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We asked 100 anons "what makes you instantly drop a game?"
niggers in the cover
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Replies: >>242504 >>242673
women as playable characters
Replies: >>242673
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Replies: >>242673 >>243531
You are just a racist faggot get out of here


redditor namefag go back to reddit
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Replies: >>242673
Ugly women.
Replies: >>242673
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Long opening cutscenes, Steve.
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>>242492 (OP) 
<"what makes you instantly drop a game?"
>Any sign of a rainbow/tranny flag
>Basic content paywalled behind DLC/season passes
>Excessive grinding required in order to progress
>Mandatory online features or demands to sign in to some useless secondary service (origin/ubiplay) in order to play the game
>Ugly character design
>Unappealing setting
So all of western gaymes.
Replies: >>242517
Currently, yes.
Ugliness or a bad art style.
I imagine in my head having to play a game with bad art and going "nope". Now keep in mind I don't consider something like DF bad art it's just simple but it's still nice to look at. Now some game that looks like a fucking movie with lens flares and other garbage with some ugly cunt that they facerigged makes me INSTANTLY drop it or if I see it in screenshots I never play it even if the gameplay were somehow amazing.
Shitty pixel art is also probably the most infuriating thing ever for me.

Low effort genre/archetype.
Shit like VS-likes or indie"roguelikes" that all do the exact same shit. The only exception for me was Picayune Dreams because it has good music and is actually fun.
Replies: >>242673
Replies: >>242673
When the FOV is optimized for a TV that's 100 meters away and you can't change it. Wanted to know what Metro was like but didn't get past 20 seconds.
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>>242492 (OP) 
Corridor gameplay
Replies: >>242673
Replies: >>242673
>FOV is optimized for a TV that's 100 meters away
More like optimized for toasters masquerading as a video game consoles
Replies: >>242673
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When an individual is refered to as "they" then I just assume the writer has a degree in mental illness, and the game goes in the trash.  It's repulsive.

Also, one-size-fits all beige characters.  This shit has been around forever, but lately it's dialed up and applied to formerly white characters in remakes.
And walls of text.
Replies: >>242673
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>>242492 (OP) 
>"you are just a racist faggot"
>this thread format
I don't see that billboard flipping we're having an argument here.
It's a nigger, Steve.
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unskippable railroaded intro that lasts 1 hour before the actual game starts

also this
Replies: >>242673
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>Kill 5 Boars
Replies: >>242673 >>245596
>Choose your preferred pronouns
Replies: >>242673
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>>242492 (OP) 
>what makes you instantly drop a game?
This video game was developed and produced by a multicultural team of various religious faiths and beliefs.
Replies: >>242673
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>spider sense super power
>no attractive girls
>cant get it for free
>unplayable on linux
>unappealing graphics or aesthetics
>AA is tied to the games graphics leading to a lack of clarity and look blurry like 90% of UE5 games and other graphic artifacts from modern filters and post processing that cant be turned off.
Replies: >>242673 >>242676
In game cutscenes. Fuck you for taking control of the character away from me and forcing me to watch some unskippable scripted bullshit.
you instantly drop a game the second they have any in-game cutscene?
Replies: >>242565 >>242578
I'd prefer an in-game cutscene to having to control my character during a cutscene a la Uncharted or Lastopus
Replies: >>242549 >>242578
random button prompts and "press X not to die" is such a shit trend in games.
What, you don't like it when the action is interrupted to show you the player-character doing something cool while you just sit there?
They stopped doing that, right?  People were sick of QTE bullshit a decade ago.
Replies: >>242578
I agree but I more meant having to walk slightly slower than some NPC while he rants
Tranny "body type" shit. Gotten to point I watch video of games specific to make sure it doesn't have it.
Replies: >>242676
If it's unskippable yes.
Replies: >>242569
You either have a looser definition of ingame cutscene than me, or you havnt played many games.
Replies: >>242578 >>242599
Here's an interesting one; shit gameplay
Tutorials interrupting gameplay.
Replies: >>242676
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No issues with them as long as:
They show some cool shit 
Move things forward story wise
They are not too long
So no shit ala Kojimbo basically
But this, on the other hand:
>I more meant having to walk slightly slower than some NPC while he rants
Pisses me off, especially when the NPC is ranting about some retarded shit and not about something actually interesting.
Ghost of Tsushima did it right though, if during a mission some NPC is tagging along and talking to you:
If you walk, it walks
If you run, it runs
If you get a horse, it does the same, and rides it according to YOUR pace.
That's how you do it right.

Well, that's a given, it's like saying "i'll drop it if it is a shit game".
No shit.
I think OP meant anything beyond that.

