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 Dress to impress!

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Last one >>160682 is bumplocked and on its way out. /b/ would be all the poorer without one of these, so here you go.

No means yes, yes means anal.
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Speaking of, I could've sworn I've heard this medley on another song. Got it at the tip of my tongue and I can't spell it out.
If you're an impatient nigger the song's main melody starts at 3:25. Doesn't it sound familiar? What is it?
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Niggery niggers nigging niggerly
Niggle my piggle
Worst anime of the past decade? For me it’s My Hero Macadamia and zombieland saga or whatever it was called. I didn’t think anime could have woke garbage in it, and yet here we are.
Spoiler File
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I haven't been to the gym in a week... gotta get my motivation back.
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>>191884 (OP) 
Replies: >>192030
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That one's this other image.
im here
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If I don't immediately try to honestly solve my problems, then it means I choose to remain in this situation. Which means I have no right to complain about those problems, and it also questions how much I truly value my life if I allow this to happen. It is absolutely stupid and contradictory, I've caught myself acting like this several times, and I feel guilty and dreadful of ruining my life when it happens. But I am absolutely not going to give up, and I refuse to embrace these illogical contradictions any longer.
Replies: >>192042 >>192052
Good man. Never stop improving yourself.
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I think lately imageboards have damaged my ability to read long posts online because too many times I've wasted effort reading an essay tier post only to find out it was made by a moron trying to disguise his stupid fucking point as something intelligent by throwing as many words as possible into the mix purely to obfuscate the retarded logic.
It reminds me too much of having to help grade papers for faggot college kids.
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I don't recognize the melody, but the song was good. Thanks for sharing. Here's one from my collection.
Replies: >>192103 >>192640
Report the dbz nigger if you see him, thanks.
Replies: >>192091
He got btfo after finding out Toriyama drew lolis
Replies: >>192098
>this nonexistent boogeyman got btfo because I said so
You use cut aggression wrong, moe is based shonen is based, you are an eternally butthurt avatarfag, sorry bb ggnore
Replies: >>192100
Wait what happened to the Toriyama thread? Did moenigger OP delete it?
What is this schizo nonsense? I didn't cut a single aggression!
Replies: >>192149
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It took me not being retarded to finally figure out what it was. It was a remix of some old trance song called Infinity hence Infinity 2001 which has been remixed a bunch of times.
Funny that this faggot labeled eah song after a year since they all sound like they're chasing the EDM trend of their time. The 2008 remix and up are particularly egregious.
That's popcorn isn't it?
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>>191884 (OP) 
Where do go to find Japanese forums?
Replies: >>192150
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If I masturbate in an airplane restroom does that count as skyjacking and can I be charged with a felony?
I'll cut your piece to peaces
IDK much man, I only got this: https://may.2chan.net/40/futaba.php?mode=cat
Hope it helps.
Replies: >>192165
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The 2008 one is by far the best. It feels as if electronic music peaked that decade.
Replies: >>192452 >>192640
I'm looking for any Japanese metal forums or gore forums that don't require a 20 dollar fee like Documenting Reality does.
Replies: >>192197
This game is hard!
Why do you want to see grotesque images of death and disaster?
Replies: >>192200
I just have a fascination with it. Death is very interesting to observe.
Replies: >>192214
I really like the Rika banner
I should probably know what you mean by "popcorn," but unfortunately I am retarded.
Replies: >>192452 >>192640
What’s your relationship like with your family and friends?
Replies: >>192219 >>192294
That doesn't look like gore links or forum references.
Replies: >>192237
Shh, let him tip his fedora and pretend he's a psychoanalyst and not just some idiot letting everyone know gore bothers him.
Replies: >>192239
LARPing as a psychologist is cringe, but it's not healthy to actively seek morbid shit either.
Of course, if you can't handle randomly seeing a gore video or whatever you're a pussy, but if you actively look for them you must be at least a little bit sick.
But how's he going to win his internet arguments if he doesn't post le heckin dead body?
Replies: >>192258
>it's cringe but I'll do it anyway
lolk go ahead only an idiot would take online psychological bullshit seriously anyway.
He asked for a link, what's this about arguments? Is that why you're mad about it? Because someone posted a gire video in the middle of some meaningless internet slapfight? Get over yourself, for all you know whoever you're mad at doesn't even use the internet anymore.
Replies: >>192261
>>it's cringe but I'll do it anyway
Point me out where I did LARPsychoanalysis. I just said that looking for morbid shit is unhealthy.
Replies: >>192289 >>192294
Tell me about your family relationships.
Replies: >>192290 >>192294
She was only 11 and I don't regret a thing because we both had alot of fun..
*adjusts fedora*
*fellates cigar*
*makes stupid quote about fellating cigars*
yep, mmmhmmm you want to fuck your own mother and cigars are actually leafy cocks that I suck, hmmmmmmmm
I (>>192239 & >>192261) am a different anon from >>192214
Replies: >>192316
*snaps out of incestuous Oedipus fantasy*
Hmm what? I was too busy being psychoanalytical, are those your siblings? Do you want to fuck them? Hold on let me get my tobacco cock and faggot hat I mean fedora.
Finally got around to listening to these. I don't think the 08 one is that bad, but I definitely hear the decline in quality over time. Also why are there all these short trance songs around? Trance songs should be like 8-10 minutes, even if you're going to crossfade them all for live shows.
Replies: >>192452 >>192640
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[Hide] (7.6MB, 890x890, 10:05)
>electronic music peaked that decade
I seriously hope the lame ass electropop you posted isn't what you're referring to as the peak of electronic music.
Can't think of anything I'd call the but there's much more to offer than sped up pop tracks. Electronic music in the late 2000s became too busy for its own good.
It's a melody that's been done to death in electronic music. I'm surprised you didn't recognize it in the song you posted earlier.
>I don't think the 08 one is that bad
It's the stupid build up foreshadowing the sax and the drop at 0:46 that ruins the song for me, it sounds retarded. The melody asks for a mesmerizing slow song, not some gay ass EDM.
>trance songs should be like 8-10 minutes long
No, no, I agree. Trance songs should definitely be about building up into the main melody, it's not a fast genre by any means. I don't think the last song is even trance, sounds almostlike the late-stage abortion that's current deep house if the production wasn't complete cancer
Replies: >>192602 >>192640
I didn't realize that melody is so common. I don't think I had heard it outside of the one song I posted. On the other hand I only got into electronic music relatively recently, so that's not too surprising. The track I posted is a very early example of the "lento violento" style, so I guess it's not too surprising for it to borrow a common melody like that. It feels almost like a "proof of concept" for the style.
>too busy for its own good
I understand what you mean and obviously I'm not the anon you're replying to there, but I like busy. I was trying out some splittercore earlier.
Spoiler File
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ok i posted what's my prize
Might be relevant, assuming you haven't visited this website yet.
Replies: >>192675
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I will not forget those days when they wanted to exterminate us.
But their dreams fell apart,
because along came Zeljko's Tiger!

