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how do we get more like minded people to post on imageboards (that isn't cuckchan)? preferably teenagers because adults by and large won't change their minds. after a certain age, the majority of adults beliefs will pretty much be set in stone. the idea is to get more teens to post here but not enough to ever overrun the place and teach them our ways. 8chan in it's hayday should be what every imageboard should aspire to. i believe it is important to realize that the majority of us most likely made our way to imageboards, so i think it's only fair that the younger generations should have a fair shot. i just don't want to see imageboards die out. and if they do, i want it to be as prolonged of a death as possible.
>our ways
Replies: >>106293 >>106328
you know edginess, national socialism, free speech, aoc should be lower, ect
>>106289 (OP) 
Advertising is pretty risky since I don't want this site to turn into 4chin (at this point, nothing of value will be lost if 4chin dies). When advertising imageboards, you should focus on the main benefits like free speech, no accounts needed.

The community was great but the site and admins were not. User board creation is a mistake, imo. It's better to have 1-3 good boards and /meta/ where users can ask for new boards. The janny application process should be similar to old 4chin (interview them, and don't give full access to new jannies).
Replies: >>106307 >>106325
>8chan in it's hayday should be what every imageboard should aspire to
<election tourism
<what every imageboard should aspire to
Replies: >>106298
2014 8chan was not election tourism. Election tourism on 8chan happened mid to late 2015
>free speech
this place is literally moderated by 4cuck trannies
Replies: >>106301 >>106302
>moderated by 4cuck trannies
big lol
I'm willing to believe you, but do you have any proof?
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>Advertising is pretty risky since I don't want this site to turn into 4chin
You could advertise imageboards on dead sites filled with teens. That way, imageboards don't get overrun with them and imageboards don't remain stagnant
Replies: >>106325
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>w-we're losing
>b-better call for r-reinforcements
Or have a temporary imageboard/textboard that you use to filter people who you don't want to find your real imageboard.
Replies: >>106334
start by making imageboards less shit.
also, people need to mean to new posters. that should be apart of everyones initiation.
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>>106289 (OP) 
>let's get more teens on here and teach them our ways
Image boards are dead, they are easy to abuse by users and mods. The next generation of social dropouts use newer platforms.
Replies: >>106413
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Imagine you're a teen looking for an imageboard to post in.
Where would you rather post?
a. A place where you can make threads about whatever you want, shitpost however you like and be met with responses within seconds to keep your adhd brain entertained
b. A place where you have to walk on eggshells when making a thread to then get a response half an hour later telling you to kill yourself
Imagine you're a teen looking for an imageboard to post in.
Where would you rather post?
a. A place where you can make threads about whatever you want, shitpost however you like and be met with responses within hours to keep your adhd brain entertained
b. A place where you have to walk on eggshells when making a thread to then get a response seconds later telling you to kill yourself
Replies: >>106335
b, I hate when everything I ever write gets flushed into nothingness in days.
4chan happened somehow.
What the fuck is the point in that? Also, that simply wouldn't work.
Replies: >>106336
Do you want 4chan or Reddit here? If yes, you need to go back.
Replies: >>106337
I want neither. If you had a temporarty and real imageboard, neither imageboard would grow.
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>>106289 (OP) 
I highly advise against advertising because of how it can bring newcomers in herds rather than in trickling amounts. My proposal is to just be fun and make decent content. If good things are made, good people will naturally follow. A weak salesman needs to reach out to his customers. A strong salesman simply waits for his customers instead.
Replies: >>106343
I'll make fun things for you if you'll fucking pay me for it.
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This is a pretty big problem that I've seen on other imageboards. Good-for-nothing losers try to define other peoples experiences and the form of a board. This kind of thinking is especially rampant on the more shitty kinds of boards like /v/ and /a/, probably because of the kinds of people that use them, as you can imagine.
Calling someone a newfag because they don't post according to some arbitrary invisible rules in your own mind doesn't lead to a healthy, fun community. Same thing with treating some shit that happened over 9000 years ago as required knowledge. On 4/a/ barely anyone nowadays knows who Daiz is (Which is a good thing, because A) He's completely irrelevant, and B) An idiot who doesn't deserve to be remembered, but that's for another day...), and according to the GREAT MASTERS OF OLD this makes you a newfag forevar.