>Not being racist
Get on with the times, cocksucker.
No idea why such a faggot even came here, must either be a redditor or a cuckchanner (where nowadays even bans users for being "rayciss")
Replies: >>242581 >>242676
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>(where nowadays even bans users for being "rayciss")
i have to occasionally go to dead boards on cuckchan to get the info i want, also because i'd rather go there than try to find anything on cakechan. one man can actively samefag, shit up a thread to oblivion, just mindlessly shit on everyone or just samefag at someone he's mad at while he's at it and muddy up any good information, and mods won't do shit to delete it. however, if you even accidentally post "thanks nigger", a global mod will not hesitate to give a 3 day ban for racism just so you can't appeal it. hell there's not even a "USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST" anymore. i've also seen it happen on any threads where they're trying to make OC. like one guy tried to name something the niggerbot 9000 or something and multiple posts were removed.
i would say i hope to god those poor souls just wanting to have fun move off of that shitheap for a website, but they dug their own graves long ago.
you know, just in case you niggers wanted another unwarranted reminder of why the whole site is a pile of shit.
don't forget when an NPC walks faster than you walk but runs slower than you run, and if you're even like 5 feet in front of him/her something bad happens
>they dug their own graves long ago
Hate to break it to you but I think none of the current anons on cuckchan are oldfags. The website is entirely run by literal children and it shows.
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>get out of here
Lmao "Get out of here" when he's clearly the one who's not from here.
Mods are kikes anon, that's why.
Why do you think 8ch got under the bus but cuckchan was left alone?
The last time i took a look at that site it looked like mods and shills were circlejerking and only a tiny minority of posts were from actual users.
polite sage for off topic.
Replies: >>242596
>>242492 (OP) 
Scanning a real life person into a video game
Game Requires a PC stronger than a console to be able to  be playable 
Exact clone of another game with nothing to differentiate itself except for donut steele OC
Game has references to social media
Pronouns being used  in nonsensical ways unless easily ignored  ie there is a blatant female afront of you but the game refers to her as  they/theme

Depends on what you mean by shit gameplay I know normalfags who pretty much think every modern game is the greatest shit ever but in reality it's the exact opposite
there's plenty of old bad games but majority are still fun and fresh  cannot say the same about new shit
Replies: >>242676
posting in a cuckchan template thread
Replies: >>242604
also halfchan can be ran by bots if you buy a pass it was proven
Whatever fag I'm not going to get into an argument with you because you want to masturbate your misshapen cock in front of everyone.
Replies: >>242600
He said "cutscene" not "cut scene"
*sweeps your legs and demolishes your face with toothsome fart
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>>242492 (OP) 
Early access. I do not play unfinished products that may not be completed, unless I can play them for free.
Censorship or inaccurate translations are also factors that put me off. If my only option is to play an inferior version of the game, then I'd rather not play it at all.
Replies: >>242676
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Also, when there's a painfully long and boring tutorial that can't be skipped instead of having the game teach you its mechanics little by little as you progress.
Replies: >>242623 >>242676
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Bad anti-aliasing
Or when the game/devs can't trust you to play and keep spamming tutorial messages throughout the game. Worse still if it is the same messages they just want to force you to play their intended way.
Replies: >>242676
I hate when you can just see the jagged lines moving around. Ruins everything
1. "Fortnite" aesthetics
2. "Trying to establish internet connection..."
3. "Remaster"
4. Weeaboo nu-male emotionally misunderstood protagonist
5. Westaboo sub-equatorial goblinkin protagonist
6. Ruby dust silver goblet gold ankh looney token internal currency
7. "Content & permissions missing please retrieve the available new update"
8. westernized voice acting and scriptwriting
Replies: >>242676
I tried to play Just Cause 3 after hearing that it's better than 2 in "nearly every way". 
I don't know how it is in 1440p, but in 1080p there was absolutely nothing that could be done to get rid of the absurd amount of horizontal aliasing that was EVERYWHERE. 
The in-game options are FXAA (a total blur), SMAA (does nearly nothing) and "SMAA_Tx2" (Does nothing except cause blur and ghosting). 
I tried injecting Marty's SMAA through Reshade but nothing was enough to eliminate that dogshit fucking shimmering. I tried FXAA + SMAA + Sharpening combo, it was 5% better but still aliasing could be seen behind the blur. 

I could see the aliasing easier than I could see the enemies who just blended against the boring concrete backgrounds in the cities and bases. 

