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Post video game news and report derailment.
Meet the 57-year-old who just released his first video game
Harada: Younger players prefer team games so they can blame others when they lose
>“In Japan, and probably in most of the world, my generation is a big one. It makes up a good chunk of the population. That made our society a competitive one.
>“If you applied to a school or for a job, there was always a lot of competition. Because of this, people in my generation prefer definitive outcomes, a clear winner and loser. This applies to folks in and around their 50s.
>“But most young people nowadays are the opposite. They’re rarely eager to engage in one-on-one showdowns. Plus, because figthing games pit you by yourself against a single opponent, you have to accept all the responsibility if you lose. You can’t blame anyone else.
>“In team-based shooters, when players win, they can say that they won because of their own contributions, but when they lose, it’s because they got matched with a lousy team.”
Report: Consumers mostly played games 6+ years old in 2023
>Five older games— Fortnite, GTA V, League of Legends, Minecraft, and Roblox —accounted for 27% of all playtime in the year, according to Newzoo.
>Even the playtime spent on games defined as ‘new’ (2 years or younger) is made up partly by annualised sequels. 23 percent of ‘new’ games include these yearly titles, such as FIFA or Madden.
Cheech and Chong are coming to Call of Duty
>>241754 (OP) 
>Meet the 57-year-old who just released his first video game
Man, that's so cool. I often think it's 'too late' for me in my late 20s to learn how to make a game and then you got this guy.
I gotta admit the game looks pretty cool too, like an old Apple II title.
Replies: >>241757 >>241932
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Nito Souji just released his first game too after 6 years in development and being a hikkimori for 15 years.
You can do it, anon!
>>241754 (OP) 
>fortnite dominating all consoles and PC
Will this nightmare ever end? And what fresh hell awaits us when it does?
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Replies: >>242618
It was unironically worse when COD and Halo dominated the industry.
Replies: >>241780
>>241754 (OP) 
Harada sounds salty to me
>>241754 (OP) 
>Harada: Younger players prefer team games so they can blame others when they lose
I take it that Tekken 8 lost a lot of money or doesn't have the traction that other games in the series does.
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Stellar Blade’s Main Character Draws Unfair Criticism from Some Outlets who Clearly Value Point Scoring Over Fair Gaming Criticism
Stellar Blade won’t have microtransactions or hidden fees
>“If we accidentally miss something or are lacking something, we’ll fix it after launch,” SHIFTUP CEO Kim Hyung Tae said to Ruliweb (via Pushsquare). “We don’t want people who come in later to experience any inconvenience, so we’ll do balance patches to make it more enjoyable for those who start early. We’re not sure if we’ll be releasing DLC, but we’re working on free updates like additional outfits.”
>He added, “We want to make it clear at this point that Stellar Blade will not require gamers to spend any additional money beyond what they paid for the package. The only exception to this is if we create collaborative costumes with third-party IPs, those may be sold for a fee. Also, there is no New Game+ in the launch version, but that will be coming very soon.”
Knights of the Old Republic remake is “alive and well”, says Saber CEO
IGN France Editor-in-Chief Erwan Lafleuriel Implies Eve’s Design In ‘Stellar Blade’ Is Killing Women And Accuses Gamers Of Becoming “Too Fragile Due To Being Fed The Patriarchy”
Replies: >>241776 >>241778
>surrender monkeys screech about sexy Eve potentially leading to suicides
I want the next James Bond to be skinny and Top Gun 3 featuring a morbidly obese Maverick or I'll kill myself! 
...said no one with a penis ever. Or without one.
Replies: >>241816
I don't know what the fuck you're talking about because the FGC niggers here have latched on to T8 beyond anyone's expectations, more so than even SF6. With Bamco involved I wouldn't discard the idea of it losing money despite being one of the few sales bright spots in a zombie industry but this is probably just Harada being Harada.
Replies: >>241781
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>that Stellar Blade chick
What's her name again?

>IGN formally apologizes to for being faggots
I never thought i'd see the day coming.
I thought these retards were on the "right side of the history" and never had to do that :^)

>I take it that Tekken 8 lost a lot of money or doesn't have the traction that other games in the series does.
>Game releases incomplete at launch and is more expensive than "full price"
>DLC and Microtransactions out of the ass
>Excessive focus on the "competitive scene" (aka the tournyfag minority) rather than being fun first.
Geee... i wonder why.
Tekken died when 6 came out, and Harada killed it.
Replies: >>241779
it's funny to me how modern creators create incomplete unoriginal trash and then get mad if people don't wanna buy it...customers have always been fickle, but since when has it been okay to hate your audience? when did that start?
Replies: >>241780 >>241785
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>>241754 (OP) 
>Meet the 57-year-old who just released his first video game
Truly inspiring, no irony here.
>when did that start?
When the industry started hiring hacks because of ideology, instead of competent people because of skills.

<fortnite dominating all consoles and PC
>Will this nightmare ever end? And what fresh hell awaits us when it does?
>It was unironically worse when COD and Halo dominated the industry.
Man, the COD era was shit, but Fortshite being any better?
Nah, it's just another brand of garbage.
Replies: >>241788
>the FGC niggers here
They'll latch onto a angler fish if it has a Street Fighter/Tekken logo on it, so I don't care about anything those pedos have to say.
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You would have an argument if it was the same number of fags as before, but I'm hearing an average of 20 more players are showing up to Tekken 8 locals compared to T7. It's edging out SF6 for both new and old players. I really don't get what the difference is.
Replies: >>241784
>hah! the tekken guy said something i disagree with! his game must not be making money!
<actually no
>wow ur obvs some kinda pedo
Why do you exist? The statement "people prefer playing team games because they can blame other people for losing" is objectively true, and has been for literal decades.

Shiny new game effect plus the game generally being easier, and T8 not telling you to kill yourself for daring to attack your opponent like T7 did for years. The "aggressive" mentality is a good direction for the game, provided they don't totally fuck it all up in patches that remove entire system mechanics.
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Also, they delusionally think they are way more numerous and relevant than they actually are.

>but since when has it been okay to hate your audience?
I also wanted to add something about this.
In the case of people like Harada, the guy is clearly so full of himself that he thinks he's a fucking genius and he can do no wrong, so when people don't give him the recognition he thinks they "owe" him, he throws a tantrum like a spoiled kid.
The guy clearly needs to be more humble. 
(It's too bad Sheiky baby is not with us anymore, as he knew ho to "humble" people like him lol)
In the case of gaming companies in general, is about kikes getting uppity when they got things their way for way too long, and then autistically screech when that suddenly stops, as they thought that shit was going to last forever.
Or, in the case of their liberal/sjw/niggerfaggot employees, those are just sociopathic, narcissistic cunts who have been told all their lives they are "special" and think everthing should be handed over to them.
Replies: >>241793
The only problem with Fornite is having micro-transactions.
Replies: >>241790
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>I don't care about anything those pedos have to say
When did fart become the de facto standard imageboard insult? I know Joey Cuellar and his goons apply for pedophiles pederasts, but there are farther reaching, more powerful and demeaning insults out there than "pedo".
You can call them niggers, you can call them faggots, you can call them autists and the FGC crowd would apply for all three. Pedo sounds like a ditched attempt at an insult from someone that's not allowed to offend anyone because they use social media and otherwise they'd get banned and has to settle down with the last social group that they're still allowed to look down on.
>the only problem with Fornite is having micro-transactions
There are many problems behind this post.
Replies: >>241795
>Cheech and Chong are coming to the burgernigger military propaganda series
What in the god damn?
Replies: >>241822
I came to a similar conclusion...most modern day creators can't really afford to live off of art easily, so the ones who can actually afford to live off the craft are often from wealthier families that financed the artist's passions, and most people who get to pursue their dreams without needing to struggle for them are more often than not extremely spoiled and demanding, since they're used to getting what they want. Basically, super creative but broke anon artfags or storyfags a bit, maybe even codes, but nearly never gets the break he needs or opportunity for professional development, while whiny richfag thinks his shit don't stink and would do everyone a favor by giving other people a whiff as well, and connections get you everywhere.
>the de facto standard imageboard insult?
Anon, people call tournyfags "pedos" because the guy behind EVO was forced to step down for child grooming, and he wasn't the only one doing that at EVO.
(I vaguely remember some gook "pro-player" being guilty of the same shit)
That scene was full of ACTUAL pedos, it's not just a way to insult them without a reason.
Replies: >>241797
I mean you may be correct, but anon has a point - everyone is afraid to say nigger or faggot, and incel/boomer/nazi is weaksauce, while calling someone a pedo can still actually hurt people while no one will defend pedos enough to censor it.
Replies: >>241805 >>241807
I've noticed that the outrage porn addicts who populate news threads are always a year or three delayed in updating their vocabulary. They wring every ounce of good-feeling-brain-juice they possibly can until the new big headline gives them something to latch onto. The Joey Cuellar/MrWizard EVO pedophile stuff was brought to light in 2020 and everybody who actually pays attention to the genre has kind of moved on since new games have been released and there are a few upcoming titles.
Replies: >>241807
[Hide] (421.5KB, 854x384, 00:09)
You only have a point if it's on places like /cow/ and tvch who have tons of Foxdickfarms faggots populating it and are against loli (despite a shitton of them consuming straight up CP and jailbait)
So everything and everyone is a pedo.
PPP is a pedo
Dick is a pedo
Gahoole is a pedo
Jewsh is a pedo that one actually has merit since there's proof he has held onto CP and he has admitted it on IRC
And on and on and on, pedo is for them what "cuck" was on 4chan and 8chan around 2015.

Here and other places in the webring, it's used correctly, unless you want to argue semantics and distinguish pedophilia from hebephilia, most people will just call anything underage pedoshit in general since they're both sick fuck stuff.
Replies: >>241809 >>241811
Not to be a weirdo, but there is an intresting thing when it comes to chronophilias. Because  there is ephebophilia which also counts in up to 19 years. Which isin the range of 18-20 that heterosexual men find the most attractive.
It's weird shit and this sort of disscussion always makes someone mad.
Or the fact that in middle ages adulthood wasn't actually defined going all the way from 7 to 21.
Replies: >>241810
[Hide] (193.8KB, 480x360, 00:05)
I'm not going deep into this rabbit hole of degeneracy, but the point is, people here use pedo correctly as someone who watches kiddie porn or sexually harasses the underage.

This anon >>241781 here used it correctly since FGC niggers from staff to attendees have been busted as pedos.
The places I refereed use the term to denigrate everyone they feel like to prop up the dramafaggotry that's the lifeblood of their board.
Anon might have used those boards and find everyone using the word "pedo" as a common insult jarring.
recent year 4chan "cuck" turned into "tranny" except instead of everyone being a "tranny" there was the "tranny chasers" and the "trannys"
you see those mentally ill retards over the place in team fortress 2 and it's basically impossible to enjoy that game anymore without turning off chat and disabling sprays and custom decals using mods and playing
Replies: >>241814
>"cuck" turned into "tranny" 
That's because cuckchan has been filled with them ever since Tumblr went down and Twitter got bought by Elon, they all fucked back to there.
Place is overflowing with Discord troons.
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Speak english pidor
You don't have to worry, the current top pick for the next James Bond is a jew so they wouldn't dare put him in a bad light!
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Anon, everything is now inside Cawadoody now. Look up the "Operators" list for the new games, I'm not making this shit up.
Replies: >>241826 >>241827
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Replies: >>241827
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Replies: >>241827
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Replies: >>241827
still waiting for call of dooty dawg to be playable and  replaced by scooby doo or garfield
When are they gonna put Malcolm X as a playble character with their stupidity.
Replies: >>241897
Personally I hate the report system. I tried reporting it last time and captcha was a bitch.
Replies: >>241985
Malcolm X is a no no character, he openly hated Israel and their treatment of Palestinians.
Remedy Has Made No Profit From Alan Wake 2 Despite Record-Breaking Sales
>Despite breaking records for its fast-selling pace and earning critical acclaim, Alan Wake 2, developed by Remedy Entertainment, has yet to generate a profit for the company.
>Launched last October, the award-winning sequel quickly became a critically acclaimed title, beloved by both audiences and critics alike. By the beginning of the month, Alan Wake 2 had sold 1.3 million units, surpassing its predecessor Control by 50% in terms of sales within the same time frame.
>Control, another of Remedy’s creations, has sold 4 million copies since its release, resulting in €100 million in revenue for the company. This success, however, has not been mirrored by the second Alan Wake game in the short term. Although the game has recouped a significant portion of its development and marketing expenses, Remedy’s CEO, Tero Virtala, confirmed that the game is not yet in the black. However, there is optimism within Remedy that Alan Wake 2 will emulate Control’s “excellent” long-tail sales, which continue to generate revenue many years after the initial release.
>Nevertheless, the significance of Alan Wake 2‘s sales extends beyond its immediate financial return. Its success has afforded Remedy the necessary resources to accelerate the progress of its other projects, including Control 2, the remake of the first two Max Payne games, and the multiplayer Control spinoff codenamed “Condor”. These projects are expected to reach their next development stages on or before June, thanks to personnel transitioning from Alan Wake 2.
>Despite the promising start, the path to profitability for Alan Wake 2 is complicated, a path marred by Remedy’s own decisions. Its approach to game distribution (lower price, digital-only) and content exclusivity could hamper its sales potential. For example, its deal with Epic Games for Alan Wake 2 entails that Epic funded its development and marketing, with costs to be recouped before profits are shared equally between Epic and Remedy. This deal makes the PC version of Alan Wake 2 exclusive to the Epic Games Store, severely limiting its sales on other platforms, particularly Steam.
>It certainly doesn’t help that Epic has a tendency to make purchasing its games complicated, which isn’t likely going to be fixed soon as Epic is heavily invested in the Remedy Connected Universe.
With two paid DLCs on the horizon for Alan Wake 2 and a robust pipeline of future projects, Remedy’s strategic decisions in the coming months will be crucial in determining the financial outcome of their latest horror masterpiece.
they tried so hard  to advertise this garbage and it still made no money I'm still confused as to why remedy is a game dev studio after all their failures...
oh yeah 
Toxicity and the bottom line: 5 benefits of ToxMod voice moderation
>Voice moderation can cost much more than text moderation, so it’s difficult to judge if moderating voice chats brings enough value to offset those increased costs. But given the myriad negative impacts of toxicity on player retention, engagement, game reputation, and even legal liability, voice moderation turns out to be a shockingly net-positive initiative, bringing a return on investment in a matter of mere months. Let’s explore how the positive impacts of ToxMod add up into something truly transformative for games of all sizes!
>The benefits of voice moderation with ToxMod
>Proactive moderation is crucial to flagging and reducing toxicity in online gaming environments. Developed by prosocial voice technology experts at Modulate, ToxMod is gaming’s only proactive voice moderation solution designed with player safety and privacy in mind. ToxMod’s advanced machine learning models triage voice chat data to flag bad behavior, analyze the nuances of each conversation to determine the most likely instances of toxicity, and enable moderators to quickly respond to each incident by supplying relevant and accurate context. Ultimately, ToxMod unlocks a host of benefits for gaming communities by making voice chat more safe and immersive for everyone. 
>1. Player retention
>ToxMod supports some of the top titles across social and competitive genres, including Among Us VR, Virtex Stadium, Breachers, Call of Duty, PokerStars VR, and RecRoom. Across our supported titles, we track the impact of ToxMod deployment on player retention. 
>Based on ToxMod data pulled from across titles focusing on detecting and responding to severe or targeted toxicity, we know that 35% of players who were exposed to toxicity leave the game, translating to about 10% of a game’s total player base churning each month due to toxicity. This aligns with the 2022 ADL report showing 28% of players who reported leaving a game after experiencing toxicity and Unity’s 2023 survey, which found 43% of players churn after being exposed to toxicity. 
>How does player retention improve with the implementation of ToxMod? The widely cited industry standard for D30 (percent of players that are still active after 30 days) retention is 5-10%. But once games integrate ToxMod, many of the 10% of players who would otherwise leave due to toxicity end up sticking around - resulting in a 7-15% uplift to D30 retention. In other words, if your previous D30 retention was 9%, you’ll end up with roughly 10.5% D30 retention within the first few weeks of turning on ToxMod!
>We also noticed similar increases in users who had previously stopped playing but returned to the game after deploying ToxMod, with a 2-5% boost to long-time players’ engagement.
>2. Player engagement and spending
>What does a reduction in toxicity mean for player engagement? Studies have repeatedly shown that players spend more time and money in safer gaming environments. For example, research by Take This found that 61% of players choose to spend less money in games due to experiencing hate speech or harassment. Furthermore, 39% of players reported that they never or nearly never spend money in games after experiencing severe toxicity. A study by UC Irvine’s Constance Steinkueler found that players spend an average of $21.10 in non-toxic games and only $12.09 in toxic titles in equivalent genres. That means less-toxic games can experience a 54% boost to in-game spending – that’s a big increase! 
>3. Compliance 
>Because toxicity is a significant threat to gaming environments and gamers’ safety and wellbeing, regulatory bodies threaten penalties for studios that insufficiently moderate toxic and harmful behavior. 
>Both the U.S. Congress and Australia’s eSafety commission have inquired into several game studios’ safety approaches to inform stronger regulations. India and Singapore have passed more stringent internet safety laws which impose a stronger duty of care on platforms. Failure to comply with the EU’s Digital Services Act (DSA) can result in penalties of up to 6% annual turnover. For the UK’s Online Safety Act, penalties can reach up to 10% annual turnover – these are huge fines for a studio of any size. 
>These fines aren’t just theoretical or coming soon. In late 2022, Epic Games paid $275 million in a settlement with the Fair Trade Commission (FTC) for violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA). However, that penalty wasn’t just due to mishandling children’s personal data – Fortnite’s lack of safety protections for minors was equally relevant. 
>For gaming studios to meet the emerging standards of international regulatory bodies, it’s important to demonstrate rapid analysis, clear and consistent moderation rules, and proactive detection of illegal harms. Modulate works closely with game studios, as well as regional and international regulatory agencies, to support clients with up-to-date regulatory guidance in tandem with our state-of-the-art technology. 
>4. Moderator efficiency and mental health
>Human moderators have the impossible task of sifting through player reports, audio files, chatrooms, and forums to ensure that players are adhering to community standards. Without the ability to prioritize high-risk reports, moderators can drain time and energy on the wrong tasks. ToxMod sifts through audio data directly to bring the most egregious violations of a game’s code of conduct to the top of the queue, helping moderators take action on the worst offenses first. 
>ToxMod also lets moderators quickly remove unactionable player reports. Take, for example, a falsified player report that claims someone else was using hateful language in voice when in fact the alleged offender was never even using voice chat. ToxMod can quickly surface these details so that moderators don’t waste time finding associated audio clips. This further helps moderators review and action legitimate reports 5-10x faster.
>In addition to the time needed to review problematic content and player reports, moderators are also forced to read and listen to harmful and sometimes extreme content for many hours at a time, which understandably takes its toll on moderators’ wellbeing. ToxMod is a powerful tool to help moderators more quickly hone in on the important details of a case and therefore spend less time being exposed to potentially harmful and mentally draining content. 
>5. Improved trust and reputation
>With improved technology to combat toxicity, players and media outlets are less likely to tolerate toxic gaming environments and are looking to gaming studios to provide safe, enjoyable gaming experiences. 
>While players have raised questions about voice moderation, Modulate’s ToxMod solution is a known and trusted brand. ToxMod customers routinely monitor for negative sentiment or player churn when they first integrate the proactive voice moderation technology. Rather than players leaving the game upon ToxMod’s launch, the opposite has been observed – all ToxMod-enabled titles to-date have seen their player base range from neutral to positive reactions. Many even see previously churned players return after launching ToxMod.
>The ROI of moderation tools 
>In addition to these benefits, most studios earn back the full annual cost of ToxMod in mere months after deployment. Let’s break it down with a hypothetical: 
>For a game with 1 million monthly active users (MAU), ToxMod might cost approximately $10,000 per month or $120,000 per year. This is just an illustration of course – because ToxMod's pricing is based on audio usage, these numbers are a ballpark estimate for the typical competitive game with 1M MAU. In this scenario, we estimate this game should expect approximately:
>350,000 toxicity offenses each month from roughly 120,000 offenders.
>400,000 players experiencing toxicity with 125,000 of them subsequently churning. 
>But at $1 average revenue per MAU, this means preventing these players from churning could save gaming studios $125,000 each month, more than ToxMod costs for a full year in this case. In other words: ToxMod quickly pays for itself.
why the fuck are social interactions against the law unless you're literally making credible, actionable threats against a person? Rhetorical question, just commenting on the ridiculousness.
something something private property these are my servers
USA has based their whole society and many of their markets on victimization.
Victimization = Money
Replies: >>241924 >>241931
A specific 2% of the USA who wear small hats but yeah.
Replies: >>241931
They shouldn't have wasted so much money on Sweet Baby.
Because the fags that advocate for such things were never actually bullied and had thebshit kicked out of them in their developing years and were also told they're special and infallible by their shitty parents so they can't handle the bants.
Also >>241923 and especially >>241924
>I often think it's 'too late' for me
You'll never make anything. The people who make things just pick up a tool and start making things instead of making excuses and asking stalling questions from other people.
Is there any evidence of games with more “toxicity” making less money besides that one “study” that’s actually just another opinion piece?
>muh toxicity
Instead of turning towards the machine-god big brother, just give players the ability to mute and /or ignore other players. Many games have this option already!
>Human moderators have the impossible task of sifting through player reports, audio files, chatrooms, and forums to ensure that players are adhering to community standards.
Remove all developer/publisher driven forums and such; let players form their own and thus carry the responsibilities, moral and otherwise.
Then again, player agency and responsibility are no-no because then you can't have the victim mentality.
Replies: >>241956
>sponsored by modulate
How much you think he got paid for this?
>Instead of turning towards the machine-god big brother, just give players the ability to mute and /or ignore other players. Many games have this option already!
Because the point IS to become Big Brother and develop a social credit system.
Spoiler File
(720.8KB, 768x1024) Reverse
Bungie Employees Rush To Defend RACIST Community Manager And Former Colleague After Mark Kern Exposes Their History
Replies: >>241963 >>241970
Is it a tranny or what.
Destiny fans are as mindfucked as Blizzcucks at this point.
[Hide] (2.4MB, 900x2221) Reverse
Unicorn Overlord originally intended for PS4/PS Vita, no plans for DLC
>"When Atlus and Vanillaware began work on Unicorn Overlord in 2016, the game was only intended for the PS4 and PS Vita. However, the gaming industry has gone through some radical changes over the past 8 years, and as a result, Vanillaware was asked to give Unicorn Overlord a simultaneous worldwide release and expand its development to the PS5, Switch, and Xbox X/S.”

