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>Recent news
(LEAK/RUMOUR) NVIDIA GeForce RTX 50 "GB20X" GPUs to feature similar memory interfaces to RTX 40 "AD10x" series - VideoCardz.com
NVIDIA R550 Linux Driver's Open Kernel Modules Performing Well On GeForce GPUs

>Advice on building or upgrading
Post your build list or current specifications, including a monitor: https://pcpartpicker.com/
Provide specific use cases (like playing vidya, editing or programming).
Specify your budget and region.
Think twice before deciding to buy something to avoid buyer's remorse.

At least one PCIe 4.0 M.2 slot.
Good VRM (power delivery) is required for CPUs like the i5 13500 and above.
Don't pair a K CPU with a B mobo chipset.

HTPC(4K60)/Web Browsing: 5600G, 14100/12100
Vidya: 7600, 7500F, 12600K, 12700KF; budget: 5600, 12400F
Overkill vidya: 7800X3D; alternate: 14600K/13600K
Workstation: 7950X, 14700K, 7900X; budget: i5 13500
AM4 upgrade: 5600, 5800X3D
Avoid iGPU-less CPUs, 5600X (if it is more expensive than the 5600)

>CPU coolers
Air: Phantom Spirit EVO/Peerless Assassin 120 SE; budget: Freezer 36 Air
Liquid: Arctic Liquid Freezer III
Avoid liquid coolers with a single 120mm fan.

DDR4: Zen3/AM4 - 2x 16GB 3600 MT/s CL18; for locked "non-K" 12th/13th/LGA1700 - 2x 16GB 3200 MT/s CL16
DDR5: Zen4/AM5 - 2x 16GB 6000 MT/s CL30; for unlocked "K" 13th/14th/LGA1700 - 2x 16GB 6400MT/s CL32
Slower kits are also fine, if much cheaper. Just make sure you check the benchmark comparisons.
Note that the sweetspots are bound to change with the upcoming Zen5 and Meteor Lake processors.

Avoid: outdated Samsung 970 Evo Plus, cheapest poorfag NVMe SSDs.

Avoid: GPUs that were used for shitcoin mining, 4070 Ti, 4060 Ti, 3050, NVIDIA GPUs in general if you're a Linuxfag.
1080p: used 3070/3060 Ti, 4060/3060 12 GB, 7600/6650 XT/6600 XT; budget: 6600; poorfag: used 2060
1440p: 4070S/4070, 7900 GRE; budget: 6700 XT
2160p: 4080S/4080 (at MSRP); budget: 4070S Ti (avoid MSI models), 7900 XT/XTX
Production: 4090, used 3090; budget: 4060 Ti 16GB; poorfag: 3060 12GB

Fully seat a 12VHPWR connector in its socket, otherwise the connection can melt.

Avoid: untested units, Bronze/Silver rated (assuming you live in yuroland).
Not worth buying a new PSU unless it's ATX 3.0 compliant.
Aim for 50-75% PSU utilization at full system load.
https://cultists.network/140/psu-tier-list/ (archive: https://archive.is/jzJ2L )
https://hwbusters.com/best_picks/best-atxv3-pcie5-ready-psus-picks-hardware-busters/ (archive: https://archive.is/QrPHX)

>Case (from $ to $$$)
mATX: I don't fucking know.
ATX: Lian Li Lancool 216, Lian Li Lancool III, Fractal Torrent.
AVOID: 'Silent' cases, fanless cases, Corsair 4000D airflow, Montech AIR 903 Base (awful stock fans).

Avoid: panels with less than 120 Hz refresh rates, without a single DisplayPort input and Variable Refresh Rate technology (G-Sync/FreeSync).
Check professional reviews for any monitor before you buy at sites like TFTCentral, pcmonitors.info, Monitors Unboxed, or RTINGs.
The bottom tier monitor for any decent gaming build has a 144+ Hz 24" 1080p IPS panel, of which there are many on market for around $125 (some great ones go even as low as $100).
Aim for a panel with low response times and perceived motion blur mode (Black Frame Insertion).
1440p 27" high refresh IPS is a common target for many new builds. 1440p is relatively easy to drive with even mid-range graphics cards.
Decent 2160p (4K) gaming monitors start at around $500.
OLED monitors have good HDR (including infinite contrast) and nearly instant pixel response times. However, potential burn-in is an important consideration for OLED monitors.
TL;DR: They all suck.

Install Ventoy on a flash drive, then transfer the iso files to it.
You can activate Windows with KMS_VS_ALL:

>Previous thread
>>229113 (archive: https://archive.is/ZZ14V )
Finally ordered a Taiko Drum for around 550 dollars. Sure hope this isnt a waste of money.
>AVOID fanless cases
nope. Thats going to be what im buying next. Reject fans and retarded noise and embrace peace and quiet.
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>Finally wasted 550 dollars. Sure hope this isnt a waste of money.
What did ya mean anon?
I got a 100Hz monitor for cheap. Never had anything beyond 60 before. Is that bad? Worse than 120?
I'm still stuck at 60Hz, if you are at 100Hz you are doing better than me.
Aside from higher just being generically better, 120 is nice for video content because it's an integer multiple of both 24 and 60, 100 is kind of an awkward spot. If it has VRR (either FreeSync or G-Sync) that shouldn't matter, though.
Replies: >>238914
Specifically 120 is a multiple of 24, 30, and 60, so with a handful of fractional refresh rate modes for NTSC content and 50/100Hz for PAL, you have every legacy video standard covered while still looking snappy. 144Hz exists because for a long time it was the highest refresh rate HDMI and DisplayPort supported at 1080p without aggressive chroma subsampling.
Replies: >>238937
You'll be fine for the reasons other anons mentioned, but if you see a 120Hz monitor for cheap then that will probably be good for many years (assuming it doesn't catch fire due to chink manufacturing).
1. At such high refresh rates nobody cares if one frame's duration is a little shorter each second.
2. PAL/NTSC doesn't matter anymore. Both are a relict from CRT monitors running at local power frequency. Movies were generally shot at half (25/30Hz) or most often 24 Hz conforming to neither PAL nor NTSC. You're not playing much video games from those times anyway these days.
>You're not playing much video games from those times anyway these days.
Those times have the only videogames left worth playing.
Replies: >>238939
How many of them actually run at 50 or 60 Hz? A lot of them choke even in the emulator on a supercomputer.
Replies: >>239089
I'm saying being 100 or 120 isn't going to make any noticable real word difference.
Bitch I was playing way of the samurai all day.
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Anybody got a phone buying guide?
Good value for 128gb storage and a good 5kmAh batter fine enough.
Last thread mentioned a motorola?
Fuck off seagull
>128gb storage

There are phones that don't have this? I'm using the cheapest phone compatible with my network from years ago and I still have 64GB+arbitraryily sized SD card.
Replies: >>239003 >>239020
What are you looking in a phone?
>SD card
Most phones don't have that shit.
Replies: >>239020
Hence why I'm looking to upgrade.
Plus my volume button is broken.
Nothing too expensive, but good enough value for a daily driver that won't blow up/break down in a few years.
I have a G7 power, and some anon mentioned the moto g31.
If only the damn fairphone shipped over here I'd get it
Replies: >>239087
Never going to happen, I have been waiting for that shit since version 2.
There is Librem 5, but you can do better with that money, like buying a fucking pixel and installing calyxos in it.
Replies: >>239131 >>239267
>You're not playing much video games from those times anyway these days.
Those are exactly the games I end up playing more and more and I don't see that changing unless bideo game crash v2.
Pretty much all of them. Last time I had issues emulating something from back then at 60fps was when I played F-Zero GX, but that was supposedly fixed years ago. You can even play everyone's favorite kusoge EDF1/2 without frame drops if you crank up the emulated hardware.
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I hate lowballers.
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>You're not playing much video games from those times anyway these days.
Replies: >>239125
Neither of you understood what he said. Those old games you're most likely to be emulating on a PC, and if you're not you've most likely got some CRT TV or some other old screen around you'd rather use. No one's buying a new monitor to play old games, it'd be pointless.
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Best 220v to 110v converter?
Last one I had exploded.
Is pixel relockable or fucked when you unlcok the bootloader?
Also I thought pixels were scam and spyware?
Replies: >>239169
>You're not playing much video games from those times anyway these days.
Says who?
Unless the gaming industry crashes with no survivors (like it seems it is going to) and publishers starts getting their shit together and make games that are both fun and pleasing to look at, with characters that don't look like ugly turd worlders, then i can see myself playing EXCLUSIVELY games from those times.
And i am already going retro for the most part.
I am just waiting for the Chinese to make a powerful, Switch-like hybrid emulation console and then i am set for life.
Why would it be pointless? I play all my old games on original hardware on an OLED TV. It's more pointless to keep a bulky CRT around just for old games.
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If the phone is not open hardware it is pure spyware.
Replies: >>239181
He has no concept of time and that nothing lasts forever so he thinks he can keep using that screen that is on it's last legs until he dies
Im just saying, plus I heard pixel has battery issues.
I managed to score a MSI GL66 laptop for $600 to replace my aging do-everything laptop and the guy threw in an oculus quest 2 headset, everything pretty fairly clean and in good working order. I've heard enough about oculus/fagbook/meta bullshit that I'd never purchase one but because I had this thing in hand I figured I'd try to play around with it only to find out that setting it up is completely fucking gimped and retarded:
>Asks me to download the fucking mobile app to finish the initial set-up which I begrudgingly do, and surprise! The app doesn't work for shit and refuses to do anything
>Find a work-around that requires me to download the MetaQuest Developers Hub that also needs two-factor authentication along with making a fake legal entity as a dev
>It fucking uses bluetooth to connect to complete the damn set-up and this also doesn't work. It then tells me I should use the mobile app to complete set-up. hilarious.
I'm just gonna try to sell it for $100 unless anyone knows a way to completely replace the firmware or something cool I can do with it. Fuck Facebook and Fuck Oculus 
>If you're not gaming on a recliner then you're gaming wrong
I do, but it's not practical for PC use since it is far too big to use a desk with.
Replies: >>239215
Plug PC into big TV and use a controller or wireless m/kb unless you're playing something competitive where the input lag is going to matter.
Replies: >>239219
Wireless makes no difference if you're using a decent gaming mouse these days the only problem is that they cost 2-3x more unless you buy no name shit with worse QC  with often 0 reviews or only a few which is anything will give you anything but confidence in it
wired is technically faster  but you won't notice it
ultimately I wouldn't worry about it because there's way more important stuff you can min max that will  help you in comfort and performance
Replies: >>239221
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<which is anything will give you but confidence in it
I honestly should stop posting when I am tired
I wss wrong. Sure a recliner would be the best for gaming but the problem is you need a very special one that either has a large height or a electrical/mechanical table. The problem is that you need to accomodate to the recliner where as with normal office chairs you just go up or down.
Suppose I need a locked/vanilla bootloader for banking bullshit?
What options are there?
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When the hell is noctua going to make an AMD card.
Replies: >>239277
Don't know, haven't used a phone since forever.
Aren't those cards fucking huge?
Replies: >>239278
Air cooler are huge in general
Replies: >>239297
Check gsmarena for technical data and compare camera pictures, they have a nice view for that and always shoot the same pics from the same angle to keep it comparable. Phone cameras are actually quite useful, since you're getting it anyway might as well get a good one. Other things to aim for are:
>good battery life
Bigger is better here. Some advertise very fast charging speeds, but that isn't a substitute when you're not near a power outlet and it degrades battery life.
>good screen
This one is subjective. High brightness and contrast help when you want to see anything outside in bright sunlight, fairly useless indoors and in overcast weather. OLED burn-in is a problem when you use a phone as a pocket book reader and I've had it happen when I used one for car navigation and forgot to turn it off during a break once. For watching videos and photos, OLED screens are good.
Expensive high-tier phones aren't worth it. You don't need a top of the line SOC and huge RAM for some interwebs browsing, shooting pictures and checking you bank account. They also tend to omit useful features, so you'd actually pay more to get less. IIRC something around 300$, low-mid tier level, is all you need.

