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Post about games that make dick hard and/or your heart soft. 
Complain about never ever eroges, talk shit about nip games for being technically inferior if your game is slow as shit at least don't let it crash from speedhacks fuck, talk shit about western games for being thematically inferior, recommend some decent eroges, and so on.

Previous threads:
There was an anon a thread or two ago who developed some kind of tool to categorize his eroge collection. How is it going? My games directory starts to overflow whit shit and I have no idea what is what anymore.
Replies: >>151586
But no, it was some custom html and python shit, pretty minimal.
I skipped the other thread but >>112784 is the only in there about it.
Replies: >>151625
I think an anon mentioned or posted Hero's Journey in the last thread, I'm still pissed about that.
Oh here's a game about these painfully thick abominations because generic asian game using probably UE4 or some easy to use 3d engine but I can get the appeal babes. But you're some faggy shota and it's all femdom like feet shit and facesitting. Every fucking time.
Do none of these assholes get off on actually having the penis in the relationship or something?
Replies: >>151667
Why does Kagura Games suck so much dick and only translate bottom of the barrel RPG maker copypaste shit? Moreover why the fuck does it take them literally years to do so?
Replies: >>151606 >>161196
>using translations
>in the current year
Replies: >>151607
I can't read Jalapeno ok?
Replies: >>151625
Yeah, that was it. I guess nothing happened in the meantime?
Then what you're looking for is over here: >>143455
Haven't done shit since then. HTML doesn't fucking work and fuck python GUI libraries. I'm currently considering learning lua and making it with C, SDL, and lua or learning a new language that has proper GUI libraries and using that instead.
It's unreal, but yeah, even if I'm into /ss/ and light femdom it just goes too far most of the time. There's a few incidentally good scenes but I just skipped over most of it. 
I kept playing the first part because of the sister's fat ass only to find out it wasn't even done. Overall it's barely acceptable, but at least it's not NTR.
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I wish people would just hunker down and finish/translate VH 01. The only active project related to it I can think of is a separate title focused on serena, not nanako

It's been a while since I looked up updates for this game, actually, but I did notice that a lot of videos on it have been removed, due to sanitized internet we have today. Is there a good link to a video that has ALL the scenes, translated if possible(or at least a let's play of it)? You would think with how long the game has been out, it would be a no brainer, but I can only find very specific individual scenes, or some retards on jewtube posting censored content and doing soy faces anything interesting happens
Replies: >>151802
>translating hentai games
With the exception of menu navigation or hints, why bother?
<matte kudasaiiiiii
<"you're stirring up my insides!"
I stopped caring about English translations in hentai manga several years ago and I've enjoyed them a lot more: if the artist has to over-rely on speech bubbles and text pop-ins (which practically every fucking mangaka does) then the work is probably terrible in the first place.  The same is true of hentai games.
>download like 5 H games every day
>finish one every month or two
I guess I will have storage problems in the long run.
Replies: >>152762
I already do. 4TB isn't enough for backup and half of that is for lewd shit.
Futadomworld was much better than I expected tbh
Replies: >>157800 >>161080
the lore is autistic and some of the art is meh, but yes, i have to agree
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Replies: >>161140
They should make the FutaSubWorld which there's supermales fucking the futas. 
[Hide] (134.6KB, 383x413) Reverse
Woo she did it!
Replies: >>161147
what gaem?
Replies: >>161149
Boku no Pico
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threadly reminder to play shrink high
Replies: >>161163
Not going to.
Replies: >>161174
your loss friend
Replies: >>161194
Replies: >>161196
Sounds like it to me since you're stuck with "bottom of the barrel rpg maker copy paste bullshit" otherwise 
Might as well play a fun, good game instead :^]
Replies: >>161199
This is tor, spazfag.
Replies: >>161223
Are there any PC98 eroge that can be played yuri only?
Replies: >>161216 >>161218
I hope not
Damn, thanks for letting me know before I wasted more time on you
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I found an interesting eroge where you run a shop/inn/guild/brothel. You hire workers, decide what to sell and at what price, hire adventurers to do quests, go explore dungeons, conquer various cute girls, etc. It's bretty fun.

Replies: >>164150 >>164158
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Man of taste
Replies: >>164153 >>164260
fuck off
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Any recommended vanilla games?
