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Hopefully we can actually get a second one of these that doesn't get nuked before completion.
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Weekdays suck.
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>Dicked around on getting a salt rifle for the past years
>Actually find something for a reasonable during a panic 
>Now have to deal with ammo prices for 5.45x39
At least this will all come in time for shit to actually hit the fan :^)
Replies: >>1076 >>1340
There won't be a civil war, burgers are too pussified and retarded for there to ever be something like that. I'd expect an outright chink invasion before I ever expect a significant number of fatsos to actually buck domestic authority. It's good you finally got a rifle though, I hope you didn't pay for it with a card.
The last gun show I went to 5.45x39 was way cheaper per round than more common stuff like 5.56 or 9mm, ammo prices are absolutely fucking absurd right now, and any stock that rolls in gets snatched up almost immediately.
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America is one of the worst when it comes to obesity but most first world countries bar Japan and France share a similar obesity problem (25-40%).
The moment Americans had a politician start demanding gun grabs and the like is the moment that they should have killed all their politicians, impaled them in the streets and start again. As one of their founding fathers say, the tree of liberty must be fed with the blood of tyrants and patriots.
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I read the whole letter and it's a pretty good one. Safe to say that the "spirit of resistance" is dead now though. Shame that the country built by people who can write those kinds of letters now has bullshit like the NFA in place.
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I know. I'm not even American and I actually I disagree with many things America has done, in particular being the de facto attack dog of the Jews, but fuck, the second amendment is just awesome. I wish my shithole had such laws for guns.
Replies: >>1097
Well it won't be much longer until we can't even gloat about being able to own guns anymore, it's about the only thing that the US has going for it these days and the niggerfaggot republican party fumbled hard these past four years (probably deliberately) despite starting off with near full control of everything when Trump got elected.
It feels pretty fucking bad that soon you'll have to seek out far backwoods BLM land to shoot guns instead of imply being able to do it in your back yard if you have the land.
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I don´t really think you have a political solution for this mess. The democrats want to enforce it, but the Republicans really don't protect it, they just don't outright ban them but they allow cuck insanity to seep in your lives by not acting against it.
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Oh absolutely not, there wasn't a political solution as far back as (maybe even further than) 9/11. It'll be a couple generations before the violent solution happens, and it probably won't be whitey that starts it.
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NFA came out in the 30s and FOPA came out in the 80s so we've been fucked for a while. 
FDR's presidency fucked up a lot of shit when you look back on it. Not that it wasn't a bit fucked before then but he took it up about 10 fucking notches and here we are now with a retarded pile of bureaucratic bullshit with a government that does nothing but grow.
Worst part is that America is one of the lighter offenders in the world when it comes to this shit. Take a look at the West Euro countries or China if you want to see the worst of it.

In all honesty, I think the founders of America overestimated the commonfolk, both in their intellect and in their tolerance for this bullshit.

But at the end of the day, I don't care all that much and I move on, taking some time with my hobbies while I'm at it. Sometimes I need to get this stuff off my chest though as this is a bullshit situation we're in.
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We'll probably be fine regardless because robots know to keep out of retarded normalnigger societal problems. Unless you live around niggers chances are slim any normalfag is going to go out of their way to bother you, especially if you don't have to wagecuck.
Had an interesting dream. It started out as some conflict in front of a walmart like store with some fat guy that my mind made up. I don't know what argument was about, a symbol? Politics? Cheese maybe. I think I attempted to kill him, but i dont think I managed it, he had that "dream armor". It was a nice day out so i hoofed it from that place and went into some woods. It was a mix of boreal and tropical i feel, with those river trees scattered about. I found a comfy space in those woods. It look like it was surrounded by a fence, like it was almost a backyard which kinda ruined it. The memory is fading now but i remember it having 2 levels, sorta like a small ravine. The top was a forest, which then broke out into those river trees. And in the vally was a river or pool made out of minecraft cobblestone, fed by a waterfall. Cross to the other side and up the ravine  and theres a library like house. I remember a lot of polished and stained wood, and a lot of books. I picked one or two up but i cant remember if they were titled. There was someone else with me fore some reason, from the mall? They looked familiar. Exiting the library led to a manor or school of sorts with the same aesthetic. Then i woke up. It was an interesting dream, a decent adventure with a nice environment, minus the walmart.
>parents raised me and praised me for my intelligence constantly growing up
>find out the hard way I'm not all that smart or special
>however when I say something and someone calls me an idiot it still hurts tremendously
>completely regardless of whether I know they're just being a fag because I made them mad or if I actually said something dumb
How do I get over this? Every other kind of insult rolls off my back just fine, but when it's an attack on my intelligence it'll almost always ruin my day even though I know I'm not smarter than anyone else I interact with. Shit fucking hurts especially bad when I make a statement and am immediately met with that kind of response without any kind of elaboration, as if some internet stranger expecting me to know why something doesn't add up is so significant. Stepping back and thinking about it later makes me realize how retarded it is to be upset over such things but I haven never been able to get over it for some reason.
Replies: >>1248 >>1304
It would only bother you if you're still clinging onto the sense of validation your parents gave you by being convinced you were "intelligent", whatever the fuck that even means these days. Obviously you know this. Like with anything else deriving self-worth from the validation of others is the single biggest enemy of a mans ability to maintain confidence in himself, or sanity.

I see normalniggers complain about this a lot too, not that I'm saying this a normalnigger trait, but they'll talk about how when they were young they were in honors class or advanced classes, and now after school they're just depressed degenerate losers that amounted to nothing. Their identity and self-worth are still attached to the meaningless concept of "intellectual supremacy", unfortunately for them there are much better genetic markers for success than "intelligence".

There are about a million and one ways you can go about rationalizing to yourself why you should or should not care about someone insulting your intelligence. So stop putting so much value into your parents expectations of you, I guess. You already know all this shit anyways I'm just writing to write. I find these psychoanalytical conversations a bit embarrassing to participate in. A guilty pleasure, maybe.
Replies: >>1249
But how? And why do I cling to that validation? I don't even have anyone IRL to even bother keeping such mental hangups floating around in my head. Also I didn't even stay on the honor roll past middle school, and I've been dealing with this problem ever since. Maybe I've conditioned myself to think that not being some kind of genius must in turn mean I'm some kind of total retard instead? The concept of being some mediocre bozo doesn't bother me, but if it turned out I was literally retarded I'd probably have a fucking meltdown. Is that along the lines of what you mean by attachment to "intellectual supremacy"?
>I find these psychoanalytical conversations a bit embarrassing to participate in
I guess it is a bit embarrassing, but it's something I feel like I need to sort through, it's like a huge mental block that keeps me from moving on and maybe finding some kind of peace in my life.
Replies: >>1250 >>1253 >>1267
Cope harder, literally.
>at the bar earlier talking to qt bartender
>lel whattaya do how's yer family lel who's yer wife
<ain't got no family ain't got no wife
>lollllll so I've been working here x years and started at y age lol
>ya I got a couple kids but the oldest is only z yo looool
>so wyd anon lmao :*;*;*;*
<I fuck off and mind my own business
>Leeeel that's cute how you doin?? doin gud??
>so how's that job doing for ya :)))
<its not
>LOOLLL :)))) I'm sure things are fine
>I'd like to see you again
Can't fucking stand whore trash pretending to care at all
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You talk like a faggot, how are the wife and kids treating you? Got any free time later tonight? I'd like to pretend to talk to you while I try to find a topic that I can monologue and force you to engage with while playing videogames if you've got the time. You'll love it, you'll want to kill yourself once I'm gone after you realize a person could be this fucking cool. What? You don't have the time? Oh, well, that's fine I'll find someone else to waste my time with. See you later, love you too.
Replies: >>1254 >>1255
If it helps, I highly doubt you're literally retarded. Your posts are written well enough to show at least a normal level of competency.
Replies: >>1256
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nice pasta and sorry was trying to get banned and deleted by talking about what I did earlier today but I'm so fuckin drunk I have no clue lol I really tried to finish that story but couldn't so just cut it short to be but a total pain in the ass to read and really I fully failed at making a delete this ban this post so fuck I dunno guess that is how it is
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From now on its best to ignore and hide posts from obvious normalfags as any of them could be the new eunuch-tier nigger.
Replies: >>1257
I guess man. Sometimes I greatly envy normalfags and their seemingly total lack of doubt about, or maybe their lack of care about their own mental status. One day I'll probably stop being bothered by it, I just hope it happens before I hit old age so I can actually move on and maybe find some kind of enjoyment in life.
If it makes you feel better I know you're not the same malicious cunt that was shitting up the board earlier.
It's fine. Worrying about people shit posting on an imageboard feels more like something you'd do on a forum. Some garbage has to be thrown around for anything of quality to be found, posts are always a hit or miss. Write fun posts and create fun threads.
I recently watched whiplash, and your post reminded me of it. You just have to get over it. If you were having trouble with a hobby or something I'd tell you to focus on what makes that hobby fun to you, and not about others. I find that harsh words stick longer in my mind as well, I guess its only human. I dont think its possible to completely erase that initial "sting", but you should instead focus on making sure it doesn't stick in your mind for long. That could be done by leaving the conversation to do something more interesting/comfy.
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I have recently learned that apple products require you to have an internet connection to "validate" app certificates or else it wont let you open the app. What a trash product
Replies: >>1285
I remember anons posting about that on 8/tv/ when it first came out, is it actually any good?
Did you learn the hard way or by looking it up? I hope you didn't actually buy any of their shit. Apple truly is a garbage company all around though, even by the general borderline non-existent standards of everything else business related they're a bunch of fucking faggots.
Replies: >>1287 >>1305
>I remember anons posting about that on 8/tv/ when it first came out, is it actually any good?
Yeah it's alright from what I remember.
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[Hide] (10.8MB, 640x368, 02:44)
>praised me  constantly growing up

Ho ho, I raff
Sorta the hard way, i got an ipad as a gift. I will not be using it.
As for whiplash i found it to be great. A story about a kid and hie autistic passion and learning how far to go with it. On one hand hes got a family who wants him to have the honest, simple cattle life. Friends, sports, gf, or just being a comfy neet enjoying life. On the other hand theres the conductor of the music class. Hot tempered, passionate, but has no care for anyone other that those who could be the potential star child he wants to attach his name too, to the point of being physically and verbally abusive and justifying it as a "discouragement filter" (a true star wouldn't give up, and my abuse would instill discipline and hard work). Neither side is completely right. The family of course is cattle and wouldn't achieve much, but the conductor only wants his own glory and will destroy anything to get it, which lead to one of his students heroing because his music wasnt satisfying himself anymore. Did that student make good music? Yah, but at the cost of burning out. The conductor does something outright malicious at the end and then tries to cover it up as another "discouragement test". The kid learns where to draw the line for himself, respecting the discipline that the conductor gave but also remembering why he got into music, because he enjoyed it. Its robotic in that way which is why I liked it. Its a slow movie at the start, but I enjoyed thinking about it. How hes always grimacing when he plays, except for the last performance, where he learns not to be a tool for the conductor and plays hus heart out was a nice touch. It was a good story. I almost envy the passion some people can have for their hobbies.
>wanted to play some modded terraria
>sound is broken
>apparently there was a small update to terraria which for some reason killed how tmodloader loads sounds
Guess I'll play something else
I had the same scenario appear twice in my recent dreams. I was racing down a highway in a car that felt too small. I couldn't slow down, only go faster, and my sideview mirrors were angled incorrectly (pointed inward i think) so i couldn't see through them. It was strange since I dont drive but I probably should stick to walking if I ever need to go out.
>dropping out of uni
My fault, really. Should've overcome my useless autism.
My life is going to be pretty stressful from now on, with my future being even more uncertain and ambiguous than before.
Not even sure if I will manage to utilize the "freedom" I would get from this, nor if I have any ambitions for that. Not sure of anything.
Replies: >>1324
Do you want to elaborate?
Kind of in a similar position myself, even though I am not quite there yet, clueless, without aim. What will you do now, NEET? Did your parents pay or are you in debt now?
I really toyed with the thought joining the military, at least my body would get constant exercise and I would get some self discipline. Sadly the only real thing that you could get used for is shooting sandniggers in the desert for fat kikes.
Then again military is not really suited for robots. I just on't know...