Personally, I've had good experience with chinkshit phones, especially Xiaomi redmi models. Worked well for everyone I know that used them, cheap and alright for their price. Just note that chinks put ads into preinstalled utilities like the fucking file browser, so you need to install another from fdroid. I've also used ASUS ROG phone and it turned out those gaymur things are actually quite good: they pack huge batteries lasting about 2 days or more of regular phone use and asus in particular has a feature that lets you limit charging speed and max charge to extend battery life and run directly off a power supply without charging, good for navigation during a long drive. The price is too high to recommend, but if you find an older model on sale consider it.
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Its 4.3 Slots huge, anon.
Replies: >>239309 >>239335
There have been zero (0) good phones made in the last 10 years. They all have some combination of these fatal flaws:
>too big
>covered in glass that will break if you look at it funny
>no SD slot
>no SIM slot
>no headphone jack
>disgustingly overpriced ("open" is not an excuse, no phone can be completely open because of the baseband firmware)
>less than 6 hours of screen on time before the battery dies
>holes in the screen
>chink shit
>doesn't support the major US bands
>no custom roms

You can only check the compatibility list for LineageOS, look up each model on gsmarena and figure out which option you hate the least.
MicroG with SafetyNet enabled and/or a spoofer Xposed module will be enough to keep most anti-custom apps from bitching. But more to the point, you shouldn't have anything financial on your phone, it's way too easy to steal and the recourses for getting your wallet stolen don't exist for banking apps.
Replies: >>239302 >>239319
you've listed most of the gripes I have with modern phones too
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Replies: >>239335
Big phones have some advantages, like not having to fat finger poke tiny buttons on a small screen as well as large screens fitting more stuff and being easier to read in general. Your list is spot on though.

>MicroG with SafetyNet enabled and/or a spoofer Xposed module will be enough to keep most anti-custom apps from bitching.
Good to know, thanks. Maybe I'll try a custom OS some time now.
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They were supposedly made before that motherboard fiasco.
I want the super quiet cooling for my high end card.
>you shouldn't have anything financial on your phone
Tell that to the fucking banks adn society in general.
I'm not using a phone because I like it anon.
Thanks for the spoof advice though.
Banks have websites you know. There is no need to do banking on a phone instead of a PC.
Replies: >>239338 >>239401
>Banks have websites you know
I keep telling them the exact same thing.
We live in a society and all that.
>I want the super quiet cooling for my high end card.
Wouldn't watercooling be better for a quiet and cool GPU and also a CPU for good measure?
Replies: >>239349
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Not by much, up until they leak/clog up/burst/degrade/fail without warning.
Replies: >>239359 >>239366
[Hide] (3.1MB, 1280x720, 00:43)
Oh, also does anybody know of any sites that do CPU comparisons using av1 encode times?
Well, if you absolutely have no other choice you can use hwbot as a reference, there's always a few people running some near stock / super low overclocks so you can get a decent idea of performance.
Replies: >>239355 >>239356
Thanks Anon, I found this, but it doesn't have my CPU on it.
Replies: >>239356
Scratch that ,they're using HEVC not AV1, thought they did av1 for some reason.

What's your CPU?
Replies: >>239357
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pls no bully I had my reasons
Replies: >>239385
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Is time to level up, anon.
Replies: >>239370 >>239371
>They were supposedly made before that motherboard fiasco.
Doesn't matter, ASUS has been a terrible GPU cooler manufacturer for at least a decade now. Nearly everybody else is better. At this point even fucking XFX shits out better GPUs than them

>leak/clog up
Use santoprene tubing with distilled water and 5-20% dowfrost HD as an additive.
Nothing grows in 20% Dowfrost HD, and corrosion clogs won't happen.
Don't use permeable caps on your reservoir, they just speed up passive water loss, and leak if you overfill or there's a pressure change.
Dowfrost HD says to change the coolant yearly, but I have a mixed metal loop (aluminium, copper and chrome) that hasn't been changed in 4 years and everything is still fine.

Do what I just said and it won't happen, even if your computer room freezes.
>fail without warning
Pumps last way longer than fans as long as you get a magnetically coupled pump. (even cheap freezemod pumps are good)
You can get a flow meter, or just set things to kill the machine if temps go above a reasonable temp.

AIOs are for niggers.
scratch that:
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>>238860 (OP) 
Man that picture of a CRT with an old console plugged in, make me so nostalgic.
It remembers me of my old bedroom as a child.
Replies: >>239613 >>239787
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Wow, that thing sucks pretty good.
Now poke both sides of the loop anon.
Or I could just get a bigger case and just wait till my vapor chambers dry up or something.
Replies: >>239376
Looks like it can deal with two holes, but a third one will leak.
Yeah I see the issue, nothing in the bench you posted is really comparable, extrapolating from what I know it would probably be a bit below the 1165G7, definitely a good deal above the 8565U and definitely below the 5500U

Thing is video encode is very sensitive to RAM speed and timings so it's gonna be hard to truly gauge, and laptop adds an extra layer of bullshit unless you're the proud owner of a janked up desktop mobo with a mobile CPU, then you disrtegar  any cooling issue usually
Replies: >>239392
>a bit below
Which kind of av1 does ffmpeg use?
because I'm only getting 0.1-0.2 fps on average
Dunno, but I can tell you for sure there's no way a 8750H is performing worse than a 8565U, same gen, less cache, less core, less frequency and less TDP
Replies: >>239399
Any idea what I am doing wrong here?
I'm just using cr -30
The banks in my country forces people to use a smartphone app when doing online payments, using the simple old card reader they also forced on everyone isn't even an option anymore.
The one you told it to use https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/Encode/AV1
I think SVT-AV1 with multithreading is supposed to be the fastest.
Replies: >>239403
I used -vcodec av1. I'm not sure what's going on.
How do I use AVT-AV1 multithread?
>I'm only getting 0.1-0.2 fps on average
 -c:v libsvtav1
Replies: >>239415 >>239544
Thanks anon, but it only gives me bigger filesizes, until I force the bitrate to start making duplos.
Seems to be pretty bad for motion
Replies: >>239544
Anon, I'm on b350 motherboard with ryzen 5 2600.
I have the choice of staying on this motherboard and getting a 3950x for $200, or getting a new b660 mobo + i5 12400 for the same price.
I'm confused. The 12400 has lower threads/cores/clock speed but is faster than the 3950x according to userbenchmark? How does that work?
userbenchmark is an intel shill if I recall correctly.
Unless you're doing rendering or other heavily multithreaded work that 3950X is shit, the 12400 is gonna destroy it in games, I'd take a 5700X for 200 bucks instead, that would actually be good
Replies: >>239438
Don't most modern games run multithreaded nowadays anyway?
Replies: >>239445 >>239446
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some games utilize it better some don't btw don't use userbenchmark  even reddit banned it the guy who runs the site is a buttmad intel fanboy
I recommend looking up video benchmarks and seeing what performance they are getting in games and compare the cpus
Yes but
Anything above 8 core utilization is niche; most games do 4-6 well, some have negative scaling with too man cores.
The 3950X due to it's architecture has massive penalty to latency if your task uses more than 4 cores (4 core per CCX, 2 CCX per CCD and 2 CCDs in total), games are super sensitive to latency, hence it's even worse.
Replies: >>239450 >>239495
What CPU-sensitive games are actually worth playing and benefit from current year hardware? I personally wouldn't go higher than a 3700X or so unless I could get something newer/faster for less money.
Replies: >>239455 >>239466
starfield? that's the only one I can think of
Replies: >>239464
But is there actually tons of physics stuff happening on screen at once?
I wish there were some kind of modern game that we could benchmark CPUs to.
Replies: >>239555
X4. It simulates the entire game world's economy all the time.
Any upcoming events that could have GPU announcements before I order something?
Replies: >>239469 >>239494
Nothing that comes to mind, what are you buying and why?
I'm slow, what the hell are you trying to say?
>What CPU-sensitive games are actually worth playing and benefit from current year hardware?
Pretty much anything once high framerate are involved, emulation in general, older massively single core games also might surprise you considering in some cases it can't even beat OC'ed Sandy Bridge stuff.
Zen2 is just not good at anything that isn't massively parallelized, games simply aren't and I'd take a 6 core from a non shit architecture any fucking day over a 3950X if my goal was games.

And for 200 bucks you have a few much better choices than a 3950X on either side, unless your only goal is encoding high res video or some shit.
And especially if you're using a B350 mobo I'm pretty sure that 3950X is gonna throttle to shit because the VRM can't keep up.
Replies: >>239501 >>239526
>older massively single core games also might surprise you considering in some cases it can't even beat OC'ed Sandy Bridge stuff
Fix the gaping security axe wounds Intel inflicted on that "OC'ed Sandy Bridge stuff" and then talk to me again.
>Zen2 is just not good at anything that isn't massively parallelized, games simply aren't and I'd take a 6 core from a non shit architecture any fucking day over a 3950X if my goal was games.
Name three games where being Zen2 keeps you from getting 60FPS at 1080p. RPCS3 doesn't count because you should just get a PS3 for less than $100 and CFW it.
Replies: >>239512 >>239516
> RPCS3 doesn't count because you should just get a PS3 for less than $100 and CFW it.
But then you get shit hardware and PS3 framerates and resolution who the fuck actually wants that.

>Name three games where being Zen2 keeps you from getting 60FPS
EDF 4.1; EDF 5; Supreme Commander Forged Alliance, see that was easy and didn't even have to resort to modern shit or RT being enabled.

>Fix the gaping security axe wounds Intel inflicted on that "OC'ed Sandy Bridge stuff" and then talk to me again.
Why go for the shit no one actually cares about, no one is using those exploits in the wild and older Zen has similar exploits now, would've been simpler to go for the self destructing chipset and CPU killing itself starting from 1.4v
Besides I don't really give a shit about intel, a 3950X is still a shit buy if you do games when you can get a 5600X or 5700X for the same money.
Replies: >>239516 >>239522
Doesnt Ryzen have the same shit as IME only more locked down?
Replies: >>239517 >>239520
IME is probably worse because more vulnerable and more capabilities but yeah basically the same shit as PSP..
Replies: >>239522
If you want to escape IME and PSP glow in the dark niggery, you have to use RISC-V shit.
>no one is using those exploits in the wild and older Zen has similar exploits now
AMD has never fucked up as badly as Meltdown, in severity or in performance penalty to mitigate. The nature of Meltdown (context checking that exists on AMD just doesn't on Intel) also makes it clear they knew they were essentially cheating by opening a huge potential security hole in the name of IPC and didn't care. Any AMD-specific bugs found thus far (like the CTS Labs exploits) were actual nothingburgers overhyped by "researchers" getting kickbacks from Intel. So I say again, come back to me after you run those benchmarks without cheating.
All research done so far suggests PSP doesn't actually do anything without other software (like Computrace) telling it to do bad things. Most motherboards will have an option in firmware settings that claims to hide its mailbox registers from the rest of the system. It's not as good as me_cleaner straight up obliterating the parts of the firmware that do bad things, but as long as you're not doing anything stupid like using Windows it's good enough for anon usage.
Replies: >>240581
So what would you recommend, Anon?
I don't see any point in upgrading either to ddr5 because I don't need that much firepower yet, nor do I see much point in paying for hardware that'll drop in resale value like a rock because it'll be incompatible with "current" builds in a couple years.
I do need a faster CPU, though. Money is tight.
>3080 ti on offerup for $500
Am I missing out on anything by grabbing a 3080 ti instead of the 4070?
[Hide] (5.8MB, 1920x1080, 01:50)
[Hide] (9.1MB, 1920x1080, 01:50)
[Hide] (8.5MB, 1920x1440, 01:28)
[Hide] (141.1KB, 1554x682) Reverse
[Hide] (148.1KB, 1526x725) Reverse
>Seems to be pretty bad for motion

My thanks goes to the Anon who encoded the first mugi tea webm here long ago. It inspired me to experiment with several AV1 encoders until I managed to match the quality of his libaom-av1 encode using SVT-AV1. My latest encode of the original source for demonstration purposes is the second file. The command used to encode the second and third files was the following:

ffmpeg -i "input.webm" -c:v libsvtav1 -crf 60 -preset 5 -svtav1-params tune=0:keyint=10s:enable-overlays=1:scd=1:scm=2 -pix_fmt yuv420p10le -c:a libopus -ac 2 output.webm

You can see from the images how long the files took to encode on a Ryzen 7 7700X using crf 60 and preset 5. mugitea took 3min 41sec, anna-logue took 3 min 11sec. It helps to check that the encoder makes use of avx512 properly if your processor supports it, I tried ffmpeg from some other source and it refused to use make use of avx512 for some reason and fell back to avx2 or something more ancient.