Replies: >>164176 >>164261
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Katawa Shoujo is a good one. I have to give 4leaf credit for not making Rin's story all about her feet. Not to say that there's anything wrong with feet but Rin is definitely more than just "the girl with no arms and really nice feet". Slightly off topic but can someone please tell me what exactly is happening in Image 2? Is Hisao trying to put a ring on her toe or something?
Replies: >>164257
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Why doesn't she have at least one prosthetic arm? She still has a functional shoulder and seemingly some arm flesh.
Replies: >>164272
Shit is a refined taste
EraTW though there are some shit fetishes
Maybe Kamidori but I never beat it. 
4 elements trainer 
勇者と魔物の島, Succubus affection, and FOBS kinda
There aren't many vanilla eroges that are good as vanilla and actual games.
Replies: >>164282
Her arms are cut just below the shoulder, a prosthetic would accomplish nothing unless its a cyberpunk type aesthetic. She uses her feet deftly anyways.
Replies: >>164327
The Dungeon of Lulu Farea is a fun and vanilla game.
I dunno I feel like having a big stick attached to your arm would still be more useful than nothing
Replies: >>166386
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Spent like half the day trying to get SDL to compile. It's amazing how it's always a fucking mess and nothing seems to work until you get the exact combination of three different fixes. Now I just need to learn lua and make the program. 
Look forward to updates within the next 3-5 business years.
Replies: >>175451
Twin blades or guns like tokyo gore police maybe.
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"Noelle does her best!" got an english + uncensored patch by Kagura Games a couple weeks ago. Features the typical variety of fetishes, decent pixel art, audio (for sex scenes only) and oppai loli as main character. Several nuts were busted so far.
Replies: >>166770
>the typical variety of fetishes
>oppai loli
So it's like diaperfur ntr or some shit?
Replies: >>166810
At least it's full of blacked shit, based on the screenshot.
Replies: >>166811
Why are you fags so obsessed with niggerdicks that you'll even paint the girls black
Not that it could be blacked anyway, oppai loli are fellow subhumans.
Replies: >>171395
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>Decide to have a wank before bed
>Open folder and pick a random game to jerk off to
>Look at time
>It's way past midnight
What the fuck?
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Replies: >>171396 >>171398
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Site ate my image
>t French nigger envious of the american nigger
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Are there any decent eroges with leggy lolis? Ayura Crisis is the only one I can think of, and even then the hips aren't that obscene.
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>https://nitter.net/oosimarusimaru2/status/1578631430489665536 use deepl to translate
Goblin walker 2 is back on production.
Replies: >>174761
What are some good sandbox eroges like Degrees of Lewdity? Bonus points for monster girls and such.
Replies: >>174938
I don't have a degradation fetish unlike you hedonistic loser.
It may not exactly count as a game, but shortstack/weird stuff artist theboogie modded some of his OCs into Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars as a boss battle.
https://notboogie.com/Kero - the URL appears to be redirecting incorrectly, so I've uploaded the final zip file here: https://files.catbox.moe/8p9ykj.zip.  No viruses, I promise.

Installation is pretty simple: download an SMRPG ROM from Emuparadise or somewhere, then follow the instructions in the README to patch the mod content into the ROM, then use the provided .000 and .srm save files to set how many items you have, etc.  Apparently beating it lets you "claim a reward" which seems to be access to an animation, but I haven't tried very hard so I'm not there yet.
there is vore
You could give lust doll+ a try though I don't think it matches exactly what you are looking for (it's more furry than monster)
The cons? It hasn't been finished and once you roll through what's on display it feels lacking. The artwork is kinda amateurish but I found it somewhat charming and like DoL there aren't really backgrounds, the world map is very abstract and there is a lot of reading. If you are like me and don't wanna piss around with skill checks to see everything I reccomend boosting your stats at character creation because grinding skills sucks.
[Hide] (37.7KB, 640x480, 00:08)
Should have an initial version up before the end of the year.
Replies: >>175509
[Hide] (107.5KB, 640x480, 00:11)
I fucked around for a bit and now I can display scrollable lines with an opaque background, read from a json file into a struct, and open other programs from a C program. That seems to be pretty much all I need for the visualizer, though I'm not sure I'll have time to fuck with it until next month. 
