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Previous thread got anchored.
https://archive.ph/4vCfZ (previous thread)
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>>229113 (OP) 
It's called reaching the bumplimit/autosage
>1st pic
I want to bone Anzu
>4th pic
Are you the sped who bought that thing because muh fan noise?
Replies: >>229121 >>229128
>It's called reaching the bumplimit/autosage
I know. I just wasnt quite sure whether to say it reached the bump limit or say anchored. So i chose anchored because of the anchor symbol.
>Are you the sped who bought that thing because muh fan noise?
I havent bought it yet but im planning to. Its just fucking expensive and looks like a chore to build so im just waiting a bit. And yes fan noise is extremely annoying. I've tried the noctuas and the bequiet which "supposedly" has the lowest amount of decibels, which is pretty funny considering how noisy they are. And ive tried fan controlling through the bios and through programs. Doesnt really change much.
Replies: >>229126 >>229134
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>>229113 (OP) 
Replies: >>229127
>I know. I just wasnt quite sure
It's called bump limited. Around here we say the thread got blipped, newfag.
>>229113 (OP) 
Objectively shit taste.
I do like the unit01 designs though.
Replies: >>229128
I don't like Asuka. Read the filename and look a bit closer on the text.
>Are you the sped who bought that thing because muh fan noise?
To be fair, it's a pretty neat product (at least until you see it's 790 € price tag).
Replies: >>229129
Those are marketing images.
I don't care what you like, but someone with objectively shit taste is buying that crap.
Replies: >>229130
>Those are marketing images.
They did ship the motherboards with the typo on them to their customers.
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I can't even hear my noctuas at full blast over my HDDs.
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I will just buy an iphone 13 mini, install emulation software, buy one of these and play old games for the rest of my life. I am a software engineer so a cheap used thinkpad is all i need for work. My life is completed, i never have to worry about hardware ever again for the rest of my life.
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Get one of these instead.
What OS are you installing in it?
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Used tape to cover up annoying ethernet cable flashing led lights
Good, cheap, mechanical keyboards with numpads (not like I can put anything else in my keyboard drawer and there's the occasional old game where it's needed)?
Do you have the desktop in your bedroom? I can't imagine why else such a small light would inconvenience you on a daily basis.
Replies: >>229334
its very annoying and distracting when im leaning back in my chair while watching a movie and i notice subtle blinking on the wall.
>>229113 (OP) 
Asus proving Asuka fags have no taste.
>that gross fat mutt hand and wristwatch
I wanna puke
Preddy gud, make sure to wash your hands after handling electrical tape if you didn't use gloves
Spoiler File
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>ROG mobo
>Noctua extra fan
>white case
Look at this fucking richfag flaunting his riches, fucking Richie Rich aren't we huh? Fucking richfags.
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Could be worse, you could be a third worlder.
Get a damned job or learn to save up.
Replies: >>229605
>Get a damned job
Very bad idea, unless you want to be dead inside in a few years.
Replies: >>229648
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then quit your bitching
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Any bland recommendations for mouses?
Replies: >>229729 >>232486
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Darmoshark M3/M3S Varun, Razer Deathadder V3 Wired, Endgame Gear XM2We, Lamzu Atlantis OG V2, Pulsar X2V2, Pulsar Xlite V3/V3 Es.
I got a new mobo for my ryzen 7 58003dx and its nice but I still feel empty inside.  What do?
Replies: >>229742
Climbing the ladder of materialism will never fill that void.
Replies: >>229752
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>mfw pic related
Thank God someone fixed the damn wheel from braking.
>100 shekels
Time to save.
Replies: >>229761
No I'm sure just a thing or two more and I'll be there.
>Pulsar Xlite
I'm fucking mad they've discontinued the Xlite Wired, literally all their alternative is way pricier, way heavier and fucking wireless gayfaggotry.
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I'm glad I didn't buy a nvidia 4000 series.
A while ago I would have suggested the Logitech G403 mouse because it has optical switches and the good sensor, but their latest edition of it has software thats windows 10 only.
You can get the old version that has the old driver that works on linux and windows 7 but that mouse does not have optical switches and gets the double clicking issue.
It's my current mouse and every 6 months i have to take it out and re-bend the metal switch plates. or use anti-double click detection software.

I will look into those mice. Except the death adder because that's a piece of shit.

Benq Zowie i've heard is a good mouse.
>but their latest edition of it has software thats windows 10 only
Isn't that just a question of waiting for Solaar to update to support it, if it hasn't already?
Replies: >>229925
Why do you need software for a mouse? Does it have rainbow puke lights or something?
Replies: >>229889 >>229924
Light control (including disabling the rainbow LEDs), but also DPI settings and the functionality of the extra buttons. Everything is tied to a software that's w10 exclusive and has no offline installs.
Replies: >>229890 >>229924
>disabling the rainbow LEDs
Just get one that doesn't have that shit in the first place.
Replies: >>229892 >>229925
The ones without leds either don't go on sale nearly as often or just don't have decent switches for cheap.
Replies: >>229898
There's gotta be some high quality mouse for business use without all that gamer crap.
Replies: >>229901 >>229925
There is, it's just not cheap.
Replies: >>229925
>Benq Zowie i've heard is a good mouse.
Good but overpriced

Honestly the least bad choice currently are CoolerMaster stuff, you get the gaymer meme stuff, but without the massive price hike and actually often better build than the super high end stuff, the only issue is the control panel is a pile of trash, not Armoury Crate bad but not good either.

The software in general is the hardest part of choosing a mouse, you get brand with great simple lightweight software but meh hardware or you get decent hardware but utterly rancid garbage software.
Replies: >>229925 >>230137
For Logitech stuff, it also controls what the extra scrollwheels and buttons on the side do, and how clicky the scrollwheel is, so you need it even on the non-RGB shit. I kinda like that latter feature, it switches between free spinning and clicky depending on your scroll speed and you have full control over the setting, though it's also ridiculously overengineered and I suspect it'll fail in a few years.

I already mentioned Solaar, it controls all that shit but on linux and open source. There's also LogiOps which is CLI only, but for some wireless ones it only supports bluetooth and not the USB connector.
Replies: >>229938
I have windows 7

its only the RGB (including turning it off) if you ignore 2/3rds of the lost functionality mentioned. DPI switching and programmable buttons is nice. its also nice to be able to turn off the RGB or set it to a static color. 

The business one also doesnt have programmable buttons, DPI switching, or optical switches, or the good sensor.

G403 is like $30 on sale. sometimes as low as $20. optical switches, good sensor, programmable buttons, comfortable, but its all tied to shit win10 only software.
>shit win10 only software.
Couldn't you try an older version? I have a G503, years ago I booted a win7 vm, set up the shit I wanted in their crap software, and never touched it again.
Replies: >>229949
>extra scrollwheels and side buttons need an online app
>clicky scrollwheel needs a fucking online app
This is making me appreciate the Corsair M65 I grabbed from a gamestop that was getting liquidated more. No extra scrollwheels if you actually need that shit you should really consider getting a specialized input device instead of bolting it on your mouse but it has dedicated buttons for DPI and the side buttons default to MOUSE4/MOUSE5 so the only thing you really get from the software is turning off the clown puke LEDs, and ckb-next will do that while respecting your freedumbs.
>G403 is like $30 on sale. sometimes as low as $20.
Yeah but not a lightweight one.
Cooolermaster has a few models (MM710/720/730) that reach those price as well and are lightweight (though they likely have worse switches), but they retain the software issue.
I also have bad experiences with Logitech, especially the QA
Replies: >>229947 >>229949
Why would you want a lightweight mouse?
Replies: >>229948
Less fatigue over long period of use, especially doing low DPI shit.
Yes a heavier mouse is slightly more accurate but not enough to be worth it.
The older version of the software does not work with that mouse. the G403 has been around a while, but the newest version of it needs "LGS" which actually disables the old LGHUB software making it very difficult to go back.
I tried to force LGHUB to read the new version of the mouse by editing the inf files and getting it to read as a similar mouse but it's all fucked up and missing functionality.
LGS is a windows-store only application that refuses to run on windows 7. I checked out some info on leddit and apparently even windows 10 users had so many problems with LGS many of them were telling others to just return it and get a razer or something while the official logitech account did damage control.

I dont understand the benefit of a very light wired mouse. The G403 wired im talking about isnt heavy, and it has removable weights.
I'll check out the cooler master ones next time i'm in the market for a mouse. for now my old-edition G403 is behaving, the old one also sells for more money (on ebay)
I have chance to get a used 2tb NAS HDD for like 20 bucks. Does anyone have any experience with them? I never used them so I have no idea how they compare to regular HDDs.
Replies: >>230105 >>230107
They could have the "disable drive on pin3 power" stuff (just need a SATA power splitter to fix it, so long as it's not a trash one or a trash PSU it will be fine, or you could use them in enclosures or NAS which do not have that issue) but other than that they're about the same as consumer drives of the same speed and capacity from that brands, which means no fucking flood era seagates as besides the very few rebranded Samsung HD204UI they're hot garbage.
>used hard drive
I hope you don't plan to store anything important on it.
>people are spending $300+ on 2080ti 
Why? I don’t get it. Wouldn’t it be outdated by the time new aaa trash releases by 2025?
Replies: >>230124 >>230126
Beats the 3070 in everything but RT, 3070 still are over 300.
Replies: >>230129
[Hide] (1.1MB, 480x360, 00:11)
I paid roughly $300 for my 1080 Ti just after the crypto craze calmed down a year or so ago
I know it's too much, but my previous card broke and I needed to render some videos right quick.
Replies: >>230129
yeah but why the 2080ti in particular> is there something im missing? the card averages $300-350 on ebay meanwhile:

the 4070 for $450-550 
the 3070ti averages $350-$400

i dont understand the second hand market honestly
well think of it this way, it couldve been worse. you couldve been one of those dumb faggots that bought a PS5 for $1500 during the pandemic
Replies: >>230131
2080ti has lots of vram, useful for ai still
Replies: >>230133
>lots of vram
Well, I have 12GB VRAM, and that's still extremely small, I have to use shit like llama.cpp that only offloads parts of the model to the GPU, and that's on a model that's already gimped down to 4bit weights. But on the other hand, all coonsumer GPUs have claustrophobically low amounts of RAM...
I bought a CoolerMaster mouse in 2018 and after a couple years one of the rubber side panels started to peel off and the glue underneath it drooled out.  I think the exact model was the CM310 so it's possible that a different one would have good build quality, but I don't trust it.

I've been using a Glorious (yes, as in Glorious PC Master Race) mouse for the last few years, and it's been good despite the holes in the top that collect dust and skin flakes.  The Model O is the symmetrical one with slightly fewer holes, and the Model D is for right-handed users with slightly easier to reach thumb buttons.  The software is good and simple, and you can customize or disable the RGB as well as change the sensitivity easily.  I like being able to have a handful of small changes in sensitivity that can be cycled through with a button next to the scroll wheel.  The mice have changed my mind about the importance of a cloth cord and general mouse weight, and I don't see myself going back to a stock office mouse or a heavyweight mouse ever.

The only problem is that they're quite expensive - north of $80 or $90 USD without a sale.  The Model O seems like the slightly better built one, which I think is something to do with the asymmetrical Model D build, but despite some M1 and M2 button drift on the Model D (holding the button down and moving my finger left and right) it hasn't actually stopped working or misbehaved in any way.

I would really like to have a large, somewhat lightweight mouse with good software that didn't have holes in it, but all of the ones being made these days seem to be wireless and full of way too much gamer kitsch crap.
Replies: >>230177 >>230214
>but I don't trust it
I've had a couple and I've also seen some QC issues (though I buy open box / bstock / returns a lot so there's that), the MM710 I have has 0 rubber pads and is a mouse I've used for a few years as a secondary one and it's pretty great minus the honeycomb shit being a dirt magnet.
A MM720 I got had an unique problem I've not seem many people have, the rubber part of the mouse wheel would slip of the plastic part so mouse wheel input were random, nothing a bit of superglue couldn't fix though
I wanted to see how the MM730 is since it's even lighter but actually a decent size, but i missed a good deal for it and am not willing to pay the current asking price just to see how it is.

>The software is good and simple
Good to know, I've never looked much at glorious after I've dealt with their shit mech keyboard kit (do not fucking buy the cheap one, it's artificially limited to 62.5hz polling internally) and hard mouse pad (wears out too fast and kills feet faster than a skypad)

>I would really like to have a large, somewhat lightweight mouse with good software that didn't have holes in i
Disregarding the software bit there's the MM730, a few Roccat models (Roccat swarm isn't the worst but it's a bit bloated) and the Delux M800 (which also has a very simple software though it's chinkshit so engrish and potential spyware, the pro and ultra models are lighter and wireless) and they all can go for under 50 if you look hard enough.
Replies: >>230208
I hadn't heard of these guys before but there are a few of their products that might be what I'm looking for: the Burst Pro, the Kone Pro, and the Kone Pure Ultra.  The others either have too many buttons or are too heavy.
Replies: >>230209 >>230625
Was looking again and damn the prices on the Pure ultra have went fucking insane (might be discontinued), that thing is not worth 120, especially not when you could find it for 35-60, lower for refurbs.
Replies: >>230625
Spoiler File
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Did you cum in your mouse's holes?
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Are there any capture devices with a remote that you can just record screenshots or short videos straight to a USB stick? That's all I want but it seems like they are all a hassle meant to hook up to a PC.
Replies: >>230272 >>230372
>Are there any capture devices with a remote that you can just record screenshots or short videos straight to a USB stick?
AverMedia released a few devices like that.
Replies: >>230273
Replies: >>230276
Yes. For example, this is the device that I received several years ago: https://www.avermedia.com/us/product-detail/C285
Replies: >>230367 >>230371
[Hide] (1005.4KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
It works... kinda. It says it supports 4K but it won't let me take a screenshot with my scaler outputting anything higher than 1080p so I can't scale the image as big.
[Hide] (72.9KB, 722x98) Reverse
Lol, probably a legal requirement but still funny.
[Hide] (48.8KB, 700x700) Reverse
>capture devices
>directly to usb
Most of them would use sd/microsd and one could merely get an sd/microsd to usb adapter. :^)
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All those mice cost at least fucking 100 yuros, are there no more poorfag friendly alternatives?
Check Maxgaming.com , you can find some good shit under 50 right now.
Replies: >>230411
my mouse is from a keyboard/mouse pack of 30 euros and works perfectly fine. I also have an old mouse, that probably cost like 7 euros and is also very good. If is not a very cheap chinese one, will probably last enough.
>Microsoft Pro Intellimouse at 50% discount for 27 yuros
Not bad at all.
>10 yuros in shipping
Maybe I'm just being stingy but it is kinda steep.
Darmoshark mice shouldn't be this expensive. They cost around €50 here in center Europe, while the wired Deathadder V3 costs €60.
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>>229113 (OP) 
>get 6600 xt roughly a year ago
>zero issues, doesn't get too hot, at full blast i can't even hear it over my cpu fans
>can't max out settings on some games due to insufficient vram, of all things
>even for a budget card, a lot of people recommend going for one with at least 12gb of vram
Talk me out of selling my card and buying a 6700 xt please, the only things stopping me are my relatively weak cpu (ryzen 5 3600, which i think would bottleneck me) and the fact that i paid nearly $300 for it and i'd be selling it for only $150-$180 while a second hand 6700 xt (i'm a poorfag) would cost me somewhere around $300.
Play better games.
Replies: >>230488
this is a very compelling argument
Just simply stop maxing out the settings in every game.
>even for a budget card, a lot of people recommend going for one with at least 12gb of vram
Budget GPUs (4060, 6600, 7600) and more expensive cards like the 3070 and 4060 Ti don't have 12GB of VRAM. The VRAM is not an issue here (unless you're using a 1440p monitor), but rather lazy optimization and you can't solve that problem with a higher amount of VRAM in your GPU.
Replies: >>230525
Existence of a 7600 XT was leaked. I fully expect it to have 12+ GB of vram.
Replies: >>230527
Explain why you need to max everything out.
vram is primarily used for textures, so just lower your texture resolution.
Some have sold for $220 on ebay right now.