I used the SVT-AV1 encoder included in ffmpeg-master-latest-linux64-gpl.tar.xz from https://github.com/BtbN/FFmpeg-Builds

If you're on linux, all you need to do is put the executables from the bin folder of the archive into a folder in your $PATH that takes priority over whatever is already installed on your system. Just type $PATH in a terminal window and put the files in one of the earlier folders it prints out, then reopen the terminal window and run the ffmpeg command without arguments to see if it's now using the correct one. (in my case I put them in /usr/local/bin) If you're on windows, then I cannot be of assistance, the way you invoke the ffmpeg command seems a little different from what I've been using on linux
Everyone seems to pick the 3080 ti over the 40 series that isn’t 4070ti,4080 or 90 claiming that it’s the same in the long run 

I’ll keep your notes in mind $500 is tempting but I’ll hold on it. Thanks
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[Hide] (326.6KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
I've always wondered why your encode glitches on some renderers. First pic is a firecucks screenshot and second is a snapshot from the same browser.
>crf 60 producing anything resembling quality
Sorry to tell you this anon but that is probably a bug.
Replies: >>239549
[Hide] (27.4MB, 1280x720, 04:06)
[Hide] (154.9KB, 1528x722) Reverse
That's from the second file, right? Reckon it's caused by the 10-bit colors (-pix_fmt yuv420p10le)?
I know starving short videos like this of bitrate with a high crf value is dumb, might make them more resource intensive to decode when playing back too? My settings are a result of semi-blind experimentation, throwing the kitchen sink at the encoder in a way, to see what works.
Fair enough thanks for the info. I’ll keep an eye out on the 4070/ti series. Will games be properly made in the future to warrant shelling out $1200+ on a card? Apparently new games aren’t even properly optimized to warrant owning a 4090? The trend among most -90 owners seems to be emulation
Replies: >>239551 >>239703
Just make sure to shell out for a good processor while you're at it and set some money aside so you can pay for the electricity bill from decoding my webms. :^)
Replies: >>239560
I wish, it's just skyrim in space but with guns and limited play area 
you can always explore the planet but there's nothing outside of the stuff bethesda intended for you to play
In that case I may as well upgrade my entire setup. Currently using a 3070+12600k.
Switch emulation is tricky, seen in many occasions people recommend at least a 3060 to run most of those at decent rates. I’ve had a hard time with shader compilation ever since that program was shut down and that’s on a 3070 can’t imagine what it’s like on older cards. Same can be said about ps2 and multiplayer emu.
og xbox emulation is kinda tricky if you don't have a good gpu ignoring that it's still early stages despite  the console being 23 years old
Replies: >>239616
but anon, using that and manually setting the bitrate was how I made those.
I think the clean background helped a lot, either that or svt AV1 is just ass.
can you run a reencode from the original yt-dlp webm using -vcodec av1 please?
I just wanna compare times
Replies: >>239726 >>240005
Anyone have driver timeout issues with AMD cards?

I got an AMD 7900XT and after I installed the drivers I get screen/text flickering then a crash with a driver timeout error. Happens even if I'm just on the desktop.

Did a fresh install of Windows 11, updated the BIOS, tried old drivers, installed drivers without the AMD Adrenaline software. Nothing. It even crashes when I take the graphics card out of the system.

Any advice before I throw it in the trash and go back to NVIDIA?
Replies: >>239595 >>239596
Yes, with Winblows Server 2019.
Install Linux.
Try disabling freesync in adrenaline
Replies: >>239597 >>239598
I couldn't install that crap on Winblows Server. Installer would refuse because it read "Winblows Server" and tell me the OS is not supported.

It crashes even when the graphics card is removed, but the system runs fine when the drivers are removed
Replies: >>239599
As I said, install Linux. (for example Linux Mint). Mesa doesn't have this problem.
>Ryzen 5 8600G has integrated graphics so good that it gives stable 50 fps on games from 2019 at 1080p
What the fuck.
Replies: >>239613 >>239614
[Hide] (587.2KB, 1480x1520) Reverse
The good old times.
The future is now, old man.
I can't wait for the Steam Deck 2.
it's been 14 years since 1440p was a option I don't see exactly how this is shocking
the only people who use 1080p still are ultra competitive nuts who think 360hz will make more of a difference than being able to see their target easier
people who actively buy trash and use it as a excuse to buy a gpu that has no real reason to be used at 1080p because lol optimization  just buy a better pc what are you poor?
>og xbox emulation
Is there a reason why you don't just play the pc versions?
Replies: >>239617
Some of the ports are just terrible and there's games that will never go to pc  and even if you were a big enough of a retard to buy a console these days you still have a heavily limited selection of games
What’s a recommended setup for someone that’s somewhat comp in games? I unironically play fortnite comp and I know without a doubt the comp setup is running 1080p LOW settings with a 240hz-360hz monitor. Is it a meme?
Would running 1440p at 120hz high graphical settings leave your gameplay ata a disadvantage realistically ?
Don't know, I have never played fortnite, but you should check for latency shit with your keyboard and mouse.
Replies: >>239757
>Will games be properly made in the future to warrant shelling out $1200+ on a card?
No, buying a 4090 to play games is fucking retarded, that shit is only for rich normalfags or the ones that use it for work. CY+9 games are badly optimized, but normalfags are pushing the bullshit that gamers need to buy better computers to play newer games.
If you are buying a 4070, try to get a super, since it is the newer version now.
[Hide] (180.8KB, 750x750) Reverse
Replies: >>240005
>What’s a recommended setup for someone that’s somewhat comp in games?
A helium canister and a plastic bag.
Replies: >>239757
Counterstrike pros at the moment are slowly figuring out that being a inch or two away from the monitor is bad for their eyes lol so they are slowly switching to native res

look at heavily detailed reviews for monitors you're buying most likely the best you're getting is 240hz  but for open world multiplayer shit in general  
I feel like 1440p has a bigger advantage since you can see shit that would normally be only a few pixels in the distance on 1080p but fortnite is a bit different since the game is about sitting in boxes
Replies: >>239757
Playing on controller but have heard about the autistic shit that’s involved with k&b 
From what I gathered, According to most on several sites, it doesn’t matter if the game in question isn’t gpu intensive. Most seem to prefer quality of pixels as you both mentioned than playing on a lower quality with high frame rate BUT due to pricing, many would rather a 1080p 360hz that sells for the same price as a 1440p 240hz monitor 

Also doesn’t help that many of those streamer cunts shill 1080p 300-500hz monitors for comp play (valorant apex war zone etc)
Replies: >>239758 >>239774
most modern games have it worse when it comes to visibility besides the cartoony style games like valorant and  fortnite so 1440p is pretty much  a must have if you play any of em
apex is literally fucking impossible to see anything at low res and on top of that even if you wanted to play competitively it's a joke since controllers ruin most if not all modern multiplayer games
Replies: >>239831
Motion clarity >>> high framerate. Playing fast-paced games on a 75Hz CRT monitor feels much better than playing them at 240Hz on an LCD/OLED panel. Unfortunately, all good BFI modes are either locked behind very expensive 1080p panels, or large LG TVs that are no longer on sale.
Thin flat panels were a giant mistake for PC gaming.
>Playing on controller but have heard about the autistic shit that’s involved with k&b 
Overclock it's USB polling rate to 1000Hz with hidusbf (make sure to read hidusbf's README file). If you're using Windows 11, you'll need to enable Test Mode beforehand.
Replies: >>239831
[Hide] (10.9MB, 1280x720, 01:16)
Did you also have a loli wallpaper on your CRT and a hentai figure as a kid?
Of course. It's burned in at this point.
>Did you also have a loli wallpaper on your CRT
<He didn't.
>hentai figure
That's ecchi at best.
[Hide] (276.2KB, 600x600) Reverse
>I unironically play fortnite comp
>What’s a recommended setup for someone that’s somewhat comp in games?
A stool and a rope knot hanging from the ceiling.
>Did you also have a loli wallpaper on your CRT and a hentai figure as a kid?
Nothing like that, but the CRT + retro console brought back memories.
I never had a snes, as a child i played my older brother's Mega Drive (Genesis) and then we got a PlayStation.
I wish i kept my CRT TV.
What is it this time, gull?
CRTs are shilling too you recalcitrant faggot?
Replies: >>239813 >>239816
[Hide] (377.7KB, 500x402) Reverse
Not sure why some of the shit that got deleted got deleted
Okay, I found someone selling 5900x and a b550 mobo for 350 dollars, is that a better deal?
Replies: >>239832 >>239841
Yeah I’ll be on the look out for a 1440p monitor. If 60hz is fine, why aren’t tvs recommended are they still behind when it comes to playing fast games?
>it's a joke since controllers ruin most if not all modern multiplayer games
Aren’t these games supposed to be played on controller anyway? 
>aim assist boogeyman 
Most modern games have heavily reduced aim assist anyway because of faggots complaining about it. Besides, playing competitively is a joke because shitskins always find a way to cheat in these games which is what plagues apex and cod and devs are too incompetent to do anything. Anti cheat is a fucking joke
Thanks for the advice looking into it now
Replies: >>239846
Depends on which obo but yeah that's a great deal regardless.
Replies: >>239841
>great deal for 2 gens old hardware almost priced like modern hardware
I got a 7700x and a b650 mobo for 440, 1st second hand and 2nd brand new
Replies: >>239847
>Arent these games supposed to be played on controller anyways
most of em are typically but usually on pc  for a long time the only input choice was KBM which was better for playing in general and competitive integrity 
>aim assist boogeyman
I'm going to assume you're  haven't seen the competitive scene of apex basically everyone is using a controller but a small group of people
there's no such thing as a boogeyman in this scenario it's just a fact
the best controller players have +10 percent accuracy over the top KBM players and there's no amount of aim improvement and practice that can be done  to pretty much beat a cheater 

small work arounds like being locked to playing select characters is not a solution but a bandaid
Your price/performance ratio isn't very good.
[Hide] (87.3KB, 600x600) Reverse
Looks like it's time to replace my F310. Any recommendations for something similar (Playstation layout, analog triggers) with vibration? The F710 is the next step up and has what I want, but it's wireless only and I heard it loses connection often. I'd rather use something wired.

Worst case I'll just grab another F310, only thing I don't like about it is the lack of vibration. All I use a gamepad for is emulation anyway.
>The F710 is the next step up and has what I want, but it's wireless only and I heard it loses connection often
Thats only when playing Subnautica.
Dualshock 3 or 4
8bitdo pro 2
Replies: >>240012
>>niggerpill takes a break for a day because it's the weekend and he's probably having lots of sex on a private beach in mexico with his legal 12 year old wives
More like:
"Niggerpill takes a break to choke on nigger dick as usual".