Thank you,Arkan !God bless you,
Bijeljina will never forget you!

They thought it would be easy to handle us,
they said it must be like that.
Brave warriors helped us,
Serbian volunteers of Arkan

Feminism is a funny movement. It’s funny how instead of fighting for more pay, feminists instead bitch about animu boobies games. It’s the reason why nobody takes feminism seriously.
Replies: >>192665
Nah, they still do the "fighting for more pay" shit and it's retarded.
There's a reason why women are paid less than men, and it's not because they are as productive as men.
Useful link, thanks for sharing.
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So suddenly, my internet cable not longer works.
>Try another cable, nothing
>Install drivers, nothing.
>Run diagnostic, nothing.
So I can only assume the port is dead. So now I'm on USB tethering.
gay site though
dumb butt
lol christspammer mad no one reads his garbage
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>click on /fit/ out of curiosity
>see hairy pit reimu banner
>close tab
Replies: >>193013
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[Hide] (110.4KB, 1200x667) Reverse
What? You mean this one right here?
Replies: >>193036
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Lately I've been giving up midway through making posts. I would have in mind something that feels like a good reply but halfway through finishing it  I suddenly notice it's actually incredible stupid nonsense and quit.
Replies: >>193037
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>click on /christian/ out of curiosity
>see a NIGGER pseudo-anime mascot as a reply to the stickied thread
>close tab
Yes. You see, I'm not a feminist nor a homo.
Replies: >>193046
PLEASE FINISH WRITING YOUR POSTS ZONZ we all love your beautiful posts
Replies: >>198635
You are gay as shit lol
Replies: >>193048
Oops, sorry for not liking hairy monkeys. Are you going to say next that I should be attracted to muscled women? Maybe being attracted to women at all is gay and I should be attracted to macho men?
Replies: >>193098 >>193114
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>Sorry for not liking hairy monkeys.
Finally a man of culture.
Replies: >>193099
Kill yourself that's even worse
Replies: >>193114 >>193203
So histrionic for no sensible reason lol. Being a combative faggot 100% of your time will eventually take a physical toll on you homo.
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A third of zoomers and negroes support having government surveillance cameras at everyone's homes.
>>193099 (Me)
After seeing this picture a few more times I now find it strangely cute. But still, I'd say that overall a female with both head and b*dy hair is preferable to a female with neither head nor b*dy hair.
But fortunately I don't think there often are situations where I'd have to choose between just those two so the best thing to take is head hair and no b*dy hair, of course.
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Reading that short lived thread about the rules of whom I'm not the OP, please stay your ban finger made me wonder:
>1. Do not post, request, link or promote any content illegal under United States law.
What if the US makes lolis illegals tomorrow? Are the mods going to start banning people for that?
Not until I've got a gun to my head figuratively included. Though once cartoons start getting banned I imagine they'd just as likely come after people just for not appreciating the government.
There is a lot of AI slop that looks pretty decent, but you chose one with blatant flaws.
Replies: >>193218
[Hide] (8.1MB, 03:33)
Everything you like and enjoy will be perverted and destroyed by soybug golem and made illegal because it hurts peoples feelings.
AI shit looks factory made though. It's a crutch for people too lazy, too ignorant or too vindictive to learn old things the right way.
Replies: >>193222
Posting an audio file and no picture makes you look like the christschizo ERP groomer "Joseph" (who hopefully should now be residing in >>>/christian/ and spamming his schizoposts there)
Replies: >>193223 >>193233
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It's from a 'satanic' band, I'm most certainly not the christfag schizo lol
Plus it's relevant because them and Pestilence have AI cover arts for their upcoming albums and they both look like dogshit apparently Pestilence dropped the shitty AI art but still lul.
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is that the board to go to if i wanna get paid for reading the bible while someone jacks off behind a closed curtain and tells me im a sinner for failing the iLoveJesus101 quiz?
Thalidomide baby
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Trannies doxed stonetoss. One Hans Kristian Graebener, apparently a half spic Texan who works for an IT firm and was one of the ex original goobers from 8chan who went to the meetup with Hotwheels. Pics related he's the big guy with the shawed head in the back, next to the nigger behind the curly jew in front. I wanted to make a thread but I can't because lol captcha is broken.
Atleast we know he isn't Shmorky
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>captcha is broken
(True meaning:)
<I have profound retardation
Why are femcels so fucking vile?
Replies: >>193425 >>193449
When even the most mediocre women can afford to get fucked by dozens or hundreds of men, if a woman does not ride the carousel it's because she either is one of the very rare women with good values, or she's just extremely unappealing in various aspects. Femcels are the latter.
Replies: >>193427
Seriously, are those the creatures behind feminism?
Replies: >>193435
An abusive lesbian relationship between them and the ones that got molested/led on/raped and became bitter at the world for it.
Lonely self-absorbed people tend to be tremendous assholes in general. Now add estrogen on top of that and you've got what is probably the closest thing to the physical manifestation of spite and hatred.
Replies: >>193454
>Lonely self-absorbed people tend to be tremendous assholes in general
Which comes first, the self-absorbed loneliness or being an asshole?
Probably the asshole part, which leads to loneliness, and that in turn leads to being an even bigger asshole
Probably the loneliness part, which leads to asshole, and that in turn leads to being an even bigger loneliness
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I turned to imageboards because I've always been a stuck-up asshole with a superiority complex, so I give credibility to the latter.
I dreamed that the page limit on this board was reduced to 10. Good that it was just a dream.
If it was up to me, the page limit should be increased to, like, 50. Or at least, threads shouldn't be 404'd when they die, but at least "archived" for a couple of days like on cuckchan so you have time to archive them yourself.
Replies: >>193524
Being self-absorbed is usually the precursor to being an asshole, the loneliness is just a byproduct of both.
Fags will also still piss and moan about a duplicate thread even if the limit was 500 threads.
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[Hide] (81.8KB, 720x540) Reverse
[Hide] (71.3KB, 960x720) Reverse
[Hide] (320.7KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Some caps
Replies: >>193534
I might read Subahibi (VN on pic1) one day. It's supposed to have a lot of vile shit (including this guy being forced to crossdress and suck dick by bullies, on-screen and graphically), and a shitty "there is no truth or meaning but JUST BE HAPPY BRO" message, but I think the story itself might be pretty interesting, and it's quite popular and I don't want to be left out of too many discussions. The creator is supposedly pretty weird (including claiming on Twitter that it's common for Japanese people to masturbate using dead chicken from the supermarket), but he's anti-woke and has some views that many anons would consider "b*sed".
THOUGH... for now my Japanese is not advanced enough to read it, and I'm not going to read an English TRANSlation like a stupid normalmonkey.
>including this guy being forced to crossdress and suck dick by bullies, on-screen and graphically
I was worried that this was about to happen in the scene in the pic and so I immediately checked the tags on vndb and saw nothing to indicate the presence of fag shit. It does have the gangbang and bukkake tags so you may want to avoid it unless the story interests you and you intend to ctrl through those scenes.
So, are the jannies dead at this point?
[Hide] (25.1KB, 699x576) Reverse
I'm not anti-tomboy or anything, but an interesting observation I made is that tomboy fans like to act high and mighty and boast about their "heterosexuality" and call people who don't like them "gay", but I don't think they really have the footing for that when their preference are basically girls but male-er.
Replies: >>193597 >>193601
>would consider "b*sed".
Ahem, based.
Replies: >>193600
Nah, you're just offended by the concept of tomboys so you see "high and mighty" behavior where there is none because you are a cunt.
