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What have you guys been watching, reading, or playing recently? Feel free to share pieces of media that you think are particularly noteworthy or just a good way to pass time. 
I decided to try playing my 5 year abandoned MM save recently but I completely fucking forgot where I left off and what I was supposed to do.
>>870 (OP) 
I recently watched Serial Experiments Lain for the first time. It was a lot better than i expected it to be, despite the female protagonist.
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Watched The Chronicles Of Riddick: Dark Fury last night. The quality of the torrent was pretty shit though. Been looking to play Escape from Butcher Bay but it's not on my private tracker and appears to have been scrubbed from GOG.
>>870 (OP) 
I watched the three hour version of the Apocalypse Now movie some days ago. I thought that it was even better than Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket.
>>870 (OP) 
Trying out Underrail, will start Yakuza Kiwami soon
Today I watched Occult, by the same guy who directed Noroi the curse. These two are found footage horror movies. I liked them both.
I've been thinking about watching the show but it seems like it focused much more on making a point than being entertaining, so I've put it to the side for a while.
So how true is this? Is it genuinely entertaining as well as thought provoking or is it just food for thought?
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For the longest time I was a devoted Pyro main but after some boredom I've experimented with playing Soldier. I've found out it's actually a lot of fun and I feel like I'm actually able to make worthwhile contributions, most notably getting rid of sentries which only one of normally stops teams in their tracks. Of course, regular kills are easier to get and rocket jumping makes soldier just a tiny bit more fun to play when you can launch yourself and carpet bomb a crowd.
But this makes me feel kind of sad too. Pyro was always my favorite class, testified by the fact that most of my cosmetics are for Pyro. I even have a full outfit for her that I'm proud of and playing with Fempyro installed is always some nice eye candy. But someone once told me Pyro is a bad class and I think they're right.
Pyro is nearly incapable of doing any notable ranged damage and dealing higher amounts of it requires some kind of condition like airblasting or flare crits.
Flanking is always recommended but I always felt it was because Pyro struggles so much to actually fight that the only thing Pyro can do is sneak up on people, which Pyro also can't do as well. You can use a jetpack but then you miss out on the only possible ranged damage Pyro can do. It isn't always much but it's something and you need that. Plus some people tend to keep their eyes peeled and look up. Though I might be using it wrong. You can use a powerjack and that certainly helps though using it enough made me feel like it's almost a requirement.
Pyro, as much as I love it, is frustrating to play because a core problem is that you just can't do much damage from very far and in a first person shooter that makes for a terrible type of character to play because it contradicts the entire point of the genre itself. Just one example of that is how Pyro might be the only class who might need to rely on combos just to get a kill in the area they are supposed to be good in. Other classes can sometimes combo but I feel like Pyro is the only one who absolutely has to in some cases or else they'll be killed before they can kill their opponent. Except maybe Medic but that can be excused, Medic isn't supposed to be lethal anyway. Pyro, however, is listed as an offensive type of class, not a support or defensive.
But when I play Soldier, I can be so much more relaxed. My opponent is not as often put far enough away from me to where my shotgun does minor damage, my rockets do actual notable damage, I can sit back and spam rockets at people from afar if I feel like it, I can still fight even if flanking didn't go right, rocketjumping is kind of fun, I think that's about it but I don't often feel as limited when I play Soldier. It's refreshing and even stunning that I can get relatively high on the leaderboard in any given match without having to try nearly as hard. I like using the cow mangler for infinite laser spam and the concheror for healing meaning I can more or less take it easy every game unless I have to switch to the stock launcher to get rid of a sentry. Most gamers I've noticed like to use the phrase "if I messed up it's my fault" when talking about game mechanics but I would prefer to say that I have the actual capabilities to succeed more often and in the case I do mess up I did my best and wasn't held back by the mechanics.
It's liberating but also really sad as I felt quite attached to Pyro, the class that was so unique and fun as to provide the simple joy of running around and setting people on fire. The problem with that joy was the fire was often not as effective as a gun and said joy was hard to obtain because too many people in maps that don't always allow for flanking made for a very frustrating play session. Maybe I'm just bad and everything I said was wrong but I feel like Pyro is really only effective in the modes Control Points and King of The Hill. The rest, except maybe Capture The Flag, you only have any business playing Pyro if you're on Red team.
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With pyro you just turn off your brain and use the flame thrower. 
>I would prefer to say
That's a pointlessly elongated version of, "I suck ass."
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>With pyro you just turn off your brain and use the flame thrower.
Go ahead. See how far that gets you against competent players.
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The answer is surprisingly well.
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If running at people in a straight line to close the gap while they shoot at you with guns that exceed the range of your own weapons actually works then they aren't competent players. I can maybe understand it if you're flanking but even then, it isn't always a guarantee. You're forgetting a lot of different factors here like the skill of your own opponents.
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Nothing more difficult than just aiming at their general direction. If you want long range damage dealing then soldier is a good choice, but pyro isn't designed for that.
Replies: >>890
Relatively speaking it's the most brain dead class. I'm not forgetting any factors. It is accurate for anon to say it's the choice class for "turning off your brain", because it's the class that involves the least active choices.
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Why would you write a wall of text and then immediately bring everything down into the level of semantics? Do you want discussion or do you just want to post smug?
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I didn't play much of it back in the day but all I've heard about TF2 recently is that, as time goes, on it gets more and more fucked by updates. If that's the case then there really is nothing good in the hero/class shooter genre anymore. 
I would hope for some better hero shooters in the future but Blizzards' got an iron grip over the genre with faggotwatch.
Also it seems like we're posting smug now so I might as well join in as unrelated as it is
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Modern TF2 is relatively fine in terms of general balance. I mean it was always going to be poorly balanced by nature of being a hero shooter, but for what it is it's alright. TF2 today is fucked by the lack of updates. The current matchmaking system is plagued with thousands of bots headshotting people, stealing players names, and getting people kicked from lobbies by randomly vote kicking people.