Again, found the jannie lel, the delete proves it
totally from around here and slso natural and organic
[Hide] (190.2KB, 700x700) Reverse
[Hide] (94.4KB, 1500x1500) Reverse
Bought the Contender a while ago to play emulated switch games, works fine.
I guess you could buy link related, since that was my second option, but I haven't bought one yet.
I bought that 8bitdo controller a little while ago after my old PS3 controller started disconnecting all the time. I haven't noticed any problems with it so far.
Replies: >>239948 >>240012
I bought a ps3 pad used off ebay a while ago and had to return it because the charging port was broken the drivers to use it wireless on windows breaks bluetooth
if you install the software to use it wireless so you have to uninstall the  driver using the file that you had to install it with which took me a while to figure out
my only complaint about the 8bitdo is the sticks are a bit short in comparison otherwise everything else about it is better even the wireless version has a replaceable battery
[Hide] (19.7MB, 5000x3758) Reverse
>but anon, using that and manually setting the bitrate was how I made those.

So you encoded that original mugi tea webm using a fixed 200k bitrate with libaom-av1, but in windows where that codec is used by calling "-vcodec av1"? If that's the case, I understand. Problem is, I never properly learned how to use that encoder effectively. I experimented with the "tiles and rows" thing to get it to properly utilize all 16 cores of my cpu, but filesize and quality wise the results I got were still lackluster. Turning to SVT-AV1 was a last ditch effort to one up you with a different encoder. If you have a command you want me to encode with using libaom-av1 (-vcodec av1), then please provide that and I'll give it a go for the sake of comparison.
[Hide] (8.9MB, 2560x1080, 01:46)
Anon I'm on tumbleweed.
I just wanna know your fps for a reencode using webm -vcodec av1 -crf30 to webm I guess.
I think I avoided svt av1 in the first place was because it would freeze everything up and sometimes crash my x session.
How come the results are so different though, is it because the svt one was made more for streaming?
I have to admit I haven't tried preset 0 for svt AV1 yet.
Replies: >>240115 >>240116
[Hide] (14.8KB, 1009x155) Reverse
Fuck off you insufferable blackedfag go back to 8kunt.
a-amirite guise
Thanks, I went ahead and grabbed the 8bitdo. I noticed it has a dinput/xinput switch like my current one, so that's a plus.
I wish they made a pro 2 with both the "retro" color schemes and xbawks button layouts (A and B switched).
I ended up getting a boring full black one because it had the correct buttons for use on non-nintendeo devices.
Replies: >>240028
Pretty sure you can both buy the facebuttons from 8bitdo and install them yourself if you really want that.
Those retrofighters controllers look good, but damn 45 bucks a pop? First party controllers cost that much, are these better quality or what?
That's a premium pic right there.
Replies: >>240034
Native compatibility with the console they were made for and the Dpad isn't turbo ass.
Replies: >>240035
They make a dualshock version?
Replies: >>240036
Replies: >>240037 >>240087
Those are switch pros, not dualshocks
Replies: >>240038
Replies: >>240039
Eyes nigga, use them
Replies: >>240040
[Hide] (3KB, 269x27) Reverse
Any news, anon?
Replies: >>240115
btw b4 anyone buys this shit no pressure sensitivity does not work on pc 
and probably  will never since it's retro fighters and they don't do updates for shit on their controllers
Replies: >>240089 >>240091
what do you mean? the buttons don't work?
Replies: >>240090 >>240091
basically ps1-3 controllers all had analog buttons and some games made use of that so some specific games won't be playable without you rebinding it like any other normal controller on a emulator
og xbox also had analog buttons and triggers
it's just something to take in consideration when buying controllers
Replies: >>240091
Yeah that's the only bad part
You can sorta do it with a specific PS2 to PC adapter but that's just not reasonable, I suppose if you managed to trick it into thinking it's plugged to a PS3 and using a PS3 controller driver on PC you might get it to do it as well but that sounds complicated.

Also to add to that in most case it's not a big loss, you can just rebind your way around it by using triggers, the one big outlier is MGS2-3 where you can't do a good usable rebind for anything pressure sensitive.
[Hide] (109.7KB, 1368x575) Reverse
[Hide] (3.6MB, 1332x1600) Reverse
H-here you go...

libaom-av1 is the reference encoder for AV1, basically the original tech demo for AV1. As an encoder it's not built for speed unless you force it to fully utilize your cpu through additional commands. SVT-AV1 on the other hand is a production encoder created by corporate interests for their own practical use, it's used by Netflix in their streaming services to some extent.
Replies: >>240125
[Hide] (151.9KB, 1717x379) Reverse
[Hide] (12.3KB, 400x400) Reverse
>I think I avoided svt av1 in the first place was because it would freeze everything up and sometimes crash my x session.
Maybe you were running out of memory? I looked at how much memory SVT-AV1 ate up when encoding mugi tea again... It's memory usage maxed out at 5.5GB at the end of encoding that 1min 50sec video. I have 32GB RAM and haven't suffered from any freezes because of the encoder yet, though I've only encoded either short videos at high res or long videos at low res, aiming for the board filesize limit. If I were to use it to re encode a several hour long movie at full resolution, it's entirely possible that I'd run out of memory too at that point. That's where something like https://github.com/master-of-zen/Av1an might help, if it can be used to divide the encoding job into separate chunks. I tried installing it in the past and failed, so don't ask what the program actually does, it looks interesting though
Replies: >>240125
Thanks a bunch anon, looks like even midrange ryzens are struggling with Libaom AV1, guess I'm gonna have to go for a full blown current/last gen -900k cpu then.
Yeah I think I had a bunch of chrome tabs open and youtube playing, maybe even tried to play UT.
It works well enough with 16gb of RAM if you dont do anything retarded.
Only problem is it's horrible for webms.
Before leaving, I began to see small squares appear on screen, should I be concerned? 3080ti, supposedly it can be “fixed” by simply updating. Is that it or is it something else? Ill update when home
Replies: >>240202
Just turned it on and ran a few games and seems to be gone. That’s odd. Was it a bad restart? According to >reddit it can be a driver issue or win10 issue. Hope it’s gone
[Hide] (145.1KB, 600x450) Reverse
been using the zowie ec2-c for a few days now size wise it's perfect for my hand and it's easily my favorite gaming mouse now and unlikely to swap to a different mouse unless a newer version or wireless

>really solid build quality
>cable is the best I used on a gaming mouse and has minimal cable drag
>really comfortable
>no software needed
>mouse is really easy to hold and can feel a bit sticky after extended use which makes it easier to grip and keep in your hands
>clicks are light
<>scroll wheel can be a bit loud and you can really feel the scroll wheel moving similar to a mechanical keyboard switch
<>skates a bit slower than razer skates
<>mouse is heavier than mice I have used in recent year but does not really affect my usage
it's hard to think of any real downsides with this mouse unless you are looking for a small mouse so you can move the mouse with your fingers or you are a RTS/ASSFaggots player who needs optical switches to survive daily abuse
Replies: >>240362
>or you are a RTS/ASSFaggots player who needs optical switches to survive daily abuse
I mean you can either warranty it or solder new switches, and I say that as someone who's fucking garbage at soldering, soldering new switches is easy.
wasn't one of the attacks needing physical access to do this? In this case you're pretty much fucked since they can just beat you with a hammer until you tell them the password.
I need a recommendation for a GPU upgrade that's not to large and can hit 1440P decently (or 4K) since I have a size limit on my GPU case that's 120x130x55.
Running a PCIE gen 4 board with a 5800X3D.
Anyone has any experience with Zotac cards?
Replies: >>241036 >>241054
Only the 1060 why
Replies: >>241070
Low to mid tier, they're cheap usually wouldn't recommend given a choice.
Replies: >>241056 >>241070
Still better than Asus cards.
Replies: >>241057
ASUS is good but insanely overpriced for Nvidia, shit and insanely overpriced for AMD
Replies: >>241058
None of asus' "premium" cards actually have good contact with the heatsink but still cost an arm and a whore.
Replies: >>241060 >>241061
>cost an arm and a whore
Whores are cheap, anon. What a strange thing to say
Yeah with Asus AMD cards, Asus Nvidia cards don't have those issues.
Replies: >>241062
>memory 20 degrees higher than core on asus
>8 degrees higher on EVGA
Yeah, I guess you're right.
Replies: >>241063 >>241064
They're gone.
Replies: >>241064
Replies: >>241065
Interdasting. Wasn't that way for the 30 series at all.
Replies: >>241066
Pretty much everyone had issues with the 30 series, in general the baseline design Nvidia was pushing was just trash and that's why the New World thing happened, add the component shortage on top and you get even less incentive to build good cards.

