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What a nice board!
It's a conspiracy >>>/hikki/

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Topics of discussion were:

>FC2, FC3 and redux mods
>why is FC2 shit?
>classic 3D shooters (e.g. Quake)
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>>66966 (OP) 
And I guess I'll just repost my wall of autism since I still have the old thread open.

>why FC2 is shit
Highly repetitive structure is the biggest issue. Partly that's the infamous issue of driving everywhere (bus fast travel points are too sparse to be of much use) and having to pass through checkpoints which will chase you forever requiring you to get out of your car about once a minute to shoot the same 3-4 constantly respawning guards but it's also having to grind diamonds with more driving 'then' blow up arms shipments of invisible AKs also requires driving to and from to unlock anything since weapon degradation makes looted guns useless. Degradation is also a shit mechanic in general since FC2 implemented it as a timer from when you pick the gun up instead of basing it on use meaning it's just another thing that will force you to go drive backwards and forwards between everything. The malaria mechanic is another thing that just means travelling around doing bland side content on a timer involving more travel. In all three cases the travel only leads you to very simplistic gunfights that feel like busywork. Also outside of the above the map is basically just empty space: a small but dense map beats out a giant dead one every time.

Ignoring the above about side content and driving to the main missions the actual main missions are ok and do usually give you some angles to approach from but nothing exceptional and they're let down by the poor gunplay. Later main missions do improve on this a bit with more variety. The three weapon but per-slot-classification limit for guns (three freeform slots would've be fine but both systems require - you guessed it - more fucking driving to respec if your loadout turns out to be shit) and finally the dodgy stealth AI and the AI in general being decently advanced but struggling to show it given the mostly featureless areas missions take place in also hurt the gameplay. If the actual missions and gunplay were worth slogging through the rest to do I'd be ok with it but they aren't: an FPS that fails at making the shooting part enjoyable is always a failed FPS.

Now that's not to say it's all shit since it has some good points. The atmosphere the game gets praised for is decent but not amazing though it did lead to a lot of brown and boring visual design and The Jackal is a fun enough antagonist. The plot is functional and has some neat twists and turns tying into the buddy stuff as well and speaking of which the buddy system was a good idea though I think the mechanic of them rescuing you semi-dynamically tying them in naturally and avoiding a hard gameover was a more effective implementation than the weird alternative paths in missions stuff. The fact that you might have to put them down, again somewhat dynamically, was also both a good idea and fit well with the depressing atmosphere. Seeing Africa as a shithole where people are just stupidly shooting each other over ideologies nobody quite believes in was accurate too though the factions are so interchangeable as to be pointless  with missions just featuring a character swap maybe that was the point but it filters into the general bland feeling of the game. Similarly some of the tech like fire spreading and destruction is neat but it has little impact on the actual gameplay. There's also nice tech in wounded animations/AI and the like and generally Ubisoft's usual attention to detail with animation work is good noticeable even when you're in a vehicle and things on the dashboard/in the front of the boat move around a bit. The problem is all of this good stuff is in the little touches peripheral to the issues of the core gameplay loop being 75% boring busywork and 25% bland mainline content that doesn't make up for it.

In general though if you want something that does everything FC2 is praised for other than fire spreading gimmicks just go play SoC instead. It doesn't have the hard buddy mechanics but I'd put its soft faction, reputation and relation system in that same bucket. FC2 would have been far better had it either gone with the more stripped down and linear open world like SoC or dropped back to the outright FC1/Crysis 1 style of having each mission be a mini open area you could approach as you liked and cut out the meaningless full open world. Both of these would not only save on the repetitiveness but would allow for better AI since you could design more specific encounter areas they'd understand and you could gate weapons by area and areas by story progression I know north and south areas sort of did this in FC2 but not in a good way instead of diamond nonsense.

or tl;dr weapon condition and the speed at which it degrades, enemy respawns, and malaria
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really getting some Muses-tier vibes here
>delete whole thread by mistake because too lazy to do his (unpaid) job
>go into new thread to defend himself
>edit new thread and delete most of it when he doesn't get praised
KYS seagull
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Are there any decent recently released 6dof games?
It bothers me to no end how all the big faggot FPS channels are willing to shill New Blood titles and the new Doom games to no end but no one ever mentions Overload.
I think I'll pirate Doot eternal soon. I'm fairly interested in what it's like.
Replies: >>67213
>why is FC2 shit?
Hurr I dunno OP, why is generic empty bland open world game 5000 with nothing to do or see shit? Boy I sure can't wait to shoot up generic enemy grunt 9000 for the billionth time in generic outpost 50 and then go explore empty hilltop 150 or barebones jungle 10000
>Are there any decent recently released 6dof games?
I think there was an indie successor to descent recently.
Replies: >>67105
Yeah, besides Overload.
Replies: >>67107
In that case I'm not sure.
I was wondering why the thread was gone.