Some anons harp on about the new weapons but personally I think they're almost all pretty fun and well balanced, and in a lot of instances actually expand on the classes in a much better way than the stock weapons do. For example the medics cross-bow and the engineer's rescue ranger create infinitely more engaging game design.
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I'm well aware of that. But many problems come from a lack of range and how to get into it without getting killed along the way. The reason I brought up the point about Pyro's range being a problem is that it makes a character very incapable in an FPS if people can shoot you when you can't.
I don't really agree that it might the most brain-dead class. Sure, the new players who often play Pyro definitely can be but but brain-dead habits and playstyle aren't rewarded as often as flanking, combos, knowing what fights to pick, prediction based flare aiming, or guessing when the soldier/demo within flamethrower range will shoot a rocket at you. Even if I'm wrong and an official dev said that Pyro is indeed the most brain-dead that doesn't prove my point about Pyro not being effective enough wrong.
If you would have read that wall you would have seen I made my points. I only dumbed it down to semantics in response to the first person who responded and did just that, the point being that if you dumb down how you play as 879 described that definitely won't work.
Replies: >>891 >>894
>I don't really agree that it might the most brain-dead class.
Then which is?
>to the first person who responded and did just that
No he didn't. No aspect of his post was semantics.
Replies: >>897
Fair, I probably messed up there but his post was still heavily dumbed down.
Replies: >>898
That's besides the initial point of why you'd bring a discussion down into semantics as if you were trying to shut down discussion.
>Is it genuinely entertaining as well as thought provoking or is it just food for thought?
It doesn't have much in terms of pure spectacle, but i thought it was pretty entertaining.
It's pretty slow-paced and there's a lot of scenes where not much happens but I like those. Feels like real life when there's nothing to do so you just stare at stuff. There's a lot of stuff to stare at.
The main theme of the show is people uploading themselves into the super-internet and how dumb everyone except Lain is. It's pretty great.
Im enjoying the dragons fury currently, its fun when you land all those shots and out damage a heavy thats right in front of you. I think what hurts tf2 the most is the matchmaking. They've tried to make it similar to dedicated servers in other games. You cant choose servers, you cant rejoin servers, you cant change teams, and i feel like autobalance is worse now. The server browser used to be filled with valve servers and somehow when that disappeared, so did a lot of community servers. The removal of map rotation means that only popular/meta maps are played, which is ok but if you want to enjoy something that isnt popular, like any other koth map besides harvest, good luck finding a game. And when you do its gonna be small, which makes you even more vulnerable to bots as you cant overcome the votekick. Speaking of, isnt it strange that bots can leave servers then jump back in to avoid kicks, but players cant?
Anyways the matchmaking is what makes modern tf2, as the kids on v would say, "soulless", imo. No one using vc, mass disconnects after every match, map selection reducing map variability, the long wait times before the next maps start so people can map vote. What made quickplay good to me was how valve servers were essentially community servers but hosted and monitored by valve. Community servers could be seen as valve servers but with a different selection of maps and added plugins.
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I haven't read the discussion you had with that other anon but to me pyro feels like a reactionary class. His job being to help stop pushes. Hes not as fast as scout or a solly bird, nor as sneaky as a spy, but hes a bit more tankier and can negate rockets with airblasts. I think this would make him more suitable for red team as you've said. But i think pyros job is to be the guy who splits off from the group to deal with a flanking threat, instead of being the flanker himself. Im no expert though. Flamethrower, while having the least dps in the game for main weapons, can dissuade a scout or spy from walking up to your team and pressing m1. Shotgun is pretty effective, at least for me, picking off retreating enemies or at least doing an extra 30-60 dmg to keep them away for longer. Airblasts, even if you dont hit them back still negates the damage that could have been done. I haven't gotten good at it but airblasting a soldiers rocket into his friends Is always a good time. As for actual flanks i think pyro relies on distraction, similar to spy. They need to be distracted, either by you or by a teammate in order for something like jumping on the payload to work. The combined damage of you plus the other guy should be enough to at least get something done i feel. 
This however does make pyro feel less rewarding to play than classes who can get reliable kills by themselves, and is probably why I'm enjoying the dragons fury and you the soldier. I do wonder if switching to a power class from any other class always feels like what you're feeling though.
The matchmaking is terrible but also "good". Being able to queue for and be put almost instantly into the exact maps and game modes you enjoy is great. The bot problem makes it unplayable but that's another issue. As for the autobalance, that is purely and entirely incompetent design from Valve.