I always get the feeling that I hit rock bottom this year, but next year its even further down, wonder where it will all end.
Replies: >>1326 >>1452
Don't join the military, I can tell you from personal experience that even the supposed smart people jobs are full of insufferable faggots niggers and women, and it looks like it's only gotten worse since I got out, it really isn't suited for robots at all.
Replies: >>1329 >>1452
What is suited for robots in this gay dystopia?
Replies: >>1331
Living modestly and finding a comfortable job. People get too caught up trying to make sweeping life changes they think will save them from their retardation.
Snowed for Christmas, it didn't really snow all winter but I'll take a Christmas snowfall. Better than nothing
Replies: >>1338
Enjoy it for me. I live in the south hemisphere, so I have Christmas while it's hot. It's shit, and in my latitude it actually never snows.
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>He bought a rifle in 5.45
I'm impressed you could fine one anon, treat her well. I'm hoping to find one somehow
[Hide] (5.4MB, 2480x3508)
What a lousy year this has been. And I can't say I am looking forward to 2021 either. Beatings will continue until morale improves, I suppose.
Replies: >>1448
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1572x1225)
This year was shit. Every year leading up to it was shit. This next year will probably bring in some kind of holocaust against any kind of people normalscum don't like for whatever petty and immature reason they have with burgerland going full commie. I have only one good thing to say about this next year and that at least, if only for a short time, there will be wonderful art of cute cow girls, my favorite kind of kemonomimi.
Replies: >>1448
[Hide] (57KB, 550x550)
Right, sorry fellow normalcomrade. By the way, you forgot this.
Fuck off stupid nigger.
I thought that the year was pretty good.
Imagine being a limp-dicked communism tranny and not a national syndicalist hard cock out ready to fuck
Replies: >>1450
So are you equal to a normalnigger?
You are the dumbest retard gorilla nigger
2020 was much better than 2019. Got to spend a lot of time away from normalniggers because of the china flu.
[Hide] (3.4MB, 1776x2542)
>What will you do now, NEET?
Depends on lots of circumstances and factors. Borderline-worst case scenario - I will get drafted. "Best" case scenario - I will go NEET with freelance jobs to cling to. 
>Did your parents pay or are you in debt now?
Thankfully zero debts.
My family will still pressure me a lot. As if they ever helped me. Or as if they didn't actually get in my way. Of course, my fault is, in the end, my fault. But ignoring the outside contributions towards my failure would be just delusional. I am pretty sure if I won't move to another place, I will end up doing something very irrational and impulsive, something I will definitely regret until I will die though.
>Then again military is not really suited for robots. I just on't know...
It really isn't. The only thing I see most robots to excel in there, as in, going by the characteristics robots usually share, is following discipline (normalniggers have a serious problem with it usually) and some tasks that would be helpful if one is autistic enough.
>I always get the feeling that I hit rock bottom this year, but next year its even further down, wonder where it will all end.
I feel like I'm not even supposed to be alive. Like my story has ended, and I'm already at the overly prolonged epilogue, awaiting for my pitiful demise.

It sounds suitable for people who have no ambitions, no self-respect, no hope for the future, no will to live and no interest in anything. Yes, it could end up as absolute faggot hell with kike-tier subhumans fucking you up and over. I just see rationale for this path, but only in very specific circumstances. But I absolutely advise for anyone else to not go this way.
Any robots here have any experience living out of a van or similar such vehicle? I've finally decided I'm tired of my family and instead of continuing to put up with their bullshit I'm looking for a quick escape so I can at least move a state or two away and maybe eventually land some shitty apartment or countryside shack. I have a decent chunk of change saved up and I'm generally low maintenance. I don't even mind doing temp work to pay for food when I run out of savings, I just need to get away from these fucking people.
Replies: >>1584
You'll have to build up the interior of the van first. Insulation, shelves, people even fit a sink and shower hoses in there. YouTube has some decent van living builds, once you get past the cattle bait WOAH EXOTIC LIVING ones
Replies: >>1586
Any specific channels to recommend? I don't mind sifting through it if you don't have any but it'd be nice to have a starting point amid the sea of cancer.
Replies: >>1591 >>1597
Ill see what i can find (i haven't organized myself well). I'll just dump yt links since it isn't too hard to put them into invidious
Hiding in plain sight
Some guy living in a storage room. Might be useful for van ideas
Peak van neet layout
A more simple van layout
A video on setting up solar power. If you're gonna do this make sure to get a solar panel/mat that's wired in parallel so it can work in partially shaded areas.
Its probably good to learn how to maintain lead acid batteries as well
I dont think you'd go this far but heres how to filter used cooking oil to use in diesels
Doing this is illegal though i hear because you're avoiding gas taxes and smelling up the roads
Replies: >>1600 >>1608
This channel is about solar power and rechargeable battery autism
Some prepper shill talks about the different kinds of solar panels
A portable generator that ive heard is really good for its size. You can get a propane converter for it as well
Theres the classic pedo van, then the version thats a bit bigger. Those are called sprinter vans if you want to opt for them
Replies: >>1608
Seems like i didn't post that quick video on solar power systems, here.
And thats pretty much all ive got i think
Replies: >>1608
Thanks robot.
My mood is starting to improve, it's like my happiness is directly inversely proportional to the happiness of normalfags. I can survive just fine in silenced isolation, while they panic over being banned from shitholes like twatter, while others rigidly and nervously toe the line and then get banned anyway. It gives me nothing but joy to see them suffer the consequences of their own malice.
[Hide] (34.1KB, 501x800)
Holy shit, to anyone who has problems falling asleep and staying at night for long periods of time due to fucked biological clock... Just get yourself some fucking melatonin. I'm serious, it helps so fucking much, holy fuckballs. Instead of waking up 15:00 I woke up 10:30, and I'm going to improve it further. It's also not psychotropic, it's just a natural hormone that appears in your body that should naturally appear when darkness falls, so don't worry about taking it to regulate it not appearing. I feel fucking amazing after actually waking up during the day and feel a thousand times better.
Replies: >>1636
Interesting? Do you buy it online? 
Speaking of sleep ive been plagued with nonsensical dreams every night for the past week or so. It makes me tired in the morning as well as destroying the only few hours i can get peace. I wouldn't mind a comfy dream or two but last night i was in some space prison for some reason and the night before i stole gold coins from a dollar store owner and tried to deposit them into a regular bank. 
My brain better have a good reason for this
Replies: >>1639
You should imagine a conclusion to your dream where you break out of space-prison.
Wanting to die was better than not wanting to die and having to accept that I will die. I wish I could want to die again. Probably.
Replies: >>1655 >>1656
What reason did you find that made you want to live? If it was of such a magnitude that it dragged you out of a pit of despair and made you want to live then you should focus on it as much as possible. Maybe you'll wind up bringing some small amount of light into this wretched hell that we all live in.
Replies: >>1656
[Hide] (208KB, 551x642)
It sounds as if you never wanted to die in the first place and sought death as a escape, now you found something to cling to and don't wanna go, keep digging and find if you really wish for death or not, in my personal view Death with a capital D, is nothing to be afraid, i could keep explaining my views on death but i think that's preaching to a specific coir and alienating half of the board, that being said it would be interesting to dig into this and see why robots are so afraid of Death, since its not the first time someone talks about his fear of death, and one robot even expressed his fear of God
>you'll wind up bringing some small amount of light into this wretched hell that we all live in.
If we are talking about personal reasons to carry on and do things, then yeah, but i think its borderline delusional to think that either this hellhole is "recoverable" by any stretch of the imagination, even more so that that can be acquired by a simple man, or that the corruption of this Hell on Earth, is merely the advent of the Modern Age with all that it entailed, the roots of Evil in this plane are much deeper than anyone is willing to look or acknowledge, although im certain some robots have woken up to this fact
Replies: >>1657
I never said anything about whether or not it's recoverable and I think you want to play the part of crab in a bucket by dragging down a robot that may have found a potential avenue to be happy in this life.
It was quite a few years ago but I didn't get out of that rut because of some sort of profound reason to live. I was quite young so I remember being really unhappy with myself, my situation and this shit world (I had recently started to realize just how bad things are) to the point where I was relatively suicidal. A lot of it was due to immaturity I'm sure.
As for why I stopped it was mostly just a byproduct of me going scorched earth on myself when I realized how much of a dumbass I was being, after which I made steps toward improvement. This happened around the time I started accepting the facts which are a foundation to robotic knowledge.
So in reality there's no real profound reason for me wanting to live. I just sort of turned my general contentness with life around by focusing on myself, my hobbies and improving myself. All I can remember is that even though I was depressed with a side of some breakdowns here and there none of it compares to the absolutely disgusting palpable dread I feel in the dead of night before I sleep when thought of my eventual death come to mind. Its the most god awful thing I've ever experienced in my life. 

For some reason the thought only comes up at that time. Or at least its only so dreadfully palbable then. 

To clarify though I don't find myself terrified of death most of the time. Thankfully this feeling that I've described and these specific thoughts are quite rare. Its just that when I do start to feel that dread it hits like a fucking truck. Again its an absolutely disgusting feeling. Feels like a punch to the gut.

I think part of my problem with it is that with most intrapersonal issues like these I can usually find a solution and work towards that but deth is an inevitablity so I find myself with the option to either delude myself or desensitize myself to my own death, none of which sound optimal. For now I'm sticking with the don't think about and if you do realize how useless it is to think about it. Safe to say that doesn't fix the core issue of that feeling happening in the first place. Again the issue isn't a major one, only major during the seconds within some weeks gap that I do think about it.

I apologize for the long post. I understand that blogposting can be faggy. I'm also relatively tired so I apologize if the post is somewhat incoherent.
Replies: >>1660 >>1709
Isn't this entire thread pretty much a blogpost thread? Regardless it seems like anyone who is capable of actually thinking ahead is unable to escape suddenly dreading the inevitable end of life, I've talked to other people who get the same feeling and have had it happen to me as well and I have yet to hear anything resembling a solution to it. Unless you go full zen Buddhist mode I don't think that fear will ever go away, and even the it'll probably do its damnedest to creep back in when you least expect it.
I am working a little while in a gynaecology department as an intern. I have never been this disgusted by women in my entire life. It's amazing how beneath all the make up, the sexy clothing and perfume, it's just a chunk of meat and biological tissue. I have no sexual urges anymore. The moment a thought of concupiscence arise in me, it is destroyed by a feeling of disgust and images of repulsing naked women. Even young "beautiful" women look like shit to me. How can men be aroused by this ? Sexual intercourse is nothing but a filthy Samsaric reaction where men give in to their tanha (thirst) and reinforce the state of dukkha (agitation, suffering) in them. The superior man should treat it as a chore for its sole reproductive value or abstain from it alltogether. All those normalfags are wallowing in a Samsaric mud and blinded by their ignorance. I have nothing but disgust and contempt for them.
It reminds me of a discipline in Buddhism where they contemplate dead bodies in different stages of decomposition in order to internalize that feeling of impermanence and detachment from the physical body. When stripped from all romanticization, the human body is just an ugly shell.
Replies: >>1664 >>1666
Any anecdotes that reinforce how shit 3DPD are?
Apart from the general idea of disgust you just told us about.
Replies: >>1675
[Hide] (414.7KB, 546x706)
>It's amazing how beneath all the make up, the sexy clothing and perfume, it's just a chunk of meat and biological tissue.
Yeah no shit, but the holes are still good though.

You're looking at it the wrong way, the human body is perfectly natural and not everything about it is beautiful. And I don't think the gynecology line of work is for you either way, your choices are to cope and get impotent, or just get another specialization/intern.

