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Books and Tutorials
Sometimes they get nuked but >we try to keep them updated.

Thread making resources + the OP can be found here: https://mega.nz/#F!Suhz0D5Y!BSrBrV1kxK9B5G1SSiJmwQ

Helpful Resources
Learn fundamentals with excercises: drawabox.com
8Chan Art Wiki: infiniteart.wikia.com/wiki/InfiniteArt_Wiki
Online poses with timer: quickposes.com/en/gestures/timed
HOW TO DRAW - an /ic/ guide: hubpages.com/art/how-to-draw-learn
Drawfag resources: mediafire.com/folder/5strtvods5gda/Drawgfag_Resources

Helpful Video Resources, mostly YouTube
ProkoTV: Good for basic anatomy needs
Sycra Yasin: General in-depth talk about ways to improve and being an artist
CG Cookie / ConceptCookie: Advanced techniques and many livestreams (on Wednesdays) and tutorials
FZDSCHOOL: Founder of FZD School (in Singapore) Feng Zhu showcases his workflows by re-working art from his students
Scott Robertson: Advanced lessons on drawing fundamentals and concept artwork
Ctrl+Paint: Free lessons on basics and fundamentals of drawing and painting
Draw Mix Paint: Free lessons in traditional painting

Booru and Delivery Archive
8-booru.booru.org/ (Retiring this booru because the owner is fucking dead)
https://ourobooru.booru.org/ (Superior new booru)

Tips for a healthier Drawthread
>Spot out any autistic shitter and repeat offenders ||You know who they are unless you're new, in which case lurk moar.||
>Anyone can participate, even if you're dog shit. The livelier it is, the better, but don't go begging for (you)s or pity. This is not deviantArt.
>If you do draw, draw to the best of your ability! If you're not giving it your all people will notice.
>Any drawfags with works in progress, please post any updates so that the requester and everyone else knows that people are still working hard!
>If for any reason a request is scrapped, upload what you have and say it's at its most complete state. Maybe ask if someone wants to take over and finish it for you.
>Comment. Every artist loves a compliment, it validates their hard work. Don't be afraid of dishing out them (you)s as long as you feel they deserve them.

These threads are not meant to be spammed every day like a fucking general.
This isn't an art board. Give the Drawfags their time to do their thing and leave the thread-making to them.
Anyone attempting to make this thread in a newfag/cuckchan/low effort manner will be met with disdain and mockery.
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Request fat man
[Hide] (56.8KB, 579x692) Reverse
Delivery fat man
>>215022 (OP) 
>Alright, Johnny! Baja Blast to last
>we're alfway us until
>to having enough next summer!
[Hide] (4.1MB, 440x316, 01:00)
Requesting a Stalker smoking a cig with his gas mask on.
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Requesting Mark getting hate crimed
Replies: >>215359
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Started drawing again after a three month hiatus. Now that I have more free time I'm aiming for one complete drawing a week in addition to daily practice. 
It hasn't been going that well and I already have two new abandoned drawings, but it's a start. 
First one was meant to be an ork angry at her new shirt but I couldn't get the pose to look right. The guards one was more of a practice run that I didn't feel like finishing and Caleb just looks like he's monkey fisting dynamite and looking at Blood 2, which was not the intention.
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never give up anon
[Hide] (601.2KB, 704x528) Reverse
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God forbid me I will doublepost across two threads. I simply want to see this done before I die.
Requesting a bunch of Saturn related characters, I don't mind who, but for the sake of a list:
>Akira Yuki
>Edge from Panzer Dragoon
>Shou Abane from Burning Rangers
>either Bahn or Honey from Fighting Vipers
>Randy from Guardian Heroes
>Sonic evidently
>someone else if you get creative
ganging up and lynching on NiGHTS, lying on the ground as he's being stepped on into a bloody pulp.
Doesn't matter whether it's a shitty doodle or not, bonus points if
>all characters except NiGHTS look like sweaty chinky mean little people similar to 3rd image
>some of the characters are beating him? up with household objects
>the jester faggot has that stupid fucking smirk on his face
I wished I could smash his head with a hammer myself but I can't.
Replies: >>221956 >>237641
>>215022 (OP) 
Seems like your anatomy has slightly improved.
Seconding this request. Threadly reminder to bully eltonel for sucking Mark's jewcy hole in the name of cheap attention instead of coming here.