>7600 XT
MSRP will be ~350$
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[Hide] (7.5MB, 1280x720, 00:12)
[Hide] (10.6MB, 1280x720, 00:17)
Max settings in most games are meaningless.  This is a documented fact for a few reasons.
- Hardware in general is just geometrically more powerful than it was in the past.
- Modern game engines such as UE do a lot of memory management for the developers, and out-of-order compilers help to alleviate low-level issues that may have caused problems in previous hardware generations.
- Modern games just genuinely don't have a lot of difference between the medium and ultra graphics settings.  There's usually some option in the middle named High or Medum-High that gets you good visuals with no cost to performance.
- No amount of MAXXED OUT GRAYFIX will cover terrible art direction, which most modern games have.

Here's Guile from SF6 on high settings.  I can see every pore in his skin and the mode looks and animates great with zero performance problems, because the artists took their time and designed the texture and model well.  There are stages with lots of stuff in the background, including water and dynamic cloth physics, that run well and look good artistically no matter how many scattered particle effects are in the foreground.

Here's Titanfall 2, where you have entire maps full of giant robots, players running around, dozens of AI-controlled grunts, and particle effects.  It runs in a heavily modified Source engine, which was outdated more than a decade ago.  It also looks great because the artists took their time and worked around the limitations of the engine.  The grass on Homestead is literally a bunch of criss-crossing textures, but it doesn't matter because I'm zooming past them at mach 7.  In a typical modern game every blade of grass would be photorealistic and have its own thread.  You saw what happened with Cities Skylines 2, right?

And of course most modern games are just slot machines, gachapon systems, or other forms of skinner boxes that try to trick you into enjoying them.  What games are you even trying to play?
Replies: >>230674
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After doing a bit of research and going down the Roccat rabbit hole, I wanted to compile my findings since I haven't seen anyone mention these mice in any detail anywhere except Amazon and Reddit reviews.  All three are lightweight at about 66g and have cloth cables, which may not be to the high standards of something like Glorious, but which are good enough to let you move the mouse without fighting your cable.

Apparently the optical switches used in both the Kone Pro and the Burst Pro mouse make a very different and lower pitched clicking sound than your typical mouse with mechanical switches, but I am not bothered by it.  Some people are insane and find the mouse unusable.

>Roccat Kone Pure Ultra
A continuation of the normal weight Kone Pure.  The oldest and potentially out of stock, though it is listed on the manufacturer's website.  Right-handed ergonomic form factor.  May have poor build quality and dud/unreliable buttons that stop working intermittently or don't register clicks accurately.
Has a single RGB light at the back, which is apparently extremely bright by default and needs to be dimmed manually.

>Roccat Kone Pro
Seems to be a reinvention of the Kone Pure line to insert RGB into it, though the RGB is only under M1 and M2 which makes it look somewhat tasteful.  May have scroll wheel issues related to part quality ("look at it with a flashlight to see if you got one of the good ones") but I cannot confirm this.  
I have seen some reports of build quality issues, especially related to the scroll wheel, and creaking everywhere that you'd notice in use.  Build quality seems to be poor, with button and scroll wheel problems that can appear within months or over a year after purchase.  

>Roccat Burst Pro
An iteration on the honeycomb hole design popularized by Glorious and other low-weight gaming mice, but with no holes in the buttons and a clear plastic panel over the holes at the back so it reduces weight but doesn't catch sweat and dust and cat hair.  The mouse seems to have a lower profile that makes it more suited for claw grip, which I was initially interested in because I'm a 1-3-1 claw grip weirdo.

I have seen conflicting reports on build quality, but the people who say it has bad quality all seem to be illiterate and purchase wireless mice (subhuman decision), whereas the people who type properly testify the mouse has lasted for one or two years with no problem in build quality.  Maybe some minor creaking on the back, but nothing that would affect daily use.  I am inclined to believe the people who say it is built well based on intuition.  Obviously the wired version will be superior since it has fewer parts competing for space in the mouse itself.
There is no/little plastic coating on the top, which makes it feel "cheap" but doesn't actually affect quality.  The side grips have a nice fish scale texture which makes them easy to grip.  Neither type of plastic attracts fingerprints, though apparently the material used for the plastic doesn't absorb heat as much as typical mouse plastic and I have seen many people say their hands get a bit more sweaty when using the mouse for long periods of time.

There is allegedly a known issues with the Burst Pro's cable, where over time it will develop a problem that causes the mouse not to work for a few seconds.  I only saw this mentioned once on r/MouseReviews but there were about seven or eight reports of it in a thread on r/Roccat, which makes me suspicious.  This problem is allegedly unavoidable and has been acknowledged by Roccat, but I have only heard one person claim that so I cannot say for certain.

Kone Pure Ultra is old and its shape would likely not work for my hand.
Kone Pro seems to have serious build issues.  I am not interested in it.
The Kone Burst Pro is tempting enough (and on sale for cheap enough via Amazon) that I am willing to give it a chance.  It seems to be doing something different from the typical gaming mouse, and as much as I enjoy using my Glorious Model O/D, I do not enjoy having to clean out the honeycomb holes simply because they wanted to have epic low gamer weight for a marketing blurb.

I will be getting the Burst Pro as a late Christmas present to myself and I will see how it fares this year.  If it fails I can still go back to a spare Glorious mouse.
Replies: >>230659 >>230666
>Has a single RGB light at the back, which is apparently extremely bright by default and needs to be dimmed manually.
Can confirm, also has the bad habit of turning on by itself unprompted.
Replies: >>230675
I have a nitro+ 6700xt. Apparently its supposed to be the best version of it. It has a fuckton of coil whine.
>Roccat Kone Pro
>May have scroll wheel issues related to part quality
>but I cannot confirm this
I can confirm this because i have the mouse. After some time (i dont remember how long) the scrolling started to get messed up. I dont remember exactly what it was but it was extremely annoying. One day it just stopped but yes my mouse did have some sort of scrolling problem at one point. I still think its a good mouse overall but i would simply recommend you to get any mouse with optical switches due to doubleclicking. Thats why i bought this roccat kone pro. So maybe look for a mouse which doesnt have reported scrolling problems?
Replies: >>230675
Well explained. I think developers just need to focus on the art style to make graphics look good.
Really?  Strange.  You'd think that would be the one thing the program does correctly.

>>230666 (begone, Satan)
What difference do optical vs mechanical switches make for a mouse?  As I mentioned above, I think I'm spoiled by my Glorious Model D/O since they're basically perfect except for the stupid speed holes.  Even the really shitty mice I've used that my dad got from offices in the early 2000 don't have double click problems, so I don't see how optical switches would meaningfully avoid that problem.

I'm not opposed to the technology; anything that removes reliance on cheap Chinese parts is good.  But what's the point?
Replies: >>230678 >>230965
>Really?  Strange.  You'd think that would be the one thing the program does correctly.
If you cut it manually it's fine but the shutdown when idle function is fucky, 

>anything that removes reliance on cheap Chinese parts is good.
What made you think the optical switches weren't cheap chinese parts as well?
Replies: >>230861
>What made you think the optical switches weren't cheap chinese parts as well?
Wishful thinking, I suppose.
>What difference do optical vs mechanical switches make for a mouse?
Mechanical switches require less force to actuate them and have a slightly more tactile feedback, but will inevitably produce double clicking with time. Optical switcher last far longer, are quieter and won't double click, but some people tend to really dislike how they feel to use.
[Hide] (531KB, 1686x1920) Reverse
My Roccat Burst Pro arrived today and I'm already leery about trying it out.  The optical/mechanical switch difference is certainly one thing that makes the mouse feel different from other gaming mice I've used, but the other thing is the post-click travel distance.  It's genuinely insane how much more I can depress the button after a click registers.  I did a few eyeball tests and the click seems to register about a third/half the way down.  One of the things that annoyed me about the Glorious Model D was post-click travel distance and wiggle, but even that was nowhere near as bad as this.  It feels like Roccat intentionally made the click register at the top of the total distance for epic gamer lag reduction and nobody thought about how it feels.

I'm kind of astonished none of the reviews I read or watched mentioned this attribute despite reviewers often fixating upon the feel of the optical switches.
>oh noes it goes click with a LOW SOUND :'(((((((
Redditors, the lot of them.  I wouldn't have bothered buying the mouse if I knew it felt like this.
There are also two scroll wheel buttons, one for pressing it down and one for pressing it to the right towards M2.  I do not know why anyone thought this feature was necessary.  I will never use it except by accident.  The whole thing just feels cheap and rickety and hollow, which is not how a gaming mouse should feel.

With all this listed out, I genuinely don't even want to use the Burst Pro because it just wouldn't feel very good.  The Glorious Model O with electrical tape over the back holes which I have been using for the last week seems to be my dream machine.  Sturdy, no bullshit, tasteful RGB, lightweight, good cable, good software.
For reference, the Glorious Model O barely has any post-click travel distance.  The forward edge of the M1/M2 buttons don't reach down to the bottom of the main shell that they rest above.
Who is the artist of these rat weapon pics I like them.
Replies: >>231125
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[Hide] (6.4MB, 1955x1793) Reverse
[Hide] (454.5KB, 1785x1449) Reverse
Gompami on FA and Twitter.  Some of his drawings have Korean writing in them but his style has a strong Slavic energy so I'm not sure exactly where he's from.
Replies: >>231130 >>231341
[Hide] (8.5KB, 62x76) Reverse
Gee, I wonder.
Replies: >>231134
Yeah, I saw that as I was uploading it.
That sucks, I've had a few Roccat stuff and never really had much of a complaint (though getting stuff 50-90% off usually does help)

It literally feels like a complete downgrade from the Kone Pure Ultra from what you're saying, the clicks on that are probably the ones with the least travel distance  I've seen, it's less than a mm and the click is a bit harder to actuate than average but fast to set itself back so it feels really good to click on, the whole body is about the most "solid" feeling lightweight mouse I've had (I can squish it without even hearing a plastic creak), the only issue I have with it is while the rubberized soft touch coating is one of the good ones that doesn't melt it's a complete grease magnet and with sweaty palms you have to clean it every single day or even multiple times a day, that and the weight being a bit higher than I'd like is why I only use it as a secondary mouse.
Replies: >>231174
>often fixating upon the feel
>none of the reviews
They're shills.
You're not going to get objectivity from them unless they aren't a shill.
[Hide] (361.4KB, 1163x1077) Reverse
It was an astonishing disappointment.  Using so few mice over the years has really made me blind to how shitty the engineering and design for many of them have gotten, even luxury gaming products which you'd think pride themselves on being built to last.  Seriously, who the fuck thought the scroll wheel needed to click sideways?

The one thing which I can genuinely say about the mouse is its shape does seem to align well with a claw grip, and I think in that specific category it may outdo the Model O.  But most people are palm/fingertip grippers, so it's a pretty niche thing to prioritize and there are other mice that work well with a claw grip but aren't going to make me feel like my finger is on a fucking trampoline.
Replies: >>231724
Incase is going to take over making and selling Microsoft peripherals that were originally going to be shitcanned. This seems to be like what happened to IBM's keyboard factory but instead of just the factory and patents Microsoft is handing over their entire supply chain. This matters because Microsoft is (somehow) still the brand for when you want something a little better built than logitech but not covered in gaymer pride LEDs and hole technology. Also the wave ergonomic keyboard still has not been topped for a keyboard that's less likely to snap your wrists without going full oddware.
[Hide] (16.8KB, 500x500) Reverse
hypothetically I may or may have €450 cash from getting paid under the table and I don't what to spend it on.
Buy  450€ worth of eggs and do a live stream of you frying them in a giant pan and eating them.
Replies: >>231872
Buy two 10tb hard drives. or buy a new gpu.
I bought a steam deck and changed the disk inside to a 1tb.
Replies: >>231740 >>231741
rtx 40xx supers announced 2 days ago
[Hide] (113.6KB, 633x1280) Reverse
I have decided to overcome my initial disgust reaction and use the Burst Pro for a while to see how it is, since I'm not getting my money back anyway.  Initial plug-in impressions:
>It feels very hollow, as I expected.
>RBG looks nice.  The honeycome effect is probably the best RGB I've seen in any gaming mouse.
>The post-click travel distance isn't AS bad as I thought it would be.
>The shape of the shell seems to be good for claw/fingertip grip.
>The scroll wheel is surprisingly nice; it's a circle on the outside, but each step is defined better than the Model O and it overall requires more force to move. Clicking a scroll wheel to the right is still fucking stupid.

The mouse feet are definitely odd, though. I had heard about them being "scratchy" vertically, and that is true; the vertical resistance is not the same as the horizontal resistance, which doesn't feel right. Apparently this can become better with time as you move the mouse around but I'm not if that's a good thing.

My next mouse adventure is going to be getting grip tape for my Model O to cover the holes, since apparently electrical tape can leave nasty adhesive on the mouse itself and isn't necessarily reliable for sticking to plastic for long periods of time.
buy a lockheed martin stock and profit from the kids dying on foreign wars
>what the fuck is that wikihow parody
>check it
<it's not parody
Replies: >>231728 >>231740
>Clicking a scroll wheel to the right is still fucking stupid.
It occurs to me that this feature was included for Roccat's Easy-Shift+™ feature, which lets you assign two button profiles for the mouse, accessing the normal button function as you'd expect and the second when you hold down the Easy-Shift+™ key, which I think is the mouse wheel right click. This makes the decision a little less dumb, but I still don't like it because scroll wheels are notoriously one of the most finicky parts of most mice and the more moving parts, the more likely something is to fail.

