hide] (80.6KB, 525x385)
Well, you know what they say. If you can't beat em, just start cheating.
Replies: >>2059
>The hakuroukenes are cool and you used them well, but they almost seem like a crutch when you're using them for pressure. 
Yeah, that did cross my mind too honestly. Sometimes I have a lot and I don't quite know how I'm going to get through them all. I'll try to avoid using them like that at least until I get comfortable extending pressure properly, they should be useful for doing weird frametraps and stuff eventually when I get a bit better at my blockstrings.

And there'd better be more than just a wumpa fruit in that box.

>No dial a into masterspark all on one button.
Replies: >>2060
yes massa

>No dial a into masterspark all on one button
I still have to work out net delays on that thing. They can fuck things over, in a lot of ways.
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1133x1286)
[Hide] (294.3KB, 850x1133) let's go
Replies: >>2067 >>2068
GGs. Gotta go for a bit sorry, should host later.
[Hide] (622.6KB, 799x1013)
Reversals make this game a lot easier. One button full combo to equalise just from a small gap in pressure. Other stuff worked pretty well too.
Replies: >>2069
>raymoo stole marisa's wardrobe
what le fugg where is marisa in raymoo's clothes, is she at least aware such  a hijink occurres?
Replies: >>2071
I can host if there is someone out there who needs it.
[Hide] (495.4KB, 690x858)
You are witnessing 100% consentual bloomer sharing.
Replies: >>2072
[Hide] (221.9KB, 800x558)
What a wonderful gesture of friendship.
[Hide] (71.8KB, 364x263)
pls hosd
Replies: >>2075
[Hide] (104.6KB, 293x480)
Fuck it I'll hosd
Remember to shill on other threads today, people probably forgot about the tournament because of Jedi Academy.
Replies: >>2076
Also sign me up under the name DRUNK
Replies: >>2089
I can host, is there player avaible now?
Replies: >>2078
Replies: >>2079
Sorry i am slow.
Replies: >>2080 >>2087
GGs? Sorry about that massive lag, it was on my side and i was trying to deal with it.

Don't worry about your current skill level. There are similar people like you signed up in the tournament right now so you'll have good matches.

Host at >>2079 is still up.
Replies: >>2081
[Hide] (37.2KB, 800x626)
GGs. Be back later, glad to know I still suck at this game. I had meant to sign up but I totally spaced out on it because of the Jedi Academy server. I guess it really is possible to have too much video games.
Merry Christmas

Hosts up
Warning in advance my connection might suck right now
Replies: >>2083
Alright looks like my laptop might be too shitty sorry. Should be better now
host pls
Replies: >>2087
i never stopped at >>2079
help my connection has gone kaput
[Hide] (980KB, 2400x1800)

Okay, today's friday, meaning almost last day of hosts (in all likelihood).

I'm going to try a complicated maneuver called "host until I'm unconscious". Let's go faggots.
Replies: >>2115
GGs i suck.
GGs, even if I won the last game as Remilia I still think I'm cursed to main Aya
[Hide] (35.3KB, 255x248)
I have had a few drinks please kick my ass
also sign willy up i think my hangover won't last through turnover
Replies: >>2093 >>2103
[Hide] (239.9KB, 400x400)
Way too much alcohol
games delet for a second
Backup streamfag reporting in. Sorry M, storm knocked out my services. I have power thanks to a generator, but Internet is cut out, so I’m phoneposting. It should be restored by tomorrow evening or early Sunday morning. Merry fucking Christmas to me.
Replies: >>2097 >>2098 >>2142
All systems go, host now available at
Replies: >>2100 >>2133
GGs, you're a very hard Sakuya
Replies: >>2098
ggs, she can just be annoying to play against sometimes
still hosting
Replies: >>2099
GG, and welcome. I've played you before, but not here I don't think. Work on that typhoon game, I think sakuya should be able to cream me with her bullet spam and hitbox range. Also, next time we play my deck will be much less forgiving.
Replies: >>2101
host is down but I might be able to put it back up on request.
ggs, and yes i can vaguely remember playing against you before 
i can't even decide what to do on typhoon, i'm pretty sure i would lose against you because of sheer damage output so maybe i could just stall, or burn a time slow card at worst. even with all that range the knives add a ton of proration and not enough damage to make up for it
honestly i should probably just manipulate the weather forecast instead
Replies: >>2104
Host up
Replies: >>2106
also added

You have to have multiple strategies to win typhoon. It all depends on how your opponent is playing. Cards are top priority. If someone has a card that guarantees big damage with no risk, then they set the pace. Otherwise, it's whoever has the health lead. If they're confident they can win, they'll just run in and start attacking, and it's your job to know if you need to contest it or run. Somebody who just goes berserk mode on the ground can probably be cheesed with your 3A, 623, etc. They will then probably adapt by doing ranged bullets, lots of grazing and fly-in melee. For this you need to be able to track your opponent and predict their bullets and dash effectively. 