Not bad considering. Keep up the good work.
Replies: >>221375
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It really does feel like September is the month a bunch of big games come out at once.
Sex with Rad Dude
RIP Cool Mall
Can't wait for rad dude to shoot up a school, because vidya gaems made him do it.
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[Hide] (757.2KB, 1606x2599) Reverse
/r/eposting and /r/equesting a redraw of pic 1, but it's Yusaku Fujiki from YuGiOh VRAINS instead of Michael and he's holding up three fingers instead of five. Editing the text is optional.
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There are reports of a rabid pedophile disguising himself as  a school bus. Have you seen him?
Replies: >>215808 >>216649
i dont get it
Replies: >>216363 >>216388
Hello! The previous BO of anon.cafe's /loomis/ has given me the board. I'm currently planning on the best way to clean it up and make it better again, so I invite anyone interested in drawing to come there and give feedback.
Replies: >>216368
its a joke clam down
Seems neat.  I replied.
As you know, there is a pedophile out there pretending to be a school bus when everyone knows kids don't take the bus to school.
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I couldn't do anything for 9/11, but I'll do better next year
Replies: >>216599 >>216603
I don't get it, who's the girl?
Replies: >>216600
Gawr Gura, that western loli shark vtumor.
Replies: >>216602
Oh no, that's terrible.
That sharkling is a fucking nigger!
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Any drawfag ITT interested in making some art for the cover of Sleepy Station #7?
One anon was working on pic related but went MIA, so I'm looking for a replacement.
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1866x1339) Reverse
Lemmy, Lammy and Limmy
[Hide] (12MB, 1484x1080, 02:10)
now add Lamby to ruin the trifecta
Spoiler File
(53KB, 324x372) Reverse
Pretty funny drawing, what's with the triangle shaped cutout? Are all three of them sharing the same bed?
Nice jugs on Lammy too, I remember her being quite flat.
God I want to fuck Rad Dude's mom
Didn't know Danny Antonucci was making cartoons again.
[Hide] (2.5MB, 1655x2000) Reverse
Substitute teachers were always a blast
>gets a nog to off itself
He can't kill himself, he's got to close down the pool after giving it aids.
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1655x2000) Reverse
Gambare just gambare!
Replies: >>217799 >>218285
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[Hide] (1.2MB, 1655x1407) Reverse
What do they see in each other?
Replies: >>218721
[Hide] (272.1KB, 649x430) Reverse
She's perfect...
Replies: >>218722
Spoiler File
(1.7MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Spoiler File
(2.1MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
I could never get the fucking modpack to work.
[Hide] (570KB, 599x572) Reverse
I got it working once but after I had to move my data it got corrupted a bit in transit and was never right since.
Replies: >>218886
I'd have to look for it since I haven't touched the game in forever
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All stories starring Rad Pops are based on my Dad and are no way exaggerations.
[Hide] (153.7KB, 493x353) Reverse
>water bed
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1655x1426) Reverse
Stay street smart my dudes!
Replies: >>220423
[Hide] (20.2KB, 835x471) Reverse
I've read it, and it's sort of like this MS Paint comic, except the punchline's less funny.
Replies: >>220424
I made that comic years ago, surprised people saved it.
Replies: >>220504
[Hide] (104.6KB, 424x368) Reverse
OC is board culture
[Hide] (2.6MB, 1655x2000) Reverse
All comics about rad pops, yadda yadda, based on my dad, you get the drill.
I tried that too but I just before actually going through with it I stopped because I had enough common sense to realize it was a bad idea
Replies: >>221343
It's super easy, I don't know how you can fuck up ball shaving.
Replies: >>221378
your family is weird
you should make an orange dude anime
Why not just invite eltonel to come here via a friendly request?
Every time I've ever shaved my balls I get an ingrown hair
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1655x2000) Reverse
one moment blink and I just realized it's halloween season.
I should have saved up for decorations and candy.
[Hide] (81.6KB, 768x1024) Reverse
Requesting gentle bullying of GigaDev on 8moe by posting ultra smug giant skullgirls destroying a city while the people helplessly cry out for their GigaMaiden saviors who are nowhere to be found.
Why you hate Nights so much? What'd he ever do to you?
Replies: >>237582
Spoiler File
(2.6MB, 2600x4000) Reverse
Halloween treats
Those sweet wives I portray, tis all so sad. A man can only dream (and cream).
AI is getting more advanced by the day. I for one am glad to experience it.
Replies: >>221981
Do you have any non-nude art? I could use your style.
Replies: >>221981 >>222033
[Hide] (147.7KB, 670x720) Reverse
Cute face, great tits, cute leg posture. The washed-off colors match the honesty and modesty of your girls, even if I've never been a fan of the pastel palette.
Those shoulders look somewhat off though. Something tells me they shouldn't be that large, even if there are women with broad shoulders IRL.
If you want to look at AI filth go take a look at the banners of banned Steam games on https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aAbrEDNa2NmgntrKtij0RuxKneiFcTJisGyfMUv2nnM/edit#gid=975765620
Neither the colors nor the faces match the automatized garbage you see on the regular, and you would know it weren't you so keen on showcasing your butthurt to the only decent drawfag on this board.
What do you get out of this? AIniggers are becoming more of a pest by the minute. What, are humans not allowed to produce art anymore?
Replies: >>221983 >>222033
>What do you get out of this?
What do you get out of using a computer? Fun, anon.
Replies: >>221987
[Hide] (490.9KB, 660x680) Reverse
Replies: >>222033
[Hide] (800.6KB, 250x195) Reverse
>shitting on the only drawfag whose drawings would merit attention outside of this site whenever he posts is fun
Your post spells out the complete opposite to me.
Replies: >>221989
dude, nice!
Replies: >>222033
>shitting on
I made one post to you and that's it.
What has people believing that you cannot possibly be a drawfag and use AI?

