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>What is it?
Play Fire Emblem together with other people you don't know on a grid and get (generally) fucked up. Work with other anons to get as far ahead into the story as possible using one unit per anon.
>What the fuck?
It's time for strategic grid-based ACTION. The rules are simple: one person controls one unit at a time and the host controls the lord. Assemble an ANON ARMY (play as anime characters!), equip with EPIC GEAR and LEAD THEM INTO BATTLE. Raise your own personal unit - but be careful with your decisions, or it might just die! (second chances available while replacements last.)
>Why play it?
It's an unexpectedly nice format. The game will be FE7 Randomized, with tacthack and other goodness as backup should something go wrong. 

>When is it?


>1. Download mednafen with roms: https://files.catbox.moe/r38zw0.zip
>2. Unpack, drag rom of choice over mednafen.exe to launch it with that (playgaem.bat is provided for your enjoyment)
>3. Press ALT+SHIFT+1 to set up the controls. There can be two buttons assigned to one input. Use the same button for first and second prompt if only one is desired. Try not to assign "t" and "Enter" to anything.
>4. Press t to open a chat menu, type in /connect ny.yuribacon.com and press enter. To rename yourself, use /nick [NAME]. To activate controls, use /dupe 1 .
>5. Play the game


>0. The host controls all lords and deploys as few of them as possible.
>1. Every anon is assigned one unit of their choice when they join from the ones not claimed by others. They can only deploy and control that unit. Move around, trade, etc etc. Use chat to call dibs on units.
>2. If a new unit joins in the middle of a stage (as a reinforcement, etc, etc), that player can assign that unit to himself. If he does, he controls that unit alongside the one that he started the stage with during that stage - effectively controlling two units at once. Next stage, he can only deploy the new unit as usual.
>3. If people can't come to a consensus over who gets what item (stat booster, etc, etc), the host reserves the right to have the final say.
>4. We'll probably fucking die not even quarter of the way in. Game overs mean restarting the stage from the beginning. Do your best!


>Rompack contains various other roms to play after we finish FE7 Randomizer. There will be a poll and people will be able to vote on the next game.
>If you've played PSX Multitap gamenight, Mednafen version is the same (1.31), you can get away with using your setup. Linux autists can use wine or get this version somewhere by themselves. Use roms from the archive.
>In an unlikely event in which host can't attend, people are invited and encouraged to play some Advance Wars 2 multiplayer. It's not likely, but it's there just in case.
>Press F1 to display help.

I'd like to play, but I got insanely choppy framerate and responses on the FE6 gamenight, probably due to living in Burgerland and everyone else living in Euroworld.
Replies: >>228509
>>228481 (OP) 
You cocktease, made me play FE9 waiting this long.
Server is in the US so where you are shouldn't matter too much, that's just how mednafen netplay goes sometimes. Only thing you can do on your end is making sure you don't have any packet loss issues or such.
Sometimes there are server issues as well, I remember it got really bad a few times before we switched to ny.yuribacon.com.
>>228481 (OP) 
anti-faggotry bump
>>228481 (OP) 
Sure, what the hell I’ll give it a go even though I’ve never played FE.
Now, now, please do not bully other people before we even start. Besides, RNG screw will do that for you.
Replies: >>228599
That's the fun part, Eden.
Not much RNG in Math Emblem now is there, killer weapons are usually tankable.
I'm gonna do it just to bug you now
>>228481 (OP) 
Damn, won't be here to play guys. I hope you all enjoy it.
The march of bodybags is half the fun, just ignore the fact that most are filled with cute girls.
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I will now pick Hawkeye and immediately run him into enemy sages with no weapon.
[Hide] (4.5KB, 83x75) Reverse
This is reverse psychology to get people to deliberately fuck the battles up.
One hour left until the start. Please don't die on purpose.
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It'll take some time to get through the first map, so let's start early!
Replies: >>228841
Fug, is this still goin on?
Replies: >>228843
just ended for today
two dudes got deleted by a boss after a narrow escape in the night time fog of war map with fliers
next time: castle crashers (cursed)
see you then!
continues now
thanks for comign
>kent unga bungaing with capped str at level 10
>people getting close to unpromoted level cap; no promotion items in sight yet
>triggering pirates rush and surviving it
>skipping pirate ship because the boss had a killer bow instead of Luna
>three (3) brave axes from chests
welcome to sunday
the time is 
No one died
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thank you for attending yesterday
highlights include:
>speedrunning gaiden chapter
>dragon's gate shenanigans (lords almost died to lower right lane) (had to be rescued)
>fog of war fliers (again)
>passed out during the last map (cursed) (everyone is way too good at fire emblem so no one died) (it's normal mode)
see you all at friday love all of you
Replies: >>229098 >>229106
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>love all of you
Replies: >>229100
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no gae only strategy
Replies: >>229102
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then who is gay?
Replies: >>229106
[Hide] (719.5KB, 480x360, 00:16)

