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Thread to discuss the most recent happenings related to the SBI fiasco which is currently developing.
A quick rundown for the clueless:
>Sweet Baby Inc. is an outsourcing narrative development studio founded in 2018 by former Ubisoft employees which "consults" on video game narratives during development to "promote" safer working environments and diverse representation within game narratives and studios
>or that's what the watered down kikepedia entry claims
>in reality it's been known for a while that they don't just "consult and promote" but rather demand that devs and studios preach their agenda
>they're among the reasons why more recent video games have body type A and B and all sorts of gay, tranny and woke propaganda
>for years they operated mostly under the radar without anyone knowing about them until just a few months ago anons took notice of them
>all until they held an interview at a press conference where Kim Belair, one of the founders, straight up boasted on record that their MO consists of literal threats and "terrifying" devs to accept the poz
>the lid blew open and normalfags too learned about their existence and practices
>the following backlash translated into a steam group, called Sweet Baby Inc detected, made a month by some BR madmen which aimed to track and warn about games which SBI pozzed, gaining massive exposure
>in perfect kike fashion, SBI attempted to attack and censor said group by reporting them, spamming them and whining about them on Twitter demanding to have them banned
>all of which, EXACTLY like GG many years ago, only resulted in the whole matter reaching even a wider audience getting Streisand effect out the ass and more people jumping on the bandwagon as news outlets pick the story up and various ecelebs throw their takes in
>the steam group grew overnight from 70k  to 210k+ followers but apparently steam support threatened to delete it due to the report spam SBI drones had done
>the owner then wiped ALL discussion and threads except admin messages to avoid deletion
>allegedly even cuckchan is banning and deleting discussion about it on /v/ and trying to move it to /pol/, again, exactly like GG years ago
>SBI shills, trannies and soymen all working overtime to cover everything up and blaming it on raycis gamer nazis
>as it turns out SBI isn't even the only company that's been doing this shit
><you are now here>

Some links from the news thread
>Sweet Baby Inc. CEO Kim Belair Speech Urged Employees To “Terrify” Video Game Companies If They “Don’t Give You What They Want”
>Kotaku: Sweet Baby Inc. Doesn’t Do What Some Gamers Think It Does
>cuckchan /pol/ thread with people complaining they got banned for discussing SBI
>SBI employee asking his twitter slaves to mass report the BR curator page and the owner for "harassment" 
>Steam curator page of SBI detected

Something's brewing on the horizon, this could easily snowball (already is) into another Goober fiasco
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Their segment at GDC in 2019
Replies: >>238281
Someone needs to compile a list with all the games being tainted by these consulting firms not just SBI
Replies: >>238037
It would be easier to make a list of games not tainted.
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>>238033 (OP) 
shit like palworld made me realize that faggy companies like these are incredibly dangerous. according to dev logs, the only reason why they were added in was because they were told it was popular, but told by who? your average person doesn't give a shit, though they MIGHT after hearing about companies like this forcing it in.
that being said, if 4cuck is deleting shit on it all over again, it's gonna be interesting seeing where people might try migrating to this time
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>it's gonna be interesting seeing where people might try migrating to this time
We should link this site there just for the lulz of course.
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>it's gonna be interesting seeing where people might try migrating to this time
Hopefully the mods are on their toes to prevent that cancer from reaching us.
Replies: >>238043 >>238046
Anyone still using cuckchan in the year of our Lord 2024 (like OP) doesn't deserve to be here.
Replies: >>238050
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>according to dev logs, the only reason why they were added in[...]
meaning the body type shit of course
soyjack shit annoys everyone everywhere and it's all but confirmed that it's all spammers from soyjack party, remove those and you'll remove the biggest cancer tumor too if they ever do come here
>>238033 (OP) 
also, isn't the head of the sweet baby inc company someone tied to the actual fucking Five Guys meme?
Replies: >>239228
What dev logs?
Replies: >>238052
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>I went to the biggest 8-chan succesor and most popular boards were mexican and a BBC ones, they are jokes, zzzchan is the one I liked but its still dead 
Replies: >>238056 >>239236
>Anyone still using cuckchan in the year of our Lord 2024 (like OP) doesn't deserve to be here.
Are there even genuine posters left there?
Last time i checked it seemed like only mods and bots were arguing with each others.
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>all the moe shilling
around here >>233123
the only genuine posters left there are those in the more creative-focused/OC-making threads last time i checked. which is sad because they're CONSTANTLY fucking drowning in the sea of shitty new threads and bait, but too retarded to move somewhere else because they think it's the only spot to get more anons making stuff
Replies: >>238060
Remember that one spic who would request art of his mmo character in every draw thread? He's now on cuckchan.
I remember when cuckchanners were calling 8chan dead at the height of the 2015 reddit invasion. Anything with less activity than tiktok will be dead by their standards.
i see the dragon ball spammer from /b/ asking for help on /a/ on his own bait thread
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>which is sad because they're CONSTANTLY fucking drowning in the sea of shitty new threads and bait, but too retarded to move somewhere else because they think it's the only spot to get more anons making stuff
I remember some people saying that after fullchan went down, some anons went back to cuckchan, which is fucking masochistic on their part.

Back on topic, if this time some faggots dare to self-appoint themselves as the "leaders of the movement",  or some retarded shit like that, going with crap like: "It's actually about ethics in gaming journalism!" Tell those faggots to STFU and that is actually about "Kikes doing terrorism to push niggerfaggot shit in vidya".
Replies: >>238062 >>238656
>back on topic
>"leaders of the movement"
But that is on topic, because the topic is forcing a niggergate 2.0 to enable even more "alt right" brand clout-chasing and deplatforming communities of sane people, which are the only concrete things niggergate ever accomplished after the first 6 months.
Replies: >>238065
Someone should try to get a "mainstream" generalist conservative press (like Not the Bee or Breitbart) to print something on this. An organized conspiracy to liberal garbage in media is something they'd run with, and it would get a lot more eyeballs on the thing than just gamer circles.
I am not calling it "a movement" myself, i am just saying that some faggots will eventually try that shit to kill any traction this shit may get.
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>>238033 (OP) 
another thing, the fuck is with the obsession with these slimy companies and naming themselves "baby" or something similar?
no, actually, i think i know, i just don't wanna face the idea again
The only newly published game I've been remotely interested in the recent decade is Star Wars:Squadrons, complete with body type bullshit. Was it SBI or some other company that was involved?
However, even without said poz, I still wouldn't have played it, let alone bought it, because the game has a dozen unsound design choices, which brings us to my second point:
Even if a game has no poz, the average consumer will still buy it because gotta buy the new thing. That was the case with Elite:Dangerous: an interesting game, but always online and no true singleplayer. Assholes. Sorry for any derail but I had to get that out of my system.
Replies: >>238081
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the reason why the original 8chan died out wasn't even because of that, it was because jimbo wanted to push his 8kun shit for qboomers. had be been fucking not malicious there would have easily either been another one, or he would have fought it off
just keep in mind SBI ain't the only company like this, pointing out anything related to it is probably the most important bit
How are people finding this now? What gave them away?
Replies: >>238101
People have known about it for a while in sites like these, but ever since one of their employees tried getting the guy running a Steam group that listed their games to lose his curator page and his account with his games, it began to gain a lot of traction. Lots of large commentary channels began to pick it up after smaller ones.
Replies: >>238102
Streisand effect in full swing.
Replies: >>238105
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It's going to be interesting to see how things turn out. I'm not expecting much since unless we are talking about teenagers, most of the people noticing the crap NOW are the same people who went through the past 10 years and didn't notice anything. You are also going to have the faggots claiming that complaining about poz doesn't do anything compared to other insidious practices, but they can easily be ignored. I want to say that this will be the last thing to truly affect AAA games before they finally collapse in 5 years  maybe with everything else in the economy as it is all running on fumes  but I'll wait and see. At least there is finally some gay ass internet drama that will be interesting to witness again.
Replies: >>238107 >>238108
How the fuck do they STILL not know to just leave it alone? I hope it blows up again, the internet could use a second nuke.
Friend says 4chan is trying to ban discussion which is working as well as you think.
Replies: >>238106 >>238114
Their whole job is bullying people to get their way, so it's not surprising they thought there would be no consequences to their actions.
Under no way do these consulting firms look presentable or justifiable to normalniggers. They just exist for the sake of forcing ((( diversity ))) aka removal of white peopple from media and stifling creativity. You can't repackage them in any fucking way and make them sound good, besides they are attached to some massive turds like Suicide Squad KTJL.
>AAA games have 5 years left

Sony publicly stated the PS5 was in the "latter stage" of its life. Even at its most generous reading of "past halfway" that's still "to discontinued by mid-2027". AAA will die well before 2029. Plus most of the current contractions are companies finally realizing they're in the Biden economy.
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weren't they they ones that had that big fag gamer con?
[Hide] (10.2MB, 1280x720, 03:28)
>Friend says 4chan is trying to ban discussion which is working as well as you think.
The last time cuckchan tried to ban discussion and memes on something (TLOU2) this happened.
They can’t be serious with that name
Replies: >>238119
Remember these people will call their fetishes a lifestyle with a straight face.
>>238033 (OP) 
>>the lid blew open and normalfags too learned about their existence and practices
I understand that you're a GG nigger but you have to know that this isn't remotely the case. The normalfags are still buying Fortnite season passes and eating up the latest slop from their troughs. The people who even know that companies like SBI exist are fringe by definition, and that is the demographic among whom the information is spreading.

I'm happy that people are recognizing the cancer for what it is, but ultimately most of this discussion is happening on Twitter which still routinely censors and suppresses anyone who uses no-no words. I imagine the same thing will happen to this topic soon enough unless someone goes tot the trouble of cataloguing the info on a third party website. The Steam curator page is very visible but it is also liable to be nuked if enough people complain to some faggot on staff at Valve.

>Are there even genuine posters left there?
There are occasional creatives and genuine posters, but they are vastly outnumbered by soyjak spammers. I don't hate them for choosing to post on a site with orders of magnitude more traffic and eyeballs than the alternatives but it's nearly impossiblek to find them unless you already know where to look. The captchas are also obnoxious, you're not allowed to use a VPN, and your posts or threads might get deleted for no reason.
do it faggottttt
make a containment board for cuckchanners and then ban everyone who posts there like moot did for furries all those years ago, before he became an even bigger faggot
Replies: >>238404
After seeing the amount of nintoddlers here i would say that already happened
Stop making me regret buying Tapestry even more.
Sweet Baby Inc. CEO And Co-Founder Kim Belair Compares White Male Gamers To Picky Babies
Spider-Man, Alan Wake, Ridiculous Fishing devs speak up in support of consultancy studio Sweet Baby Inc
>Kenney, who has written for games including Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Telltale's The Walking Dead and the upcoming Marvel's Wolverine, posted a thread on X yesterday. "Some of you don't seem to understand how narrative consulting on games works," she began, "but don't worry: I do!"
>During a game's development, narrative consultants will be hired by studios to help with fleshing out or tweaking narrative elements, Kenney said. "Narrative consultants do not get final say," Kenney reiterated. "It doesn't get into the game if we [as the developer] don't approve it.
>"They consult. They do research, pitch ideas, give feedback, and maybe even write scripts. But none of that gets into the game unless the core dev team agrees with it. I'm going to keep saying that, because it's key. Sweet Baby is not, nor is any consulting group, coming in to wreck games. They're helping smooth out plots and deepen characters. They ease the burden on the core narrative team. They're additive in every way."
>Indie developer and consultant Rami Ismail backed up points made by Kenney, adding in his own post that as a consultant you must understand "your work is advisory" and "your position is easily eliminated".
Lmao faggots digging their own grave
[Hide] (80KB, 490x468) Reverse
>Sweet Baby Inc. CEO And Co-Founder Kim Belair Compares White Male Gamers To Picky Babies
everyone saw this was coming from 10000000000000000 miles away
Have they tried being more smug? It might help.
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Replies: >>238184 >>238254
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The damage control is real, holy shit. This reminds me of when kanye west spoke about kikes and every "fact checking" organization was "debunking" him
Replies: >>238186
Last time I checked when blizzard was sold to microsoft literally nothing changed in their games

that clown would run off a cliff if everyone told him not to
I don't think anyone is gonna believe them when they acted like insufferably smug for so many years now. At some point you can't tell the same lie over and over.
>hate campaign
I see they are going to use the same exact tactics as last time. At least this will give an opportunity for people who weren't paying attention the first time to see how slimy they are.
I look at the recent reviews for Shadow Gambit, the sole game in that curator list I've played(and enjoyed) and it's all bandwagoning faggots going ABLOO ABLOO GAEM GUD BUT STUDIO DIE TO SWEAT BABBY REST IN PEACE when the actual reality(https://www.mimimi.games/our-final-game/) was that Mimimi's founders just wanted to retire and let everyone go with fat fucking bonuses. I'm 80% sure half the people parroting this shit have gotten it from a source that has mistaken Lamplighter's League for Shadow Gambit or something.
Replies: >>238195
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>>238033 (OP) 
a few minor corrections
>in reality it's been known for a while that they don't just "consult and promote" but rather demand that devs and studios preach their agenda
>for years they operated mostly under the radar without anyone knowing about them until just a few months ago anons took notice of them
according to kikepedia, it was Kiwifarms which first laid eyes on them back in october 2023, I also remember mentions of here and on blacked around the same time, so "for a while" is no more than 6 months which does confirm they've managed to keep their operation somewhat under wraps for 5 years
>all until they held an interview at a press conference where Kim Belair, one of the founders, straight up boasted on record that their MO consists of literal threats and "terrifying" devs to accept the poz
no, the key event that brought all the attention to them was the sbi employee attempting to censor the "sbi detected" curator page on steam just 2 days ago. the conference, as you said yourself is from 2019, and while it does tie into the whole story by virtue of being a significant piece of evidence which showcases their practices, it wasn't the catalyst that blew it up.

the rest is mostly accurate including the predictions about the expected damage control and attempts to astroturf and misdirection.
Replies: >>238260
[Hide] (229.1KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Who cares if you liked the game? The point is that a game that employs "sensitivity readers" shouldn't be supported.
Replies: >>238196 >>238197
I said I played it, not that I bought it.
I like the studio but I'm not paying for a third Shadow Tactics reskin.
[Hide] (4.6MB, 640x360) Reverse
>Sensitivity Check
Replies: >>238198 >>238199
<3 ~ Sensitivity Check
[Hide] (500.2KB, 300x268) Reverse
Imagine paying someone to tell you you are racist.
This still doesn’t explain why games nowadays are poorly developed, never completed on time and riddled with day 1/year 1 dlc. The absence of whites in dev teams(some suggest whites have moved on from game dev are now involved in AI;see Microsoft AI team - no browns or blacks involved with AI) 