After configuring my DPI settings through Roccat Swarm, I think the mouse is mostly usable. Time will tell if any underlying issues emerge.
One thing I dislike is that there is no DPI LED on the bottom of the mouse, which means I can never know for certain which DPI setting I am unless I enable the "audio notification" in Swarm whereupon a hoarse man's voice will whisper "TWO THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED DEE PEE AYE" in my ear very loudly.

WikiHow has practically been a parody site for many years.
Replies: >>231804 >>232917
[Hide] (424.5KB, 566x572) Reverse
>all those flavors of umpc made for retro gaming and you choose paypig flavor >>229925
>current year
But chicago 95...
Haven't you seen from the new world? Rats are people too! I blame furfags though if true.
Replies: >>231741
WIndows 7 is best windows, as long as you take the telephone from her.
I will wait for steam deck 2, since steam deck 3 will never happen.
Replies: >>231745
>implying ethernet
>implying Internet access
>just never connect windows7 to the Internet
That applies to CIA10 and also CIA10 will have more software compatible with it. Also, why not connect win7 to the Internet if you trust the site? Back then you can turn updates off you know. One moar thing: winxp was best windows nevar forgetti (not like win7 has/had a real classic mode).

inb4 voodoo to fix CIA10 when installing linux is easier and less faggy, what when dual booting a thing.  

Back on to absolute chinkware though,  that retro stuff, its cute that they made fake chicago 95 themes for some of the shittier ones. *tries to find image of chicago 95 theme and fails* faggot ass Internet. I'm not doing half an hour of research to find that shit. Other than the obvious x86 one the images are now hidden of the fake chicago 95 thing I'm talking about with silly icons and such that merely remind one of win9x. Cloud in background and such. Ldk landscape had it with lots of pictures yet that won't cross reference so as to show it in a search query. Even a few years ago the search engines were less broken. Do I have to use fucking yandex? More like yawndex, that can't get past the site blocking image searches.
>finally find it
>wrong name
fugg I'm rarted :DDDDD

Replies: >>232909
> unless I enable the "audio notification" in Swarm
I dunno if they still have that but at some point Roccat had cheevos for your peripherals (number of lifetime clicks, distance, keypresses etc), with sound notification that's very loud and long .
Replies: >>231805
[Hide] (56.1KB, 572x466) Reverse
>cheevos for your peripherals
This world was a mistake.
Replies: >>231809
[Hide] (60.2KB, 1280x720) Reverse
new g type cpus.
Replies: >>231862
[Hide] (128.6KB, 720x614) Reverse
>CPUs now have a 1060 inside of them.
Pretty big.
Replies: >>231866
[Hide] (637.9KB, 1405x767) Reverse
Should be great for budget builds.
Do this >>231366 and a 100 pushups.
[Hide] (183.1KB, 870x864) Reverse
Any resources to find good televisions? I guess it is impossible to find dumb tvs anymore.
Visit your local goodwill.
Replies: >>232266
[Hide] (544.1KB, 1000x955) Reverse
I don't have any local goodwills.
Replies: >>232267
[Hide] (138.6KB, 900x1243) Reverse
Any decent sized thrift stores at all?
Go to Ebay and buy from sellers that dont have reviews that say 0/10 sent me a box of maggots, no HDMI ports
>I guess it is impossible to find dumb tvs anymore.
It is. You can either play burn-in roulette with plasma or old LCDs or buy closeout/open-box and never let them connect to the internet. TV picture quality is one of the few pieces of consumer technology that's improved over the last decade so I recommend the latter. If you have a router with hostname-based adblocking (you should) you can actually use the "smart" part with your streaming poison of choice by downloading a filter list that keeps the TV firmware from ratting on you.
Replies: >>232858
[Hide] (839.5KB, 1200x603) Reverse
any monitor recommendations that aren't too weighty for your average dual arm monitor stand? trying to look for something better than this barely HD 75hz monitor for gayman a bit more smoothly, trying to see anything far off's a nightmare
Replies: >>232336
[Hide] (28.5MB, 1280x720, 01:03)
I had a pretty lengthy post, but my tab crashed so I'm just going to wrap this up quickly:
>trying to look for something better than this barely HD 75hz monitor for gayman a bit more smoothly
The vast majority of modern displays won't give you a smooth experience, unless you're willing to spend crazy amounts of money for a monitor with a very good BFI (black frame insertion) mode like NVIDIA's ULMB 2. That said, going from 60 Hz to 120 Hz is a huge difference.
>trying to see anything far off's a nightmare
Since you want to see objects positioned far from you better, you need a higher resolution than the standard 1080p. I can recommend KTC H27T22 and KTC M27P20P. However, if you really cannot drive higher resolution monitors, there are some great low budget options (from best to worst): Mobiuz EX240, KTC H24T09P, MSI G2412 and AOC 24G2SP(U).
Replies: >>232909 >>233407
There's also the much cheaper KTC M27T20 if you don't need 4K for a better experience with playing retro vidya with CRT filters or watching movies.
[Hide] (75.2KB, 400x400) Reverse
>be playing game
>alt tab to watch videos and shit because adhd sperg
>forget game in bg
>someone invites me to other game
>absent mindedly accept and start playing
>after I'm done I realize I had other game still running in the bg and noticed no performance issues
so this is the power of having a good pc
[Hide] (91.7KB, 694x714) Reverse
>>be playing game
>>alt tab to watch videos and shit
Stopped reading there.
Replies: >>232343 >>232346
[Hide] (32.7KB, 480x480) Reverse
>complains about me stopping in the middle of something
<stops in the middle of reading my thing
[Hide] (1.7MB, 606x423) Reverse
Welcome to /v/ in the year CY+9, anon.
Can't even concentrate to play a videogame if they don't have a podcast in the background and stop every fifteen minutes to watch Youtube and Tiktok videos.
Replies: >>232367
Not all LCDs are created equal.  But i wonder how this compares to OLED or the new microleds that are expected to hit the market.
Replies: >>232451
[Hide] (427.4KB, 464x662) Reverse
Only games with a GOOD OST are worth my full attention.
Replies: >>232390
What are your favorite soundtracks?
Replies: >>232498
Feels pretty good, eh?
[Hide] (77KB, 800x960) Reverse
>But i wonder how this compares to OLED
Mini-LED panels are upgraded LCD panels that are doing their best to match the much superior colors and contrast of OLED panels with their local dimming zones, while offering a lot brighter image than them without the issue of a potential image burn-in, however they need a large amount of these zones in order to match OLEDs, and at the cost of slower response times where OLEDs are more or less instantaneous, but their motion clarity is still inferior when compared to the complete lack of processing delay of CRTs. However with a great BFI method OLEDs get very close to the CRT experience, and combining that with a high refresh rate you probably won't notice that big of a difference in motion clarity between the two.
>or the new microleds that are expected to hit the market.
Micro-LED panels might be the endgame in the future, but for now it's completely unrealistic to be waiting for them, and there's a good chance that before they mature they will be already proven obsolete by advanced LCD and OLED panels. Who knows, maybe they will come up with yet another new display technology to rule them all.
Replies: >>232909
[Hide] (353.6KB, 1024x781) Reverse
Getting a great gaming mouse requires knowing your hand size and what type of  mouse you like to begin with
every few years I keep changing mice and getting it more locked down to what feels better to me
currently on a viper mini

I plan on switching to a zowie ec2-c because of my budget and  ambi mice are just not as comfortable for me from my experience so far
[Hide] (2.3MB, 02:33)
[Hide] (2.5MB, 02:41)
[Hide] (2.5MB, 02:41)
[Hide] (1.8MB, 948x963) Reverse
Not him but Sonic CD is probably the GOAT for me
Any recomendations for sub 100 USD soundbars (preferably with a remote control)? My new monitor won't be mountable in a way that supports speakers.
Replies: >>232715 >>232726
[Hide] (62.2KB, 768x512) Reverse
>My new monitor won't be mountable in a way that supports speakers.
Make it support speakers.
[Hide] (286.1KB, 512x512) Reverse
Any recommended brands for watercooling? My gpu is hitting 80C everytime I tell her to draw a qt loli.
Right now, I'm looking at ekwb and alphacool shit.
At that price, any cheap shit will do.
I hear everyone recommends corsair or nzxt if you're talking about AIO closed loops, but I personally never water cooled so, if you're so afraid of getting shit you can always make your own custom loop
I bought a used 3080ti+5800x PC couple of months ago
noticed the fans go really loud so I checked FanControl & it looks like the connections are messed up, 2 out of bottom 3 fans are connected with 1 right side fan & 1 fan on the CPU sink etc
will I have to open the case & reroute shit?
also the gpu (palit pro, lowest grade basically) can only go as low as 30% fan speed (1300rpm) but online posts say that's normal but can I change that without firmware changes? too scared to do that
Open loop?
Freezemod is fine for everything but the blocks. Do not go cheap on the blocks.
If you run a mixed metal system, get some dowfrost hd or another additive that contains propylene glycol and corrosion inhibitors.
You should add some in even if you don't run a mixed metal system because tons of parts are either bare copper or nickel plated, which will degrade over time.
I have an EKWB custom loop. My 3090 went from topping out at 80-82°C to low 60s. Most of the time it doesn't even reach that and the VRAM/memory junction has active cooling with the block I've got. That's with two 360 radiators. I think Alphacool are recommended as the best performing nowadays but either will make a big difference compared to air cooled GPU. Down to your preferences and prices mostly.
>dumb tv's
A monitor is a monitor. It's not like monitors were banned over those odd smart tvs. They literally throw crt tv monitors away due to being obsolete in the USA...
<Yes goy you HAVE TO one it's not your choice goy
When did people run out of monitors? Thrift store plus  20 bucks can get you any kind of that shit, vga or composite. Half of the time it works fine.
[Hide] (122.7KB, 300x300) Reverse
Told you nigger, get the CM MM730
Replies: >>232917
[Hide] (513.6KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
>winxp was best windows nevar forgetti (not like win7 has/had a real classic mode).
XP does have one real advantage, which is its retention of true VGA text mode.

One other desirable feature for when one isn't gaming or watching video is true flicker-free analog dimming, to reduce eyestrain in low-motion applications.
>a monitor with a very good BFI (black frame insertion) mode like NVIDIA's ULMB 2
You mean backlight strobing, not BFI, for LCD (ULMB 2's main improvement is the ability to sync strobing with vertical scanout, so it doesn't have to wait for scanout to finish between strobes). BFI is reliant on pixel transition speed rather than backlight ignition/decay speed, so it sux on LCD, but rawx on OLED.

>obsolete by advanced LCD
Not possible. Even if everything you noted is somehow fixed (VERY unlikely) another problem inherent to LCD you didn't mention is the need for light to go through the filter, which ruins uniformity and viewing angle. As for the other two, the main impediment against µLED is a viable mass manufacturing process (rather than the obviously prototype-only "pick & place" process used to date), whereas OLED's main problem of burnout since subpixel lifespan has already more than long enough for years only needs better wear-leveling algorithms to prevent.
Replies: >>232922 >>233412
[Hide] (516.3KB, 901x920) Reverse
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 SUPER already spotted below MSRP in Europe
>you should have refunded your order based on MY recommendation
Right, sure. Read >>231724 and >>231728 before you call anyone a nigger.
Replies: >>233327
When I posted 'real classic mode' I meant that it actually looked like win9x, the windows and start menu and task bar and such. WIn7's classic mode was obviously meant to slowly get people used to moving on to what we ended up with.
Does anyone have a suggestion for a smaller card (I am limited by 210mm length) that can do 1440p decently? I am tempted to go for an Asus 3060 12GB but I can't find one under $250.
<12gb 3060
Now, if I am being retarded by trying to run ai generated voice/art on that someone tell me and I'll fuck off back to 8GB.
Replies: >>233050
>Now, if I am being retarded by trying to run ai generated voice/art on that someone tell me and I'll fuck off back to 8GB.
You're not being retarded. 4060's like the Zotac GAMING 4060 (which is just 163mm long) will be faster at doing AI tasks, but faster at the cost of not being able to run some larger models at all due to it's small amount of VRAM (by today's standards). Thanks to the release of 4070S, 4060's should be a little bit more affordable now, however you'd have to deal with the drawbacks of having just 8 gigs of VRAM in the current year.
If you're not going to utilize AV1 hardware encoding and frame generation, and if you don't really care about the slight performance uplift (overall 10% boost), then just get the 12 GB model of 3060.
Replies: >>233324
I haven't been keeping up with marketing and releases. Is the 7800xt still the best amd card of that price range?
Replies: >>233058
>AV1 and frame gen
Not really needed. Does anyone here think the 5X Nividia gen will be decent or are we stuck with shitty refreshes until AMD intel gets their shit together?
Try reading the previous threads, nigger.
>Does anyone here think the 5X Nividia gen will be decent or are we stuck with shitty refreshes until AMD intel gets their shit together?
It's hard to say. AMD gave up on this gen which gave NVIDIA complete grasp over the GPU market, and I wouldn't be surprised if they will give up on the next gen as well. NVIDIA's competition is close to non-existent now, so they can make and release another batch of overpriced GPUs and get away it just fine.
Replies: >>233362 >>233408
>Any recommended brands for watercooling? 
If you're not doing a custom job, just don't. Get yourself a good quality air cooler. Better performance, cheaper, and quieter in the sound:performance ratio.

A custom built h20 setup can be superior if you know what you're doing, but does expose your PC to a liquid hazard. AIO coolers are just a stupid meme that cant out perform a good air cooler. The only edge AIO has is they sometimes look nicer if you really care how cool your cooler looks. and they can potentially take up less space if you have a weird shaped case that accomodates a massive AIO cooler but gives very little room on top of the CPU.

