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Talk about the RPGs you fired,  or are going to fire or plan to fire towards MBTs, fortified positions IFVs or other light armor.

Last thread: >>170480
Replies: >>233997
There has been a lot of remakes/remasters of older RPGs. Which ones are worth it and which are dogshit?
Replies: >>219877 >>222903
The only one that I know of that isn't dogshit is the Odin Sphere remake.
Replies: >>219878 >>220731
Oh and I guess the remake of FE Gaiden
Foxhole has some good RPGs. I like the one built into the jeep that lets you roll in like a dumbass and try to flank tanks.

Offtopic but someone told me disgaea 7 is uncensored. Is that believeable or is it just a "lmao japan already censored themselves" situation?
A NISA localization is automatically censorship.
There's a 7th Disgaea?
Replies: >>219911 >>219915
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There's a 6th Disgaea?
Replies: >>219915
Disgaea had sequels?
Replies: >>219937
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RS2 has a pretty fun RPG-7. It penetrates through most walls and obstacles in the game, killing everyone behind them. You can also kill people with the backblast.
Disgaea real?
Can your provide examples?
Replies: >>220735
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No one's going to provide [sic] your any examples because you keep bumping random shit on the catalog like a maniac, piling threads one above the other.
I know you've got the mental capacity of a 13 year old girl going through puberty and you'll do the exact opposite of what's being suggested to you, but seeing what threads are lined up first on a catalog is what helps prompt discussion. If your definitely-not-spam happens to become all that's left to this board you'll effectively kill all interest on /v/.
tl;dr kill yourself you spiteful faggot
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I liked the RPGs in Halo, the fuel cannon is fun to use, especially in 4 when they made the plasma bursts travel at a much faster speed. The incineration cannon was also fun but I kept killing myself with it.
I bumped 3 threads that interested me and that's pretty much it. You're right, we should have a catalog thats 10 threads max. You are an insane abrasive faggot with a shit opinion. Now wax and wane aboout how I should kill myself because you are incapable of saying anything else. Cry for me, nigger.
Replies: >>220746 >>220778
retard olympics
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You are the most annoying human on the board. I would rather chinese bots make spam-make threads 24/7 than have to read you calling out your boogeyman one more fucking time.
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The fish just needs to patch jschan so posts made more than a month after the last post in the thread don't bump it unless there's substantiative text in it, more than the sliding shitters and their two lines of AI generated crap and with a random Google Baidu image search result for street fighter. That and a "undo bump" feature that mods actually use would solve the problem almost completely.
Replies: >>220779 >>220781
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yeah real clever idea, because everyone should just create a new thread rather than revive the existing thread which is still well below the bump limit. that would totally solve the board's problems. tbh maybe /v/ ought to take a whole page from /b/ and allow pointless oneoff onesentence threads that slides the whole catalog down before sliding off itself with only 3 to 5 posts in total. 

please kill yourself, but before that, go back to whatever hole you crawled out of. likely discord or some in-fed-sted cuckshed
Replies: >>220783
You're an actual retard and no amount of ip-hopping is going to mask it.
Replies: >>220783
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>everyone i dont like is IP hopping
>just lay down and accept the slidechink
how about you niggers off yourselves and stop defending illiterate bugmen shitting up the board
Replies: >>220784 >>220785
Nobody shits the board up more than you, just take your fucking meds already.
Replies: >>220786
You can just report him instead of wanting a counterproductive feature that prevents people from bumping threads without writing an essay.
Replies: >>220786
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>what are IDs
>everyone i don't like is one IP-hopping autist proving a point
the moment you claim the latter you've already lost, do you have any fucking evidence that i am 4ad93c or are you just so thickheaded and autistic that you can't fathom more than two people sharing the same opinion
i do report him, mods do nothing.
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Playing an interesting SNES RPG called Bushi Seiryuuden. It's like a sidescrolling action RPG, except it follows roguelike rules where everything only moves when you do, so the strategy is to finish each battle in as few moves as possible. You get a little monster girl to help you by attacking enemies and carrying you around etc.

Also it's made by Game Freak so the character designs are top notch, reminiscent of old Pokegirls.
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>enter Hellena Prison a 2nd time
>kill the fat fucker with the mace
>fellow homosexual from Lohan enters the scene
>proceeds to extract a ball out of the king's back
>Lavitz goes full retard and leaps onto the homosexual, even if he's not trying to kill Albert
>silver faggot does the funny and kills a major party member
>look up my playtime up to that point
>9 hours
>on a game that seems to last about 80 hours on a normal playthrough
>I haven't even finished disc 1
>there are 3 discs remaining
I knew his death was coming. What I didn't know is that they were going to bury him on a shallow grave not even a quarter through the game.
Who thought at Sony this was a good idea? Were they going to kill a party member only because FF7 did it as well? What's the point? Why would you go through the hassle of developing a party member if you're doing him this dirty and quick in-game?
What's more, they did away with the character with the best chemistry with MC. Dart and Lavitz were brothers-in-arms: they thought alike, they looked out to each other's back and fought against hardships together. Even Shana pointed out how boring and shitty her character is compared to Lavitz's, sometime shortly before he fucking died. If the retards at SCEJ weren't completely clueless this game would've been Dart & Lavitz's big bro adventures featuring one whore for each one to fuck. Instead, they'll be pulling one remember that guy from disc 1? he fucked his mom every now and then because the devs are fags and want to piss off the player.