Autobalance would be easy to fix. Have a priority system based on how long a player has been in the game, whether or not they're queued as a party, and the level of the player as a basic means of gauging skill. A player who has recently joined the match and is a higher level than others who also recently joined, he will be prioritized to be autobalanced. Autobalance should ideally never break up players who queued as a party. Also the system just doesn't even kick in sometimes. I've been in matches where there's 6 people on red and 0 on blue for like 5 minutes. The raw implementation of these systems is not only retarded by design but broken as well.
> No one using vc, mass disconnects after every match, map selection reducing map variability, the long wait times before the next maps start so people can map vote.
That reminds me that they still haven't fixed the bug where you sometimes can't select a map in the voting screen after a match. But I think I disagree with the matchmaking servers being "soulless". From what I've found people on community servers talk a little bit more, but it's filled with cliques and people who already know each other and can be a bit lame because of that. Whereas I've had a lot of fun bantering on matchmaking servers and people do actually talk a decent amount, at least on American servers. I did hear from a euro friend that euro servers voice chat is completely dead and soulless.

Lately I've been playing the uncletopia servers since they tend to use standard map rotations and not weird custom maps. But I prefer matchmaking because I can call people niggers and bully faggot tranny furfags without getting banned. Maybe in a few years Valve will finally get around to fixing the game and matchmaking will be a bit better. Probably not.
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Been playing the shit out of Noita for a week or so now. Still can't decide if I like it or not, on one hand there's the extremely in depth pixel by pixel environmental effects, on the other hand there's the bullshit randomization where a run can be totally ruined because none of the wands you come across are worth a shit on top of at least half of the perks being more detrimental or borderline useless than helpful. Teleportitis (or whatever the fuck it's called) in particular is fucking bullshit, I got to the final boss and when it hit me the perk teleported me directly into the middle of a sea of lava. Not gonna lie it almost sent me into a gibbering shitfit, I haven't come to that point of being pissed off over a video game since I was about ten.
It's pretty fun when it isn't stabbing you straight in the ass though.
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I pirated a beta copy awhile back. It's fun to fuck around in for maybe an hour every now and again but the difficulty kind of scales awkwardly and it stops being fun for me after the first level. Kind of wish it was less of an autistic RNG hardcore roguelike and more chill and RPG oriented since I do like the flash game style physics and chemical reactions. Maybe similar to Rogue Legacy's progression system.
Replies: >>937 >>945
I can't imagine how janky it must have been in early access. Hopefully they keep patching it and make it more enjoyable. The game being difficult is fine, but getting stuck in the terrain or not being able to make it past the third level because literally every wand/spell you come across up to that point is trash kinda takes a lot away from it.
Replies: >>945
I should check those servers out. Speaking of stomping degenerates, have you noticed that its commonplace for matches to be one sided? I find that its common for a match to br a steamroll for one side, which is then compounded by people leaving the match in hopes for a match where they're on the winning side.
If you guys dont know, you can use a gog scraping site (the only one I know of is gog-games.com) to keep pirated games updated as long as they're from gog. Downside is that they use filesharing sites, but that can be avoided by using jdownloader. Recently they added captchas, which dont work on tor, but also only show up on tor. its strange, especially since it used to be a tor site
Replies: >>951
Yeah that's where I got my copy from.
I've been playing single player stuff and JRPGs because I have gotten bored of multiplayer games. It would be nice if I could find friends to play with but I feel like everytime I meet someone new, we play for a bit then we go our separate ways. Nothing wrong or abnormal with that, it's how it's always gone, but I feel more distant and it's been harder than ever for me to socialize with new people and I'm stuck with one small circle of friends on Steam and we don't even do much together aside from share dumb shit we find online.
Replies: >>981
What JRPGs are you playing? also that's some nice formatting you got there
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I'm playing Soul Reaver right now. Just beat Rahab and made it to the human citadel. This game kicks butt. I don't know why they don't make games like this anymore, now everything is all samey, nobody makes anything original anymore