I dont see things improving until they decide to abandon AI generated fake frames completely.
With RDNA4 looking the way it is, it won't, not the higher end stuff at-least.
AMD is going back to lower tier monolithic after the clusterfuck that was MCM on RDNA3, rumors indicate 200-250mm² die size with N4 something process, meaning at the very best it's a 8700XT that sorta maybe can strike in the 7900XT performance range for $300-450ish, anything above that and Nvidia will fucking bleed you dry.
The only hope left is RDNA5  launching much earlier than it was supposed to or AMD going with a big monolithic design closer to the 400mm² range which could beat a 7900XTX with a bit of luck (still not great but that does mean people do get a potential chance of 80 class GPUs going under $1k), but probably back to 256bit bus so no 24GB card.
How's the Tempest GP27Q?
For a 1440p IPS mini led panel the price seems ok.
Replies: >>233412 >>233551
I'm confused how the GPU market is even still alive, considering there are basically no good games being made anymore. Is it all crypto?
Replies: >>233412 >>233413
KTC is the OEM behind Cooler Master's and their own mini LED monitors. I have no idea how KTC manages to do this at such competitive prices, and if there's a catch, but I can at the very least vouch for the H27T22 that I bought half a year ago which has been performing flawlessly for me so far. In my country the GP27Q costs $250 more than the M27T20, so I definitely wouldn't go for the CM one, even if the KTC has the slower VA mini LED panel.
Make sure to do your homework and check well done reviews of these monitors before buying one. I can recommend this guy's videos:
Thank you for the clarification.
>I'm confused how the GPU market is even still alive, considering there are basically no good games being made anymore.
Normalfags are just simply that dumb, anon. Many of them are slowly but surely realizing how bad things actually are, but the vast majority of them are still diehard consumers that won't ever stop before it's too late.
>Is it all crypto?
More like all AI at this point.
Replies: >>233415 >>233551
[Hide] (102.7KB, 1049x1429) Reverse
[Hide] (10.8KB, 1024x363) Reverse
[Hide] (9.3KB, 1024x682) Reverse
[Hide] (6.4KB, 1024x422) Reverse
>considering there are basically no good games being made
That hasn't stopped not so good games from selling so much faster the industry has set records every year since the mid-'90s
Replies: >>233435 >>234087
KTC's website says they only ship to the US though, but thanks anyway anon, I'll keep and eye out if they sell any in my area.

Are Ryzen CPUs a meme at this point?
I'm seeing a lot of posts about stuttering and memory issues on top of the long training time and bios problems.
Replies: >>233416
>KTC's website says they only ship to the US though
Check for resellers. I bought one here in Poland just fine.
>Are Ryzen CPUs a meme at this point?
>I'm seeing a lot of posts about stuttering and memory issues on top of the long training time and bios problems.
I'm running a 5600X coming from a i3 6100 and while I had some strange issues with it at first, they ended up completely resolving themselves in a month or so. Doing usual PC tasks and vidya have never felt smoother.
Replies: >>233418 >>233551
>magically fixes itself
See the problem is that usually never happens to me. Also I'm using linux
Been thinking of waiting for when the 7800x3d or later gen stops shitting itself
>overbotched 2 in top 5
Replies: >>233517
How are Fantech keyboards in terms of build quality?
The shop near me only stocks those and a logitech KB.
I'm looking at the atom model with blue switches for about 40usd
It's pretty easy to get a ton of "Unit sales" when your game costs a whopping zero dollars. It's more like they couldn't even outperform the top 3 despite literally giving their garbage away for free.
Replies: >>233588 >>233593

>>233407 here,

For KTC I couldn't find any resellers but I noticed the H27T22 isn't a mini led panel.
I did find some alternatives like LG 27GR75Q-B available for around 250 USD, and the LG 27GR83Q for 500USD, but no miniled and at 240hz instead.
Do you have any experience with Minileds? is the HDR contrast actually worth the price differences?
Replies: >>234032 >>234067
[Hide] (125.8KB, 1036x1484) Reverse
>they couldn't even outperform the top 3
True, though the top ranked earners are no less dumb.
>starfield number 3
fucking how
Replies: >>233593 >>233595
Eh, except for Starfield it's about what I expected.
Oh, and remember the original question was "what are the sheeple buying new GPUs using them to play?".

Judging by the discrepancy between its position on the two rankings, DLC whales I guess. LOL @ Cities: Skylines creeping into the top 10 with exactly that.
Replies: >>233595
[Hide] (3.8KB, 300x300) Reverse
What do you mean "fucking how" you retard? It's a triple gay game with a triple gay price tag made by a huge company with a large marketing campaign. Of course it's going to generate revenue, no matter how lazy it is. The real question is how did BG3, a game 5 years in EA, sell that much and how much did it sell.
This chart measures how much money people paid for these games. The previous one was how many units did they sell during the year. There are games in that chart that are priced at $20, and others at $80 DLC aside. Of course there's going to be some discrepancy between both charts.
WHO is buying the exact same fucking sports game every single fucking year and why?
Replies: >>233604
You have no idea how popular niggerball is anon.
You have to live Europe to understand just how fucking bad this shit is, it's bigger than a religion nowadays.
Replies: >>233611
Remember when Argentina won the World Cup final against the Fr*nch and their pet monkeys with a team that was majority white?
>>229113 (OP) 
>Second pic
Is that Acid's PC?
Replies: >>233803 >>234035
[Hide] (8.5KB, 788x46) Reverse
How do you apply heatsinks to memories on a graphics card?
Replies: >>233755
I guess if you apply them on with a 4 ram slot system that might work? I just can't see how you'll move heat without a fan on those pointed at the ram.
No because it isn't stained with nigger semen.
Replies: >>234035
Or are monitors a meme in general and I should just dive into VR?
Replies: >>234036 >>234067
I just wish that revolting cuck and the obese,retarded kike would die already.
Talk about a waste of oxygen.
MiniLED is a jewish trick. The advertised contrast comes at the cost of heinous bloom. My work laptop has one and I turned it off because it looks like shit for productivity and games. If youre a richfag get OLED. If youre broke, strobed TN or whatever CRT the retro trannies haven't snatched up already.
[Hide] (762.8KB, 684x508) Reverse
>Do you have any experience with Minileds?
Sorry, for the late response. No, I don't.
>is the HDR contrast actually worth the price differences?
Only if you play a lot of retro games through RetroArch with the most realistic CRT shaders (4K is a requirement for those) and modern games like Doom Eternal (the only game that I know of that utilizes HDR well) or if you just simply liked to watch a few movies from time to time.
Keep in mind of what >>234036 said. Some people despise the blooming that low amount of local dimming zones produce. The second video of the two that I've linked in 233412 explain the drawbacks of having a miniLED display really well.
>Or are monitors a meme in general
Pretty much. If you don't do any productive tasks on your monitor, then buy an OLED display. If you do, then get a normal LCD panel with a really good strobing mode that won't make the image unusably dark while it's turned on (unfortunately, most of these monitors are very expensive and have 1080p displays). You could also get a relatively decent consumer CRT monitor from someone, but to use one you need larges amounts of empty desk space along with either a used pre-Pascal or pre-Polaris GPU or a good DP to VGA adapter (the much cheaper option). It's possible to reach resolutions surpassing even 1920x1440 with quite a few of them.
>and I should just dive into VR?
You want to dive into an even bigger meme?
[Hide] (344.9KB, 500x266) Reverse
>MiniLED is a jewish trick
>My work laptop has one
Work laptops almost always have shit displays. It's not a fair judge of mini-LED backlighting as a whole.
>strobed TN
>not the zillions of fast IPS panels with contrast on par with a cheap TN and better viewing angles
And just like that your opinion is invalid.
Replies: >>234080 >>234085
What's wrong with IPS?
How do you judge a good strobed IPS panel?

Thanks for the replies guys
Replies: >>234082 >>234090
>ur moms asshole POV.png
[Hide] (24.3KB, 295x295) Reverse
https://rtings.com/ is the only site I've found which tests monitors with any kind of rigor. They take lots of high-res photos so you can get an idea of backlight bleed, bleed uniformity etc. for yourself. Just remember any IPS panel is going to have "low native contrast" as a con because it's not OLED or VA. Also diminishing returns kick in very quickly past 120FPS so don't think you need a super high refresh rate display. Overall motion blur and input lag is more important.
Replies: >>234095 >>234133
It's not a business laptop. It's marketed to gamercattle. Everywhere I see retards praising the shitty local dimming I had to turn off because they've never seen an OLED or CRT.
>wow it's got DARKEST GORILLA NIGGER blacks
>nevermind the 2cm wide halo around the mouse cursor
I stand corrected on the state of IPS after looking into it. I haven't considered an LCD monitor in years and that was the state when I last bought one.
Replies: >>234095
>normalfags keep paying
>companies start firing their devs
>record profits for shit games
Normalfags deserve that and more.
Replies: >>234133
>How do you judge a good strobed IPS panel?
You judge by how much motion blur it removes and how little image overshoot it leaves, as well as by it's maximum brightness when it's being strobed.
Replies: >>234133
Sorry, this still doesn't make sense. How could FALD with more & smaller zones ("mini LED") be bloomier than FALD with less & bigger zones? I can see a legitimate complaint against FALD in general, insofar as without it (or with it disabled on a monitor that has it) brightness I guess technically "more uniform" because your entire screen glows, but not against "mini LED" FALD specifically.

>don't think you need a super high refresh rate
>Overall motion blur and input lag is more important
Higher refresh cuts latency & decreases the amount of strobing you need to prevent motion blur tho. IMHO that's really the only reason to bother with high FPS on LCD, since even the "fastest" TN panels have GtG too slow to avoid ghosting at 60FPS, let alone hundreds.
Replies: >>234097 >>234133
>Sorry, this still doesn't make sense. How could FALD with more & smaller zones ("mini LED") be bloomier than FALD with less & bigger zones? I can see a legitimate complaint against FALD in general, insofar as without it (or with it disabled on a monitor that has it) brightness I guess technically "more uniform" because your entire screen glows, but not against "mini LED" FALD specifically.
Exactly my complaint is with local dimming in general. The "small" dimming zones are still about 1" diameter on a 16" screen so there's significant bloom with any local dimming. Treat it all as one zone and it looks nicer and more uniform than traditional backlights but you lose out on the HDR contrast ratings that they advertise to zoomer normalfags who have never seen an emmissive display technology other than maybe shitty ntsc tvs when they were kids.
Replies: >>234098
Sure, but for a lot of gaming, TV, or photos, it's still a major improvement until OLED falls to... Oh, I dunno, less than the price of an entire midrange PC?
Replies: >>234133 >>234150
[Hide] (41.4KB, 800x473) Reverse
Damn anon, nice find, looks like something that should be in the OP.
Thats why I mostly play autistic indie porn games anon.
Wait so higher fps needs less strobing? And this leads to better HDR?
The problem with oled is its basically like a super car with an expiry date.
Doesnt even run at supercare specs, just looks prettier.
Replies: >>234158
It's a sidegrade at best. The bloom sucks it's optimized exclusively for jewish HDR ratings not actual use.
Yes, remember the purpose of flicker such as strobing/BFI is to decrease the FPS needed for "persistence of vision" to trick your eyes/brain into seeing image sequences (at a given perceptual brightness and FoV) as motion, so contrariwise a higher FPS means the "flicker fusion threshold" can be raised, and less flicker is needed, until the ever distant future of ~1kHz content/displays which would fully eliminate the need for flicker. Since less and shorter flicker means less actual brightness during frame illumination is needed to maintain perceived brightness, that also means better HDR.
Deeply ironic that the major selling point for OLED from the start, back in the '90s when it was called LEP, wasn't performance but price, as it can be manufactured with inkjets on scuzzy plastic or paper substrate, instead of the fussy cleanroom vapor deposition glass substrate process other flat panel technologies need. To this day, inkjet OLEDs have failed to enter mass market production, and OLED factories share the same process as LCD.
Replies: >>234483
yesterday PC kept going off just from me slamming the desk (case is ontop of the desk)
wanted to plug out the pwr pins just under the pwr button (lian li o11 air mini) but it doesnt come off
then the case kept turning on by itself but no gpu output, stayed like that until it just came back to normal & no longer going off by slamming the desk (will try after posting this)

also this logitech prodigy 213 keeps going off on me recently, dunno if its a USB power problem or the keyboard's fault
Replies: >>234484
didnt mean to quote
i bought a 250 dollar "ergonomic chair" from ikea. Its supposed to be super good. Yet its less comfortable than my 10 dollar chair that i bought from facebook marketplace several years ago. My 10 dollar chair the screws have flown out because im fat and the chair is old and its basically almost broken. Yet its 50x more comfortable than this ikea piece of shit.
ikea garbage is never worth any money besides their desks you can adjust
Replies: >>234847
Ergonomic chairs aren't really supposed to be comfortable, they're supposed to be ergonomic. Ironically everyone I know that uses ergonomic things tend to get pains everywhere, I always thought it was a meme. Don't know why you wouldn't just get a Marcus for like 100 bucks and just abuse it for decade or so.
Replies: >>234846
I got the Markus.
Replies: >>234850
>their desks you can adjust
Which ones anon?
Replies: >>234851
>ancient chair suddenly marketed as ergonomic
>price more than doubled
Top lel you got scammed. It's no armchair but It is a good chair.
Replies: >>234852
Lagkapten / Olov
any table with Olov legs you can adjust and it's better than any budget option you can get
I would buy one again but there's no ikea in my state so I had to spend 150$ on a electric standing desk
Replies: >>236350
I always get scammed
[Hide] (296.5KB, 1024x768) Reverse
[Hide] (278.1KB, 1024x768) Reverse
[Hide] (573.9KB, 998x748) Reverse
Pink thermal conductive grease with strawberry scent
>This thermal conductive grease, following the "Apple Edition," is classified as a "torque type," engineered for gradual thermal transitions. It features a distinctive pale pink color, consistent with its strawberry theme. The production process, which involves ultrasonic vibration and fluid dynamics, yields exceptionally fine thermally conductive particles.
>The grease has an initial thermal conductivity of 12.8W/m·K, which remains efficient at 8.8W/m·K after five years, indicating sustained heat transfer performance. Composed of aluminum oxide and zinc oxide, with added carbon and natural fragrances, the Extreme 4G Strawberry grease (Model number: CWTP-EG4GST) is designed for durability, with a thermal resistance range from -50 to 220℃. It has a net weight of 4g and is recommended for use up to four years, offering a reliable solution in the thermal management sector.
>Scheduled for release on February 9, 2024, the product is priced at approximately $7.38 USD (980 yen with tax included).
Replies: >>235112
[Hide] (154.5KB, 1901x2000) Reverse
>i bought a 250 dollar "ergonomic chair" from ikea. Its supposed to be super good. Yet its less comfortable than my 10 dollar chair
Next time, go to staples and sit on the chairs so you can find a comfy one.
Replies: >>235137
>hyper sonic polish compound
>polish compound
no anon wtf
Replies: >>235122
[Hide] (336.1KB, 1280x960) Reverse
What? You don't want your girl to smell of strawberry?
Replies: >>235136
Anon why are you stuffing abrasives in her
[Hide] (920.4KB, 1280x720) Reverse
Replies: >>235148
is this image bait?
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1591x2316) Reverse
Okay, I've been using the Roccat Burst Pro for about a month and a half now and I think I can confidently give a good summary of its quirks and qualities. Most of the comparisons will be drawn against the Glorious Model O/Model D since it's what I have used for a while, and I know that Glorious makes good mice despite being responsible for the honeycomb hole cancer that defines every lightweight mouse made in the last three years.

>Cable and Feet
The cable isn't as flexible as the cloth cables you'd find on a Glorious mouse but it's light enough you won't notice it when you move the mouse around. It doesn't pull the mouse away from me or interfere with my aim, which is good enough.
The feet initially had some vertical "scratchiness" but that has worn off and now the entire mouse feels consistent. I had thought the presence of something that required a certain amount of wear would mean the feet themselves would begin to wear down very quickly, but it seems the horizontal lines were only on the very surface of the plastic - not quite a sprue, but some tiny little filaments that don't separate from the mold cleanly. I believe the feet will be find in the long run.

