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Putin's given us the boot! Read about it here: https://zzzchan.xyz/news.html#66208b6a8fca3aefee4bf211


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As much headaches it had caused this place for like a week, its still current and ongoing.

What is this about?  During the first scandal of that kind, a company called Silverstring Media that employed  a friend who was also a tranny of the Lady who started it was discovered. It was consulting company. Thanks to participants outside of the /v/ general focusing on games journalism only, these discoveries fell through the cracks. It was obvious to anyone who wasn't circle jerking inside a general, that those people would sooner or later change tactics and go directly to AAA gaming to change it up instead of pushing their agenda from a "indie Scene" that resembled a smoldering crater than a legit replacement for freeware. 10 years later, and it was discovered that there are multiple narrative consulting companies to like 

> Tangy Yakuza Inc. is a narrative development and consultation studio based in Wuakeka MN and working around the globe. Our mission is to tell smellier, more disgusting stories while making sure every character smells really bad.

Fine, this was joke. What isn't a joke is the influence of people who hate us in the writing and gameplay of virtually every shit game released this decade. This is why some Hue-monkey decided to open a Steam curator to help people not playing these games that got employees from one of those consulting companies so assmad that he reenacts the worst behaviors from web 1.0. and started to bother the poor guy and attempted to get him and the curator b&. In fact, some people are still so extremely mad about being discovered that they stuffed the last thread bullshit.

*Some links from the first OP*

>Sweet Baby Inc. CEO Kim Belair Speech Urged Employees To “Terrify” Video Game Companies If They “Don’t Give You What They Want”
>Kotaku: Sweet Baby Inc. Doesn’t Do What Some Gamers Think It Does
>cuckchan /pol/ thread with people complaining they got banned for discussing SBI
>SBI employee asking his twitter slaves to mass report the BR curator page and the owner for "harassment" 
>Sweet Baby Inc. CEO And Co-Founder Kim Belair Compares White Male Gamers To Picky Babies
>Spider-Man, Alan Wake, Ridiculous Fishing devs speak up in support of consultancy studio Sweet Baby Inc

*Steam curators*
>Steam curator page of SBI detected
>ESG-consultants Detected
>Woke and Censored Games Alert

*ESG funding is big in Japan*
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Most regular posters here know about those antics. Don't even try.
Replies: >>239566
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Here's a gem from last thread. Innovated tactics indeed. Mods called his shit and threw it in the trash.
Replies: >>239568
The girl hes referring to isnt a cosplay. THE GAME CHARACTER is based on her. The GAME CHARACTERS are almost all based on real people (child models,german politicians and more)
Replies: >>239569
Fun fact: The child models were posted on Krautchan's /b/ on a regular basis. This got the penetrant that one of the girl's names was word filtered to "pest". Fuchur had the galaxy brained idea to add all of them to the game. This is also the reason why the game got into conflict with 4um's policies and got banned on /v/.
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>>239563 (OP) 
> 5///337 848Y C0N7120V31125Y
Why the cryptic title, OP?
Replies: >>239577
So assholes don't find it quickly by searching the catalog and then pump it full of garbage. It obviously didn't work against niggerpill. It should keep out other bad actors out. 

Do I look like a pedo LARPer to you? Its just another piece of useful information from the last thread.
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Elon Musk:
>Sweet Baby Inc is an evil blight on the gaming industry. 
>All they do is make games terrible and try to cancel people. 
>They cannot go broke soon enough!
Replies: >>239585
Says the guy who owns twitter
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>OP tries to make the title cryptic to deter bots and paid shills
>the three words are in the post, multiple times, anyway
c'mon man.
anyway remember to keep all this shit archived. most companies turn to shit like schweet babby because they think it's the popular thing to do (or they're pressured). the more they can look up on that company and related companies and their goals to artificially introduce this shit and make a true, informed decision from there, the better
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So...has anything else actually happened?
Replies: >>239622
Other than the ADL decided to jam it into it? Not too much.
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Not many new things things to report from the Steam group except the new Steam curators from the OP besides SBI Detected need more followers before they appear in curator search.

So his mind finally snapped just because I created this thread this morning? All we got is little recycled stuff from the last one, shut up bitch by Pantherden and Elon Musks tweet about the grift and he already jumping up and down throwing his own turds for 3 like hours.
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Seagull, wtf are doing!?
My posts weren't niggepill.

I guess the thread is cleaned, at least
Where are my posts?
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>janny censored all the best posts while leaving most of the obvious cuckchan blacked.gov CIA niggerpill JIDF shill retard newfag niggerposts
has niggerpill infiltrated the janitorial staff?
Replies: >>239759
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<----- Niggerpill:
>we tried demoralization tactics, telling them this was a losing effort, and they just laughed at us
>we tried to pretend to be one if them and push the idea that pedophilia is okay, but they busted us right away
>then we tried convincing them to do terrorism to no avail
>we also insulted them calling them "losers" in a rage fit but once again, we got mocked by everyone
>we tried spamming the thread with random dick pics and CP but they caught us and the mod deleted all that shit
>then we started crying into an impotent rage fit and then wrote unintellingent gibberish out of desperation
>I got an idea! It seems that here they hate something called "blacked.moe", i don't even know what the fuck that is, but let's try naming that shit as often as we can, that will surely work!
>What!? That didn't work? Then let's start from the first one all over again, it never worked, but maybe we just didn't try often enough
>I got a great idea! What if we start accusing EVERYONE of being niggerpill!? This way they'll get paranoid and will not trust each others anymore! No matter if our spam is so retarded that sticks out like a sore thumb! <---------- (((  You  ))) are here

Fuck it, i'll repost it
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Is this the designated shitposting thread?
I mean, me neither, but I also can't claim I added much to the conversation (maybr you did in which case rip) so if my posts went down with some faggot's, then acceptable losses.
Because you keep giving him attention, retard. Is it so hard to just ignore him?
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You're basically asking people to not mock the jester  his mere existence is just for us to laugh and point in ridicule 
there would be less of this shit if it were just redirected to  the news thread rather than inviting  the jester in
This is a separate person from Maya Kramer/legobutts
Some twitterfag has something nice for us. Seems like the feds are very worried what some livestreamers are saying despite the fact that vast majority of them are working for some agency and working on the most moderated platforms on the planet.

Replies: >>239676
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>they think livestreamers are the point of origin of extremism™
Replies: >>239678
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This ridiculous witch hunt by glowniggers will end up radicalizing people for real.
>>239563 (OP) 
>*ESG funding is big in Japan*
That NOT what those links detail at all. Stocks have nothing to do with ESG funding.
Replies: >>239690
>jews buying stocks in jap companies has no correlation to ESG funding
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Former Bungie And The Pokémon Company Lawyer Defends Sweet Baby Inc., Says His Job Was To Get “Rid” Of Anti-Woke Gamers
>Former lawyer for Bungie and The Pokémon Company as well as the producer on Detective Pikachu Don McGowan defended Sweet Baby Inc. and admitted his job was to get “rid” of anti-woke gamers.
>McGowan made his comments using the X handle legalminimum, but previously identified himself back in September 2022 writing, ” My real name is trivially easy to locate but just so it’s clear: I am Don McGowan. I spent 12 years as the Chief Legal Officer of Pokémon and am now the General Counsel of Bungie.”
>McGowan responded to a thread by Kotaku journalist Alyssa Mercante that claims that Sweet Baby Inc. as well as herself are being harassed. Of note, Mercante does not share that Sweet Baby Inc. employees Chris Kindred and Maya Kramer as well as CEO Kim Belair have launched multiple cancel campaigns against a Steam Curator list and its creator Brazilian gamer KabrutusRambo. >She also makes no mention of the racist actions of past Sweet Baby Inc. employees or past racist comments made by Kim Belair.
Mercante initially wrote, “If you aren’t sure this is a harassment campaign, just take a look at the content. Look at how many sock puppet accounts flock to comment on posts. Look at the language in those comments. Look at the images they’re sharing, the way they’re manipulating pictures of women.”
>McGowan reacted to the thread with his own by accusing gamers of being sexist and racist. He wrote, “Thread. 20 years in games, 17 in the C-suite, so I am well situated to say: these people blaming one consultancy for everything they don’t like are again demonstrating they know nothing about the subject they purport to be discussing. They are sexist and racist.”
>Next, he made the absurd claim that video game developers at-large no longer want to make games for gamers. Not only did he make that claim, but he also revealed his entire career has been built around trying to get rid of gamers.
>He wrote, “And it never occurs to them that the reason nobody made games “for them” was because nobody wanted to make those kinds of games. Nobody wants your money because no one wants you in their environment. Take it from someone most of whose job was figuring out ways to get rid of you.”
>“Trust and Safety departments exist to get aholes out of the gaming environment,” he continued. “You end up creating them to get rid of aholes, because adult humans don’t want to spend their leisure time with assholes. You’re a GamerGater? F* off, you gdamn child.”
>“Nobody wants your money. Go spend it on anime porn,” he directed.
>McGowan then took a shot at Former World of Warcraft Team Lead Mark Kern via X user Rami Ismail. Ismail is a Muslim activist and co-founder of Vlambeer that has produced the mobile game Ridiculous Fishing, Luftrausers, and Nuclear Throne.
>Ismail wrote, “So the Gamergate ex-dev grifter is back claiming shit about forced diversity leading to funding and let me tell you, not even once in my life have I worked on or with any title that had an easier timing getting funding because it was different, diverse, inclusive, or equitable.”
>McGowan responded, “As always, Rami Ismail has nailed it.”
>Next, he posted, “By the way, if you’re f*ing crying about the fact that I’m telling you to eat shit, think about why you’re such a person that the producer of Detective Pikachu thinks you are human garbage, and maybe work on being less s*ty.”
>He continued, “You complain about bubbles, but you’re living in the biggest one. You dorks sit around self-reinforcing that you’re somehow not human garbage. Get your moms to give you more allowance and buy a clue.”
>“I have to say I’m almost impressed with the one person who quote-tweeted the original tweet and also screenshotted it in case I blocked him, so he could have forever proof that he is a dork and no one intelligent agrees with him,” he wrote.
>“I mean, I still blocked him, because dork,” he added.
>Next, McGowan shared an interview he did with Aftermath where he explained what he did at both Bungie and The Pokémon Company as a way of giving his opinion more authority.
>After that he wrapped up his thread writing, “What’s the old rule about not showing tolerance to people who are themselves intolerant? That one. That’s what you see in this thread and my responses. No, I’m not interested in “debate”. No, I don’t care if you think I’m a ‘bully’. Get back in your f***ing lockers.”
>“This thread is giving my block finger a good workout,” he added. ”
>Finally, he concluded, “‘He doesn’t want to hear the truth’ uh, sure, dork. What you believe isn’t true. ‘What, people aren’t allowed to disagree?’ have at it, champ. I just don’t care about your opinion. Etc.”
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Game Developer Consultant Richie de Wit Promises To Destroy Careers Of Video Game Company Employees If They Call Out DEI Policies
>Richie de Wit, the founder of Bear Knuckle, which is described as “an inclusive business development consultancy for experience and up-and-coming game developers” promised to destroy the careers of anyone in the video game industry that calls out DEI policies.
>As captured by former World of Warcraft Team Lead Mark Kern, de Wit posted on X before locking his account down, “I’ve been seeing more and more hateful Gamergate-esque opinions. I want be clear on where I stand. I won’t tolerate any harassment, violence, or threats towards devs, minorities, and women in our industry in any space that I own or have control over.”
>He continued, “I don’t care about your opinions and won’t go into discussions with you. I’m not interested in explaining to you how little you know of the workings of our industry, and I will report and block your account.”
>He concluded by threatening, “And if, by any chance, you happen to be working in this industry and you are voicing said opinions, I’ll screenshot you, put you on a person list, and advocate that you’ll never work at a company I work for or associated with.”
>While de Wit admitted he will actively engage in this behavior, former Bungie lawyer Don McGowan admitted he had been using the tactics within the video game industry for years.
>He detailed on X, “And it never occurs to them that the reason nobody made games ‘for them’ was because nobody wanted to make those kinds of games. Nobody wants your money because no one wants you in their environment. Take it from someone most of whose job was figuring out ways to get rid of you.”
>“Trust and Safety departments exist to get aholes out of the gaming environment,” he continued. “You end up creating them to get rid of aholes, because adult humans don’t want to spend their leisure time with assholes. You’re a GamerGater? F* off, you gdamn child.”
>“Nobody wants your money. Go spend it on anime porn,” he wrote.
>de Wit’s comments also come in the wake of Sweet Baby Inc. employees Chris Kindred and Maya Kramer attempting to cancel Brazilian gamer KabrutusRambo and his Steam Curator list. Kabrutus created a Steam Curator list of all games that Sweet Baby Inc. worked on and clearly labels them as “do not recommend.”
>In response to this, both Kindred called for mass reporting of both the Steam Curator list and KabrutusRambo’s personal Steam account.
>Kindred wrote, “The Steam curator harassment group Sweet Baby Inc detected is lead by this person, kabrutusrambo. Here’s them trying to be slick so they don’t get reported. >Even with the discriminatory language filed off, the group itself still fails the code of conduct.”
Sweet Baby Inc. Employee Chris Kindred Doubles Down On Call To Cancel Steam Curator List And Labels Members As “Nazis”
>Sweet Baby Inc. employee Chris Kindred, who launched the cancel campaign against Brazilian gamer KabrutusRambo and his Steam Curator list, doubled down on calling for the list to be cancelled and proceeded to label followers as “Nazis.”
>Originally, Kindred attempted to cancel the Steam Curator list and KabrutusRambo back at the end of February posting on X, “The Steam curator harassment group Sweet Baby Inc detected is lead by this person, kabrutusrambo. Here’s them trying to be slick so they don’t get reported. Even with the discriminatory language filed off, the group itself still fails the code of conduct.”
>Insulting your customers
Jesus christ what are they putting in the water on the west coast
>Go spend it on anime porn,” he wrote.
Get the cops to search this guy's PC. I guarantee they'll find CP.
So, how good's the blackmail material on this guy?
Replies: >>239707 >>239710
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May I give you a suggestion, anon?
Replies: >>239717
[Hide] (2MB, 165x115) Reverse
>Gaygate 2 is official
Replies: >>239709
We already won. No GoonerGay required
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1280x528, 00:35)
Anon, these people do it for free
Replies: >>239717
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1280x682, 00:08)
>>239563 (OP) 
>Silverstring Media 
>Maya Kramer
Replies: >>239911
Ohhh yeah, that would do it.

I'm not getting that feeling with this one. It's too desperate. Like he's putting on a show.
Spoiler File
(4.8MB, 1280x720, 00:48)
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Are you strong enough to watch the video?
Replies: >>239724 >>239752
>ayo whitey told me i was doin' something wrong das a microgresh knowumsaiyan
Do you think this creature even knows how a function works let alone the first thing about management?
How many jews have you killed?
Replies: >>239745 >>239754
You do realize that you need to start somewhere, yes? And bringing the palsied hands into the light is one of those starting points.

Of course, nothing gets substantially better without a Constantine or Odoacer to lead (don't make noises about certain 20th century leaders, they all failed in the end), but that's neither here nor there for talking in the goofy vidya house.
Replies: >>239740
anon Odoacer was a barbarian
Replies: >>239744
Yes, and? He put an end to the tragi-comedy that was the remnant of the Western Empire, and began his own successor state. From there came the example.