Newsflash: The losers that sit on imageboards all day, everyday for years are just as bad, if not worse than the people they bitch about. I'm not saying boards should be extremely fast moving low-quality communities like 4chan, but they also shouldn't be uppity sekrit clubs like smuglo.li that ban certain kinds of speech and wrongthink to the point EVERYONE has to walk on eggshells to appease a few loudmouthed narcissists. Create new interesting posts now and define a board, rather than trying to follow it, especially for /b/.
Replies: >>106344
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>A strong salesman simply waits for his customers instead.
Yeah, a saleman who has setup his shop in middle of the desert. The only way you could possibly bring new people is by a) creating controversy that has people who monitor these kinds of sites post about it b) invite actual friends irl to use it (who here actually has any irl friends?). Which is exactly why imageboards other than cuckchan are dying. Sorry, but you do not come upon an alt imageboard by accident. You actually have to actively search to find this shit. This type of herdnigger mentality is why imageboards are dying. Not kikewheels, not jimmy, not josh, and not because imageboards suck. Simply because people are unable to accept change (even if it would be a positive one at that). You'd rather just stay in an abandoned well and yell at clouds all day
Replies: >>106348 >>106353
Certain topics on here have been discussed to death and there can be only so much interesting and new content you can create until you hit a brick wall. It really wouldn't hurt to have some new people here.
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>You'd rather just stay in an abandoned well and yell at clouds all day
I certainly would, yes. It isn't my well anymore once it's full of outlanders and their sewage so why would I care if it was populous? Immigration without assimilation is replacement and I hope for fates worse than death for anyone who replaces me or advocates my replacement for any reason.
If the youths (white omelettes, not the black crack smokers) contain the question of vigor to create new content, we've already lost due to their inability to create anything new due to their cycle of culture being devoid of creativity or inspiration. If they're to look back on our beginnings, they'll be confused, so they'll start anew off of their beliefs. 
Maybe generation alpha will be a better question of content if they're already rejecting the zoomer faggotry.
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>Big controversies and personal invitations are the only ways to bring in new people.
I dunno about that. There's more than just 2 options for a community to grow. Maybe this is a shit example but a community that is constantly struggling but somehow manages to stay alive is the fighting game community. At their core, they are mostly just a bunch of loyal followers who played the genre in it's early years. They have a serious "new player" problem because a lot of newcomers get bodied the fuck out and drop fighting games altogether. But despite the many people that get filtered out, you still get newbies that stick in, tough it out, and slowly integrate into the fighting game community. They don't stay because of some crazy controversy or because they have a friend to hold their hand until they can compete with veterans. They stay because fighting games look so damn fun. I think this same logic can be applied to imageboards. If things are fun, people will naturally find it and stick to it.
>You actually have to actively search to find this shit
I think that's kind of ok. It sets the precedent that the person who stumbled onto here hated cuckchan enough to bother looking for alternatives in the first place.
pic unrelated
everyone who ever used the word community is a faggot
me included
Replies: >>106374 >>106376
And why should I listen to someone from the fag community?
Replies: >>106381
Fags have their own mafia to back them up.
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>>106289 (OP) 
>preferably teenagers because adults by and large won't change their minds
Targeting youth leads to trouble. There's no way to get around generational differences. There's a lot of adults trying to get it right and seeking change.
>8chan in it's hayday should be what every imageboard should aspire to
What made 8chan at that time was the exoduses. Mainly GG and cucking /pol/. There would have to be another exodus to send users here.
>i believe it is important to realize that the majority of us most likely made our way to imageboards, so i think it's only fair that the younger generations should have a fair shot
Old 4chan got a lot of advertisement from troll ops. I got into /b/ in 2007 after Anon called a radio talkshow. Exploding yellow van, over 9000 penises, etc. There's still topics you can't discuss anywhere else but on imageboards. Imageboards will always be a great place to find weeaboos and social outcasts and will overlap with other communities of that nature.
>>106289 (OP) 
Leave the kids alone. The ones that belong will end up in this place of their own accord. Otherwise you will get some little slut posting about the webring on tiktok and then it's fucking over.
Over 7 pebises and not a single one will airwolf you lmao
>>106289 (OP) 
>As prolonged of a death as possible
that's where we've been since 2019. 
Imageboards were for millennials. Zoomers and Alphas are on Tiktok and Instagram. Even Twitter has gone the way of Myspace. Discord is getting ghettoized and Youtube is pure corporatism. It is literally impossible to get a brand going on Youtube now. 
Web 2.0 is dead and buried. Millennials are middle aged and washed up. Besides, imageboards now rightfully have the reputation for "muh  nazis" because of all the freedom we offer. And as soon as that freedom is taken away, guess what you have? Reddit. Oh, speaking of Reddit, anything in between Tiktok, Instagram, and imageboards, excepting Discord and Youtube, has been swallowed by Reddit. 
The internet is fucking over, man. It's gone.
Replies: >>106390 >>106399
We're in a global period of dual synchronized stagnation. Shocking, we know, don't bother commenting as it provides no solutions from your gaping crusty herpes infected mouth.
Replies: >>106393
for me it's choice b, but I work long horrible shifts so a response every half hour is like 20 responses when I check again, it's basically a whole book of replies.
go fuck yourself, faggot
Replies: >>106396
>>106289 (OP) 
>operation zoomer newfaggotry
You're bad at following.commands.
Replies: >>106402
>>106289 (OP) 
stupidest thing i've heard in a long time. teens don't know shit, especially teens of today. totally wasted generation. the only knowledge that remains comes from squeezing the last drops out of silent gen, based boomers, and the less apathetic within gen x.