I was very harsh on the feeling of M1 and M2 when I first touched the Burst Pro, but I can say now that they are not bad, merely different from the usual mouse. The post-travel distance feels longer than it actually is, and although it is definitely longer than the Model O it does not result in a feeling of squishiness or lack of precision. I think this is due to the mouse buttons being narrow, with only enough space for one finger on each. If you are like me and enjoy sometimes moving both your index and middle fingers to M1 in order to click rapidly then you will find that awkward or impossible on the Burst Pro, but this is a small issue that won't come up for most games.
Overall the M1 and M2 optical switches feel responsive and tactile, with most of the "sturdiness" that a traditional mechanical switch gives.

The scroll wheel remains as good as I described it, and the ability to click to the right remains as useless as I described it. I personally really like the high degree of force needed to make it turn by one increment, but since the absolute measurements of force are so small I struggled to quantify why. The best analogy I can make is this: the Model O feels like a racing bike with mountain bike tires, whereas the Burst Pro feels like a mountain bike with racing bike tires. The feeling of moving your fingertip around the wheel is very even, and "handling" it to move is very sturdy.
The side buttons are exquisite. They protrude from the main shell a fair amount (or at least it feels that way), have virtually no travel distance, have no creak, and have absolutely no post-travel distance. The Model O side buttons feel amateurish by comparison: too much pre- and post-travel, creaky, and too shallow against the side of the shell.
Replies: >>235178 >>235179
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1591x2316) Reverse
>Shape and Shell
Very sturdy. No creaking, no bullshit wings hanging off the sides. Nothing except what is necessary. It's very, VERY comfortable for a claw grip, and the symmetrical shape makes it suited to my 1-3-1 weirdo grip. My hands are also quite large for what it's worth (about 7.5 inches from fingertip to the base of my palm) so if your hands are smaller then you may find the mouse to be usable with a palm grip. I think this is pretty unlikely, though - it seems like it's meant to be manipulated with the fingertips and wrist rather than dragged around with the arm and palm.

The shell has practically no coating on the plastic, meaning no matte finish. This does make the mouse feel "cheap" at first touch, but it also means there isn't anything to wipe off from prolonged exposure to body heat. My Model O's matte coating took perhaps two or three months to wear away and now it looks cheaper than anything because it's mismatched.
The sides of the Burst Pro have a "fishscale" texture to them, which seems to be part of the plastic mold and do not wear down. This is aesthetically pleasing but more importantly it helps give my thumb and pinky finger purchase. A small detail, but one which I would definitely feel if it weren't present.

I had heard testimony that the type of plastic used for the shell doesn't absorb/deflect body heat the same way as most mice, leading to sweat buildup on the hands, but I have not noticed this even in my tiny room with the hot air vent blasting throughout January and February.

>Roccat Swarm Software and RGB
One of the more aesthetically pleasing gamer RGB mice I've ever laid eyes on. You aren't bombaded with light from all angles, and the translucent shell atop the honeycomb pattern helps to make it look a little muted and mysterious - especially on low light settings. This is very different from the typical gamer mice which try to blind you if you make the mistake of casting eyes on them.
I should mention that M1 and M2 are an identical pair of black rectangles with some transparency that lets you see the honeycomb light coming from the mouse's center if you have the LED on high. I dimmed it so it wouldn't annoy me late at night, which means the only sources of light are the scrool wheel and the back shell. The mouse doesn't look lopsided or anything, and I imagine you could turn off the RGB entirely and still have something that looked distinctive.

As for the Roccat Swarm software, it's fine. There are stupid anti-features that actually make things worse - like achievements for the number of clicks, or loud announcer voice clips when you change DPI settings - but the important stuff like configuring those DPI settings or adjusting the RGB lighting is there and easily accessible. I found it disappointing to have only 5 DPI settings since there really isn't any physical limit and the Glorious software supports 6 or 7, but I barely ever change DPI so it doesn't affect me.

The biggest issue regarding the mouse's construction is the lack of a DPI LED, meaning there is no visual indication of what DPI setting you are actually on. You must simply know which one you are one, or be able to recognize the difference when you roll around from the highest setting to the lowest. Again, this doesn't affect me since I can obviously tell when the lowest DPI setting comes around and I know I am on the middle slot by default, but if you wanted to adjust between very precise DPI amounts frequently then that would be a pain.

I wanted to despise this mouse when I first touched it, but after the initial period of getting used to it I can safely say it is a good mouse. It may not be the ideal gamer mouse you dreamed of, but this is what peak performance looks like it's definitely worth the price (I got mine for around 40-50 USD if memory serves), though I would be hesitant to pay higher retail prices.

The experience of using this mouse has reminded me that trusting your gut can help you a lot, but there are times when a sober second look is required; nothing beats seeing for yourself if a product is all it's cracked up to be, and there is no substitute for personal experience.
Replies: >>235179 >>235201
[Hide] (42.8KB, 750x750) Reverse
>gets stuck and dies after months of agony
Replies: >>235201
Tell me why I shouldn't but another 8tb hdd.
Not a bad deal, TBH. Though the price/TB for larger drives is the same or a smidge less, so if you can afford it there's no reason not to get drives as big as 20TB.
Replies: >>235194
>incorrect captcha
>only when reporting this shit.
now I know where seagull stands
You'll be paying more for less.
I've found the best deals currently are 8-12TB.
Not to mention other consideration like helium filled disks / wanting to avoid SMR / high platter counts
Replies: >>235195
Really? Sweet spot was pretty firmly stuck at 3-4TB for the better part of a decade, but IMHO that finally seems to have let up a year or so ago and pretty much anything above a few TB is pretty close in price, looking at both PCPP & eBay.
Replies: >>235197
I need help finding a chair to buy. All the padding off my chair has gone flat and i bought a ikea markus which isnt comfortable at all. All i want is something comfy
Replies: >>235218
> Sweet spot was pretty firmly stuck at 3-4TB for the better part of a decade
Well I'm in yurop so prices get worse but for example the best new 4TB i could find was 105, the best new 12TB I could find was 185 and the best non Seagate non enterprise one was 265 which is still a better deal.
Isn't that the Killer Rabbit cave from Monty Pythons' movie?
You shouldn't buy another 8TB HDD, you should buy multiple 8TB HDDs and add them to your ZFS pool.
Replies: >>235209
I bought the iPhone 12 Pro, but iOS doesn’t allow emulation. Get android instead, I made a mistake.
Replies: >>237881
But only if you have at least 100GB RAM, otherwise ZFS will consume all your RAM.
Replies: >>235219 >>235221
[Hide] (10.6MB, 640x360, 02:26)
made the markus alot better by removing the lumbar support. Still a bit uncomfortable
That's just another level of https://www.linuxatemyram.com/ and the 1GB/TB rule you used to see in FreeNAS manuals only applies if you have block deduplication enabled. 16GB is plenty for any pool you would want to run from home, or even 8GB if you're not planning to run recent games on the same machine.
Replies: >>235223 >>235243
It doesn't need that much and actually you really don't want totally unused RAM anyway, the kernel will use it as a page cache anyway and will give it back once something actually needs it.
>16GB is plenty for any pool you would want to run from home
Maybe if you don't run anything besides ZFS on that machine. 16GB is barely enough to open a few chromium tabs with some normal fs like ext4 and a minimalistic DE.
And besides, if you don't need online deduplication, why bother with ZFS at all? btrfs can do it all.
>why bother with ZFS at all? btrfs can do it all.
I don't trust btrfs at all since it had multiple write holes in its past and from one install I did on it, the utilities were horrible. Meanwhile ZFS is well documented and I never really had issues with it.
I don't even know if btrfs actually has ARC and L2ARC
Replies: >>235229 >>235362
>16GB is barely enough to open a few chromium tabs with some normal fs like ext4 and a minimalistic DE.
try using websites other than discord and pornhub lmoa
I use btrfs for my root partition and snapshots have saved my ass a few times but I wouldn't use a multi-device filesystem for anything I couldn't replace with a couple hours of work.
Replies: >>235236
>16GB is barely enough to open a few chromium tabs
What kind of fucking websites are you going on
Replies: >>235236
>16GB is barely enough to open a few chromium tabs
I have 8 GB of RAM and setting up the memory saving feature in Brave to make it freeze every single tab after 5 minutes of inactivity lets me open tens of them. However, I'm not entirely sure whether vanilla Chromium also has this feature or not. Try searching for flags related to it in chrome://flags.
Replies: >>235235
I find that for some reason disabling the stupid rainbow gifs on this site lowers the memory around triplefold
Replies: >>235236
>other than discord and pornhub lmoa
I don't use them. Only been a few times to the latter, and left in about 5 seconds each time. How can people look at, yet alone fap to those landwhales is beyond me.
Mostly whatever doesn't load in pale moon.
It doesn't do that for me, but it sure makes one cpu core spinning at 100% in chrome based browsers. Remove it from inspector, and cpu usage drops to a few percent.
Yeah, I was under the impression ZFS likes moar memery, but that barring extremely low-end configs (e.g.: RPi w/ 2GB RAM and 4 tiny cores) it shouldn't perform significantly worse than a conventional FS when RAM pressure is high in contention with actual apps.
Replies: >>235245 >>235313
I mean it does always appreaciate more RAM but the ARC, which is actually what the in-memory system is, has a percentage wise high water mark it will try to keep and which you can actually regulate if you want to run setups with less RAM.
[Hide] (121.9KB, 1200x624) Reverse
[Hide] (81.8KB, 850x445) Reverse
Gigabyte updates PCB design for the RTX 4080/4090 Gaming GPUs
>The 1.1 revision for RTX 4080/4090 PCBs and new RTX 40 SUPER cards has stronger PCB.
>As mentioned before, some Gigabyte GeForce RTX 30 and 40 graphics card PCBs are susceptible to cracking. This could damage the signal paths and make the GPU unusable. While the problem is not beyond repair, addressing it requires the expertise of professional repair centers, particularly those who brought attention to this issue last year. In other words, such repairs are not cheap.
>The PCB of some RTX 40 cards is susceptible to small cracks, often developing near the PCIe connector when users remove the card from the system or over time in GPUs lacking weight support. Users, whose cards are known for cracking, need to be careful and pay closer attention to prevent this issue.
>It is important to note that this issue was not limited to Gigabyte, as other vendors also faced similar issues. But because of a design choice, Gigabyte cards were among the first to be found to have cracking issues. Moreover, the pictures above are from post-RMA returns where companies have refused to fix the cards, citing user error.
>As per the information provided by a Redditor, the latest revision 1.1 of the RTX 4080 and RTX 4090 Gaming series features a different PCB design around the connector. In contrast to an empty space, Gigabyte has opted to add more substrate in this area, aiming to reduce the likelihood of cracking.
RX6600s have raised in price by $50 in less than 6 months.
RX6700s (non-XT) are rare on the secondary market.

What the hell is going on with the AMD gpu market?
Replies: >>235308 >>235330
graphics card market in general is fucked
I just keep waiting for things to cool down and prices barely change it was nowhere near as bad it was a couple of years ago but they are still way too expensive for what they are
Replies: >>235313
>graphics card market in general is fucked
It doesn't make any sort of sense.
For decades the pattern was:
>New series card is released
>Old cards were dumped
And this is AMD, so the ML bullshit doesn't even really matter.

>it shouldn't perform significantly worse than a conventional FS when RAM pressure is high in contention with actual apps.
It can cause a system lockup if you spawn a bunch of high memory processes faster than the ARC can be cleared out.
16GB of RAM is more than enough for a 64TB pool unless there's TB of random access.

>Maybe if you don't run anything besides ZFS
Just lock your ARC to 1-2GB max.
Replies: >>235331
Christmas sales were used to clear out stock of last gen. The good 6700 XTs are totally gone and 7600 XT wasn't what the GPU market needed. What makes it look awful is the (natural and fair) comparison to the 6700 XT where the launch drivers and launch price have to compete with mature drivers and sale prices of the older card.
>And this is AMD, so the ML bullshit doesn't even really matter.
If all nvidia shit is hoovered up for government and corporate users then everyone else is left fighting over amds which will cause a shortage there too.
Replies: >>235356
[Hide] (20.4MB, 1280x720, 01:24)
Streaming pixels to a $400 FPGA over Ethernet to play PC games with worst-case one frame of display lag. What a time to be alive.
>government and corporate users
Those aren't the same SKUs as gaymurshit, plus for at least the last couple gens I'm pretty sure they use different dice from different fabs.
Replies: >>235359
Nope, everything's run in TSMC's newest node, unless it's a rebrand of a previous gen or Apple bought all the wafer supply for the newest node again. 90% of the generational uplift of new models comes from newer or more mature process nodes so enterprise will always end up competing with consumer/gamer cards for fab space.
Replies: >>235388
I think its your laptop screen that's lagging.
Fuck btrfs. file recovery is impossible.
I'm going back to ext next build
Replies: >>235364
Not my video. That's the dev running his screengrab code on the laptop, which is hooked up to a MiSTer running GroovyMiSTer, which pushes composite A/V to the CRT through a DAC board.
>file recovery is impossible
Maybe don't use raid5 next time.
Replies: >>235367
>running his screengrab code on the laptop, which is hooked up to a MiSTer running GroovyMiSTer, which pushes composite A/V to the CRT through a DAC board
That's the most retarded thing I have ever heard.
Replies: >>235374
>Maybe don't use raid5 next time.
no need when btrfs is a enough of a hot mess
[Hide] (103.3KB, 641x641) Reverse
If it's stupid and it works, it isn't stupid. This is probably one of the better ways to get pixels from a current year computer onto a CRT, the problem of course being you need a $400 devboard that can play games by itself in order to do it.
I've been aware of HDMI-over-twisted-pair boxes since forever, and so far as I'm aware they aren't laggy.