What if he dies tomorrow and all his works and his style are lost to time. Backup your favorite artists like you would their work while you can, lads.
Replies: >>221992
[Hide] (517.3KB, 600x639) Reverse
>backup your favorite artists
I don't think you understand the implications behind this sentence, anon.
>a human being has typed this sentence on the Internet for eveyone to see
>there's a human being that genuinely believes there's nothing wrong with these words he's strung together
Someone get me out of this planet already.
Replies: >>221994
[Hide] (250.1KB, 662x612) Reverse
[Hide] (1003KB, 288x360, 00:15)
[Hide] (542.4KB, 708x1200) Reverse
>I don't think you understand the implications behind this sentence, anon.
Backing up your favorite artists used to mean that a master would pass his craft to a student because life is finite. 
The student of this era is the computer, anon.
Embrace it or go smear shit on cave walls again if you like analog so much.
[Hide] (3.2MB, 2064x2970) Reverse
At least have the girls do something.
It's always the same 3 poses with the same color palette and the same minimalist background.
Replies: >>222033
Glad ye like! I am not a fan of the pastel palette myself, she is more colorful than what I usually do. I simply fail to shade properly for the brighter colors to look in place.
Thank yous, I wanted to share my halloweeney with you. Though again with a drop of my faggotry that they are just images.
Also check those nostrils, hell yes, that's like a REAL artman, I still have trouble drawing headshapes good enough to support the beauty of that. If ye can slap a nose on animey, that's something.
Wrong, but somewhat true. This one is not my usual palette at all. And my girls sometimes do something, though I have to say I wish it was more often. I do always draw the same viewing angle, I just like it (I am also incompetent), and to me each drawing still looks unique enough.
Lately I do feel like I did everything I wanted and I don't know why I continue, I get less interest and it feels meaningless to share, I already portrayed my ideals and they never be felt. Still, I get this faken pen and do it again, like with this one, and I am glad.
What an insult, wew, go get it if ye need. Inhumane.
[Hide] (46.6KB, 437x501) Reverse
>I don't know why I continue
>I get less interest and it feels meaningless to share
It's genuinely sad to see some modicum of effort be dismissed in seconds by retards who are constantly bombarded by stimuli not giving a shit. Sadly, this is how things are nowadays.
We're living in an era of overstimulation, anon. Artfagging 15, 10, maybe 5 years ago would have won an entire board over. I'm afraid no one can care enough to give you the attention you deserve, nowadays.
Replies: >>222048 >>222107
[Hide] (527.5KB, 600x450) Reverse
>This one is not my usual palette at all
Lies. The eyedropper doesn't lie.
Challenge yourself. Try different color palettes. Try more dynamic poses. Try making a manga or something idk.
Just doing the same thing over and over is boring.
Replies: >>222107 >>222162
[Hide] (27.2KB, 366x555) Reverse
Jokes on you faggot, I can and I do. Keep up the good work, titty wizard, I still have the picks from your Christmas drawthread on smug saved. If you feel like you're stuck, find a different subject and build a bridge between that and what you do now. Do more action poses. Try some old-fashioned cartooning. Broaden your horizons, because nobody will do it for you.
Replies: >>222107
Thank you for yer kind words. It is not exactly this, it is not the attention I seek (it is to some degree), I wished what I am trying to do was more common in general. Hard to explain. Bluntly I wish more japs would've drawn heartwarming erotic images with affectionate girls.
For you
Thank ye, okay, I don't think I can draw someone better (as a concept) than this one or the one with basket of shrooms, they are very similar. That's my type to the absolute. Might as well try what you both suggest, especially what you mean with the bridge, something extraordinary while retaining what I do. It is not that I am stuck, I feel completed. Or not.
I should cut this faggy blogposting I do everytime, but I am glad to hear from you.
My counter-advice would be to Try being less of a cunt before accusing someone of lie. She has warmer skin colors than most of my drawings. I don't know what you are eyedropping.
Replies: >>222163 >>222169
The only thing he is eyeing is probably his own droppings with his own skin.
Replies: >>222166
[Hide] (109.9KB, 401x415) Reverse
[Hide] (174.7KB, 384x390) Reverse
Geez. Relax, bro.
You're right. The color palette is .6% more saturated.
I didn't even say it was bad. I just would like to see you experiment more with your art. If you want to keep making the same slightly worse than generic gelbooru piece #249 be my guest.
Replies: >>222343
Let's see 69d48's art
So your dad told you the story of how he fucked your mom in detail!?
Anon, you art is God-tier.
still hoping for that "parasite in city" doom parody cover
Replies: >>222343
I am glad you like! But as I said before, I find themes like that disgusting. That is simply not what I am drawing.
If you shared my interests, you would've not said so. I am still in minority by what I am doing. I wish it wasn't so.
Replies: >>222773
[Hide] (123KB, 833x487) Reverse
Just a couple of days ago I noticed that the reason 3/4 faces troubled me so much was because I was fucking up the guidelines. I always used the cross to guide the placement of features, which confused me and made me place the jaw in line with the brows rather than further back where it should be. 
Being aware of this makes faces considerably less of a struggle to draw.
Why are you such a bitch? Your whining and inability to take constructive criticism reminds me of yandev back when he tried taking advice from 8chan, or that ROB faggot. Grow a pair and learn to improve. Or you could go to reddit and have your little hugbox all day.
Replies: >>222780
Why are you such a bitch? You picked the response to the only posts that were not constructive as your point to unload. Unlike Mark's sockpuppet or EvaXephon this guy is actually delivering as well, so I don't see the point of your whining. You wouldn't happen to be a /monster/ user, by any chance?
Replies: >>222782 >>222790
probably just ForeskinVelourskin, ignore him
I mean, he's not taking requests so it could hardly be called delivery. Did you read the wrong urban dictionary definition or something? kek
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1655x2000) Reverse
Steve Harvey scares me
Replies: >>223470
video games? ,:^|
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1655x2000) Reverse
There goes my presentation on Paul Revere, I'm starting to think Helena is not a good person....
Replies: >>223957
[Hide] (282.3KB, 1655x1200) Reverse
Spoiler File
(283.4KB, 1655x1200) Reverse
Getting there, study hand joints/bones in depth and chest muscles. Heads a little oval too but not sure if that's style or not.
Replies: >>223926
study the barre of a shotgun and pull the trigger
Replies: >>223928 >>223956
crab in bucket spotted
[Hide] (80.1KB, 355x369) Reverse
Fucking A that is horrendous. The face being so mismatched with the body also gives me the impression you just traced everything.
Replies: >>223950 >>223956
another crab in bucket spotted. or maybe just samefagging from new ID
Replies: >>223955
Now you're just butthurt
That's not very nice of you two, care to show your own work rather than insulting for no reason?
Be a lot of fun to learn about Andrew Jackson and his opinions on the lobsterbacks
Really the worst thing is seeing you give these comments any thought at all. What has anyone here proven to you about their skill, taste, and vision? I'm a tenth of the artist you are and I wouldn't give a shit if any anon aside from you said they thought my art was boring. You should be laughing at them, if anything. You are setting your own path here, and we are just watching from far behind. Are you running straight to hell, or paradise? Only you can determine that. You need to see whats ahead of you, so stop looking backwards like that.
Spoiler File
(63.9KB, 620x930) Reverse
Spoiler File
(64.8KB, 620x930) Reverse
Spoiler File
(75.5KB, 640x853) Reverse
Breasts seem a bit too far down and the hat seems too small for where it's sitting, but otherwise looks pretty good.
[Hide] (188.7KB, 1200x1516) Reverse
Spoiler File
(194.6KB, 1200x1516) Reverse
Very nice.
[Hide] (558.5KB, 367x265) Reverse
>Z shaped pubic hair
Needs to be thicker though
[Hide] (349.7KB, 800x677) Reverse
Dude, nice!
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1925x1871) Reverse
Spoiler File
(1.6MB, 1925x1871) Reverse
Spoiler File
(1.5MB, 1925x1871) Reverse
Spoiler File
(1.5MB, 1925x1871) Reverse
Spoiler File
(1.6MB, 1925x1871) Reverse
>>224198 made me want to draw lolis. 
Tell me why my drawings are shit.
Replies: >>224584 >>224895
[Hide] (961.7KB, 171x172) Reverse
>tell me why my drawings are shit
They aren't. They aren't too shit I'd say.
The drawing almost looks like it's flat shaded at first, but once you notice, the gradients are exactly where they should be.
I specially like the pose and the way her legs fold. I'm a thigh man and your girl's legs are very pleasing.
My only real question is why is there a nutsack hanging from Hat Kid's groin.
Replies: >>224586 >>224895
[Hide] (613.6KB, 576x1024, 00:09)
>My only real question is why is there a nutsack hanging from Hat Kid's groin.
My lack of pussy practice has finally caught up with me.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1655x1413) Reverse
Replies: >>224673 >>224678
[Hide] (159.5KB, 793x556) Reverse
I like it.
Replies: >>224678
[Hide] (15.2KB, 282x250) Reverse
Don't ruin my semen demon like this.
Replies: >>224796
[Hide] (771.1KB, 1600x1993) Reverse
She already smokes, I guess she switched because the smell is easy to hide
Replies: >>224798 >>224897
>eternal DFC
[Hide] (835.3KB, 1600x1569) Reverse
Spoiler File
(2MB, 4705x4699) Reverse
A Nep drawing to use when offline.

I like your drawing, the pose is fine.  As for colors, maybe give more contrast between light and shadow but that's an area I have trouble.
If you're concerned about improvement, there's no shortcut.  Keep drawing.

>My only real question is why is there a nutsack hanging from Hat Kid's groin.
In no moment I thought that was a hnutsack.  See second pic that can also be a reference for the Hat Kid artist.
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1070x1405) Reverse
if you're going to draw someone getting punched/kicked make sure you actually draw them getting knocked back, otherwise it looks like a little bitch hit
Replies: >>224899 >>224902
[Hide] (234.7KB, 460x454) Reverse
That's for action scenes. For comedy scenes you tend to get more mileage from drawing the point of impact and exaggerating the effect into absurdity.
[Hide] (152.4KB, 250x240) Reverse
Tell that to gold experience.
[Hide] (758.5KB, 1280x720) Reverse
Requesting a group of Forest Keepers from Lethal Company just sitting around a table and enjoying their human chicken nuggets, with dipping sauces.