>Can't sprint
>Can't zoom without weapon upgrades (at least that's what I read, I never got far enough to see if you can actually buy ADS upgrade for regular weapons)

Fuck that game. JC2 is better in every way. I couldn't give half a shit about the wingsuit.
Oh and keep in mind that I play on a 21.5" monitor. That's >102 PPI, which more than what the average 1080p monitor has since they're usually 24" or 27" displays. I can't  even begin to imagine how dogshit JC3 must look with sub-90 PPI.
For me is the opposite, i played JC3, and i heard that JC2 is better, so i played it but my screen turns off after 3 minutes of playing, i couldn't fix it.
Replies: >>242677
>Bad anti-aliasing
>I hate when you can just see the jagged lines moving around. Ruins everything
That's the main reason PS2 games looked worse than those on XBOX and Gamecube.
Back then i didn't even know that it had a name, but i though it looked like shit, even in games that otherwise would look good.
Replies: >>242677
Protagonist is an ugly woman
Replies: >>242677
I also despise when "hard" mode just makes the RNG extremely lopsided and gay without bothering to make the core gameplay itself any more difficult so winning is less about skill and more about "does the code happen to like you today?".
Replies: >>242675 >>242677
Ugly aesthetics, Cruelty Squad
Gay setting, Avowed
Roguelite game where you have to die to progress, Hades, Gungeon
Puzzle that requires external knowledge to be able to finish it
Walking Simulator, every single game developed by the chink room
Diablo style games
Developer is a culture warrior
Game with that anorexic bug eyed sheboon
western game with dysgenic or androgynous character
Forced message
Coop game without bots
Online only games
Hollywood esque game, Last of Us, Uncharted, Call of Duty
Game about being a dad, mother or about being in a relationship, Dad of War, The last of Us, that amnesia game with a baby, and that coop game with the wife and husband
Bad facescan
Grindan, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
Ubisoft tower unlocking, Far Cry 3+
Replies: >>242677 >>246510
>100 people tally so far:

1 niggers

1 "Meet N' Fuck" (dating sim?) kingdom

1 stronk womyn

2 niggers

1 "not enough niggers"

2 Meet N' Fuck kingdom

2 stronk womyn

1 unskippable intro

3 niggers/1 pedoflag/1 DLC-season pass/1 greed grindset-busywork/1 always-online/1 ugly aesthetic/1 ugly worldscape

2 ugly aesthetic/2 ugly worldscape

2 unskippable intro

1 bad/no graphics options

1 chattel herding gameplay

1 "no lolis"

2 bad/no graphics options

3 ugly aesthetic/2 pedoflag, 1 unskippable walls-of-text/scenes

4 niggers

3 unskippable intro/3 bad/no graphics options

2 greed grindset-busywork

3 pedoflag

1 game made by ugly goblins

1 capeshit/
Replies: >>242676
The laziest shit is just increase health/damage on enemies and call it a day. At least give more loot or new weapons or even new enemy attacks not just change a config file and call it quits.
Replies: >>242677

4 ugly aesthetic (lack of natural beauty)/1 "non-free" (as in freedom/beer)/3 ugly worldscape/5 niggers/4 bad-no graphics options

2 unskippable walls-of-text/cutscenes

1 QTEs

1 NPC-follow quest

4 pedoflag

1 "it stinks"

3 unskippable walls-of-text/cutscenes

2 NPC-follow quest

3 NPC-follow quest

5 ugly aesthetics/5 wokeism=pedoflag/5 bad-no graphics options/1 "remade game"/1 bad script/pedoflag again

2 "it stinks"

1 unfinished game (underrated IMHO)/1 Censorship

4 unskippable walls-of-text/cutscenes

6 bad-no graphics options

5 unskippable walls-of-text/cutscenes

7 bad-no graphics options

6 ugly aesthetics/2 always-online/2 "remade game"/ugly aesthetics+ugly aesthetics again+again/3 greed grindset-busywork/always-online again/2 bad script

poll update:
"bad/no graphics options" beating out "niggers" for No.1
"unfinished game" & "bad script" surprisingly low down the list
Replies: >>242677

8 bad-no graphics options/3 "it stinks"

??? 9 no graphics options (literally)

(presumably) 10 bad/no graphics options

7 ugly aesthetic

4 greed grindset-busywork (intentionally bad RNG)

8 ugly aesthetic/4 ugly worldscape/5 greed grindset-busywork (intentionally bad RNG)/1 bad puzzles ???/2 chattel herding gameplay/3 "it stinks"/2 game devs are ugly goblins/ugly aesthetic again/6 pedoflag/3 always-online/6 unskippable walls-of-text/cutscenes/3 bad script (maternalism)/ugly aesthetic yet again/3 "remade game"

5 greed-grindset busywork

Alright. Some anon fill in the board for us please Steve
NO.1 Bad/No Graphics Options (10)
NO. 2 Ugly Aesthetic (8)
NO. 3 Greed-Grindset/Busywork (6)
(counted as 5 twice, sorry)
NO. 4 Pedoflag (6)
NO. 5 Unskippable Text-Tutorial/Cutscene (6)
NO. 6 Niggers (5)
NO. 7 Ugly Worldscape (4)
NO. 8 Unskippable Intros (3)