Sure, they're competing for fab space, but they aren't directly competing with us for finished boards or chips. Unless they're chinks/ruskies trying to evade sanctions I guess. Unless there are a TON of normalfags ravenously buying them, or rumors of GPU ponzicoin's death are exaggerated, it's just naked pricegouging.
Replies: >>235390
nvidia side it's pretty clear it's just pricegoughing
they're charging mid range prices for low end cards honestly if it wasn't for the fact that my card is old as shit I would just not buy one at all
I'm left with no option but to find the least shit but decently priced card  by next year
Replies: >>235396
[Hide] (684.9KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Related question: Regarding AI, has the software stabilized enough where FPGA softcores/real ASICs are already taking over for institutional markets, or is the greater flexibility of GPGPU still vital in the foreseeable future?
Replies: >>235398 >>235401
No idea but nvidia would charge the same price regardless until their income actually drops
it makes no real logical sense to buy nvidia if you have a budget now because all their meme features are exclusively for high end cards
Nobody is saying exactly what FAGMAN is doing behind the scenes so GPGPU is going to be the norm for a while.
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1280x720, 00:34)
Are you ready for the next level, anons? Couldn't find those fucking videos for some strange reason.
Replies: >>235669 >>235673
i hate "Gamer" hardware so fucking much, i hate tempered glass cases, I hate LEDs, I want out.
Replies: >>235674
Im suffering badly in my ikea markus even though i modified it and removed the lumbar support. Its such a shitty and uncomy chair.
Replies: >>235723 >>236074
Anyone who uses their PC as a decoration should be executed. I want utilitarian design back.
Replies: >>235682 >>235901
[Hide] (488.4KB, 2560x1810) Reverse
[Hide] (213.2KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
>I want out.
Pic related has no LEDs whatsoever. In fact, it looks worse with them installed.
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1000x1000) Reverse
now that's some actual class
This. Last year when I built a new PC I literally had to go out of my way to find a case that doesn't have a fucking window, but large enough to fit a today's GPU or CPU cooler. It's under the desk, I only see it when I press the power button, it's a pointless idiotry like all those modern UI nonsense.
I think my GPU still has a non-disableable LED, but at least I can't see it, it only illuminates the inside of the closed case, so the electrons won't be afraid in the dark.
>some hipster desk
>keyboard that has arrow keys under the enter key
>monitor with zero bezel, so fragile it breaks if you look too hard at it
>some wooden(?) bullshit on front of the case
No, give me a black box, not this hipster bullshit where "design" >> utility.
Replies: >>235684
[Hide] (47.8KB, 150x199) Reverse
Lusting after that big black case are you anon?
Replies: >>235696 >>235707
[Hide] (266.6KB, 2560x2560) Reverse
I have pic related, took out all the lights with some of its components glued with a glue gun and the only thing that shines is the power button and the code light in the motherboard, pretty nice.
Replies: >>235697
blacked.gov is that way
Replies: >>235709
[Hide] (3.9MB, 2412x1359) Reverse
[Hide] (244.2KB, 640x480) Reverse
simple black cases are the best, the old white ones are fine too but they are too old and now they're yellow. I don't like modern white ones like >>235686 it seems too modern and minimalist. second pic related may be a good modern case.
Are there any decent, non-overpriced AMD CPUs with integrated graphics? 
Also, is DDR5 out of the unofficial early access phase yet?
Replies: >>235709 >>235713
Acid? Is thay you!?
Replies: >>235709
>can't recognize decade old /g/ memes
I guess we really are still getting newfags after all this time.

The 5000 series are the last AMD processors to not have Microsoft's backdoor silicon in them. They still use DDR4 so DDR5 will be a non-issue until you save the money to buy a PowerPC workstation.
>Good modern case
Maybe if its lowpower stuff. Otherwise the cooling looks almost nonexistent on that case and it will struggle with overheating issues.
>Also, is DDR5 out of the unofficial early access phase yet?
I have not heard of any bad things about ddr5 except for the price hike when it started to sell.
>non-overpriced AMD CPUs with integrated graphics
Well, you could wait for the new shit to drop and see how prices go.
Replies: >>235715 >>235735
>5000 series 
Seems to be just a bit cheaper than the 8000 series. Is the performance worth not going for the bigger number?
Honest question. My CPU is a decade old and I haven't been keeping up with stuff.
>Microsoft's backdoor silicon 
The what? 
>I have not heard of any bad things about ddr5 
It's not that bad things will happen, it's that bad things can happen. It's the standard RAM cycle. New tech comes out, manufacturers make a small supply just in case shit breaks, users beta test the expensive new tech, and eventually the tech is good enough to ramp up production and make the price go down. 
>you could wait for the new shit to drop and see how prices go.
Didn't the 8000 series just came out?
[Hide] (469.7KB, 474x632) Reverse
[Hide] (182.1KB, 474x474) Reverse
[Hide] (159.8KB, 474x474) Reverse
I have a corsair 4000D airflow and it's pretty gud.
>mid atx but still large enough to fit the largest 4090 and 7900 xtx on the market
>solid build quality
>God tier airflow thanks to perforated front, bottom and top panels which all come with dust filters
>top one is a magnetic sheet so you literally just have to pick it up to clean it
>front is clipped in and unclips with extreme ease
>bottom is a slide in
>decent cable management
>1 front USB C port
>more than 1 included fan of their cheapo variety (2)
I got it for 80 bucks but I saw it go on sale for cheaper on amazog, they have it in white too and they released 3 newer models since, with the latest being the 7000 though they switched to full tower instead of mid and costs 3 times as much
Oh yeah, you are right, the 8700G is out.
I've been thinking that it might be because of my bad posture? It might simply be that it feels bad to sit this way because im sitting correctly and straight which makes it difficult for me to breathe properly
Replies: >>235731
Nope i was dead wrong. This chair is an utter piece of shit that has fucked up my back now
>Microsoft's backdoor silicon The what? 
Microsoft requires custom shit on the chip to work with their end-to-end copyright protection.

>I have not heard of any bad things about ddr5
Stability decreases as capacity increases, so most of the gains don't carry over into large datasets.
>Microsoft requires custom shit on the chip to work with their end-to-end copyright protection
They're already doing that? I remember hearing the rumors but I thought it was vaporware for investors. 
I think I might get the 5700g, is that one safe?
Replies: >>235745 >>235911
hes talking about  pluton which just happens to also be required for some modern games that are multiplayer  which is just a way  to secure your bios from bad actors and for online games to hardware ban you if you're found cheating
unless you buy a old cpu with bad performance you cannot just avoid it and even then there's backdoors on all cpus you can possibly buy unless you buy a 1970s terminal computer
Replies: >>235748 >>235905
>hes talking about  pluton 
That's bad enough by itself though, specially since I want to run a linux machine. At best it's useless as it's only intended to work if you have a windows base OS, and at worst there are rumors it might be secure boot 2.0 when it comes to linux. 
>and even then there's backdoors on all cpus 
Sure, but I'd rather a CPU with ebola over one with ebolaids. Lesser of two evils and all that.
Sorry, I have a tendency of living under a rock.
[Hide] (364.5KB, 2656x1494) Reverse
Why shouldn't your machine be pretty? Just because gaymur cases tend toward the impractical (e.g.: glass windows), shouldn't distract from the fact the most professional cases have been among the most flamboyant.

<Microsoft's backdoor silicon
<The what? 
Ignore it, just an autistic meme among delusional LARPers.

All you need to know is Pluton as it exists on PCs is no more nor less invasive and dangerous than IME & PSP already have been in essentially every CPU sold from the '00s. Also, the idea M$ is going to take over everything with Pluton is dumb, since Intel has almost completely ignored it in favor of vPro, and AMD is its main user for the simple reason M$ codeveloped Pluton with AMD based off PSP.

>Microsoft requires custom shit on the chip to work with their end-to-end copyright protection
False. TPM 2.0 is a neutral industry standard dating back to ancient PCs from 2013, which can also be faked in a hypervisor. M$ also witholds Windows 11 "official support" from some older CPUs that meet all their explicit technical requirements (including TPM 2.0) for arbitrary nonreasons, which will still run but with a spoopy warning that you can't get tech support and (this has yet to occur for anything capable of installing Windows 11 unofficially in 2021) updates compatible with your system may cease at any time, in terms of Ryzen CPUs everything from 3000 series is officially supported by Windows 11.
Oh, also

>PowerPC workstation.
You mean POWER, PPC only makes cheezy embedded cores now. And anyway, bad news on that front:
So I guess after POWER9 it's RISC-V or bust.

>pluton which just happens to also be required for some modern games that are multiplayer
Again, that's not Pluton (which nothing requires), but TPM 2.0.
Replies: >>235908
>it's tpm 2.0 not windows 11 and pluton
Replies: >>235966
Pluton shouldn't be required for anything that isn't part of microshaft's cloud infrastructure, yet. The big scary thing about Pluton is that MS refuses to elaborate on what it actually does and implies they can remotely update it to steal from you in new and exciting ways. Matthew Garret (the kernelfag who wrote a module for Linux to talk to the half of it that pretends to be a TPM) claims that, like the PSP and unlike Intel's gestapoware, Pluton can't actually do anything unless something in ring 0 or lower (like the motherboard, or the PSP firmware, or Windows) uploads the blob for it and turns it on, and that it's too slow at crypto to be able to fuck with userspace in any meaningful way. On the other hand, Garret gets paid by Red Hat and it doesn't have anywhere near the research record that the PSP does to confirm it can't do anything bad without the help of other malware. Draw your own conclusions.
Replies: >>235966
Pluton on PCs is just one among many TPM 2.0 implementations, singling it out as especially whatever is braindead.

>MS refuses to elaborate on what it actually does
Just like literally every other in-CPU buttnet core, 100% of our knowledge about any of them comes from reverse-engineering.
>and implies they can remotely update it to steal from you in new and exciting ways
No, that's what M$ says about Pluton on other platforms such as their Azure datacenter servers or XBOnerX. Pluton does not use those features on any PC to date.
>Matthew Garret [...] claims that
Note this also lines up with both public statements from M$, and backchannel conversations with M$ engineers published by independent IEEE researchers. 
>the half of it that pretends to be a TPM
Which is litarally the only part that does anything on existing PC implementations of Pluton
>doesn't have anywhere near the research record that the PSP does
Just like every other security core as new as it, such as the latest IME.
Replies: >>235983
>it seems too modern and minimalist
I bought it because I could slap a lot of ssd/hdd in her, option to add 5.25 Drives and there is enough room for water cooling if I ever want to.
Replies: >>235978
[Hide] (480.3KB, 1000x1000) Reverse
from a utilitarian standpoint it can be pretty good, but the design is not my thing. There are ones way worse, tho. picrel for example is directly for subhumans
Replies: >>235985
>Just like literally every other in-CPU buttnet core, 100% of our knowledge about any of them comes from reverse-engineering.
Last I checked ayymd was actually the least secretive vendor about what their spy chip does. It loads AGESA from flash, does DRAM/chipset init, checks firmware signatures for everything else on the board if the right flags are set, then resets the rest of the CPU and pretends to be a TPM until x86 code invokes it. By comparison the MS description of Pluton is pure PHB-speak.
>Pluton does not use those features on any PC to date.
Please show the reverse engineering papers proving that to be the case.
>the only part that does anything on existing PC implementations of Pluton
Please show the reverse engineering papers proving that to be the case.
>the latest IME
Why would they need a new one when the design they have does everything a jew would want with no help from x86 code? Has anyone taken the hood off to see what's new about it or did me_cleaner just stop working and nobody's bothered to find out why?

I'm not saying Pluton actually is all the schizos claim it is, just that you should always assume bad faith when MS is involved and there isn't enough information in the open to give the impression of safety. At any rate it's immaterial while AM4 is still available in the wild since 5000 is plenty fast.
Replies: >>236306
[Hide] (49.4KB, 1280x960) Reverse
>from a utilitarian standpoint it can be pretty good
It is pretty good, but I wish it had a better base instead of that wierd L shape they were going for and the front air intake is fucking retarded.
Thought I wish I found pic related first, since it looks really nice.
Replies: >>235991 >>235996
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1280x720) Reverse
that one looks good, but looking closely at the picture, i would not buy it, because those removable slots at the front looks like they are going to get full of dust with those tiny holes.
Replies: >>236094
[Hide] (88.7KB, 1128x1500) Reverse
This is my PC case. It's good.
Replies: >>236028
[Hide] (895KB, 1900x1343) Reverse
I have the same one. The power button sucks though so I mostly wake it up over LAN. Also can't speak to how good the cooling is but it's probably not great.
Replies: >>236118
On the subject of pc cases, anyone here using the fractal pop air? Does it have the clearence for 170mm coolers and big GPUs?
Replies: >>236042
>GPU max length
>405 mm with front fan mounted
>CPU cooler max height
>170 mm
Replies: >>236089
[Hide] (275.4KB, 1100x1100) Reverse
I've been sitting in computer chairs for over a decade at this point and i only just found out what this thing does. It makes it harder or easier to tilt your chair
Replies: >>236071
That's not a computer chair you fucking homo, stop sitting on it.
Replies: >>236072
[Hide] (86.5KB, 683x958) Reverse
[Hide] (82.3KB, 600x600) Reverse
[Hide] (70.5KB, 523x725) Reverse
[Hide] (71.2KB, 524x726) Reverse
Got another Ikea chair MILLBERGET. Its decent simply because its leather. You cant lock using the tilt so if you want the chair to lean backwards you have to press your feet against the ground. You can loosen the tilt but you still need to press with your feet to tilt it and you cant lock the tilt in a position. You can only lock the chair when its in a default position. I did however managed to make it alot more comfortable by loosening up the tilt-knob to the maximum so that the chair isnt completely stiff in the locked position. When i did that theres this sort of fluff/comfy feeling on my back versus the hard incredibly stiff feeling it was originally set to. So even in the default non-tilted position the knob that makes tilting easier makes the chair softer feeling
Replies: >>236075
[Hide] (10.3KB, 235x249) Reverse
Woah cool, you can put a bell on it and adjust the volume.
Replies: >>236076
>buy 10 chairs
>do not put arms or backs on
>infinite  mass
I know what the specs say, I was just asking if anyone has used it before and what it's like.
[Hide] (130.1KB, 314x365) Reverse
>those removable slots at the front looks like they are going to get full of dust with those tiny holes
[Hide] (596KB, 900x1200) Reverse
[Hide] (14.7MB, 4048x3036) Reverse
[Hide] (4.5MB, 2048x1666) Reverse
Why can't we have this look back?
short answer: jews
long answer: White and beige got a bad rap after being the boring safe colors for offices for 50 years, they show dust and dirt much faster than black monolith cases with all those filigrees, and white plastic tends to yellow while also being more expensive because you can't use as much recycled filler. There are still plenty of white PC cases on the market at least.
[Hide] (364.8KB, 1140x1500) Reverse
Unless graphics cards and processors somehow magically can work off just being purely cooled without having fans
it's unlikely for it to ever come back
unless you meant the color  which then people  genuinely just do not care for that look when it comes to a home pc in this day

personally I feel like we should move to cubes
Replies: >>236103
[Hide] (24.3KB, 400x277) Reverse
PCs back then were so fucking cool with that square CRT monitors and the white keyboard and the white case
Replies: >>236113
>Unless graphics cards and processors somehow magically can work off just being purely cooled without having fans
It is possible to pull air from below the case and exhaust to the top and back.
Replies: >>236128
Is 32GP750-B still considered good for ~290? I need 32 inch and at least 1440p 120hz.
Replies: >>236110
I can't find anything definitive review-wise on it, but IPS with those timings should be at least usable. According to le reddit, it's only marginally worse than the 850 with is $100 more. $290 seems absurd to me for a "budget" monitor but then again I'm a cheap bastard and I sit way too close to my monitor anyway.
This, why can't we have beige cases anymore?
Well, you could make your own PC case.
why the hell i can't have a 4:3 monitor? I want a 4:3 monitor...
Nowadays all TVs and screens are flat...
Replies: >>236118
intake fans and removable air filter  in the front. exhaust fans in the back. power supply isolation on the bottom.
What more can you ask for?