Is there anything to look forward to this game anymore? Sometime before he died the game slowly morphed into MacGuffin quest with a bunch of weirdos flashing their balls to strangers because that's the plot or some shit. Ignoring the plot, most importantly, now that the fucker's 6-feet underground all supporting party members left are absolutely horrible: Rose is a stronk womyn warriya who need no man, gets pissy at everyone and has an ugly face to boot; the old man's too safe and plain for an old coot, the prince dude's as boring as you'd expect from a noble and Shana's got no character to speak of.
Is it going to get better? The only thing I'm looking forward to anymore is the blue haired whore that's appearing in disc 2 forward.
Replies: >>221746 >>221755
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It would help if you mention what game you are even talking about.
Replies: >>221747
[Hide] (911.4KB, 480x480, 00:06)
>name 4 in-game locations
>name 5 party members, including MC
>mention how the game is divided into 4 discs, a practice that was out of fashion come 6th gen
>mention how it has FF7 as it main influence, mainly as competition
>name SCEJ as the developer
Enter words number 2 and 3 from my post into a search engine and you'll have your answer.
Well Shana gets replaced as well and unga bunga joins eventually.He's shit tier though, too slow and 2 int Is this your first time playing it?
Replies: >>221756
>Shana gets replaced as well
I know. Doesn't matter either way since I've seen it happens way long into disc 3, and the rest of the cast is not helping one bit.
>he's shit tier though, too slow and 2 int
I don't care about him sucking ass since this game's too easy already, but if his character's borderline retarded that's a shame. I thought he was simply going to be a big guy.
>Is this your first time playing it?
Yes. I had played this on emulator up until Shirley's temple two years ago, then decided to give another spin on console. Please tell me the blue haired whore is worth the trouble
>first time
You've played it a second time?
Replies: >>221759
By 2 int I meant he has terrible magic stats, he's alright in story. Just alright, not bad or great.
>Please tell me the blue haired whore is worth the trouble
Only if you like hyper teen girls. She's not quite uwu XD random but she is pretty silly.
>You've played it a second time?
Played it when I was a kid but didn't finish. Played it again on emulator to finish it.
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This is the ideal Dunmer. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like
Replies: >>221998 >>222073
Int isn't low enough
>level 10
>only 176 health
What are you doing?
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ayy i lik arrpigs
I played the trials of mana remake and i never played the original. The game was super repetetive and a boring piece of shit.
Replies: >>223048
Uhhhhhhhh I still nees to beat etrain odyssey 3
It was meant to be a couch co-op rpg in the original. Strip that away and you have a very shallow rpg.
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Can you solve the puzzle?
Replies: >>223573
All the invisible one way doors are incredibly tedious and make it a chore to play that game. It's such a terrible design choice and it drags the whole game down. Nine tenths of your playtime will be spent on backtracking because someone had a time wasting fetish.
Replies: >>223574
This one's the only one that got me because it's in the cancer tiles.
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Recommend me a good RPG
Replies: >>223736 >>224430
[Hide] (61KB, 1077x807) Reverse
Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time
Replies: >>224656 >>224660
Planescape torment?
Replies: >>224659
[Hide] (5.1MB, 720x480, 00:31)
I thought this would be shit but it's actually pretty fun. Wish you could turn the tutorials off though.
Replies: >>224660
He asked for a Game.
Replies: >>224661
>they have four Mario RPG games now
I guess good things do happen.
Replies: >>224663
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Get a load of this hothead.
They have like 12 but half of them suck
Replies: >>224665
I just realized it was on the DS. I wonder how many there really are if I think there is only four...
Replies: >>224666
the only good ones are Mario Rpg, Paper Mario, TTYD, the first three M&L games and that's it
Replies: >>227693
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The Super Mayro RPG remaster got leaked early, gave it a shot. It's ALMOST 1:1 including finding Peach's ??? and honestly it looks super pretty. There's a couple of extra additions like an autosave that happens between every room, and of course that fancy chain action going on that temporarily boosts your stats if you keep getting perfect hits and perfect guards in a row.
That being said, I'd still play the original since it has a more charming style for its system, but if you have a normalfag friend or family member that wants to see why you're a fan but can't get into emulation, it's a fairly solid recommend.
i would say its a case of the system shock remake where its better in almost every way while remaining faithful BUT the dated visuals of the original were a huge part of why its still better in some ways and recommended.
Replies: >>224692
>including finding Peach's ???
I'm genuinely astonished that made it into a modern Nintendo game.  If the rest of the game is that faithful and they made the item descriptions and combat system less of a mess then it might actually be good enough to supplant the original.  I was initially leery of how accurate the cutscenes were, because the super HD models look weird pantomiming stuff as though they were sprites.
The only thing I truly, unequivocally hate about it is the Mario Kart 8 HUD.
Replies: >>224774
Out of curiosity, what did they do this time around regarding references to other media when mind reading? Did they better catch the references in English now, or leave them as they were on the SNES (https://archive.is/n9MzZ)?
Replies: >>224694
Stuff like the ドソキーユング・ドンキーコング name pun is untranslatable.
Replies: >>224696
>Dan K. Young

