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keep minority spirit

nekoarc_kagerou.jpg (u)
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>What's a Melty
Funny onahole cat fight series
>Where do I start?
Go here and download community edition.

>Only for pure primary niggers:
tsukihime: https://mega.nz/file/4vBAQa6a#6XSAFVgnxdmm4lXYA7qIiJgL6waVJ83M0Ev2rb3WXCY
>Try to learn melty:
Replies: >>2258 >>2280
Can I use Basketball Len in this?
Replies: >>2202 >>2203
Neko-arc_&_a_plushire.png (u)
[Hide] (148.7KB, 630x785)
there are 2 Lens but I don't know which one is basketball
Replies: >>2203
Ah wait, I think it's Full Moon White Len.
China-loli_giving_Neco-arc_a_mighty_headpat.jpg (u)
[Hide] (468.3KB, 747x1055)
gib host
gib walkthrough
how i host gam?
Have MBACC - Community edition
Replies: >>2217 >>2221
when you open up the folder you choose cccaster instead of MBAA to do stuff like setting up hosts and joining them
am i doing this right?
Replies: >>2220 >>2221
I feel like I'm not doing something right. I'm not even in the public bathroom.
Replies: >>2221
I think I was connected to you but then you disconnected
I might have my "PRESS START" button fugged with.
Just a second.
One more time, this time with the actual game client closed and the caster open instead.
oh god I didn't setup 2p controls
Replies: >>2225
i've never set them up either but you don't see my whining
Now i need to do some more setup before I do that again.
rehosting, keybinds should probably work now.
I'll also try to set the delay a bit higher.
Replies: >>2230
next time set it lower
right, learning as I go.
I think I've got it now. I ran mbacctool after using the keybinder.
Replies: >>2233
Replies: >>2234
delay is too crazy, put it at 0 or something
It keeps swapping out my input to wasd-cvbn instead of my own setting. What's going on?
Replies: >>2236
try just using it anyway for now, it's not so bad once you get used to it
Replies: >>2237
i've figured it out, the keybinder doesn't work in the caster so I have to set it there, rather than using the keybinder.exe.
>download the 1.2gb archive not even a week ago
>run cccaster
>CCCaster needs update (v3.0a.020 vs v3.0.022)
>hit update
>fails - no error
>try again
>keeps failing
>read patchnotes and is just minor shit
>look up wiki and website
>no info anywhere about CCCaster other than it exists
Do i have to redownload this fucking bitch? It takes ages to do that and MEGA has stringent download limits.
Replies: >>2712
[screaming and laughter]
Meltyblood.webm (u)
[Hide] (3.7MB, 480x360, 02:58)
I want to play, but I've always sucked ass at Melty.
host up again
Replies: >>2250
>timed out
Ah well.   GGs.
okay, one more game
Replies: >>2252
ggs china
Good games
kung fu loli gets the last laugh
__jingei_kantai_collection_drawn_by_sowamame__fbcf86d5617905acbc35131d10a4bdae.png (u)
[Hide] (705.8KB, 600x800)
>>2200 (OP) 
>Tsukihime remaster/remake never ever.
I still haven't forgotten, Type-Moon, you gacha fuckers.
Replies: >>2460
host pls
Replies: >>2271
still there? i can host
Replies: >>2272
yeah go ahead
Replies: >>2273
Replies: >>2276
Mimi_and_plushires_dabbing.png (u)
[Hide] (1MB, 2942x1834)
GGs, hopefully I get a little better at this game so I can win with characters other than Neco-arc
Replies: >>2278
please note if there is unbearable lag I may move rooms
Replies: >>2282 >>2305
tiny characters are such a pain in the ass at times
Replies: >>2279
yeah, though at the same time, it can be a pain in the ass for stubbier characters to actually get in close and connect their hits
>>2200 (OP) 
How do you get controllers to work? I plugged in a DS4 and tried it with and without DS4Windows and it doesn't respond to it.