millenials are far from "washed up." they are only just now hitting their stride. broken free from various psychological walled gardens ranging from false new-ageism, hipsterism, left-right dichotomy, evangelicalism, and consumerism, millenials are the only generation sewing seeds within fertile ground. boomers are becoming dust in the wind, and zoomers are languishing in satanism, consumerism, and app-hell. we will see the first fruits of the millenial generation over the next 10 years as they begin to take political office in larger numbers.

image boards aren't dying, we are in a transition. change is coming.
decent bait. I'll say 6/10
kill yourself
btw, only true oldfags will instantly recognize this

Everything is over. Can't you feel it? Can't you feel how dead everything is now?
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imageboards have not yet learned to accept zoomers and they'll be at the forefront of that change
kek, but no zoomers simply don't have the mental capacity to into sites like this
all they can handle is installing apps and watching tiktok

the few autists that make it through that barrier ends up over at soyjak party
you're at the end of your sniffling existence on this board, boomer. time to retire and let the kids make the maymays
Replies: >>106410
I'm pretty sure some zoomers have gotten onto sites like these, otherwise you wouldn't have people like zonz.
if a handful come over for a little while then it's meaningless. Goddamn do I really have to spell that out to you?
>the few autists that make it through that barrier ends up over at soyjak party
cogent take
you only proved his point. not only that, but zoomers call anyone older than them "boomer" thus further reinforcing how retarded and unnuanced they are.
plenty of zoomers on sites like this. they are immediately recognizable, and they fail to integrate. their twitter style hot takes ensure they remain forever stuck as the "little brother" on imageboards.
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Newer platforms don't have social dropouts as these kids got to never get to be truly alone nor bored before ergo they cannot be as damaged as previous gens. 