The random pop culture references are a bigger problem really, even if you did translate it directly or loosely people would just accuse you of memesubbing. Great example of this is the Splatoon 2 DLC, where all the levels are named after cheesy 90s kid pop culture references. Seems like Treehouse ruining everything again until you look it up and the Japanese names are all cheesy Japanese 90s kid pop culture references: https://splatoonwiki.org/wiki/Category:Octo_Expansion_stages
Replies: >>224700 >>224713
More like fishy.
I know you're joking but now it's just clunky and the kana joke is lost.
Replies: >>224739
If this was current year it would just be "Dankey Kang". Count your blessings.
At least being on switch means any future retranslation patches will be piss easy. It's probably using the same engine as every other 3D nigtendo game from the last 10 years so people already know where the strings will be and in theory how to replace them.
Didn't they remove the bouncing titties on Margarita when she gets hit?
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I played through the first two Trails in the Sky games on PS3, but I heard that the 3rd one is censored. Anyone know specifically which version is uncensored?
Replies: >>225018
[Hide] (372KB, 600x790) Reverse
Do you mean the translations? I can think of only one particular scene in 3rd they may have censored that I'm not gonna spoil but other than that what would you even censor in that game? Blood?
Replies: >>225019
No I mean the Japanese version.
Replies: >>225020
Where did you hear it's censored? I don't see a single thing anywhere about it.
Replies: >>225021
I heard that CERO caused the PSP version to be censored, which the PS3 version is based on.
Replies: >>225022
Okay I found it, it's the 15th star door. If for some reason it doesn't exist in the game for you then come back here and I'll explain what it is for you.
Replies: >>225023
Anon the whole reason I am asking is that I don't want to get halfway through the game to find out that it is censored. I was going to download the Japanese PC version but I just want to make sure there isn't a censored and uncensored version of the PC version as well.
Replies: >>225026
It's not censored on any PC version but it's censored on the console versions.
Replies: >>225027 >>225039
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1026x795) Reverse
Thanks. I went for the oldest version I could find anyway just in case, but it seems to work fine on modern Windows at least.
Replies: >>225028
[Hide] (2MB, 2048x2048) Reverse
Yeah I've played through that version and it worked fine for me. There's a certain character who's absolutely broken balance-wise so avoid using him and it'll make the game more fun.
>It's not censored on any PC version but it's censored on the console versions.
That is nice to know.
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[Hide] (423.5KB, 640x480) Reverse
Josette seems cuter than before. Does she still suck though?
Replies: >>225232 >>225705
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You ever get the feeling an RPG is too primitive for you to enjoy it? 

I don't care if the graphics are dated, or the systems are super unbalanced with useless skills that are pure trap options, but I can't stand when an interface is terrible. Stuff like the inventory arranging dozens of items in a single vertical line that only shows five items at a time and slowly have to scroll through each of them to get what you're trying to use, or placing unremapable hotkeys all over the keyboard to make it so they can't be easily used. Worse still is save games that can't be sorted by most recent or playtime so you have to manually record which save game you made last (or dig in the files to see the date in some games).
Replies: >>225321 >>225324
Yeah she still sucks, just make her a shield spammer.
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[Hide] (400.7KB, 611x603) Reverse
[Hide] (5.5MB, 480x360, 01:14)
[Hide] (982.1KB, 1240x581) Reverse
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1920x1067) Reverse
>Stuff like the inventory arranging dozens of items in a single vertical line that only shows five items at a time and slowly have to scroll through each of them to get what you're trying to use
Oh, you're talking about Daggerfall, right?
Personally, that wasn't a deal breaker for me, I still enjoyed the game, but I understand it's a legitimate problem.
If I remember correctly, Daggerfall Unity has a mod that fixes that.

Anyway, is anyone ITT interested in Shin Megami Tensei Imagine? A new private server called "New Moon" just launched recently, and I hear it's having a pretty successful turnout. It's a successor to the popular "Re:Imagine" private server that shut down a while ago, and it carries over its most convenient features, such as the Material Tank upgrade.
Personally, I haven't joined the server just yet, but I'm keeping an eye on it. I love the game, so I'm always happy to see new servers.
Replies: >>225352
Depends on how terrible. I can get used to somewhat shitty UI if the rest of the game is good, but usually the problem is just bad layout or missing options to remove some tedium. I can't recall any game I've dropped because of UI alone.
I was thinking Fallout 1/2, but Daggerfall counts too (especially the save game thing). At least you have basic sorting options in Daggerfall.
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I was afraid they were going to make Gilbert join for a second there.
Replies: >>225410
He just fucking vanishes from the series after this game I think
Replies: >>225411 >>225431
Hopefully he died painfully.
He comes back in Cold Steel 4 and Reverie. No appearance in the Kuro arc so far.
Replies: >>225446
Oh ok, I stopped playing 4 when osborne literally takes out a giant sword
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Replies: >>225631 >>225700
[Hide] (419.2KB, 1200x1600) Reverse
I like how they had to write ノーマル next to normal. Surely English dekinai nips wouldn't be able to play this game without it. Even though half of nip games have menu items (or a random subset of them) in English just because.
>Even though half of nip games have menu items (or a random subset of them) in English just because.
This game does too. See the top bar at >>225218
The entire story is written in nip retard. Who gives a shit if 5% of the UI is written in english?
[Hide] (542KB, 640x480) Reverse
Why do I have to keep saving this retard?
[Hide] (409.1KB, 1280x720, 00:03)
They're most likely trying to play it safe and keep their potential audience as wide as can be with the simplest method, this might seem odd but the Roman alphabet is not native to Japan and many Nips even if they learnt "English" at school are still reverse dekinais who simply cannot be expected to properly interprete the word "normal", but every Nip who doesn't have some kind of brain damage should be able to read basic 仮名 just fine.
In western Yurop and Greater Brazil the term "normal" is found as a native part of multiple extant languages with identical meaning in each of them due to Roman influence or some shit hence almost anyone will able to read and understand it without needing any specific English knowledge, alternatively they'll probably have picked it up through Judeo-Imperialist McCultural Osmosis which is highly pervasive even among preschool children.