Have them making loud happy Forest Keeper eating noises. "Grom grom grom grom"
[Hide] (848.9KB, 1655x1553) Reverse
I will use this comic to vent my personal problems and NO ONE  can stop me.
Also how old is Rad Dude supposed to be? I thought he was 31.
Replies: >>225383
To me, the rad dudes are either 31 year old or 13 year old depending on the plot
Wait so that Johnny shit that was posted in the webm threads is connected to your shitty comics?
Replies: >>225529
No that's a different character and artist.
[Hide] (9.1MB, 1920x1080, 00:11)
[Hide] (1.9MB, 640x480, 00:21)
[Hide] (3MB, 480x360, 00:46)
[Hide] (3.4MB, 320x240, 07:07)
[Hide] (2.6MB, 480x360, 00:40)
Gonna take a break form Rad Dude for the month since current job is making me feel burnout, hopefully I'll be able to get back in the groove when I get as better schedule or better job.
Replies: >>227065
[Hide] (20.4KB, 400x400) Reverse
Sup dweebs, /b/ is hosting it's first loli speedrun competition. 
Deadline is until January 5th. Come join if your're not gay. 
Replies: >>227061
No reward? Hard pass
Replies: >>227063 >>227064
[Hide] (60.9KB, 800x446) Reverse
Drawing lolis is its own reward.
Do you think you're on reddit or something?
u r in my preyr rad dude
Spoiler File
(87.6KB, 415x573) Reverse
Question for drawfags, how would you draw her bangs? 
It's straight but unruly enough that focusing on strands doesn't look right neither does anime stripes.
[Hide] (915.7KB, 1296x1000) Reverse
Trying to finish this old wip now that I'm playing new vegas again. 
Don't ask, I don't know why I think girls in power armor are hot.
Replies: >>229900
[Hide] (2.4MB, 1655x2000) Reverse
Replies: >>229927 >>230600
qt girls in armor are hot, I understand, anon.
That was a close call, Rad Dude
[Hide] (3MB, 2880x2160) Reverse
[Hide] (654B, 80x80) Reverse
Gather 'round, friends of yore.
Take a seat on the couch, or perhaps on the floor.
For I am about to tell you a Christmas tale.
You are in it! So listen well.

A faint winter light, a bright TV glow.
A quaint little home lays gently on the snow.
Raging and laughing. Drinking with much delight.
Anons sit playing vidya on this comfy Christmas night.

Calling each other niggers and trashing a new game.
All while wrapped in the warmth of the fireplace flame.
Playing Killing Floor or yet more MMOs.
Is Teagan a nigger? No one really knows.

So sit back and feast on some roast turkey and nice Christmas jellies.
All while fantasizing about those erotic loli bellies.
But before you eat, let me first recite:
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!
Even though you're late, Merry Christmas to you too faggot.
Merry Xmas lad
[Hide] (30.5KB, 360x480) Reverse
You've definitely gotten better since your earlier drawings, you've still got some things to iron out but it's obvious you've worked on many things at once and didn't focus on specifics If I were you I'd grind poses and anatomy more since I think that's where you're lacking the most.
Nice Thanksgiving drawing, man!
[Hide] (13.2KB, 250x249) Reverse
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1672x1600) Reverse
Happy New Year's.
What was Rad Dude's favorite game of 2023?
Replies: >>230555
[Hide] (3.9MB, 1893x994) Reverse
Armored Core because you can pilot a giant robot and shoot things.
[Hide] (1MB, 1672x1600) Reverse
Replies: >>230600 >>230602
>missing last panel where johnny and rad dude kiss

Merry Christmas fags, excited to see your art in 2024.
nice work hobo nig
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1655x1416) Reverse
Replies: >>230783
I'm going to agree with that one anon here, these comics are really bland.
Replies: >>230788 >>231116
Ok samefag.
[Hide] (807.8KB, 2546x1800) Reverse
WIP for a request in another thread.
Yeah, I know about the requester but whatever.
Cute mouse
[Hide] (452.6KB, 2546x1800) Reverse
Doing colors later
Replies: >>231703
[Hide] (1.6MB, 457x462) Reverse
Replies: >>231903
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1655x2000) Reverse
Finally some good news, no more mixing blue powerade with regular mtn dew
Replies: >>231812
>kiki is the author of Rad Dude's stories as well as her own diary
Replies: >>231958
[Hide] (1MB, 2800x2235) Reverse
Replies: >>231904 >>231917
you do know you fulfilled the request of a mass-spamming fetishist that hijacks every single drawthread he can find to request this very specific thing using the exact same reference and wording, and has been doing so for several years now, right?
Replies: >>231905 >>231907
Wh7o is it?
Replies: >>231906
I don't know if the faggot goes by a name but he has been requesting people to draw girls in swimming gear for literal years now across pretty much every imageboard that has a drawthread, including 4chan /trash/
Replies: >>231910
I mentioned it in the Libbie VN thread

>More art of XFCE-tan.
>I was informed about the requester shenanigans during the sketch phase but since she's a swimmer I thought showing her swimming would be nice.

In other words, the guy got luck that I had a swimmer character and wanted to draw her.
There's a lot like him, especially on deviantart, which I suspect he originates.
I love the coloring here, and the line art is super clean too. Great work drawfriend.
Who is Kiki?
Replies: >>233041
[Hide] (2.8MB, 1655x2000) Reverse
I was asked to make more Helena and Futarina, so I made more Helena and Futarina
Replies: >>233473
Somebody please draw Kirby drawing Kirby on the draw
Kiki deez nuts lmao
Drawfrens blease draw Spurdo-Sparde gaming :DDDDD
Replies: >>233261
[Hide] (2.3MB, 1655x2000) Reverse
passing down the torch
Replies: >>233277
dude, you would have better luck learning how to draw yourself. there are no drawfags here besides the guy who makes comics and even then he does it for his own pleasure rather than anyone elses
Replies: >>234366
>functional bootleg from popular chink website
Is this real? Did retro games devolve to literal fools gold?
Replies: >>233298 >>233462
always were
fakes are usually easy to spot if you can physically handle the game, label/box printing is almost always crap, the cart will look subtly wrong from being a recast and the PCB inside will almost always be a dead giveaway
Making functional bootlegs is now easier than ver, amd probably a better option than looking for legit copies that have been all bought off by scalpers
[Hide] (80.8KB, 716x955) Reverse
[Hide] (302.4KB, 717x658) Reverse
I like the second half but I think the beginning could be smoother. Specifically Mario.
[Hide] (302KB, 711x608) Reverse
This might flow better.
The issue is there's no sense of motion as Mario pulls his arm back. There's some stretch on the koopa so he looks fine but Mario's arm just looks static. Add a smear frame or two there and it should look smoother.
i think it should linger more around the middle frames too, maybe it can be further emphasized with that
Cross post request.
If none of the others work, you could try showing the arm bending at the elbow slightly to give the impression he's wrenching the koopa back. That's my 2 cents
[Hide] (2.7MB, 1655x2000) Reverse
[Hide] (18.6KB, 500x500) Reverse
[Hide] (228KB, 691x494) Reverse
Literally me
[Hide] (28.3KB, 640x400) Reverse
I don't know where to post this, so here it goes.
Replies: >>234724
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1655x2000) Reverse
With Valentine's Day coming near, why not get a last minute card to someone?
Replies: >>234725 >>234728
>Major Stryker
Oh the nostalgia of shareware
Cool idea except for the part I'm alone.
Roses are red
That part is true
But violets are VIOLET
Replies: >>234757
That's very true
but now They're coming for you
[Hide] (3.4MB, 1655x2000) Reverse
Replies: >>235593 >>236050
Spoiler File
(4MB, 2880x8959) Reverse
I don't get it, who are those and what's going on
lewds when
Who is this cute Kirby girl?
Replies: >>235761 >>236907
My original character, Kerbeh
Looks comfy
I like this, it's comfy.
Who's the girl mainlining the dew? And where's Vivian?
Good one! I'm stealing this for SS#8
Replies: >>236061
[Hide] (812.6KB, 2000x2000) Reverse
>Rad dude is now rad enough to be in a game magazine
Replies: >>236064 >>236323
[Hide] (221.6KB, 1024x1024) Reverse
Why did you steal this style and make it worse?
Replies: >>236078
I don't like his comics either, but replying to him won't stop him from making more. What are those cards?
Replies: >>236083
Grift from the 90s, trying to cash in on kids collecting cards at the time.
I'm honestly starting to enjoy the rad dude posting purely out of spite for your whiny asses.
Replies: >>236108
Given the number of absolutely abhorrent posts that tend to appear in other threads at about the same time, I'm inclined to agree with you.
Let's be real, guys. Rad Dude is Awesome, and anyone who doesn't like it should kill themselves... Or better yet, they should be subjugated into reading all the comics as torture until they like it.
Replies: >>236417 >>237853
Here's a Rad Dude archive
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1655x2000) Reverse
Chicken thigh
Replies: >>236278 >>236323
but how?
Replies: >>236279
Chicken cow!
Check out SS#7 then, which featured the first Rad Dude comic. >>221665