Replies: >>984
Map reminds me of Dark Souls maps.
Been replaying the YS games and want to start Cold Steel since I got it many moons ago on the Vita. I know I shouldn't have high expectations for it but I like Falcom games enough to want to play this one too.
Replies: >>992 >>993
>Nihon Falcom
Nice, they make some good shit. Currently waiting for Cold Steel 4 to hit PC.
>Cold Steel
The characters are 4-7/10s depending on your tastes and tolerances for anime tropes but the worldbuilding and story telling is as good as it always is with Nihon Falcom. 
Seeing the Kiseki series reach it's climax is enough reason to play it in my opinion. Just make sure you have the time since each game of the cold steel series is 80-120 hrs in length.
Forgot to add that the combat is good too, just make sure you play on hard or nightmare if you don't want it to be a cakewalk. Specifically for CS3 nightmare difficulty is necessary for the game to be satisfyingly challenging.
Do nips hate money? Why don't they just translate their own shit in house and do global releases? At this point, I'm sure that there are enough normalniggers in the west who like japanese shit to be worth it.
Replies: >>1065 >>1067 >>1071
I don't think its that profitable
Replies: >>1066 >>1071
There are roughly a billion people capable of English in some capacity, and that number grows every day by a significant amount as third world pajeets learn the language. There are roughly 150 million people capable of speaking Japanese. Appealing to 6 times the audience size will always be more profitable. And Japan doesn't even need to appeal to them, they just need to open themselves up to that market. It's not like they're translating their content for some niche unspoken language, English is the language of the modern world. Literally everyone speaks it or wants to be speaking it.
Replies: >>1067 >>1071
Do the animation companies not get the profits of translated versions or something? I can't imagine that they'd have a significant boost to their profits by switching to translators that live in Japan rather than ones that live in the country they're translating for or by doing a global release.
Replies: >>1070 >>1071
If your customers have to wait 3 extra years for your product many of them will inevitably lose interest meaning fewer sales. On top of that, you might even make them bitter since they know that other people are enjoying the product while they've been "artificially" barred access from it. 
Another reason for global releases being beneficial is that whatever prerelease marketing you've done for your product is actually relevant to foreign customers.
Replies: >>1071
Man if you think tranny "fan" translators are bad with their shoehorning then you're in for one hellish trip if the nips ever start directly catering to western audiences. At least with the trannylations someone can point out that the original script is way different, if the nips themselves are making tranny content to appeal to the normalnigger audience then there won't be any excuses. Nip businessmen may not be quite as kiked as western ones, but if you don't think they'll bend over backwards and shit out some Louis CK copypasta tier anime the moment western audiences provide them more of a profit than their domestic audiences then you're completely delusional.
Replies: >>1072
The corruption of single-player video games via normalfaggots is inevitable but you have a point, somewhat.
Ideally, they would just try and capture the market of JRPG/Japanese media fans that already exist who have similar sensibilities to Japanese consumers.
Actually to elaborate on that, how long do you all think it will take for single-player video games to either die or be kiked, if at all? 
I'm pretty sure that eventually, singleplayer games will fall out of favor and inevitably cease to exist as more and more normalniggers enter the video game market as consumers. As these normalniggers enter the market the best way to make money from a video game won't be to make an amazing singleplayer experience for your consumer but to figure out in what ways you can lull your newly retarded consumers into paying an unholy amount of money on your product via microtransactions. There's no incentive for cosmetic or "get ahead" microtransactions in a singleplayer game and so this would inevitably lead to the market becoming dominated by multiplayer games with microtransactions as their monetization plan (which is already happening). Taking this to another level you get gacha games which are microtransactions taken to their logical extreme where consumers are not even sure they will get the product they want, within your own game, yet still shell out thousands to get it in their infinite retardation.
Instead of the gaming market incentivizing making a good game for your consumers to play it will (and is) incentivize(ing) coming up with new ways the make money off of retards.

