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2023 was a year with some extremely high profile games that crashed like lead balloons, and a fair number of breakout indie hits.  I think I played or saw footage of most worthwhile games this years, but I want to make sure I'm not missing anything.

>but Game X doesn't measure up to my standards!!!!!!111
That's a shame.  But for some other anon it might be a lot of fun.

>but what if i'm a whiny faggot and i think nothing good is gunna come out EVAR????
Then leave.

In no particular order:
>Pizza Tower
>Hi-Fi Rush
>Corn Kidz 64
>Bomb Rush Cyberfunk
>Armored Core 6
Jagged Alliance 3 is not the classic 2 is, but still good.
The PriPara Love Live Metroidvania is pretty neat too.
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these are certified good shit™
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The only things I can think of off the top of my head is TEVI and Against the Storm. Almost certain the former flopped though.
Replies: >>230649
it's kind of expensive for what it is
Replies: >>230650
I didn't say it flopped for no reason. It's a step down from it's predecessor and is overpriced. My bigger issue is that it'll probably kill the motivation for them to move forward and make better stuff in the future and learn from this experience.
Replies: >>231156
Oh shit just remembered, the Touhou SMT game was really good too.
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I can't believe I forgot about the masterpiece that is Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengance of the Slayer.  I don't think it really does anything unique for retro shooters or FPSs in general, but the sense of style is fucking perfect.
Replies: >>230667
The level design is definitely the star of the game there, feels like the level designer was one of the few people who managed to nail the sense of psuedorealism you got from the first episode of Duke3D. I remember the enemies were pretty bland by comparison (fuck werewolves though) and there's a lot of minor quirks where the illusion breaks and you remember you're playing a Unity game and not a Build engine game. Still worth it if your a sucker for the kind of edge it's trying to emulate.
>>230640 (OP) 
Colony Ship RPG.
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In addition to the slew of good games in 2023, I think the year had more high profile flops and disasters than almost any other year.  I was wracking my brain trying to come up with an update to this chart for 2023, but there are genuinely too many good ones that fit onto the list.  This is a non-comprehensive list of 2023 flops, or games that launched with major problems.

Hogwarts Legacy
Star Wars Jedi Survivor
The Last of Us PC port
Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (originally supposed to release in 2022, then 2023, now february 2024)
Diablo 4
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 remake
The Day Before
Lord of the Rings: Gollum
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (two major DLCs; base game released in November 2022)

Can you think of another year where so many AAA companies ate so much shit so hard?
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>Bad Street Brawler
>Not the Legendary Shitty Game.
Does that one actually top Hoshi wo Miru Hito in terms of trash game design? Both did come out the same year, albeit in separate regions.
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>Takeshi's challenge
Does it count as a blunder if it was literally made by a comedian with the intention of being a bad game as a joke?
Replies: >>231129
That 5200 isn't on the list so it's shit
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>Hogwarts Legacy
Still sold a lot of copies despite it's issues.
>Star Wars Jedi Survivor
Same exact thing.
>The Last of Us PC port
Same exact thing.
>Diablo 4
Same exact thing.
>Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Same exact thing.
>Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Unsure, but it's fucking Pokemon.
Same exact thing.

TL;DR: normalfags will never learn.
Replies: >>231136 >>231158
>Unsure, but it's fucking Pokemon.
Fastest selling games in the series from what I recall. A flop in terms of pre-launch testing, but not sales in the least.

>normalfags will never learn.
That, and they keep hoping for more "redemption arcs" for absolute turds, ever since No Man's Sky, as if that excuses launching in an unfinished, broken state just because patches are expected these days.
Replies: >>231754
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<Hi-Fi Rush
<recommending a ((( Bethesda ))) game
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I think the only new release I played in 2023 was Ys 10. If you like the newer Ys games, it's definitely worth playing.
Replies: >>231183
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bit of a throwback
Replies: >>231177
Spoiler File
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>Can you think of another year where so many AAA companies ate so much shit so hard?
It's since 2012 circa that most AAA turned to shit, from 2015 onwards the shit factory went full regime.
((( Coincidentally ))) i remember someone during those times posting an article about DARPA planning to use vidya for social engineering.
But of course that it's just a conspiracy theory, all major publishers that started pumping out the same type of garbage at the same time was totally organic guys :^)
Replies: >>231799
>I didn't say it flopped for no reason. It's a step down from it's predecessor and is overpriced.
Dev did a interview where he said he changed his design philosophy to get that mythical broader audience he admitted it's why the art looks more western.
<or games that launched with major problems
Are you incapable of reading or just choosing to be a fag?
>even shitty games could have hot women in them
>STILL riffing on ET on the Atari
A nice trip down memory lane.  But I do prefer the current 4-hour-video-essay era over this kind of sizzle reel void filler.
Replies: >>231179
>implying jewtube videos bloated for multiple hours to sate the algorithm that could have been a ~15 minute read aren't majority filler
Also, I just played ET over Christmas as part of setting up a relative's present and it is in fact really fucking bad. It doesn't deserve all the blame for the 1980s shakeout (part of it was the home computer price wars started by Idek Shekelstein over at Commodore) but as a turning point it's as good a game as any.
Replies: >>231190
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Pic related is one of the few games not already listed ITT that came out this year and I actually liked. I am a puzzle game addict though, so dunno if most anons would give a shit.
I'm still mad about how garbage Talos Principle 2 was. Braindead puzzles, too much walking in empty landscapes, and shit story.
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>>230640 (OP) 
I was really enjoying it at first, but as it went on it felt more like a demo. I also didn't like the "retro" animation. When you turn it off on options it should also turn it off for enemies and their attack animations. Instead it's like a slideshow.
Corn kidz didnt have this problem, but like pseudoregalia the environments were all ugly. It's ok to have a few ugly environments in a game, but i felt like these 2 have nothing but.
>armored core 6
This has been on my list for a while. It looks fun.