Kinda surprised you all tolerate greed-grindset/busywork less than pedoflags apparently but there you go
wait "Always-Online" is first alphabetically in the (3) results

NO. 8 "Always-Online"
In my defense, I was thinking of "things at the beginning of a game that make you drop it". Jews are smart enough now that they usually don't start shoving tranny flags in your face until the refund period has expired.
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[Hide] (97.5KB, 650x639) Reverse
I am gonna add:
>Niggers in general, but especially where they don't belong (Medieval/fantasy setting, 30's to 50's white America, being shoved into cultures they have nothing to do with)
the things that are lower on the list typically aren't immediately apparent or are minimal enough that they don't bother you until you progress further into the game and it compounds until the last straw, meanwhile the things are at the top are first impression red flags available from the get go
Replies: >>242687
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For instance, the always-online shit is apparent as soon as you start the game, but shit like rainbow flags, faggot characters, niggers where they don't belong may only show later in the game.
>>242492 (OP) 
'Movie games', especially the ones where there's long or frequent cinematica in the middle of a boss fight (looking at you, modern 3d sonic games)
[Hide] (230.6KB, 352x514) Reverse
I don't mind cutscenes to be honest as long as they're cool.
I might be the only person to love Asura's Wrath for that aspect. That game is like a playable anime movie. One boss stabs Earth with his extending katana. It's awesome.
I dig when the titans pull out their lasers mid-fight or when Sonic redirects the rockets at Wyvern in Frontiers. I don't know.
If Kojambil had some fucking brains in his noggin and didn't put cutscenes every 15 microseconds in MGS4 it would've been legendary, instead he fed the PS3 has no gaems by making a playable fucking movie instead
Then he got salty and made MGS5's story shit and shoved it all into ingame cassette tapes so you didn't have half a fuck an idea unless you listened for five hours to Kaz and Ocelot going "lore lore story you did lore story story word is that fucking story story lore lore"
Replies: >>242715
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>replaying earnestly to the question in the OP
I don't think this is what zertave wanted you to do.

>Bad/No Graphics Options (10)
That was a discussion on games with bad antialiasing, not a vote cast against them.
>Unskippable Text-Tutorial/Cutscene (6)
>Unskippable Intros (3)
Plenty of good games with any of the past three anon would be skipping over. This is more of a grudge than a reason for software deletion.
How's the weather in the southern hemisphere Ezequiel?
>That was a discussion on games with bad antialiasing, not a vote cast against them.
I can confirm, aliasing makes a game look worse than it really is, but it is not a reason to insta-drop a game.
Surely noone ITT would immediately shelve this masterpiece right here >>242702
[Hide] (174.8KB, 795x1000) Reverse
Long drawn out unskippable tutorial with no save points
Hard to drop something if you'd never pick it up in the first place
I know kojimbo being a failed movie director is a meme, but I have a feeling it actually has some truth to it.
Replies: >>242731
I feel like this is all an elaborate joke and these people are competing for the lowest sales in history
>what if we combined the style of a telltale game and the subtlety of the saints row reboot except now it's "deep"
>Kinda surprised you all tolerate greed-grindset/busywork less than pedoflags apparently but there you go
You're tallying this in a retarded way. 1) you generally notice terrible gameplay long before  some stupid flaggotry, and 2) por que no los dos?
Replies: >>242743
>but I have a feeling it actually has some truth to it.
It's common knowledge at this point and I'm pretty sure he's also outright said he would rather have been a movie director.
Replies: >>242736
i would watch a kojima movie
Replies: >>242745 >>242769
Take the polling for what it is it's clumsily made. I'm still kind of surprised graphics, or the alaising on them is a hangup worthy of discussing them though.

I'd play Deus Ex all day long and that barely has 20 triangles in everyones head. The best gen for me was ps1 yet everything on it still looks like a potato. I just don't notice it as a red flag or anything - whereas microstutter I'm all over that shit.

First I laughed. Then I realised they could have made a Jet Set Radio where you can fold down the rollerblades like a pair of heelies & go whack at stuff with a bat in the same engine they used. Then along comes the sadness.

They were actually tied for six sans alphabetising but I wanted a jokey way of provoking a bit of discussion about it, so I'm being told it's since they don't hide the grind as well as they secrete the pedoflag & make it less obvious. There's some truth to that. I haven't played GT Autosport/GT7 because of a glance at the features in it and the discussion around it. Things like "I'm glad I bought into the Escudo when it was 12 million credits and not after the update when it's 37 million now".