Thankfully the Japanese market still has a taste for singleplayer games and so we'll be getting that shit from them for a while but eventually, they too will abandon singleplayer games and all we'll be left with is microtransaction or gacha/lootbox bullshit. Japan themselves pioneered gacha but they make their money from soulless salarymen with waifu obsessions instead of competitive normalniggers trying to edge out the competition with money like in the west. 

Sorry for the lengthy bit of autism but it's something that was on my mind.
Replies: >>1074
Cyberpunk 2077 sold millions of copies through preorders alone. The industry is fucked, but single player games aren't going anywhere anytime soon.
Replies: >>1075
Sales alone don't matter. Monetezation does. A single player game can only ever make as much money as it cost to buy per consumer. Compare this to a multiplayer game with microtransactions which can, over the course of it's lifespan, make hundreds from each consumer (on top of their own initial sales money). Take this to the extreme with gacha/lootbox games where you can get thousands from particularly well off consumers.
Closely related question.
I know a guy that has played >500 hours of fallout 76. He defended bethesda, then had to accept it was a shit game, still played. Now bought cyberpunk and after seeing it was a shit riddled bugged out piece of a game, he is back to "muh bethesda is bad, poor bethesda all shit on it because they are npcs". My only question here is, what the fuck is this guy even thinking? How the fuck do you even call a person a NPC for not defending a fucking huge software company?
It blows my mind, can anyone here explain me this line of thought?
Replies: >>1083 >>1087
Ethnic and geographical cultural identity has been all but completely erased. Man needs some form of identity to latch onto, so in the modern era that primitive desire is filled through corporate and brand loyalty. It's very difficult for normalniggers to develop an organic identity that isn't intertwined with their consumerist hobbies, so they don't. So we've ended up with people that take personal offense on behalf of multi-million dollar multi-national corporations. Plus there's the need to cope with their terrible purchasing habits.
>spend a gorrilian goy bucks on F76 pay to win shit despite everyone shit-talking the game
>cyberpoz comes out and is shit, realize you just wasted your money
>use this as a coping mechanism to justify how much money you've spent on F76 despite the fact it was even worse than cyberpoz at launch
Rinse and repeat. I've become so apathetic to how easy it is to manipulate normalfags into compulsively buying shit products that it almost makes me want to get a career in marketing.
Replies: >>1084
It really makes it impossible to think of normalniggers as humans.
Replies: >>1088
Normalniggers are retarded. Stop knowing this guy is my advice.
I'm very uninformed about paleontology so I could be wrong, but I think what we describe as inhuman behavior is very homo sapien in nature. Whereas what we consider more individualistic and "human" behavior, behavior that doesn't revolve around conforming to social norms, is neanderthal in nature. I've heard it said that autism is correlated with neanderthal DNA.
Replies: >>1090
Autism is probably more related to undomesticated, unsocialized humans rather than just neanderthals.
1591442003583.jpg (u)
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Played Ys 1 Chronicles on the PSP (Normal Mode). Was pretty enjoyable despite the seemingly unexciting 'bump' system. Jenocres, Vagullion, and Dark Fact were annoyingly tough due to RNG.
Super_Mario_Land_2_box_art.jpg (u)
(21.7KB, 220x197)
>>870 (OP) 
What dungeon are you at

This game is horribly underrated and I think its on par with other 2d mario games
Replies: >>1127
Ive been going through one of those movie list images. This one being "movies women will never understand". You think it might be a good idea ro ask the new /vhs/ board about good films to watch?
Replies: >>1184
mildly_organised_author_list.png (u)
[Hide] (146.4KB, 1280x1060)
>>870 (OP) 
>stopping what you are doing so long that you never finish
Oh no not that feel again!

tv list: 
babylon 5
angel|buffy the vampire slayer
4400, the
being human (usa)
firefly (and serenity (movie))
battlestar galactica (2003~)
star trek (tng | ds9)
terminator (the sarah connor chronicles)
stargate (atlantis | sg1)
avatar the last airbender
azumanga daioh
ergo proxy
fullmetal alchemist (both old and new)
hellsing (ultimate or original)
el hazard
fruits basket (never saw newer)
evangelion (not newer don't be gay)
studio ghibli movies 
elfin lied
le dragon ballz
yu yu hakusho (not really)
inuyasha (probably not really)
cowboy bebop
spice and wolf
death note (when ryuk say's it's boring now he's not wrong)
gunslinger girl
tsubasa | xxxholic 
scrubs (if I am drunk)
haibane renmei

book authors: 
>implying I'm going to keep typing
I'll post a midly organized image that is the result of my exporting txt files from ebooks and such from calibre, it was flawed and there's issues in the image, but whatever, it's an idea to get it easily done rather than list 800 books that I mostly will never even read so they're not much fresh in my mind. Last I was reading was inheritance cycle, and not for the first time either. Send help. 

now for the games/roms:

super mario advance games 1-4 (wanted to see if yoshi's island was slower or faster or the same and etc)
klonoa empire of dreams
klonoa 2 dream champ tournament
mother 3
wonderproject j
magical pop'n
lufia the ruins of lore
lufia the legend returns
lefia II rise of the sintrals
lufia & the fortress of doom
mario kart super circuit
baldur's gate dark alliance
oriental blue
legend of zelda the minish cap
azure dreams
shining force resurrection of the dark dragon
fire emblem the sacred stones
fire emblem the binding blade
fire emblem 
wing commander prophecy 
final fantasy tactics advance
zone of enders the fist of mars
megaman zero 1-4
wing commander the secret missions
wing commander
kid dracula
dragon's lair the legend (XD)
megaman v, iv, III, II, dr wily's revenge (gb games)
castlevania II belmont's revenge
castlevania legends
castelvevania adventure, the
tsumi to batsu 
[insert pokemon games here]
harvest moon games
[sim games]
[star wars games]
shadow man
aidyn chronicles
yggdra union
resident evil 1/2/3, gaiden (XDDD)
final fantasy legend 1-3
final fantasy adventure
{megaman battlenetwork games]
final fantasy games (gba, nes, snes, psx)
golden sun 1/2 (not three fag)
tales of phantasia (game fucks like a tiger)
kirby games
super mario kart
[zelda games]
[more castlevania games, n64, snes, nes, gba (aria of sorrow is best)]
[more megaman games (megaman zero and legends are best)]
donkey kong games
chrono trigger
[metroid games (nes, snes, gba, gamecube (can't emulate dolphin though *tear*)]]
[pinball and arcade games]
tetris games
secret of evermore 
shadowgate nes/n64
mario and luigi superstar saga [gba] | mario rpg legend of the seven stars [snes]
[did I type mario games yet?]
[wario games]
[ninja gaiden]
secret of mana games, gb renamed one, the two snes ones, not psx (save space)
summon night 1/2 
rythm heaven gba
riviera the primoised land
tomb raider
lunar legend
perfect dark
paper mario