You reminded me of why the malaria stuff was so especially bad. The attacks come with no warning and force you to take medicine. You can't take medicine before you get an attack. Objectively terrible game design, and complete nonsense from a realism standpoint. Similarly, you have a limited supply of malaria pills but you can't check how many you have left. You can be about to start a big mission only to get hit by an attack and find out that you're out of pills, so now you have to go back to town to buy more or however it was you resupplied.
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Should I play the Far Cry games? I see every normalfag suck their dick, but I'm worried they're filled with social justice crap.
i've heard the first one was hyped up because of its graphucs but the AI was dogshit and had a lot of enemy pop-ins and shooting you around corners/through walls and bushes when you couldn't see them. i bought the first one on disc at a flea market but never got around to playing it.
The only one I've played is Blood Dragon and it was pretty fun.
I haven't played 1 or 2, but I have at least tried the rest of them. Don't ask me why. They're ok? I don't like the repetitive outpost capturing but the environments can be nice. 
In 3, you're on an island surrounded by miles of big blue green sea and there's stuff like Japanese WW2 bunkers around the island. The ocean is spooky since there are sharks and it's so wide and open. 3 is also a little older and it can show, which adds to the uneasiness imo. 4 might be ok but it's still the same repetitive gameplay in a different setting. 5 is the one in America and although they make some bigger changes like adding battle buddies and even getting rid of the infamous tower system, it still felt like more of the same.
>social justice crap
Not really, or at least I haven't noticed. In 3, you're basically a white savior. In 4, you're not white but you're western raised anyway. 5 is the one in America and everyone is stereotypical American but the good kind. Although I don't remember anything being said or done outright that was very SJW-y, there are two main characters that make up a WMAF couple. New Dawn is probably the one that would be iffy but I still don't really remember anything beyond the obvious surface level stuff like the antags.
Replies: >>67192
Isn't 5 the one where the antagonists are all what /pol/ pretends to be, i.e. RaHoWa militia fags? That's pretty fucking faggy if you ask me.
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shot-20210719-1902-1s6wnsn.jpeg (u)
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It's not looking good for Firestorm X, the (hopefully still) upcoming Tiberian Sun FPS. First one of the project's original leaders left to join a commercial development company, and now it sounds like whoever replaced him is a petty and power hungry cunt that could crash the remaining team with no survivors. Pic related. I really, really, really, hope this all just a big misunderstanding made by an emotional woman, who is the former developer in the picture. Because I see from Dev Talk videos and developer-to-community feedback that Firestorm X is mostly ready for a public release. And the only missing pieces for a public release is replacing placeholder assets, crushing bugs, and polishing certain infantry classes.

It's also strange to hear this because Totem Arts is not some untested newbie team either. They've been around for about seven years, so it's hard to imagine everything falling apart so quickly!
Play 1 and Blood Dragon, those are the best ones.
Then play 2 as it's super mixed and you either like it or hate it.

No wonder they've been so quiet
>They've been around for about seven years, so it's hard to imagine everything falling apart so quickly!
It's still a fangame made by volunteers where everything is open.