Ys 9 was boring so i stopped playing, but i enjoyed Ys 8. Maybe I'll give this a go. Cant wait to unlock all the DLCs that make the gameplay and challenge an afterthought.

I tried to like forza poplo but just couldnt get into it. Such an odd game. I feel like I never really got the hang of it.
Replies: >>231202
Most media is filler, but in the past there simply wasn't the kind of long form mechanical insight that you find in contemporary video essays because retard journos were always between the players and the games.
>it is in fact really fucking bad
Oh, I know.  I'm just surprised how long the game and its ignominy lived in the public consciousness.
Replies: >>231194
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brevity is the cousin of wit
I've seen a bunch of these video essays and I fucking sick of the long-winded people who keep saying the same thing over and over again without really saying anything of note.
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>>230640 (OP) 
Pretty much checks out. My favorite per Quarter are Octopath Traveler 2, Armored Core VI, Iron Fury - Aftershock and Like a Dragon Gaiden.
Replies: >>231231
>using that quote
The character is an overly wordy yesman who dispenses "advice" he never follows. It's a joke, not a serious line.
Game with arcade style design are the best nowadays.
Replies: >>231350
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>but like pseudoregalia the environments were all ugly
Replies: >>231204
What areas did you think looked pretty? Everything i saw was either a bright or dim version of the starting area.
Replies: >>231239
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no, it's an idiom a hypocrite doesn't follow
Either that, or he's very self aware and is poking fun at himself.
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>that quote
Brebity is the soul of wit is from hamlet
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I'll watch all 85 episodes of a Chris Chan documentary and you can't stop me.
Replies: >>231240
>Octopath Traveler 2
How does it compare to the first one?
Replies: >>231365
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Yes, and? The quote still applies. It also doesn't help that he didn't even quote it right.
[Hide] (2.9MB, 1280x720, 00:15)
[Hide] (4.7MB, 1280x720, 00:15)
[Hide] (2.4MB, 1280x720, 00:15)
[Hide] (2.7MB, 1280x720, 00:15)
The Empty Bailey and Listless Library both looked really cool and felt very distinct from the main castle environment. The Twilight Theater was good, but it has a couple areas that don't feel connected to the rest of it so it's a bit less cohesive. I liked the Underbelly too, despite how much of a headache it was to navigate.
Video essays are the one thing that make me feel like I'm misusing the gift of life. I miss pre-2010s Youtube.
I don't know how you're able to keep watching after Bob died. Personally I'm just waiting for the guy to get to the parts where Chris starts fucking his mom so I can see the whole shitshow around that.
Replies: >>231258
Out of all of those I only played Pizza Tower. I've been sticking to older games recently. I think out of all those listed in this thread, I'd be willing to try out CK64, Pseudoregalia, Slayers X, and Jagged Alliance 3. In addition, I think Ghostware and Blood West look pretty cool. Whenever Peripeteia finally gets its full release I'll play that too.
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>3rd video
>I don't know how you're able to keep watching after Bob died.
Yeah after his house burns down it gets too repetitive with facebook and twitter posts with a few golden sprinkles in between like the whole Sonic Boom meltdown and him dancing at a Ponycon by himself.
I usually just keep it as background noise.
>I miss pre-2010s Youtube
Something I love to do is add "before:[year]" to the search bar.
So I'll search "Newgrounds before:2007" for example and watch all these terrible but funny animations.
I recommend it.
Replies: >>231259
That's genius thanks
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>>230640 (OP) 
Exit 8 was neat if you like to be gaslit for a few hours.

the 2nd area looks ok. not exactly pretty, but the first video is the same exact tileset used in the first areas  caves, the 3rd is the first area, and the 4th area is just the first area but pink.
I do appreciate how they attempted to do something other than a labyrinth castle in that 2nd videos location. a stone building, docks, water instead of stone stone, and stone.