can't wait for more brave axiting action
thing in 4 hours
Replies: >>229706
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we're starting get in faggits
save https://files.catbox.moe/5bg3g3.sav
>nobody died
>oswin's GAINS became so powerful that he used a knight's crest transcended his human form to become a being of pure Def and Str
>canass had a guiding ring wasted on him, still 7 Mag so he's an eternal staff caddy and possibly a bolting tank
>Raven continues to kill everything
>waifu was protected
>many pegs were killed
>lordfag passed out before we finished the last map (again)
>we got pent who is better than canass in every way
>last map was a survival map where heath/oswin/paladins systematically butchered everything in our path while merlinus distracted cav spawns with his judaic misfortune curse
>merlinus is level 14 so he'll be turning into a horse like in that one comic a few chapters from now
>in general l'elf member 7 is suffering from the curse of normal mode being way too easy with all the exp funneled to a handful of units
Replies: >>229786 >>229787
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two hours warning
we live
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Probably can't make it tomorrow because merry christmas
[Hide] (53.4KB, 1000x628) Reverse
tomorrow's fire emblem is canceled, celebrate a christmas properly

we reconvene next week's friday
probably finishing off the game too
god I hate passing out three hours in
thing in two hours
starting now
mutton status: poisoned
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it was a harrowing experience but almost everyone got max level and displayed their competence, combat prowess and most importantly, their violence

we will resume tomorrow by playing FIRE EMBLEM: ORDER OF THE CRIMSON ARM at the same time
please use "Fire Emblem Order of the Crimson Arm.gba" in the given folder when playing tmrrw
Replies: >>230492
starts in 1 hour

who the fuck says "you displayed your violence"
that doesn't even make sense in the context of fire emblem its pixels on the screen lay off the mutton
oh wait FUCK
Replies: >>230498
starting now
for .bat file users, put in
mednafen "Fire Emblem Order of the Crimson Arm.gba"  

see you in game!
I'll display my balls to your face
Replies: >>230504
today's been rather hectic but that's only because police killed four of us
what will await our brave heroes? find out tomorrow!

starting now
it's new year's soon, so I may not stick around for long
good games and happy new year to all of you
I hope to see you all next week
It would be an honor if you join us, Ms. Wheeler.
Replies: >>230991
Replies: >>230991
2 houren?
Replies: >>230995
thing in 1 hour
I don't really get what's going on here either, sounds like someone proxied up

anyway get in I have no idea how we do this
Replies: >>231017
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sven and negu fugging died and lordfag quit after we wiped but things went okay after that, we recruited saber and managed to avoid killing anybody else despite aggressive retardation
next time on Fire Emblem Z we try to save a bunch of greenfags from themselves
emphasis on "try to"
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I fucking hate videogames
no game tomorrow, I have no energy from IRL to even think, much less guide nerds around completely solvable deathtraps I myself has failed at
I'll still insist that you attend tomorrow and load Advance Wars 2 as it's been left there for your enjoyment
off to healing sleep
Replies: >>231028
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>I'll still insist that you attend tomorrow and load Advance Wars 2
What for? We have karts now >>230641
Replies: >>231040
based Guillote poster
Replies: >>231069
based niggerlover poster
Replies: >>231071
[Hide] (20.8KB, 370x320) Reverse
Niggerlover because "based" was coined by a nigger or for some other reason I'm not following?
Replies: >>231076
[Hide] (243.3KB, 1767x1440) Reverse
No, because your image had a niggerlover, that's it
Playing today or do I go back to sleep?
Replies: >>231172
1 hour warning
get in fags
touhou gaki for the curious minds

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiCiGsktEL0 (incomplete)
thanks to all who attended
those who were left behind in the battlefield.... those who proceed on the fierce path of the sword.... I will never forget yuu........