I probably skipped something. But you get the idea.  A ton of shit I have, but not much psx, I do have tomb raider, grandia, lunar legends, xenogears, ff7, megaman x4, megaman legends 1/2, but not many psx games. Also resident evil but I listed that. 1/2/3.
Replies: >>1130 >>2413
>accidentally the image
keyes, emissary of the void it says
keyes, greg it says
lawrence, mark

it says

not that you care

the format often confused authors with book titles also, so the image is kinda pointless.

I should just mass upload every single title using some software cheat. It's 800ish in any case, and gay, as like 200 of that are star wars books.
Replies: >>1131
Karpyshyn, Drew

Islington, James

retardedly, that is what was actually hidden

Much better idea than wasting your time asking the trannies in gayhole's swamp.
Replies: >>1197
I don't think /vhs/ is a gayhole board, I think he's talking about the >>>/vhs/ board here.
Replies: >>1202
Work on your reading comprehension, I was telling him that asking on /vhs/ is better than bothering with tvch.
>gayhole's swamp
Stop playing dumb.
__akiyama_yukari_girls_und_panzer_drawn_by_excel_shena__sample-ec763bba8e0d70e6fc0ef74dbe121516.jpg (u)
[Hide] (135.8KB, 850x1192)
Nice list! Our lists are both extensive and scarily similar. So similar that I'm contemplating whether we are the same person or not.
Replies: >>2503
I finally started playing RE2 on my N64. Actually the only version of the game I've ever played, but it's totally reignited my love for gaming
Replies: >>2436 >>2520
>but it's totally reignited my love for gaming
Every time I play a game today I just think about how much I hate how retarded game developers are. Then when I try to learn how to program my own game my ADHD brain loses its shit and can't read past the first page of documentation. Why will I research and write a thesis to berate an obnoxious anon on an imageboard but I can't take an hour out of my day to learn a skill? I am truly a degenerate.
Replies: >>2437
Your brain is not stimulated enough I'd wager, maybe you need to read a programming book that has frequent exercises to keep you focused, or enroll in an online course that's video-based. if it's too severe maybe you need a doc
Replies: >>2438
While I'm sure I could get my doctor to give me an assortment of legal speed doses to become the ultimate weaponized retard I'm rather averse to any and all drugs.
I watched Girls und Panzer. I now want to gun down niggers kikes and normalniggers with a Tiger II alongside a qt 2D girl.
Replies: >>2548
After 5 years I managed to mod my psp. It's really enjoyable but the emulation gets too blown out of proportion, It struggles with a lot of games on a lot of consoles. Regardless of this the ps1 is perfect as far as i know. >>2435 RE2 is one of the more enjoyables games that I've tried yet.
Replies: >>2557
__akiyama_yukari_girls_und_panzer_drawn_by_excel_shena__sample-62558374a5870254c7409d843fd77d61.jpg (u)
[Hide] (203.8KB, 850x1192)
Which console games are you emulating on your psp? NDS? Maybe you should just stick with PS1 and PSP games, and emulate other games on a PC or a different console.

>qt 2D girl
You mean the floof?
Replies: >>2549 >>2553
miss_floofles.gif (u)
[Hide] (1.8MB, 709x625)
Replies: >>2553
I´ll tell you after I finish the OVAS, the movie and das finale. But floof is nice indeed.
You guys ever have games or shows you know that you'll like but for some reason can't summon the will to play or watch them. 
I know that I'd like the half life series and I know that I'd like Cowboy Bebop but for some reason I just keep putting them off and I'm not entirely sure why.
Replies: >>2557 >>2563
>the emulation gets too blown out of proportion
That's understandable now, but back when the PSP was released it was second only to the PC when it came to emulating other systems... Now that there are smartphones with much better and more accurate emulators the PSP no longer holds that position, but it's still extremely comfy to hold and its controls are top tier.
Just make the best of it emulating whatever games are compatible.

>games or shows you know that you'll like but for some reason can't summon the will to play
I get that a lot, in my case it's a fear of not being able to "commit" to the game or show that I'm about to start. Is that how you feel?
Some series are just too long running for me, and I can't see myself watching them on a regular enough basis to keep up with the story. Coming back to a show after a while is a terrible feeling because I'd have most likely forgotten it and have to waste time recapping what I already watched...
It's worse with video games because I forget not only the story, but also the control scheme, the gameplay strategies, and the general feel/mindset I had when I last played. More often than not I just restart the game altogether.
Replies: >>2563
Don't get me wrong it's still a very impressive piece of machinery considering the year that it came out and it easily beats playing on a phone. In any case most of the good more modern games have ps1 counterparts or a psp sourceports.