Replies: >>2284
Anyone able to join? I haven't hosted this before.
Replies: >>2283
yes hello it is me, Plushire
Replies: >>2285
press f4 after you launch the game and should be able to see all the controllers that are plugged in so you can assign them to p1 or p2.
also if you get any other issues try launching the game through steam (as a non-steam game) instead of using ds4 windows
idk why, but I can't confirm any of the menu entries after the match ends
hosd :DD
Replies: >>2298
Mech-Hisui sure is strong.
Replies: >>2289
Might have something to do with playing against a melee-only fag. But yeah she's fucking bullshit. Why do my parry's always end with me getting fucked? It seems like I literally cannot punish with those. 

Anyway, sorry, gotta go. GGs.
Replies: >>2290
GGs, thanks for reassuring me you didn't ragequit because of my multigrabs at the end
Replies: >>2291
Only rage quit was when I purposefully self destructed that one round. The incessant teabagging was me trying to signal I had to leave. As it happens I have a bit more time, but I'm going to go spectate now.
Replies: >>2293
I really, really like Sion's diving frankensteiner.
Has anyone been able to use cccaster to spectate? mine just gets stuck with a blank screen.
sweaty china loli does it again
Replies: >>2296
the leg sweep is very fugging good and fast
Replies: >>2297
sorta but it's kinda stubby
GGs Willy
By the way, if you had had health left when nyempsy roll connected at the end, both of our controls would have been reversed.
Replies: >>2300
gontinued hosd
ggs guy with no name
>control reversal
oh god no
Replies: >>2302
wich melty wud u fug
Replies: >>2303
Replies: >>2303
ggs fugger
Replies: >>2304
same but i'd also fug china loli
back, rehostan
Replies: >>2306
GG, now I must sleep. Thanks for the games, feel like I learned a lot. Still can't parry for shit, but at least I got those sweet DPs.
Replies: >>2307
ggs, thanks for hosting
maybe try using shield bunker if you don't know what to do after a successful shield, it costs meter but it's still less risky
host pls
I very much enjoy the jazz fusion of Egyptian kneesocks' theme.
games up
Replies: >>2330 >>2331
I thought I could counter grab to block a grab? waddafug!!!
I think Sion might have the most dangerous thighs in any fighting game.
Replies: >>2333
Wew I just tried to graze bullets. I've got soku brain.
Replies: >>2334
Isn't there airdodging in this game though?
Replies: >>2336
isn't it great how both soku and melty have crow setup shenanigans?
Replies: >>2336
Riesbyfe.Stridberg.full.761767.jpg (u)
[Hide] (1.7MB, 2593x3691)
GG. idk, in case you didn't already realize it I am the fag who never played this game before this week. I still can't air combo for shit and my ground combos are meh. I feel pretty okay that I can beat you sometimes, though I wonder who you main? Sion is pretty tough for me, but that feels like a match up thing. It really pisses me off when you grab my 5C by the hitbox. Very mean.
I am just happy I have my white hair swordsman (female)
Nero is actually a lot of fun to play against, the other meme characters not so much. Also if you're going to meme me, at least have the decency to beat me. The stupid cat is no fun to beat around like a basketball.
Replies: >>2337
I don't really have a main set in stone just yet, but I'd very much like to end up maining Miyako.  As for Neco-arc, I don't know how to use her properly yet, so hopefully someday I can meme you better when I do.
Spinny_vampire.png (u)
[Hide] (149.7KB, 512x512)
Replies: >>2341
Sorry, I just wanted to spectate.
Replies: >>2342 >>2344
The caster system has an observe option on the main menu that doesn't queue you for a match, I think.
geimu up
Replies: >>2346
Dimed Owd DDDx
ggs gotta get gone
Replies: >>2350
well then I shall host again
Replies: >>2352
I am back from thing
Thank you for kicking my ass akihafugger
Replies: >>2354
gum bag
Replies: >>2358
[laughs in vampire]
Alright now I must go. Next time play more spinny man because I need practice getting beaten. Also consider playing spinny ojou-sama. She is slightly less spinny but I want to look at some eye candy in my losing screens.