It just felt like an endless zelda 64 temple to me with somehow less variation. meet the new room, same as the old room.

With those complaints, it's not a bad game. Just not my thing.
Replies: >>231299 >>231385
>the first video is the same exact tileset used in the first areas  caves
There's a shortcut from the dungeon to the underbelly.
>the 3rd is the first area
. . . Yes, and?
>the [library] is just the [dungeon] except pink
Not at all. Most of the library is meant to look like a barn with a wooden floor and hay strewn everywhere.
Replies: >>231323
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Sorry, I assumed the videos that were posted in reply to the question "What areas did you think looked pretty?" were in response to that question.
My mistake.

Heres some more pictures of the library. I dunno, alot of that just looks like the other areas to me. honestly the pink stone dungeon looks prettier than the brown/grey barn area.
Replies: >>237945
Did you make this video? I was chuckling all the way through, absolutely love the narration.

Replies: >>231360
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This looks interesting. Is there a way to disable texture filtering? I was never a fan of filtering low resolution textures and sprites.
Replies: >>231359
[Hide] (4.1MB, 1280x720, 00:15)
[Hide] (1MB, 708x944, 00:07)
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There isn't an option in the menu for it, but it's made in UE4 so there may be some .ini config file you can edit to change that. There is an option to disable "retro resolution" something or other, but I don't know if it affects the way textures are displayed or if it's applied to the final image sent to the screen. Given the game's art style, the blurriness may honestly be baked into the texture.
Honestly, once you get a few movement power-ups you tend to move pretty fast so I stopped noticing the textures too closely one way or another.
Replies: >>231367
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Replies: >>231596
Vast improvement in Everything. It starts with graphics, continues with the slightly better writing, real cut scenes and pinnacles in the tweaked gameplay. If you liked the first one you will shoot the first one out of a fucking cannon.
This game looks stupid good, what kind of specs does it need? Do you think it would've been possible to run this on N64 or PS hardware?
Replies: >>231375
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As anon above said, it's an UE4 title so you'd have to port literally everything to an engine that the N64 and PSX can handle.
Forgot to say that it's definitely a possible thing to do, albeit most likely with some drawbacks like choppier animations as an example.
So that's your opinion on Pseudoregalia's environments, but what about Corn Kidz 64's?
Replies: >>231642
>Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League
My friend works on this game. It should be no surprise to anyone but he tells it's going to be a total disaster when it does launch.
Replies: >>231476 >>231609
Am I becoming schizophrenic and seeing things that aren't there or is this video trying to copy sseth's style?
Get your friend to put "hello from zzzchan" on the underside of a gun's texture.
>total disaster
I know. I can't wait.

Not at all. Sseth is the target of much imitation.
Replies: >>231477
he's just a tester sadly
Replies: >>231480
What I know about the game is:
>it's yet another superhero licensed game, but this time it's a looter shooter
>it had troubled development because there are currently umpteen looter shooters with live service models that people are already invested in
>it had a disastrous gameplay showcase in 2022, then went radio silent out of sheer embarrassment
>currently slated for Feb 2024
How many interns have died of overwork? How many people's PCs will it brick?
Replies: >>231482
I'm not privy to information like that, I don't know anything crazy about it. You mostly have the full story from what you've written there. From what he told me, it's an extremely "designed by suits in a meeting room" type of game, again something probably everyone expects. Apparently they had some extremely exploitative battle pass system they had to rework/tear out entirely when someone finally had the gall to tell the directors that you can't just put something that malicious right out the gates for a brand new game. It's also apparently a technical mess that runs like shit. I'm repeating myself over and over but it's really standard procedure for a AAA western game these days. Supposedly the execs are delusional and think since the "game as a service" idea is a big trend right now, you can just apply that idea to any game even if it makes sense or not and print money. Apparently his team tested a horrible game mode type of feature for 6 months or so and everyone thought it was the most unfun shit ever. I really don't know why he's been doing that job for years and years, I think he's getting paid a few dollars per hour over minimum wage and his job is to supervise a bunch of outsourced pajeet QAs. Sounds like hell.
He literally says he is at the end
Replies: >>231521
I couldn't make it through all the way. At least he's up front about it I guess.
Replies: >>231589
>at the end
<up front about it
Please post these in /ves/ too, the thread has been a wasteland lately and could use some good OC.
Replies: >>231616
[Hide] (6.5MB, 1280x720, 00:57)
>My friend works on this game
Tell him to post the deets in the leak thread: >>229216
If he needs a reason, tell him that the plan is to crash the game. With no survivors.
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noticing clear similarities isn't schizophrenia 
take it easy, anon
Yes, sseth is the direct inspiration for my half-baked videos
I'm pretty sure I've already posted all my stuff there
I havnt played kk64 because the gameplay doesn’t appeal to me, but from screenshots I’ve seen, the visuals I felt were also ugly. Im not a huge fan of the n64 style but I think they did a good job. Most games of this genre had a mix of pretty and ugly levels; got your rolling green hills, maybe a jungle, a town, windmills and  castles. But then theyll be contrasted by sewers, factories, swamps.  Kk64 looks like they forgot the pretty areas. 