The power button is a button that clicks.
I cant imagine someone having trouble with this. are you like a super mega ultra retard? or like one of those mutants with clubs for hands? big retard hotdog fingers?

you can buy 4:3 monitors for relatively cheap. i buy them at my company for use with dual monitors. they just dont come in large sizes. 19-21 is the biggest i see.
Beige with faux wood panels.
Those fractal cases are close, but not exact.
Replies: >>236254
That would just require the case to be raised more then most are currently. Might look weird but I think it could be doable.
[Hide] (239KB, 500x500) Reverse
>Beige with good airflow
Yes please, kind sir.
[Hide] (699.5KB, 2399x1349) Reverse
[Hide] (51.4KB, 639x463) Reverse
[Hide] (74.7KB, 560x850) Reverse
>the least secretive
About AMD's closed-source, not even 3rd-party auditors are given access, security-through-obscurity core and its firmware? Meaning NONE of AMD's statements are verifiable until RE has been carried out? That's an EXTREMELY low bar.
>the rest of the CPU
Reminder PSP is an entire discrete embedded computer, with its own CPU (ARM Cortex A5,) RAM, storage, & IO. Which makes sense, given it's directly based off ARM's similar TZ.
>By comparison the MS description of Pluton is pure PHB-speak
Pluton, being codeveloped with AMD, is directly based off PSP. Speaking of TZ, if you want to see some really heinous shit, look no further than ARM, especially on Android phones, which openly and publicly implements everything the schizos baselessly accuse Pluton on PC of and more: Remote chain of attestation for signed apps, DRM & tracking below ring 0, updates fetched over WAN without the OS's involvement, etc.
Well, the first of those two statements of mine was in reply to confusion of M$'s statements about the features of Pluton on non-PC platforms as applying to the features of Pluton on PCs. As for the second, like I've repeatedly emphasized, the same is true of every alternative to Pluton, all of which are complete black boxes.
>Why would they need a new one
1) To get PCs closer to what Google/Apple are doing. 2) Arms race against RE.
>did me_cleaner just stop working
The main dev abandoned it in 2018, forks haven't gotten much further, and alternatives haven't either. At least the HAP bit can be flipped in the latest gens, allowing boot without IME functional, but that removes some features it's responsible for like power saving C-states. AMD is certainly superior in this regard since starting with Zen they allow PSP/Pluton to be cleanly disabled (per AMD's definition FWIW) in UEFI on some mobos, which Intel does not.
>you should always assume bad faith when MS is involved
Compared to AMD, Acorn, or freaking Intel!? No, you should not.

Because beige boxes are hideously fugly, and always were, even when first forced down everybody's throats in the '80s to shave margins as thin as possible. If you want to be a nostalgic hipster faggot, why not point to old stuff that at least had some sense of style, like woodgrain?
Replies: >>236317 >>236319
>beige boxes are hideously fugly
What you posted is even uglier.
Replies: >>236319
[Hide] (2.1MB, 2000x1125) Reverse
Depends if your room is colored coordinated.
>Reminder PSP is an entire discrete embedded computer, with its own CPU (ARM Cortex A5,) RAM, storage, & IO. Which makes sense, given it's directly based off ARM's similar TZ.
RISC-V computers when?
Replies: >>236339
[Hide] (478.2KB, 1920x1079) Reverse
LOL, ironically in light of what you quoted, right now I guess. Maybe it runs MINIX?
Can I put monitor arms on this table anon?
Replies: >>236352
[Hide] (326KB, 1230x1600) Reverse
I have no idea since I never used a monitor arm since my monitor stand allows me to adjust the height

I would imagine the table wouldn't be flat anymore
Replies: >>236368
Are monitor arms a good thing to have?
I'm curious about using them
Replies: >>236373 >>236407
[Hide] (26.7KB, 1139x797) Reverse
<Can use vertical orientation
<Easily reconfigure layout
<Free up space on desk
<Easier to put monitor at ergonomically proper height (picrel)
<Great for multimonitor
>Weight limit
>Can be hard to find VESA brackets for some monitors
>top of screen at or slightly below eye level
Disinfo alert. Go for center screen at eye level at least. I started setting mine up with bottom aligned to eye level years ago when I had back pain. Top aligned means reading text at the bottom your screen will tend to cause you to tilt your head downwards, but bottom aligned will mostly just let you move your eyes around with your head slightly tilted up, which is much better.
Replies: >>236383
[Hide] (52.6KB, 979x575) Reverse
>bottom aligned to eye level
LOL. Uh, I'm sure we can agree the typical laptop screen level (even resting on most desks) of "below chest level" is bad, at least.
Replies: >>236513
I don't think I ever sit like that in my life.
elbow floating midair like that will wreck your shoulders
Replies: >>236405
But will it wreck your exoskeleton?
I have one. theyre relatively cheap. It's best for when i recline in my chair and want the monitor to be facing me directly at the perfect height/distance. nomatter where i put my head.
Replies: >>236513
Is there a buying guide?
So that’s why I’ve always preferred lower chairs
Replies: >>236529
[Hide] (38.4KB, 1100x1100) Reverse
[Hide] (68.5KB, 1100x1100) Reverse
[Hide] (99.4KB, 1500x1466) Reverse
[Hide] (24.4KB, 600x600) Reverse
well, not that i'm aware of. But i can give you some suggestions. Ergotron makes a good quality one that is pretty overpriced, but solid. they've been making these a long time.
There are some that are a quarter the price and still good.

There are main things to pay attention to when buying one. First is your monitor size/weight. look it up. You dont want anything too heavy or too light. if its rated for a lighter monitor, the arm will droop over time. If it's too heavy you might push down the monitor and it might hit maximum height. they have an adjustment for the gas spring to get it just right, but will tell you the range of that gas spring when buying it. you want your monitor to be in that range.  Size doesnt matter since its just a VESA mount, thats for stupid people. weight is all that matters.

The next thing to pay attention to is if its a grommet or a bracket. This will depend on how much room is behind your desk, if any. many come with both. If using the C-clamp type (bracket) then youll want to put a piece of wood in the back to give your desk extra support, rather than a 2" metal disk flexing back and forth directly on your desk. if you put a piece of wood in between, it will be a larger piece of your desk it is biting onto, causing less damage over time.

The grommet is a good option but you may have to drill into the desk to get it exactly where you want. the monitor doesnt center on the base of the arm, it usually centers slightly next to it so youll want to line that up prior. the stand will slightly move over time so something like a metal sleeve in the hole would protect the desk. this is optional though. just make sure its very tightly installed. the thicker the desk the better. the hole only has to be ask wide as the screw that goes through it.

Lastly, pay attention to the length of both top and bottom and how adjustible. some have the bottom part swivel only, but locked, some you have to loosen a screw to change height of the back piece, then the other parts are ajustible. i set mine up so if my arm is fully collapsed and pushed back it is centered on my wall. then i can pull it forward to be right in my face. and then forward and down if i recline.

I put a clear rubber furniture foot on my wall to prevent the arm from hitting my wall and leaving a mark.

You can get a good one for $25-50 but just make sure you know what positions you want it to be able to maintain, and make sure you install it to a spot that can hit those.  I move mine every time i shift my sitting position so its always aimed directly at me.
Replies: >>236635
[Hide] (979KB, 1731x2095) Reverse
AMD pauses Radeon RX 7600 XT launch in China, cracks down on RX 6750 GRE sales below MSRP
>It is reported that in the recent enforcement, if AMD discovers online selling prices of RX 6750 GRE below the minimum price, they will directly approach brand manufacturers and distributors, imposing certain penalties.
>Specifically, for the first, second, and third instances, a fine of 500 yuan per card will be imposed. If a fourth instance is identified, a fine of 1000 yuan will be applied, and AIB brand manufacturers will be required to halt sales directly.
>It must be noted that AMD places significant importance on the special edition RX 6750 GRE for the Chinese market, to the extent that they have prevented the newly released RX 7600 XT from entering the Chinese market, all in a bid to safeguard their market position.
Not all RTX 40-series Super GPUs use the new 12V-2x6 connector — new images of 16-pin "H++" power connector emerge
>Алексей on X (formally Twitter) published two images of the PCIe 5.0 16-pin power connector in both flavors, 12VHPWR and 12V-2x6. The new images reveal that both connectors feature different identification marks directly on the connector itself, giving owners of the best graphics cards a clear way to identify which variant of the highly controversial 16-pin connector they have. The 12VHPWR features the H+ identification while the 12V-2x6 features the H++ identification.
>None of this is new information, but the X poster also revealed that not all of Nvidia's new RTX 40-series Super graphics cards are sporting the revised 12V-2x6 connector. Some AIC (Add-in-Card) partners are still using the original 12VHPWR on their RTX 4070 Super, 4070 Ti Super, and 4080 Super graphics cards. The images Алексей showed off (including the one with the 12VHPWR connector) are from RTX 40-series Super graphics cards.
>This news will inevitably cause a stir among the PC gaming community. The 12VHPWR connector was responsible for killing most (if not all) of the RTX 4090s last year. The connector has proven to be extremely sensitive to any unusual environmental stress, including aggressive cable bending, improper cable insertions, and even sensitivity to lackluster build quality in certain cables. This is especially true of Nvidia's 16-pin adapters which have been found to not be of the best quality.
>The 12V-2x6 connector is the successor to the 12VHPWR power connector and was quickly rolled out after the RTX 4090 meltdown catastrophe started in 2023. The new connector received several modifications to boost its durability and a minor power boost from 600W to 675W. The biggest change of the revised connector is its 16 connecting pins which have been trimmed down and been made more conductive compared to its predecessor. Hardware Busters found that these two changes alone significantly improved the 12V-2x6's thermal operation, which should make the connector virtually immune to any sort of melting.
There are increased reports of crashing in Unreal Engine games, etc. and Epic is blaming Intel chips
>That's according to RAD, a division of Epic Games, which develops the Bink video codec and Oodle data compression tech used in hundreds of games on the market. It points the finger directly at Intel, too: "We believe that this is a hardware problem which affects primarily Intel 13900K and 14900K processors, less likely 13700, 14700 and other related processors as well."  
>If your gaming PC has crashed, giving an 'out of video memory' GPU message, and the system sports a Core i9 13th or 14th Gen processor, such as the Core i9 14900K, then the problem is possibly being caused by the CPU (despite the nature of the error). Certain i7 models, typically the unlocked K-versions, are also reportedly experiencing the problem, though to a lesser extent.
Replies: >>236538
>RAD, a division of Epic Games
Horrifying how much consolidation is going on in the industry, even with middleware tools that were relied on specifically for their longstanding vendor neutrality.
[Hide] (64.7KB, 512x512) Reverse
Thanks anon, 25-50 USD sounds pretty good. Are there any brands I should avoid?
Replies: >>236639 >>236646
Most of them appear to be the same few rebrands of whatever chinese company is making them.
The one i have is "Loctek" and I cant even find them anymore but it looks nearly identical to the $30 hunhao ones. I think these types of devices have become cheaper to produce. I paid around $80 for mine and that was maybe 3-4 years ago.
Replies: >>236644
[Hide] (148.6KB, 2000x2000) Reverse
[Hide] (76.6KB, 1280x1280) Reverse
Another option is the primitive designs that don't rely on springs or gas pistons, they're stronger and more durable, but not as convenient to readjust.
I haven't found any good brands on that shit, I guess you could investigate if the company is 100% burger or 100% yupoor or something and everything is made locally.
Replies: >>236651
ergotron has been making them for decades. but theyre expensive and honestly just as good as the cheap chinese one i have. I have an ergotron at my job. i think it looks nicer, but that's about it. I think they start around $150-200
[Hide] (357.7KB, 1024x747) Reverse
First Framework Laptop 16 shipments and a $499 Framework Laptop
How much of a bad idea is having only one stick of 8GB of ram in a laptop? I'm just going to use it to write and shitpost.
Single modern™ website probably uses 8GB of memory.
is very good, you can install some lightweight linux and it should work well.
[Hide] (779KB, 1479x1215) Reverse
Does anyone have any experience with throat mics? I was thinking of getting one instead of a desk mic.
[Hide] (27.5MB, 640x320, 12:16)
>costs 200€
>not even a real joystick but an 8 direction piece of shit
I'd rather see some joystick (with standardized buttons) + mouse combo support in games.
This lame shit just makes things worse instead of better.
I don't speak drunkard, what is this thing for aside from wasting money?
Replies: >>236738
It's an overpriced keypad on an 8 direction "joystick" that maps to wasd.
Replies: >>236739
So its just another form of those shitty gamer pads with half a keyboard worth of keys.
Replies: >>236740
>half a keyboard worth of keys.
Did you even look at it? How that half a keyboard?
It has 10 keys. 14 if you consider d-pad stick.
Even my 80% keyboard has 87 keys.
Replies: >>236966
[Hide] (98.9KB, 590x700) Reverse
I like how the german review is just a video of the guy tinkering with it.
Krauts really are the Darcsens of reality
Replies: >>236744
this is just redundant and retarded   
just optimize your keybinds before making a over engineered shitty  keyboard with only 14 keys that's not as functional
you can hit 4 keys using just your thumb so you don't even have to move your hands off movement
Video is from the German company that sell these. It's not a third party review but an ad.
Replies: >>236800
[Hide] (14.1MB, 640x360, 04:44)
Still, the fact that they think tinkering with something is the best way to sell it is very german.
Replies: >>236817
this might be the best MMD ever made
[Hide] (27.7KB, 600x600) Reverse
Is there a smarthphone that is  Command Line only?
Replies: >>236855
Yeah give me $10,000 and I will send it to you.
[Hide] (666.6KB, 1324x1056) Reverse
[Hide] (331.3KB, 1122x2588) Reverse
Replies: >>236930 >>236971
It's not April 1 yet.
Replies: >>236933
[Hide] (4.1MB, 1920x1080, 00:15)
Everyday is first of april.
Replies: >>236971
[Hide] (56.6KB, 224x224) Reverse
Reading comprehension, nigger. I'm comparing it to this kind of shit
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1280x720) Reverse
>play PoE
>vomit every 5 minutes
famework is shit. bad battery life which is all that matters in laptop.
How bad is the battery life for the framework 13?
Must be better than my current one which lasts less than 30 minutes.
Spoiler File
(81.4KB, 1280x720) Reverse
I want to upgrade my PS5 joysticks, any recommendations?
Replies: >>237405
>any recommendations?
Kill yourself for supporting Sony post-California.
Replies: >>237511
[Hide] (22.2KB, 424x302) Reverse
[Hide] (27.7KB, 424x350) Reverse
[Hide] (26.6KB, 541x384) Reverse
Maybe for gaming, but for general use the framework laptops are in the 10 hour range. The trend of most gaming laptops, or laptops with dedicated GPUs, are that they will have shit 1-4 hour battery life with heavy use of the GPU.
AMD officially lowers the price of Radeon RX 7700 XT to $419
HDMI Forum 'blocks AMD open sourcing its 2.1 drivers'
>AMD says it has improved its FOSS display drivers for Linux, though the organization that controls the HDMI standard won't let it release them.
>As spotted by Linux benchmarking outfit Phoronix, AMD is having problems releasing certain versions of open-source drivers it's developed for its GPUs – because, according to the Ryzen processor designer, the HDMI Forum won't allow the code to be released as open source. Specifically, we're talking about AMD's FOSS drivers for HDMI 2.1 here.
>For some years, AMD GPU customers running Linux have faced difficulties getting high-definition, high-refresh-rate displays connected over HMDI 2.1 to work correctly. Some posts, such as this one about a 4K display at 120Hz, or this bug report about a 5K display at 240Hz, show that it's a long-standing problem:
>The issue isn't missing drivers: AMD has already developed them under its GPU Open initiative. As AMD developer Alex Deucher put it in two different comments on the Freedesktop.org forum:
>HDMI 2.1 is not available on Linux due to the HDMI Forum.
>The HDMI Forum does not currently allow an open source HDMI 2.1 implementation.
>HDMI cables are complicated things, including copyright-enforcing measures called High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) – although some of those were cracked way back in 2010. As we reported when it came out, you needed new cables to get the best out of HDMI 2.1. Since then, that edition was supplemented by version 2.1b in August 2023 – so now, you may need even newer ones.
I guess I will just buy a new controller. :^)
Replies: >>237518 >>237603
that's still too pricy to make sense considering $80 more gets you a 7800xt
Replies: >>237519 >>237520
Don't forget about the 6000 series, it looks like AMD gpus are competing with themselves.
I don't get what all the bitching about a lack of AMD drivers was about back in the day. Current AMD GPU's run way better than Nvidia and are actually supported by the company. Instead of just hoping you'll consoom and buy the next big $1000 graphics card.
[Hide] (182.3KB, 1138x593) Reverse
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Nvidia’s free-tier GeForce Now will soon show ads while you’re waiting to play
>Nvidia’s completely free, no-strings attached trial of its cloud gaming service GeForce Now is about to be very slightly less of a deal — on Wednesday February 28th, Nvidia tells The Verge, users will start seeing ads.
>They’re only for the free tier — not Priority or Ultimate — and even then, it sounds like they won’t interrupt your gameplay. “Free users will start to see up to two minutes of ads while waiting in queue to start a gaming session,” writes Nvidia spokesperson Stephanie Ngo.
>Currently, the free tier does often involve waiting in line for a remote computer to free up before every hour of free gameplay — now, I guess there’ll be a few ads too. Nvidia says the ads should help pay for the free tier of service, and that it expects the change “will reduce average wait times for free users over time.”
>My problem with GeForce Now’s free tier has never been its queues, but rather that it’s by far the least impressive version of the company’s service and doesn’t show what cloud gaming is truly capable of. For that, you really need to try GeForce Now Ultimate, which gives you the power of an RTX 4080 in the cloud, greatly reduced latency, and now G-Sync monitor support. But it currently still costs $20 a month, with no free trial.
>I don’t see Nvidia’s promised $7.99 day pass yet, which would make for a better trial, and I’m asking Nvidia about that.
>The company plans to send out emails tomorrow to all free-tier users tomorrow, February 27th, to let them know about the ads.
>In October, Nvidia raised the price of GeForce Now in countries other than the US. Nvidia said the hikes “account for increased operational costs” in the countries where they rolled out. Many streaming services have had price hikes and introduced ad-supported tiers in recent months.
They're going in the footsteps of stadia?
>own-nothing-as-a-service models are dogshit
The only fun this could provide is by finding exploits to fuck with their hardware, like finding games with an ingame screenshot function and taking a trillion screenshots until it fills all their harddrives.
Does the HDMI forum fuckery apply to using displayport?
Replies: >>237608 >>237614
I think it doesn't apply to displayport.
Displayport is an open standard.
Displayport doesn't require silly hacks to enable neat features like freesync.
Displayport cables are fully compatible between versions.
Displayport supports higher resolution and higher framerates sooner than HDMI implementations.