Replies: >>236324
[Hide] (110.3KB, 258x322) Reverse
Oh man, no one told me? I would have eaten a big burger to celebrate!
I should try and make comics exclusive for the zine, but one thing enters my head and replaces the other, like the saying goes..

Anyways, there is something big that will unleash on the 24th, I don't know if I should post it here or what Because it's around 30 pages long
Replies: >>236331 >>236384
[Hide] (2.6MB, 1000x1000, 02:38)
do it.
Replies: >>236720
Do it faggot, go wild.
[Hide] (1.7MB, 350x196) Reverse
>Rad Dude is Awesome, and anyone who doesn't like it should kill themselves
<that ID
<IP hopping to tell people who don't like your Deviantart comics to end their lives
Get the fuck out of here Dobson.
Replies: >>236467 >>237572
What was that you said about replying?
Replies: >>236470
[Hide] (3.4MB, 192x144) Reverse
I was lurking the thread and that post caught my eye. Can't blame me, the ID matching up was pretty funny, almost Mark tier.
Replies: >>236482
I can and will blame you for being a faggot.
[Hide] (213.7KB, 687x887) Reverse
there's some small delays from some real life stuff (like always) but it is nearly done.
Spoiler File
(374.2KB, 1771x2200) Reverse
Ayamari, a friendly newfag OC, 
Also Happy Harmony Day.
That's so cute!
[Hide] (233.5KB, 500x1527) Reverse
Holy shit that's awesome
Why is she so big?
Now I want awesome face cake.
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1655x2000) Reverse
The Brap has gone to Crap
I can't believe they would betray us like this.
>schizoposter going around calling others schizos

Fuck out of here niggerpill
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1655x2000) Reverse
looks exploitable, do you have the last panel without the text?
Replies: >>237671
[Hide] (1.6MB, 2160x2500) Reverse
>why do you hate Nights so much?
<abortion of mascot design that appeals to no one
<retarded gameplay loop, has you flying through rings like you're Superman 64
<asexual multigender faggot as confirmed by Yuji Naka himself
<gave birth to the atrocious Saturn 3D pad, which in turn inspired the abysmal DC controller
<served as Yuji Naka's last programming gig before he sticked a broom up his ass
<overshadowed the good games that launched on the console
<PD Saga and Burning Rangers were sent to die because of this game
<main reason we never had a proper Sonic game on the Saturn
<alternatively, one of the biggest factors behind the Saturn's failure
<consolidated the system's spot as a laughing stock in the public eye
<Sega had to exit the console market 5 years after xir/xer game launched
You have to imagine how the execs at Sega felt about the jester back in the day.
>asexual multigender faggot as confirmed by Yuji Naka himself
Bullshit and I don't believe it.
Replies: >>237586 >>237590
applying modern western politics to a japanese character from the 90s is dumb to begin with
you don't watch ranma and think "oh this is clear LGBT pandering"
That is all complete and utter bullshit of the lowest order and an absolutely abhorrent shitpost

but I believe it
Replies: >>237590
[Hide] (145.6KB, 589x669) Reverse
>Bullshit and I don't believe it
<Yuji Naka: Men or women, we all have dreams
<I thought that the residents in the dream world shouldn’t have a gender, rather, the form of the characters should be determined by the person who is dreaming
<This setting was unique and never seen in any other game. It is understandable that questions about gender would arise, since European languages have gender specific words
<Takashi Iizuka: NiGHTS is neutral, and therefore has no gender
<The impressions of the character with regards to gender are totally up to the player
You'll be the judge.
Replies: >>237592
[Hide] (259.2KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
>are totally up to the player
What did he mean by this?
Replies: >>237604 >>237609
Spoiler File
(49KB, 500x500) Reverse
That this is real and you can't convince me otherwise.
Replies: >>237607 >>237611
[Hide] (1013.8KB, 1000x669) Reverse
That is between you and your dreams, anon.
Replies: >>237613
They didn't want dualizing (the thing the kids do when they fuse with NiGHTs to be treated as a weird sex thing. NiGHTs isn't "neutral" so much as the concept doesn't apply to bizarro dream spirits.
Replies: >>237613
Spoiler File
(735KB, 850x875) Reverse
i cant believe nights would do this
You two stop huffing your ass fumes. Crash Bandicoot released a month later and yet you're talking about sexless freaks fusing with young children. Sega should've stopped that game's development on its tracks, but alas Yuji Naka has to do whatever the fuck he wants to.
Replies: >>237618
[Hide] (70.6KB, 696x522) Reverse
>alas Yuji Naka has to do whatever the fuck he wants to.
And God bless his heart for that.
[Hide] (772.6KB, 960x720, 00:05)
>gave birth to the atrocious Saturn 3D pad, which in turn inspired the abysmal DC controller
Confirmed faggot
>doesn't like nights
what an absolute faggot
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1642x1752) Reverse
Here you go, dude!
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1655x2737) Reverse
Something's coming this way!
Same Rad time, same Rad thread!
Replies: >>237811
Replies: >>237821
>diary got brapped on by gaymer cat
What the hell does that even mean?
[Hide] (47.7KB, 640x424) Reverse
>Let's be real, guys. Rad Dude is Awesome, and anyone who doesn't like it should kill themselves... Or better yet, they should be subjugated into reading all the comics as torture until they like it.
>t. Totally not the same guy who draws that shit, i swear!
With the latest comic, I think the alarm clock was very funny, and so was the  "Don't miss out on it or else you're gay!"
Granted, it's not exactly the high class humor you all have been accustomed to, but with enough polishing of the mast, Rad Dude could very well be the next Questionable Content, maybe even better.
What's recently been missing from the comics, however, is the nazi stuff. More swastikas!
[Hide] (31.1KB, 567x565) Reverse
Not true. Truckeranon's flash animations are great and I will slobber over tiddieanon and Xfcefag every day of the week. These comics are simply bad, I can't fake any enthusiasm here.
>It's no wonder this site is fucking dead
This site's fucking dead because it's current year and it's hard to get excited about learning an art like drawing for an Internet community when there's an rapidly developing technology that can fake both art and Internet people.
>Ok and???????
You've misunderstood him. He's referring to LOL thread, and implying these comics belong there. Doesn't help that this fag posts them on 8moe's LOL thread as well
Replies: >>237905
>It gives the board a bad image
Pretty sure the uptight autists that shit on everything constantly and hurf their own anal fumes are what does that.
Replies: >>238823
[Hide] (47.1KB, 192x144) Reverse
Replies: >>237911
pls post more rad dude comics
You have to have a RAD IQ in order to understand Rad Dude humor.
Replies: >>237911 >>238823
[Hide] (12.6KB, 253x235) Reverse
I recall that fag mentioning something amongst the lines of being a humble trucker in one post he made. Something about a plastic bottle, perhaps.
>ID: 9754d6
>>237892 might've been onto something, except it's the polar opposite.
I don't even read the comics I'm just tired of a sudden influx of crying about it every time one is posted.
Irregardless your logic is also fucking stupid and autistic, you can still enjoy less funny things along with more funny things.
[Hide] (75.6KB, 296x170) Reverse
George Lucas would be upset with ALL of you. 