Replies: >>193604
Whatever you say, pedo-supporting (>>193525) nigger worshiper.
[Hide] (758.5KB, 625x626) Reverse
Replies: >>193604
>you're just offended by the concept of tomboys
I specifically prefaced with "I'm not anti-tomboy or anything".
>so you see "high and mighty" behavior where there is none
I have seen numerous cases of tomboy fans on various imageboards boasting about their "heterosexuality", and describing the concept of not liking tomboys as "gay" and attacking anons who don't like them with that specific (and ironic/unfitting) word.
Please elaborate.
[Hide] (330KB, 625x592) Reverse
>including this guy being forced to crossdress and suck dick by bullies, on-screen and graphically
Uh what the fuck?
What’s the point in attending something like that?
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[Hide] (4.3KB, 41x47) Reverse
[Hide] (4.2KB, 47x38) Reverse
I just found out the Metal Slug series took the gacha route. Something that would be much more depressing were it not for the addition of monstergirls.
[Hide] (130.5KB, 407x361) Reverse
Shit fetish, you already have a containment board on the webring
Replies: >>193928
[Hide] (129.3KB, 678x698) Reverse
Why thank you for your thoughts, but the main point of my post was the creeping feeling of dread finding about that game brought upon me. For is sad proof of how real the descent into dystopia is, and how hideous childhood must be for kids these days, being victimized by the most despicable schemes to milk them for cash.
Replies: >>193931 >>193933
The Metal Slug original pixel artist is making his own spiritual successor, it honestly doesn't look that great considering the backgrounds are 3D because he can't afford to make the game entirely 2D but its definitely better than this shite.
Replies: >>193938
It happens because people pay for it. You have to teach yourself to stop taking responsibility for others' decisions.
Replies: >>193938
Lol every Japanese IP has a gatcha game these days, you must have lived under a rock. If you don't like them don't play them duh.
Replies: >>193934
>why are you surprised that someone is eating shit, look around you, everyone is!
Replies: >>193936
There are way worse things (eg. social media)
[Hide] (98.6KB, 1000x1030) Reverse
> webp thumbnails 41x47 pixels
This is some next level faggotry
Replies: >>193938
[Hide] (18.8MB, 1280x720, 02:12)
Black finger jet? Yeah it looks very odd, uncanny even.
I know, my lament is that so many people fall into it. Money and talent are wasted on the immorality of these thinly-veiled slot machines. The consumers are content with trash, the companies seek to please the lowest common denominator, and the result is the landfill that modern entertainment has become.
Which makes me sad when I think of the innocent children that come to be mired in this cesspool, specially when I remember how nice it was when I was their age, going to the arcade and enjoying something like the actual Metal Slug games.
Sorry, that's what I found on the wiki, but it plays the animation if you click on it!
Replies: >>193940 >>193943
WEBPs are the devil.
You don't know if it's lossy or lossless, if it's a picture or an animation. It's all under one cursed filename.
I don't know what bothers anons on sleepy so much about pixels against 3D backdrops. I've never heard anybody complain about when live action movies put animated characters in frame, like Space Jam or Who Framed Rodger Rabbit.
Replies: >>193952
[Hide] (26.1MB, 640x360, 07:18)
The background of the MS games was as much a part of the experience as much as the gameplay. So changing it for a dark, reflection heavy 3d space feels off.
Replies: >>193953
I don't know, I kind of dig it. Reminds me of PS1 games that didn't make the jump to 3D.
>convert lossy jpeg to png
>it is now "lossless"
>convert lossy gif to animated png
Those don't happen THAT often especially if you're not retarded, it's not the same thing as all INHERENTLY having a homogenous file type and extension.
>the filesize is now much higher than if I'd used webp
1. Storage is cheap and plentiful.
2. Most people don't even have a gorillion images anyway, so it doesn't make a huge difference
3. If you still really care about filesize (eg. are gigapoor and can only afford tiny storage and/or have to store a lot of images), JXL and AVIF do a better job
>webp defender is the pedo spammer
<inb4 paranoid
»193944 is listed as "pedophile samefag"
Also »193940 is using an emoji (a staple of the pedospammer)
Kill yourself webp shill pedo
[Hide] (942.5KB, 850x1261) Reverse
Error is everywhere I look. All around and about me. The more I listen to people the more convinced I become no one has a clue. But I stop and realize I'm clueless as well. So I've given up on grand and ambitious plans, I decided to sit and let things go by without me.
Replies: >>194057 >>194059
[Hide] (162.5KB, 310x294) Reverse
>meme westoid '"'vn'"' popularized by e-celebs picture
Didn't read.
Replies: >>194058 >>194064
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1760x2720) Reverse
Joke's on you buddy, I just picked the first pic that came out of the booru without even knowing what was about.
[Hide] (8.5KB, 250x250) Reverse
Good news? Pumpt eeeeet!
Bad news? Pumpt eeeeeet!
>caring about what others think of the media you consume
e-celebs breathe air too
Replies: >>194070
>e-celebs breathe air too
But they didn't popularize it, faggot.
Either way, even ignoring the "popularized by e-celebs" part, some short pixelshit western '"'VN'"' about "mental health" is bound to be some tranny garbage.
Finally mods cleaned up.
Has anyone thought about how it is gay when a girl who gave you a feratio kisses you afterwards? I don't see it all the time in doujins and stuff but when I do I think it's weird.
Replies: >>194105 >>195175
[Hide] (254.5KB, 387x470) Reverse
I think that, if we are going to claim that inserting your penis in a girl anus is a sign of repressed attraction to men, (because you could perform the same act with a man) THEN inserting it in a girl's mouth should be also be considered a display of homoerotic urges for the same reason (that is, a man can also suck your pee-pee).
So yes, it's as gay as anal sex, if we are being consistent.
Replies: >>194114
Anal sex is more traceable to gays because it's their only equivalent of normal sex despite how shitty and unhealthy it is. Oral sex is a less disgusting act that gays in particular don't have a specific reason to do over straight people.
Replies: >>194117
[Hide] (130.3KB, 442x478) Reverse
>Oral sex is a less disgusting act
I vehemently disagree. 
How is someone having their mouth in the orifice where urine comes out any less revolting than someone having his penis in the orifice where feces are expelled? If anything, the first one would be the more unhygienic, given that the mouth is the main entrance to the organism.
Replies: >>194119
Pee is much less disgusting and harmful than shit. Also pee is stored in the bladder so you don't even touch it during oral sex, while shit is stored in the space you insert your dick into during anal sex, so you may end up touching it.
>drink 100 gallons of my wife's pee
>no problems
>get 1 diarrhea droplet stuck under my foreskin during anal with her
>need to go to emergency room to revive my penis
Replies: >>194124
I'm having trouble telling whether this is irony or not.
Replies: >>194127
It's an ironic post made out of butthurt.
[Hide] (210.5KB, 437x373) Reverse
I'm stuck watching this stupid show with terrible songs because I find the MC cute (The animation is cool too I guess).
You like animated shows with cute girls? Guess what, there's a country that produces thousands of those, without any pozz or propaganda.
Replies: >>194174
[Hide] (4.5MB, 482x634) Reverse
I'm a big fan of the fluidity in animation of some western cartoon such as this one.
I also like the art style.
Replies: >>194177
From this GIF alone I can't be sure, but a lot of the time western cartoons have "fluidity" because the art itself is pretty simplistic and they use 2DCG software a la Flash instead of manually drawing each frame, so they can afford to get more frames per second.
Replies: >>194182
That's usually sitcoms with 20 min episodes like Family Guy and modern Simpsons.
This one is very Ren and Stimpy in terms of amount of frames and body language.
[Hide] (5.8MB, 723x380) Reverse
We are being raided by soyjack faggots who spam unfunny wojack pictures and whine about "'"'cartoon CP"'"'
[Hide] (576.2KB, 850x1020) Reverse
thats the one where the characters drink literal soy milk?
Replies: >>194240
I haven't gotten to that episode yet.
[Hide] (722.2KB, 280x290) Reverse
You can call me a newfag or whatever, but I want to ask the forbidden question:
What does "only the dead can know peace from this FUN" mean?
[Hide] (246.4KB, 286x323) Reverse
The opposite of this.
Replies: >>196633
It was a banner on halfchan and i think a winnie the poo meme made it happen. There's no god here, just me, being one image in relevance.
I'm actually watching this too. It's thoroughly "okay" but I like the premise enough to keep watching.