And at the end of the day mate, I bet you would say the same thing if you inspected cocks for a living. It's just that men are charged  to go for women and vice versa, and I guess you have been demystified by looking at cunts everyday besides this I don't get why gynecology isn't a female exclusive profession. It's silly.
Replies: >>1667 >>1668 >>1675
>the holes are still good though
Not the ones that come to a doctor because they're broken in one way or another.
[Hide] (12.9KB, 210x255)
>but the holes are still good though.
>body is perfectly natural
>your choices are to cope and get impotent
Fuck off Satan
>robot becoming a gynecologist
What the fuck why would you do that to yourself? Also most people don't look at diseased cunts and assholes every day. This isn't to say you're wrong about holes being disgusting but you're literally in a job where you will see the worst of the worst, it's gotta fuck with your perspective even when you already don't like them.
Replies: >>1675
Now that we're on the topic of gross bodies, why aren't robots into surrogacy?   You get a prime egg and breed it yourself so you aren't getting cucked, and you don't have spend the rest of your life with an old roastie.
What exactly makes you assume any of us would be decent parents? I personally don't have any patience for children. They smell bad all the time and they're fucking loud as shit and you can't beat them for it anymore because you'll get tossed into jail and they'll get carted off into the foster care system to be pimped out to nigger pedophiles. Neither of us wins in that situation.
>why aren't robots into spending 100k to raise a kid by yourself
I wonder
Replies: >>1682 >>1690
There's a difference between having a child for its own sake and your child being the product you and your wife's love for eachother. However, we live in a world of normalfags, roasts and gynocentrism and so the concept of having a happy marriage with a wife that loves you and a few kids is, as we know, a crock of shit. 
Other than that single parenthood is bad for children and bad for the parent.
Replies: >>1682
I mostly do my work which is interrogating, doing physical exams, fill in files, cardiotocography and helping out my seniors in childbirth. I keep talking to a minimum and so far I had no problem as everything went smoothly. Something tells me that I'm not gonna be a very good doctor since I'm not very likeable and don't care about the personal history of the patient. I try to stay distant. But I'm sure that I'll have some anecdotes to share with you in the near future. It just feels like shit being around women and their period problems, infections and pregnancies.
>but the holes are still good though.
No they are not, and I have seen a lot of healthy ones. That kind of gooey soft texture is repulsive, and I have to examine the color of the secretions, the abundance and if there is blood or not. I have no problem doing it in a work situation, but I would never get my face near that in a sexual context. When I think that some people put their mouths on there, and come back with nasty infections, I want to fucking die.
>I bet you would say the same thing if you inspected cocks for a living
I don't know, maybe I would never know.
>And I don't think the gynecology line of work is for you either way
>What the fuck why would you do that to yourself?
It's not permanent. I have to work for 3 months in gynaecology as part of my training. A doctor needs at least basic knowledge in almost all specialties. I'll choose mine next year.
Replies: >>1676 >>1678 >>1680
Can we say then that the 3DPD thing is not a meme but 100% reality?
Replies: >>1679 >>1681
>I'm not gonna be a very good doctor since I'm not very likeable and don't care about the personal history of the patient
There are loads of doctors who are straight up assholes to their patients, you can get away with straight up talking shit to them and they can't do anything about it because medical personnel are worshiped as gods by normalcattle.
Replies: >>1681
[Hide] (93.6KB, 398x369)
It was never a meme
>When I think that some people put their mouths on there
Have never seen the appeal of that. Urine comes out of there, and god only knows what else. The fact that some normalniggers are so desperate as to subject themselves to that for the faintest hope of reproduction is mind boggling. Same with the poop chute, poop comes out of there and the thought of putting any part of your body near that is equally disgusting.
Replies: >>1681
I never had my doubts.
I'm not an asshole. I try to help as much as I can. It's just that I'm not talkative and can't read emotions and social situations very well.
In these times of decay, if you let your instincts take over and do not check them regularly, they will take you as far as degeneracy can go.
Replies: >>1684
It doesn't have to be by yourself. At least not at the start.   100k isn't even that much in the long run. You save up for years and live cheaply if not with your folks and you'll have enough in time.

You could maybe make some sort of fraternity and jointly hire a nurse at least until the child is old enough to be left at day care of some kind. Its totally feasible.

>a crock of shit
Exactly, but why should their failings hold us back? Its not like us opting out is going to stop them from making more terrible people
>single parenthood is bad 
I think it only seems that way because of what generally makes single parents single parents. Its kind of like how they say people who drop out of highschool fail at life, its assuming they failed at life because they dropped out and not that they were already failing and the dropping out was a result.  
Raising a child is easier than its ever been before and its only going to get easier.  Say ai got better and you could have a robot waifu of some kind even if its just through media but still did stuff around the house, would you consider it then?
Replies: >>1685
>I'm not an asshole. I try to help as much as I can
That alone will put you way ahead of a lot of doctors and nurses, too many of them expect you to worship the ground they walk on so personally I think it'd be refreshing to meet one that just tells you what is going on and then what needs to be done to fix/deal with it without shoving a bunch of patronizing babble in the middle about how oh so totally caring the staff are right before they go and make a tik tok video with the nurses or some other gay unprofessional shit.
>It's just that I'm not talkative and can't read emotions and social situations very well
Better than being a tik tok asshole.
Single parents raising children through media is a big part of why we're living in a world full of overly sensitive delusional retards and slapping that media onto a soulless automaton isn't going to fix the issue, or did you mean something else by that and I misunderstood?
Replies: >>1690
(12.9KB, 160x229)
>Having a child
Jesus, this world is a mess enough that I don't want to bring anyone else here. And I'm too autistic to rise a child in a world where autism is heavily penalized. It's like picking Ultra Nightmare difficulty or something of the kind.
[Hide] (39.3KB, 719x711)
>niggerpills itt forefeiting genetic immortality and so natural victory because things are a wee bit hard these days

>muh money
Good goy consumer detected, nice job ahead of the curve on the kike brainwashing machine, already putting a price on your own DNA and bloodline. 

Yeah for sure it's this just this one relatively normal thing, not like people have been relentlessly brainwashed from the age of 3 by abnormal stimuli like their television ads, by their schools and by the most powerful weapon of all the media at all right?
Replies: >>1691 >>1694
[Hide] (200.3KB, 394x630)
[Hide] (204.5KB, 401x629)
>genetic immortality
>giving a fuck about nature in the first place
Go back to /fascist/ retard, you're not fooling anyone here
Replies: >>1692 >>1699
The funny thing here is that I'm not fooling anyone. It's that you're simply fooling yourself.
Replies: >>1693
[Hide] (94.8KB, 992x1787)
>y-you're just fooling yourself!
come on you spineless cocksucker 
you've been moving the goalpost since >>1670 trying to get people to have children here, but because you know everyone here hates roasties you tried to snivel around you little worm, caught you in the act, now fuck off dog of Samael
Replies: >>1696 >>1697
>if you don't work a good job and want to spend 100k for some roastie to pop out of a baby for you to raise alone you're a goy consumer
This is by far the weirdest shit I've ever heard. Surrogacy is unfeasible and retarded, if you really want children go find a wife. Single parenthood is degenerate.
Replies: >>1697 >>1700
>posting I AM SILLY comics
Pushing a narrative on robots about muh children is retarded, but you shouldn't have to resort to bottom of the barrel garbage like that to refute it.
Replies: >>1699
[Hide] (608.9KB, 419x372)
I don't like surrogacy either just because one fag posted that doesn't mean anything.

Only the fittest of your ancestors managed to spawn your sorry cunt ass here with millions of years of copulation, just because you're catatonic fag mode now because tough times induced it in you right now doesn't mean fuck all. 

And no sorry kid your suffering isn't exclusive. And people have had to deal with much worse bullshit perpetually for millions of years before you already.
Replies: >>1698 >>1699 >>1700
>I don't like surrogacy either just because one fag posted that doesn't mean anything.
It's the entire context for this conversation. Conversations about reproducing outside of the scope of surrogacy are in bad taste for /r9k/.
Replies: >>1703
[Hide] (81.7KB, 546x625)
[Hide] (77KB, 467x606)
[Hide] (84.2KB, 519x528)
[Hide] (48.3KB, 526x335)
The point is that those comics are older than time itself and tie in to the green-pill comics, its more than a time relic than a actual counter-point, >>1691 and this post is where the shots were fired, the illiterate moron ignored it, unsurprisinglylet me have some fun you dip

>Only the fittest of your ancestors
So fit they ditched spirituality for money and whores, created a shit system of power based on pleb supremacy, intrigue, and wealth, ruined literally everything of what came before them and created a literal wasteland for their "children" to live in, the baby boomer generation disproves any point you could ever make about any sort of "Law of the Fittest",
>tough times induced it in you right now
didn't the mentally challenged song and dance went "something something bad times make the strong men"?
>And no sorry kid your suffering isn't exclusive. And people have had to deal with much worse bullshit perpetually for millions of years before you already.
kinda the other way around actually, anyways aren't you supposed to be having 23849283492834928 Billion children just like niggers do to preserve your genetic immortality?

Surrogacy is good. Its right.

Think of it this way. At different points in time different levels of men reproduced but women stayed constant.  Men have had to work and die and get constantly fucked over to even have a chance.   Women always reproduce regardless of who they are.   Everytime someone has sex with a woman or worse still starts a family with her, hes supporting this convention.  Its not a meritocracy which men gets to reproduce ether.   We see every day what stupid people get to have children, and where the money comes to support them.   Do you really believe the pharaohs or lords were the "fittest".  The point I'm coming to is that surrogacy is the only option men have to select what women get to reproduce, or for now at the very least have an effect on the evolution of women through selective breeding.  The very fact that woman with any stats at all is giving/selling you her egg to breed puts her above the leagues of women who demand more for even the chance at having a child.

Alot of us here or on other /r9k/s or imageboards at all feel like they're shit when they really just didn't want to yield to the current world, if anything that makes you more qualified to reproduce than the rest of men that do yield.  The world needs more men like you.  The world needs to reject women.   Surrogacy is the only moral way to reproduce.
Replies: >>1701 >>1703
Surrogacy doesn't limit breeding rights. In fact it does the complete opposite so I'm not sure why you even bothered taking that angle. Surrogacy doesn't prevent retarded people from breeding. And it doesn't even enable good men to breed either. It's not even remotely difficult to convince a woman to fuck you, or even have children with you. Surrogacy exists primarily for people with weird biological conditions.

This bizarre idea of a world where men treat women as incubation slaves might sound funny or edgy but it's just retarded. And your appeals to some ridiculous robot supremacy as a means to justify this stupid fucking conversation are silly. You sound like a cuckchan newfag.
I'm bored. There's nothing interesting to watch or play.
Replies: >>1715
[Hide] (694.9KB, 640x496, 00:17)
So you know our ancestors have had to deal with much worse for millions of years living in caves, tents, huts with dozens of families grouped together under extreme conditions and starvation of entire families at times depending on just chance if the men could score a kill or not, but yet somehow  your personal perception of suffering and hardships at this moment are "totally truly the worst" and this age is "the worst of all" ever so it's not even worth struggling for the right things such as birthright you think. You call me a retard but holy shit aren't you just being mentally fucking dilapidated. 

>So fit they ditched spirituality for money and whores
Spirituality =/= Nature, the spirituality in question here poisonous desert death cult of cuckstianity that spawned these dark ages by effeminacy and created nigger hordes by perverting their nature in the name of this wierd fucking sky daddy they call god and all this proto-marxist non-self-preserving garbage about  equality unlike virutally all other religions on the planet.

>The baby boomer generation disproves any point you could ever make about any sort of "Law of the Fittest"
2 generations were bad and dupes to accept not revolting against the mammonist kikes. Yeah so what? Not the first time on earth that happened. If we can't right the wrongs of these faggot boomers real soon we'll go down in history as the biggest fucking fags even worse than them.

Conditions while they are bad, at the same time are made artificially too good by elites and, people like you, with your mindset, are not suffering enough. That's the problem, the jews persuade you choose a feedback loop of comfort in an increasingly uncomfortable and hostile rule. Explains why some of you are all too eager to put a price on living/everything so you can simply work, consume more, and not reproducing at all just because you've been conditioned into thinking that soul-less garbage like that is the best reward in life. It isn't.  Life is all a struggle until the moment we die and there's not too many intricacies in that simple fact. There is much beauty but it doesn't come easy.