It makes sense why people are going back to pre 2013 games nowadays with physical now going up in price
Replies: >>238207 >>238208
or people are quitting games as a whole because every  online game is filled with cheating subhumans which they do not even remotely attempt at fixing because if they did a simple ban based off ping and region checks it would get them bad PR
Replies: >>238210
>no browns or blacks involved with AI) 
Literally all pajeets. Stable Diffusion was the brain child of a poo in the loo to make his own bobs and vagene.
Why would anyone quit all games just because online games became shit?
Plus doesn't the majority of modern online thrash have bios-level spyware "anticheat" embedded?
Replies: >>238211 >>238217
you're forgetting  most people have no reference to old games  other  than playing it for 10 minutes and crying it's shit because muh graphics and controls[they want the game to play itself]
They really are there own worst enemy.
How does that change the fact that singleplayer games exist, and are in fact the majority of games? No one's quitting vidya because TF2 has cheaters.
Replies: >>238218
anon.... you failed to completely understand  normalfags don't play singleplayer shit and if they do it's movie  games that will get boring to them within a span of 2 weeks
Replies: >>238219 >>238222
poopy doooy sads and normals boohoooooo
Replies: >>238220
might wanna get checked for Alzheimers because you're typing like a dinosaur
[Hide] (115.4KB, 911x777) Reverse
>normalfags don't play singleplayer games
>except the ones they do so they don't count
Replies: >>238223
>Call of Duty:Modern warfare 3 (2023) Rank:2
Replies: >>238224
>Rank 2
It's fine to say you were wrong and move on, anon.
Replies: >>238225
it's also fine for you to admit you are a illiterate retard who cannot read half those game titles
Replies: >>238226
The top selling game was single player. Over half the top 13 were strictly single player.  Do you have an argument or going to keep crying like a bitch nigger?
Replies: >>238227 >>238228
[Hide] (974.7KB, 1187x899) Reverse
>Do you have an argument
>2 call of duty games
>a bunch of movie shit games
>Resident evil but the last of us
you don't have the right to call anyone a nigger when you are this stupid
Replies: >>238228 >>238230
Jesus christ, just stop.
Replies: >>238236
[Hide] (194.3KB, 661x792) Reverse
The presence of multiplayer games does not negate the fact that a majority of that list is single player games.
Sorry anon, it's too easy to poke retards.
Rise and shine gamers it's day 2 of GG 2.0, anyone thought of a plan to stop billionaires from culturally enriching video games yet?
glass israel
>consultancy work, an industry-standard service that's been normal for years.
Great, it's the good old lies wrapped in truths and half truths - gig. Consultancy work, whether in gaming industry, art or health sector, is a huge bag of worms in itself. More often than not, consultant companies are parasites that bring nothing good to the table. It is very true that consultants milking stupid CEOs has been "normal" for years, even decades, but it doesn't make it right.
Pic 1 is a great attempt at misdirection, pointing the finger at the admittedly very real problems in game biz. But the joke is that there's diversity and "diversity." My heart weeps for the perversion of language. I don't remember anyone complaining about the genuinely diverse cast of characters in Street Fighter 2. Maybe, just maybe it was because the diversity actually made sense in the context of the game.

Even if there was a consultant company that offered non-political (if only) help with narrative elements, e.g. spell checking, it's still money badly spent. Shouldn't all creators trust their own vision and skills as storytellers, rather than paying someone else? Not to mention the fact that games which have too much focus on "narrative elements" are often shit by default due to poor or nonexistant gameplay mechanics.
Replies: >>238275
>Rise and shine gamers it's day 2 of GG 2.0, anyone thought of a plan to stop billionaires from culturally enriching video games yet?
Yes, it's called "shoah".
>the key event that brought all the attention to them was the sbi employee attempting to censor the "sbi detected" curator page on steam just 2 days ago. 
This is the salient point that many schizos are missing. This happened through the incompetence of one of SBI's own employees, not because of any anon or outside force. The same people currently celebrating the situation would have shouted down someone who thought about making a Steam curator page.

Don't reply to niggerpill.
Kill yourself.

I swear this is the year I make a video game.
Replies: >>238261
>I swear this is the year I make a video game.
Ganbatte, anons. Hopefully next year I'll be able to join you.
>kikes really are the world’s greatest subhumans. Nobody quite seethes and chimps out like they do, not even niggers. Imagine being known for the rest of eternity as the slimy race of subhumans who killed God’s son for 30 pieces of silver. Truly a cursed and pathetic existence. I think deep down most jews hate themselves which is why they’re so mentally ill.
Why do you think these scumbags are promoting degeneracy and racemixing?
Because for all their delusions about being the "god's chosen" they know deep inside they are inferior subhumans, that's why they push for that degenerate garbage, because they want to bring the entire population down to their own level.
They are at the same level of sewage, "god's chosen" my ass.
Not even a cockroach would choose them.
I didn't bother reading your post because you included a webp, the file type of Satan. Are all pedophiles this eager to deflect?
Replies: >>238276
>Shouldn't all creators trust their own vision and skills as storytellers, rather than paying someone else?
I mean if they are making a military game and pay someone who knows how the internals of the military work to make sure they got it right that would be fine for example. Just don't pay someone to tell you to censor your game.
Spoiler File
(255.6KB, 1974x2880) Reverse
4/g/ is nothing but pepe and smartphone spam now and every other tech board is dead so I have no idea why autists hate webp but have no problem with webm.
Replies: >>238279 >>238287
>waiting for us
>not waiting for me
Anything you want to disclose?
Replies: >>238291
>Mass Effect in 2010
>Jacob Taylor and Miranda Lawson
That's ME2, not 1.
I knew it was a psyop. That's why it got 3/5 stars (scale starting at 1 star) in game list with ratings I posted. ME3 got 1 star. And Miranda is a fucking tranny. Let's be serious here.
And let's not talk about the naked drug addicted tattoo woman with cancer.

This officially makes ME2 a NIGGER GAME.
There are many "people" who claim ME2 to be better than 1.
Normalfags are tired too
Instead of pleading for the good will of companies, the game is to enrage normalfags everywhere
Not as GG but as an invisible rage that spreads everywhere
>>the 9.3MB jpg above me is fine, that 360KB webp is the real problem
Yes it is. Webp is cancer. Not even google translate takes it.
Making a proper 3d game that isn't just a minigame is very hard and takes lots of resources I don't have.
I already made a small 3d game.
It's a meaningless virtue signaling that does nothing to make the web actually lean. You'd have to go back to Web 1.0 for that. And nothing supports their file format, so you're just making it harder for everyone that has to use ffmpeg to conver to an actually common image format.
Replies: >>238291
Spoiler File
(410.9KB, 1980x2880) Reverse
every image viewer and editor I use except MS Paint supports it which is less annoying than making an account and whitelisting cookies to use exhentai so I'll continue using hitomi.la which uses webp unless you know of a better hentai doujin site
>Anything you want to disclose?
no, they're all white
Replies: >>238292
Because it's old by now. Doesn't make it any less shit. Might as well save everything in gif.
You'll be able to losslessly recompress jpegs in jpeg xls and save 30% on average and then all your webp savings are out of the window.
Using webp is short sighted retardism fueled by google self advertisement.
Replies: >>238294
35% for png
[Hide] (79.7KB, 494x777) Reverse
>anon is upset and feels targeted
>anon is upset and feels targeted
Replies: >>238311
Why does this subject seem to draw out the niggerpills and /cow/fags?
God forbid people focus on one subject at hand.
Replies: >>238305
Explain to me like I'm a retard
Replies: >>238306 >>238342
Thing happens that has traction.
Traction is bad for certain people so they send out their goons to muddy the waters of conversation.
They argue with themselves to make it look like the site is in disarray on this subject.
Filter them and focus on the subject, if you care at least.
Replies: >>238308
They feel threatened. Just ignore and report the shitters.
Replies: >>238308
Very well. I wish permabans were possible
[Hide] (471KB, 666x1048) Reverse
Here we go again
It really seems to be back to 2016
[Hide] (72.6KB, 720x720, 00:02)
>/leftypol/ is upset and feels targeted
Because somebody feels spooped. If it ain't some toy ghost its some loser crossie who feels anal pain for some reason.
Replies: >>238319
A what now?
[Hide] (1.9MB, 640x360) Reverse
>2024 will be 2016 but on steroids

>sweet baby incorporated
I didn't realize that's what it was actually called, it sounds like a meme insult. Sweat baby. Because they act like precious perfect babies who are harmless and then switch into a tantrum whenever anyone criticizes them. Good name.
Replies: >>238338 >>238341
[Hide] (23KB, 200x200) Reverse
It’s actually a lot more sinister than that anon. You’re too innocent. The company is called Sweet Baby Inc. because the kikes behind it are pedophiles. Their logo literally looks like a lollipop was shoved inside a baby’s asshole and knowing the fact that our leaders are ((( satanic pedophiles ))) I wouldn’t put it past them to do something like that irl. Hell shoving lollipops inside babies’ asses is probably a slow weekend for them.
Replies: >>238340 >>238799
[Hide] (104.3KB, 248x320) Reverse
The sad thing is that you're probably right.
You literally quoted the name and you still managed to spell it wrong.
Well for one niggerpill aka pzhos64, who is a known twitter pedophile (as in CP is traced back to him) is probably some faggot glownigger asset sent to stir shit, and the others (assuming it's not just him samefagging) are either trolls looking for easy (you)s or other pedophile assets.
[Hide] (408.5KB, 850x900) Reverse
>>238033 (OP) 
This is yet another cautionary tale. All it took was one (1) hue making a relatively innocent group and one (1) employee getting extremely defensive and overreacting to cause a a disproportionately large shitstorm. The funniest and most mind boggling bit is articles like these >>238309 suggesting it'll play out 1:1 just like it did back then and anons were already calling it beforehand. These people don't learn.
[Hide] (204.1KB, 430x551) Reverse
Replies: >>238352 >>238360
((( pure cohen-cidence )))
Replies: >>238360
[Hide] (102.2KB, 1605x1284) Reverse
Wew lad, you know an idea is good if kikes are already this riled up and deploying this many shills to try to derail and stop the movement and they’re already writing articles about it and bitching about le nazi chud incel gamers on twitter. Kikes truly have a learning disability, high iq my ass. The only reason you rats ever made it anywhere on this planet was pure nepotism. You are a race of subhuman low iq sandniggers and you will never ever even be close to being as brilliant, innovative, and talented as the White man.
[Hide] (32.2KB, 3840x2160) Reverse
Are you telling me the Dreamcast was a covert child snatching operation?
Replies: >>238366 >>238367
[Hide] (220.5KB, 960x882) Reverse
[Hide] (44.5KB, 680x160) Reverse
Seems like it has become big enough. This was on the first page on the news tab on google. All Sweet Baby defenders.
Replies: >>238399
[Hide] (622.2KB, 640x480) Reverse
He could just use another service. I'd find out about it eventually through imageboards.
Well, it is targeting little boys isn't it?
Come little girl get in my Langnese ice cream trailer.
Yes he is, because everything with a simple geometric design is an attack on him personally in fact of course.
He's a clout-chasing scam artist like every other eceleb that latched on to GG, what makes you think he wouldn't try to latch on to GG 2.0 (Chanology 3.0)?
[Hide] (225.2KB, 300x400) Reverse
>the democratically elected leader of GamerGate 1.0
Sorry, but I can't let this blatant disinformation attempt slip through. I am the elected leader of GooberGate 1.0 and also 2.0, I seized power by force and nobody can contest this. From now on I shall be known as BrownRain and everyone will do my bidding.
Replies: >>238372
Gym should just drop the hbomberguy shit and cover the Gamergate 2.0 stuff instead. It’s way more interesting and relevant anyways. Gamergate 2 needs Gym. I know Gym was heartbroken after the failure of Gamergate 1 and I know he personally hates all the grifters like Sargoy and MundaneMatt who ruined the first one but we really need him to come back and help this movement gain traction. Please Gym, you were put here on this Earth to help save video games and by proxy the West. Only after you have fulfilled your duty will God free you from the pain of your canceraids and grant you entry into heaven. We need you.
Replies: >>238373
[Hide] (604.5KB, 854x655) Reverse
Step aside loser, I'm taking the throne and declare myself king of gamers.
>more interesting and relevant
>save le bideo games
>Gamergate 2
Who's going to host the next foxhole after your handlers deplatform this place?
Replies: >>238376
kys niggerfaggot
Replies: >>238378
>no argument
Mister Redditkur?
That faggot had a good start but went full retard soon after.
>"the democratically elected leader of GamerGate 1.0"
Lmao, redditkur was a self-appointed e-celeb faggot who was there only for attention.
Nobody ever elected that faggot to anything.

Here's some more drama coming out, by the way:
<"If you think ((( DEI ))) is ruining your games, you need to grow up"
Never heard that one before :^)
It is indeed 2016 once again.
[Hide] (50.4KB, 600x761) Reverse
Just warning you guys, that niggerpill's new "innovative tactic" is pretending to be a genuine poster and then claiming is a pedophile to try the old jewish trick: "Hey look! Those who oppose Divershitty are all pedos!"
Typical tricks, kike.
((( They ))) are clearly in full panic mode, fucking rats.
Replies: >>238393
[Hide] (252.8KB, 461x417) Reverse
I just want niggerpill to off himself already.
thx for cleaning up mods
Really makes you think.
This would genuinely be incredible, but wouldn't at least some of us go there to mess with them?
Replies: >>238417
[Hide] (350.6KB, 589x330) Reverse
I'm not sure whether this thread is getting flooded with shills and bad actors, or it's just one samefag spamming... but it's not gonna help them either way.