Now Nips do have burger influence as well, but they also have the problem that their Language syntax and general usage while sensible and structured might as well come straight from the Moon compared to the way Latin-based or influenced Western languages are built and executed AND in addition their tonal repertoire is among the smallest for any complex natural written language, so not only do English-Nip translations have to creatively reconstruct Western idioms into appropriate Japanese idioms which while often conceptually similar are expressed in a rather different way, but they also have to mangle the pronunciation to fit the tiny 仮名 table creating something that at times barely resembles its English source.
Then, of coursh, there is the fact that young elementary Japanese schoolchildren can only be expected to reliably read かな with very little 漢字 knowledge and even less knowledge of Western terminology even if they learn the basic Roman Alphabet, as the Japanese language as an isolate far outside the realm of Latin/Roman influence provides them exactly 0 references for instinctually interpreting the letters on their own, just like the average westerner even after lots of exposure to Moonrunes and the Nipponese language still won't know shit without deliberately learning it.
Soytendo games try to get children used to everyday English words but even that isn't helping because they're not teaching the kids to write and speak English, they're promoting usage of English words mangled into 片仮名 and jammed into Japanese creating an east Asian el linguino that isn't White Americaryan no matter how hard its grandma was raped by US GIs during the postwar occupation.
Kids being unable to read most 漢字 is also why 少年漫画 have 振り仮名 below every Rune, even if content-wise they're aimed at middle schoolers.

The last reason is that Japan isn't 欧米 and due to the extremely small amount of foreign invaders both in blood and culture thanks to the massive language barrier coupled with its Island geography and current political/cultural standings amid its nearest Asian neighbours there's just no reason not to print small 片仮名 below the ローマ字 even if more than 80% of the people most likely to see the image can probably read and interprete the word(s) fine.
Replies: >>225836
>all this wall of text
But if they're so illiterate, now does writing normal in katakana going to help them? Shouldn't they write something like 普通 (or whatever of the 94838 possible meanings of normal they need here).
Replies: >>225939
[Hide] (188.6KB, 640x480) Reverse
I guess each of these minigame title screens is a parody of something, since this is clearly the modern Puyo Puyo art style.
>Shouldn't they write something like 普通 (or whatever of the 94838 possible meanings of normal they need here).
If they wanted to write 普通 they would've done so, but they wrote "normal" probably to look hip and cool and "normal" is not Japanese so they put ノーマル below it in カタカナ。
The other reason is that ノーマル is a common 和製英語 word of modern post-1945 Japanese.
[Hide] (207.7KB, 640x480) Reverse
[Hide] (242.4KB, 640x480) Reverse
[Hide] (230.4KB, 640x480) Reverse
I wonder if anyone has cleared this quiz game on the first try. How do they expect you to remember the numbers of all the Ouroboros members, Estelle's birthday, and some random code from a side quest at the beginning of the first game?

At least the questions repeat a lot so it's easy to brute force with multiple tries.
Replies: >>226354
They're designed for autists who can remember every number mentioned before. (Or they just expect you to play with a notebook)
So I'm in the last chapter of 3rd and they are saying you should train everybody up before you leave for the final area since you can't come back. Should I take that literally or can I keep using the party I like? I hope they don't expect you to grind and equip all the weaklings.
Replies: >>226427
The enemies in the last dungeon give tons of exp for lower levels
Replies: >>226428
I'm not worried about exp since it scales with level, but the sepith and money to equip everyone would take a lot of grind.
Replies: >>226429
I remember scratching by with bare minimum in that dungeon, don't worry about it unless you're on nightmare or something.
Spoiler File
(387.7KB, 640x480) Reverse
I got up to the part that was censored, and figured they probably just removed this image from the PSP version, but after checking it turns out they removed the entire first part as well. How would this scene even make sense to anybody playing this version?

CERO is such a cancer on Japanese gaming
Replies: >>226467
[Hide] (44.8KB, 640x640) Reverse
Wait so they removed everything except Loewe and Josh destroying the place and Renne seeing her parents again?
Replies: >>226470
Yeah, and also that image when they find her.
[Hide] (518.2KB, 640x480) Reverse
[Hide] (516.5KB, 640x480) Reverse
[Hide] (368.1KB, 738x615) Reverse
She's finally starting to be honest.
Replies: >>226522
[Hide] (262.2KB, 616x624) Reverse
That ending is the only one that ever actually got me
[Hide] (219.8KB, 1280x720) Reverse
>windows xp
Replies: >>226681 >>226689
Fitting for a glorified sewage system
Because it was the best operating system?
Replies: >>226690
Yeah but it feels out of place to put something like that in a series that has such meticulous world building.
Replies: >>226724
Trails world building started going downhill after the first arc, because they made one of the biggest no-nos in modern media: having refugees that aren't the perfect good guys. Back in Sky the issue was that they showed up and started demanding more and more, then causing problems. Portraying refugees like that is 200% absolutely unacceptable today. The Crossbell arc started retconning it by making the bad guys the far-right racists, though it at least admitted that the refugee mafia was involved in shady stuff, like assassinating and threatening politicians that didn't do what they wanted. That's completely swept under the rug later on, and from what I hear the most recent arc is about the evil racist white man Trump stand-in.