If some cunt with a grudge wants to sink it, they will.
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Not a huge fan of the series but FC2 was the only one worth remembering.
>look up videos
>it looks fun
Fuck. What are the chances of someone leaking an old source or another group picking it up to finish the game?
Replies: >>67209
There are obvious and plain biblical references, sure. But the initial plot point is that it's a cult that conducts a hostile takeover of the state in preparation for doomsday. I think it's more about that it's a cult that worships a man rather than a true religion. The antag basically considers the protag to be some kind of evil when really it's more like he's god's wrath incarnate, sent to punish the him. You also have a (black) pastor on your side who is involved in the story somewhat and can be a battle buddy. That shows that it probably isn't really about "Christianity/religion bad" but about the more normal take of "extremism bad". I don't know if that answers your question but that's my take on it.
Replies: >>67206
Isn't the only good ending the one where you choose to not play the game at the start? That sends mixed messages regardless of the stance they take.
Replies: >>67207
I wouldn't say that since there is nothing that implies the events at the end of the game don't transpire even without your intervention. I think what you say is true for FC4.
Supposedly there shall be another Dev Talk at the end of Summer for sure. But that was before this public posting of otherwise hidden drama. Looking at this former developer's Steam profile greeted me with "Allegedly gay" as their opening tag line. So it's just as likely that this woman developer is the real petty cunt with a grudge that's making shit up. I don't think there's much to do about this except wait and see if the remaining development team can make good on their promise to show another Dev Talk with significant progress at the end of Summer.
Replies: >>67224 >>67226
The answer is "no." 6DoF games have always been a tough sell--Descent was unique because it was a showpiece in addition to being good. Even actual space shooters have mostly gone to the wall thanks to Star Citizen being such a cash magnet that nobody thinks there's room in the genre any longer. I remember seeing some screenshots of space games I didn't recognize somewhere lately, but they were probably just $20 asset flips. 

Getting into the fake-6DoF genre, though, it always amazes me that literally no indie developer stole the Radix or Terminal Velocity/Hellraiser/Fury3 torch and ran with it. Those last three were the pretty much the same game remade twice over, and even though they weren't chartbusters the concept is trivial to copycat without having to actually do the work of designing 3D levels like in an actual 6DoF game. Maybe the indie-retro crowd will get there sometime, but I just can't figure out why someone hasn't done it already.
>You reminded me of why the malaria stuff was so especially bad. The attacks come with no warning and force you to take medicine. You can't take medicine before you get an attack. Objectively terrible game design, and complete nonsense from a realism standpoint. Similarly, you have a limited supply of malaria pills but you can't check how many you have left. You can be about to start a big mission only to get hit by an attack and find out that you're out of pills, so now you have to go back to town to buy more or however it was you resupplied.
I think it also only provides the missions when the timer starts popping up so you can't stack them in advance.

FC1 is fun but the AI is inconsistent with seeing through walls and the end, while not anywhere near as hard as is memed, has less interesting enemies. Crysis 1 is basically the same thing down to shitting the bed somewhat near the end with new enemies with better graphics, slightly more openness and a suit with changeable powers to emphasis the 'approach it your way' idea (which was actually semi-inspired by the console ports of FC1 having a similar mechanic). After Crysis 1 and Warhead you can ignore the series. With regards to the Far Cry sequels FC2 is boring as I've said and Far Cry 3 is forgettable but tolerable Ubisoft 'clear the map icons' filler. Blood Dragon is a bit overrated by anons but is basically a limited mod of FC3 that strips out a lot of the busywork and adds a 80s Saturday Morning Cartoon aesthetic and sense of humour, better than the base game but rather short. Every game after that is just more of FC3 with tweaks around the edges, even more filler content and admittedly improved coop gameplay if that's your thing. Though if you want open world chaos on an island you'd do better to play Just Cause 2 and if you play only one FC game after the first make it Blood Dragon and maybe give FC2 a fair shot since some delusional faggots love it.

Neither series has notable SJW shit in it at least not as far as I've played and arguably some of the Far Cry games subtly (and almost certainly accidentally) shit on 'muh colonialism bad muh natives innocent' narratives around various conflicts in the third world.