Quit yo bitchin' in the kitchen!
Should’ve drawn in his horrible goiter
Replies: >>237993
Jar Jar should've had a goiter
Replies: >>238015
Where though?
Replies: >>238122
Draw some nigger mutt babies on him.
On his throiter
[Hide] (1.7MB, 4080x1836) Reverse
[Hide] (1.9MB, 4080x1836) Reverse
Any suggestions for controlling your arm? I'm going forward attempting to do drawing exercises but it feels awkward drawing with my arm.
Plus I'm not sure if I should be doing tripod grips or just use the overhand like the drawing book I have is suggesting.
Replies: >>238739
[Hide] (202.1KB, 2000x2000) Reverse
Those are some good spheres.
Using your arm somewhat necessitates that you have an elevated surface to draw on rather than put the paper flat on your desk.
Otherwise you're always tempted to rest your elbow on the desk and then you lose out on your full spectrum of movement. 
Try keeping it relatively loose, and make sure you don't stretch your arm too much, making it get tired faster, or too little, making it uncomfortable to move.
In terms of grip, that tends to be a matter of preference.

Check out Scott Robertson on YouTube or his books.
Replies: >>238919
Your opinion is stupid and autistic, which is very wrong, especially when it's paired with you being a little bitchboy about it.
You'll stop being called a retarded faggot when you stop being a retarded faggot.
Replies: >>238759 >>238823
Cry about it
Replies: >>238777
>waaaaahs every time some easily ignored pictures get posted
>telling anyone to cry
lol that's some good projection bitchboy
Replies: >>238823
Seethe harder, fuckboy, it’s hilarious
Just fuck already, geez
Replies: >>238821
I'm done replying until the next comic comes out, it's fun seeing bitchboy project this much asshurt because of some stupid drawings.
Replies: >>238823 >>238846
[Hide] (37.4KB, 620x450) Reverse
>t. the guy who draws Rad Dude trying to shill his own shit.
All those posts needed was your picture with sunglasses and fake mustache like the Todd Howard memes lol.
[Hide] (342.1KB, 340x289) Reverse
Gonna cry? Piss your pants maybe?
Replies: >>238857
Cute aggression much?
>grr i h8 comic
>grr fuck you
>>grr i bet ur the artist
>grr i dont read the comic
>grr u mad
>gre no u
>now some fag is dragging /b/ drama into it
Wow I wonder why no one makes anything for you faggots, it's really a mystery. Stupid god damn children.
Replies: >>238883 >>238913
Never underestimate how bitter a few fags can be.
Who are you talking to?
<I don't like these comics, stop posting them.
>Wow I wonder why no one makes anything for you faggots
Who was lamenting that "no one makes anything"? Was it you?
If you want your wares to be loved, and only loved, then peddle them somewhere with moderators who will execute people for speaking evil towards them. That place will hopefully never be here.
[Hide] (7.1MB, 3496x4961) Reverse
[Hide] (7.8MB, 3496x4961) Reverse
I leave for a week and I come back to see that people here are falling for obvious bait from anons that I've had to deal with from Markchan.
just ignore them and they'll go away.
[Hide] (320.4KB, 494x395) Reverse
>anons that I've had to deal with from 8moe
<one chance to deflect criticism away from (You)
<decides to strawman the people who don't like your OCs
One job. You only had to say nothing.
>you're always tempted to rest your elbow on the desk and then you lose out on your full spectrum of movement
Interesting. Would a sloped desk make a PC more comfortable to use even if you're not a drawfag on a tablet?
Replies: >>238920 >>238921
that's why keyboards have those hinges to put the keyboard on an angle, it's much easier to type without looking.
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1600x1600) Reverse
>Would a sloped desk make a PC more comfortable to use even if you're not a drawfag on a tablet?
That would mess with your wrists, since you'll be typing on a keyboard. 
The key here would be your posture and the chair rather than the desk being at an angle. 
I'd recommend instead using those little cushions for your wrists. 

