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/k/anteen threads will be merged  and banners updated when images aren't borked on tor.

Turns out the CIA nigger on cafe couldn't take the heat. Figures since he's a dumb CIA nigger. I'll be making a proper sticky soon outlining the plan going forward. In the meantime feel free to treat this the same as pre alphabet cafe/k/ and please keep the current drama contained here.
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Cafe is currently being DoSed, here are the archives to catch you up:
Replies: >>5
[Hide] (137.2KB, 284x337)
>deletes pro-white posts
>calls anyone who disagrees with him an "outsider"
>"I work for a 3 letter agency"
>admits to phoneposting
>nukes the entire board
>now attacks the entire site

I hope this little faggot feels personally attacked and bullied. I hope he cries himself to sleep, covered in tears and snot knowing that even when anonymous, everyone still hates him.
Replies: >>6 >>7 >>38 >>135
>BO #1 deleted """off-topic""" threads due to politics
>Some schizo cries in pain and requests /k2/ while a handful of anons support the return of said threads
>BO #1 transfers power to said loud guy to avoid in-fighting, anons rejoice
>BO #2 turns out to be an infiltrator and does an inside job
>Anons are left with a fractured situation and their host's suffering a hit
Sounds like the usual story that led to many boards in the webring to be destroyed. This time there's no one to blame but anons themselves because the administration didn't stick their hands anywhere.
Replies: >>8 >>27 >>47
Just because anons criticize a board owner doesn't mean the solution is to up and give BO status to a random person. That's how /r9k/ got fucked as well. It's a tough situation because doing it for free can be a little exhausting especially when people are taking issue with how you run the board. But BO's also need to have thick skin and know not to be so reactionary.
Replies: >>9
The problem is that the natural way to fight against users taking personal issue with you is to ignore them. The moment a BO ignores its own folk it's game over, only downhill from there.
So the optimal solution is to be a rough thick skinned fellow who can take hits and argument them if needed, but the problem here is that such a person will not be making tons of noise in several boards the moment a BO did something he didn't like while others were just starting to debate the meta with him.
Replies: >>11
[Hide] (523.7KB, 2680x1395)
Replies: >>12
It's not difficult to have a basic conversation about moderation. I didn't follow the /k/ shit and didn't use the board much but I assume the issue was with him moderating against /pol/ threads and discussions. That's a pretty clear cut issue. If the BO doesn't want /k/ to function as a pseudo-/pol/ then he can just say so and tell everyone kvetching about it to fuck off. It's not even like they have to go off-site to find a /pol/ board, /fascist/ serves that purpose just fine.

I think in this instance, and in the case of the old /r9k/ BO, it's just a matter of people getting into the BO position out of boredom. Then after many months go by they lose interest in janitorial duties and when an opportunity arises to excuse themselves they take it, which has twice now resulted in the destruction of boards on the same site. There's no real solution to fickle moderators and admins. Just a bit of a lottery whether you end up with someone that gets invested enough in imageboards to keep shit going smoothly.
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That image should be updated
Replies: >>14
[Hide] (29.8KB, 400x400)
[Hide] (35.4KB, 960x266)
Definitely. We need to add on nigger-sama and the final rage-quit. What a saga it was.
I rate this whole ordeal a solid wew/10
[Hide] (31.7KB, 640x409)
holy shit the plot thickens
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[Hide] (55.3KB, 1030x687)
I already posted that email. It's in the archive I think.
Replies: >>18
God i don't know anymore, so kime and that glowBO were friends or know each other or something? the fuck is going on?
Replies: >>19
They're not my friends.
Replies: >>21 >>22 >>26
This is the BO of /japan/ correct?
Replies: >>21
kime? yes

the fuck are you?
You got him out. What's the next step of your master plan?
Replies: >>24
[Hide] (1.6MB, 320x240)
>I was debating whether or not to even send this email since you seem like a fag.
"Something that results in no survivors."
>BOship application asks you to say you're not a glow in the dark
dude hypocrisy lamao
Don't worry, no charge for them admins sent me an e-mail asking me to BO again, but to some extent if you guys are willing to host the site here instead and actively run it i'm all for it

funnily enough the guy who wanted a /riotz/ general never actually made the thread