Op is a retard and so are you to imply such things.
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This is bullshit. There was always etiquette and mutual knowledge of memes, all the way back to 2006. There wasn't bullying or hazing because the public was still locked out of the internet and 4chan was a fringe nerd group.
The problem is the internet itself. The internet is inherently atomizing. It opens up everything and everyone to text. Infinite text is corrosive because then your experience is just constant reframing without any reference point. This is why both imageboard culture and IRL culture died when the internet itself was opened up to the public. Each was a "community" that was immediately deterritorialized by the instantaneous reach of the internet. Now we have nothing on either end.
The "internet" died while the internet itself took over everything. 
The internet must be shutdown. That is the only way out of this.
Replies: >>106420 >>106531
>no imageboard culture
This newfag will always be a newfag because he never learned the most important rule for the internet "Lurk more". Lurking is good. I hate how newfags like this think they can just jump in to any place on the internet because they were on cuckchan a decade ago.
>this is bullshit! everyone should be a rigid no fun allowed asshole in search of a cunt-bag cult that will accept x type of cunt-bag flavor so we won't be cast out of society anymore!
Go to discord to gatekeep that  gay shit. No one can jump in without your faggot-invite.
Replies: >>106421
Don't use Discord. Kill yourself.
Replies: >>106424 >>106456
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You need a rope around both of your legs to empty out the immense amount of bullshit rammed up your ass.
Replies: >>106433 >>106483
I mean it's okay if you use Discord for stuff like communication with projects and whatnot, but it's no replacement for imageboards.
Replies: >>106434 >>106483
You're a walking contradiction.
Replies: >>106456
I've been on imageboards for a long time and I will never, ever lurk before posting. Will I get banned? Maybe, but I can change IPs very quickly. DEAL WITH IT M8! Stupid faggots that want me to post on a board for hours every day, year after year to get its "culture" aren't worth listening to.
Replies: >>106443
>Targeting youth leads to trouble. There's no way to get around generational differences. There's a lot of adults trying to get it right and seeking change.
bull fucking shit. try to convince an adult (who is 25+) that his political beliefs are wrong, for the vast majority of them you'll just be talking to a brick wall. i started off as a youth on imageboards and without you guys I may have ended up staying a communist. i almost most certainly would not have learned about the jews and the holohoax. i used to know a friend in hishschool who used to troll facebook by pretending to love hitler and posting swastikas all day until he got banned and had to make a new account. i really wish i would have invited him to post on 4chan. he would have been a perfect addition to imageboards. but, because this place is a sekrit club, i kept the place a secret from him. I still love you guys even though I may disagree with you.
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>I'm a nigger, and proud of it
You sure showed me, here's your (you)
Replies: >>106445
>You sure showed me
Yes I did, thanks for understanding.
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>Old 4chan got a lot of advertisement from troll ops.
The honest answer is right here. When was the last time any imageboard engaged in public off-site shenanigans? The last things I can think of all began around 2016, specifically hwndu and iotbw. They ended pretty quickly, and certainly didn't have the kind of iconic impact that earlier 4chan hijinks had. I don't care if they were "cringe." Everything is. It has always been. Unless you include the posting of totally "organic" minecraft manifestos and associated media coverage, how exactly would you expect someone to hear about imageboards? We've been kicked from server to server and branded as murderous heretics in the public eye. In the latest iterations of this, governments are increasingly involving themselves. So, I was under the impression that, at this point, we're lying low. Is it the right choice? Now, more than ever, I am not so sure.

The second answer is content. Quite frankly, it is lacking. That said, I am not worried that we've lost the spark, because we all see great things from anons on a regular basis. However, it's clear that there's nothing to catch flame, so to speak. No new stock to provide the much needed energy that will keep a proper fire alive. Certain agents will make this even more difficult, and whatever newcomers arrive will have a difficult time sensing the potential when it is diluted and contained. The reason I am here today is that I recognized this potential a long time ago. I could see that imageboards allow for a dynamic that can be simultaneously earnest and flippant, something that is stifled in a society where all things must be one or the other. This was something missing in my social life, an environment to discuss things in their fullness, without stepping around sacred cows that are often the most worthy of discussion. The internet was a refuge. As others have said, it is clearly no longer one. I don't think I have anything new to say about this.