And yeah, that as well.
Replies: >>238924
[Hide] (155.2KB, 947x653) Reverse
>that would mess with your wrists
How so? Why is that more uncomfortable to the wrist over a keyboard on a flat surface?
I do believe a sloped desk would be an improvement, since my arms are already at an angle above the desk and I have to dive into the keys with my fingers.
>yeah, that as well
In that case is it fine or not to place the keyboard on a sloped desk? It sounds like something that should help with posture in the long term.
>I'd recommend instead using those little cushions for your wrists
I'll buy those for a dollar, is it good?
Is Kiki going to shoot up the school? That would be pretty funny I think.
Replies: >>238932
I'm going to shoot up a load in Kiki let me tell you,
[Hide] (230.5KB, 500x500) Reverse
They are uncomfortable any way you approach them, because your wrists naturally bend downwards, not upwards.
Replies: >>238936
[Hide] (16.2KB, 500x500) Reverse
I was thinking something more in line with this, where your hands line up with the keyboard because your arms have bent already.
Oh fuck, I guess gaymercat really does go to that skewl.
Drawless peasant here, what do you think about this guy's advice if I want to start drawing, specifically anime-like/moe art that looks like the real Nipponese deal? He seems to say some really grand and controversial statements, and also esoteric and philosophical stuff, but I think it sounds pretty interesting and may be true.
Replies: >>239051
Limiting yourself right away to just drawing anime is somewhat of a waste of time. Learning to draw includes anime to begin with, since it's still based on the same rules as drawing, only more stylized.
learning to draw now is a waste of time when stable diffusion "art" is already almost indistinguishable from the real thing and AI is getting significantly better every few months.
Replies: >>239069 >>239083
[Hide] (93.5KB, 980x650) Reverse
Breathing is a waste of time now that there's a machine that can do it for you and is barely distinguishable from the actual thing.
Replies: >>239070
I agree
t. medical electro fetishist I would give my left nut to be put on inhaler.
Learning to draw is pointless we've got cameras now.
t. >>239061's retarded great great grandfather
[Hide] (3.2MB, 1735x2481) Reverse
[Hide] (6.1MB, 1735x2481) Reverse
[Hide] (5.7MB, 1735x2481) Reverse
[Hide] (4.5MB, 1735x2481) Reverse
[Hide] (5.2MB, 1735x2481) Reverse
[Hide] (592.5KB, 2073x795) Reverse
[Hide] (187KB, 675x675) Reverse
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1280x576, 00:41)
I thought that think has a cock.
Cool stuff though. It's good to see the slow diary saga is finally paying off.
I would love to see more comics like this with a straightforward story line.
>I thought that think has a cock.
That's just Gaymer Cat's tail, didn't you learn anything in school?
Th-th-thiiiiiihhhhhiiiiisssss forever give up for our AI god kings happies neeeeeeeehhhhhevurrrrrr :^(
lel johnny hitler on pg 03.png
gril (male)
Replies: >>240063
I'm loving this saga so far!
Small correction: she's practically more human
Replies: >>240063
[Hide] (7.4KB, 318x254) Reverse
[Hide] (9.9KB, 636x508) Reverse
[Hide] (16.9KB, 1272x1016) Reverse
Time has passed. Games have changed. Our home has changed, but no matter where you go, /v/ is for video games.
[Hide] (572.3KB, 700x850) Reverse
Absolutely godlike.
[Hide] (32.3KB, 310x309) Reverse
Tasteful and inspired. Fukken saved.
[Hide] (31KB, 184x184) Reverse
I could've sworn I'd seen a page with Kiki's diary lodged between Gaymercat's ass cheeks,  maybe I just imagined it.
That's just 18 pixels off from being banner material, shame. You could take 9 pixels off each side but then you'd have to remake the diagonal split to fit the new corners.
Replies: >>240063
Nice try sucking your own cock radnigger
[Hide] (80.1KB, 1266x722) Reverse
[Hide] (10.6KB, 125x125) Reverse
Berry nice, anon
I love your hatching method.
I'm not a furry, but...
[Hide] (5.8MB, 1735x2481) Reverse
[Hide] (6.3MB, 1735x2481) Reverse
Trying to think of a funny way of saying that kiki already killed the visual quality in retaliation but unfortunately the reader of this post stole it from me and is thinking the humorous thing I was going to say instead
[Hide] (6.9MB, 1735x2481) Reverse
[Hide] (6.9MB, 1735x2481) Reverse
teleports behind you*
heh, nothin personnel, kid
Replies: >>240769
>it's another radtard pats his own ass episode
[Hide] (2.3MB, 2004x2493) Reverse
[Hide] (2.7MB, 02:58)
[Hide] (940.8KB, 2004x820) Reverse
[Hide] (48.6KB, 300x100) Reverse
ヽ(•̀ω•́ )ゝ✧
[Hide] (287.5KB, 1280x720, 00:04)
[Hide] (17KB, 480x360) Reverse
Instant classic banner. Very nice.
[Hide] (183KB, 752x410) Reverse
Thank you for the gondola.
Very very nice. You're pretty good.
[Hide] (4.2KB, 234x300) Reverse
The hits just keep on coming.
This is super rad, I love it!
I'm getting really invested in this, I hope Kiki gets her diary back! And I love Rad Dad's energy.
you don't have to underline words to bring attention to them, anons are not children

Exactly what I was thinking hah.

Damn that is NICE! Can I get the version without the background? A transparent PNG I mean.
Replies: >>240783 >>240964
I like it how it's used. Reads like the Rad Dad is overemphasizing the punchline in a lame "dadjoke" kinda way. I don't really see a better way to have it read like that which works with his personality. Italics would almost do it but I think that would read more like a smug smirk and less like a boorish elbow rib that is more in Rad Dad's character.
[Hide] (22.8KB, 344x505) Reverse
>all of these essays on some shitty OC webcomic from blacked.moe
>all because someone said he didn't find them funny
These fucking people.
Replies: >>240785 >>240793
What essays are you talking about?
Don't even acknowledge him he's just going to go into histrionics because someone dared find the comic entertaining.
Nobody to ban today cakekike?
[Hide] (2.1MB, 640x480, 01:07)
Wat is gud cheep draw pad? What do you anons use? Either with a display or without
I've been mouse drawing all of my shit and I just know in my bones that things can be better than this
Replies: >>240861 >>240864
I just use a cheap wacom one tablet.
I think I chewed too much on the pen because now I have to hit it against the wall for it to work. So make sure you take care of your pen because you will have to buy another drawpad entirely to get a new pen.
Replies: >>240866
[Hide] (501.8KB, 1963x1500) Reverse
[Hide] (3.7MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
I use an xpen  Deco LW, mostly because of my last job and I needed something that was wireless.
If you want something cheaper, I recommend the Huion H610 Pro V2, although the software is finnicky.
A general rule of thumb is to get a bigger tablet, pic related should help.
Replies: >>240866
[Hide] (116KB, 1047x754) Reverse
You're gonna lose your fucking teeth you beaver
Thank you anon and beaver anon
>For a girl 
[Hide] (1.8MB, 2004x2493) Reverse
 	ʕ •̀ ω •́ ʔ 	ʕ •̀ o •́ ʔ
Replies: >>241340
[Hide] (3.4MB, 502x624, 02:58)
[Hide] (3MB, 1735x2481) Reverse
So because of lack of funds I wasn't able to meet the deadline, so I have no choice but to sell out to advertisers, sorry guys.
>Turbonerd mention
Ha, nice
Thank you!