Too bad her bestie is a turbojew, disheveled girls are cute.
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1152x1200) Reverse
While we are at it, what's up with the Chinese copypasta about random sentences "human rights, tianamen square,etc"?
Are those words banned in China and whoever displays it in his browser gets a social score penalty?
Replies: >>194504 >>195176
>Are those words banned in China and whoever displays it in his browser gets a social score penalty?
Something along those lines, though I think it was more like to auto-disconnect chink opponents in online games.
[Hide] (13KB, 500x505) Reverse
Pretty depressing day for me so far, maybe I can manage to make it better this evening. Also, I hate how many obstacles instagram puts to view stuff anonymously. I was trying to make an account through the tor browser, I got away with using a temporary phone number, but now it asks for a profile picture, and it seems glitched on the tor browser, so I can't continue... I miss bibliogram, even though that was also very limited thanks to instagram.
Replies: >>194821 >>194826
What do you need normiegram for? For looking at 3DPD ass pictures or what?
Replies: >>194827
[Hide] (42.5KB, 476x362, 00:01)
Replies: >>194827
[Hide] (7.2MB, 889x495) Reverse
People are being dishonest when they say that transage has no basis in science.

For a long time we had doctors and lawyers and other professionals talking about certain individuals as having mental or physical ages that were different from the length of time since they were born. 

Major cases were beijg debated where someone's psychological age (as opposed to chronological age) was being regarded as relevant in making medical and legal decisions.

Psychologists and regular-ass people talking for a long time about emotional and mental maturity ("manchildren" and "kidults" who were "eternal boys" suffering from "peter pan syndrome" with "stunted cognitive/emotional maturity", unable to "adult" properly)

Even now some men talk about their ideal girlfriend/wife taking on the role of being their second mother or personal maids/therapists in addition to being their lovers, aka having a significant other that is somewhat like an adoptive single mom you can fool around with taking care of you as an adult. 

In each case, the actual age of the individual was treated as less important than how it was in contrast to the age at which their behavior or degree of capability would be considered appropriate.

Everyone was totally accepting of this as being a legitimate claim to make about people and no question was asked, nor opposition voiced, until some people started suggesting this was a valid basis for an age identity that was different from chronological age. 

What's funny is that before transage became a thing, those accused of being mentally younger than they were would deny this assertion, but today they accept this as being not only true of them, but asking about how society could accommodate them due to this. 

So now those who would say to us that we were "children in the bodies of men" have made a polar switch in their analysis of us. Now we are the ones making that claim about ourselves, owning what was once an insult used to shame us for not conforming to the expectations they'd had about our chronological ages. 

In response, the normies have completely backtracked on their past claims, to the point that they pretend not to have ever made such statements, and they now deny the potential legitimacy of such claims. 

The best course of action to take is to dredge up past examples of the language used to describe people like ourselves, to remind them that transage concepts have been in popular parlance for about as long as modern psychology had been a thing, and very possibly for longer than that. 

It was totally fine as an insult, description, or medical/legal diagnosis, up until people like us started suggesting that it was actually a valid basis for identity.