We are going to win the culture war as always. The left-wing faggots can kick and scream all they want, but they'll never get the better of us.
Replies: >>238466
[Hide] (160.7KB, 496x333) Reverse
To put it this way, trying to get people off your favorite imageboards is like an old man yelling at stupid brats shitting in his lawn without having any kind of fence to keep them out. So, it would be necessary either for the little shits to get bored and leave to go shit somewhere else, to bully them out (which is guaranteed to backfire if they are INTENTIONALLY trying to rile the old fart up AKA trolling), OR to have a faithful dog with minimal financial compensation guarding the lawn and bite their ankles off to make even the most stubborn little shits to fuck off at least for a while. 
In other words, having some of our fags shitting on the neighbor's designated shitting lawn and vice-versa is very much inevitable.
[Hide] (846.1KB, 2112x2936) Reverse
Sweet Baby Inc. Is Under Attack Due to Conservative Conspiracy Theories
>Sweet Baby Inc. has come under attack as a Steam group with thousands of members has called for boycotts of games the company has worked on. The company has not done anything wrong, though, and is merely a victim of conservative conspiracy theories and manufactured controversy.
>Those not well-versed in the video game industry likely have never heard of Sweet Baby before, even though it has worked on games like Spider-Man 2, God of War: Ragnarok, and Alan Wake II. However, it fulfills one of the lesser-known roles in video game development. Rather than being a developer, it serves as a consultation firm for other developers. When game projects are in various stages of production, Baby Sweet will come in and review all the material and essentially ensure it provides a cohesive narrative. The company might point out inconsistencies in the game plot or offer tips to further enrich gamers’ experiences.
>It hardly sounds like anything to be enraged about. The company provides a vital function to improve games behind-the-scenes and likely doesn’t get the recognition it deserves for its work on major games. However, angry gamers are currently trying to detect every game associated with Sweet Baby to encourage others not to buy it. The reason? They believe that Sweet Baby is secretly poisoning their games with diversity.
>It’s unclear how Sweet Baby got on the far-right’s radar, but somehow it did. The company’s employees discovered a still active Steam group called “Sweet Baby Inc. Detected.” The group currently has over 210,000 members, who are trying to compile a list of every game associated with Sweet Baby in any way. However, most of its forums and discussions have been wiped and locked. The ones that remain up are cryptic discussions, such as one titled “They are talking about us” and another titled “I’m gonna have to delete all posts for now…” In these posts, group members express frustration that the media is reporting on them and fear that the community will be deleted by Steam.
>So, what was the purpose of this whole group to begin with? Kotaku’s Alyssa Mercante was able to get into the group’s Sweet Bay Inc. Detected Discord, where group members shared their conspiracy theories that the company is a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) consultation firm, that is essentially coming in and destroying games by forcing diversity into them. These members blame Sweet Baby for every recent game failure, although one of the only games it has worked on that had disappointing results was Suicide Squad.
>Further conspiracy theories include claims that Alan Wake II‘s Saga Anderson would have been white if it weren’t for Sweet Baby, that Sweet Baby added Pride flags to Spider-Man 2, and that the company has “race and identity group quotas” for every project it is involved in. A lot of the Discord isn’t even about Sweet Baby but has turned into discussions and memes from conservative men complaining about the “woke” agenda infiltrating the video game industry. One user even railed against female characters in Overwatch, Forspoken, and Life is Strange because they have short hair while approving of the long-haired protagonist in ShiftUp. These people are triggered by any game that includes a member of a marginalized group or that doesn’t include their personal vision of what women should look like, and they have decided that Sweet Baby is responsible for all these inclusions.
>There’s no evidence for these bizarre theories. On its website, the company does mention having a “team of diverse talent” because it understands it’s beneficial to have a “multitude of perspectives” when reviewing games. Additionally, one of several of its specialties is representation, as its diverse team can provide cultural consultation for companies that want to ensure their character depictions are authentic. Nowhere on the website does it say that it completely remakes games with diverse characters or forces these companies to change their designs. Angry conservative gamers literally just saw the words “representation” and “diverse” and created an entire false narrative about it.
>Sweet Baby employees have denied the conservatives’ allegations. Even the companies they’ve worked with have been trying to diffuse rumors. Alan Wake II director Kyle Rowley responded to one prominent theory in no uncertain terms by labeling it “absolutely not true.”
>Sweet Baby CEO Kim Belair also spoke to Kotaku to lay out the company’s process in detail. She explained that the company’s primary function is merely to review. Often, it’s just reviewing narration or stories to look for plot holes or errors. Occasionally, they are asked to do “cultural consultations or authenticity consultations.” However, these are only requested by companies who have already determined of their own free will to include a character from a marginalized group and seek Sweet Baby’s review to ensure they did it correctly.
>Of course, one can’t expect far-right men to be able to wrap their heads around video game developers genuinely wanting representation in their games. They run to their “woke” conservative conspiracy theories because they just can’t comprehend that a lot of people aren’t hateful bigots who recoil at the sight of women with short hair or BIPOC video game characters. Surely, it must be a secret organization injecting wokeness into the world. Fortunately, Sweet Baby assured Kotaku that the gaming community was supporting them and wouldn’t be dropping them based on outlandish lies from conservatives.
>The Discord and Steam groups are still active but have largely turned into men warning each other that they must delete everything and “be cool” because they’ve been discovered. Hopefully, the media coverage means Steam and Discord will take action and put an end to the group for spreading hateful ideologies and false information about a business.
I like how they just completely ignore the tweets that set off this whole chain of events.
Bunch of narcissists
[Hide] (112.1KB, 716x800) Reverse
>The Mary Sue
Fitting name.
>Hopefully, the media coverage means Steam and Discord will take action and put an end to the group for spreading hateful ideologies and false information about a business.
What media coverage? You mean the dosinformation campaign you kikes are running? God this article is absolute bullshit
[Hide] (43.4KB, 319x239) Reverse
>"The Mary Sue"
I'm surprised that site is still alive at all. Their content is so retarded it almost seems to be trolling or satire, but that would be giving them too much credit.
Replies: >>238440
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
I've been replaying GTA4 recently and it's sad to think they would probably get some company like Sweet Baby to censor stuff like this if it were released today.
[Hide] (8.5MB, 640x360, 07:42)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1200x1111) Reverse
I'm a time traveler from the future and I came here to warn you about what's going to happen in 2 weeks time. I've studied your customs and thus I will present the facts in a manner which is most familiar to you. Should you wish to, you may make a record of my post to remind yourself I did warn you in advance.
>after all the parallels between GG and the SBI controversy get drawn it's only a brief matter of time before soy journos start looking into 8chan and dig its key people up again
>thanks to its creative name and twitter account it doesn't take them long to find the "new 8chan" and HQ of evil organization GamerGate at 8chan.moe
>one Mark Mann and Cole Lamberson AKA AcidMan, self appointed leaders and founders of the movement get contacted and both readily agree to be interviewed
>mr. Mann goes on record saying "ya basicly we r liek gamers n stuf we doxx ppl and do free speez on 8chan and i iam liek the boss of the group *snort* bcos i am v and i inventated 8chan n also gamergate but its liek free speez ok right, so basicly the holocaust real and u need to pay me reparashun now. hey do u gots anotha one of those red crayon thingies it taste real gud i liek it xd also fuck the webring i am v fuck them oy vey its anuddah shoa stop trolin me"
>Acid's perspective is slightly different as he states "We are the single most important movement on the planet, tackling the most crucial issue with today's world: corrupt video game journalism. 8chan™ is the one and only true last bastion of Free Speech™, and we love black di- I mean chil- FREE SPEECH WE LOVE FREE SPEECH and I will die defending it and black dick. Did I say that out loud? Haha, please cut that last bit out." Then, an unidentified, mexican looking man who was accompanying Acid proceeds to repeat the same sentence in Spanish. When asked why he spent significant portions of his time roleplaying as an underage anime girl having sexual intercourse with black men on a sub 100 user anonymous forum while openly defending pedophiles, and if he considered that normal behavior a 52 year old man, the leader of GamerGate called the interviewer a "webring bad actor" and threatened to ban him as he stormed off with his Mexican friend.
>shortly after another documentary is made featuring Mark Mann saying " i am v! i can tie my shoelases :)" this time, by explicit request of Acid, it's produced and distributed by the British Broadcasting Corporation
>as the the last remaining anons huddle together and brace for impact, the notes of a familiar song start playing in the distance
>cue "Komm, Süsser Tod"
>on a tiny, once peaceful refuge: "Did we win, anon?" asks anon "Yes, anon. We won." replies anon, as they gaze at the sunset and utter "Niggers." for the last time.
A not insignificant portion of their audience is gamergate-tier niggers hatewatching and hatereading.
Can you go back in time and push Hotwheels down the stairs before he sold the site to Jim?
[Hide] (453.7KB, 1280x720) Reverse
I can't. That would create a time paradox.
ironic niggerpill is still niggerpill
[Hide] (501.2KB, 1100x720) Reverse
What a useless time traveler.
Replies: >>238447
If that was a legitimate concern, you wouldn't be time-traveling at all in the first place.
Replies: >>238447
Time is fickle. You can't just mess with it.
Replies: >>238448
If you went back in time would you go back to the time before you went back in time?
Replies: >>238450
Just go to an alternative universe that is a 1:1 of this universe. If you fuck up that timeline then all is good.
Replies: >>238450
[Hide] (351KB, 819x708) Reverse
That's classified information and you need Q level clearance to access it.
Doesn't work like that, I would know, I'm a time traveler.
This would be funny if it wasn't so likely.
[Hide] (2MB, 332x215) Reverse
>Can you go back in time and push Hotwheels down the stairs before he sold the site to Jim?
I still laugh thinking about Hotwheels when he got butthurt about that drawing of him being thrown to the stairs by some anon.
Random thoughts:
"We demand that video game consultants sign a code of conduct agreeing to engage ethically with developers and stakeholders and avoiding such things "terrifying" in their interactions. Video game developers are a vulnerable demographic of the community having higher rates of neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism and adhd, and in their daily lives experience more discrimination that the neurotypical community. Tactics such as instilling terror as a business practice disproportionately affect the autistic community many having neurological hypersensitivities."

It's true though, I'd describe software development as clueless narcissists hiring expensive narcissists to oppress an an autistic underclass, it's why I'm trying to get out.

Also email game companies and ask them to cease working with sweet baby as it's supporting abuse. Because it is.
I don't really buy games anymore but it's nice to have a cheat-sheet of which games not to buy just by looking for the involvement of one kike company.
[Hide] (50.4KB, 600x761) Reverse

>I'm not sure whether this thread is getting flooded with shills and bad actors, or it's just one samefag spamming... but it's not gonna help them either way.
((( They ))) are panicking anon, i haven't seen niggerpill being this active and desperate in fucking years, and i am laughing about it.
[Hide] (45.8KB, 608x402) Reverse
<Niggerpill's meltdown intensifies
Keep on screeching to the void helplessly, niggerpill.
Your desperation only boosts our morale and make my dick hard.
Impotent jewish faggot.
[Hide] (24.1KB, 367x451) Reverse
<Niggerpill being this anally devastated
Keep going faggot, i am having a blast laughing at your shit fit.
<oy vey fellow gentiles it's all over1!1!
Eat shit kike lmao
[Hide] (1.9MB, 3707x3374) Reverse
The salt is damn great.
Sweet Baby Inc. detected: What actually happened and why should you care?
>Should you care about Sweet Baby Inc.’s involvement in video games?
>That’s entirely up to you. Some people won’t care that Sweet Baby Inc. is involved in the creation of many beloved games and franchises and may see it as a positive, while others will see it as problematic and unnecessary.
>However, for a company that is supposedly proud of its work and wants to make the gaming industry a safer and more inclusive space, seeing its employees try to ban a Steam Curator group and cancel the creator for simply highlighting its involvement seems at odds with that message.
Sweet Baby Inc.: Controversy and Conflicting Messages in Video Game Storytelling
>Video games have the power to transport us to fantastical worlds, introduce us to unforgettable characters, and tell stories that linger long after we put the controller down. But the process of crafting those narratives is complex. Enter Sweet Baby Inc. (SBI), a narrative design company that’s sparked heated debate in the gaming community. While they claim to improve storytelling through inclusive characters and themes, their past social media activity has led many to question their motives. Let’s delve into why SBI is causing such a split in gamer opinions.
>It’s crucial to remember that SBI’s role is that of advisors and collaborators. They offer recommendations and creative input, but the game studio is the ultimate decision-maker. Imagine SBI as script consultants for a film — offering guidance on character development, dialogue, and plot points. Yet, the final say on what gets included rests with the film’s director and producers. Similarly, SBI may influence aspects of a game’s story, but the overall vision remains the responsibility of the primary game developers.
>The Sweet Baby Inc. controversy reveals a complicated clash of ideals within the gaming world. Their goal of enhancing storytelling is at odds with lingering doubts about their underlying motivations. Whether they’re a positive force for change or a potentially harmful influence on games is yet to be fully determined. Gamers must stay vigilant, discerning the true motivations behind game studios and consultants like SBI. Evaluating the final products, the actual games themselves, will be the ultimate test of SBI’s influence.
Bungie Senior Narrative Designer Defends Sweet Baby Inc., Tells Gamers “You Need To Grow Up”
>X user THICCEST_YOSH, whose profile claims he is a Senior Narrative Designer for Bungie wrote, “If you’re mad about ‘DEI ruining games’, you need to grow up.”
>He continued, “You need to stop wasting so much time on grifters who are only there to manipulate you and milk your anger for engagement. You need to talk to people who aren’t like you a bit more.”
>“You need to stop falling for this,” he concluded.
Spider-Man, Alan Wake, Ridiculous Fishing devs speak up in support of consultancy studio Sweet Baby Inc
>Mary Kenney, associate narrative director at Insomniac Games, has discussed the current online discussion surrounding narrative development and consultancy firm Sweet Baby Inc.
>To recap, Sweet Baby Inc. recently became the target of a group which claimed the company was forcing studios it worked with to increase diversity within its games, and accused it of pushing a "woke agenda" into the industry. Following a report into the claims by Kotaku, a number of game developers have spoken up to clear up misconceptions about what companies like Sweet Baby Inc. actually do.
>Kenney, who has written for games including Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Telltale's The Walking Dead and the upcoming Marvel's Wolverine, posted a thread on X yesterday. "Some of you don't seem to understand how narrative consulting on games works," she began, "but don't worry: I do!"
>During a game's development, narrative consultants will be hired by studios to help with fleshing out or tweaking narrative elements, Kenney said. "Narrative consultants do not get final say," Kenney reiterated. "It doesn't get into the game if we [as the developer] don't approve it.
>"They consult. They do research, pitch ideas, give feedback, and maybe even write scripts. But none of that gets into the game unless the core dev team agrees with it. I'm going to keep saying that, because it's key. Sweet Baby is not, nor is any consulting group, coming in to wreck games. They're helping smooth out plots and deepen characters. They ease the burden on the core narrative team. They're additive in every way."
Replies: >>238485 >>238508
Why do these people never apologize? If they at all practiced what they preached they would have booted Belair for that terrify speech and this would be over.

>You need to stop wasting so much time on grifters who are only there to manipulate you and milk your anger for engagement
What is every SJW?

>You need to talk to people who aren’t like you a bit more.”
I wonder if Belair has any friends who are tradesmen?
Replies: >>238487 >>238519
>Why do these people never apologize?
Because they deluded themselves into thinking they're in the right and untouchable.
[Hide] (467.4KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
The John Shitor fag forgot one thing: The central of all this is till that dumbass steam curator that is clearly outside of webring and Mork's place is outside of the webring because the morons allowed the recreation of /hebe/. He also must have rage himself into some kind of Alzheimer's, because he forgot that a certain board that was behind the drama around Acidman is very, very dead. 