Fragmentation and successor states. Either the unnatural homunculus that is America is reforged into something better, or it dissolves into a commonwealth of successors. But it can't continue as it is.
Replies: >>239815
I've probably helped make a few jews kill themselves by pirating everything, boycotting everything I know jews are involved with and spreading knowledge of how to pirate and how to hate jews to others.
>21 people
since when did they start hiring special people in the amurican video game industry
Do you remember how many breads you have eaten in your life?
[Hide] (190.7KB, 536x800) Reverse
I delete most replies to niggerpill unless they also responded to somebody else on a topic-related thing. If you think I missed any "cuckan blacked.gov CIA" posts then simply report them
Replies: >>239762
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this whole "gamergate 2" shit is nowhere near as fun as gamergate 1 and about as entertaining as watching paint dry. where are the memes? where are the law & order episodes? where's the fun? if you want me or anyone really, including normalfags, to care, you best start revving the ovens and bake some oc because so far all I've seen is a bunch of sweet babies screeching impotently and tossing small pieces of shit at each other from the safety of their circlejerks in the form of twitter screencaps and boring video essays. jesus the modern internet's so pussified nowadays even "big" "controversies" like this one have the energy of a wet fart. i rate fale/10
>wet fart
can't help that the modern video game industry is just a wet fart  there's almost nothing to work with because the subject is already so comically ridiculous and the only people who are blind to it are people  who are blind who come home to play console shooters after a long day of  working or literal children
most of  the blatant fucking terrible shit like csi won't be done again because if it were done again it would make the issue even bigger
What have you expected. The Indie scene is gone for like 8 years by now, games journalism™ had been castrated relative to 10 years ago and the perps are the saddest people ever seen. The funniest thing that happened over the last week was Matt Walsh attempting to latch onto the controversy just to sperg out and call gamers morons and losers after people called him out on his grifting.
Replies: >>239772
>Matt Walsh attempting to latch onto the controversy just to sperg out and call gamers morons and losers after people called him out on his grifting.
wait the guy that did that documentary like a year ago? guess he, like most other ecelebs, was a one trick pony with nothing more going on for him so they'll desperately try to get back onto the carousel as long as it's spinning. even then, that's not all that funny.
imageboards don't have avatars, fuck off back to knowyourmeme
Replies: >>239773
[Hide] (799.8KB, 1011x817) Reverse
There is also no central place to have every funpost ever. Remember how rapeApe in with his galaxy brain decided to ban gamergate from 4chan?

WTF are you doing? Don't reply to that shitter.
Replies: >>239925
[Hide] (2.2MB, 498x280) Reverse
>Richie de Wit, the founder of Bear Knuckle, which is described as “an inclusive business development consultancy for experience and up-and-coming game developers” promised to destroy the careers of anyone in the video game industry that calls out DEI policies.
Yeah, i am sure it will end up well for him :^)
[Hide] (129.1KB, 654x800) Reverse
:Forspoken" Consultant "Black Girl Gamers" Appears To Discriminate In Their Hiring Practices While Claiming They Are Being Harassed

Replies: >>239811
>3rd pic
That better be a Gameboy light cuz you wouldn't be able see shit otherwise.
Replies: >>239791
[Hide] (161.4KB, 743x1024) Reverse
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1843x2771) Reverse
[Hide] (83.5KB, 400x552) Reverse
And it'd better be the Gameboy Light with the girl in the huge ass and her titties out else I'd be thoroughly disappointed.
Replies: >>239806
[Hide] (500.5KB, 880x980) Reverse
>jack in to that girl with your junction cable
What does she mean by that?
Replies: >>239818 >>239824
[Hide] (5MB, 1920x1080, 00:08)
Didn't Forspoken fucking flop directly into the dumpster?
Replies: >>239822 >>239839
Your analogy would be that you want an African warlord to conquer Europe and to rob the place though
Probably whatever the alien is already doing to her.
Oh shit, is that girl on the left Alto?
Replies: >>239827 >>239840
[Hide] (148.7KB, 1588x1876) Reverse
Here. Go get'em, tiger.
[Hide] (103.6KB, 640x775) Reverse
Rather than "pushing" gay tranny faggotry from western soydevs who would've put it into their games without any external input to begin with not that they don't do that when the opportunity presents itself, could it be that entities like SBI serve more as an administrative tool to adjust and smooth out virtue signaling in a coherent fashion among multiple games from ((( mainstream ))) developers, both to prevent accidental macro-scale microaggressions of vulnerable demographnigs and to give normalnigs the illusion that with every game having "Body Type" it must be socially acceptable?
I think this might be one of the reasons for the standardized faggotry observed in AAA trash over the past few years even from Nipnong ESG subscribers, else the western releases of Splatroon might've had a gender option for Coriosexual Dragon-Attack Helicopter mulattoes of Jewish descent with included pronoun filters.
If SBI and friends crash their own plane, will every leftard piece of gayman media turn into that Harold Trotter game?
Replies: >>239842 >>239852
Not fat enough
[Hide] (2MB, 2160x3840) Reverse
>Didn't Forspoken fucking flop directly into the dumpster?
It did.
How many times these publishers release some DEI trash and flops badly but they don't learn their fucking lesson!?
I think that guy who said: "these studios, are just going to shut down" was right.
Look at Volition, they didn't learn the lesson until they got shut down.

I also heard some rumors about Crystal Dynamics and Tomb Raider.
Take this with a grain of salt.
Apparently, it was Embracer that insisted for the remastered trilogy to be left faithful to the originals and that shitty disclaimer was added at the last minute by Crystal Dynamics because they butthurt about that.
Those fuckers wanted to remove all the "problematic" content but Embracer was having none of it.
That new "unified" Lara look that came out recently, was done purposelly by Cristal Dynamics to make her look masculine, but after the fan backlash, Embracer forced them to scrap it, alongside a bunch of niggers with rainbow hair that were supposed to accompany Lara in the new game.
According to the rumors, Embracer's patience with Crystal Dynamics is wearing thin, and told them loud and clear to stop with all the "woke" shit, otherwise they are going to close the studio and give the IP to somebody else.
Replies: >>239842 >>239887
[Hide] (530KB, 1026x1250) Reverse
Eyes aren't crazy or blue enough. Tits are 4 cup sizes too small.
>they don't learn their lesson
why care when you get esg funds or literal government bailouts
some devs are so pozzed I wonder if sensitivity consultations ever tell people to tone it down so that the woke shit isn't so blatant that even the most npc normalfaggot would notice
Replies: >>239845
I don't think that's a thing considering spider-ma'am 2 guest staring deaf black woman spray painting
unless this varies per we need more gays and transsexuals and ethnic minority groups
It's more of a protection racket. Hire a firm like SBI staffed by people like us and we won't organize online mobs to go after you.
This is why the Steam curator caused such a huge freakout. If it gets turned into a culture war thing where customers will refuse to buy games that pay the protection money, the incentive to pay the protection money vanishes.
Replies: >>241633
>According to the rumors, Embracer's patience with Crystal Dynamics is wearing thin, and told them loud and clear to stop with all the "woke" shit, otherwise they are going to close the studio and give the IP to somebody else.
And they're NEVER going to stop. Digging into the connections with SBI, you see that nearly EVERYONE involved over with Eidos is pozzed to the core. They're not going to abandon this shit no matter how much the higher-ups tell them to knock it off. The only solution is to wipe the slate entirely clean and start over with people who have no connections to gaming (Professional, Indie, doesn't matter).
Replies: >>239917 >>241604
[Hide] (639.5KB, 1022x731) Reverse
Oh, Anon, be prepared as the people connected to this go FAR deeper than you previously realized. Here's a compilation of all the names and companies tied to SBI.
Replies: >>240142
There was like 6 deaths and destruction of property, it wasn’t just trespassing. Get informed before you make le heckin chad memes DOOFUS
[Hide] (36.6KB, 736x1040) Reverse
>And they're NEVER going to stop. 
That's why Crystal Dynamics will end up like Volition.
Unless Embracer manages to find the rotten apples and fire those to unpoz the studio.
The reason Embracer didn't close the studio already is because they were in them middle of a game development funded with SquareEnix's money, so basically Embrace can just get the profits without any money spent on development, but regardless, i can't see the studio lasting much longer.
[Hide] (739.9KB, 480x640) Reverse
moot's foid gf or anita sarkeesian told him to ban gamergate and moot passed down the orders to ban gamergate though
Replies: >>239935
[Hide] (94.9KB, 1280x1243) Reverse
Yeah right.
I am sure nobody manipulated those :^)
Just like jewgle got caught thousands of times removing dislikes of shit related to niggers or faggots.
Remember those "tuck frump" cringe videos with spics and mudslimes?
[Hide] (155.9KB, 962x1290) Reverse
<look at my mobile screencap, the cringe blacked BBC is trending on twitter
>it's embarassing people waste their adulthood on Twitter
>Twitter trends are personalized, it's your fault that shit's showing up
<amerimutt cope cringe putin based
>I used to use Twitter and all I ever got were videogames trends
And then soyjak shit gets posted ITT. I still don't understand how this >man's Twitter recommendations are related to this videogame board.
[Hide] (194KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (254.3KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Interesting., The titles affected are I've found with this are some stinkers.

Incorrect. Never found m00t anywhere in the logs on that day and he always came crawling in when he wanted something from Janiteam. The culprit is 100% that faggot rapeApe who didn't want to police spam. 

The goddamn Janiteam leaks. I had read that shit line by line. 

They aren't. He just wants to shit up the thread so the topic goes away. It won't.
Replies: >>239936
I always thought that it was a case of m00t is a faggot that goobergut got banned. Are the janiteam leaks still around?
Replies: >>239937 >>239957
ye's. The only thing truly lost is the processed shit by some guy from /u/ and me.

He looks more bored than disgusted.
What was definitely m00ts fault was the "pattern of cuckholding" shit on /pol/. He also has word filtered cuck to kek, because he was called one for months.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 2104x1373) Reverse
Elon Musk Describes Sweet Baby Inc. As “An Evil Blight On The Gaming Industry” After Employee Attempts To Cancel Asmongold
>Attempts To Cancel Asmongold
What the fuck does that even mean anymore?
Replies: >>239963
False accusation(s) I assume.
Asmongold is the living, breathing definition of a centrist, what even is there to cancel?
Replies: >>239968
his smell and his lack of hair
[Hide] (43.4KB, 640x905) Reverse
imagine being an effeminate angloid faggot and calling yourself a “””man”””
Anglos literally bow down to niggers while the rest of Europe wipes their asses with them. anglokikes will be exterminated this century and there is nothing you can do about it except cope like the pasty little bitch you are.
Replies: >>239971
[Hide] (339.3KB, 639x637) Reverse
I don't recognize any of the flags on the bottom except Mexico, Brazil and Texas which are all third world brown shitholes. Also every american and yuropoor here hates their country and wishes all their big cities were nuked so I don't know who you're trying to bait, except maybe anti-webp technophobes.
[Hide] (1MB, 1452x1903) Reverse
Why Remedy Entertainment went all in on Saga Anderson in Alan Wake 2
Looks like they are deleting sweet baby involvement with the game.
>Finding Saga Anderson
For creating Saga Anderson, the developers at Remedy took a different approach compared to the process behind other hero characters, resulting in a more organic creative collaboration across different disciplines at Remedy Entertainment and outside parties. Along with working with story and narrative consultant Kim Belair of Sweet Baby Inc. to refine the character voice and story arc, the key creatives of Alan Wake 2 also worked extensively with the actress playing Saga Anderson, Melanie Liburd, who offered suggestions and other insights that led to the Saga Anderson seen in the final game.
>"I think that it took us a long time to find Saga," said Rowley on the character. "It was an interesting process, we had an idea in our head on what that character could be, but then, as the character evolves over time, being open to changing her based on input from the actors and from external sources really opened things up for us. I think that's important for us as a studio to be okay with, because we don't do it very often for our characters, this idea of how to create a new hero character, so it is kind of a big moment for us, and it was definitely interesting for me going through that process."
>When it came to making Saga Anderson, it was about ensuring that one of the leads, a person of color who is core to the story, had a clear role that complements Alan's side, but also works independently as its own experience. This also was true when it came to ensuring that Saga's take on the familiar detective archetype—seen in other media like Se7en, Silence of the Lambs, and True Detective (which Rowley mentioned were clear references by the devs)—felt unique and true to Remedy's world. Saga also happens to be a mother trying to balance her family life and her career while facing supernatural threats as well. It's an interesting dynamic because it immediately gives Saga, an outsider in many ways, an immediate pull into the larger story.
Replies: >>239991 >>240014
Now it makes sense why this piece of shit got so many nominations in the dorito pope awards.
if people literally stop buying games, will game companies still exist through investment firms and bailouts/donations, or will it finally be enough?
Replies: >>240011 >>240015
This is a great question, but also a hard one to answer. Perhaps? I guess it depends on how many ESGbux they have
>Finnish studio turns to the West for advice
>West shills them pozz
>will game companies still exist through investment firms and bailouts/donations
For a time, until all of that money runs out.
we really need people to stop focusing so hard on SBI and pay attention to sensitivity consultations as a whole. SBI is just one head of the hydra, they're hardly the only protection racket bullying content creators for forced diversity. This is really a "DEI mafia" controversy, SBI is just the only one whose staff was stupid enough to blow their cover. People will continue to have their career, lives, and friends/family threatened if these initiatives aren't addressed at the source.
Spoiler File
(11.8MB, 5197x3459) Reverse
>if these initiatives aren't addressed at the source.
May I give you a suggestion, anon?
I agree.
While Sweet Baby and ALL its employess need to go out of business and be unemployable for the rest of their lives, the focus here should be on ((( ESG ))) and ((( DEI ))) even better if people start noticing the ((( cohencindences ))) regarding ((( who ))) is overwhelmingly involved in these anti-white initiatives.
[Hide] (237.9KB, 500x705) Reverse
You can only start dictating
>these people are bad, deperson them
when you're already controlling the market, like the leftists are at the moment. You have to steal the market from them first. You need to convince more of the amorphous blob of consumers to join "your side". But with what? You can screech all you like about the greater negative ramifications of having a diversity mafia sticking its tentacles into the entire industry, but between normalfags not having the attention span, IQ, or time in the day to give a shit about that, that's not a very good sell. Not to mention the men covered in shit who come along, organically or not, screeching about THEY'RE PUTTING NIGGERS IN MUH GAMES which is going to torpedo any attempt of convincing the already nigger-worshiping masses that you might be onto something.
You need a real product you can market. One that wins people's attention and good will on its own merits, which you can then subtly (this is important, subtly) use as way to spread the message you wanted to in the first place. This goes for anything but if we're talking games, this comes down to making good games without DIE shit that people like. When they inevitably try to witch hunt you, stonewall them. Never acknowledge any accusations, don't respond, not even if you have an epic comeback. Stand your ground silently and keep pleasing the audience without ever throwing a bone to the DIE agenda.
Their agenda is ultimately constructed on bullshit. They can only survive by latching onto something meaningful like a parasite. It does not survive on its own because it has no merits. Why do you think Japanese media and things inspired by it has become so popular in the mainstream? The nips are offering you beautiful, inspirational, heartfelt things. The west is offering you filth and mindless subversion. People are gravitating towards the Japanese stuff and they don't even really know why. It's the natural thing people seek out. And the absolute state of videogames in general being what it is right now, there's no better time to start trying to get market share. Anything halfway decent nowadays would be considered amazing.
Getting into yet another shit-flinging competition with the leftists is not how you win. Only one of you is going to come out covered in shit, and it's the one who doesn't have an army of golems to bring to the fight. Get your own army of golems. Build it and they will come.
Replies: >>240049 >>240056
if I follow what you're saying, get good at our own propaganda? if the message is too heavy-handed or blatant then it will scare people away, so make it subtle? and trust that it has enough merit to withstand scrutiny after it has already gained a following?
Replies: >>240099
[Hide] (228.5KB, 803x1000) Reverse
[Hide] (179.2KB, 503x820) Reverse
[Hide] (39KB, 460x215) Reverse
[Hide] (256.6KB, 754x952) Reverse
[Hide] (390.5KB, 1024x1024) Reverse
Okay. And in the mean time, until you actually release that game, how about we ween people off the current wave of poz that's going towards everyone's way? Part of the problem with the "Build your own except with Blackjack and Hookers" is that you're not going to have anything to show for the next six month (At minimum). What are people going to be doing in that time? They're still going to want to play games.
<Well, we show them games that are not pozzed?
Where do said games exist?
<Well, we show them the classics.
Okay, what systems/platforms do you think they'll be playing those games on?
<Well, the Switch and Steam.
They're not going to be playing Persona 3 FES, they're going to be playing Persona 3 Reloaded with the sanitized script and hacked off content that will be sold back to them as DLC. They're not going to be playing Street Fighter II, they're going to be playing Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection with the content removed that offends Winnie the Pooh. They're not going to be playing Yakuza 3, they're going to be playing Yakuza 3 Remastered with  the content removed that offends trannies. They're not going to be playing Resident Evil 4, they're going to be playing REm4ke with a more politically correct interpretation of the "Damsel in distress" stereotype for "modern audiences". They're not going to be playing Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, they're going to be playing Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition with gender pronouns. DAH: Reprobed added diversity to the game's cast and removed "offensive" missions, P&R Reshrined censored character sprites, and Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition removes any an all "gendered" dialogue (Even in the Japanese version, and among other things).