Hard to take the world seriously when it retcons itself so hard to match real world political correctness.
Replies: >>226752 >>226805
[Hide] (5.6MB, 2100x1326) Reverse
The thing that bothers me in Ao is when Red Constellation traps the actual terrorists, that were blowing shit up and shooting people, in the basement of Orchis Tower and Shirley starts killing them up close and personal and it's supposed to be mean or something.
[Hide] (780.1KB, 450x630) Reverse
[Hide] (929.6KB, 466x800) Reverse
[Hide] (880.9KB, 464x800) Reverse
These games are in my backlog for some reason. I have absolutely no idea why, especially the second+third ones they don't look like anything I like and I haven't played any other game in this franchise/series. Feel free to shill them if they happen to be your favorite videogames so I can remember what I was thinking.
Replies: >>226763 >>226771
The first one is fucking great. The second you can't play with context until you've played the third. The third is okay but only really propped up by it's story and overshadowed by it's superior sequel.
Play the Sora no Kiseki trilogy before Zero.
Uh-oh. Should I drop trails from my backlog? Wanted to play it for some time, but if it's shit, I'll pass.
Replies: >>226837
Don't go into it for the gameplay
Replies: >>226842
I've gone through enough Neptunia games and RPGmaker garbage to ignore bad gameplay. But if the story is also bad, then that's a drop
Replies: >>226844
Nep games are just special.
Replies: >>226845
ur special, as in special needs heh fag
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[Hide] (308.7KB, 1280x720) Reverse
Who thought this new artstyle was a good idea?
Replies: >>226902
[Hide] (458.7KB, 385x965) Reverse
[Hide] (166.6KB, 512x512) Reverse
[Hide] (208.5KB, 195x622) Reverse
[Hide] (486.9KB, 577x537) Reverse
I fucking hate how josh looks in the crossbell arc.
Replies: >>226903 >>226930
That 3D one doesn't look bad.
Replies: >>226904
It doesn't look bad until you realize she has the same face as every other girl in the erebonia arc.
I see no difference.
Replies: >>226932
It's the generic anime waifu face. of course pic 1 is also a generic anime waifu face, just from a different decade
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (3.2MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (3.3MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (2.5MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
>first companion is a qt girl
>second companion is a male elf
>third companion is a qt girl
>fourth companion is a dude
I hate this...
Replies: >>227341 >>227691
Replies: >>227344
Don't worry, I checked.
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
>fifth companion is a braty kid...
I wish you could pick your partner, anyway, flying is comfy.
Were there six good ones only or are you being funny due to the get?
Spoiler File
(284KB, 1280x720) Reverse
I gotta say I wasn't expecting Kiseki to pull the mild mannered professor is the real baddie thing again. Maybe the writer has an old grudge.
[Hide] (335.1KB, 1280x720) Reverse
Finally finished Crossbell, and I just wanted to strangle KeA by the end. Half the problems were caused by her being a stupid dumb retard.

Also what's the deal with this girl? She had no story relevance and only showed up like 4 times as an optional NPC in a place most people would probably never revisit, yet she gets her own portrait while some actual story characters don't.
Replies: >>231729
Was yuna always in the game or was that retroactive?
Replies: >>231732
It's a retcon.
[Hide] (2.5MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Replies: >>233582 >>233583
All you need now is a disgust face to go along with the caption.
Replies: >>233597
>he doesn't know about futas
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1366x768) Reverse
I'm playing three games at the moment:
Jagged Alliance 2, only a few hours in but It's really fun, trying to take my second city.

Parasite Eve, only finished the tutorial but the two boss fights I had were fun.

Fire Emblem Three Houses, it's not my first time playing it, but lately I've been getting lazy with my moon practice because I mostly play old RPGs, and I translate moon for a living, so I should always play something in moon.
Replies: >>233899 >>233905
>1 merc
>that resolution
what in the goddamn?
Replies: >>233900
>He doesn't know
Replies: >>233907
[Hide] (495.3KB, 715x676) Reverse
>lately I've been getting lazy with my moon practice because I mostly play old RPGs
Please don't tell me you play them in English.
Replies: >>233918 >>233958
know what?
Anon, I'm talking about CRPGs. Dumb Karla poster.
Replies: >>233951
[Hide] (91KB, 817x925) Reverse
Been playing atom rpg. The combat is fun but the dialogue and dialogue system is shit. I just end up killing everyone I can
Is it just me or is the general perception of the 4th console generation being a haven for Mayro clones and Final Faggot tree-style RPGs entirely manufactured by western ((( Games Journalism )))?
By sheer volume SRPGs seem to make up the vast majority of 日本製RPG games if not a significant portion of the general late 20th century nipponese console and PC libraries, not only that but games lauded as deep and inspiring by Journalistes and/or Soydrone Shilltubers overwhelmingly feature Kanji and Grammar aimed at elementary schoolers whereas SRPGs tend to be much more linguistically sophisticated.