Replies: >>2359
roight, ggs
I want a host.
Replies: >>2445
ask and ye shall receive hours later
Replies: >>2452
host down
I suck at fighting games
But it just got confirmed today.
tsukihime_remake.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (13.3MB, 640x368, 04:42)
To "celebrate" the console-only Tsukihime remaster, please provide host.
Replies: >>2467
sure, late "celebration" host
Replies: >>2469
GGs I guess
have a happy new year
Replies: >>2472
and happy new year as well
>the 2hu thread isn't even on the front page anymore
Has Melty conquered /japan/ already?
Replies: >>2487
new years games
Replies: >>2486 >>2503
New years has passed, but games have not. You have 30 minutes.
the only two people that used to host constantly are either tired or wageslaving and melty's a fun game
I know because I'm one of them
Host open again. games pls.
Replies: >>2504
Power went out. It's back. again
Replies: >>2507
>5 hour power outage
Please attempt to escape from India
Replies: >>2508
join or I'll teach you javascript and shit on your keyboard
Speaking of code.
It seems as though it's picking up a host in the form of a UDP tunnel, but timing out before allowing me to connect.
It may be that a firewall's fugging with us.
Replies: >>2510
weird, firewall looks fine on my end. It's worked before on this computer so I don't think it's on my end.
Replies: >>2511
shid :DD
I know I've played you too. I wonder what the fug's happening
Replies: >>2512 >>2513
reset router, try again
GG. Need sleep. Really tired of trying to input things in this game.
ggs shield wonan
I have no idea what sort of informations to give since we both started at the same time
roastbeef also has a command reversal you can use in full moon if you're tired of invulnerable spinning top man out-i-framing your crescent slash
Replies: >>2515
wait no that is crescent
Replies: >>2516
lewd.png (u)
[Hide] (409.1KB, 1280x960)
I use crescent. Also no lewd allowed.
Replies: >>2517
It's_all_over.png (u)
[Hide] (664.5KB, 801x601)
the game is based on a harem vn of course it's gunna lewd the shit out of everything
I demand a host.
Replies: >>2550
still around?
Replies: >>2558
I am now, 12 hours later.  I will probably not end up with you as a host, but maybe someone else will see this and end up hosting instead.
pls gib host ;__;
Replies: >>2638
never ever
Replies: >>2640
what about now
Replies: >>2641
Replies: >>2642 >>2643
wtf window keeps minimizing
yes hello i am there now
Replies: >>2646
GGs, work on not getting toyed around with by Mech-Hisui or niggerball len
GG. but really BG get better internet pls, my inputs keep dropping and I can't time anything with these lag spikes.
host pls
h o s t  p l s
n o
i've yet to redownload anyway
Replies: >>2696
redownload immediately then
Replies: >>2699
I've yet to redownload too and I'm still on vacation from videogames
timer.png (u)
[Hide] (2.4KB, 399x64)
Replies: >>2700
I don't remember taking that long to download it.
Replies: >>2701
Shite internet takes a long time to download 1.2gb of data.
Don't worry, i'm patient enough to make you suffer with the impending net delay involved play some matches.
Replies: >>2702
I will probably have to play you tomorrow but we'll see
Replies: >>2710
I can games RIGHT NOW
I have been gifted the fix for this issue and uploaded the files required here:
Contains CCCaster.v3.0022 update, both exe and support directory, along with bare instructions on where to unpack.
I had to redownload this fucking game to realize the big archive isn't manually updated and had to ask for third party sources to find this shit, goddamnit
gib host
Replies: >>2729
Replies: >>2738
I keep dropping inputs, i don't know if it's because of the settings or because of the delay.
I am beginning to think Mech-Hisui is suited for merciless playstyles.
this loli is out of control
I think i finally won one legit against this loli.