Isn't it a shame because without that and always-online I'd have bought a PSwhatever just to play it. I even went to see Orlando Bloom in GT the Movie. Brand loyalty to the PS1-era titles it's just broken, by trying to double-tax me on an entirely unessential and indulgent commodity that is a video game purchase. I think if I had the money I still wouldn't do it, since the premise would still get on my nerves.
[Hide] (696.2KB, 1280x720) Reverse
>i would watch a kojima movie
I wouldn't.
Considering what a westaboo faggot he is,  what kind of hollywood bootlicker he is, and how he puts even the worst of hollyjew actors on a pedestal (he wanted that slanted eyed faggot from The Walking Dead to be the Silent Hill protagonist), his movie would just be nothing but a carbon copy of whatever hollyjew is pumping out currently.
Replies: >>242746
[Hide] (70.7KB, 530x878) Reverse
Have you actually played any of his games or are you just parroting what other butthurt retards have said on /v so you can appear like you're part of the club? 
There's a reason why people know Kojima but almost nobody else in the game industry. 
How many other game directors/designers can you name off the top of your head other than Kojima, American McGee, John Carmack, John Romero, Miyazaki, Hideaki and Sam Lake? Absolutely nobody else. Literally thousands of games out there and 99,98% of people don't know who the fuck made them. In fact I highly doubt that most people could even name anybody other than Kojima and Miyazaki, maybe Hideaki too if they played a lot of DMC.  

Kojima's "worst" games were still hugely successful, and not merely technically successful like a lot of modern trash is (e.g. BF2042 was profitable, yet everybody hates it). People praise his work. 
I don't think 99% of people know who made their shitty movie games like The Last of Us, God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn. But those same people can look at a picture of Kojima and instantly recognize him even if they've never played an MGS game in their entire life.
[Hide] (69.9KB, 795x953) Reverse
>casual projecting like this
nigger you cant be serious
Replies: >>242749
[Hide] (432.7KB, 994x660) Reverse
>doesn't answer to any of his points
>his entire argument is "projecting"
>projecting when anon's entire post is talking about Kojima
>doesn't even understand adverbs
>a UNIX timestamp that recent
Hey pal, did you blow in from Clovertown?
Replies: >>242751
[Hide] (47.7KB, 640x424) Reverse
>There's a reason why people know Kojima but almost nobody else in the game industry. 
>Being a meme means being good
>Actually believing that the good games Kojima was involved in were all his doing and not a team effort of talented developers
That reply of yours is peak Reddit, i also expected a "haters gonna hate'" and "you are just jealous because he's successful!"
Replies: >>243032
[Hide] (133.7KB, 334x393) Reverse
>entire post is about kojima
>literally presumes the other anon can't name more than the handful of normie tier devs off the top of his head, projecting his own limitations onto others
>noooooooo you have to make a concise argument!!! you can't just say he's projecting and call him a nigger...because..because i said so, okay?!
>seething over a timestamp
Replies: >>242754 >>242755
[Hide] (74.5KB, 640x480) Reverse
>can you name off the top of your head other than Kojima, American McGee, John Carmack, John Romero, Miyazaki, Hideaki and Sam Lake?
Yuji Naka.
[Hide] (676.6KB, 900x636) Reverse
I needn't read anymore.
Replies: >>242756
>using korn for your embarassing posts
Replies: >>242757
[Hide] (8.5KB, 259x194) Reverse
>tremendous cope
i accept your concession
what's wrong with korn? not a fanboy just never got into them besides maybe 1 or 2 songs so I'm clueless as to why
Replies: >>242758
I didn't say there was anything wrong with korn. I've never even listened to them. Is this a bot post?
Replies: >>242759
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Replies: >>242760
[Hide] (72.8KB, 438x342) Reverse
>How many other game directors/designers can you name off the top of your head other than Kojima, American McGee, John Carmack, John Romero, Miyazaki, Hideaki and Sam Lake?

Sandy Peterson, Miyamoto, IGA, Itsuno, Phil Fish (didn't say good), 
Also since you didn't say video game: Gary Gygax, Ed Greenwood, Keith Baker, Monty Cook (didn't say good)
You know why everyone knows who John Carmack, John Romero, American McGee, etc. are? Because they made amazing games that took the world by storm and people just had to know who was behind those masterpieces.

You know why people know who Rawhide Kojimbo is? Because he signs all his games "A Hideo Kojima Game". From his twitter: 「A HIDEO KOJIMA GAME」というのは僕が勝手に始めた名称です。 "Labeling games 'A Hideo Kojima Game' is something I came up with." It's not some kind of accolade or seal of quality. 