>Alot of us here or on other /r9k/s or imageboards at all feel like they're shit when they really just didn't want to yield to the current world
Why wants to yield to this world anyway? The truth is we don't really have to yield to anything, it's a matter of persuaded choice. Better try your best to make sure you only yield only to your own manifestations of will and no one elses.
Replies: >>1704 >>1705
It's amazing how someone says something and you attack a totally different point that wasn't even so much as mentioned in the post you responded to. Your retardation is truly astounding.
As much as you tiptoe around it, the logical conclusion to your argument is to have sex and a family which goes against the core of this board. Just say it outright already and take the ban with you so that this shit conversation can end.
A while ago, on /r9k/ on a different site, I don't even remember which one any more, I was posting about how I was going to be going to Japan. Some people were interested in my "robot experience" here. Should I share some of it?
Some nice things happened. Some bad and sad things too, but what are you going to do. I managed to go with a girl to a love hotel, though I am still a virgin. Should I share in more details?
Replies: >>1707 >>1710
Sure, but the trip to the "love hotel" with some random whore would probably be a huge waste of text unless something enlightening managed to come of it.
Replies: >>1728
>Muh breeding
Nigger tier "philosophy". I assure you, your ancestors would have vomited at your ideals, provided that some of them had something akin to a spirit.
Consider yourself already dead. All your actions considered under the acceptance of an eventual end. For me death doesn't scare me, even as a kid I wondered whether a fear death or a fear not being able to experience, or complete, things. What I could be leaving behind rather than the fact that I'm leaving. Death as it stands now is the frame that captures the life I lived, and I fear more what I'm not doing and will end up as than I do with the eventual end.
I would love to here about how you went with a whore to a love hotel yet remain a robot. Go ahead and explain.
Replies: >>1728
[Hide] (20.1KB, 540x364)
>already dead
Something tells me there's a pair of fags who don't belong here running amok.
Have you played Noita? Also consider taking up drawing, I personally find it incredibly relaxing even though my scribbles are basically deviantart tier.
Replies: >>1716
It actually looks pretty sweet, Thanks for the rec.
Replies: >>1717
It's pretty fun but it can be some serious bullshit too. Just a heads up, if you unlock the nuke spell and come across a wand with it attached pick it up and do not drop it until you get to a safe area because an enemy will pick it up and pretend you're Japan.
This excessive dreaming every day makes me wake up with a bad neck. At least last nights dream was in some winter mountains. It was kinda comfy. The mountians were made out of soft ice and reminded me of mario kart
Ah, sorry. I forgot to reply.
I have not been using tinder or something like that, but I am using a certain language exchange app and trying to make friends with both men and women. It is easy with men, you can go out and drink with them and just by being a foreigner you are interesting enough. Having trouble communicating is also considered understandable, cause different languages and shit. Especially when neither of you is perfect at the language of the other one.
I only really managed to meet two women. The first one it was actually fun to be with, but I got ghosted after meeting her 3 times. I tried just a bit too hard to get her into bed.
The other one is obviously a lot more desperate for a relationship. I did play it slower and it worked well enough. Just started with some small touches (past the third meeting) and up to hugs and what not. The cold weather helped a lot as an excuse. I started like this with the previous one too, but in the same day that we hugged I also tried to push to go to her place. Dummy me.
Well, with the current one even though she said we can't be a couple and all, which I totally agree with, we eventually did go to a love hotel. Spend 8 hours at one. A "service time" package during the day. We did not have sex, because I didn't want to. She did say "Don't you want to cum inside? I want you to cum inside." Honestly, it got me a bit freaked out. I actually had a girlfriend once in the past, but she was a virgin just like me. Even she got mad at me for not pushing for sex, she thought of it as an insult, I guess. At this point I see no value at holding to it, but I might as well just continue being stubborn, even though I know "the one" doesn't exist. Plus I used to think of it as a being fair, because I want a virgin girl too.
I did get a handjob, footjob and even a blowjob. She sucked (ha-ha) at the last one, though. I did return the favours, include eating her out. I don't mind that at all. It is something between whatever and actually liking it. She was small and tight. Even if she was super wet just a single finger would hurt her. Kind of makes no sense that she wanted my dick when that would hurt her for sure too. Later she made a 180 and now wants us to be a couple, but I am definitely against it and I told her so, but she still wants to keep meeting. We even met a second time physically.
Well, chances are I might get banned for this post, but I hope I don't.


Replies: >>1729
>chances are ill get banned
Yeah just about. 
But before that how come you consider yourself a robot? To me you sound like any other normalnigger I've ever met. At the very least you seem to be a reasonable one but thats about it.
Replies: >>1730
Just because I managed to have a horrible relationship in the past or that I got a desperate left over woman to suck my dick badly, doesn't mean that I actually have good communication skills, friends, self-esteem, or success in life. Sure I got to Japan for now, but there are good chance that I will screw that over by being lazy and other stuff. I guess if I get desperate enough if the left over woman is still leftover, which is very likely, I might marry her to get a visa. But that will be one horrible relationship. Except she doesn't ghost me by then. Any other human relationship that I had so far has either went nowhere or worse. I almost become part of a certain gaijin circle, but maybe even that is wishful thinking. Before I knew it I was out and far. I might have some chances with one or two of the Japanese guys to actually become okay friends, whatever that means, but Japanese men can also ghost their gaijin friends for no reason too.
I can't even say that I have tried my best to improve myself and achieve something here. I am just stumbling my way through life as always. Most of my time here has been nothing but being alone at home. If it wasn't for this desperate leftover woman I would have stayed home even more. Or maybe actually improved my standing with the Japanese guys (going out with them once a week instead with her). Probably would have been the smarter thing to do. Or just end up exploring local Japan as much as I can before I get kicked out.
You shouldn't assume so quickly that just because somebody got a bit "lucky" that it means that they are living a normalfag life, or that they are even a functioning human being. It is true, though, that I have never felt as part of /r9k/ or anything similar. Just prefer to be in some hobbyist board and ignore my misery, or alternatively sometimes feed on, but by myself. I have spend most of my life alone in front of the computer and I still am doing the same.
Maybe I should add this, that at least with my-ex the sexual stuff felt nice enough. With the leftover I can ejaculate, but it doesn't feel exciting in almost any way. I have to wonder if it is because I at least had some connection going on with my ex for a while, but with her I am just sort of going out with her, because she is sort of there. By the way, I am almost thirty and this is my second experience with a woman. My ex was at least younger, though chubby. Sexually at least maybe that had its pluses. This one does have a slim and silky body despite her older age. She is not flat chested, but not enough for a boobjob.
So there you go. No idea what I am achieving by posting all of this. It is not really for bragging, believe it or not. I just wanted to share with someone, somebody similar to me. And this might as well be the closest place.


I've really been wanting to read or watch something that will spook me really well lately, but I can't find anything. Back when cuck/x/ wasn't basically just a /pol/ clone I used to be able to reliably get my hands on some kinda creepy shit to look at, but it seems like even the spooky stuff has been subverted with politics and progressive bullshit. Can't even look on youtube for anything without getting flooded with literal hundreds of list videos from channels dedicated specifically to shitting out "top ten skery reddit tales narrated with owls hooting in background" tier content.
I just want to not be able to sleep because I'm unnerved instead of not being able to sleep because I can't stop thinking of how much I hate everyone around me.
Replies: >>1741
Are you interested in spooky games? I recently finished Darkwood and it was a great game. None of the retarded jumpscare stuff or skeleton popped out of the closet, rather one of the best slow burn horror games I've ever played.
Replies: >>1742
Not particularly since games have rarely ever scared me but I'll give that a try, thanks for the recommendation.
Replies: >>1743
What about movies? I recently watched Noroi:The curse and Occult, both from a Japanese director called Kōji Shiraishi. Both of them are filmed in "first person" or like the found footage stuff, they are very nice horror movies.
Replies: >>1744
Yeah movie recs would be nice too but I've probably seen most of the worthwhile ones. I know I've seen the ones you just mentioned before and I liked them (thanks for the recs). I mostly just miss creepypasta and spooky internet videos like No Through Road, or the first couple of Marble Hornets videos I know a lot of anons didn't like that series and it did go to shit really quick but those first few videos were well done I think. It seems like no one tries to make scary shit anymore, I know the nuinternet is all about political virtue signaling but you'd think there'd be someone out there thinking up some actually paranormal shit.
Entire webring seems deader than usual. Only places with noticeable activity are zzz/v/, PLW/animu/'s meta thread, and tvch, and pretty much all of those are infested with garbage people. It seems like the last handful of fun anons from 8chan disappeared into the abyss or left the internet entirely, because they sure as hell didn't go to cuckchan from what I can tell. I'm sad and angry that I'm too retarded to find internet faggots that are worth talking to.
Replies: >>1746 >>1747 >>1748
Things slow down things speed up. These days I just enjoy the slow times because I know when they eventually speed up it'll get hectic again. I'd rather activity was "dead" than the sites themselves being in a constant state of disarray.

I don't know if there's a term for it but it seems like the internet is in a state where things just keep going up no matter what because of the sheer number of people being born and exposed to do every day from third world shit holes. I fear one day things will become so crowded and filled with inane noise that having meaningful conversations with real people will be next to impossible. The internet might need to be legitimately sectioned off into tiers of IQ or something.

Jschan's abstract captcha is already proof that it can work to a degree. Even if that can barely be considered a test of anything besides someones ability to read instructions.
Replies: >>1747
Perfect excuse to go do something else. Perhaps learn something that could be shared with others, provided you don't want to leave the internet entirely. But no matter how much I want to do something, I can't. I sit here, zoning out, refreshing, bouncing around the webring, and the day is over before I know it.
>I'll learn to draw.
>I'll learn to draw.
>I'll learn to draw.

>The internet might need to be legitimately sectioned off into tiers of IQ or something.
Isn't it already, in a fashion. Majority don't venture outside their preferred popular platform(s): reddit, facebook, twitter, instagram, discord, etc.
Replies: >>1749
Imageboards are just public spaces for talking. Those that spend all of their lives around people inevitably end up miserable in some way or manner. Think of it like this - anons that used to be here talked a bit and left to improve themselves and get on with their lives. Some of them will probably stumble on these obscure places again, others won't. But those that gained that "something" from imageboards and concentrate on their daily lives stand more chance to learn things and succeed in their goals than social media addicts.

As for what that "something" is, in an expression, it's "how not to be a newfag".
>Isn't it already, in a fashion. Majority don't venture outside their preferred popular platform(s): reddit, facebook, twitter, instagram, discord, etc.
As those become progressively more censorious people tend to fan out elsewhere. Eventually there will be a catalyst for mass migrations to places like this from other cancerous websites. It's only a matter of time just like with the cuckchan exodus.
Replies: >>1750
Majority of people just don't care. They return to the popular platforms again and again, no matter how many bans they receieve, no matter how much they bemoan the terribleness of the platforms, because they are popular. When they do rarely and truly leave, they always migrate to other popular platforms that are worse in function and moderation, for example: tumblrs and furries migrating to twitter. Anonymous imageboards, outside of 4cuck, aren't a popular format, and its users are already on other popular platforms which the majority will choose before the webring.

If you're still worried about an unlikely mass migration, because even a small migration could destroy places like this, convince the admin to redirect the User-Agent of all mainstream browsers to a fake page. To gain access, one would either need to fake User-Agent or use a non-mainstream browser. It's unlikely that would be done, the webring is on the clearnet specifically to have visibility, so we would need to make our own site to do that. If we made our own site, we might as well leave clearnet and go exclusively Tor, or Gopher, or [insert protocol here]. The simplest solution I can think of, while remaining here, would be to make a fake 404 page using CSS. To view and post, one would need to hide the element with uBO.
Replies: >>1751
The "majority" in this context is literally billions of people. This is why I mean by the infinite scaling of massive proportions, even a tiny fragment of that userbase is fucking huge if they were to migrate elsewhere.
>If you're still worried about an unlikely mass migration, because even a small migration could destroy places like this, convince the admin to redirect the User-Agent of all mainstream browsers to a fake page.
I'm mostly being hyperbolic. I don't think it's something that is a huge immediate concern. The chess captcha alone seems to do a good enough job of deterring idiots from posting.
>The simplest solution I can think of, while remaining here, would be to make a fake 404 page using CSS. To view and post, one would need to hide the element with uBO.
That's an interesting idea for a barrier to entry. Though I find abstract captchas more fun and interesting, but that would depend on tom implementing more things into jschan and his development goals are.. independent.
Replies: >>1752
Billions of people indoctrinated to use only the sanitized internet, platforms that require their identity. The Q boomers were an anomaly, but even so, they never stopped using twitter. When deplatformed they went to parler, then gab or minds. They could've said fuck it and stayed on 8cuck, but they didn't. I can't imagine many of the younger generations, indoctrinated since childhood, wanting to be anonymous when youtuber is a career aspiration for most.
Replies: >>1753
>They could've said fuck it and stayed on 8cuck, but they didn't
The qniggers were massive that they didn't stay anywhere, but they were everywhere. Recently the qtard board went public on 8kun and it showed the board at fucking 1500 PPH, and this was like a week ago. Those kinds of numbers are fucking insane for some backwater imageboard that was completely abandoned by its original user base and was down for like 7 months doing god knows what trying to get it back online.
Replies: >>1754
What the fuck? I checked that qtard board, some random general, 375 replies in 45 minutes. Seriously what the fuck?
Meanwhile everything else is dead as fuck, nu-pol has some discussion (probably other qboomer crap, didn't check), but that's all.
And 7 new posts since I started writing this post. This is insane.
Replies: >>1755
I can't even begin to understand it, but it's not like I spend any amount of time investigating the retardation that is Q autism or going on (((8kun))) so maybe it's all bots or something. Regardless those numbers are wack.
Replies: >>1756
With those kinds of numbers, maybe they're funding the pig farmer.
Replies: >>1757
[Hide] (118.5KB, 1155x1200)
[Hide] (2.5MB, 341x245)
>Spring semester at uni
>Sign up for online class after talking about another one with the professor
>Nothing like the description, fucking high school level shit, completely inapplicable to the department it is even listed in
>Can not pull myself to continue, feel like shit about easy A for a subject I only had mild interest in 
>Uni has weird system for online classes, day students can not sign up for them without going through hell, the one I signed up for earlier was just a special case
>I was informed about this the week class started
>Counselor for my study approves it, has to go through a chair then to a dean
>Email chair: Nothing, Call: Straight to fucking voice mail, no call back 
>Have to pester his faggot ass tomorrow at his office 
>Have to have everything sorted out by next week or I lose my aid
>Would have had this all sorted out sooner, if I was not charged an extra $1k than estimated by their cock-sucking (((financial))) that I did not have at the time
>Would not even need another class on top of the online one if (((records))) actually fucking listened to me when I told them that a class I was taking this semester was non-applicable to the one they considered it to be when I transferred 