Another victim of the Soyny crackdown on lewd content.
Are there any art of characters before or after?
Replies: >>242025
[Hide] (42.5KB, 467x576) Reverse
>captcha was a bitch
I'm still amazed this got an Xbox release but not a PC release.
Replies: >>241991
[Hide] (89.8KB, 1024x768) Reverse
What Vanillaware game has got a PC release? Sneak into Kamitani's house and smack some sense into his head.
Replies: >>241994
What Vanillaware game has gotten an Xbox release until Unicorn Overlord?
Speak 4 u Talk
Replies: >>241998
[Hide] (1.2MB, 400x300) Reverse
>Despite breaking records for its fast-selling pace and earning critical acclaim
I find that hard to believe, to be quite honest.
This honestly reeks of the same kind of "success" that shit like Ghostbusters2016 supposedly had to "prove haters wrong" and we all know how true that turned out to be :^)
Replies: >>242041
>Speak 4 u Talk
At the end of the day the Xbone Sex is still a console. They would've released the game for the Casio Loopy and the V-Tech Smile if they believed there was a market in order to "broaden their horizons".
The root of the problem is many Japanese developers to this day still won't develop for PC. Call it loyalty or call it stubborness, but I don't see anything Vanillaware releasing on PC in the foreseeable future.
Replies: >>242025 >>242029
[Hide] (11.4KB, 159x181) Reverse
And you got robbed of a brain when your mother gave birth to you.
[Hide] (43.6KB, 617x926) Reverse
Wat?  Where does it even say art or content was altered, you retards?  Both elf thots and the witch suggest otherwise.

At the end of the day it's a good thing, if they released on PC they'd be extremely successful, targeted by the usual suspects and who knows if they'd survive intact as Atlus becomes increasingly pozzed.  From bought Elden Ring back from Bamco for a reason, they saw Dark Souls Remastered and put two and two together, thankfully.  Emulators run Unicorn absolutely flawlessly anyway.
>many Japanese developers to this day still won't develop for PC 
Do you live under a rock?
God of War creator has finished Starfield and considers it to be the “best single player game” ever
>God of War creator, David Jaffe, has just finished Starfield’s New Game run and considers it to be the "best single-player game" that he has ever played. He revealed his sentiments regarding Bethesda’s latest RPG in a recent tweet, and this was not the first time that the developer has commented on how much he is in love with the title.
>Ever since Starfield’s early access went live, David Jaffe has been regularly tweeting about some of his best moments from the title and how he was not able to put his controller down. In just seven days he was able to secure a gameplay time of 2 days, 13 hours, and 40 minutes. This shows just how invested he was in the gameplay and the narrative.
>Now after completing the new game run in Starfield, he is finally able to catch a break from space exploration and comment on just how much he has loved the Starfield journey.
>There has been a fair bit of controversy around Starfield, especially with the frustrating console war that it naturally kicked-off. With PlayStation fans reportedly review-bombing it on the Microsoft >Store, to streamer rages and mass refunds, there is a lot going around the game on social media.
>Hence, it feels like a breath of fresh air when the creator of one of the most popular PlayStation exclusives, is now tweeting about how much he enjoyed an Xbox console exclusive.
>While this bit of commentary will not end the ongoing console wars any time soon, atleast the community knows that Starfield is an incredible experience, even if the game is not for everyone.
Why should I care about this?
>he's an influential figure in the industry!
I don't care. He's a washed up cuck who can't figure out Metroid. Giving him any attention is doing more good than harm.
It means the budget was that bloated. That's hardly unbeleivable when you have shit like Horizon 2: 2 Fat 4 U for 100 mil USD (~93 Euros). If they make an average of 25 euros per copy over its lifetime they'd need to almost 4 million sales to just break even.
Makes sense that a literal NPC likes a non-game about pointless busywork.
Who even cares what that retard thinks?
Remedy literally only ever made two good games over twenty years ago, how the fuck are they still around.
Wasn't Quantum Break a massive flop that costed hudnreds of millions too?
Replies: >>242048
It's just dad seeing them make shit and fail to make anything meaningful everytime.
3DRealms and Rockstar really were the glue that held the staff together apparently.

Control was almost good, they just needed to not have a retarded plot and have a more gritty and less fantastical art design.
Replies: >>242058 >>242060
>Control was almost good, they just needed to not have a retarded plot
Yeah the plot is retarded when in less then 10 minutes goes from saving her brother and destroying the agency to suddenly becoming the head of the agency and her brother is a side character to tease a sequel. 
>and have a more gritty and less fantastical art design.
I would have preferred more office types, though I would hardly call that "fantastical". The alternate dimensions were generic scifi alternate dimension demon crap that has been appearing in more and more games.
Relic Entertainment lay off 41 employees shortly after split from Sega
>Shortly following their split from Sega just last week, Relic Entertainment have announced that they will be laying off dozens of employees.
>While the number of layoffs was not given in the official announcement, a total of 41 affected employees was confirmed by producer Robyn Smale.
>Their split from Sega made the company become independently run, though consider the timing and the fact that Sega laid off over 200 employees when the split occured paints a grim picture for Relic Entertainment.
>In fact, just a year ago Sega laid off over 100 employees from the company. The company’s official profiles mention they had anywhere between 200-500 employees, meaning they have less than 350 employees now.
>However considering the circumstances surrounding them currently, it remains to be seen what will happen in their future and how support for their current game will go.
that's a good joke
[Hide] (784.6KB, 932x621) Reverse
gabe newell lost 100 pounds, and now he's going to make left 4 dead 3, portal 3, team fortress 3, half life 3, source 3 and give everyone a free steam deck. we're so fucking back.
[Hide] (38.5KB, 566x261) Reverse
And you need to go back.
Replies: >>242088
Has anything come off Ross's stopkillinggames campaign yet?
Replies: >>242140 >>242147
I've been here since day 1 buddy if you hate talking about video games so much I think it's you who don't belong nigger faggot
I will believe that when he allows lewd japanese games about lolis and schoogirls in peace and that steam goes open source.
Replies: >>242090
you're a cumbrain all you can think about is porn
Why the fuck is Gabe Newell on a neural implant production team?
Replies: >>242092 >>242093
[Hide] (425.5KB, 474x559) Reverse
so that one day your brain can be linked to the volvo hivemind when they develop their first steam brain interfaces and release half life 3 as a "steam mind" exclusive!
[Hide] (78.2KB, 765x550) Reverse
Because pic related was always literal.  In the future, jews will control their pet niggers impulse control with a valve on the back of their heads.

The last words you hear from that fat kike as he unleashes a horde of bantu cannibals on you will be 'lefty loosey'.
[Hide] (99.9KB, 1024x768) Reverse
‘Stellar Blade’ Developer Rejects Western Media Outlets Lampooning Game Over Gender And Racial Diversity
Kim Hyeong Tae, the CEO of Shift Up Corporation, the game developer behind Stellar Blade, rejected Western critics lampooning the game over gender and racial diversity.
In an interview with Korean website Ruliweb, Kim was asked about Western media outlets expressing discomfort with the portrayal of Eve and other female characters in the game.
As translated via Google, he responded, “I know that in the West, game characters must reflect realistic appearances in many ways and that numerous issues such as gender and racial diversity are intertwined. However, Stellar Blade is only entertainment and a cultural product. I hope you’ll keep an eye on this as a fun action game has just been released.”
Kim shared, “Natives were intentionally designed to be repulsive. Most of them have no eyes and their limbs are deformed arbitrarily, causing discomfort, which is somewhat related to the setting of the story. We decided in advance where this monster would appear and what role it would play, but we also adopted an unexpected design to keep the work from becoming too rigid.”
He went on to reveal that many of the monsters are scans of Jang Hee-cheol’s clay sculptures, “Famous domestic clay artists, including designer Jang Hee-cheol, who is well known for director Bong Joon-ho’s movie ‘The Host’, sculpted the monster and then 3D scanned it again and applied it to the game. Therefore, you can expect at least that level of completeness.”
Along with discussing the game’s character and monster designs, Kim also shared that the game would not have any additional costs outside of the main package, but that Shift Up would be releasing balance patches if they discover any issues. They will also release free DLC that will include additional costumes.
He shared, “If we accidentally missed something or there is something lacking, we will make up for it even after release. We will be working on a balance patch to prevent inconveniences for those who come in later and to make the game even more enjoyable for those who started playing first.”
As for DLC, he said, “The release of DLC has not been determined, but free updates such as additional costumes are being prepared. We would like to make it clear here that Stellar Blade does not require any additional expenses that gamers are not aware of other than the cost of purchasing the package.”
However, he did note that if they do collaboration costumes those will likely have a cost associated with them, “The only exception is if you create a collaboration costume with another company’s IP, that amount can be sold for a fee.”
Finally, he appeared to reveal that they will be adding a New Game+ option after release, “Also, there is no New Game+ in the released version, so please look forward to it being updated very soon.”
‘Star Wars Outlaws’ Community Manager Shauna Jones Appears To Have Animus Against White Men In Numerous Social Media Posts
Replies: >>242100
>However, Stellar Blade is only entertainment
Mad respect for this cunt.
Replies: >>242101
Except he released it on the worst platform for sexy games.
Replies: >>242104
Well, normalfags will see if they are going to be backstabed by sony in a few days or in a few years.
Deck Nine devs accuse former CCO of ‘love bombing’, misconduct
>A recent report from multiple sources at Deck Nine Games have accused former Chief Creative Officer Zak Garriss of allegedly “love bombing” and other vague behaviors.
>The report from IGN tells accounts from Deck Nine devs who allegedly experienced “toxicity” working on games such as Life is Strange: True Colors.
>In particular, the accusations against Zak Garriss attempt to paint him as a man who exploited his position to get close to women he held a position of power over.
>However, these accusations hardly seem to go any further than accusing him of having a bad “vibe” and none make mention of any actual harassment or wrongdoing.
>“He would walk me to my car, I’d open the door, say goodbye, and he’d sort of linger… We’d keep talking, I’d sit down, and he’d linger again next to the open door. He never made a particularly overt move, it was always subtle enough. It felt like it was maybe always just a vibe that I was getting. I felt stupid, first of all, for ending up in that situation with him in the first place. But because he never clearly made a move, maybe I was just reading too much into the whole thing. It wasn’t until I explained it in great detail to others that someone clued me in.”
>Others also accuse Garriss of hosting women at his home. Garriss replied saying that he met both men and women at his home, and repeated an explanation from Telltale >Games that it wasn’t uncommon for home meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic.
>Despite allegedly bringing women back to his home on multiple occasions, none of the accusations in the IGN report go as far as to accuse him of any explicit misconduct, only saying that he would text women after hours about “personal topics”.
>In response to this, Telltale Games who worked with Garriss, defended his character saying, “We can say that, during his time at Telltale, Zak was one of the most talented, balanced and inclusive game directors we have ever worked with, and that is evident in the games he has delivered.”
>The alleged behavior of Zak Garriss is only one small part of the rumored “toxic iceberg” at Deck Nine, but it’s unique for its severe accusations.
Sounds like he is just autistic.
Sounds similar to when the Skullgirls guy got thrown under the bus. And he's autistic, too.
Replies: >>242112
>vague behaviors
>allegedly experienced “toxicity”
>these accusations hardly seem to go any further than accusing him of having a bad “vibe”
>none make mention of any actual harassment or wrongdoing
>He never made a particularly overt move
<It wasn’t until I explained it in great detail to others that someone clued me in."
<Others also accuse Garriss of hosting women at his home
>he met both men and women at his home
>none of the accusations in the IGN report go as far as to accuse him of any explicit misconduct
Almost like working with leftoid wymin will inevitably get you slapped with sexual misconduct accusations eventually no matter how innocuous your behavior.
>made life is tumblr
Maybe he'll neck himself like that faggot that used to date ol' five guys that made that furfag gayme.
>do nothing exec for the sanfran lesbians game
>was able to get a do nothing exec position at a soyny backed fake indie studio
>"he's just autistic"
There's like an 80% chance he's a crazed nympho who signed up for the landwhale pussy and will get v& for sexting a 12-year-old in the next two years. That's not mutually exclusive with these women looking for attention and a payout, they just forgot you're supposed to lead with a false rape accusation instead of the creepy-but-not-criminal shit he actually did.
[Hide] (236.7KB, 1392x1799) Reverse
That retard is definitely not innocent.
This is the fate of all people who worship 3DPD
>When everybody nowadays thinks David Jaffe is a retarded, he does his best to prove those people right.
Wanna bet God of War wasn't his doing but just took the merits for it?
seems innocent to me, he wantes to do mild lewd and got bullied/vetoed out of it
agreed, just don't try to be friends with women, if you're hitting on them but not attractive to them, they think you're a creep, and if you're not hitting on them then they assume you are anyway and think you're a creep. The worst part os if they find you attractive and you don't hit on them they try to get you with harassment charges.
Replies: >>242128
[Hide] (167.7KB, 333x301) Reverse
>he wanted to do mild lewd and got bullied/vetoed out of it
That was Alex Ahab. Skullgirls essentially boils down to Ahab's art and KikeZ's engine. The latter was the head of the project and penis traitor supreme.
He personally removed the sprite in that screencap as well as ordering a bunch of pantsu shots to be removed from the game years later. He also gave Ahab the boot years before the outrage mob came knocking down his own door ironically enough.
Current day Skullgirls is a bunch of tranny devs wearing the corpse of people they cannibalized out of the company, t. have read posts about this game on imageboards Could've sworn I had a screencap saved in my computer.
yeah I recall the pantsu getting censored also broke the frames. Good job breaking the game just to virtue signal.
[Hide] (942.7KB, 1120x630) Reverse
‘Visions Of Mana’ Producer Refuses To Change Series’ Identity For Western Audiences: “It Is Best To Deliver The Game Based On The Developers’ Creative Vision”
>In adding his voice to the ever–growing chorus of Japanese creatives who are refusing to compromise their artistic endeavors for Western sensibilities, Square Enix’s Mana series producer Masaru Oyamada has declared that rather than bringing in new fans by changing the action-RPG line’s core identity, he hopes to do so by celebrating those elements which have made it “popular in Japan or a long time”.
>Amidst a larger discussion of the creative direction he and his team would be taking with the upcoming Visions of Mana, Oyamada was at one point pressed by the outlet as to whether or not he had seen a difference in the reactions to the announcement of the series’ next entry between Japanese and overseas players.
>“In Japan, there are many people who have been playing the series for a long time and are familiar with the IP’s history, so the reaction has been half expectant and half anxious,” the producer told the outlet. “On the contrary, overseas players showed a lot of curiosity about the game and what it entails, including if it would be available on the platforms that they own. The difference between the reactions is somewhat interesting.”
>From there, Oyamada was asked if he had “any plans as to how you’d like the Mana series to reach out to Western gamers in the future”, to which he asserted, “I get the feeling that many people who picked up Secret of Mana (1993) (JP: Seiken Densetsu 2) at the time it came out were young like I was because I regularly receive feedback from people who play the latest entries through the lens of their childhood experiences with the series. I hope that as they grow older and become parents, they will recommend the Mana series to their children and tell them about how fun it is.”
>“The unique atmosphere and design might make some people feel that it is a bit ‘childish’,” he added, “however these are the strengths of the Mana series. Rather than changing these features that make the Mana series, I hope that new players will come to like these games that have been popular in Japan for a long time for what they are.”
>Then asked by Automaton if his declaration meant that he was taking “care not to let your series’ identity become Westernized”, Oyamada ultimately affirmed, “I think the visuals of the Mana games are a distinctive characteristic, therefore it is best to deliver the game based on the developers’ creative vision.”
>“For example, there are many different types of characters in the Mana series,” he concluded. “I think the fun of the game is encountering this mysterious world and its inhabitants and because of that, we don’t have a strong focus on a particular audience. However, we do work on the game while bearing in mind that the Mana series is loved by fans from all over the world.”
holy shit spoiler that shit
Replies: >>242134
I thought the censorship came after another studio took over, and the original studio closed because some of his closest employees conspired against him with false allegations of misconduct.
Replies: >>242136
[Hide] (1.2MB, 500x270) Reverse
Nope, he was censoring from the beginning. Skullgirls has had multiple cases of censorship over the years. The censorship in development here >>242112 , and then censorship of panty shots from some frames, and then the most recent censorship from the new dev.
Replies: >>242159
He's starting to look like that fucking garden gnome.
>he thinks court cases move fast
>especially civil court cases
>especially especially class action lawsuits
>especially especially especially international lawsuits
Check back in in 5 years and maybe you'll have some developments assuming he hasn't been stonewalled into giving up by that point.
>Western sensibilities
It just occurred to me that I hate this particular expression more than any other intentionally misleading term. The worst part is that there is a grain of truth in it, though. Drop the bomb! Exterminate the prudes!
Replies: >>242144 >>242145
agreed, that level of argument amounts to "this is you...!" except it's people with an agenda deliberately misrepresenting what we want
it started with shit like mario lost levels and never got better, only worse into lewds and now gayness
>Exterminate the prudes!
If the prudes were really in control they would had never let the kikes win that court case and produce never ending 3DPD porn.
In the discussions I've seen, people being angry when asked why they were playing the latest AAA slop in the first place. I'm not sure if it's hilariously ironic or downright depressing.
Replies: >>242151 >>242169
I thought it was just one very big-nosed fellow being exasperated in vain at people being mildly supportive of it.
who are you talking to
What in the fuck are the twitter troons bitching about over the Mana series? It's never been particularly lewd. Hell I think it's more common to see men with bare midriffs in it then women. Is it because the pretty blonde girl isn't 400lbs with a side shave dyke cut?
Replies: >>242164
There is also the matter of censoring mods. While the most egregious example was the attempted removal of Sonic Fox or whatever that black kid's name was, Lab Zero and Autumn Games go bananas whenever anyone tried to mod their games.
[Hide] (9.7KB, 452x523) Reverse
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1254x1000) Reverse
At least post the original.
Replies: >>242166
[Hide] (183KB, 1280x720) Reverse
[Hide] (238.4KB, 1280x720) Reverse
The remake of SD3 is lewd.
[Hide] (926.4KB, 600x900) Reverse
[Hide] (367.1KB, 292x500) Reverse
[Hide] (618.4KB, 1170x879) Reverse
And the edits along with another unused anim.
Replies: >>242166
If some girl's hair turned out to be some symbiotic alien lifeform with sentience you'd expect it to be an uninhibited, unruly piece of shit who takes every opportunity to smack the junk in her trunk exploit her for his own sake, not tip his fedora in her general direction. Removing these animations makes no sense from a character design standpoint.
Replies: >>242168
[Hide] (15.3KB, 178x228) Reverse
[Hide] (16.6KB, 240x247) Reverse
[Hide] (185.7KB, 538x894) Reverse
Yeah, there are two variations of the victory and timeout post for Filia depending on who's in control.
Victory has one of them flapping in the wind, while timeout has Filia tearing at her hair. I'm pretty sure it was originally meant to be a comedic subversion instead of whatever the fuck those retards are interpreting it as.
Replies: >>242182
[Hide] (99.1KB, 1182x281) Reverse
[Hide] (163.2KB, 1184x476) Reverse
[Hide] (111KB, 1146x601) Reverse
>being angry when asked why they were playing the latest AAA slop in the first place
Forcing an artificial consensus works better when you don't have multiple people telling you to stop being a faggot.