Now on to more relevant news. The curator is perfectly fine and is here to stay. Too bad Hiroshima's NEET crew (especially RapeApe. I haven't forgotten about you faggot) is less intelligent than Gaben's staff.
[Hide] (40.5KB, 954x96) Reverse
As soon as the number of members on the narrative team exceeds one writer, then narrative ceases to be an expression of an individual mind and rapidly becomes dogshit. It's little wonder that the derivative characters, plot holes, tonal bipolarity, and utter lack of world-building that characterizes modern story-telling should exist when your employing squads of writers. Adding fucking "narrative consultancy" on top is just pissing on a pile of shit. Sweet Baby Inc should be shuddered for that alone. Of course none of this has anything to do with story-telling and everything to do with pushing propaganda. Which makes all the displeasure directed towards these aids enthusiasts very pleasing for the spirit.
>I am a grown man that doesn't have a wife or kids and my gf wasn't a virgin when I met her, I'm not a loser! *bing bing WAHOO!*
>Why do these people never apologize?
Why do they need to? According to their religion, they have done "nothing wrong".

>I have a girlfriend and have sex.
If that was true, you wouldn't need to post it.
>using meme words such as goyslop seethe tranny nigger 
>a pedo
This is not the work of a white person, that is a disgusting latinx spic 

Every brown piece of shit loves spamming words like tranny(most spics are closeted faggots) goyslop seethe and nigger but get triggered when labeled as latinx. that’s how you spot these brown niggers
Replies: >>238629
I just want to see the AAA industry collapse.
Replies: >>238561
I can't even fathom what made them balloon instead. Children that steal their parent's credit cards?
Replies: >>238564
[Hide] (185.4KB, 1898x928) Reverse
[Hide] (184.2KB, 1896x926) Reverse
[Hide] (185.4KB, 1898x928) Reverse
Black Rock. Duh. What else do you think pumps so much money into that kind of bullshit? Some autist on Feddie also figured out that they have their filthy hands in some Japanese AAA companies.

Replies: >>238570 >>238573
Spoiler File
(410.9KB, 1980x2880) Reverse
Spoiler File
(255.6KB, 1974x2880) Reverse
Hard times create strong men, weak time allows shit like this happen.
[Hide] (180.2KB, 1903x927) Reverse
[Hide] (181.3KB, 1900x915) Reverse
[Hide] (182.8KB, 1900x925) Reverse
[Hide] (184.5KB, 1900x927) Reverse
They are also in Bamco and Crapcom

[Hide] (139.8KB, 1899x752) Reverse
[Hide] (213.1KB, 1901x916) Reverse
[Hide] (182.4KB, 1902x928) Reverse
[Hide] (350KB, 750x1059) Reverse
Even Sega and nintendo Nintendo

Also the upcoming Wolverine game gonna be shit.
[Hide] (3.2MB, 04:08)
[Hide] (295.6KB, 400x215) Reverse
Great job anon
Spoiler File
(9.2KB, 748x193) Reverse
Somebode became a NEET recently.
So who is blackrock exactly? Its been a while since I've read that name.
Replies: >>238575
[Hide] (1.8MB, 200x200) Reverse
A investment company from New York that got pretty powerful, because it is ineverything. It also has a AI called Alladin or something, that depicts what to invest in. The AI is the reason why they got into buying up boomer houses recently. 

That company was already infamous among critics of Capitalism. There was a big stink about some politician who is former employee. They got even more infamous after ESG got scrutinized. Black Rock and other investment firms that use it as criteria got into big trouble for doing that recently. Mostly because it is inconsistent. Tesla has a negative score in the environment part of ESG despite being one of the greenest companies on earth whereas Oil companies got a good score. What the hell.
[Hide] (17.6KB, 464x108) Reverse
I am not surprised in the least, considering the kind of trash they were releasing recently.
[Hide] (171KB, 1280x720) Reverse
>they’re also in capcom
You didn’t have to dig deep to find this out
Replies: >>238580
[Hide] (172.7KB, 910x568) Reverse
Who would have thought?
[Hide] (113.5KB, 605x748) Reverse
I have come to inform you that the baste enlightened centrists have come out of the woodwork.
>Twitter rant screencap
That a lotta words to say absolutely nothing.
[Hide] (279.3KB, 549x549) Reverse
They are also cooperating with Valve itself. I appreciate the Steam curator being left alone, but it still doesn't change the fact that the curator itself is located on their platform. Normalfags can boycott all they want, it's all for naught if they don't stop buying games from Steam all together.
Replies: >>238589 >>238594
Valve hasn't been good for years, why even bother using steam?
Replies: >>238590
>Valve hasn't been good for years, why even bother using steam?
Linuxfags use it because of Proton, and the rest of it's userbase just simply does not care. TF2, for example, was ruined almost two decades ago, and now the game is downright unplayable on Valve's servers, but despite this the player base still refuses to let it go.
Replies: >>238591 >>238623
TF2 is nothing more than a faggot hive reserved for only the most degenerate groomer freaks imaginable. What in the everlasting FUCK happened? Who thought hats were a good idea? Why is the game still so unbalanced? Why is the bot problem still unfixed? How did a pro-groomerfaggot message make it into a community map? I thought valve was apolitical. I'd honestly be happier if TF2 was put out of its misery.
[Hide] (8.9KB, 913x514) Reverse
i don't think it's that, it's just not buying gay-ass, for lack of a better set of words, cultural slop if any of you faggots go >slop then give me a better word. businesses in it purely for the money will see where the money goes, and adapt accordingly to toss it out. yes, they're shitty, but it's more plausible than getting normalfags to try and boycott the entirety of whatever blackrock touches
Replies: >>238596 >>238947
>businesses in it purely for the money will see where the money goes
Yes, and that's exactly why they're immolating themselves, for more money.  Jewish complete financial institute capture = unlimited money printing and fudging that vastly outcaps what companies (or their traitorous third+ generation "leadership") can make with their actual unsubverted product.  Turns out nearly everyone except Austrian painters has a price, and they're all whores.

"Voting with your wallet" was dead long before CY+0 even, please wake up anon-kun.
May Allah forgive me for uttering this, but I miss the scat poster.
[Hide] (381.4KB, 500x409) Reverse
<If i write "anon-kun" i will fool them for sure and they'll think i am a genuine poster!
Give me a fucking break, niggerpill.
Didn't you said that you wanted to kill yourself?
Well, guess what?
We all want you to kill yourself, so just do it already and be done with it.
Replies: >>238610
[Hide] (69.5KB, 880x256) Reverse
Why did you delete this post, seagull?
Why wouldn't he delete a cuckchanner?
Replies: >>238608
I assume it was either a mistake, or the post was deleted by the one who made it for whatever reason.
Replies: >>238606 >>238608
I made it and I didn't delete it myself. I see people posting >>238565 cuck hentai but that just gets a spoiler.
Replies: >>238608 >>238947
[Hide] (4.5KB, 703x70) Reverse
What are you even talking about?
>or the post was deleted by the one who made it for whatever reason.
It was seagull.
Replies: >>238609
>What are you even talking about?
"Zoomer" is not a term from around here.
I'm not niggerpill, it should just be incredibly obvious by now that companies are not going "gee golly gosh whizzersticks Bob, how can we make a more attractive product for the consumer?" going on over two fucking decades for entertainment, and far longer than that for other products.  We literally have proofs of Sweet Baby's niggerjewess CEO jewing video game companies and people are still spouting boomerisms.  It makes niggerpill look correct, so stop it.
Replies: >>238614
Relax Buckaroo
[Hide] (119.1KB, 743x234) Reverse
>pic related
>This account's tweets are protected
Gee, I wonder why?
Replies: >>238643
I'm trying to clear up the thread
Replies: >>238617 >>238650
Why don't you hunt down niggerpill and permaban him from this Minecraft server?
Replies: >>238622
[Hide] (89.3KB, 550x522) Reverse
>Also the upcoming Wolverine game gonna be shit.
Of course it's going to be shit, the makers of spider-nigger are making it.
It's mostly the people who reply to him that are the problem. His posts are extremely easy to spot, just report them and ignore him.
Replies: >>238630
[Hide] (112.9KB, 1280x800) Reverse
>Linuxfags use it because of Proton, and the rest of it's userbase just simply does not care
>mfw using Lutris
To bring back a gooberism, literally who?
To be fair latinx is a stupid fucking term forced by stupid fucking people, my teeth grit a bit whenever I see it used in an unironic sense.
Replies: >>238632
He frequently replies to himself.
Replies: >>238671
Why is that anon using it? Isn't posting retard lingo "ironically" just slowly normalizing it and adopting it until the lines are so blurred that you can't tell who is retarded and who is merely pretending anymore?
It would be no different if people started using faggot pronouns like "xhey/xhem" as a joke, I really can't see why anyone would do this.
>internet finds a heretical shakedown racket
>[ ] Defeat Evil
>[x] Gamergate about it
Replies: >>238634
Both your posts contribute absolutely nothing to the thread, leave.
Replies: >>238642
[Hide] (318.2KB, 719x431) Reverse
Anyone can verify this?
Replies: >>238644 >>238647
these 3 posts are very related to SBI and video games:
>I made it and I didn't delete it myself. I see people posting >>238565 cuck hentai but that just gets a spoiler

>Why is that anon using it? Isn't posting retard lingo "ironically" just slowly normalizing it and adopting it until the lines are so blurred that you can't tell who is retarded and who is merely pretending anymore?
>It would be no different if people started using faggot pronouns like "xhey/xhem" as a joke, I really can't see why anyone would do this

>Both your posts contribute absolutely nothing to the thread, leave

I reported all 3 of your posts with 5 different IPs btw so enjoy the 5 week ban
Leave to xwittards to not understand what “time and place” mean
This is blatantly and verifiably false unless I am missing something
Their site still looks like the picture on the right.
Replies: >>238645 >>238647
[Hide] (208.1KB, 1076x1105) Reverse
Nevermind, the "After" picture is from a completely different section of their website called Approach
Replies: >>238647
To summarize, that >>238641
 picture is intentionally misleading
>trying to clear up the thread
Then why is it still up? There's nothing left that's worth saying on an imageboard unless one of three things happens:
>a publisher goes on the record saying they're not using jews-r-us anymore
>jews-r-us itself folds
>the steam group gets baleeted
and all three of those topics can be covered by the news thread. All you're going to get out of this is more work from niggerpill and crossposting retards trying be heckin based or get alexander in trouble. The second group can fuck off to whatever Telegram groups their assigned COINTELPRO agent steered them toward for "news" about this topic and the other two shouldn't be suffered to live. They're leaking into other threads as well, not to mention the complete absence of PPH. I understand not wanting to look like a "rulecuck" but at some point shit like this just isn't worth the collateral damage.
Replies: >>238665
>The Department of Homeland Security and FBI are in dialog with Roblox, Discord, Reddit, and others.
>GAMING COMPANIES ARE coordinating with the FBI and Department of Homeland Security to root out so-called domestic violent extremist content, according to a new government report. Noting that mechanisms have been established with social media companies to police extremism, the report recommends that the national security agencies establish new and similar processes with the vast gaming industry.
>The exact nature of the cooperation between federal agencies and video game companies, which has not been previously reported, is detailed in a new Government Accountability Office report. The report draws on interviews conducted with five gaming and social media companies including Roblox, an online gaming platform; Discord, a social media app commonly used by gamers; Reddit; as well as a game publisher and social media company that asked the GAO to remain anonymous. The Intercept reached out to the companies identified in the GAO report for comment, but none responded on the record at time of publication.
>“The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have mechanisms to share and receive domestic violent extremism threat-related information with social media and gaming companies,” the GAO says. The report reveals that the DHS intelligence office meets with gaming companies and that the companies can use these meetings to “share information with I&A [DHS’s intelligence office] about online activities promoting domestic violent extremism,” or even simply “activities that violate the companies’ terms of service.” Through its 56 field offices and hundreds of resident agencies subordinate field offices, the FBI receives tips from gaming companies of potential law-breaking and extremist views for further investigation. The FBI also conducts briefings to gaming companies on purported threats.
>The GAO warns that FBI and DHS lack an overarching strategy to bring its work with gaming companies in line with broader agency missions. “Without a strategy or goals, the agencies may not be fully aware of how effective their communications are with companies, or how effective their information-sharing mechanisms serve the agencies’ overall missions,” the GAO says. The report ends with a recommendation that both agencies develop such a strategy — a recommendation that DHS concurred with, providing an estimated completion date of June 28 this year. “All I can think of is the awful track record of the FBI when it comes to identifying extremism,” Hasan Piker, a popular Twitch streamer who often streams while playing video games under the handle HasanAbi, says of the mechanisms. “They’re much better at finding vulnerable teenagers with mental disabilities to take advantage of.”
>The GAO’s investigation, which covers September 2022 to January 2024, was undertaken at the request of the House Homeland Security Committee, which asked the government auditor to examine domestic violent extremists’ use of gaming platforms and social media. While there is no federal law that criminalizes domestic violent extremism as a category of crime, since 2019 the U.S. government has employed five domestic terrorism threat categories. These are defined by the FBI and DHS as racial/ethnically motivated violent extremism, anti-government/anti-authority violent extremism, animal rights or environmental violent extremism, abortion-related violent extremism, and all other domestic terror threats. 
>The GAO study also follows pressure from Congress to top gaming companies to crack down on extremist content. Last March, Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Dick Durbin, D-Ill., sent letters to gaming companies Valve, Activision Blizzard, Epic Games, Riot Games, Roblox Corp, and Take-Two Interactive demanding that they take actions to police gamers.
>“Unlike more traditional social media companies — which in recent years have developed public facing policies addressing extremism, created trust and public safety teams, and released transparency reports — online gaming platforms generally have not utilized these tools,” Durbin wrote in a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland. In the letter, Durbin requested a briefing from the Justice Department on what channels exist “for DOJ and the online video game industry to communicate and coordinate” on the threat of “online video games by extremists and other malicious actors.”
>The federal government’s interest in combating extremism has risen sharply following the January 6 storming of the Capitol. On his first full day in office, President Joe Biden directed his national security team to conduct a comprehensive review of federal efforts to fight domestic terrorism, which the White House has deemed “the most urgent terrorism threat facing the United States” — greater than foreign terrorist groups like the Islamic State group. Biden’s directive resulted in the first ever national strategy for fighting domestic terrorism, released by the White House in June 2021. The strategy mentions “online gaming platforms” as a place where “recruiting and mobilizing individuals to domestic terrorism occurs.” 
>According to the national strategy, the intelligence community assessed that extremists emboldened by events like January 6 “pose an elevated threat to the Homeland”; and that “DVE [domestic violent extremist] attackers often radicalize independently by consuming violent extremist material online and mobilize without direction from a violent extremist organization, making detection and disruption difficult.” The federal government says that sharing information with gaming and social media companies is another avenue to identify and combat extremism. The government also recognizes that there are constitutional and legal questions about Americans’ free speech rights. According to the GAO report, both the FBI and DHS indicated that they are proceeding with caution in light of federal litigation on such matters, including one case on its way to the Supreme Court.
>In response to a 2022 lawsuit brought by attorneys general in Missouri and Louisiana, a federal judge last year prohibited the FBI, DHS, and other federal agencies from communicating with social media companies to fight what they consider misinformation. Federal law enforcement and intelligence have long focused on gaming as an avenue for both radicalization and as a backdoor platform for extremists to communicate. A 2019 internal intelligence assessment jointly produced by the FBI, DHS, the Joint Special Operations Command, and the National Counterterrorism Center and obtained by The Intercept warns that “violent extremists could exploit functionality of popular online gaming platforms and applications.” The assessment lists half a dozen U.S.-owned gaming platforms that it identifies as popular, including Blizzard Entertainment’s Battle.net, Fortnite, Playstation Xbox Live, Steam, and Roblox.
>“We must stop the glorification of violence in our society,” former President Donald Trump said in 2019 after mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. “This includes the gruesome video games that are now commonplace.” The GAO report cites over a dozen expert participants in their survey, including three from the Anti-Defamation League as well as the Pentagon-funded RAND Corporation, and several academic institutions. 
>The Anti-Defamation League has testified to Congress multiple times about extremists’ use of gaming platforms. In 2019, ADL’s then-senior vice president of international affairs, Sharon Nazarian, was asked by Rep. Ted Deutch, D-Fla., if gaming platforms “are monitored” and if there’s “a way AI can be employed to identify those sorts of conversations.” Nazarian replied that gaming platforms “need to be better regulated.”
any platform that blocks tor or requires phone verification is effectively a honeypot
whose gonna tell them the in minecraft joke is ironic?
Replies: >>238657 >>238873
>You're just jealous!
There was once an alleged Jew, on YouTube comments, who accused me of this over something I don't remember. But I do remember responding with "Now what's there to be envious of? I wish you the best of luck in all that you do. But as for me, I would rather have the truth." The supposed Jew never responded to this. No, not even to pretend he didn't read what I wrote and then double down. I hope that commenter really is Jewish. Because putting to silence one of the biggest loudmouths on the planet is a memory that will stick with me for life.
The only on-going crisis in Roblox is a grooming one, as documented by Youtuber "Ruben Sim" who was sued by Roblox Corporation for exposing the flaws in their moderation system as well as exposing one of their moderators as a degenerate. I recommend checking out his channel where he highlights how truly fucked up and insidious Roblox is, it literally has massive grooming rings.
Here's one of many videos about it, he posts all his findings on Twitter because it's the only way to get Roblox to deal with them, since they have interns watching everything he says and does 24/7
Replies: >>238873
[Hide] (679.9KB, 308x480, 00:38)
Recently video related has been on my mind because of the person appearing in it. This video has been posted in some webm threads in the past years, and nobody has really responded to it in particular, but... I can't get it out of my mind, it aggravates me on some spiritual level. I know what this tribesman is insinuating, and it's another idle threat, but why is it so off putting? Is it the nasally voice? Is it because for someone not "in the know", this is just some bald ((( professor ))) similar to one whose classes you might attend in college and such?