back on julay the board started off really slow and comfy with a laid-back userbase of people returning to the board. coronavirus caught on like wildfire and we suddenly had a shitton of people heading over to get hot details on the virus. at this time we had two camps of people; the guys buying 250lbs of rice and P100 filters and one dude spamming nothingburger. the nothingburger guy ended up being proven right, though i think the strains of virus between china and the US were different. either way the userbase was sick of his shit and i got a fuckton of reports complaining about the guy, so decided to delete his posts to appease the userbase.
this sets a bad prescedent because it suggests that the moderation staff should be the ones responsible for forcing other people to ignore a shitpost. good boards are self-moderating in that someone posting bait or stupid shit shouldn't get replies, they should get nothing. all the spam i was getting around feb-march was entirely by a guy refered to as niggerpill, who would endlessly talk about how whitoids are btfo and niggers will fuck their daughters, white race is finished, ad astra, but the problem was that the spam needed to be deleted in the first place because people would give 3-4 (You)s to the guy then report his post and complain in the meta thread that nothing was deleted yet wheres the BO
Replies: >>29 >>30 >>41
[Hide] (197.7KB, 830x974)
New OC fresh out of the oven
>the nothingburger guy ended up being proven right
Yeah, I told you faggots. You guys were wayyyy behind the curve
Replies: >>30
I'm sure it isn't easy moderating a board that was catching the brunt of political and current events activity on the webring, but you're still a retard for transferring the board to some random dipshit glow nigger because some faggots got butthurt about their /pol/ threads being deleted. I can't say how to navigate going forward or whether or not /k/ on should or should not be revived with you as the BO. Sturgeon will probably go ahead with this /k/ either way since it seems he's been interested in doing it anyways and this was just a good excuse.
You told no one anything of value. With the information we had at the time your posts were literally nothing but retarded spam.
Replies: >>31 >>32
>With the information we had at the time your posts were literally nothing but retarded spam.
No more than the millionth sensationalist post about how we were all going to die. Just eating up that kike propaganda you guys were. Listen to me in the future, because I am literally never wrong about these things.
Replies: >>35 >>41
i think a lot of the reason why /k/ had an easier time on 8ch was because 8ch had an actual /pol/ board- people had a location to offload their posts regarding the politics of the ongoing geopolitical situation they found themselves in and so /k/ didn't need to be a primary front for political discussion. there isn't an outlet point for that type of topic and there hasn't been for the past year as nobody wanted a /pol/ equivalent on their website- even /fascist/ doesn't really count as they are a very specifically targeted board, along with the name alone serving as a gatekeeper for people who don't fully match their ideology.
with politics on the board you can't go halfsies- it's either hardline no or full steam ahead. when you give wiggle room, it results in selective interpretation of the rules. i'd hoped that by cutting it off the board could stay isolated but it's become clear that peace can't be had without some /pol/ board being made on the webring. hopefully zchan can pull it off
Replies: >>34 >>35 >>45
Spoiler File
(37.7KB, 506x223)
If zzzchan is going to have /pol/, it should be under a different name like /news/ - Current News and Events for example. We all know that the /pol/ name is heavily tainted and attracts many rapefugees from 4/pol/ and (((glowniggers))).
Please do not bring in fake anons like the frogposter in pic related.
Replies: >>75
>implying literally anyone besides us were even fucking talking about the virus in january and febuary
Nice revisionism nothingnigger.
Certainly. It's why I was surprised and concerned when the fish expressed a desire to have a political board at some point. Not that I wouldn't want a place to keep up with politics and news that isn't the ni/GG/er thread, but I don't envy the poor asshole that ends up having to try and moderate a giant magnet for the absolute worst kinds of posters.
Replies: >>36
>>implying literally anyone besides us were even fucking talking about the virus in january and febuary
Now *this* is the real revisionism. I don’t know what planet you lived on, but it was all over the news by February
It's most likely Dolphin causing drama as usual. The DDOS leans heavily towards him
Replies: >>40 >>41
>go to sleep
>wake up and board is gone
this gay teenager tier drama will be the death of imageboards and imageboard culture as a whole
when the fuck is cafe coming back
that fucking guy is still around? he killed /late/ a few months ago too
why dont we just hire a hitman to take him out
in castleminerz
Replies: >>46
>the nothingburger guy ended up being proven right
No, he didn't prove anything with his stupid spamming, and many of us who believed and in some cases still believe the virus to be dangerous knew the lockdowns would be worse anyways.
>though i think the strains of virus between china and the US were different.
We'll never truly know if the first major split, but it's irrelevant now that there are thousands of strains in the system.
>way the userbase was sick of his shit and i got a fuckton of reports complaining about the guy, so decided to delete his posts to appease the userbase.
this sets a bad prescedent because it suggests that the moderation staff should be the ones responsible for forcing other people to ignore a shitpost.
When every other post is his incessant niggerburgering, that makes ignoring the faggot impossible and degrades an otherwise productive discussion for anons trying to help each other and prepare for a very dangerous crisis. The one who clearly needed to ignore the thread he didn't like was the niggerburger himself.
>No more than the millionth sensationalist post about how we were all going to die.
Fuck off nothingnigger! You never read any post that went on in the corona threads while spamming your bullshit.
If the glowie BO is truthful when he claims to be in a three-letter agency, then he has the technical means to pull off a DDoS out of petty anger.
[Hide] (19.4KB, 230x230)
Reminder to our newfriends that the filesize limit is 32MB. You can also change a whole bunch of shit in the settings. Also please read the FaQ
Replies: >>43
Reminder that 32MB doesn't mean you shouldn't be reasonable and compress your files appropriately. Even I get lay sometimes though.
Replies: >>44
You can't split politics and funs. They're very much connected if you go for any sort of deep discussion. Funs have been a hot topic in politics due to how many people want to ban them or keep their rights to bear arms. This leads to discussion of "misuse" of guns by different races as well as certain races advocating for and against gun control. 