If we want to fix this shit, then we have to get people off of the current platforms. And good luck with that. Tell people to stop buying their PC games on Steam and instead buy the actual fucking disc that PC games used to come on, and they look at you like you're from Mars. Tell people that there were handhelds before the Switch, and they'll bitch about how they can "See the pixels" on a 3-4 inch screen. Not to mention that "even Anons in imageboards"" pull this same exact shit. What are we suppose to do at that point?
[Hide] (512.9KB, 1447x2343) Reverse
>they're going to be playing Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition with gender pronouns
Slight nitpick. You mean Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life. A Wonderful Life Special Edition is the PS2 version of the original game that lets you marry the loli.
shut the fuck up 
>added [more unintelligible doomposting]
they say how you look reflects what your own thoughts are; I can't imagine how ugly you must look
I don't know how stupid this post is because I haven't read it, but it looks to be full of meaningless buzzwords aimed to confuse the reader into thinking that you're correct
fuck outta here looser
Replies: >>240062 >>240086
I didn't know LCPedokike posted here.
[Hide] (59.8KB, 387x580) Reverse
[Hide] (84.3KB, 640x960) Reverse
[Hide] (50.2KB, 484x720) Reverse
[Hide] (953.1KB, 1510x2100) Reverse
[Hide] (907.4KB, 680x1020) Reverse
FUCK ((( YOU )))
(##10%10+3) = 53
you've encapsulated a big concern of mine
classics exist. they can stand the test of time despite showing their age because the content is there. but, it's hard to get ahold of the originals, and more than anything, re-releases or remasters distract or discourage people from finding a copy or simply downloading a rom. there's also compatibility issues with old pc games. in the end, consumers want convenience and low risk, not to do research and install virtual machines of old OS to install a classic that they downloaded off of some shady website. normalfaggots (which make up a majority of the populace and provide the foundation for power) just want quick, easy diversions from the daily grind, neatly packaged and delivered seemlessly. they can recognize that an old game is good, but the remaster "definitive" version is leagues easier to get, and ultimately the juice isn't worth the squeeze - they just do their best to ignore the poz while they slowly become accustomed to it, maybe evem expecting it.
Replies: >>240085
original doom and wolfenstein  are censored because of  germany  just because  there are nazis despite you kill them
and even then the average normal fag is bored in 5 seconds if you don't  off the bat have epik graphix and 3d  unless it's some gay art style
>i tryed 2 reed you're post but there be 2 meny big werds
>stop tryin 2 sound cool n smart with ur big buzzwerds i dont undrstnd
>i think i kno wat u ment tho even tho i didnt reed most of da werds
>and i think your wrong n stuped so stfu looser
Replies: >>240094
[Hide] (673.1KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
The return of Gamergate is smaller and sadder
>A group of gamers has mobilized a harassment campaign against a story consultant company, marginalized developers, and journalists in protest of what they see as ‘forced’ diversity in gaming.
>The Discord server at the center of Gamergate 2.0 is, in some respects, like any other online community. While I was there, I observed people talking about their day, their jobs, and their interests. Its members streamed themselves playing Bejeweled and showed off their personal video game development projects. But one chat room over, the server was filled with racist memes, sexist and ableist slurs, antisemitic messages, and incitations of violence against women and people of color. And at the center of it all was one video game narrative development company: Sweet Baby Inc.
>This growing group of people want to believe themselves a new incarnation of Gamergate, a harassment campaign started in 2014 that targeted women speaking out against misogyny in the video games industry. Back then, the harassers used obfuscating tactics, cloaking their oftentimes violent harassment in the veneer of legitimate complaint. Social media gave a platform to those “legitimate complaints” while the games industry itself remained largely silent, allowing the movement to grow into a many-tentacled behemoth that bolstered the ranks of the “alt-right” movements that plague our political landscape to this very day.
>But this time, instead of assembling under the false banner of “ethics in journalism,” this new campaign has chosen “wokeism” and Sweet Baby as the focus of their grievances. The result has been a wave of bigoted harassment targeting marginalized developers, journalists, and gamers. On social media, the employees of Sweet Baby are subject to a deluge of death threats. Developers who’ve spoken out in support of Sweet Baby are faced with similar treatment, with several making their accounts private in an attempt to stem the tide of abuse. Journalists reporting on the story have become subject to the same harassment they’re covering. The resulting frenzy has been amplified by major actors in the right-wing media sphere, including Libs of TikTok, Matt Walsh, Ian Miles Cheong, and Elon Musk.
>“The things they say in our inboxes is … the most evil stuff you’ve ever seen in your life,” said David Bédard, co-founder and COO of Sweet Baby, in an interview with The Verge.
>The harassment campaign against Sweet Baby echoes the Gamergate movement of 10 years ago, once again targeting women, people of color, and journalists in the games industry. But this time, the events are playing out differently. Developers and gamers are pushing back, affirming that the kind of diversity these people rail against is here to stay. And after speaking with Sweet Baby employees and spending time with their detractors, it’s clear the goals of this harassment campaign are largely a reactionary backlash against trends in video games that cannot be meaningfully stopped.
>Kabrutus believes that any diverse characters or stories in Sweet Baby games are the result of its employees exerting pressure on developers to make additions or changes they might not otherwise make. “I started noticing patterns in some games, like ugly women and male characters being weakened to make female ones look stronger,” Kabrutus said in Geeks and Gamers. The game that brought his attention to Sweet Baby was God of War Ragnarök. “I think anyone who played God of War III would find it really weird when Kratos decides to spare Thor and says, ‘We must be better.’ That simply didn’t fit the character.”
>According to Kabrutus and the thousands of followers he’s recruited through his Steam group and Discord server, developers have no choice but to make these “woke” narrative changes. SBID argues that game companies are forced to add “wokeness” to improve their ESG scores — a measure of environmental, social, and governance considerations — if they want to land investors. SBID supporters also argue that Sweet Baby has coerced developers into making changes through fear, pointing to out-of-context quotes from the company.
>The most widely circulated example involves clips of a talk Belair, a Black woman, gave at the Game Developers Conference in 2019. In it, she counsels developers to “terrify” their bosses with the “threat” of “cancellation” if their requests for inclusivity are not met. 
>But a look at the clip’s full context tells a different story. It’s clear that Belair didn’t want developers to scare their superiors into inclusivity. Instead, she wanted them to enlist support from the employees — those on the marketing and community side — who stand to receive the most backlash from players if those concerns aren’t taken seriously.
>In reality, Sweet Baby and other video game consultants are contracted by the studios to support the studios’ own goals. 
>“They consult,” wrote Mary Kenney, the associate narrative director on the forthcoming Wolverine game from Insomniac Games who worked with Sweet Baby on another Insomniac title, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. “They do research, pitch ideas, give feedback, and maybe even write scripts. But none of that gets into the game unless the core dev team agrees with it.” 
>“Sometimes we’ll be brought in to just look at a project storyline to give feedback on it to find ways that it can better kind of align with gameplay mechanics,” Belair said.
>Kyle Rowley, game director on Alan Wake 2, responded to a rumor on X that Sweet Baby was responsible for changing Saga Anderson, one of the game’s main characters, from a white woman to a Black woman. “It’s absolutely not true,” he wrote.
>To date, Kabrutus’ curation list features 16 games, including Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, and Sable. All the games on the list are marked “not recommended,” a rating that has nothing to do with the game’s perceived quality — one game on the list, Tales of Kenzera: Zau, doesn’t launch until April — but because of Sweet Baby’s involvement in the game’s development. SBID serves as a warning to like-minded gamers not to buy anything on the list.
>“We’re just tired of seeing people’s creative visions being butchered in order to add something that’s not even necessary or asked for,” wrote Xynjy, a moderator for the Discord server, in a DM conversation.
>The reality is game development, especially AAA development, involves contributions from massive multidisciplinary teams, and it’s actually quite difficult to attribute any one element to an individual or specific team.
>“You wouldn’t ask a programmer, ‘Which part of this did you code?’” said Bédard. “The whole thing is a team effort, and it only works because everything fits to the other parts really well.”
>It is deeply ironic that one of the group’s stated purposes is to rally against “forced diversity” in games when developers are often forced to make their games more homogenous.
>“I have never in my entire career seen anyone pressure a developer to make a character more queer or less white,” wrote Christina Pollock, a veteran game developer. “I have, however, seen many instances of developers being forced to change their characters to be straight and / or white.”
>Many other developers echoed her sentiment. “The anti-censorship crowd like to argue that developers should be able to make the game they want, without being told to make changes to please the market,” wrote Gavin Young, a developer on Rainbow Six Mobile. “Believe me, we’re trying: we put diverse characters in games because they represent our teams and our friends.”
>Another common refrain from members of SBID is that they actually don’t care if a character comes from a marginalized background, so long as their identity isn’t the sole focus of their character.
>“My problem with most media nowadays is that they include Black or LGBTQ characters without giving some thoughts about them,” wrote SBID’s Discord moderator. “But [they] forget the most important aspect of a character: [their] relatability and how [they] feel like a real person that you can meet in real life.”
>But that need for character depth is the exact reason why developers contract with Sweet Baby. 
But that need for character depth is the exact reason why developers contract with Sweet Baby.
>For their work on Alan Wake 2, Belair said, “We were specifically called to look at Saga’s story, [to look at] how it’s told, how [the developers] could better shore up aspects of herself, how her story reflects aspects of her identity, and essentially how to realize her as a fully human, fully authentic character.”
>This lack of understanding about game development, whether intentional or not, belies the group’s true function — a convenient excuse for “anti-woke” reactionary gamers to indulge in racist and misogynistic behavior that’s typically shunned in online communities. “When I act racist, homophobic or whatever [...] I feel free,” one poster wrote in the Discord. 
>The arguments and discussions observed in the Discord and on Steam all harken to the reactionary right-wing movement that has dominated the political landscape since Barack Obama’s presidency. Then, as now, many young white men have grown increasingly alienated from a world they feel has left them behind. A supposed de-emphasis of white males in pop culture in favor of women, people of color, and queer people exacerbated this alienation, especially in video games. 
>Statistically, white men still dominate the video game space in terms of who is playing, making, starring, and writing about games. But the landscape is changing. Companies are putting a greater effort in diversifying their games. Games media is more likely to call out when diversity is absent or done poorly, and the kinds of anti-social behaviors that were once the hallmark of gaming culture are becoming less and less tolerated. As a result, Kabrutus and his followers feel disenfranchised.
>“We’re in an age where [...] if you don’t want to see a BLM or a Pride flag in a game, you’re a bigot,” wrote a member in the Discord. “Where if you care that the women in games have big tits while there are giant, muscular, shirtless dudes, you’re a misogynist.”
>In order to regain some semblance of control, the members of SBID have chosen to attack something that neatly represents their every grievance — a small company that specializes in improving a game’s narrative staffed in part by women, queer people, and people of color. “We’ll have to make sure Sweet Baby is actually dead before picking a next target to go after together,” wrote a user on SBID’s Steam forum.
>Based on the time I spent lurking in their Discord, it became clear these people aren’t actually here to create meaningful change for their cause. Most are simply there for the vibes, rancid though they are. “I’m just here cause it’s fun, nothing’s gonna happen,” one user wrote in the Discord.
>“[There are] lots of emotions and passion bottled up from being silenced for an extended period of time,” wrote another member of the Discord. “This [movement] is basically causing everyone to vent out their frustrations.”
>That doesn’t mean the group is harmless. Ten years ago, Gamergate unleashed a wave of harassment targeting women, journalists, and people of color. It created the template for a kind of violent, right-wing internet culture that persists to this day. And the guise of “ethics in games journalism,” thin as it was, allowed the movement to shield its true aims. Since SBID referred to itself as the second coming of Gamergate, it’s important to apply the lessons not learned from the previous Gamergate and call this bigoted movement for what it is, loudly and vociferously.
>Diversity in video games isn’t going anywhere, and the practice of hiring consultants to punch up narratives certainly isn’t going to change. Improving diversity continues to be an animating force in the industry. Xbox, Nintendo, and Sony have made DEI a core part of their business with commitments to diversify not only their workforces but their games as well.  
>“DEI is a moral necessity until the people making games are a decent approximation of the world they are making games for,” wrote Sam Barlow, director of several award-winning games, including Immortality, Telling Lies, and Her Story.
>SBID’s championing of developer “freedom and creativity” fails to consider the possibility that the “diversity” they oppose might actually be what developers and gamers truly want. It’s the reason studios hire companies like Sweet Baby in the first place.
>And while this movement matters to Sweet Baby employees because of the harassment they’re receiving, in the larger context of the video game industry, it seems to be quickly fizzling out.
>Steam has apparently taken some action against SBID. As of publication, the vast majority of the SBID’s Steam discussion forum — 100 pages worth of threads — have been deleted, and existing threads are currently locked.
>Meanwhile, Sweet Baby’s clients are sticking with the company. “The studios that we’re currently working with have reached out and offered their support, saying like, ‘Hey, we see what’s happening online and just know we stand with you,’” said Chris Kindred, a narrative designer at Sweet Baby.
In an email to The Verge, Gregorios Kythreotis, creative director on Sable, wrote, “[Sweet Baby was] lovely to work with, extremely professional and easy going, they respected our creative direction and it was a really great experience. We’re really grateful to them.”
>Mary Kenney, who worked with Sweet Baby on Spider-Man 2, called them “one of the finest in the biz.”
>“I’m so lucky to have worked with that team. I hope to do so again,” she posted on X. “I hope asshats don’t drive out some of the most talented, passionate people we’ve got.”
Replies: >>240113 >>240118
[Hide] (2.8MB, 720x1280, 00:13)
>get good at our own propaganda
Make something beautiful, you stupid fuckwit. Stop spending all your time on the internet and actually do something productive.