You gave me an excellent opportunity to post about this, now I can move on to greater things in my life.
Replies: >>238660
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1268x5569) Reverse
Here's a pretty interesting article here.
What did this guy do?
Replies: >>238664
>cp starts to appear when niggerpill doesn't get replies
pzhos I hope you know when your usefulness is up (soon now probably considering how easily you're spotted) your protection as an asset also disappears and you will be sent to prison and be ass raped for the rest of your life. The only regrettable thing about this scenario is I won't be able to kick your teeth out beforehand so you can't bite when Jamal wants to find out what dat mouf do,
Replies: >>238666
[Hide] (28.9MB, 1280x720, 08:42)
Spoiler File
(87.7KB, 1076x820) Reverse
I wasn't implying I know exactly who the person in the video is or what they stand for, only that I instinctively know what they are from their looks alone. Looks kind of like the guy from 4:06 mark of this video. Interesting channel, if not a little much on the morbid side.
[Hide] (91.8KB, 828x694) Reverse
>Then why is it still up? There's nothing left that's worth saying on an imageboard unless one of three things happens:
<when you run out of things you have to delete threads
what an absolutely horrible down syndrome take, unironically kill yourself you stupid fucking waste of oxygen
Replies: >>238672
Even a 90 IQ half-nigger half-human abomination working at the FBI with a week of profiling lessons can see that at least 10 different anons are constantly accused of being niggerpill and the CP bot spam doesn't match any of them.
Replies: >>238668
I see exactly what you mean now
Replies: >>238669
[Hide] (3.4MB, 310x310) Reverse
I also think they are different entities.
-Niggerpill is just an useful idiot paid by kikes
-Then there's a /cow/tard emulating him (probably the same faggot from the Julay TLOU2 fiasco)
-And the CP spammer is definitely a glownigger.
Replies: >>238698
[Hide] (454.3KB, 1080x1168) Reverse
[Hide] (38.3KB, 581x172) Reverse
I know, and those are easy to spot too. I'm talking about the people who aren't niggerpill that are baited into replying.
He's been trying to shut the thread down from the beginning. Don't expect any good faith posts from that poster.
[Hide] (5.5MB, 628x368, 00:35)
>You're just jealous! 
You will frequently hear this from kikes and their lieutenants.
The only honest retort is to tell the truth.
It's not that they have power, it's what they do with it.
Replies: >>238679
[Hide] (1.1MB, 900x606) Reverse
>You are just jealous!
This usually comes from narcissists and sociopaths.
I have known idiots in real life that deluded themselves into thinking everyone was jealous of them despite themselves being just average people with no single quality that would make them stand out (and be the cause of the supposed "jealousy") whatsoever.
Jews just use it in bad faith to try deflect criticism.
I'd say every game has this issue now, even minecraft. I blame discord.
Replies: >>238698
[Hide] (16.5MB, 1920x1080, 03:40)
What is it with Discord and perverts? All I joined when I was using it was relatively normal servers made for some small time podcasts. Where do those horny servers even come from?

> Then there's a /cow/tard emulating him (probably the same faggot from the Julay TLOU2 fiasco)

The only reason I am not saging now is that I want to share little suspicion with you; the /cow/tards are in reality what's left of revolt. I've checked the board and its a smoldering crater right now. Since the place they are residing on right now and the other one they have a hate boner for are not part of the webring, it won't get the warm splash of attention it used to get. Obviously. This is why these people go around and do shit like this.
Replies: >>238699 >>238895
>when I was using it
>ever using shitscord
Replies: >>238703
[Hide] (2.3MB, 1605x4576) Reverse
[Hide] (882.9KB, 800x2000) Reverse
[Hide] (153.1KB, 1119x797) Reverse
Time to make this thread more useful by blatantly copying stuff from somewhere else. Last time I got the material some guy on the Fediverse. This time 4um is the lucky donator. Its just a little history lesson from twatter and /pol/.

Matrix  and XMMP is much better anyway. This is why I am not using that crap anymore.
Replies: >>238912
Spoiler File
(1.6MB, 780x1288) Reverse
Irrelevant, but funny. Why are they living inside a Illsuion sex simulator for cat ladies?
Replies: >>238713
I don't even have a problem with Roblox being infested by these people.
If you let you child play online multiplayer games with strangers unsupervised and haven't even lectured them about strangers (especially games geared towards children), it's your own fucking fault.
Once you make roblox safe, it will be some other game. The witchhunt will never stop.
Who even plays Roblox in [current year]? If you remove all the ERPers, the servers will be empty.
Replies: >>238707
>Who even plays Roblox in [current year]?
All the kids I know play it.
Replies: >>238708
Even if they can't afford Minecraft, Minetest is good enough now. Tell them please.
Replies: >>238709
I think it's more about it being the current thing™ than the game itself.
Replies: >>238710
It was the current thing back in 2008 or so, not now.
Replies: >>238711
Like I said, they all play it. It's still the current thing among kids.
Replies: >>238712
I couldn't get into it back in 2008.
Replies: >>238727
Spoiler File
(1.2MB, 1024x764) Reverse
You want mostly unrelated cat ladies? Here's a fun one.
Replies: >>238719
[Hide] (132.6KB, 1280x720, 00:03)
So what thatbhas nothing to do with the fact a shitload of kids still play it.
Replies: >>238731
It's a shit game and iirc they ask you for real money everywhere on there.
Replies: >>238732 >>238755
Yes, doesn't change the fact kids still play it like CoD and Fortnite. They also beg their parents for the e-bucks and they comply. Like my fucking sister does for my nephew in spite of my repeated warnings not to.
[Hide] (115.1KB, 1280x1440) Reverse
Fuck your sister
>>238033 (OP) 
>4th pic, announced projects
How the hell do you promote your jewish agenda in a car game without story? Because there is no women to make uglier or characters to turn into niggers.
[Hide] (218.7KB, 710x399) Reverse
>game suspiciously asks for your phone number
>tranny pride flags across the track
>if you hit a tranny flag, your car instantly explodes, the game spams your local authorities with your number and accuses you of pedophilia, and instantly dumps AI genned CP onto your hard drive while the screen flashes with "TRANS RIGHTS" til you get a seizure
You're wrong. There are women of color talking to you over the radio in ebonics.
Replies: >>238743
>70€ or 20€/month
>for free2play shit
Ahhh, come on Ubishit. You're government funded anyway.
[Hide] (359.6KB, 2048x1941) Reverse
>I'm in here for cutting off the heads of some members from a rival gang. What are you in for?
>Called someone a nigger on twitter.
Replies: >>238749
Why can't games be like this? 
Replies: >>238744
That's some toxic masculinity right there, sweetie.
[Hide] (36KB, 283x516) Reverse
>How the hell do you promote your jewish agenda in a car game without story?
Going by reviews: downscaled the game's scope from the continental United States to the Hawaiian island of O’ahu (Which was already done back in 2006 with Test Drive Unlimited, that even received a PSP port), ebonic-speaking NPCs, and hijacking the player's ability to actually play the game they want to play it.
>Department of Homeland Security
you'll be sent to federal prison so it kind of checks out. you'll be sitting people who tried to evade the irs or so some shit and people who planned to bomb some federal building in the same unit
Are you deliberately being obtuse to troll or are you genuinely dumb?
>it keeps going
>lmao kill yourself
Nigger your a limp wristed soy who can barely type coherent sentences.
Replies: >>238757
[Hide] (142.5KB, 1080x1018) Reverse
Help I have Downs again.
[Hide] (152.1KB, 1080x512) Reverse
Another NEET?
Replies: >>238769
>back to
Who the hell pays for sex with that?
Replies: >>238770 >>238793
drunk guys
Replies: >>238771
drunk guys usually get it free from drunk fatasses
Replies: >>238784
>roblox is dumb
<yes. and?
>so stop talking about it!
<but predators are using it to groom children
>so? roblox is dumb
repeat ad infinitum
Replies: >>238778
>listen to what I tell you to do GAWD
well fuck that makes me feel dumb, forgetting the pay part
>Who the hell pays for sex with that?
The same kind of losers who had sex with Zoey Quinn (eww) in exchange for positive coverage of "her" "game"
It’s been awfully quiet on the niggerpill front today… did he -ACK?
Replies: >>238805
If I was an outsider observing this world like I wasn't living in it I would think that's the funniest shit ever.
Of course not he's doing his rounds on blacked and cuckchan
Replies: >>238806
[Hide] (918.9KB, 240x180) Reverse

<Woke Gaming ‘Consultants’ Epicly Fail at Censoring Gamers, Face Massive Online Backlash

>An employee of the woke video game narrative consultant firm Sweet Baby Inc. recently attempted to silence a critic on the Steam gaming platform for the crime of listing the games that Sweet Baby Inc. consulted on. The resulting backlash has included a viral spread of anti-woke messaging and Sweet Baby employees and their leftist journalist friends privating their X/Twitter accounts.

Replies: >>238827 >>238923
>pick up keyboard, call my jewish cousins woke and leftist
>put down keyboard, dust off hands
>that'll show gamers and boomers which side of kosher politics to subscribe and donate to
[Hide] (34.6KB, 439x109) Reverse
[Hide] (480.1KB, 618x618) Reverse
Yup, it's a puppet show.
It really is just a big clown show in the U.S.
[Hide] (6.4MB, 498x350) Reverse
Remember to support current thing that has nothing to do with you or that you have any say in but while being taxed for it
and  if you don't you are literally Satan  incarnate
The only thing that matters is that this crap gets exposed to normalfags.
Who the fuck ever said that (you) should subscribe or support Breitbart?
I perfectly aware of their "liberalism is bad, but never mention that jews are behind it" but the only thing that counts for now, is that this crap gets exposure and blows up.
[Hide] (76.4KB, 878x467) Reverse
[Hide] (371.1KB, 510x710) Reverse
[Hide] (109.8KB, 481x854) Reverse
[Hide] (88KB, 478x701) Reverse
[Hide] (58.7KB, 1170x123) Reverse
Havent seen anyone mention Baby Ghosts yet. I thought this video was pretty good and i agree that all the focus shouldnt be on Sweet Baby Inc but on other companies aswell.
hmmm. now where have i heard that name before......
Thats the same sister that shat on her brother and defended Zoe Quinn when she made him kill himself.
These people are fucking insane!
>Thats the same sister that shat on her brother and defended Zoe Quinn when she made him kill himself.
how do these sick fucks sleep at night do they live in delusion as thick as fog?
Replies: >>238856 >>238871
It's called psychopathy, they don't have consciences at all. They know perfectly what they do is wrong but making others suffer is the only way they feel anything and this is the result.
Replies: >>238871
>Thats the same sister that shat on her brother and defended Zoe Quinn when she made him kill himself.
And then used his money to make her own company, please correct me if i am wrong.
I think that this is something that people need to talk about, to show what kind of psychopaths these pieces of shit preaching about "tolerance" really are.
Replies: >>238871
This sister is so insane, she describes herself as victim and survivor of emotional abuse by him in an article which she wrote about his death.
Apparently she made him apologize to everyone he ever knew and do therapy.
And the sexual assault hotline is totally something you want to place below an article about your brother. I'm so glad she's not my sister.
I think the actual problem with Roblox is that it's essentially a child slavery operation to force kids into making games with the illusion of getting money while the company profits off of their work.
Thankfully somebody was smart enough to put it on archive.

