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Post about games that make dick hard and/or your heart soft. 
Complain about never ever eroges, talk shit about nip games for being technically inferior if your game is slow as shit at least don't let it crash from speedhacks fuck, talk shit about western games for being thematically inferior, recommend some decent eroges, and so on.

Previous threads:
There was an anon a thread or two ago who developed some kind of tool to categorize his eroge collection. How is it going? My games directory starts to overflow whit shit and I have no idea what is what anymore.
Replies: >>151586
But no, it was some custom html and python shit, pretty minimal.
I skipped the other thread but >>112784 is the only in there about it.
Replies: >>151625
I think an anon mentioned or posted Hero's Journey in the last thread, I'm still pissed about that.
Oh here's a game about these painfully thick abominations because generic asian game using probably UE4 or some easy to use 3d engine but I can get the appeal babes. But you're some faggy shota and it's all femdom like feet shit and facesitting. Every fucking time.
Do none of these assholes get off on actually having the penis in the relationship or something?
Replies: >>151667
Why does Kagura Games suck so much dick and only translate bottom of the barrel RPG maker copypaste shit? Moreover why the fuck does it take them literally years to do so?
Replies: >>151606 >>161196
>using translations
>in the current year
Replies: >>151607
I can't read Jalapeno ok?
Replies: >>151625
Yeah, that was it. I guess nothing happened in the meantime?
Then what you're looking for is over here: >>143455
Haven't done shit since then. HTML doesn't fucking work and fuck python GUI libraries. I'm currently considering learning lua and making it with C, SDL, and lua or learning a new language that has proper GUI libraries and using that instead.
It's unreal, but yeah, even if I'm into /ss/ and light femdom it just goes too far most of the time. There's a few incidentally good scenes but I just skipped over most of it. 
I kept playing the first part because of the sister's fat ass only to find out it wasn't even done. Overall it's barely acceptable, but at least it's not NTR.
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I wish people would just hunker down and finish/translate VH 01. The only active project related to it I can think of is a separate title focused on serena, not nanako

It's been a while since I looked up updates for this game, actually, but I did notice that a lot of videos on it have been removed, due to sanitized internet we have today. Is there a good link to a video that has ALL the scenes, translated if possible(or at least a let's play of it)? You would think with how long the game has been out, it would be a no brainer, but I can only find very specific individual scenes, or some retards on jewtube posting censored content and doing soy faces anything interesting happens
Replies: >>151802
>translating hentai games
With the exception of menu navigation or hints, why bother?
<matte kudasaiiiiii
<"you're stirring up my insides!"
I stopped caring about English translations in hentai manga several years ago and I've enjoyed them a lot more: if the artist has to over-rely on speech bubbles and text pop-ins (which practically every fucking mangaka does) then the work is probably terrible in the first place.  The same is true of hentai games.
>download like 5 H games every day
>finish one every month or two
I guess I will have storage problems in the long run.
Replies: >>152762
I already do. 4TB isn't enough for backup and half of that is for lewd shit.
Futadomworld was much better than I expected tbh
Replies: >>157800 >>161080
the lore is autistic and some of the art is meh, but yes, i have to agree
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Replies: >>161140
They should make the FutaSubWorld which there's supermales fucking the futas. 
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Woo she did it!
Replies: >>161147
what gaem?
Replies: >>161149
Boku no Pico
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threadly reminder to play shrink high
Replies: >>161163
Not going to.
Replies: >>161174
your loss friend
Replies: >>161194
Replies: >>161196
Sounds like it to me since you're stuck with "bottom of the barrel rpg maker copy paste bullshit" otherwise 
Might as well play a fun, good game instead :^]
Replies: >>161199
This is tor, spazfag.
Replies: >>161223
Are there any PC98 eroge that can be played yuri only?
Replies: >>161216 >>161218
I hope not
Damn, thanks for letting me know before I wasted more time on you
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I found an interesting eroge where you run a shop/inn/guild/brothel. You hire workers, decide what to sell and at what price, hire adventurers to do quests, go explore dungeons, conquer various cute girls, etc. It's bretty fun.

Replies: >>164150 >>164158
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Man of taste
Replies: >>164153 >>164260
fuck off
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Any recommended vanilla games?
Replies: >>164176 >>164261
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Katawa Shoujo is a good one. I have to give 4leaf credit for not making Rin's story all about her feet. Not to say that there's anything wrong with feet but Rin is definitely more than just "the girl with no arms and really nice feet". Slightly off topic but can someone please tell me what exactly is happening in Image 2? Is Hisao trying to put a ring on her toe or something?
Replies: >>164257
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Why doesn't she have at least one prosthetic arm? She still has a functional shoulder and seemingly some arm flesh.
Replies: >>164272
Shit is a refined taste
EraTW though there are some shit fetishes
Maybe Kamidori but I never beat it. 
4 elements trainer 
勇者と魔物の島, Succubus affection, and FOBS kinda
There aren't many vanilla eroges that are good as vanilla and actual games.
Replies: >>164282
Her arms are cut just below the shoulder, a prosthetic would accomplish nothing unless its a cyberpunk type aesthetic. She uses her feet deftly anyways.
Replies: >>164327
The Dungeon of Lulu Farea is a fun and vanilla game.
I dunno I feel like having a big stick attached to your arm would still be more useful than nothing
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