Weakness and victimhood are strengths in the overly compassionate world of today, they are weapons that can be used to move society and change its culture.
Replies: >>195145
I'm not a pedo and I dont want a child wife, children are cute sometimes but are literally retarded and sexually unappealing to anyone who doesn't have a paraphilic fetish for them.
IMO They are like household pets in that anyone who hurts a kid or corrupts their innocence is a monster who deserves the worst fate imaginable.
If I did I'd convert to Islam and move to someplace in the MENA or SS-Africa regions, or just move into a poor cpintry in Asia or South America.
>reddit spacing
Of course it's a redditor, it all checks out. Even if he wrote anything non-schizo, it would still be pain to read.
[Hide] (1.4MB, 2500x1685) Reverse
>happy when alone
>sad when around people
Life is so simple when there are no normalfags around. I wish I had the balls to go innawoods but I can't muster the courage yet.
Replies: >>195195 >>195213
It might be outdated because some the words aren't blocked on china's net. 个人崇拜 comes up fine on badiu. I think words that cause the chinese to auto disconnect is words like ten thousand years or the heaven mandate that are banned in China
Replies: >>195176
*replied to the wrong person*
[Hide] (305.2KB, 400x400) Reverse
Same. But I don't want to go innawoods. I just want a house with no neighbors and a shooting range.
Replies: >>195213
[Hide] (439.6KB, 507x369) Reverse
>sad when around people
>also sad when not around people
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1540x962) Reverse
Remember kids, don't trust any modding community that uses discord.
Replies: >>195524 >>195525
>mad as fuck and want to vent
>have nowhere to do it
>come here and post knowing I will only get angrier
If I ever get my hands on a bioweapon I will not hesitate to use it.
[Hide] (111.7KB, 901x1107) Reverse
>humans invented facism
>don't trust any modding community  in general besides something so simple and fucked around so often you physically cannot get warez 
Why do I befriend so many homeless on the streets? Homeless people are friendliest people on streets. They will give some  good street smart advice and are very racist against niggers and will say anything in front of your face.. Some of the most honest people out there. I guess it's because you really can't cancel or destroy a homeless reputation when they are already down the barrel
Replies: >>195617
Some of them are likely hoping you'll eventually give them something.
Replies: >>195624
I do give them cigs and food sometimes,  I don't want to give them money not because i am worried about them getting high or drunk but because don't want them getting used getting cash from me.
Replies: >>195641
[Hide] (96.1KB, 720x674) Reverse
Replies: >>195682
>I do give them cigs and food sometimes,  I don't want to give them money not because i am worried about them getting high or drunk but because don't want them getting used getting cash from me
what's the difference, the money they won't spend on food they'll be saving for drugs
Replies: >>195705
If you just straight up give bums money a lot of them start demanding it every time they see you and then get tremendously upset if you don't fork over cash. Meanwhile if you don't have cigarettes they'll just be like "ok" and fuck off usually.
[Hide] (1.2MB, 891x1200) Reverse
Does anyone know what this hand sign means? I've seen it plenty of times in anime and stuff but I'm not sure what it is.
The schizos are going to say that it's a satanic sign or whatever, but there should definitely be another origin.
By the way, I mean specifically in the context of anime(/manga/etc).
A sign like that is also popular in rock-and-roll and stuff, which I think might be of a different origin, but I don't know it either (though if any of the two actually is "satanic", it's probably the rock-and-roll one).
[Hide] (291.2KB, 474x775) Reverse
Don't know, maybe it's a variation on the more familiar two finger sign among the japanese. Whose meaning (and I may be totally wrong about this) may stem from the fact that two raised fingers are counted as NI (two) PON (counter for cilindrical objects such as fingers), when put together this gives NIPON, which sounds exactly like the name of their country.
[Hide] (427.7KB, 1087x777) Reverse
Deaf hand sign for I love you
Replies: >>196380 >>196546
[Hide] (7.9MB, 720x480, 01:34)
Replies: >>196374
[Hide] (294.5KB, 1090x757) Reverse
Wrong and dumb lol
Replies: >>196375 >>196377
That might be true in the context of the giant jewish american entertainment industry, but it would be silly to think that obscure mongolian cave paintings for autists have some sort of agenda like that (when they are demonstrated to not have other western agendas such as feminism, niggers, trannies). Also japbros care about soytanism even less than cuckstianity.
no u
[Hide] (272.3KB, 846x1166) Reverse
Replies: >>196502 >>196595
Yeah, seems to be true. Cute origin. By the way, I actually think it's pretty curious and kind of primitive (as in this is how people 1000 years ago would do it) how deaf sign language has a different sign for different ideas instead of representing letters. Kind of comparable to logographic written systems in Chinese and Japanese.
[Hide] (135.2KB, 1024x1024) Reverse
Replies: >>196546
>telling him to cum inside
That's hot.
Replies: >>196631
[Hide] (209.7KB, 404x278) Reverse
[Hide] (536KB, 580x622) Reverse
[Hide] (81.1KB, 600x600) Reverse
Replies: >>196516
[Hide] (171.6KB, 740x491) Reverse
hell froze over, you know what this means, do you?
Replies: >>198912
[Hide] (3.2MB, 1736x1736) Reverse
[Hide] (419.7KB, 1268x1798) Reverse
[Hide] (242.7KB, 1400x2300) Reverse
[Hide] (221.3KB, 1168x1382) Reverse
That's cool, thanks. Do you happen to know what's up with this other hand sign? Do kitsunes use it because it resembles the head of a fox?
>H.R. Giger
Checks out.
Sauce? That’s the most titillating thing I’ve seen in a while.
okay freud
Replies: >>196637
Ask >>196502 as she does not tell him to cum inside in that image ergo he's seen or even has the thing. 
>western tier 2d porn
<y tho?
Replies: >>196637
[Hide] (12.5KB, 474x316) Reverse
What is it portraying specifically? I just looked at it for 1 second before finding it gross and hiding it.
Replies: >>196639
[Hide] (9.6KB, 474x234) Reverse
Small body, a boy/shota is fucking an old looking woman next to a sleeping man that's also old and ugly looking. She says "your small dick is hilarious". When embracing it says "you're adopted". It's humiliation cuckold stuff. He's adopted means the artist triggered himself because pedo is less ebil than incest apparently. The "Frued" guy is implying they are related as he wanted to fuck his mom but the adopted part makes that not funny, he must have closed it fat too. I zoom in on everything no matter what it is no matter how disgusting or insane.
Replies: >>197858
[Hide] (12.2MB, 05:19)
God damnit Sturgeon, delete the fucking CP post already
[Hide] (1.1MB, 512x1280) Reverse
Replies: >>197874
Don't worry anon, you're cool.
>>191884 (OP) 
It’s just a stupid low brow western porn comic that’s been recaptioned for humor value. You fucking faggot drama queen
>sources from the 1980s
Really needs to be updated to 2020+ because I think its become worse
So I came across this programmer's resume. It was quite impressive. But on twitter, he has a tranny flag and sure enough, it turned out that he identifies as female. How come someone who is expert on computers and programming is so out of touch with reality especially when it comes to human biology?
Replies: >>197881 >>197898
This is nothing new, a huge portion of tech "people" are trannies.
The reason is autism. >>192054
You don't have to have a strong grip on reality to program. Terry Davis was literally insane and he built his own OS from the ground up by himself.
I used SauceNAO on that picture and found this anime https://anidb.net/anime/8642
I'm not particularly into zombies or necrophilia or /monster/shit or whatever, but the premise sounds interesting (and the zombie girl herself seems to mostly have a normal appearance anyway).
Is it possible to get strong enough to literally tear skin off of someone with just your bare hands and no aid from a premade cut? I randomly thought of that scene from Roadhouse where the guy tears another dude's throat out and it made me wonder about gripping onto someone's arm or leg and piercing into the flesh with just your fingers. I don't mean some superficial scratch but actually breaking through skin and into muscle.
Replies: >>198045 >>198155
[Hide] (779.4KB, 1905x1071) Reverse