Ex-dev is probably a 'woman' since it's an autistic fan project for a fairly obscure FPS based on an old RTS series. Tranny alarm bells should be ringing.
Replies: >>67225 >>67226
Jesus christ, can't you just kill all trannies?
Replies: >>67226
'Her' previous names include one that is literally TRANS RIGHTS. I'm also digging around on one of the sites that lets you see names further back and it looks like the account might have been named Justin at some point.
Replies: >>67228 >>67231
And previous account URLs include JustinJ instead of JessicaJ so I will settle on tranny. Whenever you see someone bitching about shit like Discord and it's in a community only autistic males should be you should assume tranny.
Replies: >>67231
trannygadex.png (u)
[Hide] (138.2KB, 1280x1038)
Github account swapped from JustinJA to JessicaJA too. And this this makes me think there's a good psyop in telling trannies contributing to open source will get them doxxed, it could save the FOSS community from even more infiltration. This was all probably far more effort than the average tranny deserves but it's sad how often gut feelings like this turn out to be true.
Don't worry, no tranny is eternal.
They either kill themselfs or become ex-trans
Replies: >>67235 >>67243
So anons, any upcoming FPS vidya you're looking forward to?
I'm pretty interested in Shady Knight, Gunhead and Ultrakill as must play games for me. Might be interested in Aeon Wrath of Ruin, Roboquest and Gunfire Reborn if they ever leave EA and still undecided on Maximum Action, Viscerafest and Sprawl.
You know what steam early access needs? A bar or a progress indicator that represents how close the devs feel an EA game is close to leaving Early Access, it's getting frustrated seeing these games spend years in EA without knowing how more the devs are going to spend in EA so I can lose hope or not.
>Become ex-trans
How? You can't un-cut your penis can you?
>How? You can't un-cut your penis can you?
No you can't, but you still can stop taking opposide sex hormones. And yeah taking opposide sexes hormones isn't healthy, it infanct ruins your hormonal control which is really needed.
Also you would be suprised how much ex-trans people exist.
Replies: >>67237
Or atleast I think there are more then you expect.
What_the_fuck_am_I_reading.jpg (u)
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>if I dress up as a girl and shave my body hair, I am a girl!
Kill the mentally ill.
Replies: >>67241
>So anons, any upcoming FPS vidya you're looking forward to?
Replies: >>67281
They'll mostlikely end themselfs or just realise their mistakes and if it's not too late they'll return back.
>So anons, any upcoming FPS vidya you're looking forward to?
I'm mildly interested to see how these attempts at stylish FPS games (Trepang2 and the like) work out but they all seem to focus too much on giving you overpowered single button presses that do shit like lock on to enemies with melee or such excessive slowmo you can hardly die. There's a lot less fun in doing gun-fu shit if there was never any challenge to begin with. Even F.E.A.R., cited as an inspiration for most of them, suffered from a lack of difficulty but as with most indie revivals they're only interested in imitation and not innovation.
Replies: >>67257
The problem is the next generation of isolated males who fall prey to this, and the many female-to-male trannies who've either bought so far into feminist propaganda  they think male life is amazing or they're so into the glorification of vitcimhood that they need to improve their status by becoming a 'trans pansexual aromantic ADHD sufferer with PTSD from that one time I was nearly raped with the male gaze'. The teenage girls pushed into making irreversible changes to their body and fertility are the real issue since what was once a phase will have potential lifelong repercussions. But we should probably go back to talking about vidya.
So did anybody play March! Offworld recon?
Have you heard of it?
This is part of why I'm worried about Shady Knight because it has to supercharge itself as more than just a Dark Messiah indie clone, it has to have DMC's style meter and some parkour aspects and whatnot and I worry that none of it would be polished enough to make the sum of its parts better than any of those games.
Replies: >>67434
Thank you for your digging, anon. I'm definitely going with the real cunt on a grudge being the original poster. Going over their posts again, they've already set themselves up nicely to appear completely innocent without evidence, while also damning the competition on mere assumptions. Tricky, tricky. The remaining team not caring to give them attention (as far as I can tell) and revoking project access is the right move. But for sure the tranny will continue the "deeply concerning non-communication" narrative from the team not paying attention to the mentally ill. May the team stay strongly together over this, and not give in one bit. Firestorm X is one of the few games non-Early Access games I'm looking forward to this year.
Replies: >>67434
Oh I fucking forgot about 83. That's the one.
Replies: >>67434
>why is FC2 shit?
2 is the only good game in that mediocre series and the only special thing going for 2 is its thematics, fair realism and setting.  If you don't care about African warfare and the lives of mercenaries don't bother because the gun system won't impress you that much even if some of the guns are comically inaccurate.  All Far Cry games are the same and each new installment gets further casualized and homosexualed.

Instead of asking for someone's opinion play it yourself and uninstall if you don't like what you see.  Personally the constant driving didn't bother me and all video games really are is sitting down and pressing buttons and if there were a magic teleportation fast travel system people would tell you that's shit too and ruins the immersion.  Also the Jackal is a top-tier antagonist even if he's Walter Kurtz and the plot loosely harks Heart of Darkness.
A_Fortnite.webm (u)
[Hide] (6.4MB, 360x360, 01:03)
>No variety hiking simulator filled with retarded weapon animations
Eat a fucking dick and play 1 and Blood Dragon you fucking underage cocksucker.