God, you're autistic.
>the next six month
People make stuff all the time, and the people who are actually going to control the future (by showing up, by doing stuff) have already realized this and are currently making stuff. 2023 had a fucking insane number of cool indie and AA games released. There are several indie developers I follow who are currently prototyping stuff and taking inspiration from other devs, cross-pollinating, and doing all the things that a healthy artistic tradition should be doing.

In order for you to think like this - that there is some kind of starting line and the race begins with a gunshot - your brain must only be capable of processing new information through news headlines.

>how about we ween people off
With what mechanism? You have zero power. All you can do is make cool things. Learn to code. Learn to draw. Do something. Stop posting.
Replies: >>240100
How do I be productive or make something beautiful if I'm lazy? I want to but I can't because I'm too lazy.
Replies: >>240102
[Hide] (6.3KB, 184x184) Reverse
These clickbait articles all suck shit and are a bunch of spineless cucks saying nothing, stop bumping this thread with this inane bullshit
>Ha ha gamers are gay and losers, gamergate 2.0 is lamer than gamergate 1.0, harassment, my enemies are dumb and i am smart
Nothing will happen until these people all experience the enriching feeling of their own summer of love
If nothing's happening, nothing's happening. Stop posting Kotaku, Vice, Verge, and other virgin articles like something is happening. Niggers.
Replies: >>240306
[Hide] (11.7KB, 300x94) Reverse
Stop being lazy.
Replies: >>240103
Replies: >>240105
oh golly gee I sure am put in my place
I am booty blasted, fanny flummoxed, rectally ravaged, how will I ever show my face again
poor me who is apparently worthless and only exists as text on a screen with no other activities must go hide in shame
>stop talking about this! in fact get off the internet!
no :D
[Hide] (201.1KB, 1200x1047) Reverse
Do ten push-ups and ten squats RIGHT NOW.
Replies: >>240106 >>240109
I literally just ate, I'm gonna barf
Replies: >>240108 >>240261
[Hide] (961.7KB, 171x172) Reverse
Why, have you ever eaten figuratively?
Replies: >>240110
Can't, too lazy and I don't like exercising. I guess this is how the white race ends, in a puddle of our own cum, piss, sweat and drool in front of a TV playing CGDCT anime endlessly.
Metaphorically speaking, you are a faggot.
Replies: >>240111 >>240261
Metaphysically speaking, you're a nigger
[Hide] (240.4KB, 600x600) Reverse
wow thats a lotta words
too bad im not readin em
[Hide] (42.1KB, 599x453) Reverse
Sneaky assholes.
Replies: >>240142
Also, we have the names right here: >>239911
Pirate everything first, try before you buy. If the game has any globohomo propaganda slipped in it at all, even a glimpse of a nigger or woman being portrayed as intelligent don't buy it.
Replies: >>240163 >>240169
[Hide] (72.9KB, 500x615) Reverse
Wow, I didn't know ESG was around in 1995.
Replies: >>240172
[Hide] (121.4KB, 640x810) Reverse
[Hide] (41.5KB, 250x345) Reverse
[Hide] (52.5KB, 281x384) Reverse
[Hide] (73.4KB, 403x595) Reverse
[Hide] (271.7KB, 462x320) Reverse
This would exclude a crapton of the stuff I have already pirated.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1890x2040) Reverse
That's not a woman that's a loli, lolis can be intelligent but once they hit puberty the estrogen intoxication makes them retarded.
[Hide] (221.3KB, 750x1364) Reverse
[Hide] (228.6KB, 750x1373) Reverse
[Hide] (232.8KB, 750x1390) Reverse
[Hide] (116.3KB, 750x815) Reverse
#RaiseTheGame: https://archive.is/EKiB1 
>Our pledge partners and supporters are all committed to championing and fostering equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) within their own organisations; working collectively to drive meaningful cultural and behavioural change to create a more diverse and inclusive games industry.
[Hide] (86.6KB, 618x412) Reverse
Really makes you think.
this is like watching evil black mage cultists start operating out in the open
Replies: >>240252
No wonder Marvelous went to shit
[Hide] (50.4KB, 600x761) Reverse
>First "DEI" now "EDI"
Do they really think that people won't get it's the same exact shit!?
Why don't they just call it with the name intended ("DIE") at this point?
Don't even think for a second that is not the actual name of this shit.
>this is like watching evil black mage cultists start operating out in the open
Think about how they started getting the FEDs involved to ((( shut it down ))) once people started calling this shit out.
[Hide] (2MB, 720x406, 00:24)
Speaking of occult nonsense.
Replies: >>240285
[Hide] (381.4KB, 500x409) Reverse
Not the anon you are replying to, but he's right.
If you write or talk like a retard, don't get mad if you get called as such
>third pic
[Hide] (1.8MB, 2000x1429) Reverse
At the Game Developers Conference, the Games Industry Really Needed a Good Scream
>Today, over 50 game developers met in a park across the street from Moscone Center where the annual Game Developers Conference (GDC) was taking place. They had one objective: to scream as loud as possible.
>The event, known as "GDScream," took place in an open area in the middle of Yerba Buena Gardens, where event organizers assembled the crowd by holding up pieces of paper with "SCREAM" scribbled on them. One of the organizers wore a shirt printed with Munch's The Scream; another participant wore a shirt printed with an ice cream cone. At exactly noon, the cluster of individuals from all corners of game development let loose a loud scream that lasted for several seconds. As it trailed off, the group broke into relieved laughter and applaused before slowly dispersing.
>The scream was organized by Scott Jon Siegal and Caryl Shaw in response to growing discontent among game developers in the face of ongoing industry mass layoffs, as well as coordinated harassment campaigns against marginalized individuals and overall fears of worsening industry conditions. I spoke with Siegal post-scream, where they told me the event came together after they posted "half-jokingly" on Facebook about the general powerlessness they felt about it all, and wanting to get everyone together to scream. Shaw reached out upon seeing the post, and seriously offered to help organize it.
>It's an industry that really takes advantage of passion, and that's broken my heart over and over again.
>“The two set up event pages and used word of mouth to get information out. Siegal says their hope was to get enough people to attend so everyone would "have a moment of feeling good, a moment of comradery, and moment of just fully acknowledging how messed up everything us and acknowledging that we're all here at this event pretending everything is fine...it can't be a constant topic of conversation, but it feels like there needs to be just one moment of just letting it out."
>I asked Siegal why they, personally, were screaming. Siegal replied, noting that while they had had a "very blessed" 16-year career in games, they were struggling to recommend aspiring game developers to even enter the industry due to the current conditions, which they said was "tragic."
>"I'm screaming because I was just in a really good, valuable, much-appreciated [GDC] session that I absolutely hated," one game developer who asked to be anonymous told me. "Because we talked about diversity in games and we were all marginalized people, and we're all looking at each other going 'Yeah it sucks, for some reason we have to do this, and we cannot not do this and I don't know how to deal with the obligation of having to do this just because I'm the person that I am.'"
>You don't just have to be angry. You don't just have to feel hopeless.
>“Another anonymous industry figure who works on the business side told me they were screaming because "the industry is in an interesting spot where our fiscal needs and our creative needs are not matching up, and it's causing a lot of damage which I think will have long-term effects on the pipeline. Also, obviously a lot of people came together for something that isn't the usual GDC vibe. We all have a lot of tension that needs to be released."
>Also among the crowd were two representatives from the CODE-CWA, a union organization representing developers from studios such as Tender Claws, Activision QA United, Blizzard Albany, ZeniMax Workers United, and Sega USA.
>"The layoffs in the past couple of years have been absolutely horrible," said Robin LoBuglio, gameplay programmer at Tender Claws. "My partner was actually laid off almost 18 months ago. It's nuts. We screamed because we're angry. But we're also here because we really want people to know that you don't just have to be angry. You don't just have to feel hopeless...I think it's really really urgent in this time that people use the leverage that we have, that we unionize...because while you have a job, you have that leverage, there's still time. And I think the last year has shown us that if we don't stand up for ourselves, they will treat us like trash."
>Dara Insixiengmay, 3D artist at Tender Claws, added, "The state of the industry has been at such, such a low point. And screaming out our frustrations, our anger, but also channeling that into something where we together, working together, as a community, we can empower ourselves to fight back and to stand up for our rights, our jobs, our livelihoods."
As the crowd dispersed, I asked Siegal if the scream had helped them at all.
>"Aside from how my throat will feel tomorrow, it helped me," they replied. "Not enough opportunities in life to scream."
>western game developers screaming at GDC 2024
Damn, will normalfags be able to cure their mental illness?
[Hide] (215.4KB, 1080x770) Reverse
[Hide] (238.6KB, 2048x1151) Reverse
[Hide] (10.5MB, 1280x720, 02:50)
[Hide] (4.6MB, 640x360) Reverse
>Hey guys, I added another game to my curator list. The game is called Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn, and as shown in this physical copy of the Edge magazine, it involves Kim Belair (Sweet Baby Inc. CEO).
>I have waited a bit before deciding to add this one because a dev from Flintlock team reached to me through my mail, stating that they eradicated the SBI part and basically remade it completely.
>At this point, together with my staff, I have decided to give them the chance to prove this, allowing us access to the game prerelease and asking their manager to have a conversation with me.
>They openly refused on both points, leaving me without any way to confirm what they were telling to us. This doesn't speak very well about them.
>Game about niggers
Gee, I wonder?
Replies: >>240291 >>240292
[Hide] (16.2KB, 650x366) Reverse
>A bunch of retards screaming at the sky at a Game Developer's Conference
If only they were on fire
>ugly faced brown woman with magical sparkle flame powers
I'm noticing a trend here.
Of course it was shoe horned in. If this went down like this, it was sabotage.

Replies: >>240301
>((( Siegal )))
Of course A jew is playing victim
[Hide] (141.3KB, 293x298) Reverse
>Before I go further, please note this is rumor from a source that seems very knowledgeable about the studios inner workings. Take that as it is. If others would like to verify, please DM me anon.
>The CEO and COO at a44 are no longer with the company, but the damage seems to have been done.
>The good devs at a44, I tell you how to fix it at the end of this thread. 
Did you know the protagonist of Flintlock used to be white?
>When COO (and Casting Director) Andrea Topps Harjo joined the studio, her first actions were to change the character to hire Sweet Baby Inc. and change the main character to a PoC.
>This marked the beginnings of the problems with the game and studio.
>Audrea Topps-Harjo is rumored to have used the company's funds and manpower to power her personal agenda and projects, on initiatives not related to the game or even the studio itself.
>One such initiative that I found is InclusionFX, a VFX company and advocacy company with shades of Sweet Baby Inc. Here is the bio from the company.
>She held this position at Flintlock at the same time she ran InclusionFX.
>I asked and confirmed:
>"Yea, I have witnessed our UI artists making art assets for its website as their sprint tasks."
>Aside from working with Sweet Baby Inc. and making changes to the game, Audrea also directed numerous changes in HR in her role as COO.
>In 2021, most developers were denied raises, and evaluations were postponed for at least 6 months. Audrea told HR to inform anyone who complained or asked questions that the reasons is "Is because I said so."
>She also ordered the HR department to HIDE the salaries of the top execs of the company.
>HR tried to help, but were unable to get past this. The team was worried about the studio finances.
Meanwhile, the new hires and changes to the game resulted in a project where "These people know nothing about how a video game is made"
>After nearly 2 years of these DEI changes at a44, the damage had been done.
>At this point the studio was purchased for $175m (an unusually high sum for a small studio, btw) by Kepler Interactive in Sept of 2021, a gaming collective fund whose founder also founded the Kowloon Knights gaming fund.
>It was at this point that Audrea, the COO, left the company. Perhaps this was the start of a clean-up of the game's troubles? 
>The state of the game is unknown at this time, but is believed to be in shambles after this 2 year round of DEI changes.
>As we now know, a44 reached out to Kabrutus to refute SBI's involvement, saying they are no longer involved and all their changes reversed.
>But when Kabrutus asked for proof, they refused to speak to him any further. 
>Here is my advice to Kepler and the good folks left holding the bag at a44:
>- You reverted the SBI changes. Good! Announce that you have terminated services with SBI and watch your PR soar. Gamers will flock to you. Don't try to hide it.
>- Keep your MC a PoC but don't tokenize the character. Make it a great character with quality writing, one we can all love.
>- Remove any sermons or preachiness or anti-white, anti-male racism and sexism from the game if it still remains. Don't lecture your audience.
>Embrace the gamer, and they will embrace you.
>Good luck and my genuine best wishes. 
>in response to growing discontent among game developers in the face of ongoing industry mass layoffs, as well as coordinated harassment campaigns against marginalized individuals
So to cry like actual babies over the consequences of their own actions.
>((( siegal )))
I'm sure it's just a coincidence again.
>"bad actors"
>using larp wrong again
>obsessing over human sexuality on /v/
Stop pol posting on /v/ unless you want that drama. Don't act like it's not what you want. Quit being a nigger. 
It is shit but remember that you posted in it.
> Mother company demands 50 guides per week 
> by only 7 bloggers
> yellow journalism effectively impossible
> Editor in Chief quits


How about you do that? Shitters like you were gone for days until you had to come in and ejaculate
Replies: >>240355
Reminds me of Two Minutes of Hate.
Replies: >>240352
Two Minutes of Gape
A shit stirrer posted the thread. I did not post the thread begging for shit stirring though I will shitstirr if prompted to do so by such an abhorrent thread.  The other poster is not me also of which you did link for some potentially unknown reason. Ejaculate? More like a spew of cathartic venom upon seeing such petty trash.
[Hide] (344.2KB, 617x599) Reverse
we should one up the BRs and make our own steam curator group that tracks games involved not just with SBI but also ALL THE REST of these "consultation" companies.
Replies: >>240404
It shouldn't be about SBi but about ((( DEI ))) shit in general.
[Hide] (456.2KB, 750x1202) Reverse
I truly wish never ending pain and suffering for these troglodytes who write contemptible shit like this.
[Hide] (247.4KB, 600x800) Reverse
Good. Let them lose money for creating garbage that nobody asked for and is even worse the Cheburashka.
>the world is compelled to be patron to every nigger business
>failure to comply results in you're a terrorist
is the source an onion article
[Hide] (28.7KB, 300x300) Reverse
>anti-woke economic terrorists\
Is this real?
Replies: >>240421
>no archive
Replies: >>240437
Shall I guess this hysterical fellow's name?
It's real but Poe's Law and all.
[Hide] (123.4KB, 455x300) Reverse
[Hide] (60KB, 640x400) Reverse
[Hide] (49.8KB, 317x292) Reverse
>not giving kikes your money in exchange for niggerfaggot propaganda is now terrorism
I am surprised they didn't call it "antisemitic" or went all in with "anudda shoah".

This confirm what i always thought, kikes are a bunch of retards who think they are smarter than anybody else, but when their scheming doesn't work they throw a tantrum like spoiled kids "whaaaa goyim were supposed to fall to our tricks!"
>not buying shitty ESG/DEI infested products is terrorism
Yep, and I'll do it again if I have to. Better fall in line mega corps unless you want me to terrorize you by not buying your products.
[Hide] (67.4KB, 935x499) Reverse
If you told me this was a parody, I'd believe you.
If you told me this was real, I'd believe you.
>8 days old
>barely any attention
>tweets at Mark Kern go completely ignored
Take your "it's so over" mentality back to 4um.
[Hide] (292.1KB, 750x1059) Reverse
Is this endless western glorified ping-pong match ever gonna end? Even countries that have been bent over backwards by war for the past century are getting their shit together faster than any western country.
Also the next time I see someone post a twitter post here like it represents anything other than social media addicted losers I'm gonna cave someone's skull in with a hammer.
Replies: >>240451 >>240453
[Hide] (19.1KB, 600x199) Reverse
[Hide] (255.9KB, 600x740) Reverse
[Hide] (105.7KB, 523x407) Reverse
[Hide] (835.7KB, 1123x1013) Reverse
A story in two acts.

beep bop beep bop. I like niggers too. Here's your new T-Shirt. 