LUA ended up being more retarded than I expected, maybe I'll use it for the more annoying parts like downloading from dlsite but that's going to take a while.
Replies: >>181865
Spoiler File
(573.9KB, 540x960) Reverse
Made a bleached mod for ouro player. It's 3 scenes. The edit was just parts of two textures. 
Here's the game with the mod installed, plus the original files and the textures extracted. 
Replies: >>177855 >>177863
Spoiler File
(463.5KB, 540x960) Reverse
Did the houshou player too because the pirate is hot. 
Replies: >>177856 >>177863
shit's bork, says it can't be opened as an archive
Replies: >>177858
HDD ran out of space while zipping and I didn't notice it. I really need to clean up my lewd drive. 
This link should work. 
>censor in the pictures
Is there not a way to get rid of that with however you're editing this stuff?
Replies: >>177864
it's unity, you can uncensor it yourself
>run the game so it makes a folder on your pc
>open Data.ini 
>change the value of Shader from 1 to 0
remember, most unity games' censorship isn't baked in and can be removed fucking around a bit
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Spoiler File
(1.7MB, 1536x960) Reverse
Spoiler File
(1.9MB, 2048x1280) Reverse
Since you don't post anything, I've upscaled the three images from the OP as a punishment.
[Hide] (174.7KB, 619x597) Reverse
[Hide] (95.8KB, 306x326) Reverse
delet this
[Hide] (17.3MB, 640x480, 01:26)
Did a bit more work today but I think I'm going to drop the SDL project for now. A lot of things are doable and I already know how to do them, but from a bit of searching I found out text boxes are going to be fucking hell with raw SDL. 
I think I'm going to give wx python another try since I had the tab opened for at least three months straight now. Hopefully that'll work out. 
Here's the files if anyone wants to do my work for me, shit talk my code, or to try and understand what the fuck I was trying to do. 
tj.c is the main file, a.exe is the compiled program, and b.bat is the script to compile on windows, which requires the SDL files to be in the folder (just extract the correct version to the folder and it should work). 
I apologize for my disonoraburu failure and until next time maybe.
Replies: >>181913
[Hide] (570.2KB, 1280x720) Reverse
[Hide] (321.8KB, 800x600) Reverse
the first one could be from a 2010s VN and you wouldn't be able to tell it was upscaled
Replies: >>181913
So, are there any decent 3D pr0n games that aren't those hotel ones?
Replies: >>181897
AA2 with mods.
>text boxes
Well, there's this, used by, for example, dear imgui, but even with that its not trivial to implement a textbox:
If you want some other useless suggestion, in the meantime I've found lvgl, which is a gui library for microcontrollers, but you should be able to use it on normal windows/linux too, and it's much more flexible than imgui, while still being pretty lightweight. I think it supports transparency.
Actually, I'd say even the third one is pretty decent except her right eye, which I could probably fix with some tinkering, but I didn't bother. Also note that I just had to type "uncensored" or something like into the text prompt, and it draw her a pussy.
The middle one is pretty nerfed though, too many details in too low resolution in the original picture. Plus to my dismay, I can't find a good model for BDSM like themes. Probably because only leddit and cuckchan train these models, you have vanilla, or only extremely degenerate/shit fetishes, like futa, furry, vore, gaping, etc and nothing else.
Replies: >>181922
[Hide] (55.9KB, 358x429) Reverse
[Hide] (479.1KB, 3417x2379) Reverse
I'm aware of that thing's existence but I don't understand it.
Replies: >>181986
[Hide] (122.1KB, 328x242) Reverse
Spoiler File
(332.4KB, 512x512) Reverse
Spoiler File
(276.5KB, 512x512) Reverse
What you don't understand?