It's a strange feeling i rather read something that might be good, that something everyone says it's good.
Monster had been on my backlog for almost 3 years, despite me really liking 20th Century Boys. Some have called it the best anime ever made but Cowboy Bebop has been on my backlog for almost 10 years and i never got arround to watch it, and i don't think i ever will.
Replies: >>2565 >>2700
>I get that a lot, in my case it's a fear of not being able to "commit" to the game or show that I'm about to start.
Not entirely. It is a part of it but I also like binging my games (or at least my JRPGs) so I do think I've got a decent amount of commitment. 
>It's worse with video games because I forget not only the story, but also the control scheme...
The same thing's actually happened to me with Majora's Mask. I played the game 5 or 6 years ago on my old PC and got all the way to the last dungeon before my computer bricked. I managed to recover the save data from the old hard drive about a year ago but when I started the game I was completely lost. 
So at the moment, I'm in this awkward position where I don't want to restart because I already put so much time into the game but getting back into the game is also a pain since I'm basically starting from zero knowledge again. 
If I really want to continue the game I'm going to just have to sit down and watch/read some guide for an hour to bring me back to pace.

>Some have called it the best anime ever made but Cowboy Bebop has been on my backlog for almost 10 years and i never got arround to watch it
Cowboy Bebop has been on my backlog for about 6 years now. I might just put it up to a coin toss one day If I ever have nothing else to do.
Replies: >>2647
I remember that a robot gave his recommendation on a game controller to buy for various emulators. I tried to ctrl+f it in various threads but i cant seem to find the post. What controllers would you guys recommed? The one that bot recced looked like a snes controller but thats all i remember
Replies: >>2639
8bitdo is the company that makes snes-like controllers. But I've heard people have issues with them and they apparently don't have analog triggers. You're probably best off just getting an xbone or PS4 controller if you want something that covers all the bases.
i see, i was looking for something with a decent dpad. the xbox hatstick doesnt do it for me so i might have to get a ps4 controller
You should start MM from zero. N64 Zeldas are good enough that are even  replayable. I still havent played the remaster.
Replies: >>2705
__ikamusume_shinryaku_ikamusume_drawn_by_peko__04a50e57300aa761b4719c601a9b9ec1.jpg (u)
[Hide] (140.8KB, 648x906)
>Some have called it the best anime ever made

You mean reddit? If you listen to them you will be disappointed. Best anime ever made is technically LOTGH if you're looking for plot value. However, it really doesn't matter in the end, since you should enjoy the things that you enjoy, no matter what anyone says.
>I still havent played the remaster.
If you ever do, please share what differences you found between it and the original. From what I recall MM3D garnered a lot of mixed opinions unlike OOT3D, so I'm curious about what it got right and what it got wrong.
Replies: >>2715 >>2716
Ill give you a sunmary.
Women on the dev team
They casualized the mask hunting and some other stuff. The quality of life changes are good, but the simplified mask hunt ruins the magic in the game. If you want a good video ill pull one up
Replies: >>2716
Id stick to the original n64 game. The better scheduling isnt necessary, espically if you use an emulator.
Id reccomend project64 1.6 with the community update
Replies: >>2716 >>2730
There is a mod that undoes almost all of the gameplay changes in the remake. 

Aside from that the big change is the visual style. Other than the obvious increase in visual fidelity, the remake has a slightly, but still noticeably, brighter tone than the original. This is generally seen as a negative for most who played the original which was purposefully dark.
However, this may also be fixed in the future with texture packs that aim to replicate the darker tone.

The game is also 30 or so fps instead of 20 or so.

I imagine that given enough time (not too long from now given the current progress) the modding and texturing communities should be able to fix the remake and the decision on which to play will then come down to whether you are partial to "retro" graphics or not.
Replies: >>2718 >>2730
>whether you are partial to "retro" graphics or not.
If you're just gonna make an "Original N64 textures" pack it's all gonna be "retro" graphics, dude. Play the original.
This sounds interesting if you have a homebrew 3ds to work with, however getting everything set up for n64 emulation is a drag and drop tier situation. Why wait when you can grab everything you need for n64 emulation right now? The project sounds interesting and further understanding and development of citra is a good thing, but theres no point in waiting when you got the original around. It doesnt even look that bad
Replies: >>2730
Didn't realize it was that bad... Good to know I'm not missing out then. Sucks that MM3D turned out that way especially after OoT3D.

This looks interesting, but I think I'll pass. Hoping there will be a decompilation project in the future for the original OoT/MM, just like the one for SM64 which was a pleasure to play.