Try this on a turkey or a cut of beef and get back to us.
Replies: >>198051
>try this on some precut dead shit that doesn't have skin at all
Ok guess you didn't read the post past a certain point.
[Hide] (3.2MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
in the childhood I was obsessed with western science fiction and transferred to anime around middle/high school. Though my way of transferring to anime was a bit unique, a local alpha male was attracted to me and used anime to invite me in his house and touch me. But I quickly began my independent anime journey, I stopped visiting him after he put a hand in my pants in the school toilet
Unlikely, human skin is very stretchy. You might be able to tear the connective tissue underneath (areolar iirc).
If you sharpen your nails you may be able to cut into the skin.
I can't find the useless superpower thread so I'll just post this here I guess.
My useless power would be to make my face appear in a girl's armpit and grimace at her bf if he has an armpit fetish.
>Though my way of transferring to anime was a bit unique, a local alpha male was attracted to me and used anime to invite me in his house and touch me.
[Hide] (2.4MB, 1443x2020) Reverse
[Hide] (41.8KB, 533x594) Reverse
>>191884 (OP) 
My internet is down, i think they are installing fiber optic cables outside around the whole neighborhood. I don't know when it will return. I hear construction outside
[Hide] (52.8KB, 262x160) Reverse
Do you think that the usage of the word "capeshit" for Western comics in general (or at least the ones with a similar style/presentation to Marvel/DC) is understandable or acceptable?
Replies: >>198457
[Hide] (4MB, 776x645) Reverse
funpostan' on /b/
Why wouldn't it be?
[Hide] (415.8KB, 547x589) Reverse
>though my way of transferring to anime was a bit unique, a local alpha male used anime to invite me in his house and touch me
>I stopped visiting him after he put a hand in my pants in the school toilet
[Hide] (474.6KB, 3648x3000) Reverse
Why do people sometimes post an image of a dog drinking water when others say "slop"? I've seen that at least 2 times already.
Replies: >>198578 >>198584
It's probably onomatopeoia, "slop" kinda sounds like the sound of a dog "slopping" up water. Also it's probably mocking you for making retard noises.
[Hide] (416.1KB, 728x610) Reverse
Someone posted some pics of living ambulocetus a few months ago in some thread and sadly only this edit survived.
Does anyone have the original photo, or the rest of the images for that matter? This is some body horror shit.
It's an onomatopoeia for the sound dog's make when slurping the water out of a bowl.
It is also a very subtle way to tell you your shit's all retarded and you should commit suicide.
[Hide] (313.2KB, 1000x462) Reverse
>living ambulocetus
[Hide] (805.2KB, 728x610) Reverse
[Hide] (30.9KB, 474x352) Reverse
Replies: >>198634
Stop speaking for everyone.
[Hide] (224KB, 1920x1200) Reverse
You know the rules: ass, gas, or smallmouth bass
[Hide] (63.8KB, 653x804) Reverse
Do you ever wonder how many works of politics, philosophy or theology are just the results of total schizos who just had the power to push their insanity to the lower class or had it repeated and taken seriously by a court of sycophants?
[Hide] (387.8KB, 1023x1000) Reverse
Have you noticed how there are jews that use expressions like "gee" or "Jesus" as exclamatives?
Force of habit. Or them trying to fit in.
I've also noticed non-jews do it, those are widely used exclamations. Jews drink water too, you should avoid it so your amygdala doesn't shrink or whatever it is you worry about.
Replies: >>199089 >>199091
That pigs are flying?
Why one of the replies to this post is now gone? >>198800
[Hide] (17.5KB, 1111x212) Reverse
[Hide] (505.6KB, 946x3854) Reverse
Erm, mods, have you been monitoring the legislation being passed around the US congress? You know, the one that further empowers Z.O.G. to decide what you can say under threat of persecution?: https://www.congress.gov/bill/118th-congress/house-bill/6090/text

Should we be concerned?
Replies: >>199087 >>199099
Nobody here cares about Palestine.
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1087x710) Reverse
>"based" moe hater loves jews
Like clockwork.
Replies: >>199136
You are so annoying and boring with your shit gimmick
Replies: >>199136
Only applies to universities, dumb ass. Unless you mean to say that zzz accepts fed money in which case lmao
Replies: >>199137
[Hide] (2.7MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Who the fuck are the two in the top left corner? I don't recognize them.
Looking at this picture makes me feel the most despicable thing you can carry out on an imageboard is making yourself known.
>no rebuttal 
>if you don't blame absolutely everything on jews then you like jews
The power of a big amygdala is truly astounding...
Do you not understand precedents? If the federal government effectively makes criticizing jews impossible in federally funded universities then it opens up the door for them to eventually make it illegal for anyone who receives federal funding, which is a fucking shitload of businesses and organizations, and then after that it isn't much of a leap to just make it generally illegal. If the supreme court doesn't slap this shit down it can snowball very fast, this same kind of shit happened on a smaller scale with gun laws in shitholes like California and Illinois.
Replies: >>199139
>If the federal government effectively makes criticizing jews impossible in federally funded universities then it opens up the door for them to eventually make it illegal for anyone who receives federal funding
Yes, if the bill passes, that is the part that will have to play out in court.
>then after that it isn't much of a leap to just make it generally illegal.
That's a huge leap. For various reasons, legislating that some alphabet agency use a stricter definition of discrimination with regards to the Civil Rights Act is VASTLY easier than legislating a criminal code for speech. Hate speech laws in the US are basically impossible to create and enforce.

>this same kind of shit happened on a smaller scale with gun laws in shitholes like California and Illinois
No it didn't. Gun laws in fag states were an example of the latter: legislation adding criminal code for possession of certain firearms or accessories. They got away with it for so long because:
>People who hated it often just moved away
>The federal court districts in these areas were filled with kike and nigger appointees who would interpret any restricted item as "hurrdurr not protected by 2A"
>The Supreme Court did not slap down the lower courts on a regular basis and refused to take basically any 2A cases for the last 30 years until towards the middle of the Trumpstein regime.
Replies: >>199145
[Hide] (75.7KB, 2000x1200) Reverse
Why is пута (puta) censored on some sites? I understand puta means bitch in Spanish but пута means time and doesn't mean anything bad. I can't write пута on some sites. 