On the other hand, I guess I give up trying to train this shit. First image is what I get if I try to generate an image using an almost exact prompt used for generating. It's already horrible, but if I try to just use the embedding, it's utter total crap. I've double checked everything, clip skip=1, vae unloaded, tried different prompt templates, learning rate at default 0.005, started webui with --no-half --precision full (which did nothing but increase memory usage and slow things down), I'm using the full anything v3 model, not the pruned, waited 16k steps, nothing. Other than the AMD version of pytorch or something being buggy I have no idea what else could I check
Replies: >>182600
Spoiler File
(335.7KB, 512x512) Reverse
Spoiler File
(316.7KB, 512x512) Reverse
Spoiler File
(360.3KB, 512x512) Reverse
It's a me, after fucking around for countless more hours, I'm pretty sure my training set is shit. I've found a few embeddings by a guy who also uploaded the images he used for training, I tried to train with those images with similar parameters, first pic is the result. Second pic is training on my data set with the same parameters, after the same amount of steps... (Well, there's a second difference, with that guy's pictures I just ran it through deepboru and used the tags as-is, while with my images I manually checked and corrected them, but unless I'm a super-duper retard it should improve quality, not decrease). Third pic is probably the best image that came out of this training, but the quality is all over the place while with the guy's training set it's mostly consistent.
I think I've at the point where the images I try to train are so different than the model that it can't do anything with the few images I throw at it, so I'll likely have to find a lot more image, and manually tag them correctly. And of course, there's no guarantee that it will work. See you guys in a few months. Or years.
Replies: >>183046
[Hide] (584.4KB, 560x420) Reverse
[Hide] (583.8KB, 560x420) Reverse
New kabopuri game came out a couple months ago. 
I think one of the first things I'm going to do once I learn how NNs work is to just dump all my favorite porn pics into a generative network and see what comes out.
Replies: >>183064 >>183069
Are the prequels translated? A link for them would be nice if so.
Replies: >>183065 >>183066
あ is a moan, everything else is pretty obvious from the context.
Replies: >>183071
>can't even read eroge runes
Never gonna make it
Replies: >>183071
Today I grabbed a random folder with some 2650 images in it, and tagged about 10 of them. With this speed I'll never finish.
Now there's deepbooru, which in theory can auto-tag your images, but at that point you use the ai's shit tagging to train the ai to generate images, and you can easily end up in a garbage-in garbage-out situation.
It also doesn't help that booru's tagging suck, like there's 6 tags for different socks length: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/86570 and the same shit for clothes and all weird hair styles like braids and buns and bangs... There's shebang and you can bit bang protocols, but why the fuck you would have one on your head? All while there are no subtags for amputee (only count tags, not where you cut them), and missing basic tags like shock collar, abandonment, armbinder, or medical restraints.
Maybe I should instead just get into deniggering things. Too bad the last thing I found that could have some deniggering is some cg set of 250 images.
Replies: >>183072
It's not that I care about the stupid dialogue, I just hate to navigate around the menus half blind.
Replies: >>183072 >>183073
[Hide] (589KB, 640x1120) Reverse
There's about 100k pics/gifs/videos I've hopefully went through at least once, 12k I want to denigger (2k of which I have separated to do "first"), 40k I want to edit in some way (ranging from piss easy to professional video editing). Then there's about 550k plus god knows how many more laying around that are completely unsorted.  
I haven't even gotten into tagging yet. 
Being a degenerate is hard. 
Nigger what fucking menus.
Replies: >>183073 >>183075
You're much better than me, I can't fap to anything nip, because as soon as I find a single word/sentence/whatever I don't understand, I have to look it up.
Usually how long is to denigger a picture? For me it would probably take days, but only because I never tried and I suck with graphics editors.
Replies: >>183074 >>183080
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1200x1600) Reverse
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1200x1600) Reverse
[Hide] (749.4KB, 1450x1125) Reverse
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1450x1125) Reverse
I would tell you but I learned from a /b/ thread and I'm sure the original guy can put the steps more eloquently than I ever could. Here are some of my de-niggering jobs. If you are good at it then I would ask you to help me de-nigger some doujins entirely. There are a few that desperately need it.
[Hide] (369KB, 600x603) Reverse
>Nigger what fucking menus.
I got a bad experience with RePure 2 as I could barely understand what the abilities did and made me drop it, but if this is more retard proof than that, then it should be fine.
Replies: >>183080 >>183086
>If you are good at it
If I were good at it, I wouldn't ask questions like what I asked.