There is another class that fits into my schedule being taught by a decent professor, but the one I am trying to get now is a half-semester class at double speed. I will likely be fucking myself since my major architecture is already work heavy. Anyone else had to personally deal with the reason why American education costs as much a year as a new car?
Replies: >>1787
[Hide] (66.8KB, 792x600)
[Hide] (75.5KB, 582x482)
[Hide] (44.1KB, 600x450)
Replies: >>1774 >>1775
[Hide] (352.4KB, 1753x1039)
Fuck I forgot the pic
I guess I'm just a dumb goyim
It's been quite entertaining to watch.
You'll need to give some explanation because I have no fucking idea what that chart is supposed to show. And what the fuck is happening with gamestop, I can't be bothered to look it up
Replies: >>1777 >>1778
What you are seeing is the daily chart for the price of the gamestop stock.
Why is this a big deal? Well, the kikes at wall street, in particular the big hedge funds, had lots of shorts/puts on this stock; they earn money if the price goes down. So some fags from reddit got together and managed to pump the price of the stock and normalfags bandwaggoned into it, making wallstreet lose literally billions of dollars because of this. They are SHUTTING IT DOWN hard now, for example you can no longer buy the stock, only sell it, but apparently people are holding and NOT selling it, which can't make the price lower that much,  as you see in the last candles there was a big dip but it bounced back again. This is hilarious, we are talking that if this keeps up, people don't sell, and the kikes insist on shorting gamestop, they can blow up the whole market, which will bring huge ammounts of lulz.  I really hope 2021 is the end of everything. If you want me to explain the whole shorting/put thing just tell me and I'll do so.
Replies: >>1779
It's just showing the stock price for gamestop. Long story short
>jews borrow stocks for gamestop expecting the price to crash
>immediately sell those borrowed stocks so they can buy back at a lower price to pay back the loan turning a profit
>reddit niggers see that they're doing this as it's all public information
>decide to start a massive campaign to pump the stock, resulting in the jews having to buy back in at a higher price, thus further pumping the stock and putting them into billions of dollars of debt
>normalniggers caught onto the meme and now every is buying gamestop stock because it's funny
>some people became millionaires
>stock brokers are now sperging out and blocking people from being able to buy gamestop stock
>some are even selling their users stocks illegally
>class action law suits are coming
>jews are kvetching about goyim fucking with the markets for the lulz
So it's just jews being jewed, I never understood why people are all over muh money, so trying to explain how this shorting thing works for me is probably futile.
Replies: >>1780 >>1781
>so trying to explain how this shorting thing works for me is probably futile.
I borrow your diamond when the demand is high with insider information that a week from now a recently discovered diamond mine will be announced plummeting the price with an influx of supply. I immediately sell the diamond I just borrowed from you before this information is made public. I buy back the diamond after the price drops then pay back the loan with the diamond I bought for a fraction of the price I sold it at.
I wish I could be more detached from money, it is something I have to do. But only money can buy you a comfortable existence isolated from normalniggers.
Replies: >>1784
[Hide] (223.4KB, 960x375)
To think they were so ass hurt to force people to stop buying stocks instead of just letting the meme die.
Replies: >>1783
I fucked up by not investing on day 1. I'm europoor and have never invested before.
Also fuck the kikes and wallstreet.
Replies: >>1785 >>1786
You need money to survive, but once you have enough money to have an acceptable level of living, anything more is pointless. I never understood normalfags who spend money like there's no tomorrow, buying every useless thing, then cry how they don't have money for anything.
Thinking like that is useless. You didn't fuck up anything because at the time where you could have made that decision actually investing would have been illogical. You should not analyze previous actions in hindsight but by the choice you made with the information at hand.
Research exante and expost.
Replies: >>1804
>I fucked up not gambling my money
Fucking up is not having a 6 month supply of food. Fucking up is not backing up your data. Missing out on a gambling opportunity isn't "fucking up", it's just not being lucky. As many people will lose money from this as are going to gain money. If you let yourself be susceptible to FOMO you'll more than likely get fucked.
Replies: >>1804
>Anyone else had to personally deal with the reason why American education costs as much a year as a new car?
Yeah, I still have a bit of debt left to pay off. I understand the difficulties with administrators though. Where I went to school those people were absolutely useless. After trying to rely on them for the first year I gave up and started doing everything myself for anything related to class selection, finances, deadlines, and the like which they were actually supposed to be there for. The vast majority are useless, lazy, incompetent idiots--oftentimes diversity hires. They should all be made to work hard labor. Bummer to be in uni right now with muh (((coof))): online classes blow.
Replies: >>1790
Why do so many people still bother with college? It seems like only a tiny number of degrees will actually land you a worthwhile career and the rest are just a total waste of time or are for a job market that's saturated to hell and doesn't pay well enough to cover debnts. Most people don't seem to even know why they go, is it mostly just a status thing now? Like you go tens, and potentially over a hundred grand in debt for a diploma to show off at the coffee shop? I've been told it's good for networking, but networking for what? Only a handful of parasites ever truly benefit from "networking" while everyone else seems to just get stuck with a group of other perpetually indebted peasants. I really don't get it. 
Not taking a dig at you, if you know why you're there and you have a good solid plan then that's great, I'm talking about the kind of person that gets a masters in business then winds up working at a car wash for minimum wage. So much for that networking huh?
I'm not an American, but in my country boomers peddle the go to college meme because back in their day college in fact made a difference in their careers. I'm an engineer who has not been able to find a full time job for like 5 years, only part time ones, which blows boomers minds when I tell them. They don't understand that the world has changed, and the worst part is that this igorance doesn't stop them from telling younger people to get a degree because that will solve their lives. Many of these younger people are actually the sons of these boomers, and they believe they parents, because those same parents actualyl had their lives solved by going to uni.
Replies: >>1794 >>1795
Sounds just like American boomers. Do people who don't go to college in your country get viciously mocked for it by fart huffing faggots like in America? That's another thing I don't understand, people are able to make a living without college degrees doing stuff like trades or learning to operate heavy machinery/vehicles, and not everyone is even inclined towards going for the kind of job you have to have a degree for anyway. Why does it bother some people so much that not everyone wants to get a degree to the point that they take offense on a personal level?
Replies: >>1800
Not a burgerfag, but I was never a networking type of guy, I only knew a few people at uni, but for acquiring knowledge it wasn't that bad. (I mean, it was much better than any kind of other education I had until that point, elementary school and high school is a total waste of time.) Of course it had bullshit moments too, but since you're no longer expected to sit through all those boring classes you can just skip them and concentrate on what actually matters.
The problem these days is that everyone and their dog has a college degree, you can't be stupid enough to don't get one, so of course it got devaluated. The paper's only use now is that there are positions where a degree is a requirement, but they won't hire anyone just because they have a degree.
I think on average college graduates make significantly more money than everyone else. You just only ever hear about the retards that took completely useless classes like psychology ending up in massive debt and sperging out about their student loans. Going to college for something that actually has viable career paths seems to be a good investment, but only if you have the grit to follow through and not be a flaky faggot.

If (((banks))) stopped giving out retarded student loans the prices of the useless classes would fucking plummet and retards choosing brain dead courses wouldn't fuck themselves over for the rest of their life.
Replies: >>1801
Not really mocked, only that it was supposed that if you didn't have a degree it was implicit that you had accepted a worse paying carreer, unless you worked for years at the same place (which is impossible nowadays), would have to try your luck with a trade and your own bussines, or go the entrepeneurship route (in a country where this last option is kind of badly seen due to a historical giant welfare state). If you had a degree you were expected to get great jobs and in the future being an independent contractor, which is going down the shitter too due to the flood of people with degrees and the demand for them really not growing at all. Funny that it's a south american shithole and yet we have the same problems as you but none of the pluses you have. I hate this place/
Replies: >>1801
>I think on average college graduates make significantly more money than everyone else
It's a given that jobs like surgeon or anything dealing with pharmaceuticals is probably going to help a lot, but I wonder about these kinds of studies, specifically if they are including people who got degrees and either wind up unemployed or wind up in dumbshit jobs like starbucks barista or if they only focus on people who got jobs related to their degrees, because of course someone who actually landed a job focused on what they studied for is probably going to be making a decent amount. This could just be me being overly suspicious though, it's hard for me to see these claims, then look at the student loan debt crisis and think there isn't some kind of twisting of the facts going on.
>Not really mocked, only that it was supposed that if you didn't have a degree it was implicit that you had accepted a worse paying carreer
Well that's understandable at least, because for the most part it is true that you can get pretty good paying jobs with the right degree and trades don't typically start off paying huge salaries, though people with years of experience in certain fields like pipe welding can make almost as much as surgeons last I checked. Either way you're going to be working your ass off though.
In America though there's this extra air of pure smug condescension that a lot of college students and graduates exude like a miasma, they're frequently openly hostile to people without degrees. It's annoying as fuck.
>Funny that it's a south american shithole and yet we have the same problems as you but none of the pluses you have. I hate this place/
Well if it makes you feel any better we're probably not going to have much in terms of pluses before the year is even halfway over the way things are going. There's a reason people keep saying America is going to turn into Brazil 2.0 and it's not exclusively because of the muttification.

Fuck I'm rambling a lot, I'm not really getting my point across adequately either I think. Basically I don't have anything against going to college on its own, I just really really fucking hate the god damn pompous attitude that is associated with people who do go.
The other robots said it best: education as the golden ticket, boomer mentality, normalfag networking, and purported higher incomes for degree holders. At the same time, I may have some debt from it but overall I'm glad to have gone if only for the so-called life experiences. It was instructive to be confronted with petty normalfag antics on a daily basis and learn from it; my university's library system was excellent as well. Of course the rest was predominantly cancerous, but with a little luck and certainly a bit of work you can still turn something positive out of it. 

The problem with college is that most people in the university system should not ever be there. People invested in knowledge or in their craft have been steadily sidelined by the (((diverse))) shitstorm of normalfags and their overriding addiction to shallow socializing--those who think it is acceptable to go party on a Wednesday night just because. They are not the kind you want in higher education. Nevertheless they are enabled to do so by the (((modern))) system and so they compose the bulk of it's current body. As one robot said, these are the sorts of jackasses who have legacy media articles written about them and their heart-wrenching struggle to pay off their astronomical debt; of course, the part where they have opened multiple credit cards, lived well beyond their means, and generally frittered away the hours at university because they have no concept of living smartly is left out. Hell, I dealt with dumb fucks on a weekly basis: One time I had to show someone how to create a folder on their (((Mac))) computer. This person (legally an adult by the way!) who had a thousand dollar pile of shit laptop probably bought for them by Daddy didn't even know how to make a goddamn folder on their computer. That is the kind of person attending university today. And I did go to a fairly decent university so it isn't that it was some dumb nigger at community college. This was the caliber of students that made up no small portion of the student body.
I know, but it still stings when you think about all the opportunities you may have missed throughout the years. Beats losing money at least.
Replies: >>1806 >>1808
>Made my first BTC wallet
Now I just need to figure out how to earn some. I wish it was easy to earn money so I can just NEET forever.
Replies: >>1813
Everyone goes to higher education and loses money,  and since we live in a social democracy they're going to be covered in the long run one way or the other so thats no big deal,  in trade they met people and aren't total outcasts. Outcasts that by virtue of not knowing anyone are further singled out and subconsciously discriminated against.   Saying at least you didn't lose any money is a massive cope.
Replies: >>1807
>cope posting
Pining over missed opportunities is a total waste of time, learn from them and either change your ways so you can seize future opportunities if you have the drive, or if you're comfy where you're at and don't particularly want for anything then don't force yourself to change anything because you clearly are content with your lot in life. Forcing yourself to do something purely because of money and status is where a lot of people fuck up and make their situations even worse.
Gonna try my hand at getting a VR headset soon. I had a chance to try it out not too long ago and it's way better than I expected it to be. Playing around with firearms was pretty cool but the real selling point for me was anime related VR media. It was quite surreal seeing the characters from the shows I've watched and games I've played as if they were right in front of me and being able to "touch" them. It honestly makes all other forms of interactive escapist entertainment seem obsolete. Things like VNs would especially lend themselves to VR with the added level of immersion jacking up the escapism to an insane level. 