I just know you played that garbage fire on a 360 while you were 6 and thought it was "great".
>filled with retarded weapon animations
Dude, Fear 1 and early Battlefields had retarded animations. And bassically a lot of late or early 2000 had retarded animations. 
>Also the Jackal is a top-tier antagonist even if he's Walter Kurtz
I liked the fact that by the end he would kill himself for saving people.
Outside of 1 I played Blood Dragon and outside of the initial appeal of having relatively fast movement and jumping height the game lost it's appeal fairly fast for me.
>>No variety hiking simulator filled with retarded weapon animations
<Pretending that Far Cry 1 didn't have bad weapon animations as well
Replies: >>67548
1566169598878.png (u)
[Hide] (61.5KB, 300x429)
I will not play crummy first game and I already played the trite 1980s neon purposefully cheesy Reddit one.  How do you call me the underage ban without a hint of irony?  Do you think you're cool and superior for your tastes?
Replies: >>67548
>magic teleportation fast travel system
I havent played this game since it was new Im pretty sure there was a magic teleportation system called bus stops.
Also from what I remember boats were actually the fastest way of getting around.
Replies: >>67364
>FEAR had retarded animations
Holy fuck kill yourself you underage faggot.
Replies: >>67364
>called bus stops.
Bus stops aren't magic, pausing the game and clicking yes to fast travel is not that I mind fast travel but I liked the bus stops over instant fast traveling.
Can we have sex?  I'm actually interested in you now and think that the way you get passionate about arguments and debates even on the internet is endearing and also really clenches your booty and vagina when you're not at the gym do calisthentics and $60 crossfit.
It was decent 2deep4u bait until then, but that was too obvious.
Replies: >>67368
My reasoning is that you can be patient driving somewhere for 5 minutes.
Replies: >>67420
>Fear 1 and early battlefields had retarded animations
Fear 1 and Battlefield 1942's animations were fine faggot.
Replies: >>68557
1e3d69f44a8fc1fdfcf8006a446537947c0baf4ed3290208d0c60ea308dbd61f.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (163.8KB, 600x337)
Can you guys think of a more cancerous title than this?

Tom_Clancy's_XDefiant_-_Worldwide_Reveal.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (16.9MB, 640x368, 03:39)
Poor Tom, having his name attached to ubisoft shit forever.
This is the most cancerous thing I've seen in a while.
Was Crysis a mistake?
Crysis was pretty good
Well I did find cancer and an underage poster.

Anything after Crysis 1 was a mistake.
9e45fe98f4e131a397dcd3a770a1713dced2b1625894d0cafd6d144cd2fd0154.gif (u)
[Hide] (55.8KB, 640x199)
poor clancy
The problem is that most of the game is those five minutes on repeat, you strawmanning fuck.
Replies: >>67449
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (2.5MB, 1361x735)
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (338.8KB, 780x425)
Nice silhouettes. I can tell it must be REALLY easy to tell which 'faction' is who, especially in the heat of the moment and when the players will likely be able to wear epic customizable rare lootbox skins.
>Shady Knight
That looks like it suffers from exactly what I'd worry about.

Ignoring the tranny is the best path. Otherwise he'll pull in a giant twitter mob and while that doesn't actually matter most dev teams can't handle the pressure.