>fags have gone from not being able to comprehend silhouettes to straight up not understanding lighting
Spoiler File
(4.1MB, 1334x722, 01:55)
Spoiler File
(2.5MB, 1795x2394) Reverse
Spoiler File
(2.2MB, 1795x2394) Reverse
It really depends. Sometimes you either have a PSD, a png with flat colors, or the stars align and the color wand just works and it takes a couple minutes max. Other times it's way more fucky and it takes a lot of fiddling around to get the colors or the mask right. Sometimes you're just not feeling it and it can take years I have WIP edits from 2021 I still haven't gotten to.
Vid is a case where the stars aligned. 
The basic process is just mask the area, and changing the color. Use layer groups and mask the group instead of the layer.
With masking I usually try the wand tool first and fix it, but sometimes it's shit and I have to use the polygonal select thing. 
Coloring is usually easier. Get a browinsh color and set it to color dodge and it just works on most pngs, though it can be fucky with artifacts. Sometimes I use a color overlay to get the tint right, or a pure white color layer to desaturate it a bit. 
With gifs they usually have palette if the artist isn't shit and they're from a good source, so if the man doesn't share colors with the girls (e.g. most takorin gifs) you can just modify the palette instead and make your life easier. 
Kabopuri is just generic eroge sidescroller, you don't have to read shit. 
The only thing you might get confused on are the games, because each pair is literally the same but with a different girl and different animations but the same name.
Replies: >>183089 >>183094
Repure 2 has a complete translation though
[Hide] (398.5KB, 678x610) Reverse
None of these are niggers in the first place though.
Replies: >>183097
[Hide] (280.8KB, 736x411) Reverse
I cannot fathom something so needlessly wasteful of time, fruitless in effort, and brazen in insecurity. I have absorbed the humiliation and shame that you should be feeling metastasize as deep as your soul had your flawlessly alabaster skin not reflected it all.
>Olive skin isn't white
I take it you hate the Italians then
Seethe, cuck.
It looks nigger to me.
Indeed. It's like they don't know Okinawans exist, or Italians exist. It's like thinking casting an albino nigger in porn doesn't count as interracial. They ignore the fact there's no way to deduce the ethnicity of the men depicted in the art given they are drawn in a pretty generic way by design. If the skin color were pitch black they might have a point; even then, what is it that compels a man to earnestly curate every single detail in cartoon pornography? Is consuming pornography really the zenith of your existence? Imagine if I said in a family reunion that my hobbies consist of "bleaching" loli hentai for a great deal of time daily. The people who do that are truly sad and pathetic.
Well, you do have a point.
>I have absorbed the humiliation and shame that you should be feeling metastasize as deep as your soul had your flawlessly alabaster skin not reflected it all.
This was dangerously close to do look more like
Replies: >>183118
Case closed: far as decided.
You're really good at being a disingenuous sack of shit.
>Oh you do [thing]? Well that's really pathetic if you try to brag about it as your life's crowning achievement.
Your vile way of "debating" can easily be applied to anything, including playing video games or posting on imageboards. Would you brag about that post to your family? Actually, considering how desperate you appear to be to defend dark man and pale woman porn, maybe you really would brag about it. As far as I'm concerned that anon is making the world a more beautiful place, if only a tiny fraction more. That certainly makes him a more valuable human than you, considering I've only read one single post from you and I already know that you:
>can't argue and resort to emotional manipulation attempts instead
>are horribly disingenuous
>seemingly love BMWW hentai drawings enough to try to convince someone to stop editing them
Yeah, based on this I'd far prefer to have the guy that wastes time on improving a handful of drawings around, over the one that is actively detrimental to any community he's in.
Replies: >>183133
I love how you fixate on a single point meant more for rhetorical effect than as an argument, but I will bite it anyway.
>Your vile way of "debating" can easily be applied to anything, including playing video games or posting on imageboards
I'm not sure about imageboards, but I think admitting to playing vidya as a hobby, especially if it's not your only one, is far more palatable than "bleaching"; because with vidya you are doing it purely for entertainment, whereas with "bleaching" you are wasting effort on a completely inert and obscene endeavor; it's even more shameful when you consider the obsession this entails.
>you appear desperate to defend dark man and pale woman porn
I'm not defending anything; I'm only commenting on how pathetic "bleaching" is.