Shoul Game Journalists be lynched and are any of the ロドス島戦記 game adaptions worthwhile by the esteemed standards of these threads?
I played the Mega CD game for a bit and am currently emulatan Advent of Avarice.
The former I can't recommend as its main selling points are clips from the OVA in beautifel Mega CD cumpression along with the soundtrack ripped from said OVA and nothing else apart from shit leveling and sloggish gameplay, Advent of Avarice on the other hand is an earnest shitpost of a Diable clone with full blown balls to the wall 支那事変 Kanji name(!) input for naming chars and crafted gear.
I have no idea how they fit 2000-ish Kanji bitmaps into the Dreamcast RAM without turning the game into Bubsy's 3D Mahjong adventure but it just werks.
Replies: >>233948 >>233957
[Hide] (173.7KB, 486x510) Reverse
Okay I was confused since you mentioned Parasite Eve first as if it wasn't practice.
Replies: >>233953
Sorry for being rude anon, Karla is great and you aren't dumb.
I understand what you are trying to say. But I disagree with you, I think that the amount of SRPGs on the Super Famicom alone is not particularly large, especially when compared to platforms like the PS1. There are more Lufias and DQs than there are Ogre Battles.
Replies: >>233978
[Hide] (280.3KB, 739x488) Reverse
I never said I'd be limiting myself to the SFC which for what's worth has a balanced pool of game genres in its Nip no-intro set, but taking the PCE and Nip computer into account not only the amount but also the relatively high production values behind such games as well as SRPGs being the "default" for many loicense games indicates a level of autism that western advertisers didn't quite carry over into the western sphere of conciousness.
[Hide] (58.5KB, 600x804) Reverse
>>219871 (OP) 
Does this count?
Replies: >>234037
>Shoujo Commando Izumi
Nice, but not vidya.
Replies: >>234061
[Hide] (5MB, 1280x720, 00:57)
Looks like the Persona 3 remake replaced the tranny scene with some politically correct shit.
Some fag on Shitaku wrote an article celebrating it:

Replies: >>234065
And the first pic in the OP  is?
[Hide] (145.5KB, 348x476) Reverse
[Hide] (289.6KB, 1684x947) Reverse
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (382.6KB, 598x614) Reverse
[Hide] (12.7MB, 1920x1080, 02:52)
Hopefully the remake will at some point get cracked and modded with mods that will replace the original translation with a more accurate and faithful one, as well as mods that will add back the mockery of THE TROON COMMUNITY or other uncensored original content back into the game. Also, have a full version.
Just learn nip and don't touch anything made after early 00s.
Replies: >>234077
>Just learn nip
>don't touch anything made after early 00s.
Who gives a shit in the first place. It's a "remaster" that in reality is just a glorified persona 5 mod.
[Hide] (2.8MB, 854x480, 00:48)
Do the candelabra match into the different endings in Nocturne? I bullshitted my way out of Matador's fight gotta thank my best girl Nekomata I rolled my High Pixie into and now I've been told to return some item I got out of him.
What if I don't? Does the game keep track of this? What would happend if my man Dollar "FATLUS" Cash $$$ kept the candles with him? Would this trigger the Chaos ending? Only clue I've been given was that I should expect more of these demons if I keep ahold of it.
Replies: >>235233 >>236033
Going to try out shin megami tensei raidou. I have never actually played any of the SMT games but something about this seems fun even though it has some mixed reviews from people online. I hear the second one has better combat but Ill try to do them in order.
Replies: >>235233
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1355x1148) Reverse
>Do the candelabra match into the different endings in Nocturne?
Its for getting a different ending altogether (True Demon Ending) through an extra dungeon and yes you need all candelabras to keep continuing in that dungeon
The dungeon itself is more or less optional though IIRC, but you miss out on some pretty good stuff

>as entry to SMT
Not a good entry to start with but you do you
I´d recommend starting with the Digital Devil Saga games and then Nocturne
Replies: >>235238
>starting with the boring slop that is DDS
Why do that to him? Start with something like SMT3 or 4.
[Hide] (2.8MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
I didn't know Fie had such a sexy belly. I should have went with her in the first game instead of Alisa.
Replies: >>236054
Anything I should know before playing Valkyrie Profile? The first one, not any of the sequels or the DS game.
Replies: >>236062
You can play the entire game without doing the candelabra thing, then again you miss out on the fiends which are the most powerful demons in the game, I'd recommend getting at least Daisojou, he's insanely good
>Would this trigger the Chaos ending?
No actually completing that sidequest is what triggers the chaos ending, sort of. Nocturne's endings are not as clear-cut as other games
I got unreasonably angry at nocturne's ng+
Beat the game on hard and got true demon ending, so I was thinking of starting ng+ and breezing through the game to get the other ending, but the rewards for second cycle are so meager I just feel like I'm playing through the game normally again.
Replies: >>236052
>another press turn = bad
Replies: >>236082
I don't think there's a worse choice than Alisa the tsunbitch. Maybe the princess because she's a fujo and likes to imagine you fucking other dudes, but then again I don't think she's an option in the first game.
Replies: >>236060 >>236215
She's not a bitch though. She was only embarrassed to apologize in the early game, and after that she was barely tsun at all.
From what I recall, the hard difficulty setting turns out easier to manage than the easy one, as far as being able to get a good ending goes.
didn't say bad, I said meager
also you get extra press turn after you finish all tombstone challenges, not on ng+
Emma I guess? But those giant titties instantly make her better than Alisa and you get to hang out with her hot grandma.
[Hide] (2.8MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Yeah it's so fun when you give a boss a move that heals more damage than an S-craft does while buffing three of his stats, and have him use it liberally. 