That said looking at the 3090 vid from the same guy the Strix / TUF 3090 don't seem to be bad either, though not as good to be fair.
What about Mcrostar?
Replies: >>241075
The highest tier models (Suprim X currently) are usually very good , the Ventus is trash except for lower tier GPUs (60-70) where it's not good but not unusably bad either, the rest is highly variable, sometimes it's fairly good sometimes it's fairly bad, but they do seem to do less stupid shit than others or at-least I've seen less complaints.
Replies: >>241119
I was thinking about getting the Gaming X Slim, the Suprim is over 200 euros more expensive and I can't justify spending that much for an extremely negligible improvement.
Replies: >>241148
>Gaming X Slim
If you're looking for a triple slot only solution on a 40 series there's also the Gainward Panther, which is what I use
[Hide] (5.9MB, 1300x2047) Reverse
Anyone know a decent, wireless 100% mechanical keyboard under 50 bucks?
Replies: >>241165
Motospeed GK89
Decent might be a bit of a stretch and I would strongly advise against getting the blue switch version (outemu blue are horrible) it's 100%, wireless and backlit (not RGB)
Replies: >>241167
[Hide] (49.9KB, 221x221) Reverse
>Motospeed GK89
>it's 100%, wireless and backlit (not RGB)
and also not available in my country
Replies: >>241169
Where the fuck do you live where Aliexpress isn't an option?
Replies: >>241226
Fury GPU
>After almost four years of developing a custom full-stack GPU in my spare time, I figured it was about time to start putting together some materials to highlight the project, its technical details, and its future. This has been my first (and only!) FPGA design, and I hope to use this space to share some of what I have learned while building this extremely complicated piece of hardware.
>Throughout the last fourteen years of my career in the games industry (and for nearly a decade before in my spare time!) I’ve been focused on the software side of rendering - the techniques necessary to utilize the GPU hardware to render 3D graphics at real-time framerates. While I was extremely familiar with everything involved in this process on the host side, the actual details of how the hardware that performed these actions was built was not something I had ever had access to. After putting together Ben Eater’s 8-bit breadboard computer and then picking up an Arty Z7 development board on a whim, I realized that building a GPU from scratch, while a massive and daunting project, was something I certainly could teach myself to do. I’d spend a few months making a spinning cube or something, and be done with it.
>Nearly four years later and the project has turned from a neat little tech demo idea into a fully-fledged, real-world, plug-it-into-your-computer GPU. I taught myself SystemVerilog, figured out how FPGAs work, and spent countless hours refactoring, redesigning, and streamlining the design until I could get Quake to render at semi-real-time framerates. During this time, Xilinx released their Kria SoMs - insanely cheap Zynq UltraScale+ FPGAs with a ton of DSP units and a (comparatively) massive amount of LUTs and FFs, and of particular interest, a hardened PCIe core. The next step was clear - this GPU needed to become a real GPU. One I could plug into my computer and use to play real games.
>Designing the schematic for and laying out a PCIe graphics card, even with much of the FPGA circuitry built into the SOM, was a herculean effort. However, I’d already spent several years on the project, so why not? After several months of work laying out the board in KiCad and fixing all the issues I’d find as soon as JLCPCB delivered each revision, I finally had a board with a powerful FPGA, DisplayPort and HDMI output, and a 4-lane PCIe connector that I could plug into my test rig and write drivers for.
>Of all the parts of this project, writing Windows drivers for it have been the most painful. Eventually, I got everything working. I wrote a custom graphics API to communicate with the GPU, wrote Windows kernel drivers for the display and audio, and now have a fully-functional piece of graphics hardware that can render Quake at a solid 60 frames per second.
>While I’m writing all of this after the fact, I do hope that some of what I eventually detail here will prove useful (or at least, interesting) to the next person that decides to embark on such a ridiculous journey.
Aliexpress banned india.
so much for a free market huh
Replies: >>241233
those hypocritical CCP free market advocates
I wish the whole world banned india.
[Hide] (297.4KB, 634x463) Reverse
I can finally play vidya in peace. In my recliner...
Replies: >>241271
[Hide] (402.3KB, 1840x1840) Reverse
[Hide] (187.8KB, 512x768) Reverse
[Hide] (165KB, 512x768) Reverse
[Hide] (154.9KB, 512x768) Reverse
[Hide] (151.2KB, 512x768) Reverse
>I can finally play vidya in peace.
>In my recliner...
Replies: >>242526
[Hide] (160.4KB, 512x768) Reverse
[Hide] (167.1KB, 512x768) Reverse
[Hide] (177.7KB, 512x768) Reverse
[Hide] (166.3KB, 512x768) Reverse
[Hide] (156.1KB, 512x768) Reverse
Replies: >>242526
[Hide] (162.6KB, 512x768) Reverse
[Hide] (151.2KB, 512x768) Reverse
[Hide] (156.9KB, 512x768) Reverse
[Hide] (142.8KB, 512x768) Reverse
[Hide] (193.2KB, 512x768) Reverse
[Hide] (182KB, 512x768) Reverse
[Hide] (188.3KB, 512x768) Reverse
[Hide] (167.8KB, 512x768) Reverse
[Hide] (184.6KB, 512x768) Reverse
[Hide] (155.2KB, 512x768) Reverse
Replies: >>242526
[Hide] (166.6KB, 512x768) Reverse
[Hide] (155.1KB, 512x768) Reverse
[Hide] (171.5KB, 512x768) Reverse
[Hide] (193.4KB, 512x768) Reverse
[Hide] (165.7KB, 512x768) Reverse
Replies: >>242526
[Hide] (174.9KB, 512x768) Reverse
[Hide] (196.1KB, 512x768) Reverse
[Hide] (177.9KB, 512x768) Reverse
[Hide] (170.4KB, 512x768) Reverse
[Hide] (175.8KB, 512x768) Reverse
Replies: >>242526
Spoiler File
(189.8KB, 512x768) Reverse
Replies: >>242526
Japanese horror be like 
>oh ahh a chair ahhhhhh
Replies: >>241286
[Hide] (61.2KB, 480x640) Reverse
da thing b like
like relatable 100 mid fr fr
Cliff Bleszinski talks like this.
The second hand market is such a mess, at least where I live. Talked with at least two sellers during the same timeframe for a processor, but of the fucks suddenly stopped responding and then told me they sold it when I was "I'll send you my address" stage.
[Hide] (51.1KB, 368x166) Reverse
Replies: >>241288
Ahhh neko-chan, I'm going insane, a chair ahhhhhhh
[Hide] (31.4KB, 682x526) Reverse
Ever since my upgrade, most games now automatically set themselves to very high. It's difficult fighting the urge to set them to medium.
[Hide] (115.8KB, 1369x953) Reverse
Call me an autistic fucker but I'm trying to find computer mice/keyboards that don't have plastic bits where my hands commonly go on them. I'm not a hippie that cares about them being made out of plastic in general, I just hate the feeling of when my hand gets all sweaty and gets on plastic like that for a while. I'd try just wearing gloves but any I've tried just get stuffy around summertime.
Naturally trying to look that up brings nothing or incredibly overpriced mice, I got suggested some bamboo mice and keyboards too but they end up being wireless and without a side button for the mouse.
Did anyone manage to find any mice made out of mostly other materials than plastic? Any glove recommendations also helps too.
Replies: >>241763 >>241801
Why are your hands so sweaty?
Replies: >>241767
[Hide] (103.9KB, 947x711) Reverse
Either from working out, working on some shit outside, banging ur mom, if something in a video game's got me sweaty, or some combination of the four.
I don't see the problem unless your sweat literally is destroying the mouse but if that's the case you're fucked in general  but if this is just about it just being the feeling or being slippery you could always buy grip tape for your mouse
mice made out of different materials than plastic are rare and often they're made as nothing more than  a gimmick and are worthless for anything but word and browsing the web if not it's some extremely gimmicky gamer  mouse that's 150-300$ just for a minor reduction in weight and often are so tiny they'll cause hand pain and be uncomfortable in general
Replies: >>241802
Yeah fair enough, I'm a bit overly concerned about plastics being exposed to heat in general which is where the concern came from, but since it's just hardly even body heat in this case grip tape should work well. Thanks.
What the fuck is speed/control type mousepad? Does speed mean the cheaper plastic shit while control is the normal stuff?
Replies: >>241834
Speed = Low friction 
Control = High friction
Replies: >>241887
AMD ROCm Going Open-Source: Will Include Software Stack & Hardware Documentation
Why would anyone want to use anything but low friction? It's like the whole mouse weight meme again.
Replies: >>241895 >>241900
[Hide] (30.8KB, 756x600) Reverse
If friction is too low then you're relying on inertia to smooth out any muscle imprecision.
The only things that matter are stiction and weight once friction becomes low enough for the small finger muscles to move the mouse.
If weight is too low, vibrations will affect your pointer. If weight is too high you won't be able to accelerate fast enough.
If friction is too low (air hockey puck), vibrations will affect your pointer. If it's too high it won't feel right.

It's all a meme and 99% of mice are good enough as long as the stiction is low enough (teflon pads on plant/animal based surface).
If you have a really cheap mouse you might need to put a lead fishing weight in it and tape some teflon pads on the bottom.
because  no one can easily click on people's head  consistently  when there is little to no friction
which is why hybrid pads are gaining popularity slowly
[Hide] (60.2KB, 990x557) Reverse
Thanks for posting this, anon.
This was one of the few Ito's stories i haven't read yet.
I know the story itself is not his, but damn when he wants to draw some creepy stuff that man is second to none.
I love his drawing style.
Unfortunately not all of his works are at the same level, he also did some lame stories too.
Still a fan of his though.
Why isn't am4 getting any cheaper? It makes am5 much more compelling but I don't want to spend too much.
Replies: >>242914
Buy used. Because of scamdemic and AI bullshit retailers went went from "this is the current stuff so charge market rate" to "gouge them because we only have a few left and anyone specifically asking for it is autistic enough to overpay" without the normal "deep discount it to make room for the new stuff" step in between.
Replies: >>242923
>>238860 (OP) 
Asus has become anti-consumer company?

>a new Asus UEFI firmware update for certain MoBo model had serious bugs
>Then Asus publishes a Beta UEFI firmware update that has an extra condition that says that you void your warranty if you upgrade.
>You either need to stay with a faulty UEFI firmware or void your warranty and upgrade
Replies: >>242941
no Aliexpress didn't ban India, India banned Aliexpress, poos have to use Flipkart
Replies: >>242924
My local used market is dead and the non-local used market is filled with jewish niggers.
Replies: >>242928
Flipkart also bought ebay india it seems.
Replies: >>242927
[Hide] (327.2KB, 1080x1350) Reverse
ever since flipkart bought out Walmart India walmart started to expand in india before that walmart in India was failing
eGay can still have some deals, you just have to be patient and watch the "buy it now" section like a hawk. The same is presumably true for whatever sloppy-seconds broker is popular in your first-world shithole.
Didn't they already do this when the AMD CPUs were frying?
[Hide] (384.8KB, 449x300) Reverse
[Hide] (357.3KB, 448x297) Reverse
[Hide] (300.3KB, 468x298) Reverse
[Hide] (253.6KB, 468x298) Reverse
Chair Kills Boy by Anal Penetration
>A fourteen-year-old boy was killed after the chair he was sitting on exploded, propelling sharp chair parts into his rectum, causing extensive bleeding, which he succumbed to before medical attention could stem the flow.

Chair Maims Girl by Anal Penetration
>A girl has been critically injured after the chair she was sitting on exploded, propelling sharp chair fragments into her rear with devastating consequences.
>The girl, a resident of Xiamen in China’s Fujian province, was sat using her computer when the chair she was sitting on exploded.

China Quality Exploding Chair Anally Maims Girl
>The incident occurred in a Fujian province apartment one evening after its female resident finished showering and took a seat to dry her hair.
>30 seconds after taking a seat, the chair’s gas cylinder exploded with devastating force, severely injuring her backside, anus and vagina.
how can a chair explode? 
well, this teach us to never buy a chair on aliexpress
Replies: >>243053
I get all of my news from sankaku complex as well.
[Hide] (116.7KB, 219x230) Reverse
A reminiscence of their ancestors.
Chinesium grade gas cylinders are far more prone to assblast you to the moon with their shoddily made steel cylinders and often using the far more combustible free air instead of pure nitrogen.
Some real hot 2009 news.
[Hide] (878KB, 498x280) Reverse
Replies: >>243138
Allegedly there's QC in place for exports so even if all the office chairs in the world get made by chinks the exploding ones don't leave chinkland.
I still don't see why there isn't some purely mechanical design for office chairs with some kind of racking sytem. Once you're tooled up to produce it I assume it'd be cheaper per chair than using gas pistons.
[Hide] (2.5MB, 320x262, 01:50)
Replies: >>243208 >>243559
[Hide] (27.9MB, 256x144, 36:42)
[Hide] (188.3KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
>wanted to buy watercooling for my computer
>looked up EK
>mfw this webm
Replies: >>243460
Does anyone know a good office chair? Fuck its so hard finding one.
>buying EK
Just get a good block and do this: >>239366
There's a ton of other companies that are churning out blocks.
Or wait for EK to go under and get your blocks for a really good price.
>Use santoprene tubing with distilled water and 5-20% dowfrost HD as an additive.
The inability to get this shit outside the US notwithstanding (unless you're ready to buy hundreds of gallons of the stuff, and you can't trust local equivalents as they don't necessarily include the agents that prevent the acid products from glycols degrading over time to form or might not be as compatible with steel / some forms of solders), you forget to mention that is any part of your loop uses acrylic, which could easily be the case for the tank, it will at some point in time shatter by itself as glycols cause micro fractures in acrylic over time.
Replies: >>243484
>The inability to get this shit outside the US notwithstanding
It's just propylene glycol antifreeze. Look for "pet safe" antifreeze at the auto store. Premix is probably around 18-20%, and you're safe to dilute it down to 10%.
As for the acrylic cracking, I've never seen cracks form on a pump+res combo (5+ years in use with temperature swings from -27C to 43C).
Santoprene is just a polymer of EPDM with polypropylene. EPDM tubing is fully compatible with propylene glycol, and can be found on ali.