The Cold War battlefield thing?
Replies: >>68032
Screenshot_2021-07-19_19-41-30.png (u)
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1917x1080)
Screenshot_2021-07-19_19-41-21.png (u)
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1919x1080)
Screenshot_2021-07-19_19-40-55.png (u)
[Hide] (1002.2KB, 1908x1080)
Screenshot_2021-07-19_19-40-40.png (u)
[Hide] (888KB, 1904x1080)
What kind of subhuman nails games to the wall?
Replies: >>67557
>Can you guys think of a more cancerous title than this?
Whatever they name the next Splinter Cell, since they seem to be hinting at making a new one.
>this is OUR take on a multiplayer first person shooter
>it's just a generic arena shooter 
I wouldn't mind games being shit if marketing wasn't just lies 24/7.
1426391918332.png (u)
[Hide] (41.8KB, 291x293)
You espouse whatever /v/ tells you is good or bad and have beat only 20 games in your life at best.
Replies: >>67457 >>67462
isn't this just Black Ops 4?
Imagine typing this shit while shilling for ubishart's far cry 2
Replies: >>67528
Tom clancy is turning inti a turbine in his fucking grave.
jonesScreaming.webm (u)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1280x720, 00:05)
jonesScreaming.webm (u)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1280x720, 00:05)
jonesScreaming.webm (u)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1280x720, 00:05)
jonesScreaming.webm (u)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1280x720, 00:05)
jonesScreaming.webm (u)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1280x720, 00:05)
No, and I played this shitshow on release. Since you're a subhuman with no interest in or ability to have a sane conversation, I'll go ahead and ignore you now. Should have done that as soon as you started the strawman arguments, but oh well.
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1359x759)
Everything after the ayys show up was a mistake except for Warhead which is technically pre-ayy.
And Crysis Wars gave us pic related.
Replies: >>67496
It was a fine game until the aliens I think. I recall that nuclear tank option in the multiplayer which was fun.
Man, I miss Fisher.
It's okay anon, the devs will simply add a red silhouette around every enemy and each player model will be lighten up by an invisible floating light to make camouflage and shadows useless!
Replies: >>67471 >>67482
Are there any nu/recent FPS games where customizable characters serve a tactical purpose?
IIRC War Thunder before the 2016 graphics update had russian plane skins that were almost invisible when juxtaposed against forests and green plains in simulator battles.
Replies: >>67477
Any shooter with loot really. Tarkov especially, each rig, backpack, armor and helmet are different.
Camouflage in a team shooter, at least a typical modern one, is honestly out of place. Especially when skins or colors are locked behind grinding or more likely lootboxes. Planetside 2 is a good example of why people shouldn't be allowed to customize their looks much in a team shooter. The idiots behind it made skins that made it very difficult to judge which team someone belongs to at a distance or quick glance. The result was lots of accidental teamkilling and people not being as quick on the draw against people using said skins.
Also, having a team color scheme gives certain teams an advantage on certain maps. To some degree that's unavoidable, but with today's boring photo realistic art style it can become pretty annoying. Of course, the solution is to do like Valve did with TF2, giving the game and characters a visual style based on clarity. And then they threw that away for the sake of hat lootboxes.
Crysis was great
Everything after Warhead was shhit

There is nothing wrong with the Ayys
It's the climax and the game ends shortly after they appear.
Replies: >>67497 >>67507
>There is nothing wrong with the Ayys
Its when the game shits all over its core gameplay and becomes a shitty call of duty game.
The aliens aren't inherently bad, its just that its implementation in the game was awful. Its pretty obvious they wanted to make them like Trigens in Far Cry 1 but they ran out of time/budget and had to axe that part of the game.
Replies: >>67509
More or less everything prior to ayys can be dealt with in any way you want to, when the ayys show up it turns into bulletsponge hell and it makes half the game mechanics useless. Sometimes I would just stop playing at that point.
Ayys are also probably the main reason why the sequel is so shit. Never finished it and never even bothered with 3 after playing it.
Replies: >>67509
>Shooting ayys from the sky with a Gauss Rifle and a VTOL is bad
Come on man, it's like 3 missions.

>Ayys are also probably the main reason why the sequel is so shit. 
No, it's shit because it dumbs down the gameplay, the A.I, the Ayys, the physics, the visuals and pretty much everything just to run on a console.
Go back to Reddit or Crystal Cafe since you have a vagina.
Replies: >>67531 >>67535
Also what's a strawman?
1469731217690.jpg (u)
[Hide] (27.1KB, 387x420)
Replies: >>67551
3e7a6934240794a7761e625e898bfc4e470a401e90fc374cd01e3c5498679b78.jpg (u)
[Hide] (28.7KB, 366x334)
It's a man made of straw what else could it possibly be
condescending_baseball_man.jpg (u)
[Hide] (51KB, 600x600)
>posting twice in a roll instead of editing his post
What a retard.
doug-church.jpg (u)
[Hide] (38.4KB, 240x324)
>a lot of late 2000s