јебеш шпанске идиоте
Replies: >>199146
Yeah well you've got far more faith in this rotten shit than I do then.
If "puta" is censored on a lot of Spanish sites then people probably started using "пута" to get around filters until faggot admins/mods caught on. The fact it means time in another language is irrelevant when you're talking shit to others who speak your language.
[Hide] (189.1KB, 858x1057) Reverse
Replies: >>199155 >>199171
[Hide] (2MB, 1100x1500) Reverse
[Hide] (108.3KB, 1280x720) Reverse
Carrying on the Holy Crusades against the mudslimes is as simple as loving my 2D girls? That's great!
Replies: >>199194
>mudslimes reproduce like rabbits
>you rub your cock on a pillow and have no children 
You're not the one crusading or winning in this situation.
Replies: >>199212 >>199213
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1300x1500) Reverse
>have no children
And you totally have them? Pictures with timestamps, and timestamped copies of paternity tests, you know how it goes.
>You're not the one crusading or winning in this situation.
Nor are you. Quit pretending you're any better, unless you follow the steps listed above.
>you rub your cock on a pillow
Better than putting it in mens assholes like you do.
Guaranteed butthurt replies.
Replies: >>199216
>nooooo some NEET on an imageboard has to have babies or else ur a traitor
wh*te people.
Replies: >>199216
>dood I'm btfo'ing the mudslups by humping my pillow look at this smug anime pic
Replies: >>199220
[Hide] (6.1MB, 3200x4000) Reverse
>dood i'm btfo'ing the mudslups by telling others to not hump pillows while doing nothing better myself
Replies: >>199334
The mental image of someone nicknamed "Niggerkiller Jeff" has had me chuckling to myself recently. I guess that's pretty much just Jeffrey Dahmer.
Who told you to do anything?
British Broadcasting Corporation? Sorry, im not muslim.
Correct! Not as funny and original as talking about nigger pee pees tho!
[Hide] (280KB, 629x662) Reverse
Replies: >>199438 >>199465
this applies to any kind of hobby or skill really, women will only care about the most superficial aspects of it and will not give a shit or understand anything past that. only other men understand the tribulations, the pain, the struggle, the cycle of defeat and resurgence that come from the journey of learning anything past the very basics. as for guitar, you can learn a few cowboy chords and powerchords, a few strum patterns and a few super basic bitch pop/pop punk songs and impress most women.
Replies: >>199497
Some idiots got paid thousands of dollars to tell you that dudes like to show off. Well, I guess they're not idiots if they're getting money to tell you shit you should already be aware of before you're done with elementary school.
The implication is that male hobbies are fag-coded and therefore homosexuals should be allowed in.
Replies: >>199504
my implication was that hobbies are gay so no more hobbies. bleak life begins
>SEAnigger spam on /b/ and /v/
>report it
>deleted on /b/
>still on /v/ and he spammed again
Do your fucking jobs
[Hide] (106.2KB, 510x1044) Reverse
Did you finally the gf you deserve yet?
Replies: >>199528 >>199531
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1458x1916) Reverse
>did you finally the gf
No, I can't the gf. Doesn't seem like I'm worthy of women.
[Hide] (1.8MB, 844x1212) Reverse
I'm here for
No shit they didn't teach it you're supposed to learn it from social interaction with other kids.
>waaahhhh I'm a genetic fuckup and my dumb brain kept me from figuring basic shit out FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU
Nah I'm not getting into this with you retard, boys being show offs is one of the most basic things on the planet to the point you should be able to observe it in animals and figure it out.
Replies: >>199736
Didn't read  don't care, you're broken beyond repair and I'm not, have a nice day autist.
No everyone using imageboards is a virgin neet or autistic
Replies: >>199780
What makes you think I'm going to read that either stupid ass? Keep frothing at the mouth at me I'm just going to continue calling you a mentally stunted idiot.
[Hide] (92.7KB, 790x719) Reverse
>you should be able to observe it in animals and figure it out
I don't even know what the slapfight was about but you're automatically wrong because you're an evolutiontard golem psychopath who will never capture the true meaning and soul of Humanity. Go live in the jungle like our supposed monkey ancestors and don't set foot on my internet again.
>inb4 christcuck
<you can only either believe in jewish lies (evolution) or jewish lies (christianity)
Jewish brainwashing at play.
[Hide] (59.7KB, 1440x908) Reverse
[Hide] (38.9KB, 474x474) Reverse
[Hide] (39.2KB, 620x413) Reverse
[Hide] (33.3KB, 415x275) Reverse
>when you notice drama and want to make it worse 
Not them either, as only assholes use generals, (even when they have a topic) but how can they both be tricks from the jews, christianity and evolution theory? I do not thnik you even understand evolution as theory. Math is a theory too, it makes 'sense'. We were something similiar to a monke, not the actual monke, as that'd take time travel. Can something make more sense that you thought of, sensei? Also, if you have no theory, why would evolving in some way quell the goyim? The point is using the animal to imagine what we were but we were not literally that version of the creature. We may yet have looked like something not like a monkey, maybe we never had hair and always whore leaves and things. They don't really know for sure. A bald lemur perhaps. Way back in the day a glire however during the dino's age we'd probably all been basically rats.
Replies: >>199765
It may be fun to think about weird things like that, but the problem is when it gets too serious and becomes Official Soyence™ and people actually treat it as truth and base their values and worldview on it.
Replies: >>199767
>sheep are sheep
What a shock! They need a foundation to build on psychologically. Without faith in things they would only act more animalistic. They must assume the system works or they don't participate in it and then the system falls.  I hate society too and want it to fall, but then again I kept saying don't have a job and no one listened so clearly you are an agent of this system of which you  despise. Ever wonder why niggerpill teases your ilk so much? It's because you refuse to do anything about it "so you may as well just lie down and give up etc etc". It's meant to make you do something. But you won't. Reverse psychology would only trick a wild goy and such types as are here are merely censored on high traffic areas, and to even be censored here? Oh dear oh dear.... how evolved. 

That chide of mine aside in what way can your society benefit from loosing faith in regards to where we came from. Is it to change ethics so as to make us do somethng....nice? Let me guess what it all equates to in short: niggers aren't human and joos need to be given laughing gas until they stop taking themselves seriously.  They had spawned from a different dimension during proto-earth's conception.....