Acrylic loops are for fags anyway, just like rgb.
Replies: >>243485
>It's just propylene glycol antifreeze. Look for "pet safe" antifreeze at the auto store
No it isn't
>inhibited propylene glycol instead of regular, you can search for anti freeze and get the non inhibited stuff which isn't good for what we're looking at
>additives to prevent copper degradation from byproducts of glycol degradation
>additives to prevent it affecting galvanized steel
>extra manufacturer specific anti corrosion additives

I've spent hours skimming fucking technical details and specifications, it simply isn't "just" propylene glycol based antifreeze, the second best thing I've found is propylene glycol made for industrial HVAC systems and it clearly states you should not dilute past 28% with deionized water if you care about corrosion whereas Dowfrost HD goes all the way down to 20% and states you should adjust inhibitor levels past that point

>As for the acrylic cracking, I've never seen cracks form on a pump+res combo (5+ years in use with temperature swings from -27C to 43C).
Higher degradations at higher fluid temps and higher concentrations, also yeah guess glycols make sense if you're going sub zero in your loop., 

>Santoprene is just a polymer of EPDM with polypropylene. EPDM tubing is fully compatible with propylene glycol, and can be found on ali.
Noted,, you'd think it'd be easy to buy Monsanto stuff everywhere.
Replies: >>243632
Also speaking of watercooling, submerged cooling in Fluorinert seems to be something that's easy to do and actually pretty effective, better than mineral oil at the very least, shame the stuff costs hundreds of dollars per gallons.
[Hide] (80.2KB, 486x362) Reverse
Holy shit, what a fucking mess!
That room looks like the crime scene of some sick serial killer ala Ed Gein, and yet a fucking faulty chair did that.
That shit is scary dude
Anon what's a good roomba?
Replies: >>243570 >>243575
They all suck just get off your fat ass and vacuum
Spoiler File
(67.4KB, 261x295) Reverse
>They all suck
That's kind of the point of a vacuum, no?
Replies: >>243574 >>243581
Make your own or sell your soul to the kike owners.
Listen here you spic piece of shit if you say another word I'm gonna take you magical school bus trip that you'll never return from.
Replies: >>243582
take you on a*
[Hide] (47.5KB, 1273x834) Reverse
Are there any linux recommended capture cards?
Replies: >>243586
I wonder if those chinky HDMI to USB dongles aren't one of the better options here, just make sure you don't get extra chinked by the bad ones.
I can't walk because of the surgery.
Replies: >>243603 >>243610
I can't suck because of the surgery.
Sit on a swiffer pad and drag your ass around the house.
Replies: >>243612
Might as well get a dog with an itchy bum.
Is my cpu fan which I think this is the AIO, supposed to be running at 4000 RPM? Every other fan is quiet but my AIO seems to be running at max creating this faint but noticeable buzz when pc just idling
Replies: >>243624
That's d be the pump
Replies: >>243628
Gotcha, so is there a fine tune to run it in or is 4000rpm average run
Replies: >>243629
Pumps do run closer to mid 2000 - high 3000 in general, 4000 seems a bit high but I'm not an expert on that one, might wanna look at the manual of your thing
Replies: >>243630
Will do thanks
>No it fucking isn't 
Automotive propylene glycol (pet safe) antifreeze is the same shit without all the red tape approvals.
It handles high temps, low temps, and mixed metal loops (steel, nickel, lead, tin, aluminium, copper, and zinc) because of the phosphate corrosion inhibitors.
Replies: >>243633 >>243637
>antifreeze is the same shit without all the red tape approvals.
Wrong, I've asked multiple people and they all told me the same, after telling me using glycols for ambient temp was retarded, industrial glycols for HVAC have more additives by default than automotive antifreeze and unless it's for a short time you should be using the higher grade stuff for a loop, and I'd tend to agree why cheap out on your cooling for no good reason

I've also had one tell me at the very least use biocide + anti corrosion additives if you're gonna use regular antifreeze, pointed me towards Motul MoCool as one that's easy to find everywhere.
I've had one point me towards bar / alcohol distillation supplies as well because some of those are dowfrost HD rebadge and might be available in smaller quantities / better WW availability.
Replies: >>243637
Oh god this is just an endless pit of autism
Now I've seen a couple recs for Evans Auto Cool which is water free cooling liquid
Replies: >>243657
And now I'm seeing some of antifreeze are not meant to be mixed with distilled water or have additives that while fine for car engine will clog fin stacks in water blocks
[Hide] (369KB, 600x603) Reverse
Maybe you should just buy a big fat air cooler that just werks and not have to deal with all this watercooling nonsense.
Replies: >>243650 >>243662
I already have that, I've maxed what air-cooling can realistically do (unless you have better than a twin tower cooler with 3 Phanteks T30) and looking for something better

But going back and forth with several people got me this to be the best idea overall for coolant when it comes to availability / price / performance
>Motul MoCool 5%
>food grade pure propylene glycol 15%
>Demineralized water, more pure better 80%

Onto autisming about rads and pumps
>water free
Shit man that's going to leak through your tubing, crack your fittings and turn your cat gay.
Replies: >>243661
>turn your cat gay.
Nah, ethylene glycol tends to turn cats dead, not gay
Yeah what even is the point of a watercooled PC?
Replies: >>243665
Now that manufacturer have switched to thermally limited performance instead of power limited you get an extra 5-20% depending on how far you're willing to go
Replies: >>243667 >>243742
They don't make any good games worth taking advantage of that anymore though.
Replies: >>243747
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1440x1080) Reverse
They probably should be electrically limited though. Asus had to excrete a firmware update for their Intel motherboards because they were programmed to inflate your CPU with 4096W of power and they're just now starting to blow up from being overvolted. All to get 1% better benchmark scores in a bullshit toms review. I knew this was going to bite them in the ass eventually, everything has been overvolted to the point of premature death from the factory so Intel/AMD can pretend we haven't hit the limit of what silicon can do already, motherboard vendors have been doing the same thing for a decade, something had to give.
Replies: >>243746
The current intel problem is a lot more than just unlocked power limits on mobo because intel doesn't enforce their limit as default like AMD.
At stock with default power limits there's a substantial amount of higher tier intel chips (13900k / 14900K / 14700K / 13900KS / 14900KS) that ae not stable and the actual problem is that the voltage to frequency curve is a bit too optimistic for what he chips can actually do on average so thy actually need more voltage.
The only thing that is making my gpu go hot is blender and AI loli generation.
Any mouse recommendation that works on Linux? I have some logitech shit which I once configured in a win7 VM years ago, but I don't think that driver is even available anywhere and you don't need some cloud shit nowadays.
Replies: >>244075 >>244504
[Hide] (461.6KB, 1683x1080) Reverse
I assume you mean turning off the RGB vomit. There's a tool for Corsair hardware that lets you configure RGB (including setting up animations or turning off everything but the DPI indicator) and rebind buttons to whatever you want including macros.
Replies: >>244131
>everything that's wireless is unsupported or experimental
That's just fantastic. Also, is laser mouse still a thing? I just want something that'll work on whatever surface I throw at it (for my notebook).
Replies: >>244149 >>244156
[Hide] (105.8KB, 608x498) Reverse
I don't think so, when I search on pcpartpicker I get a lot of logitech office mice and "ergonomic" mice like pic related that look like buttplugs.
Don't get a laser mouse if you have a pet with fur.
Replies: >>244164 >>244166
That's the other thing, optical mice have supposedly gotten a lot better at handling suboptimal surfaces over the years but laser mice can still have issues with surface irregularities and debris.
Replies: >>244166
I don't have a pet.
So is optical mouse good these days? As I said I want to use it with my laptop, and I won't always have the luxury of having a proper mouse pad with me.
so linuxbros, anybody got the new ryzens yet?
How’s the frame dips?
Replies: >>244512
[Hide] (20.8MB, 640x360, 57:01)
[Hide] (80.4KB, 1024x988) Reverse
a family member of mine's got an omen prebuilt, he wanted some new RAM sticks to put in there for his birthday. so i checked in the BIOS of it and there doesn't seem to be a way to change RAM timings. so no clue if i can even make it work if i can't even change the bios internal settings, especially since the ones i'm planning on work better if you can change the timings.
i can pretty much still buy most modern ram sticks, made for the motherboard of course, and they'll still work fine without much error, right? this is probably a stupid question all in all, but need to make sure.
for reference, i did check online to see if any advanced settings could be unlocked on these, and the only answer i got was that you have to quickly press a certain series of keys and then HOPE the manufacturer lets you do it anyway, and apparently that's only on some versions, for other versions it might be a DIFFERENT key
Replies: >>244404 >>244409
>i can pretty much still buy most modern ram sticks, made for the motherboard of course, and they'll still work fine without much error, right?
I've never changed RAM timings once in my life and they always work. Why would you even do that?
Replies: >>244405
just generally thought that's what you were supposed to do to make them work better
Replies: >>244406
Ram became more overclockable apparently in tge last few years
Replies: >>244411 >>244417
The BIOS might force the RAM to run at a lower speed then it could, but it should otherwise work.
Replies: >>244411
so i heard, guess that's why some people do that nowadays
thanks, guess it should still work for multitasking just fine then
Replies: >>244412
But some rams might be more finicky at certain clockspeeds sobit might be good to do some research beforehand too
>Ram became more overclockable apparently in the last few years
Nah, It's peaked with DDR3, DDR3 could run at twice the fastest official spec without too many issues on a daily system at the very least in the last few DDR3 platforms, you can't do DDR4 6400 without LN² and you can't do DDR5 12800 at all (guess it would be 17600 now since the spec was upgraded).
Any USB HID mouse without RGB.
xinput set-button-map
Anybody please respond, should I just wait for next gen intel then?
Replies: >>244517
Unless you absolutely need something now just wait, both Zen5 and ARL are about to release, and while ARL is not looking super great Zen5 is looking really good.
[Hide] (713.4KB, 810x808) Reverse
I have been happily using a pair of HyperX headphones for the better part of a decade but part of them has cracked off and the headset may fall apart this year. What are good headphones these days for under/around $100 that:
- Cover the entire ear comfortably
- Have good quality surround sound
- Will last at least four or five years provided I don't spike them into the floor

Audio jack/USB connection type doesn't matter to me.
Replies: >>244676 >>244689
Honestly just rebuy another pair of HyperX Cloud 2
Depending on what you fucked on your current ones there's some easily available spare parts to fix it
Is 32GP850-B at ~350 USD a good monitor?
Perhaps Philips SHP9500/9600, if you don't need a mic and you don't mind whatever you're listening to leaking out (due to open back design).
Replies: >>245231
[Hide] (1.6MB, 4000x2250) Reverse
[Hide] (1.5MB, 4000x2250) Reverse
I've got one of these attached to a wall (yes, I know every pic I got was cropped or blurred, I'm not taking the display off again to get a clear pic). What's the terminology I need to find something to mount a 100x100 VESA monitor onto it? Desk mount and new holes aren't options.
12700kf on sale right now on Amazon for $190

Insane deal for an amazing cpu
Replies: >>245097
Isn't that the one that just had a ton of RMAs due to electromigration?
Replies: >>245110 >>245116
I doubt a highly recommended cpu would have those issues. Sounds like an am4 issue
Replies: >>245116 >>245118
You're thinking of the 13th/14th gen i9s
AMD never went quite as bad as intel just did.
Replies: >>245124
[Hide] (76.1KB, 700x530) Reverse
>shilling this hard
Hi jannie
Replies: >>245123
Go back to cuckchan latinx bitch
Fair enough. It’s insane how fucking greedy intel has gotten since the pandemic along with invidia.No point going 13/14 when they only grant what, a 10% MAYBE 12% boost in performance?
[Hide] (178.9KB, 383x413) Reverse
Pls commit die and stay die
latinx retards make it so easy to identify who they are

You’re a failure in life, can’t imagine unironically posting tranime pictures as reactions
[Hide] (300.3KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
>Intel® Core™ i7-1165G7 $639.00 $499.00
I'm thinking of buying this cheap barebones laptop and fill it up with Refurbished items from their store, how bad of an idea is it?
I just want to use it for watching movies, shitposting and writting smut.
Replies: >>245160
Tiger Lake ain't too bad of a platform, That said, that's Steam Deck money and It's gonna be better than that.
Replies: >>245161
I'm not interested in a steam deck, it would be useful for remote play, but that is about it.
Replies: >>245207 >>245217
Isnt a ryzen APU better value right now?
Replies: >>245217
You're gonna spend more on worse performance levels, unless you really need the all in one aspect of a regular laptop a deck is better value overall.

The all new Meteor Lake APUs are starting to not look like a joke compared to AMD but still not ideal since drivers are complete potato outside of recent games.
Replies: >>245221
I need a laptop, anon. And if I want to upgrade the damn thing I can do it with ease.
Replies: >>245235
I looked at a few video reviews of these and they seem to be extremely polarizing, with some people saying they're great and extremely comfortable, and others saying they're cheaply made and overpriced.