Replies: >>238878
All right, I'll post an archive next time.
Man, that's fucked up.
And i thought Anthony Burch and his sister were fucked up.
>survivor of emotional abuse
People like this need to be dropped off in cartel territory.
Replies: >>238885
Not now, they're having a ceasefire to honor Toriyama. RIP
Replies: >>238889
God I wish that were true
what in the ever loving god is going on at cuckchan someone just messaged me they removed the ip counter
[Hide] (26.6KB, 255x255) Reverse
[Hide] (167.4KB, 1100x630) Reverse
what part of this post did jannies wordfilter?
Replies: >>238900
Replies: >>238900
It's not either of those
Replies: >>238902
Not that one either
((( whoever )))
Are you trying to post a webp? For some reason it'd give me that message if I tried to post one.
Replies: >>238922
>second pic
>qt girl concept art
>didn't make it in the game
What a fucking shame.
[Hide] (299.9KB, 1430x2000) Reverse
no I wasn't uploading any image
[Hide] (727.4KB, 800x1080) Reverse
>more useful idiots
Good, good!
Replies: >>238927
Even Lauren Southern is covering it.
It really feels like the first GamerGate, only that instead of being "it's ackshually about ethics in vidya journalism" is a pretty clear "just fuck off with your niggers and faggots already!" Which is sweet.

Also, it seems the same Steam curator that did the Sweet Baby inc. Detected is now opening a website outside of it (in case Valve cucks out) called  DEI detected (dot) com that is going to list all the games that follow ((( Larry Fink's ))) agenda involving ((( ESG ))) and ((( DIE ))).
[Hide] (56.7KB, 850x1020) Reverse
>is now opening a website outside of it
He is going to an hero by shooting himself on the back of his head 6 times.
>DEI detected (dot) com
There's nothing there yet but it probably logged my IP
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
>It really feels like the first GamerGate, only that instead of being "it's ackshually about ethics in vidya journalism" is a pretty clear "just fuck off with your niggers and faggots already!" Which is sweet.
Let me know when these celebs actually start naming them jews behind this gay shit.
Replies: >>238935
The only thing i can tell you, is that i started reading people calling out ((( blackrock ))) and ((( larry fink ))) so slowly but surely we are getting there it seems.
I dont give a fuck about any bullshit drama. I dont care about game industry, niggers, cultural decay. I dont need goals and purpose. Just give me orders and point me in the right direction I just want blood.
hymen blood?
[Hide] (210.7KB, 1518x1518) Reverse
>I just want blood
Try shaving yourself with one of these.
Replies: >>238971
I have one unit whole blood in the fridge.
Ronald McDonald
Der Wiener Schnitzel und das Sauekraut Tel Aviv
>point me in the right direction
So you can chest thump and ultimately do nothing like everyone else that talks like you?
Replies: >>239071
<if any of you faggots go >slop then give me a better word
Shit. That's all you need to call it. We've been calling shit shit for years, and it's been fine.
How does the knee of speaking like a human being feel on your neck?
>>238033 (OP) 
>Alan Wake II
How many copies got sold anyway?
1.3 million lmao
Replies: >>238981
All I know about that game is that I knew nothing about it until it suddenly got nominated for every award. That screams inorganic hype to me.
Replies: >>238974 >>238975
The ones made by Bic are even worse, they cut your skin but not your beard.
[Hide] (896.2KB, 700x600) Reverse
I was actually at a five guys last week so suddenly hearing about gamergate 2.0 really just amuses me.
For me it was hearing nothing about it  after the early 10s until suddenly it came out and people were complaining about the performance
sequels of games that come out ages after are never a good sign of anything
AW2 is a disappointing sequel to the first one but in the modern landscape that still puts it well above anything else, that and being a graphical quality benchmark for current gen apparently.
[Hide] (2.8MB, 1600x1900) Reverse
I present to you guys:
A "mental health in gaming" company called "Take this" wants to take a stance against GamerGate2.
Needless to say, for a company that claims to be about "mental health" it is ironically entirely composed by mentally ill people.

The About Us page claims the following:
>Our Mission is to decrease the stigma, and increase the support for, mental health in the game enthusiast community and inside the game industry.
>Our Vision is a game community that welcomes and supports people experiencing mental health challenges, and that recognizes the humanity and mental health of game creators.

Basically another organization that isn't really clear why it even exist in the first place, filled as usual with mentally ill faggots using pronouns and ((( merchants )))

>The original tweet quoted by self-admitted prostitute Alyssa Mercante
>Article by TakeThis responding to Gamergate2
>About Us Page
>Our Team Page
(aka try not to laugh challenge - hard mode)
[Hide] (20.5KB, 480x480) Reverse
>Liz is a White queer, cisgender woman.
Replies: >>238987
>Alan Wake II
>How many copies got sold anyway?
>1.3 million lmao
Still too much
Replies: >>238989
History repeats itself…
[Hide] (52.2KB, 658x607) Reverse
>Cassie is a Black, Queer, Non-binary, Asexual person with C-PTSD and Bipolar diagnoses
>Jordan is a white, biromantic, asexual, neurodivergent, chronically ill/pain woman with ADHD. depression and anxiety diagnoses
>Dr. Elliott is a Black, pansexual, cis-gendered, neurodivergent woman with depression and anxiety diagnoses
Then the average white guy at the beginning of the page calls himself an autist. The gall of these persons.
Replies: >>238990
[Hide] (19.2KB, 316x185) Reverse
About 1.3 million too many.
Replies: >>238992
That’s a bit too generous for these freaks
Yeah, but those are shit numbers
Normalfags are now circling the wagons in favor of SBI
https://nitter.poast.org/CerberusXt/status/1767102950659273188 (claims that the AAA slop that SBI worked on are "bangers", 12K likes)
https://nitter.poast.org/AGramuglia/status/1766874997073604993 (rising star normalfag eceleb lambasting the curator, 7.1K likes)
Replies: >>239025
>literally who twitter
opinion discarded
Sweet baby inc. co-founder (who looks like a kike, what a surprise) plays victim and tries to gaslight people

Replies: >>239005
>blah blah blah
>has the worst profile picture I ever seen and makes me instantly of that one cancerous image
>scroll down
>2 posts down a balding tranny who is paid to look for bugs and break games
[Hide] (829.8KB, 500x445) Reverse
>mfw pic
[Hide] (95.2KB, 578x357) Reverse
Dug into a LOT of these people over in the Goober thread on 8moe. Could someone run through this to verify if I missed anything: https://archive.is/U0pkV#945475
"Expand Post" does work in the archive.
Replies: >>239025
What has whining about a Steam curator to do with helping whack jobs? It doesn't help the loonies at all. 


Blatant copypasta of your stuff.

>a gold mine of usual suspects, sleuths should look into potential connections for all these decent looking folks
Here's those involved in video games:
https://www.mobygames.com/person/460115/kate-edwards/ (Look familiar?)
https://www.mobygames.com/person/30601/pete-hines/ (Look familiar?)

Some of the other groups these people are attached to in gaming:
https://archive.is/FGfvu ESA Alert!
https://archive.fo/0Fv4M#943478 Brian Kunde and Tanya DePass from GaymerX, which I digged last bread
<Women in Games: https://archive.ph/Zrh9q
https://www.mobygames.com/person/894255/dan-wood/ (It's a man?)
<I Need Diverse Games: https://archive.is/EcnZL
<Games and Online Harassment Hotline: https://archive.is/0SITW
LW2 we already know and already digged.

Also, it should be noted that these people are HEAVILY involved in Discord/Twitch moderation, dictating the DnD scene (Down to directly being involved with WotC), and having been used as "official" references in game media coverage and panels. A lot of pozzed groups/companies include, but is not limited to (Trying to keep this related to vidya just for this thread, but 'still worth looking at for outside of gaming as these people have connections to companies and institutions like Google, Amazon, Facebook, McGraw Hill, Proctor & Gamble, Uber, state agencies, and several universities):
<Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences
<Bethesda Softworks
<Computers and Composition
<Computer Games and Technical Communication
<Creative Assembly
<Currys PC World
<ESA (Yes, these people boast that they worked for the ESA)
<Fair Play Alliance
<G4 (RIP x2)
<Game Informer
<Games for Change
<Geek Wire
<Inside Gaming
<Interactive Entertainment Professionals
<Kinda Funny
<Paste Games
<PC/Open Gaming Alliance
<Rooster Teeth (RIP)
<SyFy Wire
<The Game Awards
<The International Games Summit on Mental Health
<The Verge
<VOX Media
<Wired Magazine
<Zebra Partners

One of them had already removed his bullshit while the other gets ratio'd like crazy.
the genetic dud would still be butthurt into oblivion by /intl/ and still end up as a soygoblin
Replies: >>239037
[Hide] (235.2KB, 480x320) Reverse
I predicted all of this, you know? ALL of this.
[Hide] (3.8MB, 496x360) Reverse
Man, what a fucking shitshow.
>HEAVILY involved in Discord/Twitch moderation, dictating the DnD scene
I wonder how many small  groups of people like this are fucking up games  it's absurd to me that such a small amount of people can have such a big impact
surely there has to be like around 30-40 of em and all of them have the same fucked up world views  dropping straight out of college being too much of a fuck up to do anything worthwhile
[Hide] (191.7KB, 551x1889) Reverse
[Hide] (499.8KB, 551x1085) Reverse
LindedIN normalfags aren't buying it.

Done in by the inability to wrangle a bunch of Warosufags. Who would have predicted that.
a dirty apartment will become infested with rodents
a dirty society will become infested with parasites
do not complain about free (0$) care, junior
>Anyone who lived through the first one should know that the only way this is going to go is making things even worse.
that's not my problem  that's the shit eating gremlins who buy AAA games problem
The only thing I care about is whether or not this will create a new 8chan.
If you thought that jewish, self-admitted prostitute working at Kotaku that defended Sweet Baby inc. was bad just by her pictures and tweets, just wait to see how even worse she is seen in motion, not to mention how actually retarded she sounds like.
There you go:
[Hide] (81.1KB, 615x722) Reverse
Ready to fap to the point of impotence because your gayest pipe dream could become true?
>AAA studios are going to shut down
Oh no, the horror, good riddance pieces of shit.
[Hide] (640.1KB, 800x450) Reverse
Great news!
>ESG is drying up and the people they fund will shut down
don't get my hopes up, won't they just get replaced by some other financier? Even among these groups they easily backstab each other for power.
Replies: >>239129
The gaming industry collapsing will be about as interesting as the TV industry collapsing because everyone except boomers has switched to the internet, or the DVD porn industry collapsing because everyone watches it online for free now. Biden-appointed trannies safeguarding the nuclear codes nuking israel because "they're white colonizers genociding brown people" is a good pipe dream.
Yes, at least I will have fun with that for a while.
Realistically what can be done though? These faggots are fanatics, they cannot conceptualize tyat they are in the wrong so shaming will not do anything.
The profit motive is unimportant since, well, jews.

Most damage potential that I can see would be running torrents for the games these faggots touched, somehow denying them money, if only a tiny bit ... but that would also mean running torrents for shit games people should not play.
So the best move would be just making our own games. Nothing bad can come from acts of passionate creation after all. But I kinda cant code.
Replies: >>239085
Is it just me or is this tweet incredibly difficult to read? Who the fuck wrote this?
Replies: >>239078
It's direct transcription of Grummz talking on the fly, without any of the pauses spoken dialogue has. It lacks any regard for proper punctuation, doesn't remove or fix misspoken or repeated parts of sentences, and as a result ends up a near unreadable mess. 
But if you heard him say it, it'd probably be easily parseable. People can even make out what Joe Biden's saying most of the time, after all.
what the fuck are gay studies, why do i share a planet with these cretins
[Hide] (2MB, 1350x1350) Reverse
that's the thing, they're the victim when they're losing, and still somehow the victim even when winning. They're always correct, even if facts disagree, because feelings > facts. They are morally superior, despite being hypocrites, because they are the exception. You can't talk to them and yet everyone is expected to listen. No sane man would ever associate with people like this, but unfortunately they somehow wormed their way into influential positions & the people in charge have decided to fund their madness. The worst part is how they grow their numbers like an expanding tumor because they prey on the weak willed, the impressionable, the outcasts, and the mentally ill, and indoctrinate them into their cult, with promises of being included, and threatened with destruction if the ever step out of line.
You can't debate psychos, but hopefully you can expose them, and maybe reduce their influnce as well.
Replies: >>239091
[Hide] (100.7KB, 1024x683) Reverse
What a beutiful creature, I want to be in an open relantionship with her.
[Hide] (152.9KB, 642x581) Reverse
[Hide] (166.2KB, 921x568) Reverse
Does anyone have this video? The account that originally posted it has locked itself.
Replies: >>239092 >>239093
Or... we can create our own reality and do not give a fuck that somebody else we dont even interact with is doing something retarded.
<Responding to GamerGate2: https://archive.ph/GEDnA
<This work is made possible by a grant from the Department of Homeland Security https://archive.ph/HDLr5#selection-963.0-963.105
Normalfags are shit at naming stuff, eh?
Replies: >>239094
They should go with
Replies: >>239095
[Hide] (32.7KB, 800x800) Reverse
How about babygate?
Replies: >>239112
I don't see it.
Fuck you too, Carlos.
[Hide] (129.3KB, 935x952) Reverse
>don't get my hopes up, won't they just get replaced by some other financier? Even among these groups they easily backstab each other for power.
Anon, ((( their ))) entire system is collapsing as we speak, the "too big to fail" was a niggerpill demoralization tactic with no basis in the real world.
It's not "too big to fail" it's "the bigger they are, the harder they fall"

This anon from kikechan explained it better:

>Anon there will not be another generation as the previous generations have been. We’ve reached the end of the road a can can be kicked down. Dedollarization is accelerating as the BRICS countries grow and Russia makes more alliances and economic ties with non-western nations. Banks are saying the dollar is about to collapse.

>The next generation, racially aware, will get a world where the US cannot import cheat oil, cheap food, and cheap goods. A world where America is no longer the center of culture, politics, or economic power. It will become a multipolar world. Ironically a great reset, though not in the way the elite ever imagined. Nations will focus more on nationalism, so all the cultural/neo Marxism nonsense isn’t going to be tolerated. Nor will predatory industry practices.

>China is unlikely to survive. Europe will become more influenced by Russia than the US. It will be a radically different world than what we grew up and lived in. There won’t be a generation to fool as they will have vastly different concerns and sensibilities or they’ll die. Already POCs are saying whites should let bygones be bygones. Whites shouldn’t retaliate after decades of racial discrimination. Tell that to the generation they taught to see race when the abundance of resources that ushered in a sickening era of perverse tolerance is gone.
They targeted gamers.


We're a group of people who will sit for hours, days, even weeks on end performing some of the hardest, most mentally demanding tasks. Over, and over, and over all for nothing more than a little digital token saying we did.

We'll punish our selfs doing things others would consider torture, because we think it's fun.

We'll spend most if not all of our free time min maxing the stats of a fictional character all to draw out a single extra point of damage per second.