(If anybody's wondering the "anime" VR game I played is, it's called Koikatsu, the game allows you to replicate or create characters very accurately with its in-depth char creator system. You also get to fuck them if that's your cup of tea.)
Replies: >>1810
Just don't get one that is filled with proprietary goybook shit that requires a faceberg account.
Replies: >>1811
Quest 2 privacy is pretty kiked I hear. I'm probably going to wait for another competitor to target the 300 dollar market before I get one. It should be relatively easy since they could just promote their product by throwing the quest under the bus for it's privacy concerns.
I had the opportunity to be on the highway in the middle of the night, and let me tell you, the sulfur lights on the snowy forest was peak comfy. The way the warm light barely goes into the forest leaving a black entrance, the way the light "blurrs" the snow ,it felt dreamlike. I'll probably never get another opportunity like that again unless i move out and live by myself
Put money into various popular coins and hold for gains. Trying to catch pumps is something that requires research and knowing when to pull out. Or so ive been told. You know that doge coin stuff? It started from a tweet from elon musk. Do you think you, a robot, has social connections to be on top of Various news like that?
Replies: >>1814
Just get an index fund
[Hide] (139.8KB, 860x614)
Replies: >>1822
I meant in Minecraft of course.
>drive six hours with mom to visit sister
>sister acts like bitch to mom right off the bat
>mom wants to leave the next day
God damn, I don't know how I wound up being the only brother who deals with this shit but I'm fucking tired of it
Replies: >>1826
[Hide] (4.1MB, 2883x2150)
Normans tend to be more patient with women to an extreme fault. If nothing else, it sounds like your mom could only be so patient with your sister if she wanted to leave the next day and not stick around for a longer visit so I think she might deserve some credit for at least wanting to leave somewhat quickly and not put up with her any further.
Replies: >>1828 >>1829
I really don't get normalfags. You are patient with them, so that means you endure their bullshit for longer than us, and yet at no point you ever think "letting them run free was a terrible mistake?".
The eternal normalfag is barely human.
Replies: >>1829 >>1831
Are you calling me a normalnigger or am I misunderstanding? I'm not dealing with this by choice. If it were up to me I'd never speak to any of them ever again. Soon it will be up to me and I'll finally be free of these chains but in the meantime I'm gonna bitch in the dedicated bitching thread.
Replies: >>1830 >>1834
They're talking about your mother.
Replies: >>1833
[Hide] (207.9KB, 777x1100)
I'm assuming you meant to reply to 1824 in which case please remember to proofread your posts before you make them and if you find a crucial mistake then exercise the care and effort to make use of the password system, delete your post, then post a corrected version or at least make some attempt to clear up misunderstandings. I don't want to see one of the last good communities fall to the same low post quality that plagues so many others and that starts with anons not caring enough about their posts.
But if you did mean to respond to me then I'm not sure what makes you think I'm patient with them but perhaps I am. I try to exercise understanding when I can for reasons that often differ based on the situation but it's usually more efficient all-around instead of flying off the handle or stomping away in a huff. That said, I do think letting them run free was a terrible mistake, which relates to why I think gatekeeping is incredibly important but that concern often falls on deaf or plugged ears, but more than that I think letting them multiply to the extent they did was even worse. At the risk of de-railing the thread things like overpopulation wouldn't have been a problem otherwise.
Replies: >>1833
Oh ok. Mom doesn't "tolerate" shit so much as stir it up, and my sister inherited the attitude. They're certainly not patient the only reason we didn't turn around and leave the moment we got there is because mom wanted to sleep.
Esoteric anon I don't think he was taking a jab at you.
Replies: >>1837
No, I'm not, I'm referring to how normalfags see the mere idea of taking away women rights as an abomination. But you are not  a normalnigger.
>Esoteric anon
That's not me Tinklewonker, the entire reason why im not allowed to post outside the Waifufag Thread or the Esotericism thread was precisely because shit like this, so please abstain from mentioning my Existance and keep in mind i don't even post outside those Two threads at all beyond (Although i Do Lurk and post when shit like this happens) making the Shitty Life conditions thread mainly because i needed to Vent a bit
Replies: >>1850
No need to be so catty about it, I wasn't even shit talking.
Replies: >>1870
>wake up
Replies: >>1876
no that's not what im talking about, what im trying to say is that the Main issue of me posting outside those two places is both A)Vulneration of the Anonimity Principle B)Thread Derailment, if now all of a sudden nignogs here start naming other anons and adding the "Esoteric Taihouman" label to other anons, the entire point of me not coming out of the Esotericism thread and Waifufaggotry Thread is broken because we are back to Square 0 having anons Naming eachother and fucking with anonimity in the FTDDTOT
Replies: >>1876
>wake up
Oh my bad.
[Hide] (369.6KB, 1280x907)
For those of us who are not lucky enough to be NEETs, life can be hard to say the least. Being a wageslave, working in an a social environment where you can't function properly, surrounded by normalfags, it fucks with your head, slowly, bit by bit, until you feel it on your body, corroding you from the inside. The pain is not just psychological, but it becomes physical. A permanant dull pain in your chest, making you feel uneasy, irritated, apathetic and lethargic. Being tired becomes a habit, interaction with other people is very energy demanding when you do it mechanically because you don't have the social reflexes that make them go smoothly and effortlessly. You are always seen as that weird guy wherever you go, it is a mark that is stamped on your soul. Every robot should follow a simple rule that may keep them sane : Do not, in any circumstance, get involved in a social situation or endeavour. It is like negociating with a jew. You may have a neat algorithm that you put up to deal with every situation that may come up, but normalfags have it innate in them. You will always lose.
Follow the ascetic path if you can. Detachment is the only solution for people like us.
Replies: >>1886 >>1965
>You are always seen as that weird guy wherever you go, it is a mark that is stamped on your soul.
Treasure this mark, because it means you're free.
Replies: >>1894
Yeah why would you let normalnigger opinions of you get you down at all? As long as they're not using it to fuck with your work then who gives a shit about their petty ridiculing? Not even they actually care all that much from what I can tell because they usually forget they said anything within minutes. You're caring about what goldfish think of you essentially.
What is the point in posting on altchans when the vast majority of conversations just wind up devolving into "gb2 cuckchan/reddit/whatever" shite? No wonder the webring is fucking dead. Total no fun allowed garbage, evne if someone isn't posting cuckjak bullshit it's way too easy to piss off a sperg and have them rant and rave about how you don't belong somewhere and shit up the entire thread. I've been posting on all of the boards I frequent for years and it's become increasingly hard to enjoy any of them because of this shit.
Replies: >>1922
There's no reason to be offended by comments like that unless you're actually a newfag. If they don't apply to you then you should be able to easily ignore them. It would be no different than if someone called you a nigger or a faggot. If that's all there is to their posts then clearly they're either disengaging from the conversation or just shit-posting.

Kvetching about being accused of being a newfag is basically just acting like a newfag. There is no reason to care about some perceived reputation on an anonymous imageboard. So someone's assessment of you as an individual should be meaningless. You aren't owed anything for being some sort of self-described imageboard veteran who's posted for "years". 

Your post reads like some retarded normalnigger crying about any other communities established culture and declaring "THIS KIND OF HOMOPHOBIA IS WHY THIS GAME IS DYING" as some sort of retarded attempt at socially shaming the existing base into cultural submission. If you unironically think that anons telling each other to go back to cuckchan is the reason the webring is "dead", then you probably should consider going to cuckchan.
Replies: >>1925
You misunderstand, I'm not offended by them, I'm mad that they're basically the only kind of response you can expect when you try and post something that isn't just repeating the same mopey bullshit about kikes and how everything sucks. Your post is just further proof of what I'm talking about too, you go off the rails because I dared question this behavior, what is your problem?
Replies: >>1927 >>1928
And to add to this it was never about a "reputation" and I never said it was. I asked what's the point in bothering with any of these sites if all you get for trying to post something new is histrionic screeching and you go on and pull a bunch of assumptions out of your ass.
What the fuck man I don't remember anons being this much of a pain in the ass to talk to even two years ago.
Replies: >>1928
>I'm not offended by them I'm mad about them
You're vaguely complaining about some undefined unspecified set of circumstances that only you appear to have observed but fail to directly point out with any post quotes or references. Every day on the webring I have productive conversations with people that don't devolve into shit-flinging about "going back to cuckchan". What is to make my arbitrary claim that what you're describing simply doesn't happen at scale any different than yours?

You're using the guise of vagueness to dodge any tangible refutation of your issues and act aghast when someone pushes back against your retarded and hyperbolic narratives.
> I asked what's the point in bothering with any of these sites if all you get for trying to post something new is histrionic screeching and you go on and pull a bunch of assumptions out of your ass.
There is no point. The better question would be why the fuck are you still here if you think this is all the webring has to offer? Only a retard would continue to participate in conversations he believes are being had in bad faith. I'm making "assumptions" because you've provided essentially no information. You get what you give in discussion and if you're going to provide basically zero information while simultaneously coming to a stance as extreme as saying "go back to cuckchan" is the entire reason the webring is dead, then you're going to get rightfully reamed over it.