I'm not much of an audiophile so I'm surprised to see people disagree this severely (and it doesn't seem like YouTube clickbait farming). Have you used them yourself?
Replies: >>245232 >>245253
I've used the SHP9600, it feels cheap and has some creaky plastic but is overall not as bad it seems, the mesh pads aren't that great but won't flake like shit pleather (and good replacement pads are available), the sound is not too bad, would recommend if you can grab for around $80
Replies: >>245253
If your budget allows it I would consider getting a used steamed dick and a Raven Ridge thinkpad. "Gaming" laptops are pretty universally shit while thinkpads (along with Dell Latitudes) are the only laptops left that won't disintegrate on contact.
Anybody know where I can find noise testing data for the Thermalright T12c?
AT this price if you don't mind treating them like kids gloves theres the Audio Technica ATH-A500/500x, best soundstage and clarity I've ever had.
the damn plastic fittings would shatter if you dropped them once or twice though.
Replies: >>245292
AD500X have an interesting fault in which the plastic clip holding the driver in place inside the cup breaks sometimes, the 700X fixes that particular issue however.
Replies: >>245293
Good to know, I detest open backs anyway.
[Hide] (53.1KB, 1190x1480) Reverse
Why hasn’t anyone mention this supposed 5090 leak here? Who’s this meant for? The 4090 hasn’t even been pushed by your average user yet electricity bills continue to increase. Hoping the 5080 is actually decent this time unlike the 4080
>unlike the 4080
The only thing not decent about the 4080 is the lack of 4080ti and the price point.

> The 4090 hasn’t even been pushed by your average user 
Wrong, anyone using one of those has already been limited by it, if it's game you have to content yourself with upscaled 1080p  if you want decent framerates in some games at ultra presets (inb4 you don't use ultra when you buy the best GPU around) and if you do AI shit more is always better.
>Who’s this meant for?
For people that play current year kusoge with path tracing enabled and those who do amateur production.
[Hide] (362.8KB, 2250x4000) Reverse
There's a dark spot on my new monitor (LG) in roughly top center. It's obvious on flat colors. It's shaped like a ball with a trail going up right.

1: What's the term for this?
2: Do I need to sent it back? None of the monitor settings seemed to fix it.
Replies: >>245336 >>245338
And yes, already tried to clean it with lens cleaner. Seems may some of kind of surface issue when looking at extreme angles.
That doesn't have a specific name, it's just your backlight having shit uniformity, or that screen got hit at some point.
Replies: >>245341 >>245374
Is there a way to fix it on my end or do I need to call the maker?
Replies: >>245343
You might be able to slightly change it by "massaging" the spot, but yeah your only other bet is getting it returned (amazon etc) and hoping the next one is defect free, you can try warranty but it's usually gonna be a no.
Replies: >>245374
When is noctua gonna sell a decent aftermarket shroud man.
fuck Asus
LG accepted warranty repair/replace request. Having to remove the new mount, then reinstall the mount my old display, then do it again a week latter will be a pain.
[Hide] (22.6MB, 256x144, 29:35)
>>238860 (OP) 
What model please
Is there a guide for low latency hdmi to component connections?
I've read that scaling issues completely negate the low response times of CRTs
Replies: >>245670
I've never seen an HDMI to component adapter. HDMI to VGA adapters that don't suck can be found with a bit of searching on tech sites for less than $20.
Replies: >>245678
Crt TVs, I meant.
[Hide] (2.5MB, 1800x1600) Reverse
hey guize i just cleaned my pc for the first time since i built it and realized its really important so i figured id' make a guide for everyone else to follow hope it helps im in talks with mods to put this in the official zzzchan guidelines for future reference
Just get a case with an intake filter.
Replies: >>245776
i have the same case of the one in the pic (corsair 4000d airflow) and it comes with a mesh filter behind the front panel grille but it still gets dusty in there, especially the cpu cooler fans, i couldnt actually get rid of all the dust without disassembling it because a lot was caked in and neither the cnaned air or duster could move it so i figure regular cleaning would probably prevent that from happening. its a matter of constant small effort vs infrequent big annoynyance
Replies: >>245779
[Hide] (4.6MB, 4032x2268) Reverse
Mine only gets a light coating of dust inside that isn't worth bothering to clean.
Replies: >>245780
i got a beefy card, a dual tower cooler and a psu shroud so it's all quite cramped and not super easy to clean and dust got in all sorts of nooks and crannies as a result of negligence. if you don't clean it long enough it'll eventually stick and cake like mine did and it's gonna be annoying to get out. doing some light dusting every 1-2 months or so is definitely gonna be an easier time.
Master Sensei said that you should avoid letting the fans rotate during dusting. Is this still a thing?
Why do you have disposable feather dusters?
Replies: >>245785
[Hide] (115.3KB, 243x432) Reverse
Is that the Subaru logo?
Replies: >>245785 >>245787
[Hide] (347KB, 474x314) Reverse
by logic, one would figure that it could (keyword) potentially (keyword) damage the fans if they spin faster than what they're supposed to. additionally, the more something is used the more it wears out, so you're shortening their life without actually using them. however both likely have an extremely insignificant impact.
because teh electrostatic cleaning system captures dust instead of just moving it around!
Replies: >>245787
>because teh electrostatic cleaning system captures dust instead of just moving it around!
>This is what avatarfags actually believe
I want a subaru impreza now.

Inb4 this gets deleted for having fun
Some fan technologies will break if you do that (or at least permanently develop a weird noise when in normal operation), I think it's sleeve bearing that are the most prone to it.

I've also seen reports that it could break the header by sending back current but that seems far fetched.
Replies: >>245816
[Hide] (175.8KB, 1364x1058) Reverse
Are these just another gimmick for retards or do/can they serve a purpose besides being a mute/record button?
Yeah you can basically use them as macro / authotkey button since they're not "regular" keys.
I like to clean my fans in my pc with a micro fibre cloth. Wouldn't be surprised if some rattling is from me doing that while cleaning my pc. However over the years random nonsense can happen to your fans. That said it rattles more when unclean/dusty so really whatever.
wtf valve
Oh yeah. This is retarded lmao micro fibre clothes are better long term. Don't buy disposable shit it's a waste of money. Bad enough that you need cans of air as is.
It just a panel with buttons, but the buttons have a LED screen and you can change it to put an image, video or something on it, but they are expensive as hell because they are branded as "RGB, gamer, streaming crap" The cheap version of that would be a macro keyboard without the screen
[Hide] (160.8KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
AMD confirms Radeon GPU sales have nosedived
>In its Q1 FY24 statement, AMD reports a revenue of $5.5 billion, up 2% from last year, primarily driven by its ‘Data Center’ and ‘Client’ segments which are up 80% and 85%, respectively. However, revenue from its ‘Embedded’ segment is down 46% year-on-year (YoY) but the biggest decline comes from ‘Gaming’, coming in at a painful 48%.
they just can't compete with jewvidya when their drivers are so dogshit and the performance in current thing is lacking. i'm not happy about having to pay the nvidia tax to avoid amd funey meme driver shenanigans, but what am i gonna do, buy intel?
Replies: >>245862
Eh, it is not that bad, my amd card just works in linux, from vidya all the way to loli AI drawings.
RDNA3 was a complete shitshow and besides pricing Ada Lovelace was an insanely good gen compared to Ampere
Obviously AMD is getting reamed, RDNA4 just has to do one thing, 7900XT perf, 2x RT at a reasonable power and price (sub $450)
Replies: >>245944
They had to do two things:
1. Proper GPGPU software stack that just werks on consumer and datacenter cards without modification
2. <250 watt card (max power limit during high load) <$200 (launch price) that is 1.5x the previous generation mid range, or the same performance as the previous generation top of the line

CUDA fucked them back in '06 and they refused to see the light.
Replies: >>245951 >>246044
>1. Proper GPGPU software stack that just werks on consumer and datacenter cards without modification
Seeing RDNA2 was as popular as it was I'm gonna go with you being wrong.
Most people don't give a shit about that on consumer hardware, at most it's the hardware encoder they do care and most still don't.

>2. <250 watt card (max power limit during high load) <$200 (launch price) that is 1.5x the previous generation mid range
Never gonna happen, that has literally never been the case in any gen for that matter even the best ones.
Replies: >>245957
>literally never been the case in any gen for that matter even the best ones
rx400 series
>Never gonna happen
bulldozer -> ryzen
Apple silicon has shown that there's performance left on the table without having to blast a kilowatt through your chip.

>Most people don't give a shit about that on consumer hardware
A significant portion of Nvidia's income comes from people buying cheaper hardware for CUDA. mining, hardware encoding, ML, testing code at home
Which is why Nvidia has publicly shifted to ML acceleration.
Who buys cards at extreme scalper prices? Grant holders and businesses.
Who caused the extreme scalper prices for the past 8 years? GPGPU buyers.
Replies: >>245959 >>245960
>rx400 series
Was slower than previous gen

>bulldozer -> ryzen
Price hiked to hell and back compared to what it replaced.

>Apple silicon has shown that there's performance left on the table without having to blast a kilowatt through your chip.
Apple does a few things that are never gonna happen on regular x86 chips to achieve that.
And they've already been caught up to by others by now because you can only use the cheap tricks once, well except spending insane amount of money to get a node advantage, that will always be a thing.

>Who buys cards at extreme scalper prices? Grant holders and businesses.
Those buy 4090s, despite what you might think 4090s are neither a large part in revenue nor unit numbers, not compared to actual enterprise chips in any case.

>Who caused the extreme scalper prices for the past 8 years? GPGPU buyers.
One subset of those, miners, and they also were buying all the AMD stock as well
Replies: >>245960 >>246060
So now the bubbles popped and they're blaming falling revenues on us then?
When is AMD going to make its own cuda then?
Replies: >>245965 >>246060
>When is AMD going to make its own cuda then?
They're trying and it's not very good, hasn't been for the past 10 years, it's getting better, slowly.
[Hide] (31.7KB, 768x432) Reverse
AMD Ryzen 8000F Series Processors Are Finally Here
>The Zen 4 Ryzen 8000F Series processors are officially launched by AMD. The two new offerings by AMD are the Ryzen 7 8700F and the Ryzen 5 8400F. As the name suggests, the new chips won’t include integrated graphics (RDNA3), similar to Intel’s F line of processors. They share the same TSMC’s 4nm Zen 4 platform as the 8000G series (Phoenix). Although they sound like a good deal, you should note that you need to pair them with a dedicated graphics card, unlike the G series. That won’t be a problem if you already own one, though. Moreover, the AI NPU, which will be an AI breath for the Windows 24H2 Update, is featured only in the Ryzen 7 8700F.
Qualcomm goes where Apple won't, readies official Linux support for Snapdragon X Elite
MediaTek and Nvidia are gearing up to tackle the AI PC market hand-in-hand, with an all-new chip
>This is a story that's been brewing for a while and we've been expecting Nvidia to develop an Arm APU for PCs for quite some time now. However, events have taken an interesting turn, with claims that the chip is being created in collaboration with MediaTek and could be ready for shipping in 2025.
>That's according to a report by Taiwan newspaper United Daily News (UDN), in which it states that the overall design has already been finalized, with full completion being achieved by the end of 2024. MediaTek and Nvidia have previously worked on automotive chips and even developed a preliminary reference laptop specification back in 2021.
Nvidia could be teaming up with MediaTek to create a Steam Deck-busting handheld gaming chip
>A few days ago we reported on news that Nvidia and MediaTek are set to release a new Arm-based chip for laptop PCs designed to cash in on the AI boom and compete with everything from traditional Intel and AMD APUs right through to the new Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite. Well, now there's a rumour that Nvidia and MediaTek are also cooking up a chip specifically designed for handheld gaming PCs.
>Potentially, this is epic news. There's absolutely no doubting the Arm instruction set makes for more efficient chips. Some recent leaked data from Dell indicates that its new laptops with the Arm-based Qualcomm X Plus chip will offer nearly double the battery life of their traditional x86 equivalents.
>Without a doubt, one of the weakest aspects of current gaming handhelds is poor battery life. At the same time, Nvidia graphics currently can't be had in a handheld beyond the OG Nintendo Switch. So, the prospect of Arm-based efficiency and Nvidia graphics in a handheld is pretty compelling.
>You could imagine something much faster than the AMD Phoenix APU used by all the current handhelds du jour, including the Asus RoG Ally and Lenovo Legion Go, and with much better battery life. Add in DLSS upscaling, much better ray tracing, and the result would surely be a big, fat yes please.
Replies: >>246062
>CUDA fucked them back in '06 and they refused to see the light
They've had almost 2 decades to realize their error. It's just willful ignorance and a deluded "build it and they will come" mentality. OpenCL is DOGSHIT on developer experience next to CUDA.
Replies: >>246049
AMD was trying very hard not to go bankrupt from intelaviv's market manipulation and malicious disregard for design safety in 2006, and even after Zen saved the company's bacon they still suffer from having to fund R&D addressing twice as many market segments as their competitors with a tenth of the revenue.
>When is AMD going to make its own cuda then?
They dropped it likely because of lawyers.