Just like before, you cannot name a single good reason why the effort shouldn't at least be made. If Ross fails, then there's a legal precedent and we own nothing and must be happy. If Ross succeeds in some way, then my enemies may get slightly weaker.
I think I should just start filtering "slop" I can't recall a single post throwing that phrase around being worth reading.
Replies: >>242174
>If Ross fails, then there's a legal precedent and we own nothing and must be happy. If Ross succeeds in some way, then my enemies may get slightly weaker.
That's a strawman if I've ever seen one. Only two possibilities with zero room for other interpretations of what's going on.
Replies: >>242179
Is that because you play slop and it hits too close to home?
Replies: >>242182 >>242194
[Hide] (143.4KB, 621x483) Reverse
Rooster Teeth’s Roost Podcast Network Sold to Night, a Digital Talent Management Agency
>Warner Bros. Discovery has found a buyer for Rooster Teeth‘s Roost Podcast Network: Night, the talent management company for several big YouTubers and Twitch streamers including MrBeast.
>Terms of the deal were not disclosed. The sale comes after Warner Bros. Discovery’s decision last month to shut down Rooster Teeth. In addition to seeking a new owner for the Roost podcast team, WBD is looking to sell the catalog and intellectual property rights to Rooster Teeth series including “Red vs. Blue,” “RWBY” and “Gen:Lock.”
>Night said it will retain a majority of the Rooster Podcast Network team, including A.J. Feliciano, head of the group. The Roost’s network of 47 original shows receives over 350 million views and 20 million monthly audio downloads.
>At least one show affiliated with the Roost, “Flashback With Smosh” hosted by Smosh founders Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox, will not be moving under the Night deal. A rep for Padilla and Hecox said the duo will announce other plans for their podcast shortly.
>“The Roost’s distinctive brand identity, loyal talent and partner network, and mission to be “the podcast network for creators” align seamlessly with Night’s overarching strategy,” said Reed Duchscher, CEO and founder of Night, in a statement. “Night is committed to maintaining The Roost’s autonomy and integrity, ensuring it thrives independently within the Night family.”
Feliciano commented, “The team at The Roost is excited to join Night, a forward-thinking company that has long understood the potential of creators. The future of podcasting sits at the heart of the creator economy, and this endeavor propels that vision.”
>The Roost joins Night’s other business divisions, which include talent management, Night Labs, Night Studios and Night Ventures. The Austin, Texas-based company was founded in 2015 by Duchscher, a former sports agent.
Remember to have your qt dinogirlfriend to protect you from cats and 3dpd women.
Replies: >>242188 >>242200
Name some, coward.
Replies: >>242181
I'm not trying to "force" anything. I got named out of the blue in a subject I haven't thought about since I made the offhand comment, I snapped back, and now you're bitching about it. Ironic that you're pulling the kike allegations on me - the other guy sounded like he wanted National Geographic to do a sad documentary about the effects of my post on him.
>you cannot name a single good reason why the effort shouldn't at least be made
I don't care what you do with your time. But if you want me to tell you why I don't like this movement in general, it's because Ross could be doing anything with his platform and he's decided to do the one thing that wouldn't make the games themselves overall better. It makes me wish Gone Homo was a GaaS so that I could see the mental gymnastics you'd be pulling to defend preserving it.
Can you name even a single game that you would enjoy if it wasn't a Game as a Service?
Replies: >>242191 >>242193
Not buying the games made by companies who produce GaaS titles, and instead buying games made by other companies who actually respect their customers and don't attach predatory EULAs to their games.
Replies: >>242186 >>242201
[Hide] (182.6KB, 357x344) Reverse
>whatever the fuck those retards are interpreting it as
No, anon, it is what it is. Samson is  ripping Filia's shirt and flashing her rack. What doesn't happen to these numbskulls is that there's nothing wrong with cute girls and sex appeal. Samson wants to see her tits and so do I and hopefully anyone else with a pair of nuts.
Ahab wanted a fanservice heavy game in the shape of a late 90s Capcom fighter. Sadly he made the mistake of siding with a jew as head of development. It's such a disgrace such dynamic and titillating character designs had to go to waste by a dev team that hates fun and loves penises. Why would you introduce male fighters into a female-only fanservice game?
No, I don't play current year disposable always-online garbage.
I come to imageboards to read posts. If you don't put in the effort of making a funny or interesting post I'm not reading it. You read one slee sl*p sl*ppy post and you've read them all.
Replies: >>242201
That's not a different "interpretation of what's going on", that's just straight up avoiding the issue. The guy is asking for more consumer protections against scumbag publisher practices in video games and your best argument against it is to pretend there is no issue.
Whether or not you personally engage with the crew or any other "slop" is irrelevant to the problem. Personally, I'm hopeful for what a successful day in court could mean for MMO private servers and other online-only games of yor.
Replies: >>242190
How the fuck is this vidya? RT hasn't been vidya let alone even watchable for years.
>That's not a different "interpretation of what's going on", that's just straight up avoiding the issue.
>The guy is asking for more consumer protections against scumbag publisher practices in video games and your best argument against it is to pretend there is no issue.
No, the argument is that you shouldn't support the companies who enact those practices, and instead uplift and support the companies who do respect their customers.
>I'm hopeful for what a successful day in court could mean for MMO private servers and other online-only games of yor.
You're asking for something that already exists. There are already dozens of MMOs and online-only games with private servers that you can play right now. Why are you not play those games?
Replies: >>242196 >>242201
Super Mario Maker shut down recently. That's another thing that could have been prevented if the legal precedent was in place.
Meanwhile you're stuck on live services. Imagine if Dark Souls had the messages shared in a manner similar to torrenting rather than steam servers?
It forces publishers to forgo the reliance on always online connectivity. Even shit like ancient facebook games that came and went like the wind would have been archived today had something like this existed, if anyone wanted to check out see and know how the tower difference in PvZ online worked, for example.
You can screech until you're as blue as your balls, you won't convince anyone else with your malformed arguments.
You're saying a lot of nice things, but the problem is two-fold. First, no one is forcing these companies to make their games live-services. Second, no one is forcing anyone to buy these live-services games. So, the solution is to not support these companies releasing live-service games, and the result will be that they abandon the live-service format because it isn't profitable and games are not selling.
Replies: >>242201
Anno 2070 was gonna get ubishafted and nobody would've been able to play it without an offline crack but the people who made it had enough heart to make it work offline of their own accord and without any pay from ubishit to do it.
Replies: >>242198
No it's because every post you make is an insipid waste of my time, I'll save a couple seconds of scrolling by filtering it.
A better question is how the fuck do you not understand that people's reaction to something happening is not the same as the thing happening? The legal case can have two outcomes, one positive one negative. Technically a third where Ross accepts a bribe, retracts the lawsuit entirely and literally nothing happens. There's zero chance the judge's verdict is "people now stop buying GaaS"

A solution isn't a potential outcome. It isn't even a likely result, in this case. It's an entirely separate thing.
Replies: >>242197 >>242212
Just report him.
Again with me trying to convince somebody of something after I was dragged into a conversation I had no further intention of participating in. I guess that BASED MIGA KEK KINGS really cry out in pain as they strike you, am I right?
>Super Mario Maker shut down recently. That's another thing that could have been prevented if the legal precedent was in place.
Would it really fall under the same umbrella legally, though? Because I'm pretty sure that there's still a fully functioning single player experience. I thought that the whole argument was that GaaS eventually renders your purchase unplayable.
>Anno 2070
Never played it. How is it?
Replies: >>242201
It took a while but justice for Monty has come.
>Alex Ahab
His name is Alex Ahad. He bears no relation to the mariner obsessed with a white whale.

>the invisible hand AKA democracy with money
The usual libertarian brain damage. This doesn't work when there is an entire underclass of troglodytes who buy whatever is put in front of them and who outnumber me a thousand to one in the AAA video game market. The only games I've bought in the last decade are indie titles from developers I like, but a small number of intelligent buyers like me literally cannot affect the economy in the same way an advertising agency can.

By your own standards for success, GaaS titles and massive bloated corporate budgets are the best things to be made since the most people are supporting them. Absolute fucking tripe like Diablo Immortal makes billions of dollars from the Chinese mobile gaming market. I have not given it a dollar. When will my financial purity cause it to shut down? Even games which crash and burn like Overwatch 2 still make fucking tons of money.

>Would it really fall under the same umbrella legally, though?
Part of the benefit of having a large, visible legal action would be establishing answers to questions like these. No human would ever accept that a game whose primary purpose is sharing user-generated content would remain complete if the only way to share that content was destroyed.
Replies: >>242212
[Hide] (804.2KB, 1024x596) Reverse
Fortnite Senior Programmer Evan Kinney Lastest Video Game Employee To Claim Being Racist Against White People Does Not Exist
Former PlayStation Narrative Director Kim MacAskill Called Gamers Who Oppose Black Live Matters Racists And Admits Gaming Studios Discriminate In Hiring Practices By Prioritizing Females
>Back in March 2022, MacAskill responded to a user on X claiming, “Today I met someone who thinks there is an advantage to being a woman in the games industry.”
>She stated, “Well…there is. Studios are on a push to be seen as inclusive. I won’t name the studio but I was at a studio where they genuinely considered doubling the finders fee if the hire was female.”
>“This was veto’d after some protest but it does show how by good or bad intentions, some people will always see anyone that isn’t a white male as a diversity hire,” she added.
MacAskill continued, “Is it the case? HELL NO. Games Industry is an industry where there is no room for slack or not being good at your job without it being uncovered quickly.”
>Next, she wrote, “Women in their jobs are fantastic but there will be rippling under currents of people being rejected that see the hire and go ‘oh…well’ and its a bitter stance to take. or example, when I did stand up, I was billed higher than a guy who emailed the club to complain as he believed I was only billed higher because I had a fanny.”
>“Some people would rather get bitter at diversity / inclusion than consider that they aren’t right for the position and when you’ve got other people affirming you are right along with a world history of misogyny and racism, its easy to see how people will always find it easier to go ‘you got this job cos you have a vagina’ with the comfort of all that hardwiring spanning decades rather than go ‘well done you, not only did you get the job, you are good at the job even with the added weight of casual / brutal sexism.’. In short, the person is ignorant,” she concluded.
Replies: >>242204
I'm glad all these fags are being exposed now. Hopefully it will have some good effect on the industry but I am not holding my breath.
A better example is Splatoon 1, which was in some ways the first "as a service" game to take off that I know of. It had time-limited events that were online only, a drip-feed of minor updates over more than a year, and the majority of its content was online multiplayer. The key difference is that its "as a service" elements were done to promote consistent sales and popular attention over the summer of 2015 rather than to extract rents from niggers and children.
Replies: >>242206
>Splatoon 1, which was in some ways the first "as a service" game to take off
No, gachashit has been around a lot longer than Splatoon.
>There's zero chance the judge's verdict is "people now stop buying GaaS"
Then what's the entire point of the campaign? I thought the "purpose" was to end GaaS practices.

>This doesn't work when there is an entire underclass of troglodytes who buy whatever is put in front of them and who outnumber me a thousand to one in the AAA video game market.
Except those "troglodytes" don't want to play GaaS titles either.
>By your own standards for success, GaaS titles and massive bloated corporate budgets are the best things to be made since the most people are supporting them.
Something that no one is arguing, stating, nor implying except you.
>No human would ever accept that a game whose primary purpose is sharing user-generated content would remain complete if the only way to share that content was destroyed.
Except that's exactly what many of the people supporting Ross' campaign imply.

Ask them about other multiplayer games that currently exist, that you can currently play through private servers, yet absolutely no one touches and they trip all ove themselves to declare "That's different" because you can still "technically" play the game.
Replies: >>242220 >>242240
>Then what's the entire point of the campaign? I thought the "purpose" was to end GaaS practices.
The purpose is to hopefully make it illegal to sell games and then take them away forever. That's something that a legal case could potentially do, even if it's unlikely. A legal case can't make retards stop paying for shit. Also, bad practices spread. Horse armor was mocked, yet now we're at the point where almost everything has even worse DLC. How many game devs and publishers are there that actually respect you now, since you mentioned it? Can you name, say, five of them?

It goes without saying that every fucking retard that supports the current games industry deserves to hang. But you're not going to stand any chance of getting that into court, you fucking retard.
Replies: >>242238
>The purpose is to hopefully make it illegal to sell games and then take them away forever.
Anon, do you actually want to understand the "legal Jew" that this campaign will be fighting and the arguments being made?
>How many game devs and publishers are there that actually respect you now, since you mentioned it? Can you name, say, five of them?
As far as publishers, the ones that come to mind are City Connection, GungHo, Hamster, Kemco, and Sunsoft. As far as storefronts, there's DLSite, JAST, and Zoom-Platform. There's probably more out there, but I've never heard of them.
Replies: >>242240
>other multiplayer games that currently exist, that you can currently play through private servers, yet absolutely no one touches 
The reason for that is because the number of eyeballs generated by mainstream advertising and publicity is many orders of magnitude larger than one or two autistic programmers posting about their findings on a squirrelled-away specialist forum. And don't forget about cases like City of Heroes, where a private server was actively being run for over a decade but wasn't shared with anyone simply because the

It would be better for everyone if the way to play games without being hooked up to the GaaS servers was the default like it used to be 20 years ago was an official patch that allowed the people who already bought and played the game to continue doing that as they were. This is the difference between the UT2004 game night we had a couple years ago and the official server browser for TF2 (before it was removed to funnel people into matchmaking).

>as far as storefronts, there's [porn], [visual novels], and [some bullshit nobody's heard of]
This is not a compelling argument.
Replies: >>242248 >>242256
[Hide] (101KB, 1021x676) Reverse
Star Wars Outlaws’ Backlash Proves We Need More Women Protagonists
>Ubisoft’s open-world Star Wars game is one of the most hyped titles to come out of Summer Game Fest 2023, with its GTA-eqsue gameplay intriguing players, its sexy droid turning them on, and its woman protagonist making chuds very, very angry.
>After Star Wars Outlaws was revealed during the Ubisoft Showcase, some Gamergate-adjacent gamers took issue with its protagonist: a woman of colour named Kay Vess, portrayed by Venezuelan-born actor Humberly González. Some begged Ubisoft to let them switch to a male character, as they’ve waited years for an open-world Star Wars game and couldn’t bear the thought of navigating through it as a woman. Others lamented the lack of lightsabers and men, and said “no thanks” to the concept of anything else.
>Meanwhile, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is right there, brand-new and playable and featuring a male protagonist. But Kay Vess represents a much larger issue within gaming and the Star Wars universe, and her role is a crucial one.
>But there are plenty of them that make you play as a male character, from the wildly popular Star Wars Jedi games to the Force Unleashed series and all the movie tie-ins in-between. Or, they let you choose between male and female characters, whether it’s the Lego games, a handful of Star Wars Episode I spin-off games, or Knights of the Old Republic and other MMOs. As you can imagine, that choice often keeps misogynists quiet.
>But Kay Vess is the female version of many Star Wars characters: A rogue, a rebel, a scoundrel, and a rapscallion, she could easily step into Han Solo or Cassian Andor’s boots. She’s got an adorable companion creature, just like Jedi: Survivor’s Cal Kestis, and she’s got that smirky sass that makes so many other Star Wars scumbags so loveable. On paper, she’s the perfect lead for an open-world game about outlaws — it’s just the fact that she’s a she that’s the problem.
>Though it’s unsurprising that a woman-led game would receive backlash even now, this particular backlash is largely due to the lack of female protagonists across modern gaming. Think of every game that has won Game of The Year at Geoff Keighley’s Game Awards: Only two of them featured women protagonists, and they both shared the bill with men (The Last of Us Part II and It Takes Two). The others either had male protagonists, like God of War, Sekiro, The Witcher 3, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, or they had characters you could completely customise, like Elden Ring and Dragon Age: Inquisition.
>Aside from the Horizon series, which got backlash for giving protagonist Aloy realistic peach fuzz because men don’t know everyone has a thin layer of hair covering their entire bodies, you’d be hard-pressed to find an AAA game led entirely, singularly, by a woman. The Lara Croft series, sure, but even she had to go through a character rework to differentiate herself from her polygon-titted ‘90s counterpart. And Metroid Prime Remastered’s Samus is almost always in a full suit of armour, so it’s easy to forget that her franchise is led by a woman.
>Ubisoft has, historically, had its own problem with centering women protagonists, as well as a sordid trail of sexual misconduct claims directed at its executives. As Polygon reported back in 2014, the company abandoned female protagonists in Assassin’s Creed Unity, essentially saying that they weren’t worth the additional work. “It’s double the animations, it’s double the voices, all that stuff and double the visual assets,” then-creative director Alex Amancio told Polygon. “Especially because we have customisable assassins. It was really a lot of extra production work.”
>And as Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier detailed back in July 2020, Ubisoft’s reported issues with how it treated women employees bled into its inability to centre female protagonists. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Origins, and Odyssey were all meant to heavily feature women leads, but as their production advanced, their roles shrank. With Odyssey, Schreier reports that “the team originally proposed making the sister the only playable character, according to four people who worked on the game, until they were told that wasn’t an option.”
>So while it’s unclear if the reported internal issues at Ubisoft have been resolved, the centering of a woman character in a Star Wars game is a breath of fresh air, both for games within the sci-fi/fantasy franchise and games made by the studio. Kay Vess represents something much bigger than just a new character in an open-world Star Wars game: She is a woman of colour in a world historically devoid of them, created by a studio notorious for shrinking its female characters. Kay Vess is, hopefully, a sign of greater things to come from both Ubisoft and Star Wars.
Replies: >>242247 >>242308
I can't believe there is some faggot against more rights for gamers and his argument only amounts to "I don't like the game Ross likes"
oh wait yes I can since he's an insufferable faggot
Replies: >>242248
>Caring about journo opinions
>About open world ubishit
It'll bomb, Ubisoft will get the tax break and subsidies from Canada and business as usual.
Replies: >>242254
[Hide] (3.9MB, 1523x1900) Reverse
>The reason for that is because the number of eyeballs generated by mainstream advertising and publicity is many orders of magnitude larger than one or two autistic programmers posting about their findings on a squirrelled-away specialist forum.
Anon, I'm talking about games that also the experienced the "mainstream advertising and publicity" for it's time and where you don't need to perform some esoterich codemonkey wiardry to get them to work.
>It would be better for everyone if the way to play games without being hooked up to the GaaS servers was an official patch that allowed the people who already bought and played the game to continue doing that as they were.
<Anon, that actually happened with SE's Avengers game. Yes, this one.
Are you interested in playing it now?
>This is not a compelling argument.
The point is that it's there and it gives you options. And like I said, that's just from what I know about. If you know about other site, then please let me know.