Many of us have made careers out of doing just these things: slogging through the grind, all day, the same quests over and over, hundreds of times to the point where we know evety little detail such that some have attained such gamer nirvana that they can literally play these games blindfolded.

Do these people have any idea how many controllers have been smashed, systems over heated, disks and carts destroyed 8n frustration? All to latter be referred to as bragging rights?

These people honestly think this is a battle they can win? They take our media? We're already building a new one without them. They take our devs? Gamers aren't shy about throwing their money else where, or even making the games our selves. They think calling us racist, mysoginistic, rape apologists is going to change us? We've been called worse things by prepubescent 10 year olds with a shitty head set. They picked a fight against a group that's already grown desensitized to their strategies and methods. Who enjoy the battle of attrition they've threatened us with. Who take it as a challange when they tell us we no longer matter. Our obsession with proving we can after being told we can't is so deeply ingrained from years of dealing with big brothers/sisters and friends laughing at how pathetic we used to be that proving you people wrong has become a very real need; a honed reflex.

Gamers are competative, hard core, by nature. We love a challange. The worst thing you did in all of this was to challange us. You're not special, you're not original, you're not the first; this is just another boss fight.
Replies: >>239134 >>239135
>this is just another boss fight.
These pronoun mentally-ill faggots are just the tutorial, anon.
[Hide] (47.3KB, 800x646) Reverse
Is this some pasta or is this gAI generated? Why would you post this here?
On topic, is everything in this picture a reference to some videogame? I know the bathtub, the janitor and the fanfic ones are.
it's a pasta. an old pasta, from gamergate.
Elon Musk retweeted about GamerGate

Said the man with no real experience of either. Why is it that you think Hentailand is reality, or 'should' be?
Replies: >>239150
[Hide] (1.8MB, 400x226, 00:48)
Anon, you are replying to niggerpill still trying that
< "hello fellow anons, i am one of you and i think pedophilia should be normalized"
So ((( his masters ))) can try pushing the narrative that GG and those refusing ((( divershitty ))) are all pedos.
Typical tricks there, Shlomo!
you're not even trying now you dirty spic
this are the references i know:
1. maybe tropico or just cause
2. europa universalis?
3. hotline miami
4. katawa shoujo
5. ???
6. Civilization
7. Bath Fight, an obscure japanese game
8. GTA V
9. ??? (probably some VN)
10. Space Station 13
Spoiler File
(508.2KB, 1280x720) Reverse
Associate Narrative Designer Working On ‘Marvel’s Black Panther’ Admits To Being A Racist While Accusing Gamers Of Racism And Saying You Can’t Be Racist To White People
Don't click on the spoiler.
Replies: >>239187
>I got into a bath with a cute anime girl and promptly beat the shit out of her
Purin to Ohuro
[Hide] (485.8KB, 483x325) Reverse
>Don't click on the spoiler.
I did and now i am traumatized.
Replies: >>239190
[Hide] (5.5MB, 360x492, 06:03)
you were warned yet you still did it
whats the correlation between someone calling you out on what you're doing and being under attack?
Replies: >>239197
[Hide] (1011.8KB, 640x480, 00:12)
The voices in your head? We have known for 10 years that they are insane.
Replies: >>239199
[Hide] (1.2MB, 640x480, 00:13)
fucked up the file.
[Hide] (120.2KB, 326x450) Reverse
[Hide] (52.5KB, 228x252) Reverse
[Hide] (4.1KB, 64x46) Reverse
That is not (only) insanity, they are being deliberatly disingenuous.
The nose knows
[Hide] (90.3KB, 1612x389) Reverse
[Hide] (173.6KB, 1891x417) Reverse
Hi niggerpill. Shitbird, do your job.
[Hide] (111.2KB, 1200x900) Reverse
Wow, great "innovative tactics" there, niggerpill.
You clearly are bored and out of ideas, just give up you fucking retard.
>fix the game industry
Dude if your car flips over and it explodes into 500 different pieces, do you try to repair it?
Replies: >>239227
The gaming industry needs to be put down like a rabid dog.
It's far too gone to even try.
I don't know about any of that, but something no one is talking about is Legobutts, AKA Felix Kramer, AKA Maya Kramer was the one who slept her way into being the Mighty Number 9 community manager, ran that into the ground (Or at least had a decent part in that) pretty much directly sinking Inafune's career (Not that he didn't deserve it at that point for nearly sinking the Japanese industry for a decade on the way out but still), the whole thing of which was kind of like GG 0.5. I just find it odd nobody mentions this
Replies: >>239229
I guess it got forgotten because it was half a foreigner's problem, and it was only one game.
I really can't understand why niggers are able to put up with the cake kike and the niggerlover kike.
They are both cancer, might as well go back to cuckchan at that point.
[Hide] (94.9KB, 1280x1243) Reverse
I see the glowniggers are getting desperate.
You CIA pedos are fucking pathetic.
[Hide] (974.7KB, 1187x899) Reverse
>le u mad
Are glowniggers hiring 12 years old to do their job?
That's why you are a bunch a lolcows to the whole internet.
[Hide] (290.5KB, 465x441) Reverse
>only spam thread about a front for alphabet agencies
>totally not here because of this
The audacity of kikes is something to behold. I'm glad another part of globohomo is getting it up the ass again. Pick only semi related.
Replies: >>239257
[Hide] (1.4MB, 460x345) Reverse
> I'm glad another part of globohomo is getting it up the ass again.
That's why they are panicking, you can tell that by the fact that keep trying different retarded tactics to no avail, and they don't wtf to do.
<First "it's all ogre goys, just give up (please i beg you!)
<Then he tries the "hello fellow anons, i think pedophilia should be legalized, don't you think?"
<Then he cries "you are all a bunch of losers anyway lol"
<Then the Luciano-tier: "I think we should start doing terrorism, fellow gentil-ehm anons"
<Then spams CP and random dick pics
<And finally, some illiterate gibberish out of desperation
Pic related is glowniggers at the moment.
Replies: >>239285
[Hide] (124.4KB, 719x427) Reverse
[Hide] (187.8KB, 1093x277) Reverse
Nothing to much bring from the Steam channel today. Looks like the mods stabilized the group. Also their discord is said to be bait.

The best part was that nothing he has posted had to do with anything. He clearly tried to paint this place in a bad light. Too bad for him that Seagull isn't having any of that bullshit. 

< 23928X 
And you are gone, ain't I right? Why are you moron even posting gay porn ITT?
Replies: >>239311
Calm down, Kim. It's not like you'll go without food in the current year.
[Hide] (857.7KB, 240x228) Reverse
>The best part was that nothing he has posted had to do with anything. He clearly tried to paint this place in a bad light. 
They tried that so the jewish journalists can write shit like "look who are the type of people that are opposing ((( divershitty and LGTV )))" showing the same shit that they posted themselves.
They always try that kind if shit, and it is getting old.
Hell, it got old back on 8ch /pol/.
>Too bad for him that Seagull isn't having any of that bullshit.
I only wish this board wasn't as slow, but at least it isn't moderated by a jew like the other boards.
In other news:
>cuckchan /v/ first tried to ban any discussion of this shit, now is hiding ID to cover for samefagging bad actors defending Sweet Baby inc. and ((( DEI )))
>on blacked.gov they are still trying to push that dumb idea that "it's only about ethics" and not about the actual niggerfaggot shit they are pushing down the people's throats.
>cake kike unironically taking credit for GamerGate 
>cuckchanners that were banned from that site migrated to blacked.gov thinking a site run by a down syndrome affected kike with a tranny and cock fetish, and another kike with a nigger fetish, are going to help them expose the nigger and faggot anti-white propaganda that kikes are using vidya for.
>>239311 (checked)
>"it's only about ethics" and not about the actual niggerfaggot shit they are pushing down the people's throats.
Here's the Hegelian synthesis: forcing niggerfaggotry down people's throats is an ethical offense.
Not a defense of moeniggers, of course, fuck those queers
Replies: >>239321
[Hide] (3.5MB, 500x363) Reverse
>forcing niggerfaggotry down people's throats is an ethical offense.
Here's a neat article.


Ironically, Mork is much better than what they had on cuckchan. At least he has most of ther sentiments and some of the perversions that are typical for /v/ despite his autism and Jewish background.
Replies: >>239332
Looks like he tries to match post to post posts posted by normal users to posts posted by his niggery self. Looks like a bot to me honestly.
[Hide] (51.3KB, 530x530) Reverse
>Mork is much better than what they had on cuckchan
kinda like comparing a shit log to diarrhea here, only reason why it's "better" is because there's no active plan there to dis-spell discussion of sweet baby inc. however once they realize that:
>on blacked.gov they are still trying to push that dumb idea that "it's only about ethics" and not about the actual niggerfaggot shit they are pushing down the people's throats.
like >>239311 said, couple with mark's usual antics, they'll realize how shit he is just like we did lmao
then, probably naturally, they'll learn about the webring outside of markmoe and probably end up coming here
protip: shilling the board activities we got here always helps. not to markmoe of course, just making sure projects don't go up in fire like how old 8chins sing along threads went. sleepy station is still well alive, for instance.
that being said, if sleepychan was dead then there wouldn't be shills trying to fuck up our own discussion here, just an in-general fyi
Replies: >>239364
>nothing good