You can't ban politics on a board about funs unless you want to isolate discussion to be as shall as what to buy and when. Funs shouldn't be political but due to the society we live in they are.
Replies: >>48
[Hide] (106.9KB, 862x860)
Dolphin was trying to run a honeypot on this site by becoming /tech/ BO, then /japan/sies found out with obvious evidence (lol), but it wasn't enough.
Eventually, Dolphin ratted himself out by spamming with the same VPN IP he used for his capcode posts and he got BTFO.
I don't know why they're working so hard anyways since after 230 gets repealed pretty much everything free speech goes under
i think there's a difference between having threads explicitly and dedicated to politics and having politics come up in a thread. the expectation is different in that you can tie political issues in to an existing issue, adding a nuanced perspective.
Replies: >>49
This. There's a difference between organic politics coming up in relation to on-topic threads and dedicating entire threads specifically to political discussion.
[Hide] (89.1KB, 1194x950)
[Hide] (73.2KB, 1211x950)
I made a CSS.
:root {
	--icon-color:invert(17%) sepia(89%) saturate(7057%) hue-rotate(2deg) brightness(93%) contrast(120%);
Replies: >>53 >>57 >>62 >>130
>code tags are broken
Replies: >>54
[Hide] (48.2KB, 798x809)
shit that's really cool
The code tags got changed to [code][/code] on the latest JSchan master update. Sturgeon forgot to clarify that, so he should put it in the FAQ soon.
Replies: >>55
Also clarify that AA/SJIS art has been added.
New main sticky with rules and shit:

Cool stuff, I'll apply it.
[Hide] (227.1KB, 1204x951)
Redtext seems a bit hard to read especially in OP posts, might want to change it to something like this?
[Hide] (340.8KB, 879x632)
Here’s hoping this /k/ would turn out ok.
I feel like /k/ is cursed to start out ok, then either turn to heavy schizoposting and/or faggotry, or just die. Hope this iteration lasts. is back up and running. do you want to use this board as a bunker or transition leadership to here?
Replies: >>64
[Hide] (116.7KB, 277x277)
[Hide] (152.1KB, 540x405)
This place has proved to be incredibly resilient to attacks so far. I say this as someone who mostly browses /v/ here. The only times the site went offline were due to the host itself having maintenance or a temporarily outage. DDoS hasn't worked and apparently spambots somehow get repelled too, requiring spammers to do it all manually. Dolphin tried to both spam /b/ and DDoS the site but he failed miserably. He had to resort to blowing money on pajeet captcha solvers but the chess was too much for them.
Replies: >>107
Good luck with the board
Replies: >>69 >>71
Apparently custom css does that, I'll petition tom for an override option.
Didn't we have that problem all the way at fatchan? You literally need less than 2 lines of code to fix it, it's barely even a feature.