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>replying to low effort bait again
>when it's just as blatant as last time 
You'll retards need to bleach your brains.
>muh okinawans
>muh italians
Blow it out your ass, there is literally nothing wrong with white men wanting to self insert as   a white man
Replies: >>183242 >>183257
>there is literally nothing wrong with wanting to self insert
>white men wanting to self insert as   a white man
But he doesn't. All he's doing is make the girls less pale
Replies: >>183245
Not an argument, try again.
You want to self insert as an anime shota?
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[Hide] (138.2KB, 520x1080) Reverse
Anyway, SEXplorer is "usable". 
It's clunky as shit and there's no editing or removing games after they're added. There's also more I want to do with it (some of which is in the todo file) but messing with GUI libraries makes me want to fucking kill myself and the devs. Maybe I'll get to it "eventually" or maybe this is as far as it gets, who knows.
Since it's python it also needs a bunch of shit that may or may not just cease to exist at some point in the future. Tell pip to install bs4 pywin32 pyqt5 and hope for the best. 
Here's a link and last file is a zip in a pic. Knock yourselves off. 
Replies: >>185362
I never stopped
I wanna self insert as the fat ugly bastard
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Kame Paradise 3 is out. The "gameplay" is even more atrocious than the others despite literally just giving you the answer to the RPS bullshit. 
Replies: >>184311
Do people actually fap to sameface Toriyama's art?
Replies: >>185386 >>185485
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I ended up liking it way more than I expected despite it being a clunky piece of shit, so here's an update. 
There's now multithreading and a progress bar for rj search. Ids changed from sequential digits to RNG which should making deleting things not ugly in the future. Also the files are now .pyw and there's a requirements.txt for pip. 
I tried a bunch of shit that didn't work but this should be enough to make it usable, at least for me. I'm probably going to try working on tags, sorting, and searching next. 
Replies: >>185363 >>185788
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Also, that pic has a zip with the program in it. 
Here's the original because I fucked up and used a jpg instead of a png.
Replies: >>185416
I do.
Replies: >>185387
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You're not a person.
Replies: >>185390
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Where are the nipples?
Replies: >>185417 >>185466
She has congenital athelia, please understand.
Replies: >>185470
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Her what?
I've learned something new today.
Despite being a supposedly rare disease, an awful lot of Japanese girls have this, if I can trust manga/anime/etc.
>sameface Toriyama's art?
This is being disingenuous since most nip art suffers from sameface.
Spoiler File
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hot glued a lot to hot glue
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Spoiler File
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you can edit the expressions yourself but only when you're on the giving side
Replies: >>185649
There's a thick line between hot and unfappable and that's sideways right over that line.
Replies: >>185651 >>185654
>a thick line
Spoiler File
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Spoiler File
(973.6KB, 1366x768) Reverse
Spoiler File
(986.6KB, 1366x768) Reverse
someone's pp is confus
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Searching and sorting is fixed, turns out I just did some retarded shit with creating variables and not updating the functions that use them.
Also I accidentally made an html documentation.
The program is in the last pic as usual. I'm going to try working out the tagging stuff in the weekend and then call it version 1.0.
Replies: >>186126 >>186671
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Vidya SEXplorer v1.0 is out. 
The documentation is complete, the editor is usable, and you can now edit prefixes and user tags for the games in the sexplorer. 
To make things easier for my future self the jsons now have a version, which is the name of the file. I couldn't get metadata to work and json doesn't have comments. The format is the same for now, so simply renaming g.json to gv1.json and moving it to the misc file should work. 
I think the program is at a point where I feel comfortable moving all my eroges into it. Maybe I'll upload it somewhere more permanent like gitgud or f95. 
The program should be fully usable for now. Next update whenever I get autistic again, or sooner if I broke something. 

Here's the catbox link and the program is also zipped into the second pic. 
Replies: >>186648
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[Hide] (1.6MB, 1190x1684) Reverse
Fixed some bugs and added some multi threading. Adding exes no longer takes years because now it doesn't do a recursive glob search up to 8 extra times per row anymore. 
There's now a dictionary file to translate tags, edited images are saved on the img folder, and there's a fix.py file to edit the images and automatically remove deleted games from the json. 
I want to have sex with that girl.
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