see you all next week!!!!!!!!
starting in one hour
get in nerds
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And just like that, I'm all out of grog
thanks for attending today! we managed to complete two maps and narrowly evaded orbital annihilation 
see you tomorrow at the same time, yarrr
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Replies: >>232095
games in 1 hour
[Hide] (2.9MB, 02:58)
This was exhausting. But we've made it through today. Huge thanks to all of you for participating. Elaine, Canas, Ligma and Wayland have promoted today. See you all tomorrow at the same time!
starting now
starting in 2 hours
it's that time again
lets go
gud maps today
>green units biting the dust again
>secret recruitment fails after peg decides to die when her HP reaches 0 (that's crazy)
>warehouse is almost full from all the stuff as per FE standards
>AI had some of us dead to rights multiple times; went for the most stupid play every time
>canas is still completely overstatted for whatever reason
see you tomorrow
Replies: >>232895
get in
>get stuck on a single map for 3 times because nobody found a hidden tile that makes the boss stop escaping into a game over
[Hide] (40.5KB, 1200x800) Reverse
>secret recruitment fails after peg decides to die when her HP reaches 0 (that's crazy)
She has risen
asdasdasd get in
In todays episode of BRING ON THE WALL I have no idea what happened because I missed most of it.
[Hide] (220.8KB, 640x360, 03:50)
Today's episode of Fire Emblem Z The Crimson Arm Troll Arc:
>2nd pastamancer and his troops turned into tomato sauce
>Obtained rare weapons which honestly arent that great but at least it isn't more earth seals (even though the party is hoping for more)
>Spent almost 100k in cash because violence is priceless
>Black mages proving stereotypes by niggering the consumable stat boosters acquired last map
>the MIGHTY BOLESLAV on his return arc confirmed???!!!??? 
Replies: >>233012
[Hide] (1.9MB, 03:51)
wow i fucked that webm up
black mages didn't do anything bad
good summary
[Hide] (19.8KB, 500x375) Reverse
Don't forget the almighty Danica Patrick memeing the arena for about 12 consecutive rounds after proving the weapon triangle is a social construct for multiple chapters before that. We are all ludicrously overstatted compared to vanilla and it almost makes up for what a fuckpit the average map is this far in. Somehow it's still less of a boring slog than ST was though.
Replies: >>233013
>We are all ludicrously overstatted compared to vanilla and it almost makes up for what a fuckpit the average map is this far in. Somehow it's still less of a boring slog than ST was though.
ST's thing was skills being a gigantic gotcha moment the whole game alongside certain overstatted enemies. The whole hack was FE6 hard mode experience but in FE8 maps. This hack has fresh ideas that are buried under pages of pre-stage dialog and almost no contingencies in case of unit deaths, so the entire game so far ends up being one mad balancing act. 

Getting through it is kinda fun.
Replies: >>233015
The thing with ST was they would throw 25+ enemies at you at the same time, enemy phases would take a full minute and you would have to just slog through the wall of meat and hope you did your math emblem correctly.
Replies: >>233016
Just like playing FE9!
no games today, I caught a cold (real)
up for tomorrow then?
no games tomorrow either
lemme get better first
thank yuu for patience
I think I'm okay today, we should play
starting in 3 hours 30 minutes
Replies: >>234300
ok, I'm NOT okay today
see you tomorrow (hopefully) 
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[Hide] (20.8KB, 135x114) Reverse
fuck it, anyone want to play some puyo?
I'm still sick over there. It is unfortunate. I'll see you all next week. Please accept my apologies.
Replies: >>234414
No worries, my head is fucking killing me
game in 1h30m
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[Hide] (41.3KB, 1200x800) Reverse
[Hide] (43.5KB, 1200x800) Reverse
>finally get back into it after 3 weeks
>have to afk mid game because bullshit
>come back just in time to get trole hacked again
[Hide] (109KB, 960x640) Reverse
thing in an hour
I beat the map off-screen so we don't have to slog through it
fuk fenrir ok
I severely hope it will be 3 maps instead of 1
game in 45 minutes
witness the conclusion of the CRIMSON ARM saga!
Gentlemen. It's time.
It begins.
The CRIMSON ARM saga has ended! We emerged victorious with only slight amount of savescumming. Shoutouts to Wayland for not getting crit 16 times in a row.