>some faggot against more rights for gamers
Never what I said nor what I believe.
Replies: >>242249 >>242260
>never what I said
if you refuse to understand why the accusation was made, then you either don't understand the argument, or never cared
you keep skirting around the issue with bullshit but it literally is do you support gamers demanding more rights or not
Replies: >>242253
>if you refuse to understand why the accusation was made
Because people think that their rights come from the government rather than themselves. And refuse to be the ones reponsible for sustaining those rights. No one forced anyone to buy, much more play, games like The Crew or any other GaaS title where you have no control over your ability to play it at the end of the day. And that's the part I keep coming back to. If you're so deadset on "consumer rights", why don't you support and focus on the companies who champion it rather than spend time fixated on companies who don't?
>do you support gamers demanding more rights or not
Yes, and you enforce those rights through the power of the dollar. Not by begging the government to possibly, maybe, on occasion remember to "protect" their constituents. If that's the plan, you're going to lose.
Replies: >>242267 >>242275
Won't save their company regardless
Why hasn't niggerpill been banned yet?
Replies: >>242273
>simply because the
Go on?
Replies: >>242260
[Hide] (496.5KB, 500x363) Reverse
No, I have no desire to play that Avengers game but I am happy that it still exists for me to have that choice. It's like the joke about Sartre walking into a bar and asking for a coffee with no milk, and the bartender says "we're out of milk, but you can have no cream if you prefer." The choice is a good thing.

>well if the game is bad then it's okay for publisher and developers to destroy it
<what about a hypothetical good game, or a game with some technical accomplishment that may be worth studying?
>nuh uh that never happens
I think the main reason Ross gives any kind of fuck about The Crew is that it has the single largest 3D open world ever made in a driving game, and is a cool microcosm of the USA where you can drive from New England to the California coast in under an hour.

We keep coming back to the original issue because you keep jerking yourself off over sophistry that has nothing to do with the original question. All your retarded libertarian chortling about "people's rights coming from themselves" is meaningless in the face of practical facts: publishers currently have every reason to force live service models into everything they make, and it would be nice if there was some reason they didn't do that. If your response is "omg just dont buy it!!!1" then we're back to the invisible hand of the market, AKA democracy with money, AKA Blackrock and Vanguard having carte blanche to do whatever they want to the industry because they are the largest piles of money. "Rights" are a social construct, and in video games people don't fucking have them in any meaningful legal capacity.

It's not fucking complicated. You just need to stop being a pissy faggot.

I think I meant to say something like "because the guy who made the patch wanted to keep it as a circle jerk with his friends and a small group of namefags/e-celebs who were part of a forum backroom." I forget the details but I remember that MoistCr1tikal was in the server for years and never said anything about it to his millions of viewers because he wanted the satisfaction of being in the cool kids' club.

That's another factor: anyone autistic enough to reverse engineer a server backend is probably a tranny or some kind of giant faggot who is completely vulnerable to peer pressure and manipulation. Even if a clientside server solution or workaround exists, it's as likely as not to be coveted and hidden by 2-10 people so they can have something nobody else does.
Replies: >>242272
laws don't protect people, sure, but we do expect laws to be enforced. imo this is similar to rights to repair things, which auto companies want to take away. if we can get protections, then when a company doesn't comply, we have established a supportable response. plus it discourages this huge industry wide push to implement these shitty business models.
maybe put another way, even if your opinion is that new protections are pointless, you at worst lose nothing (because apparently it didn't matter) and maybe gain something.
Replies: >>242272
[Hide] (121.9KB, 683x800) Reverse
>I think the main reason Ross gives any kind of fuck about The Crew is that it has the single largest 3D open world ever made in a driving game
Do you remember Fuel, a game which you can still play right now?
>and is a cool microcosm of the USA where you can drive from New England to the California coast in under an hour.
That was the premise of NFS: The Run (Another game which you can play right now), the game that shut down EA Black Box.
>publishers currently have every reason to force live service models into everything they make
No they don't. Live services titles are expensive as Hell and nearly always a net loss except for the handfull of games that succeed.
>AKA Blackrock and Vanguard having carte blanche to do whatever they want to the industry because they are the largest piles of money
Except for the fact that "trillions" were wiped out from the market as a result of investors pulling out of and suing companies having to do anything with either of those groups.

>if we can get protections, then when a company doesn't comply, we have established a supportable response
Why would you want to buy a product from a company who hates you in the first place?
>plus it discourages this huge industry wide push to implement these shitty business models
No it wouldn't. They'd just find another avenue in an attempt to screw over customers.
>even if your opinion is that new protections are pointless, you at worst lose nothing (because apparently it didn't matter) and maybe gain something.
No I wouldn't because how will those new "protections" come back and effect the companies who respect their customers and are doing things correctly? Big companies like Ubisoft can afford to hire entire departments of lawyers to pour over the books and see where the loopholes in the law are, but what about the small businesses who's funds are far lower?
Replies: >>242276 >>242374
[Hide] (300.1KB, 380x501) Reverse
Because everyone must first laugh at his faggotry and his useless efforts before deleting his retarded posts.
[Hide] (231KB, 1912x432) Reverse
>Because people think that their rights come from the government rather than themselves. And refuse to be the ones reponsible for sustaining those rights. No one forced anyone to buy, much more play, games like The Crew or any other GaaS title where you have no control over your ability to play it at the end of the day. And that's the part I keep coming back to. If you're so deadset on "consumer rights", why don't you support and focus on the companies who champion it rather than spend time fixated on companies who don't?
Anon, asking for consumer rights doesn't mean we shouldn't also boycott those companies that produce garbage and don't respect their customers.
You should fight against this shit both ways.
I am not giving a single cent to the likes of Ubisoft, EA, Activision, Capcom, Soyny and so on, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't also be held accountable for their unethical and predatory behaviors.
[Hide] (147.7KB, 1440x810) Reverse
you keep trying to drag the conversation to a, admittedly larger, separate issue. the sub issue is that players should have some avenue to own/support a product they paid for - arguing that it shouldn't be necessary is just dodging the question. in a vacuum, is this okay or not? good product, bad product, nice companies, bad companies, should or could...all irrelevant to the topic
Replies: >>242277
>you keep trying to drag the conversation to a, admittedly larger, separate issue
What's the argument being made and how is it a "seperate issue"?
>the sub issue is that players should have some avenue to own/support a product they paid for
Yes, that avenue is buying products from companies who give you full access to the products your bought and respect you as a customer.
>in a vacuum, is this okay or not?
Discussing the issue in a "vacuum" doesn't matter and is a waste of time when the solutions being presented to solve said issue spillover and create an even larger issue than originally wanted.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1280x1856) Reverse
Michael Douse, the Director of Publishing at Larian Studios, commented on the current mass layoffs that are sweeping the video game industry describing them as an “avoidable f*** up.”
In an interview with Game File, Douse criticized the mass layoffs that are affecting a number of major companies as being part of a corporate culture that is beholden to shareholder interests.
In fact, Douse accuses that the layoffs are happening one after the other because the companies see it as an opportunity to maximize profits. He shared, “But to prevent these giant operational failures that we call layoffs…they are an avoidable f*** up. That’s really all they are.”
He added, “That’s why you see one after the other. Because companies are going: ‘Well, finally. Now we can, too. We’ve wanted to do it for ages. Everyone else is. So why don’t we?’ That’s really kind of sick.”
He elaborated, “So it wouldn’t make our games better. It would just make us rushed. If you asked us what Baldur’s Gate III would look like, how much it would cost and how it would feel three years ago, I wouldn’t know. We just took it day by day. As an operation, we created reserves. We scoped up based on what we thought we would need and created reserves and fallbacks, just in case we would have to. Luckily, we don’t have to. We’re just nimble. Being nimble is key. Big companies are not nimble.”
Douse also noted that video game development is not rocket science while referencing the success of Palworld.
He said, “hey took a bunch of mechanics they knew people liked, made a game that was unbothered by what a game should be, and they gave it directly to players who decided to buy it. That’s really f***ing simple. It’s not rocket science.”
“The analysts are confused, because they didn’t see it coming. And they want basic data sets and predictability. They’re gonna be confused a lot in the future. Me, too. I like being confused. We work best in chaos,” he added.
Douse’s comments come in the wake of Baldur’s Gare III Director Swen Vincke criticizing the layoffs during an acceptance speech at the Game Developers Conference awards in March.
He said, “I’ve been fighting with publishers my entire life. I keep on seeing the same, same, same mistakes over and over and over, and it’s always the quarterly profits. The only thing that matters is the numbers, and then you fire everybody, and then like next year you’re going to say, ‘S**t I’m out of developers.’ And then you start hiring people again, and then you do acquisitions, and then you put them in the same loop again, and it’s just been broken and broken and broken.
Vincke continued, “You don’t have to. You just can make reserves. Slow down a bit. Slow down on the greed. Be resilient, take care of the people, don’t lose the institutional knowledge that’s been built up in all of those people that you lose every single time, so that you have to go through the same cycle over and over and over. It really pisses me off.”
This system that Douse and Vincke criticize within the video game industry is also being criticized at large. X user Vagrant of Rhodes recently shared a thread to the social media platform noting, “Since our economy has been transformed into a cartelized financial scheme rather than an open market, there isn’t any true competition that can break this cycle of price hikes, lagging wages, shrinkflation, inflation, automation, sameness, and quality decline.”
He later added, “Time and time again, industry to industry, you will see the same phenomenon. Consolidation, price hikes, quality cuts, automation. And this shift is not just limited to the end sellers: it’s also happening to the distributors, shipping/logistics companies, and suppliers. ”
“Because of this shift in economic focus from product competition to financial competition, inflationary pressures are a death sentence, encouraging a profiteering downward spiral. Companies will simultaneously automate, cut labor, cut quality, shrinkflate, AND raise prices,” he explained.
He used a cereal distributors as a hypothetical to explain, “If I’m a cereal distributor who owns 40% of the market, and my competitors are two other conglomerates who each own 30%, and we all make variations of the same product, I can essentially set the baseline price at a level where we all make the most cash.”
“I can decide to reduce our family size boxes by 2-3oz, but also increase the price by $0.50 ‘due to inflation’, and there’s no risk because our ‘competitors’ are doing the exact same thing, because the financial incentives guarantee this behavior as a norm across the market,” he elaborated.
Furthermore, Vagrant of Rhodes shares, “Also as this process sets in like concrete, company leadership refocuses to political and Regime loyalty projects, which are likely to secure them investor goodwill or political capital instead of products.”
Replies: >>242282 >>242414
Doesn't BG3 have woke shit in it? I don't think he understands the problem if he thinks it's only about economics.
It's some migapede's blog post. Don't expect it to make sense.
Yeah, that shit is pozzed.
I heard some people arguing that in the early stage of development, devs had good intention then some "usual suspects" infiltrated the studio and added poz to it.
I don't know how true that might be, but i wouldn't be surprised if that turns out to be the case.
Replies: >>242305
>Doesn't BG3 have woke shit in it?
Definitely in the character creator ("body type", vitiligo slider but no breast size slider) but the rest is debatable. It's full of faggots but it's set in Ed Greenwood's magical realm so that's actually truer to the setting than most video game adaptations have been.
>Doesn't BG3 have woke shit in it?
Yes, from all the species having the option to look like niggers, except the orcs, aayyylmao, all the way to trannies.
Hell, the devs bitched against the normalfags for mostly making white humans as MCs, I don't know if they are retarded or malicious.
Replies: >>242292
>the devs bitched against the normalfags for mostly making white humans as MCs
They were annoyed that they made a very robust character creation system and the majority of people chose to create the most bland John Videogames protagonist imaginable, which is valid.
Replies: >>242294 >>242299
>the most bland John
>make a white male character is bland
No, both you and Larian misunderstood what happened. Plenty of people made weird characters. They just all made different weird characters. 
The people making normal, grounded characters, on the other hand, converged on a smaller set of options, and so those options showed up more often than any particular weird option.
Replies: >>242356
[Hide] (79KB, 474x661) Reverse
>infiltrated the studio
Pretty sure it was Wizards consultation that did that.
It's amazing that the whole game isn't a pile of aids considering how fucking cancerous Wizards and Hasbro are.
Replies: >>242309 >>242312
>women protagonists
Well, why don't they give us Mara Jade, then? She was the protagonist in Mysteries of the Sith, so... Oh, wait...
[Hide] (130.2KB, 564x622) Reverse
How can anybody look at that shit and not find it ridiculous?
The agenda pushing is so blatant it's laughable.
[Hide] (13.1KB, 143x183) Reverse
[Hide] (86.1KB, 460x570) Reverse
>wizrds consultation that did that
The studio added gay shit in Divinity: Original Sin 2, so the cancer was already there, it just grew bigger with each release.
Microsoft reveals subscription pricing for using Windows 10 beyond 2025, and it's not cheap
>Customers will need to pay $61 per device, which will double every year for three years, to remain secure on Windows 10.
>Last year, Microsoft announced an extended support program for Windows 10 that would allow users to pay for continued security updates beyond the October 2025 end of support date. Today, the company has unveiled the pricing structure for that program for commercial customers, which starts at $61 per device, and doubles every year for three years.
>Security updates on Windows are important, as they keep you protected from any vulnerabilities that are discovered in the OS. Microsoft releases a security update for Windows 10 once a month, but that will stop when October 2025 rolls around. Users still on Windows 10 after that date will officially be out of support, unless you pay.
>The extended support program for Windows 10 will let commercial customers pay for three years of additional security updates. This is handy for businesses and enterprise customers who aren't yet ready to upgrade their fleet of employee laptops and computers to Windows 11.
>The price is $61 per device, but that price doubles every year for three years. That means the second year will cost you $122 per device, and the third year will cost $244 per device. For the first time ever, Microsoft will also allow individual users to subscribe to the extended support program.
>April 03, 2024: Microsoft has updated its blog post clarifying that pricing for individual users will be announced later this year.
>Commercial customers will be able to purchase a 5-by-5 activation key subscription starting in October 2024, which can be applied to a single PC that you intend to use Windows 10 beyond October 2025 on. You will need an individual subscription key for each PC you want to keep getting updates beyond October 2025.
>If you choose to join the program one or two years in, you will be required to pay for the years of updates you've missed first.
>It's an expensive program, likely to encourage as many people as possible to upgrade to Windows 11, which is still in full support and getting free security updates. Windows 10 users on compatible Windows 11 hardware should make the switch to Windows 11 before October 2025 to avoid being insecure or paying for security updates.
PC, console growth to lag pre-pandemic levels as gamers clock in fewer hours, report says
>The market is expected to grow 2.7% from 2023-end to 2026, below the 7.2% growth rate from 2015 to 2021, according to the report.
>Gamers have been recording fewer hours of play, with the average quarterly playtime falling 26% from 2021 to 2023.
>"Slower player growth rates will impact the industry's capacity to 'expand the pie' via net organic growth," Newzoo said.
Spoiler File
(577.9KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
>British adventurer Lara Croft will transition from being a raider of tombs to a seeker of truth as Evil Hat Productions and Crystal Dynamics seek to redefine the Tomb Raider series in order to escape a history wounded by colonialism, according to an excerpt from the official Tomb Raider Shadows of Truth RPG rulebook.
>"Raiding, as depicted in the original Tomb Raider games and stories, involves going to ancient tombs and historical sites of different civilisations and acquiring artefacts. It operates on the assumption of 'finders keepers' that grants raiders with the means and the drive to claim ownership of artefacts, regardless of whether they have any historical or cultural claim to the treasure."
>"Later games released in the franchise have started the work of addressing this by having Lara Croft acknowledge her past mistakes and try to understand and show respect for the cultures and communities she comes into contact with. She has also worked to reform raider culture and raise the awareness of her peers."
>"Lara no longer decorates her mantle with mythic artefacts - as a raider she prioritises seeking out the truth. Much of this game is inspired by her humanity, struggle with heroism, and her tenacity. We believe that all three aspects are an important component in creating a game that celebrates history and culture while acknowledging the respect and work required to live in a world wounded by colonialism."
>"In this game, we seek to continue in that work alongside Crystal Dynamics by creating a sandbox for you to tell stories that address colonialist themes in play and create your own stories of respect and support for the people and cultures your Seekers encounter."
Replies: >>242344
Spoiler File
(748KB, 900x506) Reverse
[Hide] (1.5MB, 4096x3075) Reverse
[Hide] (2MB, 4008x3488) Reverse
Sony Hires Superstar Korean Cheerleader to Cosplay as Stellar Blade's Eve
Sony is sparing no expense on the promotion of upcoming PS5 exclusive Stellar Blade in Asia, as it’s hired Korean cheerleading sensation Lee Dahye to cosplay as protagonist Eve as part of a meet and greet in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Those who pre-order the game will have an opportunity to attend an event with the Dragon Beauties dancer, who’s one of the most prominent models in Taipei right now.
Despite surprisingly switching teams from the Taoyuan-based Rakuten Monkeys to the Wei Chuan Dragons in Hsinchu earlier this year, Lee Dahye is one of the most unavoidable figures in Taipei right now, advertising everything from iced tea to clothing and much more. Adding to her busy schedule, she just made her k-pop debut, too.
As we were able to confirm during an interview with developer Shift Up earlier in the year, Eve’s body in Stellar Blade is based on real-world Korean model Shin Jae-eun, although her face was designed entirely in-house.
Replies: >>242353
<We're going to erase"redefine" what Tomb Raider is because "stealing"  from dead cultures bad and say no to tits BTW your MC is an A-cup now. Can't wait for those millions to roll in right, goys!
This will go well.
Replies: >>242345
[Hide] (433.9KB, 2048x1536) Reverse
>This will go well.
You can say that again.
Replies: >>242349 >>242355
Ya know, I have to wonder, why do this. It's obvious this will fail, no question. So my question is, why not a new IP instead of using Tomb Raider. From my point of view this is deliberately done to burn money AND sink Tomb Raider. ((( They ))) could just make a new IP, watch it burn while stealing away as many shekels as they can in the confusion. No though, they MUST further ruin a series and ensure it dies in addition to creating an imminent failure.
Replies: >>242352
I know you just blew in from stupid town and all and you don't know anything about /tg/, but evilhat and crystal dynamics being rotten infected ballsacks is not news or video games.
Because normalfags don't have a creative bone in their body and a huge need to push their shit everywhere.
[Hide] (99.9KB, 501x585) Reverse
>Force Japanese game devs to censor everything, killing multiple fan service series in the process, and cause companies to attempt and fail at finding a market in non-fan service games
>Fund Korean fan service game that people support since it goes against the politics you forced into video games
Has sony been co-opted by koreans or something?
>Has sony been co-opted by koreans or something?
Probably that has something to do with Soyny's new CEO that MAYBE realized that if they kept going with the niggerfaggot shit, PlayStation would have ended up like the OUYA.
>he was over the top even in his time
Dude he was born in the 19th century.
I made a guy who looked like Mr. Clean and killed any fag or vampire (or both) he could find and was shocked to see a few other Mr. Cleans on the internet.
>Has sony been co-opted by koreans or something?
It's the fucking jews, fucking Larry Fink is pouring millions into ESG DEI nonsense.
Replies: >>242359
Koreans are just another flavor of Jew.
[Hide] (11.7KB, 400x400) Reverse
>lacking reading comprehension
What that anon clearly meant is, why the sudden change of heart at Sony?
They went from censoring anything that contained any tiny bit of fan service to promoting a game that is proudly full of it?
The "co-opted by Koreans" was clearly a joke pointing at the fact that in recent years Sony has been on war against Japanese developers for that reason but now is promoting a Korean company for doing what they went at war with the Japanese for.
Replies: >>242360 >>242361
>went at war with the Japanese for.
Well duh it's ok to do this because it's Korean, not Japanese! There's no contradiction! Everything's fine move along.
It's the perpetual scapegoating so traditional of this place and anything adjacent. The Japanese can't possibly do anything wrong themselves, it must always be foreign forces subverting grorious nippon.
Replies: >>242365
>Forgetting that Sony Interactive Entertainment, their vidya division, is headquartered in San Mateo, California
>That Sony explicitly shut down Japan Studio, their japanese devs and only left the Astro Playroom team alive
>While continuously pushing American games/concepts such as Marvel through Insomniac and Naughty Dog
>Giving TV shows and movies to Naughty Dog's IPs and rerereleasing TLOU 1/2 a million fucking times
Not to mention their censoring of non-western games.
[Hide] (94.4KB, 775x1032) Reverse
>"The worst enemy of the japenese is another japanese."
>Korean proverb.
Put that projector away. It takes two to tango and Sony has been known for terrible ideas for going on 20 years now. The success of the PS2 is almost a fluke.
Replies: >>242366
The success of the PS2 laid on the fact that it served as a DVD player as well as a console during a time when DVD players were insanely overpriced
Replies: >>242375
>pour over
>businesses who's funds
You might genuinely be illiterate.