I don't think popular gangster melee weapons are enough to get that shit shut down. Here is a more optimistic twatter post that actually represents the opinion of autistic shizo genius whose war reporting I trust. 


It doesn't present any developments in this shitshow. What does present is the butthurt reactions from the SJWs.
Replies: >>240456 >>240461
>Even countries that have been bent over backwards by war for the past century are getting their shit together faster than any western country.
The central theme of western countries being unable to do that revolves around not having centralized faith. I am not speaking about religion, but about culture, which is faith in people's hearts. It's this faith, which lets an overworked salaryman work harder for his family. It's this faith, which lets an old grandmother knit a sweater for her grandchildren. It's this faith, which lets a husband be strict as a villain with his wife and child, even at risk of being treated as such. A country with strong tradition has this; "advanced, modernized" cities tend to be, well. Lacking.

Religion helps, of course. It is hard to see the effects, to be sure. But you can see the difference between japanese culture, in which respect is always given to an audience in many of their works (which themselves are a, in part, manifestation of both their determination and humility). And in american culture, which worships money, influence and appearances first of all. 

I wonder. If anon is able to have faith in their very own people. If they could put that above what they are at that point in time. If that would happen, what great works would they make.
Replies: >>240454 >>240494
[Hide] (7.5KB, 500x500) Reverse
>what great works would they make
It's called Uncommon Time streams.
Replies: >>240455
[Hide] (8KB, 500x500) Reverse
pog is the only reply you get
>this is my - our - livelihoods. there's a lot of worry about our jobs
Okay first of all: If those faggots had done their job in the first place instead of crying about made up boogey men this might not have happened. Second: I'm sure this niggerfaggot has cheered on someone getting canceled for made up bullshit and losing their job before and didn't care about that person's family then, so what goes around. Third: This cocksucker isn't out of a job. He's just expected to do it now instead of crying about "alt-right neo-nazi Trump supporting gamers" all the time.
[Hide] (583.4KB, 619x889) Reverse
[Hide] (540KB, 583x900) Reverse
The Verge Hit Piece Writer Admits Manipulating Sweet Baby Inc. Story To Push Narrative That Kumbrutus & Gamers Are Racist Bigots Who Deserve It
>It’s another sad day for the woke ideologues who have been fervently defending Sweet Baby Inc. after the failed harassment campaign by one of their employees. Kumbrutus, the original victim of said harassment, has just announced that his curator, Sweet Baby Inc. detected, has just passed more than 300,000 followers on Steam. This is quite ironic given that only a couple of days prior, The Verge dropped a hit piece against people supporting the curator group, labeling them as ‘Gamergate 2’ and calling them ‘sadder and smaller’ than the first Gamergate.
>It’s important to note that Deadspin, rest in piss, estimated the original Gamergate movement had only 10,000 active supporters ten years ago. Calling what’s happening now ‘smaller’ by comparison is a clear attempt at twisting the narrative that people speaking out against Sweet Baby Inc. and DEI-influencing games aren’t relevant. Even developers like Reflection Entertainment were forced to wipe their Steam Forums clean after it was revealed Sweet Baby is heavily involved in their most recent title, Unkown 9: Awakening.
>But it is indeed ‘sadder’ for the opponents of Gamergate and what’s now been called Gamergate 2. Each day reveals just how poorly industry professionals and gaming journalists are handling things. Their attempts to proclaim victimhood while at the same time actively ignoring the actual harassment campaign started by Sweet Baby Inc. employees have only drawn the ire of many. And while they’ve mostly maintained silence on Sweet Baby Inc.’s own complicity, the writer for The Verge’s latest hit piece, Ash Parrish, unfortunately, let the mask slip a bit in private DMs. Admitting that her editors pushed her to ignore the timeline of events in order to paint a fictitious narrative against gamers asserting that they are just racists and bigots deserving of such tactics.
>They then say it’s important to look at the situation ‘holistically’. For anyone unaware, woke proponents and progressives use the term ‘holistically’ when they are about to completely misinform someone to push their agenda. And Ash doesn’t disappoint by immediately downplaying Chris Kindred’s actions and choosing to ignore, either intentionally or out of sheer ignorance, the Sweet Baby employees’ own words calling for people to flag Kumbrutus because “he likes his Steam account so much”.
>According to Ash, this part of the story, which was the inciting incident that caused Sweet Baby Inc. Detected to grow from a group of roughly 10,000 people to over 300,000 as of the writing of this article. Ash goes on to argue that it was a non-story and, actually, what really mattered was the backlash to it because it was ‘disproportionate’.
>It boggles the mind to consider that gaming journalists, backed by fully funded media outlets, with the full support of the majority of the gaming industry, never acknowledge the disproportionate levels of power they wield in these conversations against normal people simply playing video games. Instead they take a tried and true tactic of the Gamergate days to imply random, low follower, anon-accounts represent the ‘core’ of the group against them.
>When the X user pushed back on Ash’s assertions that not including these key details was irrelevant, she responded by stating she had struggled with this decision herself. Ultimately dragging her editors into it by claiming they’d pushed for her not to include this in her article. And justified it by claiming it was alright because ‘Kumbrutus and his ilk’ have a grievance rooted in racism and misogyny. It becomes so much easier to justify amoral behavior by claiming your targets are worse, but if what Ash said held any water, then including Chris Kindred’s actions would not have changed her story one bit.
>In fact, Ash already attempted to justify Chris’ actions earlier in the conversation. So why not make any mention of this? Integrity does matter when you’re attempting to tell a story to others, but Ash is very open about misinforming others. Meaning any statement made by her should largely be taken with a grain of salt if not outright ignored. And that goes for the entirety of The Verge who seems happy with these tactics in the name of DEI in games.
>pic 3
He's right, you know.
Does anyone have a list of developers and people at this year's GDC?
Highlights from this article:
>The United States alone has seen assets in ESG funds plunge 50.5%
>Investors of color bear a disproportionately heavy burden as they are more likely than white folks to invest in companies aligned with ethical and sustainable practices
>Let’s be clear about where to put the blame. Conservative lawmakers
>The anti-woke hysteria driving them finds its origins in unmoderated online communities, most notably hate platforms like 4chan and X. Bitter young males — often incels — from these darkweb sites
>Because it is terrorism, as uncomfortable as the implications may be. MSNBC agrees
>Our planet and its future is now basically held hostage by young males recruited into 4chan’s hate army by Elon Musk and extremist online podcasters like Joe Rogan and Tim Pool
>Economic thinkers like Hasan Piker
>Not unless reasonable people get together and create their own lawmaker-influencing echo chambers
>PS. The A Black Woman Is Speaking mug is a standing invitation to sit down, shut up, and engage in the wisdom shared by Black women. Lord knows the world needs it right now.
It's not a big news site, but the concept of Joe Rogan being an anti-eco-terrorist holding the world hostage while Hasan Piker is considered a serious economic thinker and Twitter is considered on the dark web is really funny.
[Hide] (377.5KB, 960x924) Reverse
american culture values pioneerism, discovery, independence, valor, and family. which greatly confuses other nations that value tradition and hierarchy, and immigrants who want state protection. what you're talking about (greed/vanity/etc.) is exactly the type of stuff we're sick of being artificially pushed on us. we have our own food, customs, folklore, mannerisms...acting like we have no identity or culture beyond consumerism is just blindly trusting the narrative, like an npc.
Replies: >>240552
What the fuck lmao you have to sit there for an entire minute before posting on cuckchan? Why even use that piece of shit if they’re banning people anyways
Replies: >>240542
Why would you even attempt to post on cuckchan after 2014, are you retarded?
[Hide] (94.9KB, 1280x1243) Reverse
>stop it goys, i think they had enough
So they can temporarily retreat only to come back with even more of the same shit like they did after the first GamerGate?
I disagree.
Strike the iron while it's hot.
Also, it is not only about Sweet Baby inc., it's about "divershitty" aka niggerfaggot shit as a whole, and the ((( system ))) implemented by kikes to push for that shit.
Sweet Baby inc. is only the tip of the iceberg, stopping now would be letting them simply change name and keep on doing that shit as nothing happened.
But that's probably what (You) want, faggot.
sage negated
>american culture [...]
that lost all meaning when average joe refused to disseminate and perpetuate it, letting migrants and big corporations like disney dictate it
sage for my previous reply to this got jannied
[Hide] (43.4KB, 195x261) Reverse
[Hide] (1.7MB, 2849x3955) Reverse
Spoiler File
(35.8KB, 768x397) Reverse
Gearbox Narrative Director And Lead Writer On ‘Borderlands 3’ Sam Winkler Decries Gamers As “Bigots” And Parrots Sweet Baby Inc.’s False Narrative
>Sam Winkler, the Narrative Director at Gearbox and the lead writer on Borderlands 3 and Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands chose to parrot Sweet Baby Inc.’s false narrative about gamers while also decrying them as “bigots.”
>Winkler posted to X a screenshot that reads, “A GOOD narrative writer of ANY skin color can write a good character with another skin color, without needing ‘consultants’. If your studio can’t do that, get a better writer.”
>He then commented on this writing, “I see this argument all the time against DEI and consultancy, and it just highlights the total misunderstanding of what being a good writer is. You don’t somehow max out your stats and learn how to write every conceivable character, plot, or prose style.”
>This narrative is obviously the same one that Sweet Baby Inc. has been running to the media and posting to X about for the entire month of March. The claim that gamers just don’t know what they are talking about when they criticize DEI video game development.
As an example Sweet Baby Inc. employee Maya Kramer under the X account legobutts pushed this narrative at the end of February when she attempted to get the Sweet Baby Inc. detected Steam curator list shut down.
>She wrote, “the other part of this is it doesn’t matter if you tell them the truth. they think “DEI” just steps in and changes whole games: that creators are forced by some unseen hand (the govt, blackrock?? i guess? as well as just poc in general) to make games more inclusive???”
>Kramer then posted, “fighting misinformation would be great! but social media + youtube is not equipped to hold people accountable to doing real research in good faith. just getting hits and proving their point in the absence of confirmation. it’s wild out there. nothing has changed. nothing.”
>She then added, ““sorry no one thing has changed: the number of people who understand that spreading misinformation just lets them be racist in public with no consequence has increased dramatically. that has changed. probably requires some fighting from those with authority! probably. :(”
>Sweet Baby Inc. co-founder David Bédard made a similar claim on LinkedIn where he wrote, ““For the past 4 months, my company (Sweet Baby Inc) has been targeted by a far-right harassment campaign / conspiracy theory. ”
>He continued, “This is a tough situation for me, my co-founder Kim Belair, our entire team, and our collaborators. More than the frustrations caused by the harassment, and the precautions we’re putting in place as a result of that, the toughness comes from the fact that this entire campaign is based on misinformation. Misinformation so wild and left-field (or right-field, I guess) that it’s impossible to even engage with it to combat it.”
>As for Winkler’s argument that you need to hire writers based on their identity to write certain characters with the same identity, it’s a tired Hollywood argument that has proven to be a box office and financial disaster. One just need look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its embrace of woke identity politics over the past half decade to see the results of this ideology.
>If that’s not enough to convince you look at Marvel or DC Comics. They completely hide sales data now because it’s so terrible.
>You don’t need to be black to write a black character. You don’t need to be white to write white characters. You don’t need to be Chinese to be able to write a Chinese character. There are a plethora of examples of authors and writers able to create and write numerous characters without their identity matching those characters.
>Comic book writer Christopher Priest shredded this argument back in 2018 when identity-based hiring started becoming all the rage. He informed ComicBook.com, “So I got a call from DC, and they wanted to talk to me about Cyborg. I gave them the standard stump speech. I don’t want to be a “black writer.” When did I become a black writer? I used to be a guy who would write Spider-Man, Deadpool, and Batman. Why am I no longer qualified to write those characters? How did I get typecast from writing Black Panther of all things, when that series was never really about Black Panther. It was about the white guy, about Ross. It was narrated through his voice, and I thought I wrote a very well-constructed white character. Why are you now pigeonholing me as a guy who can only write black characters?”
>He continued, “I later found out that Marvel and, to a lesser extent, DC moved into a trend where they were no longer hiring writers—they were casting writers. They’re listening to chatter on Twitter insisting that only a black lesbian writer could write a black lesbian character, and that’s nonsense. A writer writes. Tom Clancy, rest his soul, could write anything. A writer writes. All of the sudden I was no longer qualified to write anybody that didn’t look like me, and I resented that. I was really polite about it and told DC thank you for calling, blah, blah, blah.”
>Priest concluded, “Then a day or two later I got another call from DC, and they asked me about Deathstroke. I asked if he was black, they said no, and I said, “OK, I’m listening.” We started having a conversation about Deathstroke. It wasn’t just that the character wasn’t black; we were talking about a character with a lot of untapped potential for me to get inside his head and mine new ground with him. I wasn’t going to come back to comic book companies until they offered me something I could get energized about. I left comics because they stopped offering me anything but black characters. Now, ironically, both Marvel and DC and some of the independents, are talking about a whole range of things. That’s much better. Maybe they’re changing or the industry is changing.”
>Nevertheless, Winkler, who just described all of his critics bigots decided to play victim when people took issue with it.
>He wrote on X, “I’ve muted the threads for obvious reasons, but I wanna say this: If you don’t like my work, that’s okay! It doesn’t really bother me. Public crit is invaluable. What bothers me is when you feel like you need to use your finite time on this earth to try & make someone feel bad.”
>He continued, “I’ve had uncountable civil conversations with fans and haters alike who want to understand why a plot point happened or why a favorite character never showed up. I’ll always show up for that. But some of y’all have truly screwed up your priorities. Are you even having fun?”
>“I could hate, hate, hate a game’s writing, and it wouldn’t occur to me in a million years to heckle the writer or threaten them or tell them to stop writing,” he painted himself as the victim. “Because what could I gain from that? What could they? If you love games, go play them. Go talk to friends about them.”
>He concluded, “This *has* made me feel bad, but not for myself. I feel bad for all the people who got shouted down and stopped making things. I feel bad for the stress writers feel about how they’ll be treated. And I feel bad for you, because you are honestly, truly, deeply wasting your time.”
Homeworld 3 is gonna be embarassing
[Hide] (117.1KB, 620x404) Reverse
Man this is like running a shoe store and complaining that all your customers have feet.
< 240874
He and his board are still a thing. What has that to do with anything ITT?
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1280x720) Reverse
[Hide] (2.8MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (247.6KB, 768x377) Reverse
[Hide] (470.7KB, 1280x720) Reverse
Gamergate 2.0: Extremism in video games sees another reckoning
>The culture wars rage on in the digital world
>A decade ago, an online harassment campaign against three female video game professionals was dubbed Gamergate. It "formalized the playbook for online harassment used by hate groups and the far right," Wired said. 
>Recently, a similar campaign against a narrative design company called Sweet Baby, Inc. (SBI) has some calling this Gamergate 2.0, "invoking the online harassment campaign that erupted into a culture war." The coordinated attacks share several similarities, including "attacks aimed primarily at women and people of color," based on the idea that video game culture is for cis white men alone and is being stolen from them. 
>The firestorm that Sweet Baby and its defenders are facing is part of a larger problem that has caught the attention of the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), according to a recently released government report. Together, these events convey a growing problem with extremism in the video game industry. 
>Wired said the backlash against the Montreal-based narrative development and consulting company started around the release of the "Spider-Man 2" and "Alan Wake II" games in fall 2023. Sweet Baby's social media comment section was overrun with hateful comments, many of which trumpeted the idea that the company was responsible for the "wokeification" of video games, Kim Belair, the company's CEO, said to Wired. In the following weeks, the abuse increased as conspiracy theories spread about Sweet Baby's involvement with the investment company BlackRock. "People want to believe that our work is surgically removing the things." Belair said. "That's just not the reality of it."
>In truth, the company functioned like a Hollywood script doctor and had "no actual say on what makes it into the final game," PC Gamer said. Still, a group called "Sweet Baby Inc. detected" nonetheless led the charge against the company for pushing a "woke" agenda of diversity, equity and inclusion in video games. The group formed on Steam, a digital distribution platform for PC games, in late January 2024 and has since gained over 100,000 members. They highlight games they believe Sweet Baby has consulted on and discourage members from playing them. 
>Kotaku senior editor Alyssa Mercante infiltrated the group's Discord and spoke to a few members, who said they were concerned about "ideological worldviews that I believe have taken hold of the Western world, media and gaming as a whole" and "race and identity group quotas." After her report was published, Mercante became the target of online harassment. 
>This campaign gaining traction during an already contentious election year is not, to some, a coincidence. Large-scale organized harassment campaigns like Gamergate 2.0 "fuel — and are fueled by — political events,” mental health nonprofit Take This said in a statement. The organization's research director, Rachel Kowert, an expert on extremism and radicalization in video games, said that as "political rhetoric heats up" ahead of the presidential election, this type of online activity will increase, and it is "important to understand that these phenomena are interrelated."
>The government is keeping track of gaming-world extremism
>The growing presence of extremists on Steam and Discord has been well-documented in the last few years, and the American government has taken note. In its recent report, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) revealed that the FBI and Department of Homeland Security are coordinating with social media and gaming companies to "root out so-called domestic violent extremist content," Intercept said. 
>The GAO noted that while the two agencies have tools for exchanging information about potential threats related to domestic terrorism, neither the FBI nor DHS has "developed strategies and goals related to such information-sharing efforts." The report draws from interviews with Roblox, Discord, Reddit and a game publisher and social media company that asked to remain anonymous. The GAO found that the DHS intelligence office regularly meets with companies to discuss possible online activities promoting domestic violent extremism or other activities violating the companies' service terms. The FBI also receives tips from gaming companies about content with extremist views that would warrant further investigation, and the bureau, in turn, conducts briefings with the companies about purported threats. 
>Despite sharing information, the GAO warned that without a clear strategy or goals, the agencies might not be "fully aware of how effective their communications are with companies, or how effectively their information-sharing mechanisms serve the agencies' overall missions."
Children’s BBC Host Jules Hardy Calls For “Final Purge” Of Gamers After Boycott List Created For Consultants Black Girl Gamers
>Children’s BBC host Jules Hardy called for a “final purge” of video game players after a boycott list was created for video game consultancy group Black Girl Gamers, who worked on the Square Enix failure Forspoken.
>Hardy, who hosts the CBBC show Game on Grandparents and BBC’s Top Gear Gaming Show, reacted to Black Girl Gamers’ post writing, “can we a agree that for round two of ‘this’ it can be the final purge of these kinds of gamers?”
>She added, “its 2024 I’ve been arguing about this for decades can we have a last full detox of these dude so we can get back to the positive gaming community we have been creating.”
Unleashed Games Founder And CEO Irena Pereira Brags About Excluding White Male Characters From Alpha Build Of Upcoming Game ‘Haven’
>Unleashed Games Founder and CEO Irena Pereira bragged about excluding white male characters from the company’s upcoming game Haven.
>In a now deleted post to X, Pereira wrote , “Just wait until they notice that none of our starting characters in our alpha build are white males. None. Out of 6.
>She added, “Have at it. Again I will say representation matters – and I don’t know how many games have lacked female characters, or created gameplay penalties for being a female character. Or created vertex shading on white skin to represent people of color. Games should represent…”
>In another post she also wrote, “Representation matters. Inclusivity is not the same as racism. Enjoy hating on me for today. I’ll go back to making games.”
>video game professionals
Bitch made an html slideshow about depression. What kinda crack are these retards smoking?
Replies: >>240922