I like these games but sometimes they really go overboard on the bullshit, like the final boss in Ao that just straight up kills your whole party instantly if you don't rush its last phase.
Replies: >>236332
[Hide] (561.3KB, 984x896) Reverse
>he doesn't know about arts spam
Replies: >>236340
But I don't want to spam anything, I want to fight the bosses at my own pace without stupid gimmicks rushing me.
Replies: >>236341
All the bosses suck ass especially in 3 and 4
[Hide] (3MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
I thought I was almost done with this game but then it throws a randomized dungeon at me. Why? I hope it's not a slog cause I just want to finish the game.
Replies: >>237482
[Hide] (142KB, 550x580) Reverse
I have never played FFVII despite its reputation because it has a nigger in the main cast and there's a scene where the protagonist gets gang-raped (including by niggers). Well, and also the whole supposed hippy left-wing eco-terrorist environmentarino story.
Am I missing out on so much that it would be justified to suppress my values and just play the game?
I personally hope that translations in general start getting so ridiculously inaccurate and loaded that people will be encouraged to just learn Japanese
Most people are lazy and refuse to do it. They will take the shit shoveled into their mouth and defend it.
Replies: >>237516
Being a contrarian asswipe isn't a value.
>cloud gets gangraped

To answer the question for the benefit of people who aren't (You) FF7 is massively overhyped and inferior to the Final Fantasy games surrounding it. Fap to Tifa's tits and then play either FF6 for a decent Final Fantasy or FF8 to laugh as you abuse the junction and limit break systems to become the ultimate life form.
Replies: >>237514 >>237516
[Hide] (2MB, 1304x1171) Reverse
>cloud gets gangraped
Excuse me? It's FF7 not VenusBlood.
Replies: >>237514
There's nothing done in FF that isn't done better in other jrpgs. You can safely skip the entire series and simply enjoy the porn of the super hot girls.
Replies: >>237470
Seconding this. The only good games are the spinoff/side games.
[Hide] (163.5KB, 588x294) Reverse
>and there's a scene where the protagonist gets gang-raped
are you retarded
Replies: >>237514
Eh, it was a fun game when I played it way back in the day and the whole fighting to stop the evil corporation that is destroying the planet, making retarded genetic experiments making a lion fuck the last acient descent because reasons among so many things just because they don't have anything else to do, sounds silly, no really why the fuck are they doing all that shit? Why mix xeno cells with soldiers to make super soldiers, who the fuck are they fighting?
Just play trail in the sky if you want some JRPGs or Dungeon Travelers 2 for some dungeon crawling.
>Am I missing out
Replies: >>237483
[Hide] (2.9MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (2MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (2.3MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (2.1MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (2.5MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
It wasn't as bad as I thought, but I still think it should have been an optional post game thing instead of required to beat the game. There was no story relevance and it just killed the pacing right at the end. At least the Crossbell gaiden was story relevant and had hot Rixia in it.

I started up the 3rd game and I already don't like the new art style. I feel like they sucked some of the personality out of the faces of the 3D models.
you, are a, fucking, nigger
Replies: >>237484
>whiteknighting for the comma of all things
Replies: >>237563
That may be true, I guess.
>Being a contrarian asswipe isn't a value.
Bro, I love Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time and other popular games as much as the next guy. It's just that they don't have niggers in the main cast or gay interracial rape or leftist-adjacent themes.
>retard weeb game
Is there seriously anything besides stories about japanese high school in japan anymore? No fucking wonder the retards were nuked twice.
[Hide] (310.1KB, 896x1024) Reverse
[Hide] (2.3MB, 1592x1888) Reverse
[Hide] (610KB, 1467x1442) Reverse
[Hide] (602.4KB, 2000x437) Reverse
Replies: >>237556 >>237558
>I'll give the (you) slut his (you)s
[Hide] (5.6MB, 960x516, 01:03)
What's morally wrong with heterosexual pedophilia? Plenty of muslim countries allow it and they have much better societies than jew-controlled countries.
>but they fuck goats and are all angry and violent all the time
Did you witness that yourself or learn it from the ((( media )))?
Replies: >>237559
>Plenty of muslim countries allow it and they have much better societies than jew-controlled countries.
Such as?
[Hide] (32.8KB, 474x266) Reverse
[Hide] (37.5KB, 474x266) Reverse
Unicorn Overlord leaked, you can emulate it without any problems. If you're not aware yet, it's basically an Ogre Battle Clone plus the gambit system from FF XII.
Replies: >>237561 >>237686
>Unicorn Overlord leaked
Not here. I can't find a magnet on your post, can you post it?
Replies: >>237562 >>237565
I can't find it anymore, I'll upload it.
>doesn't hang out in a 1mx1m tub with his 15 bros
What are you, gay?
Just finished uploading it, save data from the demo doesn't carry over to the main game, that's gonna be added with patch 1.01 probably.