Sage for replying to a shitty derail in a shitty template thread. Mods, delete this thread.
Replies: >>243000 >>243032
why is everyone so mentally retarded here? jesus
Replies: >>242767 >>242770
Dunno, something happened recently it seems, though I have no idea what. Post frequency and quality both took a dive across the whole webring. I can post on three different boards and have the same terminally online autist answer me on each within a couple minutes.
Replies: >>242770 >>242775
I'd watch a movie written by the guy who wrote for the first 3 MGS games. Kojombo is a Lucas tier hack that is just really good with labeling and taking credit for shit.
Cool vague complaints faggot, some nigger made a b8 post and fags fell for it deal with it
erection year + sweetbaby thread not being deleted and attracting /r/KIA spergs + end of university semester so sane people are too busy to post + faggot mods
Either that or your board's dying
Replies: >>242781
been "dying" for 3 years, try again teen
Replies: >>242809
Template thread would stop feeling timely and cathartic if the games improved, but they did not.

My question is: Are Japanese people honorary caucasians or are they "The Jews of The East"? Which one is it? Does it change depending on the wind?
Either way, they're still whiter than you.
Whites aren't caucasians and caucasians aren't White. Both are caucasoids.
I have only ever seen chinese people being called jews of the east.
Every asian group refers to every other group as the jews of the east. The chinese for sure are the worst. Japs are alright but their society while friendly is getting fucked by horrible business practices and women being shit. Koreans are ok but their society is a lot more jewed in the same way even if the people are alright. Flips are the mexicans of asia: all do foriegn work and remitances but even though my place in leafland is swamped by them they’re only in 4th place for my areas bad offenders.  but chinese are fucking inhuman. If they aint the jews of asia they are the end goal of what jews want goyim to be. 

ANYWAY i didn’t know we wuz actually voting. Put me down for any form “BY THE WAY I SUCK COCKS” gay shit. Only one I came close to excusing was witcher 3 when geralt thought a dide was being ostracized for WEREWULF and said “I can whip up a cure for that” but turns out he was a gay. If he had a “I can whip up a cure for that too” option I would have forgiven it
Replies: >>242807
But anon... the vikings were gay
they were just not wave the pedoflag gay
You're right it's been dead for 3 years, you're just a handful of maggots on a corpse of a once great creature.
[Hide] (50.4KB, 600x761) Reverse
>sweetbaby thread not being deleted
<Oy Vey! Stop talking about that, goyim! Shut it down right now!
[Hide] (308.3KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
>sweetbaby thread not being deleted
((( You )))
Replies: >>242907
>>242492 (OP) 
Shoehorners and lecturers. I play videogames for fun, not for their 'opinions' to be blasted my way.