With this, my repertoire of Fire Emblem games is exhausted. The only thing that's left is Project Ember, and I'm not quite ready to open that can of worms back up once again. If you would like to suggest a game for the next game night, please do so.
fuck crimson arm
>With this, my repertoire of Fire Emblem games is exhausted.
There's always FE3/FE4, though you might have to assign units in bulk.
Replies: >>235563
what if we play yughioh but we control one card each?
Replies: >>235563
earlier FE entries are a fuck

I was hoping it'd be possible to multiplayer the DS fire emblems through desmume but no such luck
time to put this on hold and do another sokunigger (soon)
Replies: >>235564 >>236550
[Hide] (78.3KB, 637x476) Reverse
>earlier FE entries are a fuck
>implying ST, Crimson Arm and that randomizer weren't also a fuck
Replies: >>235565
I do not know how to do old FE's and about their mechanics, so I wouldn't be the one in charge of tacticizing anyhow
however you may use this thread for your advantage if you know how to
you may LORDFAG (v2) it
[Hide] (254.1KB, 512x384) Reverse

Tomorrow, Saturday, at 5pm UTC, I will host FE3.


ROM works with the current version of mednafen we're using. 
Core mechanics are pretty much the same so don't worry about having to learn anything.

>sokupic related
Are you streaming this is cytube?
Replies: >>236563
[Hide] (4.3MB, 360x360, 02:50)
hell yeah motherfucker
>Core mechanics are pretty much the same so don't worry about having to learn anything.
Core mechanics are close enough but stats will be different. For example weapon level is just another stat and otherwise good units can get cucked out of the best weapons by bad level-up RNG. Con also wasn't a thing until Thracia 776 so axenigs get fucked pretty bad. I'd recommend skimming the Fire Emblem wiki if you have concerns.
Replies: >>236559
Have you done Thracia yet? That’s the one where healing staves miss, right?
Replies: >>236560
This will be the first non-GBA FE game >we have played. I wouldn't recommend starting with Thracia because it's supposed to be hard as balls, equivalent to those end-of-generation Armored Core games that expect you to have played all the previous games.
FE? No. 
Soku? Someone else may. 

I'm lordfag_v2 not lordfag. Maybe he has plans idk. If you want hyper-autist youkai destruction pov, I can give it a go, but I think someone else would be more suitable.
starts in an hour
[Hide] (107.3KB, 1024x896) Reverse
Starting now

Rom here:
Replies: >>236653
Compiling mednafen, be there soon hopefully
[Hide] (784.4KB, 1274x1440) Reverse
>not even 3 chapters in and marth's gf is already dead
Replies: >>236662
[Hide] (312.1KB, 506x377) Reverse
Marth's journey starts with a bang with:
>only two units dead so far
>countless generic fodder I can barely manage
>recitables harvested for exp for my minor conveniance
>about 6 str level ups total across the whole cast able still has 6 str at lvl 7
>ambush spawns that didn't kill anyone (not clickbait)

Unfortunately I'm away tomorrow. Games will resume on Friday 17:00 UTC.

Replies: >>236667
Sheeda. The blue-haired peg that got killed when someone left her ass hanging out in 2 range of an archer.
starts in an hour
Replies: >>237244
starts now
[Hide] (2.8KB, 144x192) Reverse
>twf khozen blocks your path

thanks for coming folks. continues same time tomorrow.
starts soon
[Hide] (2.4KB, 144x192) Reverse
Starts now
TRAGICALLY DEFEATED by the almighty Gharnef.
We'll get him next time. Host tomorrow 17:00 UTC as usual.
Replies: >>237379
[Hide] (181.7KB, 481x511) Reverse
>boss says "I'm fuckin invincible!"
>he's actually fuckin invincible
>game over trying to fight him anyway
starts soon
starts now
[Hide] (5.5KB, 64x64) Reverse
In todays news:
>Armour knights can't cross giant maps before they end
>Marth dies in mysterious circumstances
>Barst level capped
>Ogma stat capped
>THE BEES make an attempt on Julian's life
>Devil sword acquired
>Samson sat on and crushed by an armour knight along with the vip card
>Sir Adolph has 7 spd and can double with a killer lance.