Reductive ideology and the Imperial Cult does not do the brain good.
Replies: >>240936
TL;DR, not reading any of it, not even the titles of the articles.
>first pic
>journo enters any online game and talks like a fag
>everyone calls him a fag
>he gets so butthurt he creates that image and writes 50 articles about how gamers are bad for calling him a fag
>Maya Kramer
Well well well!
It's hard to say anything clever and new about these articles anymore, but I'll say this: back then, Zoey made Anita and others look like saints in comparison. Now, Sweet Baby makes Zoey look like a saint in comparison! I'd call that evolution if the journos weren't still doing the exact same thing as before.
Replies: >>240936
Conveniently they forgot that Quinn has blood on her hands after framing her Ex for some bullshit and he killed himself.
Replies: >>240940
[Hide] (268.4KB, 352x240) Reverse
>Still lying about the first GG being some "harassment campaign"
Truly honorary kikes, lying even after being exposed as liars.

>Unleashed Games Founder and CEO Irena Pereira bragged about excluding white male characters from the company’s upcoming game Haven.
<“Just wait until they notice that none of our starting characters in our alpha build are white males. None. Out of 6.
Just wait until your niggerfaggot game bombs harder than "forspoken" lmao
I can wait for this bitch to cry about her failure and blame "ebil natzees" for it lol

Best part of all this GamerGate2 shitshow?
That these pieces of shit once exposed and cornered are showing their true colors for all the world to see, making clear to even the most oblivious of normalfags that the whole "divershitty" garbage is simply a hate campaign against white people.

>Quinn has blood on her hands
That fugly jewish whore must go to jail.
It is long way overdue.
Second pic should have said: "Help harassment!" or "Help! Extremism!"
While watching some old yahtzee reviews I was getting a lot of "gamergayte is dedth!!" videos in the recommendations from literal who accounts with less than 1k views.
Replies: >>241031 >>241103
shit that reminds me of something I experienced while watching  videos on  team fortress 2 randomly some faggot's channel about ethics  going on a  rant about valve because they don't worship wokeism  while crying about shitpost games  not the fact that it  ruins the quality of the store as a whole
>created gameplay penalties for being a female character.
what? what game does this? usually if female mode doesn't straight buff you (eg Jill in RE), then it plays the same (costume swap essentially). Unless we're talking literal noncombatant segments of games (like Ashley in RE4), in wich case there's a story reason that you're not a super soldier (and even in RE4 there's Ada's side).
Replies: >>241073 >>241092
Some old RPGs had -1 STR +1 some other stat for female characters. I guess you could argue that's penalties, if you want to play a certain type of character. But really it's just a difference, not a penalty, and I sure as fuck can't think of any games that just go "nah you're a woman, you get less stats now lol".
Replies: >>241079
> I sure as fuck can't think of any games that just go "nah you're a woman, you get less stats now lol".
Gen II Pokemon. Not for the player character, but for the wild/caught mons themselves, as the RNG roll for whether they were male or female was dependent on the attack DV, with female being tied to being equivalent to or less than their percentage ratio (IE: convert X% into Y/15). So unless the Pokemon in question had a 100% female rate (like Miltank), they'd never manage as good of a physical attack stat as their male counterparts. Shininess was also calculated via stats as well, so shinies of mon lines with a 7:1 ratio of male to female could not be female. I suppose the trade off to that was ability to breed for egg moves, as Ditto can't be used for those.

That's about the only case I can think of, and clearly wasn't an intended thing, as male and female were calculated separately from stats from Gen III on. Though as I recall, the IV/EV min-maxing autism regarding competitive play wasn't intended either, which might be the whole reason lower stats was considered important enough to change.
I dunno but I didn't know Dan Schneider made video games I would imagine he would make a female character in fallout with 0 charisma and 3 intelligence
Then they wouldn't make cawwadoody as shit as it is, because that alone has probably caused many a retarded 18 year old to sign up for military.
> I was getting a lot of "gamergayte is dedth!!" videos in the recommendations from literal who accounts with less than 1k views.
They are desperately trying to undermine this GG that, unlike the previous one, is fighting against the right enemy (globohomo) rather than cornering itself with the "it's only about ethics!".
If anything, this GG is bigger and has way more chances to succeed where the previous one didn't (even though the first one did achieve some wins) as it is going straight against niggerfaggot ((( DEI ))) without worrying about being called -ist and -phobic like the previous one did.
Retards like mork and his stooges may think this is still about 2014 feminism and lolcows like Anita, but now even normalfags are tired of seeing niggers and faggots being shoved down their throats, and the kikes' tactics to "shut it down" don't work anymore, as even normalfags are aware of their jewish tricks and lies by now.
Replies: >>241104
< 241100
Go 4um and tell him that there.

Not only that; The industry is also falling apart thanks to this. Normalfags don't want xbox anymore. Microsoft is the worst with pushing that shit. Meanwhile the guy who made the original curator is moving forward to a version of deepfreeze that might actually get updated.
Replies: >>241110
[Hide] (45.8KB, 608x402) Reverse
>The industry is also falling apart thanks to this.
Not even limited to vidya.
"News" outlets and Hollywood are collapsing as we speak for the same fucking reason.
All that defeatist propaganda we are seeing lately ("this new GG is irrelevant and smaller than the previous one!!!") is kikes trying their hardest to hold the status quo as their hostage, but everything around them is falling apart, and they are desperately trying to make us think that they still have everything under control, despite their desperation getting more obvious as each day passes.
But that doesn't mean we shouldn't stay sharp and vigilant, the battle barely started
Replies: >>241131
>defeatist propaganda
I've wondered about that, along with the shit articles. Those who wield power, no matter how little, are afraid of only one thing in the world: that they lose the power, and this fear has made them sweat a few extra millilitres of piss. Even the pessimist/realist in me takes no small amount joy from that.
Replies: >>241154
Guys my dad works at one of the top alphabet intelligence agencies and just notified me that WW3 starts in less than a month. It's already too late to get fit, all we can do now is find a hole to crawl in and hide. They will be monitoring the electric grid for gaming activity and flying millions of dirt cheap spy drones over every square foot of land in the US to scan for wifi/bluetooth signals so we can't play games on PCs or modern consoles anymore. The last handheld without built-in wifi/bluetooth shit was the fat GBA so we better stock up on AA batteries gamers... It's going to be tough bing bing wahooing the last few days/weeks of our lives away to old shit like Super Mario World but it's the best we will have since the jews made our T levels too low to care much about things like reproducing or fighting back.
[Hide] (388.9KB, 600x338) Reverse
At least let me play EDF6 on PC before I get nuked.
Good thing I don't live in the US then
Oh yeah? Well my mom fucked Biden for a position and she says that WW3 is still a few years off.
Replies: >>241137 >>241146
>Well my mom fucked Biden for a position
That was just me porking your retarded mom as I intern with my dad at Nintendo.
Replies: >>241144
sorry anon but that was just the local circus elephant  it will remember in horror and lust that you fucked it for decades
[Hide] (440.2KB, 2048x3072) Reverse
I didn't realize that lolibabas existed.
Replies: >>241160
It's true! World War Three just flew over my house.
Replies: >>241149
A bird just flew over my house.
Replies: >>241151 >>241174
... and it shit on the roof. seagull clean your shit up
[Hide] (50.4KB, 600x761) Reverse
It's already happening, anon.
Why do you think glowniggers and niggerpill are getting more active than ever these days?
((( Their ))) entire system is collapsing, and their "conspiracy theorists!" "hate1!1!" "extremists!" -ist and -phobic don't even work with normalfags anymore, as they relied so much on it that it became obvious even to the most oblivious one.
[Hide] (679.8KB, 4096x3072) Reverse
Replies: >>241174
False, birds aren't real.

Biden is only attracted to little girls, and she's his mom so she's old, therefore if anon's mom had sex with Biden she must be a lolibaba.
[Hide] (44.5KB, 620x372) Reverse
>If you won't buy our garbage, you are literally ISIS.
I will own nothing (because it's all garbage not worth owning.)
And be happy about it (because I am not wasting myself on endless trash.)
So did anything actually happen or is it just shitflinging?
Replies: >>241238
[Hide] (55.2KB, 600x339) Reverse
nothing more than typical shitflinging 
the only difference is the same types of subhumans who were game journos are moderators of discords and games and livestreams
which is to say the more things change nothing changes
Replies: >>241248
Post the original.
Compulsion Games Community Manager Katie Robinson Claims “I Hate Gamers” After Previously Claiming “White Male Gamers Were A Mistake”
Video Game Outlet Niche Gamer Claims They Will Be Punished By PR Firms & Video Game Studios If They Cover Elon Musk Criticizing Xbox’s Global Product Marketing Manager
Replies: >>241385 >>241429
[Hide] (308.2KB, 2048x1536) Reverse
[Hide] (33.1KB, 638x254) Reverse
Good Banner
[Hide] (12.4KB, 94x93) Reverse
This cultist behavior is getting out of hand
Replies: >>241420
>Claims They Will Be Punished By PR Firms & Video Game Studios
The entire point of journalism is to report news while standing against tyranny like this to create a better tomorrow for both readers and journalists alike. That takes grit backbone and integrity. Clearly they have none of those. There is no point to their existence.
Replies: >>241434
Replies: >>241401
[Hide] (51.3KB, 219x221) Reverse
I want that clown icon to be the face of extremism gaming until the end of time, please.
Replies: >>241413
[Hide] (57.4KB, 500x500) Reverse
[Hide] (11.8KB, 300x100) Reverse
>those two beautiful banners on the drawthread that haven't been added yet because they're slightly larger than usual
>this bloated piece of shit that's added immediately that blows up the entire banners page
Replies: >>241403 >>241423
<not PLC
>implying my 2000 Thinkpad running Windows 98 nor my Amiga have any of that gay shit
Niggerpill has declined from his 8gag glory days during the Dup admin just like sanity diminished after the NATO "victory" over the Warsaw pact, it's as if it's mirroring Bidup's neurological state.
Have any of these consultants and their allies killed themselves yet from excessive harassment?
mods = fags is an axiom
[Hide] (159.5KB, 360x360) Reverse
This is insane. This gamergate according to a street crazy on various bath salts. I say only this much: The Manosphere is practically gone since Roosh V closed his forum and became a monk or something.
[Hide] (32KB, 219x221) Reverse
[Hide] (126.9KB, 1280x768) Reverse
Our new hate symbol is ready. Death to false hate. Spread true hate. Its like every true pope; You recognize it when you behold it.
Replies: >>241488 >>241590
[Hide] (64.6KB, 217x394) Reverse
On behalf of the Cultist Union of Man, we denounce this behavior.
I wish mainstream games had white supremacy.
Replies: >>241489
[Hide] (36.2KB, 679x604) Reverse
I didn't intended it to be a banner, but thanks for fixing it, anon.
Niche Gamer wants to make clear that they are a buch of spineless faggots and sellouts in case there's still anyone left that believes differently
Replies: >>241434
You fags seem to forget what happened to OAG
Replies: >>241440 >>241748
What happened to them? That site looks a lot different from what I last remember it looking like ages ago.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 300x169) Reverse
[Hide] (17.7KB, 150x102) Reverse
Where is this shit from, anyway?