Try this: 66(dash), hj9, 66(airdash) -> poke (j5a,j6a,etc) -> land cancel, repeat. Stay low to the ground. For sakuya, this should minimize your bullet vulnerability, and allow you to search for an opening into some j5a j6a j5b j6c 623 string. Avoid moves with cooldowns, and land cancel everything to maintain graze for as long as possible. Practice strings on a jumping training dummy so that you get used to it. Can't say how effective this will be for damage, but at the very least I won't be able to abuse your lack of dashing with j6C, land cancel 6C 22C, etc. This method should at least give you some more useful tools for typhoon that you can improve as you go.
[Hide] (450.1KB, 887x666)
Replies: >>2107
can anyone join this?
Replies: >>2109
Replies: >>2109
Replies: >>2109
th-thanks you too
th-thanks you too
[Hide] (198KB, 956x1280)
host up
Replies: >>2113
connection failed
Replies: >>2114
please be patient I have autism
Replies: >>2116
Back from break

Host up again
Replies: >>2120
connection still failed
Replies: >>2119
try again now
Replies: >>2121
[Hide] (827.9KB, 2700x1518)
GGs Drunkman. Try to learn how characters work and learn how to pressure. When facing Suika, AVOID HER GIANT BALLS - it's not gay if they don't touch (your hurtbox). 

Host still up at
Replies: >>2126
Guess you're playing with rad now so closing. I'll probably try again in the hours before the tournament kickoff to get something resembling practice in.
Replies: >>2122
my host's still open fag
Replies: >>2123
Try it now.
Replies: >>2124

Your host works. I'm gonna take a short break since something's come up and will rehost after that.
Replies: >>2125
[Hide] (235.7KB, 700x500)
Replies: >>2129
[Hide] (712.8KB, 500x375)
[Hide] (125.8KB, 620x550)
sorry, time for dessert
Replies: >>2130
anyone need host?
Replies: >>2132
Replies: >>2133

>>2096 reopened
[Hide] (2.2MB, 2000x849)
GGs. I was faster on the draw. You've won a couple of games nonetheless, well done. I shouldn't have gone on defense so much, but oh well, nothing you can do about it. HOST STILL UP
Replies: >>2140
Hosts up
ggs el presidente
is good gam
GGs Reimufag. Too tired right now, can't think of mixups anymore. You keep escaping my corner pressure because I don't know when to press the 623C button anymore. You've won two games by my count. Please continue improving.

More hosts sometime in the future GOING UNCONSCIOUS NOW
[Hide] (1MB, 583x1000)
here's some more scenery porn
[Hide] (401.3KB, 849x795)
Things worked out pretty well. Upper body invul on 623 lvl 1 doesn't seem to effective unless I'm using it wrong. Will just have to spam it moer to see its use cases.
Replies: >>2141
[Hide] (255.6KB, 850x956)
okay good
now go practice, the rest of you three so you don't die in the first round
Replies: >>2143
Replies: >>2149
also someone tried hosting (and failed, evidently) in a /v/ thread at >>>/v/30205
goog CHINA
I need to get some coffee for this headache.
Replies: >>2145
[Hide] (604.1KB, 1488x2105)
GGs take it easy hope your head feels better
Replies: >>2152
this is pretty good if you ignore the cuckord mentions
[Hide] (1.1MB, 800x1120)
fug, doo mudge algohols :DDD
I'm going to try to be mean this time, if you let me, that is.
if random dcs occur, I'll always jusd rehosd
otherwise fug :DD
GGs. Please stop taking all my orbs. Those setups seem almost imposible to escape from. when I'm down an orb.
Replies: >>2150
>Those setups seem almost imposible to escape from. when I'm down an orb.
it's because they are
at least in the rare cases where i don't fuck them up
Replies: >>2151
[Hide] (166.3KB, 1200x1151)
[Hide] (47.5KB, 289x291)
ggs again
it's time to sleep through the tournament
ggs again
The mystery box has been packed.
If anyone's still up
Replies: >>2156
Reply for games I'm probably gonna be up for a while
Replies: >>2157
Games here.
Replies: >>2159
Can't connect man.
Replies: >>2160
Try again.
Replies: >>2161
Not that anon, but I cant connect either.
Replies: >>2162
That's really weird because I used to be able to host just fine before.
Replies: >>2163
Not an expert but did your public ip change maybe and you just copied it from an earlier post or something? Or your local ip could have changed and that might mess up the port forwarding settings.
Replies: >>2164
>Or your local ip could have changed and that might mess up the port forwarding settings
Good thinking, that might be the problem.
[Hide] (220.4KB, 595x595)
Reply for host
Replies: >>2166
Replies: >>2167
Replies: >>2168 >>2173
pls increase the delay up
Replies: >>2172
GGs, going to start messing with this deck construction thing since it's clearly necessary.
sorry about the lag, ggs
[Hide] (268KB, 1433x1013) host up for some last minute practice 

pre-stream soon lads
Replies: >>2179 >>2180
GGs, host down
gotta have time for setup
[Hide] (568KB, 2048x2048)
thnx for games
I can host.
Replies: >>2182
Replies: >>2183
Replies: >>2187
that's mean i need practice too
Replies: >>2186
I'll be your fuckleberry
Replies: >>2189
[Hide] (137.7KB, 1024x768)
I need to do something real quick.
Replies: >>2189