https://gofile .io/d/YVKgzz
[Hide] (226.2KB, 640x480, 00:03)
thank you anon. Did some quick testing and it seems to work perfectly on the Deck.
Replies: >>237625
why would you play this "localized" trash
Replies: >>237633 >>237637
To upset fags who don't play video games and also bitch constantly.
That girl was one of the ones that was least impacted by the new graphics. A lot of them look like different people with entirely different body types. Shorty there looks at least pretty much the same as in the previous game. I don't mind hot girls, but I'm not sure I like that most of them got almost cartoonish hourglass bodies when they weren't as exaggerated in the previous games.
Replies: >>237660
There's japanese text too retard.
Replies: >>237642
You and I both know he's too busy shitposting to know japanese
Replies: >>237677
I'm talking more about the faces. I don't mind if they give them better bodies, it's been a couple of years after all.
The models look better IMO. The last two games have much bigger issues than that.
It's funny how the loudest about localization don't actually play games and don't bother learning the language.
Replies: >>237699
[Hide] (120.5KB, 321x192) Reverse
I never got into FFVII either, so I went and looked up a bunch of FFVII videos to see what all the noise was about.
Turns out it's just a cliched "save the environment" story with some dumb ancient alien lore.
From what I've seen, Barret is actually a pretty likeable character compared to most in the game. At least he's got some testosterone.
Replies: >>237688
How bad is the translation?
Replies: >>237699
should see how he prostrates himself and takes off his gun arm during the dyne fight.
Replies: >>237690 >>237706
>he prostrates himself and takes off his gun arm during the dyne fight
I don't know if you're just bullshitting or not, but I can see the numake doing that.
Nice try, chaim.
They're loud about it because they're frustrated but haven't done anything to solve their problem. Eventually they'll have to either stop playing Japanese games or start learning Japanese. Of course, once you do start learning, games provide an abundance of practice material.

It's really flowery from what I've seen. A lot of added dialogue.
Replies: >>237703
>start learning Japanese
And localizers are fully aware of this mantra, which is why they're focused on censorship at the source now. Turns out that just telling everyone to give up and retreat isn't a great solution either.
Replies: >>237704 >>237710
You're right except you forgot to say they're getting absolutely fucking blasted for it by everyone now.
Replies: >>237707
It's been a long time but didn't Barret do the same thing in the original after the Dyne fight? It's supposed to be a manly-tears moment with Barret losing one of the last connections to his pre-/just/ life.
Replies: >>237745
Sure, but that doesn't necessarily mean they'll stop doing it. We all know they're backed by certain people with lots of money and political power, and they aren't out to make money from these games but to push their mental poison. Maybe the pendulum will start swinging the other way soon, we'll see.
Replies: >>237708
To borrow a retarded phrase, people can stay sane longer than they can stay solvent, especially now that ZIRP is dead.
It's not a retreat, the problem is that not enough people cared to learn Japanese and kept buying localized slop, and now they have gained enough power to invade the Japanese version directly. I still see plenty of retards even here posting localized screenshots.

The only retreat is to keep supporting censored or localized shit.
Replies: >>237748 >>237755
Nope. Barret talks to Dyne, but doesn't disarm himself.
most normalfags can't spend 10 minutes figuring out how to get fansubbed anime instead of paying for the trannylated version on crunchyroll and you expect them to spend thousands of hours learning japanese?
You go through some incredible mental gymnastics. These people are backed by some of the richest and most influential people alive. They would immediately move to censor Japanese games if they noticed any significant number of people just learning the poorly constructed chinkrunes. They're already doing it and they would have started even earlier if everyone stopped caring about localized versions and went for the Japanese versions. I already mentioned that this isn't about the money, so even if normalfags all stopped buying this shit, the people responsible would continue to push it.
Immediately giving up and surrendering something to evil people is most certainly retreating, regardless of how you try to spin it. It shouldn't be considered wrong to expect translations to meet a certain standard.
Replies: >>237765 >>237782
You're not being subtle, phzos64.
You're the one engaging in mental gymnastics because you want to have your cake and eat it too. Translation existing in the first place is a problem, because it is an attack vector for foreigners. You pretend you have principles but you just want to take the easy route of not learning shit and just rely on a corruptable third party to read stories to you.
Replies: >>237984
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
The P3 milking continues.
Replies: >>237963 >>237998
[Hide] (68.1KB, 618x348) Reverse
Is it so wrong to not have to learn a foreign language?
Replies: >>237985
It is if that means you are going to support the people that are destroying my hobby. If you only pirate games then that's fine.
Replies: >>237988
You support the company if you buy the product. You don't support the company if you don't buy the product. If you advocate piracy, then you think that this company's product should fail, no inbetween. Why should you want it to fail? And instead of that, if you care for it, why don't you tell developers about it?
Replies: >>237991
[Hide] (17.5MB, 1280x720, 01:44)
what if while I'm posting about how fun something is and advocating for piracy of it that I'm fully aware some people will buy it anyway, and some of the pirates will tell their friends about how fun it is and some of their friends will buy it too?
Replies: >>237992
yeah but what if none of them buy, which is far more likely? the product's gonna fail
Replies: >>237994
>which is far more likely
The majority of normalfag gamers believe that most pirated games contain malware that will steal all their financial info and accounts and probably blow up their computer. The majority of normalfags also don't know how to download files from a torrent. A large percentage of them don't know how to open a .7z file. When I post about a product on normalfag websites and the post gets dozens of le upvotes (hundreds of views) that means at least a few are going to consume the product after purchasing it.

Even on high IQ imageboards like this one I still see lots of retards buying games because of their crippling moralfaggotry. They will pay $30 for a game they could've easily pirated and then eat the cheapest junk food at walmart because now they can't afford the more expensive healthy food that tastes better and doesn't give you diabetes. Very few are wealthy enough to have both.
Replies: >>238004
Let me know if they start selling the missing persona combinations.
Don't confuse trying to be good and being utterly retarded. It's objectively evil to support a significant majority of big businesses today, so a supposed moralfag wouldn't do that. What makes people support those businesses is an extreme lack of intelligence and the inability to have any thoughts that aren't approved by mass media.
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