Join next week 17:00 UTC for
Featuring the one and only Xane (xhe).
We also recruit tiki
Replies: >>237489
When are you guys gonna play an actual cool game from a series that I'm not reserving for future enjoyment?
Replies: >>238255
[Hide] (7MB, 768x576) Reverse
game in an hour
game starts now
I've already done inv management so we can get right into it
Replies: >>238320
fug, I forgot
I hope you remembered how to recruit loli
Replies: >>238328 >>238330
loli acquired, tri attack dream dead to same turn horsman
Replies: >>238330
>found the vip card behind the sofa
>got the power orbs
>captured the mecha loli
>dodged the snipers
>looted the treasure
>forgot the thief (had to walk half way around the map due to a bridge)
>leveled ogma
>sacrifixed xane
>killed the peg (no triangle attack guys, sorry)
>warped the dragons
>bought the hand axes
>spammed physic
>abused infinite weapon durability
>sacrificed wolf to ambush spawns
>armours still can't get a single round of combat before the map ends
>got the plot tome to beat gharnef

Things seem to be going too well
After grave mistreatment xane has turned against us. We are faced with 6 bloody gharnefs in his fortress of doom. See you tomorrow same time.

We got em.

start in 40 mins
starts now
inv done too
[Hide] (10.3KB, 256x224) Reverse
the world has been saved from giant moles
half the guys die for no reason
other half are useless exp thieves
game is shit but can't stop playing

book 1 is now finished
book 2 starts tomorrow 17:00 UTC
Replies: >>238654
It's great, can't wait for more cheat items and more zombie pegs
Replies: >>238734
mystery of the door key starts in 40 min

tri-attack soon
Replies: >>238735
I mean *50 mins
starts now
In todays episode mystery of the bridge key, Gordin slays all the enemy wyverns and becomes the new prince of Altea, replacing Marth and his shitty blue hair. Everyone loves Gordin his green hair and his str growths, and he makes all the girls exited to play fire emblem with him.

In extra news
>First map has a one tile mountain choke point most the army can't cross
>Aran ain't looking so good as he rides into a rinder bane.
>More retards die to my great satisfaction
>Half our army is made up of archers because the level designer thought no one appreciated them enough in book 1
>Worst levels in any fire emblem I've played are put back to back, putting even our toughest soliders to the test

I'm at a loss for words what the fuck the level designer was thinking with half these nasty ass maps.
Game continues next friday usual time.
[Hide] (26.8KB, 238x546) Reverse
another excellent week of l'elf member
Replies: >>239472
starts in an hour
Replies: >>239451
Probably won't be able to make most of it due to IRL, let me know if the map design gets any less shit.
Replies: >>239458
starts now
[Hide] (75.8KB, 736x1034) Reverse
>mfw no 10 year old wife
[Hide] (41.8KB, 768x672) Reverse
[Hide] (40.2KB, 768x672) Reverse
>half enemy army doesn't move due to plot
>killed recruitable for no reason
>spend 10 mins walking through a one tile pass around the left side of a map like Hannibal crossing the Alps
>the bees make a return

If you enjoyed crimson arm, you don't know what you're missing out on.
Resumes same time tomorrow.
starts in half an hour
starts now
In todays episode 

Resumes same time tomorrow.
starts in 50min
starts now
[Hide] (9.5KB, 256x224) Reverse
>tiki shows up
>hey marth
>I love you
>surprise it's xane you almost let a dude suck your dick
I wish I had screenshotted all of that
Replies: >>239854
more retarded things happened and there was a massive desert level with 12 move flying dragons which you had to scroll a screen length to check their range.
entire team was completely mind broken and after trekking 40+ desert tiles and then >>239853 happens.

restarts next friday
[Hide] (219.5KB, 190x220) Reverse
Do we get to suffer more kaga maps today?
Replies: >>240435
fuck  overslept
starts now
fe induced brain rot is finally getting to me
restarts tomorrow
[Hide] (357.3KB, 500x744) Reverse
time to wake up and get ready
Replies: >>240573
starts in 25 min

please master kaga, 10 more minutes
starts now
we beat all the guys
tomorrow we fight the wolf squad
starts in 10 min
starts now
[Hide] (11KB, 256x224) Reverse
[Hide] (10.7KB, 256x224) Reverse
[Hide] (10.2KB, 256x224) Reverse
game night archers level str every time
>the wolf squad is tragically defeated by the wall
>first peg casualty to a ballista
>dancer dies to ambush paladin with a jav
>3 archers level cap