Start is in ONE HOUR.
GGs and cute
wat de fug habbened :DDDD
Replies: >>2192
fug, my gonnedgdsshin
Replies: >>2192
I fixed nothing! rehosding
good games chinese man
Replies: >>2195
good games good games
I am looking for spin2win your match is up
ALTERNATIVE STREAM ROOM LINK - https://cytu.be/r/kimeemaru
Organizing with PMs is easier here.

Get in here.  

Replies: >>2521
[Hide] (334.4KB, 640x480)
Its contents are:dolphin porn guilty gear Xrd -Revelator-
Replies: >>2206
[Hide] (209.8KB, 850x1189)

After a ballsy clash in the finals, going 2-2 into a match point, Yukari managed to clutch out the MYSTERY BOX and DETHRONE last tourney's champion in a cage match that left the player one hit away from losing. For that feat they have been awarded THE MYSTERY BOX. Though they have linked it in the stream chat, it's up to them whether to link it anywhere else. Thank you for attending the tournament!

I will also confirm that Guilty Gear game gift was a part of the MYSTERY BOX package. Enjoy the game m9, it's fun.
Replies: >>2209 >>2264
[Hide] (380KB, 900x900)
why is using megatools so hard aaa
Replies: >>2212 >>2235
play soku over at >>2 
host soku over at >>2
check out melty thread at >>2200
look forward to the next SOKUNIGGER TOURNAMENT
see you next year lads!
Replies: >>2214
I don't think megatools can bypass the download limit by default and I don't know if there is a way to use it with tor or some other method to bypass it. I vaguely remember some github or some other kind of site that had some method of bypassing it but I think I forgot to save the link.
Replies: >>2235
bls sticky melty thred
Replies: >>2216
fucker went to slep, when next he wakes he'll get the message
[Hide] (103.3KB, 1000x1500)
>why is using megatools so hard aaa
What's so hard in typing: megatools dl <url>?
You don't need to use Tor, it bypasses the limit by default.
Replies: >>2238 >>2251
Could you smack in the full command with the link for us?
Replies: >>2241
megatools dl https://mega.nz/file/K403DQZb#8QY75Bc_Id1gmTjW7RfbmP5sMIaL8JY558SxXozlSKk
If you're on Windows, open cmd inside the folder where your megatools.exe is located (you can easily do that by holding Shift and right clicking on the empty space inside it) and copy+paste the whole command.
Replies: >>2249
invalid ling :DDD
Replies: >>2264
Maybe it used to, but it doesn't now and it hasn't for awhile from my experience. It downloads to the bandwidth limit and then gives errors until the limit is refreshed.
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>>1860 (OP) 
I don't know if anyone's said it yet, but the promo video in OP was really well done.
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These are the contents of the Mystery Box:
>txt file containing congratulations from kimee and a Steam code for GUILTY GEAR Xrd -REVELATOR- Deluxe Edition + REV2 Deluxe (All DLCs included) All-in-One - Steam
>image file of some kigurumi cosplayer holding a big Remi fumo
for some reason I can't upload it here
>kimee's collection of kigurumi porn
How can it be invalid, when it's exactly the same as the one that kimee posted: >>2208 ?
It still does that by default. You're most likely using an outdated version of it. Here are the latest builds of it: https://megatools.megous.com/builds/experimental/ (download the ones from August).
when it's the exact same as the one*
Also, I didn't use the Steam code, assuming the winner will download it before someone niggs it.
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It doesn't work for me. I've tried both the version you described on Windows and the same version on Linux from the AUR and nothing. Maybe you have a dynamic IP or something. Don't worry about me anyway, I'm not the winner. I just had to mention that it wasn't working because you lads said it was and I wanted to see if I was doing something wrong.
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Ah right, I have it here.
Thank you kimee, and all the fuggers that planned this thing.
I'm gunna play this shit on keyboard too and nobody can stop me.
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You are supposed to give megadl a proxy to help with the bandwidth limit.
>kimee's collection of kigurumi porn
Pic related.
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stick more like crutch lamoa
congratz man xd
where vod
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how i use mega
megadl using that link returns an "Invalid mega download link" error
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use megadownloader
not spoonfeeding anything more than that m99
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fog :DD
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