Should I have the misfortune of buying one, I would have to mod it.
Is this what Naruto looks like now?
It looks so cute.
Replies: >>242910
That's actually his grandson, Dorito.
[Hide] (90.2KB, 636x870) Reverse
>John Romero
John Romero is a bitch though
[Hide] (27.1KB, 387x420) Reverse
So according to you, MGS is trash, Kojimbo only makes the cutscenes and isn't involved in anything else unless the game has a bad game mechanic, then it must have been Kojumbo who designed it.
Replies: >>243058 >>243073
He only made two good games, Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, everything after that are just movies pretending to be games.
Replies: >>243059 >>243063
No, Kojiman "games" are fine, even if they are movies pretending to be games. I think of them as like those visual novels with gameplay segments
Replies: >>243063
[Hide] (306.7KB, 569x426) Reverse
MGS3 is dah best gaimu evah!
[Hide] (191.1KB, 656x527) Reverse
>MGS is trash
That depends on which MGS game we are talking about, not every MGS game was a 10/10 masterpiece as they want you to believe.
>Kojimbo only makes the cutscenes and isn't involved in anything else unless the game has a bad game mechanic, then it must have been Kojumbo who designed it.
Pretty much.
[Hide] (154.7KB, 400x311) Reverse
>MGS is now total shit
we're reaching levels of contrarianism that we didn't know were possible
You new?
Probably mad because MGS2 predicted them.
Don't forget that fanservice is bad now too and a psyop by Sony, apparently.
Replies: >>243094 >>243445
[Hide] (228.8KB, 1035x770) Reverse
>viral marketing is a psyop
Replies: >>243102 >>243483
>viral marketing
>source: trust me bro
Replies: >>243105
>Viral marketing is a word-of-mouth sales technique that creates interest in a brand or product through messages that spread organically and rapidly.
Replies: >>243119
[Hide] (183.7KB, 1500x646) Reverse
You have yet to provide evidence of Stellar Blade using viral marketing. Not everything being popular is some sort of conspiracy.
Replies: >>243122
[Hide] (334.8KB, 2328x2270) Reverse
I'd say this qualifies, nothing this painful and soulless could have been made without jewish involvement: >>243121
Replies: >>243123
>make games great again
Oh vey, this is literary hitler!
[Hide] (333.9KB, 1080x701) Reverse
>>242492 (OP) 
Monetization or psychological fuckery like daily login bonuses in ANY paid game. F2P games get a pass only if they're cool as hell.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 124x284) Reverse
< sweetbaby thread not being deleted and attracting /r/KIA spergs
[Hide] (974.7KB, 1187x899) Reverse
>Don't forget that fanservice is bad now too and a psyop by Sony, apparently.
>Anons questioning the reason of Soyny 180° on censorship and fanservice means those anons now think fanservice is bad.
Anon, i...
Replies: >>243454
What is your point?
Replies: >>243475
>>242492 (OP) 
Patching and changes that retroactively enforce DEI standards from games that didn't have them in the first place.
[Hide] (58.6KB, 521x479) Reverse
That wondering how come Soyny is now promoting a game full of fanservice after they spent the last years censoring any hint of it, doesn't mean thinking that fanservice is bad.
People here were simply wondering what the fuck is happening at Soyny and why their sudden change of heart regarding fanservice, that was it, but some massive retard went:
<"Now you guys think fanservice is bad wtf!"
Replies: >>243476
>thread is full of posts complaining specifically about the fanservice 
>how could you possibly come to the conclusion that faggots are being contrary knee jerk imbeciles
Replies: >>243481 >>243519
[Hide] (213.5KB, 614x421) Reverse
>thread is full of posts complaining specifically about the fanservice 
Where? What thread? Are you referring to >>242961? Did you understand that thread? Can you read? How about you try to quote a single post on this site that's against sightly women?
If you read the thread you'd understand anons are denouncing Sony, who's both the main profiting party of SB's success and at the same time created a large chunk of the >women in >>243024 0:36.
Replies: >>243483
A famous example is the early Sony camera phone where paid shit hot cockthirsty maidens would go around touristy areas asking if you would take their picture for them using the Sony™ camera phone.

Quite honestly I don't think they would approach me but if that did happen somehow then I only know about 12 people and over half those dozen are family so the conversation would go: "Hey Grandma a girl asked me to take her picture and I had to use some shit newfangled vanity phone with a camera *inside the phone itself*. Grandma, if you're not someone who's into photography then why would you pay any more for one when my Dad's phone still does one job and does it well? No it doesn't even save money over buying two separate devices. You couldn't replace a professional photographer's gear with one of them."

Then with my Grandma and Grandpa thoroughly told about it bum fuck nobody is gonna get any more of the information before the product's already out.

The best example of a paid influencer shill was probably JonTron's Flex Seal™©® video and again I'll "carry the virus" only so far as knowing what the product is, but it hasn't once come up in any other conversation besides this one - regarding the very strategy itself and in trying to use it.

I'm not claiming to be smarter than the general public (not here, in this very moment) but the idea of "get the public to do it" relies on everyone around you acting like predictable pawns who will do what it is that you want. It's a bit like suggesting "we should make our restaurant look run down so that people take pity and will think that we really need the money." What if they don't think or function the way that you anticipate them to do?

So then it's kind of fallen the wayside of attaching your brand to the good will of "influencers" which is it's own minefield to navigate but at least the results are funnier and more noticeable like in the case of bud light.

Hey I'd back other-anon but then I'm a religious man who dislikes immodesty. But the war's clearly not about immodesty - the war is clearly on showing any sort of natural beauty, lewd or not. Therefore fuck em all I guess I just won't buy games then and further to the point I'll have your parent company in my mental rolo-index for the next 20 years down as a POS company even if I forget what was the original incident.

The only reason this doesn't work more effectively is that every other company is exactly the same, but vg are a superfluous commodity where a lot of them they don't even cost money.
[Hide] (414.5KB, 1034x1289) Reverse
>>242492 (OP) 
Forced or boring RPG elements in an action/shooter game. Some good examples are Far Cry (or any other ubisoft game with similar design), Mirror's Edge 2, and Warframe. 