HDMI is for niggers.
Replies: >>238155 >>238772
>Zowie wired mice price drop from $60 to $45
Replies: >>237882
I hope you sent it back, nigger.
My gaymen mouse has a middle button that isn't working properly anymore. I bought it less than two years ago. I hope warranty will fix it.
It's a Roccat Burst core. It has le epic optical swtiches but only for left and right mouse button and here I am with a fucked middle mouse button.
Replies: >>237887
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could always be worse could be a logitech gaming where they use shitty chinese switches since they refuse to update it and the switches and the scroll wheel fail at practically the same speed
honestly it's disgusting logitech isn't getting sued over this when it's well known 

I bet wireless mice aren't even going to get cheaper in a couple of years because they can get away with charging premium and will  just keep charging 40-70$ for wired mice
Replies: >>237889 >>237891
EU should make regulation to use longer lasting switches for all buttons. I don't even know of any mouse where they use optical-mechanical switches for the middle mouse button. These niggers all cheap out.
My mouse only has 6 buttons. Or they could use light to determine whether a button is down or not and have a spring hold the button. The fuck do I care about energy consumption. I just want my mice to last.
Replies: >>237890
the worst part about this is it's pretty much exclusively to mice  this isn't a problem on keyboards my last keyboard I used for almost a entire decade 
if they gave a fuck about the eco system they would make sure that they wouldn't produce ewaste
Replies: >>237891
[Hide] (247.5KB, 600x428, 00:21)
Thank you for consoling me. You're a true friend.
Now the mouse button randomly works again. I wonder for how long though.
Replies: >>238064
Try spraying the inside of the switch with contact cleaner. Deoxit is considered the best but CRC is much cheaper and you can get it in a huge can that'll last you forever.
Replies: >>238089
And now it doesn't work again.
Maybe but I don't have that and it seems like a temporary thing.
I'm looking into fixing it permanently.
Replies: >>238091
Replace the switch. Issues like that are caused by deformation of the switch mechanism or godawful disposable carbon film switches that accumulate crap and shit themselves from normal use. Sometimes it's just a cold solder joint, but usually it's one of the first two things. You can still keep a microswitch going for a long time by flooding the crap out of the working surfaces with contact cleaner. Just buy a can, shit's great and works on everything from switches to flaky cables to RAM sticks.
Replies: >>238095
Maybe. I'll see what I can get locally.
Replies: >>238117
As long as you don't live in a shithole like canazuela you should be able to get contact cleaner at the hardware store, just make sure it's labeled plastic safe.
Replies: >>238120
I live in Germoney. Costs fucking 10€. My entire mouse was just 23€ with shipping.
There's also some for five euro but they don't claim to be for delicate electronics.
None of them are labeled plastic safe.
>HDMI is for niggers.
I wish monitor manufacturers would put more DisplayPort input instead of HDMI on their monitors. I bet the HDMI forum bribes them to do it.
Replies: >>238156
I think most monitors support display port. That what I used for my past two monitors. Really it's the GPUs that need more DP ports, you only need one HDMI for a TV connection and the rest should be DP.
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Let's say I try soldering where do i get this piece of shit switch? Neither roccat nor the seller want to give me one.
Replies: >>238233
That is a tactile switch.
Probably 4mm footprint, 5mm height.
Go on ali and start looking at pictures to match it.
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>buy 2-arm monitor stand
>grip on some of the tiny finger-screws is so shit because they're so slick that i can't get 'em back out to re-adjust my monitors
any recommended tools?
Buy a fitting screw driver.
Replies: >>238332
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[Hide] (2.9MB, 2000x2000) Reverse
How about one of these?
Replies: >>238321
1 might help if the screw stands out already
2 just no
If he can't get it out, his only option is to drill it.
[Hide] (16.8KB, 474x162) Reverse
Oh he means these. Yes use pliers.
yeah fair point, i looked at one screw and it didn't have any holes, then realized you're not supposed to mess with it and instead mess with the other side which DOES have a hole that none of the supplied allen wrenches fit
this could work though, thanks
R.I.P viper mini  middle click 2 years of use
fuck razer
Replies: >>238516
lol lasts longer than a logitech.
get optical switches
Mole wrench or pipe wrench?
Replies: >>238517
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would but I'd rather a new mouse because I'm lazy and it was only $20 to buy the razer
of course I'm not buying razer again
Replies: >>238518
[Hide] (171.1KB, 441x375) Reverse
Replies: >>238520
I had a mm710 before it was nice before it started double clicking but it was a bit too short for my liking but I'd rather try out zowie this time since all my old friends in cs recommended me one and they honestly have more hours on a single mouse than I do in cs despite me not being that much of a counter strike guy 
I don't honestly have much criteria for a mouse other than being big enough for my hand to feel comfortable and being durable and not having a terrible cable

I made the mistake of buying razer twice hoping things would change and while it didn't break as soon as it did before it's honestly not much better than they were a decade ago
Replies: >>238523
Please do, I'm curious if those really are as ergonomic and good as they say.
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I really wanted to play Sonic and have some fun, but playing the first game I got very tired of playing retro games with long response times and a complete lack of motion clarity, as well as dealing with CRT shaders. What is the absolute best possible way of connecting a modern computer to a CRT monitor/TV on a budget? From what I've checked, my options are as follows:
>buy a VGA to DisplayPort converter
>buy a MiSTer
>buy an old ATI card and plug it in as a second GPU, then configure it with the CRT Emudriver (annoying and expensive, since I would need a new motherboard and power supply for that)
>buy a used 980 Ti or a used Titan X, and replace my old 1060 with it
I live in the PAL region, so most of our CRTs have only one SCART or VGA input.
Replies: >>238639 >>239350
>I really wanted to play Sonic and have some fun, but...
>I live in the PAL region
I think playing the game at 50HZ is the source of your issue, have you tried emulating the NA or JP versions to doublecheck?
Replies: >>238692
Fucking nigger.
I don't emulate PAL games unless they have a romhack that converts them into NTSC ROMs (like Sonic CD) or if the NTSC-U/J version is inferior. The problem is that Sonic games were designed with CRT monitors in mind, not LCD. The gameplay in the mainline Sonic games is way too fast-paced to possibly look any decent on an LCD screen, and even modern games like Pizza Tower share the exact same problem. I've tried RetroArch's Black Frame Insertion mode, and while it helps a lot, it very quickly pushes my monitor past it's limits, and a single frame from the game ends up being burned into the screen after 10-15 minutes of gameplay, which scares the living shit out of me. Fortunately, the burnt-out frame disappears after about 30 minutes, but needless to say, I will never play around with software-based BFI modes again.
>a single frame from the game ends up being burned into the screen
That's a problem that I think only effects IPS panels. I had a similar issue when I was playing a PS2 game on my monitor once, the flickering from the deinterlacing burned in for a bit.
Replies: >>238747
You mean OLED. I've never seen burn in on IPS
Replies: >>238760 >>238761
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From what I've been able to find, what has happened to our screens seems to be most commonly referred to as "image retention" and is the equivalent of LCD and plasma screen burn-in, but unlike the latter, its effects seem to be temporary (most of the time).
Replies: >>238763
No I mean IPS. It does weird shit when there is too much flickering.
Replies: >>238767
[Hide] (24.3KB, 295x295) Reverse
I've never seen permanent image retention on an LCD outside of commercial settings, like airport monitors or a hotel TV that plays cable news 24/7. At most I've seen temporary image retention only on really cheap TVs stuck on the Windows Media Center menu overnight.
Replies: >>238767
Tomorrow I will test RetroArch's BFI mode again, but this time on my old TN panel to see if it can be used on it.
Me neither, which is why I got very surprised at first when I saw it on my display. Though, thankfully it wasn't permanent.
Does HDMI still have that retarded encryption for DRM still?
Replies: >>238779 >>238792
Yes and I'm pretty sure DisplayPort does too, but support for the DP version is much less common. Doesn't matter when HDMI splitters that strip HDCP for "compatibility" reasons are cheap as shit on amazon.
Replies: >>238781
Don't those only support a lower version of HDMI?
Replies: >>238783
>On 4 November 2015, Chinese company LegendSky Tech Co., already known for their other HDCP rippers/splitters under the HDFury brand, released the HDFury Integral, a device that can remove HDCP 2.2 from HDCP-enabled UHD works.[26]
Note you only actually need HDCP 2.2 support for 4K blurays, anything else will support the older and even more busted versions of HDCP. Also PCs and any console except the PS3 either doesn't use HDCP or gives you an option to turn it off when playing vidya.
Replies: >>239350
Both have drm support.
[Hide] (60.3KB, 1298x820) Reverse
How did this trigger the hotpocket?
Replies: >>238801
Even meidos aren't this retarded
Replies: >>238801
Retards got gassed. Everything fine in my book.
>buy a VGA [or TV connector like SCART] to DisplayPort converter
Note there are two classes of these, one of which uses the same chipset as USB-VGA boxes and is far more common intended for normalfags who just want to watch video on their TV or a slideshow on their projector and is EXTREMELY laggy, the other of which is harder to find and functions identically to the lagless DACs in old PC GPUs.

While the latter are sometimes expensive (such as the aforementioned >>238783 HDFury), especially if the pixel clock (unimportant for SDTV rez like you're probably looking for) is <150MHz they are also sometimes cheap, like this one (US$25):
A good place to see recommendations and reports for them is the following longrunning thread (in spite of the title, it's basically been a general CRTfag thread for a long time):

Also, apropos your mention of the Sega Genesis, you may already know this, but all of the supposed "CRT artifacts" of classic vidya like the translucent waterfalls in Sonic are actually unrelated to CRT vs. LCD, and are reproduced perfectly by shaders. They instead arise from earlier in the signal chain, such as NTSC/PAL color, composite cables, CGA palette, etc., so keep that in mind if you use RGB or component YPbPr.

>RetroArch's Black Frame Insertion
While that will only help with motion blur, RetroArch has another feature specifically for latency, "runahead". Correctly configured on a per-game basis, it eliminates lag present in the original game, allowing shorter-than-original-hardware latency on good rigs, but also some mitigation of lag on crappy (LCD, composited window manager, wireless gamepad, etc.) rigs that might make yours playable.
I was at the hardware store today. All contact cleaner was sold out.
Anyone still here?
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