Add an ID to the <style> tag, and then delete/clear the style in JS when switching to an alternate theme.
>>2 (OP) 
He is likely DHS.
>/news/ - Current News and Events
>/ru/ - Rumor Mill
Replies: >>95
>>2 (OP) 
Ayy neat hope you guys found a solution in the mean time enjoy your stay faggots.
>>/ru/ - Rumor Mill
>leave for a few days thinking the BO switch will blow over after obligatory shitposting
>board is now split it's split don't even deny it fag
What the hell even happened?
Replies: >>100
Actually looking at how things are and how it's very clearly going in the US I don't think I'll be using /k/ in general at all anymore. You got coughcucks having breakdowns when someone even hints that corona is overblown, you got fags that demand you be banned for even hinting that there won't be a civil war, you got BOs who capitulate to said fags, you got literal glowniggers becoming BOs after previous BOs get switched, then you got a split board.
Fuck you, I'm tired of this shit.
Replies: >>154
[Hide] (88.6KB, 850x850)
The prophecy is true.
[Hide] (80.4KB, 656x597)
What happened to
Replies: >>104 >>105 >>106
The site? The onion is working for me.
[Hide] (7.7MB, 640x480, 00:30)
They were doing upgrades. Said that it took way longer than they expected, but they're back now.
[Hide] (102.5KB, 960x740)
this, what happened?
Replies: >>123
>mostly browses /v/ here
Why are there so many marxist trannies on the /v/ here? Not even 8chan/v/ has that many.
Replies: >>108
There's only one and it's (You).
Replies: >>109
>ID's on a board this slow
hmmmm, questionable decision there mr fish
Keep this board for backup BO.
Replies: >>115 >>171
I may make it dormant after a couple weeks if everyone stays on cafe/k/.
Replies: >>125
[Hide] (590.8KB, 1400x1692)
nuBO turned out to be a literal glownigger and sperged over rulecucking about /pol/iltics.  Niggerspammer did a successful siege of the board and the nuBO surrendered. 
>boomer hoarding ammo
I'm starting to think that's among the reasons why I can't find 5.56 for under .70$ a round..
Replies: >>124 >>132
>Niggerspammer did a successful siege of the board and the nuBO surrendered. 
I hope that nigger is burned into GlowBO’s mind
[Hide] (61.6KB, 850x1133)
So, this will be a /k/ bunker? Does this mean that if  I want a more active /k/ I should go to cafe /k/?
Quick question do you know how to change day and month to switch positions in the timestamp?
>I'm starting to think that's among the reasons why I can't find 5.56 for under .70$ a round..
I unironically is, I don't wanna go find the details of that whole shitshow but essentially a few boomers are using connections to get to the ammo first
My question is if this faggot really is a glownigger how the fuck did such an incompetent baby ever get into a agency position?
Replies: >>153
Nepotism, same as any other incompetent faggot somehow gaining power in any other position. He's probably openly mocked by his colleagues.
Replies: >>155
Is he wrong though?
wild ride. I had dropped k after pre glownigger bo decided to lock the dead ginsburg celebratory thread, because that signaled his becoming a no fun allowed fellow. someone else must have concurred since I recall the catalog being spam wiped almost directly after that decision. Does make sense he decided to depart fairly shortly after that, when you've become so rulecucked you feel obligated to kill threads of pure fun the end is near. Real shame the one rando he gave it over too was a glownigger though.
No delete this fucking board it's not needed and no one here cares about it.
Replies: >>172
I care about it :^)
[Hide] (165.1KB, 1380x1026)
Did get shoah'd by Feds?
Replies: >>186 >>188
[Hide] (94KB, 960x540)
Did it happen again??
Replies: >>187 >>188
No idea, but it's been offline for a while, so I figured I'd check here to see if anyone had any info.
Replies: >>188
Goddamnit I wanted to share my excitement with the anons in the reloading thread I finally bought my 43 mauser dies.
Replies: >>189
no communication from the staff so far, hopefully it's just maintenance
Replies: >>190
Did they announce anything beforehand?
Replies: >>191
negative, it looks like the fedfag nuked the site because people found out he was a fed
Replies: >>192 >>195 >>200
Christ, why is it so hard to just have a decent /k/?
Proofs? Not that it'd be surprising.
It couldn't have been the JSDF angry at anon wanting to discuss the recent collision of one of their subs with a cargo ship in the naval thread, right?
Replies: >>196
[Hide] (615.8KB, 640x480)
Hah, I saw that post in the naval thread. That was quite the blunder.
>a retard was asking for VPN advice from the glownigger right before the site was nuked
>>2 (OP) 
can you migrate their do/k/uments thread here?
would be a waste if it doesn't get archived
Replies: >>803 >>808
Replies: >>808
>won't somebody (not me) do something?
fuck off
Too late to archive shit now you retarded lazy idiots HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Replies: >>818 >>843 >>893
I saved all the do/k/uments I wanted. A new thread can always be rebuilt. If everyone else did the same, when the first announcement was made, the thread can continue.
TBH, nothing of value was lost. You either had the information backed up locally already or, let's be honest, not going to make it anyway relying on image boards as the primary source. The content is very much transient most of it was useless shit, low signal to noise ratio
Replies: >>891
fr i find better shit on discord
Replies: >>892
[Hide] (2.1MB, 330x166)
Sorry but you deserve to be shamed.
I am not happy about the bird nuking the board before I could archive the Fantasy weapon, asian and african sickles, and the /x/ threads.
Replies: >>897 >>899
Unless you're completely new and unaware of who he is you should've known better than to put that off. The dude's a notorious piece of shit, the fact he gave you any kind of heads up is a miracle.
The niggersickles found refuge here:

As did the chronicle of fantastical tales from innawoods:
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