>bulldozer -> ryzen
>Price hiked to hell and back compared to what it replaced.
In a core-to-core comparison, Ryzen was faster, cooler, and cheaper per unit of work than the entire FX series.

>Apple does a few things that are never gonna happen on regular x86 chips to achieve that.
AMD will likely pick up some of what Apple did. They've already shown that they're open to packing more cache on die, so it's not a stretch for them to add other accelerators or memory.
Replies: >>246067 >>246068
>Nvidia could be teaming up with MediaTek to create a Steam Deck-busting handheld gaming chip
We'll get to see how well box64 works.
>In a core-to-core comparison, Ryzen was faster, cooler, and cheaper per unit of work than the entire FX series.
Even if you were to be so charitable as to call the FX8XXX a 4 cores, they were still cheaper at the time than the Ryzen 1400, so yes they were faster, but they weren't cheaper
Otherwise FX8350 vs Ryzen 1700 was 50% faster at over 2x the price.

>AMD will likely pick up some of what Apple did.
No, the biggest reason why they're so fucking fast is shared RAM+VRAM with a very wide bus and on package so lower latency, this is NEVER happening on desktop as it would require people to be okay with soldered RAM and CPU.
Strix Halo is the closest it'll ever get and they're way more conservative with it than Apple (4 channels vs 8 or 16 channels) 
Now maybe 4 channel on desktop will become a thing and that would be cool but it still doesn't come close to being the same bandwidth and it still isn't unified with the GPU.

The other big thing is basically what intel is doing with rentable units, aka one "super" P core with extra die space made strictly for single thread performance that falls off quite  bit when you actually have to do MT tasks.
>In a core-to-core comparison
How would you even do a core-to-core comparison with the abomination that is bulldozer? It's a very apt name to be fair: clocks over optimizations, shared FPUs, the embodiment of the moar cores philosophy.
Replies: >>246099
The issue was AMD had the "genius" idea that everyone would buy an AMD card and devs could use OpenCL/HSA to do anything that required heavy use of floating point faster than an FPU could. They would have gotten away with it too, except Intlel dished out massive financial penalties for anyone who gave AMD more than token support (this was proven in court) and program developers are notoriously retarded and wouldn't have used it anyway.
The real question is, how low will zen4 prices go on the secondhand market once released?
You’d have to be a complete retard to still support amd after last years shitshow. What a nasty fall from grace
Replies: >>246550
Last years shitshow?
I´m going to be honest, i supported NVIDIA even before i fully knew what it was, now with the AI boom i feel like getting NVIDIA hardware was the right choice and i´ll be on the right side of history once all of this ends.
i have replaced my game addiction with AI image obsession
[Hide] (292.1KB, 775x666) Reverse
>right side of history
I can't wait for the "AI" bubble to burst.
Replies: >>246581
nice bait
I don't think it will burst, it will just get bigger, since everybody and thier mother are using it.
Replies: >>246582
My mother isn't.
[Hide] (45.1KB, 768x768) Reverse
There are no good guys when it comes to hardware manufactures. They're all soulless greedy corporations. Use whatever works for you.
Replies: >>246641
whats the audible on an AIO? for some reason i cant find any vids on what a pc supposed to sound like when running. i know pump is supposed to run 100% speed but are you supposed to be able to hear it? its faint but you can definitely hear it working similar to a laptop fan working hard if it makes any sense
Replies: >>247485
You should search for some reviews that post the noise levels of the AIO.
Replies: >>247512
thought of that but none of these faggot review cunts show footage of it running its either temp stats or showcasing the bitch ass rgb muted. almost as if done deliberately
Replies: >>247542
post the AIO, anon.
Replies: >>247553


Just noticed this review
>The pump noise... not noticeable when everything is at full blast but when everything is quiet (like just browsing the web) that high pitch background whine from the water pump is quite noticeable and annoying.

Guess it’s normal for this particular pump
Replies: >>247555 >>247583
Here watch this.
Replies: >>247577
It was on sale for $75 and is highly recommended but should’ve coughed up the $100 for the Corsair instead since that’s supposed to be quieter and better 

Oh well. Thanks for vid wish I had seen it sooner before upgrading to aio blindly
That seems so pointless. What's wrong with a normal CPU fan?
Replies: >>247584
Worse thermals and thermal inertia, no joke an okay AiO is maybe an extra 10% or more perf over a good aircooler nowadays with the whole "boost till it throttles" shit
>not even understanding the very basics of more cooling = less throttling in a thermally limited scenario
Don't have to prove facts
Okay stay retarded and enjoy your throttling mess.
Replies: >>247598
>anon cannot grasp air and water have different thermal conductivity
I don't have an AiO because I'm paranoid about failures on a 24/7 machine, still doesn't change that AiO provide better cooling and thus better performance on any CPU which aims for a thermal limit.
I don't get what's complicated about understanding that if the CPU reduces frequency to cope with temps that means less performance and thus a cooler holding 5-00C below the throttle temp would have better perf than one riding the throttle temp all the time, but then you happened.

Like the best CB23 scores at stock for a 14900k on air should be around 38-39k, AiOs will do closer to 41-42k.
Replies: >>247602 >>247612
[Hide] (483.6KB, 1294x895) Reverse
Here's your spoon feeding.
Replies: >>247609
>Render ends 11 seconds early on AiO,compared to Aircooler
>render is 120 seconds on AiO
Gee would you look at that, almost 10% slower and it's not even the worst case scenario since it's just a 14700k.
>increasing total computer cost by maybe 5% for a 10% erf increase is now bad
You're getting more retarded by the minute
> significantly more money
>80 bucks more on a $2k+ PC is significant

> increases the chances of meeting submissive femboys
Seems to work well since you're here and acting like a complete faggot.
I'm going to ask you an honest question anon: are you just pretending or are you that incapable of just moving on that you need to save face, despite arguing a point no-one else was? If you really need this type of attention so badly, I hope whatever's going on in your life improves.
What does this mean in terms of real world performance though?
Replies: >>247612
The video rendering test is a somewhat close to real world scenario
For games it's really gonna depend on whether it hits the temperature limit on air but not on the AiO, if it doesn't it's almost the same since you're not throttling, in either
Replies: >>247638
this isn't your 4cuck general faggot fuck off
No, no, he's got a point. You're pretty annoying.
>someone disagrees with weeb
>he proceeds to throw a gay baby tantrum while posting smug anime reaction images
Yep it's obnoxious.
[Hide] (8.9KB, 250x278) Reverse
If you're going to be a hoity toity nigger then fuck right off.
[Hide] (62.1KB, 201x216) Reverse
>Projecting harder
wew laddie
Post another
now kiss
[Hide] (3.5MB, 4000x2250) Reverse
[Hide] (2.4MB, 4000x2250) Reverse
>>238860 (OP) 
Bumped my knee on the desk and the case on the desk shut down
Then each time i play ds3 and er it shuts down
After doing anything from blowing into sockets to switching ram and it's stuck in diagnosis or just the dots circling
Hardware stats are fine in bios
Last thing try is seating the main ssd down in another slot

Pic rel in case. Altho temp is 40c idle in bios
Replies: >>247653 >>247668
Either ripped pin on the CPU or ripped pad on the mobo.
A few caps ripped on the mobo is possible as well, internal damage to the mobo layers is not impossible
Replies: >>247655
[Hide] (566KB, 1675x1340) Reverse
Pins were fine on the cpu
Dunno how to verify caps

Also it auto goes to bios now i switched ssd slots and some period in the middle of shuffling things ryesterday
Replies: >>247656 >>247657
Now PUMP1 doesnt respond to being changed. It used to settle down from 1700rpm when smart fan mode is ticked
>Dunno how to verify caps
Test CPU on another mobo.
Replies: >>247658
I dont have one
This is 1st since 2011
Always used laptops
Replies: >>247660 >>247662
For what its worth i get ez led cpu then vga and boot
All the fucky symptoms point to the mobo being "dead" to me.
A tower cooler with a slightly overtightened mounting system made of metal can do that kind of things with a large enough impact.
>pc on desk
damn people still do this shit? sucks it happened to you
Replies: >>247812 >>247905
>he has his pc on the floor like a fucking caveman
Nowadays with insanely big coolers and GPU it's worth a consideration to just use your case laid on it's side
[Hide] (212.9KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
When are the video encoding speeds gonna get tested? For av1 especially
Is it coming out soon?
Should I get hyped?
Replies: >>248137
Seeing the huge gains in AVX 512 workloads it might be rather fast at doing AV1 if the encoder supports AVX512
Replies: >>248143
Fuck, that means I'll need a GPU.
Does anybody know of any silent fan types that are comparable to the noctua 4080 supers?
Maybe I should do something like this https://inv.tux.pizza/watch?v=h6hvsqUEtZ4&listen=false

Is it safe to remove cooling from VRMS?
Replies: >>248145
>Maybe I should do something like this 
It's stupid, you remove the shroud and fans and you ziptie case fans, the default heatsink on most GPU is bigger and better suited to GPUs in general, literally the number one reason why GPU air-cooling sucks is the fans being absolute fucking trash except on the Noctua fitted ones (either the ASUS collab or that one JP SI's custom shroud).
To give you an idea of how bad stock fans usually are, you can most likely replace them with a pair of Arctic P12 and still outperform the stock fans set to 100%

>Is it safe to remove cooling from VRMS?
Really depends but usually not unless it's a completely overkill VRM and you have good airflow.
Replies: >>248146
Can't the replacement fans be controlled using a curve like the stock ones?
Replies: >>248149
You can find / make an adapter to plug the new fans on the GPU header, and provided you're not doing retarded shit  (like say using industrial fans with 1A draw or more) it'll work the same as it did with the stock fans (though you'll likely need to tweak the curves as they'll be too aggressive most likely))
Otherwise you 'll have to rely on external fan programs or physical fan controls  to adjust, there's  ways to still make a case fan react to GPU temps exclusively
Replies: >>248150
[Hide] (48.1KB, 494x767) Reverse
>there's  ways to still make a case fan react to GPU temps exclusively
Oh that's nice, I kinda wanna slap some case fans on too though
Replies: >>248152
Depending on what case fans you're using splitters are fine, if you're using very current heavy fans you'll want a powered splitter or powered fan hub
Headers are usually 1 Amp unless it's said otherwise in the manual or something and I really wouldn't advise trying your luck at going over that, 
Burning a whole mobo from overdrawing a fan header is possible and a very stupid way to fuck your shit up (though it's hard to find fans that go above 0.5 Amp without knowing what to look for so you should be fine so long as you keep it to 2 fans per header.)
Got a friend that wants to move to pc, thing is he’s looking into prebuilt and purchase through credit. Is there a decent prebuilt company out there? Nzxt was called out by nexus along with other reddit tier companies so what’s out there?
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (880KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (833.4KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (692.4KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (941.1KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
What the fuck is Copilot?
Replies: >>248160
AI spyware cancer

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