You live.
[Hide] (22.3KB, 800x839) Reverse
really glad to see mark and his site are still forefront in the minds of the resident /cow/turds here, even in completely unrelated threads kek
Replies: >>239368
[Hide] (2MB, 181x292) Reverse
>Blah, blah, blah bigots, blah blah blah racism blah blah blah conspiracy theorists
>Still trying the same shit of ten years ago still thinking it works despite the fact that everyone on the fucking planet is perfectly aware of the jewish playbook by now
Too bad everyone who wanted to know about the "conspiracy" already saw the clips of that fugly nigger/kike hybrid saying  word by word: "terrify them if they don't give you what you want" and "my plan is to take over".
So the kikes who are writing these articles, being the unintelligent subhuman they are, are basically denying what is now in plain sight like a dumb kid who's thowing a tantrum.
<Goys stop complain about niggerfaggot shit, complain about battle passes instead
They are both cancer, but niggerfaggot shit is definitely worse, because it turns a game to shit whether it is a live service game or a complete one.
Also two wrongs don't make one right.
>Ironically, Mork is much better than what they had on cuckchan. 
Anon, we are talking about an obese kike with down syndrome who can barely breath on his own, that deletes posts and bans people as soon as they talk badly about his favorite companies and games.
I know how shit cuckchan is at the moment, you can just take a look at any catalog there, but that kike is no better than dog turd.
Just wait until those cuckchanner see how he operates, with the crybaby bans and the samefagging to defend himself (he's calling himself "the godfather of gamergate" with IP swapping) and then those cuckchanner will either go back there or find a new place that is moderated by someone who is not a total retard into trannies or niggers like this >>239334 anon said.
I know for sure that moefaggots went to cuckchan to shill for their site as a "free speech" board to those who were banned for talking about it.
Yeah "free speech" until you write bad things about Jewtendo, DMC5, Crapcom or simply call the down syndrome kike out when he acts like the kike he is.
What a fucking joke.
t. Mark
[Hide] (12.4KB, 122x82) Reverse
>Here's a neat article.
Good article.
I actually stopped watching the Tel-Avision a long time ago, and when i want to watch a movie, it's either a classic or i do some research on it first to know if there's some poz in it.
Either way this happens through a USB key plugged on the TV and not by giving money to hollyjew by buying dvd, bluerays and especially without subscribing to shit like Trashflix or Amazog prime.
These these i am watching old Dr.Slump episodes and loving it.
Replies: >>239374
*These days*
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1448x2048) Reverse
[Hide] (470.4KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
GTA 6's involvement with 'woke' Sweet Baby Inc explained
>Rumours are flying around that Grand Theft Auto 6 developer Rockstar Games is working with a company called Sweet Baby Inc which has been branded 'woke' by groups online.
>Sweet Baby Inc describes itself on its website as 'a narrative development and consultation studio'.
>It adds: "Our mission is to tell better, more empathetic stories while diversifying and enriching the video games industry. We aim to make games more engaging, more fun, more meaningful, and more inclusive, for everyone."
>The company has worked on recent major gaming titles such as Spider-Man 2, God of War Ragnarok and Alan Wake 2.
>A Reddit post shows Rockstar's logo under the company's clients section - this has been edited in and does not appear like this on Sweet Baby Inc's website.
>However 2K is listed on the website - American video game holding company Take-Two owns this developer along with Rockstar as the two major brands in their portfolio.
>And as the GTA series is renowned for pushing the boundaries of satire, and even taste at times (think back to the torture scene in GTA 5), it's led to speculation that developers of GTA 6 could be working with Sweet Baby Inc and are worried the game could be too 'woke'.
>Reddit users on that most recent post were divided on any potential Sweet Baby Inc involvement at all.
>Comments include 'if we look at all the GTA games before, I don't think they are going to be involved very much, the satire in this games doesn't fit their narrative', 'the fact they are involved at all is a huge red flag to me' and 'I think they consulted to see if there are other ways they can trigger people about some sensitive issues'.
>Sweet Baby Inc has received a backlash with some gamers and online groups reportedly claiming the company makes video games 'worse' because it tries to improve diversity, equality and inclusivity.
>It's reported the company has been at the centre of controversy ever since an employee tried to get a Steam user cancelled for creating a tracker for listing games Sweet Baby Inc had involvement with so subscribers could be notified.
>The company has been targeted by an online harassment campaign - there is a group called Sweet Baby Inc Detected where members of that group are alleging it has an overarching influence in the games it works on.
>It's reported the company's input is small, such as giving story feedback, but some users are said to feel it 'shoehorns' Black or LGBTQ+ characters in games.
Sweet Baby Inc, the narrative consultation company you haven’t heard of
The Small Company at the Center of ‘Gamergate 2.0’
>Montreal-based Sweet Baby employs just 16 people. They now find themselves the targets of gaming’s latest harassment campaign.
>The accusations began around the release of Spider-Man 2 last October. More came when Alan Wake II hit a week later. They were all over the replies to the social media accounts of Sweet Baby Inc.: hateful comments, many of which hinged on the idea that the Montreal-based narrative development and consulting company was responsible for the “wokeification” of video games, recalls Kim Belair, the company’s CEO.
>In the months following, the noise only increased. “You made this character Black, or you added these gay characters, or you ruined the story,” Belair says of the comments, the tone of which, she adds, never changed. Neither have the demands of the people behind them. “It’s usually, ‘leave the industry,’” Belair says, or admit there’s truth to wild conspiracy theories about being involved with investment company BlackRock. (Sweet Baby is not.) Or, more succinctly: “Die.”
>Online, those clamoring for Sweet Baby’s demise are calling it Gamergate 2.0, invoking the online harassment campaign that erupted into a culture war a decade ago. Gamergate formalized the playbook for online harassment used by hate groups and the far right; it inspired figures who would later tap into that outrage and rise all the way to positions of power, such as chief strategist in the White House. The two movements do share a handful of similarities: harassment campaigns flooded with falsehoods and accusations bordering on conspiracy; attacks aimed primarily at women and people of color; the idea that video game culture for cis white men is being stolen from them.
>“People want to believe that our work is surgically removing the things that they would have liked. ‘Change this line, make this line less racist,’” she says. “That's just not the reality of it.”
It’s no coincidence that the campaign against Sweet Baby is taking place during a contentious election year. “Large-scale harassment campaigns like this fuel—and are fueled by—political events,” reads a statement from the mental health nonprofit Take This, whose research director, Rachel Kowert, is an expert on extremism and radicalization in video games. “As political rhetoric heats up ahead of the US presidential election later this year, this kind of online activity is going to ramp up and it’s important to understand that these phenomena are interrelated.”
>Media Matters reports that platforms like YouTube and 4chan have already become rallying points for what users hope to turn into this second Gamergate, asking if their fellows are “ready for the Second Great War.” Elon Musk, owner of X and one of the richest men in the world, has retweeted a post claiming “Gamergate 2 is underway,” while Libs of TikTok—a far right account that regularly targets LGBTQ+ people, inspiring vicious harassment of individuals and bomb threats against schools and hospitals—is currently targeting a former Sweet Baby developer, who has since gone on to another studio, for speaking about creating a safe environment for a team of color.
>Amidst all of this, Sweet Baby, a 16-person outfit in an industry of tens of thousands, has become a lightning rod for a new, rapidly growing campaign against the specter of “forced diversification.”
>BELAIR COFOUNDED SWEET Baby in 2018. It’s a studio that companies reach out to for things like sensitivity readings or as, essentially, a writers’ room for hire. They make suggestions, offer input, but they’re not—as their detractors would have you believe—adding or removing characters or storylines in a void. Control of the projects Sweet Baby works on ultimately remains with the companies that pay for its services. “I still have a director over me, or a writer, somebody else who's going to be able to make that decision,” Belair says. “Very few people have any kind of veto power. And certainly that does not rest in the hands of hired hands.”
>Although early efforts began on sites like notorious harassment hub Kiwi Farms last year, much of the misinformation about Sweet Baby has coalesced around Sweet Baby Inc Detected, a Steam curation group that bills itself as “a tracker for games involved with” the company. The group, founded January 29, also includes a Discord server that has acted as a fulcrum for hateful comments, transphobia, homophobia, racism, and sexism. Following a Kotaku report about Sweet Baby Inc Detected, members of the chat have relentlessly harassed the reporter of the story online.
>According to one Sweet Baby writer, there was a “significant uptick” in harassment aimed at the company after the Steam group’s creation, including sending harassing texts and DMs. (WIRED has agreed to withhold the writer’s name for their safety.) “They're treating this like a holy war,” they say. ”It is taking on a cult-like vibe.”
In an interview on YouTube, the man who claims he started Sweet Baby Inc Detected says his interest in the company began with God of War Ragnarök—a game he admits to never having played—where he “noticed things were different” and wondered, “Why is this game like this?” Navigating to Sweet Baby’s website, he recounts looking over projects they’ve worked on, like the massively successful Spider-Man 2 (another game he says he’s never played), and “noticing a pattern.” Sweet Baby Inc Detected’s creator, who says he’s based in Brazil, never explains exactly what that pattern is, instead using buzzwords like “woke products” and “virtue signaling” and noting that several of these games had an “extremely diverse cast.” Later in the interview, he complains that “our games, our entertainment, the stuff we love, are utilized for this kind of stuff, political agendas.”
>Games like God of War Ragnarök or Alan Wake II—both of which include Black women in prominent roles in promotion, story, or both—do not touch on any political topics in their stories. Ragnarök, a game built around mythical realms, is about preventing the end of the world. Alan Wake is about the titular writer returning from an otherworldly prison and joining Saga Anderson to investigate ritual murders.
>“There are a lot of games that we have been accused of working on, especially if they include characters of color or queer characters, that have nothing to do with us,” Belair says. “I think that makes it very, very obvious what they think the pattern really is.”
>Belair speculates that one of the reasons her company is facing ridicule is that Sweet Baby’s harassers can’t fathom that the people behind their favorite games would actually want her company’s input. “They have to assume that, no, without [Sweet Baby’s] intervention, that would be a white character,” says Belair, pointing to characters like Saga. “Because surely my heroes agree with me.” (Alan Wake II game director Kyle Rowley has directly refuted claims that Saga, without Sweet Baby’s intervention, would have been white: “It’s absolutely not true.”)
>“There are marginalized devs who work on these games, and they want to put that stuff in their games,” Belair says, adding that it’s strange that players feel like characters of color, for example, need to have their presence justified in any way.
>“I'm a huge Uncharted fan,” Belair says.”’Why is Nathan Drake white?’ is not a thing we have to justify. He just is.”
>Online, other devs at studios Sweet Baby works with have come to the company’s defense. In a thread on X, a writer from Insomniac Games confirmed that, as consultants, Sweet Baby offers ideas, feedback, and writing. “But none of that gets into the game unless THE CORE DEV TEAM AGREES WITH IT,” the writer, who has since locked their account, posted. “Sweet Baby is not, nor is any consulting group, coming in to wreck games. They’re helping smooth out plots and deepen characters. They ease the burden on the core narrative team.”
The thread’s top response? “Get out of our hobby and take them with you.”
>THE HARASSMENT CAMPAIGN against Sweet Baby comes as the game industry undergoes a period of immense contraction. Some 8,000 gaming industry employees have reportedly already lost their jobs in 2024. Nearly one-third of developers were impacted by layoffs last year, and there’s a growing movement within the industry for workers to unionize to protect the jobs that remain. The collective loss of talent the game industry is undergoing will inevitably have an impact on the quality of video games to come.
Yet, on the Sweet Baby Inc Detected Discord, where users often decry what they see as a decline in video game quality, there’s little care for the tumultuous year the industry has had. “I feel nothing for these developers who lost their jobs,” wrote one user.
>For Sweet Baby cofounder David Bédard, that dissonance is jarring. “They love games but hate the people who make them,” he says. “They won't get games if there's no more people making them.”
>This is true outside Sweet Baby’s ranks, too. Last year, a poll conducted by the organizers of the Game Developers Conference found that more than 75 percent of game devs surveyed believe harassment from players is a “serious” or “very serious” problem.
>All this amounts to Sweet Baby becoming a scapegoat for anything players hate in games, especially as it relates to diversity and inclusion . Before, Bédard says, “they had nobody to point a finger at.”
>“What they're telling us is we're the reason all these games are flopping. Some of these games are the most nominated or [award]-winning games from last year,” Bédard adds.
However Sweet Baby Inc Detected tries to paint the company it’s rallying against, Belair says the two have more in common than they think. “I don't want tokenization either,” she says. “I don't want forced diversity either.” Part of Sweet Baby’s job is to make characters more authentic and dynamic within their worlds—strong characters, she says, in the sense of how well they’re written and realized.
>Frankly, Belair says, there are positive and interesting conversations to be had. “But they can't start from this place,” she continues. “You can't convince the conspiracy theorists. You can't convince people who are hateful. You can't change those minds, necessarily. But at the very least, we can give other people a place to speak about what they believe, speak about their values, and to rise above it.”
>Sweet Baby’s founders say that as far as the company’s business is concerned, the harassment campaign so far has been unsuccessful in interrupting their work. Their clients are supportive, says Belair, because many game studios are familiar with online abuse. Sweet Baby has been hesitant to directly address which characters or storylines it has worked on, because Belair worries that could lead to harassment of other developers on those projects.
>“You shouldn't be sending this kind of hate to anybody,” Belair says. “If you didn't like something, that's just fine. Deal with it. Don't buy another [game] if you don't want to, but you don't need to launch a whole campaign about it.”
[Hide] (44.4KB, 110x110) Reverse
>Belair says: “I don't want tokenization either,” she says. “I don't want forced diversity either.”
Too bad she said the complete opposite in that clip that already went viral.
She even said, that someone wanted to make a stereotypical french guy with the classic striped shirt and beret, and then she asked them that if they wanted to do that, to at least turn the stereotypical french caricature into a nigger.
So she wanted a nigger going we wuz frenchmen n'shit
But no, that is not "forcing" anything. :^)
>Part of Sweet Baby’s job is to make characters more authentic and dynamic within their worlds
Yeah because shoving niggers where they don't belong, like in European medieval fantasy and in Scandinavian settings is totally "authentic".
I find it funny that these faggots the more they try to defend this shit, the deeper the hole they are digging for themselves is.
>They now find themselves the targets of gaming’s latest harassment campaign.
>enriching diversifying tell better more empathetic
Replies: >>239393
Well, then GTA 6, with a simple mod will become the ultimate moonman experience.
[Hide] (1MB, 500x270) Reverse
I think Rockstar should worry that people know about these retards involvement in their game, but they are still in time to change things.
I wonder if that news about their employees being annoyed that they had to go back to work has anything to do with that.
I would like you guys to watch this video.
This guy's perspective gave me a chuckle.
I don't really agree with all he said, but i found it funny nonetheless.
Check from minute 40 onwards.
Speaking about the Sweet Baby inc. CEO, he thinks that the reason she's so obsessed with having characters that look like her in vidya, is because she's fascinated with white people after studying all the great achievement in history were mostly by them, and basically, she's just screaming for attention because she want some handsome white guy to notice her, but deep inside she knows there's nothing even remotely interesting about her.
Again, i don't really agree with that, but they was the guy explained it with a posh accent made me chuckle.
[Hide] (60.3KB, 640x781) Reverse
I don't think she'll ever get that attention she's ugly on the surface and does not even attempt to even make herself  look decent
a simple hair style change would make her cuter  and  just small changes in how she talks and how she treats men  would make her go from a 1 night stand  to possibly gf or better
it's not like she has to lose weight or put any real effort in  but I don't think she has the brain to realize this because shes been fed bullshit from college and probably tiktok
Replies: >>239395
[Hide] (2MB, 340x355) Reverse
>a simple hair style change would make her cuter 
I don't think there's any hair style that could fix THAT face, but i do agree with the rest.
Replies: >>239397
>they was the guy
Fuck, what i meant was: *The way the guy explained it...
[Hide] (567.9KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
>I don't think there's any hair style that could fix THAT face
I mean that's to be expected but everything helps  and even then people somewhere out there fucked a abo out for some reason 
she probably offers almost nothing in return
Replies: >>239400
[Hide] (13.4KB, 100x130) Reverse
>and even then people somewhere out there fucked a abo out for some reason 
Fucking gross, but sadly true.
I remember back on /pol/ someone posted an old black and white picture of a white guy who married an abo and people where arguing about how many generations it took to get rid of the abo dna in the gene pool of that family.
>she probably offers almost nothing in return
That's for sure, she does sound like a "me! me! me!" self-centered narcissist.
Again, i found that analysis to be quite funny, but i don't really agree with it.
What i do think, however, is that while it may be true that she's fascinated with white people and their achievements, after studying for years realizing how they are behind every human advancement in both history and art, she's merely butthurt because she knows that unlike white people, her "people" contribution to the world amounts to nothing, if not for the worse, so she wants to rewrite history in the vain hope that people, and white people in particular, will give her the same credit and respect that they give their own.
I think it all boils down to that.
But that's just her perspective of things, the other Sweet Baby inc. co-founder is a jew, so there's no need to know what is all about for that one.
Replies: >>239402
honestly think it has less to do with her race and simply men don't see her more than anything but pussy but shes not willing to do anything about it so she'll  ruin the things men enjoy
as usual with sociopath women
Replies: >>239404
[Hide] (1.4MB, 585x329) Reverse
Well yes, she's definitely doing what she's doing out of spite.
What you wrote here could also be the reason, but what you wrote doesn't contradict what i wrote, so it might as well both the reasons she's doing this shit.
[Hide] (58.6KB, 521x479) Reverse
<--- Niggerpill:
>we tried demoralization tactics and they just laughed at us
>we tried to pretend to be one if them and push the idead that pedophilia is okay and they busted us
>then we tried convincing them to do terrorism to no avail
>we also insulted them calling them "losers" in a rage fit but once again, we got mocked by everyone
>we tried spamming the thread with random dick pics and CP but they caught us and the mod deleted all that shit
>then we started crying into an impotent rage fit and then wrote unintellingent gibberish out of desperation
>I got an idea! It seems that here they hate something called "blacked.moe", i don't even know what the fuck that is, but let's try naming that shit as often as we can, that will surely work!
>What!? That didn't work? Then let's go back from the first one once again, it never worked, but maybe we just didn't try often enough! <---- ((( You ))) are here.
Replies: >>239414
He (or one of his coworkers,don't discount the possibility) even just reused that 'cookie-cutter." The most bitter and pessimistic of anons wouldn't go this long or with rhetoric this silly. He'd just leave a single cutting diatribe and then return to his games.
Replies: >>239416
[Hide] (2.1MB, 498x412) Reverse
I wonder how much the CIA pays niggerpill/s to do that lame shit.
I really don't know how they think that retarder bullshit (i mean "innovative tactics" lol) is ever going to work.
Probably even glowniggers have their "diversity hires" too, and these are the results lmao
[Hide] (835.7KB, 1123x1013) Reverse
>hat look like her in vidya, is because she's fascinated with white people after studying all the great achievement in history were mostly by them, and basically, she's just screaming for attention because she want some handsome white guy to...

So she basically wants the guy wearing this T-shirt, yes?
Replies: >>239429
[Hide] (558.7KB, 1400x1937) Reverse
The guy in the video doing the analysis said that she said that she admitted liking white characters like Kratos and especially Nathan Draken referring to them as "boyfriends" that's why he came to that conclusion i guess.
To me she's only petty because when she went to school she realized that white people were the best at building a civilization, science, art, literature and basically everything else, while niggers have always been parasites and nothing else, and this fact made her butthurt.
So she wanted to push niggers everywhere thinking that this would give her kind some form of acknowledgement too.
Pretty sad and pathetic if you ask me.
Who is going to make the new thread?
Stop whining, you little bitch.
>Reminder that this sham of a movement is literally just free advertisement for anything SBI has worked on.

Not really. Extortion and other corporate skulduggery doesn't make for a good sales. Moreso for even more shitty games.

>Also the vast, vast majority of people born after 1995 are extremely left-leaning and pro-authoritarian (the remainder of them are centrists at best)

And now they're too stupid to breed.

>so the niGGerfaGGots have already made billions of enemies right off the bat.

When your owners scream for mass censorship in response to merely discussing their behavior, that does not show power; it shows fear. And I enjoy watching their kind scream as their world collapses.
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