Far Cry and Ubisoft is self explanatory at this point. And even if the mechanics of shooting or whatever is fun, it feels as if I am grinding and fucking around 90% of the time for that 10% gameplay. Mirror's Edge 2 had no reason to have rpg elements, such a shame because artstyle was still more or less beautiful, just more futuristic. 
Warframe is the worst offender of this, it used to be fun until they introduced open world bullshittery and the game just revolves around neverending cycle of grinding to a point that the game eventually becomes an arbitrary chore disguised as a third person shooter.
[Hide] (40.9KB, 800x700) Reverse
It isn't fun
also niggers
[Hide] (228.6KB, 780x720) Reverse
>thread is full of posts complaining specifically about the fanservice
It all started with a single anon making a joke about Sony being co-opted by Koreans, because Sony is now promoting a Korean game full of fanservice when in the last years they took a blatantly hostile stance against Japanese studios for the same reason.
Nobody here ever said anything against fanservice, people were only arguing if the usual butthurt gaming jouno's articles were due to the usual faggots' autistic screeching or if it was sone kind of paid marketing campaign by Soyny, which i don't think it was, as those articles were simply the usual kind of shit that garbage sites like Kotaku always did for every single game that wasn't pozzed.
Also Soyny is not that smart to pull something like that
Replies: >>243534
[Hide] (11.5MB, 298x224, 07:56)
I'm surprised nobody posted this yet
Replies: >>243537
>>242492 (OP) 
Yes! KILL!

Niggers un Huwhat!
Stop damage controlling, faggot. Anyone can read the several posts spanning different threads were the game is repeatedly bashed, someone even went as far as calling it "western coomer bait", which is the most unhinged leftist shit i've read in days.
Replies: >>243536 >>243641
[Hide] (48.5KB, 791x435) Reverse
>-oid -oomer bait
Courtesy of our permanent 4ddit rapefugee. Of course he's going to show he's a born faggot at the occassion, but that's unlike anything else that's said in these threads. 
Pinpoint where any of the threads took a turn into hating on good looking women instead of bashing the game for looking bland and insipid, and astroturfed to oblivion for something a Korean sweatshop pumps out every day of the week.
Cherrypick like a faggot again and I transfer you to the cottonpicking department.
What is going on...
Replies: >>243539
>The biggest time waster is waiting after inputting your answer for the suspenseful "yes" or "no", so it's important that each round has the smallest number of answers. So far, I've experimented and managed to luck manipulate so the first round uses five answers (which is the minimum). I also luck manipulated the computer to pick the family name which is the smallest because the time it takes the computer to pick out their name is a time-waster too.

>And finally, the program that recognizes words is pretty crazy so it's possible to punch in misspellings and completely wrong words to still get the right answer.
I've seen videos where it interprets "cup of urine" as coffee, "pornography" as soda, and "the hairs from my crack" as "tears".

>Just studying these, I worked out how the system works.
>It looks for correct letters in the correct order and it doesn't matter if there are any letters in between. You can also use single letters in place of double letters.

>Cup OF urinE = COFE = COFFEE
>POrnograPhy = POP = SODA

>It also doesn't pay attention to spaces. So if the answer was, say, "Smelly beef" I could simply type "SMELYBEF" and it would accept it.
[Hide] (66.6KB, 640x480) Reverse
>Stop damage controlling
Calling out a blatant lie "Anons are against fanservice for pointing out how Soyny suddenly flip-flopped its stance on it" is now damage control.
Get a brain transplant.
I wonder how many people vodka redbulls have killed.
[Hide] (3.5MB, 356x768, 00:15)
Color coded inventory/Trash RNG items
Give me loot that matters or fuck right off faggot.
No torrent.
Replies: >>243943
[Hide] (220.2KB, 722x559) Reverse
If there's no torrent available I can't pick up a game to begin with. I don't pay for videogames.
This is the same wigger that promotes vaccinations
Replies: >>245604
>it's a "roguelite"
Have you ever seen someone who got polio without a vaccine?
Replies: >>246275
[Hide] (28.1KB, 512x512) Reverse
Yeah he became president then saved the US and doomed the world.
Replies: >>246372
[Hide] (159.1KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
>JRPG where you can't change the party leader/who you walk around as on the world map
You saw him? How fucking old are you?
I've gotten so picky lately if a game's opening menu annoys me slightly I'll drop the thing.

>Rainbow/Trannyflag is an instant 'get the fuck off my screen'
>shoehorned political anything outside of how people really are, warts and all
>auto-aim/aim assist that can't be turned off is total cancer. That is NOT where I aimed cunt!
>motion blur that can't be turned off
>'innovative' flight controls, just do what works ffs
>unmoddable level caps that hit at appropriate times, just sucks the life of it out early, good thing we can monkey with BG3

Another thing is what I call 'Oobah' design, by which I mean physically edgeless and clean, making everything look like a plushie toy it screams 'kid-shit' to me, normally I never even download them to drop them in the first place but when that gets sprung on me into the trash it goes.
>includes in-app purchase
>rhythm based gimmick
>SP is just MP with bots

>Roguelite game where you have to die to progress, Hades, Gungeon
Dunno about Hades but you don't have to die to progress in Gungeon
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