I'm not being difficult. I'm taking you at your word and addressing what you have to say. If you find this conversation difficult it's probably because you're an idiot.
Replies: >>1929
You're being histrionic is what you're being, like a woman. Women freak the fuck out like this if they get asked a question they don't like.
Replies: >>1931
Alright fuck, lets start over, what specific information did you want? Do you want me to go link a bunch of posts where faggots immediately screech reddit at someone for no discernible reason?
Replies: >>1931
>you're a schizo!
>you're a tranny!
>you're histrionic!
If you don't have an argument or anything of value to contribute them you're free to just not post anything.
>tell me how to construct my argument for me
<double posting after calling me histrionic
This is fucking embarrassing. Take a break from the computer and come back in a few hours if you really want to "start over". You're clearly being irrational and reactionary.
Replies: >>1933
[Hide] (525.3KB, 535x692)
>tfw historic
Replies: >>1954
>>you're a schizo!
>>you're a tranny!
Never called you those
>you're histrionic!
You are being histrionic and I'm trying to steer the conversation towards something resembling rationality. And yes I am getting frustrated because I don't know why people immediately get up in arms whenever I bring up how annoying it is when niggers spam "gb2 [boogeyman site]" instead of even attempting to engage in a conversation. Like everyone's afraid of trying.
Replies: >>1934
He didn't post anything that could be hysterical, he was (calmly) explaining to you why you look like, you guessed it, a reddit or cuckchan newfag. What do you want to talk about, how nice normalniggers are or how much you like some specfic woman because today it's St. Valentine's?
Replies: >>1935
No he went on an insult laden diatribe right out of the gate because I guess getting mad and screeching go back "go back go back go back newfag reddit cuckchan go back" is the default response to asking why people screech go back.
Replies: >>1936
If you really have to ask, maybe you really need to go back.
Replies: >>1937
I'm not going anywhere. I'll eventually drop the conversation but I'll still be here wondering why being as frustrating as possible is the default behavior while talking about other shit when someone isn't throwing a fit because of uncomfortable questions.
Replies: >>1938 >>1942
Just give one example of something you wrote that got you those responses, as an example, because without that, you really sound as you are complaining about board culture. As for myself, I was never told to go back to cuckchan or reddit, so I don't understand what exactly is your problem with that.
Replies: >>1939
Nah I'm gonna drop it and wait for this conversation to get deleted so I can talk about some other shit, see you later.
Replies: >>1940
So in the end you really don't have an argument, nor you have evidence of being called a redditnigger without deserving it. It sounds to me that the other anon you are right and you got triggered after rightly being told to fuck off. I wonder if you are the nigger who complained about being unable to post some 3DPD pics and worshipping her as the cuckchan niggers do.
[Hide] (1.1MB, 640x692)
Join me in feeling historic, brethren.
Your question isn't the issue, you're just being a massive cunt about it.
[Hide] (722.2KB, 428x692)
Not f-feelin' so historic anymore, b-brethren, I---
Replies: >>1945
[Hide] (154.1KB, 480x368, 00:06)
fuck off back to cuckchan
Replies: >>1946 >>1952
>le downvote
Replies: >>1948
>le downvote downvote
Replies: >>1950
You have been bamboozled.
Look again, it was an upvote. Have another.
>age (ageru): to raise
>sage (sageru): to lower
Replies: >>1951 >>1952
Ow fuck ya got me. Good one, anon.
[Hide] (299.9KB, 374x374)
you realize that you critiziced >>1945 for engaging in reddit behaviour by downvoting (upvote and downvote being a reddit mechanic) wich wasn't, i just saged because i was shitposting about the GEPGUN and was making fun of you nothing that was worth Bumping the FTDDTOT for thus sage to prevent doing so, same with this post im making because the fact that you are terminally retarded is obvious to any onlooker then you upvote yourself engaging in that same reddit behaviour that you yourself condoned, in other words you literally played yourself after having a meltdown over being called histrionic
Replies: >>1954
[Hide] (38.8KB, 413x604)
Sup doods, did you finally accept the word of the lord jesus or still behave in heretic behaviour?
Replies: >>1955 >>1956
Yes, that was the joke. I assumed we were having a back and forth to prove how little "gb2 [boogeyman site]" posts matter. I didn't take any of that seriously. You've mistaken me for someone else. I wasn't the one called histrionic. I was only posting >>1932 and subsequent Washingtons to amuse myself.
I have accepted and I have seen the light....
[Hide] (11.8KB, 628x40)
[Hide] (55.7KB, 437x449)
>word of the lord jesus
Bet your ass i did, though i like Uncle Hermes more than Jesus and the Gnostic Gang will be the only branch of Christcuckoldry that doesn't overflow with faggotry, and not even that because Gnostics weren't even Christcucks to begin with, they converted at some point only to get excommunicated later alongside the Templars
Replies: >>1957 >>1977
Yeah well the best way to read the Pistis Sophia is by ignoring everything Jesus says and only caring about the parts Sophia said because she's real and he's a liar.
Replies: >>1958 >>1960
>Pistis Sophia
>Not the Nag Hammadi
Not going to make it. although I haven't really read the pistis sophia, is it an OG text from back in the day or is it written by some modern fag?
Replies: >>1959
[Hide] (100.7KB, 667x620)
i thought it was included in the Nag Hammadi but turns out i mistook that book for "Sophia of Jesus Christ"
yeah, its from the Vth Century IIRC, Gnosticism isn't that popular among New Age faggots, those are more about Hermetism and missing every point of the Corpus Hermeticum then making up their own bullshit
completely forgot to include this in my previous post sorry bout that anons
>Jesus says and only caring about the parts Sophia said because she's real and he's a liar.
do you Love Mommy Sophia?, sorry i kinda have to ask since im a Mommy's Boy Myself (Taihou's boy though not Sophia's)i mean i like Uncle Hermes cause he's a Based fucker just like Evola, never read pistis sophia so i don't know how based Christ is, i only know he goes balls to the wall in the Gospel of St.Thomas so that makes me think better of him
[Hide] (1.8MB, 626x640)
then make your Mommy Proud Big Boy, im gonna be rooting for you, ill make shure to make My Moo Moo Mommy Proud too, hope Mommyfags like us and Waifufags in general can find a Aeon where we can be with our Waifus in Peace, till then we can only keep up the Fight and stay Faithful
It's actually pretty easy to win against normalfags when it comes to word games and social games, it just takes a shit ton of energy to do and no one but a normalfag would want to do it.
What a stupid turn this thread took. Fuck.
Back on the topic of FTDDTOT I've been having an urge to go buy property out in a rural area that slowly has gotten more and more intense over the past couple of years, and I also keep having fantasies of being a forest ranger or something like it. For some reason I am drawn to forests and simply camping doesn't make it go away. Would being a forest ranger be a bad career choice for a robot no being a NEET is not an option for me, outside of being fired a couple of times I have never qualified for autismbux and would buying rural property be a bad idea? I can live without constant access to the internet (probably would be better off for it honestly).
Replies: >>1972
[Hide] (1.4MB, 2560x1440)
I'm not too familiar with forest ranger/management positions, but it doesn't seem too awful for a robot. I know that some of the local forest preserve rangers in my area sometimes have to work with visitors for special events (e.g. present things to a visiting class of grade-schoolers or something), but I'm unsure as to whether that type of public function is a regular occurrence. For the most part, I understand that they are working alone or in pairs/groups to manage the vegetation and the wildlife and keep record of it all and all that. Of course, this isn't a predominantly rural area so I imagine the responsibilities might differ in a more rural locale.

As for buying rural property, I share the same fantasy, but I am not anywhere near ready to do so myself. At least according to what little research I have done along with some experiences helping out my old man in house maintenance, I'd say there is a lot of things that need to be considered before becoming a homeowner: Obviously you're going to need the financial foundation to even purchase property or take out a loan. Moreover, are you a handy person? Capable of minor property maintenance work? Carpentry? Fixing appliances? etc. If you aren't willing to teach yourself those things or if like me you are utterly inept and incapable in some of those regards, you're going to need to be prepared to either struggle through it or pay someone to do it for you. What occupation will you have? Since you desire to be a forest ranger you're going to have to look into that and see where there are openings exactly. Do you like the locale? Is it too far away from or too close to other people? And I'm sure you could come up with more questions about whether your personal situation allows you to freely pick up and move, but that's just something to start. Admittedly, if you go only somewhat rural (e.g. still live somewhat near an urban center or near other people) you won't need to be completely capable yourself whereas if you are going full Uncle Ted obviously you're going to need to be more self-reliant. I'd say the first task in this process would be to start looking for employment opportunities. There is nothing to say you can't live in a decent apartment until you find property in the local area you like. Plus then if you decide that the location or the job isn't for you, you have more mobility and aren't tied to a property. While it seems like home ownership has its own joys, there is nothing worse than being enslaved to a property for a couple decades because you can't afford it.

But that's just my own casually researched opinion. If by chance you  have anybody reliable in your life I'd ask them about home ownership and see if they can help you out in the beginning as you learn the process; at least they could introduce you to the litany of things that you ought to know before becoming a homeowner.
Replies: >>1976
>Obviously you're going to need the financial foundation to even purchase property or take out a loan
I have excellent credit and 20k i could part with and still have enough leftover to live off of for a little over a year, maybe more if I budget and ration like a real penny pincher. I'm not looking to get a huge amount of land either, even a single acre to build a small house would be fine.
>Capable of minor property maintenance work? Carpentry? Fixing appliances? etc.
Capable of some things, and I have never had a problem teaching myself how to do stuff I need to do. It's the stuff I want to do that I always procrastinate on until the want nearly drives me mad like this urge to go live in the country.
>What occupation will you have? Since you desire to be a forest ranger you're going to have to look into that and see where there are openings exactly. Do you like the locale? Is it too far away from or too close to other people?
The location of the business I work at now is conveniently in a rural area that I've had my eye on for buying property so there is that at least and being a ranger isn't absolutely required, I just like the thought of being out in the wilderness and being paid to manage wildlife and plants and shit. There are a lot of little parks and wildlife reserves out that way too so I can ask around about that and see what options are available.
>whether your personal situation allows you to freely pick up and move
Literally the only thing keeping me where I'm at is the lack of a specific place to move to, I could drop everything, as in straight up abandon most of my property and not give a single fuck about any of it besides maybe my PC. While I am fine with struggling I was able to find ways to save my money up by being a total cheap ass specifically because life where I'm at would be basically unaffordable otherwise the only part that truly has me worried is the "enslaved to a property for a couple decades because you can't afford it" bit. I'm worried someone might try and sell me a property that will wind up fucking me down the road and I'd just be too ignorant to see what I got myself into before it's too late.
Replies: >>2002
capitalize your "i"s
[Hide] (1.9MB, 2048x1365)
>It's the stuff I want to do that I always procrastinate on until the want nearly drives me mad like this urge to go live in the country.
I understand. The only way I've gotten around that is using a planner and forcing a regimented schedule, but I'm sure you've heard all that before.
>There are a lot of little parks and wildlife reserves out that way too so I can ask around about that and see what options are available.
It makes it easier since you're in a semi-rural area to begin with, but in any case finding out what jobs are around and where they are hosted online would be a good priority. You also mention "asking" around which, if you do personally know people, is always good since nepotism and social connections are big impacts on getting jobs. Assuming you're in burgerland I'd get in the habit of checking usajobs.gov as I recall seeing wildlife management/forestry related positions with the Dept. of Agriculture on occasion. That being said, that site is only for federal level employment so you might have to canvas your local town's or state's government site for opportunities in locations run by lower levels. And of course if you aren't in burgerland none of that helps directly, but the process remains the same: locate the appropriate job board and make it a ritual to check daily. It takes no more than a few minutes and can help you snatch up an opportunity you might want. I could babble on more about job related talking points specifically, but we have a thread for employment stuff so we could take it there if needed.
>the only part that truly has me worried is the "enslaved..." bit. I'm worried someone might try and sell me a property that will wind up fucking me down the road and I'd just be too ignorant to see what I got myself into before it's too late.
Yeah that is what I'm worried about the most too. It seems to be a big part of the process. I see this as having two different aspects: financial traps and issues with the home itself. Personally I'd be more concerned with the former as the direct (((financial slavery))) because of a loan/house that is too big/expensive would, I imagine, cost you more in the long run than, say, poorly installed windows or something. 

More substantial problems like a basement wall caving in or outdated electrical wiring that needs to be renovated up to local code are no small thing, but I think those major things are easier to catch rather than maintaining a sober awareness at all times of your financial limitations which can slip into the background. Course, you said you're frugal so if you maintain the diligence with money you'd probably be alright. Plus, for the house you can always pay for a home inspection from a professional to have a look over the whole property. Again, this is another situation where it would be good to have someone who has the prerequisite architectural knowledge to come along with you because you can save some money. On that note, I'd again reiterate the suggestion to ask somebody about the home buying process if there is a reliable person in your life who can give you said information. Like buying a car for the first time, it's rather helpful to have someone aiding you in the process. Overall though, I'd just start looking at the financial and loan-related sides of things then. You already seem to have a decent chunk of change and so forth so I think you'd just have to start doing the laborious work of financial planning (e.g. understanding laws for loan application, your financial limits, costs of inspection, your agent, etc.) and seeing exactly how much money you reckon you have to work with which will help alleviate the original worry of yours.

Linked a couple articles on (US) home buying that seem alright especially for the finance side of things. Principles should still be semi-useful wherever you're at:
Replies: >>2081
[Hide] (452.6KB, 1000x1450)
Slowly I've started enjoying guro a little bit. I don't read it often and I don't get a sexual thrill from it like gurofags probably do, I just like seeing 2d roasties get punished like they deserve. It's a shame trap guro isn't very common though. Traps are cute when they're being mutilated and tortured, plus they deserve it for being degenerates and trapfags deserve to see it.
Replies: >>2049 >>2050 >>2062
>Traps are cute when
Oh no
[Hide] (437.1KB, 780x918)
[Hide] (38KB, 550x515)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1280x1813)
>i gave a quick pass over /monster/
I'm assuming you're talking about smugloli's /monster/ in which case I spent some time there for a short while. I saw normalshits posting, as those seem to be the demographic for monstergirls, and I decided to leave. Sage because nobody asked and in a different thread since I don't want to derail the waifu thread. Though I agree about the sexual aspect, I'm more partial to SFW art and my picky nature leads me to look for lewds on my own so I don't have a lot to gain out of a board that is focused primarily on porn. Sadly, not using the dedicated board means I don't have as many images as I probably could so my Yeti, Kraken, and Holstaur collection is lacking.
>playing through Furi
>get to the eighth boss fight, hermit who trained all his eternity
>suddenly he spews out "Excellence is a habit, we're what we repeatedly do"
>end up rage quitting because I thought that all I've done in my life is lift propane tanks in an out of a truck
Hate when games throw facts that I'm trying to avoid/escape from
Replies: >>2093
I wish i went outside this rona season. Mom was home too so i couldn't. I dont like going outside when shes there to nag at me about why I left or where I went. I jist wanna quietly go in and out amd enjoy the nature
Replies: >>2093
>I understand. The only way I've gotten around that is using a planner and forcing a regimented schedule, but I'm sure you've heard all that before.
>tfw I procrastinate with making a schedule
Fuck. I'll get to it at some point.
>You also mention "asking" around which, if you do personally know people, is always good since nepotism and social connections are big impacts on getting jobs
I could have worded that better, I don't know anyone but I do visit parks and frequently see the same rangers. I do find them way easier to talk to than most people though, and some of them have mentioned doing volunteer work before becoming rangers.
>That being said, that site is only for federal level employment so you might have to canvas your local town's or state's government site for opportunities in locations run by lower levels
Yeah I'll go with that option I refuse to work for the federal government. I don't even like my state's government all that much but at least they're not actively demonizing people like me yet. That's some political shit I'm not going to get into here though.
>I see this as having two different aspects: financial traps and issues with the home itself. Personally I'd be more concerned with the former as the direct (((financial slavery))) because of a loan/house that is too big/expensive would, I imagine, cost you more in the long run than, say, poorly installed windows or something
Well a big house won't be of concern since I'm probably going to wind up going the tiny house hipster route. Plus from what I've been told it's the land itself that's usually the more expensive part, and if there isn't already a house where you're at you can get eminent domain'd much more easily.
>Again, this is another situation where it would be good to have someone who has the prerequisite architectural knowledge to come along with you because you can save some money. On that note, I'd again reiterate the suggestion to ask somebody about the home buying process if there is a reliable person in your life who can give you said information
Luckily I do know two people who actually own houses and that I actually trust, so yeah I'll hit them up.
Thanks for the help and the links.
Replies: >>2109 >>2149
Why escape? You're still alive so it's not too late to turn what's remaining of your life around. Find a job or a hobby that will give you purpose and pursue it.