Also cant forget the beautiful level with the great music thats frustratingly difficult.
>That, and they keep hoping for more "redemption arcs" for absolute turds
I can't tell you how many times normalfags claimed that Capcom was back only to eat their own words once they release their usual garbage and then once again say that Capcom is back at their next announcement.
There were so many failures this year I forgot to mention a couple.
Skull Island: Rise of Kong
Mortal Kombat 1

MK1's Switch version was a particular disaster, but it had the usual NetherRealm problems related to bugged moves and glitches. One of the guest characters, Omni-Man, has a move where he briefly becomes invincible before counter-attacking . . . except you don't have to come out of it. So you can just do this move and remain invincible indefinitely. I believe this particular bug was patched but there were many more for MK1, like combos that would only work for a player 1 version of a character.  Not the character on the left or ride side, but the actual character in the player 1 select slot.
Replies: >>231833
You seem to have mistaken "bad game" for "flop" anon. Pretty sure MK1 and Hogwarts Legtranny sold well and were pretty well liked by normalfags. Diablo 4 sold well but people at least realized it's mediocre pretty soon after. Starfield probably sold too well for how garbage it is despite everyone now shitting on it everywhere. No idea about the pogeyman game, I think the flopped one was the previous one and this one still got gobbled up by the poketards?

>The Day Before
>Rise of Kong
Those I'd actually consider complete flops, being so shit no one paid attention to them other than to shit on them.
Replies: >>231855
>games that launched with major problems
Replies: >>231867
[Hide] (1.8MB, 500x281) Reverse
>redtexted his quote
Replies: >>231868
Yes, I was emphasizing the quote so I used redtext on it.
Replies: >>231963
Aren't you embarrassed?
Replies: >>231968
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[Hide] (479.8KB, 354x360, 00:09)
[Hide] (114.6KB, 554x738) Reverse
>>230640 (OP) 
>Gravity Circuit
>Dreams in the Witch House
>Valfaris: Mecha Therion
>Vengeful Guardian Moonrider
Replies: >>232005
There was a new Valfaris game? Damn, I need to replay it and check that out.
[Hide] (18.1MB, 1920x1080, 00:15)
The new Pseoduregalia update is looking good.
[Hide] (18.3MB, 1920x1080, 00:15)
[Hide] (5MB, 1920x1080, 00:07)
The dev added credits (it wasn't actually a solo project, though people got that impression) and a time trial bonus for each major area. Beat the base time and you get a costume. I like the guardian costume the best. For reasons.

Also there's a new animation for bunnyhopping where Sybil hikes up her butt for you.
Replies: >>237802
this looks  comfy, does it have mod support so i can potentially play more stages like a hat in time has?
Replies: >>237804
It actually does, though the only mods when I looked last year were some costumes (one of which is now in the game) and a randomizer.
[Hide] (303.6KB, 1152x865) Reverse
That looks terrible. If you're going to make a retro inspired 3D game why would you copy the worst style of the time? Copy the nice unfiltered textures of the PS1 instead.
Replies: >>237947 >>237958
It's bland, empty, the environments all blend together, and the music does not bop, groove, nor jive
It is pure furfag bait
Replies: >>237958
[Hide] (17.8MB, 1920x1080, 00:15)
>the PS1
I think the dev preferred the wobble to be in her butt, not the textures.

>the environments all blend together
You can have shit taste if you want, but this just isn't true.
>I think the year had more high profile flops and disasters than almost any other year.
>Can you think of another year where so many AAA companies ate so much shit so hard?
And some retards have the nerve to say: "things weren't better before, that's just nostalgia goggles lmao"
That is bullshit and they know it.
Things denifinitely weren't as shit as they are today, and i am not a fucking 80 years old to be speaking out of "nostalgia".
Vividlope was one of my favorites from the entire year and I'm happy the developer got to the end of one of his projects. He had been developing a really promising run 'n' gun called Umbrella Warriors but had taken a hiatus due to burnout. I hope he comes back to it this year.
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