Only really bad one is the M4 

Yes I am you cuckchan fuck, nice filename by the way
Replies: >>67551
We have the same image with the same filename, what thread was that? I saved it on 16-08-20.
>cuckchan is the only imageboard that uses Unix filenames
Yes you are. You will next tell me that 8chan never had them.
Replies: >>67558 >>68062
Someone who never plays them, obviously.
Mine was 15-10-20
Replies: >>67564
I remember that season being prefixed with 144 and 145.
78b7714c980add171c5ddb0b0135216d1df67e787092bc799c669f9dd28fcc38.png (u)
[Hide] (156.4KB, 400x260)
f901d1b1ebac24815ed82da41e1b0c6e1c54fe08a4fec07f9e0144305b7c0b28.png (u)
[Hide] (232.8KB, 400x378)
the scout silhouette looks like a wehrmacht soldier wearing a gas mask and carrying a surfboard. you see it? you see it.
Replies: >>67567
He looks like Abe from Abe's Odyssey with a Squash on his back and a giant thumbs up hand
Replies: >>67677
Oh I meant the pyro not the scout
>The Cold War battlefield thing?
Technically it will be more of a red orchestra type of thing then anything. Since it's well made by the same people behind rising storm 2 and like.
But has anybody else heard of Ground branch? If you are sad about nu-rainbow six games veing shit then you shouldn't worry, this one is made by the guys behind such stuff like ravenshield and such.
Replies: >>68062 >>68076
>Yes you are. You will next tell me that 8chan never had them.
Didn't 8chan actually swap either to them or from them at some point? I'm sure I remember that.

>Technically it will be more of a red orchestra type of thing then anything. Since it's well made by the same people behind rising storm 2 and like.
I'd prefer it to be RO:OST inspired than RO2 and Rising Storm 2 which are dumbed down for the larger reddit-larper market.
>But has anybody else heard of Ground branch? If you are sad about nu-rainbow six games veing shit then you shouldn't worry, this one is made by the guys behind such stuff like ravenshield and such. 
I've played it, it's pretty fun and is at least putting emphasis on coop over pure PvP for once.
Replies: >>68064 >>68071
>Rising Storm 2 which are dumbed down for the larger reddit-larper market.
Well antimatter just made a mod that later became rising storm I think.
[Hide] (21.3MB, 640x368, 04:19)
>I'd prefer it to be RO:OST inspired
It is, much bigger scale since it's not UE3 nor published by Tripkike.
Tanks, Helis, Jeeps are featured and they even added destruction.
Spawn system will be more like Squad and other games where you have rally points.

83 is looking good nig
Of all the tactical shooters in EA/development GB looks the most promising, but I refuse to buy demos. Hope it's going to be good, and not rot in development hell until money runs out and an incomplete 1.0 is rushed out.
I never got into Arma despite liking the idea, are there fun servers anymore?
Does this site not function for anyone else:
Replies: >>68316 >>68321
Yes it does not work fo me.
>I never got into Arma despite liking the idea
It's really hard to get into, half of it is learning where the AI is bullshit good and where it's hopelessly retarded: the official showcases are brutally difficult, poorly designed, and generally not a good way to learn anything, stick to the editor instead and only go to MP once you got a few tens of hours of experience.
>are there fun servers
There's ten thousand different flavours of fun avaliable, they all require a lot of practice and high tolerance for bullshit however.
3bc3c5e628bf3d4044719b15447a77c7ff40ca8829c5ced1d54eae31e732e93b.png (u)
[Hide] (414.6KB, 800x450)
Any anons that liked gaylo should check out Splitgate. It's a Halo clone with portals that runs on Linux natively. Seems like a decent comp shooter.
Replies: >>68351
Would have been but now it's pandering to Fortnite faggots.
Replies: >>68352
How so? I just discovered it this morning and it's been impressively fun for a few matches. Though there is a bit of performance issues with the portals every now and again.
Replies: >>68383
467845f58b249da6c4e466acc6a8cf9a3f86ad18b25ee237dee420c9364d5144.png (u)
[Hide] (18KB, 469x373)
How is the Sniper Elite series? What is the best one? Can I just randomly pick the most modern to try out my rig? Should I care for story at all or anything?
not an fps :^)
They're barely FPS games and they're borderline average games from my experience with 4 and V2. You get to watch balls explode but otherwise they're games that should have been some really cool stealth games but are quite boring setpiece shooters and the actual sniping is barely involved.
Shit HUD, cartoonish visuals and skins everywhere