Replies: >>2742
ya did it kiddo
Uh, what was that?
Is that how you counter nero? With better projectiles?
Goddamn the mecha is so hard to deal with.
That is a fun character to play against for sure.
Replies: >>2748
Being able to combo hitting the cat into you into the arc drive was really something.
Replies: >>2749
It's both silly and effective, I love it.
Hey uh, last match for now. I'm getting hungry.
Replies: >>2751
GGs, hope you had fun
Replies: >>2752
GGs. This was the very first set of games i've had asides from obvious practice and testing if it was working correctly. Was recommended to play Sion due to my playstyle and i can see why, she's very flexible and that whip is a serious threat. Also, Gun. I may try mech-hisui later given she has an M4 and loads of bombs to play around with, but i don't know if she'll be fun to play as and meidos aren't particularly my thing.

For as much as this game gets lauded as absolute bullshit incarnate, it was indeed quite fun. I was expecting more wall-to-wall combos into combos into combos, but it's actually quite intuitive and very easy to get into.
reply for meldy
Replies: >>2762 >>2787 >>2788
Replies: >>2767
only going to be around for an hour, get it while it's hot.
Replies: >>2768 >>2769
GGs, the lag got really insane though
alriight. GG. I need to go now.
offer remains open so long as the sokunigger don't get it first
Replies: >>2788
Replies: >>2790
Replies: >>2791
Replies: >>2792
GG. Seems I'm finally dealing with hisui's bullshit.
more games when
Replies: >>2926
when you post a host
Replies: >>2928
Replies: >>2929 >>2933
Also hostfag here, am busy nomming so don't worry if i don't respond immediatly to a challenge
Replies: >>2936
b309aafc3124d8f97c91408dbec6148f10ab44f18b54064a1922686a33bcfecc.jpg (u)
[Hide] (36.1KB, 500x415)
host down due to no response
Replies: >>2936
I can play now
requesting host pls
Replies: >>2965
are you still alive?
Replies: >>2972
1 hour
I require games for substenance
Replies: >>2983
I require breakfast for substenance. Games in 30m.
Replies: >>2990
GGs I'm bad.
Replies: >>2990
new host now?
Replies: >>2990
I can continue hosd >>2986

gg. you will begum better
sion gripping youmu's neck between her thighs and killing non-phantom half her instantly
do a super jump youdork
congrats kiddo ya did the jump
Replies: >>2994
anger.png (u)
[Hide] (157.7KB, 424x470)
haha crowe
Replies: >>2996
GGs I had fun
cute.png (u)
[Hide] (178.4KB, 450x600)
More melty when?
Replies: >>3064 >>3065
this board is now a japanese learning microblogging service. never ever
get in
Replies: >>3066
07405125cc233a02573472cf98b329bf.jpg (u)
[Hide] (255.3KB, 1280x1810)
aaaaa_cello.png (u)
[Hide] (177.8KB, 500x650)
what a big bully
me want opponent
Replies: >>3084
gib host and i will be opponent
Replies: >>3087
can't 2sleepy
Replies: >>3099
k gib host now then
Dieded for 2 days but I am here, if anyone wants a host
Replies: >>3141
i want host
Replies: >>3143
Replies: >>3145
hold on this is really laggy, can i rehost and turn up the delay?
you still there?
Replies: >>3146
this input lag is abominable and has ruined everything
fix it now
Replies: >>3148
What do you recommend? First match i put it at 0 and this time it was on 2.
Replies: >>3149
It was on 2 this time?  I thought it was on 9.
Replies: >>3150
No, definitely put it on 2. What should i put though, i don't know what the value really does unlike with soku.
Replies: >>3151
Honestly, it should always be on 0.
ggs i'm still pretty bad.
anyone wants a host
pray merty
there's a new melty blood coming out and none of you niggers told me
Replies: >>5033
yu didnt ask

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