fire emblem the sacred stones resumes next friday for the final battle (part 1/5)
Replies: >>240753
thats amazing
yeah but who's the most sexy
So I was bored and ended up nigger rigging dolphin netplay into sharing the p1 controller. Pretty sure I'm missing something because it only works in golf mode, which might be a good thing forcing zero latency for the controlling player and all, I dunno.
Source patch included in case you want to compile it yourself or just laugh at my ugly hack.
Host has to enable Network->Golf Mode and check Share Controller under controller assignment at which point everyone should be assigned the controller GC69 (but actually GC1) automagically. Then each player has to take golf mode control when it's their turn (binding a hotkey is probably a good idea).
As far as I know there shouldn't really be a player limit to this but we'll see if things implode or not I guess. Go grab a Path of Radiance ROM if you want to help test it tomorrow or something.
Replies: >>240843 >>240862
b-but it's the middle of the week onii-chan
everyone's asleep
Replies: >>240847
[Hide] (345.3KB, 599x846) Reverse
Cool. I'm around to test whenever/tomorrow.
I realized dolphin will probably sperg out if we don't have identical ROMs (even though RVZ is lossless) so here's the PoR RVZ I've been using: https://a.cockfile.com/utvERx.rvz
Save it somewhere and point the dolphin games list to it (required for netplay), then disable dual core in general settings or the game won't run properly (dunno if netplay syncs this automatically)

I'll be available for most of the day if anyone wants to try it
Replies: >>240893
[Hide] (63.4KB, 571x392) Reverse
i'm here. have rom and the dolphin patch and ready to go.
haven't hosted on dolphin before so hope it doesn't have any weird requirements.
Replies: >>240894
try joining my host code: 28e08413
[Hide] (964.8KB, 781x610) Reverse
my screen atm
Some desync issues but that could just be dolphin being dolphin and restarting and resuming suspend save was mostly painless
Replies: >>240903
pack a repack and do this after your final battle (part 1/5) this weekend finishes? I wana play
Replies: >>240937
Yeah, I've just been trying to figure out why it won't work without golf mode while having a massive headache, it's not gone well.
It's a bit more limited than mednafen netplay (no joining/leaving mid-game, savestates never ever cause mad smashfags), hopefully it won't turn into another kind of headache
progress update 1488: sorry I haven't updated my patreon for 3 years anyway I feel like I'm missing something obvious but I'm tired of staring at this spaghetti of 2.5 different input systems mashed together which I'm becoming increasingly convinced is responsible for no small amount of vanilla dolphin desyncs so I just forced golf mode and made it so the game wont quit when someone leaves (should hopefully prevent accidental progress loss). Somewhat worryingly and probably related to last spoiler it kind of "leaks" inputs sometimes so don't spam when it's not your turn unless you want desyncs I guess.

I've yet to compile the windows build but I dunno where to host a repack since anonfiles died, won't fit on catbox and cockfile is time limited.
Replies: >>240972
make a mega account; 15-ish gb for free
Replies: >>241093
FE9 gamenight(eventually) repack: https://pixeldrain.com/u/3hSt5aKe
Includes the latest version of Dolphin Sleepy Edition™ (dual core and game path settings should be configured by default) + less compressed FE9 ROM (so anon's toaster won't lag us out reading the disc)
I figured out the normal modes ain't gonna work without rewriting some of the control pad buffer logic so I've doubled down on golf mode (again)
Should probably do another test run before trying to play a whole game though so post if you want to fuck around.
accounts r gay
Replies: >>241773
hardin's fun house starts in an hour
starts now
Enemy control can be done for all gba games with this change:

Different roms require different hex values changed. Enemy control should be compatible with other gbs rom hacks/patches. One issue is tutorials soft lock since they trigger when enemy control phase starts and you can't meet the hard coded requirement with enemy units. Another is fog is hard coded to reveal only around blue units, even during red player turn.

example rom
febuilder also has an easy way to add the patch
We defeat hardin and marth is rewarded with 4 old men disguised as young girls to suck him off. He is almost killed before the FIRE EMBLEM dispels their disguise, embarrassing them and forcing them to retreat.

Resumes same time tomorrow.
Replies: >>241202
[Hide] (17.7MB, 2692x3968) Reverse
starts in 50 min
starts now
[Hide] (10.4KB, 256x224) Reverse
[Hide] (1012B, 256x224) Reverse
Medues is defeated once again finally putting an end to Mystery of the Emblem and kaga induced brain rot. Marth revives his gf to unlock the 'not necrophilia' ending, as well as xane and bantu to construct his dream team harem. Gordin, Ogma, and Char, tired of Marth's shitty games, finally leave for good to start their own fire emblem. 

FE is done for now. We restart next friday with game to be decided. Prospectively PoR if dolphin doesn't shit itself too much (it will), or some gba FE with enemy control patch for LORDFAG VS LORDFAG showdown.