The sea-mesugaki ad (bottom left) has truncated text, otherwise great job.
Replies: >>241393
>he put mark in
it's over
Replies: >>241348
He posts these in 8moe first.
>it's over
Do you crosspost in 4um as well?
Replies: >>241352 >>241393
>He posts these in 8moe first.
Change that from first to only, please.
Change it back to only here while pretending to also post it on 8moe just to upset this fag.
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1549x875) Reverse
I told my sponser that but he kept insulting me and told me to do it anyways while angrily wobbling in his trenchcoat.
I think lately I've been posting them here first. I wish we didn't balkanize and return to how it was in the original 8chan back in late 2014 - mid 2015, but here we are.
you can thank kikewheels, the pig farmer, jewsh and /a/ for killing the original site
Replies: >>241399 >>241493
[Hide] (98.4KB, 776x602) Reverse
based bobo, now make it a zzzchan exclusive and free yourself from the kike shackles
>leaving both mark and acid out when they furthered the destruction and division of the community in every way known to man only to inflate their egos and still do to this day
suck more jew cock faggot
Replies: >>241438
[Hide] (232.5KB, 1152x648) Reverse
OG 8chan was just too good to exist in this modern hellish dystopia.
Keep posting it in both places, I like seeing the reaction of the nigger 54ffb7 whose eternal butthurt could sustain a large metropolitan area.
I literally just forgot mark and acid existed
Replies: >>241445
Post it to f17b26's mailbox with an acid bomb trap in the package so he can get a taste of the Bjork Surprise
Replies: >>241445
How when butthurt retards like >>241442 are constantly reminding everyone?
On the bright side, more IBs means no single point of failure. Plus it's hard to make a boogeyman out of several different websites instead of one like in the 8ch days.
[Hide] (5MB, 1836x2577) Reverse
[Hide] (87.4KB, 1024x768) Reverse
Here's my attempt that I had fun drawing with. I fucked up on a lot of places but I had a good time drawing this, sucks that I can't color it in.
Pic related is reference.
Replies: >>241617 >>241641
[Hide] (106.2KB, 210x333) Reverse
Good progress I'd say.
If you want to get better at perspective I recommend using 3D shapes, after sketching the skeleton, to map out the finished drawing.
Replies: >>241646
[Hide] (7.1MB, 1735x2481) Reverse
[Hide] (6.7MB, 1735x2481) Reverse
[Hide] (6.8MB, 1735x2481) Reverse
[Hide] (5.6MB, 1735x2481) Reverse
Replies: >>241647 >>242269
[Hide] (308.4KB, 736x546) Reverse
[Hide] (192KB, 1024x735) Reverse
[Hide] (580.6KB, 724x1040) Reverse
Looks pretty rad! since you can't color maybe you could experiment contrast by shading using hatching to make parts of it pop out.
Also whenever you wanna experiment some more, try practicing line of action and foreshortening, it will really make your stuff look cool and dynamic
Replies: >>241646
Ayy thanks! I'm somewhat working with 3d shapes albeit pretty slowly here and there.
Appreciate that. I'll see if I can find some tutorials on some those once I figure out this 3d stuff.
[Hide] (2.7MB, 796x1080, 01:42)
[Hide] (237.7KB, 90x90) Reverse
[Hide] (124.8KB, 706x1323) Reverse
[Hide] (183.9KB, 635x2413) Reverse
I would love this comic to go the DBZ /v/ rage route.
Replies: >>241654
[Hide] (28.3MB, 854x480, 05:19)
Replies: >>241971 >>242105
[Hide] (1.3MB, 3500x2042) Reverse
[Hide] (1.5MB, 3500x2042) Reverse
Replies: >>241967 >>241984
[Hide] (23.7KB, 531x361) Reverse
[Hide] (14.6MB, 640x360, 04:19)
The remake is shit and the animator had not used /v/ or 4chan for 8 years
Replies: >>241979
>the animator had not used /v/ or 4chan for 8 years
Is that supposed to be a bad thing?
Replies: >>241983 >>241995
yes, because he is a redditor now.
very nice!
Yes and no
No becauee the place is a shithole and has been for quite some time, but also yes because he has no idea what the culture there is now and added reddit shit into the fucking remake instead which is arguably worse.
Replies: >>241999
Fair, although I do remember 8chan liking FNAF and Undertale to some degree before they got popular.
Replies: >>242000
[Hide] (2.2KB, 252x252) Reverse
Undertale was okay until fags started clinging to it and overemphasizing the fag parts. It's a decent game, it's just the community that formed around it were bunches of spastic retard children, trannies, fags, and other societal rejects. It's like when THE CAKE IS A LIE!!!!1 dropped into the hands of the general public and started appearing everywhere
Or when tfw and pepe went into the public sphere
Normalfags ruin everything
Replies: >>242003 >>242017
I liked the demo. The game after the point that the demo ended felt like extremely mentally ill fanfiction that somebody else wrote about the demo.
there's a chance I let the community affect my opinion too much and drive me away, but overall I don't like games that try to lecture me regardless of community. having a moral lesson here or there is fine, but don't pretend you know me just because I decided to fuck around in a game.
Replies: >>242033 >>242115
This is why I've never played Iji. Mowing down waves of people who want to kill you shouldn't have a punishment attached to it, no I don't care how realistical it is.
Replies: >>242034 >>242037
>I don't care how realistical it is
>i allow other people to inform my judgement on things instead of seeing them for myself
You aren't making the point you think you are.
Is there a source file for the new and old NCH Vs. /v/? I want to learn and study how he draw and animate with Adobe Macromedia Flash.
Replies: >>242107
[Hide] (60.4KB, 716x716) Reverse
I don't think there is one for the new one but here's the old one's .swf.
Replies: >>242114
Fuck...This looks alright tho...
Few questions tho:
1: Which version of Macromedia Flash is the best to get for free atm? The 8th or the CS5.5 or such?

2: Out of curiosity, if I were to edit NCH's new /v/ vs. /b/, what would anons here like to replace to make it cool?



Replies: >>242137
If it's a singleplayer game playing it is fine, the issue is that any kind of discussion will attract these fucking autistic retards that make the Sonic community look good.
[Hide] (375.9KB, 1042x1042) Reverse
>Which version of Macromedia Flash is the best to get for free atm?
You'll probably want the last version actually by Macromedia, before the Adobe takeover. That would be version 8 from 2005:
You can find more details on each version and its features here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adobe_Flash#Macromedia
[Hide] (6.6MB, 1735x2481) Reverse
[Hide] (7.8MB, 1735x2481) Reverse
[Hide] (6.2MB, 1735x2481) Reverse
[Hide] (5.2MB, 1735x2481) Reverse
Replies: >>242507 >>242810
[Hide] (694.9KB, 3204x2384) Reverse
>give up on making me give up
the ultimate comeback
rad, dude
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1655x2000) Reverse
There has been delays so no new Kiki comic this week, sorry.
Hope this will make up for it.
Replies: >>243290 >>243294
[Hide] (100.3KB, 2793x600) Reverse
>Different IP
I was in a restaurant
[Hide] (8.6KB, 310x329) Reverse
Replies: >>243286 >>243293
[Hide] (492.9KB, 245x232) Reverse
>somebody else remembers n8 existed
Replies: >>243270
What's wrong with N8?
Replies: >>243275 >>243295
What's right with him?
pero pero
Anon, this is horrifying...
Replies: >>243293
it is, I particularly like the subtle terminator like eye behind the sunglasses
but why tongue big
Replies: >>243305
mmmm vore my favorite
Replies: >>243305
He's a jobber.
[Hide] (165.4KB, 557x1023) Reverse
I hope to god you're baiting.

>terminator like eye
Damn, good eye. I didn't notice it at first.
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