Anywho, far be it from me to be serious.
>Go live in the jungle like our supposed monkey ancestors and don't set foot on my internet again.
a fitting fate for a worshipper of the law of the jungle, using it as an excuse to kick downwards
Replies: >>199780
>hate society
>leave it
>no profit no problems 
Who'd he kick while they were down though?
They should be though.
Replies: >>199784
>Who'd he kick while they were down though?
the gentleman who deleted his posts
Replies: >>199789
[Hide] (23.4KB, 680x382) Reverse
But that'd be a reward for the people that are totally normal. They only think they'd hate it. If the society left them alone there's no more kicking so they deserve to stay within society of which is often full of psychopaths...?
>because you're an evolutiontard golem psychopath
I never once uttered the word "evolution". Funny you deleted your posts so you could come back with this faggot post and pretend what you were saying wasn't fucking stupid.
Replies: >>199910
>I never once uttered the word "evolution".
What I mean by "evolutiontard" is an ideology like Darwinism and having to follow the way of animals, it doesn't literally have to be about the theory of evolution.
I do not deny that a person may not believe in evolution but still believe in a law of the jungle, and a person may believe in evolution but not let it influence his worldview.
>Funny you deleted your posts so you could come back with this faggot post and pretend what you were saying wasn't fucking stupid.
Yes, it's all samefags everywhere, in fact, your post was made by me and I'm just arguing with myself. This entire thread and even the board are all just me.
Replies: >>199924
[Hide] (517.4KB, 750x656) Reverse
I popped a acne bump? on my ballsack and it hurts like hell. 
Probably didn't help the fact I also put rubbing alcohol on the part I popped.
Replies: >>199924
>What I mean by "evoluti
Stopped reading, don't care about your gay assumption, you deleted your retarded posts and are now trying to goad me into some other shit I have no interest in arguing about. Do you never grow tired of these games? Try something new it might make the board fun again.
It may have been a cyst. Just put a warm rag on it next time regardless, popping things on your sack sounds like a huge infection risk.
I found a worm crawling on top of my hat when i came home from work. Its too small to be a pin worm and too thin to be maggot. It's freaking me out because I don't want to deal with intestinal worms. Maybe I am paranoid but i washed all my clothes and showered throughly
Replies: >>199938 >>199974
>It's freaking me out because I don't want to deal with intestinal worms.
>Maybe I am paranoid but i washed all my clothes and showered throughly
Not sure if that's going to help. Go to a doctor.
Replies: >>199970
Cant today. Insurance reasons,  I'll call my gp tomorrow.
[Hide] (4.7MB, 1280x720, 00:35)
Spoiler File
(822.9KB, 1015x773) Reverse
Man, this episode gets craaaaazy.
Could have fallen out of a tree, or fallen out of a bird's ass. I wouldn't immediately assume it's from you unless you run out of toilet paper often and use your hands then adjust your cap or something.
Replies: >>199979
I am paranoid because my sister had pin worms before. I didn't get but i heard horror stories. I will never try anal to girl because that scares me
Replies: >>199987
>the biggest thing to worry about with anal is pinworms
>and yet having any kind of contact at all with someone who has pinworms is safe
[Hide] (91.1KB, 620x443) Reverse
>Find interesting game to play.
>Rush through it nonstop for a few days.
>Notice how repetitive it is.
>Get bored.
>Go back doing something marginally more worthwhile.
Lucky for me (I guess?) I can no longer procrastinate on videogames. I seem to no longer have the patience or the interest to enjoy repeating the same sets of actions over and over with slight variations. (IE: shoot guys in FPS, train and move troops in RTS, etc)
Maybe something in my conscience keeps silently reminding me that whatever effort I put into it would be a waste anyway.
Replies: >>200036
[Hide] (388.3KB, 360x182) Reverse
>>200033 (me)
This got me thinking: Am I going insane or has everything around me started to feel like it's repeating itself?
I read history books, after a while everything starts sounding alike (same intrigues, motivations, cycles of decadence and renewal, etc). 
Read philosophy, see people arguing about the same stuff and repeating the same arguments while pretending it's a novelty.
Read tales of old, and notice how literary elements start repeating whether it's Aesop's fables, Arabian nights or far eastern fairy tales.
Same goes for conversation, after a while all the people start sounding like they're talking about roughly the same things ("That I'm glad X happened, that I'm sad X took place")
Investigate current events, follow politics analysis, and after a while they all fold on top of themselves, they start repeating the same things with different words.

It feels like the more I try to learn about things to escape boredom, instead of finding new and exciting frontiers, I end up revisiting the same patterns from previous experiences. It feels as if I'm walking towards an ever more narrow dead end.
Replies: >>200038
[Hide] (1.1MB, 850x908) Reverse
Noveltybro... you don't want to end up becoming a witch.
As for me, I would, on the opposite, appreciate seeing some stability.
[Hide] (174.5KB, 348x286) Reverse
[Hide] (169.8KB, 750x750) Reverse
I found those pictures amusing and shared them with a friend (not a normalfag, he likes 2D Japanese media and lewds in general and goes on imageboards and he loves "freedom"/"free speech" and stuff) saying "Weird stuff" and he responded with...
>Yeah, not a fan of that.
>Can't separate it from the reality of what it is.
What is that supposed to mean? Is it supposed to have a sardonic/accusative tone like "it's just fiction bro, why do you have a problem with it?" (though I don't particularly have a problem with pictures like this existing, I just find them weird/funny)?
I don't want to ask him because it would be awkward.
Replies: >>200255
why are you sharing this nigger cuck shit with your friends
Replies: >>200258
I usually send him weird/funny pictures like that.
Replies: >>200259
so how long have you two been together
Replies: >>200260
This is getting off-topic. But no, it's not some discord tranny groomer fag relationship or whatever.
[Hide] (272.4KB, 850x1146) Reverse
I don't get why people bitch about the smell of sulfur, I always found it quite agreeable.
Replies: >>200490
[Hide] (4.5MB, 2084x2952) Reverse
I remembered that I had developed sword autism as a wee lad in 5th grade. I would draw fantasy swords, spears, katanas, daggers and anything else bladed all during classes. I even went as far as to naming and writing backstories for each one of them.
Unfortunately I can't remember any of them anymore cause my mom got pissed off at me and made me go through my schoolbag to organize it then had me throw away every sword drawing I did in the trash. 
After that I stopped drawing swords cause that was months worth of sword autsim.
And now I'm into trying to draw guns.
[Hide] (1023.2KB, 1200x921) Reverse
Does anyone have that image of a dark web story (LARP) about a supposed doctor living in Eastern Europe who would buy girls in an orphanage and then have a secret villa where he amputated them and made other modifications to basically just turn them into living onaholes to resell?
Replies: >>200499
[Hide] (10.4MB, 3192x2124) Reverse
[Hide] (2.7MB, 1424x1303) Reverse
Replies: >>200542
[Hide] (314.2KB, 484x443) Reverse
Thanks. I actually had it saved but it was just a thumbnail for some reason.
Reading it again it's indeed a pretty creepy story regardless of whether it's real or not. Imagine actually being one of those things. Though I doubt that someone can be healthy and survive like this for more than a few years.
[Hide] (149.3KB, 405x327) Reverse
>wake up with a headache
>sleep a bit more
>headache still there
>drink an energy drink
>take painkiller pills
>now have a headache AND nausea
Replies: >>200827
[Hide] (833.1KB, 498x331) Reverse
I don't feel completely "cured" yet but I feel a bit better now. I didn't even vomit or anything. I'm going to take a green tea now.
Replies: >>200857
[Hide] (342.9KB, 1300x1030) Reverse
As we sit here there are surely a group of messed up people testing their language models with infants raised in a fully artificial environment that simulates real human interaction.
Nice to hear you're doing well anon.
Replies: >>200864
>As we sit here there are surely a group of messed up people testing their language models with infants raised in a fully artificial environment that simulates real human interaction.
Evil, but interesting.
[Hide] (43.1KB, 550x550) Reverse
>Rézfaszú bagoly (copper dicking  owl) is allegedly a reference to abortion 
I get that the soviets raped a lot but why an owl?
Replies: >>200991
and in b4 it's not at a rape metaphor 
>megfog es megreszel Rézfaszú bagoly means the copper dick will catch you and "grate" you
[Hide] (20.9KB, 360x360) Reverse
never mind I found my answer. I knew doctors need to get inside the pussy but thought doctors would use a really long nose pliers like tool not something that pysically fucks them.
Owls are bad omens in some cultures, maybe vodkaniggers see them as representing danger or  death or whatever.
Replies: >>201003
abortion was illegal under the soviet block until the 60's , so I am guessing lots of rape happened inside the all those blackmartet abortion rings.
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