>Fuel and NFS: The Run
More sophistry and deflection. Even if their technical achievements are comparable, they are different games and losing the ability to play The Crew is not magically made irrelevant by the existence of other similar games.

>things will NEVER get better NO MATTER WHAT
Fuck off.
Replies: >>242376
That's only half-true, DVD player prices were steadily becoming cheaper and would've certainly superseded VHS past 9/11, but in 2000 DVD was still seen as a "high end" format by normalnigs and ((( advertisers ))), an image which the PS2 killed faster than Hitler the French in 1940.
What ackchually cemented the PS2's success was the 18 month period from March 2000 to Sept. 2001 when there was no serious 6th generation competitor barring the Dreamcast around, when the Gamecube and Xbox released the PS2 install base had grown so hueg it was ogre already for Nintendo and MS.
Replies: >>242377
[Hide] (2MB, 1280x720, 00:09)
>Even if their technical achievements are comparable, they are different games and losing the ability to play The Crew is not magically made irrelevant by the existence of other similar games.
Actually it is. All you're doing is making excuses for why it is that you "deserve" to play Ubisoft games without ever suffering the consequences that come with playing said Ubisoft games.
Replies: >>242390
Not really, I got a PS2 long after my GC and I specifically remember being amazed it was cheaper than any DVD player in the store while also being a full video game console. Nintendo made a huge mistake limiting themselves to their oc donut steel mini-DVDs while having a disc drive fully capable of reading normal DVDs.
Replies: >>242400



Replies: >>242382 >>242386
Upload it somewhere it won’t be deleted.
Replies: >>242384 >>242386
[Hide] (76.6KB, 609x639) Reverse
Rumor: ‘Dead Space 2 Remake’ Scrapped Due To “Lackluster Sales” Of Motive’s ‘Dead Space’ Remake
Normalfags must buy more dead space remake copies at full price right now!
‘Star Wars Outlaws’ Lead Writer The “Maven Of Filth” Nikki Foy’s Social Media Protected And Website Password Protected As Story Trailer Gets Huge Negative Reaction
Melonie Mac Calls For Embracer Group To Shut Down Crystal Dynamics After Developer Ditches Lara Croft’s Tomb Raider Profession
Replies: >>242387
Controlled opposition never gets deleted, just like how the sweetbaby thread should have been deleted for rule 1 a month ago but is still up for some reason.
Replies: >>242835
[Hide] (31.8MB, 1024x768, 07:48)
Salliforth anon! Spread it 'round far and wide!
Replies: >>242389 >>242645
>“Lackluster Sales” Of Motive’s ‘Dead Space’ Remake
You mean the one they censored? What a surprise.
[Hide] (581.7KB, 480x354) Reverse
The Gaming Culture War Over Hot Characters Is Hilariously Stupid
>Before I get too deep into what’s sure to be a banger of a column, let me just say that it was actually a little hard to pick which thing about the culture gaming war is the most stupid. It could be the idea that small consulting companies are the people with the real power over video game development. Or maybe the belief that any legacy companies currently struggling are doing so because - and this often comes with a photographic comparison - the team now has additional people who don’t all look like Jon Arbuckle on a first date. Hell, I’d even be willing to give the prize for stupid to people who seem to believe their console represents a moral battleground.
>All good options! But there’s nothing more hilariously stupid than - and I’m being sincere here - the war over hot characters in video games. If you’ve been following the trades, you’ve probably heard about a game called Stellar Blade. It’s an action game that isn’t out yet but - from the small amounts I’ve seen - seems pretty decent. Kind of a Nier vibe. I don’t know if it’s a first day purchase, but it feels like something I’ll end up buying. Unfortunately, that seems less important to the weirdest people online than the fact that the main character, Eve, is hot. And - stick with me - her being hot is proof that video games are back in the hands of the real fans!
>No One But You Even Cares About Stellar Blade
>The best part? This fight is pretty much one-sided! I did not hear a damn word about Stellar Blade existing until I saw someone post that “woke” people must be mad at Stellar Blade existing. I guess the assumption is that a professor from a degenerate college would learn there was a leggy android in a bleep bloop and realize that all their work to destroy God has been for nothing. That seems close to what people seem to believe. I’m really not sure what else could have happened? But as far as I can tell, people online aren’t mad? They never were mad. I know I’m not. The only thing I’d criticize the game for is naming a robot lady “Eve” like it’s the first draft.
>It is embarrassing to get excited that a character’s hot - especially when it’s mostly because you think someone else will be sad that they’re hot. That’s also sad! You’re not even happy that the character is attractive to you - you just want someone else to be bummed out.
>And, look, I get it. There’s a subset of fans of every artform who will assume that something that isn’t explicitly made for them is an attack on them. For example, the whole to-do over Abby in The Last Of Us Part 2. Some fans thought she wasn’t sufficiently attractive, so they acted as if the developers had intentionally designed her to rebuff and insult the real players. It’s the consumer version of “if you’re not with me, you’re against me.” But even stupider. There was a whole rage campaign against a character that nobody had even seen in the game yet.
Devs Are Neither Your Friends Nor Your Enemy
>So, to a lot of dweebs, a video game company drawing up a conventionally attractive woman probably feels like someone is finally in their corner! Because if the people who draw disgusting, normal bodied characters are your enemy, then the people who draw sexy, Jessica Rabbit-style characters are your best friends! Even though - and this is the heartbreaker - neither knows you exist and both would be worse off for meeting you. The idea that someone is making a very marketable character to fight back against the market takes a lot of not understanding how the world works.
>And, again, who cares if Eve is hot? She’s a video game character. They’ve been hot for a very long time. They’re almost all hot. Like, I understand that some people got upset when the women in Mortal Kombat 1 didn’t show enough nipple - but they are still very attractive. The more recent Tomb Raider games didn’t pivot on the theme that true beauty is on the inside. Girl still had it. Although, maybe that’s not the best example, because a cursory Google check found decades of forum posts where people are mad Lara Croft’s boobs were no longer PlayStation 1 traffic cones.
I can assure you that very, very, very few people are mad that there’s yet another attractive cybernetic robo Frau in a game. The sexy hero ain’t new, folks. Nor did it go away. Having a hot character isn’t punk rock because your Discord chat has tricked itself into believing that a consulting company is banning big bouncy boobs in games. Nobody is writing letters to Congress about a character’s butt bouncing as she walks down a ladder. When you get excited about the fantasy of people clutching their pearls, you just seem like a person whose opinions are only based on reacting to someone else. Dorks.
Is there any proof that's actually the guy they claim he is and not just someone who looks like him? Judging from their site it looks like they do these for clout so there wouldn't be no motive. That and too many things don't add up about the video. I looked up his supposed linkedin (the video provides no source for their claim he is formerly CIA) and it's just vanished assuming it even existed in the first place which I doubt.
Replies: >>242459
How would you feel if you hadn't eaten breakfast this morning?
The marketing department of Stellar Blade should get a raise.
Replies: >>242392
And the marketing at Sony as well. You'd be fooled if you didn't think they played a part in pretending to be outraged.
Replies: >>242394
Let's not pretend they are master strategists. They didn't spend years destroying their company with censorship as some marketing plan.
>Devs Are Neither Your Friends Nor Your Enemy
Many devs made it pretty clear that they are enemies, and deserve to be boycotted and blacklisted until they find themselves homeless.
Back to kikechan.

Redditor spends $80 on Call of Duty cosmetic, immediately declares it "not worth it"
Saber Interactive CEO: "The $70 title is going to go the way of the dodo"
Immortals of Aveum studio has reportedly furloughed the majority of its staff
Todd Howard "keeps saying no" to Elder Scrolls TV series
Replies: >>242399
>CEO wants to sell cheaper games, AAA is unsustainable
At least someone in the game industry has some sense.

>Todd Howard
Fallout is just a cash cow, but Todd still cares enough not to throw the Elder Scrolls to the TV vultures.
Replies: >>242401 >>242402
Well, I got my PS2 before my GC so you'rer wrong.
>but Todd still cares enough
Chances are he was just not offered enough money.
Replies: >>242404
That's only a matter of time.
[Hide] (63.9KB, 512x681) Reverse
Can you put a price on Skyrim?
Replies: >>242415 >>242641
[Hide] (2.1MB, 498x412) Reverse
>Douse also noted that video game development is not rocket science while referencing the success of Palworld.
>He said, “hey took a bunch of mechanics they knew people liked, made a game that was unbothered by what a game should be, and they gave it directly to players who decided to buy it. That’s really f***ing simple. It’s not rocket science.”
B-but the devs of Starfield at Bethesda said that making games is hard!
Replies: >>242421
Skyrim truly is the peak of gaming.
>Intel slightly less in the green
<Oy vey its a loss
Wut. Why?
Replies: >>242435 >>242461
>made a game that was unbothered by what a game should be
Except they added body type shit so that's not even true.
>Baldur's Gate 3 wins Best Game at the BAFTA Games Awards
>Animation - Hi-Fi Rush
>Artistic Achievement - Alan Wake 2
>Audio Achievement - Alan Wake 2
>British Game - Viewfinder
>Debut Game - Venba
>Evolving Game - Cyberpunk 2077
>Family - Super Mario Bros. Wonder
>Game Beyond Entertainment - Tchia
>Game Design - Dave the Diver
>Multiplayer - Super Mario Bros. Wonder
>Music - Baldur's Gate 3
>Narrative - Baldur's Gate 3
>New IP - Viewfinder
>Performer in a Leading Role - Nadji Jeter as Miles Morales in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2
>Performer in a Supporting Role - Andrew Wincott as Raphael in Baldur’s Gate 3
>Players' Choice - Baldur's Gate 3
>Technical Achievement - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
>>Technical Achievement - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
I can see how they could make up some weak excuse for the rest but, really, a standalone expansion to a 2017 game with tacked on 2005 gmod mechanics is a technical achievement?
Replies: >>242424 >>242432
>Evolving Game
For games that are so completely broken at launch that they need years of patches to even reach beta?
>Game Beyond Entertainment
I'd say it's for kusoge, but I've actually enjoyed some kusoge.

They're British, so it's understandable that they don't know anything about technology.
Replies: >>242430 >>242490
[Hide] (68.2KB, 680x622) Reverse
>((( BAFTA )))
aka the "good goy award"
The same kikes who said a few years ago that "from now on, this award will only be given to those who push "divershitty"
Into the trash it goes
>They're British, so it's understandable that they don't know anything about technology.
That sure as fuck explains why their submarines kill more of their allies than the enemy.
[Hide] (2.3MB, 640x480) Reverse
>a standalone expansion to a 2017 game with tacked on 2005 gmod mechanics is a technical achievement?
Not only that, but "technical achievement" a game that looks from a console of 3 generations ago and even struggles to run with a costant framerate?
The Nintendo cocksucking is fucking ridiculous.
<10/10 best game evah!
[Hide] (17.4KB, 200x200) Reverse
Because if the revenue of a company today isn't higher than last year, the shareholders get mad that their game isn't constantly producing numbers higher than the last one.
Replies: >>242461
>people who care about stuff are no-life losers. like ew, you dorks lol
This "argument" is peak reddit and yet we still see it everywhere
>How come conservatives are so obsessed with drag queens in their libraries and gay porn in their childrens' cartoons? Like, get a life lol. No one cares but you guys anyway, maybe you're actually secretly gay? XDDD
It's all so tiresome.
Replies: >>242443
[Hide] (945.7KB, 498x278) Reverse
To me it sounds like they are coping and trying to gaslight the readers once again
>what are you talking about? Nobody ever wanted to censor games, nobody ever got mad at attractive female characters bitching about sexism and objectification! You must have imagine it all!
They really have no shame.
Replies: >>242445
That too, sure.
The burn means its working! Keep up the barrage!
Replies: >>242455
What barrage? If a game with a lewd girl comes out, it is natural that people will talk about it and make lewd art of her and videos. Then the gaming bloggers start bitching about it, get laugh at and bitch even harder. It is a self inflicted wound that gets getting bigger.
Not sure about the LinkedIn, but his zoominfo has been archived:
<Devs are neither Your Friends Nor Your Enemy
>implements communism based matchmaking into  multiplayer and pretends it's balanced
uh huh sure
>Because if the revenue of a company today isn't higher than last year, the shareholders get mad that their game isn't constantly producing numbers higher than the last one.

On this i do wonder, if you remove dlc, gatcha and micro-transactions would you see sales way way down since 2016 i personally only buy games at 80% off and buy way less than i used too i also see my younger family play nothing but fortnight just one game.
>Yikes! It doesn't even matter! Nobody cares! This is so stupid! Stupid incel chuds lmao! 
And yet this retard writes a whole article about it, kek. Reddit tier doubling down is somehow pathetic and fascinating at the same time.
Replies: >>242519
[Hide] (306KB, 2293x1291) Reverse
Not really the same pic, but the graph is there.
Replies: >>242487
>Devs Are Neither Your Friends Nor Your Enemy
How many times have devs screeched about how much they hate those ebil alt-right white chud gamers again? I dunno, seems pretty antagonistic to me.
>fun games at the bottom of the funny meaningless chart
>They're British
Sure, they are "British" just like ((( John Oliver )))
correct, an entire article about something that apparently doesn't matter and no one cares about and doesn't exist so people should stop having their nonexistent discussions
Video Game Marketer Chris Heintz Attacks Gamers As “Spiteful Failsons” And Wishes “Gamergate Dorks Fade Into Oblivion”
Former Riot Games Senior Concept Artist And Current Easy Games Art Director Michael Maurino: Video Game Developers “Have An Obligation To Advance Social Justice And Diverse Representation”
Replies: >>242790
Maybe stop acting like a newfag if you don't want people treating you like one.
I dunno I got clipped by a wide range ip ban from sturgio recently for the first time and I wasn't even agreeing with niggerpill on anything, maybe too much shitposting recently and he's going scorched earth
sperging about lugenpresse as if it hasn't been going on for more than a century is neither news nor videogames
alternately an actual spammer is using the same VPN as you and you're getting caught in the crossfire
[Hide] (65.3KB, 845x1024) Reverse
>A Fortshite Chun-li skin looks fat better than her actual Street Fighter 6 character model
The absolute state of Crapcom.
Replies: >>242619
*far better
I'm quite late to comment but I also have gotten my posts deleted because of "spam" for some reason. The most recent deletion was when I posted a shitty rap I cobbled up in a few minutes. I didn't care that it got deleted so I didn't say anything. Although, I do care enough to say it here to give you the vindication and coverage you deserve.
Replies: >>242659
20 canadian dollars.
[Hide] (94.9KB, 1280x1243) Reverse
This is another case of "I am not sure if this shit is legit, but if it is i won't be surprised".
[Hide] (529.3KB, 691x722) Reverse
[Hide] (127.5KB, 375x280) Reverse
[Hide] (3.3MB, 640x360, 00:23)
>Look him up
>It's real
When did tipping start happening outside of direct service? Fuck americans are dumb.
Replies: >>242668
Yup my posts are getting clipped a lot lately, too, so I'm probably pissing someone off. Mostly...disgreeing with niggerpill, filtering Rika poster, disregarding Tengu, shitting on dyke-lover posts and anti-white/west threads, and generally ignoring thin skinned circlejerks. For content I like to encourage people, discuss hobbies and facts, and share insights/observations. Don't generate a lot of OC but I like to spread it.
So yeah no wonder I've been getting censored, no duh I was always going to piss people off.
Replies: >>242660 >>242811
>disgreeing with niggerpill
If you are replying to him then it makes sense your posts are deleted. Ignore and report him.
Replies: >>242661
nah he replies to me usually, though what I say can be part of a greater overall conversation I guess
but point taken
overall it's hard to care anyway since despite everything this place is still better than most ib's I've found
[Hide] (3.1MB, 1308x1913) Reverse
Games Journalist Ryan Easby Calls For Violence Against Former ‘World Of Warcraft’ Team Lead Mark Kern
>Games journalist Ryan Easby, who has freelanced for various outlets including NME, PCGamesN, The Escapist. TheGamer, Gayming Magazine, and others took to social media to call for violence against former World of Warcraft Team Lead Mark Kern.
>Easby posted to X, “Soft launching my campaign to kick Mark Kern in the balls.” He has since deleted the post, but Kern shared a screenshot to his timeline.
>Easby’s call for violence was echoed by another journalist, John Phipps, who hosts Super Deluxe GamesCast. Phipps posted to X, “It’s actually based, I’d donate.”
>Former Riot Games Senior Concept Artist and current Art Director at Easy Games Michael Maurino also approved the call to assault Kern. He wrote, “agreed this is a-ok.”
>Easby is no stranger to making unhinged comments on social media such as this call to violence. Back in March, he posted, “If there’s one thing to take away from this last week, it’s that gamers don’t deserve video games. Just send them to a construction yard or something instead.”
>Easby has also repeatedly claimed you cannot be racist towards white people. He wrote on March 8th, “It’s weird, if you were truly based you’d know it’s unequivocally and provable that racism against white people doesn’t exist, no matter how much a mob of angry community noters want you to think.”
>On March 26th he wrote, “You can’t be racist against white people pal.”
>In another post on the same day, he wrote, “Oh you silly, you can’t be racist against white people! I see your mistake.”
>He also wrote earlier this month, “Alyssa speaks only the truth, you simply cannot be racist against white people, the dominant power in the world.”
>Easby has also heavily insulted Kern over the past couple of weeks before issuing his call to violence.
>On March 22nd, he posted, “Mark Kern is a failed games developer turned reactionary, who wants to use the Sweet Baby Inc coat tails to reach popularity. And what’s wilder is that he’s achieving popularity with the exact crowd he wants: bigoted gamers.”
Replies: >>242712
>When did tipping start happening outside of direct service?
When payment companies started automatically putting tipping on their apps/machines regardless of the business using it. Since then it has opened the floodgates of putting tipping everywhere it can be. At least it has accelerated the trend of no tipping.
>Just send them to a construction yard or something instead
How far up your own ass do you have to be to think that those people don't play games?
Does he think video games are some kind of bourgeois hobby?
I don't his ass would last a day in the construction yard. Man shouldn't talk so much shit.
Replies: >>242720
>Does he think video games are some kind of bourgeois hobby?
Probably, most of these retards are also rabid commie hypocrites that see bourgeoisie everywhere and cry online about it while sipping on some $25 sugar latte.
Replies: >>242825
[Hide] (34.4KB, 400x400) Reverse
[Hide] (16.4KB, 300x300) Reverse
Yes, this pathetic millennial Bongistani cunt, the byproduct of a single mother, who has never done any kind of physical work in his life is a complete delusional retard with no basic understand of the real world.
[Hide] (351.2KB, 783x731) Reverse
[Hide] (462KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Games Workshop Retcons Adeptus Custodes By Introducing Female Space Marines Then Lies About It
Replies: >>242791
>“vibrating intensely as I manifest the reality where everyone just ignores all these gamergate dorks and they fade into oblivion. they are a vanishingly small segment of spiteful failsons who simply can’t shut the fuck up.”

