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As you all know, we've been on cloudflare's "I'm under attack mode" for the last several days due to a spammer. This has gotten annoying for everyone and I am ready to pull the trigger on implementing recaptcha until a better solution can be implemented, which Tom is currently working on. This is not something I enjoy doing. Using any google service is an absolute last resort and I would be switching to whatever Tom cooks up asap. That said:

If enough of you are fine with how things are now and don't mind skipping recaptcha I won't add it

So I want to hear from you. Do I add recaptcha and we deal with it for a few days or do we just wait for something better?
I personally don't mind one way or the other, but I don't want anons leaving because of Google. MUH PPH
So I guess stick with the bus clicking.
fuck google I'll click the bus
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>>397 (OP) 
Waiting for something better is a superior option. ReCaptcha is far more obnoxious than the browser checks and I think the site will lose a lot of goodwill permanently among anons if (((Google))) shitware is used even for a brief time. From the looks of it, Tom's working hard on captcha improvements + hidden service support so I don't think we would have to deal with cuckflare for much longer.

Thanks for keeping an ear open and taking input before pulling the trigger on reCaptcha! Also, how's the Vanwanet subdomain coming along?
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>>397 (OP) 
I'd rather have captcha per post than the cloudflare check that kills thread updating. Also I wonder if some of the people arguing against the board being usable are just concern trolls.
Replies: >>403
>Also, how's the Vanwanet subdomain coming along?
Delayed due to this nonsense. If I can get some time this weekend it'll be up shortly after. Switching captcha takes priority though.
The train clicking is fucking obnoxious and doing it every post would make the site truly unusable IMO. Also, the CF check isn't messing with thread updating on my browser. Do you know if it's a bug on specific browsers under specific conditions?
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It doesn't stop updating for you after 30 minutes or so until you do the check again?
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Oh that's what you meant! I initially thought you were referring to threads not updating at all. Anyway, having to do a recheck does fuck up thread updating temporarily for me.
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>>397 (OP) 
Just do your best sturgeon, i'm sure there's people who want a /v/ without the old baggage and willing to wait until you sort things out. Don't let (((them))) win.
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ZZZchan motorbus when?
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>>397 (OP) 
Do NOT fucking implement recaptcha and allow Jewgle to datamine our memes
I don't mind the cloudflare browser checks because they Work On My Machineā„¢ and I do intensely despise Google.  I'd be willing to wait quite a while for Tom to develop a robust solution to the spam problem, so waiting a week or possibly less doesn't bother me.

>not a short bus
Which would take less time to implement in JSchan, endgame or Captchouli?
>>397 (OP) 
I'm against reCaptcha, as much as it wouldn't bother me personally I know how shit it can become if you do things that fuck with it's confidence index..

Wouldn't adding hte Hcaptcha thing from cloud flare to new post instead of the browser check be a viable idea instead?
>>397 (OP) 
Recaptcha option is for if captcha gets cracked by spammers and you wanna force them to pay pajeets.

How about this: http://qga4iyo7rp3kjhwvbkdo6vxeuo4r2suq4fygkwbsw7hve7cykwgrdpyd.onion/bypass.html
Is this better or worse than the text captcha/recaptcha/cloudflare?  Is the challenge clear without any instruction? If this gets broken by image processing or AI, somebody else can be in charge of designing and implementing the next one. I need to focus on other jschan stuff.
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Ok, I will not be using reCaptcha then. Thanks for all the feedback, I should have asked you guys sooner.
It appears that cloudflare shit is invisible to both bareback and vpn. However it is extremely tedious when accessing the site through tor, so you better fix that shit up or lose some of your users. Cloudflare fucking despites tor.
Replies: >>420
>It appears that cloudflare shit is invisible to both bareback and vpn.
It isn't, not for me at-least.
If the decision hasn't been made yet, my vote is against reCaptcha.
>>397 (OP) 
I think sticking with the CF protection is better than reCaptcha, first because of the usability and secondly because reCaptcha seems to block tor completely. With CF and HCaptcha you can at least get on the site with TOR if you enable Javascript. So reCaptcha would be kind of unfair to anons using TOR.
>>397 (OP) 
You just can't ever have nice things after 8chan fell, eh? I'm amused you even considered using gaycaptcha in the first place.
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More like people can't leave us alone to talk about videogames.
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Cloudflare browser check that goes in and out of attack mode makes the board annoying to use but still possible to use for me, especially whenever you go out of attack mode it then becomes I believe perfectly functional. Jewgle captcha makes the board impossible to use as I won't use or solve jewgle captcha. At the end of the day either solution as long as it is temporary makes little difference to me. If better solutions are as little as a month away, let alone a few days, I can wait that long and just no post here until then or post less because of cloudflare checks occasionally not working.