We all probably started down this path as teenagers, but most of us are adults now. Some of us are even fathers, or retired. The internet was unoccupied territory, and we conquered it with a youthful spirit. Imageboards became a vessel for pursuing our grand, chaotic vision. But the territory is mapped now, and rapidly shrinking. Ultimately, we aren't able to recreate the circumstances that lead us here. We can't become young again, and there's not going to be a new sekrit internet. It is obvious that we are beginning to form a mature tradition. The fact that people are now treating shitposting as secondary proves this. If we do anything, it will be to take a step in a new direction, toward some new frontier that can serve as the same kind of vessel that the old internet did, where the fire can burn again without restraint, away from the watchful eyes of the state and society. What that will be remains a mystery, but we must search for it.
Replies: >>106454
You see that's the problem. Faggot anons here will just scream that its a personal army request (which stems from 4cucks rules leading up to the exodus), they'll just say they're too old for it, or they say their aren't enoufh people to do it. What's left of 8chan is just a bunch of self defeating, lazy cunts. The truth of the matter is that we should constantly be raiding other sites and trolling them as that is completely doable for all anons that reside here. And if this place gets nuked? There are a hundred other alts we can exodus to
Replies: >>106456
Rigid. Inflexible. Cunt-bag. Don't you see that you're the problem here and that you should in fact wish for a discord group? What, dead imageboards only have like 50 people, is that TOO SMALL FOR A DISCORD GROUP? 

Anyway, I don't use it but the types like you ironically should. it was designed to gatekeep and it's popular for a reason. 

Discord tier users would never do something fun like that. 

This site included, some imageboards don't even let you use the word zoomer now days so I'm pretty sure they're being forced in despite what oldfaggots would want. Even if you want younglings here then why not let them be objects to fawn over (NO NO NO 3dpd disgust--) I don't care nigger lover. You make no sense. Do you wish to try to convert them? If not they wont' act like you did when young, tyrant. With how neoteny is and all we could be having a lot of fun you know, but le anony mooses for no real logical reason. I'm suprised tripfaggoting isn't removed on all imageboards to finally seal the deal of making the places shit. Originally people used the actual features of the site to make an actual community. Actual communities need to have names for various identities and then you end up with random tyrants that run the show being the only ones with names lest you be the new boogieman.
Replies: >>106460
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That's funny, because without awakening the younger generations to jewry, we are all fucking doomed. Again, you're a self defeating faggot. Jews are brainwashing children right now as we speak and you are saying we should not take them in and teach them about these disgusting parasites
we have zonz you can groom him
Replies: >>106467
post the gaping anus pic fagatha
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This thread is proof that sdpd is the real deal
Replies: >>106480
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>we will see the first fruits of the millenial generation over the next 10 years as they begin to take political office in larger numbers.
>b-but democracy will fix democracy!
About the dumbest thing I've ever heard. 
>stupidest thing i've heard in a long time. teens don't know shit,
At one point, you were a teen that didn't know shit either.
Replies: >>106471
zonz and other people his age are aware they're being groomed by their elders, and the fact they're being groomed despite being 16-20 means that they have a little kid stigma attached to them because gen z is a generation without any angst and anger and didn't know a world without the internet. So because they aren't treated like equals and know there is a hole in their lives they either avoid millenials or disdain them and just speak amongst themselves at the kiddie table (Discord).
Exactly that’s how I know. And I didn’t go trying to mingle and pester adults three times my age.
Replies: >>106473
Furthermore the ruling class will be replaced by millennials as well, your point about democracy is irrelevant. I don’t believe in “democracy” either.
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To protect and serve, bitch.
Replies: >>106486
Kill yourself
Discord is gay. Plus Discord 100% will dox you. Total morons use Discord for anything.
Self defeating personality disorder or sdpd for short.
<not about imageboard culture
<no gate keeping
There wasn't a culture established then because they laid the 2nd foundation for it. The point is to not be so dogmatic and caricatured.
zonz is a middle aged larper
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