Chris-chan goes mainstream?!
First, custards != space marines. This is a test to see if demographic replacement has gone far enough GW will be able to do female space marines and not have sales immediately crater. Second, these are angloids we're talking about, the kike investment in GW is for once irrelevant because they'd be doing this shit even if they weren't getting bribed by the US Federal Reserve to do it.
Replies: >>242796 >>242979
[Hide] (1.7MB, 272x208) Reverse
Looks exactly how i expected a faggot that writes that kind of shit to look like.
Anybody who wears star wars shirts needs to have their head caved in with a rock
Replies: >>242798
>demographic replacement
No, the average warhammer fans have always been easily pushed around, or else they would have pushed back years ago
Replies: >>242799
Anyone who wears any pop culture shirt does. Imagine turning yourself into a walking billboard.
Replies: >>242816 >>242840
The "average warhammer fan" doesn't buy minis, he just buys the occasional novel or video game and spouts 15 year old /v/ and /tg/ memes (or worse, TTS memes) constantly. The average fan that actually buys minis either pretends everything written after a certain point doesn't exist (usually around 5 years after first getting into the hobby) or is a dedicated penis enthusiast with a wall of Funko Pops and a competitive Magic deck or three. From a business perspective, this is to test the ratio of the first group to the second group that still buys in to the game today.
Well I haven't changed how I post at all so either I've been annoying the fagmin for a long time and he finally snapped or he started taking HRT and is having a woman wannabe fit about it. Looks like I'll have to start hopping IPs constantly now.
Looks like the kind of fag that gets his pants taken at knifepoint and then goes home to defend his muggers if lol they're brown.
I dunno man, my wardrobe at this point is business attire, some polos, and whatever tshirts that are serviceable enough for exercise or yardwork, character designs be damned. If I'm not meeting anyone important I'll wear bargain bin character shirts.
[Hide] (479.6KB, 474x632) Reverse
>Probably, most of these retards are also rabid commie hypocrites that see bourgeoisie everywhere and cry online about it while sipping on some $25 sugar latte.
They are also the same kind of retards that see references to Marxism in eveything that has nothing to do with it, to desperately try to seek validation to their shit ideology cult.
<"the villain/bad thing portrayed here is clearly a reference to capitalism and systematic racism!"
They are fucking obsessed, because they are so uninteresting and useless as human beings that see parroting that shit as their only reason to exist for.
Imagine how fucking sad their whole existence is.
[Hide] (65.1KB, 992x928) Reverse
Stellar Blade X NieR: Automata: Yoko Taro and Hyung-Tae Kim on How Their Blockbusters Inspire One Another
>Stellar Blade creative director Hyung-Tae Kim has previously stated that Square Enix’s NieR: Automata helped him rediscover the kind of game he wants to make.
>Set in a post-apocalyptic world with an anime-esque sword-wielding female protagonist, Stellar Blade’s inspiration sources didn’t go unnoticed when its first trailer was released as Project Eve back in 2021. Now, almost two years later, the PlayStation 5 exclusive is almost ready for release on April 26.
>As stated in our preview, while its setting and aesthetics indeed show similarities with NieR: Automata, we thought that Stellar Blade’s challenging combat also draws from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Stellar Blade feels like a high-quality product that acquired uniqueness through its many inspirations.
>IGN Japan sat down at Stellar Blade’s development studio Shift Up in Seoul, South Korea, with Kim and NieR: Automata director Yoko Taro, who flew over from Japan to discuss the game. Kim and Yoko talked about their similarities as developers, and mutual respect could be felt throughout the conversation. They discussed a wide array of matters ranging from the current state of Asian video games to why they wanted to make video games in the first place. While their comments were often frank, they spoke with an easy jocularity and self-deprecating humor that belied a deep mutual respect.
>Mr. Kim, in a previous interview you told us that NieR:Automata helped you rediscover the kind of game that you want to create. This became the trigger for today’s discussion with Mr. Yoko. First of all, what elements of NieR:Automata inspired you the most?
>Hyung-Tae Kim, Director, Stellar Blade: I have been inspired by NieR: Automata in so many ways that it’s hard to point out one specific thing. The game has so many fascinating elements. The image of a strong female warrior in a devastated world left by its inhabitants struck me. I was also impressed by the quality of the story. I enjoyed playing the game so much and of course I saw all the endings. However, since Mr. Yoko’s talent as a storyteller is exceptional I can’t do anything similar. Besides the bigger plot and structure, Stellar Blade’s story is different from NieR: Automata. When I first saw NieR: Automata, it really inspired me in many ways including the gameplay. Mr. Yoko, since you were kind enough to come over today, do I understand correctly that you approve of a game that is so highly inspired by your work?
>Yoko Taro, Director, Nier: Automata: Stellar Blade is a really amazing game. I’d say that it’s much better than NieR:Automata. I have been acquainted with Mr. Kim’s works since Magna Carta: Tears of Blood. Your illustrations are of a very high quality. Magna Carta: Tears of Blood came out before >Drakengard, the first game I directed. So while I’m the older one, to me, in this industry you’re my senior.
>Kim: Really? Should I behave a bit more superior then?
>Yoko: In Japan, you’re well known by gamers as a legendary developer! When Blade & Soul came out, I remember being amazed by its 3D graphics. I think you directed the game’s art. Not just the illustrations, but also the 3D models were very well done. I was surprised by the quality of Korean games when I saw it.
>Kim: I always simply create what I want to create. But without talented staff, I wouldn’t have been able to make games like that. Do I sound modest enough?
>Mr. Yoko, it has to be said that you are also well known for your unique vision as a developer. This was already apparent in Drakengard, your first project as director. Was it a long road to become a director?
>Yoko: Actually, the person that was directing it at the time became busy with another project. I was asked to take over, so reaching the position of director happened quite naturally. At the time, Square Enix asked me to make a game like Dynasty Warriors, but set in a fantasy world. I thought that would be challenging to pull off, but since I was getting paid I said, "I’ll do it." >There weren’t any instructions for the world setting and scenario, so I simply did what I wanted in those areas. I think this resulted in a quite unique product. It was a very dark scenario, and I remember being asked why that was necessary. It ended in a fight (between Yoko and Square Enix). Speaking of which, Mr. Kim, I wanted to ask you if there were any fights with Sony Interactive Enteratainment (SIE), since they are publishing Stellar Blade.
>Kim: (Glances at SIE staff members in the room and laughs.) The people at SIE are… very, very nice!
>Yoko: SIE’s staff members are pulling faces I’ve never seen before. I wish the readers of this article could see it!
>Let’s not go too far in this direction, shall we? Mr. Yoko, you said that you think Stellar Blade is much better than NieR:Automata. What makes you think so?
>Yoko: The graphics are completely next-gen quality and the character design’s direction is amazing. The cool male characters and cute female characters unique to Mr. Kim’s style are really appealing. Shops in RPGs often have a close-up shot of the shopkeeper, which I don’t like because I think it feels unnatural. Stellar Blade has a shot like that too, but the shopkeeper was so cute that I didn’t mind! Her cuteness felt more important than any design choices.
>Kim: Actually, this has been a problem for us. Many users say that the girl at that shop is cuter than the main character… I guess we need to make her the main character in our next game.
>Yoko: It’s just a matter of taste. Stellar Blade’s protagonist EVE is really appealing too. Your art style really appeals to a Japanese audience. Stellar Blade’s graphics, setting and characters are really a style I think Japanese gamers love. If you were to show someone that has no prior knowledge NieR: Automata and Stellar Blade, I think almost all of them would pick Stellar Blade. A white-haired character like 2B is not as conventional.
>Kim: I guess I would get in trouble if I agreed with that statement. Seriously though, for me, NieR: Automata is like an inviolable holy grace. The visuals and story are so special that it is simply not possible to imitate. Stellar Blade is Shift Up's first console title. Please see us as a cute new kid on the block.
>Mr. Kim, what do you think it is that makes 2B such a special character?
>Kim: From her white hair to her eye patch and her black clothes with white stitches, everything about her is appealing to me. At the time, her character design was quite different from what was trending, but she still became beloved by many players. Now, both her looks and personally have created a new stream. She has become a brand of her own, which is a real achievement.
>Mr. Yoko, how did you come up with such an unconventional character as 2B?
>Yoko: In a battle action game with a sci-fi setting, a conventional character would be a male character that shoots a gun, wearing clothes reminiscent of the United States Marine Corps. But there’s already Halo and other games like that. It didn’t make sense for me to make something like that. I wouldn’t be able to do that better than Western developers anyway, since we’re further away from that culturally. I wanted to make a different style of game that has less competition. That’s why we went for a sci-fi battle action game with a female protagonist clad in black and blindfolded. At the time there wasn’t anything like it, but now that Stellar Blade is about to enter the room I feel it will soon become a crowded market!
>Kim: Your games are way too unique to be imitated. I wouldn’t worry.
>Yoko: People never praise me like that in Japan. South Korea is such a nice country! Actually, I kind of knew that Stellar Blade was going to be compared with NieR: Automata, and I told Mr. Kim when we first met. If you actually play it, you’ll instantly realize that it’s a very different game, but a delicate female character doing cool action is bound to draw comparisons. If Stellar Blade would have been the same game with a macho male character, I think people wouldn’t have pointed out the similarities. It just happens to be that there are not many games with a similar style.
>Kim: I agree. There simply aren’t many games with a female warrior fighting in a post-apocalyptic setting. NieR:Automata had a very big influence on me, so I can understand that people get NieR: Automata vibes. But actually I was inspired by many other things as well, mainly manga, anime and games from the 1980s and ’90s. I think that the people that enjoyed culture from that era will feel nostalgic when playing Stellar Blade. I’m not the kind of developer who is skilled at implementing the newest trends. Stellar Blade is simply a culmination of inspirations from my favorite culture and reinterpreting that for modern times.
>Mr. Kim has mentioned Battle Angel Alita and Blade Runner as works he was inspired by. How about you, Mr. Yoko?
>Yoko: The work I was most inspired by is Neon Genesis Evangelion. I thank you for praising NieR: Automata’s story, but actually it’s pretty much just a retelling of Evangelion, so there’s not much originality to it. I don’t really watch recent movies, so I’m mostly inspired by memories of works I saw in the past.
>Kim: I was inspired by Evangelion as well. It’s not easy to create something that surpasses your inspiration source. In that regard, NieR:Automata has a unique taste that only you could make. I really envy that. I’m a visualist and not a storyteller. I have always focused on how something looks, so I can’t compare to Mr. Yoko when it comes to the story department, but I believe that Stellar Blade’s gameplay makes up for that shortcoming.
>Mr. Yoko mentioned that he went for a less conventional character as a business decision, which I find interesting as he is widely seen as an auteur. How about you, Mr. Kim? Can you be business-minded when working on your games?
>Kim: I try to find the right balance between business and development. For some games I take a business approach, for others I don’t. Stellar Blade is one of the latter. This time I made something I genuinely like. I’m not particularly gifted as a businessman, so rather than analyzing the market and monitoring the numbers, I tend to just make what I like and what I believe gamers will enjoy.
>Yoko: So you make games as an artist without thinking about business too much and still have your own company with 300 employees, while I think about business all the time and don’t even have my own company yet? That’s strange… I guess it’s because I’ve been a slave to Square Enix for so many years. Or I guess I should say I was enslaved by Yosuke Saito, NieR’s producer. It’s all his fault! Haha.
>Kim: Isn’t that a little dangerous to say!? There are many people that help me out with business decisions. The team does all the hard work while I walk around greeting people and pretending to be a professional. The business side is in safe hands this way, haha.
>Yoko: I don’t have any friends that would do that for me. I guess my human qualities can’t compare with yours either.
>Mr. Yoko, how do you find the right balance between business and creativity?
>Yoko: For me, it depends on the phase of development. I start with thinking about the business side, but by the end not much anymore. So at first I listen to what the publisher wants from me, but later I don’t.
>Kim: That sounds like a great strategy!.
>Let’s switch topics again. Mr. Kim mentioned that he believes Stellar Blade’s gameplay makes up for his shortcomings as a storyteller. Mr. Yoko, what did you think of Stellar Blade’s action?
>Yoko: It’s a lot of fun. At first, I couldn’t beat the first stage’s boss. The action is very deep. Overcoming challenges by mastering the action felt great. In NieR:Automata, the action is much simpler, but there’s a reason for that. Since many of Square Enix’s audience are RPG players, many of them aren’t that familiar with action games and they prefer to focus on the story. This is why we went for simple gameplay that can easily make the player feel good. Stellar Blade is a much more challenging game, which I thought was interesting.
>Kim: We do have a Story Mode for players less used to action games, and there are quite a few support features to help such players. I don’t think we made it too difficult. Actually, I’m not very good at action games either, so I didn’t want to make a game that I can’t beat myself. I encourage players to not be intimidated and just give it a try. During development, I complained about the difficulty if I couldn’t advance to the next segment, but one of the planners showed me how easy it was for them. They said, “Look, it’s already this easy – making it even easier wouldn’t feel right.” But I wanted to be sure that the game wasn’t too difficult in my own eyes. I want every type of player to be able to enjoy the game and see it through to the end. Stellar Blade is a game that has a lot more to offer than just combat, so I hope RPG players will give it a try too.
>Yoko: I’ll play Stellar Blade on Story Mode and use all the support features when it releases.
>So you both want players to be able to casually enjoy your games. At the same time, due to the rise of the Soulsborne genre, we are living in a period in which it’s OK for games to be difficult. With Final Fantasy XVI being developed as a pure action game, Square Enix’s games are leaning more and more toward the action genre as well. How do you approach game design and difficulty balance in such a climate?
>Kim: When it comes to how difficult a game should be, I think that there is no correct answer. It’s true that there are more and more difficult games due to the popularity of Soulsborne games, and I have been inspired by the genre myself. That being said, since games like that usually have no difficulty settings, it is extremely hard to get the perfect difficulty balance. For Stellar Blade, we wanted a game that can satisfy players who want a challenge as well as players who want to focus on the story, and we did our best to get the balance right for that.
>Yoko: When looking at Soulsborne games from a business perspective, you can see that FromSoftware invented the idea of selling difficulty as a product. Until then, it was the trend to make things more casual and stress-free, but they made stress in itself a product. However, since this is Hidetaka Miyazaki’s invention, I don’t see any reason to try to copy that. I would rather invent something different instead.
>While NieR:Automata might have been made intentionally simple, it does have that quality of smooth-feeling control you would expect from a game codeveloped by PlatinumGames. I would like to know what Mr. Kim thought about NieR:Automata’s action.
>Kim: I think that NieR:Automata’s action is a simplified version of PlatinumGames’ combat logic. I see it as the ideal entry point for PlatinumGames newcomers and anyone can pick up and play. I think that after playing NieR:Automata, many gamers got hooked to their stylish action… Oh sorry, am I sounding like a commercial for PlatinumGames right now? Bayonetta 2 is one of my favorite games of all time, so I really want players to discover their games.
>Speaking of Bayonetta, while a bit different as a character, she is yet another female protagonist known for her stylish action. Was that part of the reason that Mr. Yoko wanted to work together with PlatinumGames for NieR: Automata?
>Yoko: No, that wasn’t part of the reason. Even though Bayonetta is an action game that features a female protagonist, I think it’s quite different. To me, the fact that she never takes off her glasses is what makes her unique as a character. Her style is quite different from 2B.
>Kim: With Mr. Yoko’s vision and Akihiko Yoshida’s design, NieR:Automata has such a strong and unique flavor to it. The more we talk about it, I keep feeling that Stellar Blade cannot compete.
>Yoko: I wouldn’t say that. Stellar Blade actually makes me quite jealous. It’s a game with a great concept and amazing graphics. The product shows how you and your studio’s staff were working on it very hard together. As someone who works together with development studios as an outsider, it’s not possible to share my vision and ideas for details at the same level as you can. I really envy that.
>Kim: I think it’s very important to be in the same room when developing games. I believe that you worked on NieR:Automata at PlatinumGames’ office to directly collaborate with their team. Sitting next to each other, discussing things, sharing opinions and solving problems together is crucial if you want to actually finish your game. For players, it might look like a lot of consumer games are released every year, but even more games end up stranded no matter how hard you worked on it. Being able to finish making a game at all feels like a miracle.
>Yoko: It’s definitely true that releasing a game is a lot more difficult than most consumers think. Being able to make it to the store shelves alone is something I have respect for. By the way, I just remembered another element of Stellar Blade that impressed me. There’s a strange old man who appears at some point. His character model is extremely well done. It’s the same with illustrations, but while 3D models for attractive young characters is something any game has, doing the same for older characters demands a lot more skill. A game that can depict a convincing old man just has to be good.
>Kim: Games developed in Asia often use cel-shaded graphics and other forms of stylized art, rather than focusing on realism. The same can be said for Stellar Blade, but at the same time we did put an emphasis on getting the most out of next-gen engines to aim for high-quality visuals. We developed the game while improving our technology, and I think it is fair to say that we can confidently release Stellar Blade standing side by side with other high-profile games. However, development of technology and using more realistic assets is very expensive. You have to use a tremendous amount of money if you want the graphics to look just a little bit above a certain level. This is a difficult issue our industry is facing right now.
Replies: >>242830 >>242831
>Although the end was already in sight, when both of you directed your first game in the early 2000s, Japan was still seen as the big leader of the video game industry. Now, 20 years later, while Japanese games have seen a big revival, there are still some elements where Japan is falling behind. Especially when it comes to graphics, very few Japanese studios deliver games that look as polished as Stellar Blade. How do you see the power balance between Japanese games and South Korean games today?
>Yoko: Japan found success with not just games, but also anime and manga early on. After being exported to the West and other Asian countries, games, manga and anime have evolved in their own ways in each region respectively. As for games, it has proven difficult for Japanese companies to implement Western systems. Japan has a long history with companies developing their own engines, and it was hard to move away from that. We were very late with incorporating rendering tools and middleware from the West. Even to this day, many schools don’t teach this to new developers. I think that Japanese people are not good at adapting technology from overseas. Chinese and South Korean games were much faster to use engines like Unreal for games with a Japanese aesthetic.”
>Kim: What you say may be true, but it has to be said that Japanese games have a huge presence in 2024. It is no understatement to say that Japanese content is completely back on top. Big anticipated titles that will be released later in the year, I think things look very positive. China has great momentum as well. They have a lot of hits, especially when it comes to mobile games. I think their momentum is so great that they might have more hits on their hands then anywhere else right now for mobile games. South Korean developers have a tendency to follow trends. >If there’s some new popular thing, everyone tends to go in that direction. I have the impression that most developers here have tended to lean on mobile MMO games even more recently, but I think it’s important to release games for other platforms too. We have been making mobile games here at Shift Up too, but I’m happy that we can release Stellar Blade as a PS5 exclusive. I hope it can trigger more South Korean studios to develop for other platforms.
>Until about 10 years ago, console games were mostly either from the West or from Japan. Today, other Asian countries such as China, South Korea and Taiwan have become strong competitors. What kind of differences do you think can be seen in the aesthetics, fashion and so on between games from different Asian countries?
>Kim: I don’t think I can completely grasp the difference per country, but I think that today Chinese games actually understand best what otaku gamers want. There are Chinese games that seem to incorporate these elements even better than Japanese games, which I find fascinating. I myself am not talented enough to follow the same direction, so I hope that by adding my own distinct taste, our games can be enjoyed by a wide audience.
>Yoko: I didn’t try to make NieR: Automata a game for the otaku audience either. The project started with the decision of moving away from Western macho games. This resulted in a game about an attractive female character wielding a sword, which might look like something for otaku, but I think NieR: Automata’s world building isn’t leaning in that direction. You might remember that there are abandoned futuristic buildings in the game. We gave them a futuristic look rather than something contemporary because it is easier to fake it that way. People know what contemporary architecture looks like, so it is easy to notice if something looks off. You don’t have the same problem with futuristic architecture. I think the two main reasons behind NieR:Automata looking like something with otaku appeal came from the limited budget and the fact that we wanted to move away from Western conventions.
>Are there any parts in Stellar Blade that you think Japanese developers wouldn’t have been able to come up with?
>Yoko: I wouldn’t say that we’re not able to come up with it, but we can’t keep up with the level of technology anymore. Stellar Blade is of a really high technological level, to the extent that I’m looking forward to seeing how Western gamers will react to it. NieR: Automata’s camera was from a pretty far-off angle and it wasn’t of the same standard as high-profile Western games. In that regard, I think that Stellar Blade has crossed a big barrier. The quality of not just the characters but also the environments is also on par with Western games. I’m honored to hear that you were inspired by NieR: Automata when creating Stellar Blade, but I hope that in the future we can see Western games inspired by Stellar Blade.
>Kim: I’m very flattered to hear that, but I believe that the quality of Japanese games is still top class. Japanese developers know how to differentiate themselves from their Western counterparts. I think that NieR: Automata is so beloved throughout the world for the very reason of it being different from Western games.
>Both of you are developers with fans throughout the world. I would like to end this interview by going back to the roots. What originally inspired you to make games?
>Yoko: The first time I knew I wanted to make games was when I played Gradius. The games I had played until then all just had one background screen. When you beat a stage in games like Space Invaders, Xevious and Dig Dug, you just got a new challenge on the same screen. But in Gradius, the scenery changed as I progressed through different stages, and it even had an ending. It made me realize that games could tell stories. I knew that computers were going to become more powerful over the years, which led me to thinking that movies and television were eventually going to be completely replaced by interactive media. I thought that video games were the future and that movies and television were going to die out.
>The latter didn’t happen. My prediction was wrong, but it did function as the first reason for me to want to make games. That’s why whenever I make a game, I hope to be able to do something new that people haven’t seen before, just like how Gradius did the same for me.
>Kim: Many of you have probably never heard of it, but Psychic World and Valis: The Fantasm Soldier [A3] are some of the first games that impressed me. Both games were created in the MSX era and feature female protagonists. It was a new discovery for me that you could fight as attractive females in a game, and I wanted to make something similar myself. NieR: Automata was an important inspiration for Stellar Blade, but a game by Capcom called P.N.03 played a big role as well. The female protagonist in that game inspired EVE’s action style. I have been inspired by so many different works of art. I hope that Stellar Blade can inspire someone one day as well.
Replies: >>242830
I think that it's clear that Stellar Blade got inspired by Nier Automata, but while i think that 2B was a more original character than Eve design-wise, the world of Stellar Blade so far looks more interesting than Automata's.
Both games look incredibly bland and linear, so I can see that.
Replies: >>242844
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>just like how the sweetbaby thread should have been deleted
Why do you so desperately want that thread gone? Do you happen to look like this?
Replies: >>242843
I wear metal band tshirts. Does that count?
Replies: >>242844
Not him but it's massive 'pedo-bait' and begs for banter. `Even on /b/ such abnter is censored (lately) due to invasions, ergo he's right if not for the idea that it's made by a non-invader. Still, it's bait as censoring happens upon a supposed baiter starting the banter of which annoys people to see, wonderng what the fuck was said, and so even if he's wrong he's still right to be annoyed.
Replies: >>242845 >>242855
this, the gook-gook one in particular looks like mobile game fapbait tier
post some
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also your posts make no sense whatsoever, learn to fucking type you gorilla nigger
>Not him but
Sure you are not :^)
Hi niggerpill
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Shift Up asks players to 'go easy' on Stellar Blade demo
>“We’re so grateful for your love of our game. To enjoy the main game properly though, please go easy on the demo,” Stellar Blade said. “50+ hours of demo play… we’re scared!”
>According to market research firm Ampere Analysis, the demo has been popular, attracting a peak of 690,000 daily active user. In comparison, the demo for fellow PS5 exclusive Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth drew a peak of 380,000 daily active users.
Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is 'underperforming': analyst
>That’s according to Daniel Ahmad, director of research and insights at Niko Partners, who said the PS5 game has been faring worse than its predecessor following its release in February.
>“Rebirth is underperforming sales wise”, he said on X.
>“It’s selling about half of what Remake sold in the same timeframe and looks like it’ll have a weaker tail (prior to any PS+ like release),” Ahmad added.
Keanu Reeves will reportedly voice Shadow in the Sonic 3 movie
Nintendo won't be attending Gamescom 2024
Ubisoft defends Star Wars Outlaws' $110 Jabba the Hutt mission as "optional"
>These editions, priced at £95 and £115 respectively, include the Star Wars Outlaws season pass, which the "Jabba's Gambit" mission is described to be a component of.
>Yesterday, Eurogamer reported on how there was confusion over whether the mission would be the only method of encountering greedy space slug Jabba the Hutt - who has popped up repeatedly in marketing for the game. It was also unclear whether the mission would be made available for all Star Wars Outlaws owners down the line. Now, Ubisoft has responded.
>"To clarify, Jabba the Hutt and the Hutt Cartel are one of the main syndicates in Star Wars Outlaws and will be part of the experience for everyone who purchases the game, regardless of edition," a Ubisoft spokesperson said in a statement to Eurogamer.
>"The 'Jabba's Gambit' mission is an optional, additional mission with the Hutt Cartel along Kay and Nix's journey across the Outer Rim. This mission will be available to those who purchase the season pass or an edition of the game which includes the season pass."
Replies: >>242858
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>retards namedropping boogeymen with no proof for half the posts in the thread
Yep I'm on /v/
>115 euros to get all the content that was in the game in the first place
>pre-ordering season pass
We're reaching levels of jewry that shouldn't even be possible.
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>We're reaching levels of jewry that shouldn't even be possible.
This is standard kikery since forever and the normalfags love it.
Replies: >>242867 >>242873
He says posting AI art
This is Ubisoft. All they have to do is the bare minimum to say they tried without getting fined for lying to investors and the fr*nch will keep stealing from taxpayers to bail them out.
If anything it's not as bad as the gachashit that they've been eating up for years.
>>retards namedropping boogeymen with no proof for half the posts in the thread
Changing IDs is real simple, people are n't dumb, you know? There's one sperg who has both been posting news while vehemently calling for the Sweet Baby Inc thread to be deleted.
Former Blizzard boss reckons you should be able to tip developers 'another $10 or $20' on top of $70 games
>“I know $70 is already a lot, but it's an option at the end of the game I wish I had at times. Some games are that special”
Replies: >>242891
Bizarre list of games, especially because BG3 isn't $70.
Spoiler File
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Former Games Workshop Employee Nick Davis Attempts To Defend Company’s Adeptus Custodes Retcon: “There Was No Such Thing As ‘Fact'”
>“The ‘hobby’ as I like to call it is supposed to be fun, a uniting force between gamers, to create friendships, a social fucntion, something to be enjoyed and share,” he asserted. “You never were supposed to build silos of lore, because the very idea of the Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 universe was the history was so convoluted and fragmented there was no such thing as ‘fact.'”
>“Everything was supposed to contradict… That was the purpose,” he asserted.
Respawn Confirms It Will Export Its Disordered Sexual Behavior Propaganda To Saudi Arabia With ‘Apex Legends’
>The statement reads, “We are not changing the game — all Legends will be playable. No Apex Legends content, Legend or Cosmetic, will be restricted at the EWC event.”
‘Star Wars Outlaws’ Creative Director Julian Gerighty Explains Why He Describes Kay Vess As “A Much More Modern Protagonist”
>Speaking with Game Informer, Gerighty first shared his assertion, “I think she’s a much more modern protagonist than we usually see in games.”
>He then explained, “She’s somebody who is very much a street thief who gets thrown into things that are beyond her control, and that she kind of has to think her way out of, and that makes it a little bit more relatable than somebody who has all the confidence and sarcasm and just comes off as somebody who is not believable.”
>He added, “So having her be relatable in that way was something extremely important for us.”
>Gerighty previously told Edge Magazine via Games Radar that his team intentionally tried to make the character more relatable by having her be a rookie.
>He explained that the team wanted her to be “a little bit more relatable.” So they made her “more of a rookie, a petty thief, who ends up in a situation that’s much bigger than they ever expected.”
>Game Director Mathias Karlson also claimed Vess is relatable because she’s not a Jedi. Karlson said, “I think it’s very relatable as a human being on planet Earth that this character doesn’t have any magical powers or properties beyond her daring, her skills, her tools, and her buddy Nix.”
>“The personality type is also perfectly suited for going on a swashbuckling adventure. I think that’s something I really resonated with thinking about this character in terms of building a game and gameplay around it,” he added.
Report: ‘Immortals Of Aveum’ Developer Ascendant Studios Furloughs “Majority Of Their Staff”
>Morness shared on LinkedIn, “Ascendant Studios has furloughed the majority of their staff. I can’t imagine what that would be like as that is worse than getting laid off. It would be good to get eyes on people there looking for work. Stuff like this shouldn’t fly under the radar.”
>He added, “Not sure what the numbers are like, but I’m probably guessing around 30 folks.”
>In response to a comment from Alexander Rehm, Morness provided more details, “They had 45% layoffs 3 weeks after launch which impacted 50 people, there’s been a bit of attrition since, but the remaining team is probably somewhere around 40-45 folks before furlough. But I’m just estimating. I was there at peak headcount. Also not everyone was furloughed.”
John Carmack regrets “not doing more” to support Palmer Luckey being cancelled
Edia teases new Tenshi no Uta revival project
>disordered sexual behavior propaganda
No human talks like this who isn't actively trying to make the listener bluepill himself out of sheer spite. Also, didn't the totally based and redpilled redchanit bros tell me censorship is bad?
Replies: >>242898 >>242900
I think he is just been funny and truthful at the same time.
Replies: >>242908
It's clearly meant to be humorous, you turbo sperg
Replies: >>242908
This is the part where he replies with ">pretending to be retarded".
Replies: >>242916
>“A Much More Modern Protagonist”
Yes because in a galaxy far far away full of hundreds of different alien races humans would give a single shit about burgernigger "modernity".
>There Was No Such Thing As ‘Fact'”
>“The ‘hobby’ as I like to call it is supposed to be fun, a uniting force between gamers, to create friendships, a social fucntion, something to be enjoyed and share,” he asserted. “You never were supposed to build silos of lore, because the very idea of the Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 universe was the history was so convoluted and fragmented there was no such thing as ‘fact.'”
Great, time to tell every lore fag on youtube he's completely wrong and they aren't allowed to argue back.