I'd say it's better to have a shitty experience than it is to have people paranoid about jewgle spyware scripts and the taint that will bring on the sites reputation for privacy and security. Plus I just fundamentally fucking despise jewgle captcha's as they're unbelievably fucking cancerous to solve. I know you've already decided against jewgle captcha's, I'm just trying to drive home the point that I don't think most people here are in any rush to get the site into a perfectly usable state, especially if it means sacrificing so much to the point where you're resorting to jewgle captcha's.
I guess I'm retarded because I couldn't figure out the objective without instructions, which might be a good thing.
Replies: >>427 >>430
Literally took me 10 minutes to figure out what to do. If approach it thinking like a bot solving the usual captchas (which I initially did) you're doomed, very clever. But once you have figured out what to do, wouldn't it be even easier to solve by an AI? But I guess this is just one example, if there are different challenges, maybe also ones similar to the usual captchas, that might throw off the learning pattern.
Replies: >>430
>>397 (OP) 
Voting no. While some anons might leave over cloudflare acting up, that's entirely spamfag's fault. Going the recaptcha route will just tank faith and will lose anons.

I'm honestly wondering if it's been more someone that hates the culture /v/ has to the point they don't want us able to set up camp anywhere, or if it's just /v/ traditionally being a board with a large population and as such provides them enough of an audience to piss off.
>I hate having to use google too but the browser checks are arguably worse and you're having to use recaptcha with them anyway
Actually it's cuckflare's hcaptcha. Don't add recaptcha on top of this shit, for the love of God.
Replies: >>431
the objective is to pick the squares in the grid that correspond with the solid/filled icons in the distorted grid image.
AI would probably solve anything that doesn't have a constantly changing dataset like recaptcha and hcaptcha. But those are pretty much impossible to make your own alternative to without the dataset.
This is at least not weak to text recognition, which is why recaptcha v1 was retired.
Replies: >>431 >>437
I think admin was going to get rid of the hcaptcha cloudflare page and replace it with recaptcha, not do both together. But I agree recaptcha is worse. Hcaptcha works, isn't google botnet, and I don't have to do 20 pages of picking crosswalks and fire hydrants to get past.

I tried picking the boxes like you said, and it worked. Same effort to solve as motorbus IMO, but without javasript. Will it actually stop spamnigger though? And is JSChan working on a .onion now?
Replies: >>434
It was kind of vague but I'm pretty sure he was planning on putting recaptcha into the post form, not the cloudflare page. I could be wrong though, doesn't really matter now that he's decided against it.
Looks like it's getting along in testing. Hopefully it's deployable soon.
(93.4KB, 700x700)
I'm so glad we didn't join le evil webring so we could avoid being attacked!
Replies: >>436 >>438 >>487
Dont argue with it anon, just join one of the kosher-approved imageboards like 8kunt or 8mark. Or pay for vanwatech so the CEO nick lim, known cybercriminal, will stop attacking your site to get business.
Replies: >>438
>the objective is to pick the squares in the grid that correspond with the solid/filled icons in the distorted grid image.
That's a pretty complicated way to explain it. It's just asking whether any given area has >50% black or not.
I don't know whether this is intentional or sturg just had more important things to do so far.
I don't think joining would be the worst thing and it might get us new users but then again is it really necessary?
The webring drama is pretty annoying and half of the webring hates 8/v/ anyway.
When the webring started it seemed like a great idea, independent pages but with a synergy effect. In the end there's always more infighting than cooperation.
>muh cybercriminal
Who the fuck cares?
Replies: >>439
I'm actually just dumb and don't know how. I'm not sure what exactly to put in the config.
Replies: >>442
Also /b/ is up for anyone interested.
copy configs/webring.json.example -> configs/webring.json, edit it, and pm2 reload all. To proxy requests through tor and hide your server ip, check the last step in the readme.
I see we've moved to the new grid-based captcha.  It's a neat idea, but the Instructions link doesn't actually lead to anything because the FAQ doesn't have a #captcha section.  In fact, the word captcha doesn't appear anywhere on the page.

>I can't believe [untrue thing] was untrue!
The reason Sturgeon didn't join the webring immediately was because he wanted to ensure the site could weather attacks like these.
Replies: >>489
There's another reason that I'm looking to solve: all webring traffic needs to be routed through a proxy since if I allow the requests to access the app server directly it defeats the purpose of having a proxy in the first place. We will eventually be on the ring but I can't guarantee when.
Replies: >>491
Doesn't JSchan already include an option for that? Or am I misinterpreting what you're talking about?

>8. Optionally, if you plan to use the webring and want to make requests with a proxy to mask your origin server IP:
>Install docker and run torproxy in a container: https://github.com/dperson/torproxy (of course, audit the docker image yourself)
>Use your own socks proxy
Edit configs/webring.json and set proxy enabled:true, and the proxy address.
Replies: >>492
neat, i will look into this. getting the second proxy takes priority now that we have good captchas
Testing captcha
Replies: >>522
(20.4KB, 378x184)
>Select the boxes that correspond to each solid/filled icon in the grid. The image is shuffled and distorted, so use your brain.
Instructions unclear, stuck my dick in a toaster.
>>397 (OP) 
Why are they torturing the poor fishie
Replies: >>554
The strong have the right to do whatever the hell they want. It's a right granted to them by nature.

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