If you have suggestions for gba romhacks/patches for enemy control, feel free to do so, otherwise we play vanilla.
[Hide] (8.9KB, 412x230) Reverse
FE3 completed and successful FE9 3 player zero desync test in one day, I'm beat
[Hide] (539.7KB, 566x800, 00:25)
[Hide] (28.7MB, 610x360, 09:35)
Prepare yourself for an all new adventure in FIRE EMBLEM: TRUST NOBODY PATH OF RADIANCE.
Featuring revolutionary 3d graphics and 10x faster animations. Starts Friday 17:00 UTC.

Get the pack here:

To join:
>Make sure the rom is available to dolphin (should be automatic). If not, manually set the path to the folder with the rom. It'll show in the main window if done right.
>Go to 'Tools' -> 'Start Netplay'
>Set 'Connection Type' to 'Traversal Server'
>Enter host code (to be posted on friday)
>Pray for no desyncs
Replies: >>241792
[Hide] (208.5KB, 720x480) Reverse
look what I found
Replies: >>241800
delete this
only suffering awaits us on that path

But seriously, I have no idea how difficult it is. If there's consensus for it, then sure.
starts in 2 hours
hope you didn't forget about the clocks going forward like I did
Replies: >>241843
[Hide] (26.2KB, 221x221) Reverse
>the spic who used to do gamenights two years ago comes back
>promises to hosts games on this amateur taiwanese ice fucking forum
>4 months of Fire Emblem playthroughs
Monkey paw at its finest.
Good, I already fucked up my sleep schedule
Spic? If you mean OP the last FE he hosted ended 2 months
Replies: >>241844
[Hide] (24.4KB, 550x428) Reverse
>the last FE he hosted ended 2 months ago
And you fags kept this going? Guess I have no excuses to not be hosting anything.
I don't wanna host anything over FE + real life taking it's toll combo moment
downloading repack woop woop
>get a DLL error on startup, check build_info.txt
>// Indicate the minimum OS version required for the binary to run properly.
>// Updater will fail the update if the user does not meet this requirement.
>still on win8
yyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh I'll sit this one out
have fun faggots
also my faction just did a fighting game tournament recently so I think that also counts towards the effort counter
[Hide] (32.5KB, 246x241) Reverse
What was the latest version of Dolphin that still supported Win7? Couldn't that flag be reverted easily in the newer versions?
You'd think anon would have paid mind to something like this.
Replies: >>241859
starting soon
host code: 35d4aa37

forgot about this. it may be fixable using older versions.
>have fun
Replies: >>241855
You had 2 weeks to speak up nigga, can't do anything about this now
>game is currently running
gotta wait for nigs to join
ok, restarted now
post in thread when you want to join
>Couldn't that flag be reverted easily in the newer versions
It's no simple flag, it's qt6 that dropped support for older windows qt6 is fucking retarded and compiling a patched build takes up a minimum of 30gb and whatever more they've broken since then probably "fastmem" (lol)
I still have the win7 backport code but it's probably 2 years old at this point and I don't have a windows machine to test it on

This is why there was test runs so people could say "hey, it doesn't fucking work" before we actually play.
[Hide] (809.8KB, 1128x832) Reverse
>finally a lord with good growths
>lvl 10 and +2 str levels
resumes same time tomorrow
I had a quick look at it and it seems like the old non-"fastmem" code paths are still there and xaudio was completely removed at some point so the only real blocker on win8 should be qt6, try running it with the qt 6.5.1 dlls from https://forum.qt.io/topic/133002/qt-creator-6-0-1-and-qt-6-2-2-running-on-windows-7/56?_=1712351199651&lang=en-US and post error messages if that doesn't work.
starts in 50 min
host code: aa9be1d0
join and afk until we start
Replies: >>241954
back same time tomorrow
Replies: >>241957
what happened
Replies: >>241965
illness among the crew
starts in 50 min
host code: f5a7506b
You guys in game already or still waiting?
Replies: >>242019
in game, want to join?
Replies: >>242021
sure if it wont break anything, i can wait for you to finish map or whatever to do a normal save
Replies: >>242022
We beat all the guys and no one died except all our weapons. The lack of expendable heroes is really hurting my strategic abilities, please consider offering yourself as a tactical sacrifice next friday.
starts in 1 hour 40 min.
host code: f1e91dc8
Replies: >>242478
game still going?
Replies: >>242479
open now
Replies: >>242482
need new host code
host code: c8d9008a
good luck with the black knigght my battery died, powers out all over lol
Replies: >>242514 >>242525
>don't want to spoil it but don't remember exactly when black knigga spawns either
<spawns right on top of kieran
rip cav emblem
in other news, cav emblem oscar continues to be mvp
we won except one guy who lost