>John Carmack regrets “not doing more” to support Palmer Luckey being cancelled
>because Luckey donated to Trump
Jesus fuck, Carmack's that much of a faggot? How these people don't understand the irony of doing shit like this while calling others fascists still amazes me.
Replies: >>242917
Actually this is the part where I reply with "are you retarded?"
Replies: >>242932
>Jesus fuck, Carmack's that much of a faggot?
How are you getting that from the article, ignoring the poorly written and easily misconstrued headline?
Replies: >>242921
>implying he read more than the headline
It's almost impressive how bad the three or so fags posting this crap are at fitting in.
Replies: >>242922
Ah fuck, I did skim the article for reason of cancellation but still fell for the shittily worded title implying he regrets not supporting the cancellation. Egg on my face.
Replies: >>242925
[Hide] (517.4KB, 538x360, 00:15)
You are not immune to ratpaganda, anonkun.
Go shit yourself over more obvious jokes sperg.
>expecting me to read all this shit
Jesus christ enough with the viral marketing
>can't quite demonize beauty, let's try pseudointellectualism
>yadda yadda diverse body types
Because yeah, there's totally a potential audience who wants ugly main characters in their games.
>dad bods
Oh dear sweet merciful God no.
[Hide] (3.8MB, 1912x3246) Reverse
Stellar Blade has Managed to Accomplish 1 Feat Helldivers 2 Never Could
>The title generated some controversy for the hypersexualization of its protagonist, but it has accomplished something that not even Helldivers 2 could do. Amazon Germany has confirmed that the pre-order standard physical edition was sold out before launch.
Former Wikipedia CEO calls truth a ‘distraction’
>“That perhaps, for our most tricky disagreements, seeking the truth, and seeking to convince others of the truth, might not be the right place to start. In fact, our reverence for the truth might be a distraction that’s getting in the way of finding common ground and getting things done.”
Replies: >>242961
[Hide] (205.2KB, 816x1356) Reverse
>ctrl+F Stellar Blade ITT
>77 results
The more I see headlines about this game the less organic any of this butthurt feels. Journos that may be bots playing pretend to generate interest on a digital product that's releasing on a Sony platform.
I could only hope the game bombs instead and Sony is forced to close business and never release any piece of hardware for the remainder of life on Earth.
Are you new to the internet? Of course it isn’t organic. Same thing happened with that shitty hogwarts game and dead by daylight game recently. I think it might be a clever agency pulling the strings on this strategy
>shitty game
>no hype
>create “controversy” covering topic of sex or politics depending on the game
>create bots pretending to be trannies to start an uproar 
>this slowly triggers the real ones to partake (they’re retards and eat anything) 
>pay journos to stir pot
>create more bots on twitter to spam “issue”
>people revolt and support game because they hate trannies

This stellar game looks like an even blander bayonetta
Replies: >>242967 >>242998
I'm sure part of it is that people are starved of fanservice games since Sony went crazy and moved Playstation to California, but that doesn't mean you should go back to Playstation at the drop of a hat just because they release one game with fanservice from a Korean gachashit dev. Maybe if they brought back an extra sexy Senran Kagura or something.
Replies: >>242998
[Hide] (2.8MB, 5184x3144) Reverse
[Hide] (231.2KB, 1000x1000) Reverse
>and Sony is forced to close business
May I give you a suggestion?
It is organic(mostly).  Not everything is some master plan.
Replies: >>242989 >>242998
>I could only hope the game bombs instead
I don't think Stellar Blade bombing will do any good to the business, it would just give them an excuse to go "See? People don't want that! They want more ugly females and niggerfaggot shit!" Not that they ever needed some excuse to push that trash...
But this:
>and Sony is forced to close business and never release any piece of hardware for the remainder of life on Earth.
Would be pretty sweet.
Replies: >>243018
It can't potentially be that a high budget production featuring gratuitous fanservice is releasing on a major platform that isn't PC, oh no. It must always be a conspiracy.
Replies: >>242989 >>242998
Controversy is the best way to market nowadays.
Replies: >>242998
Since the dawn of time, Custodes have always been exclusively male in the lore. This is a blatant retcon and you're a retard to pretend otherwise.
Replies: >>242982
Where did I say that wasn't the case, you migapede cuntwaffle? If you had the mental capacity to play, watch or read anything other than jewish outrage porn, you would know that "female space marines" is the magical powerword that every fa/tg/guy with a milliliter of testosterone in his body knows means GW is fucked. Really, truly, finally, for real this time Palladium Megafucked™.
Custards are not "space marines", they don't have "space marines" on the box, so they won't trigger that Pavlovian reaction in literally everyone. But they are close enough some of the less thick 40k niggers might wake from their stupor, so someone at GW figured it would be a good test of how well their previous shitshows over the last 10 years have displaced those real fa/tg/uys with soy golems.
Replies: >>243030
Didn't one of the GTAs use a similar marketing tactic?
Replies: >>242998
is literally a marketing strategy.
Replies: >>242993 >>242998
Whoah you mean giving people what they actually want instead of some ugly preachy character tends to sell things?
Replies: >>242994 >>242998
You're ignoring the point. People selling things want outrage nowadays and will even pay ((( journalists ))) to fuel it because almost any publicity is good publicity. I realize you exist in an echochamber so you will refuse to see things directly in your face if they contradict your views but jesus christ even you have to realize this.
>People selling things want outrage nowadays and will even pay (((  journalists  ))) to fuel it because almost any publicity is good publicity.
Anon, I think the bloggers are doing it for free...
Replies: >>242998
[Hide] (45.2KB, 392x495) Reverse
<everything that happens ever is because of a jew, only jews have any agency and can cause things to happen, this is true because Alex Jones told me in fact of course
Take my (You), you slut.
Replies: >>242997
Who are you quoting retard?
Replies: >>242999
[Hide] (149.5KB, 684x389) Reverse
It's not a matter of being a "conspiracy" or not.
The "outrage" is clearly fake most of the times, but the point is that in the last decade this fake outrage was done not to sell more copies, but to intimidate devs so they would censor their own game or add "divershitty" niggerfaggot shit.
Did you live under a rock all this time!?

So the argument here is, are they doing this fake outrage because they want the Stellar Blade devs to cover and ugly-fy the main character, and shove nigger and faggots to the game, or they are being paid to do it as a marketing strategy to sell more copies?

In my opinion?
I think they tried their usual autistic screeching so that devs would fill the games with niggers and faggots, and now that it didn't work they are simply coping.
They tried the same with Bayonetta, and when it didn't work, they went from:
<Sexism! Game for incels! Unrealistic standards of beauty! Objectification!
<Actually, Bayonetta is a feminist icon! Looks like we won this time again, ehehe we are not coping here, no sir!

>Anon, I think the bloggers are doing it for free...
Exactly, that's why i think they did it expecting the devs to cave in.
Replies: >>243006 >>243014
[Hide] (15.1KB, 268x221) Reverse
(You) of course. Or at least what goes on in the clump of dopamine receptors you call a brain.
[Hide] (300.3KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
>So the argument here is, are they doing this fake outrage because they want the Stellar Blade devs to cover and ugly-fy the main character, and shove nigger and faggots to the game
I do believe they are doing that or they just bitching about it, a combination of both, the salt is pretty good.
The only thing left is to wait, I wonder what soyny or the gook are going to do after getting all that monopoly shekels from the normalfags, would be hilarious if they add niggers, sodomites and a fat Eve in an upgrade down the line, another salt mine, win win, if you ask me.
Replies: >>243011
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1280x720) Reverse
Well, I think that after that faggot Ryan left his CEO position, Hiroki Totoki is ready to bring back the tight pussy babes to the PS tripples which is why they made Stellar Blade an exclusive.
My dad works at nintendo and he told me that next year, Totoki is nuking the California HQs and is buying land on S. Korea and Nippon and he's also bringing back Ape Escape.
Screencap this post.
Replies: >>243008
Does your dad know the specs of the Dreamcast 2?
Replies: >>243009
[Hide] (972.2KB, 650x898) Reverse
My pa just sent me this. I hope you appreciate hes putting his job at risk to bring you this leak.
He's working on Skies of Arcadia 2 also.
>rookie petty thief
No one cares when that just means Mary Sue who somehow meets the galaxy's worst criminals all at once and beats them. But not surprising with lazy devs who just copy paste their character into a Star Wars movie rather then create their own world within the universe.
At worst this is just Sony trying to fill a gap inbetween the Piss5 Pro and TLOU2++ edition from being released. Not that it matters given Microsoft and Nintendo have fuck all to release on their own. Wishful thinking that a Korean third party dev failing would somehow change Hollyweird's gaming cousin.
[Hide] (745.5KB, 220x226) Reverse
>would be hilarious if they add niggers, sodomites and a fat Eve in an upgrade down the line
Replies: >>243016
>The "outrage" is clearly fake most of the times
You can't just make an outrageous claim like this or the rest of your post without proof. That is indeed an unfounded conspiracy.
Replies: >>243015 >>243027
Top 10 posts never before seen on /v/
[Hide] (114KB, 1590x400) Reverse
even more than that (its failure being colored as a problem with fanservice games instead of the truth of shitty games on a shittier console), if it's successful it proves they only need to sprinkle in some fanservice games to keep making profits amid the poztrain, so it's a win-win for sony if it bombs or sells
You're right.  I too demand proof that it's only fake most of the time, after the mailing list leak in GG 1.0 proved it was fake all of the time.  Good catch, anon.
Custodes are vastly superior to even the top 1% of Space Marines. Therefore having female Custodes means that there is nothing preventing the Imperium (GW) from making female Space Marines too without any lore explanation, since women are clearly capable of being stronger, smarter, faster and bigger than even the bestest male space marine. 

GW fucked 40K beyond repair.
>kowtowing commie fags make a game with fat gay niggers
>shits propaganda and I hate it and grr
>someone makes a game with an attractive female character and is unapologetic about it
>shits a conspiracy and I hate it and grr
Replies: >>243037 >>243046
Are you retarded?