1 and 2, avoid the rest, they're bloated DLC/Microtransaction filled skinnerboxes.
Replies: >>68385
>Shit HUD, cartoonish visuals and skins everywhere
Those aren't great but they don't really ruin the entire game. But yeah outside of the default character skins they all look pretty goofy. It's a shame they couldn't capture the Halo 3 style of armor variants. These days if your custom skin doesn't look completely out of place and go against the stock art style of the game I guess it won't sell well.
Replies: >>68398
The later ones are pretty bad, the early ones aren't that good but can be fun for an hour or two.
The fundamental problem is that they're pseudo-stealth games where you try to not be noticed at all even when engaging the enemy, while in a proper sniper game your goal when engaging is just to not be located.
What about Sniper Ghost Warrior?
Replies: >>68395 >>68509
the recent ones(contracts 1 and 2) are surprisingly good for what is essentially a budget video game.
All the games before it are only good for curiosity's sake. The first one was a janky budget PC FPS and then the series devolved into wanting to be ubishit far cry on quarter of the budget. 
Don't buy them though because the newer ones have microtransactions.
Replies: >>68488
e05177a240cb38b6c03a09935cc1569eca3c30f50987634df7eb3c961e20d146.jpg (u)
[Hide] (24.2KB, 460x345)
>mfw when I realize everyone is running around with controller aimbot just like they did in gaylo
God fucking dammit
f2e34cb9955d801a92089f40b9d9a71a15f3668daaa0f4267a287394c1d6acb4.png (u)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 944x720)
>don't buy them
Last game I bought was in 2013, because I could get it 3 days before store date and I just wanted to dab on some faggots and not have to rush through the game in order to participate in discussion. Imagine paying for games lmao.
Horrible optimization, bugs and jank everywhere, highly questionable level design.
Pirated it, uninstalled within 2 hours.
bf42_anims.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (23.9MB, 640x368, 09:33)
>using BF1942 as an example of good anims
They weren't all that great.
Replies: >>68564
so what's retarded about them?
Replies: >>68566
The sounds
Replies: >>68567 >>68574
And also much more that I don't know how to explain.
Weapons+of+the+light_bb2788_8259952.jpg (u)
[Hide] (39.6KB, 560x553)
>the sounds
>in a soundless webm
I really don't see anything egregious aside from pistols and M1 Enfield closing its ejection port after ejecting the enbloc.
So is anybody going to say what exactly is wrong with them or are we going to bob and weave instead of answering the question?
IMFDB lists a few quirks, but there's nothing I would call retarded. Half-life 2 weapons are retarded.
Replies: >>68582 >>68623
Dude that breda was everything but alright.
I know it has a charm, but for me the FC2 do have them too.
But now the question of the decade what's better reloads project reality or forgotten hope 2?
Not that guy but they were always kinda stiff and janky to me, even when I was a kid. Every single reload skips the part where he presses the magazine release, except the pistols, and in many of them he kinda magically balances the mag in his spread open palm as he drives it home. Many animations overdo the magazine tap but these are pretty bad about it. Even Counter-Strike had better reload animations. Holding a gun by its suppressor is complete retardation, you might as well grasp the barrel without any form of housing or insulation. The shotgun animation is a joke. Also the guns move way too much in all the animations. For example you don't need to unshoulder and rotate a bolt action rifle 45 degrees so you can use your fucking pectorals to rotate the bolt, that's completely silly and is a disadvantage for you because now it takes you longer to get back on target. I'm also not sure if you were talking about the Garand when you said "M1 Enfield," because there is a fairly major error there in that the bolt is not released manually after the new clip is inserted, it happens immediately (which is why Garand thumb is a thing). Even if it were released manually, riding the bolt home with your hand is a terrible practice as you usually end up taking away energy from the spring and causing the gun to jam. Finally, the Stielhandgranate has a blunder, although a common one, where the actual ignition step is skipped, since the grenade does not cook off until you pull a porcelain bead that is covered by the screw on cap. If you really want to get pedantic then the Bazooka should have a step where he connects the rocket to a battery which ignites it electronically.
Replies: >>68647
lnEbJs4WX1.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (4.5MB, 1264x672, 00:32)
xNvemzdY0E.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (3.5MB, 1280x720, 00:26)
I really like the weapon sounds and animations in Project Reality, I wish there was a mindless arena shooter of some sort with a similar weapon system.
Obrez_on_cloth.jpg (u)
[Hide] (106.5KB, 1024x768)
Finally, some real answers.
Thanks for clearing that up.

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