>I wish mainstream games had white supremacy.
Me too.
They wouldn't be so shit if they had it.
Replies: >>241497
Probably from GDC
[Hide] (555.1KB, 889x1826) Reverse
[Hide] (325KB, 524x694) Reverse
[Hide] (211.9KB, 522x707) Reverse
[Hide] (40.4KB, 576x227) Reverse
Here's the one apparently responsible of Jewgle's AI turning white people into niggers.
Such a cohen-cidence, that he's another kike.
Replies: >>241714
>Where do said games exist?
Autistic shit, you know games that focuses on objects or something. Stuff that isn't interested in having regular people let alone whatever type of fag they're trying to push now. I don't think there was anything in Armored Core or Receiver, for instance. There are exceptions, though, I think House Flipper and the games like it (that I think are made by the same devs, I'm not sure) are full of the usual shit. So are train stuff, I'm guessing.
Aren't clowns and jesters another one of ((( their ))) occult symbols?
According to who?
Replies: >>241603 >>241649
I don't think so.
I only remember the honkler being a symbol of clown world though.
Replies: >>241649
[Hide] (122.3KB, 755x979) Reverse
Schizo anons idk. That wasn't a rhetorical question, I'm literally asking lol. It's just something I half remembered when I stumbled into some /x/ thread, clowns and jesters are a masonic symbol apparently. And I think one of the examples was that Digital Circus thing, which is tranny garbage, so it has to be true
[Hide] (2MB, 320x240) Reverse
>Digging into the connections with SBI, you see that nearly EVERYONE involved over with Eidos is pozzed to the core. They're not going to abandon this shit no matter how much the higher-ups tell them to knock it off.
Eidos Montreal apparently got already shut down, just you wait until Crystal Dynamics follows suit.

>we really need people to stop focusing so hard on SBI and pay attention to sensitivity consultations as a whole. SBI is just one head of the hydra, they're hardly the only protection racket bullying content creators for forced diversity. This is really a "DEI mafia" controversy, SBI is just the only one whose staff was stupid enough to blow their cover. People will continue to have their career, lives, and friends/family threatened if these initiatives aren't addressed at the source.
Very well said.
Some people seem to think that if SBI goes away the problem just disappears.
The problem as you said is the agenda itself, not some shitty company charged with enforcing it.
Replies: >>241618
>Schizo anons idk
Clowns are modeled after the Nephilim.
There's some tribe where the holy people dress up like clowns and jesters because they're mimicking spirit gods that visited their ancestors.
Replies: >>241622
Nigger come on jesters and clowns have been a thing for centuries and a lot of them, particularly jesters, were just mental retards that people dressed up for entertainment. Bright colors and make up is probably what attracts trannies to the clowns, which is fucking annoying because I like clowns, but I'm not going to lwt them ruin that ahit for me.
Replies: >>241622
If I may point out that Side Scrollers jewtube channel might be good to direct people. They were the only channel I know of to bring on kirsche to address the existence of BRIDGE the rebranding of ESG and DEI.
Replies: >>241643
[Hide] (13.6MB, 480x360, 05:18)
[Hide] (9.2MB, 640x360) Reverse
[Hide] (299.7KB, 578x701) Reverse
>Digital Circus
The show is about a jester being trapped in a different dimension and one of the characters is literally named Cain.
The Nephilim became disembodied spirits after the great flood wiped them out and they're desperately looking for physical vessels to inhabit.
>There's some tribe where the holy people dress up like clowns and jesters because they're mimicking spirit gods that visited their ancestors.
Not just some tribe but almost every culture has similar traditions.
>Nigger come on jesters and clowns have been a thing for centuries and a lot of them, particularly jesters, were just mental retards that people dressed up for entertainment.
There's more to it than just that.
Here's a channel dedicated to explaining the jester/clown nephilim connection. I started to get a lot more interested in clowns after looking into it.
>culture war
there is no war of cultures. you can call it a war on culture if you want, but the fact is they want to destroy existing cultures and replace them with corporate-approved garbage.
[Hide] (68.3KB, 680x777) Reverse
>They were the only channel I know of to bring on kirsche to address the existence of BRIDGE the rebranding of ESG and DEI.

Do you guys know why kikes are attempting to rebrand ((( ESG ))) and ((( DEI )))?
Because the boycott and backlash actually worked, to the point that many companies now don't want to be associated with that shit anymore.

Replies: >>241644
>Their discussions this week might involve companies trading tricks for how to “evolve” their language on ESG practices. 
>Just as DEI departments are suddenly “disappearing” from Corporate America by losing the D, E, and I, ESG is also suffering serious rechristenings. 
>Business watchdogs monitoring the changes have noted the substitution of forgettably average-sounding terms like “responsible business” and “climate risk integration,” that convey their point without raising eyebrows. 
>Coca-Cola recently stripped “ESG” from corporate reports and committee names, the Wall Street Journal reported last week. 
>The goal is now “to be more precise and to set goals that can be achieved,” the story noted. “Saying as little as possible is recommended.”
>This tracks with the strategy Wall Street has quietly turned to, too. 
>A survey published last August by Bloomberg found that financial analysts “loathe” the acronym ESG, but say they’ll “continue to incorporate environmental, social, and governance metrics in their business” nonetheless. In fact, they admitted to still “hardwiring it into their work.” >Only 18% said they cared about the anti-ESG backlash—efforts that, by then, included attacks by top national Republicans, investment dollars yanked by state treasurers, lawsuits filed by state attorneys general, and a number of statewide blacklists.
>“People don’t want to talk about it [the term ‘ESG’] as much because of the news flow from the U.S.,” one London banker explained. “But from an investment perspective and what we do internally, it has never been more important.”
Replies: >>241670 >>241695
Jesters/Shriners are the masons' special lodge that are in charge of getting entertainment for them.
For some reason they are also the ones in charge of children philanthropy and children's hospitals.
Replies: >>241655
>The Royal Order of Jesters is a male fraternal organization, allowing only Shriners in good standing to join
Sounds ripe for for turning the golem against its master. Does anyone know political activists we could throw at this?
How do you hide shoving niggers into everything?  I guess we'll find out.  Maybe in the next Spiderman he keeps the mask on.
Replies: >>241673
[Hide] (118.9KB, 600x533) Reverse
I think these kikes will try hide that garbage under "sustainability" or some stupid shit like that.
But once again, the problem is the "divershitty" agenda not the labels ((( they ))) give to that.
We'll find out about that too, inevitably
sometimes it feels like their schemes amount to wearing groucho glasses
Replies: >>241713
Rebranding works because normalniggers are stupid enough to not notice. Keep in mind despite all the DEI/ESG shit having a ((( common link ))) the niggercattle never seem to notice.
Replies: >>241715 >>241975
[Hide] (11.3KB, 450x196) Reverse
What a surprise!
They keep noticing more and more with Israel
Replies: >>241717
That pissrael though. I don't see many noticing the source rot infesting white countries.
Replies: >>241725
I am pretty sure even the dicksuck and the Hue-monkey know about the attempted rebranding. The planned website even has a generic name like Consultant Detected or something.
None of these people know what pedophilia is lmao
Replies: >>241742
That's because it's a new and ambigious term of which has had it's defenition changing, varying by location as well, since 1830, as that is when they came up with it, thus making it a relatively recent concept to begi with of which was not taken seriously until sex before marriage became a thing. The US bans loli dolls and Austrialia bans flat chested 'dancers' and ur grandmother was married by 15. Who gets the pedo charges again? Guys falling for the bai otf '15ish girls'. Age of consent was 7 in Delware all the way up until the 1960s.  Reminder.  We live in a  society. Pedos aren't real. Only white guys get called pedo so often that no one called Micheal Jackson a pedo until after he turned his skin white. He was trying to be white, that goes against their plans so suddenly the strawman of 'pedo' happens to him. Pedos are NOT real. 

tl;dr: pedo is a fake word like nigger or faggot pedos are not real wake up Neo
Replies: >>241743
Schizo talk outside. Yes morality is a literal "social construct", everything is made up.
But pedophilia is only attraction to prepubescent children. These people are misusing a term they know nothing about.
The loli pedo debate is so easy I don't get why people struggle...it's all about context. It's either scenario:
>I find this picture appealing
<well that is a 10 year old you PEDO
>no, it's a drawing - labeling it changes nothing
or b)
>I seek pictures of children, and the fact that it's a 2d child means I'm not hurting anyone
Basically, what is it the viewer is attracted to...fantasy depictions of children, or just a style of art that people often label a way you don't care about?
Let's not forget that a child abuser is different than a pedo. I definitely can't carry a conversation with a pedo who wants to talk about his fetishes openly, but being a freak doesn't make him a criminal. Basically, everyone should shut up, let people have their drawings, and focus on actual child abuse.
But I guess one is easier to enforce, huh? Plus people only care about "ick" factors and not actually doing anything meaningful.
Replies: >>241750
Sweet Baby Inc coming from Canada says it all
The guy who ran OAG was a subhuman retard who had nothing of value to say, and "what happened to him" was that he self-destructed after attracting the attention of a bunch of normalfag celebrities.
Replies: >>241749
Spoiler File
(205.6KB, 800x600) Reverse
>focus on actual child abuse
But if you did that you couldn't keep actually abusing children.
Government Broadcaster Radio-Canada Accuses ‘Sweet Baby Inc. Detected’ Steam Curator Group Creator Kabrutus Of Leading A “Cyberharassment Campaign”
>According to the Canadian government-run broadcaster Radio-Canada, the individual who kicked off the current round of video game industry discourse with his creation of the Sweet Baby Inc. >Detected Steam curator group, Kabrutus, can be best described not as an unhappy consumer concerned with the ongoing DEI-teriroration of one of his favorite entertainment mediums, but as “the leader of [a] cyberharassment campaign.”
>“The small video game consultation studio Sweet Baby Inc. is the target of a vast cyberharassment campaign (including death treats),” wrote the outlet in the opening to their piece, as personally translated by this article’s author. “Thousands of internet figures, including influential figures like Elon Musk, have accused the studio of propagating their ‘woke agenda’ and policies of inclusion, diversity, and equity in the video games they work on.”
>From there, the outlet would proceed to present readers with a quote from Kabrutus himself, as initially given to Geeks + Gamers’ Alex Gherzo during a March 2024 interview, in which he explained his reason for creating the aforementioned ‘Sweet Baby Inc. Detected’ Steam curator group.
>“SBI forces political agendas and DEI into their games,” reads the part of the interview quoted by Radio-Canada. “I started noticing patterns in some games, like ugly women and male characters being weakened to make female ones look stronger.”
>And it would be at this point in their article that the French-Canadian broadcaster would apply their accusatory label to Kabrutus’ character.
>In attributing Kabrutus’ quote to the player himself, Radio-Canada would describe him to their readers as “the creator of the ‘Sweet Baby Inc. Detected’ movement and the leader of the cyberharassment campaign.”
>Following their insulting of Kabrutus, the outlet would continue to try running defense for Sweet Baby Inc.
>Turning their attentions to the Steam curator group itself, Radio-Canada next detailed to their readers, “350,000. That’s the number of subscribers to a list on the Steam platform named ‘Sweet Baby Inc. Detected,’ which lists the video games which the studio and its members have worked on.”
>To this end, the outlet then quoted Sweet Baby Inc. co-founder David Bédard, who informed them that after the list’s creation, “Our inbox went from a few messages a day to a hundred. We have gotten thousands of emails from people who want us to disappear.”
>“We really do consulting work,” he continued. “We get hired by clients who have already made their game more inclusive, and who want it to be more credible.”
>Next, the outlet proposed the question of whether or not this latest discourse could properly be classified as “Gamergate 2.0”.
>“In 2014, a cyberharassment campaign called into question the objectivity of video game reviews and, more widely, the place of women in the video game industry,” they wrote. “The starting point? A history of sexual relations between a game designer and a journalist, as reported by her ex-spouse.”
>Providing yet another quote ostensibly sought with the specific intention of bolstering their fearmongering, Radio-Canada then cited University of Quebec in Montreal video games research Maude Bonenfant, who recalled of Gamergate, “It was very violent. As soon as someone spoke out, it created waves everywhere.”
>Drawing their report to a close, Radio-Canada ultimately questioned whether or not the industry was in the early stages of a “wildfire”.
>“The Sweet Baby Inc. team is little-by-little getting used to the idea that the harassment and threats that they’re receiving are their new reality,” concluded the outlet. “No one has submitted their resignation from the small team at Sweet Baby Inc, and no contracts have been lost since the start of this saga.”
>Notably, this is not the first time that the collective CBC/Radio-Canada entity has run defense for Sweet Baby Inc.
>In explaining the situation to his listeners on the March 19th episode of his talk show The Current, CBC host Matt Galloway asserted, “Now, Sweet Baby is the victim of a giant organized harassment campaign, and gaming insiders say this harassment shows just how toxic certain parts of gaming culture still are.”
> Keep in mind despite all the DEI/ESG shit having a (((  common link  ))) the niggercattle never seem to notice.
Normalfags may be dumb, but you would be surprised by how many are now starting to notice.
Just because they aren't vocal, doesn't mean they aren't aware by now.
Replies: >>241978
I too disdain a massive faceless mass of strangers.
Replies: >>241977
[Hide] (173.6KB, 540x360, 00:04)
Are you me?
agreed, but they're afraid to be crucified for pointing it out and are worried they lack like minded people in their circles, so they keep their mouths shut
isolated even when in a group
[Hide] (491.1KB, 318x200) Reverse
>"It was very violent"
Yeah I remember niggers rioting in the streets and burning down businesses because that purple haired bimbo bitch sucked and fucked every living dick in a 40 mile radius
I hope there will be videos galore of people like this getting their heads buzzed off with a reciprocating saw on the nu-web in the far off year of 2044
why do these freaks in media who claim to live and breathe tolerance hate poor, disadvantaged minorities so much?
it's just some poor brazilian dude. shouldn't they be applauding his endeavors to build a community?
Replies: >>242006
[Hide] (402.8KB, 770x648) Reverse
It's a mystery. It's almost like they don't practice what they preach, and only want to use social issues to gain power and social capital.
Gotta tow that party line or you go bankrupt. I don't think anybody in canuckville even listens to anything the CBC says because they nearly went bankrupt until the government broke them out.
Replies: >>242030
I feel sorry for any sane minded Canadian that lives in that dystopian shithole.
Replies: >>242039
you cause me to recall a chinese saying that basically translates to "the emperor lives far away and the mountains are high"
basically yeah bullshit happens in the country but common people removed from cities or politics can generally live their lives normally
not implying I agree with the mentality but I think that's how people cope with dystopian shitholes "things may be fucked but as long as I can live my life under the radar then that's good enough"
Replies: >>242061
>common people removed from cities or politics can generally live their lives normally
They don't nowadays
Replies: >>242148 >>242170
>BRIDGE is a purpose-driven community, biased to action focused on the workplace, workforce, and marketplace.
>The BRIDGE mission is to create a cultural shift in companies where DEI principles flow through all facets of an organization, from the C-Suite and marketing through product development, procurement and customer service.
>With the variety of programs that BRIDGE offers including proprietary research, storytelling workshops, events and more, we identify and dismantle the structures in place that currently contribute to the gap in belonging, representation, inclusion, diversity and equity (BRIDGE is an acronym for these).
>Our long term goal, with the help of our founding board members composed of DEI and business leaders, is to create a comprehensive BRIDGE agenda for all companies and to subsequently certify against its implementation and measure its impact.
How are you so sure?
This might be hard for you to believe if you live in a city where everyone's necks are permanently bowed because they're constantly gawking at their handheld goy monitor but it's still very common for people in the countryside to not stare at screens all day or carry a phone everywhere or sometimes even have internet connections at all. That's across the board, rural areas have always had some level of disconnect from urban areas, Romans dealt with this issue for their entire existence.
[Hide] (5.5MB, 4041x2004) Reverse
[Hide] (5.3MB, 3691x1971) Reverse

Sweet Baby Inc game Alan Wake 2 caught using bots to promote itself.