Wake up early, like at dawn or shortly after when everyone's asleep, and go take a short walk. That's when normalfaggots are dormant and the streets are empty, but there's a slim chance you get mugged depending on your neighborhood.
Yeah there's a sweet spot between about 4am and 7am where both normalfags and niggers are usually asleep and you don't have to deal with their presence while you watch the day get lighter. Never ever relax if there's niggers in your area though, that's not just some meme and sometimes they pop up in surprising places at surprising times.
Replies: >>2198
>Normalniggers blasting their latin nigger music in the distance, forcing you to hear the bass of those nigger tier dance rythms
I fucking hate normalniggers, god I want to gut them and hang them from their intestines on a lamp post, they deserve to be cattle and forced to serve their betters. Niggers.
Replies: >>2113
Normalnigers suck anon but its just music, calm yourself. Violent and easily angered is much more normalniggeresque than playing loud music.
It's niggerdom given musical form, at 2:15 AM. Everything has to be LOUD for their nigger ways, because they are fucking niggers, they are not even human. You are a human, these niggers are not.
Replies: >>2115
I'm not excusing them. I completely understand. They are completely inconsiderate asshat normalniggers. It's just best to calm ones violent and easily angered tendancies.
Replies: >>2134
In retrospective I spazzed out like a nigger. But still normalniggers are normalniggers. I just hope the covid vaccine is a fiasco and we have more lockdowns and normalniggers afraid, so I can enjoy the silence of the first days of lockdown again.
Replies: >>2139
We can only hope.
>I do find them way easier to talk to than most people though, and some of them have mentioned doing volunteer work before becoming rangers.
That'd definitely be a good in then. Taking a page from normalfags and their networking obsessions, there is something to be said in having someone put in a good word for you to get your application to the top of a pile.
>That's some political shit I'm not going to get into here though.
Fair enough. I think we had a whole discussion around that subject a couple months back here anyhow. I'd only recommend federal if you can snag a job with a good pay-grade. Otherwise, I'd agree: completely kiked bureaucratic cancer. To play the Devil's advocate however, there is always the option of working at a federal level if no state or local positions are available at which point you might then transfer over to a state/locally managed park once you have experience. Something to think about. Hopefully you can avoid that situation to begin with.

Glad to be of service though, robot. If you do end getting a house and we haven't been scattered to the wastes of the Web by then, do consider posting about it. Most of our posts may be dour but I like hearing about positive developments in robots' lives, whether they are big or small. It's reassuring to be reminded that robots aren't eternally brutalized by the savagery of normalniggers running amuck out there.
Replies: >>2287
Can you be a normalfag AND a virgin?
Replies: >>2172 >>2173 >>2174
Replies: >>2179
What a stupid question.
Nope, definitely not. You cannot be a normalfag on this board.
Wouldn't someone's virginity appear one day in public and show the world what he is?
Replies: >>2181 >>2184
Just because you're a loser doesn't make you not a normalfaggot. Plenty of normalfaggots are virgins or awkward or losers or whatever. Plenty aren't but the reason one is a normalfaggot isn't because he's had his cock sucked. Lurk before asking stupid questions.
99% of long time virgins are failed normalfaggots.
Replies: >>2185
I don't know if I'd say "long time" virgins are all normalfags. It's pretty difficult to actively attempt to lose your virginity and still be a virgin into your 30's and onward. Most people that become wizards generally seem indifferent to roasties and have just never bothered to go out of their way to interact with them.
Replies: >>2187
And how does that disprove my point? They are simply failed normalfaggots. 
Indifferent isn't the word which describes those people. "Gave up due to their own shortcomings" is a better phrase for the failed normalfaggots that make up most long time virgins. They would 100 percent live the normalnigger life if they had the ability too they just simply accepted that they won't ever breed due to either great autism or being ugly.

A robot is different. Robots voluntarily swear off roasties not due to having given up from continual rejection (like failed normalniggers or incels) but from their own rejection of the state of 3DPD and from a desire to not interact with normalniggers. 

Put simply even if given the chance, a true robot would reject a 3DPD, however most (and this is a very big most) long time virgins would kill for such an offer.
Replies: >>2190
I guess it just seems odd that you specified a group of people that are less likely to be insufferable normalfags. 99% of virgins are all complete normalfags, but people who are well into middle age and are still virgins are obviously much less likely to be that way. A majority probably still are, but 99% is a bit too hyperbolic.
Replies: >>2191
It was meant to be hyperbolic but I do still think it is a strong majority or at least that of that group very few are robots (since there could be a middle ground between failed normalfag and robot that I am not considering).
I do enjoy the morning air but waking up at that time is pretty hard for me. I generally sleep till 10 am or so
Replies: >>2261
You guys got any game reccomendations? I got a lot of time and nothing to do with it at the moment. VNs are fine too.
Replies: >>2213 >>2263 >>2265
Get yourself BlastEm and play some Gunstar Heroes.
Replies: >>2266
You ever try just going to sleep earlier so you can wake up earlier and go for those (usually) normalfag-free early morning walks?
higurashi 1 2 3 5, with original spite.
Replies: >>2266
Carrion is a pretty fun game. Short as fuck though, and if you're too retarded to keep track of where you are it will probably get confusing because there's no map and there's an area where most of the rooms look very similar. Regardless it's good for killing a couple of hours and I'm pretty sure it's on gog-games.
Replies: >>2266
I've been meaning to play the Higurashi games and it's honestly a wonder that I haven't yet given how many VNs I chew through. Thanks for reminding me.

Sadly going in completely blind is impossible due to that but that's just how it is.

Also why the original sprites? Is there a significant difference in the experience? The sprites have an endearing retro charm to them but they are also quite dated and poorly constructed so I'm not sure if I fancy experiencing it like that if I do play it.
If you have a good reason for it though I'd be glad to hear it. I haven't played the games so I wouldn't know.
The synopsis sounds intriguing and I like the visuals. I'll give it a shot.
Replies: >>2270
I don't want quarantine to end it's comfy to be in the house away from normalniggers.
Replies: >>2269 >>2301
Not having to go to uni/coll in real life is a fucking godsend too. Nothing beats the comfort of one's own home. 
The streets are packed again but when they were thin it was even better since you could be outside without having to hear the deafening bustle of normalniggers.
It feels more authentic if that's the right word even if it's uglier than the newer one. It feels more terrifying when it comes to the original sprites too. Recommend wearing headphones while playing it in the middle of the night. I kept tearing up due to fear.
if you already know everything then I don't think it would be that scary.
Replies: >>2271
I know that everyone will at one point go crazy though exactly how I'm, not sure. And I know that scene with green and blue girl
Aslo brown hair dude is maybe a god or something?
Replies: >>2272 >>2274
Spoilers are actual spoilers in this scenario for the unaware. Just wanted to add that.
>everyone will at one point go crazy 
not true
>also brown hair dude is maybe a god or something?
yes, he is actually an alien.
At this point it's either get my own house in the country or go homeless, on top of the normalniggers I'm also tired of being bombarded with political demonizing everywhere I look when I have to go to work only to come home and see it on tv because my mom uses the rent money I pay her to subscribe to all this cancerous shit. Never should have moved back in with her but I couldn't afford an apartment on my own anymore. If/when I do get my own place I'll upload a pic of the yard or something obviously not going to send a pic of the house maybe make a garden and get suggestions on what to grow from robots.
Feigning normalfaggotry for work is draining.
Yeah it's pretty great. I would hope that working from home becomes the norm but I don't have much faith in corporations/schools/the government making smart decisions.
I find japanese gun otakus such tragic people. Such a fascination for something that they will never actually be able to get their hands on. It must be painful for them knowing that across the pacific we can buy them at supermarkets.
Replies: >>2303
Never seen any of them. Do you have any example of such an otaku?
Replies: >>2304
I'm honestly surprised you haven't seen them. Japanese gun otaku are pretty common on the internet and are one of the more prevalant kinds of otaku. Enough to get their's own shitty one-note isekai LN/manga. said shitty LN is called "gun-ota" some shit
Most of them seem to get by on buying really expensive reproduction air rifles and over the top tacticool uniforms.
Replies: >>2305 >>2306
Also the fat guy from highschool of the dead is a gun otaku.
If I see them on an anime I just think it's a silly anime thing and really don't think much more about it. Now that you mention it though, there is also a game where there are anime girls that each represent a rifle or gun, right? Can't recall the name now.
Replies: >>2307 >>2335
They are most certainly real. A bunch of them on YouTube in full tacticool gear and everything. The game is called Girls Frontline.
I recently recovered some saves for a 5 year old playthrough of Majoras Mask N64emu on my old bricked PC. Should I continue this play through (I was on final dungeon) Or should I replay the game from the beginning 3DS Emu with the mod that reverses all of the shit changes in that game.
Replies: >>2310 >>2313
>3DS Emu with the mod that reverses all of the shit changes in that game.
That's called the N64 version.
Replies: >>2311
Yes but with 60FPS and updated textures and models. The updated textures are a bastardization of the dark tone of the original but I hear that the guy who made a faithful HD texture pack for the original is porting them over to the 3DS emu version when it's done. 
When that happens it'll be the optimal way to play due to (most importantly) the framerate and (less importantly) the better 3D models.
Just continue the N64 playthrough. If you're really desperate for muh hd textures and models there are plenty of mods for the N64 version that achieve that, although I suggest you stop being an autist and just play the game as it is.
You'll have more luck getting an emulated N64 game to run at 60FPS than a 3DS game.
Replies: >>2315 >>2318
It's been 5 years so I'm not entirely sure but I am under the assumption that the game is frame locked at 30fps as most games at the time were. Due to animations and such.
Replies: >>2316
Either that or it was 20fps N64, 30fps 3D. I'm not entirely sure.
Doesn't rising the FPS in those old nintendo games fuck the animations and pretty much everything movement related in the game because it was designed to run at 20-30 fps?
Speaking of such games, I dont see the appeal for those who consider themselves gun otkau. For the most part they're just scanty anime girls to oodle at that also hold guns and are named after those guns. It doesn't feel like anything a gun autist would like, but something any anime consumer would like. Guess what I'm trying to say is its that anyone who calls themselves a X autist wouldn't spend theur time on these militarised anime girls because they have little if anything to do with the actual equipment and are just there to appeal to the liz brain of the masses. Girls frontline, kankolle, girls und panzer, e.t.c. if one likes girls as well as military action then thats good enough to be a fan of those products.
Replies: >>2338
Its likely made for gacha consumers primarily and secondarily for those with a casual interest in the topic. There's also the cheap appeal of anime girls + "thing I like" that might snag the more hardcore bunch. Not that I see any issues with that.
>>1062 (OP) 
It's a shame that the whole minetest thing died after we went to zzzchan. It was pretty comfy building things with other robots and seein what evreyone else was building. Even if it was only 4 or 5 autists.
Which one of you was the nigger who went around breaking torches and other retarded shit?
Replies: >>2357
Looks like the server is still up. I'm sure if someone made a dedicated thread about it here people would start jumping in.
Replies: >>2358
Might do that in the future since it was pretty comfy. I've got a lot of shit to get done now so it'll be saved for a later time.

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