resumes tomorrow
Replies: >>242616
Not playing today?
Replies: >>242617
fat fuck can't get out of bed again
host: 147a6c43

uhh slept for 12 hours somehow
it's over
resumes 17utc tomorrow
starts soon
host code:
[Hide] (1.1MB, 960x520, 00:08)
I'm away friday so no host
hosting resumes today at 17utc
host code: e3c510bf
wont be able to attend today
t cunny
[Hide] (467.4KB, 435x660) Reverse
finished one (1) whole chapter in 5 hours
we beat all the guys and no one died except tormod who tried to die but due to his small hit box was unable to fulfil his purpose.
resumes tomorrow 17utc.
Replies: >>243365
that's amazing
host code: 60c3f90f
it's over
resumes next week 17utc
starts in 40 min
hostcode: fa566a24
Replies: >>243933
[Hide] (27.8KB, 350x438) Reverse
Replies: >>243934
newcode: 7f1f5ad8
closed wrong window
today on fire emblem Z!!!
>Finally realize that the full guard item only works when it's equipped, everyone has a big belly laugh over it
>Brom gambles his battles and wins bigly, the crowd is hyped to see the fat fuck get those super hits in
>Brand new recruited whore sage wastes no time in dropping meteors on both baddies and doors
>Jill 'Patricide' Fizzert kills her father, we made this happen because its funny
>Sleep staves only work on Ike cause he is eepy and needs nappy, the rest of the crew slaps the dragon boss bitch
Join us tomorrow on another exciting episode of FIRE EMBLEM Z!!!!!
host chode: 5e064a48
client crashed and code's no good?
Replies: >>244145
it's cycled somehow
host chode: 45166419
pls open serb tyvm
Replies: >>244220
whats the status on FE gamenight?
host code: fe8e3efe
still in-game? can i hop back in?
Replies: >>244679
ye, open. same code
somehow I feel my vitality return to me after a week, and feel thrilled to be playing fire emblem again
>19 unit deploy map to support human wave tactics (no one died again)
>mistake brom for an enemy since his modal is so similar
>get infinite use brave sword locked on 11 str unit
>silenced bish to steal his sleep staff
>stole seige tome (somehow allowed in this game)
>stole loads of physics
>boyd has more con than a door
>ike's shitty str growths catch up to him as he fails plot essential dual

resumes same time tomorrow
Replies: >>244763
cant join but excited for more summaries, have fun out there!
Replies: >>244781
[Hide] (390KB, 1300x800) Reverse
host code: cccbd480

thanks mister
[Hide] (692KB, 1148x848) Reverse
[Hide] (953.9KB, 1148x848) Reverse
[Hide] (3.4MB, 04:47)
>misposition multiple units on the first turn including a cleric who subsequently face tanks a raven because I'm retarded. no one dies somehow
>storm scalie tower to rescue heron girl
>enter the scalie tower dungeon and find CUM EVERYWHERE
>use every siege tome to kill all the furries (god there's so many)
>provoke continues to be an S tier skill as brom's gravitational pull attracts all the seige nigs. he has suprisingly not died to a bolting crit so far
>boyd mvp 5 chapters in a row before his streak was broken
>everyone starts to play brain dead since this game takes so fucking long
>final boss only ike can damage and have to hope for skill procs to do reasonable damage
>have to fight him again with double the hp and an enemy cleric with physic (yes we all screamed when he got healed for half his hp)
>kill him for real this time
>get lectured by npc about how there's definitely going to be a sequel and you should definitely play it

And with that PoR is complete. Congratulations to all who didn't die like retards.
>only 2 units died
>boyd mvp of the whole game

After beaming lethal levels of FE directly into my brain, I don't feel like hosting for a bit. Thanks for coming folks, that's all for now. 
OR IS IT?Enemy control maybe in 1-2 months or something idk. Depends what others think
Replies: >>244857
congrats on completing the game!
>After beaming lethal levels of FE directly into my brain, I don't feel like hosting for a bit.
now you know how I felt after hosting FE7
go get a break, everyone, you've done well!
Replies: >>244878
I definitely have a newfound respect for lordfagging
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