Fully agreed. I've ignored the Zelda franchise for years until I picked up OoT3D as my first ever game, and after it the original MM which I thought looked gorgeous and was fun to play despite me using a keyboard
>>870 (OP) 

Just went full blown autist again and have been playing LoL everyday for 2-5 hours. Probably gonna watch some overrated netflix bullshit, watch it's trailer and see if its good for me. Pic related
The_Queen's_Gambit_(miniseries).png (u)
[Hide] (140.9KB, 250x370)

Forgot to upload a jpg
Replies: >>2827 >>2875
>Just went full blown autist again and have been playing LoL everyday for 2-5 hours
Same. It's fine though. I'll end up putting it down for 8 months again anyway.
Replies: >>2810 >>2811

I feel you anon.
What region?
Replies: >>2816 >>2872
NA like the burger I am.
Replies: >>2820
Need a filthy yuumi main?
Replies: >>2873
read the wiki page on her and compare it to the trailer. i did that a while ago and came to the conclusion its just another movie about stroking the female audience's ego. the way shes dolled up, the mommy sweater, the ebil sexist men, her sass.
Replies: >>2831
And the female power fantasy of a woman who's good at chess.
images_(14).jpeg (u)
[Hide] (18.1KB, 739x415)

PH, probably the worst region.

Currently ADC main and low elo for sure (since I couldn't constantly play due to being broke and I couldn't afford to own a personal computer). I just mostly play at computer shops or cafes if I have money in my pocket.
I'm shit at this game due to the aforementioned regular quitting and the highest I got was silver 2
You need to fucking die
I can't even call you a faggot because I've just read "Invincible" It wasn't worth it
I don't think I've read comic that I can recommend to someone in good faith.
Replies: >>2936
RCO069_1603398352.png (u)
[Hide] (605.2KB, 1225x1600)
Don't complain about comics if what you're reading is fucking Robert Kirkman's dogshit. Maybe you've read some other shit but what you're saying reads like "I just watched Star Wars TLJ, I don't think I've seen a movie I can recommend to someone." Read some good shit like Judge Dredd or Hellboy if normal capeshit doesn't work for you. Sin City is pretty great but Frank Miller's style can be too autistic for some people. Another thing that might be too autistic is Mr. A, but if you don't mind Steve Ditko's constant Objectivist preaching which is good but it can get tedious if you just want a fun story then it's a really great book. I'm just going to assume you've read at least some capeshit besides Invincible since I can't imagine never reading a Marvel or DC book but reading a bullshit spoof of them so I won't recommend you any of that if you just don't like that genre.
Replies: >>2939
I apologize, the nigger inside of me got the best out of me. I haven't read anything good in a while.
>I'm just going to assume you've read at least some capeshit besides Invincible since I can't imagine never reading a Marvel or DC book but reading a bullshit spoof of them
I have read my fair share of capeshit, most of those are universally considered good. I like to read a deconstruction from time to time. I just got angry at how almost decent it was at times. The spoofs were good at the beginning but later it takes itself too seriously, does some things it was mocking a few chapter back and it stops being fun. The comic was written over the course of 15 years and Robert Kirkman was free to run amok during the later years. At least at the beginning the editor was breathing down their necks and the co-creator kept Kirkman's autism at bay.
Nevertheless I've read worse and overall it has a good overall message compared to the nihilist crap or the "Kill Trump" thing that is so common nowadays

I shouldn't complain I brought this on myself. I should stop reading crap and read something good for once. 
Thanks for the recommendations. I have been meaning to read Judge Dredd for a while and most certainly will check out the others.
Have you seen the cartoon of it? If so how would you say it was?
Replies: >>2985
Spoiler File (u)
(405.8KB, 1041x1600)
Spoiler File (u)
(18.4MB, 1280x720, 01:00)
>Have you seen the cartoon of it?
I have only seen a few clips, so I might be wrong.
>If so how would you say it was?
The cartoon only adapts the first 2 or 3 volumes of the comic.
The comic is retardedly long and suffers a change in tone half way through. Being a parody at the beginning and an edgefest towards the end. When they tried to adapt the first part, they forgot that the comic was first and foremost a parody comic with a somehow overarching history. Due to this, a lot of the situations fall flat because they either require a character to be unbelievably stupid or the only sane person in the comic. It's really edgy, it would have been a better as an adaptation of The Boys. Leaving aside America's obsession with niggers, most of the changes are for the worse and give a wrong image of the characters. Omniman is autistically evil in the cartoon, when he's rather apathetic in the fight scene in the comic (Webm and Pic related)
I don't plan to watch it to see if they fixed anything. The comic left me a sour after taste and I rather forget it.
Visual novel is always superior to anime.
Replies: >>3002
Manga is always superior to visual novel.
Replies: >>3003
manga doesn't have sound and color and mouth flap
I am interested in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, more in the sense where I want to know if the game is going to be good or decent at the very least. I haven't watched the trailer yet, I hope they don't fuck anything. I have some fun memories with the original trilogy and would recommend them if you haven't play them yet. I still believe they hold up despite being a mess at times.
I will most likely end up playing it anyway. After it's cracked, of course.

Is anyone looking forward to any kind of media, be it a videogame, movie, anime or manga?
Replies: >>3046
>Is anyone looking forward to any kind of media, be it a videogame, movie, anime or manga?
Yup, the upcoming Getter Robo and Muv-Luv anime adaptations.
I don't have high expectations, but, so far, from info and factoids there and thete, doesn't look like those will be shitty.

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