Why are latinx subhumans allowed to post on here?
Replies: >>243137
On top of that, esl retards shouldn’t be allowed to post on here but anyways
>Stellar Blade
>Sony exclusive 
this game being heavily and desperately shilled across social media makes a lot of sense now.
Replies: >>243137
[Hide] (401.3KB, 320x270) Reverse
I, for one, hope the game sells well and convinces Soyny to put down the soy.
Wishful thinking, I know, but It's the redemption arc I wanna see.
Replies: >>243047 >>243048
I hope so too.
I read that the new CEO that took the place of that Ryan faggot is only temporary, so i hope that the next CEO is going to be Japanese and will make Sony and PlayStation japanese once again by getting rid of any western faggots' influence.
[Hide] (80.4KB, 750x717) Reverse
The marketing division did their job well, i hope it sells well.
Most of you are violently autistic so please humor me when I chuckle at you pretending to understand marketing,  or anything else for that matter.
Replies: >>243057
Marketing is when you make ads begging normalfags to buy a product held by a sexy 3DPD women.
Replies: >>243065
Marketing is to promote a product with the ultimate goal of selling it. The means you use to achieve it doesn't matter. Nowadays corporations use this kind of strategies because if people promote things for you is cheaper, an example would be giving a famous e-celeb a game so he can play it and reach its audience, then people will copy him and do the same for free, generating a lot of reach with a little initial invest.
Replies: >>243100
>giving a famous e-celeb a game so he can play it 
Remember when EA tried this with Dead Space 3 and all of them shit on it? That was a good laugh.
[Hide] (390KB, 512x512) Reverse
[Hide] (290.2KB, 756x656) Reverse
[Hide] (908.9KB, 1200x675) Reverse
Warhammer 40K Fan Site Attacks Players As “Bigots” For Disliking Female Adeptus Custodes Retcon
Report: Bot Account Promoting ‘Star Wars Outlaws’ Suspended By Elon Musk’s X
>An alleged bot account that was promoting Ubisoft and Lucasfilm Games’ upcoming Star Wars Outlaws has been suspended by Elon Musk’s X.
>Social media analyst and YouTuber MastersoftheTDS reports, “Another bot account I exposed, that was shilling for Star Wars: Outlaws, has been suspended for violating Twitter’s policies. Someone is definitely watching, but who?”
>As seen in the post below, he shared a screenshot of the account elsol82lp being suspend as well as previous posts from the account that he alleged was engaging in bot behavior.
>MasteroftheTDS originally posited the account was part of a network of bots back on April 10th, when he wrote, “Ubisoft dropped a new story trailer yesterday, April 9th, for their upcoming Star Wars game, Star Wars: Outlaws. I already exposed some bots potentially running interference for the game and praising the enhanced graphics and Nvidia’s advanced AI technology. ”
>He added, “However, it would appear those were not the only bots out there. Here are some strange ones that were posted in the past 4 days or so that seem to be summarizing articles or trailer breakdowns. I sense a disturbance in both the Force and the Internet.”
If only they made the MC a white blonde blue eye human male that has a qt loli twi'lek companion, but no.
‘Pokémon GO’ Players Demand Niantic Reverse Newly Rolled Out Avatar Changes: “Why Y’all Make Everybody Ugly”
Replies: >>243104 >>243106
>not making qt twi'lek loli main character
Replies: >>243107
>play a shitty always-online game where the creator has full control over the content
>get censored through a patch
Gee who could have seen this coming? Too bad they won't learn to stop supporting live service games.
>no qt twi'lek loli at all
they have the formula of free money in their hands and are rejecting it
Replies: >>243108 >>243109
>Jedi Academy mission pack ride all love for retro FPSes
>little twi'lek girl delivery/scavenger/whatever acquires holocron
>guardian fufills missing parental role and she gets overly attached to it
>evil group wants it because they've got some plot item that uses holocrons to do something and they think she witnessed something
>something happens to turn girl from trying to get away from the nuts trying to kill her and take her stuff to actually take initiative against them

It's not even hard.
[Hide] (196.5KB, 512x512) Reverse
>MC is captain of a star destroyer
>need to do special operation in wild space
>star destroyer is full of tsundure lolis all the way to mesugakis that need correction
Star wars fans get what they fucking deserve: shit.
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1080x640) Reverse
[Hide] (97.1KB, 560x745) Reverse
Here's your anti-DEI anthem bro :^)
Replies: >>243130 >>243144
[Hide] (85KB, 792x558) Reverse
>This video has been removed by the uploader
Replies: >>243132 >>243155
a grate heero has preserved it just 4 (You)
Replies: >>243144
Merely making an observation. You can throw your eoic new boogeyman accusation at me all you want it's retarded how much the mere mention of the game makes you froth at the mouth.
Aegis The First Mission being re-released.

[Hide] (41.9KB, 349x374) Reverse
>making games great again
>we need pretty ladies
<a-and handsome men too
>the game has only just begun
>beautiful gamer girls
<a-and handsome gamer boys, too
>let's all unite (oh-oh-oh)
No. I'm not uniting with you.
[Hide] (4.5KB, 341x113) Reverse
What is wrong on having a handsome MC?
I guess ((( they ))) got him.
Luckly I manage to download it, when I was enccoding a smaller version for the webm thread.
Any nerd can upload it in the internet archive?
Replies: >>243163
Spoiler File
(76KB, 1440x795) Reverse
I wonder who could be behind this post.
Replies: >>243243
We have an entire board dedicated to male self-improvement you know? There is nothing wrong with being attractive.
Removed by the uploader means he deleted it himself, after realizing how embarassing of a display it is.
>What is wrong on having a handsome MC?
Pretty sure anon is complaining about the "oh um no don't get me wrong I'm all about equality don't hate me please based feminist overlords" aspect of it.
Replies: >>243167
>after realizing how embarassing of a display it is.
I chose to believe ((( they ))) got him.
I wouldn't mind a comical game with a fat ugly bastard MC and pretty women characters that isn't a Wario game.
Replies: >>243253
Too bad all you get are RPGmaker "games" that take themselves too seriously.
Why would you even have women in the future apocalyptic nightmare where every human is a genetic freak made through vats? It's like killing the male chicks because they can't lay eggs: there is no use for them anymore.
Replies: >>243259 >>243262
[Hide] (442.4KB, 640x480) Reverse
>Why would you even have women
Because the mindset of these people is that there must always be women/minorities/trannies/etc. in every element of every moment of every fictional landscape because doing so will magically (Not shitting you, LITERALLY magically) cause those same circumstances to occur in reality. It's no hyperbole or exaggeration to declare that these people literally see themselves as reality-warping wizards who know better than everyone else about the way that the world "should" work. And if you disagree with them for any reason, then you're just stupid because you haven't been educated and enlightened like they have.
Replies: >>243359
[Hide] (41.9KB, 349x374) Reverse
>Why would you even have women in the future apocalyptic nightmare where every human is a genetic freak made through vats?
That's never been how 40k works. Tell me the real name of the All Guardsmen Party's boss right now or your life is forfeit.
Replies: >>243263 >>243266
ur mum
get a new image I've seen it twice today
Replies: >>243264
you saw it 2x ITT, to be exact. >>243144
Replies: >>243265
[Hide] (738.8KB, 640x640) Reverse
Oh wow I thought it was in another thread
>All Guardsmen Party
<I wonder if it ever got finished
<check suptg
>last thread 2022
What the fuck
Replies: >>243271
Shoggy had a hard life.
>stock market collapse
>gamesworkshop fails
>autist fans buy entire IP
>launch WH50K
>female custodians fell to slanesh
>slanesh custodians spread chaos through emperium
>emperor becomes new chaos demon
>buttsex slanesh fags get roped by cloned emperor warp god marines
Nah, that won't ever happen.
Replies: >>243279
Would be hilarious if the guy that made Monstergirl Encyclopedia bought WH40k.
Replies: >>243282
It'll be filled with everyman getting a monster wife and everyone will be happy
[Hide] (202.4KB, 590x855) Reverse
Slight update to the EU situation.
Replies: >>243315
Also the UK parliament petition is open.
Replies: >>243480 >>243482
Truth be told, I know jack shit about wh40k, but:
>ctrl + f
>"adepta sororitas"
>0 results
So, uh... why aren't the pre-existing all female troops enough? Aren't they badass enough?
Replies: >>243326
>So, uh... why aren't the pre-existing all female troops enough? Aren't they badass enough?
Trannies and femoids want to infiltrate every male space, they don't care about representation. The fact that SMs and Custodes are males is what made them an attractive target for those faggots. They couldn't care any less about expanding the Sororitas and Sisters of Silence lore, what they want is to shoehorn themselves into an order that was exclusively male. 

There's many female 40K fans that are against this retcon, they say exactly what I just said above. Why retcon the lore instead of expanding it? When was the last fucking time GW did anything with the lore of the Sisters of Battle and Silence? 
There's female-exclusive military orders in the Imperium and yet that wasn't enough for the tranny horde, they only want to take down the male exclusive orders.
Replies: >>243327
>Trannies and femoids want to infiltrate every male space
It would help to explain the 'why'.  Organized homogenous male groups equals dead, jailed, or exiled usurping parasite class.  So they send their little eunichs everywhere to prevent any from forming.
[Hide] (311KB, 597x574) Reverse
All myths directly or indirectly go back to the myth of Paradise; and the technical productivity man is witnessing seems to have spurred a proliferation of myths.  Psychologists and sociologists have observed the appearance of new myths; and many theories have been advanced to account for this return of man to the sacred world.  But such explanations are unsatisfactory because they lack a material basis.  That material basis is, in fact, the enormous technical progress of the modern world.  This progress restores to man the supernatural world from which he had been severed, an incomprehensible world but one which he himself has made, a world full of promises that he knows can be realized and of which he is potentially the master.  He is seized by sacred delirium when he sees the shining track of a supersonic jet or visualizes the vast granaries stocked for him.  He projects this delirium into the myth through which he can control, explain, direct, and justify his actions.
...and his slavery.
-Jacques Ellul, The Technological Society
[Hide] (2.7MB, 498x277) Reverse
Replies: >>243354
truly a god among men, he hath converted me
Replies: >>243355
[Hide] (279.3KB, 2048x1536) Reverse
Then go play his games.
Replies: >>243356
>eshop dead
Sure bro let me get right on that
Replies: >>243357
[Hide] (2.9MB, 4032x3024) Reverse
Guess you'll just have to wait for the PC re-release.  Harold's Walk has one already, though.
Replies: >>243358
Harold's Walk isn't on PC yet my friend
Replies: >>243362
[Hide] (161.5KB, 917x285) Reverse
>Because the mindset of these people is that there must always be women/minorities/trannies/etc. in every element of every moment of every fictional landscape because doing so will magically cause those same circumstances to occur in reality.
Pic related is why kikes do this kind of shit, this is what they actually believe.
Replies: >>243376
[Hide] (16.1KB, 340x230) Reverse
>Pic 3
That is essentially me.
As a kid i couldn't wait to see and play the vidya of the future and now i went retro after seeing how shit modern vidya is.
Replies: >>243364
guess youll have to settle for Automaton Lung
[Hide] (240.2KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
what is the source of this text?
Replies: >>243377
Replies: >>243379
Just when I thought the UK couldn't be more cucked
Anon they circumsize even their fucking kitchen knives.
[Hide] (832.1KB, 1024x576) Reverse
>here's your Isaac Newton bro
This is just the most recent example I can think of them pulling this shit.
Can't spell cuck without UK.
Replies: >>243410
I remember nuWho always being a bit like that but nogs were still mostly used in future settings (even then often inappropriately), then Old Man /Who/ (s08) hits and it's suddenly we wuz every time. That was in 2014.
I want to see them blackwash tarzan and hitler now.
Replies: >>243407
[Hide] (194.8KB, 1200x1454) Reverse
[Hide] (118KB, 1200x1505) Reverse
[Hide] (230.1KB, 1200x603) Reverse
[Hide] (124.9KB, 751x783) Reverse
>not shitstain
Anyway, Jewgle AI already niggerfied NatSoc soldiers, and the usual suspects got butthurt about it
<Oy vey! You were supposed to turn every white hystorical fugure into a nigger except for nazis and anyone who could be considered "bad" in modern brainwashed society!!!
I don't know about you guys, but i am starting to hate pajeets just as much as niggers and kikes.
Replies: >>243408 >>243421
>starting to
anon, really?
They hate all humanity but they hate anglos and those with anglo stock with a particularity. That's why you're targeted for "special" treatment that and for producing the lingua franca of the rest of the world.

Blackrock will kill all broadcast media by pulling the plug on it well before the plebes have the opportunity to make a public example by reforming it or by pulling it down themselves.

This is why the pivot into hobbies and into ruining those instead. Gotta find a way to insert DIE into kayaking and fishing so you can't talk about them outside of "clap for the retarded creatura"
From what I've been told not many people watch the BBC anymore anyway. It's like the CBC where they get infinite state funding so they just shit out whatever antiwhite crap they please to an audience of no one.
Raj seems like a cool guy.
[Hide] (164.4KB, 413x352) Reverse
Stop posting these clickbait articles that aren't even news. This isn't twitter.
[Hide] (1.8MB, 420x200) Reverse
>Stop posting these clickbait articles that aren't even news.
I have to second this.
Article is just some butthurt tranny from TheGamer going:
<"Nobody was ever against hot characters, but it's not up to straight white males decide what's hot and what's not, we do!"
<"obese, disabled niggerfaggots can be hot too, you know"
They are just coping at this point, they are essentially that meme of a crying guy wearing a smug face mask, but in real life.
Replies: >>243468 >>243469
>2D Eve with Sailor Moon legs
I'd play this, not that niggerbrain thicc western coomer bait design they got going on now though.

Replies: >>243469 >>243470
Are you the guy who hates wide hips?
>I'd play this, not that niggerbrain thicc western coomer bait design they got going on now though.
I don't see any problem with the current design.
[Hide] (124.7KB, 761x877) Reverse
[Hide] (222.6KB, 1156x885) Reverse
The UK petition crossed 10,000 signatures and is now awaiting a government response which will most likely be dismissive. The real goal is 100,000 where they are forced to debate it.
Meanwhile, the australian petition has opened. It has also passed the minimum 50 signatures, but the more the better since the australian government hates videogames.
Everything is going quite well so far.
Replies: >>243487 >>243489
>Only British citizens or UK residents have the right to sign
I don't want this fix /v/anon. What would a librarian say about superfluous legislation? What would a progmetlist say about unenforceable legislation? What would an accelerent say about not burning most of the industry down?

None of this is for me and you know the bar would be set so low that the devs would simply say "oh that's deprecated we have a new one out/we can't afford to support the old one any more" and the ovetpaid friends of Israel would say "you did the best you could thanks for culturally enriching us".

Hate to be a debassist cunt but I just don't see how it's going to help little Johnny or his 70 Great British Pounds get anywhere near decent value for the money.

Let them forspake their way through the industry. Every one of those companies is too far gone to save.
Replies: >>243488
Again, the only real solution isn't to try and navigate the cesspool of modern government to try and force a conglomerate to change their ways; it's to make your own fucking games.
>should we force video gayme publishers to allow paying customers continued access to the gayme they supposedly purchased after the developer is done milking every shekel out of it?
<NOOOOO YOU CAN'T DO THAT! that's anti-semetic! they didn't buy the gayme anyway they only purchased the rights to use the product as long as we made it available! see here? it says right on page 204 of our 452 page TOS that the goyim have to agree to after purchasing that we reserve the right to revoke access at any time for any reason
>yes master
While I don't disagree with what they're trying to do and good on them for trying, I just don't see publishers not jewing their way out of it even if it happens. They'll find a way to legally classify gaymes as "experiences" or some other gay shit to get around it. Pirate a library of good games, work through the backlog, replay some classics and just enjoy the dumpster fire.
Replies: >>243491
Either it works or it doesn't. Did you know every film publisher used to have their own cinema at one point? It is only after a lawsuit that you can now watch any new film in any cinema.
Replies: >>243497 >>243500
>expecting demoralized faggots to ever do anything but mope
Replies: >>243498
I'm pretty sure they're just publisher shills. One ubisoft PR guy was discovered on accursed farms unofficial discord asking for evidence for Ross being a child molestor or something.
>after a lawsuit
The only good that's ever come from a lawsuit is Kotaku-Hulkamania. Nothing else good ever comes from there. Those companies deserved to fail and were prevented from doing so. Now you've got modern (hell even old) Hollywood.

Thank you. Hooray. I'm still cheerleading for team "let it fail" but if you want to sign the petition using a foreign IP address or a robot you can because the UK hasn't any competency still there any more.
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Kazuma Kaneko is now working on a new game IP at a company called "Colopl".

Replies: >>243515
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EA Japan exec criticises Japanese rating board for banning Dead Space, but passing Stellar Blade
>The general manager of EA Japan has criticised the Japanese ratings board for what he believes are discrepancies in the way Dead Space and Stellar Blade have been rated.
>Japanese games are rated by the Computer Entertainment Rating Organization (CERO) and can only be sold in Japan after they’ve been reviewed and rated.
>Stellar Blade has been passed for a CERO D rating, which means it can’t be purchased by players under 17 years of age, unless they have parental consent.
>This has annoyed EA Japan general manager Shaun Noguchi, who took to X (as spotted by Automaton) to complain that CERO refused to give the Dead Space remake a rating, effectively banning the console version in Japan, over gore that he believes is similar to that in Stellar Blade.
>Posting a selection of screenshots from the Stellar Blade demo showing severed limbs with visible bones, and guts splattered on the floor, Noguchi claimed that CERO’s decision not to rate Dead Space was based on similarly graphic content.
>“What do you mean, CERO?”, Noguchi wrote, before saying he felt the Stellar Blade demo was “a lot of fun” and “full of action”.
>“CERO, you said that our Dead Space was no good because the cross-section of damaged parts and internal organs were visible. But here you can see both the cross-sections and insides, so I’m not convinced you are using CERO D.”
>Noguchi went on to stress that his post was a criticism of CERO, rather than Stellar Blade.
>“Just to add something to avoid any misunderstanding, I have no ill will towards Stellar Blade itself,” he explained. “It was fun and I recommend you should buy it.”
>“This is purely a complaint about the ambiguity of the review process in Japan, and I can give many examples of the ambiguity that is prevalent in the review process for other titles as well.”
>The official Stellar Blade account on X posted a message on Sunday declaring that the game “offers the same uncensored version in all countries, including the Japanese version”.
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Is a monkey paw afoot? Time will tell.
Replies: >>243516
Nah, you don't need time to tell you that a mobile game will be pure shit.
By that logic cero would be forced to allow more sex because they let TLOU2 get away with it.
Replies: >>243538 >>245694
Good, fuck EA
No they didn't, they censored it.
Replies: >>243541
Do you have a webm with the censored sodomy scene?
Replies: >>243542
I ain't saving that shit.
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Warhammer 40K: The Emperor Is Genderqueer And 4 Other Major Reveals From ‘The End And The Death Volume 1’
>The penultimate book in the Siege of Terra is packed full of new information. The Emperor of Mankind is full of surprises.
>After nearly two decades and scores of books the saga of the Horus Heresy is  coming to a close. The penultimate book in the Siege of Terra, has been released. In, The End and The Death Volume 1, Dan Abnett takes us through the closing hours of the great war. It is a massive jammed packed book. It’s a absolutely massive novel full of revelations and  new information.  Today let’s take a look at a few things we learned.
>The book reveals that the being known as The Emperor, has been many different people during their life. This isn’t really new knowledge. However while we know the being that sits the Golden Throne as He, it turns out that hasn’t always been hasn’t always been the case. In the past the Emperor has lived both as a man and a woman. Living whole lives as woman and changing at will and need. It seems clear the Emperor is genderqueer and can live and present as they wish. How the Emperor feels isn’t known, but how they present is. In fact we don’t even know for sure what gender was assigned to The Emperor at birth.
>In Master of Mankind there is a section on “The Boy Who Would Be King” which seems to show the Emperor as male at a young age. However these visions are very likely lies. In addition they don’t confirm anything about the Emperor’s birth.
>This is a great move by Abnett. The Emperor in many ways is above gender and this makes sense for their character. I hope we see more like this. Interestingly it opens up the possibility that the Emperor could become a woman again in the future.
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lol EA butthurt
>By that logic cero would be forced to allow more sex because they let TLOU2 get away with it.
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