Reminder that HBO admitted to using bots and having employees write positive reviews. If HBO, a relatively minor broadcaster that (late GoT aside) didn't put out such absolute garbage public opinion needed to be manipulated, was doing it then every entertainment company over a certain size is doing it.
[Hide] (1MB, 667x9756) Reverse
>a relatively minor broadcaster
>relatively minor
HBO is the reason tons of people get cable.
If HBO does something you might as well consider it standard practice.
Replies: >>242177 >>242211
That's what relatively means. It's not on the sheer scale of some abomination like Paramount (ViacomCBS).
Who in the love of god is still watching Bill Maher? I can understand why people watch John Oliver even if I hate him but fucking Bill Maher?
Replies: >>242213
Jews anon.
Replies: >>242214
That's such a stupid 30 IQ answer to every question people like you have. Everything that ever went wrong was caused by a fucking jew even before they existed.
Replies: >>242228 >>242233
You're not wrong that some people are obnoxious with the jew accusations but he's absolutely correct when it comes to Bill Maher, he floats through his career nowadays purely through jewish entertainment connections he built up back when he was even remotely relevant. Almost no one else actually likes the guy and many want him to fail. I think the only reliable goy audience he has is the heavy stoner crowd because apparently all he does is smoke weed nowadays.
Replies: >>242233
You two are aware Bill Maher IS a jew, right?
Replies: >>242234 >>242242
He's of jewish descent but not a practicing kike.
>He's of jewish descent
>but not a practicing kike
Neither were the jews I played MMOs with for like 15 years but they acted exactly like every other jew before I even knew what jews did, anon.  Some even leveraged their connections to blackmail MMO staff and get things for free.

You don't inherit their 'traits' by going to synagogue anymore than adopted blacks become airline pilots.
What exactly made you think I wasn't aware?
[Hide] (58.7KB, 370x310) Reverse
>not a practicing kike
It doesn't matter. Their whole bloodline is cursed. The "purer" the jew is, the more vile and selfish it is.
[Hide] (283.5KB, 1024x1024) Reverse
Using Bots on social media to manipulate public opinion or gaslight people into thinking that most people think a certain way about a certain topic!?
I am very surprised! :^)
I knew all that praise and supposed "success" was fake as fuck
Replies: >>242258 >>242261
does that link actually go anywhere or am I just incompetent
Replies: >>242257
[Hide] (23.5KB, 112x112) Reverse
>This will enable a wider audience to experience the thrilling storyline and engaging gameplay.
>Can't wait to dive into the Alan Wake 2 universe
>I can't wait to dust off my old PC and dive back into the eerie world of Alan Wake 2!
>Time to dive into the action-packed mysteries!
Those sure read like actual genuine people's posts and not like shills trying to sell you some shit :^)
>dive into
>dive into
>dive into
>dive into
Replies: >>242258
archive links have been fucked for a while now, especially if you use a VPN.
Replies: >>242265
>Andy Brownbill
I thought that read "Brownpill" at first.

Not even just shills, it reads like they couldn't even be bothered to make custom lines and just fed keywords into an AI to spit out sentences.
Replies: >>242262
Where was that one tweet in there which was trolling by replacing "Delta" with "Sigma"?
it's a tough pill to swallow!
Yeah archive hardly ever works for me, supposedly they don't like certain DNS servers. I wish people would post the original link alongside the archive.
[Hide] (212.7KB, 500x773) Reverse
> but nowadays it's game over.
[Hide] (115KB, 914x607) Reverse
>He's of jewish descent but not a practicing kike.
Do you realize that jews acting like they do is because of genetics and not "culture"?
Same shit as niggers, did they stop being savages the moment they got into the civilized white countries?
No, because they are and always will be niggers, even if a 0,001% of them pretend to act like human beings.
Turd worlders often justify their countries being shitholes because "whites were lucky because they had schools and universities, and libraries so they could study..." as if those universities, schools and libraries were there since the dawn of time and whites were just lucky to be born in the right continent.
>"Hey look! There's a school over there! Lucky me!
And it's not like white people built that shit (and civilization as a whole) themselves out of nothing.
The reason the third world is a shithole, is because of the low IQ subhuman savages they live in, not because of "culture" or the geographical position.
Culture only plays a very small part in people's behavior, the rest is mostly due to genetics.
Replies: >>242427 >>242441
Only if they are lucky enough on not getting racemixed into oblivion.
Replies: >>242448
It's pilpul. Conflating jews with judaism, the religion, is nothing but a smoke screen. Part of it is like you said, to make people believe that jews can be "saved" or otherwise ethically/morally/spiritually converted to some kind of compatibility with white civilization (spoiler: they can't), and partly to target libertarians and so-called conservatives who will side with them against the alleged "religious persecution" since they themselves feel persecuted in their own christianity (can't make this up: by those same-such jews).
Race mixing caused jews to exist in the first place Once upon a time an Arab got fucked by a white guy. As delicate as society is when you mix two different genes you end up with a psychology that has no place in either society. Such an  anomaly can only be a criminal, and so for three and a half thousand years everyone has hated them starting with the Arabs that wanted them to fuck off out of that shitty desert.
Replies: >>242503
[Hide] (273.5KB, 599x875) Reverse
Get a load of this faggot lmao
Replies: >>242674
Athiest jews are even more mentally ill than religious jews, judaism at the very least has mechanisms to make sure the jews do not instantly destroy themselves.
Jews were already subverting nations before they mixed with Whites, like Egypt. The Philistines were half White and they were not even close to jewish levels of insanity.
Replies: >>242510 >>242548
Maybe they mixed with demons or aliens
Replies: >>242518
With rats and cockroaches, probably.
Replies: >>242558
I’m partial to the neanderthal theory myself.
>been around for millions of years almost unchanged
>one of the few species that is smart enough to benefit from humans existing
>can survive in almost every environment with adaptation to even extreme deserts
>not parasitic despite morons claiming otherwise
>plebs see them adapting to environments that want them dead (nature) and calling them disgusting
>99.7% of the species live apart from humans
>provide food for birds and are vital parts of ecosystems
>insanely powerful nitrogen producers, humans would not exist if they did not
>kicked out of almost every country they have been in with next to no resistance
>do nothing but whine about the aforementioned fact
Replies: >>242639
>insanely powerful nitrogen producers, humans would not exist if they did not
Can you elaborate on this? All I got from a quick search was that they can internally store nitrogen in case it becomes scarce.
Replies: >>242656
I was a little in the bag when I wrote that so "insanely" was hyperbolic. I also don't know why I wrote "producers".
Plants use a lot of nitrogen so when they shed leaves or die they leave behind a lot of dead matter. Most cockroach species feed mostly on detritus which contains a lot of nitrogen which they then spread around through various means (being eaten, dying, defecation etc). Them storing nitrogen in uric acid is important because a lot of things can break it down and it'll end up in soils.
Replies: >>242667
[Hide] (62.9KB, 340x565) Reverse
>I wrote that so "insanely" was hyperbolic.
It wasn't the only hyperbolic shit you wrote:
<"Human wouldn't exist without cockroaches"
Replies: >>242669
Not really hyperbolic just stupid. It's a statement that can't be proven or disproven.
Spoiler File
(4.2MB, 576x1024, 00:38)
reminds me of don't click
Replies: >>242827
suicide in 3, 2, 1...
[Hide] (152.5KB, 1570x1184) Reverse
BlackRock CEO Melts Down as Profits Plummet over Woke ESG Agenda
>CEO Larry Fink *absolutely lost it* on their latest earnings call, after the Texas Permanent School Fund pulled $8.5 billion from the woke asset manager over their continued ESG activism

Can't open the link, do you have an alternative?
Replies: >>242870
[Hide] (43.3KB, 640x960) Reverse
Tell me again about the infinite kike money.
Replies: >>242884
>Can't open the link, do you have an alternative?
Replies: >>242874
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1280x720, 01:10)
[Hide] (16.5MB, 608x1082, 03:22)
[Hide] (242.2KB, 500x272) Reverse
>look on site
>find this clunker of an article
>actually read study since I've seen this song and dance a thousand times before
>didn't link covid to anything
>study was analyzing trends in cancer deaths in japanese patients during covid and saying there should be more research into it
>author starts just making shit up midway through about nanoparticles and citing himself and pivoting the entire article away from the main topic
I sure love cuckservative mouthpieces.
I would but you fell for a sensational headline about a kike calmly spewing the same pilpul he spews every day without consequence.
Replies: >>242890
You've lost.
[Hide] (481.6KB, 977x1600) Reverse
Remember: boycotts work. Its just two years of not buying that garbage until debt destroys those companies.


Also Kabrutos' hue-website is almost done.
[Hide] (260.7KB, 928x1059) Reverse
What makes you think I bought that garbage in the first place? Normalfags will never boycott though.
[Hide] (81.4KB, 720x1520) Reverse
[Hide] (93.3KB, 720x1520) Reverse
[Hide] (385.7KB, 1280x728) Reverse
[Hide] (287.5KB, 1280x637) Reverse
Sweet Baby Inc. Style Consultancy Firm GaymerX Consulted With Niantic Before Radical Gender & Avatar Changes Made In ‘Pokémon GO’
>Consultancy firm GaymerX, which operates similar to Sweet Baby Inc., consulted with Pokémon GO developer Niantic ahead of the company’s radical gender and avatar changes to the game.
>As reported by former World of Warcraft Team Lead Mark Kern, GaymerX notes on their website they have consulted with Niantic, Volition, and Behaviour Interactive. And like Sweet Baby Inc. the company claims it “is proud to offer consulting and training services to the games industry. As part of our mission to support and celebrate LGBTQIA+ people and culture in games, we offer a selection of LGBTQIA+ centered training curricula as well as customized solutions designed to advance Diversity, Equity, Visibility, and Inclusion in gaming.”
>The company adds, ” We serve individuals and businesses working in the video game and tabletop gaming industries, including independent game developers, game studios of all sizes, publishers, media outlets, and more.”
>Specifically the company notes, “GaymerX will help you create more LGBTQIA+ inclusive games, workplaces, and events. We provide a wide variety of services utilizing our in-house experts and network of consultants with diverse and intersectional identities.”
>It then lists off a number of services that it provides including sensitivity training, marketing, as well as multiple workshops that promote gender identity in the workplace and community management strategies for supporting LGBTQIA+ players.
>Given Niantic is one of GaymerX’s clients, Kern questioned, “What’s behind the Pokemon GO gender erasure? Turns out the makers of Pokemon Go! consulted with a Sweet Baby Inc style consultancy firm, GaymerX! Did this lead to the changes? These firms need to go!”
>Kern previously reported that Niantic’s new avatar update for Pokémon GO completely removes sexed bodies.
>He wrote on X, “The Pokémon GO App removed gender from all Pokemon Go! players yesterday in a sweeping change that left fans at Pokemon Go Hub Net furious. I took a look at the character creator myself.
>“Gender is GONE, replaced by a hodgepodge of androgynous options. Nothing can be too feminine or too male. Facial hair options gone,” he asserted. “Male faces had softened features. Female faces had masculine jaws or thin lips. Bodies are blobs. Everything is designed to blend together in some Frankenstein like gender-free utopia. The end result leaving no one satisfied.”
>In another post, he explained, “Character creators in AAA games went from Male/Female to Body Type A and Body Type B. The next step, from AAA Studios I spoke with, says even body types are being erased in upcoming games. Instead you will be presented with a random mix of male and female parts, bodies, heads and faces. Pokemon Go! already did this yesterday. This is the future of AAA games.”
>In response to one user claiming he would be fine with the changes if he could still create “an aesthetically pleasing character,” Kern replied, “The neat thing is, you can’t! You can’t create masculine or feminine. Everything is blended.”
>An alleged industry insider informed Sausage Roll back in 2020 that female characters were being made to look more like men in order to promote transgenderism. The insider stated, “It’s not really about the sexual objectification of women. Women, like men, come in all shapes and sizes; to say that having big busty women is unrealistic is untrue.”
>This insider then added, “This is only true for trans people. A trans woman can’t naturally grow large breasts, and not all trans people can afford implants. If you see a game where the women are a little less curvy, it’s not to because the game designers are worried about receiving backlash for sexualising women, it’s because they are worried about offending the trans community.”
>He then revealed, “From a design stand point, this is a really challenging problem. I’ve had many board meetings about how to tackle this. Trans people want ‘realistic’ representation in our games, but they feel excluded if they are represented as too masculine or too feminine. That’s why you will see a lot of designers ‘nerfing the female form’ so to speak so that the difference between trans women and cis women is a little less noticeable.”
>This information was backed up by YouTuber Yellowflash who stated, “I was told it was done to be ambiguous, to make everybody feel okay and included. … They’re purposely trying to walk a line here so that they don’t offend queer people. That’s what I was told. Now, take that with a grain of salt.”
>YouTuber Melonie Mac also asserted the changes made by Niantic, which were being tested back in March, were done for the “trans gaze.”
>She wrote on X, “None of this is about women, it’s the trans gaze. This update isn’t a relatable female frame. It’s straight up transgender.”
Will the normalfags keep taking it up the ass? YES.
>From a design stand point, this is a really challenging problem. I’ve had many board meetings about how to tackle this. Trans people want ‘realistic’ representation in our games, but they feel excluded if they are represented as too masculine or too feminine.
So exclude them, problem solved.
Replies: >>243173
> they feel excluded if they are represented as too masculine or too feminine
Isn't this a contradiction of their own terms? Trans women are women, but if i put a women that is not a trans women. Therefore, trans women are not real women.
Replies: >>243176 >>243179
Their whole existence is a contradiction, don't try and make sense of it.
Sweet. Hoping that gachaniggers are the next victims.
Replies: >>243206
[Hide] (161KB, 480x360) Reverse
I remember a screencap of someone posting on Plebbit or RetardEra, saying sonething like:
Doesn't being "bi" that there's only two genders?
And this guy got banned without explanation lel
Replies: >>243195
>Mark Kern
It would appear the THQN shitposting in late February CY+4 had some merit to it after all.
They have been victims since forever, the art always gets censored.
Replies: >>243212
Funny enough a lot of that is to appeal to china, not the west. Not saying the west isn't an influence but chink gold is a much bigger influence in the mobileshit market.
[Hide] (116.3KB, 1024x942) Reverse
>Remember: boycotts work. Its just two years of not buying that garbage until debt destroys those companies.
I am doing my part here.
[Hide] (423.7KB, 737x658) Reverse
>Trans people want ‘realistic’ representation in our games, 
>but they feel excluded if they are represented as too masculine or too feminine
[Hide] (4.7MB, 853x480, 01:39)
[Hide] (1.8MB, 853x480, 00:40)
[Hide] (851.6KB, 853x480, 00:26)
[Hide] (2.4MB, 853x480, 00:35)
[Hide] (5.1MB, 853x480, 00:52)
Whenever I see Niggerpill post his entire Xitter feed I'm reminded there's at least one person on this board who believes this man is intelligent.
>will continue buying the [new 4ddit word]
>uses Xitter
Well which one is it? Isn't social media meant to be designed around herding cattle and lowering everyone's intelligence?
Replies: >>243287
Tomar is a legit jew but yeah funny stuff
[Hide] (168.7KB, 946x788) Reverse
They do indeed.
Replies: >>243329
[Hide] (8.3MB, 1280x720, 01:37)
Man, that takes me back to the old days.
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